My Son (2021) Movie Script

Please cross the bridge and turn left,
and continue to follow
the road for 42 miles.
Please turn right
and continue for six miles.
Please turn right.
You have reached
your destination.
All right. How you doing?
Im Edmond Murray.
Hi. Can I see your ID, please?
Of course.
Here you go.
Mr. Murrays just arrived.
Copy that.
Good morning.
My names Officer Birch.
How you doing?
Im the initial
investigating officer.
Ms. Richmond is waiting for you
over by the water.
Im Ethans dad.
I know that, Mr. Murray.
Im afraid that
I cannot comment any
further on the case.
Inspector Roy will be down here later on.
Hell be able
to fill you in
on any questions.
Ms. Richmond is
just down by the water,
if you follow the path
over to the right.
Okay. Thank you.
Fuck. Joan!
What are they doing out there?
Theyre looking for him.
They think hes in the water?
I dont know.
I dont know.
What the fuck happened?
I dont know.
Thats where he was sleeping.
You all right?
I cant go back there.
Can I go in there?
No, sorry.
Ive rented this place.
Im going to stay here.
Okay, Ill stay somewhere near.
Would you be able to do something for me?
I need you to go back to the house.
Ethan drew me a picture
the day before he left and...
I cant stop thinking about it.
Do we know anything
about the people
that run that camp?
No, they said
theyve questioned everyone.
Did you meet them?
Before you sent him?
Yeah, I mean...
They seemed really lovely.
The woman was really lovely.
I dont...
Im sure they were fine.
Im sure they were fine.
I never would have sent him
there if I thought that
there was anything wrong. Ever!
I know, I know.
Youre a good mum.
I know.
Are you okay?
-It was fine.
-What did they want to know?
Well, they just had some questions.
What sort of stuff?
My relationship with Ethan.
No. Are you on your way back?
Can you come back?
Okay, all right.
-Bye. I love you.
-Love you. Bye.
Is that your man?
Was it his idea to send him to the camp?
Oh, fucking hell.
Yeah, sure, it was his idea.
Hes my son. Okay?
It was my choice.
I wish he hadnt gone.
So do I.
I didnt want him to go
in the first place, but...
kids his age,
theyre doing stuff like that.
And Ethans not... Hes...
Hes different, and he...
he didnt want to go.
And I knew he didnt want to go.
He seemed okay, before he went?
I just...
I just needed a...
Im sorry.
Was it...
Hes been having a hard time.
All right?
Get them ready to go.
Inspector, this is Eddy, Ethans dad.
All right, Mr. Murray.
Im Inspector Roy.
Im running
the investigation
with my team here.
Mr. Murray, Id like you
to come into my office
this afternoon at 3:00, please.
Of course, 3:00.
The details are on the card.
And my personal mobile number
is on the back,
should you need it.
Miss, are you sure
you want to take part in this?
Yesterday, you seemed... No.
You sure? Im here.
I can take over.
No, I want to do it.
Very good.
If youll just listen to the instructions
and then Ill tell you where to stand.
Okay. Thank you.
Attention, please, everyone!
This morning,
were going to search
this entire slope.
I want you to move
through the bracken together.
You keep two meters apart.
If you find anything,
you raise your hand
and you shout, "Here!"
Its very important
that you touch nothing.
All right.
Thank you all for coming.
Take your positions, please.
Where do you want us?
You can stand here,
at the end of this line.
Thank you.
Two meters, two meters.
Lets go!
Ethan! Ethan!
Ethan! Ethan!
Ethan! Ethan!
-Whos she?
-Inspector Roy can tell you.
Please, come with me.
How you doing?
Mr. Murray. Please.
Is there any news?
Nothing, as yet.
How are you coping?
Ive... Ive known better days, you know?
Allow me to tell you where we are.
The alert plan has been triggered
yesterday morning.
We continue to interview
everybody who has come
into contact with your son.
Now, the supervising staff at the camp,
they tell me that they would do
regular checks of the tents
and the pods,
to make sure that the children
were asleep and all was well.
The last check took place
at 1:00 in the morning.
And he was in there?
He was in there.
At that point,
everything was fine.
When I looked at his cabin,
I could see his clothes
were still in there,
his bag was still in there.
