My Husband's Seven Wives (2024) Movie Script

[eerie music]
Come on.
[frustrated huff]
Okay, it'll be back
in two weeks.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen,
the library will be closing
in five minutes.
- Hi.
Um, order for Maggie?
Oh, yes.
Okay, so you'll just need
to throw it in the oven
for about 30 minutes at 375.
Okay, I can handle that.
I'm sorry, it's not working.
Uh, do you mind trying
it one more time?
Yeah, sure.
Still not going through.
Okay, that's weird.
Do you have another
card maybe?
No, it's okay, I have cash.
- Sure.
Hey, Selma!
Why are you smilin' so much?
It's my anniversary today.
Oh, somebody's gonna
get lucky tonight.
Lord knows it ain't me.
Well, I'm not much of a cook
so I just got Gino's for Alan.
I used to make lasagna
for my second husband, Carl,
every anniversary.
Oh, my gosh,
that's what I got, lasagna.
Carl died of clogged arteries.
My advice, just sneak
a lot of veggies in there.
Will do.
[soft music]
[small gasp]
[eerie music]
[phone pings]
Hi, surprise.
You scared me.
Hi, happy anniversary.
Happy anniversary, honey.
Mm. I made you dinner.
I see that.
How 'bout we work up
a little appetite first?
You want some toast
or something?
No, just the coffee.
Thanks, though.
Oh um, babe.
You know, I think you love
this car more than me.
Well, it's an original,
like you.
I got you something.
- What?
I know you said that if you
were ever gonna get a Corvette,
you wanted to hang some fuzzy
dice from the rearview.
Ha! It's perfect.
I love it.
You know, maybe I can come
on this trip with you.
No, that's not...
It's not... the company
doesn't allow that.
Hmm, yeah, but...
...who would know? Really.
It's the company's rule.
Do you want me to get fired?
- Oh, hey.
I will make this up to you.
I promise.
- Okay.
Love you.
Love you.
[car rumbles away]
Hi, what are you doing here?
Oh, I was just bringing you
some leftovers.
It's from Gino's.
It's supposed to be the best.
What happened to that smile?
I don't know.
What are you doing today?
Well, Alan's travelling
so I didn't really...
Good. You can take me
to the mall in Colby.
Oh, I can?
They took away my license
and I've got a date!
Well, Colby's kinda far.
It's like a 40-minute drive.
So? We just need to get going.
- Good.
You need a ride home?
Not if I get lucky.
You guys catching
a movie or something?
No, we're in a walking group.
Oh, that's awesome.
Health is so important.
If he doesn't keel over
before we get to Orange Julius
I'll know he can handle me.
Don't wait up!
[car horn honks]
[intriguing music]
[suspenseful music]
Don't move.
I'm calling the police.
You can... you can keep the
car, okay?
I-I won't tell anyone,
I promise.
I can keep the car?
This is my car.
This is my husband's car.
No, this is my husband,
Alan's car.
I was just using it
to run errands.
Wait, d-do you know my husband?
I-I'm just gonna reach
into my back pocket
and get my phone, okay?
Three years.
I have been married
to Alan for three years.
He told me I was just
being paranoid.
- Okay, just breathe.
Look, don't cry over him.
I can't help it.
He's the love of my life.
Yeah. I thought so, too.
This... this has gotta be
some sort of a mistake.
It has to be.
You know what? You're...
you're probably right.
I mean, he probably just forgot
that he was married to me when
he married you.
- That happens all the time.
Oh God, I feel... I feel sick.
You know,
I knew something was up.
I just didn't want to admit it.
You said you knew for a while?
I mean, I had my suspicions
that he was seeing someone else,
I just...
I guess I wanted
to think I was wrong.
- So, why...
He treated me good in the
Fancy restaurants, and getaways.
then he was always working.
Pam, are those your kids?
Wait, are these,
are these his kids?
Oh, no. My boys are
from a previous idiot.
What am I gonna do?
Well, I don't know about you
but I'm getting my money back.
I already have a plan that Alan
doesn't know about.
You're worried about money?
Have you checked
your bank statements lately?
No, Alan handles all that.
Hmm. What about
your credit cards?
Have you seen a bill
in the mail recently?
Let me guess, you opened up a
joint checking account with him
but you're the only one
who deposits money into it.
Just... please, just stop it.
This has got to be some
sort of a mistake.
It just has to be.
Look, if you wanna know
the truth,
just run a credit report
on yourself
and you'll see what
I'm talking about.
How can I be missing $36,000?
[glass shatters]
Pam, we have to go to his work
and talk to Pete and payroll.
Mrs. Baker.
Pete, hi.
Uh, nice to meet you.
