My Name Is Lenny (2017) Movie Script

Come on, McLean!
You fucking mug!
- Come on!
- I ain't done yet.
Crazy for feeling so lonely
Come on, boy. Right here.
Right here.
Why do I let myself
What've you done?
I've wet meself.
You filthy bastard!
My dad is coming back soon.
No, boy!
I'm the guv'nor here.
Your dad is dead!
I'm your stepdad now,
that's the end of it!
Your dad is dead,
shut your crying!
Mum's the guv'nor.
I'm the guv'nor.
A lady grabbed my arm
She said, "You look
a man on the pluck!"
It might cost a tenner,
it might cost a bob!
It depends
on the size of your mug!
Nine, ten. Nine, ten.
Nine, ten.
Tea. Val?
Oh, lovely.
Len, slow down.
Oh, mmm.
Give me your hands.
No, no, no, no.
I'm alright.
We're late
for the rent again, Len.
You said that we wouldn't have
to go into the pot.
Leave it with me, Val.
Lenny, I've made your breakfast.
I'm off, Val.
Lenny, what time
are you going to be home?
- Lenny.
- Hello, my son.
How are you feeling today, boy?
Strong as you like, Carrots,
strong as you like.
Hey, when are you going to
get a proper job, boy, hey?
Done with all that street rugging.
Oh, you will get
your collar felt, you will,
with all that soppy graft.
Well, listen,
the world is changing, boy.
It's not like when we was nippers.
You know,
you got to have an angle
or a bit of cutlery
and you have got to
get into something, boy.
I promise you, boy,
what I do is not technically illegal.
Oh, technically illegal?
You are an armed robber.
No. lam more like a...
More like a saint.
Redistributing wealth.
It's quite spiritual.
Karma, boy.
That'll get steam on the table.
Here you go, Teresa.
You need a couple of
new wheels on there, babe.
Alright boys, how are you?
Come on, come on.
Put 'em up, put 'em up. Right here.
Oh, harder. Oh, harder. Oh!
Hello, hello mate.
Come on, boy.
Have a look at your boat, then.
Look like Godzilla, boy.
I've got character.
Hands like broken melons.
Proper use, boy.
Potentialise yourself.
Alright, good soul, good boy.
Yeah, you have got to
potentialise yourself.
Put them to proper use.
What do you mean, "Proper use"?
I have three gypsy fights
lined up off my cousin Bootnose.
No, listen.
I mean, in the ring, boy.
The ring?
Carrots, I love you.
You are my cousin,
but gloves are for poofs, alright?
- Come on.
- Alright.
Here, Trevor.
Hiya, Lenny.
I heard you been selling
that shit around my manor again.
That gospel?
Look, someone's been telling
you rubbish, boy.
Well, if I find out it's true,
I'm coming after you
and I'm gonna hurt you.
- Hurt you!
- OK. OK, Lenny.
And then I'm gonna
feed it to you.
- OK, Lenny.
- Fuck off!
Hello, Katie.
Come here, sweetheart.
- Are you alright?
- Yeah.
- You look beautiful, my love.
- Thank you.
Go on, have a good one.
- Hello, Frank.
- Right.
- Lenny.
- Alright.
Oh, have a look at her, Len.
She's golden, isn't she?
She's hovering.
God. She could straighten up
Hello, Treacle, this is Trixie.
This is Sue's girl, Carrots.
Trixie, this is Carrots.
Don't mind him, he is a little bit
highly strung at present,
he's just got out of prison.
You are actually just the man
I've been looking for.
Oh. yeah?
How do you fancy doing
a little favour for me?
That Alan's been giving me
mum agg again.
Seems he won't take no
for an answer.
Keeps banging on the
door come 3:00 in the morning.
I can see he's got you
all aeriated.
You leave it with me, alright?
I'll sort it out.
Thanks, Len,
that will mean the world to us.
Good girl.
I would drink
your bathwater, I would.
Full of yourself, ain't ya?
I'll empty out later.
- Alright.
- Ta-ta.
As I was walking past St Paul's
A lady grabbed me by the arm
She said,
"You look a man on pluck!"
Oh, morning, Alan.
Speak of the devil.
So, what is this I hear about
you terrorizing Sue
and her little girl Trixie, hmm?
No, Len, I ain't, I swear.
You swear. Well, someone's
telling porkies, Alan.
Is it you or is it her?
I'll drop round.
I mean, it's only when
I've had a drink I swing round there.
Oh, it's only
when you've had a drink?
Well, you're having a drink
right now, aren't you, Alan?
Does that mean you are going
over there again?
Giving her agg?
Have I got to hurt you, Alan?
Have I got to hurt him, Carrots?
I am going to
fucking hurt you, Alan?
Leave off.
