My Grown-Up Christmas List (2022) Movie Script
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and is suitable for
general audiences.
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Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas.
Do you remember me?
I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you with childhood
I'm all grown up now
Candy cane? There you go.
And still need help somehow
Merry Christmas, hi!
I'm not a child
But my heart still can dream
- Merry Christmas!
- Hi.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
The lights...
the music...
It's my favourite time
of the year.
I'm pretty sure you're
contractually obligated
to say that, wearing that suit.
What suit?
This is just me on a Tuesday.
Aren't you kinda young
for Santa?
I mean, I usually picture him
with a little more seniority.
Maybe a bit more of a gut.
I'll let you in on
a little secret.
It's the Christmas spirit that
keeps me young.
That and a strict jogging routine.
Good night.
Hey, um...
Mind if I get your name?
It's not on your list?
I thought you checked
that thing twice.
Well, the elves have been
slacking a bit this year.
They're a bit behind on their paperwork.
Got it. You blame the elves. Okay.
It's Taylor. Taylor Nichols.
Taylor Nichols.
Oh, yes, I remember now.
Yes, I did spot that name
on my list.
And was it on the "nice" column,
or the "naughty" column?
You know, I've come here just
about as far back
as I can remember, but I don't
remember ever seeing you here.
Well, Santa,
that's 'cause it's my first
Christmas back since...
Since I left a few years ago.
Well, let Santa be the first one
to welcome you back.
So, Taylor Nichols,
what do you want Santa
to bring you this year?
I'm sorry, I have to get going.
My grandfather's expecting me
at his store, so...
Come on, everyone has a
Christmas wish.
Something they want more than
anything else in the world.
What is it?
Some Christmas wishes just can't
be granted.
No matter how bright the lights,
or how beautiful the tree.
Christmas isn't about bright
lights and ribbons.
It's about a feeling you get inside.
The feeling that even the most
unlikely Christmas wish
could come true.
Taylor Nichols,
whatever that Christmas wish is,
I hope it comes true.
Candy cane?
Oh, Merry Christmas!
Wait, I didn't get your--
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas.
- Grandpa Frank!
- Excuse me one moment.
There she is!
Welcome home, kiddo!
- Oh, it's so good to see you!
- You too!
How you doing, you doing okay?
You're not too tired?
Those bus trips can take
everything out of you.
No, I'm good, I'm good.
I'm just happy to be back here.
I'm sorry it was so last-minute.
Work has been crazy.
That editor of yours still
cracking the whip?
Like Santa with his reindeer.
You know it.
- It's busy in here.
- Last minute Christmas rush.
And it's just you?
Had trouble finding help.
Why don't I stay and help
and you and I close up
No, no, you're on vacation.
Come on.
Grandpa, there's nowhere else
I'd rather be
than right here with you.
I was hoping
you'd say that.
Got one just your size!
I love it.
That's for you...
Okay, thank you.
And... and...
Go, go, go, go, go!
- Merry Christmas!
- Charlie: Hey, Luke!
Home just in time.
Why don't you take a seat
and grab one of those glue guns
and help us out.
Your mom and I are on a roll.
Yes, we just broke our old
record by 15 seconds.
- Wow.
- So if you could handle
the pasting, wreath-laying,
and tissue paper,
and Charlie takes care of tinsel
and chocolate,
I think we can get there
in under a minute.
Remember what I taught you.
The secret to the perfect
Christmas gift basket
is structure.
It's all about a solid
foundation of chicken-wire.
Lets the wicker hold the weight
ten times.
Yes, Dad, I remember.
You taught me well.
And how was your night?
Did you make any Christmas
wishes come true?
- It was pretty good.
- Yeah?
Yeah, I made a lot
of kids laugh.
- And a few adults, too.
- Ah!
Well, it's a very nice thing
you did tonight.
The world could always use
a little more holiday cheer,
and more men in uniform.
Charlie, are you sure
you washed this thing out
after last Christmas?
I am putting this in
the laundry.
Speaking of uniforms, son...
I just heard from my old friend,
Clay Murphy.
- Colonel Clay Murphy?
- That's right.
Seems you're impressing all the
right people out there.
I heard promotion chatter.
I thought that would have taken
years to achieve.
Honey, Luke just got home.
Do we really need to talk about
him leaving?
No, you're certainly right.
Hey, Peggy, would you please
pass me the packing tape?
And Luke?
Do you mind getting me another
one of these eggnogs?
You know that that's my
Christmas wish.
Do you guys have any more of
those baskets?
Preferably one that's candy
Uh.. oh, yes!
Will this one do?
That's perfect.
Frank: What a day.
Thanks for closing up with me.
Nothing like a bowl of hot and
sour soup on Christmas Eve.
Reminds me of your mother.
She knew how to appreciate the
good things in life,
your mother.
I've got something to show you.
You framed my first published
My first online
published article,
which means
you had it printed out?
Of course I framed it. That's
what you do with a work of art.
I can't tell you how much I love
reading your stories.
Like a special Christmas morning
edition, every time.
That last one, with that quote
from Charles Dickens?
"Remembrance, like a candle,
"burns brightest at
Makes me think of when we first
bring the tree inside.
You know, suddenly the whole
house smells like Christmas.
The smile on your mother's face,
just grinning with anticipation...
Or how the whole kitchen
would come alive
when she'd bake a batch
of her gingerbread cookies.
You know, mom used to tell me
the most important part
of Christmas
is to take the time to
truly savour it.
Because time is our most
precious gift of all.
Speaking of time, Taylor,
how much longer do I have you
here with me?
Three days, a week at best.
