Naayak (2013) Movie Script

Alcohol is injurious to health.
Smoking causes cancer and can kill.
Characters and situations
in this movie..
..are not from real life,
they are purely fictional.
All characters are
made to talk in Telugu.. that everybody
can understand them.
You were proud that
Kolkata is in your power.
Today Kolkata is under my control.
Call out for your leader.
Say, Brother,
Taxi Seth is going to kill us.
Please come and save us.
Call out for him.
Where is your leader?
Shout for help!
We don't have to shout.
Goddess Kali will save Kolkata.
Our leader will save us.
He'll come.
He'll come? How will he come?
When will he come?
He's not a bus or a train
to tell his arrival timings.
He's a storm.
Hey! Nothing will be left
here when our leader arrives.
I'm telling this
for your own welfare.
Pack all your bags and
run if you know running.
If you can't run, hide yourself.
You don't have much time.
He'll be here.
Beat him up!
I'll forgive you
if you try to harm me.
But I'll kill you if
you try to harm my friends.
How did this happen?
Who killed so many people?
What were you doing when
they were getting killed?
Our sir will answer your questions.
Yes. Okay.
I'll arrange for the tickets
but won't come for the movie.
Listen! I'm already seeing
a 70 mm movie here. Okay?
The press..
Will you hang up for a second?
What is it?
The press is attacking
us with questions.
What should we tell them?
What will you tell
them that they don't know?
They'll ask Is the
police department sleeping?
Why didn't you catch
the killers yet?
We'll tell them that we
are in the process of doing that.
They'll abuse us
and we'll speak morals.
All of that is just a routine.
Send the bodies for post mortem.
Okay, sir.
What is it, Gajalaxmi?
The minister looks very upset.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir! Looking at
the crime scene we understood..
..that your brother
had tied some men to a pole.
Either one of them or another
man killed all your men.
Some were stabbed,
others' bones were shattered.
I think your brother died because..
..there was a lot of bleeding
from his nose and mouth.
Do you get paid to cover
the story like a TV reporter?
I don't want to know
how my brother died.
I want to know who killed him.
Catch him wherever he is.
I've to kill him with my hands.
Catch him! Catch him!
Is it a running bus so
that we can run and catch it?
What does he think?
Can I tell when and why
I'll get calls on my phone?
How is that possible, sir?
You'll know it after
you get the call.
In the same way, the police
get to know after the killings.
Hi, sir! Good morning!
Good morning!
Here are the post mortem
reports of all the bodies.
The killer is a very strong man.
I think he is a young
man under 25 years of age.
He smashed all the
bones in all the bodies.
Even their skulls are broken.
How can we catch this
strong 25 year old young man..
..with just these evidences
in millions of people?
How can I tell you more than this?
I'm sorry. I'll catch him.
I'll find him no matter which
state or which street he is in.
Where are you?
O my dear Laila! Come to me
O my dear Laila!
Come to me, My darling!
I am crazy after you
Shall I attack straight
into your heart
Shall I burn inside
you like a tequila
My dear girls,
shall I come to you with my vigor
Shall I salute you with
my style and make you happy
O my dear Laila! Come to me
O my dear Laila!
Come to me, My darling!
I am crazy after you
Poland, Finland and China..
Russia and England..
I have my fans all over
My hand's touch is mesmerizing
Shall I jump into
the arena with my energy
Shall I see my Mumtaz in you
Shall I become the emperor
Shahjahan out of intoxication
My dear girls,
shall I come to you with my vigor
Shall I salute you with
my style and make you happy
O gorgeous girl!
What is life without spice
O lovely girl, life is
insipid without your company
I am crazy for love..
My beloved, come to me soon
We'll live the full life today
Boredom in life
is as good as death
Show your might to the world
Shall I make my
heart like a chalise
And fill it to the
brim with the wine of joy
Shall I make every
event one to rejoice
My dear girls,
shall I come to you with my vigor
Shall I salute you with
my style and make you happy
O my dear Laila! Come to me
O my dear Laila!
Come to me, My darling!
Is Cherry still asleep?
Of course.
He goes around the city all night.
He comes home in the
wee hours and goes to sleep.
Cherry! Wake up.
What is it, mom?
I kept your coffee here.
Get up and get dressed.
You will get late. Come on, get up.
I missed my college bus.
My mom told me to ask
Cherry for a ride to college.
Jimmy! What else
did your mom tell you?
She told me a lot of things.
Tell me a few things.
She told me to give
you whatever you ask for.
After getting onto the bike,
she told me to..
..hold you tightly whenever
speed breakers come.
What else?
I feel shy.
I feel irritated.
I'm not a fool to fall
for your mom's plans. I'm Cherry.
Now go.
Please go.
What are you reading so intently,
I'm trying to learn English.
What does brutal mean?
Utmost cruelty.
Say it in Telugu, sir.
You need to learn Telugu
along with English.
Why are you reading
this stupid news now?
Go and finish your work.
Mom, breakfast.
Serve it quickly.
Instead of being in
such a hurry all the time..
..why don't you get
up early and get dressed?
Your uncle is your CEO.
Can't you call him up and
say that you'll be late today?
I've been trying to do that.
But he's not answering my call.
Did he forget his phone upstairs?
He hasn't come down since morning.
What's the matter, uncle?
Why did you cover yourself
like that? Are you cold?
I'm scared.
If they ask for me at office,
say I'm out of town.
If they are not satisfied,
say that I'm dead.
Why should I lie to them?
Because you can't
tell them the truth.
What is that truth? Tell me.
I was happily going to
the office in my company car.
I suddenly got a phone call.
Hello, sir!
My sister liked your
photo at the marriage bureau.
Please meet her once.
If you like her, we'll proceed.
She liked me! Yeah!
I've been desperately
trying to get married.
So that news was like
water in a desert for me.
I thought my life
will take a new turn.
I took a U turn and
went to see the girl.
Spit out the betel leaves.
Put those knives aside.
Change your language
and body language.
He shouldn't find
out that we are goons.
The groom is a software engineer.
We should be soft. Okay?
- Yes.
Look at his lovely hair style.
Curly hair.
He looks like Shoban Babu,
doesn't he?
I'm sure he looks even
more handsome in person.
You said the groom is going to come.
Why did he send his father?
Hello, sir.
Didn't you bring him along?
Who? Chandra Babu or Mohan Babu?
I was talking about your..
My father died long ago.
I didn't mean your father.
Stop asking questions
and show me the girl.
Oh dear! She looks too young.
I'll go ahead with her.
Take his blessings.
No need for that.
Sit down.
I like the girl.
That means he'll like her as well.
Who is that?
What are you talking about?
I like you. You can talk
to me in private if you want.
A girl talks to
the groom in private.
How can she talk to the
groom's father in private?
You misunderstood me.
I'm the groom.
I want to get married.
Then whose photo is this?
That's my photo.
Viju! Wait!
You gave your teenage
photo at the bureau.
But you came to see
the girl in your old age.
I'm a little late, so what?
Not a little late,
you are lifetime late.
Why are you making it a big issue?
For example, who's the
hero in the movie 'Khaidi'?
What about 'Tagore'?
Did his fans increase or decrease?
They've increased.
People who liked Chiranjeevi
in 'Khaidi' 20 years ago.. him in 'Tagore' today,
don't they?
If you liked my old photo,
why don't you like me now?
Fans and marriage
are two different things.
No, they are the same.
Do we stop seeing
Taj Mahal and Charminar..
..because they are old now?
Why don't you speak?
We don't.
- This is the same.
Nobody stops getting married
because they've grown old.
I can't wait anymore.
Let's fix a wedding date.
What did you say?
Wait! If you think
of beating me up..
..even I can arrange
for you to get beaten up.
Do you know Babji in this city?
Do you know him?
If I make a phone call,
he'll come and beat you up.
Listen to me!
Nobody can stop this wedding.
Hey, Boss is Babji's right hand.
We hid our weapons since
you are a software man.
Boss, shall we kill him?
Wait! I understood
the matter clearly now.
If we fight inside,
all your furniture will break.
If you want to fight,
come to Gymkhana Grounds.
Hey! I'm just one man.
You are twenty men.
Bring another twenty men.
Make it twenty twenties.
You can bring more men
but don't bring fewer men. Run!
I infuriated them
and ran away with fear.
Those angry men couldn't catch me.
But they have my phone number.
They are messaging me
all the abuses in Telugu.
They are even
threatening to kill me.
You did all this behind my back?
Is it not wrong to show
your teenage photo and..
..go to see the girl in old age?
I did a bigger mistake than that.
What is that?
I used Babji's name.
If he finds out about this matter,
he'll surely kill me.
You are scared of Babji, aren't you?
- Yes.
Let's go to his house.
- No!
We shouldn't touch fire
or mess with a hoodlum.
I will mess with him for you.
Let's go.
Hi, man!
Whom do you want?
Boss is busy in a settlement.
Wait outside.
We ourselves are hoodlums.
How dare you occupy our land?
I will kill you if you
touch my name or my property.
What is it?
Look at that girl.
You should have
devotion in a temple..
..and fear in a goon's house.
Why are you seeing a girl
in his house? Turn your head.
She's beautiful, uncle.
- No!
She looks as if she's made for me.
Uncle, if I hook up with this girl..
..we don't have to come
here for any settlements..
..they themselves will come to us.
How is the idea?
You'll get into deep trouble.
We came here to clear a problem,
not to create it.
I don't want this settlement.
I'm going home.
Turn your face this side, please.
Hey! The boss called you inside.
Nephew, we got a
visual of his cruelty.
It's better to leave from here.
I'm with you. Let's go inside.
Hello, sir!
Boss, this is the man
that came to see my sister.
Not me, it was my uncle.
He looks good. Why don't
you get her married to him?
Not this one, boss.
It's the one that is hiding behind.
Hello, sir.
What nonsense!
Why do you want to get married.. an age where you
should get others married?
Not just age,
everything is more in him.
He is using boss's
name like a credit card.
He threatened me that
he'll get me beaten up.. giving a call to our boss.
How dare you threaten my men.. using my nephew's name?
What is your name?
'Jalebi' (Sweetmeat)!
What kind of a name is that?
I've never heard it before.
My dad had a sweet shop.
His specialty was 'Jalebi.'
I'm special in my family,
so they named me that.
Is that so? What is your name?
Cherry? Is there a story
behind your name as well?
Just Cherry, it's a nickname.
His name is a sweetmeat
and your name is a fruit.
Does that give you license
to use others' names?
Teach them a lesson.
Wait! Don't the
people of Hyderabad..
..have a right to
use Babji sir's name?
People are crazy about him.
He has love for his people.
So, he used his name. Is that wrong?
What was my question
and what is your answer?
What are you talking about?
I didn't understand
a thing you said.
It's enough if he understands it.
Babji sir's name is as
famous as 'Biryani' in Hyderabad.
We used Babji sir's name
to get a seat in the convent.
We used Babji sir's name
to get a seat in the college.
Just as people of Hyderabad
need water from Gandipet..
..they need Babji sir's name.
What do you say, uncle?