I've just been paid,
I just fancied I'd have a lager.
Oh, that's it then.
Funny thing, Al,
you owe me a couple, didn't ya?
- There you go.
- Thank fuck you bumped into me, Al.
Now, you are going to
go round Sue's
and you are going to
give this to her
and you are going to apologise.
You are going to say you ain't
never going to bother her again.
And then you are going
to come back here
and you are going to tell me
what she said.
Fuck off, then.
Go on, Alan, I ain't got
all fucking day!
What a mug.
- Hello, ladies.
- Hello, Carol.
Oh, it's a lovely sight,
look at that.
You've nicked
one of these before.
- Morning, Len.
- Morning.
We've a couple of them,
haven't we?
The Rozzers ain't catching you in that,
I tell you that, boy.
- Carrots, how are you doing, son?
- Hey!
- Alright, how is Lenny?
- Top of the world.
Good boy.
Stay out of trouble.
- Carrots?
- Leslie!
- Len, boy.
- Hello.
- Les!
- Carrots!
How's Douglas Haig, then, eh?
Are you still farting mackerel?
You two still on speaking terms?
Already been half poisoned.
Empty as a whore's handbag.
- Who poisoned him?
- Reenie.
Left a bucket of Gordon's
out on the side again.
Silly moo.
Doggy drunk himself half to death.
They found him in a skip,
Wednesday week and he's...
Alright now. He's great.
Look at the smile on him.
He ain't smiling, old timer.
Look at him, his lip sticks out.
Better top up his sherry, then, boy.
Always calms him down.
Get me a pint while you're there.
You ain't bought a drink since
the Blitz, have you?
I ain't had any rump since
then, neither.
Shrapnel blew me bollocks off.
Here, show Lenny your letter
from the Queen.
Say, Carrots,
he was in the Somme, Leslie.
I know.
And you came back with what,
half a plastic leg,
four bouts of syphilis
and someone else's dignity, didn't you?
Yeah, and I would do it all
again if I had half a chance.
- Beautiful, Bobby.
- Oh, thank you very much, gentlemen.
Thank you, Leslie.
Thank you, Carrots.
He's a sociable man.
Never leave your children unattended
with him, mind you.
How about I get us another?
It's alright.
Play on, play on.
Now, what are you having, boy?
Oh, Treble rum, please, Reenie.
What about you, Carrots?
I'll have two jars of ale.
Tepid or warm?
Reenie, if you was 50 years younger,
I would dive straight up you.
You dizzy queen, I'm 49.
Life ain't been too kind,
has it, Treacle, hey?
You will find out soon enough.
Me and Reenie was pulling
babies out the rubble in the Blitz.
Why do you think
I'm still here every day?
Cos every day is a gift,
that's why they call it the present.
You alright?
Your dad is dead!
I said I'm the fucking guv'nor!
He's a right raving nutcase,
that Roy, sure.
Yeah, well,
I am a more raving nutcase.
Oh, let it go, lad.
He's been committed, you ain't.
Not yet.
Roy Shaw
did a chunk in Broadmoor.
Nutted himself out of a cell.
They said he was
blind drunk on Largactil.
They tampered with him.
They gave him electroshock treatment
to control his temper.
Then they said
his ears was burning,
so they pumped him
full of Bavarian ginseng.
Even the Krays
gave him a right wide berth
when they ghosted him
out to Parkhurst.
He robs banks and breaks
bricks with his nut.
I seen him do it live
at the Monday Club.
He's insane.
And he speaks in tongues.
Right. Well, I know what I'm
going to do then.
I'm gonna knock him spark out
and be back in here for lunch.
- Carrots!
- There's a boy.
Ding, ding.
Where is he, then?
Good luck, Lenny.
I'll give you a score.
He will need it.
- You alright, son?
- Yeah, I'm alright, mum.
Ding, ding.
This is Frank Warren,
he's promoting you.
He is going places.
- This is Valerie, Carrots.
- Hello sweetheart, Nice to meet you.
And this is our boy, Lenny.
Alright, Lenny.
I hear good things, alright.
There is a lot of money to be made
if we do things right.
Just because this is unlicensed,
don't mean it's illegal.
I remember you when you was
emptying them slot machines.
Well, the kid's got ambition, ain't he?
Nothing wrong with a bit of ambition.
Why should Solomon's and Duff
make all the dough? Eh?
Besides, I am giving most of
the money to a children's charity.
- Oh.
- If you say so.
Very noble.
Testing, testing,
one two, one two.
And it's the Guv'nor.
- Roy Shaw!
- I'm the guv'nor!
Testing. One, two, one, two.
The Guv'nor.
The Guv'nor. Roy Shaw.
Lenny boy.
One, two. One, two.
Testing, one, two, one, two.
