My Father The Hero (1994) Movie Script

- 353 Central Park West.
- How do you want to get there?
By taxi?
OK, wait. We'll be down soon.
Something from Paris.
Pt, Camembert.
Thanks. Listen,
l wanted to warn you,
Niki's different
than when you last saw her.
How can she be, in a year and a half?
- She's 14 now.
- Well, so?
- NikiAre you ready?
- Nicole! Nicole! Chrie!
Oh, yes.
Good boy, good boy. Get down!
- She's not ready yet.
- The taxi's waiting.
lt's going to cost
more than the airplane.
Get down!
Be nice to him.
He's been through a lot, lately.
He doesn't remember me.
- He's peeing on me!
- That proves he remembers you.
Get down! He's like a fountain.
Daddy, l missed you so much.
l'm fine.
You look good, too.
l don't speak French any more.
- What do you mean?
- What's this?
l told you not to take
my things without asking.
You go through my stuff now?
- What's going on here?
- l have no privacy.
ln the future,
ask before you take my things. Here.
- No, l don't want your jacket.
- Now, ladies, please.
- She never lets me have anything.
- Take it.
- l don't want it.
- Take the damn thing.
Oh, good idea.
Put on a show for Daddy.
- OK, kiss your mama goodbye.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- You see what l live with.
One of these days l'm leaving
and never coming back.
- Go live with your father.
- You're a bitch.
Do you hear how she talks to me?
Where did you learn
to talk like that?
- From you.
- From mel never said it.
You apologise before you go,
or you're not coming back here.
- Fine!
- No, apologise to your mother.
She apologise.
Shut up!
- Give me that bag, Andre.
- AndreWhy do you call me Andre?
All my friends call their parents
by their first names.
OK, fine, call me Andre.
Niki, sweetheart,
you didn't kiss me goodbye.
Oh, you want to come with me.
l don't blame you.
Oh, Mommy, l'm so sorry.
She call her Mommy.
l love you, baby.
l love you, too.
l'm really going to miss you.
Come on, come on, let's go.
Call me as soon as you get there.
- Take my jacket.
- No, no, forget it.
- You'll need it.
- No, l don't want it.
- Give it to me!
- l don't want it.
Take the jacket.
lt gets cold there at night.
She listens to a total stranger!
Have a great time. Bye.
Oh, stop, please.
Take the dog. The dog!
l got it.
Attention, all passengers,
Air France flight...
ls she your daughter?
Yes. She's beautiful, no?
- Are you close?
- lnseparable.
There you go, honey.
l told you,
l don't speak French any more.
This is gross! What is it?
Your favourite. A Shirley Temple.
l don't drink Shirley Temples
any more. l'm nearly 1 5.
Where have you been?
l know you're angry at me because
l'm never here, but l have to work.
l thought of you all the time.
l wrote you a letter every week.
Yeah, l got them.
Good. l'll get you a Coke.
A dry martini!
Did you ask her to come, too?
What did l do?
- l'm not going with you.
- You are going with me.
l planned this trip for a year.
You're going to have
the best vacation you've ever had,
whether you like it or not!
Go back to the island, boy
Get up early one morning,
kiss my mama goodbye
Going back to the island, l say,
Don't worry, Mama, don't cry
Are you ready?
How you going to get there?
Are you ready?
How you going to get there?
By mail boat
Here we are. Look at it.
- Magnifique! lsn't it beautiful?
- lt's OK.
lt's OK...
What do you think?
- Everybody's so old.
- Old?
To you l probably seem old?
You are old.
Oh, look, there is a young person.
Too late. They got him.
Hello. Mr Amel.
Mr Amel, may l have your address?
- Are you all right?
- l'm fine.
Let's go. There's obviously
nothing for me to do here.
What do you meanThere is a lot
for a young person to do.
Rumba class starts in five minutes.
l can't wait.
Call the front desk
and tell them we need two bedrooms.
You heard them.
They are all booked up.
- Can l explain something?
- Please.
l'm a grown woman. You can't expect
me to sleep in a room
with a strange man.
l'm not a strange man.
l'm your father.
You just don't get it, do you?
Look, l shall sleep here.
More comfortable.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Hi, I'm out. Leave a message
after the tone. Thanks. Bye.
Isabel, are you there?
I am at the hotel. Call me.
I want to talk to you.
Don't walk around in your underwear.
lt's really gross.
lt's beautiful, isn't it?
lt's OK.
I'm sorry I wasn't home
when you called.
But I've gone out of town
for a while. I can't think in Paris.
There's just so many decisions
to make about us.
While you're on vacation,
please think about what I said, OK?
I love you.
She can't think in Paris.
- We're from Scranton.
- Ever heard of it?
Small Businessmen's Association.
Got a great deal to come down here.
How much are you paying
for your bungalow, Andy?
- Stella, this is Andy. He's French.
- Hi.
- Oh, he's not French!
- l'm not?
l know what French people look like.
What do they look like?
Catherine Deneuve, Louis Jourdan.
They're French.
He's too big. Look at him.
He could sell shade for a living.
We did France in '89.
Or was that ltaly?
The place was crawling with bulls.
Everywhere l looked,
there was a big bull.
Yeah, well, whatever. Anyway, we got
first class seats for coach prices.
The room was half price.
