Mystery on Mistletoe Lane (2023) Movie Script

Good morning!
Hi, I'm Heidi!
Hi, Heidi.
I'm Harold!
You must be the new director
of the Historical Society.
I am.
Word travels fast.
Small town.
Where are you moving from?
North Carolina.
We don't get much snow there,
so looks like it's gonna
be a white Christmas.
That we will have.
But I highly suggest slippers.
Yeah. Yeah.
Those are with the movers,
and high heels just
didn't feel right.
Well, let us know
if you need anything.
Geraldine's my wife.
She's got slippers for days.
Great. Thank you!
Oh, and if you like history,
you're staying in
the right place.
Nice meeting you!
Nice meeting you too, Harold.
Thank you!
Coffee coffee
coffee coffee coffee.
cranberry Christmas cookies.
Thanks, Clara!
Uh ...
Heidi Wicks?
Yes. You found me!
If you could just
put everything inside
where you think I might want it.
And here are the keys.
- Thank you.
- Thank you!
Okay. See ya.
Oh, in here!
There you are!
I'm so sorry that I'm late,
and here's some cookies.
I didn't bake them,
but somebody did.
Aw, thank you.
You must be Linda Swanson.
I am. And you
must be Mrs. Wicks.
It's Miss now.
And please, call me Heidi.
And do
you have children?
I do. Annie and Garrett.
They're not here yet.
They'll be arriving tonight.
They are driving with my ex.
It smells amazing in
here! What is that?
Oh! That's my
Christmas coffee.
I make this special
holiday blend.
Let me get you a cup!
Sounds perfect.
I couldn't get my coffee
maker to work this morning.
The electricity in the house
is, it's a little tricky.
Oh, that house is beautiful,
but I'm sure it
needs a lot of work.
You're actually
the first director
who opted to live there,
so it hasn't been
touched in ages.
But David can take a look
if you have any problems.
Oh, you'll meet David.
He's just getting
out our Christmas
decoration from storage.
That was gonna be my
first order of business.
I wanted to, you know,
make this place a
little bit more festive.
Our previous director
was not big on decorating.
We don't have a lot of
people come in here,
so he just figured, you know,
why waste the money
on sprucing it up?
I think that if we make
it more fun and inviting,
then that will lure people in.
That's the goal, right?
First day of work,
still not here, huh?
That's what you get for
hiring your new director
without meeting her
in person first.
Thanks for the warning, Linda.
Glad you made it.
David Avery.
Heidi Wicks.
Did you need some help with
the rest of the decorations?
No, that's it.
That? That's it?
Just one sad old fake tree?
The previous director really
wasn't into decorating.
Or perhaps the former director
was just fiscally responsible.
You know who else was
fiscally responsible?
Old Ebeneezer Scrooge.
To be fair, nobody
really comes in here.
People don't really seem to
care about history anymore.
I care about history,
and I think that
other people do too.
And you should probably care
if you're going to work here.
Oh, I didn't say I
don't care about history.
What do you do, exactly?
You do maintenance?
Something like that.
David is a master at
everything he touches,
and he has kindly agreed to
continue volunteering here.
I think, as the former director,
he'll be a great
resource for you.
You're the fiscally
responsible former director.
But you can call me Ebeneezer.
Thank you for
the warning, Linda.
I hope that me
taking your old job
isn't going to make this
any more awkward for us.
Not at all. This
is your show now.
And I agreed to step down
because I am working
on my own business.
Oh! Okay.
What's your own business?
Well, I'm glad you asked.
Historical renovations.
"Grrrreat jobs by David."
That's a lot of Rs.
Stands for Restore, Renovate,
Refurbish, and Repair.
And my niece came up
with it. She's seven.
She's smart.
Restoration. So you
do care about history?
Yep. Basically my life.
Me too.
You should drink
this while it's hot.
This is gonna make your
day so much better.
Oh, okay!
If we wanna get people in
for the holiday exhibit,
we should offer them
Linda's Christmas coffee!
Oh! Yeah, sure.
Do we have a holiday exhibit?
We will.
I've been doing some research,
and I really want
to create an exhibit
that showcases the history
of Christmas in New Hollow.
I cannot wait to get to
work in your archive room.
Well, I appreciate
the enthusiasm,
but we don't really
have an archive room.
Oh, we do have some
semblance of order here.
And we do have a
microfiche reader.
That's great!
Okay, well you,
you get started on setting
that up, and then Linda,
you and I can pull
anything related
to Christmas in New Hollow.
Really hitting the
ground running, huh?
I'm trying.
Did you get that thing to work?
It's pretty old.
Oh! Hello?
Is he okay?
Okay, well I'm glad
that he wasn't hurt.
Thank you for the help.
One of the movers tripped
on a loose floorboard
and broke an old painting
hanging on the wall.
I knew it wasn't safe for
anybody to be living in there.
Actually, living in that house
is a major perk of the job.
I'm hoping that it'll ease
the sting for the kids
having to move up here.
You know, if your kids
are coming in tonight,
maybe you should have
David do a walkthrough.
Make sure there aren't any
other safety hazards, right?
That's a good idea.
Would that be okay?
Yeah, I've got a few things
to do this afternoon,
but I can stop by later
and check things out.
Thank you.
- Hello!
Oh wow! Love what you've
done with the place.
You do know that Boxing Day's
not until after
Christmas, right?
Very funny.
Yeah, the movers decided to
leave everything right here.
I was really hoping
that it would feel
a little bit more like
home when the kids arrived.
Come in, please.
Do you have kids?
No, I am just an uncle.
I've got two nieces
and a nephew.
They live in Florida.
What about you? How
old are your kids?
Garrett is nine
and Annie is 12.
But they both think
they're teenagers.
Please, thank you
so much for coming.
Take a look at the floorboard.
All right.
Yeah? Awesome.
Thank you!
Aha. There's the culprit.
Nailed it!
I really hope that
this wasn't valuable.
I doubt it. We had a
similar one growing up.
In fact, may I?
My dad used to
hang one that was
almost exactly the same
during the holidays.
And this one says "door" on it.
Guess they hung it
in the wrong spot.
And a quote.
