Na granicy (2016) Movie Script

No network coverage
Could we change the channel?
...amongst women, and blessed is
the fruit of thy womb, Jesus...
Must be a weak signal area.
Pray for us sinners...
Get back to the previous one.
Remove it.
Come on!
It's still alive.
I'll show you what to do.
You need to locate the artery.
It'll die anyway.
Be a man.
Let's go.
We're not taking it?
Nothing's changed.
Holy moley!
Who's here with you? Smugglers?
No idea. Couldn't shake them off.
Tomek, how you've grown!
Janek, what's up!
For me?
Grass? Good! It'll come in handy.
Hey, guys, make room for the guests!
Remember Dzidek?
How long since I last saw you?
Two years?
Three, I think.
Time fucking flies.
Tell us your story, Dzidek.
It's freezing cold.
A zombie figure in a blue
sweat suit staggers along.
It turns out the motherfucker
has lost his glasses.
I grab him by the coat
and rush back to our station.
You're damn lucky. I said.
A bit longer out there and you'd
be stiff like... my willy!
That's fucking bullshit.
So he's there, blabbing on and on.
We get him an interpreter.
And right then, over the phone,
it turns out
that his damn wife is still out there!
Clinging to a tree!
He could tell those stories for hours.
- Peace and quiet...
- Not always. It can get busy.
- How many on your staff?
- Six. Three shifts.
- On weekends I'm alone. Cutbacks.
- Tough luck.
Used to be better.
You're missed.
That's right.
Want to return?
It's been a year.
My leave will soon end.
I'll think about it.
You can hang out with the boys
in the woods, look around again.
Let's take our time, observe
each other
and we'll see.
What's wrong?
It's OK.
Was it really a military base?
No. A prison.
Inmates here, guards there.
They wouldn't escape?
Where to?
We must start the generator.
- What's upstairs?
- Storage.
Someone's been here.
Or someone else.
Check, one, two...
All units, all units!
Come in.
Go ahead.
This is Border Patrol Station.
How are you guys doing?
Watch out,
there's a blizzard coming.
No, thanks.
You won't have a drink with me?
I don't feel like it.
It's a tradition.
- To have a drink together.
- No.
Can you be counted on?
- Not really.
- No?
Go get some rest.
- Dad!
- Shsh...
I thought I heard something.
Bottom up!
Take the glass.
A toast.
No, thank you.
Here you go.
Drink it.
Drink, shithead!
Whatever happens
in the big world out there,
nobody will ever find us here.
I'm almost done.
Go to bed.
I'm coming!
Who's that?
I don't know.
Aren't the trails closed for winter?
They are.
He's heading from the border.
You think it's a smuggler?
More likely some stupid tourist.
He's heading our way.
- Will you arrest him?
- You arrest yourself!
I'll meet him half-way.
Let me have a look.
Come on!
Screw you.
They've passed each other.
Let me see.
What's going on?
Nothing. They're coming up.
Something's happened.
I left them.
I left them in the canyon.
Give me a hand.
Help me, please.
Grab him by a sleeve.
Get some blankets.
We need to warm him up.
Take off his shoes.
Do you know him?
He was a border guard.
Border Station, this is Unit One, over.
Border Station, this is Unit One, over.
Let's try the emergency channel.
Border Station, this is Outpost, over.
Border Station, this is Outpost, over.
Why won't they respond?
Lech, what's going on? Over.
What do we do?
One of you keep an eye
on the radio and I...
You what?
Have to check it out.
Then you're leaving us, right?
Have to. There may be casualties.
- What if he wakes up?
- Precisely, what?
All right, almost there.
Keep it.
Don't uncuff him, no matter what.
This is Outpost on emergency
channel, over.
This is Outpost, over.
Can I try?
Don't touch this.
How is he?
Let's get back to the radio.
Chickening out?
Let's go, that's all I'm saying.
You think he's some thug?
Perhaps he smuggles crack
across the border.
Go check on the radio.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
What's the use?
You'll see.
Move back.
Yeah, sure.
- A bit more.
- No problem.
Turn around.
Janek, Tomek.
Do you read me? Over.
Janek, Tomek!
Are you there?
Give it to me.
- What did you say?
- Give it!
"Give it"?
What's happened?
What happens now?
Hush! Stay here.
Anybody there?
He may need help, Janek.
I can hear you. Open the door.
I can fucking see you!
Let me out!
Someone's coming
in half an hour or so.
I'm cold, you understand?
And thirsty.
Please move back from the door.
Gentlemen, I'm really very ill.
I need help.
Step back, OK?
Don't open.
So what are you doing here?
You're not locals, huh?
Cat got your tongue?
You have an eye tattoo.
It brings good luck.
Where's your father?
- Following your footprints.
- Why?
In case you weren't alone.
My name is Konrad, by the way.
So you were hiking alone
in this weather?
Aren't the trails closed?
Very fucking closed.
Brothers... You have names?
