My Oni Girl (2024) Movie Script

[wind howling]
[gasps, grunts]
[footsteps approaching]
[over PA] Please hand your tickets
and your fare to the station staff.
And please do mind your step
when disembarking.
[doors open, chime]
[over PA] This is Yonezawa Station.
Disembark here to transfer
to the Yonezawa Line
or the Yamagata Bullet Train.
Please make sure...
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
About this...
[upbeat classical music playing]
[gasping softly]
- Mashima...
- [boy] Mashima!
Yo, how goes morning practice?
[boy] Not bad.
Shouldn't you be at practice too?
Nah, my school already got knocked out
of the big tournaments.
My team's takin' it easy for a bit.
Well you could always
watch us practice. Huh?
[Mashima] I'd just
make you feel self-conscious.
[hopeful music playing]
Did you see the snow? It started falling
right before I got here this morning.
I saw it too!
Guess it's what you call a "freak storm."
I forgot all about that!
I mean, I did my homework, but I...
- I went ahead and ate all of it.
- Oh really?
- You gotta tell me how it tasted.
- It didn't taste like anything...
- I'm tellin' you, it's true, man!
- Hey, no judgement.
I passed out when mine was just half done.
Oh. Hey, Hiiragi.
Morning. Wanna look
at my homework for today?
- Here.
- For real? Let me see!
- I'll copy it real quick. Wait here!
- I'm gonna do the same thing!
As they run, she asks
if the dew on the grass is a pearl.
The man doesn't answer.
But when she's gone, he comes to wish
that, like the dew, he could disappear.
Cool! Now, I'd like each of you
to pair up with one of your neighbors.
You're gonna draw each other's portraits.
[pupils chatter excitedly]
I'm havin' a good-hair day,
so you draw me first!
- Wanna be partners?
- Yeah, of course.
- Yatsuse! Looks like you get to draw me.
- Uh... great.
[sports whistle blows]
[coach] Gym monitors,
sweep the floor, please!
Hey! I'll help out too!
Uh, seriously? We actually need
to be somewhere right after this.
- You mind takin' over?
- [Hiiragi] Uh, s... sure.
Thanks so much!
Let's get outta here! [laughs]
We appreciate you! [laughs]
But I... Uh.
[girl] Yatsuse!
Come over here.
I'll be so grateful!
No way! I can't do it!
They'll find us out for sure.
I know this is awkward,
but there's no one else I can turn to.
[exhales shakily, groans]
[music playing indistinctly]
[girl] Ready for this, Yatsuse?
Try to stick to the story
we just went over.
It's fine to ad-lib,
but only as a last resort!
Well, here goes.
Put a smile on!
[loud indistinct chatter]
- Look, they made it. Hey, Ai!
- Long time no see!
[Ai] Did we keep you waiting?
[girl 1] Nah, we just got here.
[girl 2] So. This must be...
Yup! My boyfriend, Yatsuse.
I said I'd bring him, so I did.
Nice to meet you all.
My name's Hiiragi Yatsuse.
[girls squeal]
This is amazing!
When you first said
you'd bring your boyfriend,
I didn't think you were telling the truth.
[girl 3] To be honest, I kinda thought
you'd let a lie get out of hand.
[girl 2] Is he a first year too?
Did you meet in class?
- [Ai] We're in different classes.
- [girl 1] Who made the first move?
- Spill it.
- [Ai] Well, uh...
Well, they know we're not dating.
I mean, how could they not?
I guess I asked too much of you.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
I shouldn't have asked you
to do something so weird.
Especially if I'm right that
you never had a real girlfriend before?
- Hm...
- I see.
Well, if you find someone,
try to take good care of her.
Anyway, thanks.
[emotional music playing]
[man] We really do need to get moving.
Hold on a sec. I've got it here somewhere.
I have a busload of passengers
waiting on you.
- Where could it be?
- [Hiiragi] Uh...
Does she need help?
[grunting softly]
- [girl sighs]
- [footsteps approaching]
[driver] Miss, we're on a schedule here.
- [Hiiragi] Scuse me?
- [girl] Uh?
I don't mind covering her bus fare.
I... if that's okay?
What is this? Are you with her?
[Hiiragi] Yeah, I am.
- [girl] Nu-uh!
- Okay. Perfect.
It's fine. I can just walk.
[Hiiragi grunts]
- You can go ahead and leave.
- Yeah? Sorry, then.
We're now departing!
Hey, why'd you step in and try to help me?
Uh... well... you looked like you needed help.
- I was doing just fine on my own.
- Ah.
Mm, course you were.
- I guess I just felt like being nosy.
- [bubbling]
Anyway, I'd better head on home now.
Be careful on your walk!
- [girl] Oh!
- Hm?
I just remembered!
- I actually do need someone's help.
- Hm?
[Hiiragi] So... what's your name?
- Tsumugi. What's yours?
- Hiiragi.
This is our place.
[Tsumugi] This house is huge!
It's not weird
that I accepted your invite, is it?
What? You definitely invited yourself.
- Oh. That how it seemed?
- Uh-uh-uh... It... it doesn't matter.
[Tsumugi] Aw! It's eating it! [chuckles]
I'm glad you dropped in
before I started making dinner.
- You're makin' us croquettes, right?
- Mm-hmm.
When your son brings his girlfriend home,
you pull out all the stops.
[Tsumugi] Oh, I'm not his girlfriend.
- [Mom] What? You aren't?
- [girl] I see.
[Mom] Well you should stay
for dinner anyway, all right?
- [door shuts]
- [man] I'm home.
- [Mom] Welcome back!
- [girl] Welcome home!
[man] Ah, you must be
Hiiragi's girlfriend.
[Mom] Apparently not.
[man] Oh, you're not?
- Welcome home.
- Oh, hey there, son.
So, you left home to find this person,
and you've been wandering
far and wide ever since?
Yeah. There's something
I need to give them.
To give them?
- Here come my freshly fried croquettes!
- [girl gasps]
[Mom] I've got more in the kitchen,
so eat your fill.
- Thank you for this meal.
- Thank you for this meal!
[electronic beep]
[TV] Well, everyone, it's summer
on the calendar but winter in the skies...
[girl wails]
You knew that they would be hot.
You need to slow down a bit! Uh...
[both groaning]
- [Hiiragi] Really? You two as well?
- [both panting]
It's not easy to eat them like this,
but it's worth it.
Right, Tsumugi?
Uh-huh! You said it! Yummy!
[TV] ...cold air moving down
from high altitudes.
[Mom] The rain's really coming down now.
Why don't you stay the night?
[Tsumugi] You don't mind?
- [Mom] We'd be glad to have you!
- [Tsumugi] Awesome!
Tsumugi? I'm leaving you
a change of clothes, okay?
Okay, great! Thanks a million!
[rain pattering]
Great, you're a huge help. I think that's
about as much as I can manage right now.
[door slides open]
Mmm. That bath was so relaxing.
Ah, mind if I borrow you for a second?
Great. Now, sit down.
You mind if I brush your hair?
[chuckles softly]
Your hair's as soft and fine as it looks.
I'm... glad you think so.
[chuckles nervously]
When I was your age,
my hair was just as unruly as Hiiragi's.
My mom would set me down
and tame it with her brush.
[Tsumugi] Really?
