Myth: Bigfoot Hunters (2021) Movie Script

During the fall,
the Bokwa wandered
through the forest.
They were said to be
Our elders carved missing
harlequin mask from wood
and painted them half red
and half black.
Our people said the
Bokwa were the wild men
of the woods.
Good morning.
It's black, we're out of
cream and sugar.
You never meet me out here.
Is everything okay?
Well, the U.S. Army showed
up about a half an hour ago.
Some big time war general,
name of Travis.
Some slick man, probably
some division or whatever
that came in here.
What's his full name?
Ben Travis.
You know him.
That must've been a
century ago.
Yeah, something like that.
It's been a long time,
Have a seat.
48 hours ago, we lost contact
with two of our best agents.
That's Blue Ridge.
It's on the east side
of the river.
So, what do you need us for?
Why are you here?
Search and rescue.
In the last two years,
this station and your team
have had an outstanding record.
Out of 14 missing people,
you found 13 of them.
I'd say that's an
exceptional number.
Those two agents are very
important to us, Taggard.
So why don't you just
call in the National Guard?
We don't want to draw
unnecessary attention
to the situation.
Besides, we know your
boy over there
can track almost anything.
Use your own men, General.
We work for the DNR, and not
the United States Military.
As of now, the DNR
division is working
in direct correlation with
the United States Military.
How's that sound?
Ring a bell to your ears?
You are no longer ranking
supervision at this station.
John Pike will be looking over
daily operations
while you're gone.
You can't do that.
I just did.
We all have our orders,
Looks like you forgot that.
The last thing you can
do is obstruct
or interrupt with a
government operation.
You know that better
than anybody.
Get your men together.
Once you reach your objective,
Devin will observe the
situation and take control.
It looks like it's gonna rain.
I doubt if your men can
track in the rain.
You better get going.
See you outside
in 10 minutes, Taggard.
Shikoba, get the
hunting rifle.
This is David.
David's gonna drive you
and the other rangers
up to Blue Ridge.
You might need a
paramedic with you,
so Topper's in the back
with Shikoba.
And I want you to take
my new recruit with you.
His name is Billy.
He looks like a kid.
Well, Jack.
He can use the training.
Look, you and Shikoba
know the area
better than the rest of us.
Teach him a thing or two.
He's a smart kid.
Jack, listen.
I don't agree with the
General's orders
or your demotion,
but what am I supposed to do?
I don't know.
Tell him to fuck off.
You know I can't do that.
It's the U.S. Army for
Christ's sakes, come on.
God damn, who is
driving this bus?
That'd be David.
Want some?
Get that nasty shit
out of my face, Kimosabe.
What are you reading?
What branch did you
say you were in?
I didn't.
Nice to meet you too.
Back at the station I
noticed your walk.
Are you gonna be able to
keep with us out there?
I'll be fine.
Just making sure.
Last spring I
hiked Blue Ridge.
About two miles north,
east of the river,
I found the Elk Summit cabin.
It's a hard place to make,
but it's a good spot if
weather predicts.
Also, a lot of hunters, they
use that cabin for shelter.
Plus there's a dirt
road that runs up there,
so if you need to be picked up
stay on channel CB-14.
It's a frequency.
It's a frequency open
to all walkie talkies.
I'll see you in two days.
Shikoba, see if you can
find any tracks
over by the slope side
of the river.
Topper, you and Billy
head about 14 yards east.
Devin and I will head straight
and work our way over to you.
Yes, sir.
What is it?
Bear scat's too loose.
This scat consists
mostly of water.
What does that mean?
It means this animal's
diet consists of meat.
Topper was right.
Those tree breaks go
on for miles.
Check this out though.
Found it on a tree branch
about seven feet up.
Smell it.
It's not bear, or wolf.
It's too coarse.
Could be mountain lion.
They roam around these parts
all the time, don't they?
The DNR haven't seen
mountain lion
in these parts for years.
10-1 Shikoba, over.
LSAT-8 in position.
Mast at seven.
166.0 east.
10-32, Shikoba, we're
headed your way.
40.0827 north dash 81.4602 west.
Man, do you ever
stop listening to music?
Of course.
When the music stops.
You look befuddled.
Tree breaks.
English, please?
Every tree we've
passed the last 14 yards
has had a broken limb in it.
Yeah, so?
It doesn't stop, man.
They keep going.
What'd you find?
It was a hell of a struggle,
Shots were fired.
Tracks all stay east
of the river.
Are the tracks fresh?
That's the strange part,
they are fresh.
