My Little Sweet Pea (2013) Movie Script

We've really never met?
I swear I've seen you before
Oh, you're a celebrity?
No, I'm not
I feel there must be something
Okay, your change is 80 yen
Are you available?
Yeah, go ahead
Door's closing
Where to?
Um.. Inn
Oh, Yahatahama Inn. Got it
[another way to read the same kanji]
What? Eh? Huh? Fr-
In front! Front front front front front!
Are you alright?
Give me a break
Sorry, it's all a joke!
This isn't a joke at all
Hey, are you alright?
My nose is..
It's just running
I think I'm fine
I'm really sorry
You look just like someone I knew a long time ago
Hey, Kacchan
Do you remember Saiko-chan?
Eh? Who's that?
Oh, right, you were still pretty little back then
Your nose is bleeding
Imo-san.. you made my nose bleed
Well.. I'm going to go
I think it was about 30 years ago
What I was saying before
She looked just like you
This girl named Akaike Saiko-chan
Hey, Saiko-chan
She was cute just like you
She put everyone in a daze
So, what if that Saiko was.. this person
Use your brain, dammit
Sorry, sorry
Sorry sorry
What did you mean?
Saiko.. she might be my mother
Again, FRONT!
I see
Saiko-chan's dead..
Wait, so you're her daughter?
No wonder you look like her
What was your name?
What did you say?
Mu - gi - ko
My Little Sweet Pea Mugiko-san to
I'm telling you to go home
You don't have to tell me like that
Mugi, go in
Please don't come again
Who was that?
The old lady
The old lady?
Our mother, of course
Eh? What?
You don't remember?
You were little, so it makes sense
But she's our old lady
Eh? EH?
What? Is it bothering you?
Not really
What's up with her..
She hasn't contacted us for years
Now she wants to live with us
She's ignored us too much
She's not someone to be concerned about
I'm not
Is that so
Well, it's been 3 years since dad died
I've been trying to get us by in this place
I'm thankful
I'm basically your dad at the moment
That's like a mother
So, it's fine, isn't it? We don't need her
You're doing fine
I'm really thankful
Really, though
It's pretty difficult
Out of my small salary..
Our rent is 90,000 yen
Then there's heating and electricity
And I'm paying for the food
I get it
I'm truly thankful
Truth is, I want to drink at nicer places
But since you're here
I'm going to pretty cheap places
I already said I'm thankful
Ohhh, I got it Megu-chan
You like Shun-kun, right?
What? Why would I?
There's no way I'd fall for a guy like him
Plus we're siblings
There's no room for love
Forget it!
Delete it from your memory!
Got it!
Put it in the recycle bin
Aaand click!
Close, real close
"Ohhh, I got it Megu-chan"
"You like Shun-kun, right?"
"What? Why would I?"
"There's no way I'd fall for a guy like him"
"Plus we're siblings"
"Forget it!"
"Delete it from your memory!"
"Got it!"
"Put it in the recycle bin"
"Aaand click!"
"That was close"
You've gotten big, Mugi-chan
You really look like the old-
What was this 'business'?
I think you've heard from your brother
I also don't want to live with you
But your dad isn't around
Isn't life hard for you?
We can get by without your aid
I see..
The truth is..
I've lost work, and can't live the life I'd been leading anymore
I think it'd be better for us all if we lived together
What are you talking about?
Why do we have to care for your lifestyle?
I don't get it
Yeah, I guess
How about you do something about it yourself?
My brother is working his hardest
We're doing fine with what we have
I'm sorry
But what?
If you want to save money by living with us
Give it up
No, not that
It'll be hard for me to make payments if this goes on
Your brother hasn't told you?
I've been paying 150,000 yen every month
Ever since your dad died
To help with your expenses
Why didn't you tell me about the money?
Always acting like I'm this huge bother
We've basically been living thanks to her!
I thought it was a bit strange
With your small pay
Still playing Pachinko
and buying expensive leather coats
I've been paying my own way, too
Huh? 150,000 yen every month, right?
