My Pretend Girlfriend (2014) Movie Script

What is even more sudden than lightning?
What is the greatest injustice?
Having things you don't deserve
Who really understands this world?
Those who understand themselves
What is the secret to 'eternity'?
Where can you find it?
Momose, look at me (My Pretend Girlfriend)
Excuse me
[Blue Flowers]
[A novel by German poet Novalis]
Yes, I'm on my way
I'll be staying at my parents' place
A meeting?
What should we do..
Then, I'll drop by the school when I arrive
Oh... I saw it
Well, the letter is fine
You'd normally confirm that before sending it out, though
Nothing, nevermind
Uh, about the location
A gym..
That's far too large
It's not like more than 3 people will show up
That's.. do you know how big the first print was?
It was only..
Yes.. yes
Then, later
Alright, thanks
Why this picture?
Menswear by Miyazaki
It's been a long time
How many years?
Since graduation, I think?
So.. 15 years?
I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch
I haven't been back here at all
Then you haven't seen any friends, either?
You're drooling
How old is she?
She's 4
Her name's Sakura
Since she was born in April
(when Sakura bloom in Japan)
Your lecture is tomorrow, right?
You know about it?
The letter was sent to all the alumni
Give me a break..
I don't really want to do it but Yoshioka-sensei is so pushy
I read your book
It's pretty good
You really are an author
Oh, please
The contract was only for one book
it's not much different from being unemployed
No, you're impressive
I've just become an old lady
Not at all
You're still very pretty, Kanbayashi-senpai
The town hasn't changed at all
Feels like I've just got off a time machine
Hey, it's Kanbayashi-senpai from third year
Tetsuko-san is as pretty as ever
I should confess to her
Idiot, there's no way she'd go out with you
Why? You don't know
There's no way she would
She's way too pretty
Where are you aiming?
Level 32
It's nothing
A person's level
A combination of their looks, intelligence, and youth
They have things like that in RPGs
Then what about Yamamoto-kun?
Level 21
His face is fine, but his personality is terrible
And Onishi-kun?
Completely average, so 50?
Then.. yourself?
I guess I'm level 2
Oh, good, not 1
Your own level should be like that
Being self-aware is enough
I see
Then I've just leveled up to 2, as well!
She looked at me!
No, me!
It was totally me
She's too cute
She has a great smile
Level 99
What kind of person does a person like her go out with?
It's hopeless unless you can beat the last boss
Aihara-kun, are you married?
There's nobody who would marry me
I wonder.. think you'd be popular
Not at all
Let me know if you ever need a white kimono
[worn by women at weddings]
Oh yeah, your family does tailoring
Sakura-chan will probably be popular at kindergarten
I also have a boy in grade 3
He looks just like his dad
I'd like to meet him
I can't believe you're a mom
Everyone feels that way
Like who?
Uh.. everyone
Your husband must be happy
I see, it's Miyazaki Shun
Long time no see!
We're in the same high school
I didn't realize!
Ah, yes
How's your mom?
She still putting pineapple in the curry?
It's as bad as ever
Miyazaki-senpai, in the summer does your mom still
Call me Shun-niichan, like in elementary school
Earlier, I saw your girlfriend at school
Kanbayashi-senpai has a lot of admirers in my class
You should look out for her shoes
[they are taken by male students in schools sometimes]
I can give her all the shoes she needs
I saw you with a short haired girl by the station
Hey, Noboru
Are you seeing anyone right now?
Can't you tell?
No way I'd be seeing anyone
I see
You don't have someone in Tokyo?
There's no way there'd be one
A girl you like?
Sakura is a nice name
Thank you
I decided to name my kids after flowers
Do you know the meaning behind "Sakura"?
Refined, a beautiful heart, things like that
You've said something like that before, haven't you?
The day the four of us all went out together
Isn't that Miyazaki-senpai?
It is!
Senpai is here!
He's calling you
The last boss
This is Aihara Noboru
Hello, I'm Momose You
Nice to meet you
Hey, you looked like you are close with Miyazaki-senpai
Yeah, we've been friends since we were kids
Then you live close together?
