Mystic Christmas (2023) Movie Script

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JUNIPER: I'm not
saying it's bad to get
emotionally attached to humans.
I don't want you thinking
that I'm bringing that kind
of energy into the holidays.
But after a few months,
Lionel completed
the program that we designed
to break his dependence on us.
He could finally survive
in the wild again.
It was hard, but he wasn't meant
to spend his life in one place.
It's a big world out there.
And we all deserve to see it.
[glasses clinking]
Thank you.
It can't be the
best Christmas song
if it's less than 30 years old.
Says who?
Says me!
Am I wrong?
WOMAN: Of course you're wrong.
Everyone knows the best
song is "Good King Wenceslas."
I like the donkey song.
Ah, yes!
And more than 30 years old.
Who wants to go back to
my house for [non-english]??
Ooh, you're coming?
Oh, I'm maybe
going to head home.
Oh, but you must come!
We won't take no for an answer.
(NERVOUS) Um... oh, sorry.
Oh, you know what?
I have to get this.
But brunch tomorrow?
Bless you.
Oh, I'll take it.
But what did I do?
JUNIPER (ON PHONE): Uh, you just
rescued me from a house party
with a horde of rapidly
chatty marine biologists
whose idea of having
fun is discussing
archaic Christmas songs.
Oh, they're making
you socialize?
The audacity!
too much pressure, Candace.
Welcome to our home.
Here are our things.
Do you like them?
Can we get you anything?
Ooh, and while you
were thinking about it,
you forgot to take
off your shoes,
and you messed up our home.
Please go, now.
Has that happened, or...
No, because I
don't go to house parties after
receptions after speeches.
You know I'm an introvert.
I like a slow burn.
I need to share a dorm
room for a semester first.
CANDACE (ON PHONE): I remember.
Hey, are you
staying in Amsterdam
for the Christmas season?
am trekking across Norway
to go see the northern lights.
Oh, that sounds amazing.
Don't do it.
Come to Mystic and save me.
Keep talking.
The head of my
rescue program quit,
and I just got a call
asking the center
to take in a stranded seal.
I know you don't like
getting stuck in one place
for too long, so I promise...
You had me at stranded seal.
Thank you!
Hey, the northern lights will
be there next year, right?
Visibility is decreasing
every year until 2025.
But essentially, yes.
Oh, and a quick
note, I am flying
to South Africa for a gig
the day after Christmas.
ready for release before then.
Oh, and you can stay with me. Yeah.
We're a shoes-on
house, and I don't
care if you like my stuff.
Quick question.
Yes, my brother
still lives in Mystic.
Yeah, your brother is great.
Yeah, he's kind and hilarious.
And, you know, yeah, sure,
maybe I spent the most romantic
weekend of my life with Sawyer.
My wedding weekend.
Yeah, after which I
wrote the most mortifying
email I've ever sent.
And yet, I never
tire of the details.
What was it,
something celestially?
I said that he helped
me find the place
in my heart, where celestial joy
and miraculous safety coexist.
More like celestially embarrassing.
And then I begged him to
come visit me in Alaska,
and he never responded.
he did and you ghosted him.
Are you sure you didn't
just miss his email?
Yeah, right, I've been
inbox zero since eighth grade.
This is going to
be weird, isn't it?
It's been ten years.
It won't be weird.
That is going to be so weird!
Juniper said it wouldn't be.
She's wrong, which is unusual
for someone so smart and funny,
and who, after the most
romantic weekend of my life,
just decided...
OK, how did everyone have
a better time at my wedding
than I did?
Because you had a terrible date.
- Ooh.
Anyway, Juniper gets in today.
As in this today?
I meant to mention that sooner.
No, you didn't
tell me because you
knew I'd be annoying about it.
If so, I am quite clever.
Yeah, ruthlessly clever.
I need to go to school now.
You got it, boss.
We're not done!
OK, brother deserves a heads up.
That's all I'm saying.
Sawyer, do you have
time to stop by the cafe
and discuss the toy drive?
Yeah, I sure do.
How about, uh, 11:00?
- Perfect.
- Cool.
See you then.
SAWYER: Sounds good.
All right.
OK, so I was saying...
Susie, how are the Christmas
lights treating you?
A few strings came
down in the storm.
Oh, no, say no more.
I'll be by later to
string them back up.
You're a peach.
No, it's Christmas.
Call me a sugarplum.
Hey, as I was saying...
Oh, sorry, one second.
Hey, I found the suitcase
you wanted to borrow.
Can I just drop it
off after close?
You'll barely see each other.
Juniper will be at
the rehab center,
and your every minute is
accounted for from now
until Christmas.
What does that mean?
[scoffs] What does
your day look like?
I have breakfast with you,
and then I'm going to work.
And then?
Then I'm popping
by the coffee shop.
And then?
Then restringing Susie's lights,
going back for the dinner
shift, and then dropping
the suitcase off at Michael's.
What else?
That's it.
You're picking
me up from school.
CANDACE: You do too much.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm leaving Lou at school.
[chuckles] It wouldn't
kill you to have a hobby
that wasn't being helpful.
I do.
I almost finished
a book this year.
About what?
Time management.
No, I'm just... [laughs]
I'm just kidding.
It's about alien cowboys.
I'll slow down... next year!
[festive music]
Can I, by any chance,
get a charge for my phone?
Oh, of course.
There are outlets
along that wall.
Oh, great, thank you.
I was wanting to finish
this audiobook on the train
and just playing a little fast
and loose with my battery life.
Can I offer you a cup of coffee?
Yes, please.
And could I get a
good recommendation
for a cab company?
Where are you headed?
To the Mystic Aquarium
and Rehab Center.
Sawyer can give you a ride.
Uh, were you down
there the whole time?
Yeah, I thought it'd be weird
if you walked in and saw me,
so I hid.
Yeah, that made it weirder.
- It sure did.
- I see that now.
You want a ride?
No, you don't...
You don't have to.
He doesn't mind.
I don't mind.
No, it's fine.
It's fine if I do
give you a ride or fine
if I don't give you a ride?
So what...
Give the woman a ride, Sawyer.
It's on his tab.
Welcome to Mystic.
So thanks again
for... for driving me.
Oh, yeah.
It's on the way
to the restaurant.
How is the restaurant?
It is good.
How are the seals?
The... the seals?
All the seals in
the entire world?
Yeah, you know, besides human
existence impeding on them,
um, generally OK.
Yeah, good.
How's Alaska?
Oh, I've moved from there
a while ago, 12 times since.
That's fun.
Time, huh?
[awkward chuckle]
Yep, time.
And we're here.
Oh, good.
You know, I can take
your bag to the hotel
so you don't have
to lug it around.
Didn't Candace tell you?
I'm staying at her house.
Ruthlessly clever.
We will be seeing a lot
of each other, then.
Sawyer, whatever happened
between us, you know,
who did or didn't email who...
I emailed you back.
You didn't.
But let's just say past
is past, clean slate.
Yeah, I think
that's a great idea
and quite in the
Christmas spirit.
Also, I responded.
You did not.
But I will see you around.
Check your spam!
It's been 10 years!
[festive music]
CANDACE: I hope that's
your impressed face.