There you go.
These gloves ain't right.
No, these are good gloves.
Nothing wrong with these gloves.
- How are we doing, alright?
- Alright, Frank.
- Have we got the purse?
- Yeah, it's here.
- What's this?
- Don't give me that look.
Money is money, right?
It's all we got.
Frank, these gloves ain't
right, mate.
Don't worry, you'll be fine.
There is nothing wrong
with these gloves.
- They are my gloves.
- I can't close my hands.
Lenny, it's just
a little bit of nerves.
I don't get fucking nerves,
John John.
That's a boy.
You're gonna kill that Roy Shaw, boy.
Len! Len!
Len, calm down.
Len, what's wrong?
Len, it's time,
the Guv'nor has just got here.
He ain't the Guv'nor!
Alright, you go tell him that.
Right, out.
Come on out!
Len, Len, Len, come here, calm down.
Come on, look, Len.
Len, look at me.
Look at me. Now, stop.
You've got this, OK?
Look at me.
It's all up here
what you've got to do, alright?
- OK? Alright?
- Alright.
Now, calm down.
You're my man.
Now, come here.
OK. Now go out there
and fucking kill him, alright?
- Alright.
- Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Out of Hoxton
and in the blue corner,
Lenny "Boy" McLean.
And out of Dagenham,
in the red corner,
the toughest man in Britain!
The Mean Machine,
the Guv'nor.
Roy Shaw!
And, ladies and gentlemen,
your referee.
You're nothing, McLean.
I want a good strong fight,
you two.
No punching in the nuts, no biting.
And if it goes down to ground,
none of that stamping, alright?
Fuck off!
- You alright?
- Oh, yeah.
Come on, Lenny!
Get in there, Lenny.
Come on!
Come on, Len.
Is that all you got, Shaw?
Come on!
I can't watch this.
Is that what you got, Shawy?
You fucking cunt. Come on.
You're nothing, boy.
Oh, my God.
I'm making him a man.
I'm doing this for his own benefit.
Come on!
What a wanker,
he went out like a light.
Don't look at me.
He's an ex-pro.
What did you expect?
He don't train.
He's half cut half the time.
- He's out of shape.
- He's not only out of shape, John.
He's out of pocket.
I ain't living like this no more, Lenny,
do you fucking hear me?
It is not my fault, Val.
He gave me dodgy gloves.
I couldn't even close my hands.
There is nothing wrong
with these gloves.
I won the ABA's with these gloves.
I will have a word with Frank.
I will raise the purse
and get a rematch.
Maybe get some of your pride back.
You are meant to be the pro
boxer here, John John.
You ain't done a good job of
training your cousin, have ya?
Val, he said he didn't want training.
He said he was going
to knock him spark out, to be fair.
You're his best mates, Carrots.
So how's he got like this?
Shut up!
You lost all of our money.
I'll get it back, Val.
Really? How?
I'll train harder.
I'll be better,
I'll be a better fighter.
You are a drunk, Lenny.
You've just lost all our money.
Tell me how are we going to get it
back, tell me how are we going to eat?
You're nothing, McLean.
- Roy wants another...
- No, John.
- You know what I'm going...
- One round.
I am promoting a fight,
not a mugging.
He is a bit nervous,
he got a bit ring shy.
I mean, he is great on the cobbles.
John, I can't sell tickets for
ring shy, alright?
I'm not interested, I'm sorry.
You're in this
for the long haul, aren't you?
I mean, your boy Shaw,
he is pushing 40.
Who's gonna fill his boots, eh?
I tell you what...
If you can raise a purse
big enough to turn Roy's head,
then you come and see me,
but no promises, John, alright?
Thanks, mate.
Fucking hell,
are you sure this is him?
Here, Kenny,
it's the Ant Hill mob.
Alright, mush.
This is Kenny Mac,
who I've told you all about.
Alright, short stuff.
I'm Lenny.
Hey, I know your boat.
I've heard you're a little bit tasty
- with your hands and all, ain't ya?
- Yeah, OK, soppy bollocks.
Alright, Ken. Carrots.
Alright, Carrots. How are you, son?
Have they rehabilitated you or what?
Do it standing on my head, Ken.
When's the man
want his motor back?
They've had a lucky dip, though.
Fuck me, it ain't Benidorm, is it?
Listen, boys, we can make
ourselves a right few fucking quid here.
As long as you can go through those gyppos
like shit through a blanket...
- Eh...
- We will all get paid.
Lenny, what do you think of
your new training camp?
Other than that big pile of
horse shit in the corner.
That's not horse shit,
that's a fly catcher.
Keeps all the flies over that
side of the yard and none over here.
Go and help yourself, boys.
Mind little Snowflake down there, won't ya?
- Your own dressing room.