They need me back at the paper.
I'm actually supposed to be
working while I'm here.
I have a few leads on a few
human interest stories, so...
Just like your mom.
Always on the clock.
I see so much of her
in you.
I could say the same about you, Grandpa.
Your smile, your laugh.
The way you'd rather risk
a stomach ache
than leave a single crumb
on your plate.
You remind me of her, too.
Here's to running in
the family!
I wonder who that is.
Can't be carolers.
I think I scared them off last Christmas
bringing out my bagpipes.
- Who was that?
- I don't know.
There's a note here.
It says, "From Santa."
I miss you, Mom.
Merry Christmas.
Taylor Nichols, right?
We met earlier tonight.
I was all dressed in red,
fluffy white lapels.
Well, if it isn't Santa Claus!
I'm surprised you can even
recognize me without my beard.
How could I forget?
Meeting the real Santa.
I still have your gift.
It's a whole lot of candy cane,
to be honest.
I'm gonna be working on this
thing through next New Year's.
I've been carrying it for
By the way, thanks for the
gift basket.
Oh, don't worry about it.
You know, my family and I are
pretty famous
around these parts for them.
We like to help Santa out with
any last-minute deliveries.
I was actually just delivering
my last basket right now
when I saw you sitting here.
You're not waiting for a bus,
are you?
Because you're gonna be waiting
a long time.
The next bus doesn't come until
tomorrow afternoon.
No, I know.
I'm not going anywhere.
But I'm not really here, either.
I see. Uh...
Mind if I sit?
You know, coming home
can be hard.
It's like a mirror into
your past.
Keeping stock,
making you remember just
who you are.
At least, that's what I read on
a church billboard
on the way over here.
I'm Luke, by the way.
Luke Malone.
I pictured you more as Chris.
Or maybe a Nick.
I'm not so sure Luke suits you.
It's more "outer space" and
less "Pere Noel."
Okay, well, how about
Bob Cratchit?
Or Tiny Tim, then?
Ah, a Charles Dickens fan,
no less.
Well, I only know
A Christmas Carol.
And I didn't even read the book,
I just saw the stage play once
with my parents.
Which reminds me, I--
I have some people waiting
on me,
I should-- I should get going.
Hey, what's your plan?
Can I--
Can I give you a ride somewhere?
I think I'm good to walk, thanks.
Okay, well,
it was great bumping into you
again, Taylor.
Nice bumping into you too, Luke.
Um, I wanted to thank you.
It's the two year anniversary of
my mother's passing.
And ever since then,
well, Christmas,
it's felt like this...
...thing that I'm looking at
from the outside.
Like home is this town that
I'm a tourist in.
Tonight you helped me find a bit
of that magic again.
You made it feel a little more
like home.
So, thanks.
Well, I'd like to take credit
for that, but that wasn't me.
That was Old Saint Nick.
Merry Christmas, Luke Malone!
Merry Christmas, Taylor Nichols.
And remember, the best gifts
don't have bows.
Woman: It's Christmas time again,
a time for gift-giving and
Stocking stuffing and carol singing.
A time for all those children
out there,
dreaming of their toys.
A time when, as Dickens wrote,
"A thousand odours float
in the air,
"each one connected with
a thousand thoughts
"and hopes and joys."
So make your lists,
and check them twice.
Even Santa Claus will tell you,
the best gifts don't have bows.
What do you think?
Overall, I think you nailed it.
You are really hitting your
stride, Taylor.
You are fast becoming
our go-to voice
- for everything Christmas.
- Oh, wow.
But the irony is,
I'm not all that sure you even
enjoy the holidays.
No decorations at your desk,
no crazy quilted sweater.
I don't think I've once
seen you belt back
a peppermint latte.
I suppose I'm more of an
- holiday goer.
- Well, whatever the case is,
you are mining pure tinsel
up there, Taylor.
Have a safe trip home.
Fingers crossed for your first
front page.
Front page? Really?
If the work stays at this
high level,
I don't see why not.
I'll see you when I get back.
And, Barb? Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
So, excited to head home?
Five and a half hours on a
crowded passenger bus?
- I'm thrilled!
- Well...
Maybe you'll get a visit from a
certain Santa Claus.
I doubt he'd even remember me.
Who knows if he's even around
this year.
Uh, he remembers the names of 6
billion people every Christmas,
I'm sure he'll remember yours.
Thank you, Bonnie,
for the perspective.
I'm telling you, Luke,
the community spirit
is off the charts.
Everybody's asking to help
at the dinner.
Well, whatever you and mom are
doing seems to be working.
I think your mom is
just so happy
that you were able to come home
again this year.
You've been spoiling us.
I wish it was every year,
believe me.
- Ah, it's perfect!
- Ain't it, though?
I think that it's our best
find yet.
Excellent height, colour,
branch distribution.
Our boy certainly hasn't lost
his touch.
It's like you've always had this
sense, Luke.
You can always pick out just
the right one.
Charlie: A dowsing rod
for Douglas Firs.
Yes, and you've been telling
that story every year since.
Well, it's a holiday classic.
Now I know some folks prefer
Fraser Fir
because there's more room
for ornaments,
but you just can't beat that
Douglas smell.
"A thousand odours fill the air,
and with them,
"connected a thousand thoughts,
hopes, and joys."
It's Charles Dickens.
Since when did you get
so literary?
I'm expanding my horizons.
I'm reading more.
Okay, where do you
want the tree?
Over there.
Have yourself
a Merry Christmas!
Taylor, you're here.
Hi, Grandpa.
Have you grown? You look taller.
No, it's just the boots,
I swear.