I'm only going to say thank
you, like, 400 more times.
You don't need to say it once
if you bring me to the seal.
Of course.
[chuckles] Come on.
She's a harbor seal
found weak and dehydrated
in Maine back in September.
Oh, no.
So this probably isn't even
her first time being stranded.
They were preparing
her for release,
but they just lost
all their funding,
and they just didn't feel
like she was quite ready.
OK, so we're just
wrapping up her journey.
That was the hope.
But when she got here,
she wasn't eating.
So we are back to force feeding.
That's not good.
What's her name?
Maine named her, but our
animal rescue interns love it.
Did I not mention
that in addition
to overseeing the staff,
you're also responsible
for three post-grads?
[gasps] Oh, my gosh, it's her.
This is Peter,
Eric, and Theresa.
I read your paper about
spotted seals four times.
Did you really do a
semester in Antarctica?
I have thoughts
about UMEs, and I'd
love to hear your feedback.
What's it like living on a boat?
Guys, guys, come on.
Let's give Dr. Jones
a chance to settle in.
Thank you.
How was your train
ride, and where
are you staying, and do you
need any recommendations
while you're here?
Just... quick second, please.
Before you say anything, if you
can prepare seals
for release, you can
prepare interns for the world.
That is not true
and maybe offensive.
I am not a mentor.
You're great at
explaining things.
Eric read your paper four times.
OK, yes, fine, I am
excellent on paper,
and I am a great public
speaker when I am prepared.
But as a teacher on the
fly, I mean, I just...
I get all confused,
and I mix up my words.
You are a huge deal to them.
I assure you, I am
a regular-sized deal.
You'll be great...
Or at least fine.
[whimsical music]
Welcome back.
You guys good?
Hey, Brooke.
You're early for your shift.
I am because I'm
very responsible.
Yes, you are.
Although, I sense special
meaning behind that statement.
I would like to take on
management responsibilities.
I manage, and Paul manages.
OK, but what if there's
a conflict someday,
and you can't come in, and Paul
has a wedding or something?
Paul doesn't like weddings.
Besides, you're in high school.
No, I was in high
school when you hired me.
I'm graduating college.
Wait, how old am I?
So managing is the sort of
experience I need before going
out into the big, wide world.
I will think about
thinking about it.
I accept.
I got to be honest,
you look good.
You look healthy.
You look strong.
But we have got to break you
of this force-feeding habit.
The rehab restaurant
is officially closed.
Should we step back?
We should step back.
We'll step back.
That's a good idea.
We're going to start a foraging
program for Peppermint.
Does that mean
we're only scattering
live feed from now on?
We will be scattering
live food while also using
other enrichment techniques.
Does that sound
good, Peppermint?
So what do we do now?
I'm going to give
Peppermint an exam,
but I really don't
need help with that.
So you guys should go take
stock of the supply room.
All of us?
Sure, that's great.
More the merrier, right?
[nervous chuckle]
That went well!
Come on in.
JUNIPER: Oh, my gosh,
the place is so cute!
Thank you.
You need to decorate
my dream home one day.
BOTH: How are you?
- I'm great.
Oh, that's good.
How was work?
Work was great.
I was not.
No, you'll find your feet.
Hey, Lou, do you
remember Juniper?
You're reading The Wild Dragon?
You know it?
Uh, yeah, the first
trilogy is amazing.
I was obsessed
with Dragon Riders,
but this series is gold.
It is.
My favorite is The Ring of Fire.
[gasps] Ooh, so, Louisa,
no pressure, but which Craft
House do you think you'd be in?
So this is where
you'll be staying.
Ooh, should I get,
like, a tent or something?
You're welcome.
[door creaking]
[knock on door]
I come bearing an olive branch.
That looks more
like olive pizza.
No, no olives, just our
seasonal Christmas pizza.
Ooh, snickerdoodles
and tomato sauce?
Nope, just a perfect balance
of sauce, spinach, and cheese.
Well, that sounds incredible.
Thank you.
Well, enjoy the pizza.
Maybe I'll try your
snickerdoodle thing next year.
Sawyer, wait, um,
did you eat dinner yet?
This is a little awkward.
Oh, no, it's very awkward.
But it shouldn't be, right?
I mean, past is past.
You said it.
We're new people.
So do you want to play
the questions game?
You invented it.
Remember, you said you learned
more from hypotheticals?
Oh, my... we played
in the coat closet
after you stole wedding cake.
We stole.
Fair, fair.
OK, if you had to be a roommate
of any fictional character,
who would it be?
Oh, easy, Batman.
Cool toys, no
problem paying rent,
and he's always out at
night, so the TV is mine.
OK, you can only
use one condiment
for the rest of your life.
[laughs] For the rest of your...
I like what I like.
I had spent this
Christmas in Poland,
and the host had
made the most amazing
mushroom and sauerkraut dish.
It was...
How many different places
have you spent Christmas?
It would have been 12 if I
went to Norway this year.
I mean, the northern lights
would have been amazing.
Mystic is amazing.
And it also counts as
a place, by the way.
Oh, point taken.
Yeah, no, I haven't
repeated a Christmas
since I was in college.
That's a little sad.
Is it?
I mean, I've never
got why people
always fixated on
making every year
the same as the one before.
Well, because it's tradition.
But is it because you
like those things,
or just because
you remember them?
Hmm, that is the true
question of Christmas.
Your parents don't
mind that you're
never home for the holidays?
Well, my parents
are divorced, so home
isn't so obvious anymore.
That's rough.
Mmm, it was more rough
when they were together.
When I was little,
though, it was amazing.
They loved to travel,
so we went everywhere.
And then my dad had to take
over the family business,
so we moved back
home, and they just...
They felt trapped.
They get along so
much better now.
My mom married a lovely
cruise ship director.
Oh, and Dad?
He finally sold
the store last year,
and he is mountain
climbing in Nepal.
What about you?
Did you ever take that
epic European trip that you
were fantasizing about?
Not quite.
Um, my dad passed
three weeks after I got
to Italy, so I came back home.
Sawyer, I mean, I knew that...
I know that he's gone, but
I had no idea that timing.
I'm... I'm so sorry.
I keep telling myself
I'm going to go back,
but, you know, life.
Back to you.
Favorite international
Christmas tradition?
Oh, easy, Jolabokaflod.
Oh, yeah, of course, that
is the Swedish tradition
of making jolly baklava.
Did I get any of that right?
OK, all right.
[phone buzzing]
Ooh, pizza emergency.
I'm glad you asked me to stay.
I feel like we took an
uncomfortable situation
and downgraded it to
passingly uncomfortable.
You know, and who knows?
Maybe by the time I leave, it
won't be uncomfortable at all.
At which point, we will fall
for each other all over again,
and one of us will
stand the other one up,
and we will be right
back to where we started.
And I made that uncomfortable
again by saying that.
Yes, you did.
I was...
I was joking.
I know.
But you never know.
Celestially embarrassing.
Juniper, what were you thinking?
Your qualifications look great.
I will be in touch.
Thank you, bye.
Let's go, kiddo.
You're going to be
late for school.
I'd want to be in Harper
Hall because I love writing.
But I could never sing
or talk in public.
You know, I used to feel
that way about public speaking.
