Naan Sigappu Manithan (2014) Movie Script

Why did you chase your wife away
within three days of getting married?
I was drunk on our
wedding night
Is that why
the wedding broke off?
That's not it, Kumar
By force of habit,
when I got done
I paid her for what we did
Everyone is asleep
Stay quiet
Okay, sir
Has he left?
Take out the booze
What's that?
Give it to me
It's just water
Give that to me
Give it
What's that?
That's a soft drink
Let me see it
It's just a soft drink
It's booze
Get up
We were just.
Get up
We weren't disturbing anyone, sir
We were just
drowning our sorrows
We'll see the Inspector
at the next station
He'll take care of this
Have the Police themselves taught you
to see a mistake right with a bribe?
No, sir
What then?
We were tired and were
just relaxing with a drink?
That's not an excuse
You should have thought of it
before making a mistake
How dare you smoke
in front of a Policeman?
Don't let me go
Lift me!
You paid her out of habit
What happened after that?
'Lakshmi Menon'
'Jagan, Sunder Ramu
'Saranya Ponvannan, Jayaprakash
Pyramid Natarajan, Mayilsamy'
It's not like old times
The Police can chase
the swankiest cars
Listen to me
We'll take care
of this tomorrow
It's 2 o'clock already
I want it now
Who are you?
Is bro there?
What is it?
Tell him Satish has come,
he knows me
lam asking you what it is
I want weed
lam a regular customer
Don't make me swear!
Get lost!
Sis, please...
Don't you get it?
Get lost
Don't you understand?
We'll take care
of this tomorrow
The lady is screaming
lam asking you to stop
What are you doing?
Who are you?
Bro, it's me, Satish
I don't think sis recognizes me
Do you think you are "Kamal Hassan" for
everyone to recognize you?
What do you want?
I want weed
I am already being watched by the Cops,
and you want weed from me?
Get lost
I can give you an extra Rs 2000
if you want
Give it
Bro, we want a gun
Take this and buzz off
I know you buy guns from Bihar for Rs 5000
and sell it for Rs 40,000 here
Tell me how much you want
I'll give it to you
I won't get you caught
Carrying a gun is as good as carrying "death"
in your shin pocket
If the Police get a wind of it,
they'll track you down
You need to be careful
0k, bro
Have someone wait outside
Which one do you want?
Whom are you going to kill?
Give him the money, let's go
Be careful with the Gun
If the Police ever find out,
they'll finish me
He seems to be in hurry
What's the problem?
This doesn't seem right
'People carry their desires in
their hearts'
'But I have them written down'
'I need to earn money'
'Give Mom some rest'
'Walk alone on the road'
'I have 10 wishes like this'
'These are routine things
for everyone'
'Why should they be "wishes"
for me?'
'Why do I have to write
them down?'
My name is lndiran
'I am an Avenger'
'A few years before.. .'
(Invocation Song)
Carry him
Mrs Sumathi, don't get
me wrong
lndiran falls unconscious
every now and then
He doesn't budge how much ever
you try to wake him up
Why don't you take him to a
good Hospital?
Good that you're telling her
I have said this many times
I have seen many Doctors
They say nothing is wrong
with him
There is no temple, church or mosque
I haven't been to
Each time he falls unconscious,
I feel I am dying
Don't let it be
I know a Doctor
Would you like to meet him?
I can fix an appointment
No, thank you
They'll put him through
Tests and then say...
...he'll be fine when he grows up
I will have to believe them
No, you must meet this
Doctor once
He has diagnosed several
unheard of problems
Why don't you give it a shot?
How old is the boy?
He is eight years old
What do you do?
I am a Teacher
Your Husband?
He's no more
Is he all right?
This is what happens
every time
It's nothing to worry
You were saying your son
faints often
He doesn't faint
He falls asleep
The medical term for this
problem is "Narcolepsy"
What's that?
It a sleeping disorder
Sleeping is his flaw
How can sleep be...
One in a lakh people here
has this problem
When will he fall asleep?
He can fall asleep anytime
He was doing fine
But he fell asleep when he
heard the sudden noise
Like this, anger,
shock, sadness, joy or...
...any extreme emotion will make
him fall asleep
He needs to wake up on
his own
It may take ten seconds
or ten minutes
One cannot say
ls there any surgery
that can correct this?
There's no cure for this as yet
How does he fare at School?
He studies well
He tops the Class
He sleeps during class
but still topper the class
Have you wondered how?
His sleep is very different
from ours
He's asleep now
but he can hear everything
we're saying
Watch this
What's your Father's name?
Let's wait for him to wake up
My father's name is
Didn't I tell you?
Several people have
had this problem
Even people like Thomas Alva Edison
and Winston Churchill
Don't worry about anything
He will be very successful
You be brave
"Bro, sleep not
Else, in future you'll fret"
"Bro, sleep not"
I kept sleeping while mom
became sleepless
What is it, Satish?
Your driver's job starts early
No, I've come to work as
a Doctor
Do you want to chip in as
the Maid?
He's Satish, a bigwig
He works as a Two-wheeler driver
You girls like men who give
you a ride in cars,
and then leave you holding
the baby
Why would you like nice guys
like me? Get lost!
Why are you so irresponsible,
why are you late?
Because your pay of Rs 50,000
is not enough
Thought I'll make an extra buck somewhere
else, that's why I am late
Even these useless girls are pulling
my leg for being a driver
Why are you getting hassled?
Even Lord Krishna was a driver
My son is going to attend
an Interview for the very first time
He'll make Rs 20,000
20 will become 40 and then 80
My son will buy a Car for sure
Won't you be proud driving
a Car?
Have you decided that I am going
to be a driver till the very end?
You're jealous of my son
Yes, he's a business Magnate and
lam jealous of him
We're going to win,
Mr lndiran
Be brave
Don't ever get scared
If you get scared,
you'll get sleepy
if you get sleepy... won't get the job
That's enough
We're late
Mom, haven't you gone to
school yet?
No, I have taken the day off because
you're attending your first interview
I don't want you to go
to work from tomorrow
Please quit
How long are you going to slog?
