My Name Is Shruthi (2023) Movie Script

Doctor Kiranmayi,
one of the best cosmetic surgeons in this country.
I'm so sorry madam that I had
to call you to the office.
No, sir.
Who won't come when the great chairman
of Vikram groups invites to meet?
Mr. Sarathchandra.
You may leave now.
Okay, sir.
Please be seated.
-Thank you.
The man who used to live a hundred years
has now dropped to 60-70 years of living.
Tomorrow, it may be us.
But living with beauty until we die is a human desire.
Am I right?
Doctor, it has been three weeks since my
wife has faced the outer world.
The reason for it being is what has
happened to her beautiful face and neck.
Like this.
Our family doctor nonchalantly ignored
the condition calling it an aftereffect of ageing.
My wife felt embarrassed listening to him.
I want her beauty back.
Sir, I was worried when your PA called me and
asked me to meet you immediately.
Had you just consulted me on call,
I would have given the solution for it on the call itself.
I know that.
But my wife's pain made me and you sit here.
Now tell me the solution.
Hypopigmentation, sir.
As your family doctor said, these are the
changes that occur on the skin as one ages.
Within a year, your wife's skin would be
completely wrinkled.
For this problem, you can opt to be on medication.
But that is not a permanent solution.
If you want to achieve your desired result,
the only solution is skin grafting.
If we could find a skin donor whose
skin tone matches that of your wife,
she could stay beautiful for another 20 years.
When can we start?
The skin-grafting.
Sir, skin grafting is a complicated process.
In the case of transplanting a kidney or liver,
the match of blood group between the
donor and the patient would be sufficient.
But skin grafting requires a perfect match
with the skin tone as well.
Moreover, the donor should be in our
control until the patient recovers
which is approximately six months.
Now the problem is you need to get a donor.
I have come to know that in the whole world
India is the largest organ-mafia skin supplier after Nepal.
Keeping that in mind I don't think it is hard
to find a matching donor for my wife,
especially from your side.
Contact them. Don't worry about money.
Okay, sir.
What you are asking for is not any product
available on the shelf of a supermarket
it is a girl.
Moreover, the blood group that you ask
for is rare and also she must have a white skin tone.
It would take some time.
The faster you find her,
the more money we can demand from him.
The party is ready to pay a million per square inch of skin.
I want a list of girls with AB -ve blood group.
Contact Anu.
Okay, boss.
You seem to be quite busy.
Nothing like that. She was throwing me a party.
I can see.
Give the money and take the car.
Hey, Anu. Listen to me.
I heard that your father has blocked all
your credit and debit cards.
How would you buy the stock?
I'll sell my blood.
Your blood is polluted with cocaine, Tanish.
It is useless
moreover, it is a crime.
If you want I would like to offer you a deal.
I will give you as much money that would be
sufficient to buy enough stash for one whole year.
[Sanskrit shloka]
[Sanskrit shloka]
Sister, I am scared that he might harm us.
Fear won't let us survive, Pooja.
We will fight.
You carry on.
"My fate has been changed in the blink of an eye."
"A mistake chases me like a threat lingering over me."
"I wish to fly in the sky,
but something pulls me back into the darkness."
"Something clips my wings before I could reach the clouds."
"Before the dream is realised, I am burned to ashes."
"Leave me in no-man's-land and I will walk back."
"Chain me down, yet I'll break them and fly out of captivity."
"No obstacle would stop this journey."
"I won't accept defeat even in my last breath."
Should I accept what happens the next moment as my destiny?
"Am I that weak? Won't I fight back anything
that comes across?"
"Like that moment in the story where twist takes place,
I will walk across firmly and with determination."
"Something clips my wings before I could reach the clouds."
"Before the dream is realised, I am burned to ashes."
"Leave me in no-man's-land and I will walk back."
"Chain me down, yet I'll break them and fly out of captivity."
Sir. The minister on the call.
Disconnect it.
He said he has been bleeding due to an overdose
of drugs and that he is on his way to the clinic.
He asked me to quietly manage it.
But by the time he arrived, he had already
lost his voice.
And while I was shifting him to ICU,
he had a cardiac arrest and died on the spot.
I don't know anything beyond this.
How do you know him?
A year ago when I attended a party at the outskirts
of the city he introduced himself to me as an event manager.
Since then he has been inviting me to every
party that he has organized.
Until yesterday I never knew that they both
knew each other.
What about the phone?
I can't confirm anything, sir.
Through CCTV recordings we know that the patient
in the lift has lifted the phone of the patient on
the stretcher that had fallen on the ground
while the stretcher was being pulled out of the lift.
But it could have been his own phone.
It seems sir wants his amount to be settled to
give away the details along with the dead body.
Sir, it is a corporate hospital.
The salaries range in millions.
managing such issues becomes a nuisance.
For 20 years, It has been my dream to become a minister.
Over the years I've done a lot to achieve
that yet I have just become an MLA.
At such a crucial juncture when a person is
blackmailing me of making my whole history go public
you are asking me to settle your amount, is it?
You won't get any amount.
There is an old saying that when a person
was crying as his house was
on fire the neighbour asked him to lend a
lighter to spark his cigarette.
It fits you aptly.
give me an hour. I will gather all the
details and submit them to you.
Okay, sir.
Get him here.
Walk. Walk.
Walk. Walk.
Why are you struggling? Stop it.
Sir, what is this?
I too don't know, Koti.
Someone called me and asked me for
a ransom of two crores.
Are you surprised?
I was too.
By the clarity of the video. What was it shot on?
iPhone, boss.
They recorded it on a video call.
The call was made from this number.
Is this your number?
Sir. Sir. I didn't do it intentionally.
I was on a video call with Anu.
Sir is calling me. Be on hold.
Tell me, sir.
What is this?
-She made a huge fuss, sir.
So you beat her this badly?
Our primary product is their skin.
You would face my wrath if you repeat this.
I didn't know that Anu had recorded that.
Sir, please give me some time. I will talk to Anu.
Sir. Sir.
The call that I got was from Anu's number.
But the one who spoke to me was a broker like you.
What more will you find out?
What more will you find out?
What more will you find out?
Tell me, what will you find out?
You told me that your flight is at 11.30 am
but you came by car and arrived at midnight.
What were you busy doing that you
missed your flight?
Had I known what I was called for,
I would have never arrived.
Lakshmi, Where is my medicines?
Coming, mom.
Enough, dear.
Grandpa, you could have informed me on call.
Was it necessary for me to fly all the way up here?
Some things can be informed remotely but
some things require to be seen to comprehend.
I realised it only after seeing your mother.
My son wrote me a letter, "Dad, I'm in love
with a girl and I would marry no other girl".
Your granny and I were heartbroken after reading it.
We didn't know anything about your mother.
A family had come to your aunt's house
to see Sandhya for matchmaking
and it felt as if our whole street was present in the house,
it was such a huge family.
That family has asked Sandhya's hand and
also your hand for their other son.
I thought it would be better if I talk about this
to you in person rather than on call. That's it.
Unexpectedly, I got involved in a project.
I want to focus entirely on that project.
Sorry, grandpa.
Right now, I am not ready for marriage.
Listen to me...
Okay, dear.