- Hello.
Okay, come on back. Okay.
Gosh, that shirt looks
sharp on you, Pete.
Oh, I got it at a garage sale.
Oh, handsome and frugal.
Told you he was a double threat.
Uh, it's nice to see
you again, Mrs. Baker.
Please, call me Pam.
Oh, of course. This is my uh,
single friend, by the way.
Yes, I told her about you and
she wanted to stop by with me.
Uh, she did?
She sure did.
Uh... uh, so what can I uh,
what can I do for you today,
Mrs. Baker?
- Uh, Pam.
So, my husband, Alan,
he does direct deposit?
He does.
Well, we haven't noticed
the last couple of
paychecks hitting.
Oh, that's unusual.
Um, let's bring that up.
Well, it says here they went
And um... which bank is that?
Uh, you don't know
the name of your bank?
Uh... it must have just
slipped my mind.
That's okay.
Uh, what are you doing?
Oh my goodness. You're
reading Dragons of Kragon?
Wait, you know DOK?
Yes! The seventh one
comes out...
Yeah, uh next month.
- Yeah!
You know what's funny
is I work at a library
and I think I could get you
an advance copy.
No way.
- Mm-hmm.
Pretty cool, right?
Yeah. Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
So, I would uh, double check
with your bank
because it's showing it went
through on my end.
Of course. I mean, I'm sure
it was the bank
that screwed up
and not you, Pete.
I uh, we'll just get out
of your hair.
Oh uh, oh Pam, um... could you
remind your husband
to change you
to his beneficiary?
He still has his ex on there
and I would hate for that
to become a problem.
My husband wasn't married
before me.
Yes, he was.
Uh, what's the name?
Well, I'm-I'm not
supposed to...
Kristin Baker.
I will be sure
to let him know.
Bye. See ya.
So, What did you see?
Did you see anything?
His direct deposits are
going to Frontland Bank.
Never heard of it.
Yeah, me either.
Well, that's gotta
be it then, right?
So, how do we get to it?
Well, we're both legally
married to him.
So, maybe if we can just
prove that to them
then we can gain access.
What did Alan tell you he does
for Bestana Pharmaceuticals?
Sales. That's why
he's travelling all the time.
Yeah, that's what he told me,
But Pete's monitor
says he works in IT.
Well, why would
he lie about that?
Because IT doesn't travel
and he needed to give us a
reason why he was always gone.
What's your husband's name?
Alan Baker.
I see him.
And what can we do to help?
Well, I would like
a bank statement.
And you're his...
Wife. Oh, I have my ID
and marriage certificate,
if that helps.
This doesn't match
what we have.
Could it be under
Maggie Baker?
It says Heather.
Uh, you know,
that's his ex-wife,
so we just need to update that.
Well, that'll have to be done
by your husband.
These procedures
are for your own protection.
Of course.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Kristin, Heather,
who are these people
and what is going on?
We've opened up
a real can of worms.
Like a Pandora's box
of bigamy.
Um, so, where...
where do we go from here?
Well, I don't know about you
but I've gotta go to the
airport to pick up Alan.
He doesn't get back
for another two days.
Maybe a couple more days
'til he sees you but...
So, every time he goes away
for a week,
he's spending half
that time with you?
Yeah, he's a slimeball.
I don't know how I'm not
gonna punch him when I see him.
Oh, get in line.
But we gotta keep this ruse
going a little bit longer, okay?
So just try and keep it
I will.
I'll poke around in his office.
See if I can find anything
on those two names.
[sighs heavily]
Hi, babe, I'm back.
Hey. Look at this.
I got our pictures up.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, the drywall came
out really good.
Looks really good, honey.
Wow, honey.
- Yeah.
So, I can come back
in this room now?
Well, I was thinking
about my desk here and then,
maybe the television over here
so I could watch the game while
I work.
Well, you won't be working
if you're watching the game.
I... have many, many skills.
Oh, you do, do you?
- Yes, I do.
Well, that's true. I didn't
know that you were a carpenter.
- And a painter.
- And...
And... a dancer.
[phone rings]
[Pam]: He may be on his way
to you.
What? How long ago?
I tried texting
but you didn't answer.
How long?
Any second, if he went
right to your place.
[suspenseful music]
Did you not hear me?
No, sorry, headphones.
- Oh.
Well, aren't you happy
I'm home early?
Of course I am!
So, come here.
- Oh, I... I'm so sweaty.
I'm really gross.
- I do not care.
Oh, well let me just go
get cleaned up, okay?
Yeah, sure. Why...
why are you in here?
I... I was just doing
some yoga.
Right, but... like, why here?
Well, the sun's really
good in here.
