My Lucky Star (2013) Movie Script

Help me!
Someone help!
It's no use yelling my dear,
you're in way over your pretty head.
Know why he isn't coming to save you?
Because he never loved you.
I said I loved him - he didn't disagree!
Before I die, can I tell you a secret?
Take that!
I knew you would come for me!
Sorry, traffic held me up.
Life is worth the adventure.
And the biggest adventure of
all is falling in love.
When I'm drawing,
I'm queen of the world,
calling all the shots.
I can have a great adventure,
create the perfect man,
and kiss him in the end.
The only problem is that
at the end of the day,
my prince only exists on paper.
If only you were real.
Another masterpiece for submission.
That's what I think anyway.
it is what it is.
One more try.
He's not a real man.
I know.
Sophie, look at your life!
You graduated years ago,
and haven't kept a relationship
longer than six months.
You're not getting younger,
hurry up and find someone to marry!
Morn, get out of my head!
Always going on about marriage!
It really gets old!
For a girl, marriage
is more important than a career.
You don't want to end up like me,
settling with the only man left.
Look what she wears
all day!
How are you going to
get a man's attention
dressed like a cartoon!
Your mother is right! Always right!
I'm a creative professional.
When my career takes off,
then I'll worry about marriage!
Stop nagging!
Sophie, your fridge
is a mess.
Everything is expired!
I'm gonna be late for work.
This is my life.
It all starts at this
humble alley where I live.
I'm just a normal girl,
living a normal life,
working a dead-end job
to keep a roof over my head.
Sophie you got a package!
We're in the middle of the Suning
Sweepstakes, keep your receipt,
you might win a trip to Singapore!
But I have dreams for my life.
One day, I'll be published.
My prince will come and
sweep me off my feet.
Romance and adventure
are around the corner.
A surprise
will strike at anytime!
Hello, hello? I need a flight
from Beijing to Tianjin, Kitten.
What's it gonna cost?
First class only!
And I need a deal!
Anyone there?
I'm here,
What kind of service is this?
- Don't hang up,
- I'm gonna.
Ok yes!
Report you!
I'll sell you the ticket!
Everyone stand up!
Last month you were late four times.
This month, you were early four times.
But I got all my work done.
Right, but you want to
win an employee award, right?
You win Worst Employee
of the Year!
Look at Sophie here.
Bad sales,
bad organization,
and her garlic noodles
stink up the lunch room.
Learn from her incompetence!
- Understand?
- Understood...
We're all working through lunch today!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop hitting me!
Hello, Ms. Sophie,
I'm calling
from Suning's Guest Relations.
Congratulations, you're the winner
of the "My Lucky Star" sweepstakes!
The prize is a Luxury
5-day trip to Singapore.
In a moment you'll be able to register
via your mobile.
Thanks for your support, goodbye!
This is actually for real!
let's have fun tonight OK?
Speed Bar.
I can't.
I'm busy.
She's hermiting.
Hey Sophie,
you gotta get out of the house.
Otherwise you will go stale.
We had a blast last time.
You got yourself quite a catch.
Are you kidding?!
You got the hot drummer.
I got stuck with
his chubby drunk friend.
Sophie, I got a good one for you
this time.
My hubby's got a rich friend
in the energy business.
I want to date a oil magnate!
How come you never set me up?
Give me a break.
You switch boyfriends
more often than you change underwear.
Your husband changes girlfriends
faster than I change boyfriends!
Low blow!
I'm helping Sophie
because she's terrible with men!
You've had every man in Beijing.
Are you calling me loose?!
But you do have a reputation
as a slut.
OK! I will come.
By the way,
CiCi is coming too.
If you don't want "The
Fabulous One" talking crap,
Dress smart.
Excuse me,
Can discounted items be returned?
Of course not!
Oh my god!
What's wrong with you?
This'll shut CiCi up.
Don't get it dirty or
else you can't return it.
How's the new comic book coming?
I've turned the hero
into the perfect man.
He's kind, understanding, elegant,
and so handsome...
This type of man
is most likely "happy."
I'm not worried. Happy guys"
can be made straight.
check this out,
I won a trip
to Singapore.
How much you think I can get for it online?
Why the heck are YOU not going?
Vacationing by myself?
A bit pitiful don't you think?
Do you smell that?
Let me introduce. My boyfriend Thomas...
- Hi!
- Hi
Publishing executive with a great future.
- Hello!
- Hi!
Just got married to a rich guy.
sells plane tickets.
your tag-
Always so forgetful.
Here, let me help you with that.
No need to thank me.
Thomas, lets do our thing
in the bathroom.
Ladies, it's gonna be a while.
Wait for me.
They're going to the bathroom together?
She's changing his diaper.
Take it easy.
If only I was like the
heroine of my stories,
I wouldn't take her shit!
You are the heroine of your stories!