"If athletes get athlete's foot,
what do astronauts get?"
Missile toe.
They get missile toe.
Oh! Good one!
And then it's signed by JR.
Maybe JR was a
popular local painter.
Did your dad grow up here?
Yeah, he was
born in New Hollow.
Then he moved a couple
towns over to Brookline,
and now he's in Florida.
Do you guys get along?
We do.
You know how when two
people are really similar
and they often clash?
That's me and my pops.
Me and my daughter
are the same.
Trying to parent an outspoken
12-year-old version of
yourself can be a challenge.
My son is much more shy.
Here we go.
Well, that's weird.
Look at that.
Oh wow!
That's so cool!
Oh! Wonder what D3 means.
Can I see?
I'm not sure.
It's hand carved.
Looks like red maple.
So probably made locally.
My son would love that.
Why don't I help you
put all those boxes away
and get everything sorted
before your family gets here?
That would be amazing!
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Garrett's room, upstairs.
What's this?
I love records.
The music isn't perfect,
but still, it's so pure.
And of course you
played a Christmas song.
Sorry, Scrooge,
but every record there
is a Christmas album.
And I love it!
You know, if I would've
known all this was in here,
I would've moved in
when I had the chance.
Why didn't you move in?
Oh, my dad.
When I told him
about this place,
he made a big deal about
me never coming here.
Did he also think
it was haunted?
I don't know, he just
told me to stay away.
Are you trying to scare me?
Why, are you scared?
Why has it been empty
for all these years?
Apparently there's
some sort of confusion
as to who owned the property.
They couldn't find the deed,
so the mayor just
decided to hand it over
to the Historical Society.
Wonder who used to live here.
Oh, people.
Oh, that's deep.
No wonder you were the director
of the Historical Society.
Well, I choose
to concern myself
with the history of
architecture and structures.
I mean, you'd think
you'd be more interested
in holiday decorating.
Oh, well I'm glad
you brought that up.
I'll have you know
that this town started
in the early colonial period,
when decorating for
Christmas was not a thing.
All right, fine.
My family didn't
decorate for Christmas.
But I am more into the
history of things over people.
Yeah, but people are what
make things interesting.
Who built it? Who designed it?
Who hid little tiny
reindeers in its walls
and painted mistletoe and
listened to Christmas music?
That's obvious. Santa Claus.
Santa Claus! Now that
is a better answer.
Kids are two hours out.
Oh! Looks much cozier in here!
Thank you so much
for all your help.
I owe you big time.
Oh, that box there
goes to Annie's room.
All right.
Garrett! Annie!
Hi, Robert.
Thank you so much for bringing
them home safe and sound.
I wanted to make a few
more stops along the way,
but Garrett was
worried about you
being all alone in a new place.
Oh, this is Avery.
David is actually
my first name. Hey.
That's Annie and Garrett.
David is the former director
of the Historical Society,
and now he's mine.
His old job is now mine.
And he's helping me move in.
Thank you, again.
You're welcome.
All right.
- Okay.
I gotta get going.
Nice to meet all of you.
Thank you again. Okay.
Come on in!
Come in, come in, come in!
I wanna show you the house.
How was the trip? Did
you guys have fun?
Yeah, it's real fun
driving hours away
from all my friends.
All you do is text
your friends anyway.
You can do that from here.
At least I have friends.
Okay. Okay, guys.
Can we just try and
make the best of this?
It's gonna be a white Christmas.
That is cool, right?
Yay! Freezing cold Christmas.
Can we see our rooms?
Yep. Just up the stairs.
They were like that
the entire drive.
Come on in.
What are you doing?
I don't really know.
I just found this.
It says,
"Merry Christmas.
You're starting great.
Keep on looking
and find all eight.
Don't give up and stay on track.
The first one might
be tough to crack.
It's like some sort
of treasure hunt.
We should try to figure it out.
You have fun with that.
Come on. This place is creepy.
Before, you only
had to be a mom,
which you're great at.
Now you wanna be a mom, and
work in some strange town,
and live in some huge old house.
It's not gonna be easy, Heidi.
You know, it's
not gonna be easy.
And that's okay.
Hi! Hey!
How are your bedrooms?
Mine's full of boxes, so.
But you are super creative!
And you're gonna
make it look so cute.
Does this place
even have wifi, or?
No, but we will get it.
I'm staying at a nice
hotel in Boston tonight.
If you need some more
time to get on unpacked,
the kids can stay with me.
There's an indoor pool and wifi.
Can we, mom?
I was kinda hoping
to do something special
your first night in town.
You're gonna have
them for months!
They can stay with me tonight.
Tomorrow, we'll go ice skating,
and then they can pick out
a few Christmas presents
before I head back.
But tomorrow night,
we are gonna do something
really special, okay?
Oh! Gosh, I almost forgot.
We found this hidden in a
secret hole in a wall upstairs.
Cool, huh?
You can have it.
You found that in the wall?
Yeah, upstairs.
Hidden behind a painting.
Okay, let's hit the road.
All right, I'm gonna grab
your jackets and toothbrushes.
This really is some old
Christmas treasure hunt.
How cool is that?
On second thought,
I'm kind of tired.
Maybe you can come get
us tomorrow morning?
Sure, I can do that.
Come on, dad.
Hey, Davey!
Hey, I wanna ask
you a quick question.
You know that mistletoe painting
that used to hang during the
holidays when I was a kid?
Where is that?
Well, if it's not down
in the basement closet,
it probably got tossed.
What are you looking
for that old thing for?
I'm just curious.
Where'd you get that
painting anyway?
Leave it alone, Davey.
Why don't you come down
here and we can go golfing?
Nah. Nah, I like the snow.
Look, I gotta go, okay?
Talk to you later.
Come on.
Why doesn't mistletoe
grow on a dogwood tree?
Mom? Mom!
Annie, Garrett!
We need to find the fuse box!
It's okay! It's
just a nutcracker.
Sorry, guys.
All right.
That's better.
Oh! Welcome to ...
Mistletoe Manor.
M and M.
Let's go.
What do you think the letters
D-D-P-V-C-C-D-B stand for?
Maybe they're
initials for something?
Eight letters, eight clues?