We're not living like we have that much at all
Paying your own way?
You've just been playing
Okay, lets talk about this later
We have to do something about her for now
I've been been enduring it for a long time
Your dad never got over his drinking habits or his constant cheating
A couple is normally just a man and a woman, right?
That has nothing to do with us
It doesn't change that you tossed us aside
How long are you going to be like that?
Start being honest with yourself!
I didn't intend to toss you aside
You didn't want to see us fighting all the time, did you?
You could have come to see us after breaking up, then
I'm sorry
I did want to see you
I didn't really want to see you
Stop it
Open your heart to me!
I'm going to be honest
I haven't thought about you even once since you left
Onii-chan, you're an idiot! Idiot idiot idiot!
Just die!
Mugi, that's too loud
You're not talking about Mugi
You're talking about yourself
You really don't need to talk like that
Just go home
There's no reason to be here
We're going to be living together
Without her payments, it'll be pretty rough
Please take care of me
Sorry, there's nowhere to put this
So I'll put it in here
Sorry, excuse me
Sorry, excuse me
Didn't you say you didn't have much?
Even I was surprised
When you move, you have more than you expect
What is all this?
Really, you don't need that exercise equipment
Throw it away
It's good for my diet, I can't throw it away
You're not even on a diet
Then, you don't need that do you?
Are you an idiot?
Who would throw these away?
Just how many dreams do you think it's granted?
Hey, Mugi
Throw this away
What are you talking about?
Do you know how much it's worth?
Don't compare it to that garbage
It's not garbage
Mine's not, either!
That's 23,456 yen
How long are you going to be reading?
We're going
Ah, the new BetsuMaga
[short name for Bessatsu Shounen Magazine]
Oh, hey
I was thinking about leaving home soon
What are you talking about?
She's annoying
And my girlfriend is saying she wants to live with me
What about me?
You can just live with the old lady
What is that? No way
It can't be helped, can it?
What was that?
Barely felt it
I'm joking, it hurt
Contact me if something happens
Please take care of Norio
We're going to go
Mugi-chan, you like anime?
Do you watch this every day?
It's a DVD
Is she a magical girl?
Not exactly
She's doing some kind of magic
She's not a magical girl?
I said it's not magic, it's the power of science
Also, I'm trying to watch. Could you not talk to me please?
When I was a kid, I used to watch The Secret of Akko-chan
I said, I'm trying to watch
Right at the climax, too
Close, real close
Your alarm clock is way too loud
Turn it off when it rings
Was it?
I didn't realize
I can't believe it
It's so loud it woke me up
Oh, I'm sorry
I need to get up
Need to get up
Need to get up, need to get up
Mugiko-san, today there's going to be a drinking party with the guys
Will you participate?
Sorry, I'll pass
Do you have plans?
I want to save money for now
For my tuition
The voice acting school?
I looked at a bunch of schools
But they're all expensive
How much?
720,000 yen
Expensive.. your parents won't help?
100% impossible
Welcome back
Food's almost ready
I bought food
Convenience store food is bad for you, eat here
There's lots of veggies
Where's the manga I had in my room?
You said I could toss it, it's gone
I said you could toss the weekly mangas
Why did you toss the compiled ones?
They weren't the same as the ones on the floor?
How could they be the same? They're totally different
Why don't you know the difference?
I really don't get it
I even had signed ones
Can't you just buy more?
How could I buy more signed ones?
Don't get so mad, people make mistakes
Come on, come eat. Okay?
I don't need any
Microwave it and eat]
I'm home
You worked late
It's been a while since I had to help at the snack bar
Pretty worn out
Hey, did you like Tonkatsu?
[Pork cutlet]
I can't really handle oily food anymore
Just asking
Mugi-chan, want some cake?
A customer gave it to me
I don't need any
Did you make this Tonkatsu?
Did you make it for me?
Not exactly
I was just in the mood
Then.. maybe I'll have some
You don't have to
You don't like it, right?
I want to eat it!
