My One & Only (2019) Movie Script

(elevator dings)
- Why am I doing this?
- Because you know that being selected for the final round
of interviews for The One is an honor.
- An honor that I didn't ask for,
considering you submitted me.
Plus, I only got this far because you produce the show.
- That is not true.
You got this far
because you are smart, beautiful, hilarious.
- Yeah, and completely wrong for a reality dating TV show.
- Why, because when it comes to love, you're a pessimist?
- I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist.
- What's the difference?
- Well, a pessimist sees the dark tunnel,
an optimist sees the light at the end of the tunnel,
a realist sees the train coming.
- Well, I see this as an opportunity for you to find love.
What does that make me?
- An opportunist. - Hm.
- And to clarify, I do believe in love.
- And yet, you do everything you can to avoid it?
- Why am I doing this?
- Because you believe in love.
- Stephanie, I'm Donna. - Hi.
- [Donna] I'm so glad you decided to come in.
- Yes, thank you.
- [Donna] Have a seat.
- Oh, um, okay.
- [Donna] So, what do you think of our show?
- Camera. (chuckles)
Um, all right, okay, so I wanna be honest.
While I'm flattered to have made it this far,
I, I don't think I'm the right fit for The One.
- Hm, I haven't heard that often.
- Well, I work as a recruiter.
I have built a career on finding the right person
for the right job, and I just don't think that's me
in this case.
I just can't get behind the premise of the show,
the idea that someone's going to find happily ever after
with a stranger that they've only known for two weeks
on a reality show is unrealistic to say the least.
And, if I'm being totally forthright,
I think the show promotes unrealistic expectations
about a relationship.
It's a fantasy.
- A fantasy made reality, like love.
You know Stephanie, I think the same reasons
that you believe The One isn't for you
are why you'd be perfect for it.
(Stephanie giggles nervously) Think about it.
- Okay.
(uplifting instrumental music)
- I just can't believe you might be on The One.
I've seen every season.
- I hate to disappoint you,
but I'm not going to be picked for it.
Not after I spent the entire interview
telling the producer how wrong I am for it.
- Yeah, but did you tell them how right I am for it?
(Stephanie giggles)
Your 3 p.m. got moved to 3:15,
Logitech just sent in David Powell's offer, and your mail.
- Oh, okay.
- [Liz] What is it?
- Uh, it's and invitation for my ex-fiance's wedding.
- I didn't know you were engaged.
- Yeah, a couple years ago for about a year.
- And what happened?
- We had many issues before we got engaged,
but planning a wedding definitely did not help.
We broke up, and he fell in love
with his life-long best friend who he is now marrying.
I always thought they'd be perfect together.
That's my recruiter's instinct.
What's going on in there?
- They're interviewing for the VP spot.
- Great.
(phone ringing)
I place big claims at big companies,
and I'm great at my job.
This VP position was supposed to be my opportunity
to take on more responsibility,
manage a team, have more say in the company.
I mean, I thought this promotion was mine,
turns out they're not even considering me.
- Did you ask why?
- No, but I told them I was interested,
and they didn't even interview me.
That's a latent rejection,
What do I need, a more obvious rejection?
(phone ringing) Oh, hang on,
this is probably Logitech.
- [Donna] Stephanie, it's Donna from The One.
- Oh, hi.
- I wanted to thank you for coming in,
tell you that we loved you--
- And we picked you for the show!
(playful instrumental music) - Are you there?
Did we lose you?
- You're uncharacteristically silent.
- No no, I'm here, I just.
I'm sorry, I just don't know what to say.
Uh, thank you, I'm honored.
I still feel the same way.
- And we love that, it makes you relatable.
We're shooting in a ranch in the mountains,
it's summertime bliss, absolutely gorgeous.
- Can I let you know in the morning?
- That's perfect,
can't wait to have you on board, Stephanie!
Talk soon. - Okay, uh.
That was just Lisa and her boss.
They picked me for The One.
(Liz gasps) (Liz claps)
I don't know.
(siren wails) (uplifting instrumental music)
(door knocks) - I brought Chinese food.
It's not a bribe, but I did bring extra egg rolls,
so maybe a little incentive.
- (giggles) Come on in.
- And if the egg rolls are not incentive enough,
we just picked your bachelor.
I cannot say much, but he's perfect.
- Mm-hm. - He's handsome and he's kind,
and he's funny, and I think he'd be a great match.
- What if he isn't?
- Well, even if he isn't,
you get an all-expenses-paid vacation.
You, me, Wyoming, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking,
cute boys.
- Well, that is quite the combo.
- Mm-hm. - I'm not totally swayed.
- All right.
Cookies first, always.
- Mm. (wrappers crinkling)
What does yours say?
- Oh, oddly enough it says Stephanie will be lucky in love.
- What does it really say?
- It's, it's, okay, it says fortune is smiling on you.
What does yours say?
- When hungry, order more Chinese food.
- No, it doesn't. - It does.
- Huh. - Even my fortune cookie
is a realist.
- What's going on?
- (sighs) I was passed over for the VP position today,
and, uh, that.
Matt's wedding invitation arrived in the mail.
It's fine, it's fine, I'm happy for him getting married,
he's found love.
- But you'd be happier if you found your love?
(Stephanie groans) Come on, Steph,
this is your chance.
- The thing is, I'm really not so certain
that it is my chance.
- That's exactly the problem.
You don't have to believe
that this is your happily ever after.
You just have to be open to it.
What do you have to lose?
It's gonna be an adventure.
Okay, you could use an adventure.
- I could use an adventure.
- Mm-hm.
- (laughs) Okay, yes.
- Ah, okay! - Yes, okay.
- Okay.
(midtempo instrumental music) La ah-ah ah-ah
- Ugh, this is beautiful.
It reminds me of my grandparents' place.
Mm, I miss it.
- I know you do.
- Did you and Donna pick this place on purpose
because you knew I wouldn't be able to say no?
- Not everything is about you, just this reality show.
(Stephanie laughs)
So I know you've seen a couple episodes of The One.
- All right, I know I am a terrible friend
for not watching your show.
- I did not say that.
- In my defense,
I have tried to watch it many times with you,
you never wanna watch it.
- Of course I don't wanna watch it, I live it.
Anyway, you know the format of the show.
You and Mr. Perfect have two weeks to fall madly in love.
- No pressure.
- We'll kick things off tonight with your first date.
After that there'll be a series of dates,
hiking, fishing, kayaking, et cetera,
leading up to the big mystery date.
- Oh yes, yes, I have seen that episode.
The contestants went bungee jumping.
- I'll make sure Donna does not choose bungee jumping.
- Thank you.
- But you're fine with skydiving.
After the mystery date is the final countdown
to the last date. - Mm-hm.
