My Husband Hired a Hitman (2024) Movie Script

9-1-1, what's the emergency?
My-my wife, she didn't
come home last night.
She's not answering
her calls or texts.
I want to file
a missing person's report.
I'll transfer you.
-Please hold.
[clears throat]
[laughter on TV]
Come on, that's how we do it!
Thank-thank you
for taking this seriously.
I... Actually so worried.
[phone ringing]
I will see you in 30, okay.
We got to eat fast.
Rosie's car won't start.
So, I need to pick her up
on my way to work.
She had a thing for me.
Everyone had a thing for you
in high school.
Pozole. Again?
You could make dinner,
'cause you're not working.
This bowl's chipped.
You trying to kill me?
The hospital is looking for
new security guards.
I could put in a good word.
Why don't you work security?
Put some of those
self-defense classes to use.
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
I barely touched...
[Jaime sighs]
[Daniela sighs]
Hey, no, no, no.
You're not supposed
to drink with those.
Get off my back, woman!
I'm sorry,mi amor.
I'm just on edge
because of this meeting
with the bank.
If I get this loan,
our lives change.
People all over the world
will be getting pain relief
from the Ramirez rack.
Well, don't put too much
pressure on yourself
because it takes time
to get a business
to become profitable.
But, in the meantime,
maybe a steady job
would be a good idea.
I've told you,
I can't work a steady job.
-It would kill me.
No one invests
in a someone who's miserable.
Gotta focus on the business!
Aye, no, no!
Those are for
special occasions only.
This is a special occasion.
I finished my prototype
and my pitch is fire.
When do I get
to hear the pitch?
-[Daniela] And...
Have you given
any more thoughts to the name?
This is why I don't want
you hearing the pitch.
I don't need your negativity
bringing me down.
Look, I still think
that it would be good
to practice before
meeting with the bank.
Yeah, I know. I'm not stupid.
I'm going to practice it
on Miguel and Antonio.
I'm don't think
the Garcia brothers
are your target.
See! There you go.
-[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
I gotta go.
Babe, what about the dishes?
I forgot my rack.
Babe, no.
[singing in foreign language]
I'm Daniela and this is Rosie.
And we are going to be taking
excellent care of you today.
All right.
You're not giving me that.
-You're super dehydrated.
No. I don't want it.
If you didn't want a needle,
you shouldn't have
had so much to drink.
No, I feel totally fine.
-You have to stay still.
-I feel fine.
If you move,
it's going to hurt more.
No one's going to notice.
Ivy, Ivy,
the next time you drink
we just got to make sure
you keep up your fluids up
and eat something beforehand.
[breathing heavily]
Ne-next time?
You're not giving me
the never drink again lecture?
No, I figure you've heard
enough of that today.
I know, Rosie and I,
we look like a couple
of real professionals.
When we were teenagers,
it was a different story.
On my sixteenth birthday,
I got so drunk
on this strawberry
cream liqueur...
Like I still
can't eat strawberries.
-It's true.
You're all set.
Told you she was good.
I was the one who got drunk
on strawberry cream tequila.
You were always too much
of a goodie-goodie.
I was protecting your
professional reputation.
-[Rosie] Oh, thank you.
Remember that time
we dyed my hair purple
and made a huge mess
in the bathroom?
We scrubbed and scrubbed
and still couldn't get it out?
And then,
we painted the tub white.
Like your mom wouldn't notice.
If that house could talk,
we'd be in trouble.
Oh, yeah,
that closet in the rec room
would have
an NC-17 rating for sure.
Jaime and I
only kissed in there.
-That's it.
He was so silly and sweet.
Uh, full of excitement
about being scouted.
What's wrong?
I'm thinking
of selling the house.
I know, I don't want to.
We have so many memories there.
You and Jaime,
our stupid schemes
and my mom wants to live
her last days there,
but I can't afford
her caretaker and the mortgage.
And I have to fix my car.
I need it for work.
How much to fix it?
I think it's the transmission.
Which is like...
three grand minimum.
I'll pay for it.
-You're not selling the house.
I can't have
some stranger come in
hanging their musty coats
in the closet
where Jaime and I
had our first kiss.
Uh... You know, I'm gonna
set it from my personal account
and he, he doesn't
need to know.
No, this is too much.
-No. No!
-Stop, give me the phone.
-You can't do this.
-No, hey, stop.
I have a bonus coming in.
-You're the best.
-[Daniela chuckles]
It's done.
It's done.
[alarm blaring]
I don't care.
[female announcer]Attention!
Attention all personnel!
-I don't care!
-Sir, I need you to calm down.
[indistinct announcement
over PA]
A little help here!
Okay, coming, coming, coming.
[body thuds]
-[Daniela sighs]
-Oh, my God.
Good job, girl.
Strong and confident.
[exhales, mutters]
My world went dark.
And when I woke up,
they told me
I may never walk again.
But I'm standing here.
Strong and agile.
Thanks to a stretching regimen
which gave me the spark...
[snaps fingers]
for the Ramirez rack.
I mean, obviously,
my target audience
isn't injured athletes, right?
It's too niche.
But with all the people
working from home,
and bad set ups,
Dani been seeing
tons more people
with back problems
at the hospital.
Figure I'm, like, a...
natural spokesman
for, for back health.
-Sounds hella professional.
-[Jaime] Yeah.
Like you know
who it's for and everything.
Can I try it?
-Tweaked my back lifting.
-[Jaime] Yeah, of course.
Oh, you're gonna love it.
It's easy.
In a world...
that is, uh,
increasingly artificial,
I believe that the bank will say
yes to your request
and your business
will be a surefire success.
They better.
-Or I'll go kick their asses.
What? Don't think I could?
I don't think you should.
So, uh...
Look, the loan might take
a little while to come in.
You want to make
an early investment?
I, I must, uh,
extend my regrets.
No can do, bro.
I knew it.
Knew it.
You tell me
my business sounds good
'cause you're my friends.
But not willing
to put your money
where your mouth is.
No one believes in me.
Not Dani. Not you.
[Antonio] It is not
about belief, my friend.
We are currently
financially difficulty.
Nothing liquid
to support your dreams.
All went to watering mine.
All of our cash went
to publishing
Antonio's book of poems.
You still haven't told me
what you think, huh?
Hey, you read it, right?
Of course. Yeah.
It's very, um...
-moving, deep.
-[Antonio chuckles]
And, but look...
just a little cash,
couple hundred
would help me out.
I wish I could...
but that cover art
was very expensive.
Sorry, bro.