Wake up early, cook, rush to take the Bus,
teach and come back tired
Now that I am going for
an Interview, I will get a job
I'll make loads of money like
you said
What do you say?
I've heard of people building
castles in the air
But you don't seem
to need even air
lam going to thrash you
Let's go!
I don't wear a belt
even for my trousers
You've made me wear seat
belts for riding a bike
Don't be afraid, lndiran
"Don't sleep brother,
don't sleep"
"Don't earn the reputation
of being lazy"
"Some waste time sleeping, bringing trouble
to the country and to themselves"
You are walking inside
an An Gallery
You're completely
taken up by a picture
What picture would that be?
The picture of Charlie Chaplin
dressed up as Hitler
How will you handle
an angry customer?
I'll handle him like a baby
Do you have any questions?
How long will it take for me to
get to where you are today?
How much will
my salary be then?
We'll mail the details to you
What does that mean?
Oh, my god!
What happened?
You have given us
brilliant answers
I have written something
about you in this
Can you tell me what that is?
You might have written
Do you have Narcolepsy?
Have you not written
'Narcolepsy' on this paper?
Read it
I blurted this out then
Bye, sir
Why do you want to work
for this Company?
Just a moment
I have seen you somewhere
That's not possible
I have definitely
seen you somewhere
There's no chance
Why are you asking me
the same thing?
You please carry on
Don't you have Narcolepsy?
He got it
I have met you earlier
What is Narcolepsy?
It's a sleeping disorder
Don't feel bad
about the low salary
If you do a good job, I'll raise
your salary in two months
But you need to be
alert at work
Sure, sir
Stop this
I am feeling dizzy!
This is not stopping
I went for several interviews after that,
but the result was always the same
Will mail you
Let it go
You'll find another job
I want to do a lot for Mom
I've never even
bought her a Saree
If you need money,
take it from me
Some things give you joy only when you
do it with the money you've made
I need to buy a Laptop first
I've inquired about
a lot of online jobs
You can earn between
20 to 40,000 Rupees a month
I don't have to
bow down to anybody
If everything goes well...
...I'll go in for a Laser treatment
and get rid of these glasses
Everything will go fine
Drink your Those were days of
total emptiness
The whole day would be
spent only at home
How many times
do I tell you?
Can we speak to him
just once?
Are you heartless?
Go away
What's happening, Mom?
Who are they?
It's nothing
It's getting late, let's eat
Madam, please understand
He's not some caged animal
that you can gape at
Only I know
what I am going through
- What is it, mom?
- Keep quiet
We're here from
a Medical College
You are a Narcolepsy-
Don't you understand
what I am saying?
Just two hours will do
If you come there, it'll give our students
a chance to understand Narcolepsy
Please come, sir
Will you pay me if I come?
What are you saying?
Did I give birth to you to make money
out of people gaping at you?
It's no different now
People still gape at me
But, they do it for free
Let these people pay me
to look at me
How much will you pay me
to come to your College?
Wait, mom
What do you expect?
Will you pay me Rs 50,000?
This happens when the Brain is unable
to follow a clear sleep cycle
Does it have any symptoms?
The whole class falls asleep
during Anatomy class
Are you saying we suffer
from Narcolepsy?
Our sleep is controlled
by an internal clock
Our brain stays awake
when we receive its signals
When the signals drop,
the circuit shuts down
That's when we sleep
He falls asleep with any
extreme emotion
You can call that Cataplexy
If any extreme emotion makes
him sleep, can he not have sex?
Just like any other man,
he will have such desires
But when he touches a woman
with that intention,
...that's when trouble starts
I've heard of several Narcolepsy
patients committing suicide
It's a big deal that he has led
a successful life this long
Have you ever felt heartbroken
about having such a problem?
It was fun when I was
too young to understand it
I would fall asleep in Class
The boys would get irritated
But I felt bad after
I understood the problem
I can't go out by myself
I didn't get a job
People have made fun of me
Some people need pills to sleep,
some need liquor
While some have to pay
for their sleep,
I'm happy I can
fall asleep naturally
I don't know how many
people here pity me
But the way I see it,
I've started earning money
The one thing that stopped me from
getting a job is what got me my first pay
"Hey, I am floating"
"It's making me fly all over"
"The breeze pushes the door open
and my heart flies"
"Even if I fall, get up and fall again,
even if I fall I gain something"
"Even if I stand, walk, go straight and fall,
Luck comes knocking on my door"
"Who wound up
the sleeping doll with a key?"
"Look, it walks shaking
his hand and legs happily"
"The Present and the Future will now
change for the better"
"I float away, catch me"
"I was like a snail
I would curl up in a jiffy"
"I now feel like waking up
walking brusquely"
"I was like a boat,
if you shook me, I would overturn"
"I now feel like swimming
even beyond a cyclone"
"A deflated ball now
bounces off for a six"
"Good times now salute me!"
"How much does
the Moon cost?"
"How much does
the Sun cost?"
"I'll buy them up whole,
better watch out"
"Hey, I am floating"
"It's making me fly all over"
'Dear voters,
please vote for us-'
"It rained heavily"
"Slowly, the branches opened,
and the sleepy tree blossoms"
"Afraid of tearing, the kite that was
lying in the attic has now started to fly"
"Seeds that fall to the ground
are meant to grow into trees"
"That is life, oh friend"
"Even if it is just a Zero,
when you draw a line next to it..."
"...its value immediately goes up"
"Hey, I am floating"
"It's making me fly all over"
I bought a Laptop
with the money I got
I started earning Rs 20, 000
a month through online jobs
I got Mom to rest
It's a middle class life
I am making
Rs 20,000 a month
But, you know
Chennai is expensive
I bought a Bike on Loan
to keep my job
I have to pay my dues,
eat, and live my life
Give me time to
return your money
I am not going to run away
Take this
What is this?
I know you asked
Satish for money
- Take it
- No...!
I earn now
Mom doesn't have to
work anymore
The next on my list
is my 3rd wish
'Walk on the road by myself'
I was scared
But something gave me
the confidence
Oh, my God!!
I didn't even run into him
He's fallen
I almost ran into him,
but I didn't
Could he be one of those who pretends
to be hurt to demand money?