Your hair doesn't look unruly at all now.
[Mom] It did calm down.
Oh! Hey, Hiiragi.
About that talk we had earlier.
I just hired a tutor
who can work with you right here at home.
So you don't need cram school anymore!
What?! Why'd you do that?
Why wouldn't I?
You're obviously gonna get
a lot more out of private lessons.
Hold on. I already applied
for the summer course.
Then it sounds like you'll have to cancel.
- I could. But everyone else...
- Forget them!
You're your own person, aren't you?
You think you wanna go to cram school,
but that's just because you feel like
it's safer to follow everyone else.
No, that isn't...
[man, impatiently] Just listen
and do as I say,
and you can't go wrong.
[Hiiragi grunts, sighs]
[tense music playing]
Huh? Hiiragi?
[bottle cap tinkling]
- Hello? Tsumugi?
- [door opens, shuts]
- [Tsumugi] I'm in here.
- Oh. Okay.
Good. We're all done.
- [girl] You wanna play a game?
- Yeah. Sounds good.
Thanks for doing this.
Uh. Oh... Uh... [sighs]
Stupid screw-up.
[groans, sobs]
[both groaning]
[girl] Whoa!
You've lost three times in a row now!
Let me just try one more time.
[Hiiragi] It's cold.
[moans softly]
[unsettling music plays]
[gasps] What the...
- Huh!
- Hm?
What's the matter?
[Tsumugi] I need the toilet!
But there's one downstairs!
[Tsumugi gasps] So cold!
It's frozen shut?
Hey, Hiiragi!
[music intensifies]
What the heck is this?
[creature wails]
[creature wails]
Hiiragi! Get it together!
We need to run!
Uh... Tsumugi?
[Tsumugi] Come on! This way!
[dramatic music playing]
[creature wails]
[Hiiragi panting]
I think we're safe for the time being.
Just what the heck... was that thing?
I don't know enough to guess.
I'm trying to figure out
why it went after you.
- Tsumugi...
- Hm?
You, uh, seem to have grown a horn.
What is that?
Oh, so you're able to see it now.
I've... got a horn
because I'm an oni.
And the reason I've come here
is to eat you, Hiiragi.
Just kidding!
I would never eat a person.
I really am an oni though. Are ya spooked?
Uh... No, why would I be?
Huh? [gasps]
[gasping] N... not again!
Relax. They're called mini-oni.
I've never seen
such a dense cluster before.
You don't say.
[Tsumugi] They tend to leak out of people
who try to keep their feelings bottled up.
You know, people like you.
- So that thing's an oni?
- It sure is.
And its proof that
you're hiding your fear.
I don't have to hide anything!
[gasps] Hey! [grunts]
- Get back here!
- [Tsumugi laughing loudly]
- So where'd you come from, Tsumugi?
- Across the mountain.
It's a place where oni live
called the Hidden Village.
I left there because I wanna find my mom.
She ran away when I was little
and left my dad and me all by ourselves.
He did his best to raise me on his own.
But things were pretty hard for us.
She sounds irresponsible, right?
I was thinking
of giving her a punch to the jaw!
Seems like you might
give her a few punches.
And she should be
at a shrine in this world.
Hm? No! It's gone!
- Uh...
- Oh.
I really can't afford to lose it!
- Without it, I... [moans]
- Oh!
[Tsumugi groaning]
You mean this?
Oh, thank goodness.
Sorry. I should've
given it back to you sooner.
Found it in my room.
- It's from Hie Shrine, right?
- Uh?
- That's a ways away.
- [shakily] Huh?
- You mean, you know where it is?!
- Uh... Mm.
[moans] Hiiragi, I... I need your help.
You gotta guide me
to the Hie Shrine, okay?
[gasps] I don't think I can.
I have to go to school tomorrow.
And my parents...
The thing is, I just don't know
my way around in your world.
So please help!
I want you to come with me, Hiiragi!
[echoing clang]
I guess... never mind.
Sorry for asking for too much.
- [Hiiragi] It's okay.
- Huh?
I'll help you.
[tapping door gently]
Uh, Hiiragi?
Is Tsumugi with you? Oh!
What happened?
Hey, Mom! Hiiragi's gone too!
[playful music playing]
So why go to Hie Shrine?
Because the last time she talked
to my dad before she ditched us,
my mom said that's where she was gonna go.
That's the only lead I've got.
Have any guesses as to why
I've gained the ability to see mini-oni?
Well, the more like an oni you become,
the more of us you can see.
[Hiiragi] But I'm not an oni.
[Tsumugi] Humans who leak
lots of mini-oni become oni over time.
And you've been leaking
some seriously tense ones.
I bet you'll turn any moment now.
I will?!
Uh... Wait a second, d... does that mean
you started out as a human?
No. I've been an oni
since the day I was born.
[gentle music playing]
[music continues]
[birds chirping]
[both panting]
- [gasps softly] The sun's rising.
- Huh?
[Tsumugi gasps]
- [inhales sharply] It's pretty!
- Hmm.
[music fades out]
[Mom] It's already morning.
So it is.
I'll go see
if I can't track him down somehow.
- You stay here in case he comes back.
- Mm-hmm.
[Tsumugi moaning] Hiiragi!
I'm exhausted!
- Wanna look for a place to rest?
- [Tsumugi] Why don't we take a car?
Because we're broke. And taxis cost money.
Oh! That's right!
We could just hitchhike
with someone who's heading to Yonezawa!
Uh... I think people are too scared
to give rides to strangers these days.
The only way to find out
for a fact is to give it a try.
I get that.
Even if someone does pull over for us,
how'll we know we can trust them?
You sure are full of reasons
not to do things.
You keep on walking,
and I'll hitchhike without you.
- We'll meet back up at the destination.
- Huh?!
[softly] Hm.
- Why are you following me?
- 'Cause you left me no choice.
[mini-oni bubbling]
- Liar.
- [Hiiragi] I'm not lying!
What's that kid playing at? Good grief.
[Tsumugi] No, you do it like this!
You really gotta stick
your thumbs out there!
[groaning] Wait. Hold on!
They're as "out there" as they can be!
Mm, can't be helped.
I'll do this myself. [sighs]
Get out of my way.
[Hiiragi groaning] W... wait!
[Hiiragi groans]
[woman laughing]
You two aren't trying
to hitchhike, are ya?
Yeah, we sure are.
[man] Sorry we can't take ya further.
Don't be. Getting a lift to this town
means we'll be halfway to our destination.
So, tell me, are the two of you
on a lovers' getaway or what?
- No. No way.
- No, it's not like that.
[both laughing]
Well, don't you think
your parents are gonna worry?
Uh. Well, I guess they might.
All of these bags...
Hey, why do you have all this stuff?
Ah, we wanna start
a vintage clothing store.
For now, it's fully mobile.
We move between different flea markets.
But today, we're doing a stall
in a park in Yonezawa.
I know! You two
should come hang out for a bit!
Just... a little further left, yeah?
Right there. Good job.
That's great. Way easier to see.
Wow, you sell a lot of things.
Mm, there's a festival
goin' on nearby as well,
so we're goin' after the kimono crowd.
Excuse me.
Do you have this shirt in a smaller size?
Nah, we only have the sizes on display.
But we do have smaller shirts
in different patterns.
