My London Slave (2019) Movie Script

Check out this wedding.
Look at it
Oh my God! That's such a lovely couple.
Where are they from?
They are from Nigeria.
But the guy, as I am reading...
He's based in the U.K
And he went to Nigeria.
I am not surprised.
You see London big boys, they don't play.
At all.
This is so sweet.
I wish I could find myself...
A cute guy from London
Why not marry Ray?
I already know he likes you.
But seriously...
He is not talking to you because we best friends.
Are you for real?
Don't joke with such things.
Who is joking? I'm dead serious.
You know what...
Who is in a better position to marry my brother
if not you my best friend?
Tell me?
You know what?
I've always had a crush on him
Tell me something I don't already know.
You know what, we are already sisters.
We might as well make it official, right?
You know what, I will set it up.
Trust me.
I will set it up. I will arrange everything
from beginning to the end.
No! Listen guys.
What's the benefit of this marriage?
Marriage is... sweet.
Wait... wait... wait...
Are you trying to tell us now that
you are Mr married man?
I'm a married man!
Look at it!
Please. Listen, let me tell you something.
Wait! You are here talking about marriage.
Why are you not married?
Come on man, I am not ready for that.
Hello! I don't want to be imprisoned
just for the benefits.
Please keep quiet.
We are prison breakers.
Shut up.
You are here talking about "Benefits".
Whose benefit?
But we know.
We both know.
Please what can I offer you guys?
My friend, bring anything.
You are the guy!
Hello, I want some champagne!
Come on Fred. Champagne!
This guy just got married
He is newly married.
Since I got married, I don't drink anymore.
I know.
I know that story of "when you're married,
you don't take alcohol...
"you should take red wine because,
it's good for the heart"...
Come on man. I am still single. I can't do that.
The more reason you should get married bro.
Do you know this man is the biggest boy in the block?
Biggest what?
Tell him.
Tell him. He doesn't know
Come on man. I'm not going to drink wine.
I need some Champagne.
He will be alright
OK. Let's toast!
You must be crazy. You were really
not going to give me the drink right?
Let me tell you...
Cheers to our friend.
The latest couple in town.
Married to?
My friend is married to a general practioner.
Very important
Incase you don't know, that's insurance bro.
Can they pay me? huh?
I'm a business man. I'm not going there
if they can't pay me.
Yeah! Oh my God!
What is it?
You are now looking at a legalized immigrant
You are even more excited than I am
Of course I am
I mean, that means you and I are going to be together.
But then again, what else can a man ask for
than to be with his wife forever.
Wow! Great!
Babe, look...
First of all right...
We need to get your indefinite leave to remain. Alright?
But most importantly,...
We need to get you your dream job.
Dr. Mrs. Ali Balogun!
Oh my God!
This is dream come true baby.
Dr. Mrs.!
Hey guys! Please one minute. One house.
"Son of a rich man"
That's what's up.
Guys I want to say a big thank you for coming
to attend this day with me.
But today is not about me,
it's about someone very very special.
Very very special.
Chika get that. Very very
special to me.
I want to raise a toast to my lovely sister.
She just finished her medical
school here in London
And will be going back head up my father's,...
our father's business hospital back in Nigeria.
I am going to say to you sister, I...
I will miss your trouble.
But she is loveable, and I want
to say this to everyone,
I will miss you, and most
importantly, I love you
A toast to my sister!
You didn't tell me that you have such a beautiful sister
Guys look at my Queen!
You enjoy it?
I do. Thanks honey.
Am I doing a good job?
You are.
You should be working soon right?
Oh no.
Talking about work, when are you
going to start work?
I told you already
I am starting on monday.
Oh! Yea. Sorry. My bad
And I am going to be working on
mondays, thursdays and fridays for now.
Mondays, thursdays and fridays. OK
I will miss you though
But the good thing is that I am
glad you got a job before the wedding
Aww, thanks to you my wonderful husband.
What for?
For you wisdom in insisting I get a job before we marry.
But the only issue is that...
...I don't get to spend honeymoon time with my wife.
Don't worry, I'll make up for that.
Hmm... you will right?
You promise?
I will.
Like right now right?
I didn't mean to disturb you.
I thought I should find out from you...
...I keep seeing you
And now, you're even Igbo.
What part of eastern Nigeria are you from?
That's good
Oh my God
I know.
It's such a small world
It is. At least it's good to
have a sister in the hospital.
We are abroad.
I know.
That's good
I am excited seeing you
Me too
How are you
I am fine.
Of course
Oh that's good.
In fact, I'm so happy
I thought we should chat for a few minutes
while avoiding the other staffs.
I don't,... you know...
It's ok. We would catch up soon.
Yea. Because my husband is waiting.
Your husband?
Yes. That's him over there.
So we have a lot of things to talk about.
We do. It's alright
I'm so happy to see you
I am too.
Alright. We would see may be tomorrow.
Am I on duty?
Check it.
I will check it.
You know they keep changing the roster
I know.
I am on duty tomorrow night.
We would see again. Let me
not keep you here.
Take care.
Alright. Catch up soon
Alright. Take care. Bye
Honey are you ok? You've been quiet
Who were you talking to at the hospital?
I just met her. Her name is Amaka.
She's actually from my area.
She's from your area?
Yes. Her place is very close to my hometown.