That's it!
Eight reindeer!
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen,
Comet, Cupid,
Donner, and Blitzen.
So D3 is Donner.
Hey, you guys coming?
We'll be right up, mom!
The note said the
first clue might be
a tough one to crack.
Get it?
Crack like a nut!
Ho, ho, ho!
There it is.
Two down.
And six to go.
Good morning!
Oh, is that my sweater?
Yes. Yes, it is your sweater.
I was cold.
That's okay.
It looks better on you.
Did you hear the doorbell?
Oh. Okay.
Whoever lived here before
was obsessed with Christmas!
Also, Mistletoe Manor.
Does that ring a bell?
No, should it?
I think it's what this
place was called before.
Sorry, why are you here?
I found my dad's
mistletoe painting,
and it looks just
like the other one.
It has a mistletoe
joke on the back,
and it was also signed by JR.
Did he say where he got it?
You know, he
acted all strange,
didn't wanna talk about it,
but you know how yours
says door on the back?
This one says wall.
JR was very specific about
where he wanted things hung.
Yeah, apparently.
I have to go and
get ready for work.
I'll see you there?
Oh, good morning!
Good morning.
Oh, you look nice!
Thank you! So do you.
Oh, thanks.
Yeah, you do look nice.
But we're pretty
casual around here.
You know, there's no need
to dress all lawyer-ish.
I've been wearing
yoga pants and mom jeans
for the last 12 years.
Now that I have a job,
I'm going to dress for it.
But thank you for the
fashion tip, Paul Bunyan.
Come with me.
Come here!
Just so you know,
flannel never goes out of style.
If you say so.
Okay, so today we're gonna
work on the Christmas exhibit
and decorating.
Maybe we go period.
I have some modern
lights and decorations
that we can put outside, and
we can put in the office.
But for the exhibit, we
could do more pre-industrial?
You know, candles,
a homemade garland,
holly, you know,
stuff like that.
And then we're
gonna need a tree.
A real one.
You know, big, that
we can put here,
and people that walk by
can look at it in awe
and maybe even come in.
And when they do,
I'll have my Christmas
coffee waiting for them!
Oh, come on, Linda.
You're not actually
on board with all this
Christmas decorating
stuff, are you?
People should know about what
New Hollow used to be like!
I remember when everyone in
this town knew each other,
and they'd say,
"Merry Christmas!"
And then they'd ask about
each other's holidays.
These were our relatives
from past generations.
You just gave me an idea.
We can make the tree the
centerpiece of the exhibit.
We can call it the tribute tree,
and people can come in with
old photos of loved ones
from past Christmases.
I think it's a fantastic idea!
Thank you, Linda!
We're also gonna need a tree.
You know anyone
that has a truck?
Is this where you
get your Christmas tree?
No, I don't get
a Christmas tree.
Tell me you had a
Christmas tree growing up.
Well, we had a potted fern
that we called our
Christmas tree.
A Christmas fern.
You don't know
what you're missing!
I've never heard that before.
Wait, what about this one?
Well, it's better than a fern.
But, looking for something
a little bit more special.
And how do you know when
it's something special?
Well, you find the one that'll
look and feel like family.
Oh, I wish I could look
at Christmas trees like you.
I just don't have that
same childhood nostalgia.
It's never too late.
Christmas isn't just for kids.
You know how you said
when you find the one,
it feels like family?
Well, this tree looks an
awful lot like my uncle Leroy.
Your uncle Leroy is beautiful.
Yeah, you should see Aunt Ethel.
You did it!
You found the one.
Oh, I forgot to ask you,
what is the joke on
the back of your dad's
mistletoe painting?
Oh, "Why doesn't mistletoe
grow in a dogwood tree?"
Because it's
afraid of the bark.
How do you know these jokes?
They're classics!
And when you have kids,
you need to know all
these types of clean jokes
for any occasion.
Alright, prove it.
Tell me a clean joke for
this occasion right here.
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Dishes who?
Dish is gonna be a
beautiful Christmas tree.
Dish is gonna be a long day.
The tribute
tree! It's perfect.
David picked it out.
And Linda, great job decorating!
I'm gonna get some more stuff
and have my kids help
you out tomorrow.
Wait. More stuff?
Yeah, we want
people to be excited!
So they come in.
I'm gonna go check
in the archives
and see if there's
any more material
that we can put on display.
David, would you please help
Linda put up the lights?
Oh, yeah. Of course.
Whatever you need.
You're the boss!
I am!
I like the way that sounds.
I think you're
gonna be the best boss
we've had in a long time.
Oh, no offense, David!
Oh, a little offense
was taken, Linda.
Mistletoe Manor.
I think that I may
have officially
broken the microfiche.
That's okay. I'll
take a look at it.
And my kids are gonna
be coming in early,
and I really wanna surprise them
with a Boston themed dinner.
Is there any
recommendations for takeout?
Yeah, Bushcini's.
That's the best in town.
Actually, you know what?
I haven't eaten lunch yet.
I could take you down there.
- Alright.
- Okay.
You know, at first,
I really thought I was
living in Mistletoe Manor,
but the house in this photo
looks different, right?
It's hard to tell.
Definitely looks like
a different house.
And the address,
1225 Mistletoe Lane.
I mapped it out, and
it doesn't exist.
Jess! This is Heidi.
She is taking over my old job.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- Thank you.
What do I leave?
On the house.
Welcome to town.
Are you sure?
Thank you so much!
My pleasure. Enjoy.
Thanks, Jess.
And this chowdah, as we call it,
is unbelievable.
You wanna try some?
May I?
Nice. Perfect bite.
That is amazing!
Yeah, it's good.
I should run.
Thank you for this!
Thank Jesse.
Ah, there he is!
Hey dad!
I got a quick question for you.
Have you heard of a place
called Mistletoe Manor
in New Hollow?
I said to leave
that alone, Davey.
All right.
Well we're just trying to
figure a few things out.
There's a woman that moved
into that big house on Mayfair,
and she found a few items.
What kind of items?
A little wooden reindeer
that was stuffed into a wall
behind a painting
of a mistletoe.
Just like the one
you used to have.
Is there anything
on the reindeer?
