Mysterious Ways (2023) Movie Script

Just as I
am without one plea.
But that thy blood
was shed for me.
And that thou bidst me come to
Thee oh lamb of God I come...
Like the River of Jordan and
just as full of God's goodnes.
Thanks, Dad.
I need it back in an hour.
When did this go up?
Wondered when the next
crusade was kicking off.
You boys going to win today.
Of course, sir.
Stay for a cuppa?
Nah, I've got to study.
With your new boy?
What new boy?
Bye, dad.
I don't know what new boy.
Love you.
I'll see you in an hour, OK?
All my
girls, all my girls with me.
Drop with me.
Oh, my God, I'll
see you with me.
I'm a savage.
All my girls bossy.
If they want it,
they can have it.
That's the one laddies.
Nice day.
Good accuracy, boys.
Let's keep this
on the field too.
Nice, boys.
Where's the talk?
Where's the talk?
Hey pop, leave later.
That's OK.
Nice to me.
Nice to me.
That's why you're
captain, Jimmy.
That's why you're captain.
Good boys.
Ah, not him.
That ref hates us.
Well, I'll go talk to him.
No, you're not.
No, he's clearly biased.
Tell him God's going
to kick his ass too.
Well, I mean, I could.
I play shit again
too there, Jimmy?
Well, because you're going
to pass the ball, dick.
You can can catch it, dick!
You're starting something?
No, coach.
Hey, you take it
out on them, OK?
Not each other.
Come on.
Come on.
That's that done.
What'd you say to him?
Oh, just how grateful we are for
his service to the community,
and how much I enjoy his
mother's flower arrangements
on Sundays.
pretty clever, sir.
Thank you, Jimmy.
Hey, we're going to
win this or what?
Yes, yes.
Come on, then.
Let's go.
Bring it in then boys up top.
Brothers on three.
1, 2, 3.
Come on.
Let's go, boys.
Come on.
Let's go right.
Break every one of
their bones, boys.
Come on.
You're in the pool.
He's not happy.
My church has a proud
history of protest.
I'm on your team, Peter.
I just don't want to see
you get into trouble.
Well, it's a poster
preaching acceptance.
It's hardly a
strident call to arms.
People have objected.
Yeah, we're encouraging debate.
Peter, these days,
there's such division.
Well, exactly.
Now's not the time to let a few
fanatics dictate our position.
Are you calling your
Bishop a fanatic?
No, it's just... you know
how personal this is to me.
Yes, I do.
And your faith and
your good works
have been a fine
example to us all...
And I couldn't do any
of it without Jason.
Yes, he's a fine
addition to the team.
Peter, I'm just asking
you to tone it down a bit.
The billboard or
my relationship.
How did the game go?
We lost.
With that ref?
Yeah, even worse after
you talked to him.
But sometimes it's better
to just live with stuff.
You know they won't
even let us get married.
You know we can get a...
Civil partnership?
A blessing?
Not at the altar, we can't.
They can't even give you that.
Yeah, I'm not asking you to.
Oh, you don't want
a church wedding.
Admit it.
You always wanted to walk down
the aisle with a white dress
and a big bouquet.
You'd be wearing the dress.
The church should be
advocating for change.
It's always been our role.
I'm the preaching.
Yeah, OK.
I'm... I'm preaching.
That's cute.
Well, that's not helpful.
How old will she be?
Her birthday's tomorrow.
I'll make sure she gets it.
Yeah, great choice.
Now, how about a card?
No, I'm not giving
her one of these.
Why not?
I think they look beautiful.
What are you?
A Homo?
Oh, no.
All of you a lot of pedos
for little boys, eh?
Quite honestly, I didn't
really know what to say.
And online now with
Jane from Rotorua.
Reverend do you
agree this virus was a sign?
Hello, Jane.
What kind of a sign?
Well a warning.
We have forsaken Him.
Well, Jane, my God
isn't a judge who
dispenses vengeance or rewards.
But my God is about love.
Thanks for that, Jane.
We'll go to another caller.
It's exclusive to grant anyone
If you hating on me, time to
bury the hatchet because we
living life over here.
All my ladies put
your hands in the air.
If you play high
like super woman,
then let me hear
you say, oh yeah.
Super woman, super
woman, you're amazing.
No comparing super woman.
Super woman...
Hey, team, listen up.
Hey, kids turn on your ears.
Oh, don't turn it off.
Change it to TalkBack.
You're back with your radio TFM.
Is the Reverend doing his show?
You call him Peter, Auntie?
An online now...
He's family, remember?
... another caller.
How can you
call yourself Christian?
That new billboard
advertising sodomy.
Not actually talking
about that today, mate.
Let him finish.
I know for a
fact that the Reverend
lives with another man.
Didn't know you were off
the market, Reverend.
