My Son (1970) Movie Script

Pay up.
You pretend dumb...
so you could win big money from me.
Want to mess around with me?
Mr Yang...
Forget it...
Hey, Mr Yang...
Come on.
Don't be afraid. Where do you live?
I'll take you home.
Mister, what's your name?
Go on, hurry back.
Thank you.
Why are you back so late?
Do you know what time it is now?
This is so unacceptable.
You only want to have fun outside all day
...and don't think of advancing yourself.
Should you be like this?
You have never applied yourself to studies
...nor looked for a good job.
You always cause trouble
...and embarrass me.
Don't go.
You know I'm a detective
and people know I'm your father.
But I warn you:
If you break the law...
I won't spare you.
Don't worry.
Not everyone knows my father
is a detective
...and I never mention your name outside.
So you deny me as your father?
Just afraid I'd ruin your reputation,
that's all.
If your mother were alive...
she'd be so hurt by your behavior.
You still remember her?
How many years was she sick for?
How did she get so ill?
How did she die?
Who caused her death?
You still remember?
Only I do.
Only I do.
Do you still remember...
what happened to mother
on tomorrow's date?
I was at the grave.
My mother.
My Mother.
What a coincidence...
meeting you here again!
How many years since your mother died?
Three. Yours?
It'll be five years today.
We both happen to be without mother.
Today it isn't Ching Ming occasion.
Yet why are you here at the grave?
Sometimes I...
When I feel wronged
...and abused
I come here.
I know mom isn't there to listen.
It helps to talk to her, though.
Let's go.
May I know your name?
I'm Mui Lin
I'm Yang Kuo-liang.
It's strange!
I don't know why...
I didn't tell you my name last night.
Yet I told you today...
even though you didn't ask me
I'm grateful for last night.
Not at all.
Who all do you have at home?
Grandma and younger sister.
And your father?
Haven't had any news of him.
He used to be at sea and...
hasn't returned for so many years.
He has not written either
I really don't know where he'd be!
Even if he were alive...
he wouldn't know mom has died;
Nor would he care about us I guess.
You're working?
I'm a waitress at the Venice Nightclub.
You wouldn't look up to such a job.
No, don't say that.
There shouldn't be any discrimination.
You're better than me at least
I'm unemployed
...and perhaps worse off than you.
You don't work?
I did.
But I tend to pick up a row every few days.
How come?
Haven't a clue.
I don't know the reason.
Maybe I'm a misfit.
Would you like to come home?
No, maybe next time.
For a cup of tea perhaps.
No, thank you.
It's a small a dirty place.
Quite unpresentable.
No, don't say that.
I don't know how to thank you
I can only offer you a cup of tea.
If you'd like?
Over here.
Please come in.
Have a seat.
Who is it?
We've a guest, grandma.
Please sit.
Who is it?
It's Mr Yang.
Mr Yang.
Does he have a message from your father?
He's not a friend of dad's.
She is...
Then he is...
My old classmate.
I feel sooner or later a friend
of your father
...would come to visit us.
All these years
as we haven't had a guest in the house
I've always waited for her father.
You would know there's no word
of him up to now.
Grandma, go in and rest.
Yes. You both have a chat.
Mr Yang.
Stay for a while.
Your grandma.
Her eyesight was failing, as it is.
And since dad left
...and mom died;
She missed them all the time
and cried the whole day.
Eventually she became blind.
Have you shown her to a doctor?
We can't afford that.
This is my younger sister.
Mr Yang.
Mr Yang.
She helps with the housework by day
...and attends a night school.
This is...
When we have spare time
...we make plastic flowers.
Oh, I haven't poured you a cup of tea.
Old Cheng, have they come?
Haven't seen them around for a few days.
This kid.
What do you want him for?
Oh yes.
There's a party at the basement now.
They will come.
The long hair gang.
Want a drink?
No, no.
How come I didn't see you?
Of course you didn't.
You only have eyes for your girl.
Oh, please!
I called you a few times
and couldn't find you.
Where have you been?
In the temple...
You're kidding.
Being a monk!
I really thought you've forgotten me.
Most unlikely.
How's business?
Not bad.
This guy owns a gas station...
he's got to be loaded with money.
Don't let him go.
C'mon, let's have fun some place else.
