Na-neun Gongmuwon-ida (Dangerously Excited) (2011) Movie Script

a Mapo Film production
Environment Dept.,
Han Dae-hee speaking.
How can I help you?
Hello? I'm calling from
Mt. Sungmi and...
I think a man in a suit
hung himself here.
You know the Acadia tree
beside the spring?
Sorry, you called
the wrong department.
But this number is on the sign,
'Keep the mineral springs clean'.
We specialize in groundwater,
so you'll need to call 911.
Oh gosh, I'm so sorry.
It's just that I'm so frightened.
Excuse me.
It's dangerous times.
It wasn't this bad
ten years ago.
Competition, competition, competition.
Limitless competition!
Yes, thank you.
Die instantly if you lose,
take it all if you win.
You have to be careful,
again and again.
Environment Dept.,
Han Dae-hee speaking.
How can I help?
Han Dae-hee?
You must be new.
How could you charge us
for throwing waste by mistake?
When did you start working there?
Don't you know who I am?
Owner of a newly built $2M building
trying to save petty waste charges.
Sir, please lower your voice.
You think I'll lower my voice
'cause you told me so? Huh?
This is why we are not
a developed country!
You let those bands play
at this hour?
Think this park is a concert hall?
I stayed up all night working,
but I can't get any sleep!
Why do I have to listen
to their shit?
Please lower your voice.
Sir, I understand...
They are selfish.
A band is all about balance.
They don't know music these days.
Guitar should ride the groove...
What does this guy want?
He wants to sleep
or critique the music?
Why'd you penalize
my vehicle only?
- Sir, we're not just penalizing...
- I'm not a sir to you!
Mr. Chauffeur!
People like him are the enemy
against civil workers.
Bothersome people
relieving stress out
on civil workers,
Exceeding twice the limit...
Forget it!
- They exist.
- What are you looking at!
Actually many.
Why don't you go
fix your vehicle instead!
How dare you!
- I could hit you!
- Go ahead and hit me!
But people like him
are easy to deal with.
There is a reason people
call me the man of composure.
Don't get excited over
people who seek vengeance.
An advice to those
who want to be a civil worker.
If you have a temper,
don't be a civil worker.
Take it easy.
It's dangerous to get excited.
You lose if you do.
My name is Han Dae-hee.
A manager at the district office
Environment Dept.
Trash, water, stench, air pollution,
brooks, sewage, noise pollution...
Our department handles all that.
A salary of $35K before taxes,
including benefits.
No overtime.
No unpaid wages. Secure job
until retirement. No complaints.
If no one bothers me, working here
is better than being a Samsung exec.
Our report is more about how it looks,
and I'm good at it.
My report looks more substantial
than anyone else's.
So my superiors look to me
when there is a problem.
Han is the expert on this.
I'm pretty successful here.
I'm all ready to be promoted
to a higher division.
Dae-hee, the boss wants you.
Dae-hee, when?
My colleagues believe that
I'll be a Deputy Director one day.
All I need is for time to pass.
Real estate?
It's going down.
But not here.
Businesses expands fiercely
around this college districts.
No available rents nearby
the popular hip area.
So I bought a place here.
Using all my savings and a loan.
Seoul is vast.
You got to play smart.
It's a new $20,000 GDP era.
Apkujung and Chungdam
are for yuppies.
Hongdae area is
for the hippies.
So Hongdae area will be like
Japan's Shibuya.
So for the past 10 years,
I survived the competition.
I didn't get here
that easily though.
Alright. Let's say that being
a civil worker is the best.
What do we do
after we leave work so early?
Still, being a civil worker is
too boring and nothing changes?
But not for me.
That's why I like it.
That nothing changes.
They come and go.
Been a year since my breakup.
I'm fine with it.
"Intro to Tennis", "Intro to Golf"
"Common Sense... "
My hobby...
My hobby is reading.
The three best tropical fishes?
Flatfish, Greenling, Rockfish.
Guppy, Gourami, Sumatra.
The world's three top beers?
How about the world's
three best soups?
Come on,
you can't grade soups.
It was a joke.
The world's three best soups are
Yan wo, Bouillabaisse,
- and Tom Yum Goong.
- Tom Yum...
Well, it's not like
I've tasted them.
You're so well-educated.
Yeah, you must've read
a lot of books.
I just have a good memory.
This stuff really impresses
my colleagues.
You need just enough
to go with the flow.
Is it served with...
Wanna go to the bookstore?
People these days
don't like to get into depth.
Frankly, my hobby is...
watching my favorite shows.
I read that Korea's GDP is 12th
and its happiness index is 49th.
I don't get it
because I'm happy.
I try to be humble considering
the disadvantaged people.