Oh. Yeah.
Hey, have you eaten?
I have not.
Why don't you come with me
and relax
and I'll make you something.
Okay, just gimme
one second, okay?
- Okay?
Honey, how about
a grilled cheese?
Yeah. Sounds great.
So, we've got nothing
to go on.
Well, we've got two names.
Yeah, Kristin and Heather.
Those are our only leads.
Okay. So we focus on those.
I'll do some research online,
see if I can find anything.
There is one person
who might know.
Alan's mom.
Alan told me that both
of his parents were dead.
Yeah. She's still kickin'.
In a retirement home outside
of Colby.
Well, it's all we got.
It's all we got.
Can we get two more?
- Thanks.
[exhales sharply]
Here goes nothin'.
- Yeah.
Hi, Lois.
How nice someone's here
to visit me.
And who is this?
Oh, this is my friend, Maggie.
Oh, you're a pretty one.
Thank you.
Are you here to pay the bill?
- What bill?
For this place, so I can stay.
Oh, no, we-we just
came by for a visit.
Oh. Can you tell Alan
he needs to pay the bill
or they're gonna throw me out.
Lois, I would never
let that happen.
Well, he doesn't return
my phone calls.
But there's plenty of money.
We sold the house.
I had savings.
It should last a long time.
You gave Alan the money?
Yes, he handles it all.
He-he must be really
busy with work.
If you wanna make time,
you find time.
Lois, I was going through
some bills recently.
- And I came across a Kristin.
Oh, his ex.
- Uh-huh.
You wouldn't happen
to know where she lives?
They used to live close
to the lake in Daneville.
Over the state line.
She always wore too much
eyeshadow but a good heart,
that one.
- Thank you, Lois. That helps.
How about a Heather?
Do you remember a Heather?
Oh, you know, my Alan had
so many girlfriends
I couldn't keep them straight.
Yeah, we know what you mean.
I'm sorry. I can't recall her.
It's okay.
And what's this?
Your favorite.
- Tater tot casserole?
With extra tots.
- Oh, thank you, dear.
Of course. Well, we should
probably get going.
Really wonderful to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Please come back and see me.
We will.
[sighs happily]
Our first lead.
He has us far enough apart so
we won't bump into each other
but close enough so he can
drive to. Man, he's clever.
I don't think anybody's home.
Maybe we should just go.
Do you wanna figure
this out, or not?
I'm gonna check out back.
Wait, I-I really don't think
that we should trespass.
Says the woman who walked
into my garage?
Come on!
[suspenseful music]
Just be quiet, okay?
[chain rattling]
- What?
We gotta go, now.
[chain rattling]
Gotta go.
[both panting nervously]
My son's getting his gun
right now.
- Who are you?
Are you married to Alan Baker?
No, you don't answer
a question by asking one.
If you're married
to Alan Baker, he's lied to you.
Oh, so my husband's a liar?
Tell me something I don't know.
He's married to us, too.
Oh. So, why are you here?
You wanna make yourselves
feel better by telling me?
No, honey.
We're here for one thing.
So, you want in?
Damn straight, I want in.
Well, I think between
the three of us
we should be able
to figure something out.
So... how is all
this gonna work out?
Well, he told me he was going
away for a week for work.
What did he tell you guys?
He told me he'd be gone
for two weeks.
I don't know,
he comes and goes.
Sometimes he's here
a couple days,
sometimes I don't see him
for a month.
A month?
Yeah, I threatened to leave
but he always said things would
get better. All the long trips.
It never did. I was just
sticking it out for my kid.
Yeah. He told me he was
working longer hours
so he could get a promotion
and quit travelling.
He always has an excuse.
Well, it seems like we've got
a couple of weeks without him.
I work at the library
in Clarkson.
We have a storage room
there that we can use.
Okay. And we split everything
that we find until
we've paid people off?
All right, everybody get some
rest 'cause we start tomorrow.
Sounds good.
[loud bang in distance]
[tense music]
[gasps then pants]
Okay. So, this is it.
This is the storage room
I was telling you about.
Yeah, it's nice.
Here, let me help you.
Oh, I forgot my laptop bag in
the car. I'll be right back.
My friend is gonna
be here any minute.
What's with the tire iron?
Did you get a flat?
[relieved exhale]
You thought Maxie
was gonna hurt you?
I didn't know.
Weird things have been happening
around my house.
I feel like I'm being watched.
Well, Maxie wouldn't
hurt a fly.
I have seen him watching us.
- What?
I was trying to track down
Dad's money
and every lead I've had,
you were there,
so I thought you were in on it
and so, I started following you.
Maxie, he's just great
at figuring things out.