What changed?
I realized that my
ideas were too good,
and people deserve to hear them.
Oh, here you go.
What's SALSA?
Latin dance music
popularized in the '60s.
Come on, Candace.
You need to get out more.
OK, it's the South African
Local Seal Alliance.
It's the rescue organization
that's in Cape Town
that I'm volunteering
with next year.
I can't believe
you're leaving so fast.
Hey, I was always supposed to
do this before you called me.
I know, but I like you here.
I like being here too.
Well, in the event you
have a sudden change of heart
and you realize you simply must
stay in Mystic with your best
friend, the job is yours.
Well, if you knew how badly
it went with the interns
yesterday, you would
not suggest that.
You should go to
the Boat Parade.
THERESA: I've lived
here my whole life.
I really don't need
to see it again.
I don't think I'll
ever feel that way
about anything in Mystic.
Yeah, you should
get out for a bit.
- Good morning.
- Yeah, I know.
I really need to get into
that New Zealand program.
Did you know you can study with
so many different animals...
Good morning?
Sorry, you didn't
want to interrupt.
You know you're our boss, right?
Ooh, ick, pressure.
Maybe don't, you know,
think of me as your...
Your boss.
Think of me as head seal lady.
Speaking of, I had
written down some things,
organized my thoughts.
So in order to get
Peppermint ready for release
by Christmas, which
is 11 days away,
I want to combine the
enrichment program
we use for captive seals with
the method we use for rescues.
Oh, please don't interrupt.
We'll work in shifts
of two from now on
and restrict verbal
communication in order to limit
her comfort with humans.
Any questions?
Peter and I will
take the first shift.
Eric and Teresa support
the veterinary staff.
Go, team.
Am I supposed to follow her?
I have no idea.
I have a proposition you
are not going to say yes to.
Terrible opening gambit.
Let me manage on Saturday night.
Saturday is the buyout for the
high school girls soccer team?
It is.
Absolutely not.
One, it's a party.
Two, high schoolers are animals,
especially the athletes,
especially the girls.
I'll manage.
You can't.
You are hosting trivia.
Paul will manage.
Paul has a wedding.
Let me sleep on it.
I didn't clock in yet.
I'm kidding!
[upbeat music]
She's going to put the ball in.
That's good.
Do you want to write that down?
She did great.
I was skeptical,
but you were right.
I am great with the new seals,
less good with new humans.
That's why I've been a little...
Your only crime is
being so apologetic
and maybe that kindergarten
thing with the lights.
Oh, valid, yeah.
Unsolicited advice?
If you won't trust
yourself, at least trust
that we're not judging you.
We're cool and kind
once you get to know us.
Roger that.
Hey, it's after hours.
Do you mind if I head out?
I was going to meet some
friends at the Boat Parade.
What's the Boat Parade?
Oh, to be young and
wide-eyed and new to Mystic!
It's only one of our
coolest Christmas events!
Wait, you don't know
about the Boat Parade?
Apparently not.
Uh, what are you doing here?
Oh, I dropped some decorations
off with Candace before heading
to the Boat Parade.
Am I the only one who doesn't
know about this Boat Parade?
It would seem so.
You should go.
Oh, no, I should stay here
and finish up some paperwork.
Well, I'm heading
over there now.
So if you did want
to go, we could...
Come with us!
Or we all could go?
I mean, if you... you know...
OK, you know?
Let's, uh... let's go.
Let's go.
Let's... let's all go.
[bridge-crossing bells]
I lived a few
places after college,
but everywhere was
either too big or too
small or too loud or too quiet.
That's very Goldilocks of you.
I know.
But then I got here, and it's...
Just right?
I mean, it's
vibrant, but it also
feels like a small community.
And, oh, the history!
Oh, ahoy!
My fine friends!
I have spotted my merry band.
Savor this Christmas moment.
And then there were two.
["I saw three ships" playing]
Wait for it.
[boat horn]
[cheering, applause]
[chuckles] Wait do
you see the elves?
[cheering, applause, boat horn]
It's beautiful.
Mystic magic.
Any town can have a tree.
[boat horn]
[cheering, applause]
Oh, do you see?
What do you know
about sand dollars?
My class went to the
beach, and I gathered
these so I wouldn't have
to make conversation
and accidentally say
something nobody liked.
So sand dollars are
a type of sea urchin.
And when they're alive,
they are many colors.
And they are covered
in tiny hairs that help
them put food in their mouths.
Then what's this?
That is its dead body.
CANDACE: It's a fossil.
You could've said fossil.
Skeleton, also less upsetting.
See, that's what happens when
I explain things on the fly.
So, Lou, what
are you going to do
with that bucket o' skeletons?
Well, maybe we can use
some of the craft supplies
and make sand dollar ornaments.
Can you come with me?
Sure thing.
Let's go.
I find crafting very satisfying.
And this is?
It's the northern lights.
I see.
Sawyer, aren't you
going to sit down
and relax and start painting?
Oh, I'm helping Louisa.
I'm actually OK.
Uncle Sawyer is bad at
doing things for himself.
He hasn't read a book all
year because the library
keeps asking for it
back before he finishes.
Isn't that sad?
The saddest.
Twice a traitor?
[sighs] OK.
Lou, that is awesome!
I brought it back to life.
Look at that cilia!
Excellent attention to detail.
May I go read in bed now?
If you leave the big light on.
But it's not cozy that way.
It's safer for
your eyes that way.
You've got a real
cool kid, Candace.
The coolest.
Mm-hmm, I know.
I like that she's herself
around you, Juniper.
Well, from one late bloomer to
another, she's going to be OK.
And this is what you'll
have to show for it.
Hey, I don't even see yours.
Well, in Mystic
tradition, the eldest male
does not reveal his sand
dollar until Christmas morn.
Yeah, you can't just make things
up and call them tradition.
Come on.
Where is it?
I'll never tell.
It's in his coat.
Ah ha!
You know, there is
a Canadian proverb
that says, don't spend so much
time decorating other people's
ornaments that
you don't ever get
a chance to decorate your own.
And to all a good night.
Come on, you can't
just make things up
and say they're
Canadian proverbs.
I don't want to know.
Don't want to know what?
Whatever this is, it's
going to end up in tears.
Juniper never stays in the same
place, and you never leave.
So my position is, I
don't want to know.
[festive music]
[bell ringing]
can I get for you?
Hi, I need an assortment
of pastries that says,
sorry about the lights.
Ooh, I'll need more context.
Are these for friends,
associates, frenemies?
Work acquaintances.
Strictly professional?
Trying to build a bridge.
Are you the boss?
I would say lead advisor.
Ha ha!
Ooh, ah.
You are a winter pastry warlock.
Thank you.
You're with the
rehab center, right?
Oh, um, the
uniform give it away?
I'm going to
throw in some savory
pastries because you've
got an anti-sweet
activist in your midst.
I love that one.
Good morning.
There's coffee and pastries
if anybody is interested.
Sift, she's
already a Mystic pro.
Hey, how was the Boat
Parade experience?
There's chocolate
raspberry croissants,
ginger molasses cookie,
pecan sticky bun,
and blueberry scones.
I'm a big splitter
if anyone wants
to try more than one thing.
