My Neighbor Adolf (2022) Movie Script

One, two...
- Dad, shall we play chess?
Where is the chess board?
- Here.
Do not touch the ball. Mum! Dad!
Jews don't do that.
Marek, tell them.
I have my hands full.
Choose a hand, Moyshe.
- Left.
You got the whites. You start.
Marek, have you seen my cigarettes?
- I think my mother threw them away.
Did you already make your move?
- Not yet.
Marek, have you seen my album?
- I don't know where everything is.
Take another one.
Sent to c6.
- Spanish defence.
Is that what I taught you?
- I know it well. Tower to a4.
Come here!
- Come yourself.
What a great camera.
- Come on, Dad!
Not bad. What about a sprain?
- Dad, can you help me with the lights?
Didn't you tell them,
what you told me you told me?
No, I told you I'm not
never said that to them!
Dad, I've got it! Knight to f5.
- Great.
You promised not to smoke anymore.
Let me breathe a little.
- You call that breathing?
What is that?
- Don't touch.
You smoke.
- No, I don't. I use snuff.
You're crazy.
- I'm not crazy.
Here we go. Look into the lens, Dad.
Damn gadget!
- I thought you were supposed to look through the lens.
Where is the lens?
I'm a chess player, not a photographer.
Marek, these are for you.
- For me? Why black?
Because I like them best.
- Get ready, Polsky family.
What happens now?
Did you put ten seconds on the timer?
- I did.
Don't move.
I was moving. Sorry.
One more time.
In five seconds!
Good morning.
Good morning.
How are you, my friend?
Terrible what's happening in Chile.
Hey, kids!
- Hey!
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Good morning, Seor Polsky.
- Give me the newspaper.
Terrible what's happening in Chile,
isn't it?
White wins in five moves
It is in four moves. Amateurs.
Here we go.
Excuse me.
Anyone at home?
Good morning, seor.
- No Spanish.
I am Mrs Kaltenbrunner, Mr
Polsky. Is that a Polish name?
How do you know my name?
- It's right here.
What do you want?
I would like to buy a house
for an important gentleman in Buenos Aires.
Your neighbour's house seems perfect.
Do you have
the phone number of the owner of the house?
Number of the sign
is strangely scratched off.
It no longer matters.
I would still like to
contact the owner.
Do you have his number?
- No.
Quickly now.
Give me a hand.
- The plates come on the other side.
Bloody Krauts.
Oh my God. What is this?
Careful! Let's go slowly.
Watch out.
- Oh shit.
The neighbour keeps to himself.
He does not want to disturb us.
Oh no. No...
Sit down! What?
Your dog made a hole in the fence,
came into my yard and destroyed my roses.
- What is this then?
What is it?
- Your dog shit!
It's not Wolfie's shit.
Whose is it then?
There's no one else here.
Maybe it's yours.
- This is dog shit.
I don't want your animal in my yard.
So fix the fence.
It doesn't shit in anyone's yard.
It's a trained dog.
Sit down.
Damn you!
Damn you!
What do you want?
It's about the fence.
Can I come in?
It's about your little squabble
with Mr. Herzog yesterday.
Mr Herzog asked to implement
your wish and purchase a new fence.
I will not pay for a new fence.
I asked him to fix that.
This old fence is not worth repairing.
And cost is not the problem,
Mr Polsky.
However, I went through the real estate
drawings and documents.
They will tell you,
that the current location of the fence...
is in a slightly different place
than where it should be.
Mr Herzog's yard is
24 square metres too small.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven...
Roses need to be dug up
and plant them on your plot.
No. You won't touch my roses.
You can of course dig them out yourself.
Nobody digs anything,
and no fences are being replaced. Get out!
You misunderstood, Mr Polsky.
You have no say in the matter.
It's about the law.
You can stick your cap up your ass
and get out of my yard right now.
We don't want to spoil our good relations
and resort to the authorities, but...
So by law, my client
is the rightful owner of the land.
What does he say?
- Seor Polsky.
It probably makes the most sense to follow the law.
Why don't you move the roses?