He's gonna be a financial
or work on Wall Street someday.
- No, I'm not.
Yeah, when we get our money
It's gonna be enough
for you to go to college.
I'm just typing in everything
that we know so far.
I'm a visual person.
What does that mean?
I need to see something.
Okay, so why don't you just
look at her document?
Because then it's all
just a bunch of words.
Okay, so, how do I improve
it for you?
You guys ever watch
any of those cop shows?
Okay, we are just wasting
our time.
Wait, wait, no,
let her finish.
Well, I watch all
of those shows.
Yeah, she loves them.
- What is your point?
Well, on all of these shows
they have a control room.
A control room?
Yes, a control room where
they have all their evidence
and whatnot on a corkboard
or a chalkboard.
She doesn't like me very much.
It'll just take some time.
That'll work.
We don't know where his money is
but we do know a
couple places it isn't.
So, we just keep narrowing down
his world, and we will find it.
I like it.
- Thanks.
I don't know if this like,
matters or anything,
but my dad doesn't trust banks.
I wouldn't be surprised
if he moved the money.
Well, if it's not in a bank,
where would it be?
I don't know,
investments maybe.
Well, that sounds harder
to get our money back.
It is. I haven't been able to
find any accounts or anything.
I just know he does not like
So what, he's afraid someone's
gonna steal from him?
Well then, we just need
to keep looking then.
You know, he didn't like me
being in his office.
I feel like there's something
in there
he doesn't want me to find.
What about his mom?
You think she knows something?
- Yeah.
Grandma wouldn't hide
Like, he's right.
I mean, she's old fashioned
but she's a good person.
Okay, Maggie, keep looking
in his office.
And what are you gonna
be doing?
I'm gonna follow him.
He's always lying about
his whereabouts.
It's time to see where he goes
all day and night.
You trust 'em?
Me neither.
- But we can use them.
I still think we're better off
on our own.
We need them.
- I don't know, it's risky.
Listen to your mother,
we need their help.
They'll take the money
and they'll run.
Well, that's why we have
to find it first. Let's go.
What are you doing?
I hate that car.
[Kristin]: You guys find
'cause I've got nothing.
Well, I went through every
nook and cranny
of his office and didn't
find a thing.
Who's that?
A new lead?
I don't know.
So, why the pictures?
He picked her up
and they kissed.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Is that a new wife?
I talked to her neighbor.
They're... they're newlyweds.
Oh, wow.
This is crazy. We have
got to call the police.
No. No police.
No, once we go to the police,
you can kiss that money goodbye.
My mom's right. If he doesn't
suspect anything,
his guard will be down and
that's gonna be our best bet.
We stick to the plan.
I... I've gotta go
get my workout in.
I need some fresh air.
I'll see you guys later.
Is she gonna be a problem?
What do you mean, problem?
Just watch her.
I think we're done here.
Come on, Max. Let's go.
Come on.
Do we really need
to tie her hands?
We're supposed to scare her.
I think she's scared.
Untie her.
[crying softly]
Drink some water.
It's okay.
I'm sorry 'bout all this.
It's uh... my employer wanted
us to take it up a notch
but it seems kinda 80s gangster
to me.
What do you want?
I... I don't think we should
be talking to her.
See, now that's the problem.
We gotta start talking.
You willing to talk?
[trembling breaths]
Your husband owes my boss
a significant amount of money.
See, he gave him 30 grand
for a business
that never materialized.
That's not nice.
That's not professional.
So, we're gonna find him
and we're gonna hurt him if we
don't get that money back.
I don't have any money.
So, how do we solve
that problem?
I don't know.
He took all of my money too.
What a real piece of work
this guy is.
You seem like a nice lady.
So, how 'bout we buy you
some time
and you can find this money.
Then we can avoid all
this unpleasantness.
I'm not really into all
the violence, you know?
How does that sound?
I'm working on it.
You text this number when you
have something.
Let's go, Bud.
I thought it was really scary.
- It's really scary.
- Really?
[laughs happily then stops]
It's okay.
- It's not okay.
So, did they say how
much he owes them?
Thirty thousand dollars.
Thirty thousand?
We're gonna stop meeting.
What? Why?
This has gotten too crazy.
Alan's dragged us into
kidnapping and theft.
Well then, you can kiss
that money goodbye.
Is that all you care about?
I care about my son.
And he needs money to make
something of himself,
so yeah, all I care about
is the money.
And what if it was you
that was kidnapped.
You don't think that
they came at me already?
They came after you?
If they were already
chasing you,
how did they find out about
Maggie so fast?
You put them on me.
I didn't even know you
existed until a week ago.