[speaking in Spanish]
You'll get the loan
and business will blow up.
I need things to blow up now.
An idea...
needs to be nurtured.
You need to fertilize it.
Allow it to--
I need cash.
Okay, I'm being blackmailed.
If I can't pay it off,
I'll need a lot more than that
to get me out
of the world of hurt I'm in.
We could rob the bank!
Right? Forget convincing
some suit.
[gun clicks]
-We just take it.
-Put that away now.
Uh, look...
I learned my lessons
so that you don't have to.
I know you want
to protect me, Tone,
but I'm not
a little kid anymore.
[Antonio] We're not
robbing any banks.
But Jaime--
Isn't that right Jaime?
Yeah. Yeah.
No, no robbing anyone.
Dani gets paid today.
I could probably
move some stuff around
until the bank
approves the loan.
You see?
You know, I can do this.
I want to do this.
This has nothing to do
with your abilities,
but everything to do
with what is right
and what is wrong.
My time inside
has changed me, Miguel.
Oh, yeah.
Meditation and all
that poetry crap.
But I want to prove myself.
Inflicting violence
does not prove anything.
I want you on a better path.
But what about what I want?
Okay, I just don't want to be
your little kid brother
-I'm not clowning.
What? Not that.
Dani said we can't afford
a vacation this year,
but she just transferred
three grand to her friend
and didn't even ask.
Want me to pay a little visit?
-[speaks in Spanish]
[door opens]
Hey, Jaime.
Why're you sending me
straight to voicemail?
[clears throat]
I am on my way.
And I just wanted to check in
on the drain situation.
And do we need a snake?
I can pick one up.
Let me know.
Okay, bye.
Trouble in paradise?
Heard you had quite the shift.
Yeah, it was pretty intense.
Didn't know we were going
to make it there for a second.
I could use a drink.
What do you say, Will,
you want to grab a drink?
Oh. Uh...
Daniela? You joining?
Uh, no, uh, no.
I got to get home.
Jaime and I are overdue
for some quality time.
Right. Well...
-I'm actually pretty exhausted.
Um, raincheck?
-Holding you to it.
You know, he would
have came if you did.
He's in love with you.
Everyone's in love with you.
[door shuts]
Mi amor.I'm home.
Jaime? Are...
[breathes heavily]
[door shuts]
[door shuts]
What did you do with the china?
Sold it.
Needed money.
For what?
Business expenses.
You sold my
grandmother's china?
The china that she gave to us,
the china that I wanted
to give to our children.
You want this
to be your business,
why don't you invest
your money?
You-you sell those guitars
that you don't play
or your stupid games.
-But not my china.
-They're not stupid.
They help me relax.
Okay, and the guitars,
I will play.
But I can't right now
because of my back.
And the last time I checked,
the china was ours.
And just like
the last time I checked
the joint bank account
was ours.
So, if you can just
give away our money,
I can sell our china.
Rosie was in a pinch.
I gave her money,
but it was supposed to be
from my account.
So your friends
matters more than me?
Because I've asked you
for money
and you said no.
Because I don't know
what you're spending it on.
Rosie is trying to take care
of her mom,
and-and she trying
to keep her house
and she's trying
to fix her car.
So, yeah, I was
more inclined to help her.
I'm your husband. Hm?
You're supposed
to treat your man right.
A real man
wouldn't have me cooking,
and cleaning
and paying the bills
while he sits on his ass.
I'm building a business!
Okay, I can't work
some bullshit
minimum wage gig.
I need my name
on people's lips again.
I need something
that I can be proud of.
That back stretchers
didn't fix you.
-I did. I did.
I nursed you back to health
and I've been taking care
of you ever since.
What a martyr.
Oh, you sacrificed your life
nursing me back to health.
How can I ever repay you?
Just remember that when we met,
I was a star.
You were a loser
riding my coattails.
Yeah, well, that's definitely
not the case anymore.
You only stuck around
because you realized
you love being
the one in power.
You get some,
some sick satisfaction
seeing me helpless.
You don't want
my business to succeed
because you know it'll shift
the power balance.
I would love for
your business to succeed.
But it won't.
Because you
are allergic to efforts.
Asked you to do one thing.
-Unclog the drain--
-One thing? Hah!
You cannot go five minutes
without riding my ass.
Yeah, because you
don't do anything.
So no, no, I don't think
you can run a business.
"The sink. The dishes.
Don't drink that."
If I have to hear your
nagging voice one more time,
I'm going
to blow my brains out.
No more nagging.
You couldn't go one day
without nagging me.
I want a divorce.
I hate the sound of my nagging
just as much as you.
I can't,
I can't do this anymore.
Come on, baby.
You're being silly.
I'm serious.
I want a divorce.
Great. Me too.
I hate your ugly fat face.
I hope you choke in your sleep.
[Jaime sighs]
You, demon,
what did you do to me?
Sir, I need you
to go back to your room now.
My head won't stop screaming!
You did this.
Demon! You're a demon.
-Hey! Hey! Look at me.
Look at me.
That's not a demon.
That's a very nice lady.
Whatever you're going through,
I'm sure it sucks.
But I'm equally sure
it's not
this nice nurse's fault.
-But she, she--
-Hey, hey, I'm...
I hear you.
I'm listening.
But my ears don't work great
when you're waving
those scissors around.
Now, can you hand them over?
Thank you.
This nice doctor
is going to take care of you.
Yes. Hi.
You should come with me, sir.
Get you all sorted.
You like Jell-O?
-You okay?
-Yeah. Uh...
All in a day's work.
Oh, my...
Are you okay?
Oh, it's a papercut.
Let's go take a look
at that papercut.
All right.
-I mean...
-What do you think?
I think this will...
get you through
the next little bit.
-There you go.
Excellent. Thank you.
-Just don't get it wet. Okay.
-"Get it wet?"
What am I?
Like a gremlin or something?
[both laugh]
Silver lining to getting jabbed
with a broken bottle.
Gorgeous skilled nurses
take care of me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That crossed over the line.
I shouldn't have--
No, no, no, I haven't...
It was lovely.
[inhales deeply]
-It was really nice.
Hey. Come, come here.
It's okay.
[phone shutter clicks]
[Jaime sniffles]
All black hand.
It's bad luck.
Means someone's
going to die soon.
You and your superstitions,
Dani asked me for a divorce.
She'll get over it.
Gets in a moods,
doesn't usually last long.
[phone chimes]
What's up?
[bottle clattering]
Maybe she was serious
about that divorce.
Aw, bro. Hey.
If she divorces me, I'll never
get my business going.