His little snacks were still in there.
Now, Mr. Murray,
I have to tell you
that were investigating
every hypothesis,
including kidnapping.
Now, allow me to ask you
a number of questions.
You may find some of
these questions unsettling,
intimate. May I?
No, dont worry.
You can ask me
whatever you want.
First of all, I understand
that youve been traveling
a great deal.
Youve been in Libya,
Saudi Arabia, Iraq.
Why is that?
My works international.
Ive been working abroad
for the last ten years,
um, give or take.
I work in the oil fields,
and I go wherever they send me.
Would you say your business,
your work was dangerous?
The work, in itself, is not dangerous.
You can sometimes
be in places
where you are in danger.
And I am constantly aware,
when Im in certain places,
that I need to watch my back.
Have any of these things
affected you, Mr. Murray?
A subordinate of mine was taken hostage.
We went through a whole fiasco
trying to get him back.
It was a fucking mess.
And we ended up paying
the hostage ransom.
Oh, come on.
If youve got something to say,
you can say it in English.
Id like to ask you
for your mobile phone.
We need it for the purposes
of the investigation,
to retrieve the contacts.
Its procedure.
Im not supposed
to give my phone out.
Im sure you can appreciate
the importance of this,
at this point in time.
I completely can.
The nature of my work means
theres sensitive material
on here.
You just need
my contacts?
Thank you.
It would be fair to say
that most of the countries
where you work
would be unsuitable
to take a child to, yes?
Most of them, yes.
The hours that I work,
and the far-flung places
I end up in,
even if they arent insecure,
arent suitable
for taking a child.
I cant take him
all over the world.
Hes got to be in school.
Hes got to have his friends,
got to have some stability.
Hes got to have
a house, a family.
And I cant offer him that.
When did you last see your son?
I saw him at Christmas time.
I saw him...
I saw him on Skype at Christmas time.
He seemed fine.
Do you have a good relationship
with your ex-wife?
Its not... Its not bad.
Its not her fault we split up.
Is there any antagonism?
From me, none.
Do you have any contact
with her new partner?
Ive seen him on Skype
a few times. He seems fine.
Have you security checked him?
Because isnt it well known
that nine times out of ten,
its someone you know,
someone in your family?
This is the case,
which is why its part
of our primary investigation.
And you? Is there someone new
in your life?
Yes, I have a partner.
Ive been seeing her for five years.
Two years ago,
your wife told you that
your son was unwell.
I came back
and we went away together
for a month.
We had a cracking time.
We went all over North America.
And then I went back to work.
Do you have reason to believe
that its because of what I do
that Ethan has been taken?
I have reason to believe
that somebody made a decision
to choose your son
and not the other child.
Thats why Im asking you
these questions,
Mr. Murray. Why Ethan?
Why him? Why not the other boy?
Unfortunately, all you can do
at this point in time is wait.
Wait for us to contact you.
-How you doing?
Nice to see you.
Come in.
All right. Thank you.
Joan? Wheres Joan?
She... Shes resting.
Sit down.
You want a whiskey?
Aye. Sure, thank you.
Brutal weather outside, eh?
its going to be...
Its going to be
an early winter, apparently.
I mean, thats what, you know,
the locals are saying.
All the old people.
But no one fucking believes them
anymore, do they?
They just believe the...
the fucking Internet.
Joans just...
She really broke down tonight.
You know, I just think it
really fucking...
really hit her.
I know. Fair enough.
So Ive just given her
a little something
to help her sleep.
So hopefully shell get a full night,
so Im not gonna... What did you give her?
Fuck. I dont know
the name of it. Um...
I... I struggle
with sleep occasionally
and I got a prescription
fucking ages ago but...
How long has
she been asleep for,
with that?
About an hour and a half ago,
something like that.
But I dont think...
I dont think
I should wake her up, really.
She needs the rest.
Nothing to worry about.
Its not a regular thing.
In the circumstances...
All right, man.
All right. Yep.
So what are you...
Whats going to happen
with your work?
What are you going to do?
Ah, work can wait.
Its easy for me, really,
cause I work for myself.
I set up a business.
Ive got this construction company and...
I mean, its, you know,
small but Ive had it
for about 15 years.