Yeah, there was a D3
carved on the belly.
We got a lot to talk
about, but not right now.
I gotta go.
Did you guys have
fun with your dad?
He had an emergency at work,
so he was on his
phone the whole time.
Oh. Okay.
Well, we're gonna have
fun in our new house.
Yeah, 'cause this
house is so new.
It is new to us.
We're gonna start off
with a New England meal,
then (gasps) drum roll ...
Gingerbread houses!
We already ate.
Okay, well then we'll
leave the meal for later,
and then we'll start building
the gingerbread houses.
Mom, we don't
have to keep doing
the same traditions
we did back home.
Everything is different now.
No, the situation
is different,
but we're not different.
And Christmas isn't different!
Yes it is!
Dad won't be here, my
friends won't be here.
Annie, I know that this move
has been really,
really hard for you,
but I do believe that
this is all gonna work out
for you and your brother.
You mean work out for you.
For all of us.
I'm going up to my room
that's not really my room.
There you are!
I knew you couldn't resist
our holiday tradition.
Honey, are you okay?
I'm fine.
This house just seems more
Halloween than Christmas.
Actually, I think
whoever lived here
was obsessed with Christmas.
How are people supposed
to get into your front door
if you covered it up?
That's the back.
The front door is on this side.
The back door.
You guys just gave me an idea.
About what?
Follow me.
Maybe the back of this house
is the clue that
we've been missing.
Just like Garrett's
gingerbread house,
this was actually the
front of the house.
This photo is our house!
So what?
Look at all the decorations!
Don't you think it's
cool to live in a house
that was Mistletoe Manor?
Okay, can we just
go back inside now?
I'm freezing.
First we go and get
the Mistletoe Manor sign.
Now that we know that this
is in fact Mistletoe Manor,
we've gotta put up the sign!
We'll go get it, Mom.
Okay, just please be careful.
David! It's Heidi.
Call me back as soon
as you get this.
Who's there?
Oh god, you scared me!
I thought you were an intruder!
Maybe you could
answer something for me.
Did this used to be
the front of the house?
It was.
Years ago, they
annexed the property
and moved the road to keep
it within city limits.
So this house was
Mistletoe Manor.
It went dark long
before I lived here.
Went dark?
Well, from what I understand,
the people who lived here
always had this place
lit up like Rockefeller
Center at Christmas.
And then one year
they just stopped.
Do you remember
what year that was?
Oh, that's the
extent of my knowledge.
Thank you very much, Harold.
And thank you for looking
out for our house!
My pleasure.
Have a good night.
Good night!
Thanks, buddy.
We'll be in the basement, Mom.
Yeah? I'm in here!
Is everything okay?
I got your message.
It sounded urgent.
I called you right back.
Oh my god, I'm so sorry.
Yes! This really
is Mistletoe Manor.
Come here!
Look what we found in the house.
You know, that's interesting,
because I asked my dad
about Mistletoe Manor,
and he just clammed up.
There's definitely
something about this place
that he knows and
he's not saying.
Hmm. I wonder
what that's about.
There has to
be a clue around here.
Found it!
What's it say?
"This soldier is strong
and keeps up his guard,
protecting the treasures
of our merry yard.
Soon he must find the
king who's a mouse
and defeat him here in
our own little house."
Remember that play
Mom took us to,
where the Nutcracker
fights the Mouse King?
I don't get it. This
house isn't little.
It says the Nutcracker
is guarding a treasure.
Has to be behind that door.
It's locked.
Maybe this will help.
This is amazing!
We're telling mom, right?
Of course!
Once we find the next reindeer.
I was up all night working
on the Christmas exhibit,
so I could really use a
cup of your famous coffee,
whenever you get a chance.
Oh yeah! I made
a fresh batch this morning.
Annie, Garrett.
You've met David.
This is Linda.
She's the best.
Aw. So nice to
meet both of you!
You guys did all that work
putting up the Christmas lights!
You might as well turn 'em on.
Garrett, would
you do the honors?
Just around the corner?
Okay, I know what
you're thinking.
We need more lights.
That's not what
I was thinking.
Don't worry, we
have lots more.
Speaking of which,
I hear you two are gonna
help me decorate today.
We are?
Yes! We are going
into the city.
We are?
We have research to do.
And the microfiche
reader is, it's broken.
Wonder how that happened.
On Thursday, we
are throwing a soiree
to open up the exhibit and
to decorate the tribute tree!
And we're going to work!
Come on, let's go!
Thank you, Linda!
You got it!
"The holiday
season is upon us,
and one of our town's
most beloved traditions
is the Christmas Eve gathering
at the elaborately
decorated," don't say it.
"Mistletoe Manor, hosted by
owners John and Susan Rawlings."
John Rawlings. JR.
Go on!
"Every year, the
Rawlings adorn their home
with thousands of lights."
"Decorations and ornaments.
The house is a must-see
Christmas attraction
that has inspired the entire
community of New Hollow
to elevate their holiday
Christmas decorating.
This Christmas, the Rawlings
are excited to welcome
child number two
into their family,
joining three-year-old Dorothy.
Mistletoe Manor is
truly a sight to behold,
and should be on everyone's
Christmas Eve to-do list."
Okay, that's amazing!
We need to find the
daughter, Dorothy Rawlings.
I mean, she'd probably
be in her seventies?
- Seventies?
- Yeah.
Okay. Let's see
what we can dig up.
Oh! We've got a visitor.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
May I help you?
Oh, maybe you can.
I'm looking for my
son, David Avery.
No! You're David's father?
Oh, I've heard so
much about you!
I'm Linda.
Well, hello Linda.
I'm sorry that David didn't
tell me more about you.
Oh. Oh ...
Yeah, David's not
here right now.
He's in the city.
Do you wanna come in?
Do you wanna sit down, or?
Well, thank you,
but I think I'm just going
to take a little stroll
and stretch my legs
after a long flight.
Okay. Sure.
Thank you, Linda.
Nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you.
"February 3rd, 1956.
Dorothy Ann Rawlings of New
Hollow succumbed to pneumonia.
She is survived by her
parents and one sibling.
Services will be held Thursday
at First Lutheran Church."