I'd split a ginger
molasses cookie.
ERIC: Please don't
take it personally.
I hate sweets, but I
appreciate the gesture.
Never mind, it's fine.
I'll eat a scone.
Nobody needs to eat a
scone under duress, Eric.
We have savory croissants.
Nick never fails.
Thank you.
So it has been brought
to my attention...
By me.
Yes, by Peter, in spite
of what my anxious brain says,
you guys are not judging me,
and I should get to know you.
So let's start getting
to know each other.
Favorite Christmas song, I'll
go first, "Dominic the Donkey."
And right away, she puts the
no-judgement thing to the test.
Step aside, tree.
Oh, pff... oh, hi.
I'm getting ready to
decorate for the Mystic
Christmas Eve party slash
toy drive slash talent show.
That is a lot of slashes.
And on top of everything
else, we're hosting it
here at the aquarium this year.
- Can I say something grinchy?
- Always.
There's a planning meeting for
this tonight at the community
center, and I don't want to go.
Lou has a piano
lesson, and I have
to interview job candidates.
And, you know, on some
level, it's your fault that I
have to do these interviews.
On no level is it my
fault, but keep talking.
What if you went in my place?
Um, so is this
meeting, you know,
something that
Sawyer would be at?
OK, whatever is between
you, I don't want to know.
I'm just asking a question.
Here's another question.
What would I need to
do at this meeting?
Just make sure no one tries to
fill this place up with candles
or tigers or knives.
Oh, I'm going to get you the
most amazing thank-you gift,
a fruit basket.
Do you like persimmons?
Not really, but
I love a good pear,
and I really respect apples.
Are you volunteering?
Oh, I'm just standing
in for Candace.
Which, I don't know why, since
you and Theresa are here.
Oh, I'm here for the
Historical Society,
and Theresa is not
happy to be here.
No, I'm really not.
Theresa, we're
running low on coffee,
and volunteers
are getting antsy.
Come on.
Yes, Dad.
I didn't know that
Ken was Theresa's dad.
Small town.
Fun fact... we're
technically not a town.
We're a village and a
census-designated place.
Did you always integrate this
much into places you visit?
Um, I'm merely here on
tiger and candle defense
and just for the night.
You're going to get
roped into more than that.
PETER: It's true.
Ken is very persuasive.
Oh, I'm not so easily roped.
And Juniper will distribute
flyers, coordinate decorations,
and lead guided tours.
Meeting adjourned.
How... how... how...
How did that happen?
Juniper, here are the flyers.
And could you take
minutes next meeting?
Paige has book club.
Oh, I'm not going to
be here next meeting.
Candace will be back.
I can take the minutes.
No, Sawyer, your
handwriting is embarrassing.
Juniper will do it.
Oh, yeah.
How did he do that?
Peter, you have to help me
distribute these tomorrow.
Oh, I would, but I'm on duty
for the Historical Society.
Sawyer can help.
Sawyer is hosting trivia.
Sawyer is hosting
trivia at night.
Oh, I see what this is.
BOTH: There's nothing.
[nervous laughter]
I can help if you want,
but not if you don't want.
So, yeah, you know what?
What time is it?
Because I'm starving.
What are you in the mood for?
See, that's the drawback of
doing a different Christmas
every year.
You need to get your fill of
everything you love in a week.
Which is why people
repeat traditions.
Then this is a saucy, crispy,
spinachy point for tradition.
["joy to the world" playing]
Floors are mopped.
Tables are set.
Excellent work.
Is everything OK?
Tomorrow is Saturday.
It is.
And somebody needs to manage
that dreaded soccer girls
But Paul is at a
wedding, and you
are hosting Christmas trivia.
I have a plan.
Which is?
I'm cloning myself.
Brooke manage?
She hasn't managed before.
And round and round we go.
See, there is a saying in
marine veterinary circles,
if you give a seal a fish,
she'll eat for a day.
But if you teach a
seal to fish, she
will eat for a lifetime,
barring natural predators
and a decline in resources.
That's a saying, is it?
Mm-hmm, yup.
OK, fine, you can manage.
You will not regret this.
I won't.
Juniper will.
The world will
not burn down if you
abdicate some responsibility.
No, but my restaurant might.
You have insurance, right?
[laughs] Stop.
Tomorrow, Mystic
Village, 9:00 AM?
It's a date...
It's a date plan.
Were you about
to say it's a date,
and then you panic because
you thought I would think
that you meant romantic date?
[chuckles] See you tomorrow.
Ready for a day of flyering?
I've already begun.
What else you got in there?
Oh, tape, thumbtacks,
and about 4,000 staples.
And snacks?
Oh, no.
The secret agenda of
today isn't flyering.
It's "tour-or-ing."
Yes, Mystic, and we begin
with a life-changing experience.
So you think you've had good
pastries with your Frances
and your Swedens
and your Germany.
I haven't been to Germany.
You are so young, and your life
is about to change because
you have no idea just how...
Juniper, same as last time?
Fair enough.
So you've tried the
chestnut croissant, then?
I have not.
Are you holding out
on me, Nicholas?
Chestnut isn't an
everybody flavor.
Uh, it's a "thisbody" flavor.
Two chestnut
croissants, coming up.
BOTH: Ooh.
Mmm, OK, I'm going to
make a bold statement.
Can't wait.
Chestnut deserves the same
amount of fuss in winter
that pumpkin gets in fall.
I think people would
say gingerbread is
the winter pumpkin spice.
Well, those people are wrong.
Are you one of the
wrong people, Sawyer?
Team chestnut, all the way.
[laughs] Good.
That was my read on you.
When I was in Italy,
I had this chestnut
and sage tagliatelle.
I still think about
it once a month.
Have you tried recreating it?
Yeah, I tried and failed.
Just got to have it again when
I go back to Italy someday.
Oh, nothing.
It's just that's,
like, the second time
I've heard you say "someday."
Why haven't you been back yet?
Well, first of
all, I didn't know
I was with the travel police.
No, I'm just curious.
I mean, is it because
of the restaurant?
No, I stay for
people, not pizza.
OK, well, if you're going to
go back, why not go back now?
Right now, I need to flyer.
OK, come on.
You know what I mean.
Louisa is still young,
and there's always
an event or a commitment or...
You know, it's just
not the right time.
So where to now?
Now, a little time travel.
[upbeat music]
Welcome to the 19th
century on this fine morning.
Oh, nice getup.
Any chance we can leave
some of these flyers?
This contemporary calamity?
Absolutely not.
Toy drive donate, if you dare?
It's attention grabbing.
It's a little
ghosty for Christmas.
The best Christmas
stories are ghost stories.
A Christmas Carol?
Let me take a crack at it.
You know, actually, if
you want real Christmas
vibes, the Historical
Society is hosting
a lantern tour on Monday.
Two tickets.
I'm in.
And if you're not busy
tonight, Eric, Theresa, and I,
we're going to Christmas trivia.
You should join us.
I'll give my questions a
little international flair.
Yeah, I'll think about it.
There we go.
"'Tis the season of swimming
and the season of giving.
Come to the Mystic Christmas
Party and Toy Drive."
SAWYER: I do good work.
To be honest, I'm a bit partial
to Maine-style lobster rolls.