So, what ya been up to?
I've been reading
all your articles.
Not much to report since
our last phone call. I...
I work, eat, sleep, work.
You manage to get that editor of
yours to finally take notice?
As a matter of fact,
I think I did.
She told me
I'm front page ready.
Front page ready? Oh!
I am so proud of you, Taylor.
Your mother, she'd...
Well, I think you know
how she'd feel.
I do.
You got that extra apron handy?
Coming right up.
The sing-along was
such a big hit last year,
we decided to add
a couple of new carols.
That's great.
And your mother got
the whole church choir
to sing along with us
while we serve dinner.
Well, thanks, no doubt,
to the example of
their hard-working director.
I just want it to
be nice for everyone.
You know,
for some of these folks,
this is as close
as they get to spending
Christmas with family.
Charlie: These old lights
aren't working.
Guess we're going to
have to get some new ones.
I'm sure Frank's is still open.
Yeah, I'll just get
a couple of boxes of lights.
Let me take a look.
Are you sure you plugged it in?
There you are.
Merry Christmas.
What can we help you with?
Well, I'm just looking
for some Christmas lights.
Luke: These two.
That's a lot of lights.
Well, it's a lot of tree.
So, how will you be paying?
Oh, you can charge it, Wynona.
It says "Wynona."
Oh, yeah. No.
It's still Taylor. I promise.
I didn't know
that you worked here.
I-- I don't.
I do.
It's my grandfather's store.
I help out when I'm home.
Oh, Grandpa Frank, this is--
Malone! Luke Malone.
Frank. Good to see you.
Good to see you, too.
Luke's been coming around here
since he was about yea high.
I didn't know
you two were related.
You telling me you can't
see the resemblance?
Well, the mustache does throw
it off a little bit, Frank.
You dropped off a gift basket
at the house last year.
That was you?
Well, that was-- that was Santa,
he asked one of his elf friends
who works for the city
what Taylor Nichols'
address was,
and that was the address he got.
Blaming the elves again, huh?
Well, I'm gonna be
in the back if you need me.
Merry Christmas, Luke.
Merry Christmas.
So, a little late
to be decorating.
I'm helping my parents
at the community centre,
and every year we just try
to go a little bit bigger.
Oh, for the Veteran's Dinner.
Yes. Yeah, we're planning
on having enough lights
to land a 747 this year.
Well, um--
- There you go.
- Thanks.
It was, um...
It was good seeing you.
Yeah. You, too.
Listen, Taylor,
I know you're
probably busy tonight,
I mean, of all nights,
um, but I was wondering...
Do you want to
do something later?
I have to stay
and help my grandpa,
it's a really busy night, so.
Nonsense, dear. I got this.
You two go
and enjoy your little date.
It's not a date.
Well, it could be.
You want to go?
Have fun!
So, have you been keeping up
with your Charles Dickens?
I heard they're making
an animated kids version of
Great Expectations.
"I will honour
Christmas in my heart,
"and try to keep it
all the year."
Wait, have you been
reading my old articles?
I might have got a bit curious.
Down a rabbit hole.
Gosh, now I feel so exposed.
It's good. It's really great.
So, what your next story about?
Oh, gosh.
I have an interview scheduled.
I have to go.
Oh, um, well...
If you want, I could help you.
How handy are you with a camera?
I know where to
not put my thumbs.
That'll do. Come on.
These are beautiful,
Mrs. Grantham.
Oh, honey, call me Annie.
Alright, Annie.
Hi, Annie. I'm-- I'm Luke.
A big fan of your work.
Oh. Why, thank you.
So, when did you start
crocheting Christmas ornaments?
When my first grand-daughter
was born a few years back,
I wanted to do
something special,
you know,
for baby's first Christmas.
So, I picked up
my yarn and my hooks,
and just let
the inspiration take me.
Just like that.
Oh, once the rest of the family
saw how the first few came out,
I started getting requests
from my own children
and my grandchildren
and all their friends,
and next thing you knew
I was shipping to strangers
as far away as Katmandu!
And I understand
that all of the proceeds
go to a local charity?
I save some for the phone bills,
but it's just me here alone now,
so it just kinda made sense.
Do you mind if we take
some pictures for the article?
Oh, you go right ahead.
Great. Uh, why don't we get you
guys by the Christmas tree?
I'll help you up.
Oh, thank you.
So, tell me, Luke,
how long have you
been with the military?
What gave me away?
Oh, let's just say
I recognize the posture.
A certain straightening
to the spine.
I've been around it
most of my life.
My late husband,
he looked great in uniform.
Alright, here we go.
So, you're in the military?
Captain Luke Malone.
U.S. Army Infantry.
Wow, I-- I had no idea.
Well, you know, I don't like
to talk about it much
when I'm home for the holidays.
I spend so little time here,
it just reminds me
that I'm going to be gone again.
I think it's important
to stay in the present.
So, the night we met,
I was going on about
my own inner crisis
and were you about to ship off?
I like the fact that you thought
that you could talk to me.
And I'm glad that
I was there to listen.
Me, too.
A few hours ago,
I barely knew your name.
So, why does it feel like now
you're some sort of long lost--
Don't say relative.
Don't say relative.
Fellow traveler?
A fellow traveler?
Fellow traveler.
Well, um, fellow traveler,
seeing how
we are out all this way,
can I show you something?
- Taylor: Beautiful.
- Luke: Yeah.
Listen, I just wanna
say that I know that
this time of year
isn't easy for you,
but I think you have this--
This perfect way
of capturing it all.
Do I?
I guess I'm good
at faking it then.
