My Name Is Jonah (2014) Movie Script

No I think youre here.
That was good.
I think that looks cool.
All right.
Great, great, great, great.
See this stray here.
All right.
Um, Garry's got the story board.
There's a never ending
battle between good and evil
as to which side I'm on.
I'm not on either side.
You should never leave home
without your time bomb
remember that.
I make my own decisions.
I never do.
I don't take orders from
Oh no.
I do what I want
I do it when I want to.
Yes, this is a time bomb,
and we may use it.
My name is Jonah.
I heard about him
quite a while before I met him.
The West Coast is raving
who's the phenomenon
called Jonah.
Man, he's just an animal
on the stage and off.
Always gives a 100%.
A bad man.
I wish I could use
the nunchucks like Jonah.
When I found out
he had an alter ego
of some sort of superhero,
holy shit.
Kathy Washnis:
There's something
definitely demonic going on.
He was wearing
a Wolverine outfit.
You couldn't tell he
was a human.
You want to it turn physical
you're going to really, really
regret it.
Uh... He was a
strange cat, right off the bat.
Those are real
Uzis and real AK 47s
and real, real weapons.
I knew right away Jonah
was something special.
He is an original guy.
There's, there's nobody
like Jonah.
He is Jonah.
Nobody like Jonah.
Dont know anybody like Jonah.
When you meet
Jonah for the first time...
You wonder what you're
getting yourself into.
He doesn't sit around
and let life happen to him,
you know.
He tries to take it by the
horns and
bend it to his will.
Hes quite different.
That's a good way to put it.
He'd be good on
uh, with Chuck Norris
as his sidekick.
As Jonah's sidekick.
Jonah versus the predator
predator be careful.
I mean I haven't
seen a guy that looks like that
since Schwarzenegger in Predator
or Rambo.
I'm not sure
Chuck Norris is real
where Jonah is.
He said he, uh...
it was the early 70s when he,
uh, was in Vietnam
which was a very dangerous time.
He, uh, had a top secret
clearance also
and, uh, he was involved with
some things
that were classified.
They would just
drop him alone in the jungle
and he would go carry
out some mission.
When you look
in the eyes of someone
that has the 1000 yard stare
you can see that
one, he doesn't care
two, he'll do anything he has to
to protect himself.
I kind of said
You used to work for
the President of United States
in security, and he brought
me a card.
He showed it to me and it said
"If you're holding me for
any reason"
let me go or youre going
to be in a lot of trouble.
I don't think
I could last five minutes
in the jungle of Vietnam alone.
So my hat's off to him big time.
Nicest guy in the world
and hed give you the shirt
off his back.
Once you get to know him
there's so much inside of him
that just like explodes out.
It's like Dorothy
opening the door into Oz.
You're here for Jonah, huh?
Guys come on in.
Here step up.
Who's who?
Okay, well, uh, my name
is Jonah.
Uh, I'm kind of like got at a
first name basis with everybody
like Madonna, you know.
Nobody says "Jonah who?"
They just go,
"You know, Jonah."
Nobody says "Jonah who."
Its like saying "Madonna who."
You know.
I was born in Brooklyn, New York
August 18th 1953
at 7:25pm on a Tuesday night.
What I try to do is give
everybody the extraordinary.
Yeah, I can do ordinary things,
who can't?
I can sit here and
breathe oxygen,
who gives a fuck?
Well, let's see... the bathroom
You might want to know
where that is, right?
And the kitchen and the
dining room.
This is my roommate Mike.
I am Michael
Galton. I am Jonah's roommate.
Hey Mike.
Hows it going?
And this is the
workout/computer room.
Every day.
My dad had told me
when I was really little
that if you do 10 push-ups
and then 10 sit-ups every day
you'll always be in good shape
and you won't be fat.
And there was that little gear
inside my head
thinking what if I do 100
or a 1000, you know.
So Ive kind of always
been like that.
Jonah was always one for, uh
running the laps around
the fence
around the, the school and...
He had metal,
weightlifting shoes that he wore
and hed carry a sledgehammer.
He was a well-conditioned
When I get to his age
I want to be as good a
shape as he is.
I-I don't do heavy weights.
I don't deal with more
than my own body weight.
I don't need to bench press
500 pounds.
I weigh 167. If I can move
167 pounds quickly
that's all I care about,
you know.
If I'm at the top of a
burning building
and I need to jump to a
tree branch
to get off the burning building,
I can do it.
He's very,
hes very level headed.
It's not that he's a
crazy person.
But I do know
that if I saw somebody trying
to hurt one of my friends
or an animal or something,
even if I didn't know it
if I saw somebody trying
to rape some chick
or something like that,
I'll beat the fuck out of him.
A combat situation where
you're fighting hand to hand
is really just a chess game
with stamina
because you're trying
to out think the guy
at the same time you're
expending energy.
It takes more energy to
throw a punch and miss
than it does to hit.
Kathy Hayes: I've seen him
kick ass in four, five guys
by himself.
When he was in the service
he came out of a gym one night
and three guys attacked him
they were gonna rob him.
I guess he
was walking a friend out or...
a girl was getting jumped
by three guys.
He said, Dont, don't.
I suggest you guys
don't do this.
Three big guys, little Jonah.
These guys were armed
there's three against one,
you know.
They ran off and, um...
I don't know if they were
robbing her
or what they wanted to
do with her.
I snap kicked
this guy in the larynx.
So what happened then was...
One guy just barely lived
and the other two were
in the hospital
for a really long time.
I grabbed
this fucking guy by his balls
and put my hand in his mouth and
I fucking jerked, jerked him up.
I ran him right into a tree
three or four times
and broke all of his ribs.
Now, that's the way
Jonah is. But he warned them.
It was at that point
that I realized how dangerous
I was, and, um...
I was very hesitant to go out
to bars and things like that
because you know, I just was
you-you gain a self-awareness
when stuff like that happens.
There's no, there's no, no glory
to hurting someone, you know.
If, it, it's good to know
how to do it
but does it make it right.
Killing or anything like that.
There have been
situations where one of the...
one of the group had, had
problems with wannabe gangsters.
A few of us had to go calm
a neighborhood down.
Uh, like everything else, uh...
Jonah was uh, efficient
and methodical.
We didn't get in-in trouble
much as individuals.
There were times where,
you know, somebody younger
and, uh... a little bit,
uh, bigger than us
would try to, you know,
say something stupid.
Wed just look at him and go,
you know,
You don't realize, you know,
who you're screwing with.
The Inhumans.
That was a moniker
that was hung on us
on Avis Street.
I used to call
the, the group of...
you know it was four maybe
five, five guys "The Inhumans."
Chips had come up
with the Inhumans thing.
And if you're a Fantastic Four
you know who the Blackbolt
and Karnak
and Gorgon and all that.
That's about all I can tell you.
We don't want to get
either one of us
you know, talking to lawyers.
So we'll just leave it at that.
All right,
maybe you want to be able
to strike back at the
establishment, but you can't.
Maybe you're one of those
peasants in a Robin Hood movie
and you can't strike back
at the Sheriff of Nottingham
or Prince John.
But Robin Hood's got the
balls to do it.
So what do you do?
Give him some food, hide him
you do stuff like that.
And I think what happens
is I think people are
rooting for me
because I'm really not
a bad person.
I just do all this crazy stuff.
But I think people
want to see me succeed.
So when I got on Myspace
I pretty much dumped like
30 years worth of shit
on the whole world in
about a week.
And everybody's like...
"Who's this guy," right?
And, and everything
just kind of happened.
I heard about him
quite a while before I met him.
Particularly with the
Christmas cards
he was kind of legendary
about those.
Hi, I am Skip Evon.
I've been a friend to Jonah's
for close to 10 years.
My dad does
like everything for him.
He's got stuff in the
basement set up
to help edit his videos
and hes got the posters
and all his music.
Jonah is, um...
After Id known him a while
had this idea about a calendar
and thats, uh, when I got this
and started videotaping.
Calendar is a kind of
fantasy warrior theme.
The name he came up with
for it was Warriad
about a princes quest to find
a crystal to save his princess.
I usually the one
making the video clips for him
or helping him with the JPEGs.
Okay, uh, Danielle, get
a little angry.
I try to help him manage
his business and, you know
look out for him as
far as you know
trying to help him succeed
basically, that's all.
we got Jonah's phone number?
No, no area code or
nothing no bruh?
You don't need it.
Its 5, uh, 505...
Hes a Dansville cat, right?
Good morning.
How are you doing?
You wacky son of a bitch.
Yes, I am.
I-I consider myself a real
life adventurer
and a warrior and a musician
because I am.
Adventures don't come
knocking at your door.
You've got to make'em happen.
Jonah, are you taking an armor
in case they don't
serve our burgers right?
The stuff that you
think is normal
is not normal to the rest of us.
What you do is stuff
that we see in the movies.
There's other musicians, there's
other people they've CDs,
there's other martial artists,
but how many of them
do you know?
Marisa, you can get in closer.
Marisa Cameron,
Im here in Rochester, New York.
Um, let's see...
I met Jonah
through an ex-boyfriend
in the early 90s.
Marisa Cameron,
she's like my best friend.
I, you know, she's
such a sweet lady.
I mean, her boyfriend Brett
is a very, very lucky guy
to have somebody that nice,
you know.
I met Marisa when
I had gotten out of the service
and was working as a janitor
in my old high school
and I think at the time
she was either a freshman
or a sophomore.
I know I got about
six years on her.
I didn't
know about Jonah's cards
before I met him.
You know, I, he'd show me
his cards from last year
or he'd show me the whole series
that he's gone through.
Cheese Cake, cheese cake.
I'll have a slice.
And maybe
if you get smacked in the face
with it right away
with the weapons
and the this, and the that.
Get a couple of those
assault rifles somebody.
Maybe that-that would kind of
push people away.
