My Sweet Monster (2021) Movie Script

With barely
enough time to recover
from my previous heroic feat,
I was on the road
to a new adventure.
The people
of the neighboring kingdom
turned to me for help...
a dreadful serpent
took their princess.
Again, a new exciting quest
only Prince Edward can take!
I arrived at the giant
serpent's mountain lair.
One of the Earth's
most vile creatures
did not expect that anyone
would be brave enough
to challenge it.
Beware of my sword's
shiny blade!
Ha ha!
"With the giant
serpent defeated,
the princess
was free at last.
Tears sparkled
in her eyes like diamonds.
'I love you, Prince Edward, '
she whispered to me
I moved a lock of auburn hair
away from her face,
and said to her
with a sad smile,
'Forgive me, for my heart
forever belongs to another.'
Suddenly, I felt
the vile breath of doom.
I turned my head and saw the
frightful open mouth of the beast!"
To be continued...
- Barbara?
- Barbara?
- Barbara?
- Barbara?
She was here a moment ago.
Where could she have
disappeared to?
- Oh! Oh!
- Have you seen Barbara?
- What about you?
- What about you?
Mister Chamberlain, sir!
The red carpet has
arrived, as you requested,
except that it's green.
Then you'll just
have to paint it!
Today is Princess Barbara's
Everything had better
be perfect!
Theodore, is your head
not screwed on right?
His head's in the workshop!
His Majesty
took it off for repairs
after Theodore trimmed
the top of the throne
thinking it was a hedge.
Bear with me, Theodore.
We'll soon have you up and about.
Now, let's see
what we have here.
Thanks, guys.
Hmm... Oh...
Good morning, old boy.
Told you, you're
too young to retire.
Oh, this is terrible!
Barbara, our dear girl!
What a disaster!
She won't listen to us at all!
It's time to fit
the dress, and...
What on earth is the matter?
Shush! One at a time!
let's hear you first.
I'm Gertrude,
she's Brunhilda.
I'm Brunhilda, she's
Gertrude, Your Majesty.
And I'm Gretchen.
We've lost Barbara!
How could you lose her?
What is she, a button?
What are you waiting for?
Let's go.
But quietly!
It's been ages
since I got his last letter.
No, I understand,
fighting injustice takes time and effort,
but he could have at least
dropped me a line or two.
I know I'll fall in love
It's what I'm dreaming of
The moment I feel it
My heart will reveal it
A precious blessing
that comes from above
I was sure my fate lay
in a lonely tower
But love has the power
To turn my life around
In a glimpse of an eye
Then I will reveal
All of my secrets
to the one
The most special
under the sun
I'm waiting for my love
Just to give me a sign
May the wind take away
all my doubts and my sorrows
I hear a voice
and it's calling my name
From far away
I know I'll fall in love
It's what I'm dreaming of
I look to the sky,
where birds fly so high
And my heart is fluttering
like a dove
Like a dove
Like a dove.
Are you there?!
What are you doing?!
So you see, Bulbie,
the angle of incidence equals
the angle of reflection.
Oh, hey, Daddy! Hi, nannies!
The palace is noisy,
so we decided to study here.
Studying is good,
but why did you choose
to do it here?
Your room is perfectly
Ow! Oof.
And most importantly, safe!
The clock tower is no place for
a fragile girl like you, sweetie.
Quite right!
No, no good at all!
Full of spiders, dust and splinters!
She could fall and bam!
Hurt herself and die!
And earlier,
she was riding again!
- Riding?!
- In the garden!
- Galloping!
- Sweetie, are you all right?
Does it hurt anywhere?
Your arms? Legs? Head?
Dad, I'm fine!
Barbara, didn't we agree that
you wouldn't go horse riding?
Then why did you
give me a horse?
Well... You asked for a pony,
so I bought you a pony.
How was I supposed to know
it would grow so big?
That's not
even funny, Daddy.
I won't allow anything bad
to happen to you!
And you! How could you
lose sight of her?
- I told you: control!
- Control!
Control, and...
What am I going to do with you?
Why don't you put me in a glass jar?
I'll definitely be safe then!
You'll take me out
of the jar occasionally,
blow the dust off me
and check that nothing's...
What is that?
The Wonderless Adventures
of Prince Edward.
It's "wondrous"
adventures, Your Majesty.
Doesn't matter!
Hello, I am here.
Steven, dispose
of this garbage!
Dis... Dispose
of what garbage?
The book!
Dispose of the book!
And tell the post office
to stop delivering
unsavory literature
to the palace!