I will talk with them.
You go and have your breakfast.
Why weren't you picking my call?
What happened?
The job's done, madam.
Okay. Go and meet MLA Gurumurthy.
Your work will be done as well.
Okay, ma'am.
Ma'am, you have a courier
It is from Hyderabad.
From Hyderabad?
Who could it be?
Sir, he died in the hospital at 11.30 am.
All the messages that you received after
that were from Sunny.
Sir. Sir. Forgive me.
Please forgive me.
I asked you to trap the girl and you raped her.
Rape! Rape!
It was him who picked up the phone in the hospital.
I feel it is risky to plan this in such a shoddy area.
It is better to plan it in our locality.
It will be easier to escape if things go awry.
We are laying a trap for a tiger, Suri.
If things go awry, there is no escaping.
For a small mistake, he broke your leg.
If he finds out that it is you who has been
doing all this, he would disintegrate you in thin air.
Think it through.
Every dog has its day, Suri.
As soon as I receive the money,
I will finish his chapter.
Keep aside your fear and make a call to him.
Tell me.
The girl who escaped, Priya,
has been taken care of, sir.
But I have received a gift from your city.
There is thermocol in it.
What is the from address?
Doctor Sunderlal, Road number 35,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.
Who is this Sunderlal?
I don't know.
If you don't know him, what about me?
If something goes wrong,
my whole career will be ruined.
Fear must make one accountable towards their
responsibilities unlike you who is surrendering to it.
I will set everything right by tomorrow morning.
Until then, throw the parcel and your fears
into a dustbin.
I should have stopped all the deals with
him as soon as he became a politician.
Why are you leaving in this heavy rain?
Listen to me,
why don't you stay for another couple of
days and try to book a ticket on the train?
I have lots of work to do, mom.
You have been constantly worried about that work.
Are you hiding something from us?
No, mom.
We asked her to get married all of a sudden,
that might have scared her.
Don't worry, dear.
I won't do anything against your will.
I will see you, mom.
Call us as soon as you reach.
Go on.
Sorry, grandpa.
I do want to tell you everything but I am not
able to muster enough courage.
I am scared that you might not be
able to handle what I want to tell you.
When I was newly married, my mother would
always be worried if I could adjust to the new place.
I'm not worried about the place.
She doesn't adapt well,
she's stubborn. That is why I am worried about her.
You don't have to worry at all, aunty.
She is staying along with us.
Aunty, Bobby is calling me.
I'll call you later.
Okay, dear.
Give the phone to Shruthi.
Mom, it has been an hour.
Stop repeating the same thing,
I am not a kid anymore.
We never wanted to send you away from home.
But we couldn't say no to you.
Try to understand us.
Okay. Hang the call.
Give the phone to your brother-in-law.
Is it his turn to attend your class?
Shut up and pass the phone to him.
Be on hold.
What is it, madam?
Shall I take the day off from the office?
Leave me. Shruthi is outside.
Let her be. She must be in her room.
-What hapened?
He will call you when he is free. Hang the call now.
So, getting excited
Generally, it is very common for
a person to be excited about his new job.
But the excitement gradually fades off
because the work gets mundane.
But our field is different.
There is innovation every day.
So, continue to hold on to your excitement.
You can create wonders over here.
Sure, sir.
She is Shruthi.
New joinee.
Until creative head Dheeraj is back,
she will follow Swaroop's team.
Introduce them to her.
Okay, sir.
Hi. Come.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Go ahead.
Going from phase 1 to phase 2 is easy.
But going from phase 2 to...
Hi, guys.
This is Shruthi, new joinee.
MD sir informed me that she will be following
your team until Mr. Dheeraj is back.
Hi. This is Swaroop.
And this is my team.
-Please join.
Okay, bye.
Keep your mobile on silent mode.
What happened to him?
Shruthi, your ID card.
Oh! thank you.
How was the first day at the office, Shruthi?
It is the field of my choice, bro.
I will obviously like it.
Prepare a good concept for our company as well,
I will get you to make an ad.
Shall I get you some fragrant
flowers on my way back?
Do you need to ask that?
Okay, bye.
I get it.
We agreed to send you this far only because
you would be staying with Bobby and Lavanya.
Now, why do you want to move into a hostel?
They are a newly married couple, grandpa.
I feel like intruding into their privacy.
Moreover, they stay on the outskirts of the
city and my work is at Gachibowli.
It is too far.
We should have thought about it earlier.
Will you get a hostel at such short notice?
There is no shortage of hostels in the city, grandpa.
I will easily find one.
I made a visit to my colleagues hostel.
If you are okay with it, I will shift to the hostel.
Okay. Take care.
Thank you. Bye, grandpa.
Okay, dear. Bye.
Hey, what happened?
My budget proposal was not appropriate and
due to that, the ad has been cancelled.
The problem is not the budget. It is this concept.
This product requires a simple concept but they
have prepared a stupid concept using graphics.
The client is too smart and that's why rejected it.
I would like to see your simple concept.
I will be available after 6 pm,
if you are okay with it.
Excuse me?
Hey, I'm the creative head.
I said we shall discuss it together.
What did you think?
Don't act smart, baby.
There was peace of mind for the whole
week as he was on leave.
How did he become the creative head?
He looks like a buffoon.
The company almost went on the
brink of closure during the last IT raid.
He supported the MD at that time,
so as a favour the MD made him the creative head.
Hi. Sorry for being late.
Welcome to Hyderabad.
Hey! Shruthi.
Shruthi. Listen to me.
Will you not ask me the reason for being late?
You were supposed to come
here at 5.30 pm and pick me up.
But you came after 2 days and you
want me to ask the reason, is it?
What shall I ask?
May I ask you what made you available now?
The last two days I was in Jail, Shruthi.
While I was on the call with you...
You will be coming here at 5.30 pm,
I'll be there by 5 pm.
Don't you worry.
I am not worrying. My brother-in-law was
supposed to pick me up.
I asked him not to come as my friend will pick me up.
Shruthi, I'll call you back.
What happened?
-I'll talk to you later. Bye.
The bumper has been hit, madam.
Sorry madam, I didn't see you coming.
Do you know who she is?
The lady whose car I hit was the president
of the women's union club.
Moreover, she complained to the SHE team
that I abused her with vulgar words.
So they arrested me. I just got the bail.
He is my motivation to come to Hyderabad
and join this ad company.
Hey, nothing like that.
She was interested in this field.
Hence she fought with her family and came this far.
Okay. I'm leaving.
Don't forget, the gates will be closed by 10 pm.
I almost forgot.
Which gate? And why will it be locked?
It is a long story.
Come, I'll tell you on the way.
So, you have shifted to a hostel to give
privacy to your sister?
Did your grandpa agree to it?
Our parents fail to understand our generation but
your grandfather is being supportive to you.
He is a great man.
He is a freedom fighter.
He doesn't like to live in closed boundaries.
Then I must meet him.
Take right. This right.
Your hostel is very near to your office.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
That is my hostel.
Since I have moved into the city,
we can meet every day.
So? You want me to leave now?
Not like that. It's already late.
Did you see the time?
Haseena, I'm coming.
I'm just outside the gate.
What is this?