Come on.
Nobody's that good at faking it.
Well, I mean,
I can see it, and hear it,
and smell that Christmas
spirit all around me, I just--
I don't know,
I can't seem to feel it anymore.
It's like my heart's
been walled-off.
Lower your window.
Just roll down your window.
Close your eyes.
Close my...
- Close your eyes.
- Okay.
What do you hear?
I don't hear anything.
I just hear
the snow on the truck.
You know, whenever I feel
the world is just too big
or too noisy,
I like to come up here.
Just leave it all behind,
and just...
just listen to
that silent snowfall.
I think that if
you can learn to
appreciate that stillness...'ll find
that your heart's not as...
as walled-off
as you think it is.
There's a poetry to you,
Luke Malone.
Well, I think that's just
you rubbing off on me.
Maybe a little.
You got those lights?
What on earth took you so long?
I was about to
send out a search party.
Well, hello there,
I'm Charlie Malone,
Luke's father.
Taylor Nichols.
Wonderful to meet you.
Taylor, Taylor.
I remember Frank Tabor
at the hardware store
once mentioned that
he had a grand-daughter
by the name of Taylor.
Wow, Dad, you-- you really
know everyone in this town.
What can I say?
I was a captive audience.
I must have spent 15 minutes
hearing all about his genius
granddaughter while I was
there buying a screwdriver!
Yeah, that's my Grandpa.
Mom, um, this is Taylor.
Taylor, this is my mom Peggy.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Oh, you too, Taylor.
You have your hands full, Peggy,
how can I help you?
Well, if you could take
the bag of lights there,
um, and follow me,
and we'll put you to work.
Hey, Luke.
She, um, she seems nice.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, there's something
about her, I just--
I can't put it into words.
This arrived
while you were gone.
Oh, uh...
She's quite lovely.
I am so happy for you.
Yeah, well,
don't get too excited, Mom.
We haven't even had
our first date yet.
Oh, your father told me
about the letter.
What did it say?
I'm in charge of
winter mountain training.
Yeah, I'll be
training troops from
over half
a dozen countries.
It's in Eastern Europe.
Eastern Europe!
Luke, I am so proud of you.
So, what do you think?
This one looks good?
But I'm gathering you wish
the timing was a little better.
Well, how do you say,
"Hey, Taylor,
I know we don't know
each other that well,
but I think we're
meant to be together,
oh, by the way,
we just need to wait
a whole year to find out."
Just like that, son.
And if the feeling is mutual,
you'll have to let her
decide on her own.
Whatever the future might
hold for the two of you,
Taylor should know what it
means to be with a soldier.
Oh, and it looks like
they're about to light the tree!
You guys ready?
Oh, yes, please.
Well, on second thought,
Taylor, why don't you
do the honours this year?
One, two...
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, honey.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas.
Everything okay?
You wanna take a walk with me?
Taylor: Are you okay?
Luke: Yeah.
When I was a kid,
I was frustrated about
my dad leaving, I'd...
I'd come up here.
Seems like
a good spot to think.
Mostly I just
yelled, actually.
Yeah, I've been
known to do that, too.
But back in the city
I usually have to
resort to the fire escape.
Taylor, I--
I might be reading
into this assuming that
you would even care, but...
...I'm shipping out again.
Just after Christmas.
I got my notice today.
Where are you going?
Eastern Europe.
Eastern Europe?
Wow, that's great!
Yeah, no. No, it is great.
I'm helping train a squadron of
multinational recruits.
It's pretty remote.
How remote?
Well, let's put it
this way,
if you have a letter you'd like
to get to the real Santa Claus,
I'd be happy to pass it along.
Got it.
So, how long will you be gone?
A year.
When do you leave?
In a week.
A week.
That's soon.
Yeah, I know,
I know. I wish...
I wish we had more
time to spend together.
But you'll still be back
for visits though, right?
Weekend furloughs?
That sort of thing?
It's doubtful.
We're helicoptered in.
Satellite communications.
It's survival training.
So much for fellow travelers.
Listen, I put in for this
a while back, before... and I...
I like you, Taylor.
And listen, I know
this might sound crazy,
but just talking to you,
it just feels--
It feels right.
I know.
Is this kind of how it's
gonna be for us?
We just say goodbye
only to bump into
each other at some
random destination somewhere?
Maybe this time
we don't say goodbye.
Maybe we try to make it work.
We try to keep it going.
Write and email.
They have phones out there,
A pretty good satellite system
from what I'm told,
weather depending.
I don't know,
maybe we make the distance work.
Whatever it takes, right?
That's what
the army's slogan is.
Close, yeah.
I like you, too, Luke Malone.
You know, my mom, she used to
tell me the most important part
of Christmas is taking
the time to truly savour it.
Because time is our
most precious gift of all.
You know that.
And what would your mom say
if she knew that we only
had a week together?
She'd say...
"Enjoy it while it lasts."
As another Christmas approaches,
it's time once again
to pause for a moment
in our day-to-day lives,
look forward to the year ahead,
and reflect on the one
we've left behind.
It's a time to remember
all the people we love,
the people we loved,
the people above,
the familiar faces
missing from our table,
and the welcomed guests
who just weren't able.
I think fondly of my friend,
Annie Grantham,
busy knitting ornaments,
her heart out there to show.
And my good friends,
Peg and Charlie,
arranging gift baskets to go.
Sorry, to be continued.
Oh, hey, Luke. How's it going?
I think of all the moms we miss,
the doting fathers
we can't kiss,
the siblings we can't hug hello,
and the soldiers
who aren't coming home.
