My Melancholy Baby (2021) Movie Script

Um, hi.
Just a second, just a second.
Lily, Lily, we are not
banging things right now.
Put it down, Lily, put it down.
I'm sorry.
My daughter found a hammer.
Now where the fuck she found
a hammer, I do not know,
but that's where we are.
It's okay, I understand.
If you're trying to sell
me solar panels right now,
I'm going to shoot you in the face.
No, I'm Eli.
I work for the Regional
Center of Orange County.
We received a call.
You came, you finally came.
You know, I've called 10,000 agencies
and no one's been listening to me.
As you can see,
I'm kind of in an out of
control situation here
with my young daughter.
To be perfectly honest.
I want to kiss you right now.
That won't be necessary.
I didn't think anyone was going to come.
Can I at least uh, give you a hug?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh gosh, look at me, I'm a mess.
Oh, come in, come in.
Uh be careful, she
sometimes throws things.
Watch your step.
Hey Maddie um,
look, I'm sorry about everything.
I think I left some shirts
and extra stuff at your place.
If you find any of my shit,
you can just uh, just mail it to my moms.
I uh, I think I'm going to
stay here a couple of days
if she uh, if she lets me.
All right.
Two hours yesterday.
I can't hold again today.
Please, I can give you my name.
My name is Claire Burrows.
Oh Jesus Christ.
You scared me.
I'm on the phone with
the insurance company.
I don't have a key.
Claire Burrows, B-U-R-R-O-W-S.
I'm the mother to Lily.
I've called you a thousand times.
No, no, ma'am my daughter is autistic.
Look, my older son just
walked in the door,
I don't have all day.
No, I'm not going to give
you all the details again.
Play back all the messages,
you'll have all the details.
Oh, watch your step, Miles.
I have had a hundred
different doctors tell her,
a hundred.
Where's Lily?
I don't know.
I have had a hundred different doctors
tell me a hundred different things.
You want the list?
Oppositional defiant
disorder, conduct disorder,
intermittent explosive disorder.
Why don't you just tell me the
name of a god damn disorder
and she's probably got it?
No, she threw a glass at me this time.
The tantrums are becoming more severe.
Last week, you said
that we needed some kind
of an evaluator out here
before we can get any kind of services.
Please, my little girl needs help.
Please send someone.
Ma'am, no, no, no, no, don't,
don't, don't hang up on me.
Hey, I um, I
got tied up with Maddie.
She's um, she's going out
of town a couple of days.
Um, I think I might need to
stay here for a little while.
are you okay?
Yeah, never better.
You cut your hair.
Oh, you don't like my look?
Jar head.
Where is everyone?
Lily's birthday party was
supposed to be today at noon.
Nobody came.
I started getting calls
at the last minute.
Moms canceling.
It triggered her, you know
how she gets on her birthdays.
What about grandma?
Come on Miles,
grandma hasn't shown up in two years.
You know that.
Lily Burrows!
You said we weren't coming!
I'm gonna kill myself!
Hey, hey, deep breath.
No, Lily Burrows!
Mom, go in the kitchen.
It's always mom's fault!
It's always her fault!
Look at these decorations, okay?
Look at the decorations.
I want this on my birthday.
My animals are trained to attack,
but they like you so,
you're probably safe.
Until you visit the San Diego zoo.
Is that the TV commercial?
Yeah, it's her newest thing.
The Energizer Bunny keeps
going and going and going.
They call it scripting.
She actually memorizes the commercials.
Hey Lils,
you calm now?
Nobody came to my birthday,
but they're lucky 'cause my
animals will kill them all.
Lily, Lily, we are not
talking about killing.
Hey, hey, what am I, invisible?
I came to your party.
Did you get me a present?
Good, 'cause I hate presents,
'cause you have to say thank you.
People smile at you and say thank you.
I got you something
better than a present.
I was only kidding.
This is a magic unicorn.
Okay, she is much better
than the Energizer Bunny.
She will be the greatest
friend you ever have.
Hey, can I get a picture of you guys?
Did you hear that?
He's gonna take a picture of us.
Hey, hey!
She's been taking my phone now too.
105, 55, 35, the most important call
you'll ever make.
How is she magic?
Um, well she um, she
protects whoever's holding her.
Can she sleep in my bed?
Of course, that's what she does best.
Hey Lily, I want to see her.
No, no, she doesn't like moms.
You don't like moms, right?
Well then I think the
unicorn might get put away
until you can learn to be a little nicer.
Lily, no, put that down now.
I could stick this in your eye!
I'm so tired of this.
Hey, Lily, Lily, a fork,
a fork is a great idea,
If you didn't have a fork,
how would we eat this cake?