Oh my God!
Do you want some tea, madam?
Where are we?
We just left Vijayawada.
I'll have some tea, madam.
Excuse me, can I get a cigarette?
Here you go, son.
Tell me, Suri.
Black Innova. He is alone.
He is calling me.
You stay near the railway track.
Keep that phone inside the cover
until I tell you otherwise.
I have come to the clinic which you told me about.
I asked you to cross that clinic and drive
for another 300 metres.
Get down the car and open the doors,
also open the bag that you have brought.
Where is the evidence?
Throw that bag in the dustbin beside
you and drive ahead for another 1 Km.
You will find a railway track.
Beside the tracks, you will find a white
cover on which MLA Gurumurthy will be written.
Don't act smart.
Give me the phone and hard
disk right now.
You seem to be a knucklehead.
In 10 minutes, a train en route to
Mumbai will cross on that track.
Due to its speed, the cover might fall off.
Moreover, I have pinned your boss's
colour photo to the cover.
You better hurry up.
Okay, sir.
I found that guy, sir.
He was helping him, sir.
He has only the phone along with him.
He doesn't have the hard disk with him.
He must see the hell while he is alive.
Take him to the workshop.
Come on.
Trace the location from where I got the call,
we will find the hard disk there.
Okay, sir.
Ma'am, shall we leave?
What happened?
Why did you call me urgently?
I'll tell you but before that take off these screens
or else people will start circulating rumours about us.
Enjoy! Enjoy!
Hey! Stop there.
Charan. Stop. Stop. Stop.
It's a matter of one day, let him go.
Filthy fellow.
It is very uncomfortable to meet you daily on the roads.
Me too. That's why I'm shifting to a flat.
I have already informed my roommate
that along with my sister and brother-in-law,
my cousin too will come to visit me.
The flat I am moving into already has a tenant,
she is studying Btech.
The condition that her parents have put
forth is there must be no visitors, not even friends.
Will they approve of my boyfriend visiting me?
It seems she has allowed you to stay
for her own security reasons.
On top of that, they have conditions as well.
You are paying money,
why do you have to stay according to their rules?
I really like that flat, Charan.
That's why I lied about you.
One minute, Shruthi.
What happened? Charan?
Who is he? Is he your brother?
Who are you? What is this?
Baby, actually...
Thanks, bro.
You showed me his real character.
You have made a huge mistake!
-Buzz off.
It's nothing. You go ahead.
Hi, sister.
-He's my cousin.
Please come in.
"Today I feel blissful.
This is an unprecedented feeling."
"I am flying on the edge of the world."
"My heart is painted in new colours."
"I shine like a snow flower in the moonlight,
like a sparkling rain in the daylight."
"I shine when you look at me."
"My eyes shine when my sight finds you."
"Each second with you is a lifetime."
"Why do I fall in love with you every time I see you?"
Mom likes this farmhouse a lot.
We would come here every week.
Come.Three years ago, Mom and Dad
died in an accident.
Since it has lost its mojo.
This place is reminiscent of their sweet
memories that have been left to you, Charan.
As long as you safeguard this, they
will be safe within you.
Come. I'll show you around.
"Today I feel blissful.
This is an unprecedented feeling."
"I am flying on the edge of the world."
"I shine when you look at me."
"My eyes shine when my sight finds you."
"Each second with you is a lifetime."
"Why do I fall in love with you every time I see you?"
We have entered the city, ma'am.
Will you guide me through the routes?
Pullover, Ramaiah. We have to go through
some very narrow streets from here on.
You will find it difficult while going back.
It's okay, madam. I can manage.
Listen to what I say.
The traffic will get denser after some time. Pullover.
Okay, ma'am
Drive safe.
-Okay, ma'am.
-Bye, ma'am.
Tell me, madam.
Get me everything required for first aid..
and two bottles of ORS.
Okay, madam.
Rs. 400, madam.
Okay, madam.
Get it here.
What happened?
Why are you getting everyone one after the other?
While sir was in Delhi, someone searched the entire place.
This will be going on until that one
guy is not found.
Sir has asked me to show them hell
until he is back.
Sir, the call that you received from that mobile
has been traced. It was made from Tellapur tower, Gachibowli.
I don't want the tower. I want the exact location.
I'm trying, sir.
I'm trying, sir.
LaCresta Apartments, Tellapur, Gachibowli.
Mom, look at him.
What is this?
Go. I won't play with you anymore.
Go and get a ball for you, dear.
Sister, ball.
Thank you, sister.
Mom, Shruthi is here.
Why are they here?
Madam, change.
Madam, change.
Bro, let's go.
-Change, madam.
Bro, I'll take it at the bus stop. Please, let's go.
-What happened, madam?-
Please, bro. Get me out of here quick. Please.
Okay, madam.
Please, bro.
Please start it fast, bro. Please.
It is starting, please have some patience.
Sir. I have only two challans, sir.
I'll pay it, sir. Please, sir.
Do you stay in flat number 403?
Sir. It's her.
Send her up.
Okay sir.
The girl from 403 has come. Go, get her up.
Madam, you forgot the cover.
It is this girl.
Take her upstairs.
Come, madam.
Why is your phone switched off?
The battery drained out, sir.
If you had been 10 mins late, the Bheemli local
police would have reached your Bheemli residence.
What are you looking at? Open it.
They came at midnight, dear.
It went on up until sunrise and beyond.
Yet we gave everything that they asked for.
They did show mercy on old people as well.
What is she talking about?
Well, there's no point blaming them.
He's the one who is responsible.
Although he doesn't have the physical endurance,
he was adamant to stop them from
jumping across the compound wall.
They are professional robbers,
will they stay put?
They beat him to a pulp.
Don't insult me.
That means the police are here for..
Constable, madam seems to be tired
with all the travelling. Help her.
Sir. The door is locked, sir.
There will be no problem.
They are not your neighbours to enter
through your neighbours, madam.
They are robbers.
Check your apartment fast. We need to leave.
What happened?
Sir, there is another girl who stays here along with me.
In a hurry, we left our lingerie on the
bed while leaving.
So what?
Sir. Girls. And it's our lingerie.
Please try to understand.
Check it yourself.
-Thank you, sir.
No worries, sir. No one has broken into our flat.
Are you sure?
If you have any suspicion, do call me.
-Yes. Yes. Yes.
My number is...
-I know. Hundred. 1-0-0.
Thank you.
Come, let's go.
I left my mobile in that old couple's flat. Go, get it.
-Okay, sir.
Sir its lock.
Break it open.
What happened, madam?
What happened, madam?
Chintu, go checkout.
Breaking news!
A recent event has sent a wave of shock to the entire city.
With the changing times,
does crime reinvents itself too?
The residents of this apartments are affirmative about it.
They have found Anu's dead body, sir.
This is not the first time that I'm tangled
with all the courts and cases.
I'm more worried about you.
Any small leak regarding this matter
will jeopardise your entire political career.
Are you blackmailing me?
If you don't change your attitude even after a
change of position you will be viewed as a moron, Gurumurthy.
Only with the efforts of this broker
have you boosted your political career, sir.
And as a favour, I made you an MLA.
Don't forget that.
Who is denying that now?