Then go ahead
Mugi-chan, it's good!
I'm sorry
I wasn't feeling well
Is something wrong with you?
I'll be fine if I sleep a bit
There's something I'd like to ask you to do
What is it?
My legs are sore
I'm sorry, but could you massage them?
I'm tired, too
It's fine, no problem
Just a little
Thank you
It feels great
Thank you
Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome~
[inaudible], lucky start!
10 Extensions, 10 Extensions, aim for a new Extension
[onomatopoeia for Pachinko machines] GO!
Voice actress, huh
400,000 yen
No, even just 300,000 yen is fine
I'll repay you
What did you want to be before this?
A nail artist? Before that, a dog groomer?
You even went to a beauty school
Yeah, I did
So what do you actually want to be?
If you go to this school, you'll change your mind again
No, I've been like that before
This time I really want to do this
I really feel like I can do this
Voice acting isn't work that just anyone can do
I know that
I still want to do it
Sorry, I don't have any money
I can't
Ask the old lady
That's obviously not going to work
That's why I'm asking you
It's impossible for me, too
That aside, you really need to stop going after pipe dreams
You should put yourself to work like me
What's with that arrogance?
Forget it
Hey, we need to talk
Oh, Mugi-chan
What time is it?
Perfect, I needed to wake up
Why did you open this?
Sorry, I wondered what it was
You wondered what it was?
That's the worst
You don't need to get so mad
Also, what's with the kitchen?
Everything's just scattered around
All you do is sleep
Sorry, I've been worn out
Ah, Mugi-chan, you've been thinking of going to that kind of school?
It's not quite like that
You've got nothing to do with it
Let me see it
No, don't touch it
I read a bit and
Don't touch it!
I fell
What are you laughing about? Are you dumb?
I said this thing is too loud!
Mugi-chan, let me know if theres anything I can do for you
There's isn't really anything
I might be a bit unreliable but I am your mother
If Mugi-chan..
What is it?
I don't think of you as my mother
Excuse me
The old lady was in the final stages of liver cancer
Did you know?
I really don't get it
Suddenly dropping by our house
Then suddenly dying
Serves her right
The question now is how do we pay our rent
We will commence the cremation
We will begin a worship
Please pray
Please light the incense
I'm hungry
What should we eat?
Anything is fine
[This is the only situation in Japanese culture where two people may hold the same object with chopsticks]
It's pretty amazing
That she can become so small
We should not have sushi
How about Unagi?
I said anything is fine
Thank you for everything
You have done well
Please be safe on your way home
It's finished
I might not be able to get the 49th day off work, you can do it alone right?
[The 49th day after a person's death entails Buddhist ceremonies]
You can handle placing the ashes alone
I'll pay the travel costs
Did our family really get along this poorly?
Possibly because our personalites were far too different
Our dad drank a lot
And the old lady nagged a lot
They were always fighting-
Why did you open that?
No reason
Don't go doing things that don't need to be done
That piece of paper
Don't forget it
I know
Was she
wanting to live with us
because she knew she was dying?
That can't be it
It's probably coincidental
Coincidental, huh
[Yahatahama Inn]
Hello, Asou-chan?
Oh, Imo-chan
Ah, the person who made a reservation
Hello, welc-
Oh, Imo-chan
Look at her
Mugi-chan, beer
Thank you
Drink, drink~
Here it is
I've only got the one
What is this?
She really looks like me
You've never seen old pictures of her?
Feels like seeing myself
Really similar
Hey hey
Lend me 5,000 yen
This is our son
I'm going to go play Mahjong with Yasuo
You need to stop that
Shut up and lend me the money
You don't lose face if I'm not around
Hurry up
Give it to him
Yeah, yeah
He's a bit of a fool
Can't help the kid
She looks so similar it's a bit creepy
She was so focused on being a famous singer
she felt different from everyone else
What do you mean?
You didn't know?
Saiko-chan always wanted to be a singer like Seiko-chan
[Matsuda Seiko]
You must be kidding
It's true!