- The ranch that we're shooting at
hosts this big summer Founder's Day event
honoring the founder of the ranch in the town.
And it is going to be the perfect backdrop
for you and your dreamboat to hopefully decide
that it is not your last date and declare undying love.
How does that sound?
- Incredibly stressful.
- Yeah, I was hoping you were going to say incredibly fun,
but incredibly stressful it is.
(Stephanie chuckles)
(gentle piano music)
I'm gonna grab some shooting permits.
- Well, then I will grab us some iced coffees.
- Okay.
(people chattering)
- Hi.
- Considering the tour?
- Is it fun?
- [Alex] I don't know, I've never been.
- Oh, well are there any tours you would recommend?
I love tips from locals.
- What makes you think I'm a local?
- You're putting up flyers,
and I dunno, you've got that whole
old-timey outdoorsy thing goin' on.
- Like 19th century wilderness settling and bear wrestling?
- Well, I'm not sure the pioneers bear wrestled, but.
(Alex laughs) Yeah, in that vein.
- Well, it just so happens that I am a local,
but in the future, they know what they say
about making assumptions.
- Are you assuming that I do?
- Have fun on your trip.
Be sure you get all your witty hashtags ready.
- Excuse me?
- Well, we're making assumptions about each other,
I assume that you're a city girl come west
to take a bunch of selfies of your horseback riding
and your kayaking and you post them with witty hashtags.
- Wow. (chuckles)
You got me.
I just met the most obnoxious guy.
- But he was cute, I can tell.
- Cute, uh, well, maybe in that kind of rugged mountain man,
kinda, okay yeah, he was totally cute.
But not nearly as cute as he was rude.
(midtempo instrumental music)
This is beautiful.
- They're setting up for your first date
where you'll meet your bachelor.
(Stephanie laughs)
Oh Stephanie, this is Jack and Nancy.
They'll make sure you look good.
- (laughs) I'm really sorry, that's gonna be a big job.
- (laughs) Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, we are really glad you're here.
- Is that Stephanie? - It is.
- Oh, I am so happy to see you.
I hope you don't mind the hug.
My guests are all like family to me.
- Not at all.
- I'm gonna go find Donna. - Okay.
- I'm Ruth Fletcher.
I run the ranch along with my son Alex,
and I've been so excited for your arrival.
- Thank you. - I love The One.
I've seen every single season.
- [Stephanie] Oh!
- Now, I know you'll be busy with the show,
but we have all kinds of wonderful,
summertime fun activities all day long.
And I want you to meet some of the other guests, too.
I'm sure you will, oh, here's one now.
- Oh. - He's our oldest.
- That's not nice. (Stephanie laughs)
- No, I meant that he's been coming here the longest.
- Hi, I'm Jeremy.
I live in Miami,
but I've been coming here twice a year for a decade.
- Oh, wow.
- Jeremy's our, um, tour guide in training?
- That's Ruth's kind way of saying
I still have a lot to learn.
- Oh, there are other ways I could've put that.
(group laughs)
Come on, let's get you to your cabin.
- Sure, sure. - Allow me.
- Thank you. - Oh, thanks. (giggles)
Good day!
Oh, and this is Kelly.
- Hi.
- She's actually the only other guest
who's been coming here longer than Jeremy.
- Oh well hi, I'm Stephanie.
- Kelly.
My parents first brought me out here
when I was five years old, and 25 years later,
I am still coming back.
- She's my honorary daughter. - Oh.
What an honor that would be.
Except that would make me Alex's sister,
which might be weird. (laughing)
If you'll excuse me, though,
I actually have to go onto a conference call.
I sometimes come out here to work remotely.
- [Jeremy] And what is it you do again?
- I've told you,
it's the technology behind the apps on your phone.
- Still don't get it. (Ruth laughs)
- Well, I don't get any work done here.
I would be so distracted.
- Oh, I don't.
Any work you see me doing is purely for show.
(gentle acoustic music)
- There.
- Wow.
- Yeah, I renovated it myself,
but my great grandmother Aurora actually built it.
- Aurora, like the Aurora Ranch.
- Yeah, and like the town.
- Oh. - Mm-hm.
Actually, there's copies of her journals there,
if you'd like to have a look.
You know, there's sketches of the cabin and the land.
Yeah, anyway, so if there's anything else that you need
to make yourself more comfortable, please let me know.
- Thank you. - Okay.
(gentle piano music)
(Stephanie sighs) (Lisa knocks)
- Five minutes until your big introduction.
Steph, it is going to be amazing.
- Okay, thank you, uh.
I don't know if I'm so nervous
because I'm about to be on TV,
meeting a man I'm supposed to believe is my person,
or if I'm so nervous because a part of me
that has lost all reason
actually kinda hopes he might be my person.
- Atta girl!
(uplifting orchestral music)
(birds chirping)
(water splashes) - Oh!
- I am so sorry.
- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
I run the place.
- No, no, Ruth runs the place with her son, uh-huh.
- Surprise. - Mm-hm.
- And you are either Stephanie that everyone's looking for
or you are way overdressed for cleaning stalls.
- I am Stephanie. - Alex.
- Well, nice to see you again, Alex,
but as you said, everyone is looking for me,
so I should be going.
- Got your first big date,
I hope you got your witty hashtag ready.
Good luck.
- You know, what is that about?
- Good luck?
Oh, it's a phrase used to express wishes for success.
- No no, the smirk.
- By smirk, you mean smile?
I'm excited for you, you're gonna meet your one.
- Okay, all right, so you think the whole thing is a farce,
that if there is a timeless love story,
it's not boy meets girl, boy woos girl,
boy and girl profess their love between commercial breaks.
- It sounds like that's what you think.
Don't assume I do.
- All right.
Uh, I need to get to set.
- That's right, Prince Charming's waiting.
(playful instrumental music)
(gentle orchestral music)
- So, I saw the guy from town.
- The cute mountain man?
- Yeah, yeah, it's Alex, as in Ruth's son.
(Lisa laughs)
- Okay, there we go, this is our first big introduction.
Okay, just be yourself, this is exactly like a blind date.
- Yeah, except with cameras and, like,
soon-to-be millions of viewers.
- Exactly. (Lisa squeals)
(birds chirping)
- So, um, here? (playful instrumental music)
(sighs) Okay.
- [Donna] Okay, cue our bachelor.
(gentle orchestral music)
(Oliver chuckles) (Oliver sighs)
- [Oliver] Hi.
- Oh, hi.
- Oh, these are Wyoming wildflowers.
- Thank you.
- They grow here.
- In Wyoming? (laughs) - Yeah, in Wyoming.
- Funny, that.
- And I'm Oliver.
- I'm Stephanie.