That's nice.
Was that your first time of meeting her?
Oh yes.
Wow. That's cool babe.
But look, I need you to be very careful by
not being too friendly.
People here in Europe cannot be trusted.
Especially those that think they like you.
What do you mean "cannot be trusted"?
Look, everybody here is living a fake life.
They are all imbibing the "white people" culture
the wrong way. Especially the women.
Yes. Why do you think I married you?
I married you because you're not
like those random London girls.
You are different. You are authentic
African Queen. That's who you are.
It's ok baby.
I am very sorry I got upset.
I am just looking out for you.
I don't want you caught up in all these mess.
That's all right. I promise.
I love you.
Yes love.
Where are my Louis Vuitton shoes?
Louis Vuitton shoes?
It should be in the other house.
You didn't bring them here?
We don't have to bring everything.
We are only here for a few...
Babe that's my favorite shoe.
You know it.
Good husband.
It's ok. I'll manage this.
By the way, I am going out with my
friends for a hangout.
I won't be back till later in the evening
Do you by any chance have any loose change on you?
Loose change?
What do you think of the colour
Does it go with the shoe
Of course.
I thought the Louis Vuitton will be better though
No. Please.
It's ok right?
Look at me man.
Here we go
What's this?
5 pounds. You asked for loosed change.
That's the smallest denomi...
Come on I am late. What am I going
to do with 5 pounds?
I am going out with my friends
and of course I have to foot the biils
So how much do you need?
I can manage 300 pounds
300 pounds?
Look at me. Your husband is a big boy
Oh, Sweetie... OK
That's all I've got
Thank you
Thanks babe.
Thank you. You're the best
Don't worry. I'll see you later right.
Don't be late
No this is too much please. This is too much.
This is too much.
What is too much? What is wrong with you?
It's too much.
After all I have done for you?
I gave you your papers.
Oh you want to prove to me now that
you're now what, a London girl?
Rather, you now too much and your
eyes are now open?
But that will not happen here. Alright?
I gave you your papers and
I will take you back.
You gave me papers?
And so what?
After all, you asked me to marry you,
and live with you here and I agreed.
No! Let me rephrase that.
My sister begged me to marry you. OK?
She literarily had to kneel down to beg me to marry you.
I mean I did what I did because I love my sister.
I mean why would I be here with some
village bush girl like you?
I am now a local village girl because I refuse to pay for your regular night out with the boys every other day
Remember in the last one year, you have not
bought one penny to this house.
I pay for mortage, I pay for the
council tax, I pay the car insurance
And I feed you, and even pay for those your expensive designer boxers. What have you bought?
Come on shut up your mouth. Shut up
Oh you now have the guts to talk
back at me because you make what?
You want my friends to laugh at me
that I cannot buy them drinks?
You're suppose to be a help mate to me
I am talking to you and you're walking away?
Babe. I've been looking for you.
I've been downstairs. How are you?
Look there's this thing I want to talk
to you about, it's an exciting...
Just give me a minute, let me end this call.
Oh ok. Alright. Real quick.
OK my love. Tommorow.
Are you mad?
Oh God!
Are you stupid?
What have I done?
You have the guts to be talking
to your boyfriends in my house?
In my house?
In my house?
After all I have done for you?
You slut
I gave you papers and I
will take it back from you
Are you mad? You're
talking to them in my house?
Idiot! You cheap slut!
You're very lucky...
You're very lucky I'm in good mood today. Idiot!
You're calling your lover in my house?
In my presence?
You're lucky. You're very lucky.
Now get up and go and clean yourself right now.
Ada I say go and clean...
Have mercy on me oh God
According to your unfailing love.
According to your great compassion.
Blot out my transgression
Wash away my iniquities
And cleanse me from my sins oh dear father.
Lord please I pray to you today. If you can make
my wife well again, I promise to do thanksgiving
in seven different churches. Lord I promise
it will never happen again please...
Lord I pray for my wife that you bring her back...
Just manage. Just take.
Do you want more?
I am very very sorry. I don't
know what came over me
I promise you something, it will never
happen again. Never ever again!
Please. You know I love you right?
Babe I love you. I will never do this to hurt you.
It was just the devil. Please.
I love you baby
I'm sorry
Look I know you're upset. I am very sorry.
I didn't mean to do this.
Babe look...
I know I can't stand any man looking at you
talk more of talking to you.
I am so sorry. I have no explanation
for all I did but I am so sorry
It will never happen again. I promise.
This is what you saiy all the time.
One day, you are just going to kill me.
Baby no. I am so sorry I won't kill you.
You know what...
I am sorry. Babe
Please. I am sorry. I am so sorry.
Sorry Baby.
You know I love you right?
I've been calling you
I am just rushing to get something
Where are you rushing to?
I need to get something.
What is it?
What happened?
No! You need to report this to the police.
This is a criminal act.
Report what? Report my husband?
Please. My family will be the first to disown me. Please.
They want to come to London
and carry your corpse right? Alright.
Look at you.
Look at you.
Do you know they are already saying
that I have joined the "abroad women"...
...who chase their husbands out of the house
and collect property?
Which property? Which House?
Is it not you that have been paying mortage
for the house for the past how many years?
When has your husband, in fact your so called
"husband" brought any incoime to the house?