- Oh, lovely.
- You still thirsty, boy?
- Yeah.
John John, get us a crate of
light ales, will ya?
Yeah. You get your wallet out,
I'll get the beers, then.
Hey, how about we do
a bit of training?
Alright, well, get changed.
Looking good.
Have they set a date
for your ruck with Roy Shaw again?
- Yep.
- Is it gospel?
One more, one more, Len.
I'm really sorry, Kevin.
I'm really sorry.
- This is not boxing.
- I know, I know.
- You carry on.
- What's the point of that?
I'm knackered.
I'm not the one who's got to fight
a bunch of gypsies in the ring.
See, that's it, boy, right.
That's it, drop it.
Oh, this is fucking bollocks.
Fuck off!
Put them up, come on.
You run like a poof.
Have you got a fag?
All the way down, all the way down,
all the way down, that's it.
That's it! Alright, good boy...
Lenny, I never heard of him.
I am strong,
you know that, Paddy.
I've had my food, I am fed.
But full I win fair
and square, huh?
Bring him out.
- Here we go.
- What's the news, then?
Chipper has been
scoffing it down mum's caf.
- Oh yeah, what's he had?
- Two saveloys, three mash,
one steak dinner,
fried egg, bit of Spam
and two large chips and gravy.
Traveling light, then.
- Is that it or what?
- No.
I'll send him to hospital,
you can bet on that.
I take his fucking head off his body,
simple as, Paddy.
Tizer, tea and five roll-ups.
Good lad.
Here you are, here's your guinea.
Now treat yourself, go on,
sling your hook.
So, listen.
Then, when you get in there,
I want you to punch him
as hard as you can
above the bollocks,
in the derby, here.
I guarantee you
he will spill his load.
Where are you?
Come on.
- Limber up, boy.
- Alright.
Where the fuck is he?
I'll make shite of him, he's only a pup.
There's no man
on two legs to beat me.
Alright, I'll catch up
with you in a second.
Come on, Lenny, you bollocks,
where are ya?
Fucking hell.
Knock a bag of shite out of you.
Get over here now,
I'll make shite of you.
Fuck you.
Where are you?
You're not fuckin' foolin' with me.
Get out here.
Come on, Lenny!
Len, you're supposed to
wait for the fucking bell.
- What bell?
- This fucking bell. What's the matter?
Alright! Alright!
I want my fucking money!
Oh, I feel like a cup of tea.
The gyppos are still here, boy.
What do they want?
Bad news, Len.
The party's over.
The chaps are here.
They're saying that they want
the purse back.
You should have waited
for the bell.
You tell them that
the party ain't started, John John!
I came here to fight
and get paid for a fight
and now I've had my fight
and I've been paid for that fight.
So you tell them to fuck off!
Well, what do they say?
Did you tell them what I said?
Well, I didn't need to.
We can all fucking hear you.
Well, what do they say?
Same as, boy.
They want their purse back and they
are quite happy to take it outside.
Well, you tell them I will
take it inside, alright?
Oh, they are getting a bit flamboyant.
- Are you decent, Len?
- Fucking hell! Hold on.
Alright, let them in.
So you want
your fucking money back, do you?
Well, let me pay
you cash in hand!
Which one, you or you?
Come here! Fuck off!
Fuck off back to Dublin,
you slags!
That's mine, I think.
Yeah, I think you've earned it, Len.
- Bootnose.
- Here, you don't want a rematch, do you?
I thought not.
You see what you
fucking done there, Bootnose?
- What?
- My tea has gone cold.
I'm the Guv'nor.
You fucking slag! Get up!
Leave him!
I'm making him a man!
Nine, ten.
He loves you, Val.
He lives for you,
he lives to make you happy.
Make you safe.
You see, there is nothing in the world
that he cares about more than you, Val.
But this Shaw thing
gives a man purpose,
make you complete.
Look, I don't know what happened
when Lenny was a little boy,
I don't know what is
going on in his head.
I don't know what...
I don't know what you're
thinking, boy.
But when you are in that ring
and the ref holds up your hand
and those people cheer,
it wipes the slate clean, see.
He loves you, Val.
How are you Mrs A?
What you done to your hands?
Oh, I fell over on someone's chin.
How much for them?
- Two bob a pop, same as always.
- How much for the lot of them?
Are you going to eat them all at once?
I'm a light eater.
As soon as it's light,
I start eating.
Mmm, are you celebrating?
I just fought a hundred gyppos,
won all Val's money back.
Are you spending
your wife's money?
That's a liberty, boy.
I ain't taken a liberty in my whole life.
You take care, Mrs A.
Give my love to Val, won't ya?
Alright, Lenny?
I heard you got done by Shaw.
- He's fighting again.