Should be
preaching the word of God,
not shoving your agenda
down our throats.
Well, I'd argue that the
greatest of all his words
is love.
So who's the lucky guy?
His name is Jason.
I met him
after my wife died.
You had a wife?
Yes, I did.
So Jason coming into
my life was
miraculous, actually.
In many ways, he gave me
the strength to carry on.
Well, I'd say you're a pretty
lucky guy too, Reverend.
I am.
Wedding bells on the horizon.
Not church ones.
Thank God.
Oh, I thought we'd
got rid of you, mate.
I'm confused.
Can you guys
actually get married?
Oh, it's, sort of,
a fudge.
Actually, there is a blessing.
But an official church
wedding isn't really allowed.
Oh, marriage isn't
everything, Reverend.
Well, no.
We do want to get
married, actually.
And not as second
class Christians either.
Are you engaged?
No, not yet.
Well, I hope I haven't
blown a secret proposal.
Nothing about
our love is secret at all.
So Jason, Hoo, if you're
and if you'll have me, I would
be honored to be your husband.
And I promise you
a church wedding.
I'll tell you what?
I have not often lost for words.
But there you have it,
a live, on-air proposal
from our very own gay vicar.
Tell you what?
It's got to be a world first.
Are we invited to
the wedding, coach?
Is that him?
I heard.
We're getting a wedding, guys.
It is.
What the...
Wasn't quite the romantic
proposal I expected.
Ah, OK.
Jason Yohan, will you
marry me with bridesmaids,
till death do us
part, and a bouquet?
You're crazy.
Yes, I do.
Yes, I do my palagi prince.
I love you.
Do you know where
I can find Jason?
I'm here for the wedding.
Jason's my uncle.
I did try and stay in touch.
But your mom...
She don't want to have
anything to do with me,
once she left us.
She told me what a bad,
evil person you are.
I never realized how
fabulous this God stuff is.
I got to work into the act.
How'd you find me?
Mom said you'd hooked
up with a vicar.
I kept it all these years.
Such a mess back then.
When I got it all
together, you'd both gone.
Now I'm back to the wedding.
Hey be careful.
It's easily broken, OK?
I can make you special
outfits for the wedding.
I just need my sewing machine.
And you must let me
perform at the reception.
I had my own spot at
Mardi Gras last year.
Look, is your mom OK?
Does she even know
that you're here?
Yeah, she's fine.
I mean, we don't really talk.
I haven't seen her in years.
She's got a new man.
I'm dying to hear
about your new hubby.
I mean, who would have thought?
A vicar?
I dated a vicar once,
kinky motherfucker.
Please, come on.
You'll get used to me.
No, shit, shit, shit, shit.
Got to be at the club.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, don't tell me Moses
is canceled now too.
When are we going to stop
depicting God as some sort
of Father Christmas magician?
The children love it.
And how are you doing?
I heard about the
show yesterday.
Oh, there's nothing they can do.
We've done nothing wrong.
Would you be willing
to officiate?
You mean at a blessing?
It wouldn't just be for us.
Imagine what it would mean
to the thousands of people
in the queer community
whose faith is somehow
seen as second-class.
You know I would love to.
But the Bishop is furious.
I understand.
I wanted to ask you first.
If I could...
No, not at all.
I'll find some other heretic
willing to risk God's wrath.
Hey T, sit down
You can't let a
girl look in the mirror...
Uh, today we have
a special guest.
As we do here at Saint
John's, please welcome Billy.
I bet you've never seen
someone as pretty as me before.
As if.
Hey, Rai.
Real girls are pretty.
I don't even know what he is.
He's Trans Oi!
Look, I don't think we need...
That depends, darling.
Some days I'm in stubby.
Other days, I'm glammed up,
ready to pull some butch trade
like you.
I'm straight.
You'd be surprised how many
straight men like a big one.
Hey, we respect everyone here.
Jimmy, show him around.
Sounds good.
Promise he'll be
safe with me, dad.
Remember, this is the
place where people are...
Don't worry about it.
He's my uncle.
He's having a hard
time adjusting.
He's your uncle?
can touch the sky.
And I feel so high.
You and I bodies
aligned when we are...
Now we've run it
by the Archbishop.
And he thinks it's
the right tone.
A close friendship,
entirely above reproach.
We have to be prepared
for controversy.
All you're going to
do is fuel the fire.
Gay vicars hardly
news these days.
But banning his marriage,
that'll make headlines.
All we're asking is that
you abide by the rules.
We're not banning anything.
Being told I'd have to resign
my post at Saint John's, if we
use the church for the ceremony,
sounds like an ultimatum to me.
You gave me no choice, Peter.
You work with the radio has
made you a high-profile figur.
People are talking.
And this will make it
so much worse, if...
If this becomes a test case,
it will hurt all of us.
You'll become an
outcast, a martyr.