Why don't you go to Singapore!
we could come with you.
Yeah let's go!
I'll go anywhere they speak Chinese.
Just us sisters.
You guys are too good to me!
Cheers to sisterhood!
David Yan is a wildcard,
but he's one of our best agents.
Yes sir.
- Send him in.
- Yes sir.
- Sir.
- David.
How much longer
you working that Chow case?
About four months.
I'm taking you out.
I need you to go to Singapore.
Is this about the Lucky Star?
Five days ago
the Lucky Star Diamond was taken
from an exhibition in London.
That's no ordinary rock.
So you've heard of it.
It works as a crystal oscillator
for a high-energy laser.
Once weaponized
it'll be a wet dream for arms dealers.
The infamous Mr. Gao has been contracted
to retrieve the diamond.
He's a ruthless killer.
So whoever hired him is very powerful
and very dangerous.
Your mission
is to stop the transaction,
retrieve the diamond,
and most importantly,
find out who is behind the purchase.
Got it.
Your maverick actions on your last case
almost got you killed.
You fell in love with our key suspect,
while your job was to apprehend
an international terrorist.
it was just an engagement.
We never made it to the altar.
my ass is on the line here too.
Got it.
Target acquired.
Grey suit.
Got it.
Send me a pic.
Soon enough.
let me help you.
That's alright, I got it.
He's going in.
You can't be serious.
You're just like him.
You're... real?
As real as it gets.
Excuse me.
No signal. What happened?
I'll take care of it.
I'm checking in Ms...
It didn't turn on.
Must've missed the connection.
Give it a tap.
The whole bluetooth getup looks
really smart on him.
Ms. Sophie.
Ms. Sophie.
Your room card.
That bluetooth look fits you,
but it might cause brain cancer.
Don't misunderstand.
My friends were supposed to come with me,
but they stood me up.
My luggage broke,
my clothes are dirty,
but those are my issues, not yours.
Allow me.
Send up a new dress to her room.
Put it on my tab.
Right away.
Art Science Museum. Don't miss it.
Ear plug?
Mr. Chen,
I almost forgot.
Here's your digital invitation
to the VIP Skydeck party.
Thank you.
Enjoy Singapore.
OK, do your thing.
See you later!
Hey, hey.
What party was that invitation for?
It's a private party on the Skydeck.
You've got the cash wires?
I'll pick up the packages
tonight then.
Code is a total of three phrases.
"I want to have a drink in the back room."
"The back room is where
all the hard stuff is.
"The hard stuff is exactly what I want."
In that sequence.
Bingo, the exchange will take place tonight
at the private party.
Bo, all you have to do is
keep the real Gao out.
Relax, no problemo.
It's my job.
I'm thinking about
my undercover ID.
How 'bout
I go as a bodyguard.
One that knows kung fu.
Or how bout as a rapper.
Not bad right?
I chose you for this mission
because you're our best tech guy.
I'm the field agent,
got it?
I'll go undercover
as our friend Mr. Gao,
beat him to the bar,
and repeat the code, in order, at 10pm.
"I want to have a drink in the back room."
After that,
the seller's men will take
me to their VIP room.
I get the diamond,
we leave without a trace.
Easy peasy.
Can't be easier.
Sophie I'm so sorry!
We just wanted you to get out and play!
It was
all Lily's idea.
we're doing this for you own good.
I'm so lucky
to have friends like you.
You'll never guess who I met!
- Bill Gates?
- Beckham?
I met a guy
looks just like the hero of my comics!
He's so handsome,
and he was
totally flirting with me!
What am I gonna do?
Are you seeing him again?
Not a chance.
He's going to the VIP party tonight.
VIP Party?
you have to go,
look hot, and hit that.
Hit what?
You know I'm a poor shot.
got zero game
with men.
But you know who's got game?
Your heroine.
Be her
Oh no!
Complements of the gentleman.
I'm gonna hit that.
Thank You.
Your invitation please.
I forgot mine, but can I...?
You look thin in that dress.
Guys, hurry up!
Hurry up!
All I get are a few servers
for a party this big?
There's more coming.
Let's hurry up!
OK, coming!
Newbie! Hurry up!
The party's started.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, but this doesn't work.
Mr. Gao, are you feeling the love?
Let's play-
Bye bye.
I'm really sorry, but this isn't accepted.
Do you mind stepping aside
for the other guests please?
all good on my end.
I can't get in.
Take care of it!
Hurry P!
What are you looking at,
get to it!
Come on, come on!
"I want to have a drink in the back room."
Mr. Chen,
remember me?
It's Sophie.
"The back room is where
all the hard stuff is.
Hard stuff?
Look at what I'm wearing!
Hard style courtesy of Mr. Chen.
Sorry, I think I have the wrong person.
Wait wait,
"The hard stuff is exactly what I want."
Try some of mine.