That's really sad.
Yeah. It says that
she had one sibling.
Excuse me!
We're closing in five minutes.
Oh, okay.
Wow, that went by fast.
May I help you?
Oh, no!
I just remember this house
from when I was a kid.
Well, people live there now.
So it's best not to
go snooping around.
Yeah, I apologize.
Merry Christmas!
Boston under the snow!
Boston under the stars!
I got a handsome cab ride
for a handsome couple.
Oh, yeah. We're not ...
Let's do it.
Yeah. Yeah, we're gonna do it.
Let's go!
- Okay.
Thank you.
Let me take your bag.
Oh, thanks.
Good idea!
This is really nice.
Have you ever heard of a
place called Mistletoe Manor?
It's in New Hollow.
Doesn't ring a bell.
But I do know where you
can find some mistletoe.
So, you know my story.
I'm divorced, a single mom.
Why is someone like
you still single?
What makes you
think I'm single?
Oh! I'm sorry.
I just, you're always
so readily available.
I assumed.
No, no.
You're right. I'm single.
A few relationships
here and there,
but nothing serious.
You know.
Now I don't have to
worry about that anymore.
Wouldn't wanna upset the
tradition of the mistletoe, so.
No, we wouldn't wanna do that.
It'd be awful.
I should get this.
Look around
on the other side!
Hi! Linda, is everything okay?
Oh! Really?
Yeah. I'll let him know.
We shouldn't be too much longer.
You had a visitor.
Your dad came by the office.
My dad?
Does anybody show
up out of the blue?
Do you know what about though?
We'll have to find out.
Read the second part again?
It says, "Soon he must
find the king who's a mouse,
and defeat him here in
our own little house."
Could be anywhere
in this house,
which definitely isn't little.
It said the nutcracker
is guarding this room.
It has to be around
here somewhere.
Garrett? Annie?
Oh, wow!
You guys have hit the jackpot!
This is all the Mistletoe
Manor decorations!
It's like a Christmas
museum in here!
Oh wow!
Look at this little house!
Little house, of course!
Who's this guy?
The Mouse King!
Oh, guys!
You guys, look!
It's another one of
those little reindeers,
like the one I
found in the wall!
"It took a door and a
wall to make our house
feel like a home."
Doesn't it always
take a door and a wall
to make a house
feel like a home?
Wait, that's strange.
Door and wall are
capitalized, like names.
Who would name their
kid Door or Wall?
Door, Dorothy.
The Rawlings' daughter.
Maybe Wall is their son.
Bet his name is Walter.
Walter! That makes sense.
I really wanna help you
guys figure this out,
but I have to get back
to the tribute tree!
Can you guys be careful
in here, please?
Thank you.
Do you think the
door and wall thing
is a clue for the next reindeer?
I don't think so.
It doesn't rhyme.
There it is!
Nice job!
"Great job so far.
There's no going back.
Prancer's close, so
don't get off track.
Your train of thought
should stay on the clue.
Focus on toys and
gifts made for you."
Gifts made for you.
Maybe for that boy, Walter?
that fire's nice!
Forgotten how cold it gets here.
Yeah. Sorry you were
waiting outside, dad.
I didn't know you were coming.
You said I should
come back for Christmas.
I hopped on a plane, thought
I'd give you a surprise.
Is that okay?
Absolutely! Of course!
It's pretty unexpected though.
You know, I've been thinking.
I wanted to ask you,
why did we never have a
Christmas tree growing up?
I don't know, Davey.
A lot of things I should
have done differently
with you boys.
The truth is, I never let
you have a Christmas tree
because my mother wouldn't
allow me to have one.
You know, sometimes
it's not always
the good family traditions
that get handed down the line.
And sometimes you just
wanna avoid anything
that could trigger
certain memories.
What memories?
The kind that mean your kids
don't have a Christmas tree
when they ask for it every year.
Dad, what happened?
I'm a man.
You know you can
talk to me, right?
I thought I was ready to,
but there are just
some old wounds
that shouldn't be reopened.
Hold on! I got it.
Off track? Train of thought?
That's Prancer.
"You found number three
with your razor sharp mind,
but keep the trail warm
or you never will find,
Vixen who waits for
her driver to slide.
Let's hope that his belly
hasn't gotten too wide."
Vixen will make five!
This place looks amazing, Heidi!
I don't know how you
ever pulled it off.
I couldn't have
done it without you.
I just hope people show up.
Well, we put out the posters,
we made the phone calls.
I think we're gonna
get a decent crowd.
- Have you thought any
- more about the last clue?
I haven't figured it out yet.
Me neither. But we will.
Why don't we ask
Mom to help us?
This was supposed to be
a treasure hunt for a kid.
Probably that boy Walter,
which means that we should
be the ones to figure it out.
Besides, she moved us here
without even asking us!
We should be allowed to
have some fun on our own.
It's kind of cool here.
Mom's happier, and you didn't
love it back home either.
We'll tell her eventually.
Hey David, did your
dad have any information
about the painting?
No. No.
He has not shared anything.
My dad can be an
enigma sometimes.
Yes, hello Deputy Mayor!
6:30 is correct.
See you tonight!
He's not the jolly type.
No, no.
That man is the
opposite of jolly.
Oh, he's grinchy.
Ooh. I like that.
That's a good word.
He's very grinchy.
But he hired me, so I mean,
he can't be that bad.
Actually, the town
council voted to hire you.
He wasn't too keen on
it, to say the least.
Well, he's coming tonight,
so it'll be my opportunity
to prove him wrong.
There you go!
Hey, are you gonna have any
music or something tonight?
Or is it just gonna be people
standing around having
boring conversations?
Actually, that's
a really good point.
The old record player
from the house!
Ah, that would match the theme!
Do you think that it
would be too much trouble
to move it here?
I can have my dad help me.
He's already got
my truck anyway.
I can walk down and
have him meet me there.
Great idea.
Can Garrett and I help?
I'm just kidding.
You gotta ask your mom.
All right. Let's bounce!
Isn't that what the kids
are saying these days?
No. No.
I don't think so.
No, I don't think I've
ever heard that one.
Hey dad!
You okay?