(Ruth sighs)
- What, what's the look for?
- I wanted this for you.
- Ma.
(playful instrumental music)
- So, we've got two weeks to decide if we found the one.
(chuckles) Are you ready?
- As ready as I'll ever be.
(bright acoustic music)
- I hope you've had breakfast
because it's time for your second date.
- Actually, I haven't. - Have a muffin.
- Oh, um-- - Okay, first date today,
second date tomorrow, then a date every other day
leading up to your mystery date.
(Stephanie giggles)
- Hi. - Hi.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
These are for you.
- Well, that is so sweet. (Oliver chuckles)
I got this for you.
- Oh, wow, why thank you.
I love muffins so much. - I didn't bake it.
- No, you didn't?
It's chocolate chip, too. - It's from the buffet.
- Really, oh, wow.
- So, they're right there. - Oh.
- I'm actually a little camera-shy.
- Yeah, yeah, me, too.
I can't believe they picked me for this.
I figured they see how awkward I was on camera,
you know, or in general.
- I know, I mean, me, like I am also awkward.
- I got it.
- Yeah, this is gonna be really good. (laughing)
- Are you ready for a date?
- Yes, I love to hike.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Let's go, then. - All right.
- You all set? - Yeah.
- What is he doing here?
- Oh, he's our guide.
- Oh. (playful music)
For the hike?
- I think for all activities.
- Oh.
- Yeah. - Great.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Beautiful day for a hike.
- Sure is. - Absolutely.
- Nice muffin. - Thanks.
(gentle acoustic music)
- So tell me about yourself.
- Well, I work in advertising and branding.
- Mm-hm.
- I run a non-profit on the side.
- Oh. - What else, uh,
born and raised in LA, still live there.
- Hey, I live in LA.
- Huh, imagine that.
Almost like we're meant to be. (laughs)
- So-- - Jinx.
- Wait, did you just jinx me?
- I did.
- So now, do I talk, or? - I don't know.
I can't exactly, I don't know that the rules of jinxing are.
- Hey, you guys wanna keep going?
Don't worry, it's only a couple more miles to the summit.
- More miles?
- He's joking. - Oh.
- It is a bit longer to the overlook.
We can go back.
- Nah, no man, I'm fine.
Just being a gentleman and hiking slower than Stephanie,
in case there are bears.
- Well, if there's a bear, I'll just wrestle it.
(Stephanie chuckles)
Hey, hold on a second, whoa.
(birds chirping)
It's a-- - Lark bunting.
- How'd you know?
- I guess I'm just a quick study.
(gentle orchestral music)
- [Alex] Let's go.
- Comin'.
- This looks great. - Ooh.
- So, do you watch The One?
- I've seen a few episodes. - Yeah?
- What about you, do you watch it?
- Um, no.
My sister actually submitted me for this
without telling me.
- My best friend submitted me.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
- And I thought I'd be with some gung-ho fan.
- Oh no, more like the opposite.
I just, I'm not really sure that's how love works.
- Well-- - What about you?
- I can't profess to knowing how love works.
And I'm not really sold on the idea of soulmates.
You know, the idea that there's only one person
that can complete us. - Yes.
- It's just not in love's favor
that out of billions of people,
two soulmates have to be in the same place at the same time.
- Yeah, not to mention both be single.
- Right. (Stephanie laughs)
Just makes finding love seem improbable.
- I believe the word is lucky that people actually use.
- Uh, I don't really believe in luck.
- Hey (chuckles) me neither.
(playful music)
- Prince Charming.
(gentle instrumental musiC) - These are good.
- So good. - Lovely berries.
(Stephanie laughs)
(fire crackles)
- Hey. - Hi.
- So, how was your first day?
- Yeah, it was great.
- So, Oliver?
Tell me everything.
- Lisa, there's not much to tell.
It's been one day, but yeah, he seems great.
He was smart and sweet and funny.
I guess only time will tell.
- Well, 13 days exactly will tell.
- Okay.
Good thing I don't have some prefabricated timeline
in which I need to fall in love.
(Stephanie chuckles)
(midtempo instrumental music)
- [Alex] You're up early.
- I'm a morning person.
- Me, too, which is a good thing
because there's a lot to get done here in the morning.
Believe it or not, running a ranch
isn't all scenic hikes and grouse watching.
- It was a lark.
- How'd you know it was a lark?
- I told you, I'm a quick study.
- I could teach you more,
there's a lot to learn around here.
- [Stephanie] Oh yeah, like what?
- Ever heard of mucking stalls?
(hay rustles)
(horse whinnies)
Now this is real ranch living. (laughs)
- It's charming.
- Don't muck a lot of stalls in LA?
- I clean my bathroom occasionally, if that's what you mean?
(Alex laughs)
So there are a lot of horseshoes everywhere,
like even in the cabins.
- Yeah, it's the Aurora Family emblem.
- So you believe in luck?
- [Alex] Yeah, of course, don't you?
- Horseshoes, and four-leaf clovers?
No, not really.
- No, it's more than that, it's believing in destiny.
It's knowing that there's some benevolent force
ensuring that everything happens
exactly as it should.
- I think what a lot of people think is luck
is actually just hard work.
- Well now,
there's nothing I believe in more than hard work.
- Whoa, it appears as though we agree on something.
- (laughs) Well, one in a million's not bad, right?
- Oh, hello, hi. (laughs)
Hey. - Hey.
- Good morning. - How are ya?
- Good. - Hey.
- Oh, you have something, uh.
- Oh. - Something in your hair,
I wanna pluck it out.
Bit of hay.
- I was just uh, mucking the stalls.
- Oh, were you?
- Yeah, so how did you sleep?
- Eh, so-so.
It's a bit quiet for me.
- Yeah, good, good.
You know, the chirping birds, so soothing.
- Yeah, it's calming,
but nothing quite calms the nerves
like LA sirens all night, you know what I mean?
So, um, anyway.
You know yesterday, what I meant to say,
was this all seems a little weird.
- So weird.
- Yet somehow, right now, it doesn't seem so weird.
I'm starting to like reality TV.
(gentle orchestral music)
(gentle guitar music) Oh
- You seem a little out of your element.
- Yeah, I think the only fish outta water here is me.
(Oliver laughs)
Fishing isn't exactly my go-to hobby.
- Oh yeah, what is?
- (sighs) I love to cook.
- Oh.
- But I don't do that much.
- Oh no, why not?
- Well, it's not as fun to cook for one.
- Hey, sounds like a slogan.
Not as much fun to cook for one.
- Yeah, that's right.
Although I'd probably shorten it to a single serving.
- Mm. (Oliver laughs)
- It seems like they're hitting it off.
- Maybe.