I started in my early 20s.
Based here?
No. No, Im not like you. No.
No, I... I want to stay here.
Local, really.
Its small, you know.
I started it myself.
It was a grind, believe me.
But now Ive recruited enough people
that it just kind of
runs itself, which is great.
So I can now
essentially just be here,
be there for Joan and...
Nothing more important than that, eh?
Shes fucking amazing, man.
Have you heard anything?
Has anybody called or...
What about?
The searches? No, no.
To be honest with you,
my focus is really on her,
you know.
Im just focusing on her.
No. Im actually just
going to switch my phone off
for a bit.
Is that a good idea?
Well, youre here.
Youve got your phone on, no?
I just wanted to have a conversation...
Yeah. No, no.
I just dont want to be disturbed.
So where are you
going to stay?
Joan said you
dont really have anywhere
around here anymore.
Dont worry about me, Frank.
Ill be fine.
Ill find something.
Why dont you stay at Joans?
I mean, its technically your...
your place, as well.
Aye. Well, if youre not
going to be there...
Listen, I understand
that you and Joan
might need some space.
No, look, its...
Time together.
I can... I can escape.
My parents... I inherited
this little shack in the middle
of fucking nowhere.
I can go and, you know,
get out of the way.
Im selling it, actually.
Because, following
in your footsteps, I found
this unbelievable bit of land,
and now were going to build a house,
and its just so beautiful.
Joan loves it.
The light is amazing.
Actually, can I...
Can I show you something?
Here, come into the kitchen.
Come on.
So these got delivered
today, actually.
I was just looking over them.
So, Ive been working
with this architect.
He works in my company.
So hes designing it with me,
and Joan also.
So this is the outside
of the house.
The sea is here.
And weve got
all the light here.
Its beautiful. Glass here.
Actually, I think I want a bit more.
But then this is the top floor.
Weve got our bedroom here.
Lots of light for Joan.
Its going to be unbelievable.
And then down here
is the basement. Just dont
really know what to do with it.
Maybe a games room or...
Be careful. What do you think?
Are you actually fucking kidding me?
Wheres Ethans room?
Are you putting him in the basement?
No, were not putting him
in the basement.
I can see that
youre angry and upset...
Hey, hey, hey!
Shes asleep.
Shes asleep.
I need to talk to her.
I need to talk to her.
Why? Shes asleep.
Cause my fucking sons missing.
Yeah, Im aware of that.
Im aware that
your sons missing.
Hes also my son.
I love him very much.
Fucking dont.
Dont what?
Dont tell me
hes your son, as well.
Well, lets be honest.
Hes been... Hes been
more my son than he has yours
the last year, hasnt he?
Youre a very fucking weird man!
What have you done with my son?
Ive done nothing with your son.
What the fuck
have you done with my son?
I love your son!
What the fuck
have you done?
Inspector Roy,
you need to come over here.
Im at Joans rented accommodation.
Im here with her partner,
Frank. Hes unconscious.
Hes been high as a kite.
Hes given her drugs.
And he knows something.
He fucking knows something.
Please call me back
at this number
as soon as you can.
-Get the fuck off!
-Get in the van!
Get in the van!
Please, youre making a mistake!
Youre making a big mistake!
Hey, theres a picture
in the bag.
Just give it to Joan!
Just get in the van!
Youre making a mistake!
Section 1 of
the Criminal Justice Act...
You dont understand.
The man has taken my son.
Or hes done something
to my son, or he fucking knows
something about my son.
Youve gotta go back there!
You take me to fucking jail,
and youre taking him to the hospital?
Do you understand?
Youre having a fucking laugh!
...informed of your arrest
and youll have access
to a solicitor.
These rights...
...will be explained to you
further once we arrive
at the police station.
I suggest you make
yourself comfortable,
Mr. Murray.
I dont care
how fucking badly he is hurt.
The minute he wakes up,
you need to ask him
what hes done with my son.
Youre not going to say anything?
My sons missing!
My sons missing!
Thats my wallet.
Theyre actually Joans keys.
Thats Franks phone.
Thats my phone.
You want to put that somewhere else?
Put it in there, please.
That could be evidence.
Make yourself at home.
All right.
Obviously, youll be held
in custody until the morning.