But to be honest,
my life is fun.
Being at peace and living without
surprises is most essential in life.
I dance under
the orange street lamps
The night gets deep
and I lose my sleep
I dream under the gray moonlight
I watched absentmindedly
without saying a word
Unlike my unbearable self...
Who are you?
This is breaking
noise and fire regulations.
A report came in.
We weren't loud.
We even used
the smallest amp.
We visit door to door
persuading them about the bands.
And we even go to clubs
due to work.
Various clubs in Mapo district.
You know Jang Ki-ha?
The one who sang 'Cream Coffee'?
- It's 'Cheap Coffee'.
- Oh, right. 'Cheap'.
They use drum pads
so they don't make much noise.
People think egg cartons work
but actually they don't.
The sound leaks
through the door.
That's right.
It's 103.1 decibels.
- Mister! Please listen!
- Why pick on us?
- We'll explain to the neighbors.
- And your partner's not budging.
- Mister.
- We'll really be quiet.
I wish I could help.
We're a three-year band,
and our album is coming out soon.
We have nowhere to go.
One of us even lives here.
- Well...
- Moving is out of the question.
After wandering
other practice rooms,
3 year band found this place
to make up for
their lack of practice.
The drummer from south region
put up deposit to live in.
The rest paid the rent
and for the instruments.
They moved in not long ago.
Better give some tension
on the second verse.
But the old man upstairs
has a bad heart.
So they can only practice
on agreed times.
Where are you?
But the agreed time is
from 6am to 2pm.
These owls aren't morning people.
But they have to practice
from early morning on.
Before the old man
comes back from
his walk and the senior center.
They get into the groove,
and then the old man comes.
They get into the groove,
and then the old man comes.
Girls mixing with boys,
banging those gongs all day.
They were probably fed up.
We went from being vampires
to morning people.
Shedding blood and tears.
Yeah, vampires like
shedding blood.
Come on.
I'm sorry,
but find another place.
Think it's easy finding
a practice room?
I told you we've received
many complaints.
This neighborhood got rich
because of people like us.
It's like they won the lottery.
Yeah, businesses in Hongdae area
are doing much better.
Young people come here
since it provides new culture.
So the businesses do well
and real estates boom.
These kids know a few things.
But people don't care
about such complicated things.
Our Mapo district office
tremendously supports indie bands.
Many cheap practice rooms out there,
so go practice in them.
We have a big gig coming up.
Not enough time to practice.
- Look for another place?
- That's what I'm saying.
So annoying.
Mr. Han.
Mr. Min?
I'm sorry to hear all this.
But there might be a place.
This is Mr. Min,
a real estate broker.
Why are prices falling?
What do you forecast?
Please be a little patient.
Buyers expect prices to fall,
but will give in because of
skyrocketing rent.
- But when?
- How long do you need it for?
The longer the better.
I have to live there.
How much are you paying now?
$5,000 down,
$400 a month.
No rent,
but just $10,000 up front.
That's a little high.
It's cheap
for this neighborhood.
You won't get a better deal.
The landlord is abroad,
so the upper room is vacant.
- There's this huge mirror there.
- It's perfect to block the sound.
Can I see it now?
What about the other $5,000?
Did you know that
I studied filmmaking?
I wanted to be a movie director.
I have this thing for artists.
I'll accept $50 for a fee.
Hey, do you have $5,000?
There's no time.
You got to bet sometimes.
- Bet what?
- Where is it?
Follow me. It's near.
We just need to go up there.
Let's just go for now.
So we can move in right away?
We have to practice
for a gig next month.
Just go!
Don't get involved.
If it's for $10,000,
it sounds okay.
A few days later.
The students upstairs can't study
if this keeps up.
That's the landlord's fault.
That doesn't make sense.
The civil complaint...
The kids came for me 'cause...
You've won the lottery everyone.
You better do your best now.
Thank you.
I've also consulted
Mr. Han's business.
Even if you play Metallica here,
it'll sound like a ring tone outside.
Oh, you know Metallica!
Kiss, Rainbow, Ozzy...
That's a double steel door.
No sound will leak out.
Where are the instruments?
All the instruments are gone!
The instruments disappeared,
as well as Mr. Min.
Then the real landlord appeared.
They worked all sorts of jobs, borrowed
and saved up money for that deposit.
The instruments cost them
so a total $15,000.
What a bastard.
What did he say?
He fell into heavy debt due to
a bad deal and disappeared.
People are looking
all over for him.
You were supposed to check
the building's registration.
He said papers for new
buildings are done later.
You went ahead of yourself.
- That stuff is hard. I hate it.
- You're unbelievable.
You should've checked first.
I can't believe that guy.