- [Tsumugi] Hiiragi!
- [girl] Gotcha. This one's cute too!
When are we getting out of this place?
We owe them for giving us a ride,
so we gotta help them a bit to say thanks.
Don't worry about it.
They were driving this way anyway.
But we... can't just...
- [man 1] Hiiragi. Oh, and Tsumugi.
- Huh?
I need to go
to the information desk for a little bit.
You two mind lookin' after the stall?
- [Hiiragi] Uh, no prob.
- Thank you.
You can charge a bit less
than what's on the tags.
You're in charge now!
- Just leave it to us!
- [groans]
[man 2] Excuse me.
Let's say I pick up two of these.
Would that get me a discount?
[Hiiragi] Uh, that's right.
It's a hundred yen off when you buy two.
How about this shirt?
Can I try it as well?
Yeah. Here you go.
[man 2] This is nice.
All right. I'll take this, and...
I hope you realize how beautiful you are.
[woman] You're cute.
[coins jingle, tin rattles]
[indistinct chatter]
Wow, that's amazing.
You must be really smart.
[man 3 laughing] Honestly? No, not at all!
Mio is... not very interested in the stall.
Excuse me. This hat,
do you mind if my kid tries it on?
Oh, sure. Go for it.
- Hey. Cool if I grab one of those?
- Yeah. You want a bandana?
- So cute! I want it!
- [mother chuckles softly]
There. Things have finally calmed down.
You two were a massive help today.
I know it's not much of a reward,
but if any of this caught your eye,
feel free to take it.
That's really okay?
Seems like Ryuji and Mio
have been avoiding making eye contact.
Do you think they might be having a fight?
No. If you ask me,
it seems like they're always like this.
And no one can understand
a couple's problems
except the couple themselves.
That may be true, but I still wish
we could do something for them.
You really wanna get
in the middle of that?
Don't be pushy. You hate it when
your dad acts like he knows what you want
more than you do, right?
I do, but...
I'll be back in a bit.
[footsteps departing]
[inaudible dialogue]
[Tsumugi] Those boys from earlier
already dumped you, huh?
[Mio] Oh, Tsumugi, it's you.
No, that's not what happened.
[Tsumugi] Hiiragi won't leave
until we've helped you,
and that inconveniences me.
Helped me, how? With what?
You're dating a guy
you hide your feelings from.
It's real obvious
that you're not in love with him.
If something's eating at you,
then you gotta spit it out.
Don't you feel sorry for him?
Are you talking about...
No, you've got it wrong.
Ryuji's actually my big brother.
But... you are right about the other thing.
I do wish I could express myself
a little more freely with him.
- [gasps]
- [fireworks squealing]
[people gasping]
Mio! Oh, you're here with Tsumugi.
Hiiragi told me
that he thought you and I needed to talk.
The kid had gotten himself
pretty worked up about it.
I guess he realized
that we've been acting awkward.
You feel like we've... been acting awkward?
[sad music playing]
I think that, since we were just kids,
I've known that when I turned around,
you'd be right behind me.
I thought you'd follow my lead because
you like the same things as me, you know?
I thought you liked
vintage clothes and flea markets.
Yeah, I do.
[Ryuji] Right.
Part of me knew
that something else was off.
But, for some reason,
I pretended not to notice.
- [woman 1] Uh! Snow?!
- [man 1] Snow?!
[man 2] But how?
[woman 2] Uh, but it's summer!
[woman 3] How strange!
Huh? Snow? Again?
[creature wails]
Oh, what's that?
The thing from before!
Why is it here?
[creatures wail]
[inaudible dialogue]
It's Mio and... Tsumugi. [gasps]
[Ryuji] You know, sis...
I've realized something.
The idea that family members
can understand each other without speaking
is a big lie.
So, from now on, I'd like to hear more
of what you have to say.
Well, the truth is,
I have a whole lot of things I wanna say.
And so do I, Mom.
- [Hiiragi] Tsumugi!
- Huh?
Quick! Look above you!
What?! Wha...
- [dramatic music playing]
- [creature wails]
[Ryuji] What happened?
[Mio] You okay?
- She up and ran off!
- [Hiiragi] Thanks, Ryuji!
- She went that way!
- 'Kay. Thank you! For everything!
I thought that I was the one
the monster was after.
Which way now?
[man wheezes]
[people exclaiming]
[car horn blares]
[music abates]
- [creature wails]
- Huh?
- [barking]
- Hiiragi... you better not follow me!
- [leaves rustling]
- [gasps]
[creatures wail]
[music abates]
Tsumugi! Are you here?
[gasps, groans]
[music fades out]
You okay?
[gasps] Mm, thank goodness.
She's breathing at least.
- [wind howling]
- Huh?
- [leaves rustling]
- Whoa!
[Hiiragi groaning]
Uh... People?!
- [Hiiragi moaning]
- Hey, hey, hey! What happened to you?
You two look like you just took a beating.
She's in a bad way. Tsumugi...
I'm begging you, please help her!
- [man] What's going on?
- She's hurt. Go get the first aid kit.
What happened?
[Tsumugi] I just... [moans]
She was knocked out cold
when I found her by the riverbed.
Seems like she took a bad fall.
Oh. Well, take her to room 206,
then, would you, dear?
I'm on it.
[man] Got that first aid kit right here!
[footsteps slowly approaching]
[door opens]
[grunting softly]
- It's morning.
- [Hiiragi] Uh... Good morning, ma'am.
[woman] Mm-hmm.
Seems she isn't awake yet
because she's running a fever.
Do help me get in touch with her parents.
That's not... quite possible.
It isn't? Why's that?
Don't tell me she's a runaway.
Listen, I need this room
available for customers.
Help me reach her parents.
I'm sorry, ma'am. But I really can't.
Can you at least explain why?
But until she feels better,
I'm begging you to let us stay here.
Yet you refuse to tell me why I should.
I'm happy to earn our keep.
Until she wakes up, I'll work for you.
Answer my questions first!
I'm a hard worker.
Please let us stay. You won't regret it.
[Hiiragi grunts] Um...
You're certainly a stubborn one.
And despite your youth,
you're eager to work.
Perhaps you would be able
to teach my husband a thing or two.
[upbeat music playing]
[man] Have a good day!
Once you're done brushing in there,
fill up these shampoo bottles, 'kay?
- Hiiragi!
- Huh?
- Be sure to vacuum up here too.
- Yes, ma'am!
- Oh. Ah.
- And be careful!
- [groans]
- You don't have to carry that much.
- Just get what you can.
- Uh, sure.
[man] Newbie!
Got you a fresh bucket.
I'll leave it here, 'kay?
Okay, thanks for grabbing it.
[Tsumugi moans softly]
[grunts, pants]
It was your idea
to work and earn your keep.
So make sure you're able to keep at it.
Uh... right!
[man 2] Good grief!
What age are you living in?
She means to say, "Don't work too hard."
- How about you get back to work?
- [man 2] Yikes.
[music fades out]
[rumbling approaching]
[horn blares]
[horn blaring]
- [Tsumugi moans softly]
- [gentle piano music playing]
[grunting, gasps softly]
[child whoops]
[horn blares]
Hey, wait!
Wait for me!
[ethereal music playing]
[Tsumugi grunting]
[echoes] Mom!
