Nae-bu-ja-deul (2015) Movie Script

SHOWBOX presents
Shall we begin?
Why did you do that?
I assume you had a reason
for doing this.
Reporter, you like movies?
I loved watching
old movies.
I used to love this music...
Have you seen "Chinatown"?
Jack Nicholson acts
as a private investigator
working as a detective agency...
A lady comes in and
hires him to tail her husband
but the husband gets killed
and the wife was a fake.
Then, the real wife shows up...
Anyways, it's complicated, you know
the conspiracy and twist...
The truth that comes at the end
is ugly and dirty...
So, don't you want to know
the truth?
Hey, pay attention here.
Was it for justice or revenge?
I'll come to that later...
Bad guys beat up
Jack Nicholson, you know.
We can talk about
the movie later...
I'm not here to watch
a movie.
Don't cut me off
and listen to me.
I'll get to the point now.
So, anyways...
God damn it, fuck.
Jack Nicholson's nose was wacked
but he goes to the wife
and says
It looks like half the city
is trying to cover it all up
which is fine with me.
But Mrs. Mulwray,
I goddam nearly lost my nose.
And I like it.
I like breathing through it.
So why the hell are you doing this?
You must have a reason
for doing all this.
For justice? Revenge?
I don't care about any of that.
But, Mr. Reporter...
Damn it, I lost my hand.
I like my hand.
I like eating with it...
wiping my ass with it...
and jerking off with it...
It seems a prosecutor's investigation
is inevitable.
Yes, we need to find a way
to quiet down the public.
I got this from Moon Il-seok,
former accountant at Mirae Motors.
It shows Mirae made a slush fund
with 3 billion from Hangyul Bank
and gave 30 million to Congressman Jang
for his election campaign.
Is it true that sex favors were
offered at Oh's villa?
Who were the women
forced into it?
You claimed Oh and Jang
retaliated against you.
Could you specify?
How did you meet Oh and Jang?
Through Lee Kang-hee,
editor-in-chief of Nation Daily.
And what's your relationship
with Lee?
That's a long story.
So let me reveal it
to the prosecutor.
Can you tell us anything more?
Ahn, president of a talent agency,
revealed today at press conference
that Mirae Motors set up
a slush fund of $3 billion
via an illegal loan
from Hangyul Bank.
Congressman Jang Pil-woo,
the New Party's presidential candidate
exerted pressure behind
the scenes, according to Ahn.
Sex favors were also allegedly offered
at Mirae Motors Chairman Oh's villa.
Mirae Motors and
Congressman Jang's office
have denied all allegations,
and said they are more than
willing to take legal action.
My conscience is clear before
the people of this country.
I have never received
money or favors from Mirae Motors.
I can stake my political life on it.
I will continue on my path,
alone but proud as always
never yielding
to any political maneuvering
or malicious target investigations.
Mr. Editor,
it's almost deadline.
Close the door.
Director wants it done soon.
Close the door.
You're making me come in again.
Which word are stuck with this time?
With intentions
or "doubts with intentions".
Obviously it's "with intentions".
There's no acting as a group.
The context and the facts
tell you that.
I need to know more
to say "with intentions".
It's still rough at the moment.
We stick with "with intentions".
Our newspaper's view...
That's right.
It's done.
You're really...
No chief editor discusses
over a word.
It's not a nice habit.
I can't write something
that goes against the company.
Let's go and eat something.
People should respect you
for that, you know.
Congressman Kim Seok-woo
New Party
The people were wise.
Kim's predictable defeat.
Lee Kang-hee
Editor-in-chief, Nation Daily
Call Lee at Nation Daily
and invite him to dinner.
Yes, sir.
Is this an article
or a piece of shit?
Have you heard of the relations
between Mirae Motors and Jang?
We've kept it quiet
as he's from our party.
But I can feel that
the bomb is about to explode.
What do you mean by that?
It's quiet with Hangyul's president
hiding out overseas.
But rumor says
he's returning to Korea.
Then the prosecution will at least
pretend to take action.
Today's phrase.
"Station for transfer."
It means it's time
to change your ride.
I'm just a journalist.
What can I do?
You picked Jang
and him brought into politics.
Backing him up
with Mirae Motors.
All part of your
master plan, right?
How about throwing me
a line like this,
is what I mean.
Does that matter at this stage?
Not so much...
He's the setting sun.
Chief Prosecutor
Seoul District Office
Senior Secretary
Civil Affairs President's Office
He can't rise again, can he?
Chief Prosecutor
Seoul District Office
Senior Secretary
Civil Affairs President's Office
Nope... only a year left in his term.
What's important is who's next.
The opposition party already
threw in the towel...
so it's either Kim Seok-woo
or Jang Pil-woo.
I was on bad terms with Jang
at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office.
If that bastard gets in,
he'll never leave me in peace.
He sure wouldn't.
Isn't Kim your high school alumni?
Elementary school, sir.
Kim and I went to the same university.
He could be the perfect match for us!
Not bad at all, sir.
Get something dirty on Jang.
I'll take care of the rest.
Yes, sir.
Who's the sniper for this?
A guy called Woo Jang-hoon
at Special Investigations.
Whose line is he from?
No one's. He's from a regional college.
But as a matter of fact...
Is he a nut?
No, he's a former cop.
He had his days on the force
with awards.
But he had a temper
and was a loner and
didn't get along.
A loner?
He didn't get along with
the police academy graduates.
Then, he went on and
took the bar exam
and quit being a police.
How did he end up at
the Seoul District Prosecutor's Office?
You remember the Busan Savings Bank
corruption case 4 years ago?
That was him?
He received the president prize.
After that, he started working there.
What an interesting guy.
Yes, he is.
How do you do, sir?
I'm Woo Jang-hoon.
This is Mr. Oh Myung-hwan,
from 17th year.
Senior Secretary to President
for Civil Affairs.
Honor to meet you.
- Sit, sit.
- Yes, sir.
Which year are you?
38th, sir.
- You were a cop?
- Yes, sir.
Why become a prosecutor?
Being a cop isn't bad.
I wanted to be an excellent prosecutor
just like you, sir.
You're a role model to me, sir.
He has guts, I like him.
He sure has.
Have a drink.
Mr. Secretary!
What's up at this hour?
I'm having dinner
at Okryu-dang.
Sure, no problem.
Damn son of a bitch!
How dare he order me to come!
Who was it?
I'll have to drop by the next room.
Won't be long, eat first.
I expect a lot from you.
Thank you, sir.
Take care, sir.
My stomach still hurts.
Why should I always drink for work?
Have this, sir.
It'll relieve the hangover.
You're better than my wife.
How's the Mirae Motors case?
Driving smooth?
Seok Myung-kwan went off the grid.
It'll take more time
than we thought.
He's in the States?
Right, put him on the wanted list,
but it's a damn big country.
This case is all about timing.
You can't get him
if timing's not right.
Don't you trust me?
Sure, I do.
I should.
Oh, regarding this year's
personnel realignment...
Yang was promoted to the
Supreme Prosecutors' Office.
Sorry about that.
I pushed real hard for you...
Just between you and me,
is there anyone more loyal
to the office than me?
- Of course not.
- Then this Yang...
son of a bitch got better results
as a prosecutor?
You're the ace
when it comes to results.
But that bastard's father-in-law
pulled strings at The Blue House.
He's close to the CID director...
So you're saying...
a loser like me
with no connections
should just accept
this shitty situation?
What can we do?
This country is all about connections.
That's why without fail,
you need to get Jang.
Then fuck connections and lines.
You'll be on the fast track.
Even a fly has its spleen?
I'm a shooter.
I'm a scorpion.
That's why you killed
the woman you loved?
To become Daehan Group's
Is that a threat?
No, I will kill you!
I won't forgive you
for ruining my sister!
How was it?
You really have to ask?
- You really want to act?
- Yes.
Everyone knows you have
a strong will for acting.
Send him in a minute.
The Director's here.
Loosen up.
Please, loosen up.
Good evening, sir.
He's still hesitating.
Keeps drinking...
Using up our expense money.
Damn bastard only picks
expensive places.
Sons of bitches.
I'm fine being a Joan of Arc
for the sake of justice.
But when I think about my family,
I'm not quite sure...
But when I think about my family,
I'm not quite sure...
Moon Il-seok
Accounting Manager at Mirae Motors
This is driving me
damn crazy.
Moon Il-seok
Accounting Manager at Mirae Motors
This is driving me
damn crazy.
Shit, this squid is tough.
Who the fuck are you, blockhead?
I'm a Republic of Korea
prosecutor, asshole.
Sit up straight, fucker.
How much did you pocket?
Hundred thousand?
A million?
What are you talking about?
Do you think this is a goddamn joke?