He doesn't seem that way
Let's check his breathing
He's breathing
Why did you die
all of a sudden?
He was fine
He fell to the ground
while crossing the road and died
Poor guy,
he's an orphaned body
lam not going to
compel anyone
Give me what you can to help
Give me any amount
He seems so peaceful,
as if he's asleep
Why are they throwing
only small change?
Aren't there any good souls
who'll give generously?
Come on, people
I don't want your Vote
I only want your Notes (money)
Make way
She's got a Purse
What happened to him?
He's dead
We need to bury him
- He's an orphaned soul
- And you are?
I am an orphan too
We need to stand
by each other
How much will it
cost to bury him?
'Cost of booze for a week'
Rs 5,000, Madam
Don't wake up
I am falling short of Rs 400
That's all right
I'll bear that
Hand over the money to me
Give it to me
The kind lady has been generous
All of you can leave now
Get going
They're serving free food
at the Temple, go there
Thank you very much, Mam
Buddy, you've
abandoned me like this
Wonder who you are?
You've allowed me to make
money while you're asleep
I won't walk away
with all the money
I am a fair guy
I won't cheat you
Take a Bus when you wake up
I didn't seethe girl
who saw me
Her voice kept
playing in my ears
If only we'd thought of this idea before,
we could've made loads of money
Buddy, throw that Diary away
These are things
you do everyday
I just wanted to do them once,
is that wrong?
That's not wrong
But, instead of wanting
to walk alone...
Why don't you marry a lovely girl
and walk with her?
- Are you making fun of me?
- No, you earn well
It won't be difficult to find
a girl for you to marry
We'll have a divorce on
the very day of the wedding
Fine, marry again
The girl who likes me
will not like me sleeping
Let's find the girl first and later get to
whether she likes your sleeping or not
My friends were
just like my mother
They wanted me to
marry some girl
But, they couldn't
Do you want to choose
one of these girls?
What about that girl in Pink,
you might have to kneel to reach her
Is that ok?
Fine, let it be
I didn't know it was her voice
I was searching for
That's Meera
We might find someone
before you do
Who is he looking at?
Is that girl in Black
okay for you?
Shut up
Be brave, go ahead
and speak to her
The first time is scary,
but you'll get used to it
- Go speak to her
- Go on
You don't need to
recharge the mobile too
Ask her if she's Vanitha
She will say no
Then tell her she looks like Vanitha
and take the conversation forward
That's a great idea, go
- Listen to me
- Go I say
So much of fun there, isn't it?
He's found his match
I think she has the same
disorder as him
Look at him putting
his hand on her
Let's take a picture
else he won't believe us
Sorry, I thought you're one of those
who play dead to cheat people
If he wants to cheat,
he needn't act dead
He's got a sleeping disorder
Are you crazy?
It's a disorder only
when you can't sleep
It is a boon to be
able to sleep
Do you fall asleep
even as you walk?
Yes, even when l am studying,
playing, any time
You must be scared
all the time
I am not scared
when I am sleeping
How do you get the courage
to go out by yourself?
The first time I got the courage,
you lost Rs 4,600
Mark my words
You'll make it big someday
He's a big shot even today
He earns Rs 20,000
Why stop with 20? You can well
make that 40 or an 80
If only I could get hold
of that drunkard
He should not be spared
Have to find him somehow
and get my money back
You lost that money
because of me
Should I return the money?
If you say so...all right
How petty?
Are you falling short of 500?
No, that's all I have
That's fine
Give me the balance
the next time
Give it back
I think she belongs
to a poor family
She must have
a million expenses
Give it
Do you know who I am?
Pondy Bazaar...
Are you one of those street
hawkers at the Bazaar?
We have the biggest store there
They call it an 'ocean'
That doesn't mean
we let go of money
Well said
It's a call from the 'Ocean'
Is it?
Fine, Dad
She says she's well off but she
still took the 500 you had
- Think she's lying
- Shut up
Wish me luck
For what?
I have a prospective groom
visiting me tomorrow
I'll get going
Ask her for her number
Come on
How will you return my money?
She's petty for sure
Give me your mobile number
Even her car is
as big as a ship
Am sure her shop is as big
as the Ocean
The Groom's family runs
a Company in Bangalore
They have 150 people
working for them
Our Pondy Bazaar store has
300 people working there
We started off with nothing but
Trust and Honesty to our credit
It is God who bestows us
with good luck
She is my cousin's daughter
Let her say she doesn't like you
What if she does?
- Why are you doing this?
- Keep quiet, I'll talk to them
Why don't you understand?
Are you going to stay
single all your life?
Wait and watch
Our house will be buzzing with people,
my daughter-in-law, grand children
She will be here in some time
Please speak calmly
Glad to meet you
My eldest son
You know him very well
He is my eldest son-in-law
My father, my mother,
my wife...
Seems like a large family
I can meet them in leisure
after the wedding
Please sit down
You are on Facebook,
aren't you?
I've seen your profile
You have so many people at home,
isn't it noisy all the time?
Even the ocean is noisy,
but it's still calming
It's the same here
ls there anyone
without problems?
Even when my son falls, he has
the strength to get back on his feet
You must help him
understand this
I want to speak to him
for five minutes
Dad told me
we are distantly related
That doesn't mean
marriage is-
In today's day and age
with a salary of Rs 20, 000
I cannot imagine
a life in Chennai
Weekends are about
shopping, dinners
Isn't that what brings joy?
I can't possibly be
the first girl you liked
I've never liked any other
girl before this
Which is your favorite
holiday spot?
What is sex?
What is sex?
Sex is a boy
and a girl-
How do l say it?
An Application form has
a provision called Sex
Do they mean the same thing?
I am past the age of filling
in Sex on an Application...
...and more in the age of making
an application for sex
We can talk about
living a life without sex
But that won't stand
a chance in real life
Have you ever
eaten street food?
No...l won't give
They seem like brats
It's much quieter
at my place
Weekends are about
friends and parties
I don't think
we'll be compatible
It's not my intention
to hurt you
I don't think we'll
suit each other
Once she's decided,
it's difficult to change her mind
Sorry, son
So what if she doesn't like you,
there are other girls in town
I forgot to tell you
I saw Janakiraman,
the lawyer from Kumbakonam
There's a girl called
Gayathri in his town
She's an Ans graduate
Her family seems
to like you a lot
They'd like to
meet up next week
I'm Meera
Who is it?
