Mystery of the Third Planet (1981) Movie Script

The Secret
The Secret of the Third
The Secret of the Third Planet
Screenplay Kir Bulychyov
Director Roman Kachanov
Art Director N. Orlova Operators
T. Bunimovich S. Kasheeva
Composer A. Zatsepin Sound B. Filchikov
Montage O. Vasilenko N.
Tresheva Producer N. Abramova
Assistant Director T. Litko O. Isakova
Assistant Operators L. Krutovskaya H. Saratova
Animators A. Aleshina V.
Arbenkov U. Batanin M. Voskanyants
Animators V. Zarubin V.
Kolesnikovich U. Kuroyan R. Mirenkova
Animators O. Orlova A.
Panov M. Rouva V. Shevchenko
Artists T. Arkadyev A. Toreva D. Kulikov
Artists I. Litovskaya
V. Maksimovich T. Morozov
Artists I. Oleinikov I.
Svetlitsa V. Chuguevskii
Voices O. Gromova V. Larionov U.
Volintsev V. Luvanov G. Schpigel
Voices P. Vishnyakov V. Druzhnikov
V. Kenigson U. Andreev E. Kracnobaeva
Picture Director
N. Lipnitskaya
This loading will never end:
'Pegasus' will never take off
And now here comes more trouble.
Tell me. please,
Are you the flight taking animals to the zoo?
- Are you Captain Seleznev?
- Well, actually I'm Professor Seleznev.
- Professor Seleznev. It's all the same.
- And I'm Alice.
That is of no importance. What is important
is that you should fly past Aldebran.
- What's going on?
- Nothing.
You must simply deliver this cake to my
nephew Kolya. It's his birthday.
- Where is this cake?
- Here. As you can see.
You call that a cake?
What, do you think my nephew is going to
eat alone, or with his friends?
What do you think?
I don't think anything.
I won't be flying anywhere.
No, you will be flying, captain...
You will fly - for the Moscow zoo
needs rare animals.
The old lady's words proved true
- on June 12th 2181 Captain Zelonii...
...Professor Seleznev and his daughter Alice
left on a search for rare animals.
Tomorrow, we refuel and
start for the Planet Bluk.
So, today we rest.
And I'm playing football.
Today, here on the moon, there's a match
between the Earth and the Planet Fixx
- I shall go with Alice.
- Good. she shouldn't go off alone.
But I'm already nine!
What can happen to me on the moon
in the 22nd century?
There would be enough trouble with you
even in the 20th century.
Seleznev. Seleznev, old friend!
It can't be! How many light winters!
How many light years!
What are you doing here?
- We're flying after rare animals, Gromozeka.
- For animals? How wonderful!
And how's your daughter? Talking already?
Talking too much!
She already finished the second year.
Really? How time flies...
So, the second year you say?
- Yes.
- That calls for a celebration!
400 drops of valerian and a salad.
Hmm.. I asked for 400 drops,
but there are 402 here.
400 drops, we never make mistakes.
Now then, Did you hear that?
Everyone's always arguing with me.
Nobody likes me.
What are you saying?
Everyone likes you, Gromozeka!
Now, what have you heard about the
Planet of the Captains?
Well, it's a familiar name.
Yes, there is a museum there, named
after the Two Captains.
Together they conquered
the jungles of Evridk.
They wiped out the lair of the pirates
of Glot. They were such...
Yes, yes! I know all this!
And did you know, that the captains
met a mass of rare animals?
Well, would you like to find them?
I would, Gromozeka, thank you.
Is it far?
I'ts very near, 100 parsecs!
By the way, the director there is a
Doktop Verkhovtsev.
My old friend.
He'll show you the Captains' diary.
There he is...
Doctor Verkhovtsev!
Now, why did he run away from me?
Well, does it matter? He's still a friend.
- Perhaps you were mistaken?
- Well... Perhaps.
Well now, that means there are two
spare drops of valerian.
3 to 1- in our favour!
Seleznev, is this your little one?
She is.
Oh, ha-ha-ha!
Hey! Release the girl!
Low down bandit! Hooligan!
Hey, put down Zelonii.
He tried to save me!
I don't think so!