You want to rot behind bars
the rest of your life?
Listen to me carefully.
Mirae Motors got 3 billion from
Hangyul Bank to set up a slush fund.
And 30 million got parked into
Jang's campaign fund.
You pocketed, let's say,
one million
while managing the slush fund.
Then got caught and fired.
You came to me
to get back at them, right?
If so, you should start
talking about the deal
that we're gonna make
instead of drinking, stupid.
You wanna go to the prosecutor's
or you wanna hand me the file
and go home?
First, the men's room...
I need to pee.
Sure, take your time.
Maybe you were a bit
too harsh on him.
You can never be harsh enough...
You don't get it...
Oh, I see.
Why didn't you stop me?
Bring him back here.
I'll go easy on him.
Bring in the girls as well then...
We have the expenses,
let's have some fun today.
Prosecutors in Korea
are all just puppets.
We are all pawns.
Let them come.
- Sir...
- Let everyone come.
I'm sorry.
- Mr. Bang.
- Yes, sir.
Pull yourself together.
If you don't want to
treat others like a puppet
and wipe their asses
you should get a grip.
Yes, sir.
But how did you know
he messed with the slush fund?
Even though they clean up nice
the dirty ones will always stink.
But that asshole talks about justice?
Fuck him, asshole.
Damn it, I'm screwed.
That little prick,
how dare he throw squid...
Good god, let's talk
after you've seen the script.
Oh, Mr. Ahn.
I'm always on the actor's side.
My guests have arrived.
I'll talk to you soon.
Okay, sure.
Director Park's nagging me.
Which Director Park?
You know, the one that received
the Director's Award...
It's a pleasure to meet you.
This is Director Kang Minho.
- I'm Ahn Sang-goo
- I'm Kang Min-ho.
Nice to meet you.
What did director Kang want?
Well you know,
he wants to meet our star, Ms. Kim.
She can't meet him
with script you know.
We need toilet paper
to wipe our asses.
Of course, you need the script first.
You've seen our script, right?
Even a fly has its spleen?
I'm a shooter.
I'm a scorpion.
That's why you killed
the woman you loved?
To become Daehan Group's
Is that a threat?
No, I will kill you!
I won't forgive you
for ruining my sister!
Yes, we've seen the script.
Please, let me introduce
my actor here.
Nice to meet you.
It's Seo Hye-jin.
Well, I can see you have talent...
So, when's our star coming?
Oh, Ms. Kim will be here shortly.
She's stuck in traffic.
- Mr. Kang.
- Yes.
How about Hye-jin here?
Leave us alone now.
See you next time.
She studied acting in Russia
so, her acting style is
a bit different.
But that could be her take, right?
She also has a good heart
unlike other actors.
Her parents are teachers.
Well, I'm not putting
any pressure on you.
I'm not saying I'll accept Ms. Kim
if you cast Hye-jin.
How could I think like that?
But, what if that's what I mean?
Oh my, you really...
have a unique sense of humor, right?
You find that funny?
Did I say something funny?
Just because I talk
with a smile on my face...
you think I'm a joke?
You'll take me seriously
if I make you see your own guts?
Come on, I didn't mean to...
Don't get me wrong...
I really didn't mean...
Chill, I'm just messing with you.
What I meant was...
that I'm asking you politely.
For you to consider my proposal
for your movie.
Hye-jin depicts a femme fatale
like Lauren Bacall.
You know Lauren Bacall, don't you?
You know, Humphrey Bogart's wife.
Oh my, she was awesome in
"The Big Sleep".
You know a lot of movies.
- You seem like an expert.
- No, I'm not.
- You studied movies?
- Nothing like that.
The thing is...
Excuse me.
How did it go?
I'm in a meeting right now.
Get the tools ready.
He's gone,
what shall we do?
We sowed and
they reaped... fuckers.
Good evening, boss!
You got the stuff?
I'm sorry.
We did our best, but...
I'm sorry.
Don't go home empty handed
on your wife's birthday.
I put some cash in the box
so get her some flowers with it.
Thank you, boss!
If you're thankful, do better.
I could die for you.
I don't need your life.
Just get your job done cleanly.
Yes, boss.
You left me in spring rain,
and came back in spring rain.
We parted with smiles
on that day.
But today we are in sorrow
at this minute, at this hour.
We are looking out the window
all in tears.
You came back to me
as spring rain...
Goddamn nail...
Nation Daily
You should quit
smoking at your age.
You ought to get
married at your age.
What's the use?
So I can live alone, like you?
Tell your wife and kids
to move back to Korea.
Don't live like an old widower
when you're not one.
Live alone,
life is all about solitude.
By the way,
you shouldn't just drop in here.
You know there are eyes
watching you.
Let a hundred eyes watch me...
I ain't scared.
Why are you so excited?
Well, what shall I call it?
Or compatibility?
What is it?
Useful materials for you in
politics, finance or academia...
and for my expansion
in entertainment or gambling...
Or shall I just go into politics?
So what is it?
They got 3 billion
from Hangyul Bank
and 3 million of that went to
Congressman Jang.
The file on the slush fund
of Mirae Motors' chairman.
You keep it for me.
This is a copy I've made.
We'll see what good
it might bring us.
Don't release it
without my consent, got it?
What a foxy bear.
You left me in spring rain,
and came back in spring rain.
We parted with smiles
on that day.
But today we are in sorrow,
at this minute, at this hour.
We are looking out the window
all in tears.
You came back to me
as spring rain...
you're raining on my heart, too.
Stop staring at them.
I only brought first class gals,
so don't worry.
Hurry inside.
You'll get soaked.
Moon tried to leak it,
but he gave in
even before I touched him.
I got something to say.
I've been in business long enough
and am pretty busy with other stuff...
I can't take care of Mr. Jo's shit forever.
Why don't you do it yourself?
I'm not a pimp or anything.
See you.
Mirae Motors'
temporary employees' union
has long been considered
a danger to the state economy.
Rife with North Korean sympathizers,
it has begun to do serious damage
to the nation's industry and economy.
These comma bastards...
Mirae Motors
Chairman Oh Hyun-soo
This is why you need to
provide them just enough to live on.
So, they don't do something stupid.
Don't mind them,
time will solve everything.
What are you talking about?
The public are dogs and hogs.
Why worry about them?
Let them bark for a while,
then it'll die away.
Is it so?
Anyway, it's a desirable match.
The media and a corporation,
in a marketing partnership.
I'll look forward to
your excellent writing.
I'm terribly sorry
for being late, sir.
No, you're on time.
It wasn't too bothersome
for you to come out here?
Play is never bothersome.
How's the temporary employees'
protection bill?
Don't worry, I'm blocking
its passage with my life.
It will end up in tatters.
- Rags and tatters.
- That's right!
- Why don't we celebrate then?
- I'm all up for it!
Let's go!
Let's go, buddy.
Alright, way to go.
All set.
Alright, now for the ninth hole!
Look at his club!
It's so solid and strong.
It's a driver!
It's a presidential club, sir.
Let me swing it!
- Damn it.
- It didn't reach the pin!
Let me substitute in.
My club is quite solid, too.
Way to go, buddy!
Let me see what you got.
It's an albatross!
We should celebrate it!
Sure we should!
To Lee's albatross!
Mr. Ahn Sang-goo.
Do you think you're
in the same league as us?
You should know your size.
Why do you steal garbage
when asked to clean it?
They got 3 billion
from Hangyul Bank
and 3 million of that went
to Congressman Jang.
The file on the slush fund
of Mirae Motors' chairman.
You bugged me?
You have another copy?
Bring it out.
Cut it here...
I said here, you blockhead!
You'll have to live
as an idiot from now on.
Cut it off and send him
to a psychiatric hospital.
You damn motherfucker!
Hey, hey!
Jo! Stop it!
Please stop it!
Please stop! Please!
Stop it!
How long were you admitted?
I was confined a year and a half.
They administer medicine twice a day.
If you take them
you don't feel hungry
even if you don't eat.
And it makes you sleep all day long.
I thought it was making me an idiot
so I didn't take it anymore.
Goddam fuckers.
How did you escape?
The hospital closed
due to financial difficulties.
So, I walked out the front door.
Are you doing this for revenge?
If this is insinuated as something
sweet like revenge...
it seems a bit too emotional.
What I want is justice.
Did you wash up the men's room?
Make my golf clubs shine!
And don't forget
to clean up the office!
Did you wash up the men's room?
Hey! Did you wash up the men's room?
Seoul Jungbu Police Station
Make my golf clubs shine!
And don't forget
to clean up the office!
Just e-mailed Ahn's files, sir.
Wow, how about some hot guys?
I'm available, too.
I need to pee.
I'm in hurry but
the ladies' room is full.