Are you flattering him?
- What?
Let him speak.
Go ahead.
You tell me.
They stand beside
you but don't know..
..the power you have in the public.
Power Star Pawan Kalyan movie.
First day, first show.
Will any of them get a ticket?
We won't get.
But I will get it because
I use Babji sir's name.
If you take Babji sir's name..
..the police won't
ask for your license..
..the traffic police
won't ask for your RC..
..they won't ask
you money in the bunk.
Is it wrong to use such
a powerful person's name?
What is your point?
Will you use his
name everywhere you go?
We'll know what is
our value in the market..
..when we talk to such
people every now and then.
You are correct, sir.
Sir, if you don't mind,
can I take a photo with you?
Uncle, click a photo.
You just used his name till date.
Will you use the photo now?
Just wait, sir.
Please put your hand on me.
Go ahead.
Brother, I'm going to the college.
Is she your sister?
- Yes.
Uncle, click a photo
with her as well.
Hey, what is this new twist?
Why do you want a photo with her?
Click a photo, uncle.
This is not working.
Will you click a photo
if it starts working?
Why do you need
a single girl's photo?
What's wrong in that?
They'll get publicity.
They'll print posters
and distribute them.
Can't you see that
they are ruffians?
You go to the college, dear.
Please go, dear.
Sir, which college
is she studying in?
Why do you want to know that?
Why did we come here?
What are you asking him?
Uncle, if we know which
college she studies in..
..we won't go to that area.
If any of my friends go there,
I'll warn them..
..saying that Babji sir's
sister is studying in that college.
What do you say, sir?
B.Tech final year,
Shreya Engineering College.
Give him all the details.
Pin code, postal address..
..height, weight,
zodiac sign and everything else.
Someday he'll come with a good plan.
What are you saying?
I came here to meet Babji sir.
Why do you talk as if I
came to flirt with his sister?
Shut up! Do you know where you are?
Why are you talking about flirting?
You are in Babji sir's house.
Why are you involving
his sister in all this?
Stop it!
Sir, no matter what they say,
I'm a huge fan of yours.
It is enough if you understand me.
I can understand
a man by his words..
..and his character by his eyes.
You are great, sir.
You can meet me
whenever you want to.
Thank you, sir.
Just a small request.
Please tell them
not to harm my uncle.
They won't harm him.
Thank you, sir.
- Go.
Sir, you are super!
What happened to your voice, uncle?
Did you lose it?
Not just my voice,
I might lose my life because of you.
Why did you want to
take a photo with that girl?
They will kill you.
I don't care what happens.
I like that girl. I love her.
Do as you wish. Drive carefully.
Where are we going?
We are going to her college.
You've rejected me every
time I proposed to you.
If you don't say you love me,
I'll jump down from here.
Will you say it or should I jump?
Madhu, don't give him time to think.
Say you love him.
Otherwise he'll jump.
He'll jump just one time.
The TV people will
show it hundred times..
..and shut down the college.
But the TV people are not here.
We don't need TVs and cameras, dear.
Everyone has cell phones.
The students are
already shooting it.
Say it, dear.
What is this, sir?
- Wait, sir!
Does she have to love everybody..
..that climbs to the
top and threatens her?
Listen to me and
get down immediately.
I'll get down if she
says that she loves me.
Madhu, there's no time.
Say that you love me.
Don't think, otherwise I'll jump.
He is someone crazier than you.
Nobody is crazier than me.
Madhu, will you say
it or should I jump?
Say it, dear.
If he really jumps down..'ll go to prison
and I'll go to the court.
Why did he climb
higher than that fellow?
Madhu, I'll jump down
if you say that you love him.
That boy is not
from our college, sir.
But he climbed up in our college.
Who are you?
It doesn't matter who I am.
Only what I want matters.
Madhu should not
say that she loves him.
I've seen people jumping
demanding to be loved.
But he is demanding a refusal.
He is a weirdo.
What will you do now, dear?
If you say yes to one,
the other man will jump.
Don't worry, dear.
Please don't make her nervous.
Decide which one will
jump and which one will stay.
What is this, brother?
I put in the tender but you're
trying to take the contract.
Why are you ruining my efforts?
Why are you putting in efforts?
It's useless to try and
call a phone that's switched off.
Stop overacting and get down,
I'll tell you a truth.
What is that truth?
I'll tell you if you get down.
He got down.
He put some magic spell on him.
What is that truth?
You can threaten
anybody for your love.
But you shouldn't
threaten the one you love.
That girl is mine, so go your way.
What? Is this the truth
you wanted to tell me?
you don't know her brother Babji.
He is a murderer.
You can't win with him, you'll die.
How will you win with him?
He himself can't win with me.
Why is that?
You concentrate on your studies.
You'll understand all this later.
Where are you going?
I'm going to meet Madhu.
Why do you want to meet Madhu?
I'm holding my heart tight
so that it doesn't stop beating.
Come, let's go home.
Come with me, uncle.
Where are you taking me?
You handled the situation very well.
- Thank you.
Thanks, son.
Bye, son.
- Okay, sir.
Thanks a lot.
Will you just thank me
for taking such a big risk?
What else will she say?
What else will Babji
sir's sister say? Let's go.
Wait a minute, uncle.
If you don't mind..
I think I love you.
Why are you walking away?
I'll tell it to my brother.
God, please save us.
Why do you never get worried?
What will you get by worrying?
You will die.
Okay, let's go.
Babji! Babji!
Did you see what that rascal did?
He went up to the tenth
floor and threatened..
..that he'll jump down if
our girl didn't say she loves him.
No, uncle.
Whatever it is, did he do it or not?
He used your name behind
your back all this while.
Now he is using your family.
If we leave him,
tomorrow he'll demand..
..that she should
get married to him.
Why are you sitting
without saying a word?
Will you get her married to him?
When did he come?
Ask him.
Cherry told me what
actually happened there.
Should I tell them as well, sir?
No need. A guy threatened
that he'll jump down..
..if sister doesn't
say that she loves him.
Cherry risked his
life and saved her.
Did he save that guy?
No, he saved sister.
It is not about climbing
up and down a building.
He harassed her to
say that she loves him.
If you get an electric shock..
..l'll hit you with
a stick to save your life.
Does that mean that I hit him, sir?
The whole drama revolved
around 'I love you,' sir.
By mistake I must've
said I love you, sir.
Will I ever talk wrongly
about you or wrong you?
What do you say, uncle?
Babji! Don't believe him.
He is saying yes with
his eyes and no with his lips.
Sir, they are jealous that
I might become close to you.
That's why they are painting
a wrong picture about me.
And they are even using
your beautiful sister for that.
How dare you stand before us and..
Shut up!
It's up to me whether
I believe them or not.
I trust you.
Thank you for saving my sister.
You may go.
You are super, sir.
Uncle, let's go.
I knew that flattery
blinds a person.
But he proved that
it can break a family too.
I'm very angry.
Don't utter proverbs before me.
I will break all your bones.
You said something to
him and something else to her.
And you said everything to me.
They will kill you if they find out.
Oh, I won't let them find out.
Go! Move! Do your work. Move!
Did you call me, dear?
I shouted your name.
Where is he?
I don't know.
I cut off his friendship yesterday.
It's not enough if
you cut it off with him.
Tell him to cut it off with me.
He should come to
me in ten minutes..
..and say that he doesn't love me.
Otherwise I will get you killed.
Sir, why are you happy
after being abused by her?
I expected a tsunami,
but it was a simple cyclone. Go.
Thank God! Now I know that
this girl doesn't love him.
If I make him say the same,
I'll get rid of this nuisance.
It was so much fun.
Excuse me.
- Yeah.
It's not good for a girl
that drinks cold coffee.. take such hot decisions.
Who are you?
What are you talking about?
Even though I'm facing you,
this topic is hers.
If the topic is hers,
why don't you tell it to her?
I'm afraid to tell it to her face.
I might love her again.
Cherry! What did you come here for?
And what are you saying now?
Okay, I'll say it.
Is it wrong if a person
that travels in an auto..
..dreams of driving a car?
Not at all.
Is it wrong for a
handsome guy like me.. fall in love with
a slim and trim girl like her?
Just shut up!
Okay. If you want to talk to me,
come directly to me.
Why are you troubling
my bachelor uncle?
Please don't create a scene.
If you use a credit
card with no balance.. will be declined,
it won't give you money.
Don't scare my uncle
who is already scared.
I'm dropping out. Goodbye!
Thank God!
My dear fellow,
you'll have a good future.
Why did you stop?
I'll tell her something and be back.
What is it again?
- I'll tell you.
Excuse me!
Hello! You can agree
with me if you listen as well.
No country thrives if
it insults lovers and laborers.
A beautiful girl like you
should promote love, not break it.
When you reject a lover,
think why you are rejecting him.
Think about it with
a cool mind. Bye.
did you leave that girl or not?
Will we leave the thread
if we lose the kite?
Sir, an enquiry based on
the detection of sniffer dogs..
..revealed that some people
took a man called Singh..
..from here just before
Taxi Seth was murdered.
This is the house, sir.
Does this mean that Singh
killed all those men, sir?
No, that's not possible.
How can a few goons kidnap a man..
..that could brutally
kill so many men?
Their leader is somebody else.
Sir, I found this slip inside.
Their next target is Hyderabad.
Since he booked a ticket
from Kolkata to Hyderabad..
..the criminal is
definitely in Hyderabad.
Yes, I reached Hyderabad.
Go away.
Hello! Don't give
money to such people.
Do you know about them?
They beg for money with a sad face..
..they finance money with
a daily interest of 10 rupees.
They do real estate
business on city outskirts.
They beg in the mornings
as a side business. Got it?
Did you take some finance from them?
No way. These are the
general topics at signals.
I told you what everybody says.
Don't tell everyone
what everybody says.
You have high fever.
Why are you begging
under the hot sun?
I need to do this
no matter how sick I am.
Otherwise they will kill me.
- Dasu.
Fever? Will you
go to Apollo Hospital?
You get fever, headache,
and cough only if you are alive.
You'll get none of
these after you die.
Boss, please don't kill my son.
Show these sentiments while begging.
You've to bring 100 rupees
a day whether you live or die.
you will have no life at all.
And he also pulls out
the eyes of newborn babies.
He is a very good dancer.
Since he'll become a
great man if he dances well..
..he chopped off his legs.
His men are spread in bus
stands and railway stations.
They pick up new
children that come here..
..saying that they'll provide work.
Once he finds you,
you will die but never escape.
Why don't you complain
to the police?
He already killed two
people who tried to do that.
We are living there in
fear not knowing what to do.
Where can I find him?
Why are you sitting
here so leisurely?
Are you the ones on night duty?
Yes, boss.
You eat three times a day but..
..go for collections
just one time a day.
Why can't people give
notes instead of coins?
I have a tough time counting them.
Every first day of the month,
it feels like..
..Goddess Laxmi is walking in here.
Why live a cheap life with coins?
Whether it is Ambani's
money or begged money..
..the market rate is the same.
Whether they are coins or notes..
..they get the same
value in the market.
Should I tell you
something about change?