No, no, no, no!
The code's gotta be spoken in order, okay?
Let's try again.
"I want to have a drink in the back room."
What's the hurry?
Sorry sorry sorry!
I got you all wet.
"The back room is where
all the hard stuff is.
"The hard stuff is exactly what I... want."
I'm so sorry. I've really
done it this time.
Sophie what are you doing?
Sorry I didn't mean to...
David, they've reset the code.
I'm working on it,
I can't hear you.
I'm not talking to you,
stop Wiping!
Sir please come with us.
This is a private party.
Can we check your invitation?
It's all my fault.
Just guard my drink.
- Where're you going?
- David, what's going on?
Don't touch me.
he's in.
Good to go.
You are so good at your job.
The hard stuff is hard to get.
I want the hard stuff too.
You sure?
Of course.
The buyer's at the bar.
Bring her up.
please come with me.
Miss, come with me.
My friend has my invite.
I'm not here to crash the party.
This is the world's biggest diamond.
It's yours now.
Where's my drink?
Your girlfriend drank it.
My girlfriend?
This case is made
from titanium alloy.
The key to the lock is
the owner's fingerprint.
Without the owner,
not even an atomic bomb
can open the case.
Is this part of the prize package?
Suning is too generous,
I'll be happy with just the case.
It's all yours.
This, is, mine?
That's right.
Just set the lock.
From here on out,
only you can open this case.
Lip Print!
Wow! Never seen that before.
"I want to have
a drink in the back room."
It's been drunk.
I said I want to have a
drink in the back room!
Hey, Mr. Chen,
I won a diamond!
Get her!
It's mine!
Come with me.
What's going on!
Why'd you hit me!
My bad, sorry sorry.
Where's the case?
I got the case.
Game over!
You think you cool?
Can't open it without me anyway!
Did you really have to say that out loud?
Get them both!
Don't mind me.
Are you afraid of a little adventure?
Stop screaming, I'm going deaf.
David, what's going on?
Bo, Plan B.
This is awesome.
Do you always travel this way?
Where'd the parachute come from?
Can I buy it online?
Your friend back there
is such a good actor,
really did a number on me.
Do you always talk this much?
Wait a sec,
is this part of the package?
You're heavy.
Stop fidgeting. Hold tight.
You're so buff.
Let's do this again!
This is not a rollercoaster.
Wrap your legs tight
around me when we land.
What a thrill!
I said, wrap your legs tight.
Wow, that was really something.
You can come down now.
How did they get here so fast? Run!
Over there!
That way!
Stop running, freeze!
Let's split up and trap them
in the middle.
I'll take the left,
you take the right.
What's the hurry?
The good guys always win in movies.
We are not in a movie.
They're over there!
Over here,
Over here!
You must be an agent.
Who sent you?
What the hell are you talking about?
I'm with Beijing Feng Guang Travel Agency.
Wow, third base already?
At least take me to dinner first.
I hear something here, get over here!
I hear something over there, let's go.
I see them boss!
What the...?
You can't take calls now!
Did you find Mr. Handsome?
He's holding my hand right this second!
Damn, Sophie got game!
You wouldn't believe it,
Mr. Handsome is all over me!
Don't listen to her Lucy.
Making up stories again.
I'm serious!
This thing is too real.
This guy is unbelievable,
sexy, strong, and unbeatable service.
Sophie, is he single?
Don't mess
with the married ones with kids.
Let me see.
Nope, no ring.
Well if it's just a fling,
go all out!
Sophie, don't listen to Lucy.
She's a bad influence.
Get in there!
Move it! Go back!
That's what you get for stuffing
your face all the time.
Sophie, what's going on?
Why are you breathing so hard?
This ride is crazy,
and it won't stop.
Not this way!
Slow down, I'm dyin' here.
- Get on top of me!
- What, on top of you?
Yeah, Sophie! Get some!
Ow! Take it easy!
Sophie, stop messing around.
Where are you?
I'm on top.
Sophie, so wild! I bow to you!
It's not what you think.
Such dirty minds.
We're being chased.
What did you say?
Where are they?
They were just here!
Let's get down.
Today has been a blast!
We jumped down off the building!
- Sorry, gotta run.
- I'm not finished!
We have to get them!
Bo, meet us at the safe house.
Hurry P!
Over there!
Did you find them?
What about you?
Nothing over here.
Did you look carefully?
We've looked everywhere.
we have the diamond.
But there's a problem.
It's a bit complicated.
You know how I hate
to be disappointed.
In other words,
Gao got away with the diamond,
but he can't open it?
You sure messed up, Field Agent.
What do we with this girl?
Unfortunately, she's become the key.
Key? What key?
Where am I?
If I tell you I'd have to kill you.
Who's taking me back to the hotel?
The hotel isn't too far.
Just a little
over 2000km.