I'll give you a nice tip.
Thank you!
You still look hot.
Well, sure I am.
Do you really have to do that?
If they want me to be an idiot,
I have to be one.
No other options.
They took your hand
and now they eavesdrop?
If I'd known, I wouldn't have
ended up like this.
Why did you want to see me?
Let's make a movie.
What's the genre?
Vengeance drama.
Hard boiled.
The target?
Jang Pil-woo.
100,000 in advance.
200,000 balance.
200,000 in advance,
100,000 balance.
Shit... alright then.
Give your profile to Jung first.
Then ask him to book you
at this party.
Am I the only lead?
You think one top would be enough?
Who's my co-lead then?
Guy named Park...
You've never met him.
Don't we have to meet?
He thinks he's the only lead.
He doesn't know about me?
Who can you trust, anyway?
And you trust me?
You're not the same girl
that you once were.
Take off your sunglasses.
Let's look each other in the eye.
You're dead if you betray me.
How much information is out there?
According to the
Public Prosecutor's Office
six people participated in the mess.
Five graduates and one professor.
Public is criticizing on
issuing an arrest warrant.
Why did they have to draw a mouse?
Damn it.
We have our own cover story, yes?
Well, the perspective is somewhat
different with the prosecution office.
Kill ours! Print the article
based on the prosecutor's data.
This time,
we need to play nice with them.
You agree with me, don't you?
Company policy is clear.
I'm planning on writing about
the history of creative
and artistic graffiti
and graffiti that concerns
distortion and deception.
That seems okay.
Be on that topic for three papers.
Rumor is that Bank President Mr. Seok
who fled under embezzlement charges
is coming back.
I heard if he returns
someone will get hurt pretty bad.
Get to the point.
While Mr. Seok was the bank president
at Hangyeol Bank
he illegally loaned money
to Mirae Motors.
Also, Congressman Jang put some
pressure on the matter.
How did he take?
Mirae Motors received 300 billion
from the bank
and passed on 30 billion to Mr. Jang.
Are you sure?
It came from Congressman Kim's party.
The election is coming up
but his approval rate is decreasing
so he's after anything he can.
I think there's something to it.
I heard reliable info is
posted on social network.
Those keyboard warrior
will post anything
on line without all the facts.
Social network is their playground.
What will become of this country...
Newspaper is the public air.
Focus on the facts.
Don't go crazy like those mad dogs
who are worthless.
The spear is pointing toward
the inner circle.
Even Prosecutor's office seems to
take Mr. Kim's side.
You want to switch rides?
We've came till the end of the line
so why not?
During that time
we ran the red light, oversped
and the driver has no license.
What's the problem?
If Seok Myung-kwan comes back here
Congressman Jang won't have a choice.
Hey, Reporter Kim.
Who do you think put
you in that chair?
You think I'm working for
Jang Pil-woo like an idiot?
You won't be sitting there
with Mirae Motors.
Nation Daily won't exist
without Mirae Motors commercials.
Am I wrong?
If Jang Pil-woo is arrested
Mirae Motors is gone as well.
Chairman Oh can always drive away
on a different engine.
But who would drive a car
that's been wasted.
We're not trying to
protect Jang's life
we're saving Mirae Motors
for our sake.
Is your little brain getting all this?
I'm sorry.
I should have thought deeper.
Come on,
you're making me uncomfortable.
This is for us both
so no hard feelings, okay?
Good luck.
No problem.
Good luck to us both.
No problem at all.
By the way,
Seok will come back soon enough.
Oh my, what to do then?
What other way is there?
The guilty one should be
punished by the law.
That's a just society, isn't it?
My finish is poor.
The ball won't go far.
I see.
Maybe it's the golf club.
Would you like to try my
Honma golf club set in my car?
I own a Honma gold club as well.
It's a five star...
Five star?
So, how's working for Nation Monthly?
I was better off at Nation Daily.
Nation Monthly is just
Nation Daily's pawn.
Then, why receive bribe money
for writing an article?
No reporter writes
for nothing these days.
I'm sorry, sir.
You still have access to
the Public Prosecution's Office?
Of course. I make a living by
sucking up to them.
Anything I can do for you?
I heard they are targeting Jang?
Yes, they don't have any proof.
They're just fishing.
Who's fishing?
Woo Jang-hoon, he belongs to
the Special Investigations.
He's kind of an asshole.
Who's in charge there?
Chief prosecutor Choi Chung-sik.
He's on the District Chief Prosecutor's side.
So he's on the President
for Civil Affairs line.
Yes, he's on Kim Seok-woo's side.
Where's Mr. Woo's hometown?
He's from Gyeongsang-do.
Is he a purebred?
No, he's a mutt.
He's quite competent
but he has no connections.
What's he like?
He's fucked up.
He doesn't get along
with the Reporters.
He's an arrogant asshole.
Oh, great...
It's a five star.
- Hey, Ko.
- Yes, sir.
You should rejoin Nation Daily
shouldn't you?
I'll do anything if you
take me back.
So, that means I can ask you a favor?
Yes, of course.
I'll do anything for you.
Have a drink with Woo Jang-hoon.
Park Jong-pal
Moon Sash
These are all clean.
You're contributing to a big cause.
Song Man-seop
Jang Pil-woo's Campaign Club/
I'm just doing what I enjoy.
Song is Jang's Campaign Club president
and also the Representative
of River Construction.
Their main business is
redeveloping new towns.
Jang's second brother-in-law
is a board member.
Who is this guy?
He's a representative at Moon Sash
which produces sash.
They are meeting quite frequently.
Look into this
Moon Sash company for now.
I'm sure it has connections
with Jang Pil-woo.
they're quite powerful people.
Can we really catch them?
We might take the fall
if we mess with them.
Our request for the expense
is being delayed.
How on earth can we investigate?
Damn it!
Mr. Bang.
You think I'm a loser, don't you?
I mean, I have no connections
but shows up trying to do something
at my age...
You like dogs?
Yes, I do.
Not when it's cooked.
Why don't we quit this bull shit
and raise dogs in the countryside?
You don't get it, do you?
What I'm saying is
go out there and try bringing back
something useful.
If you don't wanna end up
cleaning dog shit!
Why are you still here?
Yes, anything useful...
Did you have lunch?
Not yet, boss.
Come join me.
No thanks, help yourself.
You don't want to eat
something cooked by a cripple?
Not at all, sir!
It's just...
It doesn't seem enough for you.
Food is meant to be shared.
Come on.
Yes, boss.
Take this.
Thank you.
Have some kimchi, too.
How are things going?
Gave them five big ones today.
Try to meet up with Jang directly.
Guess they must be
done poking around.
They promised a meeting
with Jang soon.
This is clean.
Impossible to track down.
Moon Sash wouldn't approach
Jang for a small bit of profit.
And why would Jang be connected
to that small company for a few pennies?
What are their connections?
This is Ahn Sang-goo,
started from a small gang,
and made it big enough
to be called 'president'.
He's a mobster?
Also I did some background checks.
In 1996, he was jailed
for bribing TV producers.
Does he have ties with
the entertainment business?
This is big.
Everything from construction, loans,
talent agency, night clubs, to hostess bars.
He's also suspected of
interfering in elections.
So, his jail time for bribery
was to cover that up?
Also, the Moon Sash guy
was Ahn's henchman.
About No. 3 in the gang.
Then how'd he become a cripple?
For that, he must have
upset someone...
quite a bit.
Political thug who once rode high
reaches out to Jang through his henchman.
Don't you smell something?
Sure do.
If it's normal business,
he can just bribe discreetly.
His methods seem different.
Why does everything
have to be so secret?
You scumbags.
They're setting a trap for Jang!
In Korea the prosecutor,
in order to serve justice,
should be solitary.
Absolutely right.
Extremely lonely.
I was one of them.
When was it...?
In 1990, when the president
declared the war against crime,
I brought in tons of them!
Gangsters who run casinos,
and the sons of bitches
paid off by those fuckers...
It turned out the head of our office
was one of those sons of bitches.
So what did you do?
Fuck the title.
I was a lone, righteous man.
I dragged him in, too!
Of course, you did!
Don't mix the drinks!
Why did you call me?
It's been a while
since we met and had a drink.
You said you had
vital information,
so why are you only drinking?
If you just want to drink,
you should say, "Let's drink."
Then you'd have gladly offered
to buy me a drink?
What's gotten into you?
It's not like we never drink.
Just drink up.
But can you be a Supreme Prosecutor
with no connections?
You should pass through there
to end your career in Seoul.
Or you end up
in a remote province.
So? Why are you explaining
shit that everybody knows?
I worry about you, that's all.
You have no connections...
So you're explaining to me that
I'm a fucker with no connections?
You're not a fucker,
you just have no connections.