So, when you make your
Christmas list this year,
remember all those people
who you never got to thank.
When you make your
Christmas list this year,
remember to leave
one side blank.
So, thoughts?
I think it's a little sad,
but I mean, that's the thing
about the holidays,
you're enjoying what's there,
but you're also--
you're also aware
of what's missing.
It's not too sentimental?
Oh, if anything I thought
it was a little moving.
Well, I didn't see you cry.
In front of these guys?
Come on,
it would be the end of me.
He's lying to you, Taylor!
He cried when he read
your piece out loud.
Oh, you read it out loud?
To the whole squad. Twice.
Twice, okay.
Well, thank you, Adam,
for your honesty.
I appreciate it.
He misses you, Taylor!
You're all he talks about
besides Monday night football!
Okay, bye!
About the promotion.
I have my meeting with Barb
first thing this morning.
Fingers crossed.
Sweetie, you've got nothing
to be nervous about.
You worked hard for this.
It's almost lights-out here,
so you let me know just
as soon as you can, okay?
Taylor, um...
Luke? Can you hear me?
Tay-- It's--
It's okay, it's just a storm
front moving through.
It's nothing to worry about.
Luke, I--
I think you're breaking up.
Taylor, I love you.
I love you...
Oh, this is great. Thank you.
You wanted to see me, Barb?
Yeah. Come in, Taylor.
First I want you to know that
I could not be happier with
the work you've done here
over the past two years.
Thank you.
But I also sense
that you may feel a bit
stalled in your career?
Stalled? No.
No, I love working here.
And I love having you here,
which is why I am offering
you the position of
Associate Editor for
our Features Department.
- Editor?
- Associate Editor.
You'd help find
and assign stories,
get first reads of copy,
keep a close eye
on the budget,
as well as continuing
to write your own stories.
- Barb, I--
- In other words,
a lot more work
for not a lot more money.
- Interested?
- Yes. Yes!
Good! Now...
...have a merry
little Christmas,
and be ready in the new year
to hit the ground running.
I will. Thank you.
Thank you.
Here you go.
So? What's the big news?
Well, you are looking
at the next editor.
Well, associate editor, but--
That is fantastic.
What did Luke say?
Yeah, I messaged him.
It takes a while
to go through, so...
I'm sure he'll be jubilant.
Luke's still coming
home for the holidays?
After one whole year apart.
Wow, you must be so excited.
And a little nervous.
Why? You guys seem perfect.
Everything feels perfect,
I can talk to
him about anything.
My hopes, my fears.
Somehow, even from
thousands of miles away,
he makes me feel so safe.
Like a warm, cozy blanket.
Like a warm, ruggedly handsome,
tough as nails, cozy blanket?
Yes, all of that.
I love him.
And he loves me, and...
It's magic.
It feels like
we're living a dream.
But what if that's all it is?
We've spent 99 percent of our
relationship long distance.
We've managed to make it fun,
but this thing is
no substitute for--
Okay, well, that is
an issue of proximity.
But I was going to say...'s no substitute
for the real thing.
Don't second-guess it.
I know, without any doubt,
that my best friend is
in love with an awesome guy.
It's written all over your face.
I am.
I am madly in love with him.
Bad news, brother.
What's the matter?
There's a heavy
storm front moving in.
They've grounded
all flights out.
We're lucky we still
have comms for now.
Until it clears,
none of us are going anywhere.
Well, there was supposed
to be enough time.
What is this? A bad joke?
I wish I was joking.
Base says it's not
safe to fly out.
Adam, I need to get home.
Okay? I made plans to--
Sorry, brother.
I know how much you were
looking forward to going home,
but it ain't happening.
Merry Christmas, John,
and thanks again
for stopping by.
This is a really great
thing you're doing here.
Ah, we're just
doing what we can.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Is Captain Malone here?
No, sorry he's not.
We're actually not sure if
he's coming home right now.
There's a bad storm and no
flights are getting out, so.
Oh. I'm so sorry to hear that.
Can I pass anything on
when I speak to him?
I just wanted to thank him.
Thank him?
Captain Malone,
he's been helping me out with
a few things,
getting me back on my feet.
He helped me find my last job,
but the contract just finished,
so I was going to see
if he had anything else.
You know, I might have an idea.
It doesn't pay all that well,
but it could be a good fit.
And thanks for doing all this.
It matters.
Of course.
And any friend of Luke's
is a friend of mine.
Merry Christmas.
I wondered where you got to.
I was just checking.
Ah, still no word?
You know, it's really wonderful
what you do here
for so many people.
After I lost my mom,
I didn't understand any of this.
You know, I could talk about it,
I could even write about it,
but Christmas,
that was for everyone else.
No matter how hard I tried,
I didn't know how to celebrate.
And now that I'm beginning
to understand...
...the one person who showed me
what all of this means,
and what I've been missing,
he's the one person
I can't be with at Christmas,
and I don't know what to do.
Oh, Taylor.
You will find your way.
I know you will.
Come here, come here.
Luke? Is everything alright?
It's perfect.
Hey, Dad,
I'm just calling
because I need your help
with something.
Alright, son, name it.
I need you to go in
my old room and get something
out of the dresser.
Okay, and I need
one more favour tonight.
- I'm all ears.
- Here's the plan.
Taylor, honey, you've done
enough work for tonight.
Come, join us at the fireplace.
Taylor? Can you hear me?
Yes, I can hear you.
I can hear you, Luke!
Merry Christmas!
Luke: Merry Christmas.
Listen, I'm sorry
I can't be there.
It's-- Well, it's looking
more certain I'm not going to
make it home at all this year.