Put this on.
where are we?
I had enough fun. Someone take me back.
This is not a game.
what is this place?
Our safehouse.
What are we doing here?
We're looking for a
diamond, the "Lucky Star."
It's not a regular diamond.
It absorbs extreme heat
but is cool to the touch.
It was stolen during an
exhibition in London.
The world's arms dealers are after it.
Arms dealers?
Wait a sec,
how do I know you guys aren't the bad guys.
Trust me, we're the good guys.
My name is Yan,
David Yan.
This is Bo, our tech specialist.
Yo Yo, I know I'm way more handsome
than a tech guy.
We're after the diamond,
but the case it's in,
well, only you can open it.
You guys are for real!
Hey! Don't touch that.
Know what this is?
It's called "Bo 1.0."
It's a super virus
that can hack any system
generate a full system crash
in less than two minutes.
My masterpiece.
Gao has gone underground.
Our only lead to the Lucky
Star is the seller,
do you remember what he looks like?
He is...
very ugly-
Can you describe him?
How ugly?
Like, really ugly.
Forget it David,
we can't go on a wild goose
chase for ugly dudes.
We just have to suck it up to HQ
and admit that we've failed.
I can't have another mission
end the way it did last time.
Pull up the list of all
known jewel thieves.
that's him.
Li Wan.
I've worked on a case that
he was involved with.
He goes to a gentlemen's club every Friday.
It's called "Rebecca.
Rebecca Club is in Hong Kong.
Li Wan is a VIP member there.
But Rebecca is limited to only 54 members.
A new guest will be noticed right away.
You need a girl.
Girls always get into clubs.
A dancer,
good idea.
Want me to call the HQ for a female agent?
No time, this goes down now.
So where are we gonna find an agent?
South America.
Maternity leave.
I'm just a travel agent!
I sell tickets! And draw comics!
I absolutely cannot dance.
She's right, it's a terrible idea.
We've got 48 hours.
Plenty of time to train.
thank you for saving my life!
But I've got to be on my way.
Taxi! Taxi!
Over here, hello!
Whaddya know, she's crazy.
Taxi, hey!
you're the key to a 250
million dollar diamond.
The bad guys are after you.
And when they find you, they'll kill you.
I knew I should have never left Beijing!
Taxi! Taxi!
I want to go home.
Crying won't solve anything.
I need your help.
Trust me.
Life is worth the adventure.
If I help you find the diamond,
I can go home, right?
Do you like a firm mattress?
I don't mind.
There's your bed.
Sweet dreams.
How come you guys still haven't cracked
open the case?
This is very odd.
We've run millions of thumb prints.
No matches.
In three days,
I'm going to demonstrate this
powerful weapon to buyers.
I can't do that
with the diamond locked in a case!
We're out of options
until we find that girl.
It was Li Wan's fault...
Take responsibility. The buyers are set.
Either find me another diamond
or find me that girl.
Three days. Or you'll find out
how I got my reputation.
Try me.
Keep at it!
Where's Sophie?
Stayed up all night
watching dance videos.
Get up. Training time.
First lesson.
Always remember,
if something goes wrong,
switch to Plan B.
Plan B is to escape. Run.
Run? How hard can that be.
Watch closely.
Plan B!
Here we go,
The horse stance.
Left strike, right strike.
Pop that butt back in,
straighten that back.
Turn, like this.
That's right, that's the movement.
Should be straight.
The most important thing is to kick
the enemy's... family jewels.
Hey hey.
Not mine.
Sophie, lie down.
Does this hurt?
You're so tight.
That's right, keep it tight.
Lock my shoulder.
That hurts!
Who do you hate more than
anyone in the world?
Who do you love the most?
Not telling.
CiCi stole him from you!
This tactic works.
Final lesson.
Nothing is what it seems.
Awareness can separate life from death.
Over there,
what do you see?
Let's see,
There's a man fishing.
Seems like he's talking to himself.
But in fact, he's talking
to the fish.
He's telling them about his lost love.
He'll release the fish
back into the ocean,
and they'll carry his message
across the world in search of his love.
There's a woman
who just found out she's pregnant.
She knows the baby will grow up
to be strong and tall,
because the baby won't
stop moving in her tummy.
Over there is a little boy
who loves throwing pebbles.
In 20 years,
this lonely boy
will meet the love of his life.
Little does he know that
at this moment,
that little girl
is in that woman's tummy,
watching him.
What did you see?
Four unarmed civilians,
potential weapon in the boat anchor,
potential sniper cover in the tower.
Chopper access,
boat access,
and limited land access.
You missed everything.
Let's get serious.
Okay, the mission is simple.
Bo distracts a dancer.
You'll go onstage as her replacement
and get Li Wan's attention.
Then you find a way to slip him this.
What's this stuff?
A little nitrous oxide,
a drop of tropane alkaloid,
with a touch of baby formula.