Free breakfast, too.
Oh, fascinating. Excuse me.
- Who was that?
- Pablo. You scared him off.
l can see he's the shy type.
And who's thatHis parole officer?
l'm going to the beach.
- See ya.
- What's that?
- What are you wearing?
- My bathing suit.
- The whole thing?
- You don't like it?
Are you sure you didn't leave
part of it in the box?
Get real, Andre.
Everybody's wearing them.
Everyone's staring at you.
No, everyone's staring at you.
l insist you change.
And l insist you loosen up,
Andre, dear.
Now, she's French.
Pablo's playing at a party tomorrow
and he's invited me.
- We can go after supper.
- Daddy, you're not invited.
- Well, l'm inviting me.
- l can't show up with my father.
Then you can't go. l don't want you
going out with that boy.
- l'm not going out with him.
- l said no!
WhyBecause he's black?
Not because he's black.
Because you're 14.
Fourteen and a half.
- Besides, he's a musician.
- So?
So you can't date a musician
until all the other men are dead.
Stop overdoing this father stuff,
it's not impressing me.
l'm not doing it to impress you.
You can't make up for being gone
five years in two weeks.
- l've been around.
- You could have fooled me.
This beach is private property.
- How'd you get here, anyway?
- l walked here.
You walked hereThat was stupid.
A young kid like yourself
walking under those cliffs.
A kidPlease! l'm 1 8.
Well, be careful, 1 8-year-old,
because high tide comes in at 3:1 5,
and you'll be stuck out here.
Do you live here or something?
My parents have a house
down the beach.
Are you here with your parents?
A friend.
Well, good luck walking back.
She walked here!
- Did you have a nice day?
- Yeah, great.
Once the Europeans unite
in the Common Market,
they'll be facing off against
the Americans. Watch out!
Oh, yeah. Watch out.
What both sides really want is access
to the Russian markets. Think of it.
250 million customers, presto,
like that!
All anxious to spend their roubles
on Reeboks and cappuccino machines.
Think of it! Ah, there is Nicole.
Nicole, this is Raymond.
Raymond, Nicole.
How's it goingNice day.
Raymond is from New York, too.
- Really?
- Bronx High School of Science.
- How about you?
- l go to Hewitt.
Good school.
Outstanding humanities programme.
l'm into economics myself, aiming for
Harvard Business School. Get my MBA,
and then get into something sexy
like film. How about you?
l like to shop.
A consumer. Good.
The more of you, the better!
l'm going for a swim.
Andre, what are your thoughts
on the Maastricht Treaty?
l know France has been behind it,
but now the socialists are out
on their butts, do you think...
Well, if France drops out, then
Germany would get that much stronger.
- l'm dying.
- Here he is.
Andre, this is my friend, Diana.
- Nice to meet you, Andre.
- My pleasure.
Didn't l tell you he was cute?
He's very cute.
You two get acquainted.
l'm going for a swim.
l think it was Niki's plan for me
to distract you, so l'll do my best.
- So, Niki says you're divorced.
- Yes, but l have a girlfriend.
Oh, well, good.
l'm glad we got that out of the way.
- ls she here with you?
- No, she's in Paris.
Lovely city, Paris. So romantic.
So... far away.
You know, my psychic said l would
fall in love with a rich ltalian.
- l'm French.
- Close enough.
- l travel all the time.
- Oh, that sounds so great.
l was in Tahiti a few weeks ago,
and l'm going off to Rome next week.
- That's wonderful.
- l just never stay at home.
Andre, this is David.
He's a photographer.
- Here you go, beautiful.
- Thanks.
- l want to take pictures of Niki.
- l'll send you some.
Thank Grandpa for the drink.
What's the matter with you?
Some choice of friends you have!
A middle-aged lecher
and a crackhead musician.
- You're a pain.
- l know.
- Nicole, are you all right?
- l'm fine.
- l'm starving.
- l'm coming.
Nothing. Nothing at all.
[The Baha Men:
Gin And Coconut Water]
Why are you walking like that?
- Like what?
- Walk normally.
l am walking normally.
That's the guy. l'm telling you, man.
- He must have money.
- A lot of money.
He said, ''Take this advice from me,
Go back to the coconut tree
What l need
is gin and coconut water
Jelly coconut
Gin and coconut water...
..and coconut water
Can l get it in America?
Andre, you're in luck. l'm still
single. How about you?
For your information,
l walked here, too.
- You look great.
- Thanks.
Your friend?
- Andre?
- Yeah, is he your boyfriend?
Yeah. Yeah, he's my boyfriend.
lt's none of my business,
but he looks pretty ancient.
He's not that old.
Besides, l like older men.
Do you sleep with him?
- No!
- You don't?
No. l mean, yeah,
but not in the same room.
- Not in the same room?
- Not technically in the same room.
When we travel, he has to tell people
he's my father.
- Why?
- Well, l'm not 1 8 like l said l was.
That's pretty obvious.
How old are you?
He has to pretend he's my father,
because of all the stupid laws.
But working here, l'm sure
you see that kind of thing a lot.
All the time.
- Ben, are we going dancing?
- Yeah, maybe.
l'll see you tomorrow, OK?
Yeah, maybe.
- What's your name?
- Niki.
l'm Ben. lt's nice to meet you.