I'm a little wary of
butter as a mayo purist.
Just wait.
["joy to the world" playing]
Yeah, yeah.
How does it taste to be wrong?
Like, Maine can kiss it.
Yeah, Connecticut forever!
OK, so Christmas-themed
if you had a job
in the North Pole,
would you clear reindeer
stalls or alphabetize
the naughty list?
Easy, naughty list.
That's a softball.
Give me a tough one, smart guy.
If you had to spend every
Christmas in one place,
where would it be?
Easy, the Moon.
Because if I had to stay
in one place forever,
I would launch myself to
outer space in protest.
JUNIPER: Mm-hmm.
You're really
never settling down?
Not even if, like,
the right guy asked?
I mean, that's a trick question.
The right guy wouldn't ask.
And, you know, no, not never.
And I like the idea of one
town and one place, one home.
Why not now?
It's just not the right time.
Well, we should
get you to trivia.
No, no, no, Peter
was just being polite.
Well, then wouldn't
it be rude to no-show?
[door creaking]
[indistinct conversation]
Nobody wants to hang
out with their boss.
They'll be so annoyed.
THERESA: Juniper!
Juniper, over here!
Yeah, so annoyed.
Juniper, sit here!
PETER: Juniper!
THERESA: We have a seat!
Come on.
Well, that was a truly
terrible round for us.
I am a scientist,
not a movie buff.
We'll rally.
OK, I hope you saved room for
dessert because the next round
is Christmas sweets.
First up, some might
call it a yule log,
but in France,
Belgium, or Luxembourg,
you're more likely to eat what?
Buche de Noel.
According to legend, this was
first baked in Trent in 1545.
SAWYER: Name three
spices, besides ginger,
commonly found in gingerbread.
Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves,
cardamom, and anise.
That was five.
I thought you hated desserts.
All right, bring
up your answers.
Is this another night
where Eric's dessert
knowledge puts me to shame?
Let's see.
No, we were terrible!
But that was fun.
It was fun.
Yeah, you did shockingly
well in dessert.
Interesting, you should
note that I think that someone
on our team who
doesn't like sweets
might have a crush on someone
who specializes in sweets.
Why do you say that?
I mean, why else learn obscure
facts you're not interested in?
To impress strangers at parties.
You know, I should check
on Peppermint real quick.
You know, Juniper, if
you teach a seal to fish...
Everything OK?
I need to get to
the rehab center.
You couldn't see
her on the monitor?
Are we worried about
a seal-napping?
JUNIPER: I think
she might be hiding
because she's sick or injured.
Here, you should stay back.
[gate clanking]
Oh, hey, there.
You want to come out so
we can see what's wrong?
It's OK.
Let's see what's wrong.
Hey, how's it looking?
I think it's an infection.
She'll get fluids.
I'll put her on antibiotics,
and hopefully it'll clear
up and not get more serious.
OK, good.
I was worried it was domoic
acid toxicosis or leptospirosis.
Have you been
doing some googling?
I don't have a ton of experience
with problems I can't fix.
Domoic acid toxicosis
is more of a problem
for West Coast seals.
Oh, OK.
[chuckles] It's OK.
You can head home, Sawyer.
Are you sure?
I mean, I can always
stay and do more nothing.
Oh, no, I'm sure
I'm going to keep
monitoring her for a while.
Call me if you need anything.
Will do.
I promise.
[nervous laugh]
[sentimental music]
THERESA: Die Hard is not
actually a Christmas movie.
It's an action movie.
It's just...
Oh, no.
What's wrong?
Peppermint's sick.
I've been monitoring
her since Saturday,
but not much has changed.
You've been here for two days?
I didn't want to leave her.
Well, what can we do?
I mean, there's
not much we can do.
Waiting for the
results from the lab,
and started her on a
low dose of antibiotics
until we figure out
what's going on.
Maybe you should go
home, get some rest.
We can watch her and let
the rest of the staff know.
- Are you sure?
- Of course.
Yeah, OK.
Yeah, then I'll be back tonight.
I'm sorry, I'll be
missing the lantern tour.
I can come back tonight.
I mean, I won't be able
to focus on fun anyway
until I hear back from
the New Zealand program.
And no offense, Peter...
I know.
I know.
You've seen enough
lantern tours to...
BOTH: last a lifetime.
PETER: Juniper, go home.
We've got this.
Thank you.
BROOKE: We're low on napkins
and takeout containers.
I will order some more.
Hey, um, I want you to
take a look at this.
Bruise manages?
What does that mean?
It's supposed to
say "Brooke manages."
I was trying to
do a fun little...
Is my handwriting
really that bad?
I can be a real manager?
Well, the soccer coach called
and said Saturday was amazing.
So if you want it, I'm adding
you to the management rotation.
I want it!
Sawyer, thank you.
When I buy this place
from you someday,
I will remember this moment.
I'm a very tough negotiator.
BROOKE: You are not!
["o christmas tree" playing]
O Christmas tree.
CANDACE: So what would you say
are your strongest weaknesses?
I'm sorry.
I mean, your biggest weaknesses.
Where are your allspice berries?
That's not
something people have.
Is Peppermint OK?
She's more stable.
So no morbillivirus?
OK, no more Google for you.
Who can I help?
How are you with hair?
I'm willing to learn.
OK, great.
OK, sorry, yes.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
OK, what are we doing?
It's costume-optional, but I
want the authentic experience.
What are we doing over there?
Uh, drinks for the afterparty.
For a lantern tour?
Oh, you'll see.
I got mulled cider,
mulled wine, mulled punch.
That's like a "mullion" drinks.
Oh, yeah, I got it.
I should wear my hair
like this when I do my poem
at the Christmas Eve party.
I'll be in touch.
When you what?
I wrote a poem,
and I volunteered
to perform it at the party.
Juniper got over her fear
when she realized her ideas
were good, so I will too.
Lou, that is so cool.
I know.
Are we ready to go?
SAWYER: Can you take this?
I got to get cleaned up.
And Juniper and I
will meet you there.
Juniper, what have
you done to my kid?
I do not know.
All right, let's go.
Thanks, buddy.
OK, so I'll rummage
up some costumes.
Oh, no, they're optional.
Oh, I want the
authentic experience.
Are they... closet?
- Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah.
- OK.
[crowd chatter]
You made it!
I did.
Peppermint is on the mend.
Theresa called and
said her fever is down.
I'm going to stand over
here and hope I absorb some
of Eric's dessert knowledge.
Christmas, 1876!
[crowd gasps]
We begin.
I don't believe in ghosts.
But if I were one,
I'd haunt Mystic.
Well, you kind of
have to, since it's
the only place you ever lived.
Juniper could haunt
the world, though.
Poland, the Galapagos.
Soon South Africa.
Thank you all so
much for coming.
Wow, love the hair.
Who inspired it?
ERIC: Peter!
Cocoa emergency!
Oh, I'll be right back.
Cocoa calls.
I'm not doing my poem
at the Christmas party.
I'm not ready!
Oh, honey, you know
you don't have to.
Well, hey, Lou, you know,
when I need to give a speech,
I practice on a
non-human audience.
Could I do that?
I think I can arrange
for that to happen.
