My Husband, My Lover (2021) Movie Script

Sometimes, I like to imagine that
the world is upside down.
And I'm the only one that isn't.
Where do I go?
What am I looking for?
Am I your only one?
Why do you ask?
There's this one guy I interviewed
for my novel
His wife's been dead for three years
but he still keeps her in her room.
Sounds weird to me.
But her body seems well-preserved.
He injects embalming fluid
everyday to keep her that way.
He dresses her up every day
showers her with kisses
What else?
Would you consider that real love
or just obsession?
Or are those the same thing?
But how are they going
to have sex
if one of them's already dead?
What then?
Do we need sex
for love to last?
All I know is humans need sex.
What kind of sex?
If the guy is on top,
does that mean he's the dominant one?
Do sexual positions reveal something
about the kind of relationship we have?
Load up those baskets on the tractor.
Good day, sir.
Domeng, make sure our
deliveries are the best picks.
- Yes, sir.
- Deliver it to Peping.
- Yes.
- Thank you. Off you go.
You okay?
Of course.
Since I was a child,
my father had accustomed me to
life on the mango farm.
When I get upset about something,
I would come running here.
That's why the smell of mangoes
is stuck on me.
It's so easy to hide
among the trees.
Did you know that father
loved telling me
about the legend of the mango?
There once was a boy
named Ben.
Despite being poor,
whenever he saw someone in need,
he would help them and feed them.
But Ben died young.
As his parents grieved for him,
a fairy came along and
asked for Ben's heart.
The fairy
buried Ben's heart
at the foot of a mountain.
Not long after, it grew into
a full-bodied tree from
which sprouted so many fruits
in the shape of his heart,
all of them deliciously sweet.
It was at a dance when my mother told
my father she loved him too.
This was their favorite song.
Is that why you dance well
to this song?
They were always together,
never leaving each other's side.
Then my father fell ill.
I was 23 then.
Soon after, mother got sick, too.
though the doctors couldn't find
anything wrong with her.
They died at the same time
and were buried together.
Hey babe!
- Hi!
- How was your day?
Sir Edward's back on my case.
I swear I can't do anything
right by him!
You hungry? Want me to
fix something for you?
No thanks, I'm fine.
But you know,
none of my team's
presentations got approved.
I'm sick of his "Be creative!
Think out of the box!"
He has to have a rating
for everything!
Rate it one to five.
Oh, that's not enough,
go five always!
You know it's exhausting.
He probably thinks
I'm pulling ideas out of a hat!
That's enough.
Come on, let me have a look.
Yes! I'm so lucky to have you.
Let me see.
What's your concept?
That's it. If Sir Edward
still won't approve this,
I'll give him what he deserves.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
I'm so proud of you.
I tell my officemates that
my wife is a brilliant writer.
I know you can do it, too.
You just need to believe in yourself more.
But you're my confidence.
We're a team, remember?
Do I stink?!
No! You see, there's a
theory on sex and smell.
Apparently, sniffing your partner
has a positive effect on the relationship.
Is that true?
They say your partner's body scent
gives you a certain sense of
security and comfort.
Let's give it a go.
My turn.
Love you.
Love you too.
Turn the camera on. I want to see you.
He might wake up.
I won't be able to sleep
without seeing you.
Sorry, am I making
too much noise?
No, I'm okay.
What are you working on?
Sometimes I don't know if
I want to go back to vlogging
or online writing.
Babe. You can do this.
How many more interviewees
do you need?
I've only got three,
and one of them won't give me
permission to publish.
Even after the doctor and I
already pleaded with her.
She's a woman in her mid-30's.
She had an unrequited love for a guy
way back in high school.
So, after 20 years,
the guy came back.
He courted her
and they had a relationship.
It turns out, everything was just
happening inside her head!
She just imagined the guy
coming back.
After three years,
she thinks she's still living
with her imaginary boyfriend.
Well, I guess,
whatever makes her happy.
I'm sure that you're the father.
Noel and I have been trying
for a baby for a long time.
His sperm count's low.
Thank you!
I'm going to be a father!
What are we going to do?
It won't be long until he notices.
This could be the sign that
you should leave him.
Don't worry.
We still have time to think
about what to do.
Hey, babe! Your timing's perfect!
Could you help me with this?
Ah-- sorry, sorry.
What's that?
Are you putting on weight?
Of course not.
I probably just ate too much.
Which is it?
I just forgot to put it on.
I was in a hurry.
Is there something wrong?
So far everything seems to be
okay with page one.
Not that.
