My Generation (2017) Movie Script

Every teenager knows the best part
of school is when it's holiday.
We dont have to wake up early
after staying up all night
doing lots of homework.
No need to panic because of traffic
and to be punished for being late.
For us, school holidays
are the true form of freedom.
Unless our parents and the school
were to rob that small freedom from us.
as criminal act,
resulting in two years suspension.
protesters at the 212 Jakarta Rally
Let's not demonstrating each other.
A waste of energy
for such an unproductive activity.
Do we really have to watch this?
This is nonsense.
I want to break up with you!
Out of hundreds of millions of people,
this is all we can create?
No wonder our TV programs suck.
It's not just art.
We should be getting a tan
at some beach right now.
We should be on vacation in Bali,
not watching these suck TV programs.
This all began with our YouTube video
that went viral in our school.
First of all, they force us
to wake up early in the morning.
Then they force us to think when
our brains are still frozen like zombies.
We're forced to digest tons of subjects
and are required to master them all.
Even a teacher
could only master one subject,
so how can you expect us to master it all?
Most teachers are like boring robots.
Their teachings don't pique our interest
or get us enthusiastic at all.
If we don't understand it,
they consider us slackers
who refuse to study.
We don't have time for ourselves.
We're at school from early morning
until late afternoon. At home,
we have lots of homework to do.
Would you like to explain this video?
Isn't it clear enough, sir?
Your joke isn't funny, it's out of line.
Not only did you make fun
of our education system
and offended your teachers,
but you also insulted this school.
Sir, we weren't joking.
We were dead serious.
We didn't mean to insult anyone.
We just stated some facts.
And for me, there's a difference.
We were only expressing our opinion.
What we feel. What's so wrong about that?
For them, whatever we do
will always be wrong.
Even breathing can be wrong in their eyes.
That's why, when I have kids,
I'd have them out of school, and buy them
books instead. That's far more useful.
Excuse me. Maybe,
just maybe, aside from their harsh way
of expressing themselves,
this could be a way to introspect?
Is that so, ma'am? Fine.
Maybe this can help you to introspect.
Seems like parents are destined
to complain and exaggerate
unimportant things.
Like saying,
"All you do is sleep!"
How can they say that when Monday
to Friday we're glued to a school chair?
"Get your ass off the computer.
Don't you have anything better to do?"
Even homework is sent through emails.
Never satisfied.
Parents will never be satisfied.
You know, once I scored 85 on math,
and you know what my parents said?
"Konji, if you studied harder,
you'd get a better score!"
Until one day, I got 90,
and you know what they said?
"Konji! All you did was play video games,
how could you get 90?"
Parents are always suspicious
of what we do with our friends.
"Who is he? Whose kid? Where from?
What have you been doing with him?
Did you smoke?
Are you on drugs? Where have you been?
Are you drunk? Did you make
someone's daughter pregnant?"
Parents always want to be
role models for their children.
But that doesn't mean
they should force us to be like them.
If you have a problem with me,
say it to my face.
I left a meeting just for this?
You don't say it on YouTube!
What's with you?
Always looking for trouble.
This is the last time
I see you make videos like this!
What good message did you expect to bring?
Haven't you humiliated us enough?
What are you talking about?
I just want to know, how many views?
Next time, if the school invites us
to come, you go. I don't want to come.
You You're grounded. Forget holiday.
We're taking your camera. Hand it over.
YouTube should ban the video!
Yeah, yeah, parents will always be right.
Teachers will always be right.
And we'll always be wrong.
To hell with it all!
The things we said actually represent
the majority of kids in school,
but most of them
choose to accept to surrender.
It's our future.
We should have the right
to decide what's best for us.
We have the right to have opinions,
not to be accused of rebelling.
But we're too cool to just sit in gloom
because we don't get a holiday.
No. We're too awesome to satisfy
those who have punished us.
If we're considered rebels
just because of our opinion,
well, now, we're going to
scream much louder.
To hell with all of you!
What are you guys doing?