- How come you're sitting all alone?
- l'm hiding from your friend.
- Diana?
- Yes, Diana, goddess of the hunt.
Oh, come on, she's not that bad.
- What happened?
- Nothing happened.
What do you want?
l don't have to want anything
from my daddy, do l?
She told Ben all about it
this afternoon.
- lt's disgusting.
- l told you he was French.
- l wish l had an accent.
- Give me that.
TV: Patty, you've described
your life at home... hell.
- What happened when you were 17?
- Nicole!
That's when I went to live
with Dwayne.
My mother's a prostitute
and my father's doing time
for armed robbery.
I'd have done anything
to get out of there.
Come here and look.
- Look at what?
- The moon.
- What about it?
- lt's rising.
- ..learned to sniff model glue.
- lt's magnificent!
Turn that off
and come here and look at it.
ln a minute.
Hurry up.
Hold on, it's not going anywhere.
Get out here and look at
the goddamn moon. lt's glorious.
lt's not like l've never seen
the moon before.
Where is it?
lt'll be out again in a minute.
- Where are you going?
- For a walk.
lt's pretty, isn't it?
- Hi.
- What are you doing?
Going for a walk. You?
- l was on my way home.
- Want some company?
I miss you, Andre,
but I've decided I can't go on
feeling that you're not there for me.
I need more, or maybe less.
I don't know.
I need an answer, that's all.
So, he's like your sugar daddy?
Yeah, sort of.
- He saved me.
- From what?
From my boyfriend Dwayne.
From a life on the streets.
When l met Andre, l was a runaway.
l was into dope pretty bad.
ReallyYou were?
Well, l started with the easy stuff.
You know, like sniffing glue.
Stuff like that.
Then l went to the hard stuff.
l was stealing to support my habit
and l got busted.
That's when Andre found me.
He turned my life around.
So, he's like a father to you?
You could say that, yeah.
Have you met any nice men yet?
Besides youNo.
- What about them?
- Oh, them?
The men that God forgot?
l'm not interested.
You're very attractive, you know.
lf l were not already spoken for...
And how is the person
who's speaking for you?
She's angry at me for some reason.
Then she disappears because
she said she can't think in Paris.
What does she mean,
she can't think in Paris?
Descartes thought in Paris.
So did Rousseau and Jean Paul Sartre.
lt was good enough for them.
She probably just needs
to get away from you for a while.
l don't understand women.
So, what is it about us
that you don't understand?
Everything. Everything!
l don't understand
my ex-wife or my lover,
and l especially do not understand
my daughter. She hates me.
Don't be silly. Niki idolises you.
My father?
He's in prison for armed robbery.
He knocked off a liquor store, shot
the owner, took customers hostage.
He drove through five states
before they caught him.
- So, has Niki ever been in love?
- Nicoleln loveOf course not.
What does she know about love?
She's too young.
She doesn't know anything about men,
you know.
She thinks
love is like some fairy tale.
My mother's a prostitute.
She ran off with her pimp.
So, what's this guy Andre like?
Most of the time, he's really nice.
He has a pretty bad temper, though.
And he gets jealous real easy.
He was in jail, too.
You're kidding me!
Who am l to criticiseWithout Andre,
l don't know where l'd be right now.
l probably wouldn't even be alive.
That's him.
- Hello.
- Hello, yourself!
Well, l'll be seeing you.
- lf he ever hurts you...
- AndreHe would never hurt me.
You don't understand men like him.
Prison is a really tough place.
lt was a minimum security prison.
Well, still...
l should go.
l don't want to get him upset.
Good night, Daddy.
Good night, Nicole.
He's totally taking advantage of her.
She's only 16 years old.
l can't believe that guy tells people
she's his daughter.
l know. She's terrified of him.
She says she isn't, but she is.
That's going to be the easiest score
you'll ever have.
What do you mean?
She's not like going out with
one of the staff girls here.
lf she sleeps with a guy that age,
she'll fall for a guy like you, easy.
You think so?
Trust me. This girl's experienced.
She expects that from a guy.
l would like to go water skiing
with my daughter.
- Right.
- Sure!
- This is Nicole, my daughter.
- Niki.
- Say hello to...?
- Ben.
- Hi.
- l'm Tom.
Hi, Tom.
Did you have any problems
about last night?
No, he didn't even notice l was gone.
Let me help you.
Give me that!
l know what you were doing!
Come on, sweetheart.
Watch how l do it, Nicole.
What are we waiting for?
Go. Go!
Wonderful! But maybe a little slower.
Watch out!
You're going to break his neck.
- Would that be so bad?
- Slow down. The water is rough.
l can fix that.
Stop! Stop! Go back!
Go back. Turn back. lt's too narrow.
- Watch where you're going.
- l'm not going to hurt the bastard.
He's not a bastard.
Andre, get down!
Are you crazySlow down.
Watch out!
l don't understand
what you see in that guy.
What do you mean?
You don't know him at all.
What are you doingMy God, no!
- He's not a dirty old man.
- Oh, yes, he is.
- No, he's not.
- He is, too.
- Hey! Andy!
- Ride 'em, cowboy!
Slow down!
- Mel'm judgemental?
- Yeah, you.
l'm just trying to show you
what's going on here.
What's going on here?
You idiot!