And they never kidnapped me,
they just came and took my
jewelry and flat-screen TV.
You're lying.
- It was me.
Stay out of this, Max.
- It was me, Mom.
They came by again so I gave
them Maggie's address
to buy us more time.
- You did what?
I didn't think that they
would hurt anybody.
They never did that before.
They just stole stuff
and I thought they should steal
from someone else for once.
Well, you were wrong.
You don't talk to my son
like that.
I will talk however I want.
I am so sorry, Maggie.
I never meant for any of this
to turn this way.
Please just leave.
You are gonna apologize
to him.
That's not gonna happen.
Oh, you bet your life
it's gonna happen.
We are done. This is done.
We're going to the police like
we should have,
like Maggie said we should have.
Yeah, because she's soft,
just like I said. So are you.
We are not going to the police.
We're not?
Maggie, you don't
have to do this.
We have to stop him from ever
doing this
to another woman ever again.
It's the only thing that
matters to me.
Let's get back to work.
So, what do we do now?
We're kinda out of leads.
We have been going around
to everyone looking for answers
but there's one person
who knows where the money is.
So, we go to the source.
Yeah, but how?
I haven't figured
that out yet.
Oh, hey there, buddy.
Easy there.
I just...
just had it waxed.
I'm sorry.
That's all right.
Can I talk to you
about something?
Max, we talked about this.
I just can't swing college
right now.
It's not about college.
Okay, what then?
Are you married
to someone else?
There were these two women
that came by
saying that they
were married to you.
Two women?
Max, that's ridiculous.
They want your money.
The women,
they want your money.
What money?
The money they said
you took from them.
I didn't steal any money!
Then why are they
looking for you?
You know, I probably dated 'em
back before I knew your mom
and they're upset 'cause
I dumped them.
God, that's so petty.
This feels like a shakedown.
It's funny because there
seems to be a pattern
because those men who gave you
money for an investment
also came by looking
for what you owe.
They were here?
They took Mom's jewelry
and our TV.
Well, ahem, they knew that it
was an investment
and investments have risks,
so I can't...
I don't care! I do not care.
Now, listen here, Maxie.
And-and that you move out.
You do it or I'm gonna call
the police.
Now, Max.
You're too young to understand
this but I am being set up.
I can help you.
I can hide the money for you.
Untraceable accounts.
You can do that?
For a fee.
- How much?
Um... everything you owe
Mom plus 15% interest.
Five percent.
Fifteen. You are running
out of time.
Okay, deal.
Fifteen percent. Ha!
Uh, hi.
Can I help you?
Uh, sure. Do you know
if Alan Baker lives here?
Who are you?
I'm his wife.
Come on inside.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
Who are you?
You know who I am, don't you?
I have my suspicions.
How long have you been
married to Alan?
Coming up on five years.
That's a long time.
It is.
Are you having an affair
with my husband?
No, I'm not.
I'm married to your husband.
[teary laugh]
So, I'm not crazy.
No, you're not crazy.
It explains a lot.
He's done it to other women.
I know.
You know?
But not about you.
Just the dead one.
Alan was married
to another woman.
And what was her name?
- Heather.
And she died from eating
which she was severely
allergic to.
So, what does that mean to us?
Yeah, do you think Alan had
something to do with it?
He was still collecting her
pension after she died.
I found some of the statements.
He told me not to say anything.
He said it was for
our retirement.
I know it was wrong...
...but we have... have money
Always money problems.
I'm gonna lose my house soon
and my kids won't have a home.
Why would Alan have seafood
in the same room
as someone with a shellfish
She's had to deal with that
allergy her entire life
and she just forgets her EpiPen
one night,
the very night that her husband
supposedly leaves
to go back to work.
Yeah, it seems fishy.
I'm sorry.
You guys, it's not funny.
Oh man. Oh my gosh,
I needed a good laugh.
Oh, me too.
Well, I'm so glad that
I could entertain you.
Okay. Where were we?
We were talking about Heather.
Alan never reported her dead.
So, he's benefitting in some
way by not reporting her.
But how?
Your guess is as good as mine.
Yeah, but do you really think
that he could kill someone?
I don't know.
And that's really scary to not
know if your husband's a killer.
All I have to say
is be careful.
Does he still have
that land up there?
Yeah. He doesn't know that
I know that.
But he parks his RV up there.
Do you have the address?
- Yep.
Great. I'm gonna go check
things out.
Maybe that's his little
safe house
where he keeps all of his files.
Okay, good. And Pam and I
will look into Heather.
I mean, maybe her family knows
Thank you for coming.
You said you had some
information about my sister?
We aren't sure.
I... I don't understand.
Was your sister married
to Alan Baker?