- I guess I'm just ready to have someone to cook for,
or with.
- Why don't you?
- Eh, I think in the past,
I just tended to pick the wrong partners.
I'd decide someone's right for me,
then I get tunnel vision.
- [Stephanie] Hm.
- How about you?
- Me, I don't cook. - No?
- A lotta takeout for late nights at the office.
- Ah. (chuckles)
(water splashes) Oh.
(Stephanie laughs)
- I'm sorry. - Wow.
- Are you okay? - I tell you, I.
- [Stephanie] Wait, oh no.
- [Oliver] This looks.
- Yeah, it happens, lemme take a look at that.
- Sure. - All right.
Ah geez, okay.
You know what, this is a pretty big knot,
I'll untangle it later.
There's a couple extra rods on the shore,
we can grab one of those for now?
- Oh, okay, sure. - Yeah.
- Thank you.
(Oliver groans) (playful instrumental music)
(Alex and Stephanie chuckle)
(rod buzzes)
(rod buzzes)
- I notice you're goin' a little short on your casts there.
- Oh, a lot of fish are missed
in the excitement of a long cast.
I prefer a short cast.
(rod buzzes)
But what do I know, I'm just a hashtag city girl.
- You took the words right outta my mouth.
- Hey, more room for your foot.
(Alex laughs)
(gentle instrumental music)
- Hey. - Hey.
- You don't wanna be on the show?
- Not any more than I already am.
I'm a private person.
- [Alex] Ah, a life unexamined.
- I think you mean a life unbroadcasted.
There's a difference.
- Okay. - All sorted out?
- I think so, let's try this again, shall we?
(rod buzzes) Ah!
- You did it! (uplifting music)
Oh, hey, I got one, I got one!
- Really? - Yeah,
- You got one? - Yeah. (laughing)
- Well, reel 'er in!
Oh, geez. (Stephanie laughing)
Should I maybe grab it with my hands or something?
- Oh my god.
Oh! - Wow!
- Hi, how is it there?
- It's paradise.
- [Liz] And are you head over heels?
- Well, you will just have to wait and watch the show
to find out.
And mostly because I don't really know. (laughs)
- I got your emails, and I made those phone calls,
and don't worry, everything is under control here.
- Sounds good.
The VP position?
- They're still interviewing,
so it's not too late to talk to them.
- Okay.
Thank you. (phone beeps)
- Hi. - Oh, uh, hi.
- How are you, how's the show going?
- Good.
- Sorry, I am just such a fan.
You know, I actually applied for the first season,
and I made it through the first round of interviews.
- I can put in a good word with Donna for you.
- I know you're just joking, but I'm not.
(phone ringing)
Oh shoot, I have to get this.
I'm sorry, I'm supposed to be on the clock.
- Absolutely.
(gentle orchestral music)
- There you go, enjoy. - Mm-mm.
- [Ruth] Is that your second plate?
- No, it's my third. (Ruth laughs)
- Hey, Stephanie, now, I hear we have you to thank
for all of this fish.
- Well no, it was a group effort.
- Are you being modest?
- Yes I am, I caught it all.
- Grab that pie, will you? - Oh yes.
- Thank you. - Ruth, this is beautiful.
- I know, it is, right? - Mm-hm.
- No, we owe all this to Aurora.
Yeah, her and her husband had a dream
to bring their two kids out west to homestead.
- Yeah?
- But unfortunately, by the time they got here,
he had passed away. - Oh.
- But that didn't stop Aurora.
She bought this property, bought this land,
she built up this thriving business,
and she founded the Town of Aurora.
- She sounds amazing.
- Amazing women run in the family.
- Oh.
- There, and then she passed the ranch onto her daughter,
who then passed it onto her daughter,
who then passed it on to me, yeah.
And my husband and I ran this ranch for 30 years together
before he passed away.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- And now, Alex and I run it.
Although for a moment there,
I thought I was going to pass it on to Alex and his wife.
- Oh. - Well, his ex-wife.
Well, it just, wasn't in the stars.
(somber piano music) (patrons chattering)
- Oh, hey.
So thank you for catching all of the fish.
Without you, we would be going hungry tonight.
- Well, I guess those short casts really work.
- Here, a little bit of my own personal recipe
barbecue sauce, I like to think it's the best in Wyoming.
- It's, Wyoming's not really known for it's barbecue.
- Come on, you don't like that?
(Stephanie laughs)
- No, it's good, it is, it's delicious, I just,
I just always think my grandparents make the best barbecue.
They had a ranch in Colorado at the base of the Rockies.
I went there every summer, every vacation,
until they retired and sold it.
That was my happy place.
(midtempo instrumental music)
- Here you had me thinkin' you were a townie.
- Oh, I didn't have you thinking anything.
No, you did that all on your own.
- Okay, I think it's probably time for us
to set aside our assumptions.
- Perhaps, but I was about to come up
with a really witty hashtag.
- No, you weren't.
(Alex laughs) (Stephanie laughs)
- Hi.
- [Oliver] Hey, how was your day?
- Good, um. - Yeah?
- Did you try the fish? - Um, I'm going to.
- [Stephanie] That I caught?
- You see it too, huh?
(sighs) I didn't wanna say anything in case I was wrong,
or Stephanie and Oliver were just slower to warm than usual.
- But I don't think that's it.
Stephanie and Oliver get along well as friends.
But there's no romance, no sparks, no chemistry.
Now, without that, there's no show.
(lively instrumental music) Ah, ah-ah
Ah, ah-ah
- Isn't this adorable?
- It's beyond adorable.
- So, how is it going with Oliver?
- I feel like that's all you ask me about these days.
- Only for eight more days, unless it's a match.
- Okay, remember when we used to talk about things
other than my love life?
- No, not really.
And masterful deflection, but back to Oliver.
- (sighs) I don't know, he's great.
He is.
- So why does it sound like you're trying
to convince yourself?
- I don't know, he's wonderful,
we have a lot in common, I'm just not sure I really feel it.
- That's fairly obvious.
- Well, what is that supposed to mean?
- I'm just wondering that you're not sure that you feel it
because there's nothing to feel
or if you're not sure that you feel it
because you're not letting yourself feel it?
- Why wouldn't I be letting myself feel it?
(uplifting instrumental music)
- Oh wow, spaghetti squash is great this season, right?
- Yes. (Alex chuckles)
- Bye.
- Hi.
- You buyin' something?
- Yeah, I'm thinking about getting Stephanie a gift,
but I don't know what she likes.
- Well, um, you should get her this.
(gentle music)
- Why?
She doesn't believe in luck.
- Exactly, maybe it'll help her come around on it.
(mischievous music)
Good luck.
- Hey Alex.
Hi. - Hey.
Hey guys. - Hey, Oliver, hi.