The one who paid
Rs 4,600 to bury you
How could you forget me?
Do you drink Coffee?
I do
Can we have
Coffee tog ether?
Tomorrow morning 10 o'clock?
You didn't believe me
That's why I've asked
him to come here
Don't make it obvious
that you are my friends
You might as well introduce us
instead of doing all this
What if he feels bad?
Anyone would feel hurt
What if he thinks I am making him
a show piece because of his disorder?
I am proud of you
An expensive Coffee shop,
a fabulous girl, great going!
What's up Satish,
you're here at a Coffee Shop?
I heard street dogs are
loitering around Coffee shops
I thought I'll help the dog-catchers
to catch them
Who is this gentleman?
My boyfriend, Sidharth
Don't fall asleep
with this shock
A girl has asked you out
for a Coffee for the first time
It won't look nice
If I tag along
I'll wait here
What are you saying,
come along
Listen to me
lam right about
these things
Where have I ever
gone out without you?
Are you getting emotional?
Do you think you're some Hero
singing a Friendship Anthem?
I will kick you
Hang up
Where's the Ocean?
There she is
Here's the money
I need to give you
Did you like the Groom?
The Groom was fine,
but I didn't like his character
I said No to him
Hope you weren't busy
when I called you
I was free
What about you?
Did you see my phone?
I've turned it off
Or they'll hassle me to join
them for a meeting
But I've got to do
at least this for a friend
You can leave if you want to
I said it was fine
I can drop him back
Dropping him back
is not the problem
He won't go
anywhere without me
It's nothing like that
You get going, buddy
Won't you ever learn?
Shame on you
You'd rather beg than do this
Why didn't you like the groom?
I asked him ten questions
his answers were wrong
How can you understand
someone with ten answers?
But I can now answer
100 questions about him
He has really fallen asleep
Come here everyone
Meera was rig ht
The person you're seeing now
is a Narcolepsy patient
He sleeps when faced
with any extreme emotion
Watch him
Look at him
He slept
What are you all doing?
I told them to shout just to check
if you were right
I didn't even introduce him
because he could see it differently
But you've been really cheap
Why did you shoot a video?
Thought we could make some money
through views on YouTube
Hand me your mobile
Hand me your mobile
My house is here
See you
For what?
For standing up for me
in front of your friends
How did you know?
I do have disturbed sleep...
...but I can register
everything that happens
Won't you invite me home?
Please come in
Sit down
Please sit down
I'll bring some water
Will you drink Coffee?
Water will do
- What do you want?
- I don't want anything
Why are you saying that?
You're a great guy,
you look good
You earn Rs 20,000
Mom, can you bring the water?
You carry on
Good Lord!
Who is she?
She looks beautiful
Don't dangle the carrot
and then grab it away
She has to be
my daughter-in-law
Take this
Who is this?
My friend
Your girlfriend?
I forgot to tell you
This is my friend Meera
You keep talking
I'll check on the wafers
I've left to dry on the terrace
Isn't it a boon to be a mother?
You are correct-
Your laptop is
about to fall off
Keep it safe
Only when he finds a girl
for himself will his life be in order
Satish, lndiran has
brought a girl home
And you would have come upstairs
saying I'll check on the wafers
How did you know?
They just made an
announcement in the News Bulletin
Don't be jealous
I wanted you to be
happy for him
Hang LIP
This is my room
What's this?
My wish list, see it
I also want to listen to
what they are saying
What is it?
Indiran has brought a girl home
Is that why he sent
you upstairs?
My son packed me off
six months back
She is jealous as well
Your first salary was Rs 50,000
Then came all this
Your mom was able to rest as soon
as you started earning
I need to walk
alone on the road
Wasn't that the day
you bumped into me?
What's this,
first day, first show?
I want to watch the first show of
a Shakeela (soft-porn actor) film
Why can't you watch
the second show?
They apparently trim portions
from the second show
I need to apologize
to Periyanayaki
Who's this?
She said I love you to me
in my 8th grade
I fell asleep
I need to apologize
to her some time
I want to see an Angel
Fall in love
A kiss from a beautiful girl
Who is that?
The girl who loves you is the most
beautiful girl in the world
I want to stay awake
for an entire day
I want to stand up and fight
Fight whom?
It could be a problem
on the road
Someone would've
made a mistake
I'd want to
stand up and fight...
But when I get angry
I also get sleepy
Let's see
- Brother?
- Yes, ma'am
What's your biggest wish?
To buy a huge
Bungalow like this
Just like that
They must have
a Mrs. World contest
I must participate
and win that contest
To go on a world tour,
just my husband and I
A bank balance of 10 billion
A house full of chocolates
What would you wish for?
'First day, first show'
- I've bought tickets
- Make way
Why are you so excited
even before the show?
Make way
It's easier to get tickets
for Superstar's film
Take this
Why do you have
just two tickets?
- I am not coming
- Why?
I don't like it
I don't like Shakeela
lam a Reshma fan
I knew Shakeela had
a fan following,
...but this is too much
I never said I wanted
to learn dancing
But you have written about
apologizing to Periyanayaki
ls Periyanayaki a dancer?
You may go in
You wanted to say
Sorry to her
Go ahead
Periyanayaki has grown up
to be a 'big girl' indeed
How are you?
Why did you come, lndiran?
When we were
in 8th grade-
Don't say a word
Let go of me
Do you have something to say?
Tell me
You have someone else
in your life, don't you?
Am sure you do
Someone who is
clear-headed and beautiful
Tell me, lndiran
No...l just-
Find someone for yourself
Don't make me cry
Why are you crying now?
No...l just-
I am not the Periyanayaki
you saw in 8th grade
'I know'
Go away
One minute
When you go...
...don't look back!
You're late
You missed the chance
Why are you laughing?
Thank god, I fell asleep
Imagine my plight otherwise
"if you whisper your desires
to me I'll fulfill them"
"For you I'll even turn
the Sun into Rain"
"My lips wear out saying
your name again and again"
"Who else to say
this to you?"