Still, I, uh...
I wanted to get you something.
Are you going to get
your whole squad to sing me
"Silent Night" again?
Well, nothing that extravagant.
Just a simple question.
Look, I really wanted to
do this in person,
...I guess this is
just going to have to do.
from the first
moment that I met you,
all I wanted was a life
beside you.
Will you do me the honour
of becoming my wife?
Will you marry me?
Luke called me about a month ago
to ask for my blessing,
and I said yes.
Yes, Luke, I'll marry you!
Yes? You said yes?
I said yes.
Luke, I'll marry you.
She said yes! Taylor?
Luke, Luke!
Taylor, you're breaking up.
The communications-- Taylor?
It's okay.
Oh, it's beautiful.
I'm so happy. Congratulations.
Thank you.
Thanks, Grandpa.
What's going on?
Can we get them back?
Comms seem to be
down all over base.
It could be an issue
with the satellite.
Alright, I'm gonna go
check for myself.
You're not thinking of
going out there alone, are you?
I know the terrain
better than anyone.
And what's your experience
with repairing advanced
radio communications systems?
It's passable.
I'm coming with you.
Arm yourself, we'll be
close to enemy territory.
Adam: How are the wedding
plans coming along?
Well, you've been
engaged all of 30 minutes.
I figured you already
have it all planned out.
Honestly, I'm just running
with my own intuition
on this one, brother.
You know it's not
going to be the same in
these snowy mountains
without you.
Oh, come on, you know I'm going
to miss the freezing nights,
the no internet, those MREs.
Good times!
You'll be having a good time.
Training those newbies on
Christmas while I'm at home,
warm and cozy with my bride.
Couldn't have
happened to a nicer guy.
I'm just sorry I can't be there.
I'd better be there.
I've known you
a long time, Luke.
I've seen you walk
into situations that would
have an average man buckle,
but I've never seen you
so sure about anything
than you are about Taylor.
I'd trust in your intuition.
There it is.
I gotta perform a reset.
You hear that?
I definitely heard something.
Probably one of
Santa's reindeer.
Come on. Let's head back.
Come on, you're not getting
cold feet already, are you?
Everything's cold.
I know it doesn't
help right now,
but this isn't the first
time I've ever lost touch
with one of my guys.
I once didn't hear from
Charlie for over a week.
Wow. That must've been awful.
Longest week of my life.
Sometimes I feel
like I miss Luke,
even when we do talk.
He can get so quiet.
He doesn't want to
talk about what he's doing
or how he's doing.
No, he wants to talk
about the Christmas Festival,
or what's happening
at the store.
Or which carols the choir is
gonna sing for Christmas dinner.
All the little things.
When a soldier's away
from the ones they love,
they miss home more
than anyone can imagine.
So, hearing about
those little things,
those things that don't
seem important to us,
that's something
they can hang on to.
Especially at Christmas.
So, hearing about
the lights and the music,
he feels a little less alone.
Frank: Well, I'll be.
Look who's back!
Can you guys hear me?
We hear you
loud and clear, Luke!
I'm here, Luke.
Listen, I'm so sorry about
all the communication problems,
but I think
we got it sorted out.
Now, looks like
we have a wedding to plan!
That we do.
Taylor, you're still here?
I thought you already
turned in your last story
before the big day.
I'm working on
something else, actually.
Luke and I decided
to write our own vows,
and let's just say the words
aren't exactly flowing.
Maybe I can help.
What do you have so far?
"Dear Luke."
That's it?
Do wedding vows
typically start with "dear?"
It kinda sounds like
you're breaking up.
I've managed to write two words
and one of them is so wrong.
Well, don't overthink it
too much, Taylor.
Share what's in
your heart that day.
Now I'm off to Honolulu!
Make sure you lock up,
and remember to have some fun!
Merry Christmas.
Yeah, I'm just about ready.
Bonnie's helping me pack.
- Hey, Luke!
- Hi, Bonnie.
She's gonna be my maid of honor,
did I mention that?
I mentioned that.
How about you? Everything okay?
Yeah, no, it looks like Adam's
pretty sure he's gonna be able
to make it as my best man,
and the weather's
looking perfect for flying.
So, I'll see you soon.
I just can't wait to see you.
That sounds so lame.
It just doesn't convey
the gravity of
an entire year apart.
Well, only a few more days now.
I love you.
I love you, too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So? You all set?
We have a wedding to finalize!
Let's do this.
Bonnie: Let's do this!
Taylor: This is the shop here.
It's cute, right?
It's so cute. Oh, my gosh!
Grandpa, we're here!
Nathan: Oh.
Oh, Nathan! Hi.
It's so good to see you!
Nathan, this is my friend, Bonnie.
Bonnie, Nathan.
Nice to meet you, Nathan.
Merry Christmas!
You, too. Merry Christmas.
You two are finally here!
Hi, Grandpa.
Grandpa, this is
my friend Bonnie.
Great to meet you, Bonnie.
So glad you could be here.
Are you kidding me?
I wouldn't miss
this for the world.
I adore Christmas weddings!
They're like a soap opera
in a snow globe!
Speaking of snow globes.
Do you sell any here?
I promised my mom
I'd bring back a souvenir.
Nathan, would you mind?
Yeah, right over here.
Oh, amazing.
So, how are things
working out with Nathan?
Oh, it's working great.
I had no idea how much
I needed the help around here.
We could all use a little
help every now and then.
Sometimes we're lucky enough to
be in the position to give some.
How are the wedding
preparations coming along?
We're getting there,
inch by inch.