Fucking secretive!
Where's your mother?
She's dead.
- What?
- She's dead.
Fucking awesome.
I like you, guys.
I think we'll make a deal.
What deal?
But seriously,
- what are you up to?
- Why "seriously"?
I'll check on the radio.
I was to see someone.
- We'll wait for Father.
- OK.
- Let's fucking wait.
- Won't be long.
I wish. I'm sick and tired
of this slavery.
What about my clothes?
Hung out to dry.
Is the radio working?
Yes, it is.
Where the fuck is my backpack?
Go get it.
Get that bottle, too.
Border Station on channel one, over.
Border Station on channel one, over.
Border Station, this is Outpost, over.
Do you read me?
This is Outpost, over.
Border Station! This is Outpost.
Anyone receiving?
Want a sip?
Well done.
- Vacation forced by Father, huh?
- Yeah, "child abuse".
Father- border guard, is it cool?
Used to be.
Son of a bitch. Mountain cop!
A big moustache, a hat, a gun
at his side.
And an axe in his ass...
Aren't you afraid?
Of what?
It's a secluded area.
Take them off.
- I can help you...
- No need. Just remove them.
You have the key.
Who has it then?
This is Outpost on channel one, over.
Your generator conked out.
Just take off my handcuffs,
I'll wash and get dressed,
we'll refuel the generator together
and I'll walk away.
I'll manage.
- Afraid?
- No.
You don't trust me.
It's not about trust.
What is it about then? Tell me.
Remove them and I'm off.
Uncuff me.
Come on!
Uncuff me.
Just do it.
Come on, kiddo!
Where's your snowmobile?
We came here on foot.
My ass! How?
Through the forest.
Wait a moment...
It's that you...
What about the generator?
Go check yourself.
Hold on!
It hurts.
Don't be afraid. I don't
mean you any harm.
I'll take you away from here.
What happened here?
Who fired at you?
I don't know.
He promised to lead us across
the border.
He took our money.
Janek, Tomek, over.
Janek, Tomek, over!
I'll manage myself.
I'm not with them!
- ...that guy.
- I know.
- Why did you uncuff him?
- Piss off!
- We were to wait for Father.
- So we're waiting.
Let's get out of here.
And go where?
Down to the station.
I don't see the point.
- I mean it.
- I mean it too. Relax.
- He has a gun.
- So what?
You think he could hurt us?
He's sitting and mumbling something.
Everybody's fucking nuts here.
His clothes are stained with blood.
Someone else's.
Are you coming or not?
- Where the hell?
- Up your ass.
You're not going anywhere.
Where are you off to?
Border station.
Dad's been out too long.
I'll go. I've radioed for help.
- The radio's not working.
- Help is on the way.
- Who told you that?
- None of your fucking business.
I go, you stay, understand?
Was it his idea to go?
Why listen? He's just a kid.
- I'm not a kid.
- Oh, yeah?
- It's for your sake.
- We'll manage alone.
Shut up!
You did call the station!
Why's it so dark in here?
No light?
What's up? You look funny.
Is anything the matter?
You fucked up electricity!
There is a problem, Lech.
I know.
I've restarted your generator.
Living in the mountains can be tough.
We have a visitor.
Walked off the trail.
- When?
- Early today. Covered in blood.
Dad's out tracking his footprints.
- What about the visitor?
- He called you by radio.
Called me?
On the emergency channel.
What are you doing here?
Hi, Lech.
- You've met?
- There was an accident.
I barely made it here because
of the blizzard.
I was swept away
by an avalanche.
- Cut the crap.
- Like some tourist.
Who else was there?
I'd have frozen to death.
Can we talk in private?
Perhaps you didn't get me right.
I did warn you, if I caught you
near the border without my permission,
I'd blow your fucking head off!
Yeah, but this time around...
A small gig, huh?
Let's bury the hatchet, OK?
There was an accident, get it?
He was a fellow guard.
Got fired.
Tell them why.
Now you're playing hardball.
Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Iran.
He drove people around in our
cars, like we were a taxi company.
I wasn't the only one.
Come on, tell the whole truth.
And get off my back.
I haven't finished.
Yeah, sure.
Sit down!
- You're not my boss.
- Sit, fucking bitch!
- Ho ho!
- Shut up!
All right, take it easy.
- Sit down!
- Relax.
Go to your room, boys.
Now slowly take off your jacket.
- Holster? Belt?
- I don't have a gun.
We'll see.
Lie down.
No need, really.
Please don't.
You fucking sewer rat!
Sing, baby.
I picked up a party in the canyon.
We took the regular trail.
But it was icy... We skidded off,
then slid down.
How many people?
Anybody injured?
- Answer me.
- You're fucking kidding.
No. Answer me.
They were in no shape to walk,
Holy shit!
It was just you with them?
And Dzidek.
You fucking son of a bitch!
Under my nose! My man!
Oh well, it can't be undone.