- They would die!
With all due respect, we are not talking about
gardening, we are talking about the law.
And the law is the law. - I said,
where you can stick your law.
I want to reflect on this.
We are looking for the answer
from our wise ancestors.
We cut the roses in half.
- Solomon's doom?
Need I say that they get my land
and roses, as long as they're not cut?
Okay. Let them take them.
Good. You are ready to give up
your roses as long as they don't die.
It's admirable, isn't it?
My decision is as follows.
The roses will not be moved.
Mr Herzog gets a plot of land with roses
with roses, but they have to be taken care of.
I'm supposed to get the roses!
Why? You said you were giving up the country.
That's not how Solomon's judgment works!
Which Salomon?
- What?
You threw away the instructions.
I don't need instructions to water my flowers.
They are black roses!
Let me in.
- Get your foot out of the front.
Get your foot out of the way!
I long for peace and quiet.
Get away from my door.
Mr Polsky? Hebrew? Yiddish?
- I don't speak Yiddish. What about English?
I need to speak to the intelligence officer.
- That's me.
Buenos Aires became too dangerous
after Eichmann was captured.
He bought a crappy apartment
in the middle of nowhere...
and built a huge fence,
behind which hides.
He also has a fake beard, and
he wears sunglasses in the dark.
Plus his monstrous dog
took a shit in my yard.
He also has a Gestapo lawyer,
who will do anything he asks.
Mr Polsky, Adolf Hitler
killed himself in 1945.
It's the Soviet version.
You can't trust the Commies.
They were never cremated
a body. Maybe it wasn't the right one.
Why do you think,
that your neighbour is Hitler?
The eyes.
I saw those icy blue eyes.
Didn't he have brown eyes?
- Of course not.
I remember those eyes.
I've met him.
World Chess Championship
in Berlin in 1934.
He came to watch the final for a while,
and I passed him in the hallway.
He looked at me with his ice-cold eyes.
Suddenly he screamed and walked away.
I was terrified.
I couldn't play chess anymore.
I'll never forget those eyes.
In his gaze
was pure evil.
Do you have a photo of your neighbour?
- Why would you?
Drink your coffee. It's traditional
Israeli coffee. Turkish.
Avner, please
and bring some chocolate biscuits.
The small ones, of which Moyshe...
- I don't want chocolate!
You think I'm a senile old man,
who sees Hitler everywhere.
Of course not, but
our budget is very limited.
We receive 20 notifications a year from them,
who think they've seen Hitler.
Maybe you were just mistaken.
blue-grey eyes
175 centimetres tall
was known for his tantrums
did not drink alcohol
Oh my God.
Presumably only one testicle.
Who is my friend?
Hitler with his dog Blondie
I can't stand them anymore.
- We need money.
Nobody smokes in my yard!
- Excuse me.
I don't want to wait any longer!
I waited years! Mrs Kaltenbrunner!
Rage scenes
Hated smokers
Academy of Arts rejected the application
The paintings mostly depict
ruins and abandoned buildings
A bloody amateur.
Hitler was left-handed
Can grow a beard
and go to a plastic surgeon.
But you cannot change your eyes.
He is a leftist, an amateur painter,
of the same age and height.
He even has the same dog.
- Dogs don't live that long.
I know it's not the same dog.
He still chose the same breed.
This was not for you.
Wednesdays at the embassy
a support group for survivors.
It helps to go back through the past,
Shut up! I want to talk
with someone else.
I'm a supervisor here.
- And there's nothing you can do.
I do all sorts of things when things
things to do. When there's evidence.
Your random data
and photographs of a man...
who doesn't even resemble Hitler,
are not sufficient for a preliminary investigation.
There is no evidence! Your neighbour does not
is Hitler, because Hitler is dead!
Queen to f2, bloody amateur.
Good morning. There is mail for you.
What do you want?
- I need you to sign this.
I don't understand.
acknowledged as received.
Otherwise I cannot give you a letter.
That's proof enough.
Get off my property!
- I need to water my roses.
Get out!
You must write
to write me a letter. - Why?