My sister, It doesn't matter. You don't know he's
already saying that he brought me into this country
He gave me papers, he made me British and without
him, I won't be able to even reside here.
So please.
Just look at you. Look at the nonsense coming
out of your intelligent mind
Adaeze, let me tell you something incase you've forgotten.
You worked damn hard to get to where you are today.
You did your general practice without him.
You qualified as a medical doctor before
you married that he-goat.
You're one of the best doctors in this hospital.
And soon you'll be specialized. So he did not make you.
God, your hardwork, your intelligence
made you who you are today.
It's enough please. He is still my husband. Please.
Anyway, I have told you what to do.
Let them teach him a lesson. They will rewire his brain
and he will learn his lesson.
Please I have to go. I don't want trouble
We will see tomorrow. Please.
We will see tomorrow. Please. I have to go
Please I just want to ask if you have given a
thought to our discussion last week.
What discussion is that?
My parent's house in the village.
Oh that!
Wait, must you bring that up
while we are eating? Really?
Look there's not enough for
your parent at the moment ok?
We have enough overhead to take care of in this house.
We cannot do your parent stuff at the moment.
Do you understand?
My good husband don't be angry...
Sweetheart sit down and eat your food.
You know what? I lost my appetite.
I am sorry.
Please I am sorry.
Don't open it. Watch your step.
Take a big leap now. Yes.
Come. Don't be scared. I got you
Keep going. Slowly. Don't be scared.
Alright. I am going to show you a big surprise.
Something you'll love. Something you'll be proud of.
Something that will change you. Wait
Are you ready?
Ready? Are you sure?
My new ride!
The Range Rover
You like it right? Let me show you this side.
This is the most recent range rover.
Woah! Woah!
You like it? It's good right? Come
Come. Don't be scared
This is life. Brand new car. Touch it. Look.
Don't stain this part
Look at it. You like it?
Yeah. I know.
Your husband is a big boy. We are going
to paint London red.
I am going to give it a name. What shoud I give it?
Paris or what do you think? Suggest a name.
Hmmm. That's ok.
I'll call it Ada the second.
Yes. Imagine Chika. I don't know what he got yesterday.
He got a car and he's feeling like a big boy. Really?
What is it? Behave yourself.
You're a bad guy.
What is it?
Please behave yourself
We both know.
What's up bro. That's my name.
That's how we roll baby
That's what's up.
For this, and the other one, boy,
you deserve an accolade
I deserve some accolade!
You deserve an accolade!
2018 bro.
This babe here is your accolade.
I got my accolade! Wow!
You deserve it
Let's go!
Guys I love my accolade. I love it. Let's go
We are right behind you.
Hello my Ada.
How are you? And how's everyone?
Thank God. So, how far about your
matter with your husband?
Mama I am sorry.
Please bear with me, It's not been easy. Every penny
I make, my husband takes the bulk of it
And gives me just a little for the house.
Please just listen to me. This is the
way all our husbands behave.
They are all the same. They behave like babies.
It is your own responsibilty and duty to
gently talk to him and treat him gently
So that you'll win him to yourself. Anything that you
want, he will now do it.
Please just be gentle. Bear with him.
Are you listening to me. You know your father is very ill.
And we thank God for all the medicines that you sent.
Please my daughter don't quarell with him
God will bless you. God will be with you.
Mama but I worked for this money
You and Papa suffered to pay my way through school.
Why can't I look after my aged parents?
Mama this is not marriage.
This is not marriage. Mama this is not marriage.
My Ada please stop crying.
Crying only brings in wrong spirits
Remember the joy of the Lord.
You are our crown, our hope
So don't cry. Just put all your hope
in the Lord, and everything will be ok.
My Ada. My beautiful Ada. Please stop crying
Did you hear me?
Altight. Bye.
My God. What kind of thing is this?
Thank you very much for cleaning the church.
Reverend, you don't need to thank me.
We should thank God
Because He's a wonderful God and
He has been so merciful unto us.
And I thank you also, Reverend
You are a devout christian. May God
reward all your efforts in his vineyard
You are a devout christian, and your family has
been of wonderful and faithful service here in church.
God bless you my sister.
Please greet Mazi for me.
I will sir.
By the way, I observe that Mazi has not been attending
mass for sometime now. Is everything ok?
Yes. Everything is ok sir.
Mama Ada! Is everything ok with your husband?
You see Reverend, He does not want me to tell anybody.
He asked me not to tell anyone.
And if he hears that I told you, He
will not be happy with me
My sister, you and your husband
are devout member of this parish.
And it is my duty to take care of
ever membr of this church.
If anything is wrong with your husband, please tell me.
You see Reverend, you know the rain has
started and our roof was leaking
especially our room. So he decided to go
up the roof and fix it himself.
But he slipped and hurt his hip.
Oh my goodness! Why was it that it was Mazi himself
that has to climb the roof to fix it?
A retired accountant? What does he
know about fixing leaking roof?
The thing is, you know, he felt he could fix it himself since what the roof repairer was quoting was too much for us.
And if he does it himself, it would save
us some extra money. That's why he did that.
My sister, how much is the money?
My sister, of what use is the church if we can't
attend to the need of our faithful members.
How much is this money we are talking about?
N25,000 sir.