No, 2 guys and a girl is not a good mix.
Then I'll get you a girl
I'm abstaining these few days.
Go... go...
You carry on
I have to wait for someone.
Boy or a girl?
Stop fooling around, go...
I'll call you.
- Today I...
- What's up?
We're having a party in the basement.
You know each month we have fun.
Where's my money?
Your money?
Talking of money always ain't a good thing.
You think the money I lent you is dirty!
Are you repaying or not?
Yes, yes.
Let's go
I'll think of something.
Come and check this out.
It's sacred, primitive
I hope you'll join us.
Ha... ha... the dashing mountain stream.
Onward ahead we tread...
Breaking through the orthodox customs.
Like a wild beast charging ahead.
Roaring, growling.
Glance at that sun and shudder.
The greatness of life belittling
the universe.
Ha... ha... Insanity of the end of century.
Rosy heart, restless heart.
Modern age turned to primordial times.
Like a wild beast charging ahead.
Roaring, growling.
Glance at that sun and shudder.
The greatness of life belittling
the universe.
Ha... ha... Insanity of the end of century.
Rosy heart, restless heart.
Modern age turned to primordial times.
What is this?
This is our world.
In an illusionary daze.
Our eyes is full of mystifying.
Only darkness is exist there.
In an illusionary daze.
The paradise exist in the cluster
of flower.
The colorful mist is spread all over.
We accost eternity
and yelling to the eternity
embrace eternity.
Eternity exists in a moment.
In an illusionary daze.
We are the mystifying generation.
Like a flame unleashed.
We accost eternity
and yelling to the eternity
embrace eternity.
Eternity exists in a moment.
In an illusionary daze.
We are the mystifying generation.
Like a flame unleashed.
What sort of a party is this?
It's like being in hell.
No, this is our heaven.
This is the new age.
Rubbish, pay up.
Money again. So degrading!
If you don't repay me,
I've to use desperate measures.
Tomorrow then.
Maybe you'll all be dead.
In this regard.
Smell yourself.
You stink.
The trumpet sounds
...and calls to life the flowers.
The fragrance spans across the oceans.
The trumpet plays
and brings the sound of storm.
You are on the boat sailing in stormy sea.
The sound of trumpet reverberates
in the wind & rain.
Accompany me to foreign land
that's miles and miles away
I miss you day and night.
The trumpet plays
and brings the sound of wind and rain.
You are on the boat sailing in stormy sea.
the trumpet plays.
It blew away the sound of wind and rain.
Sweet fragrance of flowers by your side.
Not bad.
Don't go... sit...
Smells good.
Don't be scared.
Don't move.
Let me see.
Excuse me. Let go please.
Small matter.
What are your vital statistics?
34, 22, 34
Pretty much.
Is it real or fake?
To find out...
you must let me try.
This is Venice nightclub.
The name of Love god is...
Venice should be in the nude form.
You'll be sexier in the nude.
What are you doing?
Don't bully others.
It's none of your business.
It is my business.
Don't fight...
What's the matter?
He's just trying to meddle in.
Sorry, please sit...
Please sit...
You bastard
I'll get even with you.
If you have the guts.
Tomorrow at 3 in the afternoon.
Meet us at the Fei Ma digging site.
The police are here...
Thank you.
You need to see a doctor.
It's no big deal.
Nothing much.
Stay still. Could be an internal injury...
No, it can't be.
Don't worry.
If it were not for me...
you wouldn't be like this.
Can't bear to see you being taken
for a ride
I'm not afraid of being out-numbered.
If I run into him again
I'll not spare him.
No, don't.
Don't fight again. I feel scared.
Mr Yang, please have some tea.
Is grandma okay?
She's asleep.
Is grandma sick?
She has asthma, an old ailment.
Somehow she has to see a doctor.
It's difficult to find a complete cure.
Oh, yes.
This is your money.
I can't take it.
Neither can I.
You're not reasonable.
I never was.
It's no good.
It's good.
No, it should be given to you.
Consider it as from me to you
and buy them some things.
Hello, Mui Lin.
Mui Lin.
Manager Tao.
As from today, don't come again.
These are your due wages, take it.
Take it.
You infuriated our patrons
I haven't, honestly.