- Then you use the same train station?
- And went to the same middle school?
- Yeah
What's going on?
Aihara-kun and Miyazaki-senpai were friends as kids!
Sorry, I'm going to go get some lunch
You don't look well, you alright?
Something happen?
I forgot my wallet..
In the classroom? Should we go get it?
I can help if it's 200 yen
Tanabe-kun.. There's something bugging me
Let's have lunch together
I'm going out with her
I'm Momose You, class 1-3
Aihara-kun's girlfriend
Oh, really
Uh, I want to have lunch with Tanabe-kun
Then let's go home together
I'll wait for you on the roof after class
Why are you sorry?
For some reason
She's cute
Who was that?
A classmate
But we've never spoken
You haven't spoken even though you're classmates?
Be careful not to trip!
Bye, Yoshioka-sensei!
They were holding hands
Hold on
Your hands are so sweaty
You're the one who grabbed my hand
Can you not talk to me outside of school?
But we might right into Kanbayashi-senpai
I might be late, so I'm gonna go
I should get going
I need to make food
Sa-chan, stand up
I've got it, senpai
It's fine, I'm the one who invited you
No, I'll get it
Could we talk a bit more?
Well, it's been a long time
Also.. there's.. there's something I've always wanted to ask you
Yes, always
Got it? This is a secret between us
It seems like we've been seen together
Rumors are flying, distrust is growing
Doesn't this mean you'd be playing both hands?
It's all a misunderstanding
But if we deny it, the rumors won't stop
For example, lets say my childhood friend is going out with her
Then there'd be no problem
She and I happened to meet at the station
And waited for the train together
It seems we looked close
But that wouldn't be strange
She's my friend's girlfriend
To stop the rumor, we need a bigger one
Anything strange about that?
That would mean.. we would..
It means.. we would act like a couple
And get rid of Kanbayashi-senpai's doubts
Simple, right?
Let's go this way
This way's a shortcut
Excuse us, passing through!
Who's this slithering guy?
Your boyfriend?
If you do that, we don't look like a couple, do we?
Do you actually want to do this?
Come closer
We're supposed to be dating
Weather's nice
Talk about something
I can't talk while I eat
At least talk sometimes
It's hard when you're always grumpy
Who's grumpy?!
Time to go home
You're so slow
Hey, do it properly
Use soup!
I know how
Hurry it up, idiot
This is the only place I can live with how little you talk
I didn't ask for all this
I know
That's why I'm trying my best
Trying, huh
It's been two weeks
No rumors are spreading
Maybe we should stop this
Maybe you were the wrong guy the role
We don't seem like we'd ever be dating
Why do you look down?
Normally you'd look to the sky when you come to the roof
There's nothing to see up there, not even clouds
You'll get dirty
It's fine
I can see your panties
So relaxing
Where do you talk with Miyazaki-senpai?
We text.. and call?
That's all?
Sometimes I go see him before he has to work
You're fine with that?
With what?
Well, Miyazaki-senpai is..
You've never fallen for someone, have you?
How was Miyazaki-senpai
as a kid?
Not much different from now
He's the reason I'm alive
She fell asleep
There really is nothing to see
Good morning
Good morning!
You've in a bad mood first thing, aren't you?
And you're pretty happy, aren't you?
Did something good happen?
Have you read this?
Miyazaki-senpai gave it to me
I was up all night reading it
Was it good?
I figured something out
Miyazaki-senpai is
Nil admirari
[A Latin expression: "to be surprised/moved by nothing"]
Even he isn't sure
If he likes me, or Kanbayashi
Nil.. ad..?
You'll never be popular without any culture
I got this from Miyazaki-senpai
In elementary school
I'm gonna take it, okay?
Hey, wait!
Another time, okay?
This is Aihara Noboru
Nice to meet you
I'm Kanbayashi Tetsuko
Shun-kun's told me about you
And you're Momose-san?
