My Pure Land (2017) Movie Script

You keep a look out from that corner.
What do you want?
Leave here.
Leave, right now!
Get out.
You need to leave.
Leave! Leave right now.
No, I won't. This place is mine.
This house is ours and
no one else has the right to be here.
Why should I go? This place is mine.
Don't step any closer.
Come on.
Hey! Come back!
Mama! Mama!
It was a mistake, I didn't mean to fire.
Come on!
-Quickly, take Mama upstairs.
-My foot slipped and it went off.
Saeda, go upstairs and fire from there.
No matter what,
we can't let them in the house.
Hurry up! Come on!
What are you doing?
You need to fire!
Get out.
Where's the wedding?
Why didn't you stop me?
Have you got toys in your hands or guns?
-What do you mean, Papa?
-I'm saying, are they toys or guns?
You're the one setting fireworks off
at us.
Never mind that!
Why didn't you use your guns
back on the road?
We aren't going to shoot
at our own father.
Why not?
No matter what happens,
you need to protect this land.
By any means.
This isn't just land.
This is your honor.
How many times do I have to tell you?
In this world, nothing is more important
than honor.
Not even your life.
Let me tell you a story.
He's telling stories again.
A long time ago,
a king was in trouble.
Stop telling them stories.
They're not little girls.
Because of you, they are weak.
They're just girls dressed up as boys.
They're scared, they can't fight.
Pick up the gun.
Fire it over there.
-Why? Don't waste bullets.
-Today, we're going to waste bullets,
and they're going to learn!
Come on. Pick up the gun.
Otherwise, I swear that after today,
you'll never be allowed near a gun again.
-Give me some bullets.
-They're in the boot.
You've messed this right up!
They're just firing to scare us.
They won't actually shoot anyone.
We need to get in the house.
Show him the face.
That's enough.
Place the soil in.
Stop. He will throw first.
Are they close? Scare them off.
Keep them away from the house.
We need more bullets.
Look downstairs in your brother's room.
We need to force them back.
What are you waiting for? Shall I go?
Why are you in my room again?
-Get up!
Get out.
Get out of here. Don't you listen?
How many times have I told you?
-Don't come in my room.
-Get off me, brother.
-Why do you keep coming in here?
-Leave me.
Stop, stop.
Sikander, leave her, let's go.
Come on.
Why are you crying?
You're not the one who's bleeding.
Look. Look at this.
Scared of a little bit of blood.
Shall I put it on you?
Is your brother back?
No, not yet.
If you go in my room again,
I won't let you off so easily.
Come on.
Nazo, there's a car coming.
My beloved came into the house
Furtively, with a lowered gaze
Who is it?
It's a Jeep.
My beloved came into the house
What's happening?
...with a lowered gaze.
He said, "Let me help you
put on your earrings"
Are you listening?
The past is the past.
Nobody's coming to save you.
I'm giving you one chance
to come out of the house.
No one will say anything to anyone.
Come on out.
Stay down!
-Stop it, don't waste any more bullets.
-You listen to me. Leave here!
I'm giving you one last chance to leave!
I swear, I won't let any of you
step one foot in this house.
You have no right to it. Leave!
-Has he gone with Zulfiqar?
He's coming.
Papa, do you want this?
Not yet.
Well, then,
what do you want to do?
When will you leave the house?
I won't leave.
You won't?
I helped build that house
with my own hands.
That house is mine.
After me, it will be my son's
and my daughters'.
And after them, it's their children's.
So, you're responsible
for what happens now.
What do you plan to do now?
We'll do something.
Mehrban could do anything.
You need to ask someone for help.
Don't worry. Nothing will happen.
-Take him in there.
-Sir, I didn't do anything.
-Get him in there!
-Sir, I haven't done anything.
-I swear on the Almighty. It wasn't me.
-Sir, I wasn't even there.
I swear I wasn't there,
I came later.
Sir, I swear! I haven't done it!
Well, then,
any ideas where your son is?
I don't know.