Poison? You guys gonna kill him?
It's a truth serum.
After ingestion,
he'll tell you everything,
and remember none of it.
Ask him who he sold the
Lucky Star diamond to.
You'll get the answer.
And when you go to the VIP room,
change into this.
It's your bulletproof jacket.
I told you I'd protect you.
What? I'm gonna get shot?!
This area is restricted.
I'm her manager.
Nice. Cool.
Hey beautiful.
I'm a talent scout.
This is my card.
I saw you on stage last night,
you left quite an impression.
Have you ever
considered the big screen?
Too much?
It's fantastic.
There he is, Li Wan.
I told you he was ugly, and fat too.
I hope there's enough truth serum.
Mamma mia,
these girls are really something.
Where is she!?
Come on!
I found someone
who'll be the perfect fit.
Her name is...
- sorry what's your name?
Her name is Coco.
You're replacing Coco.
Coco partied too hard last night.
She said she called you.
Ok fine! Hurry up!
The director is quite interested.
If you don't mind,
why don't we
have a little audition right here.
- Here?
- Yeah.
Let's begin.
Get outta here!
What the hell are you doing?
Can you dance!?
Get off the stage!
Who the hell are you?
What the hell are you doing?
Gimme a beat,
Here we go now,
Hit me now!
I want that girl.
You did well.
You think I did OK?
He won't forget that for a long time.
You know what to do.
One more thing Sophie,
be careful.
You kicked everyone out
just for me?
Of course.
This way we can...
do whatever we like...
however we like.
Now now, don't rush it.
Come down, baby!
Come come,
Hold tight.
A toast to us.
Let me take a look at
the pictures you took.
Of course.
Did you get a pic of me?
You like butts!
come HOW.
We've met before you know.
Remember? In Singapore,
that special night.
I'm a comic book artist,
my name is Sophie.
But my real job is selling plane tickets,
need a discount?
But for the time being,
I'm a spy.
I met this hot guy.
He gave me a bottle of truth serum,
said it was for you.
He said you resemble an ogre.
Ogre? What?
You know why I'm here?
Where's my diamond?
Don't you remember?
The Lucky Star.
Damn, you smell!
Fatty, you smell!
Come! Get in here!
Hurry up,
Let's go!
What's going on?
Who, who sent you!
Bo, Plan B.
Sorry, I'm occupied at the moment.
Thanks for your cooperation.
We'll be in touch.
Got it boss, we'll check it out.
I'll call you.
Remember to call!
Plan B.
There's no one here. Are you sure?
David, in the back!
Go go go!
Sophie, what were you thinking?
You drank the truth serum!
I told you I'm not spy-material!
But noooo, you said I could be
trained in two days.
Hey... you're so hot when you're angry.
You are David Yan.
Best spy ever!
Not like that perv.
He took pictures of my ass.
This is Li Wan's cell phone?
I stole it!
We can track the buyer through his calls!
You did it!
If we had babies,
I'm sure they'll be pretty babies.
you're still on the truth serum.
You need to sleep it off.
Let me tell you...
you must think
I'm crazy.
But you are the man in my stories.
You're just like him.
The difference is,
he's much more romantic
and sweet.
Every time I draw comics,
I become the heroine I've
always wanted to be.
brave, smart, and bright in every way.
There's nothing
she can't overcome.
But in real life,
I'm not like her at all.
Tonight you were that girl.
Do you like her?
Sophie, I'm an agent.
We're on the job.
Our relationship must remain professional.
Then what's your hand doing?
Why don't you two just get a room.
I know the type of man you are.
Afraid of nothing, except
for falling in love.
Don't be afraid.
I know you'll fall in love with me.
Little Miss Trouble.
We found the girl,
her name is Sophie. Lives in Beijing,
works at a travel agency.
What else?
Not sure about her real identify
or who she's working for.
Only thing I know... she's a spaz.
Don't tell me
you can't handle a spaz.
Three more minutes
and this phone will be unlocked.
My body is so sore!
Told you guys to get a room.
David, you've changed!
You've never made me breakfast.
What happened last night?
Did I mess up the mission again?
Not all the way.
You got Li Wan's cell phone.
There's one number he consistently calls,
but there's no caller ID.
I found an image.
I know that tattoo.
That's Charlize Wong.
Black Widow.
Who's the Black Widow?
The Black Widow
is a high society vixen
who marries rich dudes
and kills them for the inheritance.
Don't exaggerate Bo.
So it's just by
complete chance that
she's been married four times
and doesn't have one
husband to show for it?
All dead?
All dead!
Hubby 1,
oil tycoon.
He drives off a cliff with "bad brakes."
Hubby 2,
also an oil tycoon,
ski accident
at the prime of his life.
Hubby 3,
a jewelry heir
and Mamma DOES love her jewels
he dies on their honeymoon
in bed.