How do you know my name?
It's good you're close
Aihara-kun, thanks for being a good friend to Shun-kun
Let's be friends too, okay?
Momose-san, too
She seemed nice
I'm glad our plan went well
Are you okay with this?
With what?
Our hands. We've left school
Hey, is there a reason to keep doing this?
There isn't
We'll do it anyway
Did you know?
45% of couples break up in the first 2 years
So I'll be patient
For when they do
Is there any credibility to that statistic?
I heard it on TV
But that means 55% don't break up, right?
I have to go
I'll be late to see him
She's seeing him today, too?
Keep coming, keep coming
Thank you
Was that your girlfriend?
No, she's not
She's cute
Must be nice being a high schooler
That's youth for you
It's not like that
You must be kidding, I'd love to have a relationship like that
It's really not like that
Sorry for coming so suddenly
It's fine, I wanted to talk about today anyway
Did I
Did I do well?
It was so sudden, I was surprised
Yeah, it was fine
I see
Tetsuko said you seemed nice
I should thank Noboru, too
Maybe she wasn't worried about the rumor
But, I
I get it
["Maihime", the book Momose had]
Sorry for calling so late
Thanks for today
It seems to have cleared up Tetsuko's misunderstanding
Kanbayashi-senpai seemed like a good person
She trusts people a bit too much
A bit like a child
How's Momose-san?
She's fine
I just saw her
[Notes about "Maihime", "Nil admirari" and its meaning]
Momose You
I read Maihime
You're an idiot
My stomach hurts
You alright?
It's the middle of class
I know
Did you eat something bad?
She says its stress
If that beats you, you can't get by in our society
It's fine, I'm only level 2
Things you say..
Sometimes I don't get it
Hey, what do you think about a double date?
Kanbayashi-san wants the four of us to go out together
All four of us? The whole day?
You don't want to?
You never should have taken part in this, then
I'll do it
You changed your mind
I'll do anything
If it's for Miyazaki-senpai
I wonder if Miyazaki-senpai is there
Is there a girl you like?
If there is.. we're doing something terrible
Miyazaki-senpai and I, of course
There isn't, really
I see
If you find one, let me know
I'll say you dumped me
That aside, what kind of clothes do you normally wear?
Are you realling coming to my place?
Isn't just anything fine?
I'll be embarrassed if you come to a date in lame clothes
Train's here
How about
You found my notebook at the train station
And I came to you to get it
I wouldn't hand it to you
I'd probably give it to the station master
Okay, then, I found your notebook
You're a little too persistent about the notebook
We have to come up with something or she'll figure it out
So, you found my notebook
How about this?
One Sunday,
In my third year of elementary school
I was with my cute little sister at a park
I accidentally fell asleep
And when I woke up my sister was gone
"What's wrong?"
Asked the boy in front of me
I explained that I lost my sister
He told me to wait right here
And ran off somewhere
Did you know?
When people get too anxious, they can't think of what to do
Miyazaki-senpai has always been good at finding people
I think he'll eventually do something great
Something great?
I'm not sure
What will you be when you grow up?
I won't be anything special
What do you mean?
There's nothing I can be
Next station, right?
Sorry for intruding
Mom, slippers
Sorry! It's the first time Noboru has brought a girl home
Mom, you're in the way, move
You always call me mother
Acting different for her
Don't worry about it, I'll be leaving soon
I've only come to pick clothes for a date
Nice, a bed!
We only have futons at home
You're reading it?
Oh, yes
I wonder why Senpai gave me this book
Who knows
I think Ellis was happy
[character in the book]
Was she?
If there is even one moment
Where one can open their heart
Then it's a fulfilled love
You're a romantic, huh
Where are your casual clothes?
In there?
There's nothing decent
Well, I guess it'll be fine
Just a shirt and some chino pants
We should cut your hair, too
You have a suit?
Ah, Miyazaki-senpai's dad made that
Senpai's dad did?
He was a really good tailor
He made fencing gear in the past
You don't know Miyazaki Tailors?