That's right.
Look, we don't exactly know
how to say this so...
we're just gonna come out and
say it. Alan has several wives.
Yeah. I-I know.
You know?
Are you guys journalists
or something?
No, not exactly.
We're some of his wives.
I... I don't have any money,
if that's what
you're looking for.
No, no, no, we're not
looking for money.
I mean, not from you.
Wait, you said that you
knew Alan had more wives?
Yeah, one woman, um, Amy,
I think her name was,
she came looking. Dropped a bomb
on Heather. Devastated her.
Wait, so Heather knew too?
Yeah. That's why her death...
her murder,
it's a more accurate term
for it,
why her murder
was so suspicious.
Heather finds this out.
Alan convinces her
to go up to their land
in the mountains
so that they can talk things
through, work things out.
He's so charming.
We were all under his spell.
[inhales deeply]
But I told her not to go there.
I said do not get back together
with him.
I guess she didn't listen.
Do you think that he killed
your sister?
She was meticulous about
her allergy. Meticulous.
She would never make
that mistake
and I know that with
all my heart.
Do you know where we could
find this Amy, this other wife?
Do you think she'd be around
if we went there right now?
It's pretty hard
to lose someone
when they're six feet under,
isn't it?
Wait, she's dead, too?
Did Alan...
No, cancer got that one.
But make no mistake about it,
a broken heart was the last nail
in that coffin.
[suspenseful music]
Hey, sweetness.
What are-what are
you doing here?
I thought you weren't getting
home until later?
Yeah well, I got off a little
early to spend time
with my one and only.
That's... that's really nice.
You didn't have to do that.
anything for my girl.
[fake chuckles]
Have a seat.
What... what is all this?
Well, you know, I've just
been spending so much time
at work lately, I...
I figured I'd do something
nice for you.
Oh, and I made some of my world
famous lemonade.
Try it.
[unsure chuckle]
You know, I'm-I'm not
actually thirsty right now.
Maggie, you're gonna hurt my
feelings. Just try it.
I will.
Honey, I, I hate to do this
but I actually have plans.
Cool. What plans?
I-I-I um, was gonna meet some
friends for lunch
and I just came home to change
clothes really quick.
Nice. What friends?
Just some people from work.
And what are their names?
Sue and Beth.
I don't remember you saying
their names before.
They're new.
I guess that explains it.
- Yeah.
Uh, I'm gonna go change clothes.
- Okay. Have fun.
We can um... do something
when I get back.
Yeah, sounds great.
Love you.
Hey, come on.
- What?
He knows.
How can you tell?
He's acting different.
Maybe you shouldn't go back.
He made me lunch. He has
never done that before.
Yeah, that's weird.
He's never done that.
And he put something
in my lemonade.
What? Did you drink it?
You are definitely
not going back there.
Where else am I supposed
to go?
You can stay with me, okay?
That would ruin everything.
If he already knows,
what does it matter?
It's gonna be okay.
[suspenseful music]
I know it doesn't look it,
but this couch is actually
pretty comfy.
It's gonna be great.
Thank you.
Yeah. Help yourself
to anything in the kitchen
and the bathroom's just down
the hall.
Do you ever feel
like running away?
Every day.
But then, he would win and that
just doesn't sit right with me.
I wish I was as strong as you.
What? When I first met you,
you were scared
of your own shadow.
And look at you now,
facing down kidnappers
and spitting out previous wives
like it's nothing.
Oh, I don't know about that.
I do. And the best part?
He's never gonna have power
over you again.
You're on your way to becoming
a certified badass.
Come here.
[exhales heavily]
Now get some rest.
- Good night.
[foreboding music]
What are you doing
in my house?
I'm a friend of your mother's.
Mom? Mom? Mom!
What? What? What's wrong?
Who's this lady in our house?
Oh, my God.
You gave me a heart attack.
She's... she's just staying
here for a little bit.
Honey, I'm-I'm so sorry.
I forgot that you were working
Yeah, it's okay.
Let me, let me make you
something to eat, okay?
Go, go get changed
and I'll warm it up.
Sorry about that, ma'am.
You can't leave the door open,
You were supposed
to be here an hour ago.
I had a thing.
Do you have the account info?
There you go.
Is this it?
Just take out what I owe
your mother and hide the rest.
What about my 15 percent?
You get half now,
half when you finish the job.
He bought it.
He did?
Max told him
that we were on to him
and then he convinced him
that he could help him.
I don't know if it's all of it
but there's $243,000
in the account.
[small gasp]
- And you control it?
We control it.
- Well done.
I didn't do much.
It was your plan.
So, where does that put us?
Right. We're definitely
still short.