Ill come back then
and well see
whats to happen to you.
Im really sorry
about everything that happened.
But have you spoken to him yet?
I have to impress upon you,
Mr. Murray,
youre wasting our time now.
Every hour is critical,
and youre wasting our time.
Theres something
not right about that guy.
The day after my wee boys gone missing,
hes showing me blueprints of some house
that he wants to move into
with my wife... my... my ex-wife.
And he doesnt have a room
in that house for my son.
Either he knows something
or hes criminally
a fucking prick.
Please, Joans taking Valium
and going to sleep.
I have known that woman.
Shes a good mother
and she would not take anything
that would stop her answering that phone.
She would be up checking
that phone every 15 minutes.
So I am really sorry.
I apologize.
Im not going to talk anymore.
But please, just treat him seriously.
Youre not stable right now.
Im telling you straight.
Youre in no position
to tell me how to
conduct this investigation.
Ill see you.
Its my wee boy...
Mr. Gilchrist
is still in hospital.
He has two fractured ribs.
He has a dislocated hip.
Nonetheless, hes decided not
to press charges against you.
Were you able to talk to him?
Ive communicated with him.
I have taken a similar position.
Im not going to take
this any further, Mr. Murray.
One of my colleagues
has retrieved your car.
Its at the station here.
Youre letting me go?
Youre no longer in custody.
You dont think its weird
that hes not
going to press charges?
Mr. Murray,
Ill explain something
very significant to you,
to help you clear
your mind of all of this.
One month ago, your wife
suffered a miscarriage.
Im telling you this,
so that you can understand
the situation,
the predicament of both
Ms. Richmond
and Frank Gilchrist.
this was a very difficult thing
for her to deal with.
In fact, this is the reason
that she decided to send
your son to the camp.
So that she could get some calm,
some peace, to deal with this.
It was nothing to do
with Mr. Gilchrist.
Is she all right?
In these circumstances, no.
And I understand that this
is a very difficult period
for you.
Id like to offer you
psychological support.
You need to go home.
You need to clear your head of this,
to allow us to go
on with the investigation.
No, Im fine.
I wont be any more problem
to you, I promise.
Thank you.
Thank you
for your patience.
Hi, this is Leah.
Leave me a message.
Thank you.
Leah, its Edmond. Um...
Im here.
Im sorry Ive not
checked in earlier.
I got in a bit of trouble
with the police last night.
Im fine. Im absolutely fine.
And we havent heard anything about...
whats happened to Ethan yet.
Could you tell the company
Im really sorry
I havent checked in?
Can you do that for me?
Tell them Im okay
and Ill be in touch soon.
I love you.
If you get this call,
just please call me back, okay?
Joan! Joan?
You okay?
Have they found him?
No. Not yet.
Im really sorry
for what happened to you.
What do you mean?
About your wee baby.
Im very sorry.
Who told you that?
Inspector Roy.
He was trying to...
Well, hes got no fucking right
to tell you that.
I know you guys were going
through a very difficult time,
even before this.
Fuck off.
Was it hard for Ethan?
Cause he said that you...
You needed peace and...
I mean, this is bad enough, as it is.
I dont know what
youre trying to do to me.
Im not trying to do anything.
He didnt...
He didnt want me to have a baby.
No, of course he didnt.
Does that make you happy?
That he hated it?
Cause he fucking hated the idea.
He hated that Frank had moved in.
And he hated the fact
that you werent here anymore.
And the only person he
could talk to about it was me,
because you werent here.
So I had to deal with our son
being upset about something
that I was really happy about.
Im really sorry about that.
Where were you last night?
I was in the police station.
They just let me out.
They said Franks not going
to press any charges.
He fucking should.
Did he give you Valium last night?
Ive never known you
to take a pill in your life.
Well, you dont know me anymore.
I thought you were
going to say
you were sorry.
Thats what I thought
you were going to say.
I thought you were going to say
sorry for beating the shit
out of my boyfriend.
You know, he never even mentioned Ethan.
Hes all excited about
his blueprints for his new house
thats hes building.
Yeah, we were really excited about that!
We were really excited
about that.
Ethan was excited about that.
And we all talked about it
together, as a family.
Me, him and Frank.