I think I need to sit down.
I'm gonna get a glass of water.
Okay. Yeah.
All right.
I got this.
What have you got there?
Nothing. Just the
puzzle we're working on.
Oh well, I used
to be pretty good at
solving puzzles
when I was your age.
Maybe I can help.
Okay. We found
these in the house.
It's some sort of treasure
hunt from the olden days.
Olden days, huh?
Yeah. We think the dad
that used to live here
made them for his son, Walter.
Interesting. Hmm.
Where did you find
the first one?
In a nutcracker.
And we found the second
one in a dollhouse,
and the third in a toy train.
But we haven't figured
out the fourth clue yet.
Let's see.
"You found number three
with your razor sharp mind,
but keep the trail warm
or you never will find,
Vixen who waits for
her driver to slide.
Let's hope that big belly
hasn't gotten too wide."
Keep the trail warm.
What keeps you warm?
Blankets? A jacket?
"Vixen waits for
her driver to slide."
Who drives the reindeer?
It's somewhere in the fireplace!
I'll keep David occupied
while you find it.
Oh, let me help with that!
Ah, I got it, pop.
Take a rest.
I'm fine. It was just
a touch of vertigo.
It comes and goes, like Santa.
And the mountains in reply
Echoing their joyous strains
They're gone.
It can't be too close to
the fire. It would burn.
Hey, look!
WR, just like my drawer.
It's loose.
That's Vixen!
Hey, you guys ready?
Record player's on the truck.
- Yup!
- Yeah.
All right.
Okay, let's
give it a listen.
Annie, that adds
the perfect touch!
Thank you all for helping.
Mr. Avery, can we talk
to you for a second?
Of course!
Did you find it?
We did.
It was under a brick.
We didn't get the chance
to read the clue yet.
Before you do,
we have something very
important to discuss.
This is your treasure hunt,
but Christmas is about family.
So I think there's
some important people
we need to include
in this. Do you?
All right.
You guys have found four
more of these reindeer,
and all these clues, and
you're just telling us now?
The reindeer
from the dollhouse!
Was that a clue?
Did I solve that?
Yes! Me!
So what does this
latest clue say?
"He flies like a comet
when he pulls Santa's sleigh,
beaming with pride as
he shows them the way.
His hygiene is poor,
but do not disparage.
He makes up for his smell when
he pulls Santa's carriage."
"He's always been speedy
since he was a fawn,
and when Santa needs him,
with the wind, they're gone."
Alright. It's about
a smelly reindeer.
That's clever.
Okay, don't worry.
We are gonna figure
this out together.
Any other guests?
Nope, just her and
this other couple.
That's it.
You know, it's early!
Maybe they'll still show up.
Yeah, maybe.
So this one's sweet-
I'm gonna go give this to her.
I printed your picture
for the tribute tree.
I think it turned
out pretty well.
This is such a great idea.
Thank you!
Is it okay if I get a
photo in front of the tree
with the picture of my mom?
Of course! Yeah!
Thanks again. Thank you.
Oh, and if you post that pic,
make sure to use
hashtag tribute tree.
You got it.
We have a tribute
tree hashtag?
We do now!
Oh, hi!
Hey hey hey!
That's Deputy Mayor Pruitt.
Did I miss the event?
No, you, sir, are the event.
There's been a couple people
that have come and gone.
Did you bring a photo?
I did not.
Oh, okay.
Well, you can drop one off,
or you can email
one to us later.
The tribute tree is a
way for us to remember
and honor the people
that came before us.
This is my grandmother
and my grandpa,
and he used to be
a cello player,
and she was an opera
singer in the 1930s.
Yeah, they were a
match made in heaven.
The tree is an
interesting concept.
Thank you!
But I'm not
surprised that folks
aren't lining up to participate.
I think people
prefer to think of
happier things at Christmas.
Nothing makes me happier
than to think of my grandparents
during the holidays.
I applaud your
efforts, Miss Wicks.
The history of Christmas
exhibit is impressive,
but judging by the turnout,
I think the tribute
tree missed the mark.
There's a town council
meeting tomorrow.
I think you should attend.
11:00 AM. City Hall.
See you then?
Yeah! Yeah, of course.
We can discuss your future
with the historical society.
Thank you, Mr. Deputy ...
Don't worry about him!
He just doesn't
understand the vision.
Do you think that they're
gonna fire me already?
I moved my entire life here.
No, no. Just be yourself.
They're gonna love you!
Can we go now? We wanna
continue the treasure hunt.
No! I'm sorry.
I just, I really wanna wait and
see if any more people come.
I can walk them home
and hang out with them.
They're no trouble.
I can join as well.
Oh, good!
I shouldn't
be too much longer.
Oh, it's snowing!
It's so pretty!
Oh, it's so cold!
It is cold!
All right. Have a good night.
Get home safe, huh?
- Bye!
- Thank you!
Okay, bye kids!
See you!
- Bye!
- Bye!
Well, it'd be a shame to
let all this go to waste.
Do you wanna dance?
Oh! Sure!
Joy to the world
My first event
didn't go very well.
I don't know.
Feels like it's going
pretty good to me.
You know what we should do?
We should bring back
Mistletoe Manor!
You know, that's actually
a really good idea.
Can we finish
this dance first?
Let heaven and angels sing
Joy to the world
The savior reigns
Let men their songs employ
I still feel like
there's a clue in here.
Hey, remember the
mistletoe painting?
Mom and David never
found a clue with it.
We found Donner, the
seventh reindeer.
If we find the clue,
we can skip to the end.
You're a genius!
Okay, now wait till you
see what I found in here.
Hello! We're back!
Where are you all?
I'm in the kitchen!
The kids are outside.
They're on the treasure
hunt with Wallace.
You never told me that
your dad's name is Wallace.
Oh! I don't know.
I didn't think it mattered.
Wall. Wallace.
Yes, yes!
It totally matters!
Of course.
Wall-ace. Hmm.
No way!
Pop, you in here?
Look. He looks just like you.
That was John Rawlings.
My father.
This was my home until
I was seven years old.
To me, this house was alive.
It was my grandfather who first
called it Mistletoe Manor,
but it was my dad who
really ran with it
and turned it into
something special.