He just ran away?
He left?
Mapo District Office
Hiking pants with
wind-breaking function
at $49.80?
It's expensive.
Today's horoscope.
Person I meet will be
one step ahead of me?
I better be careful.
Look outside.
My honest opinion on kids
who are musicians?
I know these kids well.
They live off of dreams.
When we fear a double dip,
a forex war, unemployment rate,
these kids only care about
their dreams and nothing else.
Will they understand
even if I explain?
It's a waste of my breath.
We know it's wrong to mess
with someone's eating.
Be patient.
I lose if I get excited.
Told you I don't know him.
I can't find him.
You seemed really close.
You should go to the police station.
This is the district office.
- You introduced him to us.
- Come on!
That wasn't an introduction.
And you should've checked
the registration.
Come on,
that's the basics.
And you were hooked
when he mentioned 'artists'.
God of misfortune must love us.
Why is it so hard to do music?
Doesn't a Mapo district officer
understand our situation well?
A bit. So what?
Then you could've
taken our side,
but you don't answer our calls.
Hold on a second.
Why do I have to do that?
I do feel sorry for you all,
but this is unreasonable.
- You introduced him to us.
- When?
Our fan club chief earned that money
cleaning cow manure in Australia.
And our drummer put up
all her savings.
So find him!
Watch out!
Chief Officer! Chief Officer!
I hate it when things get noisy.
Wow, he must be
the district chief!
Is that so?
How long do you need?
A month?
How about here?
Not there.
Move it over here.
How about the bed here?
They promised not to bother me
anymore if I lend them my basement.
- Be careful. This way.
- Bring me my cymbal.
Can I put all this in the corner?
Let's eat first.
Come eat with us.
Go ahead and eat.
Thank you, bro.
Don't call me bro.
We're known to be the nicest
in the Hongdae area.
Yeah, you look nice.
We practically begged
to get that.
This is our first album which failed.
It only sold two-hundred.
It's a masterpiece.
Why don't you listen?
"The 3X3=9 Band"?
"Flunk" album?
I hate music.
Seniors exercising is okay.
But with an amp,
music and whistle?
I come in to rest for a bit,
but the noise gives me
a headache.
But the residents
do things on their own.
So what, huh?
I'll talk to the department in charge,
and take administrative action.
How about those kids?
Don't know. I don't care.
Be careful.
Damn it.
Look over here!
Sorry. Sorry.
Let's shift in the interlude
after the first verse.
What is it?
Your music sounds
louder than before.
The drum part wasn't finished then.
We'll be quieter.
- Well...
- So everything's okay?
The air here is really bad.
You should open
the window in here.
The music travels directly up
through the concrete.
People don't suffer just from broader
problems like the financial crisis.
A colleague from the Culture Dept.
came to me for cooperation.
She intends to draft a plan to
support bands around Hongdae.
Wait, I'll give you some advice.
Your Culture Dept. shouldn't do
such a useless thing.
People from other departments
don't like that.
If you get involved with them,
it'll only bring blame and torment.
Know Park in Sanitary Dept.?
One previously
at the Culture Dept.?
A few years ago, when Mr. Park
organized a rock festival,
all of a sudden, a typhoon came
and messed everything up.
District chief came for a speech,
and some punk kid went crazy.
Climbing up the state, the amp falling,
then taken to a hospital.
Our website was covered with
countless complaints.
Then he was demoted.
You think the kids were grateful?
Absolutely not!
They look down on district officers.
I'm talking from experience!
I see.
I understand.
I'll check after work.
The snow falls
Your shining arm dances with me
It leaks like hell.
Let's do it again.
Stop! Stop!
Isn't the rhythm boring?
Try something different.
Not bad.
Try the flaming leaf as well.
All I do is miss him
All I want is to have a dream
All I do is miss him
All I want is to have a dream
All I want is to...
Do you want to join us
for a drink?
- I'm okay.
- Come on, just come with us.
I don't drink.
Let's bet by doing
Rock! Paper! Scissors!
That's bullshit.
- I'll pour it for you.
- No shrimp. Something else.
Have you seen Saku dance before?
- Stand up.
- Stop it.
- Just do it like this.
- Drink if you cheered.
I'm the leader of the band.
I just wanted to thank you, bro.
Another bottle of Soju here.
Is the administrative law
in the civil service exam...
Actually, it doesn't affect the result.
It's all about the English.
You want to be a civil worker?
Hey! Why did you play
that part so hard?
It's easy for me
if you play it this way.
Do you know his nickname?
What is it?
Is your hometown
in Gyeongsang Province?
Yes, Pohang city.
Famous for Guamegi
and Pohang steel.
They play drum there?