What the fuck
are you doing now?
Take it easy, man...
Don't be so sensitive.
It's pathetic.
Goddamn it.
Alright, here he comes.
It's been a while, sir.
This is Prosecutor Woo
from Seoul Prosecutors' Office.
This is Mr. Jo, the owner of
Joyang Mirae Development.
Nice to meet you,
I'm Jo Yang-sik.
Sure, nice to meet you.
Have a seat.
Please give me a minute, sir.
I know, I know, I know!
Look at me,
it's not what you think.
It's just a friendly drink together.
No harm in knowing
a man like him.
You can get an allowance,
then later...
Maybe he can get you connected?
You motherfucker!
Hey Go Sang-chul, you got
fired from Nation Daily for bribery.
Want to get fired from your life
for messing with a prosecutor?
I paid for what I drank,
don't claim otherwise later.
Damn fucker.
Take care!
He really is a son of a bitch.
Talk to me.
They went into a building.
Place seems a bit suspicious.
How long have they been there?
About two hours?
And we have a new face tonight.
A new face?
So, what did you do then?
They wanted me to quit,
so what could I do?
I left without regret!
And opened a private practice,
laying low... until that man there
got me into Congress.
Welcome, my friend!
Our Congressman
seems a bit soaked.
I haven't had that much.
Let me introduce you.
This is Park Jong-pal,
president of Moon Sash.
Same name as the old boxer
who had a strong hook.
Honor to meet you, sir.
I'm Park Jong-pal.
Did you take in a lot?
A few bomb shots...
I don't mean alcohol.
I don't know.
Song takes care of it.
Better be careful,
you could get in trouble.
Then what should I do?
A campaign sucks up money.
Oh closed his wallet because of
Seok, that son of a bitch.
How else do I get elected?
Let's bring him in.
And then?
If there's something to settle,
let's settle it before it's too late.
Seok Myung-kwan
Former President of Hangyul Bank
I'm deeply sorry for causing
so much anxiety to the nation.
Seok Myung-kwan
Former Pres/dent of Hangyul Bank
Any comments on
the charges against you?
Former president of Hangyul Bank
was charged with embezzlement,
malpractice, and
flight of capital abroad
based on the Additional Law
on Specific Crimes.
He reported to the
Prosecutors' Office at 9:30 am.
Wake up.
Call me in ten minutes, sharp.
Mirae must've offered you
a position in the group.
President of an affiliate company?
Nope, a big chunk of land
under the name of your son.
I got it right!
They offered a presidential
pardon in a year, right?
But what if...
Jang doesn't win the primary?
Oops, what'll you do then?
Did you think about that?
Listen to me, Mr. Seok.
I'm not pushing you into a corner.
Shit, who's calling?
Excuse me.
How did it go?
You wanted me to call you.
Oh, yeah?
Prepare the documents and
request a warrant right away.
Whose warrant?
If Jang loses the primary,
naturally there'll be no pardon.
Then you're fine with
spending 10 years in prison?
You know Moon from Mirae Motors?
He was their accounting manager?
He was about to hand me
the slush fund files 2 years ago.
But Jang and
Oh had a hunting dog
to intercept it before I got it.
So I sowed, and they reaped.
But you know what?
Moon had another copy
of the files.
That's what
that phone call was about.
Most importantly...
someone's going to
give me that copy. Why?
He wants me
to get Jang and Oh,
those sons of bitches.
You must have
something to say now.
Okay then...
You can take the fall
and spend the ten years...
in prison.
Bravo, bravo.
Look, Mr. Seok Myung-kwan.
If you cooperate
I'll reduce your sentence
into five years.
He almost cracked.
Hope this may help
your wise decision, sir.
It's been delivered?
Yes, I think he fully understood.
He's such a softie,
must've been shocked.
But what can we do?
Someone must be held responsible.
Deadline is coming up.
When will you finish writing?
You seem concerned.
Obvious concerns my age men have.
Concerns for children
and stock trading
plus, lovers.
Something is really bothering you.
Since your kids are all married
and you don't have any stocks
and also no lover.
What are you working on?
I haven't finished writing it yet.
I'm getting hungry after writing a bit.
Let's get something to eat.
Oh my, an article isn't
like a weather forecast...
No way...
Former president of Hankyul Bank
Seok commits suicide!
Prosecution's forced interrogation
caused the tragedy
Around 9:30 am on the 17th
while being questioned on
embezzlement, slush fund charges...
Did you force him or threaten him
during interrogation?
Answer the question.
Prosecutor Wu.
You've brought shame to
the whole office.
You know what that means?
Damn it.
You're really an arrogant bastard.
Shouldn't you at least
feel sorry about this?
Supreme Prosecutor's Office
is a joke to you?
You wanna be targeted
and be stripped?
Yes, I get it. Calm down.
Seok commits suicide due to forced
interrogation from the Prosecutor's Office!
- Lee Kang-hee Nation Daily Editor in Chief
It sucks, right?
Have you eaten?
Take a few days off.
Have something to eat.
So you want to call it quits?
What else can we do?
Open the coffin and
cross-examine the dead?
I begged to the Inspection Dept.
to save you from suspension.
So take some days off.
And then?
You want to send me
to some provincial office?
How convenient to blame
the guy with no connections!
Are you rebelling against me?
Have I ever done that?
So just do what I tell you.
Did Jang offer you a position?
The Prosecutor General?
Korean prosecutors,
we do as we're told.
It's time to let him go.
Thank you for calling me, sir.
You came a long way.
Introduce yourselves.
I'm Lee Gang-hee from Nation Daily.
Big fan of your column.
I'm Oh Myung-hwan.
It's been a while, Mr. Secretary.
So you're done prying into me?
How are you, sir?
No, it's a misunderstanding!
How could I dare do that?
It turns out that some nobody
with no connections
caused all this trouble,
to make a name for himself.
We're sending him to the provinces,
so he'll never bother you again.
I'll count on you.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, you're still in action.
You're always on the job.
That's what politics is.
You never grow old.
That's right.
All those hotshots in politics
grow so old the moment they retire.
It's quite interesting.
Desire for power, honor and sex...
Those desires are
what keeps you young.
- Is that so?
- Yes!
Lichtenberg said something like this.
Less the desire
the happier you become...
Which is total bullshit.
I totally agree.
Investigations done by those
who haven't had real power is bullshit.
Yes, that's why we live young.
You're right.
Let's get started!
Sure, let's drink!
Prepare your driver.
We'll have to check
the newcomer's club first.
Great! Well said!
Let's do that.
- Here, here.
- Let's go!
So the party is set?
This Saturday.
Park, it's time
to wind up the clock.
I'll make sure to deliver it to him.
Thank you.
Girls, take your seats.
His club is said to be the hardest
among the presidential staff.
Is it?
We'll definitely have to see that.
My friend should be turned on
very quickly tonight.
It's your jackpot day, buddy.
Why don't you get some sleep?
That's what I do at home.
Sir, this is Go.
I dug into Moon Sash
as you asked.
What did you get?
The company is only 3 months old.
It's run by a former gangster.
A gangster?
He was the No. 3
in Ahn Sang-goo's gang.
Ahn Sang-goo's gang?
Park was Ahn's henchman?
This is Lee Kang-hee at Nation Daily,
the head of politics department.
I am Ahn Sang-goo.
There's a new gang
organization in town.
He's the boss.
He looks young.
He's a very smart kid.
If a gang is also smart
he may become trouble, no?
I'm not that smart.
I look forward some great help
from him on the presidential election.
It's a new beginning for me
so I will do my best.
Take it.
Loosen up and keep your head down.
Follow the ball.
I'm just warming up.
Address the ball...
This tiny ball is playing hard to get.
You need to loosen up
and look at the ball.
I think I see the ball.
Loosen your grip and watch the ball.
Only then,
you will get what you want.
Take the GED exam
and go to any college.
I'm far from studying.
Why did you become a gangster?
That's the road went
after I came to Seoul.
You will live like a punk?
You came to me to succeed, right?
You think you can do
whatever I tell you?
I'll follow you nicely
if you lead me well.
Bring in the girls after 10 minutes.
Yes, sir.
Prosecutor's Office is no joke.
They're after illegal election activities.
They'll know what we did for them.
I'm sure they won't arrest us.
The opposite party is the problem.
If I go to jail...
this party has a lot to lose as well...
Why don't you take the fall
for offering bribery.
Trust Jang Pil-woo.
He won't overlook you.
I don't give a shit about Jang.
I only work for you.
My connections are
also your connections.
How was the party?
Lee found out...
I'm tired, Gang-hee.
Maybe I'm too old for this.
It's not like
we're saving this country.
You couldn't close the deal?
It's been a while, sir.
How are you?