She was really something special
Back in the days this photo was taken
Finally, the person you've all been waiting for
The idol of our town
Akaike Saiko!
Come on up!
Please sing "Red Sweet Pea" for us!
She was so cute back then
Like a real idol, right?
Truly adorable
Don't cry, don't cry~
It's true!
It's Saiko-chan!
It is!
Saiko-san and I were in the same class in high school
So what?
We were so close!
She and I took the same route home before!
If you're going to bring that up
She and I have shared an umbrella!
Oh yeah?! Well I-
Guys, calm down
You're all being silly
Saiko-chan was really popular with the boys
Oh myyyy, it's Saiko-chan!
We can't fit any more people in here!
Good morning
Sorry, this is Mugi-chan's
You look good in a mourning dress
So indecent, it's creepy
Real nice
Also, write your name here
It's hard to believe it's Saiko-chan
She was still young
Is this fine?
Thank you
That aside
You really look like her
Excuse me, we've had a look at the urn
But we can't find the burial permit
What is that?
It should have come with the urn
A form like this
Oh, yes, it did
No way
It's not here?
It might be at home
What? That's really bad
With no permit, we can't bury the ashes
Is that so?
She's come from pretty far
Could you just let it slide?
No, no, we can't do that
Can you not have someone send it?
That's why I told you to bring it
You're pretty airheaded
So airheaded
Well, I'll have a look for it tonight
You're really are dumb
Don't get mad at me for your mistake
My brother will look for it tonight
That's good news
But through the mail it will take about 2 days to get here
Will your work be okay?
Well, my job will be fine
The costs to stay longer hurt a bit
If you'd like, you can stay with me
For free
Ah, no
Of course that's not okay
She's a young woman
Instead, you can come to my place
It's an old apartment
but I live alone
No, I can't impose
Oh, please
You're welcome to come
Is it really okay?
Thank you so much
You've really saved me
Are you okay with whatever?
Let me help you
It's okay, just sit and watch TV
I can't do that
It's really okay
Okay.. sorry for the trouble
Saiko-chan was good at cooking, wasn't she?
I guess
She often taught me
She did?
Were you friends?
She played around a lot until she went to Tokyo to be a singer
That person moved to Tokyo to be a singer?
That wouldn't happen
Well, in reality she probably had many troubles
But she did her absolute best
I said, I got it
Stop calling me an idiot
Bye, then
He says he couldn't find it at home
We might have to have one re-issued
That will take some time to get here, then
Since you can't do anything about it
maybe try sightseeing?
I say that like there's actually things to see around here
If you'd like, I can show you around tomorrow
It's my day off
I'd appreciate that
What's wrong?
Is there something you dislike?
No, it's not that
The weather report was right
Yeah, it's nice
Who's that?
I'm not sure
But everyone knows you
Do you like tonkatsu?
I do
If we get a kilogram, we'll end up like this
I'll turn into a pig!
Isn't that cool?
That one, with the eggs
It's so good, right?
Maybe I'll get some Manju
I can hold those
These, please
You two are pretty close for mother-daughter
Mom, this is Michiru-san
Did you forget?
She's forgetting things lately
Mugiko-chan, eat these if you'd like
Thank you
There's some for you too
Thank you
Being a voice actress seems like it would be pretty rough
You'd have to be able to make a lot of different voices
Yeah, I suppose
But I'm just hoping to get there
The journey starts after this
Try saying something
No, no way
Just little bit is fine
Okay, then
Sasakura Megu from "Ima Doki: Classmates"
[the fictional anime she likes]
I'm going to start
"Your finish is always so poor! I never should have used the Pastel Stick!"
"Thanks to you, we're going back to Area Q's starting line!"
Normally, I can do it better than that
But my throat's a bit off today
No, you were good
Quite good
Are you feeling tired?
I'm okay
What will you make today?
Today, I am-
Michiru-san, I'll help
It's okay, please sit
Okay, then can you do this?