Stop arguing, go...
What are you doing?
Are you blind?
Watch where you're going.
Alright, let's go.
What's with you?
What's the matter?
Shu Chen.
What is it? Speak up.
They don't want me anymore.
The nightclub?
What's the big deal?
What are you crying for?
It's difficult to get a job now.
Why don't you come to work at the bar
I'll introduce you.
Perhaps you could earn even more.
Right, I'll speak to them now.
Shu Chen, no, I...
What's the matter?
The guests are looking for you.
Come in quickly.
Hurry up.
Think about it.
If you're willing, come and look for me.
By the way, don't call me Shu Chen.
Over here, I'm Lily.
Good bye.
The stars in the sky
shimmer and smile at me.
The toll of bells come from afar
ding dong ding dong.
The rhythm of bells always at my side
I close palms together in praying.
Let the sound of bells bring new hope.
Ding dong ding dong.
That's the star leading my way.
In the dark night I'm not lost anymore.
The toll of bells come from afar.
Ding dong ding dong.
The rhythm of bells always at my side.
Praying Heavens to bless
our long friendship.
The toll of bells reach far.
Ding dong ding dong
I'll leave now.
Thank you for dinner.
Wasn't much.
It's good.
You're lying to me.
No. Didn't you see I had 3 big bowls?
Sleep early.
Your sister could be a bit long.
Lock the door
I'll visit you in a couple of days. Bye.
See you.
You've been fighting again?
If you go on like this...
you'll get someone killed one day.
Can I go in now?
Get changed first
I have something important to
discuss with you.
Yes, father.
I... I'm getting married.
You've seen her
I'd like to know your opinion.
False democracy.
It's simple. She comes I go.
What do you mean by this?
I won't spoil your happiness.
What nonsense is this?
Did I say something wrong?
Can't we live together peacefully?
Is that possible for me?
Look at your attitude.
Should you treat me like this?
I'm sorry.
It's been so many years
since your mother died
I have never remarried
I have paid my dues to her.
But someone must take care of the home.
I know you hate me.
You blame me for mother's death
I've told you several times.
Don't you still believe me?
What happened that day...
It was my responsibility.
Your mother didn't know.
Do you still not understand?
You know best what you've done
I am the only one who know about
mother's death.
I tell you for the last time.
Mom needs an operation right away
Uncle, please think of something.
Get dad here to sign for it
I really can't find him
I don't know where he is.
Please think of something.
See if you can locate him.
What? Still looking for your father?
We cannot wait anymore. This...
Doctor, I beg you let me sign
I'll assume the responsibility.
No. You've not reached the legal age.
Your mom is seriously ill.
Doesn't your father know about it?
Doctor Lin.
Doctor, my mother...
If mother had an operation sooner
...she would not have died.
You were late.
Mom's been sick for 5 years.
You never treated her well
I was too busy.
I owe her an apology.
You were busy?
You had a woman.
Of course you were busy.
Naturally you owe her an apology.
Though mom didn't say it, she knew.
And she got worse by the day.
She was sick for 5 years.
Do you realize how I felt?
I'm also a human being.
That's why you should get married
I've said what I had to say
I'm going now.
Do you have no feelings at all for me?
It's you who is being harsh.
Since I was a kid...
have you cared for me?
Did we ever have a loving family?
No, you were too busy.
Every kid would but long for father's love.
And on growing up
...the need for compassion
becomes even more.
Have you ever loved me?
Have you ever tried to understand me?
What have you given me?
How can you say I don't love you?
There's no need to belabor the point.
You only love yourself
and your job
and your promotion.
So you're saying I'm wrong?
You're not wrong
I'm wrong
I'm leaving.
You think you can survive outside?
You needn't worry about me.
I know your mother left you some money.
But this money...
cannot last you forever.
Why do you have to leave?
I can't remain here.
Your father...
I have no feelings for him.
From now on...
There'll be a way.
Oh, don't go to work today.
Let's enjoy ourselves.
What's the matter?
They fired me.
Then last night you...
After I came back were already gone.
It's just as well.
But I need to find another job.
Don't push yourself too hard
I'll arrange something for you.
Let's forget all that for now. Go.
We've won
I'm done.
Never mind, one more round. Come.
Where could the fire be?!