[music fades out]
[gasping] Oh.
[weakly] That's right.
I've been at some kind of inn.
- [door opens]
- Hm?
Oh, Tsumugi! You finally woke up.
- You changed your clothes.
- [Hiiragi] How do you feel?
I've changed clothes too.
Don't tell me you did this.
No! Of course not!
It was the owner.
Hm. Also, she told me to bring you this.
- Mmm!
- [chuckles softly]
What is this thing? It tastes so yummy!
Yep. I've never had onigiri
like this before.
So I'm glad you're feeling better now.
Has it been you
taking care of me this whole time?
Uh-uh. The only thing I did was carry you
here when I found you passed out.
We owe the people who run this inn a lot.
They gave you medical treatment
and put us both up in this room.
[Tsumugi chuckles softly]
They're really nice, huh?
- Mm.
- [Tsumugi] Whoa!
This rolled omelet is crazy fluffy!
I can't believe it!
[Hiiragi] Ugh! Is that a bad thing?
[phone buzzes]
Thank you for the food, sir.
- That onigiri was incredible.
- [man] Glad to hear it.
So is Tsumugi feeling better now?
- Yeah. And it's thanks to you.
- That's wonderful news.
By the way, I've noticed that you smoke.
Oh? You spotted me, did ya?
The old ball and chain
is always telling me to quit
so I won't stink the place up
and bother our customers.
My dad likes to go out and smoke too.
Have you found a chance
to talk to your parents lately?
Well, I suppose that's the way it goes.
Still, I'll say this, Hiiragi.
Sometimes, when people wait too long
to say what they need to,
they miss their chance.
So, once you're feeling up to it,
you should let your parents know
that you're okay.
[Tsumugi moaning gently]
[grunts softly]
[inhales, exhales deeply]
Here you are. I laundered it
and stitched up the tears for you.
[Tsumugi] You sure did.
It's like brand-new!
Thank you.
It's that boy you should be thanking.
While you were recovering in here,
he worked very hard around the inn
so that you two could stay.
[Tsumugi] Hm.
Hey there, Mom.
Yeah, I'm perfectly fine.
Well, a lot happened.
I'm staying at the Hoju no Yu inn
for the time being.
What about Tsumugi? Is she there?
Okay. Well, that's good.
So when can we expect you to be back?
I've got something
that I have to see through.
I'll come back after.
But I really am just fine, so don't worry.
Yeah. See you.
- [man grunts]
- [chuckles softly]
[upbeat piano music playing]
We really appreciate your help.
To be honest, it was no trouble.
- Having you with us was quite fun.
- Mm.
I think I'll miss this place.
And I see you're still a kid.
A little word of advice. You'll need
to be strong if you wanna protect Tsumugi.
- Oh...
- [chuckles]
Well, here at the inn,
we're used to saying goodbye. So, bye.
Come back soon.
- Right. And again, thanks so much...
- Thank you so much.
...for everything you've done.
[Tsumugi] See you later!
[man] Come back
and visit us anytime you'd like!
[upbeat music continues]
How long will it be
till we reach Hie Shrine?
I'm pretty sure
we should get there this evening.
I see.
So we're close now.
- [grunts, gasps]
- [gasps]
[both loudly gasp]
Wow! So cool!
I've never seen anything like this!
Me neither!
TV doesn't do this place justice at all!
[Tsumugi] Of course not!
Did you think it would?
[Hiiragi] Can you just let me
express my thoughts?
[Tsumugi] Fine! If I must!
[music fades out]
[tires squeal]
[concierge] Welcome, sir.
Hey, you there! I've heard my son,
Hiiragi, has been staying here!
[concierge] Hiiragi? Uh...
Then, are you Hiiragi's...
- I'm his father!
- [gasps]
- [door opens]
- [concierge] Huh?
Welcome to our humble inn, sir.
Does an urgent matter require attention?
Yeah, you been keepin' my son here,
and I wanna see him this instant!
I'm afraid he's already left.
Where to?
Hurry up and tell me right now!
What an impatient man you are.
Do you think I have time to waste
on people who aren't customers?
- What a rude thing to assume.
- Huh?
Let's both calm down
and take our time in the back.
This way, sir.
Uh... Huh?
So what's the Hidden Village like, anyway?
Mmm, let me think.
Well, first of all, it's super cold there.
I mean, it snows all year round.
That's normal for us oni though.
We don't mind it a bit.
I see.
Do you think
that you'll go back to the Hidden Village
once you've met your mom?
Yeah! I'll go back.
[Hiiragi] I see.
[Tsumugi] Hm?
[chuckles] What's the matter, Hiiragi?
[teasing] You scared you'll miss me?
No! I was just kinda curious!
[grunts] Not again!
- Hey! [groans]
- [Tsumugi laughing]
[Hiiragi] What is your mom like?
Can't say I remember.
I was just three years old
when she left me and my dad.
Are... you still planning to punch her
once you've tracked her down?
Hmm. I definitely want to reserve
the right to punch her if she needs it.
But, before that, I think I'll at least
give her a chance to explain why she left.
I mean, who knows?
Maybe she had
a surprisingly good reason to.
Honestly, I don't think
I'll know how to feel
or what I'll want until I'm in the moment.
You're probably right.
- [Tsumugi gasps]
- Hm?
[mystical jingling]
[gentle piano music playing]
That looks like...
- [grunts]
- Uh... Tsumugi?
[Tsumugi sighs] Hm?
[Hiiragi sighs].
[footsteps approaching]
- [man] You two customers?
- [Tsumugi] Hm?
[Hiiragi] Oh... Sorry to intrude.
We were just looking at the art
on the folding screen you've got in there.
But, uh... we don't have any money.
- We should... get going.
- [Tsumugi] It's fine. We're just looking.
- [Hiiragi, quietly] Yeah, but it's a caf.
- I've got no customers at the moment.
So you can come in and take a closer look
if you're interested.
- Wanna see another angle?
- Oh! Thank you very much, sir.
[Tsumugi] I was once told
that the reason the Hidden Village
was able to stay hidden
is because of our relationship
with the local gods,
who cloaked the village in snow.
We called them Snow Gods.
Until pretty recently,
I thought they were a fairy tale.
But maybe
it's a Snow God that attacked us.
Although... no one ever told me
they ate oni.
[man] I'm experimenting
with a new herbal tea blend.
Try it, please.
I'd love to get your opinion
about how it tastes.
[loud gulping]
Ah! So good!
[Hiiragi] It really is delicious.
Been wanting to try out
these new tea leaves I bought.
- This seemed like a good chance.
- So where do these tea leaves come from?
I think these ones
were from the Czech Republic.
But I get leaves
from Sweden and Egypt too.
I'm still able to get my hands on
some unique products,
thanks to friends I made
when I traveled in my youth.
Wow, cool!
Did you travel alone?
No. Went with my wife.
She passed away about four years ago.
[softly] Oh.
You know,
I have some pictures of us over here.
That's my wife standing right next to me.
She's wearing something
known as a Basotho hat.
It's a traditional hat
from the country of Lesotho in Africa.
It was designed to resemble
the shape of a mountain.
- Wow! It's really interesting.
- [Tsumugi] Uh-huh.
Ah, then you'll be pleased to know
that it's now on your head.
[Hiiragi] Uh.