I'm just reminding you that you also must safeguard me.
I'm leaving.
Feels like, I've been carrying a load of shit on my head.
Who is handling this case?
-ACP Ranjit, sir.
The murder happened in his area of jurisdiction.
Then get him out of the way.
What are you starting at?
If you won't, he will dig out our other secrets.
You haven't let any media inside, right?
-No, sir.
After discovering the dead body,
we could hardly control the apartment residents, sir.
In that chaos, someone has shot the
footage on mobile and spread it to the media.
How CCTV cameras do they have installed?
Total 6 cameras, sir. Including the ones at entry,
exit and parking.
Priorly every floor had one but then
the residents started complaining
that they don't have much privacy and
due to that they were uninstalled.
Which floor?
-4th floor, sir.
The media is already invested in this case, Gurumurthy.
If we remove a sincere officer
from the investigating team,
it would automatically raise suspicion on us.
So will we remain inactive,
without any efforts to save ourselves?
No, need. Let's listen to the girls' version first.
After that, we will have clarity on the tasks
that we need to focus on.
Send the body for postmortem and complete
all the remaining formalities.
Sir, there is a lot of pressure from the media.
If you could conduct a press meet and...
What will we say in the press meet?
That judiciary will do its duty, is it?
You too should have had elections every 5 years, DGP.
You too would have understood
what it means to lose your position.
Sir, what I meant is...
Focus on your work.
DGP, the interrogation should be telecasted live to us.
Ranjit. The case must be closed within 24 hours.
Sir.If you want you can hire a special team.
Until then, no information should be
passed on to the media.
Okay, sir.
-One more thing.
I want the live telecast of the interrogation.
Okay, sir.
Jai hind, sir.
Take the girl to the hospital first and
from there take her to the remand home.
Okay, sir.
Sir. Interrogation?
What's the matter, Murthy?
You seem to be in a hurry to close the
case like our DGP sir.
Nothing like that, sir.
I thought since we have time...
Let's deal with it after the forensic results arrive.
-Okay, sir.
Shruthi's mother fell unconscious after seeing
the media displaying Shruthi's photo along with that news.
While she was leaving,
her mother asked her whether
she was hiding anything from us.
She refused to answer.
We thought she must have been in shock
as we informed her about the marriage all of a sudden.
Nobody guessed something like this.
If Shruthi didn't tell anything to you guys there
is a possibility that even she doesn't know anything about it,
Book a ticket for me too.
I'll come to Hyderabad along with you.
It is important for you to stay here.
Let me go there and find out what happened.
I'll call you if you are required to come. Okay?
Who is he?
Forward it.
Notification came from
Prepare the estimate by tomorrow morning.
Sure, sir.
-We must not miss the tender at any cost.
Sir, Dr. Kiranmayi has come to meet you.
Sir, my career is in trouble.
You have influence all over the state
and central government.
One call from will close the matter right here,
that's why I'm here.
Gurumurthy who is charged with girls'
trafficking is a sitting MLA, right?
Can't he solve this problem?
Sir, usually politicians sacrifice others
to save their asses.
If something like that happens,
along with me all my clients will also
find themselves in big trouble,
including your wife.
You are overlooking reality in your tension.
Every year nearly half a million girls go
missing yet there is no hullabaloo.
Do you know why?
Because a few handful of people who have made the
system into a money-minting
network are managing these crimes.
If this escalates into a serious issue as you fear,
the first lot who would pay the price is them.
Will they accept that?
No need to worry, doctor. Come.
That day, he started from LaCresta apartments,
crossed Gachibowli
and stopped his car near Ambedkar university, sir.
But the car does not belong to him,
it is registered in the name of Pramod.
And he was in the same car until today
afternoon, sir.
The neighbouring building's CCTV footage
confirms that.
Did he stay in the car for two days?
-Yes, sir.
How is it possible?
-I too don't get it.
Excuse me.
-Hello. Ya, Latha.
Have you started?
No, I will be late.
Please don't wait for me.
Don't get too busy with your work
and forget to eat.
Yeah, okay.
-Have your food on time.
If he was inside the car for two days
straight without any food,
he must be a drug addict.
Sir.The moment he became sober he
escaped from there.
Check all nearby pubs.
-Yes, sir.
Especially the one where drugs are available.
-Yes, sir.
Go in mufti.
Okay, sir.
When was the last time you spoke to her?
At 11.30 in the night, sir.
She said she was leaving.
11.30 pm!
Yes, sir.
Hey, get up.
Sir. Please, don't create any nuisance.
Tell me your rate.
I'll arrange it.
Please, sir.
You look like a coward but yet you committed
such a gruesome murder,how is it possible?
Which murder, sir? You are here to book me
under consumption of drugs, aren't you?
You got yourself into a huge mess.
Sir, sir. Please, sir.
Sir. Please don't hit me, sir.
-Stop. Stop.
Why did she point the gun at you?
She's a drug dealer, sir.
She used to supply us with drugs while in college.
One year back, she took away my car key in front
of my girlfriend because I owed her some money.
After two days, I went to her home to
settle her amount.
If you agree, I would like to offer you a deal.
I would pay you enough money
which would be sufficient
for you to buy the stash that would be
enough for one whole year.
She used my weakness and made
me trap a girl named Priya.
Bye, mom.
-Take care, dear.
Why is he here?
Soon after acquainting each other,
we grew very close to each other, sir.
Poor girl, she didn't know that she was
being baited into a vicious trap.
I didn't expect you to make her fall for you this quick.
Stop your nonsense and give me my money.
Call Priya and ask her to come near
the flyover beside the forum mall.
My boys will pick her up.
Why did she want to trap Priya?
For her skin, sir.
So you knew it?
I didn't know back then, sir.
I got to know about it only in the last moments, sir.
As soon as I come from Bombay,
I will talk about your business loan.
You need not worry.
Thanks dad.
Watch out.
Dear, Priya. Oh my God.
-What did you do?
Get up, Priya.
Sir, please help her.
-Did you get only my car to commit suicide?
Don't scold her, sir. She is a patient, sir.
She fell unconscious due to weakness.
Dear, Priya!
Then I saw the Priya that I had trapped.
I couldn't recognise her.
Skin cancer, sir. Moreover, stage 4.
Organ mafia has taken her skin 3 to 4 times
which has affected her skin cells
leading to the development of cancer.
She won't live long, sir.
Are they trading skin as well?
In the world market there is a huge
demand for plastic surgery, sir.
The skin of a rare blood group person with a
matching skin tone can even take up hundreds of thousands per inch of skin.
-Yes, sir.
Tell me.
Where are you?
Tell me what's the matter.
I can't talk on call, I need to meet you urgently.
Hey, shut up.
I'm in Mumbai. I'll call you as soon as I reach Hyderabad.
After two days, when I was in my friend's
room she called me early in the morning.
-Where shall I come?
When you said there is a deal.
I thought it to be true.
Did you call me to tell about this?
A girl's life has been ruined.
Why do you think I offered you money
and asked you to trap her? To worship her?
If any of this is exposed,
I would be the first person to be behind bars.
Don't act smart.
I will cut it short.
We will take care of the one who has
escaped our clutches.
You shut your mouth and buzz off.