How much will that come
to at the end of the month?
The calculator can't
fit in the whole number.
And these bags are not
enough to hold all the money.
If Dawood lbrahim and Chota
Rajan find out the income.. this business, they'll
leave their mafia gangs abroad..
..and start a similar business here.
Look at my son.
He looks like a hero.
How is my dress, dad?
I'll spend 100 million rupees and..
..make a movie with you as the hero.
Even if the beggars
in the market see it..
..your movie will run for 100 days.
I don't want to be a hero.
Songs and fights are boring.
I'll become a villain. It
will be fun to do rapes and murders.
You are already doing that.
But everybody will see
me if I do it in a movie.
Who are you?
Why are you beating him?
Stop it!
He will die!
I want him to die.
How dare you come to
my area and beat my son?
It is not climate that
changes with the area.
It is courage.
Can't you bear to see
your son getting beaten up?
How can others bear
to see when your son..
..tortures their little children?
Poisonous flowers.
He'll just lose his sight.
Please don't harm my child.
She'll keep crying. You go ahead.
I'm warning you! Let my son go!
Are you Mother Teresa's
heir to save the orphans?
Tell him about me.
Why do you want to mess with them?
They chop off people's
hands and legs for coins..
..and do their
business on busy roads.
You look like a young guy.
Go and chat with girls.
Don't get into fights.
Hey! Break his bones!
Kill him!
Hello! Is this the police station?
Will you treat humans
worse than animals?
Are these the fingers
that pulled out the eyes..
..of infants that should
play in their mother's laps?
Are these the hands
that gave begging bowls.. small children
instead of school books?
Please let him go.
All the parts in my
brother's body are shaken.
All his bones are broken.
Please leave him.
What are you thinking, sir?
There's no other part in
his body left except his head.
Sir, don't mind that
he didn't salute you.
Brother is not in a
state to lift his hands.
I have a small request.
- Shut up!
He'll live if you take him
in an ambulance instead of a jeep.
He can at least spend
his life in a prison.
Congrats for saving all
of them by taking such a risk.
You should be doing this, not me.
- Yes, you.
You go to see a minister
if he's traveling on road.
But you totally ignore
the small children..
..that are begging on the same road.
For TRP ratings,
you'll run SMS contests..
..whether Aishwarya Rai
will have a son or a daughter.
You'll give details of gross,
share and shake..
..of a superstar's movie
but ignore such children.
Media should work for public,
not for publicity.
Look, stop writing about me.
There are many people
that do good to the society.
There are many people
that responded to a newspaper..
..that stated that a man
needs 500,000 for an operation.
Inform such people
about these people.
Think about ways needed
to help these people. Please.
You are a real hero, brother.
We might've heard about
liquor mafia or drugs mafia.
But human mafia is
more dangerous than that.
A man shattered that mafia
and sincerely responded.. the atrocities being
done in the society and..
..saved hundreds of
orphans with great courage.
This software young
man Cherry is being..
..congratulated on Facebook,
Twitter and through e-mails.
I like him now. I'll finalize him.
Why did you stop?
I feel shy.
You look handsome when you feel shy.
Oh.. Why did you come
here all of a sudden?
Actually Cherry has robbed my peace.
He gave a new life to many orphans.
I felt he is a good man.
You should hook us up.
Why are you guys torturing me?
Why do you need my mediating, dear?
Why don't you talk to him yourself?
He is very unpredictable.
He might suddenly refuse.
I have huge ego.
So, please make him come to me.
Oh, so you have huge ego.
Let me take care of that.
You have ego,
I have fear, and he has pride.
Let's forget about this love now.
- Yes, dear.
I'm very short-tempered as well.
Oh God! I'm stuck!
I'll try, dear.
- Yes?
Do you like me?
I even left the girl
I love for you, uncle.
No, please continue
loving that girl.
Is this an internet connection
to cut when you don't want..
..and connect it back when
you want it? It is my heart.
Don't give me quotations.
She heard that you
saved some orphans.
Since then she has
decided not to let you go.
Come and tell her that you love her.
What? Won't she love
me if I don't save anyone?
I don't want such a girl, uncle.
I want someone that
likes me just the way I am.
Why will someone like
you the way you are?
Are you Abraham Lincoln
or Bill Clinton?
- Please, I beg of you.
Okay. I have a huge ego,
so tell her to come to me.
Huge ego?
Did you hear our conversation?
No! Why do you ask?
Even she said the same thing.
We all are just kids.
Why cling to our egos?
Come and talk to her.
I can't bend lower than this.
Go and bring that girl to me.
She said she'll kill me.
Don't take her seriously.
She said she'll kill herself.
Don't take her seriously at all.
Why are you crying
in the washroom, sir?
Do I need your
permission to cry here?
Won't you let me even cry in peace?
Okay, sir. Continue crying.
Wash your hands.
Cherry will get
me into deep trouble.
Oh dear!
I don't know how many
murders this will lead to.
I fell in love at
first glance of yours
I fell for this smile of yours
I got snared by just one word..
I am done for
I am retracing my steps
My strength is all spent
I can't eat anything
due to your delusion
My body is shivering with fever
I am overcome with shyness, O god
Good lord!
Your beauty has set me on fire
I fell in love
at first sight of you
I fell for this smile of yours
God has put up some
link between you and me
That's why my heart
is dancing with joy
I'll have you as my beloved
in the future lives too
I like you and offered
my heart to you
I landed in your lap
and seek your protection
No! No! No!
O god! She has intoxicated me!
O lord! I'm reaching for the skies
You have come with the
speed of light and stole my heart
You come to my dreams
daily and drown me with kisses
I've got a twitching
eye looking for you
O girl,
your lips are a savory sweet
You've changed my life..
how did you manage this
No! No! No!
O god! I feel the
coolness of the moonlight
O lord! I am sweating
in the peak of winter
I fell in love at
first glance of yours
I fell for this smile of yours
Cherry is going
around with our madam.
We need to tell this
to boss immediately.
It's not sister's fault, boss.
Even a twig starts blossoming
if you water it every day.
Shut up, you fool!
He watered our girl, not a twig.
He is at fault for
giving him that chance.
What did you say?
You can understand
a person from his words..
..and his character
from his eyes, is it?
What did you understand?
He made a fool of you.
Darn! I couldn't hear
his flattery for you.
When I stopped him,
you cut me short saying Uncle!
What will you do now?
Your sister will say that
she wants to get married to him.
I've to kill him.
I cannot tolerate betrayal.
He should die before sister
tells me about her love.
That's like my boy.
Come on, find him.
Should we kill him?
Shut up!
Boss, he is going
around with a helmet.
He stopped at Khairatabad signals.
What do you want me to do?
A helmet saves from accidents,
not problems.
Follow him.
We are starting from here now.
Yes, boss.
- Where is he?
He went down the flyover
and took a left turn.
Should we ram our
jeep into his bike?
No! Babji himself will kill him.
You follow him.
Okay, boss.
Boss, he came to State Home.
We are nearby.
Boss, won't it be
risky to kill him here?
It is better to kill him there.
The news will spread
in all the state.
- Yes?
Take these 100 rupees
and keep this packet with you.
I'll come back and get it later.
- Okay.
Mother! Give me the packet.
Here it is.
Boss, he went inside.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Babji, this murder should
be the highlight of all crimes.
Sir, the DGP is in a meeting.
You can't go this way.
Give our greetings to sir.
You know my nephew, don't you?
Yes sir.
Let's go now.
Where is this fellow?
Boss, he is there.
Go and finish him right there.
He shot the DGP in a second.
It takes 10 days for
us to just say hello to him.
The murder is cancelled.
We don't know his background.
We should leave before he sees us.
Turn around.
Uncle! My heart is beating fast.
I'm in the same condition.
Why did our family
get involved with him?
Is he gone?
Will he survive after
taking in so many bullets?
You fool! I meant the killer,
not the dead man.
I think he is gone, boss.
Thank God!
Why did he get such high fever?
I can feel the heat here.
This is not some viral fever.
He got it because of a sudden shock.
Did he see any shocking
incident from close?
Yes, we did see something like that.
No medicines will work on him.
Just forget it.
Forget what? My nephew?
No, the incident you saw.
DGP was killed right
in the State Home.
Who killed him amidst so many VIPs?
Are they terrorists,
gangsters or naxalites?
The police are investigating
into this case.
Babji, we were very lucky.
If we went and asked
him why he loves our girl..
..he would've pointed
that gun at us.
Which gun, sir?
What do you have to do with that?
We got stuck in a problem
because of ill-luck. You leave.
Okay, sir.
You were alright in the morning.
Why did you get this
fever all of a sudden?
You are responsible for this.
What did I do?
I understood. I should behave
as if I don't know anything.
Go inside.
I need to talk to brother.
It would be better if you
give him some poison and kill him.
Can't you see that
he has high fever?
What do you want to talk now?
Go away.
Wait, uncle!
Today is a very auspicious day.
For what? To kill him?
Brother, I love someone.
That's a wonderful thing.
He is burning like
an electric heater.
Is it necessary to
give him this news now?
Uncle, brother will be
happy to know whom I love.
He got fever because of that man.
Brother, the man I love
is a huge fan of yours.
Who is that? Cherry?
He is a smooth talker.
Don't trust him at all.
Uncle, you didn't like
him from the beginning.
Brother will be upset if
you talk negatively about him.
Darn! Babji, why do we
have to endure this torture?
Please go, dear.
Brother, Cherry is here to meet you.
He is here?
What is this, sir?
I thought you had a strong body.
What happened to you?
He became like this after
seeing something shocking.
What did he see?
They've killed the
DGP who protects the state.
He is already suffering
with high fever.
Why are you showing
him such crime news?
Was this the shocking
thing that you saw?
Why will we see that?
We didn't see anything.
We don't know anything about it.
All the fools here are
going through a bad week.
I think she must've
already told you about me.
She said you never refused
her anything since childhood.
I came to you with courage
hoping you won't refuse me.
I hope you don't have any objection.
Is that a yes?
Why doesn't he speak?
How can we refuse? We agree to it.
Smile, Babji.
Then he'll believe you.
That is a smile.
Thanks, brother.
I'm very happy. Thank you.
You should actually thank me.
- Why?
Who is responsible
for your love? Me!
I went to see his
sister and use his name.
Then I brought you
here and you saw this girl.
Then this girl liked you and..
Hey! Stop your nonsense.
You got what you wanted. Now leave.
If you don't mind,
I'll take Madhu home..
..and introduce her to my family.
How can he refuse?
Take her with you.
Wow! You are really great, sir.
Please don't flatter me.
Take her with you.
Did you call me, sir?
- Yes.
Cherry, you take her home.
I'll give a party to your
uncle for hooking you up with her.
Okay, sir.
Uncle, enjoy.
Thank you.
Babji sir's sister
is going to get married.
What about your sister?
Why don't you settle for me?
Don't give me those serious looks.
Now my background is
bigger and stronger than you.
Why is the plate so big?
Why did you serve me so much food?
It will reduce if you
start eating. Come on.
Can anyone eat so much food?