We are both innocent.
We didn't do anything.
An innocent man doesn't run away.
Does he?
-By running away, he--
-This is wrong.
My brother is plotting against me.
Really? Okay.
My friend... tell me this.
That house... whose is it?
It's my house. I have the papers.
Really? I heard Mehrban lives there.
No, no, that's my house.
It's my children's house.
I am the rightful owner.
Well, I heard something else.
Listen to me.
That house is mine!
Baba, don't bother with him.
That man's the devil.
Tea boy, give sir some tea.
I've got tea.
-Greetings, Father.
-Greetings, Father.
Papa, we've brought you some food.
What's happening at home?
Where is your mother?
Is she at home?
Yes, Papa.
We fed the cattle this morning.
Hey, why are you here?
What do you want?
Listen, you need to be careful now.
-Has your uncle been around?
Papa, are you in pain?
Don't worry about me.
Do you remember
everything I taught you?
Are you listening?
Now you need Mukhtiar and Munir.
Okay, but we're speaking to a lawyer.
We'll get you home soon.
He said Uncle has no evidence.
Don't waste money.
It won't help.
Okay, go back.
Have you heard anything from him?
He phoned. He's okay.
Okay. Go now.
You are all right, aren't you?
Have faith in God.
Everything will work out.
"All will be lost and forgotten.
All will become a memory.
No one would know how far I had come.
My footsteps would disappear
upon the soil,
which would only choose
to remember me as a traveler--"
Read the other one.
The English one. Here.
-Just read it, will you?
What are you doing?
Nothing. I'm learning.
You should work on your Urdu
before trying to learn English.
No, English is more important.
I'll need it when I travel.
Travel? No one in the next village
speaks English. You'll be fine.
You'll learn English, travel to England,
and have tea with the Queen?
You'll have a great time.
Why don't you take me as well?
I'm joking, sorry.
What, Saeda?
Don't you ever think
about what's beyond this village?
There's just another village.
-Do you speak English?
-Be quiet.
I need more wire.
Thank you.
It's nearly finished.
Make sure you stay inside.
Not even a child should come outside.
Okay? Remember that.
-Well, what happened?
-There was a problem.
Okay, do this.
Ride to the last two houses.
Make sure they understand
that they must not interfere.
-Okay, then come and meet us.
Let's get to the house. Quickly.
They're only women.
They'll scream a lot but won't fight.
We'll stay out front.
You walk around
and try to get in through the back.
What will they do,
hit me with their slippers?
No need for all the tension.
Where will you go? Who will you ask?
How will you get out?
-I'm just saying--
-What's happening?
We need help,
we need more people with guns.
You can leave if you want,
this isn't your fight.
-No one will stop you.
-I'm here for your brother.
-No one asked you.
-Look, be quiet.
There isn't time to go out for help.
Neither is there anyone left
out there to ask.
I know what we can do.
What is this girl doing?
Don't worry, lift your leg up.
You're okay, you're okay.
Where are the keys?
Nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen.
Almost done.
Come on.
-It's really hurting!
-It's nothing.
That's it.
Nothing will happen to you.
Okay, brother.
w w w. 3 g p b l u r a y .n e t
Drag him here!
Bring him here, right now!
-Hit this dirty animal.
-Sir, sir, I didn't do anything.
Grab him and put this murderer
in that room.
You rascal!
I'm not going to let this animal go!
Take him.
Tell me where you were hiding,
and why you killed her.
You killed her and then ran away.
Sir, I'm telling the truth,
I don't even know that girl.
It's okay?
Come on.
-Papa, it's okay.
-Button that up.
-Button up.
-Now what?
-Sort your hair out.
-My hair's fine.
-Do it.
It was so hard to get it set right.
Now you look pretty.
Papa, you said
they wouldn't be here.
Nazo, Saeda, go upstairs.
Go on.
Why are you so shy like a girl?
-He keeps smiling.
What are you doing? Concentrate.
-I am.
-You'll ruin the photo.