Did you find out?
I'm waiting for an answer.
What game are you playing?
We should meet.
Who was it?
Someone I know.
Damn, it's cold.
You're still alive.
Didn't want to die alone.
Park from Moon Sash,
he's working for you, right?
That dumb-ass...
Is it obvious?
Stupid fella...
He could end up miserable
if he keeps up that scheme.
Do you still have what I gave you?
That almost cost me my life.
It didn't cost your hand though.
Do you think I betrayed you?
Well, are your family
still in the States?
I paid all their tuition,
I paid for your
fancy mansion in Bundang.
Are you blackmailing me?
Don't get me wrong.
We had a good time together once.
What do you want?
I'll give you a huge plot of land
in Gyeonggi if you help me.
Listen to me, Sang-goo.
Those guys are monsters.
The more you bite them,
the bigger and stronger
they become.
Don't you get it what it's like
to fight against them?
Shit, I don't know.
I will fight till the end.
You just stay out of this.
Do you have the copy?
I don't want blood to get
on your hands... so decide wisely.
Hey, bro.
I'll be back.
What the fuck?
Lee spilt champagne on it.
Goddamn... shit!
Yes, sir.
How did it go?
I confirmed his schedule.
He'll go to Royal Hotel sauna
after the climbing 's done.
You gotta steal that,
by all means!
No problem, boss.
What did Lee tell you?
Think he'll tell Jang?
Not so easily...
He has a small guilty part in it.
How should I catch this punk...
He seems to know something.
I can't just get rid of him.
My gosh, that bastard.
That's editor Lee Gang-hee
and he's a high school
alumni with Jang.
Lee Gang-hee at Nation Daily?
You know him?
How can I forget?
He made a fool out of me.
Wait a minute.
Mirae Motors is the biggest
advertiser for Nation Daily, right?
That's right.
The rich and the press for a candidate
funding for president...
Damn justice.
The press was all over Jang
when he was fired
from the Prosecutor's Office.
Nation Daily made Jang a star
and Lee was in charge of
the political department.
So, the man who made Jang
and arranged Mirae as a sponsor
was Lee Kang-hee?
It makes sense.
It's over when a star, money
and the press are involved.
By the way sir... what should
I tell the chief prosecutor?
Tell him that I'm fishing
in a remote village, very relaxed!
I know what you mean...
but I'm just an employee...
Let me out of this.
Suit yourself.
Thank you.
By the way, back when
Korea Steel was being investigated
didn't you have dinner with
its General Affairs manager?
How was the dinner?
The dinner? It was good.
No sir, it's not like that!
He's a hometown friend.
We only had dinner.
I understand, it's hard
to say no to a friend.
So what's Ahn up to?
Not much yet.
But it really was only dinner!
Got it, got it.
I just mean that
we need to stick together.
Where have you been,
my dearest Sang-goo?
You want money?
You should go out and work
if you need money, loser.
Extorting customers
with that ugly hook?
You know Moon Il-seok?
I was supposed to receive...
Are you okay?
You're not hurt?
You must've drunk too much.
What the hell are you?
Sir! Are you okay?
You should've gone
after him! Damn it!
It's because...
Are you okay?
Did you get anything?
Whew, it stinks here.
Please, clean up.
What did you dig up?
Woo Jang-hoon at the Seoul
Prosecutor's Office.
He was going to receive the bribery info
from Moon 2 years ago.
Damn, it won't be easy.
- My god!
- Did you screw up?
Come on,
I'm not new at this thing.
Then how he find out?
I don't know how.
Will you be okay
with a prosecutor involved?
Nothing goes as planned.
It's all fucked up.
That punk got me, son of a bitch.
How long has it been?
It's been an hour since
he went in the hotel sauna.
He left Moon Sash and
came straight here.
Any contact with Ahn Sang-goo?
Not yet...
What's he doing here?
You say
Ahn disappeared?
Sorry, sir.
Move your ass now
and get that son of a bitch!
Stupid jerk.
Damn useless bastard.
Hey, Mr. Park!
Oh, my!
Are you a member here?
Yes, you are too?
Of course. I'm a regular.
They give good haircuts here.
Yes, I can see.
Excuse me for a sec.
You sure?
Ahn owns a hotel in Gwangju.
Park used to run it for him.
Is that so?
Stay calm and do as I say
from now on.
Got it.
I'll take care of it.
Yes, okay.
You busy?
Let's have a beer.
- I'm a bit tied up...
- Just a sip.
Yes, sir.
Tell me.
He hasn't spilled yet.
You damn losers.
Bring it here!
First cut here.
And here.
And for here,
I guess we should cut
right above the ankle.
Anything to tell us?
Where is Ahn hiding?
How did it go?
I got the watch, boss.
Be careful.
Lots of eyes watching.
Bring it quick.
You bastards will be skeletons
by the time I die.
Seems like Park got busted.
Fucking morons.
Fuck, this is hot!
Boss, it's me!
Damn it.
Get him!
Lift him up.
You cripple.
You fucking prick.
Yes, got him.
Ahn got away.
How could you let him go?
Shut the fuck up!
Should've killed that fucker
when I had the chance.
You caused this shit,
so you should clean it up.
If things go wrong because of Ahn,
I won't go down alone.
You know that.
Of course I know.
That's why all along
I've been cleaning your shit
and wiping your ass, too.
keep cleaning my shit
and wiping my ass.
Then you can be a cabinet member
or prime minister.
Everyone has a
pre-destined role in life.
You're destined to
clean my shit all your life.
Prime minister, Lee.
Fucking constipation!
You're awake?
Hey, mobster!
Even if you lost a hand,
what kind of gangster
is so bad at fighting?
You'd be dead if not for me.
Watch your mouth,
you filthy little dog.
What do you expect?
A prosecutor to speak
respectfully to a fucking gangster?
Listen carefully
as I won't repeat this.
You remember Moon Il-seok?
Ex-accounting manager
of Mirae Motors.
He was going to give me
the slush fund file 2 years back.
The records from Mirae Motors.
But a fucking rat intercepted it.
Who could that be?
You are asking me?
That's what you lost your hand for,
isn't it?
Playing games with those files.
Are you nuts? I must've hit you
too hard the other night.
Okay then how about this?
What is it that you want?
Revenge, isn't it?
You know what I want?
I want justice.
Because I'm a fucking
prosecutor of Korea.
I'd like to help
with your revenge,
you wanna work with me?
Good deal, isn't it?
You're quite funny,
Mr. Prosecutor.
You think you're John Wayne?
Does a sweet thing like that
still exist in this country?
If you wanna play with that shit,
help yourself.
I'm not interested.
You thugs don't listen
when we talk nicely.
You listen carefully.
If you don't cooperate,
you'll be charged for
confinement and assault on Moon.
What'll it be?
I just got in.
See the light on the ceiling?
- The light.
- Pardon?
Got it!
You did? Great job!
Tell him to get
a bottle of soju!
Buy a bottle of soju
on your way back.
Any brand is fine.
Tell him to buy 'Dew!'
Mr. Bang.
Mr. Dipshit Gangster
would prefer Dew.
Damn it.
That toilet is fucked up.
What the fuck.
Damn it you!
Cut the crap!
You think it'll do?
Oh's not in it.
Plenty of ways out for Jang.
This can only nail
the president of his campaign club.
Where's the file?
- I told you they took it!
- Fuck you!
You think I'll buy that shit?
You weren't listening
when I told you that?
You're saying you trusted
Lee that much?
Giving him the original
without making a copy?
You know there is something...
between him and me.
We have a special bond between us.
Like brotherhood.
Special bond between
a journalist and a gangster.
Got it!
Then how much did you give?
- Huh?
- Didn't you?
The fucking special bond of yours
is giving him something
to get something back.
Why'd you give the slush fund file
to Lee Gang-hee?!
We need insurance to survive
in this world.
Ah, you got insurance,
but no copy?
You think I'll buy that,
you son of a bitch!
I told you already
that they took everything!
He is a fucking loser.
A blockhead.
Fuck you!
I think we should move
to another place.
It's a bit weird for guys
to stay in a...
Why is it weird? Fuck!
And Jang's gang must
be searching for him everywhere.
Staying in Seoul
is too dangerous.
Hey, do you have any place
to hide in the countryside?
I have some bros
in Gwangju.
But damn Park knows them all.
Who is it?
What brings you here?
You're the only one
catching bad guys in Korea?
Couldn't you have at least
eaten regularly?
How's the food?
Sorry we don't have much.
It tastes good.
- Are you okay?
- Okay with what?
Are things cleaner at the prosecution,
compared to the police?
I'm full.
I'll get going.
- Leaving already?
- Got some early morning business.
Don't come out.
Damn... bastard.
- Careful with driving!