Why do you keep on
suddenly appearing in my life?
Are you made because it's me
and not Johnny Depp?
Checking your phone first thing
in the morning? Oh, please.
Well, it's up to me
if I want to check my phone!
No way! Did you post on my Instagram?
Screw you!
Where are you going?
You know the rule?
Even on the weekend, I have to
get up early and go for breakfast.
Ji, can I come for breakfast?
Zeke! Are you crazy?
I'm in the shower! Get out!
I'm asking your permission.
Can I come for breakfast?
Why the hell do you need to ask?
You usually enter my house,
sleep in my house,
eat at my house! All without permission!
That's true. Alright.
What the hell are you doing?
Taking a shower.
We're going to have breakfast, right?
Get out! Fuck you!
Morning, Mom!
Zeke's here.
Why didn't you tell me
Zeke was sleeping over?
Feels like your house, right?
Yes, Auntie.
I think of you and Uncle
as my own parents.
No gadgets at the table!
Sorry, Mom.
Back in my day,
we didn't have gadgets like you do.
Call us old-fashioned,
but kids then were well educated,
ethical, dutiful,
respectful to their parents.
Well, that is the problem, dear.
Moral values are disappearing
in this generation.
Back in my day,
kids valued ethics above all.
Kids nowadays should be thankful
having democratic parents like us,
but once you get freedom,
you take it for granted.
Just because it's the era of social media,
you think you can say whatever you want.
Try to act the hero but lose
your Eastern values in the process.
I heard they will remove religion
from schools also.
Yes, dear.
No wonder we keep hearing about
promiscuity, about free sex.
My parents are the overprotective type.
My mom never stops talking about morality.
As if I'm the devil incarnate
that belongs in hell.
My dad is the kind of parent who always
compares his era with ours.
They are also control freaks.
Such freaks that they always
look at things from the negative side.
Check. Konji!
I know you're in here somewhere!
Konji Rahadian Adinegoro! Come home! Now!
Dude, it's my dad!
Konji! Get out of this wretched place!
We can't expect anything
from your generation.
Hold on. Uncle, Auntie.
I don't think it's fair to label
our generation like that.
We don't blame the generations before us.
who caused the forest fires that brought
a smoke haze in Riau and other cities?
What about big companies
polluting the environment?
Like Freeport, Lapindo, Exxon, Newmont.
And who's going to be responsible
for our country's debt due to corruption?
Who will be affected most? Us!
Who will restore the ruin our parent's
generation has made? We will.
Damn you! Why did you have to
talk like that to my parents?
Like I dont have enough problems already!
Your parents are noisy, man!
What took you guys so long?
Were you on a date?
Uh-huh. Naughty Konji
wanted to take me to a hotel.
Get off me!
Konji, help me with this.
-No way!
-Help me.
Hey, Orly! You should be responsible!
You defiled someone else's kid!
Yeah, Hanif? What now?
Alright, alright, don't panic.
Your mom will only be angry
for a day or two.
Just act as if you're crazy.
Psychopaths cannot be punished,
even in court. Just chill!
I know about Project Save the Earth,
Project Anti-Corruption.
Between us four, I have
a different way of thinking.
Not only do I believe the earth is flat,
I even have a project
to lose my virginity.
So this is called the hymen.
Even in Latin, it's called "hymen".
Like greetings to all men, no?
Why do guys like to make jokes
on that topic?
How can you hear us?
You have your headphones on.
Looking at its shape, it seems impossible
for a baby to come out of there.
Not only babies,
even terrorists went through there, man!
If you really want to joke
about the vagina,
think about your mothers
and how you were born.
That way, you should have
more respect for the vagina.
You mean we have to think about
our mother's vaginas?
Orly, I think your losing virginity
project is too extreme.
I second that.
Extreme how?
What is it about virginity anyway?
It's just a thin membrane
inside every girl
that eventually becomes a scourge to them.
Guys can compete, boasting to each other,
"I took her virginity!"
For a girl, losing her virginity
is like having a stamp on her head.
"I'm not a virgin.