We all sat down and we
discussed it. Thats what we do.
Thats my family.
And youd know that
if you asked about him,
if you asked your son about him.
But you dont, do you?
Because you never fucking call
and you never fucking do anything.
You sent a present
on his seventh birthday.
He doesnt even get the chance
to talk to his dad.
Have you even thought about
what this all means?
That your sons missing?
All Ive been thinking about
this whole time
is that Im a bad mother,
that Ive done something wrong.
Have you even thought
for a fucking second
what sort of father you are?
What sort of father
youve been to your son?
I know, I know.
I know Im a bad dad.
I know Im never here.
I know he cant rely on me.
But its not my fault
hes gone missing, darling.
I just...
Hey, hey!
Stop and think for a minute.
Just think of what we need you to do.
Frank is not...
Hes a beautiful,
strong, amazing man
who loves your son.
I dont believe that.
Why do you think
that my phone is being tapped?
Listen. At 2:00 this afternoon,
I got a call from Glasgow.
They asked me to come off this case.
I said, "Why? Why should I
drop this file? Why?
You must send me
a written explanation
why I should drop this file."
And they yell at me,
shout at me. And I hung up.
At 2:17, I get a call,
this time from London.
From Sir Patrick Nelson.
This man,
hes higher up than anybody
in the police force in Scotland.
And he tells me this case
will be handled from London.
This time, I get a chance to say nothing.
He tells me that this is
in everyones best interests.
And thats it.
At 3:00, I tell my team
were no longer involved.
And I leave.
I didnt have much faith
in a kidnapping related to
your work in the oil industry.
I could be wrong.
London must have some
information that I dont have.
But Ill tell you this.
Youre on your own.
Basically, youre on your own,
Mr. Murray.
I cant stay.
Dont use your phone.
Thank you.
Come on, darling. Pick up.
-Can you hear me?
-Whats this number?
Whats this number youre phoning on?
Its not my phone.
Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me.
No, you listen to me.
Do you have any idea
whats been going on here?
Do you know the cops came
into the office? They turned
the whole place upside down.
Theyve got the computers.
Theyve got the hard drives.
Theyve got everything, Edmond.
-Do you understand
what this means?
Theyve got all the files.
I mean, theyve got
the Iraq files.
I mean, Jesus!
Has anybody mentioned my name?
Has anybody been looking for me?
Listen to me.
Listen to me, Edmond, okay?
Ive gotta tell you this.
Dont call me again.
Do you understand?
-Do you understand?
Im sorry.
-Can I take it off?
-Yeah, sure.
-Oh, my God!
That is not what I was expecting at all.
What do you think?
Its amazing, eh?
- Its amazing.
-I know!
We can build a house along here.
I was thinking
this is where, you know,
if you wanted to...
we could, you know, start a family.
Yeah! I want to, yeah.
-Well, I love you very much.
...I love you.
You clever, clever man.
Ready? Make a wish!
Three, two, one! Come on!
One more, one more, one more.
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on, come on!
Dont leave me hanging!
Do you like it?
Okay, okay.
Lets open the big one now.
This is the one.
This is from Daddy,
who wishes he could be here,
but he cant be here today.
This is from Dad.
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, my goodness.
Whats that?
Its a helicopter.
Isnt that amazing? Yeah?
Ethan, how do you like
your present from your dad?
Yeah? Good present? All right!
Youre doing really good.
Youre a good mum.
You are a good mother.
A rocket!
Oh, my God!
You got that?
Ethan! You having fun?
Are you happy?
You having a good birthday?
Look, Ethan! Look!
What do you think?
Its pretty cool, eh?
Youre going to be hanging out
with that guy.
Hey? Look at that!
Hi, guys! How you doing?
Yeah, sure.
You want to say goodbye to your pal?
See ya!
Are you all ready
for this, junior astronauts?
...Thats what I like to hear!
Okay, so,
just to let you know,
Mums and Dads,
before you head off,
weve got loads of busy days...
Love you.
Youll be all right, okay?
Just try and enjoy it.
Youll have a great time.
Say bye-bye to them, Mums and Dads.
I love you, darling.
Bye, Ethan buddy!
Have fun!
Bye, Ethan!
There we go.
The first...