Excuse me!
He shouldn't be taking advantage
of a girl like you.
He's not. And besides, l'm not
a girl. You don't understand.
Slow down! Slow down!
Nice skiing there, Andy.
- That's not funny.
- You wanted me to slow down.
Oh, my God, this is insane.
What are you doing?
You really are a child!
You know that?
That was so stupid!
- What did l do?
- Get a clue!
- Are you OK?
- That boy is a menace.
He should be fired!
What did l do to him?
No, Daddy, it's my fault. l wanted
to drive the boat. lt's my fault.
Serves you right!
lt's my fault. Are you OK?
Come on!
Go back to the island, boy
Wake up early one mornin'
Kiss my mama goodbye
Going back to the island
l'll see ya, Mama, don't cry
- Tell me what's the matter.
- Nothing's the matter. Forget it.
- Let's dance.
- l don't feel like it.
Come on. For me.
l don't want to dance.
Well, l'm going to dance.
You look ridiculous.
Then come and dance with me.
- May l cut in?
- Of course.
- Can l talk to you?
- No.
- Can l talk to you outside?
- Don't be stupid. He'll see you.
[slow dance number]
- What's wrong with Niki tonight?
- Who knowsWhat does she want?
lf she would only tell me.
l'd do anything for her.
She wants what every woman
from 14 to 90 wants.
- What's that?
- A nice, beautiful romance.
What does she know about romance?
She's only 14. She's a child.
l can't believe
that she's ready to...
- No!
- l'm telling you.
She's waiting for that first kiss
that'll only happen once.
- She is?
- All you can do is be there for her.
lt might be
the greatest kiss in history.
And it might be a total blowout.
ln fact,
it'll probably be a little of both.
And the only thing you can do
is be there when she needs you.
- And l thought you were a cynic.
- lt's after six. l'm off-duty.
l promised myself l wouldn't do this,
but here goes.
There is one of these tropical
island dances on Thursday night.
Would you be interested?
No pressures, no expectations.
No penalty for early withdrawal.
Nothing! Would you like to go?
Ever since l left her
Nothing has been the same
l think l'll go and find her
l'm going back
to give her my name...
- May l?
- As long as l get him back.
So many nights l sit here
With memories by the score
You were right with Diana.
She's not so bad.
Thinking of the days l spent
With the girl l still adore
Yes, l'm going back to see her
Before my days are done
Going back to see her
ln the land
Of the sea and sun ?
Where are you?
l'm calling you now. l'm here for
you. You say l'm not there for you.
I am here. Where are you?
You are not there. I am here.
l'm having an affair
with my phone machine.
Hey, Andy! So, are you going
to perform for us tonight?
- lt's talent night.
- We've all got something prepared.
Mike and l are doing
Streetcar Named Desire.
l can't wait.
l've been trying to reach lsabel,
but she's out of town
or she won't answer the phone.
She's playing you for a fool.
- Why would she do that?
- Because she wants to marry you.
You think so?
You're so naive.
She's got you eating out of her hand.
No, she's not like that.
She's a wonderful person.
You told me.
Yes, you'd like her very much.
l can tell.
You'd get along like a car on fire.
- A house.
- What?
The expression is
''like a house on fire''.
A house, a car...
- Do you love her?
- That's a very difficult question.
Do you love her?
Yes. Yes. l do. l think so.
You're going to marry her.
That's always a possibility.
No, it's not a possibility.
lt's a definite.
You'll marry her and you'll have
other kids, won't you?
l don't know. Maybe.
Wouldn't you like a little brother
or a sister?
l'm really tired
and l have a headache.
- You won't stay for the show?
- No. Thank you for dinner.
l'm really happy for you.
- Yes?
- Niki, what's the matter?
- Who is this, Ben?
- lt's OK, Mom. l got it.
What's wrong?
- l hate him. He's a horrible man.
- What'd he do to you?
So the sailor says to the man,
''Who knows?''
What's the matter?
WhatDo l owe you money?
The highlight was Mrs Fitzsimmons
doing a duet with her false teeth.
l told Nicole
that l might marry lsabel.
- Did you tell lsabel yet?
- l can't find her.
Forget about all that for now.
Loosen up a little. Play something.
- No, no. Diana, please.
- Niki says you're a great on piano.
Andre would like to play.
- l don't practise enough.
- Give him some encouragement.
- This oughta be good.
- Yeah.
- Stop it.
- Give the guy a break.
So, what do you want me to play?
With someone your own age.
- Play something French.
- Jacques Brel.
Ah, Jacques Brel. Something French,
something French...
lt could be...
Each time l see a little girl
Of five or six or seven
l can't resist a joyous urge
to smile and say
Thank heaven for little girls
For little girls
get bigger every day
That's it!
Thank heaven for little girls
They grow up
in the most delightful way
Those little eyes
so helpless and appealing
Will one day flash and send you
crashing through the ceiling
Thank heaven for little girls
Let's go.
Thank heaven for them all,
No matter where, no matter who
Without them,
what would little boys do?
Thank heaven
Thank heaven
Thank heaven for little girls ?
What did l do?
- Have you seen my daughter?
- You have a daughter?
Yes, she's with me all the time.
Oh, that's your daughter.
Who did you think it wasMy mother?
l haven't seen her.
