Nae-ga sal-in-beom-i-da (Confession of Murder) (2012) Movie Script

One More soju.
Soju here in me?
Drop knife
Drop the knif motherfucker
Four... Please do not kill.
This woman will die because of you.
Aunt.. Aunt towel
Hey fucker.
Hey.. This fucker
The rascals
Two asshole
For hand struck Motherfucker
Only one step more Come
Back, you little bitch.
Son of a bitch
Hand withdrew
More poke dead motherfucker!
You Scared
GNOME anybody did that?
What would you have done?
How'd you do that, you son of a bitch.
Why not? The next time you want in your mouth, even the litter
Not kill
You do PR to me, the central executive par
The suspect has gone suddenly, that alley
Obliterated as the statute of limitations
Legal innocence.
Victim of this incident
Choehyeonggu H. Let's meet.
Grissom to suspect might be watching the broadcasts
Short, take your
You just ask me to do something, but
Live here, please
Craving for nine nine nine Thus no craving for compulsory nine @ @ By
Turn the channel, why? Looking good there, huh?
I'm coming up on the television channel why Dolly ask?
Kind choebanjang stop eating?
Then you look too uncomfortable because
A.. The
Uh expression Type
I remember that the defense until a few tea.
That's right. Oriental champion
World Champion dwaeseo
Mother in the grave just wanted angyeo like a championship belt
Expression Oh wait you home now, huh?
Let's talk a little with my brother
Mom after being so
Orphans and the difference is not
Was like a brother for
I will never forget. Expression ah
Fuck you
Expression ah
What are you doing?
If your mother see in the sky will truly liked. This fucker
Killed, even if the cub rummaging Col Bo
And I'm not that then sift? This fucker
Your heart, 'cause
One came down, let's talk
I'm sorry
Expression ah
Her current enlarger.
Phone has been
Just pick up the phone.
That Hopeless
Middle of the night I'm on the midnight'm
Aw mom a few sight
Shorter to do than go on and on so few, he alcohol or too much
Eoyigo pick up the phone or
Child Gwangju Night
Car wash on the weekends my mom helps
Tossed out the case, even if not to call
Gee always sleep guy who flops or
When you helped me, yeah?
Not help me when I told
What did you say?
Water turn?
Killer is the author of I yiduseok Mr.
Only 17 years ago, the nation abuzz
Yeongok the perpetrators of the murder chain
Own said.
Already ended at the time the statute of limitations
By virtue of being serial killer point directly autobiography
Covering competitive conference within the yeolttwin happening.
Are now coming yiduseok Mr.
You gave journalists and publishing Ceremony
Sincerely thanked.
Repent of his crime, while
Considering the authenticity of the put down in words
Offensive, please refrain from the questions.
Oh, yeah.
Fully ttadolrimyeo the police, the number of deaths
Discussed at the time made the perfect crime until
The perfection of the crime
What is the reason? Themselves breaking
Wake up to themselves the perfect crime.
Implausible Oddly
Guilt, I'd like to make.
Someone else just like me
This guilt
Did catch the horn.
Sheesh, what now guilty
Sound to fuck horse shit..
Yiduseok Mr.
As you can see,
Voice of criticism here and there would emerge
What Are you not scared or worried?
I confess
Can get confused right now but
Through this book
In the future.
Such terrible events
Occur only hope we do.
Looks fairly compliant chose.
It Is not ever eligible for a separate skin care?
So women reporters do not question me?
His real culprits of definitive physical evidence?
This book, you'll find plenty of answers out will think.
Choebanjang by
Looks like you're not here today
Then you really
I'm sorry.
Current enlarger, I do not know that you are talking about?
Choebanjang shot by warhead
I can remain here.
This is just
Its warhead photos.
Can you show me the gunshot wound marks?
Will be distributed to bookstores nationwide from tomorrow
Internet purchases will be available from midnight today.
Good article, thank you.
Oh, this motherfucker was a long time trying to read chaekjom
Please only one word.
Do not shoot. Example?
More time to take... Condone
this should Yiduseok Mr.