- What are you two up to?
- Oh, we're getting some supplies for the painting stand.
- And some extra decorations for Founder's Day.
- Yeah.
- Your mom's been busy buyin' out the store.
- Oh, just a few things.
I mean, a centennial deserves
a little extra fuss, don't you think?
- This looks like a lot more than a bit of a fuss.
Let me help you.
- Oh, thank you. - Bye.
- See ya. - Have a good one.
(gentle piano music)
(Oliver laughs)
Hey. (laughing)
- You caught me.
- I've bene lookin' for ya.
I uh, I got you a little somethin'.
- Oh, thank you,
- You're welcome.
Now, I know neither of us believe in luck,
but there's horseshoes all around the ranch,
and I thought this might remind you of your time here.
- It's beautiful.
- Like it? - Mm-hm.
- Can I put I on? - Yes, please.
- Thank you.
- Here.
(gentle piano music)
- Oh, it's still there, okay.
- I really do love the necklace.
I think Lisa needed.
- Yeah. - Okay.
- See ya.
(midtempo orchestral music)
(patrons chattering) (children laughing)
- Hey, Stephanie, how's it going?
- Fine.
- Fine?
Oh no, that bad?
- Well, let's just say the televised search
for the unattainable illusion of perfect love
is not quite going as planned.
- Mm, well, I have just the thing for that.
This is choke cherry jam made from wild cherries
that grow right here in Wyoming.
- Mm!
- Because sugar and pastries make everything better.
- It appears we agree on two things.
- Surprise. (Stephanie laughs)
- So what exactly is going on?
- Oh, just the perils of reality television.
- Don't take all of reality TV down with you.
There's some good stuff.
- Yeah, like what?
- The moon landing. (Stephanie laughing)
- Apollo 11?
- It's the first reality show.
- Okay, well, then I'm sure The One
will try to set next season in space.
It'll be brilliant. (laughing)
So Founder's Day.
It's a pretty big deal.
- It's our big summer event.
A lot of tourists come in for it,
we get a lot of business, a lot of press.
And for the centennial,
we got a bunch of big newspapers and TV channels
coming in to cover it.
But it's not just the founding of the town and the ranch,
it's also a special day for my family.
It's the day where the ranch is handed down
from generation to generation.
- So when will Ruth hand it down to you?
- Ah, that is the question.
- Do you want the ranch?
- Of course.
I've been waiting my whole life to run it.
I've got ideas for it, I wanna expand it.
Build a center that can hold weddings and summer camps
and, you know, retreats.
I wanna diversify and expand the business
because that is how we're gonna really thrive.
But my mom doesn't quite see it that way.
She wants to keep it as it is.
Preserve Aurora's legacy.
(gentle orchestral music)
How about your work, you're a recruiter, right?
- Corporate recruiter.
- Do you like it?
- I love it.
I love my job,
I love helping other people find their dream jobs.
Except, well, let's just say
I'm not exactly inheriting the ranch, either.
There was a big promotion,
I thought it was mine, and it turns out it wasn't.
- Why not?
- I don't know.
- Did you ask?
- Oh, I don't know.
I can't paint.
- Sure you can, you just think of what you're seeing
with your mind's eye, and put it down on the canvas.
- Okay, but don't expect a masterpiece.
So has your mom always run this art stand?
- Uh no, actually, it was my dad.
He was the artist in the family.
- Really?
- Yeah, all those landscape paintings you see
hanging in the cabins.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, those are his paintings.
My dad loved art,
thought that it taught lessons about everything,
life, love-- - Like what exactly?
- Like, be humble, embrace imperfections.
- Hm.
- And he used to tell me that art was like a relationship,
something that you build up through errors and corrections
until you've created something beautiful that will last.
- I think you're a romantic.
(Alex laughs)
- I think that deep down, you might be, too.
- Ugh. (laughs)
- All right, what do you think?
- Oh, well yours is really good.
- Thank you.
- It's much better than mine.
- Well, yours is, has its charms, it's uh--
- Uh-huh, it's the blue tent.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, totally, totally.
That's great.
- You can have it. - I can?
(midtempo instrumental music)
- [Lisa] Ready for date number four with Oliver?
- After our failed kiss, absolutely not.
(birds chirping)
- Oh, hey.
(playful instrumental music)
- So.
- So I really love the necklace, thank you.
- You're welcome.
- You guys ready to go?
- Safety first, eh?
- Yeah, right. - Yeah.
- All right, yeah, sounds good.
- Okay. (sighs)
So, I heard Donna this morning
whispering something about a mystery date, yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.
Uh, yeah, that's the big date.
It's uh, they take us on some adventure,
and the past contestants have gone bungee jumping
or paragliding, spelunking.
(Oliver laughs) (Stephanie laughs)
- Spelunking.
- Yeah, I know.
- I think kayaking's enough of a thrill for me.
Actually, being outdoors is enough of a thrill.
Wyoming has really shown
that I'm a city boy through and through.
I get nervous being three blocks away from a coffee shop.
- No, you don't. - I do.
- You're doin' good.
- But you, you seem to love it out here.
- Yeah, yeah, I do.
(gentle orchestral music)
(water splashing) Oh!
(Oliver laughing)
- Oh, almost tipped over.
(Stephanie laughing)
- Whoa, oh, okay.
I don't like this.
Not very good at this.
- You remember the first time you took Tango out
and you didn't know he wasn't broken?
- (laughs) How could I forget that?
- You ended up in the next county.
(Alex laughs) (Kelly laughs)
- Oh, man.
- Hey. - Hey.
- Is for horses.
- You know, I just remembered, I actually have to run.
I'm going to help Ruth today get up for Founder's Day.
- I bet she has a laundry list of chores for you.
- Oh, just a few, the farm stand, the games, the lighting--
- Oh, you've taken a day off of work to work,
how very Kelly of you.
- Yeah, well, when on the ranch, live like Aurora.
What would Aurora do?
(Alex chuckles)
- Aurora is a really big inspiration around here, huh?
- People love her legend.
Aurora's known as being larger than life, unafraid,
totally confident.
But if you read her journals,
you see that she's just a person
trying to make a dream come true,
afraid all the way through.
- Sounds like Aurora was a lot like my grandma,
the one who had the ranch in Colorado.
Whenever I was scared growing up,
she never told me not to be afraid.
Instead, she'd just say, the fear may not go away,
you might just have to do it scared.
- I like that.
- (laughs) Yeah.
So you goin' for a ride?
- Uh, yeah.
Do you ride?
(birds chirping)
- [Stephanie] This is stunning.
- [Alex] Nothing like this in LA, huh?
- (laughs) Well, LA has museums and concerts,
and sushi burrito trucks.