Tell me.
Bro, there is something very important thing of
my father in the car. He has been calling me non stop.
Come fast.
I must thank your father.
In a fit of rage, I took the gun and approached her.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
Did you see the girl in that car?
Where was she going?
Who? The one with curly hairs?
Yes. That girl.
I think it is 501.
But check it once in the register.
Thank you, bro.
501. Yes.
What happened, son? Why are you
knocking on a locked door?
Are you here to visit any flat?
The key must be with the watchman. Go, get it.
Sorry, sir.
As I came down, both she and her car were missing.
And after that, I don't know anything, sir.
Does your family know that you consume drugs?
No, sir.
I need to meet ACP sir.
-Meet SI sir first.
Hello, sir.
Tell me.
I am the brother-in-law of Shruthi,
the girl who you arrested yesterday.
Why did you arrest her?
Does sir not follow the news, madam?
I didn't get it, sir.
Had you been following the news,
you wouldn't have asked this question.
The same news sometimes says that the
police system is corrupted.
Is that also true?
Sir seems to be hot-headed.
It will take some time, wait until I call you.
Why do you want a tussle with the SI?
Come let's wait here.
I saw many criminals in my service.
But this is my first time witnessing a girl
gruesomely killing someone with such meticulous planning.
If you have made such meticulous planning either
you must be a psycho or you must have a lot of pain within you.
Tell me the truth.
The truth could be anything but the reason
behind this would be unbearable for you.
You did it for money?
Are you even a woman too?
So, If boys do it then you boys don't find faults in him.
Who is it?
Role, camera, action.
Cut it.
Swaroop, prepare the next shot.
Why are you going home all of a sudden?
I don't know. Grandpa called me.
If he has called you and not told you the reason
then I believe it must be for a matchmaking meeting.
Shruthi. Come here.
Yes, sir.
It is your responsibility to check all the
properties that have arrived on set.
I have checked everything, sir.
What is this?
-Shut up.
You don't respect my work
that's why I asked to keep you out of this shoot.
But the MD didn't listen to me.
Get the pipe ready in one hour or else call
the MD and declare it as pack up for the day.
Swaroop, the time is 1.30.
So what? Go and set it.
He is doing all this on purpose to create a scene.
Let him pack up. Let's see how far he will go today.
Haseena, the work shouldn't be stopped
because of me.
Are you mad?
How will you get anything at this time?
I purchased one personally for gifting it to grandpa.
It is in the flat.
Hold this. I'll go and get it
Stop! Stop! Here.
Turn around the vehicle,
I'll be back in two minutes.
Okay, madam.
Why are the keys here?
Tanish's father is scuffling with the staff.
Give her some water.
I'll put you behind the bars too.
Murthy, what's going on? What are you doing?
He is scuffling with us asking why
we arrested his son!
Hello, sir.
-Sir has just landed from Mumbai.
What happened, sir?
Who are you?
What's your name?
Jayaram, sir.
I'm a member of the Human Rights Council.
Have you arrested my son without
any information about me?
We don't require the father's name
to arrest the criminals?
What do you mean, sir?
What do you mean?
Sir, you must have heard about the murder
that took place at the LaCresta apartments.
Yeah, I saw it on TV.
Your son is the last person to meet her alive.
So what?
Does that prove my son to be a murderer?
Our team went to your house to
investigate the same
and they found out that your son
hasn't been home for the last one week.
He was at his friend's flat for combined studies.
He must have told you that but he spends
most of his time in the pubs,
that too, while consuming the drugs.
Under the influence of drugs, your son has
ruined the life of a girl named Priya.
Sir! Sir!
Mr. Jayaram...
Pass that chair.
Sir, please sit down.
Take care of yourself, sir.
You must have made some mistake, sir.
My son can't do something like that.
I know about my son.
I'll go and get a lawyer.
Sir, just a minute. Listen to me.
You don't need to get any lawyer.
You can watch both the footage from the
CCTV of the pub and that of our interrogation.
After watching both,
if you still believe that your son is innocent
then you can take your son along with you.
Sir? Show those videos to Mr. Jayaram.
Okay, sir.
Please go sir.
Sir, come with me.
Are you okay?
What happened after that?
I'm afraid that Shruthi would find out about us.
Why do you say so?
She is your cousin, right?
Then why did you make her meet me through
her friend and then made her come to this flat?
If you would have introduced her to me directly,
I would have been more at peace.
Pooja, she was sent to Hyderabad on the
condition that she would stay with her sister.
But she shifted to a hostel for the privacy
of her sister and her husband.
Now if she finds out that we both are in love,
will she move into this apartment?
That's why I planned it as if we don't know each other.
Unnecessarily you went back to your apartment,
he finished the scene without that pipe.
Come, let's go.
Morning, Shruthi.
Don't you have college?
I do. But I was studying late at night,
preparing for the exams, so I slept very late.
What happened sister?
Get ready soon.
I need to discuss an important matter with you.
about which !
At what time will you leave?
I have the flight at 11.30 am, mom.
I'll start in an hour.
Okay, dear.
Call me before you start.
Grandpa will send a car to the
airport to pick you up.
Okay, bye.
It always gets stuck at the wrong time.
I'm missing a lot due to this.
That's missing to capture only beauty moments,
Pooja. But we are missing our lives.
What happened, sister?
Why are you talking like this?
Did I do anything wrong?
I'm not qualified enough to find faults in you, Pooja.
Do you mean? Night?
I told him. But your cousin won't listen to me.
Sorry, sister.
I agree it's my fault that I didn't inform
you that your cousin is my boyfriend.
Some people are related to us by
birth but a few relations are man-made.
I didn't get you, sister.
We both are here because that's a part of his plan.
What shall we do now?
What else can we do?
We must maintain distance from him.
And after maintaining distance?
Should we leave scot-free?
He deserves to die.
If killing was a solution,
I would have killed him yesterday's night itself.
What will we gain out of it?
Instead, we would be ruining the rest of
our lives because of him.
Then let's file a case on him and let
the police take care of him.
They will keep him behind the bars
for not more than one day.
Even that depends on the kind of
background he possesses.
In Hyderabad itself, it was once discovered
that a guy named Madhu had cheated around 2000 girls
and till today nobody knows what
was the punishment that he got.
But the photos and phone numbers of all the
girls who were his victim went viral on social media.
Just think about it,
not only the girls but even their families
would have suffered along with them.
Should we face the same fate?
I am scared, sister.
I want to see my mom.
Pooja. Okay, but don't let them know all this.
It will break their hearts.
Hello. Madam, I am the cab driver speaking.
Where are you?
Sorry, madam.
My dropping customer is a pregnant lady.
She had sudden pains so I am taking
her to the hospital.
If you don't mind, will you please book another cab?
Thanks, madam.
One minute, madam
Hey, are you not ready yet?
Get ready quickly. Tell me, ma'am.
Why is he here now?
Doctor Kiranmayi, 32nd cross,
4th block, Kubera hills, Bangalore.
Okay, ma'am. I'll be there by two
and call you once I reach there.
What happened?
Why are you looking at me like a stranger?
Your dress looked odd to me.
I am supposed to meet a businessman
today in Bangalore. I thought this would look dignified.