We have a beautiful bird at home
Please let it fly
It's been four years
It has forgotten how to fly
He says it's meant
to bring us luck
But I want to
somehow let it fly
"For you to sleep like a child
I'll make a cradle on my shoulder"
"I will smother you with
love and make you my slave"
"You are a wild flower and
I'll make a fence to guard you"
"Even if the wind touches you
I'll arrest it immediately"
"I am crazy about you,
I've changed upside down"
"When you look at me
I shatter like glass"
"Girl, oh, Girl!
His desires are very simple"
"Girl, oh, Girl!
It's enough that you ask"
"Girl, oh, Girl!
His needs are known"
"if you give them
one by one, that'll do"
That's a shot!
What happened?
Are you going to wake him up
each time he sleeps?
Meera, he cant-
Sex is not everything
I want to go a long way
with him in Life
'I want to see an Angel'
'Fall in love'
"Girl, it is a desire
I don't understand"
"it comes and offers flowers
at the corner of my heart"
"Love brings out
a completely new me"
"Who is she...? The question
keeps torturing my ear"
"And I see you
as my other half"
"Where were you, Girl?
How did you get into me?"
"I lost my sleep because of you,
and woke up on my own!"
"Girl, oh, Girl!
His desires are very simple"
"Girl, oh, Girl!
It's enough that you ask"
"Girl, oh, Girl!
His needs are known"
"if you give them
one by one, that'll do"
'Fall in love'
He has struck that
'A kiss from a beautiful girl'
I'll call you
I'll get going
But you just came
No, I am leaving
'A kiss from a beautiful girl'
I don't know if anyone's ever
proposed this beautifully
Thank you, God!
My wish has come true
Has the girl
come home again?
It's not just about
coming home again
She will come here
for good some day
But her family should be
all right with that
Doctor, I have a small doubt
What's that?
Narcolepsy, dad
What is Narcolepsy, Doctor?
Don't shout
Go out and play
All right, Doctor
We'll catch up in person
What's this?
He'll fall to ground
if he gets shocked
No one knows
when he'll fall asleep
I agree no one knows
when anyone will fall
But I believe
I can't have grandchildren
What would you do if something
was wrong with me?
You could have flaws,
...but a father will always want
a perfect man for his daughter
Karthik, the prospective
groom from Bangalore...
You said you didn't like him
Is he the reason
for you rejecting him?
No, I was not in love
with him then
So, was it just pity then?
Maybe he had the rig ht
answers for your questions
I didn't feel like
questioning him
But I feel like questioning him
May I?
Just for the heck of it
If you were in my place...
Would you agree to get your
daughter married to a boy like you?
I wouldn't
Because it is important
to have children
What if your daughter
is stubborn?
I will explain it to her
She will understand
What do you think
I will say now?
I think you'll ask me
to get out of your house
Money is not
important to me...
...nor is caste
But having a child is important
Having an heir is important
We cannot go ahead
with this wedding
Did you check on
the material that came in?
Yes, I did
Please come, Meera
- Aunty, where is lndiran?
- He is upstairs
Why have you
turned off your phone?
What do you think of yourself?
I'll kill you
Are you letting go of me?
Don't ever turn off
your phone again
Your father doesn't
like me at all
He is right
It's not important
that my parents like you
I like you
That's all
Do you get it?
If it were not for my sleep,
you would have been mine
Don't be silly
However you are
I will be yours
I want you, lndiran
We can set everything right
Sleep is the only problem, is it not?
Have you ever
not fallen asleep?
There's been no time like that
lam sure there will be
Some don't fall asleep
when they're reading
Some don't fall asleep
when they're watching a movie
I can't fall asleep when
lam playing games
Do you have
something like that?
Think about it
I have fallen asleep
in the Bathroom,
...but have never fallen
asleep while bathing
Where are you taking me?
What is it?
I don't care
what anyone thinks of me
I am not bothered
about right or wrong
I want you, lndiran
I want you
in my life forever
That's it
What is it, Meera?
You aren't sleepy, are you?
No one can stop us
from getting married now
Not even my Father
'Few days later'
Why are you
bringing me here?
Tell me
What are you doing?
Do you want a boy or a girl?
The little one inside me
is 45 days old
The Doctor told me
I can see a little
dot in the Scan
I need to be
careful for three months
You will take care of me,
won't you?
I am going to tell my Father
He will be angry,
he'll shout and scream
He won't talk to me
But, he will get us married
That was the happiest day of my life
Thank you, Meera for
changing me altogether
They've opened up
this Bridge!
Be careful!
What do you want?
Who are you?
I am pregnant
Let me go
Don't leave her
Kill her
Please don't
My baby
Yes, this is Sekar
I will be late
You have dinner
and go to bed
He will wake up any time
Get done fast!
They've put up a 'Take Diversion'
sign and diverted the car
You cannot go in
Please understand
I don't understand
He can apparently
fall asleep at any time
The slightest shock
and he'll fall asleep
Who are you to her?
I am in love with that girl
What's her name?
Who's her father?
Has a girl called Meera
been admitted here?
What's her name?
Please wait for ten minutes
What's happened to her?
Who are you to her?
Her father
The Police Inquiry is on
Please wait for ten minutes
I will call you
I know the girl's father well
Ensure the Media doesn't
get to know about this
What's happened to Meera?
- I am her father
-You are?
Your daughter has been
attacked brutally
She was already
two months pregnant
But the child
has been aborted now
She is unconscious now
She is in coma
She must be in
the ICU for 5 days
You rascal!
What did you do
to my daughter?
I didn't do anything
I told her to stay away
from him
She never listened
He mustn't be here
a minute longer
Throw him out
lf l see him here again,
I'll throw all of you in jail
She is not dead yet
She is in a Coma
Why are you clothes soiled?
Why do you look like this?
What happened?
What happened?
Tell me, what happened?
Mom, Meera...
What's happened to Meera?
Open the door
lndiran, listen to me
Open the door
Open the door
Open the door
Listen to me
Open the door
You will take care of me,
won't you?