Wasn't that
the role that Christ
demonstrated so wonderfully?
You of all people
should understand what's
going on with the church.
We're on a knife's edge.
And the reason is our hypocrisy.
Sometimes for the sake
of our great, imperfect
worldwide communion,
for the sake of unity,
we need to turn the other cheek.
You know there was a
time you wouldn't have
been allowed to marry, either.
Our church can change.
We're issuing the statement.
You can do what your
conscience tells you.
But remember Peter,
pride is a sin.
Mike, yeah, hey.
Quick favor.
Do you have a number
for that journalist
that we had on the
show last week?
You ever thought
of going to fashion school?
I'm only here for
the wedding, uncle.
What were you
doing in Australia?
Working on my act.
Was going to go to
Australia's Got Talent.
Well, Peter and I
could help you out.
You want to do a
course or something?
I'm only going to
do the one show, OK?
Just for the wedding,
and you both.
Are there any good
acts in New Zealand?
Well, show's not
really my thing.
I mean, I don't go out
to the clubs and stuff.
Just wait until you see my show.
I'm going to do
something very special.
Will talk to Peter about it.
Don't worry about Peter.
I know how to get him
eating out of my hand.
I dated a vicar too
once before, remember?
I'm just here for you both.
Let's go.
Peter says you can stay.
He's going to love me.
I feel I'm about to
unfurl into the cosmos.
This way.
Do you like kava?
Oh, I've never actually had it.
What about faia eleni?
The buns Nancy Nola makes?
Oh, yes, delicious.
So let me guess.
Jason must be your
first Polynesian Prince.
That's OK.
As it happens, I'd never even
been with a man of any color
before I met Jason.
You devil, seducing
a straight bar lungi.
Hey, it wasn't like that.
When I got out, he gave
me a brand new life,
and a vision for the club.
And I know what you gave him.
Hey, shh.
Wow, food fit for an angel.
You can say the loku.
It was lovely, Billy.
I checked in with my sister.
She hasn't heard
from him in months.
You sure you don't
mind him staying?
Oh you got plenty space.
He certainly livens things up.
I think he makes
things up a bit.
Well, I think you're supposed
to say them, rather than he.
Well, they keep on
insisting they're an angel.
So I don't know about that.
As an expert on such
things, I can assure you
all angels are male.
So maybe you have a point.
I'm just not quite sure
why he left Australia.
There's something
he's not telling us.
So what'd the bishops say?
Threaten fire and brimstone.
Are you sure we
should be doing this?
I made it very clear
that our relationship is
none of his business.
Yeah, I just don't want this
to become part of your mission
to change the world.
Let me handle that.
You've got a party to plan.
Abide with me
fast falls the evening tide.
The darkness deepens
Lord with me abide.
When other helpers fail
and comforts flee...
Dear father.
Thank you so much for coming.
See you next week, no skipping.
Congratulations I think
that's such wonderful news.
And of course, we love
it if you do the flowers.
So I've been
planning the wedding.
you for coming.
Just telling him that I've
been planning the wedding.
It's not going to be big, OK?
It'll be tiny, no more
than a couple of hundred.
Now performances.
Your kids are going to
be doing the singing.
Thank you so much.
I love your necklaces.
I'll be doing the performance...
Thank you.
...because, obviously...
Thanks for coming.
Thank you.
And the acoustics in
here are amazing.
Oh, it's the man from the Hero.
Maybe we could...
That's OK.
I can do it by myself.
Ooh Auntie, this smells amazing.
Is it... Is it?
Hey, you're so skinny.
Go eat.
Ah, Bunny popo always
reminds me of mummy.
You know mom taught me
how to make them, huh.
I think she'd be proud
I'm getting married.
What do you think?
I think your mom would be very
happy if you are happy, hmm?
I am Auntie.
Are you, though?
I'm worried about you.
This is very new
to our people, huh?
I know it was hard
when I first came out.
After a while, everyone's...
This is different.
Marriage is a sacred covenant.
Auntie, I'm marrying a vicar.
And the men who now
Jesus on the cross.
They said they were men
of faith as well, hmm?
You don't have to come, Auntie.
I will make the cake, OK?
Are you sure?
So just don't you tell Jesus.
Oh, my God, my dad's
getting married.
We were going to tell you.
I know the headlines
are a tad dramatic.
So when are we doing this?
Sooner the better, I guess.
Amen to that.
And nice hat.
It's yours?
Well, it looks better on you.
I know.
So you're famous now.
Oh, one article does not make...
I only talk to one journalist.
Local vicar to
marry prison boyfriend.
I never said that.
I know.
I know.
After meeting his now fiance
in prison and hiring him
on a church-appointed salary...
The vicar ended his
15-year marriage.
That's a lie.
No, I'm calling them.
No, don't.