I don't got any money.
The house is in her name.
I can't afford a lawyer.
You won't be able
to pay that guy off.
We could kill her.
I'm not killing a...
Wait. Kill her?
You mean Dani?
Hey, Miguel.
No, we can't kill Dani.
Yeah, divorce will suck,
but I'll get alimony.
I think.
Definitely not embarrassing.
She stood by me
after I got injured.
Lots of people would have left.
Lots of people did.
I can't kill her.
Of course you can't kill her.
But I can.
For half the life insurance.
How much is it?
I don't know.
It's through her work.
Tell me you'll look
into it, Jaime, okay?
I could get Antonio set up.
Make him proud.
It'd solve a lot of problems.
-For everybody.
-[gun cocking]
You said this guy
wasn't messing around, right?
The one who's blackmailing you?
If you can't pay him off,
you're dead.
The way I see it...
[gun clatters]
it's either Dani's life
or it's yours.
[door shuts]
Don't come any closer.
I'll break your arm.
I'm trained in...
Oh, it's Noah.
The, uh, bleeding cop,
from earlier today.
Papercut guy.
I'm so sorry if I spooked you.
I was waiting
for your shift to be over.
It kind of seemed like
you were having a bad day today
so I-I wanted to get you these.
You-you didn't have to do that.
But I wanted to.
They're beautiful.
-You're welcome.
If you ever need a shoulder
to cry on again,
mine are always available.
[Daniela] Oh.
You know, you caught me
in a very vulnerable
moment earlier.
But I'm really
not ready to date.
Look, how about this?
I'll give you my number.
in case you change your mind,
you can call me anytime.
How's that sound?
Hey, put it under handsome cop.
Just so you remember me.
Should I put it under papercut?
[Daniela laughs]
That could be the nickname.
Okay. Okay, have a great night.
-Thank you.
-You too.
[car door shuts]
[police siren wailing]
Riding through history
riding through time
Hey, Jaime, um...
We need to talk.
Figure out what's next.
Let me know
when you'll be home.
We should have
this conversation in person.
-[phone chimes]
[keypad clacking]
I don't want to talk to you.
We're done.
You're getting older and
fatter and bitchier every day.
And you're holding me back.
[exhales sharply]
[phone beeps]
[phone beeps]
[phone beeps]
[phone beeps]
[phone beeps]
[phone beeps]
[phone beeps]
[phone beeps]
I'm not finding a new place.
This is my home.
Well, we can't both live here.
We need to move on
with our lives.
Why don't you find a new place?
Because I'm the only one
paying for this one.
You've gotta hold that
over my head, huh?
I'm trying to get
a business going.
You know what?
You're right.
You're right.
I need to move on with my life.
[keypad clacking]
[line ringing]
The policy is for
five hundred grand.
I'm in if you are.
[Rosie]I can't believe
you didn't tell me
you were getting a divorce.
I'm your best friend.
I'm done fighting.
I'm exhausted.
[Rosie] You know, I'm sure
this new guy seems
really exciting,
but he's going to turn out
to be a loser.
There's no good ones
left at our age.
He seems pretty great.
Yeah, we've been
chatting non-stop.
And he actually listens to me.
That's because he's trying
to impress you.
He's on his best behavior.
And then he's going to reveal
that he's the deadbeat dad
of 12 kids.
I know that 15 years
of marriage
probably gets
a little bit same-same,
but Jaime's a catch.
Jaime is funny
and he's charming
and he makes friends
everywhere he goes.
But he contributes
nothing. So...
Fun isn't nothing.
Remember when
you first started dating,
you said you'd never
laughed so hard,
and you've never felt so alive.
Serious little Dani
finally letting the light in.
And I remember, I saw it.
Well, I can't appreciate
the fun anymore.
I'm too tired.
And Jaime's not as light
as he used to be.
In public, sure.
But in private...
he's mean.
I want to be with someone
who makes me
feel good about myself.
You know this guy
you're imagining
who picks up the slack
and makes you
feel good about yourself,
he doesn't exist.
You and Jaime have history.
Why don't you go
see a marriage counselor--
This is the real reason
I didn't want to tell you
we were getting divorced.
I don't want to hear
how great Jaime is.
And how wrong I am
for finally
standing up for myself.
But you're right.
I should have
told my best friend.
So here it is.
I'm getting a divorce.
And I'm about to meet
this really hot guy,
who is gainfully employed
and actually listens to me.
And yes, yes, I'm probably
moving too fast,
but I've spent so many years
trying to make
a crummy situation work.
And as my best friend,
I hope that you can find a way
to be happy for me.
I am.
Just, uh, promise me
that you'll unpair me.
I don't want to see
your heart rate spiking
when you guys get nasty.
That's not going to happen.
You look amazing.
Thank you.
So, thanks for agreeing
to come out with me.
You made it
kind of hard to say no.
[both laugh]
You picked a really
out of the way spot.
Don't try anything.
My best friend knows I'm here.
I-I won't. I promise.
As long as you promise to try
a little bit of every one
of these pies.
Especially coconut cream.
All right.
I mean, it looks delicious.
How's it?
Yeah, let's go.
You see that?
Man. Oh.
I told you, I told you
I was a good shot.
Half a million.
We'll both be set for life.
Two hundred
and fifty grand each.
Not as much as you think.
Whatever, man,
this ain't about the money.
It's about you getting
your balls back.
I-I like the idea
of doing good.
Uh, serve and protect, you know.
But I was actually
considering a career change.
But, uh, doesn't seem like
that's going to happen.
Why not?
You know what?
Enough about me.
I want to know more about you.
How'd you get into nursing?
Well, my husband,
oh, my soon to be ex-husband...
He got injured in college.
And it was really bad.
Like, they thought
he wasn't gonna walk again.
So, I nursed him through it
and realized
I'm pretty good at this.
And decided I should get paid.
That must have been
really hard for you.
It was harder for him.
He was our college's
star quarterback.
Everyone thought
he was going to go pro.
But then,
the injury changed that.
He never really recovered.
I mean, physically, he's fine.
But emotionally, he went
from being worshipped,
being the life of every party,
a career path in front of him,
to just being directionless.
Eventually his friends
petered out and he just...
Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
You don't want to hear
all about my ex. I'm...
You're amazing.
You nursed this guy
back to health
and you're still here
feeling bad for him.
Okay, you'd make
a good counselor.
I hope your husband realized
how lucky he was.
No, he resents me.
I remind him of the past,
you know, everything...
he lost,
everything he used to be.
Good riddance.