We still have a lot of long-haired
rock musicians in Pohang.
I learned how to play
the drum from a guitarist.
Oh they stand!
Oh they stand!
Oh they stand!
Long-haired rock musicians.
Why do you carry
the guitar around?
It's bad if it sits in the basement
and gets moist.
It doesn't matter!
I'll take care of it.
Hey, you need a kick?
Don't butt in.
You know,
the three best guitarists.
Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton...
And who else was it?
Kim Tae-won?
Wasn't that phrase you played,
too much like Led Zeppelin's 'April'?
It was?
But usually when it passes...
April' is not Led Zeppelin's song.
It's the masterpiece of them
all by Deep Purple.
What a surprise.
You're the best!
Didn't you say that you
hated music?
And you!
You, with the wide eyes!
What did you say before?
The three top guitarists?
Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page...
Who else?
Kim Tae-won.
The other one is Jeff Beck!
Jeff Beck!!
- Oh yeah!
- Yes, what is it?
How can I put off
my reserve forces training?
You have to call them
about it.
By the way!
Can there be colored background
for the passport photo?
Are those the only questions
you have for me?
Then, what do we have to ask you?
No, I have a question.
Great! Min-ki, ask me.
Go ahead.
Is there a bus going to Gangnam
from here? An express bus?
Mangwon Bookstore
Hey, he looks like that guy.
The computer guy...
- Bill Gates.
- Yeah, that's right.
This doesn't seem like the one.
Damn it, what was it?
Jang Ha-joon.
Jang Ha-joon?
I think this is the book
the boss wanted.
Okay, buy it.
This guy won a lot of prizes.
Encyclopedia of Rock History
This book actually looks
pretty interesting.
Yoga for Pregnant Women
Natural delivery.
Yoga for pregnant women.
What are you looking at?
Her belly is sticking out a lot.
Led Zeppelin.
Jimmy Page, lead guitar.
John Paul Jones, base.
John Bonham, drum.
Group derived from Yardbirds.
Olivia Newton John. Her grandfather
is a Nobel-prize winning physicist.
'Physical's vulgar lyrics was controversial,
but was hit on music charts.
Oasis's Noel told Radiohead's
Tom Yorke as such.
"Doesn't matter how many
come to your concert. "
"They'll just wish that you
sing 'Creep' in the end. "
"You all are done for. "
Mom, it's me.
Where's that box
with Joon-hee's old stuff?
I'm in a rush.
Yes, I'll get married. Tomorrow.
So Mom, where is it?
In the attic?
Next to the fan?
Okay, goodnight.
Sex Pistols... Good!
Bob Dylan.
Simon & Garfunkel.
Michael Jackson 'Bad'.
Dark side of the moon.
He collects this stuff, too?
Crazy bastard.
What this.
Only a couple of them
belong to me.
Ah well, I was a teenager.
Why? Why? Tell me!
Why? Why?
Why are you leaving?
I can't sing these lyrics.
Sweat on our touching foreheads,
a never-ending friendship.
Watching the unsetting sun,
we swear holding hands.
What we felt, my friends.
Be encouraged.
For all our dreams.
It grosses me out.
It doesn't move me at all.
And you?
I'm, well...
Don't they sound like lyrics
to some animation?
Mi-seun, and you?
Pika... Pikachu...
That's it.
The animation
when we were young.
Fyrish, Rayichyu, Kkobugi...
Beoteopul, Yadora,
Pijyontu, Ttogaseu.
They all looked different,
but they were friends.
I didn't see that animation.
I'm sick of it.
It's dark and it stinks.
I don't want to waste
my youth with this.
Is it my fault that I'm dark?
It's not about you being dark.
You don't have money because
you don't work or do anything.
That's why you keep feeling dark.
Don't you think?
All unemployed Koreans
are pessimistic.
Why does he need to work
when his father runs a jewelry store?
Why'd you bring that up?
What about the album?
The festival?
The rental fees?
The stolen instruments?
Is that the problem now?
That real estate case.
He's got us into that con.
Is that the real reason?
What are you going to do now?
I don't know yet.
I want to sing my songs
with my own lyrics.
I'm taking the songs
that I wrote.
Any objections?
I'm leaving, too.
To where?
I'm leaving the band.
Why? Why? Why you?
I got tired of music.
Aren't you dating Saku?
Yeah, I am.
Don't lie like that.
The lyrics and songs you wrote!
Leave them behind!
Yes, I understand.
Thanks. I'll call you back.
The manager said we can't be in
the festival without her.
What about the recording?
Cancelled, of course.
Said she'll try to help
if we record it ourselves.
If we do it all?
Let's do it by ourselves.
I'll write them all.
I'll write them again.