You are a very
successful businessman
You could have
professional rivals
Someone could have done this to your
daughter to get back at you
I don't think there's
anyone like that
There was a Textiles big-wig
called Varadarajan
We never got along
But he moved to Mumbai
for good, two years back
There's no chance any of them
will be this brutal with my daughter
Because Meera's car has red
paint marks on it,
...we can only confirm
that they came in a red car
The rain has erased
any evidence we could've got
This certainly looks planned
Can you identify at least
one of them?
No sir, I don't remember anything
Even when you're asleep, we know you
can hear what others say around you
It was raining
I was inside the car
I don't remember anything
He is the reason-
Stay calm
Let him talk
I told my daughter not to
hang around with this guy
- Please, sit down
- Ask him
Can you identify
at least one of them?
I am unable to recall anything
I was lying when I told them
about not recalling anything
I could still hear Meera crying
What is it?
I want to go there
He says he fell
asleep in shock
They've attacked her
What did you do to her?
I am pregnant
Even when you're asleep, we know
you can hear what others say around you
Let me go
Yes, this is Sekar
I'll be late
You have dinner
and go to bed
We can only confirm
that it's a red car
They were four people in all
What are you saying?
One of them is called Sekar
I want a gun
I was in a frenzy
I had a mad urge to kill
With a gun in hand I set out
searching for those four unknown men
The men who did this to my
daughter mustn't be spared
I'll call back
Sir, go out
Not allowed
Listen to me
Please go out
You've started
coming home now?
- Get out
- I want to see her
Let him in
What is it?
I want to see Meera once
"Don't sleep, brother"
"Don't be called lazy"
I should never
have met you
I'm the reason
this happened to you
Whenever l was asleep,
I could hear everything you said
You can hear
what I'm saying, can't you?
From now on, I'll take care
of you till the very end
Forgive me
Please let it fly
"On a fluffy cloud
you placed my heart"
"Girl, I am the drizzle
in your laughter"
"I have built a house
in my eyes"
"You came there
and made it into a Temple"
"My heart searches for you,
my soul searches for you"
"It runs searching for you,
you're my life's breath"
"My memory searches for you
My shadow searches for you"
"It runs searching for you,
you're my life's breath"
"Oh Girl, even if I die,"
"Just to breathe my last on your lap,
I'd come running to you"
"if you glance at me once..."
"...that will be enough for me"
"I will resurrect on
earth again"
"On a fluffy cloud
you placed my heart"
"Girl, I am the drizzle
in your laughter"
"I have built a house
In my eyes"
"You came there
and made it into a Temple"
"Girl, in your heart
there should be no sorrow
"Even your tears of joy
I can't bear"
"Oh God, give me a boon,
let him be my child"
"Let him cry everyday, so I can
comfort him like a mother"
"Where ever you go
I will walk right behind you"
"Even if the sky falls
and the earth stops,"
"Only our love will remain"
"On a fluffy cloud
you placed my heart"
"Girl, I am the drizzle
in your laughter"
"I have built a house
In my eyes"
"You came there
and made it into a Temple"
"My heart searches for you,
my soul searches for you"
"It runs searching for you,
you're my life's breath"
Meera needs to be here
Not at my house
She should be with you
She needs to hear
your voice everyday
I am confident she'll be
back on her feet again
Take care of your Meera
10. I want to stand up and fight
There is no one
Meera did not like...
...nor were there people
who didn't like her
Give it a thought
The men who did this would've
known Meera and me well
I don't think there's
anyone like that
There's a guy called Karthik
who wanted to marry her
But she refused
She tried being polite
with him a few times
But she finally got angry
I have a feeling
he has done this-
Do you know his address?
Business is my priority
If he doesn't fall in line,
finish him off
I am talking to you
Are you crazy?
I'll run you over
and keep going
Why did you do this to Meera?
What happened to Meera?
What happened to Meera?
I wanted to marry Meera
But, you were her choice
When I knew that,
I stopped calling her
Please let me know
if you need help
Would you know anyone
from the slums in Uthandi?
The big-shots there
will be know of such things
My friend's mother-in-law
lives there
We'll check on it tomorrow
All right
Don't worry
We'll take care of
it in the morning
Get to the point
and leave immediately
Who is it?
Pandi asked me to
bring him to you
That's why I brought him here
What is it?
Four boys killed
a girl in your area...
Yes, they did
What about it?
They say nothing can
get past you here
Are you suggesting the boys
in this area killed her?
No, I am not
She is my friend's girlfriend
Four men have killed her
One of them is called Sekar
Do you know anyone
by that name?
Ask Sekar to come here
What is it, grand pa?
His name is Sekar too
My grandson
Are you suggesting
he killed her?
People think rapists, thieves
and murderers live only in slums
The wrong-doers
are not here
They're outside
lam not saying that...
Who brought them here?
I swear l didn't know
what it was about
Shut up!
Serve them
How are you going to deal with all this
when you have so many problems?
Somu's gang is
the most notorious
He'll take people mid-sea, kill them
and feed them to the fishes
But he never messes with girls
We deal with property disputes,
kill when there's millions at stake
But your problem is different
A man who fears the Police
won't do this
He must be someone who's not
scared to still hang around here
I'll support you"
Idiot, can't you be careful?
You're spilling it on me
Why do you stare at me?
Get lost!
I am telling you
I'll pay you later, go
You know he can't hear
Will he hear,
if you scold him?
You know he can't hear
Will he hear,
if you scold him?
I told you not to ask them money,
If you want, you can ask me
Don't worry
Sir, this is a fast moving one
Just try it
It'll be good to hear
Why are you buying this
all of a sudden?
It's the shock from a sudden noise
that makes me sleepy
What if I can't hear the noise?
Nothing is impossible
If a Train passes
you by suddenly...
...that's a shock
But if you're expecting
the Train to pass by...
...that's not a shock anymore
Expect problems to
come up at anytime
Only your mind can help you
stay unaffected by anything
Close your eyes for a minute
Believe you can
Divert your mind from
things that scare you
With practice,
everything is possible
He's coming
If this ever gets out,
there'll be trouble
Don't tell anyone
about the File
All the details you need
are in here
In the last year, 124 cases
have been recorded in Chennai
Half the criminals are in jail,
while the others remain outside
I don't know how you're
going to find the guy
More importantly, this list does not
have anyone with the name Sekar
I gave it to you because
you asked for it
I feel sorry for you
I'll be happy
if you find them
Who are you?