- And this is a traditional Inuit hat.
- Uh!
I wore it
when we traveled to northern Canada
so we could get a look at the Aurora.
Warmest hat I know of.
Town we stayed in
drops to minus 40 degrees Celsius.
[both] Minus 40 degrees Celsius?!
You two make quite a pair in those hats.
[poignant music playing]
[Hiiragi] So then, all the things here
hold memories
that you made with your wife.
[Tsumugi] That's lovely.
Oh, where did you get that folding screen?
[man] It was actually
one of the few things
that came with the house
when we bought it.
I believe that it was made by a local,
but I don't know who the artist was
or even how long ago
they might've painted it.
Looks like it's telling a story, right?
I think it might be.
And that story might even be true.
Maybe Snow Gods... ate oni.
[door opens]
[woman] I told you to be careful,
didn't I? We're back!
Please try really hard
not to lose it again.
- [child grunts]
- I'm glad you're confident at least. Uh...
Oh, customers?
- [man] Welcome back.
- Nice to meet you.
That's my daughter
and my grandson, Haruto.
- [Tsumugi] Hello.
- [Hiiragi] Hi! Sorry to intrude.
[woman] Go ahead, Haruto. Say hello.
Hello there! [babbles]
So cute.
'Kay, let's wash your hands
and get you some juice.
- [Haruto] Your heads look weird!
- Huh?
[woman] Hey! Be nice!
- I'm sorry, you two. Take your time!
- [Haruto laughing]
[footsteps retreating]
[man] This caf is full of treasures
that remind me of my wife, yes.
But I treasure those two
more than anything in this world.
I guess I feel as though
I'm passing down my legacy.
My love for them
is like a force of nature.
Oh jeez! I'm real sappy these days.
Guess it's just a hazard of getting older.
[Tsumugi sighs] It's raining.
And we're still a fair distance
from the shrine. Okay with getting wet?
Or just take this with you.
Oh. We couldn't possibly.
You've been so nice to us already. Uh...
There's no need to bring it back.
But next time you're in the neighborhood,
come buy some tea.
- [Haruto] Hey!
- Hey! Slow it down!
[moving music playing]
Hey. About the art on that folding screen...
[Tsumugi] Mm. I think
those were Snow Gods.
But since they were attacking oni,
I wonder if the village is okay?
[Hiiragi] Hm.
Before we found the caf,
you asked me if I was planning
on going back to the Hidden Village
once I'm able to find my mom, right?
- Yeah.
- I think I'll need to go home.
I can't just leave my dad all by himself.
But someday...
Hey. Wait up!
I wanna see as much of the world as I can!
Lesotho's supposed to be
really hot, right?
Wonder if it snows there?
Before today, I had no idea there was
a town colder than the Hidden Village.
There must be so many kinds of people.
So many ways of seeing things!
I only came out here to find my mom,
but I've gotten to learn so much!
Oh, and meeting you was all right too!
Huh? Did you really
have to phrase it like that?
[Tsumugi laughs]
So, what about you? What do you wanna do?
Uh... honestly,
I haven't given it much thought.
It can be anything!
Just say whatever you're feeling!
Well, I guess... at the moment,
I really just wanna make sure
that I do my best for you.
- [grunts] Is that bad?
- [Tsumugi chuckles softly]
You won't hear me complaining!
[both panting]
Hiiragi. I just thought of
one more thing I'd really like to do.
The thing is, there's no way
that I can make it happen without you.
So you'll promise to help me, right?
Oh... I can't promise
till I know what you want though.
That's odd.
I could've sworn I just heard you say
you wanted to do your best for me.
I did, but...
[grunts] Okay, fine, then.
[gulps, sighs softly]
When we finish this journey,
you need to have
a serious talk with your dad.
[groans] Where the heck
is this coming from?
This good-luck charm will help you do it.
- But it's...
- Don't worry!
It's extremely effective.
- After all, it did bring me this far.
- That isn't what I meant.
- [Tsumugi] Give it back when you're done.
- [scoffs]
I wonder when that'll be.
Uh... Snow!
[mystical music playing]
Is a Snow God here, then? [gasps softly]
[music becomes dramatic]
[both gasping]
Duck! Oh!
[tires squeal]
Sorry, Hiiragi!
Over here!
[Hiiragi panting]
[grunts] Hiiragi!
[over PA] Doors closing.
Please stand clear of the doors
as they close.
Grab my hand!
- [door chiming]
- Come on! [grunts]
[banging at doors]
[music fades out]
We're nearly at the shrine.
Huh? Oh.
[moans softly]
- [grunts]
- [grunts]
[wind howling]
How... Wait, Tsumugi?
Huh? It's my dad!
- [rapid footsteps]
- Mm... Uh... The... Sorry...
[Dad] I finally found you!
Hang on. What is this?
[grunts] What are you doing here, Dad?
Where's Mom?
Where is she?!
You won't find her here.
Why not?!
This is the place
that you told me she ran off to!
I'm sorry, Tsumugi.
It never occurred to me back then that
you would decide to come all this way.
I don't care what you thought!
Just tell me the truth
about where she is now!
I'd like to.
But I cannot.
Why are you hiding it?!
If there's a reason I can't meet her,
I deserve to know!
Or did...
Did Mom say... to keep me away
because she doesn't wanna see me?
It's not that!
[Tsumugi] I see.
Then... is she already dead?
[Dad] She's alive!
She's just out of reach.
Never mind that. There's been trouble
at the Hidden Village.
- The Snow Gods have been acting...
- "Never mind that"?!
She is my mother!
How could I ever not mind?
Why are y... you so...
[moans softly] I've had enough!
[Hiiragi] Tsumugi! Uh...
[Dad sighs]
[emotional piano music playing]
[Hiiragi sighs]
Hey, um, you should know...
She might be angry, but she's also been
worried about you this whole time.
As soon as she found her mom,
she was planning to go back
to the Hidden Village to live with you.
Who are you?
Hiiragi Yatsuse.
I'm Tsumugi's friend.
Excuse me.
- [Tsumugi] Leave me alone.
- I can't.
Sorry. I really wanna be
by myself right now.
We should go back.
It seems like...
Your dad must be worried sick.
You think so?
Maybe if I worry him more,
he'll tell me the truth about my mom.
He must be thinking
it's something he has to protect you from.
Or maybe there's something
he's not able to say.
That makes no sense.
You know that
he's not doing it to hurt you.
Don't you?
Oh. So you two think the truth'll hurt me
more than the years of getting lied to?
N... no. That's not what I was saying.
I know he wants to protect me.
Ever since I was a kid,
I've been thinking about this every day.
How could it ever be in my interest to
not know why I don't get to have a mom?
It "seems like" he cares, huh?!
Why would I care
what things "seem like" to you?
'Cause I care.
I'm thinking about what's best for you!
That right there!
You sound exactly like your dumb dad!
I'm not asking you to think for me!
- You just wanna feel like you care!
- What about you?
When will you stop playing the victim
and think about
someone else's feelings for once?
- [groans]
- [gasps]
[breathes shakily]
- Sorry. Are you okay...
- [quickly] I'm fine. It's nothing.
Look, I'm grateful that
you helped me get to the shrine.
But you should back off and move on.
[sighs] It's all wrong.
That wasn't what I... wanted to tell her.