Everyone would get back
roughly 50%
of what he took from them.
I really thought he had more.
Why do you think he does it?
It's gotta be some kinda high.
Having all these women
in love with you.
I still don't know how
he was able to get
marriage license on all of us.
I mean, wouldn't the authorities
have picked that up?
I've actually been looking
into that.
Were all of you married here,
in this state?
Actually, we eloped in Vegas.
See, most states don't require
you to be a resident
of that state
to get a marriage license.
So, he just spread us out.
He really had
his bases covered.
What was her name,
the other wife?
Uh, Amy.
What is it, Maxie?
It all makes sense.
The account with the money in it
is controlled by a Heather North
and an Amy Perez.
So, he was hiding the money
in his dead wifes' accounts
so we couldn't find it.
It's in their maiden names.
That's why he hasn't reported
them as dead.
He's such a snake.
Oh, don't forget about the
$30,000 he owes the kidnappers.
Right. I forgot to count that,
so yeah,
that definitely sets us back.
We have to pay that back
otherwise they'll be chasing us
Yeah, but how are we gonna
find those guys?
I might have a way.
You got here fast.
I'm not far, actually.
I knew you'd work this out.
I need to know how much
it's gonna take to get me
and his other family members
out of debt to you.
I told you, 30 grand
and it goes up every week.
We can do $10,000
to be left out of it.
There ain't no bargaining.
That's not how this works.
But we had nothing
to do with this.
This is not my problem.
Twelve thousand.
Twelve thousand dollars,
that you could give
back to your boss.
Or you can sit in your car every
day eating fast food
and potentially get nothing.
And I know you have better
things to do with your time.
He doesn't have
the money, does he.
You're a smart man,
what do you think?
He owes everyone.
This doesn't save
your husband.
Twelve thousand dollars.
Or potentially nothing.
For half. Fifteen thousand.
And I have your word that
you'll leave me
and the other family members
out of this?
You have my word.
Text me when you have
and I'll uh, magically appear.
And when you have it,
you'll magically disappear,
for good, right?
Maggie, you are breaking
my heart.
I thought we was becoming
[chuckles lightly]
I'll text you soon.
Hey there, buddy.
How we lookin'?
It's done.
Money can't be traced.
That's great.
That's great work.
You should know that they're
meeting Friday night
at Maggie's workplace,
at-at the library.
- Who?
Your wives, or girlfriends,
or whatever they are.
How do you know that?
They came by again.
Tried to get Mom to come.
All right.
I'll take care of that.
Stay away from them.
They're crazy.
Hey Max,
what time are they meeting?
Um... 7:00.
At 7:00. All right,
good work.
Hey, and Max?
We should have that talk
about college.
We got him.
Yeah, girl, we got him!
So, let me show you
this one thing that...
All right, everybody stay
calm. We're going for a ride.
I need you to put these
on your wrists,
and then, I will explain
everything to you both.
Oh, I can't wait to hear this.
Pam, I... I don't wanna hurt
anybody but I will if I have to.
You gonna hurt us, too?
Kristin. Adrian.
Okay. Okay, everyone just hold
on for one second.
I trusted you.
Maggie, do not let yourself
be manipulated by these liars.
I... they're after my money!
You mean our money?
It's over, Dad.
You're in on this too?
We have the money,
just turn yourself in.
Maggie. Maggie,
come away with me.
I can make this right, I swear.
Kristin. Kristin, you and
Max, you're my whole world.
Save it.
- Not gonna happen.
Adrian, please.
After all that I've done,
for all of you.
Are you okay?
Get on the ground!
Get on your knees,
hands on your head.
I can explain everything.
Ah! Ow!
Thank you, officer.
Good night.
So, it's over.
It's over.
I thought I'd feel happier.
- Yeah, me too.
So, now what?
Now we actually have some fun
and we distribute all
that money.
That's great.
I'm sorry, but we really
can't have any checks written
that could be traced back to us.
It all needs to be in cash.
That's a lot of cash.
Okay, so we get the cash
and we meet back here
on Sunday night.
Thank you, guys.
Of course.
- Good night.
Good night.
Okay, you have to see
this picture I got
of Alan in handcuffs.
We did it, but...
This really does not look like
a quarter of a million dollars.
Yeah, it makes me nervous
having all this money
in one spot.
Where could we hide it?
- Um...
Somewhere he won't look.
- Yes.
- What was that?
What was that?
Who's out here?
I'll get the hose.
I bet you it was Mason
down the street.
Just water it down.
I mean, drench it and I will
clean it up tomorrow.
[water splashing]
[phone vibrating]
Hello, what's going on?
[Maggie]: He's out on bail.
- What?