Thank you, guys,
for stepping up.
Oh, please, we're a team.
Quick, history of hot chocolate.
It was served cold and bitter
in the Aztec and Mayan empires,
but the sweet drink
we enjoy today
is a product of colonialism.
Hm, I'll have to fact check you.
You have no poker face.
I'm sorry.
Can I overstep?
There's no need.
Yes, I like Nick.
And Nick likes you!
That's an unknown.
We can't assume.
precise, I love it.
I hypothesize that
a relationship would
be lovely for the both of us.
But the only way to
know is to test it.
But what if that test causes
the lab to blow up, and by lab,
I mean my heart?
That's biologically unlikely.
But putting science aside, when
you imagine a relationship,
is it worth the risk?
there's your answer.
Mulling spices?
Roman Empire.
Ah, right.
But I don't care.
I don't like desserts,
but I like you.
Let's hang out sometime?
Is now a good time?
Now is my favorite time.
SAWYER: [sighs]
South Africa, huh?
You already have
your exit planned?
And that was always the plan.
One week, leave the
day after Christmas,
this was always just temporary.
And, you know, the...
The right guy wouldn't
ask me to stay, so...
He's not.
He's just hoping for a
little more time with you
before you go.
You know, I heard about
this cool light show at
the planetarium tomorrow night.
Are you free?
It's a date.
[hopeful music]
I know, kiddo.
Nobody likes going
to the doctor.
How's it looking?
Her fever is back.
She was stable last night.
It's her blood work, finally.
OK, we need all hands on deck.
[peppermint snorts]
Can you stop by
the aquarium tonight
and help hang decorations?
I can't tonight.
Are you going to a barn raising?
You volunteering
at the firehouse?
Or are you reroofing
Mr. Silverman's garage?
I have a date with Juniper.
I don't want to know.
You just asked!
And you said to take
more time for myself.
kickboxing class, or learn how
to knit.
Don't embark on a
doomed love affair with
my long-distance best friend.
Ugh, it's going to be another
decade before I get Juniper
within 100 miles of Mystic.
Why are you so sure this
is going to end badly?
am an expert on human nature.
That's why I can't
read mysteries.
I always know who the killer is.
And it's a curse because
I love mysteries.
But neither of us is dramatic.
That's exactly it.
You don't put
yourselves out there.
You both avoid confrontation.
Yeah, so this is good.
Because eventually some
miscommunication will come up,
and you'll both retreat
back into your shells,
like the cowardly
little mollusks you are.
I am not a mollusk.
I have to go.
Her white blood
cell count is high,
and her neutrophils are way off.
So that confirms
it's an infection?
I just don't understand
how she's worse.
Is it my fault?
No, the antibiotics are helping,
but we're shooting in the
dark we don't know what
and where the infection is.
This would be so much easier
if you could just tell us.
Could it be an ear infection?
Could be an infection
in the deep ear canal.
Wish we had a CT scan.
There's a facility in
East Greenwich that does.
- Well, can we call?
- Already on it.
All right, great.
Well, if we could get
her in and confirm,
then we'd be in
much better position
for targeted treatment.
THERESA: That's amazing.
JUNIPER: Let's see what's wrong.
- They can take us today.
- Great.
Let's get moving.
We'll figure this out.
I'm missing something.
I need a favor.
It's a big one.
I need you to cover
for me tonight.
You want me to
manage again, already?
If it's too much for you...
No, it's just...
I can cover, no problem.
You're a lifesaver.
Nobody likes the mint ones.
I'll drive.
Yeah, you guys can hold down
the fort while we're gone?
- Aye-aye.
- Thanks.
Let's go.
Oh, shoot, sorry, wait.
Just give me one sec.
All right, let's go.
[phone buzzing]
Yeah, it's fine.
No, I'm not going to send that.
Yeah, I'm a mollusk.
OK, they're running the CT now.
She's going to be OK, right?
You're not great
at lying, are you?
Hey, sit.
How about this?
If there's something
really wrong,
Peppermint is exactly where
she should be, on the road
to getting the treatment
that she needs.
I like that better than maybe.
[phone ringing] Sorry.
[sighs] This day keeps
getting better and better.
I am not going to New Zealand.
Oh, Theresa, I'm so sorry.
I love Mystic.
I just wanted to miss
it for a little while.
It'll happen.
I thought you didn't
do reassuring lies.
I don't.
to the front desk, please.
Dr. Jones to the front desk.
It's the moment of truth.
What happened to
needing a cover?
I don't anymore.
Actually, if you have a second,
I might have messed
something up when
I managed that soccer party.
I think I solved it out, but...
OK, great, I'll look it over.
That's... that's
not what I'm asking.
I think I know
where the error is.
No, it's fine.
It's not your fault. It's my
fault. I've been slacking.
I should have been here more.
Do we want to distract
ourselves by planning
my first date with Nick?
Movie house or wine tasting?
Your date will start with a tiki
bar cruise on the Mystic River.
I know what you're thinking.
Tiki bar?
It's an ear infection.
It's deep in the ear canal,
but we'll be able to start
a focused antibiotic regimen.
All right!
But until she gets
better, this could
jeopardize her being released.
So cautious optimism?
Well done, Juniper.
Oh, no, no, not me.
No, see, if Eric hadn't
recognized her ear,
and if Peter hadn't
recommended the facility,
and if Theresa hadn't barely
obeyed the speed limit...
This was a team effort.
Thank you, guys.
Come on!
Oh, yup!
OK, back to work.
Yeah, sorry.
You don't have to
do the poem, you know.
You never quit anything.
I'm an adult. When
I was your age...
You were class president and
the lead in The Nutcracker,
and you played sports.
If we were the same age,
we'd have nothing in common.
SAWYER: Oh, look out!
Well, making a little extra
pocket money on the side?
Just being neighborly and
decorating without being asked.
It feels like vandalism,
but I can't explain why.
It's not the
cookies or the tree.
Hey, have you talked to Juniper?
As a matter of fact, I have.
She canceled last night.
So you were right.
And did you ask her why?
I said, all good, and I
completely understood.
Oh, so you practiced avoidance.
I'm a mollusk.
Don't gloat.
Good news, Peppermint's
on the mend.
How are you?
Good, yeah.
Have you... have you talked
to any brothers lately?
Look, I know you don't
want to get involved.
But after I canceled on him
last night, he seemed upset.
He answered with only
a thumbs-up emoji.
My brother's a monster.
Can I get tough
lovey for a second?
You're leaving in five days.
Why get involved?
About that, have you
hired a permanent chief yet?
I'm setting final
interviews, but why?
Are you thinking about staying?
I'm thinking thinking about it.
Is that nuts?
Oh, no, maybe.
Should I cancel
final interviews?
No, no, no, no, keep
interviewing candidates,
but maybe just, you know, check
in before you make an offer?
I know that that's annoying.
Only a smidge.
Hey, maybe as a trade off,
you can go to the planning
meeting for me again tonight.
The planning meeting,
where your brother will be?
Sure, sure.
Yah sure?
Is that an apology calzone?
It is.
I am sorry for being
snippy last night,
and I'm sorry for undermining
all the work you've been doing.
I accept.
Did you figure out
what was wrong?
It was a small thing.