[breathing shakily] How could you?
[mini-oni bubbling]
[door opens, shuts]
I found you!
Sure took long enough.
Where's Hiiragi?
Where's my boy?
That way?
[Tsumugi] Why'd you come after him?
Because that's what a father should do.
[door opens, shuts]
I've had enough.
Huh? More snow?
[grunting softly]
[tires squeal]
[music intensifies]
Hiiragi! Listen to me! [groans]
The truth is, I just...
[music fades out]
[Dad] Oh!
Where'd you go?
[screaming] Hiiragi!
[footsteps approaching]
- Tsumugi, about before...
- Sorry.
- I'll go home now.
- [gasps softly]
We actually cannot.
Have you encountered
a Snow God in this world?
Oh. That was a Snow God.
First, the Snow Gods
started appearing all over the place.
And then they started attacking oni.
- [tires squeal]
- Going back isn't an option now.
- What'll happen to everyone else?
- [door opens]
Several people have been eaten already.
- [door shuts]
- [Tsumugi gasps]
- [footsteps approaching]
- [Hiiragi's dad] Hey, you two!
- [Tsumugi] Huh?
- Have you seen Hiiragi again?
- [Tsumugi] You weren't able to find him?
- I did, but then... [gasps softly]
...he somehow disappeared
right before my eyes.
No way.
[inhales sharply]
- I'll be back.
- [Dad] Don't!
There's no saving him now.
- Hey.
- But I...
- What are you talkin' about?
- Tsumugi.
- What happened to my son?
- I wish I'd come to bring you home.
- The truth is, our home isn't safe.
- Who is this guy, anyway?
- Hey!
- Will you shut your mouth for a moment?
Uh... yeah.
[mystical jingling]
- [gasps]
- What is it?
Think there's a chance... he's still...
'Cause I care!
I'm thinking about what's best for you!
I'm glad you're feeling better.
[gentle piano music playing]
[Tsumugi] Dad, I'm sorry.
- [gasps]
- [Tsumugi] But I...
I have to go apologize to him.
[gasps] Tsumugi!
Hey! Hold on!
[shouting] Explain yourselves, will ya?
[breathing shakily]
Thank you so much!
We'll never forget
the sacrifice you've made for us!
Our future is in your hands.
I have no doubt
that you're going to make us all proud.
[man] The Snow Gods
are blessing us once more!
[woman 1] Don't leave me alone!
[woman 2] Now we can all
live in peace again.
[woman 1] I need you.
- Tsumugi.
- [woman 1] Tsumugi.
[music fades out]
[man] There's a Snow God here!
- You get that gate closed!
- [man] Let's move!
[Hiiragi moaning softly]
[woman panting]
[woman groaning]
Are you okay?
[groans] Oh... [gasps softly]
Tsumugi? Who are you,
and how do you know her?
I'm so sorry.
[man] Hey! Is that kid all right?
Looked to me
like he came out of a Snow God.
He's still alive at least.
We need to get him to the tower.
[both panting]
[horn beeping]
[Hiiragi's dad] Get in!
You know where my son is, so help me!
[door mechanism beeps]
[door mechanism beeps]
- Let's go.
- Thank you!
Tsumugi, what you told me.
- You sure it's true?
- Mm.
I saw a picture in this world.
In that picture, I saw the Snow Gods.
The eaten oni weren't dead.
Just moved somewhere else.
So maybe we could still save him.
- [Snow God wails]
- [woman screams]
More civilians? Go on ahead!
- [Snow God wails]
- Homare!
[woman screams]
[gasps] No!
[Snow God squeals]
[man 1 yells with effort]
[man 2] Isami!
[mother and baby sobbing]
We have to go!
- But he...
- Get moving.
[both panting]
Are you awake now?
- [Hiiragi groans]
- Good. Then run. Hurry up!
[mystical music playing]
[music intensifies]
[man 1] This way!
Come on.
[man 2] Hey! You all right?
[quietly] There's no way we can bring him
back to the Hidden Village.
I'm so sorry, but I need the toilet!
- Huh? Right now?
- I don't think I can hold it!
[door mechanism beeps]
[Tsumugi] Gotta be quick!
- Good grief.
- [door mechanism beeps]
- Hm?
- [footsteps retreating]
Uh? Hey!
- Wait a sec, will y...
- [crunch]
- The heck?
- [car horn blaring]
- [grunting]
- [rattling]
[car horns blaring]
[Hiiragi's dad] What's goin' on here?!
[footsteps approaching]
Sorry for the wait.
- You're truly determined to go back?
- Yeah, of course I am.
Then wear this.
Let's go.
[chuckles softly]
- [man 1] Faster!
- [man 2] Let's go!
- [man 3] Hurry up!
- [man 4] What's wrong?
- [man 5] I'm there now!
- [man 6] Got it!
[shouting continues]
[woman 1] First,
I'll have you meet Chief Gozen.
Do your best to be polite, okay?
[man 7] Great. Carry it all in.
Grab whoever you need.
[man 8] It's heavy.
Ready, and...
We can't slow down yet.
Let's give it one more push, people!
- Right!
- Right!
[indistinct shouting]
- [woman 1] We're here.
- Oh.
[Gozen] We'll still have as much medicine
here as I think we're likely to need.
Don't wait
for the medical squad to arrive.
Go straight to the site.
Your first priority
should be to get that medicine delivered.
You won't be going by yourself.
I'll assign you some guards.
But still,
you should exercise every caution.
Good luck out there.
[woman 2] Ma'am!
I'll be back soon.
Follow me.
[Gozen] Oh, wow! [laughing]
Hey, Toko,
take a look at the size of this bubble.
A remarkable achievement, chief.
You may have set a new world record.
I bet I have, and now it almost feels like
a waste to eat the thing.
[woman 1] Reporting in.
A few minutes ago, a Snow God
entered the village from the sky, and...
[Gozen] And popped this boy out
onto a snowbank. I know!
Uh, right.
But the boy's a new face here.
And his horn seems new.
Has he only just become an oni?
[grunts, gasps]
A horn?
Hm! The town has an entrance,
but falling from the sky
does turn more heads.
Tell me, how did you make it
out of the Snow God?
[Gozen] The youngsters that brought you
here saw you burst out of a Snow God
as it disappeared.
So how did you get out?
What do you remember?
Well, uh...
I remember the Snow God eating me.
Then it got really cold.
And I think I might've heard some voices?
But I... I can't be sure.
This Snow God business.
People used to claim
the Snow Gods were our guardians.
Ones who keep
the Hidden Village shrouded in snow
and invisible to prying human eyes.
But just look at what's happening now.
The Snow Gods have started attacking us.
Mmm. Delicious!
There isn't much I can tell you.
Let's start by talking to Gozen.
[metal clanking]
- Strange. [grunting]
- [Tsumugi] What's wrong?
- [Dad] This turnstile's jammed.
- [clanking continues]
- Oh... Dad!
- [man] Izuru!
Under martial law, it's a crime to leave.
You should know that.
We're in a hurry,
so help me get out of this thing!
Sure, I'll get you out.
But you're spending the night in custody.
- [quietly] Tsumugi, go on without me.
- You sure?
It's fine. I'll figure out
a way to catch up with you.
Now go!
[man] Huh? Oh... Hey!