What do you want?
What's the problem?
It's the same ringtone
Ask him his name
- What's your name?
- Raju
Many people may have
the same ringtone
We cannot suspect them all
No, Sir
- Who gave you this ringtone?
- My friend
- What's his name?
- Sekar
You asked me
to speak and I did
What do you want me
to do next?
Who are these people?
It's easier to spot siblings
in a crowded beach...
...but trying to find someone with
a ringtone or name is almost impossible
'We can only confirm that they
came in a red car'
- Sir, what do you want?
- What's your name?
- Is this car yours?
-I am the driver
The owner lives in T Nagar
- What's his name?
- Murali
Show me the Car's papers
Why do you want that?
Here it is
What is it? Tell me
I heard the very
same sound that day
It must be from the same car
Where was this car
on the 30th?
The car has been at the Mechanic's
for the last ten days
I got it just yesterday
Where is the Mechanic's workshop?
At Saligramam
Hello, Sir?
Your car is ready
Owner informed us
The phone is off again
It doesn't retain its charge!
Put it to charge
There's a lot of work to do
Have lunch and be back
in half an hour
- It's locked
- This is the place
Don't get worked up
Let's check
Do you know
where they've gone?
I don't know
The shop is closed
They've gone out for lunch
They'll be back
What did you say?
They've gone out for lunch
They'll be back
Do you want Tea?
- No
- Let's wait
Give me a Cigarette
You were asking
about the Mechanic
You were asking
about the Mechanic
There he goes
That's the Mechanic Sekar
The man on the Bike,
he's the one
We've found Sekar
lndiran is chasing him
Where are you guys?
I told you to avoid
lndiran at any cost
You didn't listen
I kept giving you his
whereabouts everyday
Why was your phone off?
I'll get caught if you do
What happened, Karuna?
He went that way
Go after him
Why did you come here?
You're bleeding
I came in search of you
He stabbed me
- Let's go to the hospital
- Forget about me, go
I remember his face,
it's all right
The wound is not deep
There are no internal injuries
we need to worry about
He should rest today
He can be discharged in
the morning
Buy these medicines for him
All right, doctor
Let's go
We'll be back
lndiran and I are good friends
But many a time good friends
can be traitors
Why is he drinking so much?
Let him enjoy himself
That's enough, Karuna
You're drunk
You're high
At least, drink less
One drinks only to get high
Why bother?
The present two of years of our love...
That was the best phase of my life
I am feeling sleepy
I am not surprised
Please sleep
It's getting late
Don't be upset
May I use the restroom?
It's late
We'll get going
Why? You can stay over
I need to get to
work in the morning
We'll leave
You look very pretty in
this outfit
What is the perfume you
are wearing?
What are you doing?
Let go of my hand
You're drunk
Let go of my hand
lam telling you
to let go
I am leaving
Why don't you understand?
Everyone's asleep downstairs
It'll be embarrassing
if we're caught
You've been saying this for the last year
We won't get caught
All right,
I'll come tomorrow
Give it to me
How much does it cost?
Half a million
Wear it
I would like to, but I'll be dead
if Karuna finds out
I'll keep it safe
All your gifts are safe
with me
May I leave now?
Ask him to wait at
the Canteen
Why the surprise visit
to the office?
You didn't even call me to
let me know
What would you like to eat?
You're doing the wrong thing
Is this why you allowed Karuna
to drink so much?
Karuna drinks, but I've never seen
him with another girl
He trusts you
I've told people that the two of you
are 'made for each other'
You're making a mistake
I can't talk to Arvind
about this
He can't relate to
these things
His parents send him money
from abroad
That kind of money doesn't allow
him to understand what love is
But the two of you are not
like that
I trust Arvind and you won't
meet up again
Can I trust you?
Where are you?
At the office
lndiran knows
What does he know?
He knows everything
I told you we shouldn't
do this
lndiran came to the office
to see me
All right...
I'll deal with him
What will you do?
I am scared
if Karuna gets to know,
he'll kill me
He knows if he does that, it will lead
to problems between Karuna and you
What if he tells Karuna?
He won't
Don't worry
Hang LIP
Give me some time
I am at home
Karuna may
come here anytime
If there's a problem,
I'll call you myself
What is he saying?
He doesn't seem scared
He says lndiran won't discuss this with you
because that'll lead to trouble between us
Scare him
Tell him you'll commit suicide
You can threaten him only with
the possibility of lndiran talking to me
What if he does?
Tell me,
what do we do?
You ask me now?
Didn't I tell you even before
we left for the Party?
I told you to keep your distance
when lndiran was around
I also told you not to drink that much,
I told you he'd take advantage of it
So what?
You should've been careful
He hugged me and gave me
a ring worth half a million
What if he avoids me thinking
lam avoiding him?
We have so many
debts to pay off
We should get married and need to
buy the apartment in Bangalore
We need to buy a car
He's the means to all of this
We'd planned to do things over time
What if we did it all in one go?
How much would he have given
you in the last year?
Given "you"
All right, given "us"
Around three million...
The Life that we desire, a happy life
without troubles, a world that is just ours
We need a few more millions
for that
Make him give that to you
You can do it
Should I try talking
to lndiran?
How will that help?
Why did you do this to me?
I was doing fine
No matter what Karuna does to me,
I cannot live with this anymore
Before someone else tells Karuna
about this, I will tell him
Why are you being foolish?
Sit down for a while
What is it?
What is he saying?
I am at the office
Is he falling in line?
I'll come home and cook
We need the money
Get it somehow
Sure, I'll call you
when I'm leaving
No Aravind
Let this be our last meeting
Let's get back to how things
were a year back
Don't drink so much
You need to drop me at the office
My car is at
the office
When do you need to be
dropped back?
In half an hour
Why don't you understand?
Please try and understand
It's getting late
I am leaving
We have fifteen minutes
I can't be without you
Why don't you just kill me?
We can cover up one mistake
with another
You are my weakness
What is Karuna's weakness?
I don't get it
What does Karuna like?
