My Father Is Coming (1991) Movie Script

Vicky? It's your father...
Oh, that damned English!
I'm at the airport.
I'm coming round to see you now.
You're Vicky's father!
I'm Christa,
Vicky's Hungarian friend.
Nice to meet you.
What's in there?
- Real Bavarian sausage.
I smuggled it through customs.
Vicky loves it.
I have to put it in the fridge at once.
At my sister's place.
We live nearby.
But where is Vicky?
- She's at work.
Doing a matinee?
Something like that.
It's so clean here.
You can eat off the floor.
I bet you can't get
such good sausage here.
What is that?
It's a beautiful apartment.
Surely you don't want to live
with your sister for ever?
I was engaged to a German. Fritz.
And then?
Well, one day...
On 2O April...
...he came to the door of his house
wearing a uniform...
...the Horst Wessel song
in the background.
His mother had made potato salad...
...with a swastika of mayonnaise on top.
Then they served celery cutlets.
The F?hrer was a vegetarian.
Vicky? It's your father...
Oh, that damned English!
I'm at the airport.
I'm coming round to see you now.
Connoisseurs don't drink
American beer.
They prefer Japanese, Mexican...
...or German beer.
Can you drink the water here?
I can tell you a strange story.
I know this German woman...
...who was ashamed
of her small breasts.
After a year in New York,
when she drank lots of water...
...her breasts started to grow.
I should go now.
This... my little man.
His name is Fritzi.
You look terrible.
Would you like tea?
- Please.
Your house looks worse
than I thought.
What does your husband say?
Dad, do me a favour.
Don't criticise my way of life.
I have a gift for you.
They are very efficient.
German technology.
Just try it.
Impossible. The electricity
is different here.
No problem.
Just press this button.
Who is that?
My husband.
I could eat a horse.
Let's have a meal.
What are "knishes", Vicky?
I want you to speak German to me.
Come on. Lots of Russian Jews
live here and they hate Germans.
We won't get served here.
American women seem so independent.
Don't they need men any more?
Are you having problems with Ben?
What makes you think that?
I don't understand you.
You are never together.
Ben organises parties and I often
have to go to rehearsals.
You leave me alone every day.
Tomorrow we'll spend the day together.
I have an audition.
Then I'll come too.
- Really, Dad.
Don't argue.
This isn't for us.
I have to pay the rent.
- But not with sex.
Let go of me.
I'll wait outside.
Vicky, you'll be surprised...
...but you're father's been
offered a great job.
Where were you?
I'll be in an
American commercial.
Are you joking?
- Aren't you happy for me?
I'll tell you later.
I have to hurry to the agency.
See you later.
What was it like?
- Great.
She was fantastic.
Does it sound real?
Ay Caramba! There's only one arm-bah!
Me in an American commercial.
What will they say in Germany?
Tofu again!
No food in the house.
Then he slammed
the door behind him.
I haven't seen him since.
He didn't ring either.
Come on!
I may lose my job.
No, because I am always late.
Look, your father!
Very professional.
If only I knew where he was.
I'm Hans M)hring.
You're not bleeding.
Does that mean "pain"?
I thought about it...
What's it like as two women...?
What do you think?
You don't need to explain.
I understand.
I didn't tell the truth.
Ben and I aren't married.
I never thought that you and Ben...
My daughter is a local celebrity.
I'm no celebrity.
Just look.
It's for you.
Where did you get that money?
- From the agency.
At first I thought it was a lot of cash...
...but then I read the contract
and concluded...
...that the crooks had ripped me off.
Up America!
You really won't come back
to Germany with me?
How can you manage now
Ben has moved out?
Don't you worry,
I like my own company.