With you.
Alice, I can tell when
something's bothering you.
I'm alright.
You silly.
You're distracting me.
Sorry, sorry!
I put a lot of moringa leaves--
I hear it's good for the baby.
Let's eat!
Noel's getting suspicious.
He noticed that I wasn't
wearing my wedding ring.
You're just being paranoid.
Just eat.
Why is it so dark in here?
Have you had dinner?
Want me to fix
something for you?
Sorry I got home pretty late.
I notice you've been going out
more often.
Not more than usual.
Where have you been?
An interview.
George referred a case.
If you heard their story
Come closer.
Look me in the eye.
Noel. What's going on?
Are you cheating on me?
I said,
are you cheating on me?
I'm just kidding.
Can't you take a joke?
I didn't think you were joking.
Alice. Since when?
One year.
Look at me, Alice.
Look at me, Alice!
Every time you come home
at sundown
or late in the night
Why did you do it?
I don't know...
It doesn't matter.
It just happened.
How did this happen, Alice?!
Do I know him?
No, you don't.
His name's Dennis
His family has a mango farm.
I would buy mangoes from him
and write about them.
I was vulnerable... I don't know!
The air suddenly seemed so cold!
You had sex with him
for a bunch of mangoes?
And then?
Tell me what happened, Alice!
How did it all start?
When did you first have sex?!
- Did you hesitate?
- No!
- Did he force himself on you?!
- No, no! He was gentle!
A gentleman, huh.
- Is that why you let him screw you?
- No, it wasn't like that.
I told you, he was very gentle.
Our lovemaking felt like a dance.
You let him screw you.
You can't make that sound right.
What happened when you
first saw him?
Didn't your chest throb with fear?
Weren't you scared that
I would catch you?
Every time he was on top of you,
were you thinking of me?
Who's better in bed?
- Noel, stop!
- Rate us from one to five.
Rate us, you bitch!
I want to know what kind
of a whore you are, Alice!
What? Answer me!
- Noel! Noel!
- Answer me, Alice!
I'm pregnant!
I'm pregnant.
He's the father.
I'm pregnant,
and he's the father.
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!!
Get out of here, Alice.
- Noel
- Get your things and get out!
I don't need you in this house!
Noel, let's just talk
about it, please.
On a scale of one to five,
this is just a two!
You have to revise before
the meeting tomorrow.
Otherwise, I'll lose this client.
- Alice is calling.
- Isn't that enough?
Fix this! How are we going to
earn from this business?
Alright, I'll just revise it, sir.
You think we have everything?
It should be enough for now.
Thank you!
Anything for baby.
- Let's go.
- Yes.
Be careful.
I lusted for you for
three years back in college.
But you still chose Alice over me.
Whenever I saw you two together,
my grades would drop.
But now that I finally
have your body,
that means I have rights over it, too.
And first thing tomorrow,
I'm bringing my stuff here.
Did I ask you to move in?
You don't need to.
And I'm not going to ask you
to forget her.
Because I know
that's not happening.
I'm just asking you to take me in.
I'm not going to sleep on the
side of the bed she used to sleep on.
I'm not going to sit on her chair.
And I'll avoid all
her favorite spots.
You just have to give me
some space.
Is that how you win your cases?
By being dramatic?
I'm a frustrated actress.
You'll learn to be dramatic
if you have to fight for
every single thing in this life.
Nothing comes easy for me.
I'm not as lucky as others.
They get everything
even without a fight.
How is he doing?
His fever's gone down.
Let's just do what the doctor says.
Things are tougher when you have
a rare disease like Junior's.
I want to have him take a DNA test
just so we're sure.
For our peace of mind.
I'll just ask the doctor.
How's the baby doing?
He kept on crying.
His fever was high.
Have you had lunch?
I'm not hungry.
I'll put this away, then.
Nothing's changed.
I'm still going to treat
the baby as my own.
I feel like it's unfair to Noel.
He doesn't need to know.
Do you still love him?
Sometimes I still think of Noel
but I push him out of my mind.
Because then, I'll think about how
I might be cheating on Dennis.
Then I'd think, I've done it before,
what difference does it make now?"
Then I would wonder,
whether I truly love them both
or I'm just scared of being alone.
Her husband embezzled all their savings--
including their child's trust fund!
And he pawned the house off, too!
Then he ditches my client after
leeching off all her money.
Of course my client
filed for separation!
Then you know what happened?
Their relatives actually asked her
if she had stopped to consider
what would happen to their children.
"Why didn't she try to
save their marriage?"