So as soon as you apologize to mom,
you could have some cake.
I'm sorry mom.
It's okay.
Do you want some cake?
I want it.
I love the balloons.
You got green because that's
my favorite color, right?
I sure did, Lils.
You want some cake?
What's that?
It's Visine.
Visine gets the red out.
Yes it does.
Are we going to have a sleepover?
I think we're going to
have a couple of sleepovers.
Can you make me pancakes?
When are you gonna make me pancakes?
I'm not allowed to use the stove.
You got a point.
Yeah, duh.
So Lily, what's it like to be 11?
How am I supposed to know?
I just had my birthday.
Why didn't anyone come?
People, people get too busy.
Is it because of me?
No, no.
It's because people are assholes.
Miles, what's, what's wrong with me?
Hey, don't say that, okay?
Nothing is wrong with you.
you just see the world
differently than other people do.
People like mom.
You know mom loves you, right?
When you see her on
the phone all the time,
she's working really hard to get you help.
I don't need help.
I say the same thing, okay?
But you know what the truth is?
Everybody needs help, we
all need help sometimes.
Like even you?
Especially me.
See, you can change,
but you have to want to.
My brain tells me that mom hates me.
You know how I know mom loves you?
You're going to tell me a story.
Does it have a dragon?
Because she spends all
her time thinking about you.
I wish she didn't think about me.
Then you got to stop
doing all this stuff you do.
My brain tells me to do that stuff.
Okay, then you've got to
tell your brain to stop.
Then what do you tell your brain?
I don't, I don't talk
to my brain enough.
Hey, tonight, let's um,
let's get some popcorn and rent a movie.
Okay, well I get to pick
because you always pick crap movies.
Okay, no I don't.
Yes you do.
I pick great movies.
I want something with a dragon.
You are so beautiful, Lily.
Come to me, my melancholy baby
Cuddle up and don't be blue
All your fears are
foolish fancies, maybe
You know honey, I am in love with you
Every cloud must have a silver lining
Just wait until the sun shines through
Smile, my honey dear
While I kiss away each tear
Or else, I shall be melancholy
Miles, wake up,
wake up, wake up, wake up!
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
You can't just jump on people like that.
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
Hey, hey, Lily, do you
want broccoli for lunch?
Fuck no.
Hey if I hear
that word one more time.
I'm going to give you
broccoli sandwiches all week.
Look, just grab your lunch
and get to the bus, please.
Bye Miles, bye mom.
I'm not sure what
you have planned for today.
I'm going to turn in my exams
all day.
Very funny Miles.
I've got an idea.
Why don't we go to the pond?
Right now?
When was the last time we were here?
Well, Lilly's 11, so 11 years.
I used to bring you here every Saturday.
You were so excited about the ducks.
I swear, I thought you were going to go in
right after them, Miles.
Yeah I uh, I remember
one time I got so excited,
I rolled my pants up and I.
Look I'm, I'm sorry,
but I got to work tonight
and I just need to know,
are you going to be okay watching Lily?
Where are you trying to go with this?
Miles, I haven't
seen you since rehab.
What has it been, two, three months?
This is the only talk we have.
And I need to know if
you're going to be okay.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
You know, you are so, so good with her.
She would break most everyone.
Look at me for Christ's sake.
She listens to everything you say.
Even when I say fuck.
That was funny.
Mom, can I ask you something?
I'm sorry,
I know you and I have had
our share of problems,
but Miles, I need you now more than ever.
Lily needs you
and I'm going to trust you one more time,
so don't fuck this up.
It's only one night.
Last night you were singing to Lily.
I, I recognize that song.
I used to sing it to you every night.
You were always my melancholy baby.
You were so sensitive.
Yeah well, I guess
some things never change.
How is Maddie?
She's, she's good.
Hey so um, if I'm watching Lily tonight,
I was thinking about getting
her pizza or something.
Oh, well that sounds
like a pretty good idea.
I could get her to
some wings and soda and stuff.
Are you asking
me for money right now?
Do you want me to rob the place?
Do you really think that I
should give you money, Miles?
Mom, this is
Lily we're talking about.
All I need is 20 bucks.
Lily, let's go, dinner!
What's my surprise?
Your favorite, peanut butter and jelly.
That's, that's not a surprise.
Okay, well
here's the surprise part.
No parent would ever allow their kid
to have PB and J for dinner.
It's almost illegal.
Fine, but can we sit on the
floor and have a picnic then?
You read my mind.
Why don't we take this
into the other room,
go get the red blanket,
spread it out on the floor
and I'll be there in a
couple seconds, okay?
Okay Miles.
Hey Maddie.
Yeah, yeah now's a good time.