So your birth father, my
grandfather, is John Rawlings?
Yes. JR.
That's what everyone called him.
For the first six
years of my life,
he could do no
wrong, in my eyes.
Everything he
touched was magical.
Including Mistletoe Manor.
Davey, I'm sorry
I never told you
and your brother the truth.
I thought if I
admitted it to anyone,
I'd have to admit it to myself,
and it was something I
needed to keep in my past.
Yeah, but why?
Because of your
sister, Dorothy.
Door was a big
part of the reason.
That's what he called Dorothy.
She was his Door
and I was his Wall.
And when Dorothy was
about Annie's age,
she came down with pneumonia
and didn't make it.
Door loved Christmas
and all the decorating
just as much as my dad did.
They were like
two peas in a pod.
So how did you go from
being Wallace Rawlings
to Wallace Avery?
After what happened to
Dorothy, my dad was devastated.
There was a piece of
him that was gone.
He blamed himself.
He thought he'd let her play
in the cold for too long.
My mother was a
very strong woman.
She tried to hold
the family together,
but my father, in his grief,
became a shell of himself,
and withdrew from everyone.
Oh, that poor man.
He thought I'd be
better off without him.
So he asked my mother
to take me and leave.
And she did.
She remarried a nice
man named Jim Avery,
who became my father.
My mom never looked back.
I was young.
As far as I knew, JR didn't
want anything to do with me.
So I became Wallace Avery.
And then when Annie and Garrett
started finding hidden
reindeer with clues,
I realized that my dad was
still trying to say something
to me in his own way,
using this Christmas
treasure hunt.
I think the three of you
should continue the hunt
and find out what your
dad wanted you to know.
And, with your permission,
I would really love to
bring Mistletoe Manor back
on Christmas Eve, the
way that it used to be.
I think that's a fine idea.
Christmas Eve is in four days.
I suggest you tell the council,
because you're really gonna
wanna get them on your side.
It'll be a lot easier.
I'll tell them tomorrow.
David, what are you doing here?
I don't know, exactly.
Grinchy called me
up this morning and
asked me to come down.
That can't be good.
They wouldn't have had me
uproot my life and my family
just so they can fire me right
before Christmas, would they?
I don't think so.
It's hard to say
with Pruitt, though.
I mean, he's kind of a
stickler on certain things.
I do know that he
didn't wanna hire
an out of towner with limited
experience to begin with.
Maybe my ex is really
gonna enjoy this.
He just loves being right.
David, you think I can
do this job, don't you?
Look, I may not agree with
how you've done things so far.
We're ready for you now.
David, you can come in as well.
I'm up against
Grinchy and Scrooge.
What could go wrong?
I am so grateful and
excited for this job,
and you all believed in me.
Not only because I love history,
but because I love people,
and I am excited to connect
the people of New Hollow
to their history.
I love Christmas, and
everything that it stands for.
68 years ago, this
town lost one of its
most treasured traditions,
Mistletoe Manor.
And it just so happens
to be the house
that you're letting me live in.
Every Christmas,
Mistletoe Manor brought
the town of New Hollow
a sense of holiday joy.
And I, well we,
would love to bring back the
magic of Mistletoe Manor,
to the next generation,
so they can experience
that feeling of community
through the holidays,
like their grandparents,
and their great-grandparents
did so many years ago.
Another party?
Well, it's not a party.
It's ...
Excuse me, if I may.
We complain about
people not being engaged
in our local history, right?
Well, maybe they're
not engaged because
we haven't given them
a reason to be engaged.
I know that I never did.
Well, Miss Wicks has
done more in one week
as the director than
I did in two years.
Now, what she's
proposing is a way for us
to engage our community,
to help bridge the gap
between the past,
present, and the future,
and share a little bit of
Christmas joy along the way.
Now, if anybody can
do this, it's Heidi.
I think she's incredible,
and I think we're very
lucky to have her.
Thank you.
No more Christmas
parties, Miss Wicks.
Stick to practical ideas,
or we're going to have to take
a look at your job status.
Maybe we should look
at your job status.
Mr. Deputy Mayor.
You've enjoyed your
little power trip
while I've been recovering,
but I am still the
mayor in this town,
and I remember those
Mistletoe Manor days fondly.
They were some of the
best times of my life.
I can't wait to see that
house come alive again.
You have our full support.
Thank you, Mayor.
Thank you all.
I won't disappoint.
Good job.
Thank you.
Let's go. We've got three
days to make Mistletoe magic.
So, how's it going?
We are still stuck.
Okay. Read it to me again.
"He flies like a comet
when he pulls Santa sleigh,
beaming with pride as
he shows them the way.
His hygiene is poor,
but do not disparage.
He makes up for his smell when
he pulls Santa's carriage.
He's always been speedy
since he was a fawn,
and when Santa needs him,
with the wind, they're gone."
That is a tough one.
He mentions hygiene.
Did you check the bathrooms?
We already checked them.
You know, I'm no detective,
but he says "carriage",
which could imply
carriage house.
Then "beaming."
Up on a beam?
Then he mentions
"gone with the wind",
which starred Clark Gable.
So maybe near a gable.
You're right! Let's go!
My dad loved Gone with the Wind!
You should be a detective!
You're amazing!
So, how are we gonna
get enough people
before Christmas Eve,
which is in three days?
We need to get
people's attention.
What is the most popular
attraction in town?
Ice skating.
We could just hand
out flyers there.
That would be great!
My mom used to always say,
the best way to get people's
attention is if you feed them.
I know just what to make.
I don't even know
what a gable is.
That is a gable.
Be careful!
There's Comet!
Good job, sis!
"Christmas comes as
quick as it goes.
Cupid, you'll find if
you look with your nose,
be quiet as a mouse
and thin as a noodle,
and don't eat all of
mom's candy cane strudel."
My mom made delicious
candy cane strudel.
Sounds kind of weird,
but it has candy canes,
so it must be good.
Well, then the next reindeer
has to be in the kitchen!
Come on! Let's go!
Hey, how's the treasure hunt?
Well, we are looking
with our noses.
We think the next one's in here.