And the most unfortunate
of them all, Hubby 4,
his own yacht
runs him over.
And that's where it gets so suspicious,
because Hubby 4,
he's an arms dealer.
She's been married FOUR TIMES?
My mother
would love her!
We suspect that she's gotten involved
in her ex-husband's
arms dealing business.
We just never got the
evidence to arrest her.
Charlize may be unlucky in love,
but she's no criminal.
David, isn't it obvious?
She's building a satellite laser weapon.
Let's nail her!
No Sophie.
I don't want you involved.
Come on, I handled Li Wan, didn't I?
Sophie, you're out of your league.
Let it go!
I thought we were a team!
You play so well.
What are you thinking about?
She's the one, isn't she?
The one who broke your heart.
How'd you know.
Just a feeling.
My last mission was to go undercover
and find the evidence.
She was so fragile then.
In mourning.
I fell for her.
And then?
Then I was taken off the mission.
I had been compromised.
Is she really that dangerous?
She's extremely dangerous.
I can't involve you anymore.
you know,
everyone thinks
I'm this silly girl.
But you're the first person
to believe in me.
I'm not the person I used to be.
It's getting more and more dangerous.
Would this mission have succeeded
without me?
That's why you need me.
Have faith in me.
I won't let you down.
I promise.
This bracelet has a homing device.
If you get into trouble,
just turn it on.
I'll find you
no matter where you are.
Anywhere in the world?
This is the Dolphin Spa.
Every Friday, Charlize is here.
Microphone, earpiece,
tracking device.
The mission is simple.
Bo, you make contact with
the Black Widow first.
Hi, I'm Beaver,
I'm in the fashion biz.
I just got off my yacht.
We hit the waters hard.
Man, my abs are really tight
from this modeling shoot...
Shhh! I prefer silence.
When she starts talking,
it's Sophie's turn.
See that person there?
That's Jasmine Chan,
the Jewelry heiress. She's a BILLIONAIRE.
I heard they just discovered
the biggest diamond in South Africa.
It's huge.
Sophie, get her to talk.
She'll be very interested in your diamond.
Put this on her,
it'll lead us to the Lucky Star.
Wow, she's smokin'!
So that's her?
I'm going in.
That face is so... dark.
I'm Charlize Wong.
I was married to Mr. Jan.
I'm sure you're familiar
with his collection.
Everyone talks about his collection
like it's something special.
Looks impressive from afar,
but once you see it up
close, it ain't all that.
Nicely put.
Know what I'm really interested in?
Diamonds! Diamonds!
You must love diamonds.
I've heard about you.
I'd love to hear more
about your collection.
Let's talk over tea.
Go away. We're closed.
They say love is a wonderful thing.
But I'm the wrong person to ask.
My last four husbands have passed.
That's a lot of love.
There's one more man,
but he broke my heart.
Once we were in Bermuda,
and he suddenly disappeared.
Didn't even leave a note.
You didn't leave her a note.
That's a jerk move.
He was such a gentleman when he proposed,
telling me I was his one and only.
Some men,
always acting like gentlemen.
But inside, they're jerks like the rest.
How could he forget me just like that?
we can't depend on men.
We must make our own way.
Make them regret what they've done to us.
Let's stop beating around the bush.
The truth is,
you and I, we're after the same thing.
I would've never thought,
So you're interested in weapons?
She just said..
Wait a sec. Sophie,
get out of there!
My dear,
are you uncomfortable?
They're famous for
the ear candle treatment here.
You should try it.
Sophie, it's too dangerous.
Get out if you can.
Now that you mention it,
my ears are kind of itchy.
Signals out!
Get it back.
I can't, she took out the piece.
The weapon you're after,
it's very special.
And has a price to match.
I have 2 million dollars.
Ha ha.
Wait, I mean,
20 BILLION. It was a test.
That's more like it.
But how do I know you're for real?
I'm for real.
I know
you have the Lucky Star.
We should talk somewhere more private.
Go! Go! Go!
She's not getting in the car is she?
Go! Go! Go!
Damn it!
Are we tracking them?
We're tracking.
This is odd... they're in the air now.
You sure this is the place?
That's what the bracelet's showing.
Holy crap!
Mama's got nice digs.
I hope Sophie's still wearing the bracelet.
Welcome to my humble estate.
Not bad.
I have one just like this
in the South of the United Nations.
What do you think? Not bad right?
Come, I want to show you my collection.
I just realized
I have an appointment. I've got to keep it.
Come, dear.
Don't worry,
I won't bite.
Look around.
What do you think of
this little collectible?
I'm sure
it's nothing new to you.
We've created a high-powered laser.
Engineered to wipe out an entire city.
Wherever you like.
And it's bye-bye.
How about we take out Bermuda?
Interesting choice.
I think so too.