The more you say,
the more they print.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
It was always going to happen.
Am I right in thinking that
you were defying the Bishop
by planning a church ceremony?
I mean, you could be fired
from the parish for this.
No, the church has been heading
this way for quite some time.
And we should be leading society
with courage and conviction.
Well, callers lined up.
But first, a break.
We'll be back with a response
from the Reverend in a minute.
Tell you what?
I cannot believe how
this is blowing up.
Facebook Page's going mad.
I thought marriage
was on the way out.
It's a symbol.
I understand why.
there's someone who'll
take care of me.
When I die, will go?
Hope there's someone
who set my heart free,
nice to hold when I'm tired.
There's a ghost on the
horizon when I go to bed.
How can I fall asleep at night?
How will I raise my head?
Oh, I'm scared of the middle
place between life and no way.
Well, I don't want to be the one
left in there, lift in there.
There's a man on the horizon.
Wish that I'd go to bed.
No one wants to talk to you.
No one wants to talk to you.
You're a piece of
fucking garbage.
How do you feel about your
coach being a homosexual?
You're a piece of garbage.
You know it?
No cameras...
Doesn't it feel weird?
What are you talking about?
What's going on?
Jason Yoani?
Alicia Hansel from the Herald.
Alicia Hansel from the Herald.
Yeah, no one cares.
Quit doing this.
I just wanted to tell a little
bit about your background
and your life.
That's all.
You have no idea who
you're talking to.
Do their parents even know
about your background?
We get angry.
She gets her story.
We get arrested.
They're making up stories.
This is private property.
You need to leave.
I understand you served
eight years in prison
for armed robbery.
Did their parents
even know about this?
Hey, Jimmy take your places.
Don't talk to anyone.
Can you confirm?
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
We're just after the...
Leave it.
Leave it.
The fuck out of here.
Fucking dick.
Seemed a bit random,
don't you think?
He's coming.
You all right, coach?
All good.
All good.
That prison staff was a liar.
in London Anglican
bishops from around
the world have
reaffirmed that homosexual
practice is incompatible
with scripture, angering many.
This position is being tested
by recent news of a New Zealand
gay vicar, who is
planning a church
wedding to his male partner.
Even the Catholics
have been caught up
in the controversy
when the Cardinal was
caught on an open mic.
Homosexual marriage?
That's why the Anglicans
are in such a mess.
And the Pope wants to join them.
We need to know
what they're saying.
So we can fight this.
Why does it have to be a fight?
It shouldn't have to be.
But I'll be damned if I let
them shame us into submission.
If you're calling about the
Cardinal, we've just seen.
What Cardinal?
Oh, what else?
Patty, what else?
They're going to send something
official later on today.
But I wanted you to
hear it from me first.
Whatever it is, it doesn't
matter, my work, the house.
They're pulling the
funding for the youth club.
You know what we need?
A fiafia night.
Get the community along.
I'll even perform for free.
What do you think?
They're saying that cost
$60,000 a year to rent.
We'll just invite
some rich Balinese.
Anyway, it'll raise our profile,
bring attention to our cause.
That's what got us here.
I'll see you inside.
He's right.
We should do the fundraiser.
We can't just roll over.
Annie still hasn't made
any decisions yet, OK?
If we call it off, we can...
We can't...
We can still get married.
Just do it at a registry office.
It's not just about
the wedding anymore.
The statement says
we're celibate.
I mean, that
our love doesn't exist.
But it does.
We know it does.
But if that center closes...
I won't let the center shut.
David, hi.
Reverend Peter Simmons.
You donated to the Saint
John's auction last year.
I was calling to
see if you might
be interested in continuing
your relationship with our youth
No, no.
The way I understand it.
But you're a busy man.
Of course, I'll try again later.
We shouldn't be
reading that trash.
Just ignore it.
Well, maybe it's a
good thing, you know,
like Billy said,
visibility, for the cause.
This is us.
It's not a cause.
Coach, you're on
the news, coach.
Like, all over the news.
What a famous guy.
What's wrong, coach?
Billy, what happened?
A fa'afafine night.
We can dress up.
We can drink.
We can raise some talas
and get litty on the titty!
Why do we need to raise money?
Have we run out?
I headlined at Mardi
Gras last year.
I can put on an
amazing performance.
You can be my support.
Like perform?
Hell, no.
Heavens, yes.
Now come on.
Let's do some sampling.
It's broken.
Not for long.
You're a DJ.
I used to date a DJ.
And he taught me some stuff.
He said twerk some for real one.
He want to see that booty
jiggle and then some.
It's the weekend, so
we got plenty of time.
Put on a show, yeah.
Baby girl get in line.
Expensive taste so we got ahead.
Big bags, yeah, shorty
but your man's a...
You got the dollars, so you
know it's time to throw it back.
Say he got them dollars so
it's time to throw it back.