Have you seen Nicole?
- You want me to help you find her?
- No, no. Thanks.
Hey, check it out.
Where is Pablo?
- He's home with some chick.
- My daughter.
- You have a daughter?
- Of course. ls everyone blind?
- Come on.
- Hey, l don't think...
Now, shut up and take me there.
Come on.
- Yo, Pablo!
- Hold on, l'm coming.
- Where is she?
- Who?
- My daughter.
- You have a daughter?
Oh, pardon! Pardon, forgive me.
Excuse me.
Sorry, l made a mistake. l'll give
you a lift back to the hotel.
l'll walk.
- lt's five miles.
- No problem.
- Have you seen Nicole?
- You might want to ask Ben.
- Leave him.
- l can't.
- Why?
- You wouldn't understand.
- OK, l'll hide you.
- No, he'd find me.
- How?
- He just would.
You don't understand what he's like
when he sets his mind to something.
Come here.
That's my father's boat.
We'll take it and we'll go hide out.
You'd really do that for me?
Yeah, l would.
We'll wait
until my parents go to sleep,
and then we'll take the boat
and we'll leave before dawn.
No. No, l can't run away. That's how
this all began, running away.
l've got to stay and face him.
Oh, shut up. Nicole!
Wait here. l'll take care of this.
Can l help you?
- l must speak to Ben.
- Who are you?
Wait outside, please.
Who is he?
lt's Niki's boyfriend.
He's the boyfriend of that child?
lt's OK.
- What do you want?
- l want to take Nicole home.
- What if she doesn't want to?
- l'll come and get her.
No, you won't come in and get her.
- Are you going to stop me?
- Yes, l am.
Oh, you little shit!
- You've hurt her enough!
- Stop it! Both of you, stop it!
- Come with me.
- Don't go with him.
- Come on, we are going.
- No, you don't have to go.
Stop it!
l'm not going with either one of you!
Now see what you did!
WhatWhat did l do?
This whole island is crazy!
- Nicole, wait!
- Leave me alone!
- Nicole, wait!
- Leave me alone.
tell me what the hell is going on.
- You don't love me any more!
- How can you say that?
lt's true, you don't.
You're going to marry lsabel
and live with her.
You'll have other kids
and you won't need me.
- l will always need you.
- No, you won't.
lt'll be like the last five years,
only worse.
l won't be your daughter any more.
You'll just disappear again
and forget about me.
When have l ever forgotten about you?
Tell me when.
My thirteenth birthday.
You forgot about me then.
You were in New York with her.
With lsabel.
How did you know she was with me?
You were supposed to come
to my birthday party.
Mom said you couldn't
'cause you were sick.
l was worried about you,
so l made soup for you.
A soup! Oh!
You did?
l took it down to the hotel by
myself, but you weren't in your room,
so l waited for you in the lobby
all afternoon.
And then l saw you and her coming off
the elevator and you weren't sick.
Nicole. My God.
Why didn't you tell me this?
lt'll get even worse now.
You've never been there for me.
You'll marry lsabel
and forget l existed.
Oh, Nicole. Oh, God, Nicole.
How can you say thatl could never
forget you. How could l?
How could l?
l love you
more than anything in the world.
You are
the most precious thing to me.
l'm sorry for what l did.
Believe me, please,
l'd do anything for you.
Don't you know thatAnything!
- Anything?
- Anything!
l'd even go water ski for you again.
l love you, too.
What is it with those French guys?
l'm telling you, it's the accent.
Daddy, can l talk to you
about something?
Of course.
You can talk to me about anything.
- Anything?
- Anything at all.
What is itTell me.
- Promise not to yell.
- l promise. Now tell me.
- lt's really not that bad.
- Tell me.
- You said you wouldn't yell.
- That was not yelling. Trust me.
l told Ben you weren't my father.
- Why?
- Because l wanted to impress him.
What did you tell him l was?
A famous pianistA writer?
l told him you were my lover.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
Are you out of your mindWhat
the hell were you thinking about?
- You're yelling.
- Of course l'm yelling!
My daughter tells some stranger
that her father is her... her...
- Lover!
- Oh, God!
l hate that word.
lt's so st... so graphic.
- Who else thinks this?
- A few of the other people.
- How many of them?
- All of them.
All of them?
l've been walking around here
with you the past few days.
- They think l'm child molester!
- You're yelling again.
WhyWhy do you make up such stories?
l don't know.
lt just comes naturally to me.
So it's genetic. ls that it?
l don't know.
You have to tell him the truth.
l tried to. Believe me,
it's not that easy. l care about him.
Do you love him?
Yes, l... l think so.
l mean, yes, l do.
- Has he done anything to you?
- No, he hasn't done anything to me.
Besides, if l tell him
l made all this up, he'll hate me.
He'll think l'm some kind of liar.
- You are.
- My whole life will be ruined.
No, no, no,
your life will not be ruined.
Mine, maybe, but yours won't.
- He'll hate me.
- No, he won't.
Yes, he will. l'm going to die!
Wake up. He's coming.
- WhatWho's coming?
- Ben. To talk to you.
- What should l say to him?
- Just pretend.
- Pretend what?
- That you're my lover.
- Are you crazy?
- Until l get a chance to explain.
- lt's out of the question.
- Please, Daddy.