It was pretty famous
I got it from his will
His will?
He's dead
You didn't know?
Senpai doesn't talk about his family
It's so baggy!
Here you go
Why curry in the afternoon?
Normally it would be cakes or something
I don't care what's normal
You bringing home a girl is itself not normal
Momose-san, go ahead
Yes, thank you
You gotta stop putting pineapple in curry
It's delicious!
You don't have to force it
I'm not, it's really good
Your sense of taste is just weird
But she made it for my sake
So of course it would be good
So happy it has to be good
Thank you for the food
My pleasure
I'll take care of cleaning up
I'm good at cleaning dishes
Thanks for helping
The curry was good
You liked it?
Yeah, it's the first time I've had it with pineapple
It's unusual, isn't it?
Yeah, but it was good
Your mom's a good person
She seemed really happy about us
My dad
is a really big liar
"This Sunday, I'll take you to the zoo"
He says that every week
For more than ten years
But he hasn't done it even once
So I hate lies
Let's stop this
There's no value in your feelings getting across for only a moment
If every other moment belongs to someone else
I know that
Should I tell Senpai?
He wasn't interested from the start
But I made him
So it's fine
Because I fell for him
You often call me an idiot
I'm the idiot
You can't do that!
You're so late!
I'm hungry
I'll starve to death
It's child abuse!
Where did you learn that word?
No more TV for you
Where's mom?
Asleep. She said she works at the dollar store tonight
Make food soon!
Wait by the TV
["Gets" is the catchphrase of comedian Dandy Banno]
[The closest cultural translation might be "Got you!", or TBBT's "Bazinga"]
Food's ready
Food, guys
Stop watching tv
It's time to eat
Thanks for the food
Looks good
Does it? Really?
It's good!
You're just eating rice, eat the vegetables too
Want some food?
Where's dad?
He said he has an important meeting
A meeting without a job?
He's probably just playing pachinko again
That's even dumber
He's an idiot~
Thanks for the food
Hey, eat the carrots too
Tonight is your last night shift, right?
Yeah, for this week
I'll be back
See you later
See you later
Counting on you, little mother
Bye, then
Come here
Your girlfriend's here
Don't cut it too much
It'll be fine
I always cut my brother's hair
Today, a girl in my class asked me what's so good about you
I didn't know what to say
Enough that I wanted someone to tell me the answer
What did you say?
I said it's that you're about as hopeless as a slug
That's pretty mean
Makes me want to die
Yeah, you would
It's a lie, though
I did praise you
I said you've got guts
I want to die even more
Why? Are you dumb?
Okay, it's done
Momose, have you ever wanted to die?
Of course
Please don't die
I won't
Of course I won't
Thank goodness
You're a nice guy
So nice it's gross
Makes me want to vomit
Why? It's a good thing, isn't it?
Being a good person is pretty worthless
But Miyazaki-senpai is a good person
He's not a good person
He's an idiot
You like him even though he's an idiot?
I don't get it
I see
I hope you get it one day
Weather's nice
I'd like to die already
I'm lying
Let me cut your hair
I don't think you know how
And I'm growing it out anyway
Like Kanbayashi-senpai?
Hold on
I'm happy
I've always wanted to eat this
Why haven't you?
You know why
We're not allowed to have snacks out of the house
You still follow that rule?
Maybe it's more like a habit
Besides, it's better to not be able to get everything you want
We had ice cream together before, right?
It's a bit nostalgic
I should have had a matcha parfait
Let me have some
I have pretty good self control
Saying it about myself, though
Can you pull off the act all day?
I'll do it
We are dating
We are dating
I'm happy even though it's like this
I'm happy I can spend my day off with Miyazaki-senpai
That's good
Alright, let's do this
This flower is pretty
Ah, the Delphinium
This flower represents discipline, self sufficiency, compassion
It spreads happiness over you
You know your stuff
I like flowers
You're exactly how I pictured you
I don't get women
I don't get you
You seem to be doing well with Momose
You looked like a real couple just now, it surprised me
You told us to do that
I don't get me either
Should we get something?