Leave that to me. Tommorrow when you come for
mass, try and see the church accountant
I would have instructed them on what
to do ahead of your arrival
Thank you sir
Thank God
Thank you very much God bless you sir.
God bless you.
Thank you sir
God bless you sir. Thank you very much sir
Where is he?
Baby, where have you been?
I saw you at the club a while... Oh my God
it wasnt't you. I thought it was you
You look fat
You're drunk.
You have been drinking
So what?
You're drunk and you've been driving.
Are you saying that I'm drunk?
You know that drunk driving is irresponsible
I am an irresponsible man? Is that what you're saying?
No, but...
Driving is irresponsible
What did I do? Oh my God!
You are trying to talk to me that I am irresponsible?
Are you mad?
Don't you know I am responsible in my own house?
Never in your life!
Hello Ada. Oh, how are you my dear
It's my corpse you people will come and carry.
I need to come home
Ada what's the meaning of this?
Don't say that kind of word
I will not live to bury any of my children. I will not live to see your corpse by the grace of God. you will not die.
Nothing will happen to you
It's happening oh! It's happening
I am almost there.
I am your only daughter and they
are killing me here in London
My husband is the one killing me
You're not going anywhere. Nobody
will kill you. You will live.
You will live many years on this earth
You will live to confess and profess the work
of God in the land of the living.
Nothing will happen to you. Just be at peace with yourself.
All these that is happening is the work
of our distractors
Our enemies!
They are jealous of me. My enemies are jealous of us.
They are jealous of my intelligent beautiful doctor
That is why they are doing this. And God is more powerful.
God will overshadow their power.
God has left me. He has left me mama
I don't have anyone here, only my husband
I have known his family since I was young.
So who will I run to?
He does not even allow me have friends.
I can't go anywhere.
Even this call, I have to hide inside the car to make it.
I am dying. I am going little by little mama
Oh you will not die my daughter. Please.
Don't talk like this. Everything will be ok.
You know what?
Now I will go to the church. I will see the father.
We will pray in church. We will offer prayers.
I will even tell my guild members.
We will do night vigil. We will continue to pray.
It's not that I am silent. I am praying
But we should continue to pray. Nothing evil will happen to you. Do you hear me? My dear don't cry again.
Everything will be alright. What is all these?
Who have I offended oh God?
Hi honey.
Hey. Welcome.
How was your day?
I am tired.
I am so sorry
Hope you're not too tired?
I am fine
That's so sweet
Let me go upstairs and rest
Baby please can you make me something
to eat? It's really getting late
Alright. I don't want to eat late because
I am trying to avoid pot belly. You dig?
OK. I will fix us somethiung
Something... can you make me poundo...
Oh my goodness!
Poundo yam and banga soup.
Please. It's been a while I had that
What's your problem? My goodness!
Alright please be fast about it
Oh my goodness!
Did you work in N.E.PA office before now?
Who turned off my light?
Chika I feel pity for you
I feel pity for you
What is it?
I feel pity for you. Look at you.
Someone will die of jealousy very soon
This is what killed you in your previous life you know?
I want to die again.
I want to die again.
Seriously what is he talking about?
Don't worry.
Is he alright?
He know how we roll
Crazy man. "Son of a rich man"
The money is here!
The money is here bro!
Can't you be a gentleman?
Can't you be a gentleman?
You will explain when you get to that place
God help me
Hello, emergency
I am going to faint!
I'm pregnant
Hold on while I pass you through.
Where are you?
I don't know exactly. I think somewhere around Lewisham.
Can you see anything around to help us locate you?
What's your vehicle lincense numner?
Stay where you are. We are sending you an ambulance.
So. Yea.
Are you ok?
Yea. Hello?
Yea. We are on Lewisham way.
Yea. She is bleeding. Please. Yeah.
Alright. OK.
Babe I am so sorry about what happened
OK. I am so sorry.
Look I know my God is faithful. OK.
God is going to give us more kids. OK
I called you.
But you didn't answer
Honey I didn't see your missed call. If I did, I would
have picked or better still call back
I didn't see it. Baby listen.
God will give us more kids
Can you stop crying please.
My baby. I lost my baby.
Babe it's our baby. We are in this together.
Please stop crying. You know I can't
stand it when you cry like this.
Please my wife. Please.
It's ok babe. It's ok.
It's ok.
Chika sorry.
Chika sorry for yourself.
Three times a day.
To even get her to reach that point,
I must work extra hard.
Extra hard.
My son is abroad. What is he
doing? Who knows? Look at the time.
I am drinking sexual enhancement drink
Come and kill yourself. Drink and die!
That is what I am drinking. I am abroad
I am coming
You see? You see what I am saying?
Chika sorry. Sorry for yourself
I am looking for survival
The thing is not even sweet
I said I am coming
How am I going to get out of this?
When will I get out of this?
When will I get independence. When will I get freedom?
If only I knew, I would have only tested and go
I've been waiting.
Come. Since!
How long does it take for someone to use the bathroom
I've been waiting since
But I am here now.
My husband.
When are you going back to work?
Look this bills are piling.
I know you are on a paid leave but it's not the same.
This is getting out of hand
Honey. I lost our baby barely two months ago
And you know I am not psychologically or
mentally ready for work now.
Wait, what you are trying to say is
that you're not ready for work?
Is that what you're saying? And you think
that's how things work here in England? No!