But if you know him first
and then you just understand
that this is just part
of his whole personality
and, you know, its, it's
not anything to be scared of.
He's a great guy. He's honest,
hes funny, we laugh.
I just cant believe
were doing this.
Whatever Jonah wants to do,
he pretty much does.
And, uh, when he tells you that
something's going to happen
it pretty much does happen
just that way.
Thats right folks.
This is proof positive that
I'm in the Ukraine.
Nikolai, to my arch enemies
at the INS, I mean friends.
I don't really
get a chance to interact
with Jonah and the
rest of his clan
unless we're doing something,
you know, like, uh, I'm videoing
and they, you know,
they're doing uh, calendar
or modeling, photos
or something like that.
Stagger yourselves so I can
get both of you in the picture.
You know I bought the
video camera
more for doing stuff for Jonah
than for doing stuff for me.
The viewfinder image is
black and white
but when I open both eyes
the viewfinder image
is in color.
Quite amazing.
He documents everything he does.
When I met him,
I understood this right away.
If he's gonna to do something
I'm usually there with
the video camera.
Nice job.
Pre-recording session.
Pre-recording, pre-burn.
And uh...
Its good to be king.
This is the beginning
of my rock stardom.
I'm Jackie Kasperson
and this is Dave Kasperson.
And he's really the fellow
who met Jonah to begin with,
so you should talk
about how you met Jonah.
Well, what are we saying?
Like 27 years ago I think
was when Jonah
first came into our studio
with a group called...
Cruise Control.
Cruise Control.
Tim, Tim Coon.
I play the bass.
They call me the big ugly man.
A better part of 30 years
anyway - 25, 30 years
I was going through a bunch of
bands in this building downtown
and Jonah was in one of them
and I was in another one
and, you know, guys switch
and swap around bands
and finally ended up in the same
group and the rest is history.
A lot of people come in studios
and they, they freeze up
and they are like afraid
of being at the studio.
But not Jonah.
He was a natural.
A lot of times
bands will ask him up to
play with him
and they wind up not liking him
because he just steals the show.
And, and he's not trying
to do it on purpose or anything.
It's just the way he is and...
He's got some attraction...
of some kind thats
all I can say.
Listen, I'm a mercenary.
I'm not signed by anybody.
I tell everybody
Im a mercenary musician.
You know, I'm not signed
by Atlantic Records,
Capitol Records, anybody.
I'm, Im an unsigned artist
and I can play as well
as anybody.
He gets going
so hard on a harmonica
that he'll blow it out.
Hell wreck the reeds
on a harmonica.
And he's blown a couple out here
and as a matter of fact,
he's given them to me.
Ive seen him one night
ripped a hole on the side
of his lip open
with the front of his harp...
Kept playing. That's punk.
He's proving and showing people
that that you can get
notoriety with music
and at a, uh, you know,
in your 50s basically,
you know, which is not typical.
I'm very excited about tonight.
Jonah is going
to be performing shortly.
We're at the Stumblin Inn
in beautiful downtown
Elba, New York.
Believe me when Jonah
starts playing
this place is gonna take note.
I started playing the harmonica
when I was in the service, um...
and I just took to it.
In 2002, I recorded my CD.
I've been playing harmonica
for about 33 years
and a good friend of mine
told me about Myspace
and I said, Okay, fine,
I'll go on there.
It's actually, even though I
had a website up on the internet
Myspace being as popular
as it was
afforded me a vehicle to people.
I have three different pages.
I have my main Punisher page
and then I have my music page
and then I have a page
for my dog.
He's got his own page.
He's a dog and he's dead
and he's got more hits
than most people..
What do you think
of Jonahs Myspace?
Its great..
All right.
I really think it's great!
So cool!
What's your favorite part?
I love the pictures!
All right.
Did you check any of
the videos out?
No, I didn't know
there were videos there.
Oh yeah.
Check the videos out too.
All right.
I take these quizzes on Facebook
and if I like...
if I like them I'll put them
on my MySpace page.
What soldier type are you?
Special forces.
What badass are you?
Chuck Norris.
What Marvel character are you?
How tough are you?
Wow, you're hard,
youre the type of person
the army sends in first
to sort out a war.
You're so tough that
if 50 skinheads are fighting you
and you shouted Stop,
they'd run away crying.
Your middle name is
danger, right?
What animal represents
your spirit? The tiger.
Yeah, what animal are you?
A fucking bear.
What rockstar are you?
Angus Young from ACDC.
What dead rockstar are you?
Jim Morrison of The Doors.
I mean, I mean, its like,
ya know, isn't that funny
just by answering
these questions
I turned out to be like
all of my heroes.
You know, I'm so much
like these guys.
Its why I really don't belong
in civilized society.
Are you ready to rock?
Believe it folks.
You people are weak!
You people are weak!
You people are weak!
Now, we went to
your, uh, MySpace.
Yes, sir.
And, uh...
According to your friend
who called us
you're getting all kinds
of MTV and radio stations.
Now we went to this place
and we understand
once we looked at
why people would call you.
Thank you.
That's the scary part.
Because you don't know if
they're making fun of you
but in all honesty,
if you end up on a reality show
obviously you don't care
if they're making fun of you.
So there's a lot of shit.
That's why I said, told Steve,
I said tell these girls I said
this is a big deal
if you get on this poster,
because its a really big,
big deal. It really could.
Youre going to be somebody.
Brother Wiese
just interviewed me.
I did an interview for Mob
Scene Magazine.
Yeah. The Doug Lando show
I'm gonna be on in Montreal.
Remind me to get
your autograph before you leave
because if I ever see you again,
I want to have it.
You'd think that
somebody'd want to sign me up
before somebody else does.
You know, if you're MTV
you want to get me before
the Sci-fi channel.
If youre the Sci-fi channel
you want to get me
before HBO does
because somebody
that's not stupid
that sees that potential
is going to say
Listen, we can make some
money with this motherfucker.
He's got people who are
already wanting to see him.
Numbers equate into dollars.
I mean, I remember one day
I think I got a whole
High School in Colorado.
I had like 224 friend requests.
I couldn't even keep up with it.
Tuesday alone,
I hit 263 new friend requests.
He was getting
thousands of hit a day.
You know, he was up over 100,000
within a few months.
But it's the same way
when FHM Interview
uh, magazine found
me on MySpace.
They interviewed me,
I'm writing a column
for a magazine in Australia.
Ask Jonah.
Recently I bought my first car.
The other night it was keyed
the side mirrors snapped off
and a window smashed.
I'm sure the culprits were a
gang of kids in my neighborhood.
Theyre very hostile, so I don't
know if I should confront them.
What do you think?
Brimbo Dromana, Victoria.
Well, let me share
a similar experience.
I used to have a red
78 Thunderbird.
I just moved into the hood
and noticed several cars
have been broken into...
Windows smashed, side mirrors
broken off.
I saw the local gang members
scoping out my vehicle
and I introduced myself.
I said, You see that red
Thunderbird over there?
Well, if anything happens to it
I'm going to hunt each
and every one of you down
and end your lives
as you now know it.
They figured I was crazy
enough to do it.
So, if they even saw
anybody near my ride
they got the fuck out of dodge.
So get some of your bros
to discuss matters
with the street urchins.
They only respect toughness.
Be tough, or move.
I don't know if you want to call
it the starving artist thing
but I do all the things I do,
because I have a passion for it.
But I'm, Im still...
I can still succumb to the same
things as the rest of us can.
I mean, in, within the last...
I mean some bad things happened
to me in the last year.
You know, my mom passed
away, my dog died.
My wife left me.
You know, I wound up having
my house foreclosed upon
and they repossessed my car.
That little piece of shit car
out there is what I'm driving
around right now
because its, I, I got to eat
just like the rest of us.
And maybe that's the connection
that I have with everybody else
because a lot of times
I feel very out of place
in the normal world.
This is not the kind of car
you want to take chicks
on a date in, man.
Unless you want to hope
they pass out from the fumes
and have sex with them
or something, I don't know.
Like built-in ecstasy.
No, I mean you know this...
Is just, like I said, I'm, I'm,
Im fortunate I have wheels.
Skip and another friend
of mine got this
or I wouldn't have a way
to get back and forth to work.
I mean its beat, man.
Skips always laughing.
That things still running?
You know?
I spent the money when I had
it and I don't regret doing it.
Its just like the stuff
we do in the magazines
and stuff I do on the internet.
You never know who's
gonna hear it
and what's going to
come from it.
You know, maybe that one person
happens to be a record
industry guy
or a movie producer
or a TV director
or a magazine editor.
So I just put myself out there.
That's why I said,
I don't hide anything about me.
If anything, I'm flaunting
everything I got, you know.
I show everybody everything
in hopes that somebody
will pick me up.
Pick me up and get me the fuck
out of reality here, you know.
Uh, my father used to work
for the post office
and he, um,
he wound up moving to Buffalo.
I think he got transferred.
I had a brother that
was born there.
And then they wind up again
moving to Rochester
uh, where I had two sisters,
Karen and Kathy.
Uh, so I'm the oldest child.
Karen Lagraff:
I'm Karen Lagraff
and I'm Jonah's younger sister.
We grew up in a house in
Rochester in Greece, New York.
It was a pretty small house
by today's standards.
We each kind of found a spot
to call our own
because we didn't have
our own bedrooms.
My younger sister Kathy
my brother, Jimmy,
who's seven years older than me
and, uh, and I each kind
of took a part of the attic.
So we kind of made it
our own little cool rooms
if you will put the, you
know, black light posters up
and stuff like that.
And Jonah had, he had a spot
down in the basement.
Near the coal cellar.
It was just a dark closet with
a big heavy wooden door on it.
Karen Lagraff: But that was
like his little room
at the bottom of the stairs
where he hung out and
hung up his stuff.
And that was his
Fortress of Solitude.
The Fortress of Solitude.
All right, well, this is
my room.