To confirm,
that you took part of my yard.
I applied for tax relief
from the city council.
Kaltenbrunner will have to investigate.
- There is nothing to investigate.
Just your name, date and signature.
If he accepts it,
you will receive your letter. Get out of here!
White wins. White knight to e3,
black knight to f7.
Black gets mated in six moves.
Did I ruin your game?
Evening. I understand that you are not
stopped harassing Mr. Herzog.
I watered my roses,
because you didn't do it.
The roses you took from me.
- The law took them.
If you don't stop the harassment,
I will have to resort to the law again.
I have to get a restraining order.
- A restraining order?
You will not go to Mr Herzog,
and you will not speak to him.
You behave like
a good and law-abiding neighbour.
Do you understand? You have no idea,
what Mr. Herzog is capable of.
Do you have coffee?
- Coffee?
Wait here.
Sit down!
Mat can be avoided. If the black tower
captures the white queen from g8...
White Knight to f7,
still mate in six moves.
Then the black pawn moves to f5.
- Black loses in all continuations.
Is there a ferry? I'll show you.
I'm busy.
- I'll write that letter to you.
Are you writing it?
Wait here.
Do you remember the station?
Yes, I remember.
Why are you looking at me like that?
- I'm not.
Checkmate and mate in six
in six moves. As I said.
It does not count.
I couldn't concentrate.
Let's play again tomorrow.
We made a deal.
You promised to write me a letter.
I'll do it after we've played.
We will play when the letter is ready.
- I'll write it after our game.
We will play, but first a letter.
I am writing a letter,
after we have played.
We will play, but first a letter.
- Okay. I'll write a letter.
After we have played.
Tomorrow, at my place.
You forgot the coffee.
Wait here.
I'll be right back.
Come on! Good dog.
Wait for me in the kitchen.
Who is my friend?
Have you painted this?
- Why?
It's interesting. What does it cost?
- It's not for sale.
Now let's play.
I baked them myself.
I need to go to the toilet.
- Over there.
Downstairs there is a toilet.
- You would have said so.
That's what I said.
- No, you didn't.
Checkmate and checkmate.
Here we go. The letter.
You lost on purpose.
- What?
You deliberately lost to get
Why would I do that?
You promised to write it.
Why shouldn't I trust you?
What do you want me to write?
Write that you took my land,
and I don't have to...
No need to use a typewriter.
Write by hand.
My handwriting sucks.
What do you want me to write?
Thank you for the game.
Damn dog.
Give it to me! Give it to me now!
Wolfie! What did you do?
Bad dog!
You can sleep outside tonight
and think about what you did.
You're lucky when it rains.
I'll take you in.
Wolfie! Where are you hiding?
That's not what I meant. I'm sorry.
Where are you?
Help! My dog is hurt!
- Yes. Somebody ran over it.
We have to bring it in.
I'll grab the top of the head, you grab the legs.
What are you doing?
- I'll see if it's...
It's alive!
We have to bring it in.
It is dead.
- And it's not!
I saw how it moved its legs.
It is dead.
Please help me.
Why did you abandon me?
A bloody Nazi dog.
I owe you a rematch.
I never clipped his nails.
I liked the sound of the nails.
It scratched the bedroom door,
until I let it in.
Then he jumped up against me
and licked my face.
I don't want to play right now.
It's nothing.
Do you drink?
- Why?
You don't seem like the type who would drink.
- I want to drink to Wolfie's memory.
Mr. Polsky.
what do you think of Mrs Kaltenbrunner?
What do you mean?
- You know what I mean.
Do you think he's...
He has a good backside.
This is probably the first time,
I've ever had a drink...
30 or 35 years.
I had to avoid it because of work.
- Weren't you a painter?
I studied art when I was young, but...
I guess I was better at other things.
Your paintings are interesting.
It's a pity you don't sell them.
Mr Polsky...
I will paint a picture for you. It is
long since I painted a portrait.
And you are a very handsome man.
I can't. It's too early.
- And it's not.
Come on.
Come to your new owner, Wolfie.