He should know better than to tangle with
a great archeologist. Good day!
What's the problem here?
- We're flying to the planet of the Captains.
- Up with the Captains!
It'll all end end badly.
Careful, the asteroids are dangerous!
Follow me closely.
This time it will turn out right.
It's the very ones I learned about
at school!
You're right, young lady.
That is the Captains Kim and Buran
In their ship 'the Blue Seagull'
they flew around the whole universe.
Please be seated.
May I?
We are searching for rare animals, and the
Captains have been on many planets, so...
- Would you like some tea?
- No, thank you!
First, we would like to have a look at
the diaries of the Captains.
You need the diaries?
- You can show us the diaries?
- I don't have any diaries.
- Perhaps we should leave?
- Of course!
It was nice meeting you!
So, where are the Captains now?
I don't know anything.
I never go anywhere.
- He said he never goes anywhere.
- this is all very strange.
- I don't like these secrets and mysteries.
- But I love them!
Planet Bluk. Beginning descent.
Here they barter and sell
the most surprising animals.
Stop making a draught,
or the child will get a chill.
We've had a terrible disaster -
they'e killed all the chatter-birds.
He did it.
Doctor Verkhovtsev?
Why would the director of the museum
kill the chatter-birds?
How do we know?
- Hello, Professor.
- Good day, Navigator Basov.
Are you after animals too?
No, we're bound for Aldebaran.
Papa, look who's there.
Excuse me...
Excuse me, in which room is
Doctor Verkhobtsev staying?
- Room 8
- Thank you!
That person has left.
- How long ago?
- Yesterday.
It's all very strange.
Tell me, please,
how much does this bird cost?
Smart alec! It's me that's selling him!
It's a tiger-rat from the Planet Penelope.
It feeds on wild bulls.
Be careful, papa, he may suddenly start
to feed on professors.
So, the right-hand tail is longer.
- Papa, there are fish here.
- The aquarium is empty.
Everyone thinks so.
- Papa, these are invisible fish.
- There's no such thing.
There is, but not everyone believes it.
Take this, it's a hat of invisibility.
Thank you.
Help me! Please, help me, please!
- Excuse me, what's up with this animal?
- It's an indicator.
It understands everything, but doesn't
speak. It only changes colour.
Would you like me to strike it?
It will turn speckled violet.
No, no, thank you! It's not necessary.
Better if you sell it to us.
It doesn't want to be sold.
Do you want to be sold to us?
It does!
Well then take it!
But quickly, before I change my mind!
Papa, there's a cow.
This is Skliz. He belongs to nobody.
He can fly, how wonderful!
Papa, let's take Skliz.
I could fly to school on him.
Well, if that's what you want, then
let's take him.
- What's wrong here?
- Everything's great. We found Skliz.
But he's too... that is,
he won't fit in the ship.
Skliz, go home.
Ah! This is outrageous!
If cows are going to fly, the cosmos
is no longer a place for me.
- I can offer you a kurguru.
- No, thank you.
We'd like such a bird as
nobody has never been seen.
Sad, that all the chatter-birds are dead.
- Chatter-birds?
- Yes.
- What was special about these birds?
- They could speak and fly amongst the stars.
I have a chatter-bird to offer you.
That's great, but why are we whispering?
- Because I'm afraid.
- Of what?
Recently, a badly injured and barely living
chatter-bird flew into my home.
I left it.
And yesterday a man from Earth came
and asked to buy a chatter-bird.
I refused him.
He became angry and said we cannot
live with Chatterers.
Ah, such a bird was sitting on the
shoulder of Captain Kim.
- If you're not afraid, take him.
- We're not afraid.
Farewell, friend, farewell.
An ambush!
- Really?
- Unfortunately, yes.
Zelonii, can you hear me?
Zelonii, we need your help!
I hear you, but I'm repairing the ship.
Navigator Basov!
Take that! And that!
Papa, stand firm!
Alice, don't let him go!
They are robots - radio controlled.
Well there you are, I warned you.
That's cool!
Now I can peep in the excercise books
of the star pupils!
- Oh! where did you spring from?
- well, I...
Where did you spring from?
Are you going to fly, Kim? Mm, yes...