- Sushi burrito trucks,
I'm trying to wrap my head around that one.
- They're delicious, but this is much better
than a sushi burrito truck.
- Oh, you say the sweetest things.
(ducks quacking)
- [Kelly] So I'm actually just heading into the city,
do you wanna come? - Hey, guys.
- Hey. - Hey.
- I was just explaining to Oliver
that I've got to go into town
to get stuff for Founder's Day.
- Oh.
- And I was just about to explain
that I'm exhausted from paddling, so, can't go.
- You wanna go with me?
- Sure.
- Let's go. - Have fun.
(playful instrumental music)
- So, um, Oliver's pretty great, huh?
- Yeah, yeah, he's great.
I mean, the expectation that two strangers are gonna meet
and fall madly in love,
I mean, it's a bit of a stretch, right?
- Oh, I don't know.
Is it?
I believe in love at first sight,
I just think you need a little luck.
- Do you have a boyfriend,
or someone you're interested in?
- Yeah, there's someone I'm interested in.
- Someone at the ranch?
- Yes.
But it's, nothing's ever gonna come of it,
it's way too complicated.
- Why not?
- It's just not meant to be.
Come on, let's go.
It's just right up here.
- Oh.
- Hey, what's goin' on, guys?
- Well, Kelly just had to run a few errands in town,
I'm just tagging along.
- Nice.
- You know, I'm gonna run into the hardware store,
and I'll see you in a minute.
- Great, I'll see you in a bit.
(passersby chattering)
- What's going on?
- Mm, Kelly just told me she's interested
in someone at the ranch.
I think it's Alex.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
(gentle guitar music)
(keys clicking)
- [Alex] Morning.
- Good morning.
Um, I'm, I was just checking in on work.
- Can I tear you away for a little berry picking?
My mom needs berries to make pies for Founder's Day.
- Mm, I think I'm falling in love with Wyoming.
- (laughs) It looks like it's falling in love with you, too.
(laughs) So, you never did answer my question
about why you ended up on the show.
- Yeah, yeah, I told you.
It was my ex-fiance--
- Now what's the real reason?
- I wanted an adventure?
- [Alex] (laughs) Come on.
- (laughs) Oh, I guess the truth is I want love.
There's a part of me, no, you know,
there's all of me,
really hopes that I'll be lucky enough to find love.
- I thought you didn't believe in luck.
- (giggles) I'm not sure what I believe in anymore.
- Mm.
I get it.
With my divorce, I like to say that part of the problem
was ranch life, or that we were so different, but.
A big part of the problem was me.
There was a lot that went unsaid,
a lot I didn't say.
I'm just not good at puttin' myself out there.
Vulnerability does not come easy.
- So what are you afraid of?
- What are you afraid of?
- Other than heartbreak?
And you?
- Lows.
- You said vulnerability didn't come easy.
(gentle instrumental music)
- You know what, they're probably expecting us.
We should.
- Oh.
- So, what are you gonna do with your extra berries?
- I'm ggoing to make myself a pie.
- For breakfast?
- I told you, I'm here for an adventure.
But I gotta finish some work stuff.
- How's that going, any progress on the promotion?
- Uh, no, but mostly because
I haven't talked to my bosses yet.
- Well, why not?
- Uh, 'cause I'm afraid to ask
because I'm afraid of rejection.
- Or maybe afraid of success or new heights?
(Stephanie chuckles)
What was that that your grandma used to say to you?
(gentle orchestral music)
- Mm, yeah.
(phone rings)
Hey, Liz. - Hey!
- Can you set up a meeting for me with the board?
I wanna talk to them about the VP position.
- Mm-hm, want it? - Yeah.
- Are you sure? - Give it to me.
(phone dings)
Oh, sorry about all this beeping.
I'm in the middle of selling my company.
- Wow, congrats.
Yeah, I thought about selling my agency,
but it's always seemed so difficult.
You make it seem so easy.
- I do not.
- No, you do, you make everything seem so effortless.
What are you gonna do when you sell your company?
- I am gonna throw my phone in the lake.
(Oliver laughs)
- Hey guys, what are you up to?
- Oh, we were just doing some crafting.
- Making garlands. - Very nice.
- Come join us. - Stephanie,
so pick your project, garlands or centerpieces.
- Whichever one requires the least artistic ability.
- (laughs) You better come and help me.
- What do you think?
- I, that is perfect.
- Well, it should be, you were my inspiration.
- Oh, go on. (laughing)
Ah, okay.
- I'm sorry if I'm overstepping, but are you and Jeremy?
- Oh no, we're just friends.
He's a very friendly guy.
- I think what you might see as him being friendly,
he sees as him being flirty.
- No. - Yes.
(gentle acoustic music)
It's terrible, it's terrible.
Alex makes no sense, he's here, I'm leaving in five days,
and there's Oliver, Kelly,
I don't even know what's happening with Kelly.
- So why are you smiling? - I don't know, I don't know,
I just have this feeling, and it's like there's this light--
- Of a train coming.
- Don't be such a realist.
- I'm sorry, I-- (door knocks)
- Right. - You got this.
- Yeah.
- Hi. - Hi.
- Ready for our date?
- Yes.
(gentle instrumental music)
- Ah, it's beautiful. - Mm-hm.
(Stephanie laughs) (Oliver laughs)
Uh, yeah, all the stars.
You don't get that in LA.
- No, no.
Almost makes me not miss the sirens here.
- Hey. Oh, hey.
- We interrupting? - No.
- [Kelly] Great 'cause I brought marshmallows.
- [Oliver] Oh wow.
- Here you go. - Oh, thank you.
This is great.
- So, I have some great news.
I just sold my company.
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
- Wow. - Thanks.
- I had no idea you were doing that.
- Me either.
I got an offer that I couldn't refuse,
and now, I'm officially fun-employed.
(Oliver laughs)
- For another two minutes until you start your next company.
Even as a kid, Kelly was an entrepreneur.
Couldn't stop her from working.
When she came up here in the summer,
she ran a lemonade stand that I swear took in more money
than I make right now in a year.
- No, but seriously, I am looking at taking some time off.
- Well, you know, when you're ready to get back into it,
just let me know, I've placed a lot of people in tech,
I could help.
- Ah, thank you, but I actually think
I'm gonna do something different.
- Oh. - Like what?
- Well, this is gonna sound crazy,
but Wyoming is really calling me,
and I have been coming out here for 25 years,
and I love the ranch life,
and I know it would be hard, and it's a lot of work,
and I wouldn't really know what I was doing,
but I'd like to work somewhere like this.
- You know we're looking for help.
Do you wanna work here?
- Really? (playful music)
Well that would be like a dream come true.
- Hired. - Amazing.