And having on the head thing...
I was beginning to
think no one would show.
We've got a fascinating
video for you
today about an addict
who manages her addiction
through dirt racing.
She talks about being
addicted, not to substances,
but experiences.
It's the thrill she craves.
And now she gets it not for
Meth, but from motorcycles.
You've been reading the news.
So turns out, I'm a homosexual.
Surprised me too.
The good news is I've
done some research.
And it's not contagious.
Shall we begin?
I am an addict.
But it's a different
kind of speed
that turns me on these days.
There is a gay
agenda being rolled out
across the world.
What was once shut away in
shame behind closed doors
is now paraded in the streets,
as if their perversions
are to be celebrated.
You should stop
looking at that stuff.
Makes you go blind.
Plus, once we give them a show...
Are you going to rent a venue?
With what money?
Just have it at the church.
It's not a nightclub, Billy.
It's a sacred place.
And I have divine guidance.
Besides, Peter has
already said yes.
... moral
battle for our nation.
If we do not reaffirm our
belief that marriage...
So you're OK?
Of course.
Yeah, never better.
They're threatening
to fire you, dad.
They can take away my parish.
That's all.
That's your house.
That's your income.
We survived on one
income for years.
Well, that's assuming
Jason still has a job.
Well, let them close the center.
I've already spoken to
a couple of foundations
about naming rights.
And there's local trust.
And crowdfunding, I guess.
Yes, publicly
begging for money.
Jason would love that.
How are you two doing?
Oh, well... we're fine.
Has he said something?
No, you know him.
Blood out of a stone.
That's on a good day.
No, no, no.
I just... dad, I
know how much you
love fighting for other people.
I don't know.
I just worry about you.
Well, don't, OK?
I mean, look how it's bringing
us all closer together.
How often do I get the chance to
take you for dinner these days?
And when am I going to meet this
boy that I've heard about, eh?
No, it's very early days.
No, no, I'm going
to get this dad.
No, seriously...
Amazing grace.
How sweet the sound.
That saved...
Oh, yeah.
I can fuck with this.
It's not quite the
music I expected.
We've got boxes of this
stuff in the basement.
I have a look.
God's plan
for homosexuals is hell.
What's that?
Is that that rugby
player, the crazy hot one?
Why are you listening to that?
It's out there.
Am I allowed to ask what your
performance is going to be?
The answer to all your prayers.
Well, that'll solve everything.
Yeah, Drag show in a church, eh.
It's Drag Queens that
kick-started the gay liberation
at Stonewall.
This is not a sermon.
This is real life.
What we're doing is
making a difference.
You should have seen
the inmates today.
So five seconds after I started,
it was business as usual.
Yeah, because they want
you to write a reference
for their parole application.
That's a pretty
cynical view of humanity.
More media.
Jason, please, this isn't
just about and me anymore.
Was it ever?
You guys are just
like modern family.
I thought that stuff
only happens on TV Land.
It's been ages
since I've been in here.
Jesus, the historical
man, died on the cross.
And Christ as a symbol
of our faith was reborn.
Not some tricked miracle,
rather a profound message
of redemption.
And inspires us to
do good, even today.
I'm doing good now.
But it's definitely a miracle.
Of course, it is, Billy.
I'm not sure uncle
sees it that way.
You give him time.
I'm sure he'll come around.
This one.
Oh, no, wait, wait.
This one.
Because I don't want to
just look a million bucks.
I want the rich Balinese to
give us a million bucks, too.
Then I will
make you two dresses.
Oh, Auntie.
Auntie, the fundraiser's
at Saint John's.
He's going to be wearing
a dress at a church.
God will understand.
He'll understand that,
eh? but not my marriage.
the missionaries came with
their god, we had our own, our
gods who pushed our vaka across
the ocean.
They understand man, woman,
and everything in between.
Auntie, look.
Billy is special.
You know the fa'afafine have
been given a treasured gift.
They are man, woman,
and God all together.
They show our people how we
can return to the old ways.
Maybe I should start
wearing skirts then.
No one would care what I did.
Don't worry about him, Auntie.
Pre-wedding nerves.
Auntie, can I tell you a secret?
Do you know about the Ituluas?
Day three... threats have been
received by Reverend Simmons.
And there is growing
controversy over the Bishop
who has made it clear he will
fire the vicar if he insists
on a church wedding.
I'm here with two members
of the congregation.
If he goes, we go.
He has been great.
What do you say to
allegations your partner
assaulted a photographer at
your youth center yesterday?
Absolutely ridiculous.
Do you fear for the safety
of the children in his care?
How dare you?
The Christian message
is about change.
And the wonderful
work that my partner
does at the youth center is
testament to how powerful
that message can be.
It's proof that people
really can be reborn.
And I'm proud of it.
It's a church ceremony
still on there?