Here we go.
- Don't call it a Wolfie.
Why then? Blondie?
- Forget it.
I can't do this anymore.
- Yes, you can.
You must. They come in two
in two days, there's a lot to do.
I guess I need to sleep
at your place tonight.
Mr Herzog, I'm undressing.
Don't come in here.
- Please come in.
Get it out of my bouquet!
- He really likes you.
I don't like it! I don't like dogs.
I don't like it either.
- I thought you liked dogs.
I liked Wolfie. Not that dog.
Mr Polsky, smile.
Mr Polsky?
Why did you ask me if Mrs.
Mrs Kaltenbrunner sexy to me?
You asked me.
- The details don't matter.
To your question I would answer "yes".
Don't you think he's sexy?
She has a beautiful bosom.
Now you're done.
It is not yet dry.
Stay and wait, let's play chess.
It can dry out on me.
- See you tomorrow, then?
Tomorrow is a meeting
for the tax credit.
Maybe after the meeting.
Mr Polsky?
I don't even know your first name.
My name is Herman.
Identify his style
small brush strokes
as he paints the sky
Do you have time to
before the tax credit meeting?
Do you take water?
"Once upon a time, there was a king...
who had a big flea."
"He loved the flea like
it was his son."
"He invited the tailor to his house,
who came quickly."
"You..." Excuse me!
"Take the measure of my son
and sew him a pair of trousers."
I'll bring you something,
what to put on.
Thank you.
Did you lose your whole family?
I saw a photo.
Why didn't you move to Palestine?
You have your own country now.
- I don't need a country.
I don't need anything.
Pickled cucumber. Tastes like home.
You may be Jewish,
Mr. Polsky.
but you are a good neighbour.
Unlike me. You can
water your flowers whenever you want.
There's something I need to tell you.
It's Kaltenbrunner!
- Wait!
Tell us what you were going to say.
It's too late.
I have to hide.
Open the gate. I saw you.
Mr Polsky, open the gate now.
Mr Herzog?
What on earth is going on here?
What do you look like from over there?
Have you been drinking?
- My dog is dead.
Show some compassion!
- You need to get a grip.
You know nothing about him.
I know enough.
- Come on.
It's me.
Quiet. Mrs Kaltenbrunner...
We have a complicated relationship.
- I know.
You were trying to tell me something.
It was nothing.
He is also right. I can't.
Able to what?
- Meet you again.
I can come back later,
after he's gone.
We're having guests tonight.
Let's play chess when they leave.
Take a bottle with you.
Welcome to. Please come in.
Academy of Arts rejected
the drawings were "weak"?
Did not drink alcohol
Good night, Mr Herzog.
- Good night.
My guide!
- No! Stop that!
Yes, we are here. Yes. Thank you.
Is he coming? The art expert?
I noticed the brush strokes too
in the earlier works...
although I'm no expert.
In his bedroom there is
an old and rusty Nazi cupboard.
You can probably find everything there
the evidence. I couldn't get to it.
Have you been in his bedroom?
- When we played.
Is that him?
Are you an expert?
I would like to believe so. Funny
to meet you, Mr Polsky. Shalom.
Look at these roses.
And the sky. This is from the '20s.
- Do you see the same in them?
Why is it so important to you
to prove that your neighbour is Hitler?
What kind of question is that?
He's Hitler!
He should be arrested.
- And what happens after that?
Entitlement. He has to pay.
Why are you asking such questions?
I also lost my whole family in the camps.
Sometimes I was ready
to kill every German.
Where are you going?
- I'm learning to cope with my past.
What are you talking about? Are you
an art expert or a psychologist?
Yes, I have taken care of
victims of mass murder for many years.
When I started working with groups...
You brought a bloody psychologist here!
You need to calm down.
- I will not calm down!
You are amateurs.
You don't keep your homework.
You are going too far now!
If you don't calm down...
Damn it!
I want to see the ambassador.
You can't see the ambassador.
- I want to see him now!
Let go of me, you bastard!
They call him the "Fhrer"!
Get out of here. Don't come back.