There's a theater here, huh
I had no idea
So this is what you do on dates
Detective John Book
Eye Witness
While trying to protect a boy who witnessed a murder
a detective stays in an Amish neighborhood that protects an older lifestyle
and falls in love with the boy's mother
[The premise of "Witness", a 1985 film starring Harrison Ford]
Love grows when there are obstacles, doesn't it?
This looks interesting
It does
Thanks for today
I'm happy we get to watch this movie together
What's wrong?
I don't feel well
I was so nervous yesterday, I couldn't sleep
That's a bit pathetic
Let's go in
You go ahead
Aihara-kun doesn't seem to be feeling well
Are you okay?
I'm totally
Please, go ahead
Then.. we'll go on in
Let's go
Even though I'm fine
You don't need to see it?
It's fine
It'll be boring anyway
You're tired, right?
I'll let you use my shoulder
I want to ride a boat
But they say couples who ride these boats will break up
You believe things like that?
Well, not really
You want to, right?
Then let's do it this way
Are you alright now?
Yeah, sorry I couldn't watch it
What kind of story was it?
A love story about two people who lead very different lives
The scene where they embraced eachother in front of a sunset was really beautiful
Do you think its possible for people that different to come together?
I think it's fine in a setting like that
God will let it be
I'm so happy, 4-Scoop Ice Cream!
It's been a while since I had it
This is called 4-Scoop Ice Cream?
It's famous around here
You've never had it, Kanbayashi-san?
Her family has this rule
No eating snacks outside the house
Their maid prepares things to eat at home
Is this something people would normally have tried?
In the summer of grade 2
Senpai took mine and made his an 8-Scoop
I've never forgotten it
That's awful!
Even then, 7 of them fell off!
I cried
I had to see my favorite matcha ice cream on the road
Matcha is my favorite, too!
Mine too!
You're both old fashioned!
[Matcha is typically seen as something older people like]
I'm the only one who had no idea about this
I feel like an outsider
It's good!
I picked up one that fell off
Thought I would give it to you
I'm going to see Tetsuko home
Thank you for today
See you both again
Playing catch was fun
It would be nice if we were all just friends
Don't follow me
I'll see you home
It's fine
I'll do it
You're troublesome
Let me be alone
Do you think I'm fine with this?
This is the worst
The absolute worst
The worst is..
Unattended bikes are the worst, aren't they?
They can't consider people's feelings
I really hate it
What's wrong?
Are you alright?
So everything was an act
We're not going out
There's no feelings between us
The things she's done for me
Holding hands
Cutting my hair
Lending me her shoulder
Coming to my house
Wearing my clothes
Having fun with my mother
Complimenting her food
She's really mean
So mean
You've really fallen for her, havent you?
Which one do you want?
The chocolate one?
It'd be better if we never met
It'd be better if she stayed a stranger
I wonder
I don't think so
Do you know the ending of Maihime?
Ellis, thrown away by the boy she loved, goes totally crazy
Love is terrifying
It being something she could go crazy over is proof it was special
It'd be better if I never knew all this
I'd like to know those things
This feeling is a monster
It grows in you and you can't do anything
Tell me what zoo has "monsters" like that
I'm sure it's really pretty
If it's you, you can beat him
The last boss
A level is something that goes up just by fighting
It's nostalgic, isn't it?
We played here a lot as kids
You still alone?
I haven't been here since my dad died, though
Do you remember?
It's scarred, huh
He couldn't pay off that amount of debt in his entire life
An artisan shouldn't try his hand in management
Right? It's a bit laughable
It's all because he's just an artisan
Shun-chan, where are you going?
Has Noboru come yet?
That day was your dad's wake, right?
But it's fine
Why do you think I showed up?
I ran off
So it worked out
I was the one who was saved
So forget it
I'm still thankful
If you hadn't come, I'd have died of blood loss
You're exaggerating
You don't have to listen to me
I'm still using you
You've gotten taller
Do you have a dream for the future?