Even he can't eat so much.
What is this, sir?
Ask them to remove half of it.
Jalebi! I feed others
with a lot of love.
You should finish all
that is served in your plate.
You should eat whatever I serve you.
You should eat it in whatever
way I tell you to eat.
Otherwise I'll lose
my control and kill you.
Oh! I think this is a murder scheme.
Others beat you to death,
but he will feed me to death.
Start eating.
I will eat.
Oh God!
My stomach is in pain.
I will die!
I will get stuck in this!
All the parts in the
body are filled with food.
How did you eat so much food?
I didn't eat, sir.
They stuffed the food into me.
How can they stuff so much?
Tell me the real story.
Take your hand off.
Is this a table to rest your hands?
What? Okay, now..
Are you a doctor or a lawyer?
Why do you ask questions
when I'm dying?
It's not like that.
Forget that.
Operate on me and take the food out.
I beg of you.
We can operate to get the baby out,
not the food.
This is the body, sir.
We have all the recordings
of the CCTV cameras.. the State Home
from the day of the murder.
Second camera.
Second camera.
Third camera.
Hey, who are they?
They are present in all the cameras.
A famous rowdy called Babji.
And that is his uncle.
What is he saying?
His voice was not recorded, sir.
Is there anyone in the
Intelligence Department..
..that can read his lips
and give us the dubbing?
We have someone, sir.
Who is he?
Sir, he is the man you
wanted to see from Intelligence.
Hello, sir.
I think he is a drunkard.
Yes, sir. I'm always in
mufti and fully intoxicated.
Duty and drink are like my two eyes.
Do you drink continuously?
No, sir. I drink it for courage
when I've to arrest someone.
After that I drink in
fear that he many harm me.
I drink with joy when officers
like you appreciate me.
I drink with sadness
if you don't appreciate me.
But you have to drink
all the time, is it?
I strongly feel that
everyone in Intelligence.. addicted to some habit.
Okay, show him the tapes.
Rewind the tape.
Babji, this murder should
be the highlight of all crimes.
Great! Great sync.
You've synced the lips perfectly.
CBI's duty is to link
or sync something, sir.
Bring them to my office.
Okay, sir.
Will you go alone
or will you take support?
You should take
friends to a wine shop.
But you should go
alone to the criminals.
Am I correct, sir?
You are correct. I like you.
I too, sir.
- Go ahead.
I'm afraid to think
about the future, uncle.
We can't achieve anything
by being afraid or sad.
The remote is in his hands.
We should watch whatever
channel he plays.
We can do nothing about it.
His house is better
than the Mansion House.
Who are you?
What are you looking at?
I'm thinking of how
to reveal the matter.
We are not doing anymore
settlements. Leave.
Why are not you doing them?
Should I give you a reason?
My son is not well.
Why is he not well?
Why are you drinking in my house?
Are you out of your mind?
A vehicle needs petrol to run.
My mouth needs a drink to talk.
He is acting too smart. Finish him.
Wait! I'm a CBI agent
that came to interrogate..
..about the man
you already finished.
My officer is waiting in the office,
let's go.
We never go to the station
when the police call us.
Will we come now for the CBI?
We won't come anywhere. Just leave.
I'm not a policeman
to leave when you ask me to.
I'm from CBI.
Central Bureau of Investigation.
Our Head Office is in Delhi,
not your street.
If you don't come with me,
you'll be in deep trouble.
Come on.
Go ahead. We'll follow you.
- Hello!
So, what do you do?
We do small settlements, sir.
You fool! Shut your mouth!
We do small settlements, sir.
What do you mean?
We deal with land and
family matters of poor people.
When a couple has disputes
and decide to separate..
..we say, the relationship
between wife and husband..
..should be like fish and water..
..not like fish and
fisherman and unite them.
Why did you go to
State Home on 21st?
State Home? What is that?
We don't know where it is.
Since our Babji was ill,
we were at home.
We haven't stepped
out for over a week.
False. That's a lie.
Tell me the truth.
Why will we lie?
What are you talking about?
Even we have a circle of friends.
We know ministers and MLAs.
Don't underestimate us.
So, did you go to meet them?
Where did we go? Whom did we meet?
What are you asking about?
What were you saying there?
I said, Today is Friday,
let's go to the temple, Babji.
The murder took place on a Tuesday.
Darn! How can I remember
if it was a Friday or Tuesday?
Do you think we
committed that murder?
Since I'm an old man,
I was telling him some good things.
Why are you making
a big issue out of it?
Oh! Good things, is it?
Babji, this murder should
be the highlight of all crimes.
There's something wrong
with those dialogues.
That's right. I said those words.
Why should I lie?
I said that dialogue.
I said those words
in that situation.
What was that situation?
Some guy trapped our girl.
We got information
that he was there..
..and so we went there to warn him.
But before that,
the matter got twisted like this.
So, the murderer is the
guy who trapped your girl?
Please don't drag
us into this issue.
Was he there when
the murder took place?
Yes. Oh no, I don't know.
Please don't ask us about him.
My boy has fever. I have chest pain.
And I have blood.
Don't mind that. Sir hit you.
You may leave now.
Is that all? We can go?
CBI is very simple. Let's go.
Hey! What is the name
of the guy who loves your girl?
Charan! His nickname is Cherry.
What does he do?
He's a software engineer.
In which company?
What is it?
CG Tricks. Madhapur, Phase-2.
You may leave now.
Sir, why did you
let those criminals go?
You shouldn't save the bottle
after the drink is finished..
..and the witnesses after
the matter is finished.
They witnessed the murder,
but that man committed it.
Am I correct, sir?
How can you be so sure?
They had fear in their
eyes and tremor in their voices..
..when you mentioned him.
I noticed that you noticed that.
You are right. You are
drunk but your mind works well.
Thanks for your compliment.
Then let's arrest than man, sir.
Sir should say that, not you.
He is not killing ordinary men.
He completed his target
even in the midst of.. many ministers,
MLAs and security guards.
Looking at his dedication,
determination and..
..decision power,
I can't understand..
..if he is one man
or hundred thousand men.
We need strong
evidences to arrest him.
Based on the details they gave us..
..get me his whole bio-data.
- Yes?
We've got all the date of CG Tricks.
See Charan's details
in the staff list.
See if he went to work
on the day of murder, the 21st.
He was on leave, sir.
Match this photo with
CCTV cameras in State Home.
We didn't find a match there, sir.
Most brilliant criminal.
He made sure he wasn't
captured in any camera.
But I saw him in TV once, sir.
He exposed a human mafia last month.
The people who got
beaten up by him..
..and got arrested
are in the prison now.
Bring them here.
Get down, brother.
Be careful.
Be careful.
Why are you in such a hurry?
Be careful.
Hello, sir!
When you walk, why does
it sound like a robot walking?
Did you hear the
sound of iron rods, sir?
Except for liver,
heart and kidneys..
..everything else is
made of steel in their bodies.
What do you mean?
A guy beat them up
and powdered their bones.
Since they couldn't
be attached together..
..we managed to put them
together with steel rods.
His mashed up all the
bones in their bodies.
Even this is steel, sir.
Even their skulls were broken.
Was he the one that beat you?
It's him! It's him!
His photo is dislocating
all the rods in their bodies.
Please turn that around, sir.
He turned it, brother.
Didn't you try to
take revenge on him?
Will we hit the transformer
if we get an electric shock?
They have intelligence
but no information, sir.
We don't need any more information.
He is the one that
we are searching for.
Hello, sir!
CBI! Did you catch him or not?
I've got Intelligence reports that..
..he is going to kill
me in the Kumbh Fair.
What are you guys doing?
He can't kill you, sir.
When you return from Kumbh Fair..
..he'll be standing
before you in handcuffs.
You can go there boldly, sir.
Go and search!
This side.
Search everywhere.
Go upstairs. This way.
Don't leave any room.
Search everywhere.
What is this commotion?
What are you guys doing here?
Who do you think lives here?
Babji's brother-in-law.
We are searching for him.
We are from CBI.
Who are you?
I'm Cherry's uncle.
My name is Jalebi.
Yes. Unfortunately,
my name is Jalebi.
You should've named
yourself Spicy Chips.
They go well with drinks.
We searched everywhere, sir.
He is not here.
Whom are you searching for?
Cherry. Where is he?
He went to the Khumb Fair.
Khumb Fair? Let's go. Pick him.
Sir, I have a tummy upset.
Did you get him?
No, sir. His phone
is continuously engaged.
I think he is talking
to his girlfriend.
Keep trying.
O my god! Feel the way I feel..
fill me up with love
O damsel..
you cut through like a knife
Don't shine like the lightning
and send shivers down my spine
O damsel..
you cut through like a knife
Come down like the thunder
and give what I seek
I am getting intoxicated
I am being driven mad
This rashness of yours
is causing all this
I want to share this
love and offer you my beauty
Why can't you be more patient
Madam! Madam!
Just be my madam
I love you, love you, madam
My love is true
Let's seal this pact, my love
O damsel..
you cut through like a knife
Come down like the thunder
and give what I seek
I saw the dreams of
a happy home and immense love
I felt shy seeing all
that and left it to providence
I keep smiling in spite
of the burden on my heart
Come to me, my love
Come to me, my protector
Come to me without any delay
I come to satisfy your wish..
not necessarily what you asked
One must be given
that which can't be asked
Madam! Madam!
Just be my madam
I love you, love you, madam
My love is true
Let's seal this pact, my love
O damsel..
you cut through like a knife
Don't shine like the lightning
and send shivers down my spine
O damsel..
you cut through like a knife
Don't just walk away like that
Give me what I seek
Come to me,
the greatest lover of the world
Come to me,
the greatest worker of the world
Come to me and don't
let this chase go begging
Sir, I've seen Khumb Fair in TV,
but never in person.
Why did you spend so
much to give me a free trip?
I'll tell you.
First call up your nephew.
Okay, sir.
May God fulfill all your desires!
Yes, uncle.
Where are you?
Put on the speaker.
I'm in the Khumb Fair.
Even I'm in the fair.
When did you come here?
I'll tell that later.
First tell me where you are.
I'm at Lord Shiva's temple.
We got him.
Freeze! Are you
removing your gun out?
Should I be quiet when
you kill everyone before me?
Sir, my son is a software engineer.
How can he kill somebody?
You'll understand everything
in the interrogation.
They caught our brother. What now?
He is not our brother.
No? Then where is our brother?
Let's go to the vehicle.
Brother will finish him and come.
Sir, let's go to
the hospital please.
I thought he was dead,
but he's still alive.
He killed my brother and DGP.
I should kill him!
Sir, as per rules, we shouldn't
fire weapons in Khumb Fair.
Forget the rules.
Take him to the hospital.
I'm really sorry.
Since you both look the same..
..I unnecessarily doubted you.
You are not connected to this.
You may leave.
Sir, who is that man?
Why do you want to know
about a murderer? Let's go.
Wait a minute, uncle.
We are at the railway station
because they caught him.
Otherwise we would've
been in the police station.
Sunrise and sunset look the same..
..but the temperatures differ.