Tell Theodore to board up the
entrance of the clock tower!
What's going on?
What's the matter?
No idea, I saw people do
it, so I joined in.
The post office is closed.
They said the royal postman
was robbed in the forest.
- What? Again?
- Yeah.
They said it was Bogey!
Huge horns!
And those burning eyes...
the size of saucers!
Basil, why did you
go through the forest?
You know everyone else
avoids it.
I was running late,
so I took a shortcut.
Basil, what about Princess
Barbara's birthday presents?
I dropped everything
and ran...
Ran for my life!
The letters, the packages,
and even a parcel
with the King's money.
Thank you.
Oh! A letter!
I-I kept a letter addressed
to Princess Barbara!
It's from abroad!
Go take it
to the palace, then.
Me? How will I dare
to look at the King again?
Timothy, will you go?
Me? No, no, no, no, no.
Something is telling me,
dear colleagues...
that Basil here is taking
us all for big idiots.
Mind your own business,
will you,
junior mail sorter?
I have a name,
you know?
Oh! It's
from that prince again.
Well, since y'all
scared to go, I will.
Yep. Plus, I need
to take care of business.
I'll borrow your clunker, boss.
Hey, hey, stop!
Joyce, no!
Oh, Barbara, sweetie!
Oh, how it suits you!
Quite the blushing bride!
Bride? You moron!
She's not getting married!
I said the dress was pretty
and you're calling me a moron.
- You're a moron yourself.
- What are you talking about?
You said "bride"
and that was ridiculous!
Pedro, the dress
fits perfectly!
The guests
will be overjoyed!
I'm the only one who's not
allowed to be overjoyed.
It's too dangerous!
I could explode if I get overjoyed!
This stupid dress is
from the last century.
Who am I supposed
to be impersonating?
His Majesty insisted
on this particular dress.
Well, in that case,
let him wear it!
Your Highness,
such behavior is unacceptable.
I shall have to report
this to His Majesty.
Ugh... What a nightmare.
What's that noise?
"Motrosickle" it's called.
I read about it in a magazine.
The royal mail
has arrived!
The mail!
At last!
No mail for you! Those are
His Majesty's orders!
Your Highness,
I demand that you...
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
At last! At last!
At last!
Hi, Basil! Did you
bring me a new book?
Oh... Hello.
Are you doing Basil's shift?
Sure. And here's a letter for
you, Your Highness.
From some prince...
Prince Edward?!
Ahem, Prince Edward?
You look even better in
real life than in pictures.
That's a very inappropriate
thing to say.
Anyways, I can't pay
for your services now.
I'm all dressed up,
you see?
You can't possibly buy my
silence with your money.
- Excuse me?
- I know everything.
- What?
- Everything a junior mail sorter
can possibly know.
"Oh, Prince Edward,
save me from this claustrophobic prison,
and from my father,
who doesn't let me breathe!"
Have you been
reading my letters?!
"Dear Barbara,
I can't wait to see you.
I long to embrace you
and whisper sweet love in your ear."
You don't want
your royal daddy
to find out about all of
this, do you?
What? What do you
want from me?!
Well, let's start
with a royal kiss.
How dare you?! You...
You know what you are?
You're a weasel!
If Prince Edward was here,
he'd beat you to a pulp!
Get out of here, now!
There you are! Caught red-handed!
No mail for you!
Your Highness...
Oh, this simply
will not do! Oh, no!
Come back, please!
Your Highness!
Your Highness...
No, no. You won't get
rid of me that easily.
Your Highness!
Stop! Please!
Your Highness!
We need to talk...
It's not...
- Oh, no!
- Oh, no!
Ahem... Good day.
Let's see...
"Dear Barbara, I can't wait to..."
- What's this all about?
- Look, look!
He wants to embrace the
princess and whisper in her ear!
Never heard anything
like it before!
- Neither have I!
- Well, I have.
As if anyone ever
whispered in your ear!
- Well, maybe someone did!
- Good grief!
"Yours truly, Edward."
Who's Edward?!
The wonderless one,
Your Majesty.
It's "wondrous,"
you moron.
- You're a moron yourself!
- What?!
Your Highness?!
Off to your room, now!
Oh, boy...
But, Daddy, it's serious!
We're in love!
In what? In love?
But you're just a child!
Of course,
and you married my mother
when you were 400 years old!
No! I mean...
But that's your mother,
- and this is some sort of...
- He's not "some sort" of anything!
- He's one of a kind.
- That's it, I've had enough!