Voice acting school, huh
Sounds fun
I haven't saved enough money yet
I'm too ordinary for that
I admire that sort of work
You're not boring at all
You're wonderful
I'm not wonderful at all
I don't make interesting conversation
Being with me can be tedious
I think you're pretty wonderful
Except for
being a bit self-defeating
Oh, right, I shouldn't talk like that
No, it's okay
But, hey
I think our hobbies are close
What hobby?
I like manga quite a bit
Oh really?
Let me show you
Show me what?
It's all homoerotic
You don't read it?
Not really
My type is more..
But, Michiru-san
Your unpredictability is interesting
Is it?
It'd be nice if someone like you were my mother
No way, Saiko-chan was probably a fine mother
That person's not a mother
Didn't you go home?
Some stuff happened
What are you up to now?
I don't really have anything to do
so I'm just passing time
Oh, well
Then, would you like to go to a festival?
A festival?
There's one nearby
Oh, I see
Let's go
I lost my money at pachinko though
You're really popular
It's not me, they're just comparing me to my mother
I see
Hey, that taxi driver Imo-san
It's just something I heard
It seems he stalked your mom in the past
What? Stalker? No way
No, really, doesn't he seem like the type?
Yeah, he kind of does
You need to be careful or he could fall madly for you
That wouldn't happen
I'm half his age
That has nothing to do with it
Just be careful
But I'm pretty sure he's interested in Michiru-san
He couldn't date Michiru-san
Well, she's divorced
I doubt she'd remarry
She is?
She was married in Osaka
but divorced and came back here
What about kids?
She has kids, but she seems to have not seen them in many years
I'm pretty hungry
I want some Yakisoba
Let's go watch
Who is it?
I have no idea
~If I could be with you tonight~
~I could be a star in the night sky~
So bad
~I'd want to stay in that moment~
~I wanna see you hold me, babe~
~I wanna see you kiss me, babe~
~Love you!~
Yes! I'm the best!
Alright, thank you very much
Yamanouchi Akinari and his band.. uh..peni.. penix?
That was Phoenix!
Thank you!
Alright, thank you very much
That's the end of our performances
And with that, we've reached the milestone of 40 years doing this event-oh!
We have an unusual guest today!
Everyone, look at the young lady over there!
Everyone, do you remember?
With us today is the daughter of an old resident of our town, Akaike Saiko-san
Since you're here, could we have you come up on stage?
Come on up! On to the stage! This way, this way~
No way, no way! I really can't! Nononono~
If you don't go up it'll be pretty bad
Come on, come on!
Come along! Please, up this way!
This is a happy occasion
I never thought we'd get a nice surprise like this at the very end
Come along, up here
Please use this microphone
Can we start with an introduction?
Um, I'm Koiwa Mugiko
She's Mugiko-chan!
Applause, everyone!
Mugiko-chan~~ Mugiko-chan~~~
Your mother sang on this stage long ago
She sang "Red Sweet Pea", right?
Yes, that's the one
It was pretty amazing
I was a fan of hers as well
Having you up on the stage now
it makes me feel like I've gone back in time
Since we've time traveled
Do you think we could have you sing us "Red Sweet Pea"?
Could we?
No way, I can't
I can't! I really can't!
Everyone's excited to hear you!
I really can't
Will it be alright?
It looks like they can play the song
Alright, everyone
Let's all go back in time together!
Do your best!
It's true..
What should I do..
Mugi-chan, do your best!
I really can't do this
What should I..
I don't know it, what should I..
I really hated that
I want to die
It's fine, everyone was happy
They were just laughing
Nah, they were really pleased
It was really the worst
It seemed fine to me
I hated it..
It's alright
What's going on, you two?
We met by chance
Lucky you, Senzo, a date with a cute girl
Shut it
Don't be shy about
Shut up, old lady
The festival seems pretty energetic
Yeah, but it was even moreso in the past
There was about twice as many stands
All the young people have been leaving
so the festival is mostly just old people now
Oh, is that so?