I really hope that you
guys can hunt and help!
We have a lot of
cookies to make,
and I need all hands on deck.
We found this great recipe
for Clara's Cranberry
Christmas Cookies.
Oh! Clara was my grandmother.
Her cookies are even better
than my mom's
candy cane strudel.
No, no, no!
Those aren't for us!
But Mom, someone
needs to sample them!
Yeah, Mom!
Just one.
Are they good?
Those are really good.
You know, my dad had a
sweet tooth like Davey,
and he used to keep a bag
of sweets in a high cupboard
where mom couldn't see it.
Wait, in which cupboard?
That one.
Oh! That kind of
looks like a reindeer.
What? David, get me up there!
There it is!
"When it comes to
art, da Vinci I ain't,
but Donner and I, we
both like to paint.
It's puzzling to me,
and nobody knows.
How does he paint
without fingers or toes?
Christmas magic, no doubt,
and isn't it great?
Two more to find, and
you'll have eight."
That's for the reindeer
in the mistletoe painting.
But we haven't found
the clue with it yet.
I'm sure that you
guys will find it.
We really need to make
cookies right now.
Come on!
I need some cookies!
Over here, you guys.
Ready to help!
I'll do cranberries!
Please tell everyone
that you know,
we're having a big
Christmas Eve party!
We're bringing back
Mistletoe Manor.
All the information
is on the flyer.
You know, I can't help
wondering how all this happened.
You know, you get that job,
and you're here all these years,
and you find the reindeer,
and no matter how I
try to erase the past,
it was meant to be that I'd
always come back
and face it again.
Well, it doesn't matter how.
It just matters that we're here.
And I'm really glad that
I finally know the truth.
But most of all, I'm
glad that I get to spend
another Christmas with you, pop.
Me too, Davey. Me too.
Next skate
is for couples only!
So find your Christmas crush,
and head out to the rink!
Here, take these.
May I have the honor?
I'd love to!
Oh ...
I know I may not be
as charming as my dad,
but do you wanna go out
there and skate with me?
That's really sweet, but
I should probably watch the-
It's okay, Mom!
Okay, thanks guys!
I want that Christmas glow
I want that dizzy
little smile
Wanna roll around
in the snow
You know it's been
a little while
You guys should come.
It's gonna be really fun.
I know I'm not the only one
Who needs some
Christmas glow
Gimme that Christmas glow
I want the Christmas glow
You're gonna get paint
all over that nice jacket.
Put my shirt on.
There's so much
to do by tomorrow,
and I just, I really
want it to be perfect,
like it used to be!
We will work around
the clock if we have to.
You've already made
a huge difference.
Have you noticed the entire
community is here to help you?
Who's using the
black paint right now?
I think those are
gonna go in the main hall.
Linda needs me at
the Historical Society,
and it's urgent.
Could you please
watch the kids for me?
That would just be
really great. Thanks!
- Hi!
- Hi!
Thank you for coming!
People have been
coming by all day!
Apparently they saw
something called a hashtag.
Hashtag tribute tree!
Annie! Yes!
Hi! Merry Christmas!
Hey, how are you?
Thank you for coming, hello!
Yes, please!
Look! The clue to
the last reindeer!
It's a Rebus puzzle!
A what puzzle?
Cryptic symbols that
represent words?
Let's get Wallace to
help us solve this.
One puzzle left!
All right.
One, two, three!
Garrett found the clue
to the last reindeer!
It's a Beavis puzzle.
Oh, a Rebus puzzle!
My dad's favorite.
There. What do you see?
Is it something like
Santa's blank secret blank?
What do you think?
I know what that is.
You do?
Santa's sleigh.
Secret scroll.
- Oh, wow!
- Cute.
Look at that!
"Son, you've gotten this far.
I knew that you could.
You always met challenges
when no one else would.
Someday you'll have kids,
and know from the start,
they hold every piece of
your own fragile heart.
My wish for you on
Christmas each year,
you'll always remember
the fun we had here.
When you're old, if
everything's right,
you'll also be reading
to kids, t'was the night.
Merry Christmas.
I love you, my Wall.
Every year, my
father's greatest joy
was sitting in this sleigh
and wearing this silly cap
and reading this book to
every kid who would listen.
Well, I guess
now it's your turn.
It'll be yours after I'm gone.
My dad and I made a lot
of mistakes as fathers,
but one thing we shared is
our love for our children.
I love you, pop.
Love you, Davey.
I love you guys.
We're gonna be good here, right?
Yeah, we're gonna be good.
I love you too, mom.
We have a party to throw.
All right!
Miss Wicks!
My sister, three towns over,
told me about a tribute tree
she heard about in New Hollow.
This is our mom.
May I?
Every Christmas,
no matter what,
she found a way to
make it special.
I miss her.
Merry Christmas, Miss Wicks.
I'm sorry I misjudged you.
Thanks, Grinchy.
Hey y'all!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Christmas, guys!
Hey, Linda!
Oh, I don't need a coffee.
I just wanted to get
another look at you.
Oh. Merry Christmas, Wallace.
Merry Christmas, Linda!
Have fun.
Yeah, you too!
Hey, how you doing?
I'm doing good, how are you?
I have something for you.
You do?
I do!
No no no no, you stay here!
Right here?
No peeking. Turn around.
Okay. No peeking.
Oh Christmas fern
Come on! Really?
Oh, I love this!
That is amazing!
My Christmas is now complete.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You know, I gotta say,
you are much better at
this job than I ever was.
This is incredible.
Thank you.
Is that my sweater?
This one?
T'was the night
before Christmas,
and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse.
Oh dear
You know I
Never ask for too much
I hope starry nights
May unite us in love
'Cause I'm patiently waiting
Stockings were hung by
the chimney with care,
in hopes that St. Nicholas,
soon would be there.
Oh, by the way, I
have something for you.
Yeah. Now you turn around.
Okay, trust me.
Walk back. Watch your step.
There's a little
step right here.
Christmas fern goes there.
All right.
You ready?
I think so.
We don't want to upset
the mistletoe tradition.
Definitely shouldn't do that.
Make my Christmas
dreams come true
Christmas to all,
and to all a good night!