The reception starts
in two hours.
Don't be late.
And please, make yourself
look respectable!
And don't so much as think
about that wonderless prince!
It's "wondrous"!
I'll make myself look
respectable, Daddy.
Just you wait.
Everyone will be in awe.
Hmm. A palace...
with a leaky roof?
But they've got money
for stuff like this?
Hey, mister!
Mister! Mister!
Where does the main man
hang out?
I see you're the employee
of the month here.
Look what we have here!
Is this
where he prints his money?
These are cool.
Well... let's see...
Turn it off! Off! Off! Off!
what are you doing here?!
You... Who are you?
How did you
get in here?
Back in the orphanage,
I learned that only valuables
are kept in safes.
Only the most valuable things.
Put the Spark back where
you found it right now!
Oh! You think
I'll just hand it over?
Just like that?
You want your firecracker back?
Then where's the money?
Money? You idiot!
You've no idea
what you're holding there!
Give it to me!
Hand it over,
or I'll call the guards!
Why aren't you
calling them already, huh?
Are you worried
I'll break this thing?
What if I do?
No! Stop!
How much do you want?
Look, I'll give you anything you want.
Anything I want, you say?
It's like a madhouse
in here!
His Great Imperial Majesty,
King Elijah the First!
And now,
the birthday girl herself,
Her Royal Highness,
Princess Barbara!
How do you like
your dress now, Daddy?
Am I respectable
enough for you?
It was
your mother's dress!
So, um... I'm glad
to welcome you all...
at this b-b-ball...
in honor of my daughter
Barbara's... wedding.
Allow me to-to present
the groom.
It's... He's...
a jolly fine fellow...
...a man of numerous
Junior mail sorter, Bundy Joyce!
Please give him
a big hand.
Daddy? Is this
because of the dress?
Howdy, bourgeoisie!
Don't you go anywhere!
We'll have the wedding
ceremony right here and now,
and then dessert and dancing,
so stick around!
Let's waltz, Highness.
Um, Daddy?!
What fireball?
- It's her pony.
- Pony?!
That's a pony?!
Forgive me, sweetie!
Did someone say,
"Fire in the hole"?
Bolt the doors!
Everybody stay calm!
Nobody gets away
from the royal mail.
Out of my way!
King's daughter,
eight letters.
Princess! Princess!
That fits! Next one's
a bit harder, though.
Carrier of written
Seven letters.
You've a clear mind,
You should be
in artillery,
cleaning cannons!
Yep, the one and only.
Most people say
That fortune's determined
by the random hand of fate
But I say
Your lucky break
doesn't come every day
So grab on
before it is too late
And tell me why shouldn't I
Take my chance
at the big time
When I can hardly wait?
A lucky break's
never caused any harm
This lucky break
could be my lucky charm
I won't pass up
I'm wide awake
Gonna take
all that I can take
My lucky break.
Hey, you!
This is our forest,
not yours!
Drop the sack, now!
Say what? This is mine!
Bad idea.
You know Bogey?
You gonna know him real soon!
This sack is mine!
Mine! Mine!
everything is mine!
- Bogey?!
- Get out of this forest!
what... what happened?
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no! No!
My arm... My arm! Oh...
Hey, Bulbie!
Where are we?
Oh, wow! This looks like
some forest robbers' hideout!
D'you remember
Edward's 15th book?
Ew, yuck!
Oh, an apple!
What is it, Bulbie?
Bulbie! That's our book!
Huh? What?
What's going on?!
Huh? Uh?
Who are you?
- I'm...
- Where did you come from?
Who, me? From the sack.
- But I'm leaving now.
- Huh? Huh?!
And I swear,
I didn't touch anything.
Hmm. This motorcycle
looks familiar!
And I have absolutely
nothing against robbers.
We're not robbers.
We're keepers!
Ooh! And a talking bunny!
Uh, pleased to meet you.
I am Princess Barbara.
I've got problems and I need
to find Prince Edward.
Could you please tell me
the way to his palace?
No? I'll find it myself,
then. Bye!
You're Princess Barbara?
You mean, you're the...
King Elijah's daughter?
Um, yes, indeed I am.
Brother, how much can
we get for a princess?
Let's hold her
for ransom!
Today's your lucky day, human!
We'll sell you back
to the p-palace!
What? To the palace?
Come on, a royal kiss...
Ugh! Not to my dad's
I'm going
to Prince Edward's palace!
- Take me there.
- Please!
Nobody will go into the
forest, Your Majesty!
They're all scared!