If you're smiling in the photo,
people will think you're simple.
It's okay, I can paint over it.
Don't worry.
No, no, there's no need for that.
Sit up straight.
-Don't smile this time.
Okay, then.
I won't smile.
Sir, you know us.
We never take the law into our own hands.
Give me that file.
Papa? Papa?
Are you okay?
What's happened to you? Tell me.
Why don't you say anything?
Look at him.
-Get out!
You too, look at him.
We haven't even touched him.
We heard a sound, ran over
and he was dead inside.
-Come on out!
-My brother can't die.
The body's still here,
come and see for yourself.
Get them out. Can't you hear me?
Don't you understand?
-Get up!
-Brother, get up.
Get up!
Get them out of here.
Youngest to eldest,
they're all criminals.
I investigated them myself.
His dad is here in jail now.
Get out of here!
Brother, what's happened to you?
Papa, what's happened?
Brother, get up.
Papa, why did this happen?
My only brother...
It's okay.
Everything's all right.
Be strong. This was God's will.
God didn't do this.
They did this. They're murderers.
They killed my brother.
Stop it.
That's enough. Leave him.
-Your brother is dead.
-He didn't do anything wrong.
Support each other now.
Take a good look at him.
Death awaits us all.
Papa, why did all this happen to us?
-Listen to me.
I want you to think
about the day I will die.
Cry as much as you want now.
-That day...
-Papa, nothing will happen to you.
Listen to me.
You two are my sons now.
And you two will bury me.
And that day you have to be strong.
That day you can't cry like this.
That day, no one should see
a single tear in your eye.
No one should see a single weakness.
But, Papa...
Brother was innocent.
He didn't do anything wrong.
Tell me,
are you my sons or not?
This isn't right.
Help him.
They're not doing anything.
We've got more guns and bullets
than them.
Now we attack them
and force them back.
-I don't think it's that simple.
-It is! Mama, you stay up here.
I'll send Saeda downstairs.
And if you want to help,
get your motorcycle ready.
-Why didn't you fire at her?
-There's only a few bullets left.
There's plenty left.
Leave here!
If you leave now,
we won't fire at any of you!
This is your last chance!
You no longer have enough bullets or men.
Your man needs a doctor.
It's your last chance. Leave!
Will you leave or not?
-Where are you going?
-You paid us to fight, not to die.
This is the last time I'll tell you.
Tell Uncle not to come back here.
We will not leave here.
What happened?
Stay away from here!
You, go over there.
Tell her to get back.
Nazo, come back!
You need to be strong. Shoot again.
Okay, that's enough. Leave her.
No. This isn't a game
that we're teaching them.
She needs to learn.
If you're going to dress them up like men,
they need to learn
to be strong like them too.
I'm telling you, fire!
Nazo, get on.
Nazo, get on!
Get on, Nazo!
She won't be satisfied unless she's dead.
She's gone crazy!
What were you doing? Were you going
to kill them all with one gun?
It's no good getting yourself killed.
Veer, go over there!
Who is he?
Well, I will look into this.
This is a family matter.
Until one or two people are killed,
the police or me can't get involved.
Listen, sir.
I have the papers.
And the stay order.
My father, may he rest in peace,
left him his share of land.
As for this house,
he knows the land's infertile--
I have a right to that house.
Listen to me. You are both his first sons,
but from different mothers.
So, this is not straightforward.
Who has the right to the land
is debatable.
Father gave you your share of the land.
He knows it's barren land.
What should I do with it?
Throw pickles on it?
I've told you once,
I've explained it to you nicely.
Don't raise your voice.
We're all here to resolve this.
Well, you explain it to him your way.
-You've already received your share.
-The house is mine and I'll take it back.
All right, then.
-What's happening?
-It's about the land again.
What's been decided?
Don't worry, I will do something.
Go ahead and sit inside.
Bashir, get the food out.
And quickly bring me some water.
Wait. We're not thieves,
there's no need to worry.
Is your problem solved?