Photos in the rain Why did you do. Just
Rain line deliberately meant to
know? What to say so I'm not.
Gee Hold on
Tomorrow let
Stop.. Why come here do
you think? You moron
Emerges. Emerges. Kim, Won
- Jang by
Kim, Won - Jang by
Currently, it's like what? Once forgiven by yiduseok Mr. Kim, Won
- Jang Could we please.
Kim, Won
- Jang current feelings by what? Cold you think it'll take yiduseok Mr.
Come home and drink because
Example? I'm like kicks. Just
Was wrong.
Uh... Teacher Kim, Won - Jang
by... Kim, Won - Jang by
Come on out Me
Yiduseok Mr.
Now feel, but only say
the word, please. Tell us
Hey Shiny
Not the culprit this motherfucker...
What how we have no idea how to put you grab
Obvious culprit.
I be held responsible?
Guy'm also assurance that our Father seoneun Example?
Why lose. Responsibility I
Watch not literally.
Ugh crazy asshole
Mac, you'll notice it's not better because you saw.
No, not the culprit so
Seamless detail
All of it could not catch
Tight tight what hell there is no
Know how it'll last because of the disappearance.
Not it only her former wife.
Dude, I not very CiD
Completely Library's
Good to see. Huh?
See your favorite
Murder eoyigo yeongok Not since Star?
Why not? And
Star's ready, you fucker.
Be the way
The cubs, the son hit the yiduseok right?
Real culprits are satisfied with what? Did not catch wife put
Yiduseok may not be the real culprits got this little bitch.
This motherfucker face Look
Where this killer's mug?
Be what you smell that?
Smell me
Where I think I smell jjanggae
Meals have been
Hey what are you timing right, now, and calculated
Dude, I take it Yes, sir.
The magnetic field is now starting to look awfully
good throat well beyond sigetseupnida. Ugh
Something to eat'm not going to know what real culprits jjagal Cover
You now what did she say?
So not eaten once, in one?
And meals not won jjanggae
So what soy sauce crab eat by.?
Bitch has to climb up these days, you getting neunda.
Ugh I just check
Constabulary juniors or just
Hungry Wu
We kept me
Hey jjanggae
Police station once more, let's run!
Magnetic field three pickled radishes lot
Cole? This bread as it came
Be a lot of pickled radishes?
Fuck fucking asshole's real
I confirm Hey!
What the fuck is fucking horror?
Apples would officially choebanjang him by
yiduseok Mr. Those are what's now, not export
Has expressed this
position. Get out. Get out.
What is your position? Choebanjang by The
market here's what's the bottom fuckers
Oh, get out. Soon Published surpassed
As the detective in charge before
Ironic situation what do you think?
Doing this during a meal, it's more ironic.
You said that yiduseok Mr.
Feel guilty if someone would speak the words
H. puts in. '?
Get out. Get out.
Difficult coming up here
do Where are touching
Get out faster.
Ayu get out faster. Get out.
Fuck real
Eat a little Strangler fuck
Not like to say, you know.
. Yiduseok.
What the fuck are you?
Long time no see.
Choebanjang by
Take your hands off me, you motherfucker
Aw groupie managed well.
Long viewing
Nice to go show support
Camera has a lot of
Do not tremble gaesujak two asshole.
That you're still abusive.
That crazy?
What is the relationship? What did you
What can say? Get out.
Get out. Thank you.
Get out. Out
'm Yiduseok Bob ate?
Example? Or getting a
lump son of a bitch.
@ Do you want to eat more
Eat more rascals
Should have a pistol with this little bitch.
Gangdohyeok Mr.
Who is this, please?
Suffering did.
True.. Heigh
Gee, who amateur are a squeakyass
It says very hideout Hey, did they took care of it
Whew goes. Are.
I am It's now called bubble burst
Would rice in just pants? Huh?
You.. You.. Choi
Pants or put
Base doubles darn kids
Shame on you do not realize is that
Be marketable talent in the ground This Anything?
This year finally tracked them down to find out the results
Situation to take with us for guinea pigs that people are judged
A few minutes, did you not. Fused
But Aunt
Necessarily be bereaved?