We need to put Barbara's
comb under a pillow.
Then we will see
everything in a dream!
- Good idea!
- Well, I think
- we should put a notice in the paper!
- Yeah! Yeah!
"Missing princess!
Long blond hair, blue eyes..."
No, dullard!
She's got short hair now!
And everyone knows
what she looks like!
Put a notice
in the newspaper, Steven.
It will be done,
Your Majesty!
Joyce! Where's Barbara?
Did you find her?
Oh, yes, I found her.
She's been kidnapped!
By whom?
Who terrorizes your forest
and gets away with it?
Who's-who's terrorizing?
You know who!
Wh-what are we to do?
First thing I want to know
is how this sparkly thing works.
The Spark?
It's water that brings
everything to life,
and inanimate things.
It brings things
to life, you say?
From where did you get it?
It was 16 years ago.
Barbara was born
a very weak baby.
We were afraid
that she wouldn't make it.
I really needed to find a
little of this "water of life."
We've found it,
Your Majesty!
This is the source.
So... it's real.
The legend says nobody
dare take this water.
I'm the King.
I dare do anything.
What, did you really
say that?
"I'm the King.
I dare do anything!"
I really like that.
So? Then what?
So I...
I took some of that water.
Run, Your Majesty!
Run! Save yourselves!
Run! Run!
Come here, Dumpling!
The road
got blocked with boulders.
So that's how
I got the Spark.
Hmm, what an intriguing story.
Now tell me, Majesty,
can your great engineers
knock together
some more
of these dummies?
Let's say,
a dozen soldiers...
with claws?
Oh, of course!
Splendid. Bogey
won't stand a chance.
Please let me go.
Hey! You'll be sorry
for treating me like this!
And you, Rabbit,
careful with my book!
Your book is garbage!
Total garbage!
Only one picture
and it's of some dunderheaded
idiot, standing there,
all pleased with himself,
in a metal suit, sniffing flowers!
What's there
to be pleased about?
His metal shirt will rust!
That's a suit of armor,
you silly rabbit.
He's got a very sharp sword,
I'll have you know!
He kills monsters with it,
chops their heads clean off!
Hey, stop doing that!
You know, Bogey, you're an ideal
candidate for some head-chopping.
Prince Edward has beheaded
scarier monsters than you!
- Ow...
- Quit your squawking!
Yuck! Bogey, you need
to brush your teeth!
And learn some manners!
I'm a princess, you know?
And I will not allow you to...
You're not a princess
in our forest, missy.
Brother! Brother!
Hang in there, brother!
Try moving your arms
up and down!
No, no!
Not like that!
No! Hold onto me, brother!
What's wrong?
Can't he swim?!
Some king of the forest!
Bulbie, follow me!
Brother, help me! I'm drowning!
Hey! Take the deepest
breath you can!
My Dad's an expert engineer.
You can breathe out now.
Well, now that I've saved you
two, we're even.
And you know what, Bogey?
You look much better after a wash.
Let's go, Bulbie.
We'll have to find our own way.
Hey, where are you going?
Stop! Who's gonna pay
your ransom? Stop, I said!
What makes you think you can give me
orders in my own forest, little bunny?
No way it's yours!
Brother, you tell her!
Let me remind you
that I am the princess here,
and you are my subjects.
This forest belongs
to the state!
To me, that is.
- No way it's yours!
- Mine, mine, mine!
This forest is not yours!
- Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!
- It is not!
Mine! Everything here
is mine!
I own this land!
That's it, you bulby fly.
Your princess is done.
Put me back down!
Let go!
How dare you?!
Get your paws off me,
you monster!
Humans! Hiding there in your
little world of concrete,
thinking you know
You think you rule here,
princess, but you don't!
She's been here a thousand
princesses before you, Barbara,
and she'll still be here
many thousand after you're gone.
Who's "she"?
Mother Nature,
the source of all life!
This land is hers alone.
Now do you understand
who you are?
I'm... a speckle of dust.
Dear, kind Bogey,
if you don't help me,
I'm done!
Save me! Please!
Hey, ladies, I asked
for a coffee!
Where's my coffee?
Theodore is rushing
to make it.
Rushing, rushing. Oh...
the employee of the month!
Wow! Ha! Huh.
Can I have spikes
coming out of this thing?
Or claws,
like the birdie does?
Yes, you can have claws.
That's a nice-looking
birdie you made.
I'll call it...
how about Steel Eye?
Hmm. Do you think it'll fly?
There are no crystals
left, Joyce,
so no, the bird
won't fly.