This is where I live.
I mean, this is the Fortress
of Solitude or the Batcave.
I mean, I was fortunate that
there were shelves over here
that I was able to put some
of my knickknacks on and again
I always stress the point
that I had a whole house
that looked like this and the
Adams Family has nothing on me.
So this is basically
a whole house full of shit
that I can't fit where
I live right now.
Someone from MTV, I'm
not sure of the gentleman's name
contacted him and said
they were interested
in possibly doing like
a cribs episode.
I mean, it really would have
been a great opportunity for MTV
because his house
in Danville was...
I mean, it was like a museum.
This here is my house
at 6th Clay Street in Dansville.
When I got in here
I didn't really care what
the carpeting looked like
the wallpaper, the paint
on the walls.
Nobody was going to
pay attention to it.
The rooms were so busy
with action figures and
weapons and paintings
you didn't really even think
about what was behind them.
I knew how I was going
to flood the house with stuff.
Now, I've been here a couple
of years before I got married.
So you know, it was just
one of those things.
Well, the reason that I
bought this house
is because of this gigantic bed
that I had made
at a Renaissance Fair.
And if you
could have seen his bed...
I think, I think most women
would be afraid to
sleep in that bed.
The headboard
is seven foot three
and it's almost two parking
spaces wide.
So it's a king sized
bed and a half.
Uh, he commissioned
the guy to make it.
He actually drew it.
Jonah is very good at art.
Very... awesome...
sleeping quarters.
Its beautiful.
Did you get your bed?
I got my bed but Ive got...
Life is good
if you got your bed.
Yeah, well I've got
the mattress and box springs
because where I'm living the,
the actual bed will not fit.
So I've got a lot of my stuff
in a u-haul storage bed.
The bed, the bed is one
of the things.
Well, its in there, man.
I mean this,
you're not going to be able to...
I mean you might be able to see
sections of it.
The headboard is really buried.
Parts of it are, well...
I'm sorry that it's
all so buried.
There's nothing I'd like better
than to have it out
and actually be, be using
the whole bed, you know.
I mean this is part of
the situation I'm forced into.
I've just got everything
in boxes.
I had to duct tape everything up
and just get it sealed up
so I could get the hell out.
I got as many of my
favorite things
which are all to me
symbolic things
uh, in this little room here.
Over here I've got uh...
the poster from the
Warrior on the Edge of Time
which is the tattoo
on my right arm
you know the headboard of my bed
and the URL from my MySpace site.
There's Tonru my dog up in the
Chimney Bluffs on Sodus point.
Jonah got a dog
but it wasn't just uh, a dog.
It was a Tibetan Mastiff.
I mean, I saw a monster
movie called 'Man's Best Friend'
and it was a movie that was
kind of like a canine Terminator
you know, your Grade B
monster movie.
One of those ones
I like to watch.
Lance Henriksen's
this mad scientist
and he spices the DNA
of all these animals
into this Tibetan Mastiff.
And I didn't even know
what the breed was at the time.
And Ally Sheedy is
like this reporter
doing an animal rights thing
and they let this dog loose
and they don't know the dogs
like this Frankenstein monster.
I want that dog back.
We're not talking about
some street mutt here.
We're talking about a million
dollar research animal.
He regresses
and becomes more predatory.
And of course he can do things
other dogs cannot do.
So I really became in love
with the dog in the movie.
And uh,
I guess he had to go to...
Minnesota or somewhere
to pick him up.
And he did that and
came back with him.
He was just a tiny
bundle of fur.
He was just a little fluff-ball.
He was this big.
He was adorable.
You know, we just
went everywhere together.
I took him to work with me
you know, we went,
we walked all over the place
and you know, he was my pal.
Big 22 by 36 poster of me
as 'The Punisher'
from my '94 Christmas card shoot
and 'The Avengers'
Captain America.
When Jonah and I
were first, just met
this was one of the comics
we were trying to find.
And it was one of the ones
that he and I both
really liked a lot.
We liked the group
'The Avengers'.
He gave that to me and...
I hope
you get a chance to see Gary
because Gary is the one that
took a lot of these pictures
that you're looking at.
My name is Gary Bader
and I was born and raised
here in Rochester.
I worked for Kodak for 30 years.
Uh, okay I, I have 'X-Men'
one through 10 in here that
I've had for a long time.
Here they are here.
There's 'X-Men number one'
from 1963 and number two
'Nothing Can Stop the Vanisher'
and 'Beware of the Blob'
number three
X-Men number four
'The Evil Mutants'
and then 'The Angel is
Trapped' number five.
'Special Guest Star the
Submariner' number six.
'Return of the Blob'
number seven.
'Eunice the Untouchable'
number eight.
Um, this is where they tangle
with 'The Avengers'
number nine.
And 'Ka-Zar Lord of the Jungle'
number 10.
They're all original
although that one got
drawn on a little bit.
I was 9 years old when
'Amazing Fantasy 15' came out.
You know, so Spider Man and
all that stuff was brand new.
It was a real...
real left side of the brain
creative time to be growing up.
I first met Jonah through
a friend of mine George Kaidas.
And it was through
trading comics
and they showed up
at my house unannounced
one Saturday afternoon
carrying a box of comics
under their one arm.
And they said,
"George sent us."
I said to my mother,
"Who are these guys?"
And she goes, "I don't know."
So I let them in and
we traded comics
and they took, took me
for a ride.
They took every good
comic that I had and gave
me a bunch of lousy ones.
Whats going on man?
Believe me
if you met my buddy Gary
he's nothing like me.
But he likes the same
kind of stuff.
It's just that, again I do stuff
other people read about it.
Other people think about it.
I do it.
What's going on here?
A wedding?
Oh yeah.
Somebodys decorated our lot.
That cool, man?
All right.
All right.
What year was that, John?
Um, 1997
and this is where we did the...
Oh, here they come
'Robin Hood'
Christmas card shoot.
The first time he said
he was going to do
a Christmas card of Robin Hood
I had no idea what the man did.
He wanted the most impressive
looking bow.
Marcia: Which was
Which was
an Oneida Eagle Bow with
Michigan Autumn Camo on it.
And uh...
he had his side painted up
special paint extra for that.
Well, it's like, I'm
almost to where the dragon is.
You'll be able to see
some of that.
This is the over length arrow
that I used for the Robin Hood
purposely so you could
see the end of it
hanging off the uh, from the
front of the bow for the picture
but normally you wouldn't.
The arrow would be closer
to where your hand is.
But for effect, I had this made
so it's kind of a special arrow.
Howard Hill tip too, of course.
Somebody gave me that because
because it looks a
lot like Chips.
It looks, see Mr. Chips.
It looks just like the guy
that made all the
weird taxidermy.
I was bored
to the point of tears one day
and I decided to make Jonah
something that wasn't normal.
So I made him what would
turn out to be
we called it the
Chernobyl Woodchuck.
And the guy was weird.
I mean, like he'd make...
he had a thing about
killing animals.
From deer to skunks.
You know, if it had
fur or feathers, I did it.
He made a clock
and that and the 12, the 3,
the 6 and the 9
were squirrel's heads.
I don't see him.
I don't see him
or know him or call him
or anything.
So that's fine with me.
He's just goofy.
So he's a trip that guy...
Mr. Chips...
Insane. He's just insane,
you know?
You know, just another thing
for Jonah's menagerie.
So that's Chips.
All right. Well...
He had a Robin Hood sword
that he ordered in Spain,
and Jonah is so short
and the sword was so long
when he drew it out
of the scabbard
he couldn't get it all
the way out.
That picture out in
the other room
we have hundreds of
people every year
that ask us "Who is that?"
And we tell them,
"Oh, that's Jonah."
And explain a little bit
about him.
And, and he does
a Christmas card every year.
And one year, he wanted to be
the Robin Hood character
and uh...
they look at it just like
"Wow, you know, crazy guy."
Well, not crazy
just somebody's that got
an idea and a dream
and just makes it happen.
Like probably a lot of people
would like to do.
Well, I started doing
the Christmas cards in 1976.
Yeah, I mean, it got to be
a real cult phenomenon.
I guess that, you know, we're,
were at that juncture now
where, you know,
it's gotten so big.
And really, in 2006,
when I got on MySpace
all I really did was dump
30 years' worth of shit
on everybody at once.
And then everybody was like,
"Who the fuck is this guy?"
You know? And that's
basically what it was
because there were
all Christmas card pictures
and to go back again
the Christmas card really was
just something that I thought of
because they used to have
an ad on TV for Polaroid
and it was mom and dad
and the kids
and they said,
"Make your own card."
And then a little idea light
bulb goes over on my head
and I'm thinking I'll make
my own card
but it wont look like this.
And I decided to do the action
adventure thing, you know.
Thank you very much
for the horn!
So um, you know...
Playing on that theme
would do my take on different
characters out of the movies
or comic books or whatever.
And um, it turned
out really well.
I also had to accumulate
things I needed prop wise.
And again, out of
pocket expense.
And not being independently
it would take me time to
save up vacation
pay or money out of
my paycheck to order swords
or have somebody custom make
leather capes or sheaths
or a mask for my dog
kind of a thing.
Dave: I've known
Jonah over the years.
It's, it's he comes, he used to
come in here every Christmas
with a new set of Christmas
cards all handmade special
with all special photographs,
all these beautiful women
and always some kind of theme.
Kathy Hayes: I was
in the very first one.
The very first one, if you
go to the website "Have Harp, Will Travel'."
It's me when I was like 27
or something.
The very first one
was just like a Polaroid.
And then they get
really elaborate
and you know, models and horses
and he's an amazing kind
of character.
Just amazing.
I delivered them by hand
because I always loved to see
the people's reactions
when they open the card.
Because let's face it,
you've got an ordinary card
and you open it up and
it's like, you know.
Everybody always like,
wait for a second.
After a while, just to see...