- Yes.
This was his room.
Make yourself at home.
I'm sorry to cause you trouble.
I'll pay back your kindness later.
It's nothing.
Never mind.
Just take care of my son.
He's still immature
and out of touch.
He's not immature.
A bit rude, but I'll take
care of that myself.
- You don't have to worry.
- Sure.
- Good night.
- Night, sir.
If you're walking in hell,
you should march on!
Fuck you.
This isn't enough.
We definitely
need the slush fund file.
You're saying there's no copy?
He says so but...
Professor, how are you doing?
I'm a bit concerned...
a gentleman like you
engaged in politics...
When I first joined the congress
someone said to me...
the only goal
for a congressman...
is to be part of the ruling party.
Politics is survival
in a broad term.
Survival of the country
and the people.
And my survival.
It must be tough.
It's not easy especially
in the opposition party.
- I need something big.
- Professor.
Shall I...
make you an interesting proposal?
What is it?
Please prepare a press conference
for Ahn Sang-goo.
You want me to back that?
I'm sure it'll be a good
opportunity for you as well.
How about the file?
I'll take care of it.
Will Ahn himself show up?
If he doesn't...
We'll have to make him show.
Made a deal?
He gets Jang then join
the Supreme Prosecutor's Office.
So that's why he wanted to get
Jang so bad.
Can you trust him?
You want me to walk away?
I wonder if he'll stab you in the back.
Prosecutors in Korea are like that.
They suck up to those with power.
He needs to get Jang
for his own sake.
Still, don't trust him completely.
You can't be too careful.
He might stab you in the back.
You got a great car!
Is it a new one?
The balance?
You're the only one
raking it in,
when the film's
not even released.
It's not the actor's fault
but the director's.
Take to the hills for a while.
Sang-goo, how about
going away with me?
Who gives a damn about revenge?
We can drink Mojitos in the Maldives.
Like old times.
You should bury
memories in your heart
and keep no feelings for
buses that have left.
What's with you?
Take care, Mr. Chairman.
You must've studied hard
to become a prosecutor.
I had blood in my stool.
My ass couldn't take
sitting at a desk 24/7.
Most people are on their way up
once they become prosecutors...
getting married into rich families.
So will you be my matchmaker?
What is your reason to get Jang?
The real one.
When I was a policeman,
I caught a lot of bad guys.
I mean a lot!
- Especially thugs like you.
- You rude bastard!
But no point in arresting them...
I didn't graduate from
the police academy.
So I got stuck with
all the shitty work.
You know... one sows
and another reaps.
That's why you
became a prosecutor?
But now, the issue is
lines of influence.
What's the use of
an outstanding record?
Hicks like me
with no connections
can't get anywhere.
What a great country!
Now you've started, you need
some stars on your chest.
Did anyone ever become
Chief Prosecutor without connections?
Article 11, chapter 2 of the Constitution:
all men are created equal.
And shall not be discriminated
by gender, religion or social status,
in any areas including political, economic,
social and cultural life.
Damn fly!
Fuck it,
you gangster!
Don't you think our kids
should live in a country like that?
You're so fucking righteous.
You've got a copy of it,
don't you?
You might call each other bro
but you don't share the same blood.
You would've made a copy
before giving it to Lee.
Jang's popularity
has soared by 10 percent.
He could win the primary,
then go on to be president.
Can you watch that happen?
I can't.
A president like him.
I've had enough already,
now give me the copy.
Didn't you want to use me
to catch Jang?
Then use me!
If you don't take this chance now,
you'll hide all your life
like a fucking loser.
All your life.
Before he died,
my father told me
'Sang-goo, you should behave
as if I'll be watching over you
from Heaven.'
This is the original
that I took from Moon.
I knew it.
Then why'd you need
a video from the villa?
Why do you think Kim Jong-il
developed a nuclear bomb?
If this file is
ground-to-air missiles,
what would the video clip be?
A nuclear bomb!
This wasn't my original plan,
but this should do for revenge.
I'll go to the Maldives
to sip Mojito.
You get the fuckers
and put them in jail.
You're telling me
to do it alone?
The file can be taken as evidence
only when the source is revealed.
You're telling me
to go to jail?
Arrest would be inevitable
but isn't it true that
you're not 100% innocent?
Fuck you!
I want revenge, not justice!
I'm sorry but that's the only
way to get them.
You think I'm that stupid?
Fuck justice.
I know you're doing this
to make your name.
You want to be on a roll
after arresting Jang!
What is wrong with that?
I want to go up by jailing bad guys
since I have no connections!
Is that so wrong?
Didn't you go to Lee
wanting to make it big!
And you are left out
like a deserted dog!
- Are you fucking crazy, bastard!
- Don't you get it?
You fucking don't get it yet?
It's Editor Lee, not Jang!
Lee was the one who set up
the slush fund...
and put Mirae Motors, Hangyul Bank
and Jang together!
And this!
Fucking this!
Lee is the one
who fucked up your hand, moron!
What are you talking about?
Want to change the lead?
He does whatever he wants
instead of following our direction.
Imagine what he would demand
once he gets there.
But will Jang go quietly?
Nothing serious to have
one more actor.
You want to proceed with two tops
rather than one?
He'll realize
when the film ends...
that he was only playing
the supporting role.
Editor, do you realize how much
I've already invested in him?
And you're saying I should invest in
Kim again without payback?
It's not how businessmen work.
And Jang's better at following
our instructions than Kim
since Jang stinks
as much as we do.
Isn't it better to fart
among those who stink?
Excuse me.
It's me.
I'm feeling lonely
and thinking of you.
How have you been?
Where are you?
Get prepared,
the operation will start soon.
I warned you before...
you could get fucked up
if you keep licking Jang's ass.
You got a copy, do you?
You need a bullet
to load the gun.
I can help you
if you want revenge.
How much did you get
for raising the slush fund?
Did they promise you
the prime minister job?
How could you do this to me?
You matched Mirae Motors
up with Hangyul Bank...
And it's you who got Jang
to put the pressure on the loan!
You motherfucker!
I was a damn fool
to give you the file...
No wonder I lost my hand.
You keep it for me.
We'll see what good
it might bring us.
Don't release it
without my consent, got it?
What a foxy bear.
You should know your place,
instead of coveting what's not yours.
Sang-goo, just follow my lead.
Take care, it's quite cold.
So you planned all this?
Using me?
You think you can
hide all your life
watching this bullshit?
What do you want me to do?
Go to jail?
It's the only way
to get that son of a bitch, Lee.
It's your call.
What do you want?
How will people remember me?
How do you want
to be remembered?
A gangster who loved...
No... stood by justice?
Don't smirk.
Damn, I should
go to the beauty salon...
and get a new suit too.
A nice one.
I got this from Moon Il-seok,
former accountant at Mirae Motors.
It shows Mirae made a slush fund
with 3 billion from Hangyul Bank
and gave 30 million to Congressman Jang
for his election campaign.
Today, the prosecution raided
Mirae Motors and Hangyul Bank.
According to a source...
Ahn who unveiled
Mirae Motors' slush fund
was arrested and imprisoned
in Seoul Detention Center.
Ahn is accused of abduction,
imprisonment and extortion.
Ahn claims he only followed the orders
of Chairman Oh and Congressman Jang.
The prosecution will
conduct a cross-examination.
Today at a press conference,
Congressman Jang said
he will defy the
prosecution's summons.
My conscience is clear before
the people of this country.
I have never received
money or favors from Mirae Motors.
I can stake
my political life on it.
In the evening today,
Oh, Chairman of Mirae Motors
was suddenly hospitalized
for a chronic disease.
Oh 's attorney requested
the prosecution to postpone
the summons.
It's been reported that Mr. Jo
at Mirae Motors has left the country.
His actions has raised doubts
that he left in order to escape.
However, Mirae Motors announced that
this was scheduled for months.
And that Mr. Jo will voluntarily
appear at the Prosecution's Office.
Lord, shed me some insights.
Strong memories lack judgement
Then, shall we begin the show?
The water tastes okay?
Sorry, so many cases to handle.
Hope you feel comfortable here.
My ass hurts after
sitting for so long.
- Thank you for the article.
- Which article?
Prosecution's forced interrogation
caused Seok's suicide.
- I think it was here...
- Yes.
Why'd you kill him?
I know you killed him
by scratching a pen
with your right hand, didn't you?
You're out of line.
Please ask questions
based on facts only.
Enough fiction.
Only facts then.
No time anyway.
Are you happy to live
kissing the asses of Jang and Oh?
Fuck... who kisses whose ass?
Or not, whatever.
I saw you were quite active
in the democratic movement before...
Even went to prison.
How come you're here now?
And you?
Why are you here?