Here you are, runner.
Hey, you,
clueless kettlehead,
take his crystal
right now!
Did you hear what I said?
Take the stone
out of this thing.
His name is Theodore!
And I follow only
His Majesty's orders!
Joyce, that's just...
Hmm... Do you want
your daughter back
or is this metal dummy
more important?
We won't find her
without this bird.
Do it.
But... Your Majesty!
Oh, come on,
let's just get it over!
Always ask for more,
that's my motto!
What will happen if people keep
asking for more and more and more?
We'll all be doomed.
My puppies...
Go and find Bogey
and rip him to pieces!
Steel Eye,
show them the way!
Oh! Oh!
Oops! That's my bad!
how did we end up like this?
One minute we're on our way
to get a ransom for the human,
and everything's fine,
and the next, wham!
We're off to the other side
of the forest to see...
What's his name?
His name is
Prince Edward!
And Bogey is helping me
because he has a kind heart!
Blind star!
Hey, can you stop turning your head?
I'm trying to be mean
to the human.
Why do you need to see
this prince anyway?
Does he owe you money
or something?
No, bunny.
We're in love!
- What's "love"?
- I know, it's a disease!
A crushing disease!
Don't be silly, bunny!
Love is the most wonderful
feeling ever!
It's probably catching.
You're so mean, bunny!
Come on, let's keep moving.
All this idle talk is
It means I'm fed up with you,
you're tiring me out,
you're frustrating, annoying,
and irritating me!
You're ex-as-per-a-ting!
What?! What?!
You ought to read books.
That'll enrich your vocabulary.
Come on, catch up!
I was sure my fate lay
in a lonely tower
But love has the power
To turn my life around
In a glimpse of an eye
Then I will reveal
All of my secrets
to the one
The most special
under the sun
I'm waiting for my love
Just to give me a sign
May the wind take away
all my doubts and my sorrows
I hear a voice
and it's calling my name
From far away
I know I'll fall in love
It's what I'm dreaming of
I look to the sky,
where birds fly so high
And my heart is fluttering
like a dove
Like a dove
Like a dove.
Brother, something tells me
she'll lead us to this prince
and he'll run us through
with that sword of his,
or maybe even cut
something important off.
But I'm telling you,
brother, she's evil,
like all the rest
of them humans!
No, brother,
she's a speckle.
I'm flapping my arms,
but they're not arms!
They're what?
They're wings!
You couldn't have made it
more obvious, you silly!
You're a bird!
My turn now!
Five little ducks
went out one day,
over the hills and far away.
Mother Duck said,
"Quack, quack, quack, quack,"
but only four
little ducks came back.
Hey, show your face!
Wh... Hmm? Hmm?
Oh, no!
Anything but that!
Have you got
a crush on her?
Hey! Hey!
Forget it,
she's not your kind!
What do you see in her?
She got no horns, no fur...
Arrrgh! Boo!
Boo! This forest is mine!
No one's allowed
to step in it!
Anyone who trespasses will be
eaten, guts and all!
Get out of my forest!
Boooo! Arrrgh!
Well, can you guess
who this is?
I don't know. What is it?
I'm not a robber!
- I'm just big and scary!
- Maybe you guessed it?
- I did.
- Fear me!
Boo! Arrgh! Boo!
Do you think I upset him?
Eh, just let him be.
Being alone
helps him sometimes.
Bunny, tell me
how you two met.
it's a funny story.
I found him when he
was just this small!
He got lost in the forest.
The boy didn't know
where his parents were.
Wait, so he was a human?
Yeah, a small one.
Alone, he would've perished.
But Mother Nature
saved his life....
...and sent him
on a noble mission!
What kind of mission?
the forest, what else?
From people who cut down
trees and scare animals.
The woods are safe
as long as I am here
I keep the taiga
far from any danger
No creature, big or small,
has much to fear
So why does my own soul
feel like a stranger?
My forest home,
expansive as the sky
Is nature at its finest,
matched by no one
If everything
is perfect here, then why
Do I still end up
longing for someone?
Mother Nature gave Bogey
the strength of ten bears,
and he's been protecting
her ever since.
I mean, we've been
protecting her.
Uh, to be more precise, I'm in charge
of security and he does what I say.
But why do you
rob people?
We just don't let them into the forest.
They leave their junk behind.
Hmm, so you
don't care about money?
Are you kidding?
We love money!
how lovely it burns?
It's a shame that was the last of it.
Hey, did you say
your Edward is rich?
Don't you worry, bunny.