But I will show you later
so you know for next time.
I appreciate that.
Well, I mean, I am
a really good boss.
You're fine.
I'm kidding.
You're great.
So these are some
of our full-time
sea lion residents who are
too injured to be released.
So they interact
with humans more?
They're very excited
for your poem.
How do you know?
[seals honking]
You made them do that.
Whenever you're ready.
Is it OK if I don't look at you?
We can look away.
[chuckles] Hooray, hooray.
It's Christmas.
What does Christmas mean?
It's not the
cookies or the tree.
Let's sit.
All the way over...
JUNIPER: Sorry, I'm just... uh.
I'm sorry.
Squeeze by you.
Thank you, so much.
Hey, were you upset
about last night?
No, no, no, no, no.
- No.
- No.
OK, good, because I was...
I was worried about your text.
What did he text?
I said it was all good.
He said it was all good.
You just texted
a thumbs-up emoji.
Sawyer, what's wrong with you?
I was being low-key.
There's a fine line between
low-key and passive aggressive.
Well, thank you, Ken.
I mean, she had to cancel.
We thought Peppermint could die.
Wait, Peppermint was sick again?
What, you didn't tell him?
Well, I didn't want
to make an excuse.
There's a fine line
between making excuses
and giving an explanation.
Thank you, Ken.
MAN: OK, everyone, we've
got four more nights
until our Mystic
Christmas Eve party,
and we have a lot
to get through.
Would you like to
talk somewhere private?
Yes, please.
I'm sorry I wasn't
more communicative.
I know.
I'm sorry we missed the light
show at the planetarium.
Well, if you're ever forced to
repeat a Christmas here, maybe
we'll get another chance.
Was that a dig?
Oh, no.
I'm just saying, if
you're ever in Mystic,
you know, for Christmas.
Yeah, well, maybe
next time, I'm here,
you'll finally be traveling.
Was that a dig?
No, I thought you
wanted to travel.
I do.
So do it.
I thought you wanted to
settle down eventually.
- I do.
- So do it.
Why are we fighting?
I don't know!
Look, I...
I think you should live
your life now, Sawyer.
Mystic isn't going anywhere.
Neither are the northern
lights, or Cairo, or Venice.
Actually, Venice is sinking.
I just don't want to abandon
the people who need me.
OK, don't... don't
get mad, but I...
I don't think you stay in
Mystic because people need you.
I think you stay because
you're terrified you'll
find out people don't,
and then who would you be?
I'm not mad.
Mortally wounded.
No, no, but it's OK.
You know, if we're going to do
this, I mean, let's do this.
I don't think you hold back
because you're introverted.
I think you hold back because
you are terrified of becoming
too attached, and
then you'll have
to make life decisions based on
more than seals and suitcases.
I'm sorry.
What is it with people
who travel always
looking down on everybody else?
What is it with
people in small towns...
Mystic is not a small town.
Who feel like anybody who
moves around can't possibly
make real connections?
We're fighting again.
Yeah, I noticed.
I should have just
left it at thumbs up.
Like I even got a
response this time.
[wistful music]
OK, let's settle this
once and for all.
Do you see it right there?
[majestic music]
[seal barks]
Guys, great news.
Peppermint is ready to
be released with two days
to spare.
That's great!
Why am I a little bit sad?
I know.
I am too.
Is it always kind
of bittersweet?
It is.
But that's what we've all
been working towards, right?
First, we release
the seal, then you.
Back into the world.
Hey, you guys have got this.
SAWYER: Bloop.
CANDACE: Oh, my.
SAWYER: Now, sprinkles...
SAWYER: sprinkles.
Yeah, more sprinkles,
boom, perfect.
[sighs] Impressive
operation you guys got going.
Uncle Sawyer dips,
and I sprinkle.
It's a tradition.
The tradition is ruining
desserts with anisette.
Licorice haters
out of the kitchen!
I am anisette-neutral.
Gosh, I feel like I owe you
guys a Christmas tradition.
What's your favorite?
Definitely Jolabokaflod.
What's that?
SAWYER: It's an Icelandic
tradition of giving
books on Christmas Eve.
It started in World War II and...
Um, I can let Juniper explain.
You've been googling it again?
To impress people at parties.
Well, Sawyer is right.
And then you drink
hot cocoa, and you
stay up reading all night long.
This is the greatest thing
I've ever heard in my life.
Christmas Eve
isn't until tomorrow,
but maybe our version
can be December 23?
OK, now, if you
get your own name,
you have to put it back in.
On the count of three, ready?
1, 2...
[festive music] Christmas!
Christmas is back again.
Now, the family's back again.
Back again.
And what a year it's been.
When you're finally closer
to who you love most,
it's Christmas.
Christmas is back again.
Now, the family's back again.
Back again.
And you're closer to
who you love most.
It's Christmas.
Christmas is back again.
And the book flood begins.
Me first.
[gasps] You got me?
LOU: It's a dragon book,
but it's for adults.
And it's a woman
who saves dragons,
and it's exactly what
you do with seals.
I did well.
Aw, this is so cool,
Lou, and impossible
to read in one night.
I believe in you.
[laughs] OK, your turn.
That was my favorite
when I was your age.
I can't wait to talk about it.
OK, and now...
Ooh, OK.
I know you said you
can't read mysteries,
but this is one of her
lesser known books,
and it's supposed to have
a really surprising ending.
Challenge gleefully accepted.
And finally.
It's my alien cowboy book.
So you don't need to keep
borrowing it from the library
because you shouldn't have to
be on anyone else's timeline.
So what now?
Now, we nestle under
blankets and get to readin'.
Oh, no, you can...
Um, Lou, do you need
both of those blankets?
Oh, Sawyer, have this.
No, you...
I mean, we could share.
Yeah, yeah, we can...
SAWYER: All right.
JUNIPER: Totally.
I should get her up to bed.
OK, come on, honey.
I didn't get to finish.
You can read in bed.
This is the best
night of my life.
Good night.
Sorry I stormed
off the other night.
That's OK.
I'm sorry I never emailed
you back 10 years ago.
The email was in drafts.
I wrote a very charming
reply and never sent it.
Maybe I was subliminally
afraid of getting sucked
into your globetrotting ways.
I mean, who would
I be if I wasn't
Mystic's helpful big brother?
That's... that's what I was
trying to say the other night.
People don't like you because
you're helpful, Sawyer.
People like you just because.
You don't need to earn your
keep to stay in people's hearts.
Thank you.
I'm sorry about the
seals and suitcases line.
I don't...
That was a good line.
And while we're owning
parts of our past,
I can admit that
I was heartbroken,
but also a little relieved when
I didn't hear back from you.
I mean, what would
happen if I fell for you?
Just a pair of mollusks.
- Did I miss anything?
- No, nothing.
Uh, you know, I
should probably...
I should go.
- Yeah.
- Right.
Um, I'll see you at the
party tomorrow night?
Count on it.
If you need to
confide, I'm here.
You would break your
sibling gossip embargo?
For you, I would.
Candace, you are a great friend,
but I cannot subject you
to romantic conversation
about your brother.
Good night.
[suspenseful music]
I did not see that coming.
[phone ringing]
What's wrong, hon?