Who's going to take careof us? How
do we cope? How do we keep up?
How have you been keeping up
before we got married?
And since we married? You have
barely held down a job
Are you mad?
Are you talking to me like that because
I am trying to symphatize with you for losing a child?
Oh you think I am not traumatized too?
That was my first child you killed you idiot!
You accused me of killing
my baby? Our child!
God will judge you.
I'm so sorry. I didn't mean...
So my sister. I had to cut short my sick
leave and go back to work.
I couldn't bare to stand him anymore.
I couldn't stay in the house. It was just too much.
So that guy opened his mouth and said
you killed your own child?
The guy is a goat. He's a big goat
Don't call him that. You know he's
still my husband. And I still love him.
You don't know that this guy already sold you?
He sold you, sold your village and give you change.
You still can't see. You cannot see my dear
He is not your husband. He's a criminal.
You need to recrive sense.
Don't worry. My mother and the
guild, they are praying.
And I believe he is going to change. He will.
Even we, we need to pray. Help us.
Pray. That's the only thing we can do
At least for him to change.
I should join you and your mother, and her guild
people to pray for you and your "husband"
You're not well.
I still love this boy honestly.
Stop saying that please. Love?
The same person you love is
doing all these. Look at you
Look at your life. You keep talking
about love. What has he done for you?
A whole medical doctor!
I don't like it
Don't worry. It will be ok like
I said. I am sure...
My dear, heaven help those that help
themselves. Help yourself.
I love him... you know...
Come, stop saying that!
Get your hands off!
Wherer is he?
My uncle!
My grandmother's...
My grandmother's last...
There's nobody here
You didn't see him?
There's nobody here
He was...
He was pressing my neck.
You were only having a nightmare there's nobody here.
You mean you didn't see him?
He was pressing my head!
He has gotten my life from the spirit world
No! God forbid. There's nothing.
Are you sure?
You're ok. You're fine.
My neck!
My neck is dry!
My head! My head is vibrating!
They want to kill me.
They want to kill me!
Sorry. You'll be fine
Hello. How can I help you?
You look familiar that's why.
Oh! These old lines again! I am married.
Oh! Not the lines. It's not like that
There was a pregant lady I helpled to
get an ambulance the other time.
And you remind me of her somehow.
I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. It was me.
I was saying that. So how are you?
I am fine. Sorry you know I didn't get to
meet you because I woke up in the hospital, so...
I'm so sorry.
You look nice now anyway
Thank you.
I'm Greg by the way
Oh, I am Ada
Hi. Nice to meet you
Nice meeting you at last
So how is the baby?
Is this your husband?
He's my husband baba.
He's my husband..
You're luck. He would have long been dead.
How can you save us?
In fact...
He is in the lion's mouth.
Please just save us.
In fact, it's like they have shared him and
distributed him among the spirit
Please! How can you redeemd the
situation? Please. Help me.
Alright. There is something we can do.
There is a remedy. We are going
to do redemptive sacrifice for him.
But it will cost you a lot of money
Because we are taking the sacrifice to the thick
forest where no human being can go.
And we are going to employ the spirit
to take the food to the spirits.
My husband!
It is well. You'll be ok. You'll be fine.
Money is here
Baba come. She's outside
Are you sure?
Why I came back is because of my own share.
I hope my own share when I come back
will be available for me
I will give you
The only reason I am not collecting my own money
is because I know it was transferred to you.
I know. We are in this together.
No! I don't want that.
Listen, by tomorrow when I come back,
Please got to the bank and get my cash ready.
OK. I will give you the money tomorrow!
Come on smile.
I will see you tomorrow.
You enjoy the mean right?
You look like Tupac's brother.
The main story is that my guy here
has got some informations to make.
We are listening.
See, the truth about this is that, for the first
time, I decided to go Islamic.
And I need to say, I think also for the very
first time, I've hit my destiny
Yes. Because..
No, I got this one that gladens my heart.
And not only that. Do you know that this
woman has put my name in all her properties
You don't mean it!
Wait! What is it?
Are you for real
This is Arab money!
This is Arab money guy!
Chika, how did you do it?
What do you mean? How did you do
your own that you landed at the third one?
My sister, where are we going?
Please I don't want trouble.
I'm supposed to be home within the hour
It's because Ray didn't show up.
Just relax. It's for your own good. Calm down.
My own good? Is it a church or where?
Where are we going?
Why are you in a hurry? You'll see.
You'll hear. Calm down.
I've been waiting fot you ladies.
Traffic! But we are here now.
You friend?
Yes. Ada, the one I mentioned that we are coming
Hi Ada. I am Bisola
Bisola, nice to meet you.
Remember that friend I told
you about? Don't worry. We are here.
So. You guys can have your drinks.
Thank you.
I was from a very poor family.
We could not go to school. I mean
we could barely afford to go to school.
But thank God for the Baptist Church Funds. I was
able to get schorlaship grant to go to nursing school.
I was once of the best student in class.
I finished well.
Oh bisola.
And shortly after I graduated, I got
a job with the specialist hospital.
One day, my colleague invited
me to her birthday party.
That was where I met Ade.
Which Ade?
The same Ade you know.
Your husband's best friend.
What's this about? Why are we here?
Patience! Patience my dear
You'll understand in a minute
My dear please carry on. It's important
she hears the story herself.