When we find him,
he'll give you
a hundred bags of money.
No way! I'm beginning to
like this prince of yours!
Keep away from my money!
Who's there?
I think Bogey's
gone missing.
No need to shout.
I know how to find him.
- Bunny...
- What?
Where did that iron rat
come from?
I think I know.
It can't see us.
Let's pretend we're stones.
- Don't move.
- I wasn't going to.
Move now! Move! Move!
Move! Move! Move!
Move! Move! Move!
Would you...
Look at that!
It kicked the bucket!
I miss my daddy...
B-b-but he made
this thing!
Your daddy is
a mean and nasty man!
The worst of all humans!
Not true! Don't say
that about him!
You don't know him!
That's what you think!
I do know him.
How many talking rabbits have
you ever seen, huh, Barbara?
I was all torn up by foxes
when he found me.
He took me to his...
and, well...
Oh, bunny, but you...
I was... I was basically
a f-f-freak show exhibit!
"Oh, look,
a talking rabbit!"
- But he saved your life.
- No, he didn't, he took it!
My children...
they were scared of me!
I'm just like
this... thing.
I'm a thing!
You're not a thing, bunny.
You have a soul.
Look at yourself, Joyce,
so handsome!
Such fancy gloves!
The belt, too!
And the boots...
so fashionable!
And would you look
at his hat?
Simply majestic!
Oh, and the buttons, so shiny!
Your title should be
Your Splendidness!
You can address me
as... Lord Commander.
Simply wonderful!
Lord Commander General!
Hmm? Huh!
Well, what have you
got there?
Nothing yet.
Let me see it.
Bogey! My dear Bogey!
I was beginning to think
I'd have to find
a new monster!
Bogey is a real knight.
No, no way is he real.
A moment.
Bogey, kneel before me.
For saving the life
of Princess Barbara,
mine, that is,
I dub thee Sir Bogey!
Thank you, Sir.
And thank you, too.
Bogey... hmm.
And what is that? Hmm...
What is that?!
Doesn't matter.
We found Barbara!
- Ow!
- Hands off the controls!
So have you been keeping it
a secret from me?
Oh, you naughty Majesty!
But Joyce, look!
Barbara is safe!
We no longer need
our magic robot army!
My magic army.
Guards, take this pathetic wimp
and lock him up.
But... but what about
Fine, whatever,
I'll marry her.
There isn't much
of the Spark left.
But there it is!
Coming out of the ground!
In tons!
There's enough of it there
for me to take over the world!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...
Ready or not,
'cause here I come
Outta my way,
get under my thumb
Starting today,
I'm done thinking small
'Cause I want it all
I'm gonna live it up
I'm gonna live it up
I'm gonna live it
ay, ay, ay, up
I'm gonna live it up
This time
there's no going back
Keep up, 'cause I'm
on the winning track
Turns out being bad's
more fun than being good
I'm in, wouldn't change it
if I could
I may seem ambitious
But wealth and power
taste so delicious
The world respects you more
when you're vicious
Why should I worry
about loyalty?
When I am royalty,
you'll love me
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa
I'm gonna live it up.
We're headed on a journey
Through field
and mountainside
The path may be trying
But we've no plans to hide
We'll keep marching forward
with our enemies at bay
A rabbit, a beast
And a princess runaway
If we stick together
There's nothing
we can't win
We'll brave any storm
the three of us
Through thick and thin
And though
we've just met
I think our trio's
here to stay
A rabbit, a beast
And a princess runaway
A rabbit, a beast
And a princess runaway!
Bogey, hey, tell me,
who wrote this song?
Nobody wrote this song. That's
how all the best songs happen.
When your words feel
too big for talking,
- that's when you need a song!
- That's so true!
We'll brave
every challenge
Our path is tried and true
This trek would be boring
If not for both of you
The sky is the limit
There's nothing in our way
A rabbit, a beast
And a princess
runaway! Hey!
Question... how come I don't
get... final billing...
in the song?
I'm important!
It's so the timing works.
Ah, that makes sense!
The sky is the limit
There's nothing in our way
A rabbit, a beast
And a princess...
Well, guess that's it.
We're here.
Barbara, you have
to go alone now.
Go towards your dream...
...and be happy.
Ah, well,
so long, human!
Don't go!
You don't need that Edward!
Stay with us and-and we'll
scare people together!
We'll be a team!
I'm sorry, bunny,
but I must save my daddy.
I can't do it without Edward.
Oh, can I take your whistle
as a memory gift?
No. You can't.
- I'll make you a new one.