Now l'm Daddy again?
What happened to Andre?
- Where are you going?
- l want to hear what you tell him.
But l don't know what to tell him.
Whatever you do,
don't tell him the truth.
Please, Daddy.
The truthGod forbid!
Come in.
Hi. ls Niki here?
NicoleNo, she's out.
Good. lt's you l want to talk to.
Let's get something straight.
You don't scare me.
Too bad. Would you like a drink?
- No, thank you.
- l will, if you don't mind.
You really make me sick.
l feel a little nauseous myself
right now.
l mean, look at yourself.
You're old enough to be her father.
The truth is cruel.
ls that what you came to tell me?
l came to tell you
she's leaving you.
And where is she going?
She's going to stay at my house.
My parents said it's OK. Then
she's gonna go back to New York,
and we're gonna find her a place
to live until she finishes school.
What about her parents?
She told me her father's doing time
for armed robbery.
Right. l keep forgetting that.
- And her mother?
- She's a prostitute.
- l bet she ran away with her pimp.
- Yeah. She told you?
Wild guess.
lt's gonna be tough, but l'll be
there to help her through it.
- How do l fit in?
- You don't. She's finished with you.
You drive a hard bargain.
What makes you think
l'm going to give her up?
From what she's told me about you,
in spite of everything, deep down,
she thinks you're an OK guy.
- l'm touched.
- ln your own way you love her.
Yes, l do.
ln my own way, very much so.
But what about youDo you love her?
ln your own way, of course?
Yes, l do.
l want to take care of her. Make
sure nothing else bad happens to her.
What does Nicole think about
these plans of yours?
- l haven't discussed them with her.
- NoWell, l suggest you do.
After all, she has a say in this.
Well, yeah, l know that.
Good. Then, wait here.
She should be back soon.
l'll go along with whatever
she decides. l'm going for a swim.
Good to see you. How's it going?
Thanks a lot. l was stuck
in that closet for half an hour.
He finally went out
and l pretended to come in.
How did it go?
He's impressed by you.
He thinks you're a great guy.
- What a relief!
- l told him l'm staying with you.
lsn't he jealous?
l told him
there's nothing to be jealous of.
That there's nothing between us
any more because of...
Promise you won't get mad?
Why do l get so frightened
every time you ask me that?
Because of your heart.
My heartWhat about my heart?
- l told him you were dying.
- l'm dying now?
Daddy! l told him l had to stay
with you for your final days.
My final days?
What's the matter with you?
When l start lying, l can't stop.
lt's kind of addictive.
- What am l dying of?
- A disease you caught in Africa.
- When was l in Africa?
- During the Hundred Years War.
The Hundred Years War
was in the Middle Ages, in Europe.
He didn't seem to notice.
Why not the Crusades?
You think l'm stupid. Why didn't you
tell me you wanted to stay with him,
instead of making up some stupid lie?
- What are you talking about?
- Andre is not sick.
He is, too, sick.
Then how come he's out there
riding a jet ski like some crazy man?
- You don't understand anything.
- What don't l understand?
That's how his disease works.
One day he's healthy.
The next, he's like a limp doll,
lying around the house drooling.
Last night, he...
Last night, he... he...
He what?
He fell asleep in the tub
and almost drowned.
Sometimes you really are a child.
Slump down a little more.
- Like this?
- More.
OK, now lean over.
Can you believe he called me a liar?
The nerve!
- You don't look sick enough.
- l feel sick, believe me.
- What's that?
- Sweat. You have a fever.
Stop. You're soaking me.
How long must l do this?
- Not much longer, Daddy. Please.
- Niki?
Don't overdo it.
Remember, you're a tough guy.
Yeah, l'm a tough guy.
- Aren't you feeling well?
- Fine.
- What is it?
- Nothing. Let's go.
Just an old war wound.
- A war wound?
- A piece of shrapnel.
From a landmine
planted by revolutionaries.
Blew a hole in my intestine
the size of a grapefruit.
lt really hurt. A witch doctor
treated me. The wound never healed.
Those were the days.
- Let's go.
- Well, wait.
l feel terrible
just leaving you here like this.
Maybe we should stay
and have dinner together.
l ordered some broth.
l eat that, throw up
and watch some TV. No, you go.
You two go, have fun.
Don't worry about me.
l feel so bad for him, laying there
all by himself in that little room.
- He likes it like that.
- He's had an amazing life.
Yeah, it's more amazing
every day.
lsabel, l've been thinking
about what you said.
But l have been distracted by things
Nicole thinks
she's in love with a boy.
A nice boy.
l feel like smashing his head against
the wall every time l see him,
but he's a very nice boy.
She's made up some ridiculous story
which, oh no, I can't explain it now.
I wish you would answer the phone.
I need your advice.
Isabel, do you hear me?
I need you.
- Niki said you weren't feeling well.
- l'm dying! Didn't she tell you?
l'm sorry.
l thought we were going to the dance.
l waited for you,
but you never showed up.
l wasn't there for you either.
ls that what you're saying?
l'm not there for Nicole, for lsabel,
for you, l am never there!
Wherever l am, l am never there!
Where l am?
What l am doing so wrongl wish
all of you would leave me alone.
Wait! Diana, please wait.
So this is what he does for exercise.
Wait! Let me explain..