Anyway, to cut the long story short, before I
knew what was happening, Ade and I were married.
I mean who wouldn't want to marry a good looking,
nice, young, ambitous, "abroad husband"?
Ade spent money. I mean good money.
He threw money here and there for
my family. Oh they loved him
Our wedding was the grandest my
village ever witnessed.
Motheres wanted their daughter to be like Bisola.
Mothers urged their daughters to marry abroad husband
Oh God
As soon as we got to London, Ade did well.
He enrolled me in an adaptation course.
And he got me a job shortly afterwards.
Everything was good.
And then, the drama started.
My sweetheart.
My husband
You're so beautiful
Thank you my husband
I'm so blessed to have you. Indeed
you are my precious gift from the Lord
I'm the the one that is blessed to have you.
In fact, thank you for everything you've
done for me and my family.
Thank you so much for everything
I am blessed to have you.
It is you that I will thank my Love.
Thank you for agreeing to be my wife
Listen this is our home. Let me show you around.
OK. I'm excited.
You'll know the parts of our house.
Come on.
So this is the way to the kitchen
He opened a bank account for me.
But he kept the card.
I was not even able to buy myself sanitory towel.
He said he doesn't want me to stress
myself doing shopping
I mean what did I know? I believed him.
You mean you could not have
access to you own bank card?
The story hasn't even started. My
dear Bisola, let his get receive sense.
Tell her. Open her ears please.
Time rolled by. Before I knew it, It was 2 years.
And in those two years, I had not
sent my aged parents a penny.
Not a dime. Ade came up with different stories
that he was unlawfully dismissed from work...
...and he needed to pay Lawyers. He needed to pay
court fees so that he can get back to work after the case...
...and support the both of us.
So that I'll stop extra shift
Again. I foolishly believed him.
And one day. I received a call...
...that my aged father, my old father...
...he climbed a tree to tap palm wine and he fell down.
My father that struggled to raise me.
Why? I'm sure he just needed to survive.
They had a daughter who was a qualified nurse. I mean
I was earning more than enough to take care of them
But I couldn't do it.
But I'm sure they didn't know. I'm sure
they would have thought she was irresponsible
Because I didn't tell anyone what I was going through
But I was enslaved in this so called abroad marriage.
Oh my God
May thunder strike him down.
He has not even started
So I asked Ade. I say please.
Please let us send Papa money for treatment.
Ade agreed. He agreed. He sent the money.
He sent 50 pounds
He sent 50 pounds meanwhile I was
earning 3,500 after tax.
Because I was doing extra shift
Papa died.
Papa died.
Abroad husband every time. Honestly..
After Papa died, I asked my husband, I
said please let us bring mama to England
So that I can at least take care of her so
she won't end up like Papa. But he refused.
And for the very first time since we got
married, I looked my husband in the face.
I spoke to him with a stern voice.
I was angry. I was very mad
Ade was callous
See Ade, just...
Look, just stop this trouble already.
We had a good time last night.
What is this trouble about?
Stop it Bisola. I don't have the time.
No. See. I want my bank card.
Give me my bank card for crying out loud.
I want my mother to come down here.
How dare you talk to me like that? I am asking
you? Am I the one that killed your father?
No! Am I the one that killed your father?
Incase you've forgotten Bisola, I brought
you to this town.
I paid yout ticket to come to this town. You have no
right to speak to me the way you are speaking to me.
If not for me, who knows you? You will
know you or know your wretched family
You are telling me about your bank card.
Look, be careful.
Give me my card. what is it?
I said I want to bring my mother here
I can take care of her.
You want her to die like my father?
So I'm the one that killed your father?
No! I'm asking you?
Am I the one that killed your father?
Look, incase you have forgotten, I am still
the head of this family
And what I say stands. You must obey it.
Even the bible said it...
Oh please! Which bible.
Every time you want to commit evil, you'll say
"the bible says"..., Bible told you what?
The bible told you to spend my money? Give me my money
what is it? I said I want my bank card
You've grown wings. No! You have now grown
wings. I'm asking you Bisola
Look. The dog that does not listen to the
master's whistle goes into destruction
I feel pity for you because you don't
even know who you are dealing with.
You nonentity. If not for me, nobody will recognize
you or know you or know your wretched poor family.
You stand now and talk to me
I will report you to social service.
I will call the police on you
My colleagues already told me what to do.
They will get everything that belongs to me from you.
So you just wait.
So you now have colleagues?
No! I am asking you. Your colleagues told you
to come and do this and do that in my house?
Me Adekunle Adegbite!
You now stand and talk to me back when I talk?
Just give me my money!
And I'm talking you're standing...
Are you mad? I am talking and you're...'re trying me
You try me and see.
You try me and see and I will show you I'm the head of the family and I'm the one that runs the affair.
Look at you. You're not even ashamed of yourself.
Try me again you bagger!
Then came the physical abuse.
Ade beat me.
Ade beat me like a child
He beats me at the slightest provocation.
Even when he was not provoked, he beats me.
I will cry so loud
The neighbours will call in the police
And when the police comes, I would lie.
I will like that nothing of such had happened.
Leave me! Leave me you this witch
Leave me! Leave me!
Leave me you bagger!
Leave me! Leave me!
No! You're not doing this one
I will destroy you!