I think it was at its busiest when Saiko-chan was singing for us
Oh, old lady
Lend me some money
I just gave you some this morning
You lost it at pachinko, didn't you?
I didn't
Anyway, lend me some
Why? You won't pay it back even if I do
We're at a festival and I can't even buy anything
Then, would you like this?
I don't need that
What are you doing?
What a waste
So dirty
Forget it
Lets go
Excuse me
See you again
What are you doing?
Let's go
Thank you
Thank you
So good
Want some?
Aren't parents super annoying?
I think I'll go home
You were out quite late so I already ate
Sorry, I went to the festival
The burial permit should get here in a couple of days
That's great
I'll get some food ready
Here you go
Do you.. not want to see your children?
You heard about it?
I'm sorry
Of course I do
But you won't go?
I think it's better that I don't see them for now
I think you'd understand
We both have our circumstances
I don't really understand
Can I help with something?
Mugiko-chan, are you free?
Imoto-san, you are surprisingly skilled
I come here a lot when I'm free
Do you?
About five times a week
That's basically every day
Yeah, I guess so
Do you not go bowling and such with your boyfriend?
No, I don't
Really now
What kind of person is your boyfriend?
I don't really..
Oh, so you're available right now?
Are you married?
Me? I'm available, too
But being here with you right now reminds me of being here with Saiko-chan
You came here together?
With everyone, as a group
I'm pretty shy
Shy, huh
Did you like her?
Uh, I did like her
But I wasn't the only one
You didn't confess to her, did you?
There's no way I ever could
I did think that I should one time
I, uh.. I ran into her at the train station the day she was leaving for Tokyo
Saiko-chan's parents, they..
they were always against her becoming a singer
She really tried to persuade them
But they would never allow it
She worked up the courage to leave home
Pretty strange luggage, isn't it?
When I was about to leave
I expected my parents to be very angry
But they said to do my best and gave me money
You know we're pretty poor, right?
I told them I didn't need it
They told me to take this and take that
Until my luggage turned into this
I said I didn't need pots and things
But they really made me take them
"You're really bad at waking up,"
"and you won't have anyone to wake you up", they said
And made me take this alarm clock as well
It's truly strange
I just have to do my best
I thought I'd at least let her know how I felt, at the end
But I couldn't do it
I really am shy
Ah, it's your turn
Mugiko-chan, don't worry about it!
I'll be back again!
Mugiko-chan, don't get so down
You'll get better with practice
You did fine, Mugiko-chan
Michiru-chan can't get over 50 points
Oh, really?
Yeah, it's hilarious
Her form is still like this
About Michiru-san
Nothing, nevermind
What is it?
She has kids, right?
Yeah, she does
I feel bad for her for a lot of reasons
Why is that?
What is there to pity her for?
Uh, well..
Thank you for coming
Go ahead
Sorry for calling so suddenly
Mugiko-chan really wanted me to invite you
Did you do something strange to her?
There's no reason to think I would!
You've both drank a lot, haven't you?
She drinks so quickly
We were drunk before we sat down
What's wrong? You don't seem well
Yeah, she's been so tense for a little while
Excuse me, menu please
Hey, Michiru-san
What is it?
Why don't you see your kids?
You can get to Osaka in a few hours
You could see them any time, so why don't you?
There are..
you know..
There are circumstances
There are, there are
Exactly what kind of circumstances?
Yeah, what kind?
Well.. you know, my ex is still young
He's most likely remarried
If he has..
That would mean the kids have accepted a new mom
So why should I impose?
You've decided that yourself
The kids have nothing to do with it
Did you want your mom to visit you no matter what the circumstances were?
I don't really care about my parents
I see
I'd kind of like you to stop making such a sad face
Why are you acting like the tragic heroine?
I didn't mean to
The reason you can't see them..
You're just inflating the problem
You make sad faces that scream "I want to see them", "It's so hard for me"
You're just shifting the blame and running from the responsibility
You're a capable adult, but acting ridiculous
I guess so
I must be
It's just as you say
Could you stop acting like a decent person?