There's no evidence.
We must get rid of all traces.
Too many witnesses.
Who? Where?
You'll have to report it.
If I wanted it, you'd be
a fucking goner by now.
Those Romanians in the trunk,
remember? I only fired you.
- It's different now.
- Why? You'll be OK.
Go back and burn the place down.
Get it?
I'll give you a hand.
Do it or you'll go back to prison.
You realize it's all your fault.
Because you let him out.
- Say one more word!
- What if I do?
- One more word!
- And what?
Hey, Tomek.
Go on!
Beat me!
I'm sorry.
For everything.
All right.
Why so quiet?
Four cans should do the job.
They'll find it in a month or so.
It'll raise our detection rate
for smuggling.
Got one!
Here you go.
What's wrong?
Their father won't squeal?
He's my man.
Way more loyal than you.
You two have me by the balls.
I'm a dead duck.
I'm trying to save your ass, shithead.
So show some respect, huh?
We'll get rid of the old man.
Then we'll get rid of the kids.
I'll kill you all.
See anything?
It's empty.
Janek! Tomek!
Do you read me?
Do you read me?
Dad, say again.
Where are you?
Go get the flashlight.
Get a move on!
I'm on my way. Acknowledge.
Roger. Go ahead.
Do you read me?
Janek, are you receiving?
Take your brother... watch out...
You're not safe.
What? Say again. Where are you?
Let's get going or we'll freeze
to death.
- I'm cold.
- I know.
What's your name?
I'm Mateusz.
I have two sons back home.
Got to go.
Can you walk?
Come on!
Where's the other one?
Where's Lech?
Come here.
Sit down.
Tell me the truth right now
or I'll blast your head off.
Where's your brother?
Can I trust you?
Or you're up to something,
little punks?
Like this whole nation
of envious motherfuckers.
One is a wolf to another,
would stab you in the back.
See what I mean?
They'll fuck you around,
con you and finally kill you.
Terrible people.
Where is Lech?
Just between the two of us, OK?
Won't tell anyone, I promise.
I know, babe, I know.
Holy shit!
Where's your brother?
Stay put and be quiet.
Where is he, huh?
I don't know.
- You don't?
- No.
Call him.
What's his name?
Then fucking call Janek.
Come here!
We'll talk and part in peace!
Fuck it!
Come on!
It's all right!
I was nice to you, right?
And well-behaved.
Besides, it's not about you.
It's about me and Lech.
Janek! Please come out.
Don't be a baby.
Let's talk like men.
Stay put or I'll shoot you.
And I swear, we'll talk
and you'll never see me again
in your lifetime.
For fuck's sake!
Am I asking too much?
I mean you no harm!
Fucking bastards!
Why won't you help me? Why?!
Janek, listen!
I count to three.
You come out or your brother
dies! One...
All right, all right.
Go in there.
Go ahead.
Take it.
Get down and handcuff yourself.
Bracelets on.
You know how to do it, huh?
To the bed.
Which of you cuffed me?
You? Janek? Your father?
But move over to the middle.
To make sure it won't snap off.
Press harder, what the fuck!
The other hand, come on.
The oldest guy in my unit,
we called him Diplomat. Guess why.
He enjoyed immunity.
You know what that means?
You can do whatever you want.
I need to hit you, kiddo.
For lying to me.
I'm going for your brother.
I'll get you, boy!
Get up!
All right, all right...
That was fucking hard.
Stand still.
What are you up to, kiddo?
Don't ask. Come with me.
What if I won't?
You'll pull the trigger?
Keep away!
Move away, I said!
The moment of truth.
Are you a man or a pussy?
You're unable to do it.
This is the way.
I'm not afraid of you.
What did you say?
I'm not afraid of you.
I'll knock your block off!
Is that what you want?
I'm asking! Was I too nice?
Did I hurt you?
Then cut the shit!
Do it again and you're fucking dead.
I'm not afraid of you.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Sit up!
Janek! Tomek!
Janek! Tomek!
Aw, fuck it!
Where did you find her?
What about my boys?
Tomek! Janek!
Where's the key?
The key, please!
Unlock them.
Come on! He's not here.
The handcuff key!
Give it to me.
Are you fucking crazy?
To burn you all, yes.
Lech was right! To burn you all!
Come on!
Get in.
I was too nice, but it's over.
What the fuck?!
Who let you out?
Drop it!
Put it away!
Drop it.
Come on!
You want fun?
Do you? You'll fucking get it!
Lots of fun.
Lots of flames.
Here you go, kiddo.
- Pick it up!
- No.
Fucking little fag!
Pick it up, dammit!
- Come on!
- No, please.
Shut the fuck up.
Pour it all over!
Yourself, your brother and all!
Do it, you pussy!
Pour it!
Come on!
And you sing.
You know this song?
"Fire in the Oven"?
Fire in the oven
and soot in the bin,
better run, my girl,
or I'll stick it in.
Fuck you!