I just...
I'm-I'm not ready.
I was with him
for 15 years
and I...
I can't,
I don't know how to do this
with someone else.
Don't sacrifice
anymore of your time
for some guy.
You deserve to be happy.
I want to make you happy.
I just sit around and
Try to figure out
the whole thing
But does it come
or does it go?
Hey, uh,
if you want to wait 20,
I can walk you out.
It's okay.
You sure? That guy...
The patient that I escorted
back to the room the other day,
apparently he was hiding out
somewhere on the vacant floor.
Gave his team the slip.
But he's been
discharged now, right?
Yeah, I guess, I mean,
still freaks me out, you know.
Anyone can be...
lurking around up there.
Still haven't hired
any security guards.
I can take care of myself.
Oh, I wasn't implying
that you couldn't.
I mean, I know
you're very strong
and confident women.
-I'm good.
-Oh, goodnight, then.
-Yeah. Goodnight.
Life's such
a lonely highway
I even try to do it my way
But it just
don't seem to work
[gun cocks]
If this is your idea
of surprise--
Shut up or I'll shoot.
I have money in my co...
[Miguel groans]
[Miguel groans]
Don't say my name.
What are you, crazy?
What are you doing?
Shut up.
Or I'll shoot. I'm serious.
Miguel, I asked you
what you were doing here?
Answer me.
[Miguel groans]
You can't divorce Jaime.
[Daniela] What?
And you're trying
to scare me out of this?
Because of Jaime's ego?
Life insurance.
What are you...
Did Jaime try
to have me killed?
Miguel? Hey, no.
No, no.
Tell me. Answer me.
Did Jaime try
to have me killed?
No, Miguel. Tell me, tell me.
Tell me!
Hey, tell me!
Stop! Tell me!
-[Miguel] Careful with the gun.
[breathing heavily]
Why did you move the body?
I-I panicked.
I just found out
that my husband
is trying to kill me.
And someone was coming.
I don't know.
I don't know.
They're never going to believe
it was self-defense now.
Well, they will
if you back me up.
You're a cop.
Your fingerprints
are on the gun.
You can't involve me in this.
I'll lose my job.
I don't know why you called me
instead of calling
911 right away.
I thought you'd help me.
I will.
But now that
you've moved the body,
and called me
it's a little more complicated.
Stash the body somewhere
it won't be found right away.
Except the gun.
Wipe that down.
Stash it with body.
When they find the body,
they'll expend less resources
if they think
he's just a gang banger.
You're safe as long as
you're husband thinks
you're dead.
Lay low until I can figure out
next steps.
You need to trust me.
I can't help you
if I lose my job.
But you're going to be okay.
[door shuts]
[bag thuds]
[inhales deeply]
[phone ringing]
Officer Parks speaking.
Hi. They transferred me here.
My wife didn't
come home last night.
She's not answering
her calls or texts.
I want to file
a missing person's report.
Can I get your name, please?
Jaime Ramirez.
Jaime Ramirez,
can you spell that for me?
And your wife's name?
Daniela Ramirez.
Daniela, one "L" or two?
[Officer Parks]
And when did you last see her?
[liquid trickling]
[Officer Parks]
I told you to fix that sink.
How do I carry on
We're gonna make it out
There'll be another...
[knocking on door]
[door opens]
Oh. Your money's coming.
[door shuts]
Look, I promise, you'll get
this month's payment soon.
What payment?
[Noah]I'm not here
about my money.
I'm taking over your case.
What case?
Missing wife.
Or did you forget already?
No. No. I...
Look, I just...
Caught me me off guard
that it was you. Okay.
So, what happens next?
Unless you did something
to Daniela.
Then, I kill you.
Oh, you're the work crush.
[Jaime groans]
Keep that to yourself
or I shut your mouth
[breathes heavily]
I said, understand?
I understand!
Good boy.
[Jaime panting]
I'll be watching you.
[door opens]
[door shuts]
[door opens]
I told you to text
when you got here!
No more texts.
It's not smart.
I shouldn't even be here.
But you insisted.
You said you didn't
want to be involved.
And then you show up
at my house
and you threaten my ex.
How did you know that?
I saw you.
Explain what you were
doing there!
Look, I barely
know you, Daniela.
When you said your husband
tried to kill you,
that could have been a lie
to cover up what you did.
But, uh...
now that I know your husband
is Jaime Ramirez...
How do you know who he is?
And what's this payment
he's talking about?
Noah, I need to know
if I can trust you.
I pulled him over for speeding
a few months ago.
He was drunk, like,
way over the limit.
Gave me some sob story.
He was having a rough day.
It was a one time thing.
He needed it for work.
Even offered to pay me
a hundred bucks.
That's right,
looked the other way.
He seemed remorseful,
so I let him off with a warning.
Let him sleeping it off
in his back seat.
But I looked him up.
It definitely was
not a one time thing.
He's had multiple DUIs.
A suspended license.
He could have ended up in jail.
I could have put him there.
But I went back
and I told him
he was gonna pay me
a thousand bucks
for the next six months
or he'd have more
to worry about
than just a revoked license.
You're blackmailing him.
He lied to me.
And, and he was
endangering lives.
And, um...
I needed money.
You're not the only one
with a shitty ex.
My ex, she left me
with nothing.
And then, just disappeared.
I'm not even close
to climbing out of the hole
she dug me in.
I'm just taking what I deserve.
Rosie was right.
There are no good guys left.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
'Cause if you were a good guy,
you wouldn't help me
torture Jaime into confessing.
I subbed his pain meds
with with an anti-psychotic.
it causes hallucinations,
paranoia, alters your
sense of reality,
especially when combined
with alcohol.
And a few other surprises.
[door opens]
And you may have noticed
as you two were getting cozy,
Jaime is very superstitious.
So, I think I can convince him
that my vengeful ass
is haunting him.
And get him
to admit what he did.
[glass shatters]
I need you to keep me
up to date
with the investigations.
Miguel's death
and my disappearance.
You know, if you hadn't
been blackmailing him,
maybe none of this
would have happened.
And you say
you wanted to make me happy.
Giving Jaime what he deserves
would make me happy.
[bottle clatters]
[grunting on TV]
[line ringing]
Hey, handsome.
Have you seen Daniela?
She, um...
She didn't
come home last night.
I wouldn't worry.
She's probably out
having a good time.
Doesn't realize she's making
the biggest mistake
of her life leaving you.
Hey, you ever need
a home cooked meal,
you know who to call.
Thanks, Rosie.
You're the best.