What the hell... Anything for me what hidden card
One hundred to buy
One hundred and four
Dohyeok Newbie
Why do not you delete eaten your face
One hundred and four, and with the Lord?
Sit down, do not sound Agde when writing. Just
Be members anyway once
Variety'm true, huh?
is a killer I yeonil bestseller
Judgment of a record-breaking...
True picture pretty
Handsome guy should indeed now a murder
World, so it's eating less swearing this
Why not? Repent, I'm too late, even more beautiful wife.
He's so not permitting the fan club and join gimjakga?
's Fan club?
Phew or applies what
Sign up way.
Distance flirting haenotgo now foreign-me?
No commissioner it
Yiduseok side of the contact was
Oh, so I'll contact that have been?
No Director
Maybe choehyeonggu H.
Seems to be once again to think about.
The last time, there's the case jajangmyeon
Pasted together with its yiduseok release
Is this guy I do not know what you did during the live broadcast may.
Unconditional two Cap
Andoemyeon following the resignation able to think
No commissioner, but it
Still could shoot them during the live broadcast. Ceded half
Night pidinim Example?
Total bread
They're shooting
This Los grade
It's just scoop
Immediate liaison to
But to whisper
What did they yiduseok two jajangmyeon going threw.?
Cubs jajangmyeon to throw so I threw.
Indeed H.
Press play I Get yiduseok.
Was guilty shoots are not the quality I'm
Now press play and I'm now
Right. Press play something really cool, am I right.
Anyway, H.
You know, I had the foresight
That I see
Cubs ulterior ulterior
Repent and go neatly made
's Trying to doing business, huh?
Franchise what celebrities like
Andak jade fuck you? Huh?
H. Phone
This motherfucker
I know you know.
What debate?
Opinion, how to drive?
Older bereaved families the most old-fashioned.
Also Dr.
Tung Chin slap one?
I went to see her offspring do not live learned Look
I just tried to extort something one just
I'm not Saint Fuck trembled
Went to choebanjang very gittong to full
Figured this happened, right?
Ugh clever.
The referendum debate goes focuses asshole, right?
I was
Yet, I'm gonna toast tempted early
Cigarettes also do not drink alcohol do not
He too about your body pack.
Funny.? Town?
If do not get the body
Funny you ask?
Ah no
Service uniform;
Yijakga by Celebrity whereas now
Care of yourself, of course, ought to
Skin Shall I book a one shop.? Example?
Irradiated going to sound a million
Just I'll be
Sit back and Worcestershire fuck
Or Mitch geotne
My daughter is
Kill yiduseok sure know where buried before
You died in my hands.
Aunt Me
We fuck your minions?
Why risk for your daughter to wear what?
This motherfucker Night
Just you alone to go to
I say he did.
This fucker out the distance in bread without sleeping, you said so.
This fucking
I'm on the bread for the first time, do you know why?
Yiduseok catch that son of a bitch that encompass
Tough chicks baettaegi many
Kalchim can be put is he
From then put on the bird. If you want the
First thing
Hand to grab the extended
That motherfucker was chasing
And I know whether how? Into
Please my hand
Dont kill that son of a bitch my hand
Does appear that motherfucker
Eolssiguna gathered fit
Fuck do're shivering
This fucking station gyeopgeo
Do you see when you see us as comfortable mountain until now?
You're not the only one I bought is not
Every night dreams every
My daughter is dying, my sheer scream
Are echoes in my head
But so easy to kill that?
Dismembered dwaeseo
Painfully dying in front of my
Want to see to his plea
One of those beams
Did you hold up now
Do you mean I know how you feel. I
You also know it's difficult
Well, you really
Ever thought erase scars?
Ship without criminal yijeongdo visual must also be
But I erased any cubs made. This I
, But I do not mind you
Do not abuse yourself,
What's your name?
Brother, it's me. Do you remember?
Aw really
Choehyeonggu indeyo. Asshole
Son of a bitch very popular Nice, huh?
Line stand straight. Jin..
Be earned a lot of money.? Books.
