My Name Is Salt (2013) Movie Script

Move aside now.
- What if it tilts?
- It's okay, just move away.
Ajit, give the broom to Manju!
Forget the broom.
This is enough!
- Have you found it?
- Not yet.
It must still be in there.
What's that in the middle?
Pull it hard.
Wait a moment!
Just remove it.
- Shall I turn it?
- Yes, turn it.
There is still water inside.
Turn it again.
Look at all the water!
There will be mud inside.
Pull the rag and check properly.
There is nothing.
Damn, it's hot!
Shall I hold it slanted?
Keep the wire loose.
Shall I anchor it?
It's too loose now!
- Keep one for the kitchen.
- Yes, I know!
Give me the string.
Oh beautiful, come once
to meet your lover.
Come with the moon
and the sun.
Oh beautiful, come once
to meet your lover.
I keep waiting for you
on the riverbank.
I will die if you don't come.
Oh beautiful, come once
to meet your lover.
Put the tea on the fire.
Take a bigger bowl.
- Do you want tea?
- Yes.
Hey, girl!
- Isn't your hoe too sticky?
- No, it's not.
- Then why is there so much mud on it?
- It's fine.
If your hoe is clean,
the mud will never stick on it.
This is the shop.
Let's change places.
Ajit, let me weigh the goods
this time, okay?
What about money?
Let me get some money.
This is the money.
Do you need anything else?
Bring whatever you need.
Let's arrange the food.
Give it to me.
Hurry up! I'm getting late!
Do you want fresh
or dried ones?
I'll take the fresh ones.
- How much do you want?
- 3 kilos.
Ajit, hold this straight.
Is it fine?
Pull the fingers now.
Pull a little harder. Pull!
Now pull the wrist.
This beautiful world
is Your temple
You are the magnificent
Creator of it all
Every moment
You are visible
To those who
can perceive You
Singing Your glory
in the blue sky
Are the moon, the sun
and the stars
Solve these four.
5 times 2 is 10.
Too high.
5 times 1 is 5.
- 5 subtracted from 7 is...?
- 2.
- Is 2 divisible by 5?
- No.
So bring down 0.
Say the 5 times table.
- 5 times 4 is...?
- 20!
Bring down this 0.
15 times 4 is 60.
Did you get it right?
Okay, let's go on.
Now to the third problem.
Say the 16 times table.
16 times 1 is... 16.
16 times 2 is... 32.
The phone was in the hut.
My son just brought it.
I understand, but how
can we go on without treading?!
If the bed is still soft,
we have to tread it!
The crust is still very thin.
We'll tread the bed two more times,
and then let it dry for a day.
Believe me, I can't use the roller now!
The bed is not ready yet!
You understand?
We are behind schedule, but what
can one do? What will be, will be.
Everyone else has started with the raking.
Except for me.
The work will be done in two days.
Okay, bye.
You shouldn't have
cut your hair.
Why not?
You've cut your hair too short!
Will you braid it, Manju?
Your hair is flying.
Look at your hair!
When I part it on the side,
all this hair goes flying, Dharmi!
Is the drum still full?
This one?
It's not even half full!
- How much water are you using?!!
- It gets empty in four days.
But how can that be?
We couldn't believe it,
but it was empty in no time.
Where have you two come from?
- Where do you come from?
- They live over there.
We filled your drums just five days ago!
Is the water already over?
What do you mean by "hmm"...?
I filled this salt pan with water
just three days ago.
This bed is already hard.
But the other one is still soft.
You will get a nice white
crust in this salt pan.
The other pan will take 15 days,
but this should be ready in a week.
Yes, it should be.
In a week, I can put the grass in.
- The salt will be very white.
- Yes, there will be white crystals.
Let me show you
the other salt pan.
You'll see how soft it is.
I pick up the salt
and the mud rises.
Look, it's just powder!
By now there should be crystals.
Instead, it's like powder.
It looks like flour!
My heart is heavy.
I don't know what to do.
And the salt trader is insisting
that the salt must not spoil!
The sun will take care of it.
It'll be fine!
I've burnt more than four barrels
of crude oil to get this water!
I haven't even
started raking yet.
I don't shut down my pump
for even a second!
Do you think I ever
shut down my pump?
- Have you moved it?
- No.
It's exactly where you
told me to hold it.
Press it here.
- Keep it pressed.
- Okay.
This one is sticking out.
- Try again.
- It doesn't help.
- Looks like it's frozen here.
- No, it's frozen in here.
Drain the pipe.
See, it's flowing now.
- Wait, don't go!
- It's fine.
This can't be fixed right now.
I must start raking
early tomorrow.
If I start late,
I can't get any other work done.
Then we'll help you.
Tomorrow I need time
to repair the pump.
I will clean the parts
and see if I can fix them.
It could cost 1000 rupees.
You should ask
someone to help you.
You leave it alone!
Something is stuck inside.
It's easier if you
put it in sideways.
We know the screw type now.
- This one?
- It's too small.
Look for one like this.
Move it that way!
Can't you see the holes?!
These pieces should
never come apart.
Why are you tired?
Don't you have any strength?!
The pipe was leaking here.
I've fixed it with this strip
so the oil doesn't drip out.
Move it over here.
Take it to the edge.
Don't pull up too much salt.
Go to the very end.
- Have you understood?
- Yes.
Look on both sides.
Go close to the edge!
Hold it straight!
Take it to the end!
Take it up to the wall.
Don't leave a gap!
Go along the very edge.
Keep it steady.
Keep it straight!
Keep it straight, I said!
Can't you keep it straight?
Bring it over here!
Now take a turn.
Push your elbows out!
Enough of these songs!
Give me the phone.
Don't braid it too tight.
Put your head down.
- The braid will be crooked.
- No, it won't!
Lift it a little.
What are you still doing?
I'll give it to him.
It's the trader.
The piling of the salt
has gone very well.
Come and see for yourself.
You'll see it's fine.
Sure, please come.
Okay, bye.
The trader has been checking
two days in a row.
Make sure that no soil
mixes with the salt!
I told the trader that this year
he can do as he pleases.
But next year we won't
work for such a low price.
But it depends on the
weight, doesn't it?
It's not about the weight!
There is so much salt here...
...but what's the point
if the price isn't good?
We can hardly cover the cost
of the crude oil we are burning!
Hurry up!
Move it! Move it!
Go on, put it in!
Two more boots to go.
I have to go.
- Where shall I put this?
- Put it here.
Just let it go.
Let it go, it's alright.