- Oh, so perfect.
(Kelly laughs) That's good.
Really good, for you.
- Okay, now just take this. (gentle music)
- It's lookin' good.
- Hey, thank you.
I don't mean to toot my own horn,
but it kind of is, isn't it?
What are you up to?
- Actually, I was looking for you.
I wanted to show you something.
- [Ruth] What's this?
- It's a business plan for my expansion idea.
A retreat center for summer camps and weddings,
I sat down with the accountant, ran the numbers,
and we could do this.
- Honey-- - It could work.
- We've already talked about this.
- I know, I know,
but I was hoping that you would reconsider.
We need this, we need to look to the future
to grow and diversify if we're gonna thrive.
- Look, I know that you want to expand,
but we are fine the way we are,
the way we've always done things.
Preserving Aurora's legacy.
- Her legacy was questioning legacy.
She'd want us to try.
- I'm sorry, son. (somber music)
- [Woman] Stephanie, you have our attention.
- Thank you for meeting with me.
I know you're interviewing for the VP position,
and I know you know that I want it.
But I realize I haven't actually asked for it,
so I'm asking now.
I love this company, I'm good at what I do,
and I'm ready to take the next step.
I've always prided myself on being able to find
the right person for the right job.
And I'm the right person.
- [Woman] So, tell us a little about your ideas
moving forward.
- Hey. - Hi.
- I just got off the phone with the board
about the VP position, and they are considering me.
- Congratulations, oh!
- (laughs) Thank you, I am riding a bit of a high right now.
- Well, ride that high right on over the mystery date,
because everyone is waiting for you.
- Yeah, your expression is kinda scaring me.
What is the mystery date?
Lisa, please tell me.
I can keep a secret, but you cannot.
- Yes I can, I am great at keeping secrets.
- One, no you're not, and two, I'm your friend.
- You are my friend. - Stephanie.
Mystery date awaits, let's go.
(gentle acoustic music)
- [Oliver] Can you believe only three more days?
- You know, I'm sad to leave.
- Yeah, me too.
I'm gonna miss it.
I finally find the sound of crickets as soothing as sirens.
So, what do you think our mystery date's gonna be?
- I don't know, I was hoping for a spa day,
but we're on a ranch in the middle of nowhere,
I think that's kinda unlikely.
- Well, maybe a mud bath.
(Stephanie stammers)
What's wrong?
- I'm afraid of heights.
- Oh, that doesn't go that high.
- No, um, I get shaky on a ladder, so. (exhales)
- Hey.
Oh hey, it'll be fine, I promise.
Look, this is perfectly safe, right?
- Of course. - Right.
- I'm sorry, I can't.
- Oh hey, there's nothing to be scared of.
You just have to get over your fear.
- [Stephanie] Oliver.
- [Oliver] Yeah?
- I don't think that's how it works,
I don't think you just get over your fear.
I'm really sorry, I have to go.
(somber instrumental music)
(Stephanie gasps)
- The hot air balloon ride?
- Yes, you knew about it?
- They asked where they could park their cars,
and I told them that you were afraid of heights.
- Well, I'm pretty sure that was part of it.
Makes for good TV.
Unfortunately, I, I only made it as far as the basket.
- Ah, listen, I wanna take some photos of the balloon
for the website to add to a list of local activities.
Wanna take a walk?
- Yes. - All right.
I've never been in a balloon before.
- [Stephanie] I thought you were gonna ask me
to get in there for the photos.
- (laughs) No.
I mean, I'm not not afraid of balloons,
but I'm definitely afraid of falling out of one.
Do you mind if I take some photos?
- [Man] Go right ahead.
I have always wanted to up in a hot air balloon.
Sure you don't wanna go?
- It's not that I don't wanna go, I want to go.
- Is there anything I can say to help?
- I'm not sure, I mean I know logically,
there's nothing to be afraid of.
- I wasn't gonna say that.
- What were you gonna say?
- I was gonna say that fear might not go away,
you might have to do it afraid.
Or I could say nothing at all and just hold your hand.
(midtempo country music)
- Oh!
(flame hisses)
Girl you know I've known you forever
How many nights we hung out together
Same little crowd, little bar, little town
- Wow. - What do you think?
- It's incredible.
- Is it helping with your fear of heights?
- It helps with remembering
that I'm not actually afraid of heights.
I'm afraid of falling.
Stirrin' up our little town
The last or two
- But if I can't get over the fear,
I guess I'll just have to do it afraid.
There's a rumor goin' 'round and 'round and 'round
What you say we make it true
And make it true
What you say we make it true
I could shut 'em down
Tell 'em all they're crazy
I can do whatever you want me to do baby
But you could lay one on me right now
We could really give 'em somethin' to talk about
There's a rumor goin' 'round
'Bout me and you
Stirrin' up our little town
The last week or two
So tell me why we even try to deny this feelin'
I feel it, don't you feel it too
There's a rumor goin' 'round and 'round and 'round
What you say we make it
(gentle guitar music) -
- It looks great out here.
- I know, well this is all Ruth, right?
- No hey, I made some of these garlands.
The misshapen ones, of course.
(Stephanie laughs) (Oliver laughs)
I can't believe our last date is tomorrow.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I know these past two weeks
haven't gone exactly as we expected or hoped.
But I'm really glad I met you.
- Me, too.
- Oliver, you're supposed to be helping to set up the games.
- Yeah, Oliver. - Okay, I'm--
- Go on, get. - I'm going, I'm going.
(Stephanie giggles)
(Ruth sighs) - You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Tomorrow marks 31 years that I've been running this ranch.
You know, I remember perfectly the Founder's Day dance
where my mom stood up and announced
that I was taking over, ah.
And now, I know it's time to pass the baton to Alex.
He loves this place, and he has so many, well,
interesting ideas.
Yeah, but, this is all I've ever known, you know?
It's not only my livelihood, it's who I am.
It's my identity.
I'm a rancher, a mother, and a wife.
I'm scared.
- Well, I heard that Aurora was scared as well.
- Yeah.
(phone buzzes)
Oh no, oh get it, please.
- Mm.
- What, good news?
- Yeah, yeah, I got the promotion that I really wanted.
- What? - Yeah.
Congratulations, oh!
That's so amazing.
- Thank you.
Well, you know, and I actually have your son, in part,
to thank.
He's the one who encouraged me to ask for what I wanted
even if it was scary.
- He's a good one.
- Yeah.
Yeah, he is.
(gentle acoustic music)
(somber instrumental music)
- You've been riding.
You've been riding, I know you have.
You're too good, there's no rust on you.
Beans for lunch, but. (Kelly laughs)
It was a little, I mean.
(passersby chattering)
- Hey. - Hey.
- [Stephanie] What's goin' on?