I'll show you the end of lyrics!
Okay, Min-ki.
These losers are incredible,
staying up all night long.
Thank you for everything.
For what?
We decided to break up.
We'll leave today.
Break up?
Why so suddenly?
We're in debt.
It's too hard.
Festival, the recording,
it's all over.
She must have been something.
She writes good lyrics,
has a good voice,
and is popular.
Breaking up is the right choice.
We matched our style to her.
We have to start all over.
Korea has a long way to go.
Crazy to be in a band here.
Music has to be right for
internet blogs to sell.
Getting promoted automatically.
So, strong stuffs don't work.
See you.
Hey! Wait!
Is your music the 'big trend'?
Big trend?
You guys are really pathetic.
What are you going to do?
In a country dominated by
idol groups and internet world?
Girl groups are exported
bringing in dollars.
get ten million hits on YouTube.
But what about you?
You can't work here or abroad.
Complaining about people's tastes.
In a country where people
struggle to survive,
it's natural for them
to favor only one kind of music.
Just saying because you keep
bringing up how Korea and Japan are.
The 'big trend'?
What do you mean by that?
On Internet, kids always talk
about what the 'big trend' is.
That's trend.
To live in this country, you need
to know the rules of the game.
Might not be the first,
but won't fail. Isn't it enough?
Always check what the big trends
are on the Internet.
If not, you'll be an outcast.
We watch them at work, too.
Soul? Don't need it.
It's all the same.
If you don't pay close attention,
you're out with one blow.
It's chilly.
If you're not on TV in Korea,
you don't exist.
If you work hard?
Maybe public television...
These days making the 'big trend'
doesn't need skills.
Has to be convincing to women.
Be it sweet, fancy, or funny.
What if we're not
interested in that?
If you're not?
Then anti-big trend?
You're taking a risk.
I don't see such a determination,
so just join the crowd.
I'm garbage. Not fit to step on roads
paved by Map district office.
I don't pay the taxes.
An excess human being.
You do pay.
You smoke?
One pack is $2.50.
Tax is $1.60.
What? $1.60?
You're too self-torturing.
Taxes don't mean just income tax.
Indirect tax rate is high in Korea.
You smoke too much.
It's okay.
He wants to do vocal.
He needs to smoke
to make those vocal cords
thick and ripe.
That's enough.
Let's look at it
from another angle.
A member with star-quality quit.
So you break up?
That happens all the time.
You don't know what to do,
so you quit.
Why? You feel insecure?
You're not even a civil worker.
Then should've never done this,
if you won't take a risk.
A civil worker like me
can only be conservative.
But what about you?
Then what shall we do?
Good question.
I don't know, either.
You guys make the choice.
I talked too much today.
I'm regretting it.
Wasn't he going overboard?
Not like he's our teacher.
I've been preached that a lot before.
True, but...
Hey, don't let him get to you.
I'm really worried about you.
I know what he is, too.
A western-rock mania
falling into toadyism.
But something gets me.
Are we really taking a risk?
Are we really better
than that guy?
Saku also asked me to quit.
Really? But you refused?
Wow, you're very loyal.
It's not loyalty.
It's just not fun for me.
Saku did the right choice.
We were just using her.
We knew that she didn't fit in.
I'm doing that delivery job again.
I better find a place.
Again? Then you'll only
have time on the weekends.
You can't do music
if you keep doing that.
Let's do what's urgent first,
and think about that later.
Let's go out for
that contest next week.
Did you submit the application?
Why go out?
Contest title sounded weird.
Plus, it's all about connections.
It's for amateurs and losers,
so why should we go?
Afraid of the competition?
Can't do it unless you can be
a big star or be praised by critics?
They pick ten teams,
and give $3,000 to each team.
You win and
all you get is $3,000?
What good is that?
It'll only last for three months.
Do you have
$1,000 in your pocket?
I thought you won't accept
any allowances from your Dad?
So a few grand is nothing?
You'll go to the grave in style?
Why are you
getting on my case?
You refused to submit
for the Mapo Shrimp Festival too.
Why are you
bringing that up now?
You blew away
her deposit money.
You have any right to talk?
That's why your lyrics
are shallow and unemotional.
Let's do the contest.
We have nothing else to do.
Okay, fine.
Alright then.
Who's going to play the base?
Who's going to sing?
With only a week left, two songs?
What about the songs
made just for Saku?
We just go like this?
You think it's that easy?
I'll rewrite and arrange
some songs.
You just go write some lyrics.
We don't have much time.
She said she's too busy
with work.
Woo-hyung has two Fs,
so he can't spare the time.
- It's only two songs.
- Young-dal?
He plays too fast.
We don't have a choice.