Something drug two
bodies out of here.
Oh, and there's this.
Found it on the
fruit berry tree.
Is it a chemical?
Could be.
Those two agents, what
were they doing out here?
I don't know, Taggard.
Jack, take a look at this.
Take a closer look.
We'll be right behind ya.
So how's your leg holding up?
We can rest if you need it.
I'm good to go, I'll
be all right.
You sure?
Jack, you gotta
stop apologizing.
What happened to me was
not your fault.
Look, Laura's gone, and
we did the best we could.
You gotta learn to let
that shit go.
I don't know how.
Sure you do.
One step at a time.
This Devin.
Do you trust him?
Oh, hell no.
Do you?
I don't like muddy
waters, but we're in them.
All right.
You get going.
I'll stay on the trail.
I'll leave a mark about
every three yards or so.
What the fuck?
You and Billy circle
the perimeter.
You want to explain this?
Forest industry, maybe?
I don't know, Taggard.
Some kind of a structure,
bunch of busted PVC pipes
and fiber optic cables
are buried in the ground.
Oh, and there's this.
Powder burns.
What is it, Billy.
Near the tree line over there,
I saw some more of those
strange tracks.
Billy, I need exact
miles to Elk Summit.
Exact miles.
Billy, Billy!
What, man?
Who am I?
Omaha, Omaha!
I don't know, man, Brady.
I need to take a look.
Nothing you can do
for him now, son.
Besides, you don't
need to see this.
This guy was torn
completely apart.
Something heavy went
through here,
and another body was drug off.
Can you pick up the trail?
So we move.
We're headed back.
Billy, how far is it
to Elk Summit.
I'd say about a half
day's hike from here.
We can make it before nightfall.
I don't think so, Taggard.
We still have another
agent to find.
I'm not gonna
jeopardize my men.
Your agent was ripped apart.
The same thing probably
happened to the other one.
You don't know that.
Send the boy and the
paramedic home.
The tracker stays with me here.
Give me a minute.
Make it quick.
I need for you and Billy to
get up to Elk Summit cabin.
Get on channel 14, stay
on that channel,
get David to get out here
and get you out of here.
Bullshit, Jack.
You need a paramedic.
There's another agent out there,
you know he's gonna
need medical attention.
You know as well as I do
that other agent's dead.
I'm not gonna jeopardize
anybody today,
or tomorrow.
It's an order.
Take this, Jack.
You're gonna need it.
It's close.
I can smell it.
Does the track end here?
Tracks lead into the cave.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
We're here to help you.
What's your name?
You got a name?
Get her outta here!
The way I see it, you
have two choices.
You can stay here and starve,
or you can come with us.
We might love you.
Shikoba, what'd you shoot at?
I shot it.
I shot it twice.
It was in plain sight.
Nothing could've survived that.
I heard stories as a kid,
they told me the
trickster's spirit.
I never thought they were true.
The forest is alive, Jack.
And it's gonna kill us all.
I'm not gonna need this.
Come on.
You can make it to Elk Summit.
Not with this leg.
But you could.
The devil never keeps
what won't give up.
Remember that, old friend.
Get the girl outta here.
You take the girl.
I haven't always been
an asshole, you know?
I used to be a corporal.
I used to help soldiers.
Let me do that again.
You take the girl.
If I die in this forest today,
I want to die as the
man I used to be.
So you take her.
When we get past
that big rock,
the terrain changes drastically.
You know, I was married
for 34 years.
My wife, Laura, she went
missing about 14 months ago.
She used to love to hike
in this forest.
Shikoba and I put
together a rescue team.
We searched for three months,
there was no sign of her.
Not anywhere.
It was like she just vanished.
That God damn ape!
You know, you kind of
remind me of her.
Except for all that
shit on your face.
Here, switch with me, you
haven't had much to eat.
You got a name?
Bailey Travis.
Well, I'm Jack Taggard.
Do you know what's out
here with us?
Polio and syphilis.
They gave it to it.
It's a viral
infection of the brain
and it attacks the central
nervous system,
grows in your muscle tissue.
Who gave it to it?
The military.
Who do you work for?
The EPA.
It's a disease like
Lyme disease or rabies.
It usually kills animals
within four to five days.
Not this one.
We've been contaminating
the animal's food supply
for the past two years.
I don't know.
I guess they wanted to grow
some super soldier or something.
There's something else, I
found this, in the cave.
There was a woman, before
the creature buried her.
I took it.
You knew her?
Did that thing kill her?