It takes a very large diamond to cool it,
which is why I need that diamond.
I was so close,
but then a silly little girl got in my way.
A silly little girl not unlike you.
Open it!
What are you talking about?
Cut the crap!
Good luck destroying Bermuda! Goodbye.
Where do you think you're going?
Don't play dumb.
Open it!
Open it!
My diamond.
You thought you could fool me?
Please don't kill me.
I had nothing to do with this!
My name is Sophie.
I'm just a travel agent. A bad one!
Congratulations Boss.
By the way,
William is waiting for you outside.
What's William doing here?
Hey, let's move it!
Take it easy!
Long time no see, Charlize.
what are you doing here?
I see my plan worked perfectly.
Sophie opened the case for you,
and fell right into the trap.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What are they saying?
I followed the Lucky Star diamond
because I knew it would
lead me right to you.
You're not the easiest woman
in the world to find Charlize.
It's not everyday you find your fiance
is a weapons dealer.
You must think I'm a monster.
I think you've been hurt,
and that's made you do some awful things.
But I think you're the victim.
I never stopped loving you.
Now we can be together.
you're crazy!
She's got the diamond,
and she's turning it into a weapon!
How can I believe you?
If I were lying to you,
why would I put Sophie
right into your hands.
What are you guys saying? Chinese please!
OK then,
prove it to me.
you lied to me.
Do it!
Didn't you say we were in this together?
MY apologies.
Do it!
My name is William.
as I waited in the boat,
I saw David and Gao toss
your lifeless body onto the beach,
after which David and the Black Widow
darted off in a speed boat.
I took you back here to the safehouse.
Luckily, you were shot with
just fake-death serum.
Go home,
here's your plane ticket.
Oh, and I hope you don't mind,
I took a couple pictures
of you passed out.
This bracelet has a homing device.
If you get into trouble, just turn it on.
I'll find you no matter where you are.
Anywhere in the world?
Anywhere in the world.
David has my tracking bracelet.
He wants me to find him!
Hey hey hey, this is Bo. Leave a message.
David's still on the mission.
at the Venetian in Macau.
Black Widow is going to wipe out Bermuda,
you have to go save him!
Unless you're busy...
then it's up to me!
I will save my man!
In the end I realized,
he shot me
because he loves me!
no need to lie, dear. So you struck out?
Go back to work!
Get back to your home...
and reality.
I know it sounds crazy.
But this is real!
I've waited so long for a love like this.
Now he's here and he needs my help.
I need to find out
if he loves me, too.
Sophie, the man shot you!
It's a red-flag!
He did it to save me!
Have a connection!
And I
have get to the Venetian to help David
save Bermuda from destruction.
Bye bye!
Don't hang up!
David, I'm coming!
We should have been like this all along.
Shall we
take a dip together?
You go ahead,
I like to watch.
here I am.
What are you doing?
Hurry up. I'm waiting!
Have you seen enough?
Never enough.
My love,
I have something important to tell you.
What's that?
was supposed to be
a memorial for my late husband.
But I've changed my mind.
I want today to be our day.
Our day?
Let's get married!
For love.
What do you think?
Forever love.
I'll ask Gao to arrange.
lam having a terrible day.
My fianc
left with some man.
Can't find my room card.
Can you help me make a new one?
Your name please?
Charlize Wong.
Charlize Wong?
So you mean,
you're canceling this
wedding at the Grand Canal?
Where is the Grand Canal?
This way.
Mr. Gao, a strange woman was just here,
saying she was Charlize Wong.
What's she look like?
I'm on the way.
Baby, let's go ski in the alps
for our honeymoon.
Isn't skiing
a bit dangerous?
Congratulations Mr. Chen.
Mr. Gao.
Looking sharp.
I should be changing too.
How are the preparations for tonight?
Where's William?
I have something
to show you.
I am such an idiot.
Don't worry,
I'm taking care of it.
tonight's arrangements...
The laser is set.
No changes to tonight's plans.
And William?
I said
no changes!
He'll be my 5,
the wedding will be my alibi.
Then one kiss
with this lipstick and he dies,
and I get a dead husband to blame
for the destruction.
All I have to do is act the part.
Wanna give it a try?
No thanks.
Chicken. I've got the antidote.
Hey there she is.
That's her!
This is a great picture.
This is a great picture.
This ain't her!
Where is she?
Get her!
No where to go now!
A little help please,
- thanks a lot.
- You OK'?
You gonna jump?
Hell no,
I don't have
health coverage.
Get a gondola.
Here you go, that's for you.
There's a dock over here.
I'll be your gondolier.
Miss, how about a song.
Not in the mood.
We bought the package deal. Sing!
You sure?
Come on, come on.
"Heartbreak and joy,
I wish you nothing but the best~."
Don't you have something more romantic?
"We've come this far, but it's not to be."
"Why does love have to be this way?"