In a similar way,
you are so different from him.
Just a minute.
Why are you touching that man?
It says that he is a hero.
The media writes anything
they want for circulation.
Everyone tries to get
rid of their problems.
But you are trying to get into one.
I want to know about
the man that looks like me.
Rawat! Down! Down!
Rawat! Down! Down!
Rawat! Down! Down!
Save our lives!
Rawat! Down! Down!
Save our lives!
Rawat! Down! Down!
Save our lives!
You ask us to shut down factories.
But the government
asks us to build factories.
What should we do now?
The government asked
you to manufacture medicines..
..not drugs like
'charas' and heroine.
Because of the illegal
drugs manufactured by you..
..the air and water
are getting polluted..
..and people are
dying of failed lungs.
Understand our problem
and shut down the factory.
The factory is not
polluting the environment.
Your illegal slums are polluting it.
Go and dwell somewhere else. Go!
We won't move! Move your factory!
It is not some toy
to move it around.
It is a factory built
with 10 billion rupees.
People's lives are
more important than money.
Yes, brother!
If one man gets a scolding,
If one man gets beaten up,
If one man gets killed,
Kill him!
Oh God!
There's no pollution in heaven.
Would you like to join him there?
Nobody that talks against
me or acts against me..
..should step into Kolkata.
He's coming from hostel
after a long time. See properly.
I'm seeing properly.
Don't eat my brains.
Oh dear!
Siddhu is there!
- There!
- Siddhu!
Hi, sis!
- How are you?
I'm good.
Hi, Siddhu!
- Hi!
How are you?
Did you prepare well for the exams?
I did what I could.
Don't make him talk too much.
I took an off from the
hospital and came to meet him.
How can you ask
me not to talk to him?
You shouldn't talk to him.
That's all.
He was silent when he
wrote his 10 standard exams.
So, he came first in the state.
If he remains silent even now..
..he'll come first in
central railway exams too.
I have a strong mind, sis.
Even if I scream around..
..not a single word will
be deleted from my mind.
Whatever it is, you will not talk.
That's it.
What is this?
How can she tell you not to talk?
We'll continue talking in secret.
Shall we go?
Shouldn't we get a coolie?
Why? My husband will carry the bags.
If you don't talk
as your sister said..
..everyone will think you are dumb.
Sis, let me talk a little.
Okay. Take a shower and freshen up.
I'll cook food.
Cousin Siddhu! When did you come?
What are you looking at?
Why are you so stunned?
Say something.
Put on some clothes
or close the door.
Everything I studied
is going out of my mind.
Is that so?
Now everything will come back.
Only half came back.
If he writes this exam and becomes..
..a railway superintendent,
he'll be settled in life.
Since he has nobody
else except for us..
..we'll get him married
and fulfill our responsibility.
Why don't you get
him married to my sister?
Your sister is superfast
and my brother is dead slow.
How will they manage?
He'll sit in a corner like me.
What did you say?
I said they'll be happy like us.
My husband went around
the whole of Kolkata..
..and brought your favorite fish.
Didn't you recognize her?
She's my sister.
Oh! I saw her just
once in your wedding.
'I'm glad he didn't say
that he saw me without clothes.'
She attended the campus
interviews recently.
She is waiting for the results.
Is that so?
'Wow, you are a good actor.'
Sit down.
It's okay.
Please sit down.
She doesn't look like
the girls of this generation.
I think she is a quiet girl.
Not at all.
She is shy as she met you just now.
'Shy? This girl?'
Badvel murdered another man.
Muslim brother Riyaz
was brutally killed..
..for demanding to stop
the pollution from the factory.
Whenever there's a murder
or crime in the city..
..the names connected
with that crime are..
..Rawat and his brothers
Badvel and Taxi Seth.
But their crimes are never proved.
The public and the
police know who killed him.
Don't the media know?
What will you do if we tell you?
You'll telecast it
till they kill us, right?
Who is this Rawat, sis?
They've been telling
about him from so long.
They are rascals.
Kolkata hears about
them almost every day.
That's why we are
planning for a transfer.. that we can get
away from all these things.
Don't the police do anything?
There are no police
that can arrest them..
..or men that can
confront them in Kolkata.
Those goons are
doing what they want..
..because nobody is
ready to fight against them.
If someone confronts them,
they'll get scared.
Why should we discuss about them?
Forget it.
Yes, we shouldn't discuss
what happens around us.
No matter what happens to others..
..we should be happy, right?
This is not our state or our city.
Forget it.
Even Mother Teresa
wasn't from Kolkata.
She came to another
country to serve others..
..and inspired millions of people.
These goons are walking
in the Kolkata that she lived in.
Someone should confront
them one day or the other.
Oh dear, finish your food.
- Brother!
Close the case immediately.
Sir, they are taking
Rawat and Badvel's name.
Will they take our names instead?
Change them in the FIR.
Hello, Rawat sir! Bless me!
Come in.
Greetings! Bless me! Hello!
You are my follower and partner.
Sit here.
No, sir. I'll gain confidence
when I sit at your feet.
He always does overacting.
I heard you were called to Delhi.
You take care of
the center from now.
Your brother will
take care of the state.
Why two politicians in one family?
You are correct.
The government always says..
..that one is enough and
two are a crowd in a family.
That is about children,
not about movies or politics.
Here, the more people
the more benefit.
Am I right, brother?
What about the liquor tender?
The minister refused to
give us the contract saying..
..there are enough liquor
shops for people to drink..
..and anymore shops will
bring his government down.
Yes, sir.
That minister is a useless man.
He is always concerned
about the people
Correct. When we occupied
some land illegally..
..he created more fuss
than the people themselves.
You've helped him win
and become a minister..
..thinking that he'll
be useful to us..
..but he has kept my
promotion still pending, sir.
Call him up!
Hello, Rawat sir!
I understood the matter.. soon as I got a call from you.
I think all your men
instigated you against me.
Don't act too smart
because you have a post..
..and gunmen besides you.
I'll make your gunmen shoot you.
You should apply henna
only to your fingers.
You shouldn't apply it to
your body because it gives color.
Try to understand.
You and your brother killed
a man before 10,000 people.
Not just me, even my men
are trying hard to manage it.
And talking about your men,
they created..
..false land documents
for Mother Teresa's lands.
He put his mother's name
and he his grandma's name.
Will the people keep silent?
Why won't they be silent?
Is Mother Teresa still alive?
No, she is not.
Why do dead people need land?
So, I put my mother's name on it.
Is that wrong?
Shut up! If you say those
words in the assembly..
..the opposition
party will abuse you.
So what?
- Stop.
You shouldn't think of
people when you are in power.
You should think about our men.
But that's not..
When I come back from Delhi..
..I should see him as the DGP..
..and these men should be happy.
Let's go to a movie.
Why a movie now?
I already told them
to book the tickets.
They'll feel bad if we don't go.
My fans.
- Yes.
Your fans?
- Yes.
Who are they?
Venu and party.
You don't know the
kind of following I have.
Let me show you. Come.
Hail Gabbar Singh!
Hail Oscar!
- Yes?
You are the president of..
..Kolkata Power
Star Fans Association.
You should display power.
Why are you so scared?
I'm not scared.
Just a little shivering.
Nandini always used to call me for..
..pizzas, burgers and cold drinks.
Today she called me for
two side by side movie tickets.
What does that mean?
Does she like me?
Of course she likes you.
Why are you tense?
If she has asked you to
book two side by side tickets..
..she has given you
the signal for love.
Really? Take this ring.
Just like people in Andhra
are crazy for Power Star..
..people here are crazy for you,
Really? Take this.
You are super, brother.
Catch this.
She fell for you, brother.
You are a Bengal Tiger, brother.
- Really?
You are Siddhu Siddharth Roy,
Really? You deserve this chain.
Brother, you are giving
away all your gold.
I hope you don't become a pauper.
When 50 kilos of gold
is going to be mine..
..why should I bother
about 250 grams of gold?
You are right.
- Hi!
your future wife looks beautiful.
She does.
But who is the man beside her?
He is like a Power Star
with Mega Star's features.
Give me back my ring.
- Why?
Give it back.
- Take.
It doesn't matter who he is,
He is a VCD, but you are a DVD.
You take this.
- Thanks.
Hi, Venu!
- Hi, Nandini! Who is he?
My sister-in-law's brother.
Brother? I was tense.
I'm Venu, local Power Star.
- Yes.
- Yes?
Take the brother and
buy whatever he wants.
Give him whatever seat
he wants to see the movie.
She and I will sit
in the corner seat and..
How can that be possible? No way!
He is my sister-in-law's brother.
I forced him to come to the movie.
If I don't sit beside him,
not only him..
..but my brother and sister-in-law
also will feel bad.
Let's go, Siddhu.
Why does she need corner
seats to sit with a brother?
She said he is her
sister-in-law's brother.
What does that mean?
He can be her boyfriend too.
- What?
It is like he is riding your horse.
I won't let him ride it. Let's go.
Hey, see what the brother is doing?
Your girl is doing a lot of things.
What is he doing when
she's doing all that?
Even he'll do something
without being seen.
If they are behaving
like this in a matinee show..
..they would've done
a lot more in a first show.
I won't let them do anything.
Shall we finish him then?
If we do it now,
the fans will get disturbed.
We'll leisurely finish
him in the interval.
We need weapons to
save our girl or property.
So, I brought acid and knife.
When I stab him with this knife.. pour acid on his face.
What should we do?
Watch the show without
getting scared.
One Popcorn,
one Coke, medium French Fries.
Where is he?
He is there.
He is like a free customer.
He is watching a
movie with our tickets.
Now he'll drink the cold
drink that your girl bought.
He'll die free of cost
when I stab him with this knife.
Let's do it.
Let the crowd reduce.
You said there were
fans in the theater.
Now you say there is public.
Will you stab him or not?
I will stab you first.
We need proper planning.
Sorry, I didn't see you.
Will my clothes get
dry if you say sorry?
They will get dry if you apply heat.
Give me a hug.
Hey, give me a hug.
Let me go.
- Hug me.
Let me go.
- Hug me.
Why are you making this
into a big issue? Let her go.
How dare you touch Viju?
How dare you touch me?
What is that look?
Will you hit? Will you hit me?
What is it?
I came to take their bodies.
Take them away.
- Okay.
Let's go.
Hey, what is that blood?
Tomato sauce.
Tomato sauce?
Don't ask me questions.
I'm in a shock.
Go and watch the movie.
Wash it off.
Don't wave! That's enough.
Why are you drinking so much?
Your liver will get damaged.
If I damage my liver,
I can borrow some money..
..go to Apollo Hospital
and get myself a new one.
What should I do
when my lover is gone?
A country has no harm
from terrorism and naxalism.
Our India is backward
only because of beauty-ism.
What does beauty-ism mean?
Girls use their beauty as capital..
..and make us go around them..
..just like they
rotate the interest.
They will smile and convince us.
For example,
we buy shares of a good company.
We expect guaranteed growth.
But it shuts down without warranty.
Even girls are like that.
You compared beauty
with money in a good way.
..if I had gone
around India on foot..