I will finish you
Take it easy bro. Take it easy
I will deal with you
Are you sure you're ok?
Call the police
Just calm down.
Call the police
Just calm down. Try and sit down.
You're a bagger!
Did you call the police in Nigeria
before I brought you?
It's ok. Calm down
Well, Mama died.
The guilt, the trauma, it haunted me.
It haunted me so much. I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't concentrate. I had lost my mind
Ade! Ade! Mama is dead!
Is that not what you want? Mama is dead!
What is wrong with you?
Mama is dead!
Stop this rubbish! Stop this nonsense!
Are you mad?
I am done for! Help me oh my God!
What kind of woman is this that
I married for goodness sake?
I made a mistake. I made a big Mistake
I think you're Insane
Stop shouting in my house! Stop this noise.
What's going on here?
Did he hit you again? Talk to me.
Don't tell me Ade hit you again.
Are you ok ma'am? What's going on?
I think this is beyond what you're seeing
Can you call ambulance please?
Oh my God! Oh my God!
She's gone mad!
No! You're not doing that
This is not good.
Oh my God
You need to call the ambulance
What is the meaning of this? Bisola what is
the meaning of this, are you alright?
Can you just stop this rubbish. Come on stop
this rubbish. Behave yourself there.
What is the meaning of this?
Are you alright?
Bisola! Stop this rubbish now!
I'm on duty tonight
Jesus Christ!
Are you normal?
Are you normal?
Concerned friends had to put me in
a mental home to get help
May God punish all these evil creatures.
There, I got counselling.
I am getting there. I am not there yet.
I am getting better.
But thank God for this coutry that cared so much
about the vulnerable like myself and many others.
They forbade Ade from getting in touch with me.
They retrieved my account from him.
This is my eight year away from Ade.
And my fourth year after I left the hospital
So this thing is common
So what you're telling me is that this thing is
rampant is tha what you're saying?
I didn't know myself until I got in there
and I realized that.
70% of black African women in thatsituation
were there because of marital issues
Our women have been turned into London slaves.
So I decided that I was going
to be the voice for the voiceless
I decided to lend my voice, to tell my
story to whoever wanted to listen.
I could tell my story ten times a
day just to help somebody
That we need to speak out, we
need to look for help
We shouldn't bother about what
people are saying.
Let's talk about it. Whatever mental slavery they've put
them into, they need to get out of it consciously.
Oh my God
My dear you need to learn from my story. Don't
wait for you own experience. It might be too late.
God help me.
Thank you.
Everything will be fine.
Alright. Take it easy Alright. Bye ladies
Truth is, I don't think I'll be able to bear a child.
Ada I am so sorry. I am so sorry.
I didn't know it was this bad.
I am so sorry. Can you imagine what I
have put you into now my friend.
No. You didn't know. Moreso, I needed
a cute guy from London.
You were only doing what a sister will do.
But when did my brother become such a monster?
Raymond Ali Balogun...
And those women said it but we did not believe them
Father please help my brother.
Please help my brother
And the truth is, I don't love him anymore
Love died long ago in this marriage.
I want a divorce.
No Ada.
Divorce? Ada it can't happen.
You can't divorce my brother.
You have to give him another chance. Please.
Please. Don't give up on my brother
Oh! It's your brother you're concerned about?
I am someone's sister! What about me?
Don't I matter?
You matter Ada. You matter
My friend you matter. You know you
are more than a friend to me.
You are actually my sister. I am so sorry.
I am so sorry you had to go through this.
I am so sorry.
There is nothing I can say I know.
But please just one more chance.
I am begging you. Please.
I am dying.
I am dying little by little.
Or is it my corpse you want to come and carry?
God forbid. It will not happen.
But you know what? I have a plan.
I know someone. I am going to take you
to meet the person tomorrow.
And with that, things will work out I promise
Just one more thing that you will do for me.
Please I beg you in the name of God
Please in the name of God. I am so sorry you
had to go through this my dear friend. I am so sorry.
Good afternoon sir. Is that Raymond Balogun?
Yes it is.
Oh that's very good.
Look I am Inspector Webley. I am telephoning
from the police station.
We've had a report of domestic violence
committed from your address.
Would you mind coming into the
station for some questions sir?
I shouldn't be taking out more than
about half an hour of your time
Can you come in this evening?
Can you be here at the police station this evening sir?
You see, the way I am looking at things
right now, I think you should sue for a divorce.
Yes. Because when you look at it
What do you mean sue for a divorce?
On what grounds?
On the ground of infidelity
Yes Ray.
Infidelity. You'll tell them that your religion does not permit a woman to be with a man and still be doing things outside her matrimonial home
It could cause you sickenss, it could cause your death
As a matter of fact, you should claim
abandonment and negligence.
Come on man. Are you having a laugh?
No I am not.
Be serious man.
I am serious Ray! I am very serious.
They don't reason like the way you and I reason men.
If I were you, right now as I speak
to you, I will claim bankruptcy. Yes!
That way she'll be paying you men.
You'll still be minting your dough
No! Hell no!
I don't want to be a laughing stock.
Just say something else.
Look. You are not a laughing stock my man.
I am telling you as a friend and as a brother.
In fact...
As I speak to you right now, when we get there,
what you should file for is Alimony.
And even claim the house on top of it. She will be paying for the house, and also still be paying you.