I'm not a good girl. Make fun of me."
But why it's not the same
with guys. Huh, Zeke?
Why me? You answer!
Why don't the world make a fuss
over guys' virginity?
Why can't we girls say,
"Hey, I took his virginity?"
Orly, you know what? If the Taliban
hears you, you'll be hanged!
Two days ago, I found my target.
An innocent guy, to put it nicely,
named Hanif.
The very guy
who called me earlier all terrified.
No need to kiss. Let's get to the point.
You have a condom, dont you?
Huh? A condom?
Hold on.
Dad's room!
Let me look in Dad's room!
Dad's room.
I got the condom!
Aren't you supposed to be happy?
You always wanted to break up with Rendi.
Yeah, since morning my plan
was only to dump him. But Damn it!
Dont tell me you failed again?
I'm breaking up with you.
Huh? Okay? That's it?
Is that it? You're not going to argue?
Coincidentally, I was going to do
the same thing, but you beat me to it.
So you're breaking up with me?
You cheated on me,
ruined our relationship,
and now you're dumping me?
It's mutual. You want to
break-up with me, right?
He's not important!
I never liked him anyway!
He doesn't even
wanna be friends with us, Ki!
You broke up with him.
Done, it's finished. Case closed.
What's taking so long?
I swear! It's disgusting!
-There's nothing to see!
-Are you ready?
-Just dont throw up!
-Hurry up!
How could a Kurt Cobain die-hard fan
fall for this metrosexual
narcissist prick?
Kurt Cobain would turn in his grave!
Now! That's enough!
Zeke is only joking. Right?
Konji! Zeke!
Forget about that fuckboy, he's nothing!
Yeah, forget about him! Come on!
Am I ugly?
Suki, listen.
Nobody in the world
should make you feel that way. Nobody.
Here, Bob Dylan said,
You hear that? He's right.
And Madonna said,
Be macho, man! Come on!
Hey, I know! Wait here.
Just leave all our problems for a moment
To free our mind
And leave it
Let it fly high until it drifted far
Through the clouds
While leaving all the rules sometimes
That are too binding
And don't make any sense, friends
That's right, friends
We need to cooling down
And loosen the clothes
Free, I leave all the burden on my heart
Drifted I drifted away
Drifted and floated
Suki? Sure you don't need a ride home?
Yeah. I don't feel like dealing with
my mother seeing you drop me off.
Hi Uncle, Auntie.
We haven't seen each other for so long.
We were at Oma's house last week.
But you were out of town?
Oh really? Since when
is my room out of town?
It's okay. Come and join us for dinner.
No, let her be and let her rest.
She must be tired.
It's okay, go rest.
Go. Now.
What's with the long face?
I said now!
What's up with you?
Your mother keeps on getting hotter!
If she wasn't your mom, I would've asked
my parents to come up with a proposal.
It's not good
staying a widow for too long.
-Makes room for slander, don't you think?
-Zeke, let's go!
Your mom's making out! Look, look!
Damn, it should be me instead!
What's wrong with you guys?
I don't wanna hear this!
Stop staring at her and go!
He could be my brother!
Why can't my mom
just be like a normal mom?
The thing that gets me the most,
she always wants to dress in fashion
that doesn't suit her.
And every hour.
She posts her selfies on Instagram,
Twitter, Facebook, Path.
Why do you have to be such a bitter child?
Who is said to be narcissistic,
tech-savvy, glued to our phones.
Those belong to our generation.
Not the other way around.
They can scream all they want.
But in my opinion
It's best if you just stay quiet.
Never criticize a brokenhearted girl
if you want to stay alive.
You are so cool!
Thanks, Konji!
Alright, Ki! I don't think
you can hide your feelings this way.
If you are pissed, angry,
you have to let it all out.
Take revenge on that asshole.
Get some satisfaction out of it!
What can we do to that monkey?
I know! Let's go to where he hangs out!
What are you guys going to do?
"Asshole". What if Rendi sees this?
He really is an asshole.
Konji, take a picture!