Why? Doesn't it look good on me?
Yeah. It's good.
Something seems to be burning.
Shit. Pooja had kept the milk for boiling.
By the way, where is she?
She went out on some work.
Do you want any help?
Okay. Get ready quickly. We shall leave.
My brother-in-law will be dropping me off at the airport.
So you can leave.
Your brother-in-law?
Two days ago you said, he lost his mother.
Is he back already?
You would have had a bright career in the acting field.
You act really well.
I guess you have forgotten your key here due
to the shocking visuals that you witnessed at night.
Any idiot who maintains both the girls that
he has trapped at the same place definitely has his own back.
Don't think I'm incapable of teaching
you a lesson for what you did.
Enough of what has happened till now.
Get out from here.
Get out? To where?
Do you think I trapped both of you for just sex?
This is the 21st century, Shruthi.
Everyone has a different route
to come up in his life.
Do you know the route I've taken?
You've seen enough.
Now give me my phone.
Don't be scared.
All I desire is your beautiful skin.
What happened? Didn't you understand?
Every part of the human body
demands a different price including the skin.
Especially the skin of a girl like you who has a rare
blood group has crazy demand in the world market.
It'll attract millions of rupees per inch.
If you come silently everything will happen smoothly.
Else If you are planning to resist
then I have my own ways.
The choice is yours.
Go and get ready.
I wanted to kill you yesterday night itself.
But then I convinced myself out of it
saying it's just another toxic relationship
Now you stand here with an intimate
video of mine demanding to do business with it.
What shall I do to you?
Even though you are angry, how cute you sound.
Maybe you haven't understood yet.
If such a video gets viral, the first thing
that gets knocked out is the girl's family.
Moreover, your mother is a heart patient.
Do you still want to take the risk?
Now stop fooling around and make a call to
your family that you won't be coming anytime soon.
What timing!
How dare you suffocate me?
I have my own ways if you resist. Stop struggling.
I wanted to kill him but I couldn't muster e
nough courage to kill him
because I didn't want to ruin the
rest of my life because of him.
But I was sure about one thing,
I wanted to show him hell before
handing him over to the police.
He was supposed to go to Bangalore.
So I wanted to misguide everyone
that he actually went to Bangalore.
For that, first I removed the memory
card from his cell then switched it to silent mode
and later packed it in a thermocol box.
Taking advantage of his unconsciousness
I secured both his hands and legs with plaster,
then I took his car and went to a gift shop.
Please gift wrap this.
I shipped that gift box to the address
that he was going to via courier.
From there I went to his farmhouse
located on the city outskirts,
parked his car there and returned
to my flat in an auto.
My mom was repeatedly calling me to
enquire about why I hadn't arrived yet so,
unfortunately, I had to take a cab to my home.
But at the same place, another girl was found killed.
Who could have killed that girl?
I don't know, sir.
Can you tell me the time difference between
the time when he came to your flat and when you hit him with the bottle?
Maybe around 10-15 mins.
So it took you around 58 mins to pack an
unconscious man and lay him in the bathtub.
He parked his car at about 7.20 am.
Since he came in the lift, it could have taken
him another 5 mins.
You say that you hit him after 15 mins which
means it happened at about 7.40 am.
And the time that you took out his car was 8.38 am.
It took you around one hour.
What were you doing?
Did it take you that long to pack him and lay him in the tub?
What is it?
After I had hit him accidentally,
I was in a state of shock. Then I realised...
Shit! I didn't lock the door.
Aunty slipped down in the bathroom,
I am unable to help her.
Will you please come with me?
She is all drenched and shivering due to the cold.
Please come fast.
What happened, dear? You look tensed!
Nothing, uncle. Let's go.
Madam, gas.
Dear, please change her dress.
I will be waiting in the hall.
Uncle! Uncle!
Only after returning from their flat did I decide
on what I was going to do with him.
Do you know where you went wrong?
To leave him back alive.
We will call you if required. See you.
Unnecessarily you were worried
about all this and caused distress to all of us.
We must always be cautious, DGP.
Poor girl.
If you had empathy all along, would you two have
ever been able to become DGP and home minister respectively?
Why do you want to rub him on the wrong side?
Go and close that case.
Did you find anything about the
missing hospital footage?
No, sir. They are repeating the same thing,
that they lost power during that time
and at the same time the generator was down too.
Then check the surrounding CCTV footage.
I am sure we can find him in any one of them.
That Charan must not escape from us.
-Right, Murthy.
Bro, MLA sir.
Tell me, sir.
The two boys working under you are not required
anymore. I want them to be cleaned off by morning.
Don't worry, sir. No one will find their remains.
Sir. ACP has released her from custody.
She is going with her sister and brother-in-law.
It must look like an accident.
Not even a clue must be found.
Shruthi, you should have told Grandpa
about everything when you were at home.
What was I supposed to tell?
That the guy whom I loved, cheated
me and was intending to do business
with my body so I wounded him fatally
and secured him in my bathtub!
Do you think he could have digested that?
How differently did it pan out now?
there is no point in contemplating the past.
We must now worry about the Charan who has escaped.
Hello. Sir!
Not yet. We are on our way home.
The vehicle has broken down in the way.
Okay, sir.
What happened, dear?
There seems to be a problem with the wiring kit,
it has fired up.
My friend is sending another vehicle, you sit in the car.
Sir seems to be in some mood.
Shall I get you some tea or coffee?
Paying attention to your son is more important
than attending to the human rights issues on the streets.
This will be the consequence if not.
Venkat, how long will his son be behind the bars?
Consumption of drugs and possession
of drugs both are applicable.
A minimum term of 14 years is a must.
What happened?
Give me some water.
Give me some water.
Sir, get up.
Sir, get up.
Sir! Help him, sir.
Look at his state, sir.
Please save my sir.
He is no more, sir.
Shruthi, go and freshen up.
Will you take me to my ex-hostel?
Yeah. While I was shifting to the flat,
I left some of my belongings in that room.
I need to get them.
Can't you go in the morning?
In the morning, everyone will still be in the hostel.
Okay. Get us something to eat.
We will be back soon.
Sir, Jayaram's driver states that the police
department has not only been ill-treating Jayaram's son but also been very
harsh on Mr. Jayaram too.
And that was the reason behind his stroke.
Do you want to say anything about this?
What is your question?
Several stories are being run by the media
houses regarding the girl
but yet neither the police nor the government
has made any effort to give any clarity on this situation.
May I know the reason behind it?
Any more questions?
Sir, you haven't answered any questions so far,
yet you are asking for more questions.
Are you belittling the media?
You ask various queries regarding the crime
and we answer all your questions every time during this process,
we pass on the loopholes in the case to
the criminal through which he escapes.
We don't want to make the same mistake in this case.
We have already gathered some information
on Anu and we shall share the same with you guys tomorrow.
Please be patient until then.
Thank you.
Sir, just give me another two days.
Ranjit, the entire department is facing
the heat due to your slack.
Sir, how can I be made responsible if a father
dies out the agony due to his bad parenting?
It's true!
Can you reveal the same thing to the media?
No, right?
So, close the case.
If we close the case,
we would be endangering Shruthi's life.