There is a God!
You look so funny.
Look how they stare at me!
The pariah.
They should know what a good father
you've been to Niki.
- You think l am?
- Yes, l do.
Oh, that's good to hear.
Sometimes l am not sure.
l don't know if a good father
would keep up the lie for his daughter.
No, l can't pretend any more.
l'm going to tell him the truth.
The KGB was on our tail.
We were doomed, for sure.
The railroad
was our only chance of escape.
Our train was sliding down the icy
tracks of the Ural mountains.
in front of us was a boulder.
- And the engineer swerved.
- Trains don't swerve.
l wish
someone had told the engineer that.
- Hi.
- Ben came to see how l was feeling.
- lsn't it nice of him?
- Charming.
Andre was telling me about his
years in Russia. Unbelievable!
Yeah, they are.
Sweetheart, would you mind
getting us a couple of beers?
Did l tell you about the time l swam
in the Yangtze with Chairman Mao?
No, but Niki mentioned Mount Everest.
- Well, you could say thanks.
- Thanks.
They were
in the middle of Cultural Revolution.
The Gang of Four
was storming the lmperial Palace.
You think l'm stupid. You think
l don't know what you're doing.
What am l doing?
Making him insecure,
that's what you're doing.
He can't compete with this legend.
You're doing it on purpose.
l'm doing it for you, remember.
You're manipulating this whole thing.
You're taking his interest away,
just like every other father.
And you think you're so clever.
This was your idea.
He asked me about my life in prison.
What am l supposed to do?
What about that crap
about Saigon and Mao?
He's totally intimidated by you.
Before your stories, he was romantic.
Now, he's just,
''Andre this, Andre that.''
- l don't know what to do.
- Tell him the truth.
lt's too late. l can't.
He'll hate me.
No, sweetheart,
he won't hate you. No.
- There is something you could do.
- Oh, no. What?
Make a fool of yourself in front
of him, so he'll feel more secure.
OK, l'll play you two.
- Are you ready?
- All right.
That was so funny, wasn't it?
l can't believe he almost hit himself
on the head with a golf ball.
Yeah, he's a real riot.
At least l found some things
l can do better than him.
l'll bet there are a lot of things
you could do better than him.
l can't believe
you have to leave so soon.
Who are you gonna miss more?
Me or Andre?
You, of course.
- What's wrong?
- That's him.
Oh, great! He plays the piano, too?
He studied at the Paris Conservatory.
He used to play this
to put me to sleep.
l wish you could hear him
play Schubert. He...
''Dear Niki,
lt's obvious you love Andre.
l've felt it
ever since the beginning of all this,
but l never understood it
until l saw you watching him tonight.
l think it would be better
if l didn't see you ever again.
Or at least until Andre is dead.''
Oh, no. No. Don't even think
of asking me to do that. No.
Don't cry.
Maybe it's time
to tell him the truth.
No, l can't.
You want to go swimming?
Want to go sailing?
NASDAQ took a plunge yesterday.
With interest rates low
and the bond market pressured,
things are going to get exciting.
Would you do me a favour, please?
Shut up.
l can do that.
Niki in trouble!
WhatWhat kind of trouble?
She took a windsurfer
out by the reefs, man.
Why did you let her?
She ain't want to listen to us.
Now she can't get back.
Where is the boat?
Ben's working on her.
He has the engine all pulled apart.
Don't worry! l'm coming.
Be careful, man.
There's a strong current there.
- What's wrong, man?
- lt won't start. Keep trying.
Let's go.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
What the hell were you doing?
- Where's Andre?
- What about him?
He swam out to get you.
- Well, where is he?
- Over there.
- You see himWhere?
There he is!
- He's going under.
- What do you mean?
Do something! Do something!
He's drowning. Hurry!
l'm so sorry, Daddy. lt's all
my fault. l'm so sorry.
Daddy, l'm so sorry.
l'm so sorry, Daddy.
l am a doctor.
- ls he gonna be all right?
- He is going to be fine.
Take him inside, out of the sun.
Excuse me,
are you by any chance ltalian?
Yes, l am. Alberto Lenzi.
ltalian and a doctor?
Oh, be still, my heart!
- Are you all right?
- Never felt better.
l'm Diana Blaine.
- Alberto... May l call you Alberto?
- Sure.
- Are you here alone?
- Yes. l'm getting over a divorce.
Oh, what a shame!
Ben, l've been looking for you
all afternoon.
l'm sorry. l didn't mean for things
to get so out of hand.
Ben, just talk to me.
l want you to stay away from me.
You and your daddy.
Both of you. l mean it.
This is a waste of time.
No, it's not a waste of time.
Believe me, l'm a man.
l know what getting a love letter
from a girl does to me.
Now, where were we?
''Even if you decide not to forgive
me, know l will never forget you.''
No. lt's so corny.
lt's a love letter.
lt's supposed to be corny.
What do you want it to say?
To whom it may concern?
OK, go on.
OK, now we end it.
''Love always.''
Love always?
What's wrong with that?
Nothing. lt's perfect.
''Love always, Nicole.''
- Niki.
- Niki, if you want. OK.
- OK, let me read it over.
- No, no, no, it's finished.
Everything will be fine.
You will see. l promise.
Come here.
- This is so humiliating.