Time to leave!
Who destroyed my car?
I don't know. Calm down!
Who did it?
Open it!
Come on, Konji!
Guys, are you sure?
We can get into trouble!
Yeah, I'm sure. Oh, please.
Come on, Ji! Why so slow!
Turn right. Right!
Are you sure, Zeke?
Yes, I am. Let's go.
What if we get caught?
We won't.
Get your hands off me!
-He is so screwed up.
-Come on.
Come on. Let's go! Go, go, go, go!
Well, we will get going.
I'll make you proud!
Aunty, don't forget to tag our picture.
I will, honey!
Hi, Orly.
Did I hear something?
How many times do I need to tell you
that I don't like hearing you
play the guitar! It's too loud!
Just pretend I don't exist.
I'm gonna take Yara to the doctor
and then go to the office.
You don't go anywhere! Stay at home!
And your room is such a mess! Clean it!
"Suki, why is your room such a mess?"
Take off your glasses.
Today, your hair.
What will it be tomorrow?
Tattoo? Piercing? What else will she do?
It's just for the holidays.
It will go back to normal soon enough.
Take off your glasses.
You are turning into a bad egg!
Look at your sister. Aren't you ashamed?
What would our family say?
Why do you keep on embarrassing us?
Embarrass you in what way?
Who cares what people say!
Anyway, how do you even define a good kid?
Why do you always talk back?
You always so no to me and your mother.
You guys also
never care about what I want.
What do you want? To keep playing guitar?
What pride can you get from playing it?
What can we as parents
be proud of you for?
I think parents of this generation
are way more materialistic.
They measure the future with money.
How to be successful and get rich,
not how to be happy
with our dreams and choices.
You realize that Facebook and YouTube
would not have existed if the creators
listened to other people.
It's fine if teachers
want to estimate our value,
but this is real life,
and we determine our own value.
So don't let the judgment of others
affect your life.
Let's go somewhere!
-But your mom told you not to leave.
-Oh, really? I didn't catch that bit.
Why aren't you playing?
What's wrong? You've been so quiet.
Are you on your period?
Have you guys ever tried
to match your birth certificate
with the date your parents got married?
Do you think I have nothing better to do?
I just realized that I
was born three months earlier.
It means that your mom was three months
pregnant when she got married, dummy!
How did you not get that?
Could my birth certificate be wrong?
Of course not.
Check to see if it says bastard.
If our whole generation had to check
their birth certificates and match it
to their parents' wedding date,
maybe half of them were
born before marriage.
Just check yours!
But that's not fair!
They stop me from doing everything.
I get daily lectures
about sins and morals
as if I was the worst.
But the reality?
Our parents were also young once.
I'm sure they have done
stupid shit just like us.
Then why do they keep saying that
everything was better back in their day?
Of course! They're still your parents.
What do you expect?
Your dad telling you,
"Back in the day, I used to smoke weed
in school during break."
Or, "Back in the day, Mommy fell
into the toilet at the disco."
Or, "Mommy and Daddy had sex
before we got married!"
Have you gone mad?
This is my theory
on overprotective parents.
If your parents stop you
from going to the club,
it means they used to party as well.
If they are overprotective
about drugs and alcohol,
it means they used to
get drunk and high.
And if it's about free sex, then that
means, they used to enjoy casual sex.
Listen to her!
This is not fair.
The world is unfair, Ji.
Hey! Stop messing around.
Oh God,
please give our son Konji
some enlightenment,
so he'll fill his youth
with things that please You.
He won't do it.
There he is!
Whose idea was it to come here?
It's not that bad!
Lots of girls. You do like girls, right?
Yes, but
Aren't you guys grounded?
Not a problem!
Oh, really? So where were you
when we were called by the principal?
By the way, let's take a selfie!
My cheeks look so big. Let's take another.
My fringe is all messed up.
What else? Your intestine?
Your stomach? Your brain?
Your eyes are closed in this one.
Is it okay?
Which filter should I use?
Let's kill this crazy bitch.