Absolutely, yes, yes.
And I'm sure you'll
all want to cover it.
At this difficult
time, I'd like you all
to take a look at
the story of Job.
Who is this that darkens counsel
by words without knowledge?
Now, this is a man whose
faith was tested to breaking...
...have no faith.
The message in the
scriptures is clear.
It is our faith
that will sustain...
In the last days, they
will bring abomination
into our church.
It is our
faith that will sustain...
This is enough.
This is a church.
You have not place...
You have no place here.
You're a sinner.
This is wrong.
Gays go to hell.
Gays go to hell.
Leave our church.
You have no faith.
Get out.
Leave our church.
Leave our church alone.
No, you leave the church.
walls come down.
I once was lost,
but now I'm found.
The trumpet sound.
The walls come down.
I once was lost,
but now I'm found.
The trumpet sound.
The walls come down.
I once was lost, but now I'm
found, but now I'm found.
I once was lost,
but now I'm found.
The trumpets sound.
The walls come down.
I once was lost,
but now I'm found.
The trumpet sound.
The walls come down.
I once was lost,
but now I'm found.
What are you doing?
He's not into your sissy shit.
Are you OK?
Darling, I've had way worse.
I haven't, especially
not from him.
You know, Jason's not like dad.
He's been with other men before.
I guess he's just always
struggled with it.
Sweet cheeks, if you could
screw your way to self-love,
every gay man would be Gandhi.
Give him time.
It must've been hard for
you when he came out.
Honestly, no.
No, when my mom died,
dad was so down.
Jason changed our lives.
Well, if they're
your dads, that makes
me your cool little sister.
Yeah, you know it does.
Come here.
I think that he saved more than
a few lives with this show,
Are you OK?
It's normal to have cold
feet when you're the wife...
I mean, husband to be, hmm?
Today, the vicar
at the center of the growing
controversy had his
sermon interrupted.
Because they
will bring abomination
into our church.
... our faith
that will sustain...
This is enough.
Oh, he's OK.
It's just how he
processes things.
He'll be home soon.
God loves a
sinner, but not the sin?
The Bible
is full of ideas
that can only be
seen in the context
of when they were written.
We don't accept polygamy or
stoning adulterous women.
Is that him.
Ah, he's over to Auntie's.
He's staying there tonight.
Well, at least he let me know
so I don't have to worry.
making up stories.
Now, now, now, now.
It's all good.
Why are
you still here?
You served
eight years in prison
for armed robbery.
Isn't it true?
You know
what, Leave it.
Leave it.
The fuck out of here,
you fucking dick.
Leave it.
It's OK.
We're all set.
Though as a church,
we recognize God's love
for the rainbow community,
we also respect those
that hold different views.
What's going on?
We... we... we...
My partner and...
I can confirm that Reverend
Simmons has agreed not to get
married on church premises.
Are you planning
to have the ceremony somewhere
We are extremely grateful
to Jason and Peter
for the consideration
they've shown to our church
at this difficult
They are valued members
of our church Whanau.
We want to thank them
for the great work
they do in our community.
What the fuck.
Thank you.
Peter, are
not, you're using...
Do you think
the church will ever
come into the modern age?
Yeah, can't stand...
Not here.
It's going to be hard.
Not having this.
It's not OK.
It's not in my church.
Not at all.
died for your sins.
Not in our church.
Next time, it'll be
on your fucking head.
OK, all right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
Whoa, some people.
You just try and protest.
Funding for the
center is secure.
What did you do?
What I had to.
I did try and call you.
Did you do a deal with them?
Well, like you
said, we can still
get married, just not in the...
Who are you?
Playing games, taking bribes.
I did it for you.
I didn't ask you to.
I don't think I can
do this anymore.
This, yeah, I'm going to go
stay at Auntie's for a while.
Please don't.
I don't know how to
live without you.
You should have talked to
me before you called it off.
I didn't realize it was
going to blow up like this,
make international news.
I want my life back.
What life did you
have before us?
I had a life.
I will again.
You're not my savior.
There he goes running away.
You're the one who's just
run away from everything.
It was what you wanted.
We were a team.
What was I supposed to do?
Your work, the house, all of it.
I thought, if we lost
the house in here...
I don't know.
Maybe you'd leave me.
It's really what you
think of me, huh?
That's it?
I'm sorry.
You got a lot to leave.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
I think I'd better leave,
if I do something I regret.
Come back.
Please don't go.
It's fucked up.
So you came back from
lost for no reason?
I fucked up too, big time.
Are you OK?
I am, now that I'm here.
Are you sure we could stay
at Auntie's for while?
Ask Peter to stay here?
I think I should stay here.
There's not much
room at Auntie's.
And I think Peter
might need me here.
Morning sunshine.
Good morning.
So yesterday happened.
But today is a new day.