Don't worry about that. Tomorrow in the press meet,
I will announce Charan as a psychopath
and issue a shoot at sight order for him.
He is not the problem, sir;
the mafia that is behind is the real problem.
We must expose them otherwise many more
people will fall prey to this skin trade business.
You are going round and round the same thing.
Do one thing.
Dictate all the information that you have
gathered based on the evidence collected in chronological order.
Let's analyse the presence of the mafia.
Okay, sir.
How long did it take for Anu to enter the
flat after Shruthi accidentally hit Charan?
Around 10-15 mins.
How can you be so sure?
Charan parked his car and went to
Shruthi's flat at 7.20 am.
At the same time, Tanish had a quarrel
with Anu who was still in the car.
Anu threatened him with her gun and proceeded
towards Shruthi's flat where she encountered the watchman.
Madam, who do you want to meet?
-Are you here to have a look at the flat?
Please make an entry in that book.
The time at that point was 7.50 am.
At the same time, Shruthi went to her
neighbour's flat without locking her flat.
After two minutes of Anu's departure,
the watchman followed her with the key of flat 501. And in the lift,
he saw Anu going in the fourth-floor corridor.
Madam, madam.
You are supposed to go to 501. Madam!
Madam, madam. You are supposed to go to 501.
Take this money, get it changed and pay this boy.
The watchman has mentioned all
of this very clearly in his statement.
So Anu entered Shruthi's flat in the time gap of
Shruthi hitting Charan and going to her neighbour's flat, right?
Yes, sir.
In that case,
Shruthi must have seen Anu after returning, right?
Had she seen her,
the crime would have been something else.
What do you mean?
Sir, in the cupboard we found shoeprints
as well as dried blood traces on a screw.
The forensics have confirmed the blood to be that of Anu.
-Simple, sir.
When Anu entered the flat, she must have
been shocked to see Charan lying unconscious.
At the same time, she must have heard
the door creaking sound
expecting someone to come,
she must have entered the cupboard to hide.
So, Shruthi was unaware of Anu's presence.
She then secured Charan,
took his car keys and left. Is that
what you are implying?
Yes, sir.
What about Anu's murder?
Tanish confessed to us that Anu will
go to any extent for the money.
It has been recorded in the CCTV as well.
Since Charan couldn't handle Shruthi,
Anu must have reprimanded Charan
after he regained consciousness.
There must have been an intense argument
between both of them. In the heat of an argument,
Charan must have hit Anu with the
iron curtain rod. Anu is dead.
Moreover, they were under the influence of drugs.
So it is easy for them to lose their cool.
Do you have any evidence suggesting
they were under the influence of drugs?
Yes, sir.
It is clear from the postmortem report of Anu.
Also, the fingerprints found on the pills that
we found have been matched with Charan's.
The time when Shruthi left?
8.38 am
The time when Charan escaped in his car?
-10.40 am
Where was Shruthi at that time?
Shruthi was driving towards Kottur via Shamshabad.
Is there any evidence of someone else entering?
No, sir.
Everything is crystal clear.
How can you claim the hand of the media behind this?
Through the route that he has taken.
-Yes, sir.
The highway is 1km away from Shruthi's apartment
but towards the left and Charan went towards the right.
Maybe he is comfortable with that route.
It is not for comfortability, sir.
It's for treatment.
Shruthi must have hit hard and he
should have lost a lot of blood.
From CCTV footage we can say that his condition is not good.
Did you enquire the nearby hospitals?
Yes, sir. Apart from Hruday hospital,
all the other hospital footage is clear.
Are you implying that the hospital has been compromised?
Of course, sir.
Come on, Ranjit. He is a cheater.
He traps beautiful girls, uses them
and then gets them into prostitution.
That's his business.
Don't hype him much.
Exactly, sir.
The hospital management hasn't even
given us a clue about the missing information.
Moreover, they are confidently asking us to
conduct an enquiry on the missing information.
Do you think they will have this confidence
without the support of powerful people?
Whom do you suspect?
MLA Gurumurthy!
You are targeting him due to his past.
No, sir. I am targeting him because
the evidence leads us to him.
He is an MLA now. Moreover,
a member of the ruling party.
What is the need for him to continue such businesses?
Sir, this is Anu's call list.
On the day of her death, there were 5 exchanges
of phone calls between her and MLA Gurumurthy.
If you approve, I'll ask TRAI to send
us the call recordings to us.
And sir, for your information, there have been
more than 6 cases booked on Anu in the entire city.
All of them are related to women trafficking and drugs.
Even while being charged with such strong
cases if she was able to move around scot-free
do you think she is not being aided by
any political big wig?
The being in power is a dog, it will never mend its way.
Stop it, Ranjit.
Look at the crime from different perspectives,
there is no harm in it.
But don't get fixed at one perspective,
that won't lead you anywhere.
Ask Shruthi to be careful until we find Charan.
Get ready for tomorrow's press meet.
Sir? Shruthi is...
...about to be killed.
Do we have Gurumurthy's call list yet?
No, sir. People are scared of his MLA status.
They are asking for an official letter.
Are we dealing with official letters in all the other cases?
-Sorry, sir.
Where is our hacker? What is his name?
Johnny. Call him, he will get it done in 10 mins.
Quick, Murthy.
-Okay, sir.
The case has been closed, Home Minister called me.
Thank you, sir.
For closing that case.
Tension doesn't solve problems,
it is all money power.
So, be cool.
Let's go to Bangkok at least once, bro.
Sir orders us to kill and we execute it.
Is this what life is meant to be?
When will we enjoy our lives?
Focus on work.
Okay. You never listen to me.
What happened, brother-in-law?
Lavanya was telling something in the
car but you diverted the topic.
Your mom is admitted to the hospital, Shruthi.
She saw the news about you on TV which made
her blood pressure shoot up and she fell unconscious.
How is she now?
Currently, her condition is stable.
But if this repeats, the doctors have warned that it
might cause blood clots in the brain and burst open the nerves.
Dad's death was a shock to mom.
Now I am gifting her death.
ou being emotional won't help your mom, Shruthi.
She wants you to be happy. Be calm.
How can I stay calm, brother?
The whole incident is so horrifying that I am
getting chills all over my body.
Life is a mystery, Shruthi.
No one can predict its next move.
To face all the ups and downs is a part and parcel of life.
Shruthi, stay in the car. I'll be back.
He is coming. Start the vehicle. Go.
Multiple calls from the same number. Shit!
What happened, brother-in-law?
You ruined his colourful life;
will he leave you alone?
He is following us.
Don't be scared,
He won't come.
I'm not scared for myself, Shruthi.
I'm scared for you.
No need to be scared, he won't come.
How do you say so?
Unlike my statement in interrogation,
I didn't leave him unconscious.
Till then, I thought he was the culprit.
But later I realised the whole problem
lies behind him.
I didn't believe him when he was harping about you.
Behind every illegal work, there is a mafia.
It is foolishness to think that you can
kill someone and just escape.
If killing was my motive,
he would have been dead already.
Stop your drama and take him away.
Does that mean you want me to leave you untouched?
It took us one whole year to trap you.
Just think, how much we must have
invested in this last year.