"Fa Hai, you don't understand love."
"You gotta get out of that love tower!"
Miss, please
let us get off the boat.
"Love is not something you can buy!"
"it's not something you can buy and sell!"
I gotta get the hell off this boat.
Jump, See you later.
My love, I'll see you in the beyond.
Is it that bad?
Horse stance!
Left leg,
right leg,
Left leg,
right leg!
Left leg, right leg!
Left leg.
Left fist,
right fist,
left fist, right fist!
"Bo, listen!
David's still on the mission.
at the Venetian in Macau."
we have a lead.
In five minutes,
you will witness
the most powerful weapon on earth.
I assure you,
it will be quite a spectacle.
we'll start the bidding.
The bidding is simple.
The prize
goes to the highest bidder.
The countdown begins.
Launch at 8:20!
Boss, the system has been activated.
the man who stands beside you...
Boss, 2 minutes to launch.
Everything is ready.
Please repeat the following vows after me.
I vow that we will treasure each other,
support each other, till death do us part.
Treasure each other, support each other,
till death do us part.
90 seconds to launch.
William, this woman that stands beside you
is going to be your lawfully wedded wife.
If the bride and groom are ready
with your vows, please begin.
I, William Cheng,
take thee to be my lawfully wedded wife,
60 seconds to launch.
If anyone is against this wedding,
please say so now, or
forever hold your peace.
30 seconds to launch.
Groom, you may kiss the bride.
no matter what happens,
I really did love you.
I never wanted to hurt you.
David, David!
What the hell.
A virus?
Give it to me straight!
What's the deal?
Sophie, what are you doing here?
What are you doing?
Why are you still alive!
I need to know...
Do you really love me?
That's what I want to know!
It's complicated...
my love, kiss me.
Forget this fool.
His name is David.
My name is Sophie,
Get your murdering hands off my man!
No pay for anyone who claps.
Sorry everyone,
we're experiencing
a technical difficulty,
but we're taking care of it.
Stand by.
Let's get ready
and the show
will commence shortly.
Get her!
Kick him.
we need you here.
Your password
can restart the system.
I'm on the way.
Where do you think you're going?
Are you alright?
I'm good.
Go Sophie Go!
Stop, Charlize!
This isn't you.
You're better than this.
So you think you know who I am,
David? Or is it William?
Did you lie to her too?
I trusted you,
But I was
just a pawn to you all this time.
I gave you my heart.
"Till death do us part?"
you get to keep that promise.
You owe me a kiss.
Crazy bitch, let go of my man!
get the diamond!
Wig! I called it!
Are you OK?
Get down.
If you're not doin' it, I will!
Crash already!
Kill her!
who do you hate the most?
Come on! Crash!
There's no time!
How come Bo's virus hasn't
shut down the system?
Why's it still counting down?
HOH Hot!
The system will overheat
without the diamond.
It's gonna blow!
Plan B!
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
You did it.
Get up!
Great work, David.
I knew I could count on you.
Silly girl,
do you think he truly loves you?
He'll never come around!
Let's go. You're going behind bars.
Mission accomplished.
Thanks for all your help Sophie.
An agent will escort you home.
Thanks for everything.
Are you there?
What can I help you with?
Ms. Sophie,
you seem to have lost focus again.
That's alright,
take a break.
Oh right.
Scrub down the restroom while you're at it.
You are always asking
me to clean the toliet!
I'm your employee, not your janitor!
watch your attitude!
YOU watch your attitude!
- YOU!
- That's it!
Shut up!
I'm quitting!
Good job!
Good job! Sophie!
The book is out already.
No more crazy thoughts.
That's right,
stop mixing up your comic book
fantasies with real life.
I just don't understand,
how could he take off just like that?
Is that it, just a handshake?
Not again!
Hey, what a coincidence.
Aren't we sisters,
how come you didn't invite me?
poor Sophie.
I heard you got played
by some handsome playboy.
Shut your trap!
David isn't a playboy,
he's a super agent!
Why do you always have to be a bitch?
He taught me kung fu,
want to test me?
Give me a break.
Drink up, bitch.
Drink up drink up.
In the end, I wrote myself a new ending.
But what I really want to know is,
will it come true?
Trust me.
Life is worth the adventure.
Who do you love the most?
Not telling.
I'll be right here with you.
Don't be afraid.
I know you'll fall in love with me.
I left my little alley for a new life,
with a new friend.
We began a whole new life together.
It didn't matter that no one believed me.
It all belonged to me,
deep inside my heart,
no one else can see.
Thank you!
You're welcome!
Bye bye.
May I have a portrait.
Sorry I'm done for the day.
That's a shame,
I was going to give it to a special girl.
A special girl.
No matter where she is in the world,
I'll find her.
Anywhere in the world.
What's your dog's name?
What's your
real name?
My real name is...