What would he want?
You know this
Karuna's dream is to run
a business in the US
He tried making
arrangements for the money
He didn't get it
He needs twenty million
If he gets that,
he will leave to the US
If Karuna is sent to the US, will you ensure
Karuna and lndiran don't stay in touch?
We won't have any more trouble
if he goes to the US...we can be happy
What about the money?
People are telling me
you've been asking them for money
You could've asked me
How could I ask you?
Your money will reach your doorstep
tomorrow morning
What are you doing?
I want you
So what? Why should you give
so much money?
I am not worthy of that
much money
You don't know
Okay, tell me
What are you going to do
with so much money?
All that we've wanted...
What if Arvind finds out?
He won't know where to
find us
I've ordered a pizza
I am very hungry
Go in
What will you say to him?
I'll deal with it
Go in
Come in
Where's Karuna?
He's not back from work yet
It's 10 o'clock
He's usually back by six
He said he had a lot
of work
Did you come here to tell him
about me?
You went to see Arvind today, even
when I had told you not to
I went to tell him we shouldn't
meet any more
Did it take four hours to
do that?
I know Arvind came to your
office to fetch you
I'd ordered a pizza
While placing the order, Mr Karuna
said he was very hungry
I was stuck in traffic
Sorry it took this long
I'd asked Karuna to call them
and place an order
- Your bill
- Thank you
Oh! Karuna's left his
phone behind?
You said you'd called him asking
him to place an order?
I called his office
I spoke to him on his phone
at 4 o'clock
He actually came home
at 5 o'clock
He must have left his phone
behind then
I am leaving
I'd asked you to clear out
your things
Now, it's one big mess
I don't know how
I missed it
Do you think he knows?
I think so
It's all right
It's just one more day
lndiran's calling
Tell him you just got home
Where are you?
I am at home
I came in just now
What is it?
I'll call you tomorrow
I don't think he knows
You cheat
Did lndiran tell you?
Anyway, come in
If you'd told me you needed money,
I would have given it to you
You never told me you needed
my girlfriend, you just took her
Anyway, sit down
I want my money back
The diamond rings
I bought Kavitha
And the money you took
to pay up your debts
I want it all back
Kavitha is anyway going to be
with you after I leave to the US
Isn't that the deal?
What will you drink?
I've paid a huge price
You didn't pay it
for nothing
My girlfriend is not a free exhibit
I've been an ignorant fool
If people paying for sex are fools,
then most men in this world are fools
What will you drink?
Return my money first
What did you give me?
You didn't give it for free
What do you mean return it?
You won't be able
to take it if I hit back
I want the money you promised
to give me by tomorrow morning
Karuna will leave to the US
The two of us can have a good time
after that, just the way you'd wanted
Do you take me for a fool?
You want more
money from me?
Men like you think women who have
affairs discreetly are virtuous
But if their husbands know about
the affair, the women are 'frauds'
Shut the door
What happened?
Kavitha left me for Arvind
What are you saying?
I've looked everywhere
I woke up at two
in the morning, she was gone
She didn't answer my call
I checked the Apartment records
Arvind's car has come in
at 1 a.m and left at 1:30 a.m
I called Arvind's
house in the morning
The maid said he'd
left home past midnight
How can you be sure
Kavitha has gone with Arvind?
I was at home
when you came there
I got to know of their
affair two days ago
We've been arguing
since then
We were arguing
even as you came there
I went inside
when you came
How could I have faced you?
My girlfriend and my friend.
I told you yesterday
If you hadn't spoken to Arvind, Kavitha
would have at least stayed at home
You messed up
lndiran can't be blamed
Kavitha and Arvind
cheated on me
I want to die
Please forgive me
Give me a day's time
I'll call you
if we find something
The Police wanted a day's time
But, it's been three years,
they don't have any information
How would they have information?
They won't even find their grave now
lndiran destroyed my happiness
His life must be ruined
He must weep
He must weep
more than I did
You'll weep, lndiran
You let him escape
What are you going to do?
I don't know
Tell me, Karuna
Sorry, Guna
I tried my best
lndiran still went ahead
and killed him
You'd said lndiran
was no-good
I didn't expect
this to happen
Your friend has
to be killed
lndiran has to die
Bring him
Listen to me
Bring him
Bring him to the place
where Sekar died
Why have you
brought me here?
I was told they are here
Let's go
You look around here,
I'll go upstairs
Be careful
Guna, I've come
I've brought lndiran along
Where are you?
What's this, Guna?
You killed Sekar,
didn't you?
Why would I kill him?
I didn't
lndiran killed him
I know you'll
stoop to anything
You needed us to bury the two of them
without the Police getting a wind of it
You need us
to get back at lndiran
Now that everything is done,
you don't need us
That's not true
You killed Sekar!
Let's kill him first
You've been looking
for us all these days
Here we are
He's sleeping
You know he gets sleepy
when he gets angry
He should never wake up
What the hell
are you doing?
He'll wake up if he comes
in contact with water
Why did you do this?
Kill him, Guna!
Beat him to death
You are all right,
aren't you?
The men who did this
to Meera are all dead
That's enough
Let's leave
There's one more man left
Who is it?
Are you talking about Sekar?
Not Sekar
You know who he is
I do?
I told you to avoid
lndiran at any cost
You didn't listen
If you get caught,
I'll be in a mess
Die, man
I should've killed you
the very other day
But I left you to be alive
to trace the other three men
How would I know?
What are you talking about?
Put the gun down
How would I have a gun?
What did Meera do?
What did Kavitha do?
Are Kavitha
and Meera the same?
Yes, same to me
They are one and the same
Meera wanted you
to do well
Kavitha wanted me to do well
They are one and the same
Who asked you to interfere?
Kavitha and I would've
been in the US by now
You messed it all up
lf l kill you, you'll have
an instant death
You mustn't die that easily
You must live with pain
Do you understand
what pain is now?
Do you get how much it hurts
to lose something you want?
Arvind killed Kavitha and she died
all because of you only
I killed Arvind
because of that
All my wishes
have been fulfilled
But I've added
a new one to the list
I want you back,
full of life
Just like the old times
I live in hope, Meera
It will happen