[electricity crackling]
Oh, shit.
[breathing heavily]
No, maybe you can
keep the house after all.
[phone ringing]
A site engineer found
the body in the furnace room.
Police... haven't
identified him yet,
but they sending someone
to talk with the staff.
And CSI will be setting up
in the basement.
So you need to leave now.
I've got a place,
I'll send it to you.
All right?
And I'll meet you there.
Here we are.
Yeah, hospital's
red light district.
I'm sorry, I don't know,
nobody calls it that.
We actually found an addict
or rather a person
struggling with addiction
hiding out here the other day.
Escaped treatment
and disappeared.
Turned out he had a...
nice little set up
in one of the vacant rooms.
No. He was pretty out of it.
And I don't know
if he could have killed anyone.
Though he did threaten
one of the nurses.
[Officer Parks]
I should speak to her. Name?
Daniela Ramirez.
Her husband
reported her missing.
Oh, my God.
Is-is she okay?
Could it be connected?
Can't speculate
on an open investigation,
and I'm not on her case.
So, is that with the other
officers doing here?
I'm not sure.
Could be.
[phone ringing]
Identify yourself.
Lift the phone. Now go!
Oh, my...
You're okay.
They said you were missing.
What's going on?
Oh, it was
a silly misunderstanding.
Yeah. Jaime and I
had a huge fight,
so I took off in a huff.
I needed some space.
But then Jaime heard
about the dead body,
and he freaked out.
So he was calling
and he was texting,
but my phone was dead,
so I didn't have a clue.
And then he called the police.
[sighs] I just explained this
all to the officer.
So, when did you explain this?
Right now.
Yeah, I-I talk really fast,
especially when I'm anxious.
I just, I feel so bad that
they wasted all this
time and energy and resources.
Right. So you decide to take
a base jumping because...
Because honestly, well,
I was just so embarrassed.
I didn't want anyone
that we work with to see me.
-What a weird day.
Thank you so much
for being concerned, though.
Kind of freaky, right?
That they found a dead body.
I mean, that's probably
why they needed
to hire security guards.
I'm just glad you're okay.
Well, I hate to ask, but could
you do me a small favor?
Would you mind maybe
not mentioning to anyone
that we talked?
Oh, please, please, please,
please, please.
I-I just... I'm so embarrassed
that the police
talked to everyone
while I was here
the whole time.
Our little secret.
[Jaime] What the...
[car engine rumbles]
How are you?
Have you seen Miguel?
-Not recently.
We're trying to contact him
and he hasn't reached out.
Shall we take this inside?
Uh, actually...
What is all this?
Oh, the guy's been
blackmailing me.
Yeah, I guess
he left me a message.
He knows you well enough to know
your predilection
for superstition?
This isn't someone after money.
This is personal.
Whoever did this knows you
very intimately.
-Have you considered Dani?
-Can't be.
Think about it.
She is upset with you,
and she will know that
you value your video games
more than anything else.
And she has access to plan.
She's haunting me.
I thought I can get rid of her,
but she's haunting me.
What are you talking about?
[sighs] Daniela's dead.
Miguel shot her.
Excuse me?
Why? How?
No, this is...
This must be a joke.
A-a profoundly unfunny one.
It was all Miguel's idea.
He wanted to kill Dani
for the insurance.
And-and you, and you what?
You just stood aside
and let him blunder through?
You didn't think to-to try
and stop him, to tell me?
-I, uh...
-No. No, of course not.
Because Miguel's plan
was perfect for you.
He does all the dirty work
and then your problems
magically disappear
without having to lift a finger.
You get your-your insurance
payout without any work.
Like, like mana
from the heavens.
I had to pay the guy back
who's been blackmailing me.
It was my life or hers.
Look. She was going to leave me.
She was seeing somebody else.
And what about Miguel's life?
What about his future?
I'm splitting
the payout with him.
He'll be better off.
He'll be...
I don't care about
the money.
I wanted him on a better path.
No, he-he won't go to prison.
We planned the whole thing out,
every step.
That is not instilling
He made it look like
a mugging gone bad.
Getting caught
is not what worries me.
It is living with
what he has done.
The weight of his actions,
his-his own.
Come on, Antonio.
[Antonio] What?
You think it's nonsense?
Why didn't you
pull the trigger?
Why didn't you look her
in the eyes as she lay dying?
You know, it's no wonder
Dani wanted a divorce.
You were a weak man
who makes others do
his dirty work.
And to top it all up,
you are an alcoholic.
You reek of booze.
Oh, I haven't had
anything to drink--
[speaks in Spanish]
You're a liar, too.
[phone chiming]
[keypad clacking]
Miguel wouldn't take off
without telling me.
Oh. I messed with his head,
What else would he do?
[Antonio] If he was struggling,
He would come to me.
I think he chickened out.
Probably in hiding because
he's ashamed to face
either of us.
Did you see a body?
Get a call from the police?
See, that is the thing.
Miguel is a dreamer,
just like you,
and that is a loving
term for loser,
full of promises
that he cannot keep.
He sold you a story
that he couldn't write.
This is all Dani trying
to get her revenge.
And if I were you,
I would hope that
my supposition is correct,
because if it is not...
[speaks in Spanish]
[glass shatters]
[keypad clacking]
Are you sure we're safe here?
Yeah, it's pretty much vacant.
Look, I-I thought
I was just keeping you
posted on the investigations.
Hey. Well, I'm sorry,
but I need your help.
They asked me about
your case today.
I had to tell them
I was waiting
on a trace for your phone.
Bureaucratic blah, blah.
But it made me think
your Jaime.
He can't trace you, can he?
It's disabled.
Not that
he's smart enough to try.
[sighs] Okay, okay.
Do I look dead?
Take the picture.
Please take the picture.
[camera shutter clicks]
[phone chimes]
[keypad clacking]
I agreed to your plan.
I didn't realize
I'd be lying to my work
and photographing dead bodies.
What are my other options?
You told me
I can't go to the police
and I can't go back to Jaime.
-You could kill him.
With Jaime dead,
it'd be easy to frame him
for Miguel's murder,
leaving you free.
You'd be the one to collect
the life insurance.
And you never have to worry
about Jaime Ramirez ever again.
I'm not killing anyone.
You already did.
Miguel was self-defense.
Killing Jaime would be murder.
We agreed to get him
to confess.
I don't think you realized
I could go to prison
for helping you.
You said all you needed
was information.
But here I am, and I thought
my life was finally
getting back on track.
And then you call me
about hiding a dead body.
If you kill Jaime...