..I would've been
in the Guinness Book.
Just as they throw the
cup after eating the ice-cream..
..just as they remove
a small hero's movie..
..when a star hero's
movie releases..
..she this innocent
man for a handsome man.
Please don't trust beautiful girls.
I feel the same.
Let's go and confront her.
If we go to her, she'll
say she is getting married to him.
We'll have to pay for the
gifts and bouquets. Forget it.
Okay, brother.
She married him
long ago in her heart.
I've designed the marriage
invitation in my heart long back
I've sent it to you in my dreams
I'll offer my love
the black spot on my cheek
I'll welcome you at first
night with sublime scents
I've received the marriage
invitation.. is it true or a dream
I replied to my beloved
with my first kiss long back
I'll get a lovely garland
of fresh blooms for you
I'll entertain you in the
beautiful evenings of the season
I've designed the marriage
invitation in my heart long back
I replied to my beloved
with my first kiss long back
The new season of love has begun
The birds sing tunes of love
The breeze has an
air of intoxication
The jasmines are ready
to adorn your lovely hair
Your gaze pierces into my heart
I desire to embrace
your beauty with all my heart
That is how this
story will go to climax
I've received the marriage
invitation.. is it true or a dream
I've designed the marriage
invitation in my heart long back
My love for stayed
unexpressed for long
I wrote this letter of
love for you with words unspoken
I yearned for your
love for a long time
I waited for you just
as a garden waits for the blooms
You sly looks carry lots of news
There are many desires
waiting to be fulfilled
That is how this
story will go to climax
I've designed the marriage
invitation in my heart long back
I've sent it to you in my dreams
I'll get a lovely garland
of fresh blooms for you
I'll entertain you in the
beautiful evenings of the season
I've designed the marriage
invitation in my heart long back
I've received the marriage
invitation.. is it true or a dream
Doctor, how is my daughter?
How is she?
Are you really her parents?
You gave steroids
to a ten year old girl.. make her look
like an eighteen year old.. that you can make
her a prostitute to earn money.
We didn't do it, sir.
Rawat's brothers..
..Badvel and Taxi Seth did that.
Because of poverty we
put our children on jobs.
But they give steroids
to those small girls..
..turn them into women
and sell them for prostitution.
They are separating small
kids from their parents.
Half of the taxis in
Kolkata belong to Taxi Seth.
They kidnap small girls
like my daughter who get into..
..his taxis, promise them jobs,
turn them into prostitutes..
..and later sell them
off to men in other countries.
Why didn't you complain
to the police about this?
Nobody has the courage
to confront them, sir.
You might not have the courage,
I have it.
- Yes.
A girl gave this statement
against Badvel before dying.
These are her blood
samples and DNA reports.
Finally I saw a man that
has the courage to confront him.
These proofs are
enough to arrest him.
Yes, Siddhu.
Why didn't you come for
lunch on your anniversary?
Sister is waiting for you.
Where are you?
I came to Old Binni Mills.
What? What work do you have there?
I came here for an important work.
Ask your sister to eat food.
I'll come later.
Okay, come soon.
Where to?
We need to see Badvel.
Take off your uniform
and come inside.
Why did you come
in your police uniform?
Did you come to arrest me?
Someone has complained against you..
..for the first time
in Kolkata with strong proofs.
He came to me without
knowing that I'm your man.
If he had gone to someone else..
You should think about
the diseases, doctor.
Why do you bother
about other people?
Did you really think you
can go against me in Kolkata?
He may have sold himself to you.
If the police can't do anything,
I'll give these proofs.. the media and get
you hanged in the public.
Badvel! Badvel!
Nobody should question
me even if I sell or kill people.
You might kill me today,
but one day you'll die like a dog.
Kolkata belongs
to me and my brother.
Are you the doctor's brother-in-law?
Your brother-in-law
complained against our boss.
Boss got angry and
killed him just now.
His body is lying there.
Take it away and burn it.
Open your eyes.
Take the body with you and leave.
If you talk about police
and post mortem, he'll kill you too.
He will kill your sister as well.
If they have any kids,
he will kill them as well.
Who among you is Badvel?
Who is Badvel here?
Who is Badvel?
What? Will you kill me?
I won't be called
Siddharth Naayak anymore..
..if I don't kill you today
on the busiest roads of Kolkata.
No, don't kill me.
Please, I beg of you.
So many people must
have begged you like this.
Did you spare them? Yes?
Kill the rascal!
Kill him!
What did my brother-in-law do?
Will you kill him because
he complained against you?
'Somebody should confront
him one day or the other.'
The man who killed
Badvel shouldn't be alive.
I should kill him with my hands.
Where is he?
I'll stay right here.
Your husband was right.
He is not alive today..
..because there is
nobody to confront them.
Nobody else should die.
Kolkata should be
rid of Rawat and his men.
What are you saying?
He died because he
went and confronted them.
How can we life if
you lose your life as well?
We shouldn't run with fear.
They should run away with fear.
They will run away.
I bind you by oath that
you should come with us.
Sister, listen to me.
You don't have a brother-in-law now.
If you don't listen to me,
you won't have a sister too.
- Let's go.
Son, I heard that you killed Badvel.
I came because I wanted to see you.
He killed my four sons
and left me childless.
I don't know whose son you are.
You should live long.
Will you stay here? Won't you?
Let's go.
Come on.
Wait, son! All of us
are very happy that at last..
..there is a man to confront them.
Please don't leave.
We don't need any of this.
Let's go.
Brother, please don't leave.
You are our courage.
You should be here as our support,
as our leader.
We will stand behind you.
You think you can sneak
away after killing my brother?
Do you know why you are still here?
Because I wanted to
kill you with my hands.
Because I wanted to
kill you with my hands.
Are you happy that
he stood against me?
I will kill him right
before you. Watch!
Take sister and go away.
We'll be fine. Please go.
People are ready to die for you.
Does that mean you are a leader now?
Why don't you speak?
Are you a leader?
Yes, my brother is a leader.
Siddhu, I wanted you to be with us.
But you should be with these people.
The people around are afraid of him.
But he should be afraid of you.
He should be afraid
to hear your name.
Take her away.
I can kill you in one second.
Your eyes should see
your empire falling down.
Your ears should
hear about your defeat.
Looking at the torture
you've to endure.. goon will dare
to walk in Kolkata.
You will need my permission
to live or to die.
Naayak! Siddharth Naayak!
Can we do nothing?
Should I taste defeat
in the hands of a man that.. not even as
old as my experience?
I need to kill him!
I need to kill him with these hands!
Boss, he went to the
factory with a big crowd.
Study well.
I'm here if you need anything.
Okay, brother.
He became an instant
leader like instant coffee.
Brother, we need to chop
him into pieces. Do something.
Don't go near him, boss.
If you touch him..
..east, west, north, south,
the whole state will be shaken.
His fan following
is increasing by the day.
They shower flowers
on him when he walks.
They sing praises
to him all the time.
All the current MLAs,
MPs, IAS and IPS officers..
..everyone is on his side.
Even the minister who
won with your support met him.
You can only hear Naayak's
name everywhere in Kolkata.
He saved the girls that
Rawat and his brother..
..were exporting to
the foreign countries..
..and became a God to them.
He also brought back
all the young women..
..suffering abroad away
from their parents back to India.
I never thought I'll
see you again, dad.
We don't know whom
he spoke to or what he did.
But he gave us our children back.
All these years we've
seen people taking up weapons.. do injustice
or to make others do it.
For the first time,
we are seeing a leader..
..that took up weapons.
I want to see him once, mom.
It would've been better
if he has killed us both together.
Why should we live
this stupid life..
..thinking about him
and fearing him every moment?
Let's go away from here.
Let's leave this city.
He will leave, not us.
Not just the city, the whole earth.
Call all the rowdies,
goons, partners, supporters..
..and every criminal
that cheated people..
..using Rawat's
name all these years.
Tell them that Naayak
wants to meet them.
Hello, boss!
Why are all the rowdies
and goons of the city here?
Boss, you wagged your tail
behind Rawat till yesterday.
Why did you suddenly
come to meet Naayak?
What if Rawat finds out?
We will be in form
only when we follow..
..a hero that has following
and a leader that's in form.
Silly man! Follow me.
Why are you guys waiting here?
They asked us to wait here.
We should go in only
when our name is called.
Oh, he'll call us
individually and discuss..
..the percentage without
anybody else's knowledge.
I'm scared that he'll
beat us up inside.
Not just you, even boss is scared.
Shut up!
Just as we cover
the body with a shirt..
..let us cover our fear with words.
Hello, Naayak sir.
Hello, sir.
You asked me to be here in an hour.
But I came in half an hour.
Shukla, you've come
as soon as I called you.
What will you have?
Coffee, tea or cold drinks?
I'll take a photo with you.
Yes, I'll tell everyone
that Naayak is my friend.
I'll use the craze
that public has for you.
I committed 100 murders
and 50 rapes till date.
I illegally occupied
all the lands I wanted.
I made the whole Kolkata weep.
But even my neighbor
doesn't know my name.
Only police know me.
You did a single murder.
You became state famous and a star.
Just say yes.
I'll use your name and..
..collect 10 billion
rupees by this evening.
Should I do it?
Will you give me permission?
Are you ready, sir?
How will you get so much money?
Even Tata and Birla
can't get that much money.
How will they get it?
Are they great goons?
What will be your property worth?
Do rowdies earn so much money?
You can count that as just change.
I'll give you more money than Rawat.
I'll turn this old
house into a palace.
I'll shake up Ambanis
in just half a day.
If you say yes,
we'll talk about percentage.
projects, and tenders.
Is that okay?
I'm not able to refuse your offer.
Percentage is okay.
Go inside and sign the documents.
Agreement for being a rowdy?
Hats off, Naayak sir.
Which room should I
go to for the agreement?
He signed with his left
hand to go to the right.
Let's go to the right.
Shukla! Naayak sir's partner.
lawyers, judge, registrar!
He is making all the
rowdies his legal partners.
This man is a quality man.
He is an educated man, boss.
Not a rascal like us.
Where should I sign?
Sir, will you have
a look at your properties?
Okay. That is mine. Mine.
That is mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.
I see them every day.
They are my properties.
Tell me where to sign.
I'll just sign.
Sign here.
Please, come on. Give me the pen.
Congrats, boss.
You are Naayak's sir partner now.
Shukla's luck is shining on him.
Take a chocolate, sir.
Why a chocolate as if I
did great service to the country?
You really did a great work.
- What did I do?
You gave away all your
property to an orphanage.
What are you saying?
I feel as if my nerves are cut.
When did I give away my property?
That's what the document says.
You've signed it.
You don't have any legal
rights on the property now.
With what purpose
did you call me inside?
With what purpose did
you take my signatures?
How can you take
away all my property..
..and send me out as a pauper?
Hey! I'm Shukla!
How dare you mess with me?
I'll kill a man for each second.
There are 100 goons outside.
They'll come in
as soon as I whistle.
What is it, Shukla?
Why are you shouting?
Am I shouting?
You took away my property..