A dream?
I'm going to re-open this shop
I'll do anything to make that happen
My dream is to grant my father's dream
You're doing it for that?
You're dating Kanbayashi-senpai just because of that?
Not just that
What about Momose?
What is she to you?
What's up with you? Don't get so serious
Come to think of it, you two are getting close
Why don't you just start dating?
Go ahead, hit me
Hit me!
You really are Nil admirari
You really don't have any interest
That's why you can live with it
I'm below you in every regard
I'm only level 2
I actually want to understand other people's struggles
So I get it
You're hurting everyone
So hit me
I respect you
You're as annoying as ever
The things you know aren't the only right ones
Even I..
[He is acting the opposite of Nil admirari]
To Momose
What are you doing?
I can't believe you're here
I came to give you a letter
I don't understand
This is from Miyazaki-senpai
Let's take a walk
I think he did like me
And there are lies written in here
I don't know
You didn't read it?
Of course not
People normally would
I wouldn't
I think I would
What was in it?
That we shouldn't meet anymore
No more calls or texts, either
There is no why
There are things that can't be helped
What should I do from now on?
You'll fall for someone else
I can't believe that this would ever become a good memory
I'll be stuck with this feeling forever
He's an idiot
You're an idiot!
Miyazaki Shun, I love you, you idiot!
I still love you!
But I really hate you!
You idiot!
You don't understand feelings like this, do you?
I'm not able to understand
It'd be good if you can one day
You really are a good person
Let's go back
This will be the end of our act
So we won't go home together anymore?
I suppose people who break up don't talk even if they see eachother at school
I guess not
I'm sure we won't speak again
I think I'll cut my hair
There's no reason to grow it anymore
Shall I cut it?
No way
Let's go to the zoo
I won't lie anymore
Do you need a napkin?
I don't
Your nose is running
It's not
Show me
I said I'm not crying, idiot
Look at me
I don't want to
Even though it's my last request?
Hey, Momose
Look at me!
Is Miyazaki-senpai at work right now?
He's keeping busy
He always comes home after midnight
If I tell him I saw you, he'll be jealous
His shop seems to be doing well
I saw a poster of his at the station
Yes, it's going well
Did you pay for his classes?
Not me, my dad
He's left the school uniform business to my brother
so Shun-kun is looking forward to doing something new
It melted
I can never finish it
This is a dayflower, isn't it?
You know it well
I thought my next novel would be about Novalis
He's a German poet
Oh, right
The writer of this
It's a story about a man who dreams of a blue flower
and goes on a journey
"What is the greatest injustice?"
"Having things you don't deserve"
The blue flower turned out to be a dayflower
I was interested, so I researched it
"The Meaning of Flowers"
The dayflower represents
Respect, nostalgic relationships, things like that
Did you know?
You gave him a Houzuki, right?
[Chinese lantern plant]
The day the four of us went out together
You gave him a Houzuki that you found
[Betrayal] [Unfaithfulness] [Infidelity]
Did you know?
That's a secret
Thanks for the food
You're welcome
I wonder if she will come to your lecture tomorrow
If you see her, there's something I'd like you to tell her
"Thank you"
There's been a lot between Shun and I since graduation
But I think the reason we got through it is thanks to back then
Back then?
Because it was fun?
[implying it was hard for them]
What about for you?
Then, see you again
Are you happy?
Of course
The happiest in the world
[Aihara Noboru]
These too, please
Yoshioka-sensei, are you planning to give these to every student?
Well, you never know if another author will come from our school
I might be the last if the book fails
You haven't changed, Aihara
You probably don't even remember me from high school
I do
You and your friend, Tanabe
He's studying to become a teacher
You haven't seen him?
Weren't you close?
This book..
Is it not about your time in high school?
[First Love]
It is, of course, a work of fiction
Well, good luck tomorrow
You too
Can I look around the school?
[Students are not allowed on the roof without permission]
There really is nothing to see
[Translated and subtitled by Stythe at]