I can finally get my life
back on track.
You're suggesting
I kill Jaime to fix your life?
I think I deserve
a little compensation
for what you put me through.
You deserve
a little compensation
for what he put you through.
I mean, look at
what you're hiding out at.
You ruined your life.
And not just now.
For what?
The past 15 years.
He convinced you that you're
not beautiful and worthy
when you're the most incredible
person that I've ever met.
That's criminal.
I'm not a murderer.
He tried to kill you.
That doesn't mean
he deserves to die.
No one does.
And I wouldn't be able
to live with myself.
And it wouldn't be justice.
I would be robbed
of finally hearing Jaime
admit to his mistakes.
No, I need him to confess.
Please, Noah,
give me a little more time.
Away too long
and someone's going
to figure out
what you're up to.
[Rosie on phone]
I'm freaking out.
They found a body
at the hospital.
I thought you were just having
fun with your new guy, but now,
please just let me know
you're okay.
I miss you.
[exhales sharply]
I'm sorry, Rosie.
I can't wait till this is over
and I can finally
tell you the truth.
[Daniela on speaker]
You didn't want to hear
my nagging voice anymore.
But now you're gonna
hear it everywhere, forever.
Until you confess what you did.
Jaime, confess.
You heard me.
I love you.
That's just a dream.
That's just a dream.
[phone rings]
[woman on phone]
Is this Jaime Ramirez?
Who wants to know?
I'm calling from
Golden Rate Insurance.
Your claim has been denied.
We don't pay out
without a death certificate.
No. No, But this is
unusual circumstances.
Yeah, my wife is missing,
and I mean,
they haven't found
her body yet,
but I'm-I'm sure she's dead.
[woman on phone]Oh.
She wouldn't just go missing
without telling me.
And she missed her shift.
She would never miss her shift.
her ghost
is haunting me.
[woman on phone]Right. Um...
Unfortunately, I can't use
that as proof of anything.
Look, I really need this money.
[woman on phone]
Don't we all?
There must be
something you can do.
[woman on phone]
They will sometimes issue
a death certificate
without a body.
Great. Excellent.
What do I... What do I do
to get the ball rolling?
I-I'm going to move
on with my life.
[woman on phone]
If your wife doesn't turn up,
they'll issue a death
certificate without a body
in seven years.
Seven years?
I can't live like this
for seven years.
[woman on phone]
Consider yourself lucky.
In Italy, it's ten.
Okay, Dan, you win.
Okay? I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm confessing.
Please just leave me alone.
"I confess... to
[Daniela]I can't read
what he wrote,
but this is definitely
a confession.
I can't believe
your telltale heart
nonsense actually worked.
And I used to curse
the superstitions.
Who knew one day
they'd be my saving grace.
So what happens now?
Is his word enough?
Can they charge him
without a body?
This confession
is good news, Noah.
Plus, I don't think
you want a person's death
on your hands.
Grab the insurance money?
I'd live with it.
You would give me half, right?
Since you dragged me into this.
There is no half to give.
The plan was always
to get Jaime to confess.
That's what we agreed on.
That's what's happening.
[keys jangling]
Jaime. I still haven't heard
from Dani, have you?
I'm on my way
to the police station now.
-Okay? I'm going to go.
-No, don't.
I've-I've been
thinking about it.
And the guy
she's been seeing, he's a cop.
If he did something,
they can't be trusted
to investigate their own.
They've done nothing.
We need to take matters
into our own hands.
Social media, posters.
She's dead.
Hey, don't say that.
We need to stay positive.
It's all my fault.
Hey, Dani's the one who didn't
appreciate what she had
and threw away
her marriage for a fling.
This guy did something to her.
I don't mean to victim blame,
but... I warned her this guy
was too good to be true.
You're too good to be true.
You can't fall apart, Jaime.
We need to be strong for her.
You need to lay off the booze
and energy drinks.
It's not good
when you're already on edge.
Take care of yourself.
Drink water, stay clear headed
and everything's
going to be okay.
I promise.
Listen to me.
This isn't your fault.
No, this is not your fault.
[sniffles, sobs]
Nothing is my fault.
Nothing is my fault.
Nothing is my fault.
Nothing is my fault.
Nothing is my fault.
Doesn't it feel good
to get all of it you want
Can't you tell another
rebel's coming down hard
[Rosie on video]
If you have any information
concerning Daniela Ramirez,
please reach out.
Her family and friends
are very concerned and worried.
We watched him
write a confession.
At this point,
we may be looking for a body,
but that would be very helpful
in the grieving process.
We kill him.
-Oh, hey.
There's something
you should know.
What is it?
Do you have an accidental death
clause that usually pays more?
I don't care about the money,
I want him gone.
But why rush the plan
if we can make more money?
The counselling program
is two years.
That's two years without pay.
Why do you want to be
a counsellor?
I think you like
damaged people.
There's a pattern in your life
where you let women
drag you into messes,
and I think
you should look at that
before you start
advising other people.
You're-you're telling me
to look at myself?
You look at yourself.
Look, I'm just saying,
you came on pretty strong
for someone who didn't know me.
I think you liked
that I was vulnerable.
You got off my tears
on your shoulder.
What's this?
That's Miguel's phone
and his wallet.
Tomorrow, you're going to pay
Jaime a follow up call.
You're going to find him
burning those.
You're going to confront him.
He's going to attack you
and you're going to shoot him.
You want half the settlement?
Then you need to do something.
[Noah] What?
I-I've already done enough.
What do you...
Don't come any closer.
I have a weap...
Jaime is out of his mind,
worried about you.
And you're on
a romantic getaway?
From the looks of it,
not so romantic.
How did you find me?
Your fitness tracker.
I didn't think of it.
And then Will said he saw you.
I guess I wasn't thinking
because I thought that
my best friend was murdered.
-Kidnapped, or--
-I'm sorry.
How did she get in here?
It's not like it's Fort Knox,
What the hell is going on?
I've been hiding out.
Jaime tried to kill me.
You're lying.
You're right.
He didn't try to kill me.
He tried to have me killed.
He didn't actually do it
Oh, stop, Dani.
I know you're mad at him,
but this is just cruel.
I'm telling you the truth.
Hey, if Jaime thinks
that I'm just missing,
then why hasn't he called
or texted me in days?
Because he thinks I'm dead
and he's too dumb
to cover his tracks.
Look, nothing for days.
God, you could have
erased them.
-Why would she do that?
-Oh, I don't know.
So she's the victim
and not the cheater.
Or maybe you two are
trying to set him up.