..of 50 billion and gave
me a chocolate of 50 paisa.
Shouldn't I shout?
Should I sing a song coolly?
Should I sing a song like this?
You didn't understand
what's going on here.
You'll understand that
when you go to the next room.
You gave me a
chocolate in this room.
Will you give me
a biscuit in that room?
He's very emotional.
Take him quickly.
I came to the next room. What now?
You have bodies like oxen.
What are you doing
in this room when..
..great injustice is
taking place in that room?
Didn't you lose
your property like me?
You have bodies, I have brain.
Let's fight together.
We'll lose nothing
but our lives in a fight.
Why are you staring
at me without speaking?
They don't like men
who lost their property.
They look like men
that will beat us up.
Whistle immediately.
They can't hear you
even if you whistle.
We have some good
sound arrangements here.
Oh God!
Even in a dream it
takes a whole night..
..for me to lose so much property.
How did I lose it with
just a small signature?
Yes, boss. I still can't believe it.
My clothes are intact
but the body is not working.
How could they beat us up so nicely?
Yes, boss. Even trained
police don't beat up like this.
Eat the chocolate, boss.
Throw it away! Throw it!
I remember my lost property
when I see it. Oh God!
Why are you sitting here?
We are sitting here because
they asked us to sit.
Are they beating up
people inside as we thought?
Why will they beat us up?
What wrong did we do?
What did you speak to
him and how much did you fix?
We don't have to speak anything.
They ask you to sign
as soon as you go inside.
They give a chocolate
as soon as you sign.
That's it. Very simple.
Is it okay if I
increase the percentage?
You can ask whatever
you want for your personality.
But you will have to sign.
I don't have a pen with me.
Pens, stamps, chocolates,
everything is inside. Go.
Hello, Naayak sir.
Come in, Rajput.
Be it forgery, piracy,
fake passports or court stamps.
Everything is piracy.
You've earned a lot of money.
If you give a second,
he'll forge your sign too.
Shut up!
Why will I forge his signature?
I've earned a lot, Naayak sir.
That's why I called you up.
Fix the percentage and
give me the chocolate quickly.
They'll give you inside.
Go and take it.
Okay, Naayak sir.
Should I meet you again
after taking the chocolate?
No. The whole program
goes according to a process.
He must've got his chocolate by now.
All your property is transferred.. Mother Teresa Trust.
What are you saying?
Why will I give them
away to Mother Teresa Trust?
I won't agree to it.
Boss, the music has started inside.
The poor man has a loose body.
It must've become even looser.
We somehow managed to come here.
Will he be able to walk till here?
Or will he collapse on the way?
He's here.
Why didn't you tell me
about the cheating inside?
I would've escaped had
you given me a missed call.
Okay, you give missed
calls to the others in queue.
No need. Let them lose their
properties like we lost ours.
I was silent because
of the same feeling.
Even you remain silent.
Okay. Give me that chocolate.
I'm coming.
Why are you guys eating
chocolates like small kids?
They are treating us
like small kids inside.
They don't feel that
we are rowdies and goons.
Go inside, sign the papers
and get a chocolate. Go!
Rajput! He is a strong
man even though he is thin.
He is walking quite well.
They are beating up
according to the body type.
Then they must've bashed
you up pretty badly.
You've informed
about the chocolates.
Why didn't you tell
us about the sound system?
Would you've gone
inside if I had told you?
Welcome, Raja!
You were very excited
while going inside.
Now you all look very tired.
Did they beat you up inside?
Why will they beat us up?
We go to a hospital
for a health checkup.
They make us walk on a treadmill.
Won't you be tired?
This is the same.
They give us a fruit drink there.
But here they give us a chocolate.
That's it. Go and get it.
Something is fishy.
I'll meet him later.
I'll switch off my cell phone.
Brother, he is escaping.
Let's run! Oh God!
Brother, save me.
Thank God they caught him.
I was worried that he'll escape.
Are you happy?
- Yes.
It's okay if we are ruined.
The neighbor shouldn't thrive.
That's our Indian psychology.
I love you, Raja.
Is everybody here
or is there someone left?
Who else will be there, boss?
All of them look like
uprooted trees in a storm.
Brother has called you inside.
How can we come? Nobody's
legs are in working condition.
There are many
diabetes patients here.
If you delay another half an hour,
half of them will die.
Send us home, we'll leave.
Will you all come
or should I call brother?
No. We'll muster up
all our strength and come.
Oh God! Terrible pain!
Oh God!
Anyone that does illegal
businesses, scams..
..schemes and donations
shouldn't stay in Kolkata now.
You should leave this
city in half an hour.
We get six months to
vacate even a rented place.
How can you ask us to
leave in just half an hour?
I say everything just once.
The second time, I kill.
Our state has weapons to kill him.
But there are no men to catch him.
So, I brought these men from Tihar.
Look, he is not a rowdy or a goon.
He has a fan community
in every street.
He has a fan in every house.
If you mess up,
he'll kill us along with you.
Why are you scared?
He is a human, is he not?
If we press the trigger,
he'll be hit with a bullet.
Yes, but do that carefully.
Where is he?
He's in a wedding
reception in his colony.
I am a beauty from Howrah
and you are a hero from Andhra
At any hour that you choose,
I'll be ready for you
You may touch and feel
my beauty as you please
This is the place for real love
Nellore is another
name for romance
I am a beauty from Howrah
and you are a hero from Andhra
At any hour that you choose,
I'll be ready for you
You may touch and feel
my beauty as you please
Singur is the place
for full-blooded action
We shall put up camp in Guntur
O lovely damsel,
I am ready for action
C'mon and I shall
show you what I am made of
I shall enthrall you
with my magic all night
I shall serve you my beauty
like tasty food with wine
I like your power and
style and I became your fan
I have come to enjoy
your beauty and show my might
You make all sort of
statements and put me in a fix
This is the place for real love
Nellore is another
name for romance
You are like a juicy
fruit from Nairobi
I will start the game
like emperors of yore
O young prince..
your charm puts the shackles on me
Take the veil off me
and see the cracker that I am
Your non-stop invitation
is forcing me to follow you
If you promise to enthrall me,
I'll offer my juicy lips to you
It is great to have milk
and honey before the act of love
Singur is the place
for full-blooded action
We shall put up camp in Guntur
Who sent you?
Rawat and DIG.
Sir, our men were caught.
They revealed your name and my name.
He will definitely attack us.
Okay, inform him that
we are in the minister's house.
He will come there
alone in his anger.
One shot, two birds.
I got it.
Why are you so tense?
You have to save me.
My shadow might leave me,
but Naayak won't.
I lost my property,
my men, and everything else.
I just have my life left. Save me.
Boss, he is here.
An apple tree doesn't give grapes.
I made you a minister,
but you went to him.
Naayak killed the minister!
What are you talking about?
People outside say
that you are a great God.
Great Gods should
be in photos and idols.
They shouldn't be alive like you.
I will take back all
the land you gave to the poor.
I will start all my
businesses that you shut down.
I will hunt down your
followers and kill them.
I will take the post
of this dead old man..
..and become the minister in a week.
Hey! - Yes, boss?
Is he dead?
He is dead, boss.
Throw him in the river Ganges.
Okay, boss.
Make an entry in
the police records..
..that he is absconding
after murdering the minister.
Okay, sir.
Only we know that he is dead.
People will wait in
hope that he will return.
'The Goddess saved me.'
'lnstead of proving that
I didn't kill the minister..'
' became my goal
to kill these beasts..'
'..without getting
caught by the law.'
Mom, let's go.
Where to?
That's a train bound to Kolkata.
We are going there.
I'll tell you.
Naayak! Someone came to meet you.
- Who?
Someone called Cherry.
He looks exactly like you.
Hi, my name is Cherry.
I read about you
and came to meet you.
One side there is police.
One side there are
people that he killed.
One side there are people
that want to kill him.
How can we software people
handle such hardware men?
But he won't listen to me.
Hello, Rawat sir.
Where did you disappear?
Just recently I became
capable of walking again, sir.
Don't worry, sir. No harm
will come to a good man like you.
These days people
die of septic infection..
..if a small nail pricks them.
You are alive even after
he stabbed you with a spear.
So, no harm will come to you.
He is already a suspect
in the minister's murder case.
And there are proofs
that he stabbed you.
He will be given a death sentence.
But still, I have my doubts.
For safety,
tell our men to kill him before..
..he is presented in the court.
That's not possible, sir.
- Why?
He'll be surrounded
by thousands tomorrow.
form a human chain.. bring him safely
to the court tomorrow.
Long live Naayak!
Long live Naayak!
Even though he looks like a kid..
..he has a huge fan following.
Your fan following depends
on your works, not age.
Don't worry, boss.
This crowd can't do anything.
Even millions of people
can't affect the judge's decision.
He will get a death sentence.
Why do they say that
you'll get a death sentence?
You are worried that
I'll get a death sentence.
But I'm worried that
he is still alive.
No harm will come to you.
Your Honor! He is a suspect
in Home Minister's murder.
He killed the DGP
and Taxi Seth in a..
willful and revengeful manner.
We also have strong
proof that he tried to..
..murder the current Home Minister,
Mr. Rawat.
I request the court to
give him a death sentence.. that nobody dares
to become a criminal like him.
Do you accept that
you did these crimes?
Why do you ask him
whether he accepts or not?
You have strong
evidences against him.
Without wasting the court's time..
..give him a death sentence.
Wait! The court has some rules.
Do you accept these crimes?
Yes, sir. I did all those crimes.
Since he accepts his crimes,
under IPC sections 302..
..and 307,
the accused is sentenced to death..
Wait, Your Honor!
Who is this, boss?
He looks exactly like Naayak.
Is he the real Naayak?
I've gone mad.
It is like I'm watching
a 3D movie without the glasses.
We told him to go home.
Why did he come here?
Hello, sir!
Who are you?
You look exactly like him.
My name is Siddharth Naayak.
I did those murders.
No, Your Honor!
I'm Siddharth Naayak.
I think he is one of my fans.
He dressed up like
me and came here.. take my crimes onto his head.
No, Judge! He is one of my fans.
He dressed up like
me and came here.. take my crimes onto his head.
Don't ruin your life to save me.
I'm telling you the same thing.
Don't ruin your..
Stop it! What is this rubbish?
If you are Naayak, who is he?
My fan.
If you are his fan, who are you?
Siddharth Naayak.
No, I'm Siddharth Naayak.
No, it's me.
- No, it's me.
I'm Siddharth Naayak.
I'm Siddharth Naayak.
Judge, I know who stabbed me.
This man stabbed me. He is Naayak.
Hang him to death.
No, Your Honor!
He is a little confused.
If you send him out for 5 minutes..
..I will talk to you in private.
Court is adjourned for 5 minutes.
Darn! Did anyone imagine this?
It's like a winning
cricket match was stopped..
..because of sudden rains.
What is this nonsense?
Who is that second man?
He is a software
engineer from Hyderabad.
Even we got confused
and arrested him first.
What? Did you see
the second man earlier?
Yes. We arrested him
and later released him..
..because he is innocent.