Should we go MR on the base?
Will judges accept that?
From a band?
We did put five band members
on the application.
But two quit,
so please understand?
All they need to do
is just stand there.
So did you all finish
your emergency meeting?
Oh, no! I'm late!
I have to go to work.
I'll be going now.
You kids are joking, right?
I've never played before.
You can do it.
It's really easy.
He said he's never played
an instrument before.
You expect someone who's never
played anything to do this?
You can change the base part
to something easier.
You can beat
on the drums like this.
No, I can't.
You just have to stand there.
Just stand there?
Go look for somebody else.
Try it just once.
I don't like music.
There was this Carlo Little.
Year 1965. The Rolling Stones
asked him to join.
He refused, telling them
that they have no future.
No future? They're the world's
longest running band.
It's easy.
Mr. Lee, how about a drink?
A friend of mine
suddenly wants to be in a band.
I couldn't bear telling him
that it was me.
Is he crazy?
He's out of his mind.
Isn't he too old to play with kids?
Crazy bastard!
This pisses me off!
Who is he?
Yeah, it's pretty crazy, right?
It's hard just to live.
Screw that band stuff.
But couldn't he do it
as a hobby?
Don't be such an amateur.
Hobbies are a 'big trend' now.
Big trend'?
Hobby is a 'big trend'?
For example, golf, wine,
so many wonderful things.
Wine is good for your
social life and health.
Gotta follow what rich people do.
We can't always drink cheap stuff.
The rich don't play in bands.
Why? It's no use for them.
Then why watch girl groups?
For eye candy?
If not, in order to talk
with kids?
That's right.
Girls' Generation's profits
in Japan is $2 million.
So that's why you like them?
Since they're an export business?
What's the matter with you?
You always watch TV.
- You said you like 2NE1?
- Of course. They're the best.
But, you see...
Damn, I missed the last train.
Gotta go.
But why would that matter to you?
Will you sit alone one night
watching girl groups? what I wanted to say.
Ten years with my favorite TV celebs.
Ten years was enough with them.
Thanks for all those times.
It's not their faults.
Ten years is a lot for a short life.
There isn't much time,
so just with the basics.
Start with Mi.
Use this finger.
Hold it here with your thumb.
Like this?
You pluck it with two fingers.
But pluck it only once.
Okay, okay.
Famous base guitarists
Stanly Clark.
Jaco Pastorius.
Mi and Pa is a semitone.
Follow me?
Do you know what
a semitone and whole tone is?
Be honest.
- Yes, I know.
- Really?
I do.
When you didn't do it,
it was a Mi.
When you press this, it's Pa.
Try it. Play it, like this.
This becomes mute,
if you don't use strength.
Our Mapo district office is...
I keep playing Sol and Do only?
Do this and nothing else.
Aren't you supposed
to slap the base?
You don't need to do that.
Isn't this an original
vintage motel of Fender?
It's got a good grip on it.
It's made in Korea not overseas.
Let's do it again.
- It's made in Korea?
- Yes.
If only he didn't act
like a know-it-all.
Let's focus again.
Our Mapo district office is...
Annual Budget
Lessons on Base Guitar
Got it!
One, two, three.
It was better pretending to know
after reading the books.
What is this?
'The Trap of Globalization'?
About the Life of Democracy'?
Rumors and Truths
on Superstars'?
Hey, stop that.
Hellish Mechanical Base Training'.
Stop touching my stuff!
He underlined it, too.
"A Fender base guitar
is a classic masterpiece... "
"Stanley Clarke,
the best bassist of America... "
He noted, a "base slap"!
It makes sense now.
You learned music by studying it.
Why are you reading this stuff?
It's not like studying for an exam.
You don't need this nonsense.
How frustrating.
Let's do it again. Shall we?
Band of Brothers?
And exclude 'sisters'?
Mapo Rangers?
That sounds great.
That doesn't sound right
for a band.
Tiger Killing Fire.
We're not some
wrestling team, you know.
Sounds like Chinese food.
I heard that Songa restaurant
owner is Chinese.
Sweetest My Love.
Auntie's Barbershop,
Auntie's Beauty Salon.
Songa? Sounds delicious.
Heard their Yurinki dish is great.
Seoul's best Chinese restaurant.
It's Mapo district's blessing.
Han Dae-hee and Ball Touch,
Big Boom.
Pink Peaches, Music Bazooka.
Yes, the goal of this concert
is to earn our allowance,
but we also in fact want to
deliver our built up energy.
This is the last time,
so move it!
Get together and play!
Those guys will never be popular.
Do they remind you of
some foreign band? Huh?
There must be a particular style.
If it's Nirvana, it's Nirvana.
If it's Green Day, it's Green Day.