I don't know what I would do
without Bonnie's help,
and Peg and Charlie, and you.
Speaking of that,
I am late
for my dress fitting.
I found the perfect one.
It's beautiful,
and it's a wedding cake.
Ah! Just wait one more minute.
You'll ruin your appetite.
Ah, you.
- Are you ready?
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, guys. I think I'm ready.
Let me know if
I've got this hemline right.
So? What do you think?
I think it might be bunching
a little bit at the back.
- You look...
- Beautiful.
Like an angel.
Oh, Charlie, are you crying?
Uh, it's just
that mistletoe allergy of mine.
It's perfect.
Okay. Now that we've finalized
the guest list,
I'll e-mail that to the caterer.
And the photographer said
she finally found someone
to assist with the video.
Do you think two cameras
is enough?
I was thinking,
what about a drone?
A couple of nice aerial shots.
You know, I saw in this magazine
they had this crazy high shot.
Two cameras are plenty,
Ms. Spielberg.
Okay. Florist has the order
for the bouquet.
Poinsettias for
the table settings.
You don't think they're too,
I don't know, traditional?
No. It's a Christmas wedding.
Poinsettias are mandatory.
Well, then the decision is made.
Chapel, music, minister,
final dress fitting.
Oh, and I can't make
any promises, but right now,
the weather forecast
is calling for light snow.
Hopefully just as we're
coming out after the ceremony,
for that cinematic effect.
We're in the home stretch, Taylor.
Everything else
is in the details.
I know.
All we're missing now
is the groom.
I'm so sorry.
That totally came out wrong.
Bonnie, it's okay.
I know he'll be here.
This time,
luck will be on our side.
I can feel it.
Thank you so much, Peggy,
for all your help.
I really appreciate it.
You're family. Of course.
Hi, Taylor.
You're... you're here.
You're early.
Yeah. I thought I'd surprise you
with some good news
for a change.
Charlie: So, there we were
at the tree farm,
all set to pick out
the perfect Christmas tree.
Yes. And this little guy,
he's only three years old.
It's his first time.
But he keeps on saying,
"Not this one. Not that one."
None of them were right.
Okay, Mom. I don't think anybody
wants to hear this story.
You don't want to hear
this story, right?
- I think I do. Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Hear, hear!
So, we were walking around--
And keep in mind,
this place goes on forever
and it was snowing
like the dickens.
And you know what?
The daylight was running dry.
And so finally,
Charlie says to Luke,
"Buddy, we're going to
freeze here. Give us a hint.
What exactly
are we looking for?"
What did he say?
Well, he said the trees
all looked too plain.
He was looking for one
with decorations,
- like in the pictures.
- Aww.
And ever since that day,
we've always let Luke
pick out
the perfect Christmas tree.
You still want to marry me?
Okay. That calls for a cheers.
Ah. Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
So, home two whole days early.
Well, that was Adam's idea,
actually, not to tell you.
He thought
that you would enjoy the--
Oh, the shock? Yeah.
Actually, "surprise"
was the word he used.
Okay. And how long
has Adam been married
or had a steady girlfriend?
You know,
now that you mention it,
he is a perpetual bachelor.
Hmm. Shocking.
Oh. I, uh-- Sorry, Taylor.
I just have to take this.
It's a call from command
at base.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. No worries.
Man on phone:
Captain, it's Colonel Murphy.
My apologies for the intrusion.
That's all right, sir.
As you know, Captain Kerney
has been in charge
of the training mission
in your stead.
Yes, sir.
Wait. Is everything okay?
Kerney's team was on
a training run
when their helicopter reported
engine trouble.
They've been
out of contact ever since.
Uh, how long ago was this?
Yesterday morning.
Until we're sure,
we have to assume
their helicopter went down.
Taylor, is something wrong?
Luke just got a call
- from base.
- Oh.
Well, you know, sir,
are tricky up there.
Maybe they're just not
getting through.
We've already got a search
and rescue mission in the air.
you're not going to see anything
from up there.
Not in that terrain.
And there's nowhere to land, either.
You're going to have to get
a team in there, sir.
A team that knows that area.
there's a blizzard coming in,
and that window is closing.
Luke, I know you're home
right now, with your bride,
preparing for your wedding.
I won't order you to do this,
but I know you're close
with Captain Kerney
and you'd want to be
kept informed.
I understand. Thank you, sir.
Is everything okay, son?
That was Colonel Murphy.
What did he have to say?
Uh, Adam and his team,
they were on a training mission,
and, um, the helicopter
reported trouble
and they've lost communication.
There's a blizzard coming in,
and it's going to cut them off
and force them to
make their way
down the mountain on foot.
Taylor, we need to talk.
Can they really do this?
Can they order you
to go like this?
It wasn't an order, Taylor.
It was my decision to make.
The car is going to be here
in 30 minutes.
My dad gave 25 years
of his life to the military
before he retired.
Did I ever tell you that?
He was away a lot.
He missed, uh, graduations,
countless birthdays,
I remember this one Christmas.
My mom was--
She was talking to my dad,
and she put me on with him.
And I--
You know, I was so angry
I barely said two words.
But I remember
hearing something in his voice
that made me realize that...
It was harder for him
to be away for Christmas
than it was for me.
It wasn't his choice to go. He--
He had to go.
Because he's a soldier.
Because it's his duty.
Taylor, you know,
we've lost so much time
You have to do this.
You won't make it back in time
for the wedding, will you?
So then, we wait.
We wait just a little while longer.
I mean, if there's one thing
this past year has taught me,
it's that some things
are worth the wait.
I just want to spend
the rest of my life with you.