- Hmm?
Thank you.
Oh, brother...
- Speckle!
- My sweet Bogey!
I'll never forget you!
You're the kindest and
loveliest monster in the world!
So please don't
forget me either!
Walking through
this city and it's all so new
Don't know where I am
or where I'm heading to
Being truly lost
never felt so free
Oh oh oh oh oh
Breathing in the magic
of a brand new place
Every time I turn,
I see your handsome face
It feels like all
of these glittering lights
Are for me
'Cause I'm flying on air
Soaring to new heights
On every corner, there's
breathtaking new sights
But none as amazing
as the one I'll find
Now's the time
to meet you at last
Didn't know that a heartbeat
could go this fast
And our love
will be the kind
Poets will write about
I want to shout it
From the highest tower
this city has
Just like the one
I'm searching for you
I have dreamed our love
is the kind that lasts
And I know it's about
to come true
Come true.
Prince Edward?!
Oh! Uh...
Oh, a fan...
I wonder what the security
guards are up to.
Sweetheart, what happened?
Why are you such a mess?
I... Um... I'm sorry...
I was in the forest.
So what do you want?
A postcard? An autograph?
You can choose from 20 messages
for the regular price of one coin,
or get
a personalized message!
"Kisses, Edward"
for two coins,
"To my best friend,
from Edward" for three coins,
or "Thank you for the
magical night" for 19 coins.
Uh... thanks, but definitely
not the "magical night" one.
Too bad.
In that case,
it'll be the usual...
"To my devoted fan."
What's your name?
Um... Barbara.
Um, excuse me,
but where's Prince Edward?
Can I see
Prince Edward right now?
Prince Edward...
He must be...
He's your brother, right?
I'm here to see him.
Can you tell him
I'm here?
I'm Barbara,
he knows who I am.
We've been writing to each
other for a long time, we...
Why are you looking at me
like that?
Don't you believe me?
Look, here's
a letter from him!
how do I explain this?
I am Prince Edward.
Or to be more precise,
I made him up.
What do you mean,
"made him up"?
I-I don't get it.
What for?
Nobody bought The Adventures
of Princess Edwardina.
But what about
all the daring feats?
The noble deeds?
The love?
Of course, sweetie.
That all sells wonderfully.
For our millions of dedicated
fans, just like you,
my team and I come up
with our storylines.
It's very sweet that
you believe our stories,
I'm genuinely touched.
But I'm afraid it is
an auto-reply letter
that we send out to all
our female subscribers.
Oh, sweetie, this must be a
terrible disenchantment for you.
That's a good word,
someone write it down.
Excellent word, boss!
Boss, take a look at this!
You're going to love it!
You say your name
is Barbara?
People are looking
for you, Barbara.
It says here you ran away
from your own wedding
and upset your father.
It wasn't a wedding!
I mean... Princess Edwardina,
an evil postman named Joyce
cast a spell on my daddy!
I ran away
to find Prince Edward.
I want to marry him
and only him!
Bogey and the talking rabbit
helped me get here!
You want to marry Edward,
postman cast a spell...
I see.
A talking rabbit,
you say? A bougie?
Sweetie, I bet
you're really tired.
Eric, arrange dinner
and a room for our guest.
And you lot,
get back to work!
Show's over.
That is for Theodore!
- Well done, Steven!
- Well done, Steven!
Come on, let's go!
Thank you, Princess Edwardina,
this is very kind of you.
Not at all, not at all.
What an amazing story
you told me.
So much adventure!
I could write a book about it.
Now you get
some sleep, Barbara.
You need to get
your strength back.
By the way,
Eric ordered you a new dress.
It will arrive
in the morning
and you'll head off
home to your daddy.
What? How? But you said...
You promised!
Princess Edwardina,
I can't marry that horrid man!
Please, that's not fair!
You can't!
I don't love him!
My dear girl...
Love... Fairness...
Barbara, those are
just words.
They were made up
to keep the masses happy.
They don't really
mean anything.
Eric, our dear guest
needs to rest now.
You'll have to grow up
one day, sweetie.
Right now is as good a time
as any to start.
Your daddy offered
a very good reward.
A seven-figure sum!
I'm impressed!
Right... I need
a screwdriver.
Soldering iron.
Thank you.
Like so.
Well, that's it.
Theodore's alive!
Your Majesty!
Steven! Gertrude!
I'm Brunhilda.
She's Gertrude!
I'm Gertrude and that's
Brunhilda, Your Majesty.
I'm so glad to see you!