Did you..
Really never want her to come see you?
You never wanted to see her?
I've never thought it even once
I wasn't even sad when that person died
Do you think your kids want to see you?
It's possible that when you die
They won't shed a single tear for you
You should stop being a child, saying things like that
A child?
I don't think I've said anything wrong
That's what makes you a child
It's fine, Imo-chan
You probably actually wanted to see her
Shouldn't you be a bit more honest?
I really didn't want to see her
Then why treat Michiru-chan like this?
She isn't your mother
Saying to her what you want to say to your mom won't do anything
It's not like that
She's not around anymore
I'm sure things have been hard for you
and you've got a lot of bad memories
You should forgive her
There's only one of her, you know?
She's the only Saiko-chan
I think I'm too drunk
What happened?
Weren't you staying with Michiru-chan?
Some shtuff happened
Some.. stuff?
Some shtuff
Like what?
I said, some..
Do you have any rooms available?
Well, they're all available
Are you drunk?
Not at all
You are
I said I'm shober
You're totally drunk
You really do look good in that
Really, you're creepy
Thank you for taking care of me
You being here was fun for us
Feel free to come again
Imo-chan is waiting outside
We didn't even call him and he's here
He really likes you
Lend me 10,000 yen
It doesn't matter
You're just going to play pachinko again
I'm not
Then what will you do?
It doesn't matter, you're so annoying
Uhh, uhhhh
A violation of privacy
A violation of privacy?
A privacy violation, he says
I'll kill you, lady
Why are you putting on an act in front of the girl?
So annoying
You found somewhere to stay last night, right?
At Yahatahama
That's good
Last night
I was.. pretty drunk
I'm sorry for all of that
It's not something to apologize for
I'm.. a child, aren't I?
I was thinking what Imo-san said last night was right
I actually did want to see her
But I had no idea what I'd do if I actually did
So, I'm a child
Not at all
Michiru-san, please go see your kids
They most certainly want to see you
My mom was probably disappointed
I never opened myself up to her, even at the end
She wasn't disappointed
Oh, right
You know
After Saiko-chan left for Tokyo, I did see her once
It was around 5 years after she left, I think
She came to visit her mom's grave
At that point
She had you in her belly
"I wasn't able realize my dream to be a singer,"
"but I'm the happiest I've ever been", she said
She was especially pretty at that moment
She was always so pretty, so cute
She was pretty during the festival, too
But she was at her prettiest that day
I'm sure she was happy to see you
But I'm relieved
About what?
You always called her "that person"
But you actually called her "mom" today
I have..
I have said terrible things to my mom
"I don't think of you as my mother"
"If not your mother, then what?"
"Your father?", she joked
She said something so trivial with a smile
But at that moment
My mom seemed
So heartbroken
Painful expression she had
I remember it every day
Every day
I remember it every day
Is it over?
I see, glad it's over with
Then, shall I take you to the station?
There's still time until the train
I'll walk there
You don't have to hold back
I'm somehow in the mood to walk
Thank you for everything
Oh, hi
Ah, right
You gave this to me before
Inside of it..
This was inside
Isn't this important?
Well, it's yours again
Thank you!
[Burial Permit]
[ / Red Sweet Pea by / Matsuda Seiko]
Hi, Onii-chan?
Is it finished?
Yeah, I'm coming home
Good, thanks
Seems it was problematic
Yeah, it's fine
I'm glad I came
So glad I'd like to stay longer
I see
I see. Then, why don't you stay a bit longer?
I can't do that
I need to get home, work, and save up money for tuition
Oh, hey
When I was looking for the permit
I looked through a lot of things
I found the old lady's bank book
There wasn't much in the account
But there was a letter
A letter?
Yeah. In the letter
There was a little money
Along with a note that said, "Use it to grant Mugiko's dream"
Very good of her
Then, take care on your way home
I will
I've seen you somewhere before..
Are you a celebrity?
[Translated and subtitled by Stythe at]