They don't even have
Led Zeppelin's power.
He's really sleazy and
just smiles.
It's his character and I like it.
If they remind another band,
wouldn't they be a copy?
You have to do it
with your life on the line.
Every morning
I wish a different girl
was lying beside me
I don't even remember
this girl's name
People are struggling
hard as hell...
Not that story again.
They don't know what to do
With the night again,
there'll be no problem
Really, they should've used
a pretty girl for vocal.
He's pretty.
"Should I kiss her?"
What kind of lyric is that?
The lyrics are vulgar.
"Different girl lying beside me?"
Are they perverts?
With their hair smeared with oil.
Hurry and call the police.
Her hot warmth and
fragrant breath
This lovely girl
will love someday
This sucks!
What is he doing?
It's embarrassing.
Excuse me.
Do you have a lighter?
Ye... yes.
Your voice sounds familiar.
The curly hair!
B... Bob?
What are you doing
in this cold weather?
Bob Dylan!
Are you going to win
the Nobel prize?
Never mind.
Wait, wait.
Sorry to miss your concert
last year.
Excuse me, kids these days listen
to MP3s and don't know rock.
Some kid even said that Kim Tae-won
is one of the top three guitarists.
Never mind.
Sorry, what?
Don't worry about that.
You speak Korean?
Wait, since we met like this...
Just one word to remember!
Or a tip for our band!
Things have changed.
Bye, Bob.
Who was it?
Don't you know Bob Dylan?
Who is that?
Knocking on heaven's door...
Rolling Stones magazine ranked him
the 2nd greatest rock musician ever.
A legend of great folk, con,
and goat-singing style.
He broke genres.
His great lyrics make him
a candidate for the Nobel prize.
If Elvis dedicated
his body to rock,
then Bob dedicated
his thoughts to rock.
Whatever. Let's just go eat.
So what did he say?
Things have changed.
What else?
That's all.
Things have changed?
Things have changed.
Things have changed?
What changed?
What does it mean?
But this fresh feeling of
my complicated brain cleaned.
Listening to my brother's...
Did I say 'listen'?
Much time has passed since then.
Since then Pink Floyd went to court,
Rick Wright passed away.
Sister of King Crimson's Robert Fripp
sells CDs in a tiny concert hall lobby.
That's the way they are.
I'll be heading out, bye.
One, two, three, four.
Not again!
What's wrong with you?
- Well...
- What?
- Why are you slapping again?
- Sorry.
Let's do it again.
play in a disco rhythm.
play each chord to beat.
And Mr. Han.
Never mind.
Just match up to the drum...
Just play with sol and pa.
Wait! Wait!
When we enter this part,
Young-jin and Min-ki go like this.
Just once.
New arrangement makes it sound
completely different.
Didn't the style completely change?
First, try it with the lyrics now.
'- Let's go!
- Here I go.
We're a filthy young generation
$400 a month for rent on the fifth,
and 20 kilos of rice for $32.90
A cheap lunch of chicken with mayo
Today is a lucky day
with a Burger King coupon
I ate meat for once
Are you really going to use that?
What the hell is that crap?
That's the worst I've ever heard.
That's very insulting.
How could you say that?
This all came from my head.
After I heard what he said...
Heard what?
About making a 'big trend'.
Stuff like class credits, tuition,
and unemployed alumni popped up.
Doesn't it sound real to you?
Wait, there's more
in the second verse...
Water bill receipts.
Three legs in an order of chicken.
Stop, that's enough.
Write it again.
What's with you?
You know that
this will affect our budget.
I'm sorry.
I haven't been myself lately.
I'll do it until...
Stop, that's enough.
You forgot?
You said until
end of this month!
A new employee who's better
at PowerPoint appeared.
A new face appearing,
a way of the world.
The boss got too mad,
so I had no choice.
Don't get upset too much
since a new person has taken over it.
By the end of this month.
Yes, I'm okay, sir.
No, I'm not.
I feel like Eric Clapton, who lost
his girlfriend, Bruni, to Mick Jagger.
I lost my head.
My peace of mind has been broken.
You've been strange lately.
What's the matter with you?
that new guy is big trouble.
He keeps trying to start
new stuff.
He submitted a damn
work improvement plan.
We have to outcast him.
This is why Korean men are twice
as sexually dysfunctional.
Go home.
I have to stay up all night.
The supermarket plays loud and fast
music to make people buy faster.
Hope ours are better than
those supermarket music.
Mr. Han.
Go sleep at home.
Good! Good!
The concert is tomorrow,
but there's no lyrics?
I'll bring it tomorrow
after I touch it up tonight.
I want to be precise.
You know what?
- What is it?