Darn! Who made you a CBI agent?
Take it easy, sir.
Sir, it's a very long gap.
I think they must've definitely
changed places. Be careful.
Now tell me.
Which of these men stabbed you?
They must've definitely
changed places.
This man, sir.
But earlier you said
that man stabbed you.
Didn't they change their places?
No, they didn't.
Stupid fellow!
Hang both of them
and finish the matter.
Hang both of them, Judge.
- Don't leave them.
Hang both of them.
Silence! You are a man
with a responsible post.
You shouldn't be talking like this.
It's okay if hundred
criminals escape.
But it's not okay to
punish an innocent man.
Now this case will never be solved.
Since both of them
look exactly the same..
..we are not able to
identify the real murderer.
The CBI is ordered
to keep both of them..
..under house arrest with
their friends and family members..
..identify the real murderer
and bring him to the court.
I'm giving them 10 days time.
Follow them both.
Sir, it's useless to follow them.
If a brave man meets
an intelligent man..
..CBI or CID can't do anything.
Stop praising them
and do your job. Go.
I'm going.
I don't what to say or
how to say it to your son.
We are humans, dear.
We should help each other.
Thank God!
Do you think you are safe?
After 10 days,
the judge, these people..
..and I will come to court.
But you won't come.
You'll be dead.
Since he gave a warning to Rawat,
he is Naayak.
No, it's me.
If you are Naayak,
why did he give the warning?
I sent him because he was free.
So, is that man your nephew?
When CBI agents like
you can't identify him.. can a mere CEO
like me identify him?
This case will never
be solved amidst such people.
Sir, saline.
Boss, don't increase
your blood pressure.
You can fight with anyone in life,
but not with a lucky man.
We killed one man and
threw him in the river..
..but he came out as two men.
Boss, listen to me.
Go to the police station and..
..tell them that you've
nothing to do with Naayak.. are not Rawat and
you don't live in Kolkata.. are not from India
but from far away Scotland.
It's better to withdraw
the case and escape from here.
How can that be possible?
We filed a case against him.
We should make Naayak
confess that he is Naayak.
I will make him confess.
Bring one family member
of Cherry from Hyderabad.
Naayak will confess the
truth for that person's safety.
Who are you guys?
Does your daughter
love a man called Cherry?
Yes. So what?
Rawat asked us bring
your family to Kolkata.
Did her love story reach Kolkata?
Who is this Rawat?
Don't ask me details.
Just get into the vehicles.
How dare you threaten our boss?
Even we are goons,
we did many settlements.
Stop it!
Why are you arguing with them?
Can't you see the
guns in their hands?
Boss, Naayak's men are here.
Where are Rawat's men?
They ran away.
Please come with us.
It's not safe to be here.
Come with you? Who are you guys now?
We are Naayak sir's men.
Who is he?
You'll know when
you come to Kolkata.
Ask your daughter to come quickly.
Why should she come?
Even Cherry is with us.
So he is there now, is it?
- Yes, uncle?
We have to go to Kolkata. Come down.
I'm coming. I'm applying lipstick.
By applying such silly
things you've turned..
..this peaceful house
into a public park.
Where is Cherry, brother?
Where is Cherry?
- He will be here.
Welcome! Welcome to Kolkata.
We are forced to go
around different houses..
..since the time you
stepped into our house.
Now why did you call us to Kolkata?
Don't worry. Naayak sir
thought you'll be safe here.
Naayak? Why are you
guys thinking of our safety?
Don't be upset. You'll
be shocked to see the real twist.
We've had to leave our state
because of the current twist.
Will you make us
leave the country too?
How can she hug him right before us?
We are unfortunate, uncle.
Excuse me, I'm not Cherry.
I'm not Cherry.
Why does he say he's not Cherry?
He said there's a twist, didn't he?
How was your journey?
It was without our consent.
I heard you are like family
to Cherry. What is your name?
I'm Amitabh Bachchan.
He is Abhishek Bachchan.
Is this passport renewal?
Why the new introductions?
- Yes?
Did he lose his memory?
Why will he bring you
here if he has lost his memory?
Turn your face.
Hello! I'm Cherry!
Hug me and find out.
Uncle, he is Cherry. I'm very sure.
We saw. Please maintain
a little distance, dear.
How many more should she hug?
There are 7 lookalikes
for each person.
Shut up, you fool!
Even two are too much to handle.
If another five men appear,
she'll have high fever.
What is all this about?
Mom and dad are inside.
They'll tell you everything.
Uncle, why are you
drinking raw alcohol?
I feel like drinking blood.
What can I do?
Sir, can I say something?
Had he given his sister
to me without seeing my age..
..we would've met in
the engagement party for fun.
You wouldn't have
had all these troubles.
Just think about this thing.
Remove the part where
I went to see his sister..
..from this story,
you will understand it yourself.
Why did you kick me, boss?
You rascal! Is your sister
an angel or Aishwarya Rai?
Why didn't you get
her married to him?
How can I get her married
to this old man, boss?
No, your sister will
get Pawan Kalyan's son..
..or Mahesh Babu's
son as her husband.
- What is it?
Uncle, I got confused again.
I kissed Siddhu
thinking it was Cherry.
He may misunderstand me.
Please go and explain.
Do you want me to
become the mediator now?
- What did she do now?
I opened the bathroom
door thinking it was Siddhu.
Cherry was inside. Sorry, sister.
That's okay.
Why not go to the bedroom
instead of bathroom?
I went the other day, uncle.
But I got confused there too.
Boss, just like Gandhi
is a grandfather to everyone.. became an uncle
to everyone here.
I'll break your face with this.
- Sir?
Show them both their right lovers.
How can I identify them
when their lovers can't?
Only you have clarity
about the whole program here.
Take them.
- Okay, sir.
Let's go, girls.
Poor Jalebi!
They confused us in half a minute..
..even though we've been
following them for 6 months.
Till they achieve their target..
..they both will
be Naayaks to everyone.
And both these girls
will be their heroines.
Hey leader..
you are the leader in love
My heart is crazy for you
It is mesmerized and pounding hard
Hey leader..
you bring happiness to one and all
Your gaze has a magnetism
It is pulling me strongly
and turning this queen into an ace
Hey leader..
You bring happiness
to one and all..
Hey leader.. you are great..
You are the one and only leader
You have come to
win over our hearts
You have come to save our lives
Come to conquer enemies
and win our love
Kolkata is my favorite
ground with new punch
I am like this place..
vibrant with energy
I am like the sweets here
which have an amazing taste
I have sharp looks and
seek to demonstrate my might
I shall showcase my power
and youth in everything I do
Hey leader..
You are cool and oozing energy
There is no one to match you
You are my friend
and my investment
You are the one
that all look up to
My lips have become
red due to blushing..
I am ready to offer myself
to you like a betel leaf
You may twist,
turn and do what you like..
I've come to offer my youth to you
Kolkata is my favorite
ground with new punch
I am like this place..
vibrant with energy
I am like the sweets here
which have an amazing taste
I have sharp looks and
seek to demonstrate my might
I shall showcase my power
and youth in everything I do
O Baby girl..
come on to dance - I love my leader
Serve me your beauty on
a platter - I love my leader
You are my life and
I am your ardent fan
You have come to bring joy to all
You are man and I'm your queen
You have come to
conquer our hearts
You are the ruler
of beauty of mine
I have made you sit
on the throne of my shyness
It is great if you come
to my life and rule my world
It is festival everyday
that you embrace me
Kolkata is my favorite
ground with new punch
I am like this place..
vibrant with energy
I am like the sweets here
which have an amazing taste
I have sharp looks and
seek to demonstrate my might
I shall showcase my power
and youth in everything I do
Hey leader..
You are the one and only leader
You have come to conquer
and rule our hearts
You have come to save our lives
You are one without a match
Rascal! You gave away
our only proof to that Naayak.
Why did you come back?
Don't worry, Mr. Rawat.
I'll give you a fantastic idea..
..with which you can
finish both of them together.
What is that?
I'll tell you.
Naayak! I know that you love people.
Come alone to Kolkata
Steels in ten minutes.
Otherwise 200 school kids
will be blown up in a blast.
Are you searching for the kids?
Do you want to save them?
I lied to you that
I'll kill the children.
You came here.
This was a plan to kill you.
You can't win even if you kill me.
I'm not Naayak as you think.
I'm Cherry.
Really? Then why didn't
you say that in court?
Shut up!
Should I tell you a small twist?
You had called up Naayak.
But I answered that call.
Naayak is not my brother.
He is a good man.
You are a bad man.
He should live to kill you.
So, I'm ready to die for him.
You both have turned us into fools.
I will kill you as per your desire.
Sis, where's my phone?
- I don't know.
Naayak, Cherry is dying for you.
Come and save him.
You've just five minutes. Come!
One left a while ago.
Now another one is leaving.
Is he Naayak or Cherry?
How would I know?
- Darn!
- Sir, I suspect that they'll kill Rawat.
Boss, Naayak is dead.
Yes! Naayak is dead!
He is dead!
Superb news, boss.
Kill this one as well.
Otherwise people will
turn him into Naayak.
That's right.
- He'll kill you.
He was burnt to ashes.
You'll be blown to pieces.
Put that bomb jacket on him.
Happy death day!
He is beating him up brutally.
Doesn't he have any feelings?
You've only tasted
Kolkata punches till date.
Now I'll make you taste
Charminar's punches.
Why is he putting
the bomb jacket on him?
Chocolates for us
and jacket for him.
Their bodies are moving.
But, of what use
will their lives be?
What happened here?
Where is Mr. Rawat?
He was blown off.
- Yes, sir.
Was he a firecracker or something?
If he was a firecracker,
we would've seen the remains.
But there are no
remains left of him.
Who did that to him?
- Naayak.
There are two Naayaks now.
Which one of them?
Actually, the one..
Shut up! You'll fare better
if you stop your loose talk.
Or you'll get locked by the CBI.
I don't know anything, sir.
Then what are you doing here?
I heard we get Puttur
oil to heal broken bones.
We came here for that, sir.
Puttur is in Chittoor.
This is Kolkata.
Sir, this fellow is an idiot.
We got into Howrah Express
instead of Sarkar Express.
It seems this is Kolkata.
You got me into a train
for Kolkata like an idiot.
The Sarkar Express
was on platform number..
Sir, one man was blown to pieces.
The witnesses ran away.
Our witness won't
be taken into account.
We'll close the case
as it has no evidences.
We'll forget everything
and have a drink.
I knew that this
case won't get solved.
Yes, Gajalaxmi. I'm coming.
- Yes?
I hope all the twists are done.
Will there be any more twists
before we get to Hyderabad?
What other twists
will be there, uncle?
Only their weddings are left.
Please get me married
along with them, sir.
Hey! I'll kill you if you
talk about your wedding again.
Cherry, you took a big
risk that nobody will to save me.
I can never forget you.
Brother, I did it for
your loved ones, not for you.
You should be safe. Okay?
Thank you.
I heard you gave summons to..
..vacate Gandhinagar Colony.
That is a government land.
People are not for the government.
Government is for the people.