Get back here!
[Tsumugi gasps]
[both grunting]
- Go after her!
- Uh, yeah.
[mystical music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[weakly] Where'd she run off to?
[breathing shakily]
[music ends]
So, uh...
Have you remembered something new?
When I was inside of that Snow God,
it felt like
I was having this strange dream.
I saw a mask.
And I heard bells.
- Snow Gods were flying around me.
- [gasps] What? It's Hiiragi.
[Hiiragi] And a girl
was looking at the snow.
Then... I heard a woman say,
"Don't leave me alone."
- Then she said, "Tsumugi."
- [Tsumugi gasps]
[Hiiragi] Then again,
maybe I was the one calling to Tsumugi?
I'm not sure.
- [Gozen] Perhaps this is our punishment.
- Uh?
In the deepest recesses
of the Hidden Village,
there's a place called Oni Island,
which is home to a shrine,
wherein there sits the Spirit Mask
that we've long used
to summon the Snow Gods.
The Spirit Mask has powers?
That's right.
It's what makes the Snow Gods
keep our home hidden from humans.
I'm confused.
Why's it so important
the village stay hidden?
[Gozen] You might understand a bit,
now that you've become an oni.
No matter what country you go to
or what era you find yourself in,
there will be those who can only live
by suppressing their feelings.
These people need a place where
they're safe and free to be themselves.
That's what this place is.
And that's why I must protect it.
- [Tsumugi] Hmm!
- [footsteps approaching]
So, if we destroy this mask,
then the Snow Gods will leave us alone.
Is that right?
Didn't realize you were back... Tsumugi.
Hi, Hiiragi.
You were tough to find.
If you break the mask,
then our Hidden Village
will be hidden no longer.
And what will happen
if everyone gets eaten?
I don't see much point
in a village without people.
Oh, Hiiragi.
You turned into an oni.
[Hiiragi shakily] Yeah.
I bet you must be hungry.
Let's grab a bite together.
Chief Gozen, can we raid the food pantry?
I'm super hungry.
Sure, knock yourselves out.
- Let's go. Hiiragi.
- [Hiiragi] Okay.
Tsumugi. You're not...
going to go there, are you?
Hey, Toko?
Look after those kids for me, would you?
They worry me.
[Toko] Understood.
[indistinct background chatter]
Hiiragi... I'm so sorry.
I, uh, said some awful things
back at the park.
Same here.
Sorry. I shouldn't have tried
to push my feelings onto you like that.
[woman] Excuse me, dears.
[both chuckle softly]
[man in distance] It seems secure!
[man] This is no time to act out.
I can't believe you.
[men grunt]
[man] You stupid... Wait!
What are you... [groaning]
- [loud thud]
- [man groaning]
[man] Wait! Izuru!
[child] Get ready! Catch!
[Hiiragi] You're planning
to go to Oni Island, aren't you?
Oh, uh... I wasn't planning on it.
We'll go together.
No, we won't.
You need to stay here where it's safe.
I just wanna be wherever you are.
Well, even so...
Well, this is the food pantry.
There should be lots of stuff in here
that's ready to eat.
- [Hiiragi gasps]
- Cool, right?
- Grab whatever you want. Go ahead.
- [chuckles]
[Hiiragi] This is amazing.
There's so much in here.
- [door squeaks, bangs]
- Huh?
- Tsumugi?
- [metallic jangle]
I... is something wrong?
[grunts] Tsumugi!
[gentle piano music playing]
Open the door! Please! Tsumugi!
- Tsumugi!
- [banging at door]
I'm sorry, but there's no way
I could take you.
You still have a chance
of returning back home.
- [Hiiragi] What are you talking about?
- So just stay right here.
- [Hiiragi] I wanna stay with you!
- Hiiragi...
[Hiiragi] Why are you...
[sighs softly] I'm so glad
I got to meet you, Hiiragi.
[footsteps approaching]
[banging at door]
[Hiiragi, sadly] Tsumugi.
- [distant bang]
- Oh!
[grunts] Help me!
If you can hear me, please open the door!
- Is anyone out there?
- [banging at door]
- [Hiiragi] Let me out of here, please!
- [banging continues]
Who's that yelling in there?
My name is Hiiragi!
Sorry, but... would you please let me out?
[gasps] Oh, wait, it's Hiiragi.
I'm glad you're not dead.
[quietly] Uh? Is that Tsumugi's dad?
[Izuru] Why are you in there?
[Hiiragi] 'Cause of Tsumugi.
She locked me in.
[child] Whoa! [laughing]
[Izuru distantly]
Do you know where she went?
- [child] Huh?
- [Hiiragi] She's planning...
I'll say once you let me out.
Hey, sis, I can hear people
talkin' through the walls.
[Izuru] The only reason Tsumugi
came back here was to try and save you.
If she's locked you in here, that means
she doesn't want to involve you in this...
[through speakers] ...any more than she has.
You should think about how Tsumugi feels.
[Hiiragi] I know.
I want to value Tsumugi's feelings. I do.
I've realized that
my feelings have value too!
My whole life, I've always gone
with what the people around me wanted.
It became second nature.
I stopped questioning it.
But then I met Tsumugi
and traveled with her.
It's thanks to her that I've learned
how important it is
to trust in your own feelings.
Hm! I wanna help Tsumugi see this through!
And not because I was told to!
I might not be of much use to her.
I might even die.
But still... I want to be with Tsumugi!
So, please, sir,
open the door and let me do this!
[metallic clank]
Hiiragi, let's do this.
[music ends]
Huh? Why...
- [woman 1 sighs]
- [man 1] Oh.
- Wear this.
- [Hiiragi] Oh.
- I'll guide you to the island.
- Yeah? Thanks so much. I owe you.
- [woman 2] Wear this too.
- I appreciate it.
- Good luck out there, okay? Be safe!
- Try not to die!
- [woman 2] Do take care.
- [man 2] All the best.
- Hm.
- Hm.
Everyone, thanks for your support!
[engine starts]
[upbeat music playing]
- Sorry for the wait. Thanks for coming.
- No problem.
- [Hiiragi] Thank you.
- I wondered about this myself.
Izuru, hop on behind me.
- You ride with her, Hiiragi.
- 'Kay!
Thanks again, ma'am.
- Did you track down Tsumugi?
- Uh... yes.
- But she kinda ended up ditching me.
- [scoffs]
I see. Well, some of us like to be chased.
- [gasps]
- Let's go.
[engine revving]
[music intensifies]
[wind whistling]
[sighs] Oh no.
The village.
- [man] We'll go on foot from here.
- [music ends]
This is the path to the shrine.
Or it should be.
[wind whistling]
[Snow God wails]
[dark dramatic music playing]
- [loud crash]
- [gasps]
[music intensifies]
- [gasps]
- [gasps]
There are so many of them.
- You guys go ahead.
- [Hiiragi grunts]
[Izuru yelps]
- [Hiiragi] Izuru!
- You'll have to go on without us, Hiiragi!
Follow the wind tunnel,
and you'll reach Oni Island!
But I...
I trust you to find Tsumugi!
[man] We need to fall back!
Aoi, hurry and get word to Gozen!
Don't wait for us!
Wasn't gonna!
- [thoughtful music playing]
- [Tsumugi breathing shakily, panting]
Hm? This smell...