- Go on, Lenny, give us a cake.
Roy Shaw is nothing. Here.
There he is.
You alright?
Yeah. No, he's a...
- Lenny.
- Alright, Len.
Listen, keep shtum about
Davey's old lady, would you?
Why, what's the SP on that?
His wife's only run off with
the handsome geezer off the cockle stall.
Well, don't you worry.
Your secret is safe with me, boy.
Hey, how are you doing, Lenny?
You don't mind, do you?
In that case, I'll have another.
Hello, ladies.
Hi, Lenny.
Oi, oi, Trixie.
Hello, Trixie!
You alright?
Alright, Lenny?
Thank you, Ethel.
You alright?
You having a good time?
Just checking.
Oh, I just spoke to Terry.
He told me the bad news,
What are you talking about, Len?
What, you mean you don't know?
Well, brace yourself, son.
I hear your wife is having it
off with the cockle man
and they are off to live in
Lanzarote Tuesday week.
Do what? Lanzarote?
Bye, Davey.
I'll have one more, Ethel.
You alright, Len?
You alright on the booze
there, Len, are you?
Heard you had a fight coming up.
What was that, Mickey?
What do you mean, Mickey?
What do you mean?
No, no, no.
No, what do you mean, Mickey?
Shut your fucking mouth, Mickey!
I didn't say anything.
Are you fucking mad, Mick?
I'm sorry, mate.
Sit down, boy.
Listen, we're having
a nice night out.
Ethel, we'll have
two light ales, babe.
You like a nice light ale,
did you boy, eh?
Take this over
to Trixie, will you?
Who wants to see my party trick? Hey?
You want to see me do five?
Fuck it, I'll do five.
Ethel, line up five more, please.
Oh, Lenny, please. No.
Ethel, five.
You want to hear a joke
while we're waiting?
Me wife just left me.
She was cross-eyed.
I'm sure she was
seeing someone else.
What a fucking performance!
- Look what he's done.
- You're welcome.
That's enough, Lenny.
You're scaring the ladies.
Oh, right. I see.
Well, I am very sorry.
I need a slash.
He's ruined everything.
Who wants a drink, then?
Hey, who wants a...
Where did everybody go?
Oh, I found this in there, Ethel.
All clogged up.
- Reenie's going to kill me, Len.
- No.
I'm gonna have a word with him.
He's a fucking lunatic!
Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, slow down,
alright? Leave it to me.
A lunatic?
So, are you gonna
slap her ass for that or am I?
Leave it, Lenny.
- She means well.
- Oh, she means well.
Don't be a burglar all your life,
Carrots, take a night off, hey?
I'm taking the whole
fucking week off, boy.
I done you and your old dear
a favour, didn't I?
And now, suddenly I'm a lunatic.
Make up her mind.
I didn't ask for no favours, Len.
You asked me how I was and I told you.
Get this tart away from me.
I ain't surprised
your wife's leaving you.
What did you say to me?
What did you fucking say to me?
Rumour has it
she's had enough of your rucking.
We're just marking your card.
I can tell you for one, Lenny.
Never trust a woman on her word.
We act on our feelings.
You men just ignore your feelings,
but that don't mean nothing if
you don't honour your woman,
listen to what's in their hearts.
But if you have got her heart,
well then, you've got her hand.
And rumour has it, Val's been heartbroken.
Fuck you. I know
what my own wife wants.
She wants the best!
You've come second, though, ain't ya?
Alright! Alright.
Right. Let's put this all
to bed now, alright?
We've had a drink, Trix.
Len. Alright, for fuck's sake.
Fuck's sake.
Val is my one and only, you know.
Listen, I know she is, boy.
So you any good at laundry, Lenny?
Calm down, now.
Do what?
The cleaning, cooking.
You probably better learn
in case she's already gone
- and don't come back.
- Carrots,
get this fucking tart
away from me, let's slip.
He ain't going nowhere.
He's staying with me.
For fuck's sake, Carrots.
What is this, hey?
He don't want to have it
with you, can't you see?
His business and what he does
and where he goes
and who he's with
is nothing to do with you.
So stop hanging around his neck!
You can't give him what I've got.
Everyone hates you.
- Hmm.
- You're a menace and a nuisance
- and a bully.
- Hey.
Take a look around you, Len.
Everyone's gone.
- You've ruined everyone's fucking night.
- Shut your fucking mouth.
- You stupid, useless slag.
- Fuck off!
Are you gonna let him
fucking touch me like that?
Where you going, boy?
Len, wait. Come here, you!
Fucking beat the shit.
That's it, babe. Do him!
You're the Guv'nor, babe.
Lenny! Lenny, you're killing him!
Lenny, stop!
Get off him!
Get off! Get off!
Lenny what have you done?