It will be difficult, Kin - send the chatter-bird...
I've come to help...
Thank you, Buran...
- These are the voices of the brave captains.
- That means that this is their very chatterer!
Head for the Medusa system...
Papa, we must fly there.
Captain Kim has sent the chatter-bird for help.
It's dangerous.
It would be better to summon a patrol ship
from the Earth to help.
- Someone's there.
- Excuse me...
Please accept this gift from me.
It's a diamond turtle.
How beautiful!
But we have nothing to give you in return.
- Give me that parrot.
- It's not available.
Okay, then take this.
Goodbye. We shall meet again.
Remember, my name is Veselchak.
Well! I don't like this Veselchak.
Set a course for the Medusa system.
Medusa system, Medusa...
So, it's decided - we head for the Medusa system.
Oh, but what about the cake for Kolya?
- I warned you...
- It doesn't matter.
The cake will go with Navigator Basov.
He's flying to Aldebran.
We're receiving a distress signal from Shelezyaka.
Warning,warning! We have an epidemic.
Help us, anybody who can.
If you are able, help us.
Planet Shelezyaka.
No minerals, no water,
no vegetation.
Occupied by robots.
Planet Shelezyaka.
No minerals, no water,
no vegetation.
Occupied by robots.
They need help...
Come up the stairs, come up the stairs.
Thank you for coming.
Don't thin... Don't thin... aa...
Than... thank... you...
Freshly greased...
We'll go and have a look
at what's happened to them.
Probably, I - am the - last.
They are alive, but paralised.
- What now?
- I just don't know.
- How are you doing?
- Ahh...
Ahh... Thank you, good people!
You saved-d-d me...
Hello, courageous bird!
How do you know the chatter-bird?
He flew to us once
with a broken wing.
We replaced it with an artificial one.
And recently a man flew here,
looking for the courageous bird.
- Wearing a cap?
- Wearing a cap.
It's all clear. That was Verkhovtsev.
When he found out we'd cured the bird,
he became terribly angry.
And after he left -
the epidemic started.
He poured diamond dust into your greasing tanks.
The grease needs changing.
You're a genius!
Stay here!
Be our engineering genius.
Thank you. But I have enough to worry about already.
Well then, I'll go and change the grease.
The first planet of the Medusa system.
Nothing for us to do here.
The second planet of the Medusa system.
We land here.
'The Blue Seagull'
Everything's alright.
Now there's nobody to rescue.
Captain Kim! Wait!
It was a mirage.
Now, get to know
the inhabitants of this planet.
They are able to take on the form of what ever they saw.
Chatter-bird - is this the planet or not?
Look on the third planet,
Look on the third planet.
Birds can't reason.
- And captains can?
- They can and still do.
Well then, that means everything is correct.
Alright my friends, let's go.
Fly to the third planet!
It's all too pretty here. Just wait for trouble.
Nothing will happen to us.
Man is the Tsar of Nature.
Only animals don't know that,
they are illiterate.
Look out!
- Are you playing hide and seek?
- Hide and seek?
Look here, Tsar of Nature,
that's the feather of the Krok bird.
Don't step out of the ship. Understand?
- Understood, but I have an idea...
- The idea can wait.
Alice, come back!
The birds didn't harm me.
We were playing, and were happy.
Why did you leave the ship,
like a little child.
- The chatter-bird and I went to find the captains.
- To find what? The captains are not here.
What do you mean, not here? Then what's this?
- Where did you get it?
- I found it in the nest.
Where the bird carried you.
Look, the chatterer is waiting for us.
Run after him!
Where on earth is the chatterer?
Mirrors - they've just sprung up!
Keep back or you'll break them.
We'll put this mirror on the 'Pegasus'.
Zelonii! There in the mirror - you!
The image is running backwards.
It's all clear.
The mirror's made of a thin film.
When the flower is alive,
it records all that it sees.
And now these films
evaporate one after the other.
Ah, look! It's Verkhovtsev!
And Veselchak is with him.
So, they know each other.
Then they are somewhere here.
I warned you.
I can't hold on any more...
I can't hold on any more...
- He saw Captain Kim!
- The Captain is here somewhere.
Who has done this?