- We're setting up for your last date.
- Right, yeah.
- What's wrong?
- I just saw Kelly and Alex.
- Steph, there's nothing going on between them.
- Maybe there is?
Maybe there could be.
Kelly has feelings for Alex, we know that,
and maybe Alex could have feelings for Kelly.
Maybe he does have feelings for Kelly,
and he's scared to express them.
Kelly's going to be working here and living here,
so they make sense.
- Love is not about sense.
- What's it about, nonsense?
- This is what you always do.
You second-guess yourself and you psych yourself out
because you're scared of taking a chance
and possibly getting hurt.
This is what you did when Matt first started to pull away.
You just gave up.
- Well, and I made the best decision.
Matt is ending up with the person he's supposed to be with.
(somber guitar music)
- Hey, Alex. - Yeah?
- The fan in our cabin isn't working.
Would you mind taking a look?
- Yeah sure, no problem. - Thanks.
- [Narrator] This season, we double the romance
when Stephanie has to pick
between two very different bachelors.
Will it be Stephanie and Alex
or will it be Stephanie and Oliver?
Which bachelor will win Stephanie's heart?
Who will she pick as the one?
- So who do you think she's gonna pick?
- Alex.
- Hi.
- Was it your idea?
- Uh, what?
- For me to be on the show?
- I, I don't understand.
- On The One,
was this some kind of setup for ratings, or whatever?
- Okay, I'm genuinely confused right now.
- I am a bachelor on the show.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am, I just saw the title sequence.
You're supposed to be choosing between and Oliver.
- I, what?
- You really didn't know?
- No, of course I don't.
You don't believe me.
- I don't know.
- You think I would lie to you?
You think I would trick you, you think that's who I am?
- I don't know who you are.
- Wow, okay, um.
You're right, you don't know who I am,
and I don't know who you are, we just met,
and maybe there was a flirtation or,
but it's not gonna go anywhere
because I am leaving and you belong with someone else.
- Stephanie--
- No, it's, it's fine.
We're just two strangers who have only known each other
a couple weeks.
- And we can never be anything more
because you don't believe in that whole premise, do you?
- I guess I don't.
(lively instrumental music)
(partygoers chatter) (partygoers laugh)
- How long are you gonna mope
before you go and just talk to Stephanie?
- Honestly, probably forever.
I can't stop thinking about what she said to me,
that I belong with someone else.
What's that mean?
Obviously she doesn't even realize how I feel about her.
- Of course she doesn't realize how you feel about her
because you've never told her.
Listen, I get it, it's hard putting yourself out there.
It's like being on a high wire and not having a net.
And I don't wanna do it either.
But you know what happens when you don't do it?
The worst thing, nothing.
So go, tell Stephanie how you feel.
- I'm so sorry.
- Don't apologize.
- If I had known what Donna was up to,
I would never have allowed it.
- It's not your fault, and it's fine.
Thank you.
- Remember, you don't have to do this last date.
You could just walk away.
- No, look, things didn't end the way I had hoped,
but I'm not gonna leave you or the show high and dry.
- I'll walk away, too. (Stephanie laughs)
I think I've had just about enough reality for a while.
- You love your job.
I owe it to Oliver to be standing there next to him,
even if it's just to tell the world we didn't find the one.
- What about Alex?
(somber orchestral music)
- Yeah, um.
I don't know.
(phone beeps)
Okay, go.
It's all good.
- I'll see ya out there. - Mm-hm.
(lively acoustic music)
- Oliver.
25 minutes until we start.
- Okay.
(sighs) I imagine this season
must be a disappointment to you.
- Not at all.
My job is to help people fall in love, and I did just that.
Even if they're not yet aware of it.
- Try to loosen up a bit.
This is just an organic discussion about your feelings.
- Yeah, oh, except with the cameras
and soon-to-be millions of viewers.
(group laughs) - Exactly.
So just try to relax.
(Stephanie groans)
- There you go. - Okay.
Stephanie, I think you're great,
and I've loved getting to know you.
And I think it wasn't just the show
that brought us together,
I think that maybe it was fate
because being here with you inspired me
to rethink my feelings of what love is and isn't.
And being here made me wonder if I got it all wrong,
and there actually is love at first sight,
and soulmates, well.
And I think we both have found the one.
Just not with each other.
- (chuckles) Yeah.
I think you're right.
- (exhales) Well.
(Stephanie laughs) (Oliver laughs)
I, I don't mean to be rude,
but there's other places we should be--
- Yes, go.
(gentle orchestral music)
(partygoers chattering)
(Kelly laughing)
(finger taps) - Hello, hi.
Hi, um, I'm just so happy to have everyone here
to celebrate Aurora Ranch's centennial.
(group applauds) Yeah.
Yeah, it's a very special day for the community,
and it's also a very special day in our family.
Alex, is there anything that you wanna say?
- Uh, big thank you to my mom
for making this a day to remember.
How are you ever going to outdo yourself next year?
- I won't.
That'll be your job.
It is my pleasure and honor and pride
to announce that Alex will be taking over for me.
(group cheers) (group applauds)
- [Alex] Really, Mom?
- The stage is all yours now, sweetheart.
- Uh.
(gentle orchestral music)
I am so honored to be taking over the ranch
and humbled to be carrying on the legacy
of such great women.
women who taught me strength and humility.
- You're retiring?
- Yep. - Determination.
- So does that mean you'll finally come visit me in Miami?
- I think so.
- But most of all, women who taught me how to love.
And I wanna say an extra special thank you
to one very special woman,
who taught me to go after things that I want most.
And I promise, no more speeches, have fun.
(group applauds)
(midtempo country music)
Girl you know I've known you forever
- I didn't see that comin'.
- I think we were the only two that didn't.
Little bar little town
'Round this old dance floor
My boys are laughin'
- So I assume you are gonna apologize?
- You know what they say about assuming.
I, I was afraid.
There's a rumor goin' 'round
- I am afraid.
But I read Aurora's journals, and it's just like you said,
on the first page of the first book,
she was scared to buy this place,
wondering if it was realistic or a fantasy.
Made me think what if she had missed out on all this.
What if I missed out.
- On all this. (Stephanie laughs)
Make it true
- I know we're both scared,
but at least we're afraid together.
Make it true
I could shut 'em down, tell 'em all they're crazy
I can do whatever you want me to baby
Or could lay one on me right now
- So how's this work?
I'm here and you're going home.
- Yes, I got the VP position.
- I knew you would.
- I think I found my new happy place.
We'll figure it out.
I'm assuming you're going to kiss me now.
- You and your assumptions.
There's a rumor goin' 'round and 'round and 'round
What you say we make it true baby
(lively instrumental music)
(bold orchestral music)