You've killed him.
You've killed him!
Carrots! Carrots!
Please, no.
Ten, nine, ten.
Nine, ten, nine, ten, nine, ten.
Nine, ten, nine, ten, nine, ten.
Nine, ten, nine, ten, nine, ten.
What have you done, Len?
Turn round.
Oh, my God.
Right, sit down, Len.
Len, sit down!
I've got to get to Nan's, Len.
I've got to get to Nan's, Len.
I've got to take
my little brother to Nan's.
He's hurt.
Jimmo beat him up on his legs
and his back.
He kept hitting him with his feet
and his hands and his belt.
Can you tell Nan we're coming?
Hit me too with his feet.
Me mum's the Guv'nor.
I know.
I know she is.
Listen, Lenny,
she made us promise her.
She made us promise her
not to kill him, Lenny, alright?
You get round Nan's.
And she'll get your Uncle Spinks,
and he's gonna belt
seven shades of shit out of that Irwin.
That gutless coward.
You gutless coward.
Tell me. Is it true?
He was dead, Val.
They only just managed to resuscitate him.
Your Lenny is a fucking savage.
Lenny is my husband.
How do you stick it?
How can you stand there and call him that?
He didn't mean it, you
know he's a good man.
Carrots is gonna be scarred for life.
Calm down, for fuck's sake.
His neck was hanging wide open.
What have you said?
The police want a statement off me.
Trixie, you are going to keep
that little button mouth quiet.
Do you understand me?
Now, that is a step too far.
What Lenny has done for you
and your family over the years
and you're going to go
screaming off to the police?
Are you sure you want to do that?
You tell that animal, he comes near me
or Carrots or my mum ever again
and I will get him lifed off for good.
And I'm done with you too, Val.
Are you a savage?
You killed your best mate.
He was dead for 10 minutes,
they only just resuscitated him.
Can you hear me, Lenny?
This ain't the man that I married.
I can't do this no more.
There once was a scared little coward,
who were tearful and twisted and soured.
No father, no guts, or lint to the nuts,
so I've battered him out of his trousers.
Are you a savage?
This ain't the man that I married.
I can't do this no more.
Come on, Len
Come on, Len.
Get in there.
Ring the bell, ring the fucking bell.
Breathe, breathe, breathe in,
suck it in, that's it.
I don't know what you're doing
because it ain't fucking boxing
but keep doing it,
he's out on his fucking boot.
Water, drink some water.
Cover the button, that's what you wanna do.
Don't be a mug.
Get out there and knock that fucker's
spark out, he's out on his feet.
That's it. Good boy, son.
These, these are your weapons,
these are your weapons, go on.
Come here.
Disqualified. Disqualification.
You have to fight again in a rematch.
Disqualified? What do you mean?
We ain't done.
You will never
be the Guv'nor, McLean.
Alright, Frankie boy,
I've come for the purse.
John John, that was fantastic, mate.
He almost killed him.
I know, he knocked him out the ring.
Listen, don't worry about the purse, right,
we're gonna call it a draw.
- Eh?
- And it's gonna roll over the purse, right?
- But he won.
- We're gonna do the trilogy,
- like the rubber match.
- Rubber...
- What the... He knocked him on his arse.
- Listen to me. Look.
We're gonna make some money.
Some proper money, alright?
You just get the boy in shape
and you leave the rest to me.
Good work, John. Proper money.
Good work, John.
You changed your fucking tune.
Fucking rubber match?
I done him.
Did you see me? I done him.
I won, Val. I did it once,
I will do it again.
I will win that money back, Val, I promise.
Please come home.
I need you with me, Val.
It's never been about that, Len.
It's never been about the money.
I love you, Len.
But I can't come home.
It's about you.
Have you stopped drinking?
I have to beat him, Val.
I have to.
I have to be the Guv'nor.
I know you do, Len.
Come on, boy.
Just ask
for your money back, Lenny.
Don't ever fight Shaw again,
you already beat him.
Just ask for your money back
and make it right with Val,
move out to the country.
It was your fight, Lenny, you won.
You don't have to keep fighting.
Every fight I've ever had I had for you.
I know, Lenny.
But we've only ever lost one fight,
haven't we, Lenny?
I love little pussy
I'm gonna top you, one day.
Don't be like that, hey?
Long way down ain't it, boy?
You want to be careful
you don't trip one day
and fall out this window.
This is a quiet gentleman's sport.
Clear your mind.
Yeah, it's quite calming.
You off the sauce?
Oh, I only drink lemonade now, John John.
Yeah, booze, mmm.
It is no good for a big lump like
me with a lot of aggression in him.
That's a good boy, you keep that up.
John John.
I'm not a liberty-taker, am I?
I can honestly say, boy,
you are not a liberty-taker.