Fire...! Hurry, everybody run!
Kuo-liang, quick.
Sister, help.
Sister, help.
Quick, you go first.
Go quickly.
- Kuo-liang.
- Grandma.
Run quickly.
Mui Ying.
Mui Ying...
Mui Ying...
Who is Mui Lin?
It's me.
Come with me.
Say something please.
Say something please.
Mui Lin.
How's grandma?
How is your sister?
She broke her leg.
I have to see her.
No, not now.
Don't feel sad. Let's go.
Let me look again.
Everything's gone.
This is our home.
We grew up here.
Now everything's gone.
Don't think about it all.
Try to forget.
Mui Ying's leg...
She'll recuperate after resting
for a while.
Don't worry
I'll bear the expenses.
Are you getting used to living there?
I'm fine.
Where are we to go now?
I don't know.
Maybe some place far away.
Fly... fly to the horizon.
Flying to the horizon but where is it?
Fly... fly like the sea bird.
Flying high far beyond the horizon.
To ride the waves.
The waves rush at the sun.
The golden sun beams spread on the sea.
Flying high in the wind.
Fly... fly like the sea bird.
Flying high far beyond the horizon.
Far far away, to find the outer space.
To help us forget all this.
Let's enjoy ourselves fully.
No one will disturb us here.
We are all alone. How wonderful!
What is this place?
I don't know.
This is our world.
There is no ugliness nor evil.
Only the beauty of nature.
Let's return to the beginning
and swim in the ocean like fishes.
Come quickly.
Come quickly.
Come quickly.
Think about the birds in the sky,
the fishes in the sea.
How free and carefree they are.
How wonderful!
Let us build a hut
and live here for the rest of our lives.
Do you want that?
The simple life is best.
Aren't you afraid of loneliness?
No, it won't be lonely here.
What are these sounds?
The laughter of flowers
and the songs of birds.
The waves kissing the sand.
Small talk between the sun and the trees.
The murmuring of the trees' shadows.
The breathing of the air.
Are these not voices!
They are peaceful and harmonious.
There won't be loneliness.
Right, you are right.
We should praise such beauty.
Oh, I'll play the guitar and you sing.
Where's the guitar?
Just pretend.
What are you singing?
It doesn't have a name.
With a cluster of clouds.
Use the sun-beams as a drape.
And put it on my supple body.
Take a few pieces of leaves.
Use the green grass to weave a hat.
And put it on my head.
For you...
To embroider a flower on your heart.
Emitting fragrance forever.
Pick up some sea shells.
Use the vine to string together
two necklaces.
To adorn on your neck and mine.
Brother Kuo-liang.
Sister, what will be come of us?
We'll find a way.
Don't feel sad.
Our home...
Where are we going to live?
Mui Ying, don't worry.
Sister will think of something.
I afraid I'll be crippled.
No, never.
You'll recover.
I asked the doctor.
If you rest well...
you'll recover in one to two months
I've used a lot of your money.
Sister's medical bills are too expensive
I want to move her to the general ward.
I still have money.
With you shouldering such expenses
I feel very uncomfortable.
Don't talk about these things.
Let's hope her leg gets fine.
I must find a job.
What do you want to do?
I'll do anything.
Don't be a fool.
It's not easy finding a job.
Somehow we ought to think of a way.
Let's discuss later
I'm very worried... going on like this.
What are you afraid of?
Look, there's hospital.
It saves lives.
Here's a church, it saves soul.
Why do we need to scared?
Old Cheng. That's me.
I want to sell the car
I'll let you decide on the price.
But I want cash.
Come in.
Come in.
Lee, Dora, Mimi, Sasa.
This is Mr. Yang.
This is the latest fashion.
What's your game?
How do you know I live here?
Of course I do.
There's nothing I don't know.
Where's your girl?
Not here?
She doesn't live here.
You are such a boyscout.
Cut the bullshit.
What do you want?
Aren't they pretty?
I don't know what you mean.
- What?
- Stay.
You'll know in a while.
What do you want anyway?
Let's be partners.
Let's set up an office here
and conduct import-business.
What are you up to?
A business that offers pleasure.
Look at them.
How perfect they are.
Ask them to put the clothes on. Get out.
What's wrong?
You can try.