Because they know it's going
to be something wild, you know?
You could be a swashbuckler
or you could have been
a barbarian.
I was fortunate enough
to be in a few of them.
Yes, even the very first one.
Last name is Ferguson
and everybody just called me
Ferg from then on.
And I've known Jonah since 1963
just after the assassination
of President Kennedy.
His brother was my best friend
and pointed him out to me in the
hallway as we were passing by
and that was the first time
I really saw him... Yeah.
Uh. Just if he belonged
there or somewhere,
incarceration or something.
From, from my observation
okay, I think you know,
my brother Jimmy
and he'll tell Im sure
hell tell you more about this
than, than I will but,
he was always very athletic.
You know, he, he kind of
almost looked like, you know
had like the Joe Nemeth kind of
thing going on back in the day.
He was quarterback of
the football team
he had a lot of girlfriends.
Uh, he was very popular.
Um, Jonah was more, um,
reclusive, I would say.
What happened
was my mother remarried
and I end up moving
just on the same street
but five houses away from them.
So from '66 to whenever
he went into service
I was practically living
at his house.
I actually started seeing
his brother Jimmy
because we were into football
and we'd play catch in the
front yard and stuff like that.
But the more I hung around
I realized Jonah was
into 'Spies'
and 'Man from U.N.C.L.E'
and comic books
and all those things and
I kind of liked that as well.
So I would, you know
go over and start hanging
around with him
and eventually that's all
I did is hang around with him
and Jimmy went on his way
to do football and stuff.
I played varsity
when I was a sophomore.
First play, I came in,
I called for a bootleg pass
it was against Eastridge.
I came in, I took the snap,
and as I turned like this
the pulling lineman
tripped my feet
and I lost about four yards.
Now, I got second and 14
so I call for a screen pass.
So, I drop back to pass
and as I'm in the pocket
and I'm sitting there, this big
lineman is coming right at me.
He's about to cream me
and my running back
is over here in the flat
and there's a linebacker
waiting right behind him
to intercept the ball.
So I had to think fast.
So I pump fake like this
and got this guy up in the air.
That guy moved over to
intercept but I never threw it
and I turned around
and ran this way
he missed me.
And as I was running
to the right
I saw the tight end going down
straight down the sideline
I just rifled him a 40 yard ball
right on his fingertips.
He ran all the way
for a touchdown.
The crowd went nuts
on a broken play.
It was a broken play.
My name is Jim Washnis.
I'm Jonah's brother by blood.
I was given a lot of God
gifted abilities in sports.
My brother harbored
a lot of jealousy
toward me because of it.
We lived right next
to a schoolyard
you could jump the fence
and you're in a playground.
And we're throwing
the football around.
My brother was standing
on top of a slide
they had a pretty big slide
at this playground.
And I threw him a pass,
about a 30 yard pass.
It was a nice tight spiral
right between the numbers.
But my brother didn't
have the athletic, uh...
prowess that I had.
And when he went
to catch the ball
his fingers were all
stiff and it kind...
hit his fingers and stubbed him.
So he reached in his pocket
and pulled out something shiny
and threw it at me,
and I didn't know what it was.
I'm waiting, no I'm down
on the ground
I see the shiny thing.
I move, it was a knife
that stuck right in the ground,
right where I was.
And that's not the first time
that he did something like that.
He tried killing me
a lot of times.
A lot of times!
There's a lot of history
between my brothers.
Sibling rivalry, Cain and Abel
whatever you want to call it.
I remember
when I was a little girl
and I was upstairs in our attic.
And I was looking down
at the bottom of the steps
and Johnny, Jonah was
at the bottom of the steps
and he kind of motioned
he kind of went like this,
like to be quiet.
I remember him taking
a bow and arrow
and shooting at up the steps
and Jimmy, who was
in the back part of the attic
was sitting there.
And I remember him
you know coming out like,
What are you doing?
Like you could, you know,
you're going to kill me.
And he just started laughing
and I'm glad I kept quiet
because who knows if he would
have gotten up from that chair
what could have happened?
This man, isn't a man,
he's a monster.
He's not a brother.
He's not a brother
to anybody in my family.
He hasn't been a good son
to his mom or dad.
His friends are more
important to him.
His friends as a community,
on the internet and everything
the image that he
portrays as Jonah.
There's John and there's Jonah.
John is a good person.
My brother John, as I knew
him as a kid
before he became
into this Jonah.
John was a very honest
and good person.
Jonah is a conceited
deceitful, narcissistic rat
that I wouldn't trust
as far as I could throw him.
I call him Johnny
because I like John, you know.
Johnny's my brother that,
you know...
And Jonah is somebody
that I feel like
he's more or less he
named himself.
Yeah. I know
his real name, but he's Jonah.
Everybody that knows him
and jams with him, he's Jonah.
Uh, yeah, that was kind of a...
a weird transformation,
actually to me.
And the next thing I know
he's going, "call me Jonah."
I can't explain that.
That just happened to him.
They started calling him that
one weekend down
at the playground.
And uh, it just stuck with him.
Ever since then,
he was just Jonah.
He had totally you know,
gone away from Johnny.
Unique name for a
unique character. Yeah.
Um, well, if I go back
to elementary school
I mean
I don't think I was ever normal.
I don't know it was a normal
growing up period or not.
I've always kind of done
my own thing
and heard a different drummer
and probably more situations,
you know
even in high school where
people just didn't accept me.
Fraternities, drama club
sports, uh... whatever.
The honor roll society.
I just don't give a
shit about this stuff.
He and his best friend
were Romulus and Remus.
And they were Gothic.
I mean, back then, back in
the '60s it was unheard of.
They always wore black, you know
they just were more
into being the outsiders.
They wore the black
t-shirts, black jeans
black shoes, every day, all day.
All the time
with holes in the shirts.
That's all they wore.
No showers.
People, you know,
gave them a wide margin
and they didn't understand them.
But they were great people.
Prayed to the devil.
Good athletes.
Just stayed to themselves.
He used to call out
demons names and stuff
when we were kids.
I remember he did that one night
and the door slam shut
during a rainstorm.
It scared the living
shit out of me.
It scared the shit out of me.
I'm telling you the
God's honest truth.
I mean, Jimmy was...
you know, very good at
you know, football
you know, he was
attractive and had no problem
you know, getting the dates
and such.
And Johnny, I think
was a bit jealous of that.
And I don't think that ever
really kind of got resolved.
I think it just escalated
into a lifetime of bad blood.
He, he treated me
differently than everybody else.
He didn't treat me
like a brother.
He treated me like "You're
the person I've got to beat."
I never really
got along with my brother.
Um... I don't know why he...
he's, you know,
he's mean spirited about me.
I don't know if he's jealous
or he feels that I'm
downplaying him or whatever.
I often think to myself,
you know
if I had somebody like me
for an older brother,
would it be the coolest
thing in the world
or would I have somebody that
Id have to try to live up to
and I could never do.
I don't know.
When he found out that he
wasnt getting any attention
he changed.
You know,
three days after Jonah turned 18
he enlisted in the army.
So I think he was doing what
he wanted to do just to get out.
It was August 21st, 1971.
And I remember it very well,
I was about 12.
So it was...
it was very traumatic
especially for my mother.
I remember my mother
crying herself to sleep
that night when he left.
Happy Memorial Day, everybody.
Happy Memorial Day.
So, could you tell us
what you're wearing.
Oh, I just thought
I'll wear some, um...
quasi green military
kind of stuff
to honor all of our veterans
who have passed away
making the ultimate sacrifice.
And uh... I thought that
since I'm a warrior myself
that it would just be
very apropos
to sit in front of
my castle here
and have a nice drink
out of my skull mug
of whatever I'm drinking.
I'll let you figure that out.
You want fast action?
Outdoor action?
Real man-sized action?
Well, here's action that
tops them all
in the combat branches
of today's army.
Well, Jonah spoke to me
about his years
in the service in Vietnam.
Not a lot. He doesn't
go into a lot of detail.
Well he was in Special Forces.
You know, from what I understand
he was in special operations
and basically they would just
drop him alone in the jungle
and he would go carry out
some mission.
I did stuff that was
classified, and you know
I just don't need any of that
come back to haunt me.
But I don't like to think about some
of the stuff that happened then.
I had a war movie on,
I think 'Saving Private Ryan'.
He's like, "Yeah, I was hearing
all the gunfire and stuff"
and they were kind of
giving him flashbacks there
"from listening to all the
bullets and stuff flying by."
I got out of the service
August 21st, 1974
three days after my
21st birthday.
I don't know that I
really had a plan
when I got out of the service.
My plan was just to, you know
let my hair grow and...
definitely not being
told what to do.
To this day, I don't like
taking orders.
I don't care if it's a wife,
a boss, I don't take orders.
You can give me a suggestion
you can ask me nice
to do you a favor
but Im not your dog.
And I will not be anybodys dog.
The establishment or
anybody else.
You know youre in
for a fight, for sure.
I mind my own business
and I respect other
people's property
and their pets, and their kids
and everything else like that.
I'd probably be the first one
to step right up
if I saw somebody trying to rape a girl
or kidnap a kid or something like that.
Shooter ready?
It's all lies.
Whoa! Easy does it.
Rack it. Just rack it.
Rack the slide. Rack the slide.
Whoa, tripped on a log.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm all right.
Im stuck in the wood
or something.
Thats what happens
when you miss the whole target.
Stuck behind here.
Oh, man!
He was never in Vietnam.
He was in Germany selling hash
and doing acid.
In Ansbach, Germany.
He was never in Vietnam.
He was not in ning bang dang
or whatever all that crap was
and I've got all the paperwork
right down here to prove it.
It was off an internet site.
I really don't know.
I don't have information about
when, you know
the specifics of when he was in the
army, other than when he was um...
You know, in Europe.
I know he was in Germany and I
know he went through Fort Dix.
But other than that, I really
don't have that information.