Why'd you come here
stringing along that idiot Ahn.
I guess it's the same reason.
We're both here because of
what we desire.
But I, at least,
am not as dirty as you.
You introduced Ahn
to Jang and Oh, didn't you?
No, I didn't.
Why would a conglomerate head
and a politician need to meet a thug?
Doesn't make sense.
Then let me see...
'Errand men' were hired to suppress
the strike of Mirae Motors in 1995,
then for the campaign of New Party
in 1996's general election,
and for Mirae Motors' purchase
of a factory site in 1998.
Now does it make sense?
People often use the phrase,
It's hard to see it as...
They write this often
in interrogation dossiers
and in newspaper articles.
But do you realize
it's nothing but wordplay?
It's hard to see it as pre-planned.
Hard to see it as intentional.
Hard to see it as related.
And, "Hard to see it as a request."
But how would that be applied
to a gangster like Ahn?
It's possible to see it as pre-planned.
It's possible to see it as intentional.
It's possible to see it as related.
It's possible to see it as a request.
Or we might even say,
'highly' possible.
What the fuck
are you trying to say?
I'm saying,
what is "hard to see it as"
for one person can be
highly possible to see it as
for someone else.
Words are power.
What kind of crazy fuck
would believe a thug's words?
It's already time
for the morning paper.
Can I read it?
Ahn Sang-goo who revealed
Mirae Motors' slush fund
hired a hit man in 2001
to assassinate a member
of a rival gang.
A killer named Choi
who was hired for the job
is currently in Daejeon Prison.
This was revealed in testimony
by a man named Park
who used to be the manager
of Ahn's gang.
In addition, the suicide of
popular dance group member
Min Jia in 2004
was allegedly sparked
by repetitive sexual assaults by Ahn,
who was her agent at that time.
Members of the group
are quoted as sources.
Fucking assholes!
I told you the truth!
Nothing but the truth!
It's not the truth that matters.
Now, no one believes
what you say!
We need evidence or witnesses
to make people to believe you.
Now tell me.
Did you or didn't you
hire the killer?
I did not.
You go to Daejeon and ask Choi.
And the sexual assault?
Min Jia had
severe depression then.
Ask fellow group member
Joo Eun-hye.
She'll tell you the truth.
I did everything you told me to.
You said you wanted to get Jang
and I did everything.
As I disclosed at the prosecutor's
I never introduced Ahn
to Oh and Jang.
I met Ahn several times
when I was doing research.
Are you saying Ahn lied?
Ahn's past record of
contract killing
and sexual assaults on his talent
is revealed.
I'm beyond appalled that
the reputations of a respected
businessman, a politician
and me as a journalist
who has always fought for freedom
and fairness of speech
have been tarnished by
the word of a thug.
She's been dead
for a couple days.
Seems she killed herself
by carbon monoxide poisoning.
And I went to see Choi...
he said he was hired by Ahn
to kill Kim.
It is possible to see this
as political manipulation
by a certain group which
incited Ahn to cause controversy
just before
the presidential election.
Let me modify one sentence.
Instead of 'possible,'
write it as 'highly possible.'
Moon, ex-accounting manager
of Mirae Motors, now living in Canada
said in a recent press interview
that he's never met Ahn
and the slush fund that
Ahn describes
never existed in the first place.
If Moon is telling the truth
it seems Ahn's claims related to
Mirae Motors' slush fund
have all been proven false.
Therefore it's difficult to see
how Oh and Jang might be
related to the recent allegations.
Damn little punks.
Now all eyes have turned to who
is behind Ahn's false disclosure.
Joo Eun-hye, from the same
dance group as the late Min Jia
whose suicide was caused by Ahn's
sexual assault, was found dead today.
Police see the cause of death as
suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning,
and plan to investigate Ahn's
possible connection to the case.
Take care, Mr. Chairman.
Is there any way to save Ahn?
Why didn't you
check his record?
That record was fabricated
to get Ahn.
None of that is true.
The truth doesn't matter anymore.
I'm also losing ground
within the party.
Accepting your proposal
has completely ruined me.
Damn it.
I need to look out for myself.
Politics is the survival of the country
and the people.
And also my survival.
Now I understand what it means.
Then, you should also
look our for yourself.
- Hello, this is Woo...
- This is Editor Lee.
Are you well?
I just got a tip-off
and am concerned
if I should write about it or not...
What is it now?
You know Jo, president of
Joyang Mirae Development, right?
Yes, so fucking what?
A source said your father
received favors and money from him.
You check about it
and call me back.
This is President Jo
at Joyang Mirae Development.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Jo Yang-shik.
What did he say?
What can he say?
- Did you take the money?
- Jang-hoon?
Did you or didn't you
take the money?
What money
are you talking about?
You met President Jo
at Joyang Mirae Development?
You never accepted money,
am I right?
I didn't accept it.
I just borrowed some.
Real estate agent Kim
introduced him...
The Supreme Prosecutors' Office
will take Ahn's case.
You're suspended for 6 months
so leave your ID and get out.
So you're laying
all the blame on me?
Then why did a prosecutor
fuck around with a gangster?
And did you pick up a sponsor?
You know President Jo
at Joyang Mirae Development?
I should kill myself for
supporting a nobody like you.
Get your ass
out of here, fucker!
Chief, I can't leave like this.
You know how I struggled
to get this far.
I was a dog for our organization
doing whatever
I was told to do. Sir!
Please give me one more chance.
Then you should've done better.
Or been born better.
Ahn just escaped!
What are you doing, sir?
Sorry, boss.
Boss, please forgive me.
I... did it only to survive.
Who killed Joo Eun-hye?
It was Jo...
Editor Lee ordered him to do it.
She went to Lee
and threatened him.
She wanted to get you
out of trouble.
We'll talk care of Lee Kang-hee.
You guys stay out of it.
I'll meet him myself.
Are you sure?
Oh boy...
Life it tough, goddamn.
It seems many smuggle into
the Philippines these days.
There are thousands of islands
so why not?
No one can find you
if you go into hiding.
Also, it's a poor country so...
You can live like a king
with a bit of money.
Not bad.
We used to want to live well
like the Philippines in the old days.
What happened to us?
Let's get Ahn involved somehow
in the article.
Add murder, sexual assault
and fleeing out of the country.
The title will be...
Biggest swindler of our time!
A Twisted Life.
Be as provocative as you can.
So, he goes crazy.
You agree on this, don't you?
Sure, company policy is clear.
Yes, I saw the news.
It's not really important
whether Ahn is arrested or not
at this point.
Yes, Chairman.
Who on earth would believe
what Ahn says?
I didn't do anything.
It was Ahn's one-man-show.
Is it that funny?
Me doing a one-man-show?
I'll call you later.
I have a guest.
What brings you here?
I thought I should show you
how to sword dance.
You can come here
or shall I go there?
Don't be intimidated.
Come here.
I have something to ask you
as a brother.
We've known each other
for 20 years.
I never believed in Oh and Jang
but I believed in you.
Because we are brothers.
We're living in a shitty world
but brothers don't stab
each other in the back, do they?
That's why I told you to quit.
Did you forget
that if you nurse a grudge,
the knife will be
aimed back at you?
You're getting off track.
You think I'm doing this
because you betrayed me?
What do you want?
Let me ask you...
Did you really have to kill Joo?
Wasn't me.
Did you buy Moon off?
And order him to
deny giving me the file?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Let me ask you one last thing.
Biggest swindler of our time!
Scoundrel who does contract killing
and habitual sexual assault!
Did that come from you?
For what?
You want this?
You son of a bitch!
You think I'm so easy?
How dare you come here?
You motherfucking gangster!
You motherfucker!
It's Jang!
He ordered everything.
Killed Joo,
and made you into a killer
and sex criminal!
It was all Jang's idea!
Which hand do you use
to wipe your ass?
Use the one that you've got left.
Don't even think about writing.
Kim Jung-ho, Criminal Department.
what is the location?
Excuse me...
I'm here to turn myself in.
Did you really have to kill Joo?
Wasn't me.
Did you buy Moon off?
And order him to
deny giving me the file?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
It's Jang!
He ordered everything.
Killed Joo and
made you into a killer
and sex criminal!
It was all Jang's idea!
Did you listen to it?
Should be enough
to catch them all, right?
Something's eating you?
I'll take care of it from now on,
so please take care of yourself.
Hey, did you say 'please' to me?
Treat me as usual.
It feels awkward.
You met your father?
Be a good son to him
while he's alive.
If not, you'll regret it later like me.
He ordered everything.
Killed Joo and
made you into a killer
and sex criminal!
It's all Jang's...
That won't serve as evidence.
A confession made under
coercion in fear of one's life
of course cannot be
accepted as evidence.
Then why are you here?