It's fine.
These politicians and police officers,
they don't know how to work,
they only know how to feed themselves.
Do a deal with me.
I will be responsible for your life.
I've got two hundred men.
What do you think?
Trust that I am on your side.
I can kill whoever you want me to.
Remember, these politicians,
you can't trust them.
Nowadays, men are cheap,
bullets are expensive.
Have a think and let me know.
-How many men are inside?
-Men? Plenty.
-They've been firing at us non-stop.
-No, no.
-There's only one man, the rest are women.
-We don't know that, be quiet.
We just need to get them out.
It's full of women?
What is it, a whore house?
No, no, there are also men.
They shot our driver.
Look, he called us,
because he can't handle some women.
Are you married?
-Have you ever spoken to a woman?
-It's different, these women have guns!
There are women inside?
If I let my men in there
Do you understand?
I just want the house and land.
What are we going to do?
There are too many of them.
-We should send Zulfiqar for help.
-It's too late for that now.
-They've surrounded the house.
-We'll stay inside. Barricade the door.
-No one will get in.
-No, we fight.
Are you going to sit and wait
for them to break the door down?
It's not that bad yet.
We all go back to our positions
and use our bullets wisely.
As long as they don't get near the house,
we'll be fine.
-We must keep them away from the house.
-Mama, you've hurt your leg, stay here.
People will have heard
the shooting by now.
Someone will definitely
come and help us.
Just a little while longer.
We can do this.
Can't we, Munir?
Hey, you!
-Only a little.
Are you all right?
I'm going to the market in the morning.
I'll get you some okra
and send the girls with it tomorrow.
I sold one of the cows to pay the lawyer.
Now he says he needs more
to bribe the judge.
You know the officer at the gate.
He said he could do the job
for less money.
Instead of another inmate,
he would move you ahead.
No one would notice.
I think we should do this.
We will sell off some land
to raise the money.
No, no.
That is never an option.
The land is worth
a lot more than money.
Don't even think about it again.
Don't worry, I'll be out soon.
-Come here!
-What is it?
What happened?
Keep it there.
-Why are you getting upset?
-Do your work. Don't make me hit you.
Don't mess with lightning,
or it'll strike you.
Strike me?
Go and charge your battery.
-To hell with your battery.
-You're good for nothing.
I'm sitting with the elders now.
You need help?
I can help on the outside.
My gang can bribe the police for you.
Kill, kidnap or protect people for you.
The price of life varies.
Baba, I know you're not a rich man.
If you were rich,
you wouldn't be in prison, eh?
What's your father's name?
Choudhry Amjid Ibrahim. He died
of liver cancer a few years ago.
But I knew your father,
Choudhry Allah Ditta.
He taught my father
how to read and write.
That's why I'm going to help you.
Otherwise it makes no difference to me.
If you've no money, don't worry.
You can give us something else.
If you've nothing else, don't worry.
You can give us your car.
Looks like...
your father forgot...
to teach you a few things.
Baba, it's God's will. What can I do?
I'm now the eldest in the family
and have to provide for them somehow.
What can you do?
Have you heard the story
about the spider and the cave?
Baba, we haven't time for stories.
Tell me what you want to do.
Once, the Prophet,
peace be upon him...
-And they...
-What did you just say? I'll strike you!
No! Calm down!
Let go of him!
Have they flown away?
They'll be back.
Someone once asked,
"How long is life in Heaven?"
The Prophet,
peace be upon him, said,
"If a bird picked up a grain of sand...
and then flew
and placed it in the ocean..."
"And then, a thousand years later,
another bird placed a grain in the ocean,
then eventually
the ocean would be filled.
But life in heaven is longer than that."
It is longer than that.
Can you imagine that?
Papa, nobody is dying.
You know
Zulfiqar, he's a hard working boy.
What do you think?
I've got work to do.
Hey! Listen to me.
People in the house, where are you?
Listen to me!
No one will hurt you.
These men are with me.
Don't worry.
Are you listening?