Even half a world away,
your mom radar is impeccable.
Or you're calling at midnight.
What would you say if
I told you that I've been
thinking about settling down?
I'd say, who are
you, and why are
you impersonating my daughter?
And when I was done
teasing, I'd ask why.
I'd reluctantly tell
you that it's at least
a little bit about a guy.
Self-sacrifice is no way
to start a relationship.
If it's the right
guy, give it time.
Yeah, that's well put.
Thanks, Mom.
I love you.
Merry Christmas.
You too, Junie.
Merry Christmas.
[phone ringing]
Your timing is impeccable.
Merry Christmas.
Your mom texted I should call.
What's up, kiddo?
What if I were to
tell you that I was,
you know, maybe thinking
of settling down?
Oh, I'd say, who's
the lucky guy or seal?
And then when I was...
When I was done teasing,
I'd ask what your
gut was telling you.
What if my gut is 50%
excited and 50% terrified?
Then when either reaches
51%, that's the answer.
That's perfect advice.
Thank you, Dad.
Love you, kiddo.
Love you.
SAWYER: All right, the trick is
you want to test the decoration
before you place them.
Most people don't bother, but
now you know, for next year
when you do this.
I got 51%.
I don't want the chief
veterinarian job.
I'm going to South Africa.
Is this you running
towards something
or away from something?
Self-sacrifice is no way
to start a relationship.
You mean a relationship
with the rehab center?
Yep, that.
So I'm making an
offer to someone else?
Thank you so much
for this opportunity,
and have a nice day.
They should really cover
this stuff in grad school.
If you have any reservations,
now is the time.
But even if you do, it doesn't
mean that you should stay.
You can always visit, right?
[peppermint snorts]
Of course, I can.
I mean, you can.
Party's starting, and Ken
is demanding his tour guide.
I'll be right there.
[wistful music]
And if you have any
questions, you can find
me mingling with the desserts.
KEN: Juniper, this is
our best toy drive ever.
I think your flyering
really helped.
Oh, I promise you, I
flyered in no special way.
Merry Christmas.
We're happy you came to Mystic.
OK, now, you don't
have to try it.
ERIC: But I want to try it.
It's OK!
OK, one day, I'm
going to bake something
that will break through.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
It's good.
So Peppermint gets
released tomorrow?
Yep, and then I
head to South Africa.
I heard.
You know, I wanted
to tell you that I...
Uh, minor emergency.
My kid is missing.
Isn't she about to do her poem?
I think I know where she is.
OK, Juniper, what are
you going to say to her?
Why me?
She looks up to
you, and I already
got the I'm-nothing-like-you
once this week.
Come on, don't...
You have to...
I got this.
Hey, kiddo.
Last-minute rehearsal?
I'm not doing it.
I can't.
- You know you don't have to.
- I know.
You keep telling me.
Even you don't
think I can do it.
No, no.
No, I just think
you're so special,
and I want to protect you.
You know what?
You're right.
No, you have to do it.
No, now I want to quit.
Well, tough cookies.
Go poem.
What if I make
a mistake, though?
Have you ever made
a mistake before?
And what happened?
I felt awful.
And then?
Then it was OK.
There you go.
But maybe now
isn't the right time.
There's no such thing
as the right time.
There's only right now.
Let's go back to the party.
And now, a poem
about the meaning
of Christmas from Louisa Adams.
[cheering, applause]
Hooray, hooray, it's Christmas.
But what does Christmas mean?
It's not the
cookies or the tree.
It's not the presents or...
Or... it's not the
presents or holly.
It's not traditional
songs or sleighs.
It's something else,
I'm here to say.
Christmas is the ones
who care, who make
us brave our worst nightmares.
Christmas is
friends old and new.
So a very Merry
Christmas to you.
I was just OK!
[laughs] And how do you feel?
You should!
You wrote that?
I know!
It was really good.
[clears throat]
I'd like to show you something.
OK, let's go, then.
JUNIPER: OK, guys, where am I?
Excellent question.
Open them.
Sawyer, did you...
With help.
You guys.
We thought you deserved it.
As a thank you.
For our favorite head seal lady.
Thank you, everyone.
This is going to be a tough
one to knock off the top spot
of my Christmas memory list.
(WHISPERING) Thank you.
We know it's not as good
as the real northern lights.
I think it might be better.
[majestic music]
Here we go.
[festive music]
There she goes.
(SINGING) There's something
that the season brings...
A reminder when
it's hard to see.
ERIC: Merry
Christmas, Peppermint!
[cheering, applause]
(SINGING) There's a
miracle in everything.
Just say it.
I like your brother, and I
don't want to leave Mystic.
And the pendulum swings again.
I can't believe that I would
change my life plan for a guy.
I don't think you're
changing it for a guy.
I think you're changing it
for a guy and your best friend
and her kid and
three interns and...
Oh, why did tell you
to offer that position
to another candidate?
I don't know.
But I didn't listen.
You've been
flip-flopping all week.
I had to see where
you would land.
Merry Christmas.
It's yours if you want it.
I want it!
Thank you.
Of course.
What are you going
to tell SALSA?
Well, I'll tell them
that I am so sorry,
but I can recommend an
excellent replacement.
[scoffs] Now I need
to interview interns.
You're the best!
CANDACE: I know.
Merry Christmas.
I got you something.
JUNIPER: Thank you.
My handwriting is not that bad.
[chuckles] OK.
You finished it.
I did.
And since you pressured me...
Encouraged you.
I think it's only right
that you get to have it.
Thank you.
I'm leaving Mystic.
I'm staying in Mystic.
You first.
Well, I'm staying.
But it's not... it's
not just for you.
It's for a baker and three
interns and my best friend.
And it's just, forget it.
Forget it.
You're leaving?
I need to trust the
people in my life to love
me even if they don't need me.
Paul and Brooke can run
the restaurant next year.
The whole year?
It's a big world.
So I guess that this
is just the right time?
It's never the right time.
[majestic music]
You need some help?
Yes, please.
Oh, thank you.
What is in this?
Oh, that's souvenirs.
Souv... I could have
brought some of these back
when I visited you in Brussels.
Those are from after Brussels.
No, that was three weeks ago.
No, before we go to Japan, you
are getting a packing lesson.
OK, fine.
But that can wait because
right now, I want to go home.
I'm going to get a slice of
pizza from my restaurant,
and I want to crash.
No can do because
we are not going home.
["joy to the world" playing]
Look who's here!
You're back!
You know, I watched
every speech and debate
video while I was gone.
Aw, she saves all of
her best debates for me.
Welcome home, mollusk.
Oh, thank you.
OK, I know, but I
followed your recipe.
Just proves this place
needed you, Sawyer.
Sawyer, Theresa says
hi from the Galapagos.
Oh, hi!
Come on.
OK, so tomorrow, we have
the community center meeting
and then Nick and
Eric's engagement party.
And then this...
Oh, OK, OK, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
That's all wonderful.
But first.
[upbeat music] Honey, I'm home.
Honey, I'm home.
Honey, I'm home...
Home for Christmas.
I can't wait... can't wait.
Can't wait... can't wait.
Honey, I'm home.
[bright orchestral music]
[sleigh bells ringing]
[audio logo]