Screw saving the marriage!
The pressures we put on women,
I tell you.
It's a losing case.
They're out of your life.
There's nothing you can do.
They look like a happy family.
You'd just be in the way.
Look at it this way.
You told her to get out,
she went with her lover,
now they have a child together.
I'm right here.
How many months have
we been together?
So please, stop thinking of her.
Loida, we just saw them
by accident.
By accident?
Her presence is in
every corner, angle,
and crevice of this damn house.
I may as well be breathing
the same air she breathed.
The smell of her fart is
probably still here, too.
I'm sorry.
Your child fought bravely,
but he couldn't make it.
Excuse me.
If all it takes is a child,
I can give you one, too.
Just give me a chance.
Whatever she can do,
I can do better.
Let me be Alice for you.
My turn.
I'm doing this.
I'm doing this because
I need to let you know--
What do you need, Alice?
I want you to know
that wherever he may be right now,
I at least introduced him to you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you this
a long time ago, but
Dennis and I had him go
through a DNA test.
They didn't match.
He was my kid?
All this time, Alice?
Why didn't you tell me?
I'm sorry.
What's his name?
Dennis Jr.
We buried him yesterday.
I'm sorry you never
got to meet him.
Screw you.
Hello, Alice?
Alice, I want to see
my child's grave.
I'll text you the lot site.
Just ask the guard to guide you.
Alice, I want you to come with me.
He looked just like you.
He was a happy baby.
He rarely cried.
Bath time was a breeze.
That was a really shitty thing
you did to me, Alice.
I know.
Forgive me, Noel.
You can make it up to me.
Come with me, Alice.
Even for just one night.
I can't get you out of my mind.
I still can't forget you, Alice.
And I know that you still love me.
I have someone else, now.
So do I!
So do I. Alice, can't you see?
But we're both stuck with each other.
If we do this one more time,
one last time.
Maybe it'll be easier for us to forget.
What do you think this is?
Just some itch you can scratch?
Let's meet somewhere again.
You said it was a one-time thing.
Come on, Alice.
You know I never meant that.
Sorry, sorry.
I'm just a little tired.
Had to deal with so much work.
How did your hearing go?
My client won.
As expected.
My client is now able to destroy
the life of her ex husband.
She's celebrating right now, I'm sure.
But with these cases,
no one really wins.
Both of them ruined their lives.
Did you change your password?
Ah, yes.
There are so many
hackers lately.
No reason. I just noticed.
Did you need something
from my phone?
I can give you the password.
No, it's fine.
I just asked.
I think Dennis is catching on.
Why is he snooping around
on your phone?
I never did that.
Alice, maybe you're just
being paranoid.
Can't you just wait for me
to text next time?
Or let me call you.
And maybe it's better for us
to meet at a hotel.
Not here. Someone might see us.
Alright. You're the boss.
I see you're wearing it.
Don't ever take it off, okay?
I can't.
I'm only going to wear this
when we meet.
So, I'll see you tomorrow?
But this time,
we'll meet at the hotel.
Let's not do this every day.
Why not?
Dennis might notice.
I'm free tomorrow.
Come on.
Isn't this just another mistake?
What about Loida?
Loida knows that
I can leave her anytime.
I didn't promise her anything.
That's unfair.
Don't leave her, okay?
What do you want me to do?
I don't know.
I'm home.
I didn't feel like cooking, so here,
I just ordered pizza.
Eat up!
One of my interviewees backed out
last minute, that's why I got home so late.
What about you?
How are things at the farm?
I got something on the stove.
I haven't danced with you
in a while.
Domeng's wife
We had to rush her to the hospital.
Turns out something is wrong
with her uterus.
It is stage one.
I saw just how worried
Domeng was.
I was with him all day.
I felt bad for him.
Of course you know I'm Loida.
I'm Dennis. I'm Alice's husband.
I know Alice is married
to someone else.
Oh, right.
To your partner and
you're not married to him.
I think I'm going to like you.
I don't need coffee too.
I'm naturally caffeinated.
What about food?
Maybe you'd like to order?
You look like you were up all night.
When did you find out?
Just the other day.
Why don't you confront her?
Are you scared?
And you? Why don't you
confront him?
He wouldn't admit to it.
Is that why you were
gathering evidence?
Taking photos of them?
How would you file
a case against them?
They're married.
The law's on their side.
All laws have loopholes.
Say we file a case,
what can we charge them with?
Fornication with one's own spouse.
Cheating on cheaters.
Don't be a coward.
Find out the truth. Confront her.