Get lost all of you.
What are you doing?
We want you to be our manager.
Do you want me to get in trouble
with the law?
This is big money
if only you would help.
You are so low. Phew!
Forget what's moral or immoral.
This is about money.
Get out.
Otherwise, I'll beat you up.
Then at least pay fifty dollars
...for their time.
Reckon thirty dollars will be fine.
We haven't eaten yet.
Excuse me...
Who are you looking for?
Is Shu Chen here?
Is Lily here?
Lily, someone's looking for you.
It's you.
Come on in.
Shu Chen, I need to talk to you.
Come inside.
What's the matter?
Look at you.
What's there to be embarrassed about.
Do you want to work here?
I knew that sooner or later you would.
Just a sec.
I'll talk to the boss.
It's okay.
When can you start?
Mui Lin.
Just returned?
Let's eat together.
What's the matter?
I've found a job a bar.
What? You...
You can't go.
You can't take that job.
I know you are good to me.
But we are both unemployed.
Your money...
I told you not to talk about this.
Do you suspect my money is dirty?
No, I had been poor
I know it's hard to earn money.
If you don't have employment.
You eventually use up your money
I know.
In any case you can't work in a bar.
Let's think of something else.
Let's not talk about these things for now.
There, we've won again.
Let's go.
Long time no see.
How have you been?
Just the same.
How's your luck?
I won a little.
Thank you.
This is...
A friend.
Very beautiful.
Your luck is not bad.
Do you want to win more?
I heard your showhand is not bad
I want to try your skill
I'll get a few more friends
to play with you
...and let's see who's the best.
Let's do it in a few days time.
What? Are you afraid?
What do you mean?
See who is the expert
I don't think you can win.
Your call.
I've lost.
Be patient.
It's just a matter of luck
I did not win because of my skill.
Come, let's play again.
Ah Bing
get Mr. Yang chips for five thousand.
Sit down.
Come, let's play.
Come on, what's a small loan.
I owe you five thousand dollars
I'll return in a few days.
Want to go just like that?
It's not that easy
I'll return your money.
Where's the money?
If you don't have the money
...don't think of leaving;
What do you want?
You leave your girl behind.
Leave her behind...
and forget the five grand.
Stop fighting.
Stop fighting.
Stop it.
Let me go.
Mui Lin.
Mui Lin.
What's wrong?
I'm afraid
I'm here
I'm afraid
I'm here.
Was it a nightmare?
No, it's real.
Is she alright?
She's weak and caught a cold.
She needs rest.
Count this.
Thank you.
How do you feel?
I'm fine
I don't need a doctor.
You should lie down
I've rested too much
I'm fine.
Have you seen David and his friends?
They haven't been here for a while.
What about old Chan?
Haven't seen him either.
Do you have business with them?
Many borrow from me.
And when I need help
...nobody's around.
Old Cheng.
Mr. Yang
I saw you come in.
You have business with the boss.
Nothing special. Just chit chat.
Old Cheng.
You know Chan Bill.
I haven't seen him for a while.
Are you looking for him?
What for?
To kill him.
Don't be rash. What's the matter?
We've been observing him
...he cannot escape.
Enjoy your drink.
We're leaving.
Two orders of beer please.
Let's drink.
We'll get a couple of pretty girls.
Good take along with us.
Mr. Yang. Don't fight.
Who's fighting?
Who's fighting, huh?
It's me.
Is it Miss Mui?
We are calling from Kwong Wah Hospital.
Shall appreciate if you could come over.
What about my sister?
You have to come and pay her bill
I'm coming.
Come in.
Do you know where Mr. Yang has gone?
He has gone to look for his friends.
We can neither visit him...
nor bail him out.
What's to be done?
Oh yes, you could seek his father's help.
His father?
His father is a detective.
Didn't you know?
Get his father quickly.
Let him think of something.
Who are you looking for?
Mr. Yang.
Not here.
He's not here.
When will he return?
Miss Ting.
Miss Ting.
Can I have a few more days' grace?
I've stalled the deadline for you.
I promise I'll think of something
to pay up.
Please do me a favour
I'll give you three more days
I cannot stall this any longer
I know.
Thank you.
I waited for you the whole day yesterday.
Why didn't you come?
I was sick.