If you come out, you will not be hurt!
Are you listening?
What has happened is in the past.
Nothing will happen now!
Are you listening?
Come out quietly!
These are all our men here!
No one has died yet.
Nothing will happen!
All the women and children
should come out.
Get up!
Pick him up!
Go and get the guy!
Pick him up!
-Where's the key for this?
-I don't know.
-Put this there as well.
-I will.
-Make sure the other things are done.
-It's done.
It's done.
-There's nothing there.
It either went straight through
or it was just a ricochet.
Is it hurting a lot?
No, no.
I think it's just a ricochet.
Put this on there.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Is your brother home?
No, not yet.
If you go in my room again,
I won't let you off so easily.
Come on.
Sir, I wasn't there.
I don't know what happened.
-Come on.
-Sir, we need some water.
Shut up.
Move your dirty hands.
I only had this washed yesterday.
Shut up!
Don't know where they come from!
Get back!
Do you need special instructions?
Get back!
I committed one crime out of anger.
Fair enough, that was my mistake.
But these officers commit
crime after crime.
It's not right,
they are the real criminals.
I warned you not to drink the water.
Is everything okay?
It's nothing.
The girl's lucky, she survived.
We should send men
around the back and front,
then we can take the house.
Where is Umar?
If we all fire at once,
they'll get scared,
and we can take the house--
Shut up! Has your mother paid
for all these bullets?
Drive the bodies back.
Then bring the others.
Where are you going?
To finish the job you paid me to do.
What happened?
Is everything okay?
Yes, Mama. We've barricaded
the front door. They won't get in.
Zulfiqar? Where's Zulfiqar?
Is he okay?
Look outside, they aren't doing anything.
They're just sitting there.
What are they waiting for?
Saeda, only fire if you have to.
We're running low on bullets.
-Let me go and look for some.
I will not leave this house,
no matter what happens.
It's fine, Mama. No one's getting in.
We can hold them off.
I'm saying, I won't leave this house
at any cost.
nothing in this world is more important
than your honor.
Not even your life.
I'll do something. It will be okay.
Forget it.
Nobody can win this fight now.
Mama, why are you saying that?
No matter what happens,
we three will always stay together.
Is that what you want?
Remember, I've told you,
whatever happens, I will not leave
this house while I'm alive.
Keep them safe.
When we need them,
then use them.
Hurry up, they're leaving.
w w w. 3 g p b l u r a y .n e t
-Saeda, hurry up.
-I am.
-Praise the Lord.
You both look beautiful.
Nazo, Saeda...
We're not the richest family.
When I asked God for wealth...
he gave me brain and brawn to work.
Then I asked him for wisdom...
so he stood me in front of problems
so I could solve them.
Then I asked him for strength...
and he made me experience difficulties,
so I would become strong.
I received nothing I wanted.
But I received everything I needed.
Now what you need is...
Here you go.
Papa, they're really nice.
Papa, you shouldn't have.
The reason I bought these
is because I want my outlaws
to always look pretty.
Come on, hurry up, or we'll be late.
Be ready before the party leaves.
-We're coming.
-Come on, come on.
Ahmad, you're here.
Take a family photo before we go.
-No, Papa, leave it.
Why? Come on.
I'll need something to remember you by
when you two get married.
I'm not getting married.
Don't say that.
Come on, the girls take
less time to get ready.
Sikander, you idiot!
Where's your shalwar kameez?
You off to a wedding
or off to America?
-I'm going to America.
-Oh, okay.
Stand straight.
-I'm off to the wedding.
-Come on, Saeda.
Where did you get these kids from?
They're your kids, I just feed them.
They're your kids,
I just let them live here.
Come on!
You'll be out of here, soon.
What time is it?
Somewhere you need to be, Baba?
I've been here eight months.
What does time matter now?
No, while I slept,
did my daughters come?
We're all waiting for them.
Who said that? Who was it?
Be quiet, Baba. Stop going on and on.
No one's coming for us.