Just shut her up forever.
Whatever. This crazy bitch
doesn't even have a brain.
I'll tag you all later, alright?
Do we have to stay here?
Where's Zeke?
Scouting for girls maybe.
You're not gonna join them?
Selfie skanks.
I'm gonna grab a drink.
See this. My friend is on a vacation.
Isn't it beautiful? Where is this?
Oh, that's Machu Pichu.
That's Pikachu, not Machu Pichu.
I see what's taking you so long.
I've been waiting for you
until my armpit hair grew long.
Hi. Zeke.
Konji's friend.
Let's go.
I think I found the target for my project.
Okay, I'm gonna go use the toilet.
Can you move?
I said move.
And you are the only girl I have met
that can talk to me about Nikola Tesla.
Isn't it funny? Here we are,
at a party, talking about history.
Nah. I'm a geek. Geeks dont dance.
What do you think? Have they banged?
If they have, they wouldn't
be seeing each other anymore.
What are you guys doing?
It looks like pornography,
but it's actually not, right?
If we look back at history,
being naked does not mean pornography
because back in the day,
nakedness represented fertility.
That is why many temples
are shaped like private parts.
Because it represents fertility
and the source of life. Right?
This is one example.
So the monument represents
the phallus or the penis.
The chalice represents the yoni
or the female vagina.
Where is the vagina shape here?
I think it looks a lot more like ours?
Right, Zeke?
Mine, yes? Yours?
Maybe the miniature version.
Fuck you!
Such a shallow conversation.
So, with these two symbols,
Bung Karno built this monument to bring
prosperity for all Indonesians.
Dude, if Hugh Hefner knew about this,
Playboy could change their logo.
Seriously, think about it!
Feels like we're on a study tour.
-Let's go home.
-Just a second.
They have banged for sure.
At first, I was excited.
What are you thinking about?
So you believe that the earth
has a flat surface
and it does not revolve around the sun?
It is as simple as, if the earth was round
and spinning at a super-fast speed,
let's say we have the ability
to jump as high as possible,
we should not land
in the same spot, right?
We should land in another location.
Or another country.
And if the earth
is spinning really fast, how?
Okay, skip the flat-earth part.
I'm not interested.
Get to the point. What happened next?
I don't think I can do it with Rama.
-Why? Is he impotent?
-I just can't.
-He should get it checked by a doctor.
Do you like him or something?
You actually like him!
He's different and smart. He is interested
in general knowledge, just like me!
He's the only guy
that can carry a conversation with me.
You fell in love with him, Ly.
But falling in love
is not part of my project.
So, all of this, the national monument
and the flat-earth theory,
we could have just read a book.
Hi, Lula.
Why did you tell her to come here?
You don't like guys, you ignore the girls.
What do you want?
You are too serious. Have fun, go crazy,
enjoy your youth.
Get a girlfriend, hold hands,
your first kiss, just do it all.
Yeah, but not like this.
Are you afraid you might go to hell?
Or get someone's daughter pregnant?
Afraid history might repeat itself?
Fuck you!
Come on, Ji,
holding hands and kissing a girl
will not get them pregnant, okay.
Now go there.
What are you doing?
Did Zeke ask you to come here?
Why aren't you skating?
Lula is right there.
What are you doing standing here?
Why did you ask her to come again?
She actually likes you.
But I don't. She's not my type, Zeke.
I know you like someone like me,
but sorry, I'm still interested in women.
I'm serious, Zeke.
You are not even that good looking
yet so selective.
If there were plenty of other options,
you could be selective,
but you do not have any other options.
Now, go!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I am.
Yeah, I'm okay.
There you go.
Okay, so you start in the V position,
and after this, you take six steps.
Look how serious Konji is teaching her.
Push, right, left, right, left,
right, left. Yes, just like that.
That's right.
Now, you try with the glide.
Right, left, right.
What's wrong?
So the thing is,
my friends keep inviting you out with us
because they want to get us together.
But that has made me
uncomfortable with the situation.