Sister, what's wrong with you?
I'm fine.
You're lying.
You are hiding something.
No, I'm fine.
Sister, you look bad.
I didn't sleep well. I'm fine.
Why isn't Kuo-liang with you?
He's busy.
He's been real good to us.
Sister, we don't know how to
thank him enough.
It must be expensive here.
So I want to move to the general ward.
Let's talk about this in a few days.
Also, when my leg has recovered,
where will we move to?
I'll think of something.
Don't worry yourself.
I know all about you.
Although he has no feelings for me
...he is still my son.
Of course I care about him;
But going on like this unthinkable.
His actions are unacceptable.
To others as well as himself,
he's not doing any good.
Since you are with him should reason with him.
Put him on the right track.
Old sir, forgive him one more time.
Let him out.
I can't do it.
How long must he be locked up?
I don't know.
Please help.
There's no way.
This is the law.
Take this money.
Take it.
The tempting lips...
It's the wild youth.
Let my love full of joy.
The tempting lips...
It's the flame of passion.
Make my blood pulsate swiftly.
From dark night to dawn.
Let us hold tightly.
Let's have a profound kiss.
From dark night to dawn.
The tempting lips, the passionate kiss.
It's like the explosion of volcano.
Melting down the two of us.
We won't separate tonight.
Let us hold tightly.
Let us have a passionate kiss.
From dark night to dawn.
The tempting lips, the profound kiss.
It's like the explosion of volcano.
Melting down the two of us.
Mui Lin.
Are you well?
Let's go up.
Have you been to the hotel?
I left an address.
The waiter told me.
I was locked up for five days
I'm sorry.
I went to your father to ask for help
...but he did not agree.
He gave me five hundred dollars.
You took his money!
We don't want his pity.
We wouldn't seek alms from him.
Sister's medical bills
...and the hotel bills;
How can I deal with them?
Kuo-liang, please don't blame me.
I don't blame you.
I blame myself.
I was wrong.
We cannot go on like this.
We must find employment.
You've come back so late...
I was at the bar.
Why do you have to work there?
Is this the only way?
If I could find something better
...would I still work there?
You could have waited till I came out.
I didn't know when you could, right!
I needed money urgently.
Money, money.
For money can you sell yourself?
I haven't, trust me.
Is money such a big temptation to you?
Believe me, it isn't.
You suspect I had sex with clients?
I don't know.
Other than that time when I was raped
I have not
I don't know.
How can I make you believe me?
Your body...
I'm innocent.
I don't know.
My body is before you
...other than that time
I have not.
Do you think I'm no more worthy
of your love?
So you don't want me.
If it's really like this, you can go
and I can die to prove my innocence!
How can I ask you to be my assistant?!
If you need money
...there's no problem.
We are friends.
How much do you need?
No, I don't need money
I need a job.
You won't be interested in
this sort of thing.
Interest has nothing to do with it
I need to be employed.
Are you by any chance joking?
Of course I'm serious.
I don't believe.
Old Lau, are you afraid I'm not competent
...or that I'll cause you trouble?
Don't talk like that.
Good. If you think I have the ability
Wouldn't you be over-qualified?
No, I just wish to lead a straight life.
Mui Lin.
I made it
I'll start work in the afternoon the gas station.
That's great.
How's sister?
She can walk now.
Oh, let's go and find an apartment.
You don't need to work in the bar anymore.
See if this works.
After I have cleared the debt of the bar
I won't work there anymore.
Excuse me, I have to make a call.
Is this Kuo-liang.
Mui Lin.
It's almost twelve. You hungry?
Have something to eat
I'll wait till you come back.
What time will you be off?
At three.
What would you like to eat?
I'll get it on my way back.
I want to kiss you.
So naughty!
Whatever you like.
See you.
Fill it up.
Where're you going?
Stay there...
Don't run...
Stay there...
Stay there...
Isn't he the son of Detective Yang?
Kuo-liang, put down your gun.
Put down your gun.
Put it down.
Put down your weapon.
Isn't he Kuo-liang?
Put down your gun.
Kuo-liang... Put down your gun.
Kuo-liang, put down your gun.
Please put your gun down.
Kuo-liang, put down your gun.
Put down your gun.
Put down your gun!
Old Cheng