Everyone's crying and waiting
for someone, but no one's coming.
Just be quiet.
It's jail. Be quiet.
Stop crying for the past.
How are you?
I must phone home.
Is everything okay at home?
Baba, only after a year will you get
permission to make a phone call.
While you're there,
phone my wife as well!
-I need to phone home.
-Get lost!
No, I just want to know
if there's a problem with the buses.
Back off, before I make you!
It's a simple question.
What's your problem?
What did I say?
He's been talking rubbish!
Bloody annoying!
What did I do?
It's very quiet outside, isn't it?
I'm looking for more bullets.
Did you know,
when we were younger,
me and you, I mean "we,"
we were promised to each other
in marriage?
Yes, I know.
Well, what do you think?
Would you?
I would.
-So, then--
-But only under three conditions.
One: I don't live with my in-laws.
We live here in this house.
Two: That I be allowed
to study and work.
Three: That I have no restrictions
on travel.
Be it anywhere in the world.
So, you'll let me have
a second wife too?
If you can treat us equally.
I don't think I'll find
another one like you.
So then, one's enough.
-Looks like it.
-Okay, then.
Hey! Put your feet inside.
Baba, eat something.
Here, do you want some?
It's no good.
It just makes it worse.
-Have my daughters been?
-No, Baba.
My daughters...
Where does it hurt, Baba?
Tell me, where does it hurt?
I'll do something. Just wait.
Mujeed? Mujeed, hurry up!
We need to go to the hospital!
Have you seen them? Sat there,
chatting, like they're at a wedding.
Look, there's a car coming.
It could be help.
Can you let my family know...?
Do you feel weak?
Yes. My family need to know.
We will call them.
Let the doctor check you first.
Do you know what you have?
When was the last time
you saw a doctor?
When my second daughter
was born.
How many years has it been?
I can't remember.
Maybe sixteen years ago.
Why didn't you bring him in earlier?
Why didn't you bring him in earlier?
Listen, brother, this is a police matter.
He dies here or there,
it's the same thing.
God willing.
Phone my house
We should wait until evening.
The men are tired.
Are you sleeping?
Two, one, nine, eight.
-Will you do it now?
Well, then?
Sir, can you give me a hand?
Let me make a phone call,
then I'll come.
Yes, I will bring it.
I am leaving in two minutes.
-Yes, I am telling you.
I'll get you something on the way.
You'll only get medicines at the hospital.
Okay, I am leaving.
And how is Chotu? Is he okay?
I'll play with him to my heart's content.
Don't laugh, Papa.
Why are you laughing?
Don't laugh.
We're outlaws, ready to fight.
Okay, where are my daughters?
Really? So, who are you?
What are your names?
I'll tell you.
And... Munir.
My two new recruits.
You will look after me.
We promise to always protect you.
A lot better than your simple son.
-Better than a son?
-Yes, sir.
Okay, sit down.
Let me tell you something.
The other day, in the nearby village,
people were burning some rubbish.
From the rubbish, they heard
the sound of a child crying.
This was no accident.
It was a two or three-day-old
little baby girl,
left to burn by her parents.
Because they had wanted a son.
When you two were born,
people taunted your mother.
Friends, relatives
and your grandfather.
He used to tell me to marry again,
so I would have more sons.
They said your mother was cursed.
That was the last day
I saw your grandfather alive.
We fought every day for our daughters.
And now you need to fight.
Every day.
For our protection.
But how was I to know
that you two were boys all along?
Papa, how do you use this?
You want to learn?
You're sitting here
while they're fighting outside!
-Come with me.
-Who's fighting? Is it my fight?
-Get out of here!
-Come with me, people are getting hurt.
Get out of here!
Baba, I need to give you an injection.
Where's the doctor?
Where's the doctor?
Doctor, there's an emergency.
-One moment.
I want to talk to the doctor.
Doctor, this way please.
There must be a way
Out of this jungle of sorrow
There is no hardship
in life.
That goes unrecognized
No women allowed. You wait here.