That's where everything starts
with the truth.
Do it before it's too late.
- Please give them my thanks.
- Thanks, ma'am.
I paid her extra.
I interviewed her and
her husband for my novel.
I'll take that.
Want some coffee?
Something on your mind?
I just want to ask you one thing.
And tell me
the truth.
Even it hurts.
Would you like to...
Would you like us to try
for a baby again?
After Junior?
I'm not yet ready
especially after losing Dennis, Jr.
I don't want to lose you.
You won't lose me.
I want to ask a favor.
Please stay away from Alice.
I'm the husband.
That's why I'm pleading
with you.
Why don't you plead with Alice?
What do I have to do
so you'll stop seeing her?
You made a fool of me then.
You screwed me over.
But you know what?
Now I get it.
It's so clear to me.
It feels good, doesn't it?
It feels good to sneak around.
Those stolen moments
that giddy suspense
that someone might walk in on you.
Who knew it was so easy
to commit a sin?
All it takes is one step.
You and I,
we're no different from
each other.
We try to be good people,
but there isn't a good person
in this goddamn world.
That's what I learned from
the two of you.
That people
people eventually cheat.
Let's talk or
I'll make a scene.
What would you like?
Their coffee here is good.
Although, I don't drink coffee.
I'm Loida.
I know.
I'm a lawyer.
I'm sure by now you know why
I want to talk to you.
You'll ask me to stop seeing Noel.
I'm sorry.
Sorry because you won't
do it for me
or sorry because you cheated
on Noel first,
and now you're cheating
on Dennis?
I'm not your client
so you don't have to assume
that tone with me.
Especially if you're the one
asking for a favor.
Let's not be fake with each other.
We're rivals.
Don't lecture me about
how to talk to you.
Are you going to stop seeing
Noel or not?
- Are you ready to make your order?
- Later.
I feel cheap having to say this,
but does nothing satisfy you?
You already have Dennis,
and you still want Noel.
Don't you think you're being
too much of a slut?
I find it cheaper that someone
has to spell it out for you
Noel doesn't love you anymore.
Love isn't everything.
I love Noel.
And you also love Dennis.
You love both of them?
That's right.
You greedy bitch.
Ma'am, here's your bill.
She will pay.
You spoke to Alice?
Now they both know that we know.
You're the only one
who can't catch up.
Aren't you going to do anything?
What am I going to do?
You know this is why
I don't like male clients.
All bark, no bite.
If you were my client,
it would be the first time
I'd lose a case.
Sometimes I think about
the two of them,
together in a hotel.
I can imagine all the things
they could be doing with each other.
Don't tell me you never think of
what they do when they're together.
Don't you feel the slightest desire
to get even?
That's the next round in a battle.
If you're sure you can't win,
you get even.
Do you want to get even?
What am I supposed to do?
Let's have sex.
Do unto others what others
do unto you.
Let's hurt them, too.
Someone may be looking.
So if no one is looking
are we free to do anything?
When did you do it?
Before I came here.
Aren't you going to ask where?
What time? Why?
If I enjoyed it?
Did you enjoy?
I enjoyed it.
Did I hurt you?
I told you I had sex with Loida.
I heard you.
Did I hurt you?
At least you enjoyed.
I'm happy because it made
you happy, Loida.
But I know that I have no right
I feel so guilty.
I shouldn't have done it.
This is my fault, Dennis.
Noel and I.
Screw you!
You've been so kind to me.
I think it's time for us to split up.
No, no!
We don't know where
the pest came from
but the whole farm's infested.
If we don't do something about
it soon, we'll lose the farm.
My God. Do everything
you can, Domeng.
Whatever the cost.
My parents wouldn't want us
to lose this farm.
Of course, sir.
Domeng, have you seen Alice?
Yes, she left for Manila.
See you, sir.
Hi. Noel?
The four of us need to talk.
We need to fix this.
Oh, hi.
Come in.
Feel at home.
What would you like to drink?
Noel! You're home.
Noel, this is Dennis.
Dennis, this is Noel.
We've met.
Wine or beer?
I requested for this meeting because
I want all four of us to weigh in
on what we should do.
And I want to apologize
to all of you as well.
I hurt all of you.
- I'm sorry, too--
- I have a fault in this, too.
Especially to you, Loida.
That's why you can't just leave me.
May I speak first?
I know that out of everyone here,
I am the only one
no one wants.
So I'd like to stick up for myself.
I've made peace with the fact that
I'm nothing but a rebound.
That you're still in love with her.