She cut her wrists.
Get some rest.
We're outta here soon.
Looks like
somebody's been here.
40.0827 north,
dash 81.4602 west.
Tim One, Tim One,
receiving poorly.
Any response yet?
No, man.
It's just strange numbers.
Well, what are the numbers?
and 81.4062W.
Those are not just
random numbers, man.
Say again?
Give me your map.
Those numbers are
latitude and longitude.
So, oh.
Those are our coordinates.
We need to get the
fuck outta here.
Radio the ranger station now.
1016, Eagle Summit cabin.
I can't get up, man.
There's something behind me.
Run to the back!
1038, David.
We have a 1045.
Please report, over!
Oh God.
Oh God.
All right.
You will not be needing
your metal here,
you are safe inside the circle.
What is it?
Your fear.
Old medicine will help
you defeat your demons.
This demon, have you seen it?
Yes, many moons ago.
After the harvest, at the
time of the Cornchucker.
We have to go.
There is no other place to go.
It took something from me!
And it will take more
if you let it.
Kill the forest.
I didn't kill anything.
You killed my wife!
What did you do to me?
I gave you a vision.
To help you cross.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You're gonna be a hard
one to marry off.
All right, let's go.
Where is everyone?
What happened to Billy?
We need to evacuate
Heart's vital, stable?
What happened to the others?
They didn't make it.
Well, why didn't you
radio sooner?
I sent you a 1038
last night, God damn it.
I was on the way here and
it came through this morning.
You know, John told me
to come up here
and check on everyone.
Did you try the van?
We need to get him to
a hospital now.
I think I have a
gurney in the van.
Hold tight, I'll be right back.
I'm sorry, buddy.
My real name is Thomas McMillan.
There's no gurney in
the van, I got nothing.
David, we've gotta go.
What happened to him?
Did he fall?
He got hit by a rock.
There's no time, let's go.
Get his feet.
On three.
Two, one, go.
You good?
Yeah, let's go.
I have been sitting
on this rock all morning
like a barred owl.
You've been ahead of
us this entire time.
How'd you make it
through the woods?
I used my walking stick.
You need to come with
us to Elk Summit cabin.
I remember that summit.
My people used to hunt
feral pigs there
many years ago.
You got a name?
But you can call me
Standing Rock.
Come on.
You need to go with us.
You stay here, you'll die.
When it comes time to die,
do not be like those
whose hearts
are filled with fear of death.
Do not weep, or pray for a
little more time to live.
Sing your death song, and
die like a hero going home.
All right, get up, come on.
You're with us.
I guess I could have two
crazies with me.
I will not be going.
Besides, I will only
slow you down.
We can carry you along,
guide you.
You have enough to carry.
Stay to the west of the river,
and I will be trailing behind.
Take care of yourself,
old man.
Ah, only one left.
Let's cross here.
Shikoba was right.
We can't outrun it.
What do we do then?
We lure it to us, we fight.
Look, it's our only chance.
Take the rifle.
If it comes back, shoot it.
You do know how to use a rifle?
I'm gonna go look for
some large sticks.
Look, I'm not gonna leave you,
I'll be right back, I promise.
What do we do with sticks?
We're gonna make spears,
we're gonna carve 'em.
This one should be
perfect for you.
Sharpen the end.
No, no, no.
Let me see that.
Long strokes, like this.
Got it?
Are you scared?
I've been scared
my whole life.
You know, if this is how
it ends, if this is it,
I've had a good life.
Well, I think you're
a good person.
Your wife would be proud of you.
That's a funny way
of coming around, kid.
Have you ever carved
sticks before?
Oh, when I was in
the Boy Scouts.
But that was just for fun.
Get ready.
It's gonna happen fast.
Little Eagle, everything
is good for the eyes.
This little project of
yours out in the forest
has cost this department
one hell of a headache.
Yesterday morning,
two park rangers
arrived at Methodist Hospital.
They have a third
ranger with him.
He's in critical condition now.
To make matters worse, a
young girl covered in mud
staggered onto Highway 33.
She was holding a Bowie
knife and a bloody pelt.
I like to follow my gut,
and my gut tells me there's a
connection in there somewhere.
You wreaked havoc on over
30,000 acres of natural habitat.
As of right now, Operation
Myth is closed.
Progress of the study
has been negated
because of the lack of interest.
It looks like the geese are
migrating south on this one.
You might want to think
about that, Travis.
It's General.
Land said seven
captured some surveillance
over the area.
Go on.
It's not just one,
there's an entire pack.