Get out of the way. What's wrong
with you? Come on, you two.
Pick up the soil three times.
Sit down and repeat after me.
From the earth, we did create you.
From the earth, we did create you.
And into it shall we return you.
And into it shall we return you.
And from it shall we bring you...
And from it shall we bring you...
...out once again.
...out once again.
It was God's will.
Look over there.
Don't stop, Saeda!
We have to keep them back.
Don't let them get close.
It's empty.
-Have you no more bullets?
Why did you waste so many?
Come and fire from here.
Somebody's coming.
Waderi, there's still time.
Are you listening?
-Come on.
-Come out!
Get away from the window.
Come here.
Why are you praying now?
We haven't had much help so far.
-Be quiet.
-What's the point in praying?
Son, I'm sorry you got
caught up in this fight.
This isn't your fight.
-Yes, ready.
I am giving you one last chance...
to get out of here alive!
I just want the house and the land.
Are you listening to me?
What are you doing?
What are you about to do?
This is our house.
As long as we are alive,
we've no intention of leaving.
You're going to kill yourselves?
You can't, that's forbidden.
This is forbidden? What about
everything else that's not forbidden?
Killing my brother, my father,
them outside firing at us,
that's not forbidden, is it?
-That's holy in your book, is it?
-Be quiet.
Look at him,
he thinks he knows God.
This isn't allowed.
Son, God knows best.
Are you listening to me?
Come on out!
You can all get out of here.
Can you hear me?
I won't say it again!
Nazo, did I ever tell you the story
about the group of poor farmers?
This group of farmers
were all struggling.
It had been a horrible year.
Drought. No rain. Not even a drop.
They became desperate.
They all decided.
There was a religious man
in the next village,
who could perform miracles.
They would ask him for help,
ask him to pray for rain.
They traveled for miles
and arrived at his door,
and they pleaded to him
to pray to make it rain.
The old man refused to help them.
They begged him,
saying they traveled all this way,
because they had faith in him.
The old man again said no.
He took a long pause and said,
"You have no faith in me."
The farmers looked at each other
in shock,
how did he know
what was in their hearts?
The old man said,
"If you had faith in my prayers
to bring the rains,
then you would have
brought umbrellas."
Isn't it funny?
Whoever's in there, come on out!
You can all get out of here, alive.
I know you can hear me.
Come on out!
Do you have faith in me?
Papa... I miss you.
You can't fight your destiny.
Destiny is God.
It will all work out.
We've surrounded you!
There's no way to escape.
There's still time.
Come out!
Otherwise, all of you will be killed.
Come on out!
Come on out!
Some cars are coming!
Come here, come this way!
-What's the plan?
-Go there.
Get out!
Wait! Stop!
What are you doing?
It's not safe, we need to move.
Send somebody underneath.
Let's go!
Sit down!
Sit down!
Sit down!
This is what drives the heart crazy
When I saw you, my heart skipped a beat
When I saw you, my heart skipped a beat
Our eyes met--
Bloody animals,
fighting over a bit of land.
They're your people inside?
-Get them out.
Never mind why,
or I'll arrest you first!
You need to get this house
cleared quickly.
Look, Waderi...
You and your family
need to stop this drama!
Put your weapons down
and leave the house one by one!
This is now a police matter,
let the judge decide!
By being on this land,
you are breaking the law!
This is now a matter for the courts!
Is there anyone in there or not?
Are any of them alive,
or are they all dead?
Look, little girl, call your mother.
Well done.
Hurry up, bring everyone out.
Look, if you clear the house now,
I won't arrest any of you.
Throw your weapons down.
Who else is inside?
Send the men out. Where are they?
Well done. Call your mother as well.
Hurry up, go and get them all.
Come on, everyone out.
You want men?
Here, take us.
Arrest us.
You want guns?
You can take all our guns.
But we have the papers for this house.
Legally, this house is ours.
This is my father's house.
This is my father's land.
This house is mine.
This is my land.