So next time,
if he forces you to come out,
you don't have to say yes
if you don't want to.
Honestly, I don't know about
the whole match-making business.
I can understand
if it makes you uncomfortable.
Did you take her home?
The reason you keep asking her
to come is to match-make us.
And I told her
that it made me uncomfortable.
I told her not to come
if Zeke asks you again.
Damn, don't worry about him.
Hey, Lula. I came here to apologize.
I usually spend my day here.
This is just some of my art.
But promise not to laugh at it.
If you are this cool, why do you hang out
with a bunch of losers like us?
I have been there.
That was before I met my friends.
You have to focus on school first.
We as your parents do not give you
permission to date yet.
It will distract you from your schoolwork.
Being in a relationship
can cause many temptations.
A world of promiscuity, free sex.
You do know that's a sin, right, Konji?
Okay. Now, it's my turn.
Mom, Dad,
I have a question
that I've been wanting to ask you.
Why was I born three months
before your wedding?
And for the first time,
I did not hear the words
"back in my day" from my father.
Was it salty, Lula?
Sorry, I just had chips.
I feel bad for him,
left hanging like that.
But I just can't do it.
That means you like him
and you're afraid if you tell him
you don't want to commit yourself to him,
he might go away,
and you would miss him. Am I right?
That's Rama.
Turn it off right now.
It's okay. Breathe, Ki.
We're all here for you.
Who made that video?
He recorded it on his phone,
but I caught him.
I told him to delete it.
And I actually thought he did.
Ji, let's go look for that bastard.
Huh? And then what?
Just get up!
Hey, asshole!
Coward! Face me if you dare.
Don't pick on a girl.
Hey, can you calm down?
Don't be so pushy, just chill.
-You have a problem with me?
-You know what I'm talking about.
That video? I don't know
anything about it.
Anybody could have
made that video, not just me.
There is nothing to regret.
We did this for Suki.
Oh, really? This was for Suki?
Not to feed your Hero Complex?
What's wrong with you?
You act like you lost something
by helping your friend.
It's not about loss, but there
are other ways to solve a problem.
So what do you think we should have done?
Huh? Sent a text? A letter?
That's not what I'm saying!
But this way, it just adds more problems.
What problems? Don't you get it?
Suki's problem is way bigger
than all of ours.
That video
has been spread around everywhere.
The entire school must have gotten it.
And you? What is your problem?
This will prove to my parents that
everything they said about me is true.
I've been trying to stop them
from judging me.
And you ruined it all.
What a wuss, afraid of your parents.
What about you? You can't even face them,
always avoiding them.
What do you mean by that?
You can call me a wuss or whatever,
but I'm not like you!
I can't rely on my strength.
I'm not rock 'n' roll like you!
I'm tired of the mess you create.
I'm tired of doing everything your way!
And I'm tired of becoming
the target of your jokes.
All this time, you've been
feeling like this about me?
Why haven't you said anything before?
I think they shouldn't
see each other for a while.
I hope Zeke can understand.
He likes to make trouble.
I'll take care of him. I'm sorry.
There's nothing you want to talk with me?
Not even a scold? You're not gonna
shout at me? Insult me or anything, huh?
Until when are you going to
behave this way? When?
Doing this won't bring Roy back!
Hey! Shut up!
Because if you could, you would've
chosen me to die instead of Roy, right?
Because Roy is everything
and I'm just a punk!
All this time,
I've been trying to hold it all in!
My anger. My pain.
But you keep pushing my limit.
Look at your mother! Look at her!
Who do you think destroyed her? Who?
It was all because of you, Zeke!
You hear me!
You are so disrespectful!
Hit me, Dad! Just do it!
-Hit me!
You think you're the only ones that hurt?
While I have to carry this guilt
that you guys keep putting on me.
I mourn every day.
While you forget that I exist.
You think it doesn't hurt?
Why did you allow Roy
to learn how to drive?
You should have been able
to stop him, Zeke! Why?
I only did what an older brother would do.
Now, bring it back, bring it back.
Now, straight.