He made bail.
- How is that possible?
Is the money safe?
Yeah, it's safe.
Oh no.
No! No, no, no, no, no!
He made bail.
How did he make bail
if we have all of his money?
Who says that was
all of his money?
He said it was everything.
Yeah well,
he's a chronic liar so.
[case thumps on table]
What's that?
- Ten thousand.
So, he didn't get
all of his money?
No, he got it all.
I'm not following.
I found that when
I went to the RV.
And you weren't gonna tell
us about it, were you?
I was gonna tell you, Maxie.
You selfish b...
- Hey, she's making it right.
How do we know
that's all of it?
That's it.
- I'm sorry
if I don't trust your word
right now.
It's here now at least.
$1,500 seven ways.
I'm gonna lose my house.
How much do you need?
A lot more than this.
How much?
Five thousand.
Take mine.
Mine too.
I can't.
You can.
And you will.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I guess you could look at it
like we paid all that money
to never see Alan again.
- Worth it.
I should've hid it better.
No, sweetie,
it wasn't your fault.
Hey, don't let him get inside
your head, okay?
Just save up, go to school,
get your degree,
have a great life, Max.
You deserve it.
And hey, there's this whole
section in the library
that's on scholarships.
Why don't you come by
and we'll go through it together
Well, I'm not one
for goodbyes.
We made a pretty good team.
So, what's next for you?
Same as usual.
Go to work, make dinner
for the kids, watch some TV,
go to sleep
and do it all over again.
Well, if you need any help
with that, let me know.
I will.
Maggie, I can explain
Listen to me, babe.
I don't know what Pam told you
but don't believe any of it.
So, you're not married to all
those other women?
They're just making it all up?
Babe, they are jealous of
you. Of what we have together.
What do we have, Alan?
We have love.
You are the only one for me.
You're still dishing it out
but I'm not taking it.
[grunts then gasps]
I was getting worried
about you, Alan.
I can explain everything,
Oh, you can?
- Yeah.
[slow claps] Oh, my God.
I would love to hear it. Okay?
You don't call, you don't write.
But Maggie here,
she texted me.
She thought that we should talk.
It was an investment, Curtis.
And investments have risk.
Oh no, but you didn't invest
the money, you just took it.
I have your money.
That's why I came here,
to get your number,
so that I could call you so that
we could set up a rendezvous.
Why don't you put
that knife down?
Maybe we could become
friends again.
No. No!
Maggie, please.
[trembling breaths]
Maggie, please help me.
No. No!
Sorry it had to end like this.
Thanks for the tip.
Stay outta trouble.
You too.
I can triple your money.
No! Curtis, no!
Your guy,
he was just too handsome.
Remember, date handsome,
marry rich.
Oh, where were you when
I needed advice, Selma?
Probably on my third husband.
You-you wouldn't wanna hear
what I had to say.
I just, I wish I knew
what he was looking for.
You looked everywhere, right?
Every square inch
of this place.
I hate that car.
Oh, I like this side of you.
Oh, let's go smash some stuff.
- Oh no, Selma, put it down.
Let's just put that down, okay?
Oh, Maggie.
- I'm sorry.
No, never apologize.
You gotta get that stuff outta
you sometimes.
Now we're talkin'.
Look at this!
[all exclaiming incredulously]
There's more!
Here you go.
Thank you.
Hmm, Max. Hey.
- How was work?
It was work.
So, are we all good
on all the wives?
Yeah, so with the money you
found in the office
and the money he stole
from the dishwasher,
we were able to get everybody
paid back in full,
with a good chunk of interest.
And the newlyweds?
Yeah, I mean, luckily she was
still fairly new
but what he did take from her
we got back to her.
And Grandma Lois?
- Paid in full.
And with a new roommate.
- New roommate?
I introduced her
to my neighbor, Selma,
and they hit it off
and they're gonna save a lot of
money in their new apartment,
which Maxie here set up.
- Good job, kiddo.
It felt good.
- It felt great.
But not as great as selling
the Corvette.
You sold the Vette?
- I did.
And look at what I got for it.
This has my name on it.
It's 'cause it's yours.
What do you mean?
- It's your tuition.
I... I can't accept this.
That is not charity.
You earned it.
Just think of us as
your first clients.
You're going to college!
I'm going to college.
You're going to college!
Now go get signed up
'cause the deadline for next
semester is coming up.
Thank you.
So, are we finally ready
for our pity party?
You know? I think I'm done
feeling sorry for myself.
- Mm-hmm.
Then let's just get drunk.
Well, I started before
y'all got here, so.
- Well, let's catch up then.
- Yes, ladies!
We did it.
[hopeful music]
Well done.