I know we could work this out.
Miles, where's the red blanket?
Maddie, just a sec.
Lily, I need a few minutes here, okay?
Just check behind the couch.
Look, I know I've done some stupid things.
It's not behind the couch.
Can you try the closet?
It's not in the closet.
Lily, a few minutes here, please.
I mean, all I had was a couple of drinks.
I mean, I don't see why you
lost your mind over this.
I can't find it, I can't find it,
I can't find my blanket.
Miles, how are we
supposed to have a picnic
without a red blanket?
I need my red blanket, I need
to find it, I need to find it!
No Maddie.
Maddie, I do want to talk to you, okay?
She's just going crazy here.
Maddie, you have to
understand my situation.
Okay, please?
Why are you so mad at me?
I'm not mad at you.
This one is a triceratops.
Her name is rainbow
because she likes rainbows,
but the problem is
that many of the other
dinosaurs like this one,
like rainbows, because then it has to rain
and then the ground gets all muddy
and everybody knows
dinosaurs hate the mud.
Ugh, I hate the mud, so they
try to kill the rainbow.
Ugh, I killed you rainbow.
She wants to stay alive,
she has to kill them first.
Roar, roar, I'm gonna kill you!
No you aren't, I'm gonna
kill you first, roar!
Fine, well I'll get my other
dinosaurs to help me kill you.
I got to go to the bathroom.
Okay guys, let's kill!
Ha ha, you guys didn't even hurt me,
because I'm so strong, because I'm a tri.
I heard a noise.
Miles, what are you doing?
Miles, you're making a mess everywhere.
You're going to get in trouble.
Here you go.
Oh my God.
Ah, fuck man.
Hey, Lils.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, hey, hey.
You gotta tell me the truth, okay?
Did you take any of the pills?
I was gonna feed them to my animals,
but then I was worried
they were gonna throw up
and make a mess everywhere.
Where are they?
I put them in your room.
Am I in trouble for going in your room?
No, no, no.
No, you're not in trouble.
Can you make me a promise?
I won't tell mom that you
fell asleep in the closet,
if uh,
if you don't tell her I fell
asleep in the bathroom, okay?
Can we have movie night?
Anytime you want.
Can you carry me to bed?
Yeah, come here kiddo.
So why don't you like elephants?
Because triceratops
are so much better
'cause they have horns
and they could beat all the things up.
No, that's not fair.
You two look like
you're having a good time.
Yeah, we had a great night.
Oh yeah?
Right Miles?
Miles honey, why don't
you go up and get some rest?
I can watch her.
All right.
Hey Lils,
thanks for being so good last night.
Also, an elephant could
definitely beat up a triceratops.
No they can't.
He doesn't know what he's
talking about, triceratops.
I missed you.
Lily, no!
Um, hi.
Just a second.
Be careful.
So, what do you want to know?
As you can see, our lives
around here are pretty chaotic.
This is Lily.
She is 11 years old.
She struggles with impulse control.
Uh, there must be some mistake.
No, no, no, no, there's no mistake.
This is Lily.
I'm Claire, Claire Burrows.
Sir, I've called you
about a thousand times.
I am not letting you walk out of here
until she gets some help.
No, I have a referral, but
it's for a Miles Burrows.
Wait, what's going on?
I'm from the Regional
Center of Orange County.
We contract with several recovery clinics.
No, no, I, I
completed my program.
I understand that,
but in cases of benzodiazepine addiction,
occurrences of relapses are pretty high.
Did you call them on me?
Miles, no.
No Miles, I swear.
Nobody's to blame here.
Shut the fuck up.
Not in front of Lily, Miles!
Wait, wait, hold on.
You didn't even let me get
through two fucking days.
Miles, Miles, I swear
to God I didn't call.
How do you expect
me not to be an addict?
I grew up here!
You stopped caring about me 11 years ago!
You don't give a fuck about me!
105, 55, 35, the most
important call you'll ever make.
105, 55, 35, the most important
call you'll ever make!
Fuck's sake.
105, 55, the most important
call you'll ever make!
Ma'am, that's our commercial.
Am I in trouble?
Uh, we got a call
at 3:30 in the morning.
Sources said it was from his number,
that's a red flag for us,
we came as soon as we could.
did you call someone
on my phone last night?
Sometimes, we have
to let other people help.
Are you using again?
I need my big brother back.
We have,
we have openings in our
program right now, Miles.
You fill out those forms,
we can get you started within the week.
I'm going to be there
for you this time, Miles.
Okay, I'm really, really good friends
with the director of the
Children's Mental Help Office.
If you want, I can call him right now
and we can tell them about Lily.
Yeah, I'd appreciate that.