Stay in your lane.
Nah, that's my brother.
Where are you going?
I'm going to my friend's birthday.
-Why are you using my things?
-Let me borrow them, please.
Roy, you know that's my most
valued possession! You don't just take it.
Take it off!
Hey, Roy.
Sorry, I haven't visited
in such a long time. Actually
I love you. I love you so much.
But you have suffered for too long.
I want you to let go.
Let go, Roy.
Stop torturing yourself.
We'll meet again one day.
You haven't gone back home?
Not yet. What about you?
Everything is a mess.
I only kept that for fun.
For fun?
It's not what you think.
If it's not what I think,
then what is this for?
I know,
but I'm not some wild girl
who sleeps around.
I'm not who you have in mind right now.
I raised you not to turn out this way.
Like what? What do you think I am like?
After what happened to Suki,
what do you think?
Like what am I supposed to think of you?
I don't want you
to talk about her that way.
What do you think you are like?
Me? Why me?
You think it's appropriate for you to be
making out like a teenager in public!
In front of my friends?
Orly, listen to me! I'm an adult!
I'm not under 17, and I know my limits.
Oh, really?
You don't behave like an adult.
Even I get embarrassed at times
seeing how you act.
Oh, so now you are turning
this on me? Like that?
Listen to me! My personal life
as an adult does not concern you.
Now, I'm, like, muted out of her life.
Why is everything such a mess, Zeke?
I brought you food. Eat something.
Seems like all problems
come at the same time.
We have decided.
You will go to Singapore. You will study
and live there. End of story, okay?
Why? So there's no one to embarrass you?
-It's best to ship me far away?
-Do you think what you did was right?
-If you stay here and meet your friends--
-Do not drag them into this!
Orly, Zeke.
They supported me!
Konji. What do you gain
from being friends with them?
-They are useless.
-Don't talk about my friends!
They're the ones who actually get me!
You never cared about me!
Wake up, Zeke!
Wake up, my daughter. Wake up, honey.
Forgive me, Suki.
You're not crazy.
Don't listen to what
other people say about you.
Sometimes we feel like
we know ourselves very well,
but sometimes
we're strangers to ourselves.
What do we want? What are we looking for?
We suddenly lose direction,
not knowing where we're heading.
We get lost,
not knowing where to go.
Sometimes we engage in warfare
without knowing who our real enemy is.
Sometimes, life can be so confusing.
Roy is
The one thing I feared the most
finally happened.
Something I never
wanted to hear about Roy.
My world feels torn apart.
But I know that Roy
is in a better place now.
Roy's death has opened my parent's eyes.
That I was the one who suffered the most.
You know that I love you so much, right?
I know
things are confusing at your age.
You haven't found the answers
to many questions.
But whatever happens,
I want to be the first person you come to.
I may not be the perfect mother.
I have my weaknesses.
But I want to be more than
just a mom for you.
I want to be your friend as well.
If there's anything
that we can change from me
Life teaches us
that we just have different views,
different opinions.
We fight, but that doesn't mean
we don't love each other.
Sometimes we have to make peace.
Not with the situation,
not with our parents,
but to make peace with ourselves.
To learn that life is not perfect.
And neither are we.
I know I've disappointed you guys.
Forgive me.
But I just need you to understand.
Your high expectations of me
have created a lot of pressure.
And I wanted you guys to know
this is my life and my future.
I won't ever let you guys down again.
Suki, my baby.
-Suki. Please forgive me.
-I'm sorry.
Life also teaches us that sometimes,
it would be much easier
to not point fingers,
about who's right and who's wrong.
And to stop looking back.
But if we want to make peace
just to be a foolish robot,
to let the world dictate us,
rather leave it.
Mom, Dad,
you've lived in your own era.
Let me live in mine, which is probably
not as good as yours,
but no matter how bad
my generation may seem,
we're all raised by your generation.
We learned from what
your generation has told us.
We read what your generation has written.
We even watch
what your generation has made.
So, like it or not,
we grew out of your generation's creation.