And I was thinking
maybe we could have
a Kiki about our extravaganza.
We don't need a fundraiser now.
I know.
I know that daddy made a deal.
But we still need one, not
for money, but for morale.
The kids by the youth
center, they seem to love it.
You talk to Jason, Billy.
Center has nothing to
do with me anymore.
Heard about your wedding.
Bit shit eh?
We break this bread to
share in the body of Christ.
We, who are many, are one body.
For we all share one bread.
This... this ritual is
God's way of saying
that things can be different.
By drinking this wine
and eating this bread,
we commit to change, because
change is always possible.
I know the road out of this
place can seem so, so long.
But I know, from
personal experience,
that in
the end, we can...
We... we can...
She talking back.
Not today.
No one seems to be today.
Maybe you're talking to
the wrong people, then.
Imagine if you had met Jason
while mom was still alive.
Hey, I loved your mother.
I know.
I know you did.
I used to think that it wasn't
fair to you bringing him
into our lives.
Turns out it was the
best thing you ever did.
Now driven him away.
don't know what to do.
Dad, do you remember
when I was a little kid,
and you used to say
one little prayer makes
the world a little more fair?
Did it?
Yeah, it worked for me.
To be a child again.
Hey, you really should
read some of the stuff
that they're saying
about you online.
The church community
page has like hundreds
of thousands of likes.
And I read this
story about this boy
from Utah who was
going to commit suicide
before he heard your message.
Saint Peter, the Savior.
If the halo fits.
It doesn't.
Accommodation, food, TV.
And you want to
give them internet,
so they can organize
the next crime
while they're on lockdown?
If we truly believe
people can change,
then we need to take
a leap of faith.
Well, I guess he
didn't have any faith.
But there we have it a topic
for next week, increased
internet use for prisoners.
Thanks for managing that today.
Know how hard it must have been.
How did you know
where to find me?
Um, you're on radio.
You should really
pay attention to what
they're playing between talks.
You lose listeners if
they play shitty music.
Thank you, Billy.
I'll let the host know.
I have someone I need to help.
And I want you to come with me.
I don't understand.
Wh... what are we doing here?
This partner.
But they weren't out.
No one knew about them.
I need to help them
attend a funeral.
How do you know all this?
God told me.
How come you are here?
You must come and sit with us.
I'm so sorry.
The cross of grief or pain.
Leave to thy God to
order and provide.
In every change, be
faithful and remain.
Be still my soul.
Thy best, thy Heavenly friend.
Through thorny ways,
leads to a joyful end.
Just some South
Auckland rugby boys.
You're going to whip
them next Saturday.
Hey, I bet you're at home.
Show us your nuts, you skank.
Watch your pussy, bitch.
I feel like I'm back
at the wall in Sydney.
Love it.
a rose bush spread out if you
But my girl's bad,
doing bad things.
Big Birkin bags big
causing big brains.
On my girl's bag,
living real good.
We own the trap...
Oh, you good, man.
Cheers, Rev.
Don't let him win, Rev.
Good on you.
Thank you.
To the Rev, eh?
Hey, why haven't
you contacted Peter?
Don't want talk to him.
How can you say such things?
He's the love of your life.
I should know.
I've known you all
your life, hmm?
He's let me down
Look at me.
Your father loved you.
Yes, he said mean things to you.
But he loved you, hmm?
It's nothing to do
with dad, Auntie.
I see you.
I know you're hurt.
Don't think I don't know
what happens at that park.
I know Jason.
It's been a long time since
you came to stay here.
But why take
something so beautiful
and make it ugly, huh?
Why dove?
It's symbolic, the Holy Spirit.
Our spirits were known as Aitu.
Or just Anunga.
They came as birds too.
Different faiths often share
the same symbols and rituals.
Auntie explained that
without the proper ceremony,
our spirit can't find peace.
Explains it all.
There is no fear in love.
But perfect love drives
away fear, because fear
has to do with punishment.
The one who fears is not
made perfect in love.
Now is not a time for fear.
You knew it.
Coach, we're winning.
We have a very special
show for you today.
The Bishop has agreed
to come in to discuss
the recent controversy.
I'd like to
begin with our vicar, Peter.
Haven't you had enough
of all that shit yet?
It's time
to stop the hypocrisy
that I went along with.
I like listening to him.
I denied
our love, just as Peter
my namesake denied
the good Lord.
And the result is I
lost the man I love.
I'm sorry Peter.
This is sounding a
little confrontation.
I'm here today to try and
undo some of the damage.
I won't be part of the
hypocrisy or fudge anymore.
Excuse me.
I thought we were
here to discuss...
I still have faith.
But no longer will I be
a part of an institution
that doesn't value our
love as equal before God.
I'm resigning my
post at Saint John's.
God... I'm not going to sit
here and be part of some stu.