The first time
hes slept away from home.
-Bye, darling! Love you!
-Bye, Ethan!
Come on,
give us a wave. Bye, bud!
Go on, Ethan!
Go, go, go!
Come over here.
Go, go, go!
-Who wants a balloon?
Theyre all tangled up.
Theyre going to be
well-fed. Theyre...
Astronomy camp...
Have fun!
Hi, are you okay?
Hey, Joan.
Its not Frank. Its me.
-Why are you calling me
on Franks phone?
-I took it off him last night.
The police thought it was mine,
so they gave it back to me.
Please, before you get angry
with me, can you listen to me?
Can I come over? Ill give you...
I think Ive found something.
Youre going to be
hanging out with that guy, eh?
Isnt that amazing?
Want to say goodbye to your pal?
I cant watch this.
Why are we watching this?
See ya!
Just have a look at this.
The same car?
Two different places,
two different times,
and the common factor being our son.
Well, the common factors not our son.
The common factor is that
he was at a birthday party
with all his friends,
and then he went
to adventure camp
with all his friends.
So thats... Its probably
just one of the parents cars.
Thats fine, thats fine.
Worst-case scenario,
Ill turn up at his mates house
and Ill get
a sympathetic cup of tea
with some innocent dad.
I think you need to call your brother.
Oh, fuck...
Call your brother.
He still works in insurance.
Hell be able to get
the license plate. Hell be able
to get the home address.
Yeah, illegally.
I still think... I still think
we should call the police.
I cant...
I told you before...
I know! I cant...
We are on our own.
Darling, we are all
that Ethans got.
Those were Inspector Roys
last words to me.
Call your brother. Now.
They might have
already moved him.
Fine, fine!
Go, go, go.
Rob, Hi. No, Im sorry.
Im sorry its so early.
Yeah, I know.
No. Nothing yet, no. Um...
Look, I need you to do something
for me, if you can.
I dont know,
it looks like a house
or a building or something.
Its in the middle
of nowhere.
Its not that far away.
If I take the long road,
I can come around
on it from behind.
All right, look,
William OConnor.
Have you ever heard that name?
No. I dont know.
All right, fuck it.
Fuck it. All right,
Ill come with you.
No, no, no, no. No!
You have to let me go.
No, I cant just stay here.
If something happens to me,
hes going to need
one of us. Okay?
Just think before you
do anything, okay?
Dont do anything stupid.
All right?
And if youre not back
by midday, then
Im calling the police.
Thats it! Okay?
Thats it, Eddy!
Call Inspector Roy.
All right.
Ive got Franks phone.
Maybe, maybe, maybe,
you might see a shooting star
or a comet or something.
Wow! Your mum has done
amazing research into this camp.
I think I just saw a little smile.
You will reach
your destination in 300 yards.
You will reach
your destination in 200 yards.
You will reach
your destination in 100 yards.
You have reached your destination.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Its too
dangerous now. I need to wait.
Ill leave in 20, I think.
Look at me. Look up.
What the...
Look at me. Look at me.
Do you know who I am?
Do you know why Im here?
I know who you are.
What are you
talking about?
Ive got pictures of you.
I got pictures
of your car.
My car?
Outside the Lockey Camp.
Outside the climbing center
in Crianlarich
for two weeks following my son.
Do you know who I am?
Youre fucking mental, man.
Do you know why Im here?
Youre making a mistake here, man!
This is fucking nothing...
Tell me what I want to know!
I dont know
what youre fucking
talking about, man.
Tell me
what I want to know!
What about?
Wheres my fucking son?
Youve made a mistake, man!
Just fucking untie me and let me...
Tell me where my fucking son is!
Or I will drive this
up through your mouth,
up through your brain,
and outta the top
of your fucking head.
Do you understand?
I dont fucking know!
You fuck!
What are you fucking doing, man?
Dont fucking do that, man!
Youve made a mistake.
Untie me, let me go,
and Ill say fuck all
about this, mate, all right?
Man, what are you fucking doing?
Man, dont fucking do that, man!
I dont fucking know!
Tell me where my wee boy is.
I dont fucking know!
Fucking tell me where
my wee boy is.
I dont fucking know.
You going to tell me where my wee boy is?