All the fights in all my life, I never...
I never once took a liberty.
Except for one, you know...
You had your back turned.
You were walking away, weren't you?
- Yeah.
- He wouldn't leave it.
Trappy fucker.
I'm in the Broadway playing snooker
and McLean's here.
- Your break.
- Alright.
I've got to train hard now, John John,
I've got to be a winner, alright?
I promised Valerie, ain't I?
I can't let my nut go wonky again.
Yeah, well, none of us want that.
Ignore them, boy. We're professionals.
We only fight when we get paid.
Well, look at all you mugs.
I'm here with my cousin
trying to make a bit of
a change in my life.
See, I'm training now,
I've dropped the booze out,
I'm strong and I'm getting fitter.
Now, I don't know who you are
but you're just the same
as all the other little Jack the Lads
trying to make your name
on the strength of me.
Ordinarily, I would've broken
your jaw in four places by now,
but I'm just trying to enjoy
a little snooker with my pal.
Now, I'm gonna take my shot
and if you're still here when I turn around
I'm gonna break every fucking bone
in your body.
I don't like violence, John John.
I hate it, in fact. I detest it,
but the problem with being nice
is that slags like these,
they take it as a weakness.
Violence is all you listen to, isn't it?
Back in two minutes, John John.
Quiet gentleman's sport.
Where are you going, then?
Lenny, it wasn't me, it wasn't me.
You fucking... Fucking fag.
You alright, old fella?
- All good, Lenny.
- Alright.
I fucking hate Geordies.
What are you looking at?
- It's your shot.
- Oh, good.
Ooh, looks like
you've snookered me, John John.
Oh, bollocks.
Oh, fuck, these were my favourite strides.
I think you're going to need
a trip to the dry cleaners.
Well, go ahead. Pull it out, John John.
Come on.
Fucking hell, are you sure?
Ow, it's not that bad.
I don't know, Len, it's a bit dirty.
Yeah, it will be alright.
My shot, is it?
Mrs McLean, the gangrene has spread
and we'll be forced to operate.
How do you mean?
To amputate, Mrs McLean.
There is no choice in the matter,
you do understand?
If we don't amputate your husband's leg,
he will die.
He wouldn't want to live like that.
Oh, Christ.
Alright, Val?
So, what are they saying,
then, the doctors?
They stitched it up and it's got infected.
It was septicaemia.
Now it's getting worse.
Worse, what do you mean, worse?
We are doing all we can.
All you can? He's in a coma.
It was a penknife, it was about this big.
No, that ain't right.
Lenny, wake up, son. Come on.
Now stop showing off, I've had your suit
cleaned and all, come on.
There's no choice in the matter,
we need to act now, I need your signature.
Mrs McLean, I need you to understand that
if we don't amputate your husband's leg,
he Will die.
Nah He wouldn't want to live like that.
He's gonna have to die.
I can't bear this, Lenny,
I need you.
We're a team, remember?
Please, Lenny,
Please come back to me.
I can't live without you.
Please come back to me.
Len, I've never heard of him.
Look at all you mugs.
Wild thing
You make my heart sing
You make everything groovy
Wild thing
Wild thing
I think I love you
But I wanna know for sure
Come on and hold me tight
I love you
Wild thing
You make my heart sing
You make everything groovy
Well done.
I made you, Lenny. I made you what you are.
I'm proud of you, boy.
You mad bastard.
Where is he? Where's my fucking husband?
Calm down, please.
Don't tell me to fucking calm down,
where is he?
Listen, he checked himself out.
We tried to keep him here,
but when we dressed his wounds
the gangrene had healed.
We've never seen
anything like it, Mrs McLean.
Oh, my Lord.
So you're back, then?
For good?
I thought I'd lost you, Len.
You ain't getting shot of me that easy.
You're my one and only, Val.
I know.
Bit of history here, boy.
Have you still got my picture on your wall?
Look who I brought to darken your door.
He's going to get fit, ain't ya?
He's going to train like a pro.
I'm gonna kill Roy Shaw.
That's the spirit.
Yeah, alright. Box on.
Come on, you girls.
Shouldn't be too tight.
You want to look after your hands.
Your hands are your weapons.
Gloves should feel like a second skin.
You make your hands into a box
and that's why they calls it boxing.
Well, that is fascinating, John John.
Tell me more.
You know the difference
between me and you?
Yeah, I'm handsome.
About four stone.
You punch someone, they are spark out,
I punch someone,
they are going to hit me again.
Now Pretty Boy Shaw,
he's no fucking dolly mixture.
He's an ex-pro.
So you, you cheeky lump,
are going to have to learn to box.
Give us a cuddle.
Come on, give us a cuddle.
You're sticking your chin out
past your guard.