If you are going, if you're
doing any covert operations
if you were like in a train,
you'd be in a sealed car.
They didn't want you to see
where you were going
they didn't want anybody else
to know you were there.
You did whatever you had to do
and you came back.
I, I've never known Jonah
to exaggerate anything that he
says he has done or can do... ever.
He tells you he can do it or has done it,
I think you can pretty much believe it.
They would intercept your mail that
you got and read it before you read it.
We used to send cassettes
back and forth to each other.
We at that time, we had a
relationship where we could talk.
And we actually kind of missed
each other at that point in time
because that's probably
the first time in our lives
that we were ever
really separated.
So a lot of times, I might
have been in one location
and they may have actually
forged a letter from me
to say I was someplace else.
He wants to be somebody
that nobody else is like.
You know, he wants to, that's
more important to him than family.
It's more important than going
and visiting your dying mother
or helping your father
up the stairs.
The family has turned
their back on him
because he's turned his back
on the family.
He had 10 years to go up
and see my mother.
He showed up there
for her funeral
10 years later.
Where the hell were you?
Where were you?
Your mother's dying.
Where are you? Nowhere.
I was there all the time
when I had the job for Suburban.
I was in the vehicle during the
day, I'd stop and visit her.
I even took the dog there.
My dog Tonru.
We went into the elevator and
freaked everybody out, you know.
I got permission, I had to
sign a thing
the dog could come
to the freaking home, you know.
But my mom had Alzheimer's.
She didn't recognize me anyway.
You go there to visit somebody that
can't feed themselves and all this.
Its very sad to watch somebody
deteriorate like that.
It's harder on the family than it is
on the person that's got the disease.
That's not a hero to me.
It's like
if you're in the woods and...
And you, you got your arm pinned
under a tree, you got to decide
do I stay here and freeze to death,
or I cut my own arm off to get away?
Because nobody's going
to come rescue me.
So you either die
or you amputate yourself.
And it's one of those things
where I've got to take care of me
so that I can take care of
people in the future, you know?
He's filled to the
brim with hate
and jealousy, and
sibling rivalry
and it showed up at the wake.
When he went to shake my hand
that was for a show in
front of everybody
almost to make me look bad.
I just looked right through him.
Never said a word.
Some people thought that
was wrong of me.
To me, it was one of the most
wonderful points in my life.
You know, there were other
challenges growing up that...
You know, I, I probably wouldn't
get into but let's just say
we, you know, we had some
challenges growing up as a family.
Mrs. Washnis?
Mrs. Washnis: Yes?
Mom kept her family together.
She took no shit from my father.
She might have been a
small little woman
but she took no shit from dad.
I'll tell you what, mom was,
mom would stand her ground.
Dad would drink a half a gallon of
whiskey and four cases of beer a week.
It was very difficult growing up in the
house with an alcoholic for a father.
And my father was a big man
he's 6"3 and 230
so that was a little imposing and
intimidating to you know, young kids.
We made a point of not, not
hanging around a lot of times
if he was, if he was there
and running around, you know.
Because he had a, every once while
he'd tip, tip the bottle a little bit
so, I don't know if I should
really say that but he did and
And, and because my brother Jonah
was the oldest he probably, you know,
he had to deal with it
more than any of us.
There's something
inside Jonah driving him
because he felt inadequacies
growing up.
I mean, I mean you
got to remember like...
You know, if you're growing
up in a...
In a, in a pseudo dysfunctional
and you're having, you know,
you're looking for role models
I can't think of any better
role models than superheroes
Zorro, Superman, Robin Hood.
I mean, you're looking at people
who have abilities
and they're helping
other people.
They're not asking
for anything in return.
You've got a faction that
is suppressing
I don't care if they're the
peasants, or serfs, or regular people
or they're criminals going after
victims or the rapists or whatever
you've got somebody willing
to stand up against them
and not expecting
any remuneration in return.
I don't even care if I
get a thank you.
It's not about that.
It's just about me being me.
If I can help somebody
out, fine.
I think of myself
as the quintessential warrior.
I mean, I got this tattoo
on my 38th birthday.
And I got it in my right arm
because it's my sword arm.
Which is from an album cover of
the 'Warrior on The Edge of Time'
a psychedelic group from Britain
called Hawkwind which I really like.
I think we get a lot of
our creativity from my father.
I went to school to be
a video artist.
My sister actually
has a pretty incredible singing voice
that a lot of people don't know.
And now Jimmy's
learning keyboard.
My father actually even
wrote a book.
It's called 'The Ballbreaker'.
So anyhow, my wife is at
the hospital giving birth to Kathy
and I got this shot at
babysitting again.
And I had to change
Karen's diaper
but I was afraid of doing it
after that experience with Jim.
So I didn't change her diaper
for three days
so she got back from
the hospital.
When she was coming home, Karen
was getting a little raunchy.
So I gave her this putty knife,
I said
"Go in the toilet scrape yourself
up before your mother gets home."
And I don't know whether the putty knife
disintegrated or what happened to it
but I never saw it again
and I want it back.
I remember he made a...
it is a big deal
I mean, he made a big deal that
he had written a book and...
That I had to go buy it.
And I believe Ive probably
got it here someplace.
But whether I actually read the
whole thing I don't think I did.
That's the exploits of his
father growing up in Pennsylvania
in a coal mining town.
Different situations, and then he's
going into the military from there.
His father's got like a
whole chapter
on having anal sex with
this lady that he picked up.
I served with the seventh
Infantry Division in the Pacific
back in 1945 and 1946.
And that I believe is what
inspired me to write this story.
But this is not a war story,
not at all.
I mention my military service
only to lend credence to some of the
events that take place in this story.
My dad sent him $50 for his birthday,
he sent it back, return to sender.
My sister Kathy calls him
he doesn't return any calls.
My sister Karen calls him
he doesn't return any calls.
And I certainly don't want
anything to do with him.
I don't want to be
a burden to anybody
I don't want to be around
people that don't like me.
It doesn't make any sense.
I don't want to go to a party
where everybody's going to
say bad things about me.
I know the way he thinks.
And I know the way he thinks
probably better than anybody
does because I grew up with him.
I grew up in that same house with
him, with that alcoholic father
and my mother
who kept their family together.
You know, I grew up in
that house.
It's, I, I know it sounds weird
and I probably, people are going to look
at this and say, "This guy's crazy,"
but I miss the dog
more than I miss my mom.
I didn't see my mom every day.
When I was a kid I saw my mom
every day.
But the dog is my kid.
I got my dog Tonru, I got him
from a breeder out in Nevada.
That's right, Nevada
The name that I got for
the dog which is Tonru
I got it from an old
Star Trek episode.
It goes...
I am Tonru. I am the other.
I thought, well,
I'm one and Tonru is the other.
I named him Tonru.
Who do you think uh,
would be a better Captain Kirk?
Oh, I'd be Captain Kirk.
Well, I'm sure my brother
would want to be Captain Kirk.
The kids in high school
called me Captain Kirk.
They signed my yearbook
Captain Kirk.
He did tend to be a
leader being the quarterback.
So I guess if you looked
at it that way
you would say he'd make
a good Captain Kirk.
I mean, Jim had a, an excellent
Captain Kirk imitation.
Jonah'd be a Klingon.
Jonah would be a Klingon.
I'd probably
be like a Klingon, you know.
Definitely rebellious.
Definitely evil
There is something cool about
being the bad guy, you know.
And definitely wanting people to
believe in his theories... Oh, yeah.
Where as Jonah
would be good as far as...
If he was in command of a, a group of
people like when we did the photographs.
And there he is,
the man himself.
But I can see Jonah
in that position.
Yes, uh, pursuing some hostiles
through space.
That's a toss up.
That's a toss up.
Its the cali... genetic caliber of
the, of those, from that family.
His father's a great man and...
His mother was just a,
just a wonderful person.
And, uh...
The genetic stock of the
Lithuanian-Italian, they're just...
Invincible, invincible.
I remember as a younger teenager,
he wasn't into physical fitness.
He was a real thin,
uh just regular kid.
And then I...
I started working out
and I started developing
I had these big forearms
and he liked that.
And then he went
into the service.
He went into Germany
he had talked with his parents
about what his future would be
and they figured that'd be
a good, a good move for him.
We didn't know anybody that was
going in the military at that time.
In our age group,
nobody volunteered.
There was a draft that was
going on, but he volunteered.
So, if you're
for fast action,
if you're an action kind of guy
take a long strong look at
today's army.
What's the next step? Into
your army recruiter's office.
But while he was in the service
he was big time into
weightlifting and working out
and he'd walk all over Europe.
So when he came back,
he was a transformed...
You know, from a little
kid to this big muscle-bound
you know, what you're
seeing now basically.
When he came back from the army,
he was definitely different.
He was much more outgoing than the
person I remember when he left.
Jonah... Jonah...
Jonah... Jonah...
Used to do a lot of uh chemical
enhancement back in the day too.
Enhanced his performance
with mind-altering stuff.
I got into the drug stuff
when I was in the military.
And when I got out I stayed with
it probably for about 10 years.
I was doing stuff. And then again, you
know, I'm like Mr. Abuse, you know.
You know, let's see how
much you can do.
I didn't, uh, ever do anything like
that with him to be honest with you.
So that apparently was with,
with Mr. Chips.
Oh, that's Mr. Chips.
This guy with the beard.
That's-thats Chips.
That's Chips, that's my
buddy Dan, that's Ferg.
Dan was the best man at my
brother's first wedding.
Ferg was the best man
at my brother's second wedding.
He accused both of them
of sleeping with his wives.
And that's my brother
with crutches on him.
We were all, uh, unmarried, and,
uh, just, uh, a very lively place.
Just the music and
the laughs and...
A good core group of people. It
was like a haven of adolescence.
Just stop by Avis St.
To see whats going on.