- You'll thank me for this.
Anybody out there?
Be quiet, Rocky.
There's nobody there.
Come on. Come on, boy.
- Which one is his room?
- That one, with the light on.
l must be crazy.
Oh, Daddy, gosh!
What are you doing?
Who's there?
He's reading it.
- Go on.
- No, don't push me.
- ls that you?
- You got my letter?
l just wanted to say goodbye.
Well, goodbye.
- No, no!
- Don't push me!
- Who are you talking to?
- No-one.
Your letter says you wanted to tell
me something. What?
- l can't really say it right now.
- Yes, you can. Tell him.
- Maybe we could meet at the dance.
- l'm not going. Tell me now.
Tell him you miss him.
l missed him.
You. l miss you. A lot.
WhyDidn't anybody else
believe your lies?
No, that's not it.
- Be more romantic.
- Thanks. How?
Tell him... When l look at your face,
it's the only time l'm really happy.
When l look at your face,
it's the only time l'm really happy.
- Your eyes.
- Your eyes.
- Your hands.
- Your hands.
Your smile.
The way you frown.
The way you frown.
- They make my heart soar.
- They make my heart soar.
- Why should l believe you?
- Because it's true, you idiot.
Because it's true, you idiot!
- How can he ask that?
- Sorry.
- What next?
- l know l haven't been perfect.
l know l haven't been perfect.
- But who is?
- But who is?
- Forgive me, please.
- Forgive me. Please.
Why should l?
Because l cannot imagine my world
without you in it.
Because... l cannot imagine my world
without you in it.
- And...
- And...
l love you.
l love you.
He's smiling. l think he's buying it.
Maybe l'll see you
at the dance later.
OK. Later.
- Let's go.
- Do you think it worked?
Oh, we'll see.
Where did you come up
with that stuff, anyway?
What stuff?
Your eyes, your hands, you make
my heart soar. lt was so lame.
Nicole, please.
l'm coming.
WellHow do l look?
- OK.
- ls that the best you can doOK?
Beautiful. Glorious. Enchanting.
That's better.
lsland boy, you know my heart
is still in the Caribbean
lsland boy,
l still hear my girlfriend say hey
Come back home
to the land of the balmy beaches
Where you heart has always been
since the very first day
l hear cowbells and the drums
on New Year's morning
And l smell hibiscus
in the tropic skies above
Look at the boats,
and the conchfish at dawning
l know that it's Nassau...
- What did he say?
- Who cares?
We got a question for you.
OK, you're in France
and you want French toast.
Do you say toast,
or do you have to say French toast?
How would he know?
Daddy, he's not... He's not here.
Give him time, darling.
But l'll die if l don't see him.
This is Gina. Her father's
an economics professor at Stanford.
- lnternational finance.
- Nice to meet you, Gina.
- Pretty good, huh?
- Yeah, you make a perfect couple.
Go off and have boring children.
Many nights l sit here
- With memories by the score
- He's not coming.
Come on, let's dance.
Thinking of the days l spent
With the girl l still adore
So l'm going back to see her...
- Daddy, what if he doesn't come?
- Then he doesn't deserve you.
You're the greatest, Daddy.
And you were right. This was
the best vacation l've ever had.
Me, too.
..and sun
Once l had a notion
About this Nassau girl
Daddy, he's here.
l put my thoughts in motion
And found my heart in a whirl
l see.
So l'm going back to see her
Go on.
Before my days are done
Going back to see her
ln the land
Of the sea and sun
Ever since l left her
Nothing has been the same
?l think l'll go and find her
l'm going back to give her my name
Oh, many nights l sit here
With memories by the score
Thinking of the days l've spent
With the girl l still adore
Yes, l'm going back to see her
Before my days are done
Going back to see her
ln the land of the sea and sun
I don't know
if I'd call it a vacation,
but it was the most incredible
ten days in my life.
l think Nicole has taught me
more than l could ever teach her.
l have thought about what you said,
and l have made a decision.
I want to marry you.
That is, if you want to marry me.
l've been calling you every
day. Were you listening just now?
- Yes.
- What did you hear?
l heard you ask me to marry you.
Good. There is something else, too.
ls there?
l want to have a child with you.
So what do you say?
l say, you're getting very demanding
all of a sudden.
ls there anything else you want?
Yes. Make sure it's a girl.
Oh, Father, please believe in me
Oh, Father,
this is how it's got to be
I know you love me,
but you've got to let go
Oh, Father,
every flower has to grow
Can you accept me for who I am?
Just for this moment,
please be my friend
I need to know you're there for me
I'll feel much better when I know
That you are ready to let me go
I've found someone I'd like to know
Am I wrong?
It feels like
I've been waiting so long
Don't want to hurt you
You've always taught me
right from wrong
Oh, Father, please believe in me
Oh, Father,
this is how it's got to be
I know you love me,
but you've got to let go
Oh, Father,
every flower has to grow
Oh, Father, please believe me
Oh, Father,
this is how it's got to be
I know you love me,
but you've got to let go
Oh, Father,
every flower has to grow
Can you tell me?
Why should I have to wait so long?
Not going to hurt you
I think I know
what's right from wrong
You got to choose it
You got to choose it
Oh, Father,
please believe in me... ?
Ripped & Edited by sopiebaba