Quick, we don't have
much time.
We have to act fast!
Come on, Theodore! Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
- Just a little bit faster!
- Come on! Come on!
- Come on! Come on!
- Come on, Theodore!
- Come on!
- Just a little bit faster.
Come on, Theodore.
Bulbie, I'm in big trouble.
What do I do now?
Of course!
Oh, no...
where are you going?
What about the money?!
We forgot to get the money
from the Edward guy!
My old one
was made of copper.
Let's test this one.
Wh-what's that?
They ought to be
Hey! Hey, what was
that for?! That hurt!
Something's happened
to Barbara!
What? I don't get it.
Barbara's in trouble!
Hey, no, no, no!
We have to go back home!
We can't... Look,
Barbara's a human!
Humans have
their own business.
Let them sort it out!
she's our Speckle!
Your Highness,
did you think we would just
let you walk out of here?
Out of my way!
Oh! It can really speak!
It will be a shame to put a hole
in such a magnificent fur...
But you leave me
no choice!
Lower your guns!
What? Why?
Let them pass.
Thank you.
But, ma'am,
what about the money?
- You know, seven figures!
- So dumb.
Today we were lucky to be
part of a real-life fairytale.
And that's worth
all the money in the world.
No bonuses for you
this month.
I hear you, brother!
I'm coming!
Bogey! No!
"Brother, help me!"
Cut his horns off!
I'll nail them
to the town gates.
People will love it!
No! Don't!
Stop, Joyce! I...
I will marry you.
But let him go!
Of course you'll marry me.
It's not like you
have a choice!
Start pumping!
Stop right there, Joyce!
You still have
a chance to fix everything
and redeem yourself!
Hmm... How does it go?
"I'm the King.
I dare to do everything!"
You can't stop me!
All this is mine!
I'll take as much
magic water as I want!
You fool!
You can't escape
the wrath of Mother Nature!
You're starting to get
on my nerves, old man!
Steel Eye, get him!
And you, what are you
waiting for? Kill him!
No! Tell them to stop! No!
Don't kill him!
Get away from him!
Did you really think that I
would make you a super army
without making myself
a super button?
Hey! Hey! Get up, you!
Bogey! Hold on,
I'll help you!
Hey, look!
I stand by my motto!
Always ask for more!
How funny!
I wanted to be a king!
What a modest ambition
that was!
in order to realize
your ambitions are small,
you have to get big!
Real big!
Well, Mother Nature...
Where is your crown?
I want to try it on!
Bow to your new master!
Because from now on,
I will rule the world!
Ha! Take that!
- Bogey!
- Speckle!
You're still alive?
Bogey! Bogey!
My dear Bogey.
Hey, Bulbie!
- Daddy!
- Barbara! Sweetie!
- Oh, Daddy...
- Thank goodness you're safe!
Hey, wh-what do you want?
Take this!
We did it!
We won!
Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!
Ow! Oh...
My... little heart...
Huh? Huh?
What's happening, Daddy?
I'm not real, am I?
Am I a robot?
Oh, no, sweetheart.
You're real! The most real
thing in the whole world.
It's just that,
you and your mom...
Look, when you were born,
you were very ill.
I had to make you
a new heart,
but I was too late
to save your mom.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
I ran away to the ends of the
Earth to look for my prince.
Where else could you find one?
Well, did you?
I found him.
But I...
ruined Mommy's dress.
My sweet daughter...
My sweet daughter...
My sweet daughter...
Hear me,
o Mother Nature!
I have been
your faithful servant
as long as I remember!
I beg you, let her live!
If you must...
If you must take someone,
take me!
Spare them and take me!
Icy winds have frozen
All the happiness we shared
And hope is somewhere
buried under snow
It's wrong to wish
for miracles
I know I'm unprepared
But my heart
has nowhere else to go
I will show you
I'll come back for you
Before the winter
melts away
I will go through
Anything I have to
I'm not giving up
Not today
Princesses in storybooks
get rescued by a kiss
But magic spells
won't come to save us here
Real life
is not a fairytale
There's no rewriting this
And I can't wish you
back to me, I fear
I will show you
I'll come back for you
Before the winter's frost
is gone
I will go through
Anything I have to
Don't give up,
I won't be long.
There, there, sweetie.
You have to move on and...
you should stop
coming here.
Oh, Bogey!
My valiant knight!
I never lost hope!
I never lost hope!
Thank you, Mother Nature.
Yes, thank you.
Even the strength of ten
bears is gone for good.
You spoiled such a
perfectly good monster!