And it was always somebody
making something to eat
or making a strange piece of art
or playing music or something.
The whole sense of the whole
group was trust each one
could totally rely on the other.
And Jonah was the core.
He was the, he was the heart, the
heartbeat of the Avis Street, yes.
We partied a lot
together, you know...
He always had to do more
than anybody else.
My brother would roll big fat
joints, he called them Jonah joints.
And we were smoking,
uh, Jonah joints
which were
small telephone poles, you know.
From what I understand they were
quite thick like a-like a tornado
if you can picture that.
Whirlwinds of sensations, yes.
You put this much pot
in a joint and you take a hit,
and you're, youre burning it all
into the air and just wasting it.
But he did it because it was
bigger than anybody else's
like his dog was bigger
than anybody else's
like his gun was bigger
than anybody else's.
That's what he's all about.
Making sure it's bigger
than anybody else's.
Jonah did extensive drugs.
He did Angel Dust, he did heroin,
he didn't do much cocaine.
I never really liked doing
cocaine or anything like that.
I mean anything that
would drain down my nose
and make me, make it harder for me to
breathe when I was playing the harmonica.
I just didn't care for it.
It was an expensive drug and it,
didn't, didn't last very long.
Meanwhile, you know I could
spend like a little bit of money
on a pill about this big and
be high for 18 hours, you know.
I didn't feel full,
I just had a great time.
We did a lot of
partying back then.
We smoked a lot of weed
but I think more than anything
Jonah did a lot of acid.
I'd do, five hits of acid.
Not one, he would eat five;
five hits of blotter at once.
And Id see what I could
do, you know
kickbox or go see the ACDC
or something like that.
But there wasn't anything I did.
So I-I-I don't know when they did
it, how they did it or anything.
I had nothing to do with that.
Kathy Hayes: To me, for someone to do
six hits of acid and you can't even tell
I was amazed.
I remember
I was in a band with Tim.
Called Cruise Control.
Back in 1982,
and we were on our way to a gig
at a bar called the
Orange Monkey.
And it was snowing outside.
And I didn't know how to
get to the bar.
And I always figured, "let's
see if I drop the acid now
and in about a half an hour
it'll hit me
and Ill have just enough time
to get to the bar", right?
It hit me before I got to the
bar and there was a blizzard.
And I got this wild costume on and
my face is all flushed, and you know
I'm watching the snowflakes melt
on the windshield and I go,
"Oh man, it's getting really hard to see
between the lines on the road", you know.
And then I stopped to ask
directions, you know.
And Im this wild eyed crazy guy
dressed up like a freaking
renegade Indian, you know...
I had a feather and I wore like
a black headband to keep that
because that was before
contact lenses.
I wore my glasses
and everything.
My hair was longer and I had
like a Ted Nugent belt I made.
You know, I had like fox tails,
raccoon tails and bear claws.
I had buck skin boots on and I just
came in and played the harmonica
like Jimi Hendrix would,
would do with the guitar.
He's a terrific harmonica
player. Bar none.
Probably hes maybe the best
I've ever even heard.
But he puts a little bit too
much into a bridge instrument.
Hed be, you know,
literally laying on his back
and flipping around on stage
while he was playing harmonica
and he just had, you know,
endless energy.
He started his act in a cage.
He was wearing a Wolverine outfit,
you couldn't tell he was a human.
And came out of the cage
playing harmonica
and it terrified people in
the audience.
It was, it was just a great act.
We don't well,
know him well enough to know
that all his highs might
be natural highs or...
You know... Assisted highs.
You know something, I don't,
I don't, I really don't believe
- Jonah would do drugs.
- Jackie Kasperson:
I don't think
so. He's, he's too natural.
Maybe I'm-maybe I'm wrong
but he's got that natural energy.
I don't know if he needs it.
And I realized that I was
burning the candle on both ends.
I just said, Look,
I gotta make a choice.
Do I want to go this route
or this route?
And I just dropped the
other thing.
And I did, completely
just like that.
People that saw me party couldn't
believe I just didn't want to.
Theyd go-theyd go to
hand me a joint
and Id say, No, I don't do that anymore.
I just don't want to do it, you know.
It was just that easy for me.
Jonah hasn't done
drugs in a long time.
He's probably extremely
physically healthy person.
I mean, health wise, he's probably
extremely physically healthy
except for mentally.
Mentally, he's delusionary.
But I have a strong mind.
You have to have a strong mind
to be able to say no.
Im going to get my,
a refill here.
Having my cranberry
juice and rum.
That's my normal Saturday
if I don't have any place to go.
That's what I do. I just like
to make some cheeseburgers...
A little sliced red onion,
Little uh, based in
Worcestershire sauce
with a little, just a
hint of fresh garlic.
They're good.
It doesn't take long
if you preheat the bun.
Messy part of the video.
It was a great honor to film
Jonah and Annas wedding.
Well, the first part of the video
was, was a montage that I created.
I took little bits of video of
Anna's preparation for the wedding
and the audio was terrible.
It was all people talking and,
you know, it was in a hair salon
there was all kinds
of distracting stuff going on.
And I-I couldn't think of a good way
to present this as part of the video
and not have it be terrible
to listen to.
So I deleted the audio track and just
put in Jonah's music in the background
and then I, once I started
doing that and blending scenes
I actually figured, while she's
probably thinking a lot about Jonah
while she's preparing for a wedding so why
not put a few things of Jonah in there too
just to kind of show the
flow of thinking
and, and you know, try to
get the mood.
And I thought it came out great.
I gave your bag to, to him.
Stay right there, now.
They are all watching...
I can't now speak.
He had met, uh,
a young lady in the Soviet Union
and, uh, carried on a relationship
with her long distance at first.
He met Anna online.
It was, I believe,
or something like that on the internet.
Found Anna on the internet.
They corresponded for a long time on
the internet before anything happened...
And so then, then he told me
he was saving up his money.
He was actually going to go to Russia
and get her and bring her here.
He started writing her and she was writing
him and of course, they had never met.
So I thought that was a little,
little odd
but being a friend, I supported
him with it, you know.
I'm not going to tell him,
"don't do it", you know
"It's not going to ever work"
or anything like that.
I never thought that way.
So and he went over there and...
met his, met her family and,
and spent quite a bit of money.
You have to pay their
government, our government
this, that, the other thing,
all these forms...
Uh, was she going to be a citizen?
This, that, the other thing
and he had to pay
a ton of money to do this.
He bought her
a beautiful Emerald ring.
And, uh, and she...
It all came... to fruition.
I mean, he brought her
home and married her.
I was, I was maid of honor.
And they lived together for,
you know, down in Dansville
they did wind up moving to Dansville
and which I was sorry he did that
because I-I didn't get
to see him as often.
And I, and I think a lot of his friends,
we didn't really get to see him as often.
And, um...
And that, and that was it. I-I would
see him, you know, off and on and...
You know, as it got later and later
I-I wouldn't see him quite as much.
No, no,
I was-I was ecstatic for him.
He was, he was happy
and I was happy for him.
I just missed him.
This whole hallway
was like the night gallery.
I had 22 by 30 posters of a lot of
the pictures you've seen on MySpace
which were my Christmas
card pictures.
And they adorned both of
these walls all the way down.
This was the room
that my wife used to use.
I had an old, I still
have, its in storage.
An old organ, you know, they
used to play church music on it.
And I was trying to learn how to
play "In A Gadda Da Vida", you know.
So you could see where all
the water damage had happened.
Pieces of plaster would
be falling.
And I started feeling really bad about
all that, you know, because it was...
It was just uh, you know,
one of those things.
Things were happening faster
than I could deal with them.
Uh, I'd been working
and then I got laid off.
And then, you know, you start dipping
into your 401k and your bank account
pretty soon there's
nothing left to dip into.
And not really living
beyond my means either.
Just trying to eat and
keep the heat on...
And, you know, there was a week
we, it was like 10 degrees outside
and we had no heat.
We had these little space heaters.
We moved from room to room
and I know, I - I finally...
Because I was going through
some hard times and stuff
I never thought I'd go through the heat
thing for, um, gas electric benefits
and food stamps, you know,
you know, all that stuff
you know, getting free
baked goods from the church.
I mean everything I
could to keep us going.
I would also like to
just say that Id like to...
Promise to Annas mother
and her sister
that I would do my best
to try to take care of her
and be a good husband
and maybe a father someday.
And do my best to just be the best
person I can for her in her life.
Sword cane.
I remember when I was in rehab for my
knee, the guy at the rehab place loved me.
He goes, You know, this guy's done.
He's coming here to work out every day.
You know, he's, you know,
he's gotten his leg good again
and he's using all the weights
and everything.
So they finally stopped
doing it.
But I-they loved me because I had
sword canes and stuff, you know.
You could fence, right?
Could you show us a couple
moves with that?
Well, I mean, look, you know,
I mean we-we did fencing stuff.
I did stuff like that,
but, you know, a lot of it...
It's hard without somebody else
actually fencing with you, you know.
You get a lot of parries
and thrusts and stuff like that.
But, you know, it's not a lot
of the hack and slash stuff
you see in the Conan movies,
you know.
A lot of it is real, just,
you know
tipping somebody that way
so you can jab at him, you know.
They were made for stabbing,
they weren't made for slashing.
They werent made for slashing.
This is what my buddy Tim
Baxter was holding under his arm
when he was, uh, Little John for
the Robin Hood thing, you know.
Actually found this too when I
was working on the garbage truck.
Somebody was throwing it out. I just
thought it was cool and brought it home.
Leave it in the room...
But it's for real.
I would get on the writing step
and grab one of the handles.
And I used to do pull ups
when we're going down the road
at 60 miles an hour, you know.
And I'd stick my foot
in the mouth of the barrel
because the barrel to
the passenger side
if you hit a bump
and it rolled off the curb
it's going to roll up
in somebody's lawn.
The one on the driver's side would roll
in the path of an oncoming vehicle.