From claiming bankruptcy.
Man, wake up!
From the look of things, it looks as if
This is caused by ancenstral spirits
Ancenstral spirits?
It will require spiritual warefare.
But God is mighty. There is nothing
impossible with God
We have been made more than a
conqueror though Christ Jesus.
Oh yes.
They have failed in Jesus' name
That's it. That's the spirit.
With God, it is not hard. But you
have to work in agreement with God
And to walk with God, You have to take away
divorce. It is not an option
Because God hates divorce.
OK Reverend
You see it is caused by people from his father side
They have failed in Jesus name.
Your husband is the only son is he not?
He is Reverend.
They do not want him to have a child of his own
In fact they want to wipe out the lineage completely.
God forbid.
So, this ancestral spirit thing, you can
drive it away right?
Of course. We serve a mighty God.
There is nothing Jehovah cannot do,
But first of all, you have to work in agreement with God, and then, we would sow a seed.
You will sow a seed, the seed of harmony.
Seed of harmony.
When you sow the seed, it will bring back
Harmonious atmosphere in your home.
It will restore your home and drive away
all the wrong spirits
Reverend, money is not the problem.
Money is not the problem at all.
as long as my husband will be free.
Oh yes. You see a lot of people do not understand
the mystery of seed sowing in the kingdom
There was a man called Cornelius in the bible,
in the book of acts of the apostles
This man was a devout Jew.
He loved the Lord with his heart
and he served God.
But Cornelius added to his service of God
by giving of alms and offering.
Cornelius gave such a "momentus" offering.
It became a memorial before God
Not only was Cornelius saved, his whole
household was saved with him.
So thi seed that you're sowing,
It will not only deliver your husband
But the whole lineage will be saved
Oh yes
Really! Just seed?
Oh yes
Reverend please I am ready. How do
how do I sow this seed?
Not a problem at all. I will...
I will pass unto you now the church account details
And you can do online transfer
Oh yea.
Let us pray.
Yes Reverend.
Let us pray.
You're a good friend
She is. She is my very good friend.
God bless you.
What's all these?
Baby stop it. I don't want
It doesn't matter what you want.
I want it now.
No stop it.
Am I not your husband?
Please I don't want.
Who brought you to London,
is it not me?
Please stop it!
Stop it! I don't want.
I don't want. Stop it!
Are you not my wife? Are you mad?
Are you mad?
Stop it
You must give it to me how I want
it and when I want it. OK?
I married you. I brought you to London.
I deserve some accolades right now.
I am lost for words. I don't even know what to say.
This is incredibly sad.
I don't know how anyone will treat
another human being like that.
No. This is crazy. That's not right.
I'm just tired
I don't know. Maybe I should
just accept this as my lot...
No! Oh sorry. I didn't mean
to startle you
But no. It's not right.
Don't accept it as your lot.
No one deserves that. This guys is just a monster.
As a woman you're the price.
Any man that wants you has to work
hard to deserve you
Not this monster. This guy does not
deserve you at all
He does not deserve you.
I'm tired.
No. You deserve better than this.
Everything is going to be ok
It's alright
Alright. Sorry.
It's not looking good
You cannot claim alimony due to your past history
of domestic violence against your previous girlfriends
There is a pattern here.
So you're saying that if I divorce my wife
there is nothing for me?
I'm afraid not
My dad, I can't get rid of hid threats.
He seized all my allowances because of that evil woman.
I will teach her a lesson
I advice you against any rash actions
Please think through before you do
something that you may regret.
Oh really?
We'll see about that.
Let me see you off
Babe. I have made up my mind. I am leaving him.
Whatever is going to happen, let it happen
Nothing will happen.
I'm telling you
In fact, you should have left him since
I'll advice you not to return to that house.
Ever since he left you two days
ago, has he called you?
Has he said anything? No.
My friend, stay away.
No. I won't do that
At least let me go and give him the last
respect by letting him know my decision
I strongly advise against it.
The guy is too violent for my liking
What is he going to do?
Beat me up as usual?
It's not going to change anything
Should I come with you?
What for? Don't worry
I'll be fine. There's no need for that
I have this funny feeling
OK. Why don't you wait until tomorrow,
and somone will come with you.
Amaka. You worry too much. Nothing will
happen to me. I'll be fine.
My phone is ringing. Let me see.
It's Ray
Don't answer.
Hello Ray.
Cut it off.
You're always sorry.
And what has it change? It hasn't changed anything
OK. That's alright.
I will come over this evening and we'll talk about it.
It's alright.
Yea I'll see you then. Bye
Why do you have this worried look on your face?
Don't worry. I will be alright
Hey! Baby.
Come on babe, you're still upset at me
Look, I made dinner. Your favourite food.
I made you something special today
Please sit.
Sit honey. Come on. I mean
I knew you'll be tired from work today
So I took the liberty of getting
you a very soft drink
And it's been a while we had a mean time together.
Look at this.
Smeels good right?
Yea. Right. Help yourself out ok?
I have to go.
Go where? I mean I just...
It took me all day to get this done
Babe I...
Come here!
Please. Come. He's trying to kill me. Come and get me
He's trying to kill me! Come!
Come quickly to my house
He's trying to kill me
What is it?
Go! He wants to kill me!
Go before he kills me!
May your life be sweet.