What is the point of having it there
if you are going to stick your chin
out past your fist? It's here.
See this apple.
I ain't fucking hungry, John John.
I want you to put this
apple under your chin.
Go on.
That's it, that's it. Fuck.
You need to hold it in,
hold it in with your right hand,
There, you're covering the button.
Box on.
You're gonna throw that right.
You better put your chin right down,
otherwise you're going to lose your apple.
Go on, Lenny. Get it down.
Throw a right,
throw a right, two rounds.
Oh, that's it.
Go on, get a drink of water.
And again.
Oh, feel that.
Slip it, slip it.
Slip it, slip it, that's it.
That's it, don't lean in, don't lean in,
You're spinning.
What you're doing is leaning in.
Time, time, time!
Oi, gloves down.
Morning Len, you're up
early, ain't you, son?
You alright?
What you got for me, then?
What's she worth to you?
I tell you what, it's only worth a carpet,
but today's your lucky day, Len.
I'll give you a monkey for it.
I'll tell you what.
That's for you, alright?
Good boy.
Charlie, throw a bucket of water over it
and stick it on the front
for a bag of sand, will you?
Here he is.
Just lemonade please, Ethel.
It's, er... For the damage I caused.
No, you're alright, son,
I don't hold grudges.
You take that, Reenie.
My nut's clear now.
I took some liberties in here.
Oh, where's... Where's Douglas Haig, then?
I had him stuffed, Lenny.
He passed on Friday week.
Natural causes.
Reenie found him in bed
with Bobbie Sunlight
hanging out the back of him.
Oh, nothing untoward, mind.
That's too bad.
Why are you wobbling like an old chimp?
I am in training again, Leslie.
Worth a flutter, are you?
Back your life on me, Leslie,
back your life on me.
Oh, there's not a lot of life left to back.
Leslie, you've been
saying that for a decade.
You want to go and make
it right with Carrots.
I suppose it was an apology.
Sort of.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the rematch you've all been waiting for.
The unlicensed boxing heavyweight
championship of the world.
Thanks, pet.
Come on, Len.
Where are those weapons, boy?
Here, these gloves are the business,
much better, much better.
You remember what we trained?
You show him the left,
you don't throw him the left.
You move but you don't lead.
You throw the right,
you don't throw yourself in with it.
When he comes in close,
you squeeze the air out of him.
You push him into the ground,
you soak a few up in the stomach.
You're good down there,
and you put him on the ground.
And this time, you make sure
he doesn't get up.
Good boy, son.
Hello, boy.
All grown up and doing a turn, hey?
Famous now, I bet you're
a bit flush, ain't ya, hey?
Looking after the family?
I should have slung him out the window
when I had a fair chance.
You'll lose tonight.
What are you going to do, Lenny, hey?
Bite my throat out like you did
to your cousin, Carrots?
You're a gutless coward.
I know what you did.
I know what you did to the family.
It was me.
Me, who made Lenny who he is, Val,
and you'll thank me if he wins tonight.
My Lenny don't drink no more.
But the day that you fucking die,
I am going to go and buy him a shandy.
Couldn't do much for his brother,
though, could he, eh?
You're nothing to me, Jim.
You hear me?
You are nothing to me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Now, you get out of this room before you
make me break my promise to my mum.
You alright, Len?
Of course, I'm alright.
I'm Daddy Cool.
Good boy, son.
- Let's put on a show, hey?
- Yeah.
Come on, boy, we don't want
to keep Shawy waiting.
No, no, no, let's give him a minute.
Let him think I've bottled out.
If that leg flares up,
I'm throwin' the towel in, right?
Let's give Shawy his Gary Glitter moment.
Ladies and gentlemen.
And in the blue corner
still the Guv'nor,
Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw.
Come on, Lenny. You're on.
Open the fucking door for me.
Come on.
Come on, Len, ready? Come on, boy.
Right and shut him up once and for all.
Out of Hoxton,
Lenny "The Boy" McLean.
Come on, Lenny.
Come on, Len.
Come on, Len.
Come on, Len.
I've made him into a man.
I'm doing it for his own benefit.
Lenny, Lenny!
Who's the Guv'nor?
Who's the Guv'nor?
I'm the Guv'nor.
I'm the Guv'nor.
Who's the Guv'nor?
I'm the Guv'nor, I'm the Guv'nor.
I'm the Guv'nor.
I'm the Guv'nor.
You've got to fight to get anywhere,
you know, if you don't fight you're just
one of the crowd, and one of the crowd
don't get nothing.
So I started off as a kid, fighting.
And I was the best when I was a kid.
And I wanna be the best, now.
You know, you've got
to survive in the East End.
And, er...
So how did you
manage to survive?
Be the best fighter, be the Guv'nor.