But we spent moments together,
and I did love you.
All who loves earns a right.
Even the ones who don't
get loved back.
Loida's right.
It's me and Alice who are
living together now.
I have earned the right.
What are you talking about?
You're just her lover.
- Aren't you her lover, too?
- We're married!
- Only on paper.
- We have a son.
- Did you even see him?
- You stole them away from me!
Like what you're doing right now?
Both of you made a fool of me.
Do you know how painful that is?
Yes! We did the same thing
to him first.
Does that give him reason to
get back at us?
Like what the two of you are
doing right now?
Didn't you and Loida get
your revenge?
- That was different!
- That was different!
It meant nothing!
You're saying if it's just sex
without meaning then it's okay?
- Yes, because that's different!
- Don't raise your voice at my wife!
Let's bring everything back
to the way it was
just the two of us.
We can have a child again.
What do you want from me Noel?
I've been your wife.
I've been your mistress.
Who am I to you?
I'm willing to let you go back to him
as long as we still get to
see each other,
like before.
Truth be told, I could file a case
against you both.
But I won't do that,
because I'm not that kind of person.
All I want is to put things back
to the way they should be.
Our rights should be respected.
What about Loida's rights?
You used her.
I admit to that. Yes.
Actually I don't smoke.
You're agreeing to stay with Noel?
Even if he loves someone else?
Even after he wronged you?
It hurts to get cheated on.
But it hurts more
to be left behind.
Do you need anything?
No, I'm okay.
I'll just go to the bathroom.
I'll go with you.
I know my way. Thanks.
I'll go with you anyway.
We didn't change anything here
in the house.
Everything's still the same as
when you were living here.
I noticed. Thank you.
Hey look.
I heard what happened to you
and I'm sorry.
It was a good thing Noel
got there in time.
No offense meant but
for what it's worth
do you think it's worth losing
one's life for a man?
Must there always be
a measure for everything?
Thanks for letting me join
this meeting.
I'll go to the bathroom.
Of course. I'll get back to them.
I will make the decision.
So we can end this.
After all, it was me who started it.
They say that when you
wake up in the morning
you should to try to keep your eyes
closed for as long as possible
before opening them.
That way, you'll see images of
your future in the spaces
between opening
and closing your eyes.
I've tried it so many times,
but saw nothing.
But it's alright. It's alright.
Yes, I'm excited.
But I just want a quick book launch.
No fuss.
Yes, yes. My flight is tomorrow.
So. Do you intend to stay here
in the Philippines for good?
No, no. I still have two years of residency
left in New York.
I'm just here for my book launch.
I see. Interesting.
Sorry. I think I just saw an acquaintance.
Would you excuse me?
No worries. Take your time dear.
I almost didnt recognize you!
I got a haircut.
I heard about your novel.
How's Noel?
I haven't heard from either of them.
Me too. I've actually been
avoiding Facebook.
- Do you want to join me for coffee?
- No, it's alright. I'm here with someone,
We're still waiting for others
to start the meeting.
Hey, it's...
really nice to see you
again, Loida.
It's nice to see you too Alice.
Can I give you my number?
Sure! Here.
Just in case. Call me
if you need to talk.
Thank you Alice.
So. Going back.
How do you want to do this?
Oh, hello!
How was your hearing?
I thought I'd have a hard time
because it's my first time
handling a male client.
But it went well.
But why did your client sue?
His wife beats him up to a pulp.
He has cuts on his arms,
his stomach
he has bumps on his
back and nape.
I can't believe they lasted
five years.
I'm sorry.
That isn't all of it.
Please make sure to follow up
with Domeng
the delivery to Lito.
Okay sir.
Don't forget to separate the ripe
from the unripe ones.
Yes sir.
The unripe bunch is ready to go.
You're here early.
Traffic was a breeze. And, I got
the dressing that you asked for.
- Let me help you.
- No. It's okay.
- I'll go ahead and prepare your salad?
- Okay.
I thought you said
no personal questions?
According to your novel,
all kinds of love is a form of obsession.
So my question is
how is your love life?
Sorry, will you excuse me?
Okay sure.
See you.
So are you ready to
answer my question?
Sorry. What was your question?
Your love life at present?
Ah yes.
For the entire year that I was
at New York and even now,
I am at what you may call a...
limbo state as far as
love is concerned.
you're just in between being
awake and being asleep.
I'm not exactly sure where I am.
I've tried some relationships while
here and in New York but
none of them ever lasted.
There's always something missing.
So there's your answer.
I don't have a love life right now.