- I want to see the ambassador!
Crazy old man.
- Go to hell! Oh, shit!
What are you doing? Don't! Stupid dog.
What are you doing? Where are you?
Mr Polsky?
Did you get it?
- Which one?
Tax reduction.
That's why you went there.
- Did you get it?
How long have you known?
- What?
How long have you been spying on me,
you traitor?
Oh shit! Who are you?
Who do you work for?
I trusted you, you loser!
You bastard!
I can't breathe.
- Now you pay.
From where?
- From where?
Lilin, Moyshen, Sarahin
and Staszek. My mum and dad.
All the people you murdered.
I'll kill you...
like I killed your monstrous dog!
Did you kill Wolfie?
- Yes, I killed Wolfie.
Did you kill Wolfie?
- Yes, before it killed me.
You killed my beloved dog!
You killed my beloved dog!
You monster!
Fuck your dog.
I did it for the people you killed.
I have not killed anyone.
- You took everything from me!
I didn't kill anyone.
- The '34 championship match.
I remember you.
- That was me. I was there.
You buried me in this trap!
- Yes, I was... Fhrer!
I'll kill you! You don't deserve to live!
Where are you going?
I have to kill you.
I don't want to be Fhrer any more.
There were six of us.
I really reminded him.
But I was bigger than him.
That's why I was starved
for weeks to maintain the same weight.
It wasn't enough, so
they cut the fat off me.
I had to be exactly the same,
so that I would turn into him.
If it didn't remind him,
he was executed.
I wanted to live.
I was in isolation for ten years.
Martha was told that I died.
They were right. I was dead.
I am dead.
Pull your pants up to your ankles.
- Pull your pants up to your ankles.
I want to see your testicles.
- This is crazy.
I know you only have one.
- I have two.
Let's see. - Who said,
Hitler had only one testicle?
I know all about you.
- I'm not him!
Show now. Trousers to ankles.
I am sorry.
I miss you very much.
All of you.
Good morning, Mr Polsky.
- What are you doing here?
We want to talk to you.
- Leave it alone. It's not him.
Of course not, it's about something else.
Will you let us in?
En. What do you want? I'm busy.
- It's better if we talk inside.
Nobody believed it.
When you forgot the portrait...
You didn't put it in my bag,
when you threw me out.
Excuse me now. We decided after all
to investigate it. I had a hunch.
According to the right art expert
it was painted by Hitler.
It's not him.
No, but it is
a perfect imitation.
I'm going upstairs.
We suspect your neighbour is
connected to a Nazi network.
Or Nazi supporters.
- Where are you going?
This impressed me.
- I just imagined everything.
I asked him to paint
me in the same style.
A copy of Hitler.
- It was very clever.
Three agents, two cameras
and one recording device.
It is best that we act
from your house.
Believe it already,
there is nothing to find.
That's for us to decide.
I don't want you spying from my house!
I cannot work in these conditions.
- I'll talk to him.
I already said no!
Your move.
Why do you paint like Hitler?
Exactly the same way.
I have learned to imitate
his painting style perfectly.
When it was a bit difficult,
Mrs Kaltenbrunner had an idea.
South America is a good market -
for this kind of... shit.
The people,
who came that night.
Are they Nazis?
- No. Not even Germans.
Only old people who have
unhealthy obsession. And money.
They wanted to buy the painting
just to talk to me.
When things got really bad,
we hid under the house.
Only the neighbours knew,
where to find us.
We were there for three weeks.
One day, a neighbour...
a nice German man...
very friendly,
always helped Lili with her shopping...
He led them to us.
I am sorry.
They will be here on Monday morning.
- The Israelis.
I tried to talk them out of it, but...
I'm sorry.
What are you going to do?
The same as always.
I told you,
my handwriting is bad.
It says you get the land,
where your roses are.
You will have to pay yourself
to move the fence.
Goodbye, Mr Polsky.
Come on.
Give him these.
Women love flowers.
It's better than just looking at them.
Put out the cigarettes!
These are for you.
- For me?
I'm going to sit in the front.
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