I dont fucking know...
What the fuck!
Wheres my fucking son?
I dont fucking know, man!
I dont fucking... No, man!
You take my fucking son?
Dont fucking do that!
Im going to burn
your fucking feet off.
No, dont do that!
Tell me right now!
I dont fucking know.
Where the fuck is my son?
I dont know.
Wheres my fucking son?
You going to tell me?
Okay, okay, okay!
Tell me where he is.
He... He...
What? Fucking speak!
Dunmore Lodge.
Dunmore Lodge.
We take em there.
We drop them there
and they come
and pick them up later.
I dont fucking know.
I fucking swear!
I swear!
I dont fucking know that,
man! I swear...
I dont fucking touch them, man.
Im not like them!
Im not fucking like them.
Im not like that. I just
deliver them. I drop them off
and thats fucking it.
You dont touch them?
Never, man. Never.
Who touches them?
Who touches them?
I dont know, man.
I just... I take photos.
I take photos outside the schools.
And then...
And then they pick them.
Im sorry, man.
Dont fucking hell, man! No!
He should be here.
He shouldve been here
at least 15 minutes ago!
Call him again, then.
William, where the fuck are you?
Youre late!
Come on. Spit it out.
Get in. Get in.
Hes still not picking up.
-I dont like this.
Theres cops everywhere.
They put roadblocks everywhere.
The whole areas swarming
with cops. Maybe he got nicked.
Forget the girl.
Lets take what we have
and get outta here.
They really wanted the girl, though.
Were not staying here.
Lets go.
-Lets go!
-Hurry up!
Fuck it!
Steven! Its fucking flat.
When did that happen?
It must have
been done on the road,
when we drove here.
Probably a nail or a screw.
Those can make it
deflate slowly.
It takes me five minutes
to put the spare on.
Take the kid back inside.
Ill call you when Im finished.
Where the fuck is he?
Where are the fucking keys?
Give me your fucking keys.
Here we go!
Inspector Roy, its
Joan Richmond. Can you call me
as soon as you get this?
Steven! Are you there?
Are you there?
What the fuck are you playing at?
Where the fuck is he?
Have you seen Steven?
Hes not downstairs?
Have you got the car keys?
No, Steven has them.
Where the fuck is he?
Call him!
Shh, shh, shh...
Steven, where the hell are you?
Were looking all over for you.
Listen to me.
That wee boy that youve got is my son.
The police are on their way.
You have to leave the little boy
where he is and just run away.
Its your only shot, pal.
You listen to me, prick.
Im coming for you.
Stay with the boy.
What if the cops come?
Do what I told you.
Hey, man! Hey, man!
Hey, Ethan!
Ethan, can you wake up, pal?
Can you wake... Can you wake up?
You stay asleep.
Shh, shh! Come this way.
Come on, quickly.
You okay?
Is he still following us?
I cant see.
Its all right! Its all right!
Its me. Youre safe,
youre safe.
Oh, geez! The boy...
The boy is all right.
Its all right.
There you go. Just be
real gentle and take it over
to the left, like that.
Oh, you see it bob like that?
-You want a go?
-Yeah, you want a go?
- Yeah, sure.
-You want to try it?
Here we go.
Right. Here we go,
the vital moment,
the transference of power.
Get your fingers on it.
Get your fingers on it!
There, youve got it, wee man.
Its all yours.
Well done, Ethan.
Well done, pal.
Is it good?
Dont bring it
too close towards you.
I want to keep my hair.
You cheeky thing...
So good, wee man. So good.
Im going to leave this to you,
cause you seem to know
what youre doing.
You do!
Its making me scared.
Dont drop it on our heads!
Youll be a pilot for the MOD
before you know it.
Mr. Murray!
Hey, pal...
Im going to need to get going.
Should we land it
and say a proper bye-bye?
Okay, all right.
I love you, pal.
When are you coming back?
I might be
a wee while.
But I am going to come back.
Ill come back and be here, okay?
See ya, Joan.
See ya.
You okay?
The dismantling of the network
is accelerating, you know.
I believe that there
will be more arrests.
Itll be a big list.
What a shame.
But it could be
good for you.
You think?
Yes. The judge will probably
take this into account.
Aye, hopefully.