[Snow God wails distantly]
"Follow the wind tunnel." [gasps]
[Snow God wails]
[mystical music playing]
[Tsumugi] Is this...
It's Oni Island.
I'm here, Mom.
It's a hot spring.
[Hiiragi groaning]
- [loud whoosh]
- [gasps]
[Hiiragi moaning]
[groans shakily]
[shakily] Oh. [moans, gasps]
Is that the shrine?
[Gozen] Then we're sure they won't come
by way of the northern shrine path.
So let's send
our security teams to the Second Bridge.
If we split the Snow Gods up,
we can assign two people to each of them.
Go tell everyone! Leave the North Gate
and defend the Second Bridge!
[moaning softly]
- [moans, gasps]
- [bells ringing chaotically]
[ethereal music playing]
If we end up with a girl,
then what do you think of "Tsumugi"?
Wait, that was Dad.
- Oh, what a cute name. [gasps]
- Oh!
- I felt a kick.
- [gasps] Did you?
- [Tsumugi] Mom!
- I guess the baby likes it too.
[baby crying]
[Tsumugi] Is that... me?
Where'd Daddy go? Boo!
Where are you, Mom?
Are you in here?
[woman] We'll never forget
the sacrifice you've made for us!
[man] Our future is in your hands.
I have no doubt
that you're going to make us all proud.
[Mom echoing] Tsumugi... I'm sorry.
[Mom] But I have to protect everyone.
[Tsumugi giggling]
[Mom] Tsumugi...
[man] The Snow Gods
are blessing us once more!
- Good morning.
- Good morning to you too.
[people chatter]
- Hey, I brought food.
- Thank you very much.
Go have fun, but be careful.
- [man sighs]
- [Mom] They all look so happy.
I made the right choice, didn't I?
- [kids] Oni in! Fortune in!
- [man] Ow!
[Mom] I wish I was with them.
Why only me?
I've had enough.
[menacing whoosh]
[Snow Gods wailing]
- [Snow God screeching]
- [Aoi grunting]
[Tsumugi] Mom.
I've realized that
I never knew anything about you.
I was just blindly angry.
[wavering] I painted you as a bad person.
Because that would mean
it wasn't my fault.
The fact that
you weren't with us wouldn't be my fault.
I'm sorry, Mom.
- Mom, I'm so sorry!
- [gasps]
Tsumugi? Is it really you? Where are you?
I'm right here!
It's okay, Mom! I found you!
[music intensifies]
Over here, Mom!
I'm so sorry.
You're the most important thing
in the world to me, so how could I...
how could I let myself abandon you?
It's all right, Mom. Let's just... go... home.
- [Mom continues sobbing]
- Dad's waiting for us.
I've got a lot to catch you up on.
- And there's someone I want you to meet.
- [Mom continues sobbing]
- [music fades out]
- [rumbling fades in]
What is this? Tsumugi!
It'll all be buried!
[rumbling fades out]
[moaning] What happened?
It's so dark.
Oh yeah. I was caught in an avalanche.
[grunting] I can't... move at all.
[breathing shakily]
It feels so warm.
[grunts, sighs]
Wait, these are Hiiragi's footprints.
[thoughtful piano music playing]
[Tsumugi] Oh, uh, I wasn't planning on it.
We'll go together. [echoes]
[Tsumugi] No, we won't.
You need to stay here where it's safe.
[echoing] You gotta guide me
to the Hie Shrine, okay?
- Why are you following me?
- 'Cause you left me no choice.
I'm a hard worker.
Please let us stay. You won't regret it.
[chuckles softly] I made it this far
'cause you were here with me, Hiiragi.
Tsumugi... Please, she needs help!
[Hiiragi] Thank you! For everything!
[Tsumugi] See you later!
[Tsumugi] I am who I am
'cause of the connections I made
with the people I met.
I'm so glad I got to meet you, Hiiragi.
If they're still a part of me,
then you and I are still connected!
I really just wanna make sure that
I do my best for you.
[Tsumugi] Hiiragi!
- [grunts]
- Oh! [moans]
[Hiiragi] I don't mind
covering her bus fare.
I... if that's okay?
- [driver] What is this? Are you with her?
- [Hiiragi] Yeah. I am.
- [snow crunching]
- [Hiiragi] Tsumugi!
Tsumugi. Hey.
[gasps] Oh, thank goodness.
I'm so glad you're okay.
How are you here?
- Hiiragi...
- [piano music playing]
While I was locked inside that pantry,
I had a lot of time
to think about what I actually wanted.
I decided to start valuing
my true feelings.
That gave me strength,
and everyone supported me.
What do you mean by your "true feelings"?
Well, uh...
- That I wanna be with you, Tsumugi!
- Wait, you mean, like...
[wind howling]
[music intensifies]
[both gasping]
Just hang on!
[music intensifies]
[Snow God wails]
[Aoi] What the...
- [Izuru] Shion!
- [gasps]
[Shion] Izuru!
What's going on? You okay?
[Shion] It's Tsumugi!
She hasn't come back!
Wait. Does that mean she found you?
Uh, look there.
[Shion gasps]
[Izuru] Tsumugi?
[both chuckle]
Mom, you're here!
Hi there, Mom. Welcome back.
It's so good to be back.
You're all grown up.
[Shion] I'm sorry
I made you feel so alone.
Honestly, I did convince myself
I was alone.
I had Dad with me.
And I met Hiiragi too.
So, the truth is,
I was barely alone for a second.
I'm okay.
I see. I'm so glad to hear that.
- Let's go home now.
- Sure.
Do you wanna come with?
I think... I should go.
- Oh, right.
- [gentle piano music playing]
Go on, Hiiragi.
[Tsumugi] Hiiragi!
Thanks for everything!
Oh, and Hiiragi!
Have a safe journey home!
Hiiragi, wait!
Say hi to your sister for me!
- [man 1] Hurry up!
- [man 2] I am!
I suppose the Hidden Village
will just have to adapt.
[music ends]
[Dad] Hm?
[gasps] Hiiragi!
It's you!
Where have you been this whole time?
You're not hurt, are you?
I've been so worried.
- Where are those two...
- Listen, Dad. I'm sorry I worried you.
I've got a lot of things
I'd like to tell you.
- Let's go home.
- Mm.
[hopeful music playing]
[music continues]
[birds chirping]
[music fades out]
- [horn blares]
- Hm?
Bus is now departing.
[doors hiss shut]
[Tsumugi] Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Wait! I'm getting off!
Wha... Tsumugi?
Oh! Hi, Hiiragi. Just where have you been?
[groaning] Uh... huh?
Care to explain why you never visited?
Wha... I tried! But every time
I walked through the entrance,
it just... led me to some other place.
- Oh... right! Only oni can get through it.
- Ah.
[Tsumugi] By the way,
were you able
to talk things out with your dad?
Mm. It's honestly
still a work in progress.
But we're okay now.
One more thing. This is yours.
[Tsumugi] Thanks.
So, Hiiragi. Speaking of
communicating feelings,
I came to share mine.
[Hiiragi] Uh, wait! You mean...
- Let me go first!
- [Tsumugi] No, no, no, no, no!
It's my turn, for sure. Right?
[lively pop music playing]
[music fades out]
[gentle orchestral music playing]
[music fades out]