Being a woman you have no guilt in claiming that
you have invested money to ruin another woman's life, is it?
What shall I call you?
Money doesn't differentiate between men and women.
Stop your nuisance and get ready.
Don't try to intimidate me?
Take him along with you and get lost from here.
I don't need him anymore.
If you want, I can kill him right now.
But you must stop your nuisance right now.
Pooja is waiting for you in the car.
Poor girl, she is cramped for space.
Clean up the blood on your hands.
Then we can leave.
Leave us,
I'll take you to the hospital.
There is a huge mafia that wants to trap
a girl like you who has a rare blood group.
If I go against them and leave you, they will kill me.
In that case, I have only two options.
One, to listen to her.
Second, to kill her.
They wanted to tear off my skin
and do business with that.
What was I supposed to do?
Why take a risk, sister?
Let's inform the police.
The protectors of the system are involved in this.
Do you think we will be served with justice?
Take this car and park it at his farmhouse
located on the outskirts of the city,
and leave to your home.
I'll take care of the rest.
How will you go back to the flat?
Tell me, madam.
I saw the To-let board.
Are you here to visit the flat?
Enter your details in this book.
Take the keys to flat number 501,
go to the fifth floor,
take the stairs and come to our flat.
I have begun my game.
You have only two options,
either act according to my instructions or die here.
I tried to make her understand but
she is not the kind of person who would comply.
Now it's your turn to execute the rest of the plan.
How will I trust you that you would spare my life?
If I have to wash my hands off this crime,
you must escape from here alive.
You may need this.
You got her killed?
Good plan.
Either I must change my identity for the
great of my life or be sacrificed to your plan.
Is this what you intended?
Stop your nuisance and focus on the work.
I am overdosed; take me to the hospital immediately.
You need a doctor who will treat you
off the grid or else you might get arrested.
I know. There's a doctor in Hruday
hospital who will do it.
Tell me his number.
It is ringing. Do not act smart
and just tell him what I tell you.
You are not a guest to take the main road,
you are a criminal
tie this bedsheet and climb down on it.
What if Charan appears before everyone
after being treated and reveals the truth?
I didn't want to give him that chance,
I searched the internet to find out what could be mixed into
the rest of the drugs that Anu takes, to make them poisonous.
Cocaine would be lethal when dragged with analgesic.
I found that if any pain killer is mixed with the drug, it turns poisonous.
That is why I used the aspirin that's used for period cramps
and mixed it into the drugs and gave it to him, brother-in-law.
How did you become so violent?
Have you gone crazy?
How will I end my game with him being alive?
Sisters! Come on.
I waited for the appropriate time and kept ......
in his pocket while he was on the stretcher.
Take him in. Fast.
Quickly, take him in.
What's wrong with him?
Two crores worth deal with MLA Gurumurthy.
He is an MLA, that too,
with a criminal background.
Do you think he will agree to pay you
ransome just for a threat on the phone call?
I know he won't budge to my threatening.
But I saw the hard disk in your car.
Tell him about the videos that you have
recorded and saved in it.
He will pay you if you do that.
I made him call and forwarded my message to MLA.
I am scared of you, Shruthi!
How can you kill someone in cold blood?
Killing someone is not at all scary,
to live a life of uncertain future is the scariest part.
A mighty war was waged to avenge
the insult to a woman
then how can the killing of the people
who trade women's body parts be called cruel?
That is Dwapar Yug.
We didn't have a law in place then.
The Nirbhaya Act was amended only after the
whole nation responded to the horrors dealt with by a girl.
But it took 10 years to punish the
perpetrators of the same Nirbhaya.
How long will it take for a commoner like me to get justice?
Is killing the only solution!
So, the robbery in your neighbourhood,
the arrival of police,
and you arriving at the same time at your
flat was all a part of your plan, is it?
I was numb at that point, brother.
But the moment I closed the door,
I got a surge of courage.
I thought that was the correct
time to execute my plan.
I threw down the medicine that I had
brought along with me and alerted the police.
You planned well to escape from the
crime that you committed.
But why did you rub MLA Gurumurthy on the wrong side?
He will not spare you.
I made him call the MLA,
but not MLA Gurumurthy.
I saw your call in her cell, brother.
Also, I read all your messages to her.
Then I realised that you are involved in all this.
It is a rare blood group, sir.
Moreover, you want a young lady.
It is difficult to arrange it in a short span of time.
She doesn't have a father. Just mother,
grandpa and grandma,
I believe you can do it if you are willing to.
She is my sister-in-law, sir.
You killed your brother for money.
Are you being sentimental now, Bobby?
I asked them to trap her because
of her rare blood group,
if you are okay with it we shall lock in on her.
Just for money?
Wealth is the root of this world!
Money doesn't differentiate between
two individuals, Shruthi.
Yes! I am a loyalist to MLA Gurumurthy for the last ten years.
But your game has ruined everything.
I trapped my sister-in-law for money,
it is not wrong to assume that I blackmailed
him for the same money.
That's why his men are following us.
Tell me where is the hard disk that
you found in Charan's car,
I will get you out of this without a scratch.
You still didn't understand the point.
I was not sure how to finish you.
But I never expected you to grant that opportunity to me.
My friend is sending a vehicle.
Go and sit in the car.
Hey! Brainless fellow, keep it in.
Are you stupid? Dimwit!
Let's go to the hostel, brother.
Stay in the car, I'll be back.
Shruthi, do you realise what you are doing?
Please listen to me.
Move. Move!
Shruthi! What are you doing?
Please listen to me.
I will get you out of this safely.
Shut up!
Is that the car which is following us?
The car is approaching; start the vehicle.
Shruthi, what are you doing? Shruthi, don't shoot.
Please don't shoot. Shruthi,
please. Shruthi!
listen to me. Please don't shoot.
What are you doing?
You spoiled the entire plan.
I will kill you.
Your game is over.
Enough with your brother-sister game!
Now it's your turn to give him company.
Clear the vehicle. Take the car out.
Come on, move. Move!
Get your vehicle out of the way. Fast.
Until the last 10 mins, I never expected
your brother-in-law to be involved in this.
But I want to know whether you are
informed of it or not.
If this was all a part of your plan,
we have no evidence to prove anything against you.
I'll tell you something,
we don't need to either.
Because I am proud of you,
that you have done something that
an entire police department couldn't do.
Shruthi, I am a father to a girl too.
Thank you, sir.
Hyderabad to Vijayawada National Highway, sir.
Landmark, Chitiyala welcome board.
There is an animal shelter nearby.
You will find the secrets about the beasts
roaming among the human beings lying in the haystack there.
I want to see what happens if an honest
police officer finds a lethal weapon.
Breaking news!!
A recent video sent by an anonymous person
has now opened up a pandora's box.
The Organ Mafia which does the business of human organs
has now ventured into another heinous crime.
The skin of the beautiful girls,
who have been the victims of human trafficking
is now being sold for lakhs of rupees
per inch of their skin.
If this wasn't shocking enough,
all of this activity was being head from South India
by an MLA named Gurumurthy is rather unbelievable.
ACP Ranjit has taken this case
as a challenge and is determined to arrest...
MLA Gurumurthy and all others involved
in this mafia along with him.