I have footage of him laughing
while he's supposed to be
reporting me missing.
Does that sound like someone
who's broken up?
You-you're seriously
telling her everything?
Sometimes nerves
make people laugh.
Remember when Brett died
and I couldn't stop giggling
when we flushed her?
I'm not a goldfish.
He tried to kill me.
This must be some kind
of misunderstanding.
I know he's not perfect,
but he wouldn't murder anyone.
Ask him.
Ask him to his face
and see what he says.
But please do not tell him
that I'm alive.
[Jaime]No body, no drag marks?
Just a fitness tracker.
That's good news, right?
-She could still be alive.
Yeah, I guess.
Unless you wanted
there to be a body.
No, I mean, just foreclosure.
So I can move on with my life.
Move on?
It's only been a few days.
We were getting a divorce.
Now I'm in this
weird limbo.
What happens
if I meet someone new?
When I meet someone new.
Did you try and kill Dani?
No, why would you think that?
Because Dani told me.
What, like the dream? Ghost?
No, she's alive.
[Noah]Should have shot her
when I had the chance.
You were supposed to give me
a heads up.
It's more realistic
if you're unprepared
and want you blocking the hit.
Now, I believe
Jaime attacked you.
First thing tomorrow morning.
I tried to have her killed,
but it was justified, I swear.
And I have regretted it
every moment since.
I'm still a terrible person.
You're not a terrible person.
She pushed you to it.
I'm glad you told me
I'm glad you trusted me.
So glad I finally got this
off my chest.
The guilt has been
making me see things.
I was losing it.
Not sleeping,
hearing her voice,
smelling her perfume.
Stress can make you do
funny things.
Were you on antipsychotics
before you tried to kill Dani?
What antipsychotics?
What are you talking about?
Well, I noticed these
the last time I was here.
You can hide them
in a bottle of painkillers,
but I know an antipsychotic
when I see one.
You don't have to be ashamed,
Jaime, but don't lie to me.
What the hell?
Oh, Dani.
You're going to wish
you were dead already.
This time,
you're going to suffer.
[Antonio] Jaime!
Who's that?
It's Miguel's brother.
[Noah] He doesn't look
too happy.
This is good news.
This guy kills Jaime,
we get everything we need,
and I don't have to do
[Antonio] Jaime!
[Jaime] Coming.
-Hold your horses.
-[Antonio] Open up.
-Oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
-He's dead.
Mig, Mig is dead.
They made me ID him.
My little brother on a slab,
cold and alone.
And it is your fault entirely.
-It's all your fault.
-You saw me.
I don't want to hear any more
meaningless parts.
I didn't think
you had it in you.
To kill somebody,
let alone my little brother.
-I think you--
Who works, huh?
What happened? You don't want
to split the payout?
There's no payout.
There's no payout.
Hey, Danielle's alive.
All right?
[breathing heavily]
Mig is dead for nothing.
Mig is dead for nothing.
And my-my little brother,
he's gone.
And your plan didn't even work.
[Jaime groaning]
I know nothing
can bring him back.
Okay, but... if you kill Dani,
at least you'll
get your revenge.
And you'll still
get your payout.
Well, I'll give you
Miguel's share.
You honestly think
that's what I care about?
You can open something
in his name.
A-a fund for kids who are on
the wrong path or something.
If you couldn't execute before,
why should I believe
you can execute now?
Because I've learned
from my mistakes.
And I have a secret weapon.
[Will] Everything okay?
Yeah, fine.
Actually, I have a dilemma.
I could use your advice.
Yeah, okay.
You're a good person.
How do you know when
you're doing the right thing?
I, uh, trust my gut.
But what if your gut is biased?
Like, because you have
feelings for someone
you're more inclined
to believe them.
I guess I look for evidence.
You're a good person, Rosie.
You'll figure it out.
I'll be setting a trap.
Your stupid friend
tipped him off.
Hey, watch what you call her.
She wouldn't.
Or maybe she would.
I don't know
who to trust anymore.
Speak of the devil.
We don't have to kill him.
Rosie came through.
We have proof.
Oh, my God.
It is like 1,000 pounds
off my back.
What about my share?
It-it doesn't exist.
It never did.
Okay, look, I'm sorry
that I dragged you into this,
but... you're free to go now.
You're cutting me off?
I thought
we had something good.
Yeah, so did I.
But I'm not a great
judge of character.
After everything I did for you?
Look, I'm grateful, Noah,
but you're smart enough
to see that
this is not a great start
to a relationship.
All right.
It's relaxing.
I still don't like this plan.
You know what they say?
Three can keep a secret
if two are dead.
Yeah, well, we need Rosie.
It's the only way
to get to Dani. So...
Still two too many.
Well, you need me
to collect the payout?
But that'll take months.
And in the meantime, my brother
gets buried in a cardboard box.
I'll figure something out.
Thank you.
You and your promises.
I can sell those.
You were right, Jaime.
This is very, very relaxing.
They're worth a lot.
Okay, enough to give him
the funeral he deserves.
Please think about the good,
the money can do.
All the lives you can change
with the payout.
[speaks in Spanish]
[Rosie]Your boyfriend okay
with you coming alone?
He's not my boyfriend.
Well, your whatever
you want to call him.
He's not my anything anymore.
You were right.
He's too good to be true.
Well, I'm always right.
[car door closes]
Why are we stopping here?
I figured you should hear this
before we take it
to the police.
[Jaime on recording]
Yes, I tried to kill Dani,
but she tried to kill me first.
I was the one
who wanted a divorce.
I realized
I was in love with you.
He'll say anything
to get what he wants.
Like you'd actually
believe that?
Because it's so unbelievable?
I-I didn't mean that
he couldn't love... Rosie!
Shh! You need to hear this.
[Jaime on recording]
She wrapped that police officer
around her finger, knowing
he'd help her cover it all up.
Miguel found out
she killed him.
I figured it out.
And yeah,
I decided to turn the tables.
But it was my life.
You don't believe this,
do you?
So you didn't kill Miguel?
It was self-defense.
And why didn't you tell anyone?
Why didn't you go
to the police?
Because Noah said
they wouldn't believe me.
And you never tried
to kill Jaime?
-[Rosie] You're lying.
I heard what
you said in the RV.
Okay... we kill him.
I didn't know what
I was hearing then, but now...
Okay, we had planned
to kill Jaime,
but that was after
Jaime tried to kill me.
Why did you keep this from me?
Why did you lie?
[Daniela] Because I didn't want
to drag you into it.
But I swear,
Jaime tried to kill me first.