What would happen
if Jang listened to it?
Can't imagine he'd be happy.
You know how
the human mind works.
A small doubt
grows into deep distrust.
And he'd never appoint
someone who betrayed him.
What did you come to say?
Would you be okay
if someone else takes
the position Jang promised you?
You wanna start all over again?
You think I am picking a fight?
First... send me to
the Central Investigation Division
at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office.
I think it's a must-position
for a prosecutor.
Friends or enemies,
only two options.
My service to you.
What the prosecution needs now is
true reform and renovation
for the nation and people,
rather than false change
to get past its crisis.
From now on, we won't submit
to any pressure...
- Promoted to Supreme Prosecution?
- Yes, Central Investigation Division.
What shall we do, boss?
No need to get nervous.
Take it as a blind date.
Yes, sir.
Isn't Hwang from
Gyeongbuk Province?
Yes, he's from Gyeongbuk High.
- Fellow alumni of Kim Seok-woo?
- Yes.
The primary is
just around the corner
but the two are within
the margin of error.
A scandal between Kim
and Hanwoo Development.
I did the plot summary.
You release it when the time is right.
Yes, sir.
Hi, Mr. Jo, long time no see.
When did you come back?
A few days ago.
You didn't have to bring the liquor.
We have plenty.
I didn't want to be empty-handed
as this is my first visit.
He prepared the Chairman's favorite.
Oh, here you all are.
- Old foes as new friends.
- Now in the same boat.
Woo Jang-hoon.
I knew we would meet here.
I said he and I are similar.
And you look good!
Thank you, sir.
This is Detective Choi, sir.
Need to report to you...
Why report
after everything's done!
Who do you think you are
calling me directly?
Damn motherfucker.
Should change the number.
Damn moron.
Who was it?
Never mind.
Let's go in.
- Let's go, Woo.
- Yes, sir.
Let's party!
In the New Party's
primary election today,
Jang Pil-woo was selected
as his party's candidate
for the December presidential election,
beating Kim Seok-woo.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I hereby accept the candidacy
expressing my sincere respect
for your great choice.
From now on,
whether you voted for
or against me,
we are all one.
I love you all.
Love you!
Jang Pil-woo!
Jang Pil-woo!
I'll begin a new era
for a righteous Korea!
Yes, boss.
- You got it?
- Yes, boss.
- Can we see the actors?
- Clearly!
Sons of bitches!
Spread it far and wide!
It's you, Mr. Woo!
Sincere congratulations
on your honorary promotion.
What brings you here?
Are you stalking me?
I'm back at Nation Daily.
You didn't know?
Let's cooperate well.
Hold on.
Yes, Chief.
I'm in the lobby.
Render unto Caesar
the things that are Caesar's.
No, not at all.
Take your time.
No, not at all.
Take your time.
What's this?
Chairman, I'll pick up
your shit from now on!
- Yes, you get it and eat it!
- You eat it!
Nation Daily...
- What?
- No, it's...
- I'm sorry for Seok Myung-kwan.
- Sorry for what?
He got more than his share...
He must've been pissed off.
I've nothing to
be pissed about.
My job is to "do as I'm told."
How did you make Moon Il-seok
change his mind?
When I gave him money,
he said he'd do anything for me.
There's nothing money can't get.
Technically, it's the bank's money.
The bank's money is my money!
There's no one
who didn't use my money!
Lee, you write and eat
thanks to my money.
And fuck, too!
Breaking news.
A video clip was dispersed
among the public this afternoon.
After acquiring the video clip
which was spread
via mobile phones and emails,
police have started an investigation.
Shown naked in the clip,
to the nation's shock, are
Mirae Motors Chairman Oh Hyun-soo
and presidential candidate Jang Pil-woo.
the clip provides evidence
that the discredited allegations
concerning Mirae Motors' slush fund
all appear to be true.
As attention focuses on
who spread the clip,
an inside man who
claims to be the source
will disclose further details
in a press conference,
which is likely to
release further controversy.
There's no information on him yet,
and he hasn't arrived.
Rumor says it's the president
of Jang's campaign club.
It's supposedly the man who
supplies girls to Oh's villa.
It's likely his enforcer
who carries out all the errands.
Would they believe me
if I had evidence?
Well, who on earth would
believe a gangster?
But they'd believe you,
don't you think, Mr. Prosecutor?
Let's make a film together.
Listen to me carefully.
I'll escape today.
It's all Jang's idea!
He ordered everything.
You wanna get Jang and Oh
with Lee's confession?
You think I am an idiot?
Don't you know that a confession
made under coercion
in fear of one's life
cannot be accepted as evidence?
When I get Lee's confession,
you go and make a deal with it.
A deal?
My good service to you.
Yes, you make a deal
and jump on their wagon.
Mr. Jo, it's been a while.
Didn't have to bring the liquor.
We've got plenty.
If you want to catch a tiger,
you have to go in its cave.
So you're telling
me to become an insider?
Either catch a tiger
as an insider,
or live like a loser
in the countryside.
It's your call.
I wanted to see for myself.
So I decided
to become an inside man.
Mirae Motors Chairman
Oh Hyun-soo,
presidential nominee
Jang Pil-woo,
and Lee Gang-hee,
Editor-in-chief of Nation Daily
deceived the entire nation
without hesitation or shame,
for nothing but their own benefit.
As you can see from the clip,
they made Ahn Sang-goo
who revealed their true nature
into the biggest swindler
of our time.
Ahn once did unforgivable things
working for them
but that doesn't mean
we can regard what he says as false.
Ahn regretted his actions,
took everything
he saw and heard,
and exposed it as the truth.
Shit... I'm fucked.
Oh bought off Moon,
ex-accounting manager of Mirae Motors
and ordered him to lie.
This is the slush fund file
that Ahn received from Moon.
And it is genuine.
You were also in the clip yourself.
Can you disclose your name
and occupation?
My name is Woo Jang-hoon.
Prosecutor of Korea.
When the insider turned out to be
prosecutor Woo Jang-hoon,
at CID of Supreme Prosecutors' Office,
it caused quite a stir.
Politicians are calling for
a thorough investigation of the agency.
Today's revelation by an inside man
disclosed the deep-rooted
back scratching relationship
between politics, industry
and the media.
Congressman Jang
is maintaining silence
while disobeying
the prosecution's summons.
The prosecution is said to be
considering putting
an all-points bulletin
on Jang, who is already
banned from leaving
the country.
I am so fucking lonely.
Jo, you son of a bitch!
You like this?
You want more?
You fucking asshole!
What the fuck are you saying?
You bastard!
Whatever, empty that!
Yes, sir!
Go fuck yourself!
Good bye, asshole.
Lawyer Woo's office,
how may I help you?
He's in court now.
Yes, when he gets back
I'll tell him to call you.
Excuse me, you're not
allowed to smoke here.
But adultery laws were abolished
early this year!
It's not me who abolished it.
Why yell at me?
Hey, gangster!
Damn rude bastard...
Very nice view.
I guess they fed you well
in prison. You look...
You still don't watch your mouth.
Having fun after quitting
the prosecutor's office?
Of course not.
I miss the days
I got my monthly pay.
You gonna stay here forever?
You need to groom a bit
and go there across the river.
You must've received
love calls from the congress.
Woo Jang-hoon,
lonesome hit man of justice.
You're saying I should
follow in Jang's footsteps?
To fail or to succeed.
You'll never know unless you start.
Are you scared?
If so, I can go myself.
Screw you.
Let me treat you
a decent meal.
I liked the food I had in prison.
Or since the weather's nice,
- we can have Mojito at the Maldives.
- That sounds good too.
Where is the Mojito?
- Damn.
- I know, I know!
It's in Japan!
You make me crazy.
Or in China?
Directed by WOO MIN-HO
Any characters, places, company
or organization mentioned in the movie
and every events and episodes
are all fiction and made up.
If any of those really exist
it's all a coincidence.
Prison food wasn't so bad.
I had time to think.
It was okay.
You tried chewing dry squid?
But the squid is very tough to chew.
Will you keep chewing it?
I thought so.
Who would keep chewing it
when it hurts your teeth.
It's all the same.
All they want is something
they can chew on at parties
and on the internet.
They will chew on it
but get bored and move on.
Teeth hurts and
they're busy with other matters.
That's right.
We just have to
stay strong and be tough.
Koreans tend to be hot-headed.
We boil up quick
but get cold fast.
Just throw them something to chew on
time to time.
What they want...
it's not the truth.
Throw some concerns
to those who want concerns.
Give a baby reason to cry
if the baby wants to cry.
And throw some gossip
to those who want to speak ill.
After concerning and crying
and swearing
they'll blow some steam off
and get tired eventually.
My right hand?
I can write with my left hand.