Silly thing, why did you run away?
You're a rare animal.
Well, give it to me.
It's a masterpiece of hostile technology.
And it has destroyed the flowers.
This appears to be a microphone...
Which means that they heard everything.
Let's return to the mirror glade.
It's safer there.
Where have all the mirrors gone?
It'll all end badly.
- Alice?
- I'm here.
I warned you!
Oh! I'll never forgive myself!
Calm down, Zelonii, we'll be alright.
How did we get here?
Like in a teapot.
The roof opened, we dropped through,
then it closed.
Very like it.
The Blue Seagull!
Don't move! Hands up!
Where's the bird?
Look in the 'Pegasus'.
Yes, Sir!
How dare you!
Hunting chatterers is
strictly prohibited...
Chatterers strictly, strictly prohibited.
- Shut him up.
- As you ask...
Why did you drop him! Idiot!
I didn't drop him, Sir, something tripped me.
I'll trip you if you don't stand up.
I'll find the chatterer, and you
state our terms to him.
Consider it done!
Listen, Captain!
We have seized these two idiots.
So, if you don't give us the formula -
we shall now... despatch them.
Do it!
Let me say a few words
to these people first.
You have a minute. I'm very kind.
Listen chatter-bird, do you know where the exit is?
Chatter-bird is distinguished
by its intellect and ingenuity...
By intellect and ingenuity...
These crooks found out that I have
the formula for perfect fuel.
We're not crooks,
we are noble pirates.
Captain Buran!
Captain, look out!
Verkhovtsev is a traitor!
The crooks sent an SOS message from here.
When I landed on the planet,
'The Blue Seagull' was trapped.
I managed to send out the chatter-bird.
Your minute's up, Kim.
I'll count to three. One, two...
- So why's he so quiet?
- Ah, now he'll talk.
Wait! I'm coming out.
Don't shoot, don't shoot!
You're surrounded!
Throw me the gun.
And now, imposter,
show us your real face.
I shall complain,
I'm the director of the museum!
- He killed himself.
- Don't trust him!
It's Glot, from the planet Katluk.
He's feigning. Kill him!
Why kill him?
Let people see the last pirate.
No more than the traitor deserves!
Quiet, Veselchak.
You're no less guilty.
I give you my word!
On my mother's life,
I'll do no more wrong.
He will. I know him.
Now I'll disassemble them for spare parts.
Buran, how did you find us?
I was on Mars, when my friend
Verkhovtsev suddenly arrived.
Yes, I was terribly worried.
Someone broke into the museum,
and tried to steal...
...the diaries of the captains
and the plans of 'The Blue Seagull'.
And you came here.
- You suspected us.
- Well, of course!
I rushed off to Buran.
When I went with the Doctor to search,
we met Gromozek.
- A hooligan and bad-mannered sort.
- Why? He's good and kind.
- And how did you find us?
- Very simple.
On Ushana, we found a friend of the chatterer
who the bird had told about the Medusa system.
Chatter-bird is distinguished
by its intellect and ingenuity...
by its intellect and ingenuity.
Tell us how the trap opens?
If you release me - I'll tell you.
As a friend.
If you don't tell us -
your friend Glot will tell us.
I'm ready.
I was joking. And you shouldn't joke.
So now the captains are together again,
just like old times.
- Will you be flying somewhere again?
- So? You want to come with us?
Well, of course, I wouldn't want to impose on you...
Oh, Alice! You are imposing!
Don't move!
And release my friends immediately!
Gromozeka, we're already free.
How? So I was late.
Ha! Don't tell me!
Ah, all my life it's been like this.
Well, anyway, show me the real pirate!
Where's the fat man?
Don't shoot, you'll kill him!
She's taken the children a new toy.
Well now, Alice. Will you tell
them this tale at school?
Tell them what?
The trip was unsucessful.
We didn't collect many animals.
But then we made some new friends.
The Chatter-bird is worth a whole zoo...
When I fly with the Captains to another galaxy,
I shall bring back such wonders for you.
Alice, you need to study!
Okay, papa, don't get upset.
Maybe we'll take you too.
Geologists are needed on any expedition.
Thank you, Alice. You're a real friend!