- You see...
Tell me. What is it?
What do we wear tomorrow
at the concert?
Whatever you want.
We don't wear the same thing?
No, we don't.
I see.
We're not some
old rock band, you know.
- Wear the same clothes?
- Okay, I got it.
See you tomorrow.
Hello, Mapo Environment Dept.
Yes, hold on, please.
Mapo Environment Dept.
Yes, I'll check.
Mapo Environment Dept.
Why aren't you picking up the phone!
I'll call you back.
Haven't you looked out your window?
There's over 30cm of snow outside.
It's chaos out there.
The whole district office
has been mobilized. Hurry up!
Where should I go?
Come to the office first.
What's with this damn weather?
A snow storm in March?
Oh, I'm sorry for being late.
Do you know what time it is?
You lost your mind?
Yes, I see.
Where do we go this time?
How about Seokyo?
Hongdae area?
You want us to clean up
what people stepped on?
We cleaned up there
this morning.
- Yes, I see.
- My back is killing me.
Kids in front of Chungwon Elementary
slipped and got hurt.
We have to go to Yeumri.
But it's far from here!
The three best cold noodle
restaurants in Seoul?
Ulgi Myeonoak, Pildong Myeonoak,
and big wash bin?
Damn it.
It's Ulmildae!
Ulmildae! Ulmildae!
3 missed calls from Min-ki
If the boss looks for me
tell him I went to the office,
Are you crazy?
Just half an hour.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
How could you?
Sorry I'm late.
Why is his song so slow?
When will he ever finish?
It isn't over yet?
This is driving me nuts.
Hello everybody.
I didn't expect to be
on stage again.
"3X3=9 Band" is back.
This song was inspired
by our bassist.
Now, we'll begin.
Why is it snowing in March
I don't know
Who cares for now
Sponsored by Mapo District Office
9- volt concrete, spaceship trash
The begging interviewer's snout
I don't care about the rain
I fool around in hesitation
I am bumbling around
I fool around in hesitation
Kim Mi-sun on keyboard!
Lee Young-jin on the drums!
And on the base,
Mapo District...
A penniless beggar
A golden key
A smart phone store
by Hongik's rear entrance
I don't care about the snow
Cut! Cut! Cut!
Yes, thank you.
Despite the sudden heavy snow,
thank you very much for coming.
Our sponsor, the Mapo District
Chief Officer, is here,
but unfortunately he has to leave
due to the sudden snow.
The entire district office staff
is removing the snow right now.
Let's give them
a big round of applause.
One day the man who asked
for a lighter said
The fog that night was beautiful
Perched on the bathtub
I stare at the bubbles bubbling up
Laying down in the bubbles
I swim and they burst
Painful as my eyeballs popping
My eyes feel torn apart
Don't think too deep
Such a thing will all pass
This unavoidable excitement
is like a fool's mumbling
Everyone will forget
But I still feel nice
Sometimes that's good enough
Hey, I have to go.
An emergency alert.
Bye, talk later.
See you later.
Lady! Lady!
Pull your car out!
Hurry please! Hurry!
Mr. Han!
I was on my way...
I was looking all over for you.
I heard you
stayed up all night.
Are you okay?
You shouldn't have gotten
involved with those punks.
Ruining your health, getting in trouble.
Music is a waste.
We need to get rid of it all.
Chief's office
Mr. Han.
Just do your best.
I avoided getting fired
for indecent behavior.
Probation and
a 3-month salary reduction.
A promotion
gone down the drain.
Let's go.
Building three?
Ah, building four.
Sorry, can you please speak up?
I've become hearing impaired.
Before, I asked them
to lower their voice.
Nothing good came out of it.
Should have been careful.
I've been hit by a crazy diamond.
I'll give you the number,
so please...
Anyway, everyone falls into
a delusion and pass away.
Religion, ideology, money,
.fame, drugs, food, love.
Music is an okay thing
among the delusions we fall into.
It's cheap and nice.
- Wait.
- Yes?
About what I said about
that band support thing.
Forget all of it.
Just do as you like.
Do it as you like.
You got it?
are you doing music?
Did you form a band?
I was wondering
who it was.
How are you?
What is this?
You pulled out my scores,
lesson notes and records.
No, come on.
How'd I be in a band?
It's not what you think.
Don't lie to me.
You are in a band.
Wow, Mr. Civil Worker
is living it up.
I'm starving. Hurry home.
Let's have a drink.
I'll be there soon.
Wait a minute.
What ever happened to Carlo Little,
who rejected the Rolling Stones?
I wonder how he lived afterwards.
Today, like I did yesterday
Like there was no tomorrow
Even if one day becomes every day
The sound of my heart
which can't be heard