So by me riding on
the drivers side
and standing in it,
it's not going to take off.
The last thing that
I did for him
I helped move him down to his house
to Dansville and I bought him tickets
to a Blue Oyster Cult concert.
Before he bought the house in Dansville,
he was in a really bad accident.
We were parked.
Dark blue truck,
bright sunny day.
And they were facing due east.
So as the sun got to the
top of that hill
you were totally blind because the
sun was right on the horizon there.
This girl had her visor
down and was doing her makeup
and she was 19 years old
on her way to the deli department
of the supermarket where she worked.
She's flying down the road
and nobody knew it, you know.
And we just, well
we just stopped
I just threw some trash
in the back of the truck
and hung my cart on the little
hooks that we had on the back
put my foot in the mouth of the
barrel and my other foot right here
I just pulled myself up, my partner
was getting ready to move the truck
and all of a sudden
it was like a shark attack.
And all of a sudden it
was like a shark attack.
She hit the bottom
of the barrel.
She hit the bottom
of that barrel.
Mouth of the barrel hit me in the ass, and
drove my knee into the cast iron tread.
I spun as high as
the winch cable
came down on the
hood and windshield
and trampolined to the
opposite shoulder of the road.
And I was conscious
the whole time.
He bumped off the hood of
the car and woke up unconscious.
When he woke up he was inside
the hospital with a fake knee.
Meanwhile, I'm still
in the road.
So now my partner hears
everything, looks in the rearview
I'm gone and there's a car
where I used to be.
So now traffic stops and I'm
in the middle of the road.
My partner thinks I'm dead.
He comes running out.
The girls already out of her car on
the other side of the road crying.
I'm so sorry.
She's crying, right?
My partner, Mark, comes out of the
car and he goes, Are you alright?
No, I'm not okay. Call
an ambulance, you know.
I'm thinking,
"I got to get my sandwich."
How am I going to get
to eat my lunch
because if they're gonna operate on
me, they won't let me eat any food.
You know, so I'm trying
to get to my sandwich
and then goes, He's in shock.
No, I'm not in shock.
I'm in pain, you know,
There's a big difference.
He doesn't even remember
it because he was unconscious.
And I never got
my fucking sandwich.
He's got a, a knee
that's completely rebuilt
because the car shattered
his kneecap.
I'm not one to
go running to the doctor.
Pretty much go to work
with a gunshot wound
unless they make me go to the
hospital, you know.
So, I have injuries that people
don't know about that I deal with.
Hey Vasca... What?
Youre scared?
Whats the matter?
Whats the matter, huh?
You want to play with the
happy face man?
You want to play up here?
Come on.
One of the most relaxing things that
I do is just playing with my cat.
You know, I just need a little
bit of time where I smile.
It's-its just nice to know that
somebody or something cares.
You know, for whatever reason,
you know.
The cats really all I've got
left from the house in Dansville
after the house got foreclosed
and the bank took it.
You know my wife, we went our
separate ways too, you know.
Financial duress, sometimes
people bail out instead of...
You know, sticking with
the ship, you know.
Well, I had gotten, uh, a lot of, uh,
cards from customers on the garbage route
saying how much they missed me. They
used to call me the designer garbage man.
So this guy just runs
the whole time.
He's out there and they say
that, after you left
they got a pickup truck and
three other guys to replace you
because nobody could
keep up with you.
And then, you know, I was wearing
a leg brace a donjoy brace
for about 10 years
and I still have a big scar
where they cut all the
way up my leg here.
My whole right knee
got destroyed.
He sued and got some money from
it and bought an Eagle Talon car.
I ordered it.
I paid cash for it.
I ordered from the dealership.
So I had the, I had great
custom leather bucket seats
it was a black car,
I had the Jonah1 license plates.
That's the first car
those came on.
You know it had cruise, and air, and
a killer stereo, and turbo charger.
You know. Excuse me.
It was really nice.
He had uh
An extravagant...
Flair and...
A great imagination.
State. And I, I ended up, uh, being
able to borrow one of the saddles
Oh excellent.
Yes, we do have
horse trainers in this cart.
We have everything.
Videos, TV. I hope.
When I did something
permitting a lot of
artistic license
that's why the cards turned out
as well as they did.
If I, like I really
went all out.
When I did the Sinbad one, it, I had
written Sinbad Jedi Knight /Time Traveler.
That accounts
for the dinosaurs and Sinbad
having a light saber as well
as a sword.
And it was a great
combination of things.
I had one girl dressed
up like a pirate
Marisa was dressed
kind of like Xena
we were traveling through time
battling monsters
time, space dimensions,
whatever, you know.
I don't know where he got all
the people to be honest with you.
Some, some he must have just met
at, you know, the corner store
"and said, Do you want to be in my
picture this weekend?" Or something.
Its gonna be a porno film.
I can tell, man. Oh boy.
It's like, "Oh,
did you get Jonah's new card?"
"Oh, did you get
Jonah's new card?"
And I used to look at them
and I think to myself
there's nothing more ridiculous
than a fool busy in a project.
Occasionally, somebody would say
"this doesn't have anything
to do with Christmas."
And of course, my...
You know, my response is always, It
has everything to do with Christmas.
It has to do with giving.
It has to do with giving without
expectation of reciprocation.
You don't have to say thank you.
I'm giving it to you
because I want to.
He just
wants to do things for people
and he wants it to be meaningful
and wants them to appreciate it.
I really, I really wasn't
trying to tread on any toes.
I was trying to have a
good time and share my...
feelings and things I liked
with the people I cared about.
Its amazing how the people that know
about these Christmas cards are.
He, he does like 250 of them.
They go to Japan, everywhere.
You make that many cards
not everybody's going to be
home when you stop by.
So Id stick them in the doorway.
A week or two after Christmas,
I don't hear anything.
I call, Did you get the card?
Oh, yeah.
Did you like it?
Yeah, it was great.
Then why didn't you
say thank you?
Why didn't you at least
acknowledge that you received
it even if you didn't like it?
And I started feeling like people
were taking the card for granted.
You know, it's like going
to the faucet
and turning the sink and
expecting the water to come out.
And he just pulled the plug
on the whole operation.
I'm trying to think when
Anna came into the picture.
That might have been...
that might have been
when the cards stopped.
Hey! Welcome
to the Ukraine.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Enjoying a late meal
after watching some
hearty videos
of me and Christmas
card pictures
and CDs.
And now, for the rest
of the evening
were trying to do our first installment
of a video of us live and in color.
And Annas favorite color is
lts green.
Look at the camera and tell them
Are you nervous?
I would not like to think
that she went through all that
just to get into the United
States and get citizenship
and, you know, but it
appears that way.
I don't know
whether or not there was a scam.
I-I don't think well ever know.
Kathy Hayes: So I heard that
he was, when he was moving
he, he quit his job and
got a job with...
He was working for
a paper service or something.
He wanted to do more
with his life.
He quit the job and spent money
going back and forth to Russia
with her and that's where all
the cash went and lost his house.
And he was moving.
And he was like, No, nothing.
So now I hate her.
"If I ever see her, shes
going to pay."
He married that girl,
Anna from Russia.
She had to learn the
English language.
When she learned it good enough
and she probably learned that every
sentence didn't begin with the letter 'I'
that's probably when she realized
that this was not going to work.
I mean, at the same time Jonah
was going from Johnny to Jonah
I think Jimmy was going
from Jimmy to whoever
because he's just
not the same person that he was.
I mean, not at all.
It seems like they have
rev-reverse personalities.
Jonahs becoming more extroverted
and Jim's becoming more introverted.
When they were growing up,
it was just the opposite.
Remember that, remember the
song'Glory Years by Bruce Springsteen?
All right, after high school
football, that was it.
That was my brother's big thing. He was
a quarterback in high school. That's it.
That was the passion of my life, football.
I still love it.
I still think it's
the best game.
I mean, I wasn't satisfied
with just stopping there.
I keep doing things. I'm
doing things to this very day.
I love sports.
I love music.
I just recently picked up the
keyboards about five years ago.
And now I'm really getting
to figure out things
so I'm ready to play
in a band now.
Im gonna jam. Here we go.
You want to talk about
Jonah, how egotistical he is?
That Christmas card
is to put the attention
he, this guy actually
wants to put himself
more important than
the real meaning of Christmas.
The real meaning of Christmas
is about Christ.
It's not about Santa Claus,
an anagram of Satan
who comes down a
fire chimney in red
and robs his glory from Christ.
It's not about that.
It's not about anything else
but the birth of our Savior
who came to save us.
It's not about Jonah.
He wants to be it.
Worship Me, I'm Jonah,
the second anti-Christ.
He is in the
spirit of antichrist.
I'll tell you something very interesting
that you can keep right on this footage.
The number 666 adds up to 18.
Jonah was born on the 18th.
Jonah was born in 1953,
which adds to 18.
Jonah graduated in 1971,
which adds to 18.
Jonah worshipped the devil.
Jonah is an apostate of Satan.
I believe that.
I don't think he realizes...
How, how evil or bad things are.
I, so, yeah, there's something
definitely demonic going on for sure.
I-I think there's a battle
going on. Definitely.
And so I don't know where he's
gonna end up in the afterlife.
I'm praying for him because right
now he's on his way to hell.
He's magnifying himself in an
antichrist type of fashion.
He is in the spirit of
antichrist Jonah.
He wants people to worship him.
Were not, he's not the one to worship.
Christ is the one to worship.
This is the sword that I got
for my 40th birthday.
Man: Yes! Huzzah!
The will of steel!
I actually had my buddy Don use
it for his sword in the calendar.
Don: What do you guys want? What do
you guys want? What do you want, Jonah?
Whatever dude. There you go. Two handed.
There you go. Two handed.
Don: Two handed?
Thats good!
Hurry up.
I cant hold the stuff forever..