As you know we run
a youth center.
The church threatened
to pull the funding,
if we didn't cancel the wedding.
That sounds like blackmail.
Oh, it is.
And we
lost our battle.
And that's something
I have to live with.
But the kids at our center,
they have their own battles
to fight.
Which is why I'm setting
up a crowdfunding site
to try and allow us
to continue the work.
And to my love, if you're
listening somewhere out there,
I'm so, so sorry for
letting you down.
Well, we'll put a link
up on the socials.
Thank you.
And I'll still be vicar of Saint
John's for a few weeks yet.
We have a wonderful
fundraising event
at the church next Saturday.
Everyone is welcome.
Now that is publicity.
... go.
We don't just report the news.
We make it.
And if things work out
between you and Jason,
you are more than welcome to
come back in and share that.
May your God be
with you, brother.
And also with you.
We're out.
on the doorstep
of my thirteenth house.
It seemed that all space
for me had run out.
I turned around, but
there's nowhere to turn to.
I left you there down
Great South road.
I left you there down
Great South road.
He's coming.
I knew he would.
That's great, I think.
Don't worry.
He's going to melt
when he sees you.
I have something
special for you to wear.
I miss him so much.
I can see that.
I used to date a builder once.
Testing, one, two.
Testing, one, two.
Check, check.
Got to get
the money, honey.
I was so bad for me.
Working overtime.
Mama taught me well.
She is savage in these streets.
Can't depend on
no man, just got...
Um, wow.
Do I look OK?
You look amazing.
He's going to love it.
Is Jason...
I have not heard from him.
Thank you for coming.
I could not let Billy
do this on his own, hmm?
And he taught me there
are many ways to worship.
Amen to that.
Billy, if we wait any longer,
the kids are going to flake.
Yeah, we should start.
You sure?
Absolutely, yeah.
Good luck.
It's the bag for me.
It makes me want to throw up.
Amazing grace how sweet
the so...
On a field of
gray, I can't know bums
On a sea of noise I've call.
When hearts of stone
are pierced with love
and trumpets sound
from up above,
the walls that come
between us start to fall.
It's amazing.
It's a miracle.
Was blind and left behind.
But now I see.
It's amazing, just how sweet
the sound, when what seemed
impossible turns out to be.
Get 'em, Billy!
What's up, faggot?
Well, what are you going to do?
Go home.
Go home.
Rai, What are you doing?
What are you doing, Rai?
Come on.
Again, again.
And in on this?
Come on.
Get in here.
Come on.
Hold him up.
Hold him up.
Get him up.
Get him up.
Get him.
Is that what you wanted, Rai?
Get him.
Come on.
Fucking hit him.
Fuck him up.
What you going to do?
... impossible
turns out to be.
It's amazing.
It's a miracle.
Was blind and left
behind but now I see.
It's amazing just
how sweet the sound.
And when what feels
impossible turns out to be.
It's amazing just
how sweet the sound.
When what seemed
impossible turns out to be.
What happened?
Are you OK?
It's OK.
Hey, you missed quite a show.
I missed you.
You know, I think we could
probably top that show,
don't you think?
Is there anybody here that's
in the mood for a wedding
this evening?
Guys, make some
noise if you want
to see my two dads get
married right here, right now.
Would you want that?
Would you?
It's not real?
It's you and me in a church
with everyone we love.
Seems pretty real to me.
Oh, for Pete's sake, say, yes.
I'll officiate.
You ready for this?
I've been ready since I met you.
I now pronounce you
husband and husband.
You guys, someone
livestreamed it.
And we just cracked $60,000.
Like, what?
And I know that that's
only enough to cover
like six months running costs.
But I thought if we
reached out to the... what?
Oh God.
You're becoming me.
No, I'm not.
It's not a bad thing.
Um, some would beg to differ.
Bring it on, you guys.
I love you guys so much.
We love you too.
Oh, and don't forget
to say thanks to Billy
when you see him.
I haven't seen him myself.
Congratulations Rev, Peter.
Fa'afetai Auntie.
Have you seen Billy?
I wanted to thank
him for he done.
He's gone back.
But he wanted me
to give you this.
It's his wedding gift.
Gone back to Australia?
No Peter, to heaven.
He explained it to me.
There was an accident.
He was on life support.
But God gave him a chance
to do something wonderful
before he left.
Billy has some
strange ideas Auntie.
And you, sort of, just
have to accept them.
But I find it hard
to believe they
go without even saying goodbye.
But he did say goodbye
beautifully, hmm?
I don't understand Auntie.
It's wonderful.
He was able to
spend time with you,
and make new friends,
friends and family.
Aiga so important.
And now I must go.
I'm tired.
I love you.
I love you, hmm?
I think Auntie's right eh?
But he's an angel.
Ah, they brought
us back together.
That's divine enough for me.