And you will.
As soon as you come back.
I love you, Luke.
I love you.
Which is why I could never
ask you not to go.
Dance with me.
Dance with me.
Just here.
Just this once, before I leave.
Do you remember me
I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you
With childhood fantasies
Well, I'm all grown up now
And still need help somehow
I'm not a child
But my heart still can dream
So, here's my lifelong wish
My grown-up Christmas list
Not for myself
But for a world in need
No more lives
torn apart
That wars
would never start
We'll get you as close as we can
to their last radar contact,
here. You'll go on
foot from there.
You sure about this, soldier?
No one here would blame you
for getting right back
on that plane.
Adam would do the
same for me, sir.
- We'll find them, Colonel.
- You do that, Captain.
Then let's get you home
to your bride.
- Chopper is standing by.
- Thank you.
Could you pass me one of
those smelling salts, please?
- Absolutely, Frank.
- Thank you kindly, sir.
There we go.
Everything's going to be
just fine.
We'll be first to hear.
I know.
You know, I'll be right back.
I've notified the caterer,
the florist,
the makeup artist
and the chapel rental.
The good news is
Pastor Mandel is a veteran.
So, and I quote,
"Whatever it takes."
I'm still not exactly sure
what to tell the guests.
Oh, I'm so sorry, sweetie.
I can't imagine
what you're going through,
and here I am going on
about flower arrangements.
Bonnie, it's okay.
I really appreciate
everything you're doing.
Everyone's been so good.
Has there been any news at all?
Not since yesterday.
"The best gifts
don't have bows."
Is that another
Charles Dickens quote?
Like "Bah, humbug"?
No, it's something Luke
said to me,
the night we first met.
If I'm going to have to accept
all of this uncertainty...
...then I'm going to have to
do it on my own terms.
I'm done waiting
and wishing and wondering.
Maybe sometimes,
we have to make our
own Christmas wishes come true.
Taylor, are you okay, dear?
I know it seems like worry
is all we got right now,
but I know Luke,
and I know the army.
We just have to have faith.
You're right, Charlie.
And I know you and Peggy
have been in this same spot
many times before,
and you always made it through.
But after I lost my mother,
I made up my mind
to take charge of my own life.
I had you to help me,
Grandpa Frank,
but I made my own decisions.
And I found my own way to be
the person that I wanted to be.
And now, now, I--
Now, everyone is asking
you to wait,
to be patient,
and it just doesn't feel
like enough.
Luke showed me what it means
to love Christmas again.
But all of these lights
and decorations,
they just remind me that
he's thousands of miles away,
that it's dangerous,
and he could get hurt.
So, I can't just sit here
anymore, hoping.
I need to do something.
I need to do something
to make things better.
If there's anything that
we can do, Taylor, you got it.
I need you to make
a call for me.
You made it.
I have to say, when you called,
I thought you were crazy.
But now, seeing you
both here, well,
I still think this is crazy.
- It seems like yesterday.
- Been too long.
Taylor, this is
Colonel Clay Murphy.
Clay, this is Taylor Nichols,
Luke's fianc.
It's so nice to meet you.
And thank you so much
for making this happen.
Ah, the pleasure is all mine.
Charlie called asking
for a Christmas miracle,
and I was happy I could deliver.
Captain Malone
is one of a kind in my book.
Well, I think so, too.
Let's get you inside.
So, what's the latest?
Well, there was a break
in the storm long enough
to drop the captain's unit here,
where they went on foot
and made contact with
the downed chopper crew, here.
When we last received word,
they'd regrouped with
their chopper
and were making their way back.
We've been told to prepare
for injuries.
Um, do you think
they'll make it back tonight?
Hard to say.
It's a wild one out there.
For now, they're on their own.
It's not unheard of
in missions like this, Taylor,
to lose contact.
I'm sure that everything
is going to be just fine.
We just have to wait it out.
You okay, Taylor?
So, this is it.
This is all he has of home.
That's right.
It's you.
You're his home.
Near the entrance.
Try to get it warmed up.
Woman: First aid kit.
Open up. Clear in the back.
Luke? Is Luke here?
What are you doing here?
Are you okay? Is everybody okay?
I'm fine. Yeah. Everyone's fine.
What are you doing here?
I couldn't wait any longer,
so I made our Christmas wish
come true.
I brought Christmas to you.
Taylor, when you first met me,
I was wearing a red suit
with a big, long, white beard.
You couldn't see me,
but I could see you.
It's no secret to anyone here
just how much I love Christmas.
- You look good, brother.
- Thanks.
But I didn't understand
what it truly meant
until I fell in love with you.
It means that wherever we are,
we'll always be together.
Feeling the joy and happiness
that we feel on this day.
Luke, I remember the night
we first met, too.
- Here we go.
- Here we go.
Your bright eyes,
your warm laugh.
And I wondered how anyone
could be so jolly
wearing that scratchy beard.
But most of all,
I remember the way
you made me feel
when you said you hoped
my Christmas wish comes true.
You gave me hope
on a night
that I was feeling lost
and afraid to move on.
And now,
thanks to you,
I have only one wish
on my Christmas list...
...and that's to spend
every Christmas with you
for the rest of our lives.
Taylor, with this ring,
I promise to love you
and care for you,
and spend the rest of my life
making sure that
all of your Christmas wishes,
they all come true.
Luke, with this ring,
I promise to share with you
whatever lies ahead.
and joys.
But above all,
a love that will last forever.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
So, here's my lifelong wish
My grown-up Christmas list
Not for myself
But for a world in need
No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal
all hearts
And everyone
would have a friend...