We did, we had done stuff
on a, like a big lazy "Susan"
in front of a blue screen.
And we're, you know, we, you know
we take several pictures of us
as they, as they kept turning the,
the carousel we were standing on.
So that if you put it on the internet, you
move the mouse, you could spin us around
and see what the costume looks
like from all different angles.
Im-Im like, my mind is like,
you know
way, left side of my brains
working real hard, right?
That's a calendar, right Jonah?
- Jonah.
That's a calendar, right?
Thats a calendar I hope.
But, eh I think the guy that
was going to do the printing
one of the guys, the characters
actually worked at the print
shop and lost his job, so...
I guess he was doing it
behind the scenes, you know
not really with the, the total
permission of the company
and he got fired for it.
Now look at Don.
Is that Errol Flynn or what?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, right.
We were waiting
for that to come out
for where we could see if
we could sell some of them
and that kind of fell through.
It was a big disappointment.
Seen some better years.
Things are getting
a little rusty out here.
But I've got all the
stuff in the can.
Well get it eventually. Yeah,
eventually we'll get it done.
But it was a great,
I had said just like this...
These guys are thinking about like doing
a cartoon of my skull ranger character.
Wouldnt that be great?
Or a video game?
You know, without really
knocking a lot of things over
if I pull these blankets aside, you
can probably see the lion and the wolf.
And again, the, the bed that
I'm sitting on is the...
the mattress and boxspring, because the
actual bed wouldn't fit in this room.
It's too tall and too wide.
And you know, maybe someday again,
I hope someday again before I die
I'll be able to set the
whole thing up.
And it's, it's an edifice to
look at much less sleep in.
And that's, uh, pretty much
my room.
Pretty much.
- Stay.
He wont even know.
Well do it so smooth he
won't even know he's turning.
Stay there.
- Good boy. I hope.
- Female:
Despite Jonah's best efforts to, to
help him Tonru developed some cancer.
It was it was truly one of the
greatest losses I've ever experienced.
I carried him when he died
on his own terms.
And I called Skip and took a day off
from work the next day and we buried him.
And he really hurt,
hurt a lot when he died.
It was a real sad thing.
I had a large dog myself, Scout
that actually passed away...
a year or so before Tonu,
Tonru did.
They're buried side by side and got crosses
on their graves out in our hunting camp.
Yeah it's funny how animals can
be so much a part of your life.
But you know, you don't see
people all the time
but you see the animal
every day.
And uh, like I said, again
he was a lot more...
a lot more important to me
than most people.
You know, I, you know, I don't know
how many real friends you guys have.
I don't even know how
many real friends I have.
But I know one thing,
this guy was really my friend.
And I could count on him.
Oh, they're sorely missed.
That's for sure.
Yeah. Good friends.
No doubt about it.
Man's best friend.
Well, you know, I had a
lot of bad things happen.
I mean, I mean,
you know any one of these things
could have pushed, you know,
I don't want to say a normal person
making me superhuman or abnormal
but, you know, boom boom,
but it's like being in a fight.
Every time you get up,
somebody knocks you down
again, but you keep getting up.
You keep getting up.
Jonah really showed the
strength of his character.
I mean all within the space
of less than a year and a half
you know his dog died
he lost his house
had to declare bankruptcy
and lost his wife.
He still kept smiling.
You know, I mean, I...
I'm not saying he ever got sad
or depressed or anything
but I mean, they were momentary.
I mean he just...
Hes too much into life to let
anything get him down for too long.
You know hes really
a indomitable spirit
like nobody I've ever known.
I know that the only value that I have
in this life is one of entertainment.
It's taken me a long time
to accept that conclusion.
Nobody really gives a shit
about me as a person
just what I say or wear or
what I can do.
I've created me and I
have to go on being me.
There's no turning back.
With great power
comes a great responsibility.
Words of wisdom
for me to live by.
I've spent more time alone
than I do around other people.
And maybe that's why I've been
able to delve within myself
to harness those powers that most of us
have but never tap into full capacity.
Pedal to the metal and volume
at ten is all that I know.
I'll continue to be over
the top until I drop.
Maybe I spend too much time alone,
but you know how we punishers are.
I've already run the different question
and answer scenarios in my head
if I wind up in Conan O'Brien,
Leno, Letterman or Stern
although I am not camera shy and
have no mic fright whatsoever
and Im wildly spontaneous.
Chance favors the prepared mind.
God how I love that phrase.
As The Doors Jim Morrison once said
in The Celebration of the Lizard
Now night arrives with a purple Legion;
retire now to your tent and to your dreams.
Tomorrow, we enter the town of my birth;
I want to be ready. And I will be ready.
Okay action, Jonah.
This is what
I should be doing, you know.
I shouldn't
be working a real job.
I mean I really shouldn't.
I don't belong here.
You know, I mean...
You know, there's a place for
that, there's a place for people,
but I just have, I just have too many
other skills to be stuck doing that.
And I, even if I made the same pay,
it'd be better doing something I like.
My hobbies are what gets
everybody's attention.
That's what I tell everybody
Even though people want to know what
makes me tick for the documentary,
they don't want Sylvester
Stallone, they want Rambo.
They want Rocky; they want the character,
so I give them the character, you know.
So I'm gonna have fun tonight, I'm
really like looking forward to it.
Where's the gig?
It's some shitty ass
little town called Elba.
It's between Albion and Batavia.
Oh, Okay. And it's a
ro, ts a roadhouse.
Its called, um,
The Stumblin Inn.
I think, I think its time.
Whats your name?
Jonah. We have to...
Are you serious?
Crazy about you
over your documentary.
Oh yeah, Ive had the TV crew...
You're really not Jonah.
Yeah, thats my name.
Youre really it...
because I thought you were
somebody else like imposing.
Youre the shit and
youre carrying your own stuff?
Well, yeah.
Let me help you.
Can we help you carry your stuff?
Oh, yes, if you want.
Come on, Jonah. All right.
All right girls.
Should I carry your tuba?
Uh, no, thats okay.
Where am I going with this?
Uh, around the corner.
I guess.
Do you not color your hair?
Because Im a hairdresser.
Uh, I don't color
my hair but I might...
Because, you know what?
Its a fucking wig, Jonah.
Yeah. I can tell.
You think?
What do you got underneath that shit?
Take it off.
And why are you still
making me carry this?
I don't know.
You offered.
Some of the stuff I saw
some of the people I met,
some of the places I traveled to
you know, it's priceless.
It's it's there, and some of it
because of me being me
having the mindset to
document things
throw that camera,
run that video.
Yeah, it is a legacy. I mean, let's
face it, my whole life has been...
You know, documentation
of incredible events.
You know, things that I, that I do or
how I look or how I sound or how I think.
I mean whats that phrase
"Destiny go confidently in
the direction of your dreams"?
Henry David Thoreau.
That that's what I do, you know.
My destiny is just being
confident and following my dreams
and trying to just enjoy life
instead of, you know, being shuttled
into a particular direction.
Yeah he's uh, has a chance to...
To enjoy some,
a little bit of fame.
He's led a life of anonymity and
then now it's time for him to...
blossom and...
And become something that
he's always wanted to
maybe be, to share his
talent with everybody
and then just break out of that mold
of being by yourself all the time.
It's almost like he knows
he has the potential
to be out there because
people appreciate him
people want to see him,
people want to talk to him.
And he just wants to
get that step
just make that step
for those 15 minutes of fame.
He's hes worked for
his whole life.
Nothing's going to stop Jonah.
Nothing will stop him.
Youre putting your shit in the back
of a fucking station wagon. Really?
Its not a station wagon.
Yes it is.
Its a Subaru.
Its a goddamn outback.
Thats thats
Thanks, sweetie.
I love you.
I love you too. I'm glad
I got to see you tonight.
Thank you.
Have a wonderful night.
You too. Thanks for helping.
Dont grab my ass.
Oh, I didn't. Can I?
Grab my ass.
You want me to?
Grab it.
All right.
Thank you. I love you.
I love you too.
You take it easy, Erica.
You take it easy.
All right guys.
That was, uh the,
the the crescendo at that point.
I had the beautiful girls roadying
my stuff back to Skips car.
Ah well, it's been a,
it's been a long day.
Now I'm losing my voice.
I got the Ted Nugent scream
at the end of cat scratch fever
and I think that finally
killed me.
Ted always screams.
Cat scratch fever baby!
Thank you very much!
Wild thing, I think I love you.
How did the show go? Are we on?
Oh, the show was great.
- It was phenomenal.
Erica was awesome.
Yeah, Erica was awesome.
Uh, the girls were, yeah,
definitely in the palm of my hand.
I had a great time.
I lost uh, lost myself
in the monitor a little bit
when I do the switch
to the wireless mic.
I went on stage, I couldn't
hear myself over the guitar
but I went with just instinct.
Jumped out on the dance floor and
just started rocking with the girls.
A la Angus Young of ACDC.
So I started running around and
playing and they were loving it
and I was loving it and everybody
wanted their pictures taken
and I was getting kisses and uh, you
know, it's a total rock star thing.
What can I tell you? Phenomenal day
right from the beginning to the end.
You guys are great.
I'm great. It's good, man.
What are you gonna do now?
Be greater.
Uh, die.
Yeah, no, we're gonna go uh
go back put my stuff back
and I'm gonna try to
get some sleep.
I'm, Im whooped, man.
It's been a long day.
Really has.
I'll tell you the first thing
I'm going to do though
is eat those three pieces
of that tuna club
that we had at the restaurant
because Im starved.
Can you turn around and
walk that way towards the car?
Yep. Good night gents.
Party on!
Rock and Roll will never die!
Okay, now I'm fried, dude.
I am fucking fried.
Are we heading out?
Yeah, let's go.
I'm freezing.
I'm soaking wet
from being on the dance floor
and I got a nylon tank top on.
It's probably 40 degrees
out here.
You people are weak!