And the drugs and the speakers
and the spying.
Yeah, I wanted him to confess.
And thanks to you, he did.
But that's all I wanted.
Things just kind of
spiraled out of control.
I want to believe you.
-And I did.
You have known me
long enough to know that I--
When I thought back,
I realized that
Jaime was right.
You planned this.
No one gives their friend $3,000
out of the goodness
of their heart.
Unless they're expected--
Rosie, are you
listening to yourself?
This was before you met Noah.
This was before Miguel died.
I gave you $3,000 because
I wanted to help you.
I'm not that gullible.
You said you
were expecting a bonus.
There were no bonuses.
Stop. Why?
I didn't want you to feel bad.
Stop lying, Dani.
Just stop and admit that you
planned this the whole time.
No. Rosie. Rosie.
No, don't.
You're saying that
you're siding with Jaime
because I was generous?
Nobody's that nice.
[indistinct screaming]
[Daniela sighs]
You'll be okay.
A little bit woozy,
but you'll be okay.
No. [indistinct yelling]
I can't let her bleed out.
It is more mercy than
you gave my brother.
Your brother tried to kill me,
So did she.
Jaime offered her
half the payout.
She took it.
She sold your friendship
for his money.
You're alone, Dani.
Just like me.
[speaks in Spanish]
[Daniela] Antonio, you don't
want to go back to prison.
Look, if you shoot me,
there will be an investigation.
[Antonio] I have to admit,
things are messier now
that you weren't drugged.
You're supposed to make it look
like a car accident..
...after we tortured you.
Oh, yes.
This is going to be fun.
Let me ask you a question,
Did you enjoy killing
my brother?
Miguel's death
is Jaime's fault.
[Antonio] Is that right?
He's the one who put
all of this in motion.
Jaime is the one
who should be paying.
Is that right?
What do you think, Jaime?
Do you agree?
Should you be the one paying?
-[Daniela] No, no.
Could have got a lot more
if it wasn't from the rush.
The signed Gibson alone
worth a few grand.
That is not what you
meant by things.
No, I meant that Jaime
is the one
who should be living
with the guilt.
Yes, there's another way.
Antonio, you don't
have to do any of this.
Look, Antonio, the way
that you have grown spiritually
since you got out of prison...
I admire it.
Why throw it all the way
for another senseless death?
Because nothing matters
without Miguel.
[Daniela] Miguel is here.
He's watching you right now.
I know he can fix this.
Antonio, show him
what it takes to do
the right thing.
Even when it's hard.
Shoot her.
Come on, we had a deal.
Shoot her.
[Daniela] Ignore him.
We could figure something out.
Look, you wouldn't have to go
back to prison.
You've known me a long time.
Trust me.
Don't move.
Oh. Come on.
Don't you move.
What are you doing here?
I think I was going
to help a killer
without knowing exactly
where she was
every step of the way?
I saved your life.
You could be a little
more grateful.
Okay, we've got it.
Proof that Jaime
tried to kill me.
It's not exactly neat and tidy,
but it's... evidence.
Hey, hands behind your head.
Okay, okay.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say,
can and will be used
against you in the court of law.
That the plan was to frame me
for everything
and then kill me. Huh?
Rosie told me,
never trust a woman.
Hey, hey, hey, Antonio.
You're the one who'd be
tied to Dani forever.
Okay, okay. You got to keep
your pressure on this.
You're right.
Secret the only thing
you have in common?
We know that
we can't trust him.
Ah. The trust will
never turn on you?
Noah is finally arresting him.
He's working with me.
Don't worry.
Let me kill her,
and you take half?
You don't have
to talk to me again.
You are right.
I was right.
-Get out of here.
-No, no.
We got to get out of here.
Well, this is more better
than the measly six grand
you're gonna throw
your job away for.
I said get out of here.
You gonna have to take
more than that to kill me,
you piece of shit.
[Daniela] No, don't!
[Noah] Hey, where you think
you're going?
You! You, you...
You had the choice.
You had the chance
to choose not to kill me.
You chose wrong again.
And you got Rosie killed.
That was Antonio.
It was just a blank.
He threatened me.
It's always somebody else,
isn't it?
Dani, you got to believe me.
I didn't do it.
I wouldn't.
I love you.
You still love me too.
[breathing heavily]
I do.
I love you.
And that's why I know that
I'll never be free
while you're alive.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
[indistinct whispering]
It's okay.
[Noah] I know it's not
what you wanted,
but it's for the best.
You're free.
And we have a chance
to start fresh.
I'm so sorry, Noah,
but you're right.
I just... I can't put off
my happiness
for some guy anymore.
You wouldn't.
You're better than this.
Oh, look where that got me.
You don't want
an innocent man's death
on your conscience.
Weren't you just plotting
with Jaime?
-I was-I was... I was...
This should be enough
to keep you out of my hair.
It's just...
You looking for this?
No. No.
I-I-I wasn't going to use it.
-I-I-I swear I wasn't.
Come on, Dani.
I love you.
I want to believe you...
but I don't.
[indistinct singing]
[engine rumbling]
Easy to hide
in the shadows
Easy to hide in the dark
Better to brave
bows and arrows
Better to open
your broken heart
Better to open
your broken heart
Better to open
your broken heart
Come on flip it turn around

Get down
on the ground
With the woke folk
No joke, 'cause it's broke
Who's gonna fix it?
Who's gonna fix it?
Time to give it up
look around get found
Put it down
make a new sound
No joke, 'cause it's broke

Who's gonna fix it?
Who's gonna fix it?
You could be anything
you like
So why do you choose
to be so unkind?
You could have
a beautiful life
Let go the hurt
leave the hate behind
Come on flip it up
turn around get down
On the ground
with the woke folk
No joke, 'cause it's broke
Who's gonna fix it?
Who's gonna fix it?
Time to give it up
look around get found
Put it down
make a new sound
No joke, 'cause it's broke
Who's gonna fix it?
Who's going to fix it?
Come on flip it up
turn around get down
On the ground
with the woke folk
No joke, 'cause it's broke
Who's gonna fix it?
Who's gonna fix it?
Time to give it up
look around get found
Put it down
make a new sound
No joke, 'cause it's broke
Who's going to fix it
Who's going to fix it?
Don't you know that
You got to take
some of the blame?
You said those unkind words
'cause you think it's a game
Well, it's not
And it's got
Real serious
Yeah, it's got real serious

You can be anything
you like
So why do you choose
to be so unkind?
Come on flip it up
turn around get down
On the ground
with the woke folk
No joke