Put this motherfucker
You bastards What are you doing? H.
What's to this little bitch. Performance of official duties of the
Aw this motherfucker face look this
Sign undergo doegetda to you. This fucker
Life jjotgat ninae I Huh?
Asshole bastard like or lick
Ugh, is that son of a bitch a lot of paleo book?
When you have events like autograph
Bodyguards and police
What other time when
Daily aeko yiduseok Grado hotel pool
We're opened 30 minutes before the writes to borrow.
Huh. The whole pool to borrow.
For security reasons, a lot of people view the
Presumably many ways difficult.
Print alone prevailed...
Hotels in terms of promotion, not lose it
Like making money chasing very're wearing a chase as fuck
Pool, even
Bodyguard much is not it?
Of course itjiyo
It's not that guys like sticking to swim
So what?
What am I gonna do?
Once the plan
Ugh jakganim Me serpents What is
Jakganim Be quickly thrown quickly
Jakganim jakganim
This way, this way,
Jakganim Quickly Fast fast fast
He's okay. Stay with me.
Wait Wait return it as soon
Jakganim jakganim Sir 119 soon
Stay with me. Jakganim
Party here : How long
have you been bitten?
Is she going to be okay.
Recovery injection jolt at the fine will be.
Briefly Help
In any part or Your Own?
Yongsan-gu, John New.
We Yongsan-gu, is it?
Have you had some kind of mistake do this.
I was posted in yobeon
Yongsan tuna. This fucker
My dude @ @ do not. Huh?
Do not worry as soon as the fuck
Dad let's go
And and and fuck
Why hyeokyi he die? But just
do not know its own departure
This somewhere come up
Hey fucker.
Grab hold
Grab! Grab!
Huh Mr. soon
Ugh grab
Dad brake
Mount Hurry!
Soon chased
Why we kidnapped them from the jurisdiction of're the motherfucking shit.
How did it go? Localization
Eg The bodyguards did were followed.
Gwacheon move towards that everyone have against these people in the next Sillim
But Where's Lieutenant.
Is right next to the Fuck
's Mom.. It's OK. Sukah
Mom'll be alive? No there is no mom.
Horatio.. How do I?
What is going on here?
How How's it been what's been behind
Old man step on it.
Found. Okay
Kids really
Ugh really Oh, man, I really
Tread a little kid I said
Is pursuing. Are treading
But why can not speed?
Oh, and keep quiet.
Oh, really want me to try do something
Shushes rascals
This keeps up we caught, was not it?
Oh, man, I really
Calm down the fuck
Stop the car.
Oh what should I do?
Uh what are you? Put
Son of a bitch
That fucker.
Momentarily stop
Oh, man, motherfucker
Hold Hand
're All pounce
Fuck this motherfucker car paste
Two ssaebal
One trillion Careful
Are you crazy motherfucker! IC
Stop the car fucker.
Quickly erected
're Rascals
Dad stop
Sukah are you okay?
Oh Come on
The rascals home
What else are you gonna do?
Is dominated view or be
Fuck the fuckers
The real thing.
It's so sudden
How the hand could not write.
Bald-headed son of a bitch, you do not talk straight?
Hotels in the pool What This fucker what snake?
The real thing. H.
Bitten by a snake, call 119 haetdeoni
Appear as they waited for the report haetdeoni it'd be talking about?
Yes, I did.
Design, have you been eating properly and according.
Now here is H.
What's Ah... Do not come here.
I May I I do not want you.
Yiduseok Beg you, but only say
the word and by choebanjang.
Choebanjang by Of kidnapping
law identifiable identified?
Kno. Now Choebanjang by
The mountains jiaebi Gangseok, and Kanji
Long because the same address will be hard to understand.
Kind listed schools gangdohyeok the baby a few days ago
Gibbons everyone have against these people is difficult.
Are you sure you want to lookup cell phone, even.
Fucking driveway Cannon wrote Centipede Would you wrote off the cell phone?
True 119 degree
'll Come and went home
Another Rumor
Bereaved families of the victims suspect they're some kind of
Is that correct? Let
us not create a novel.
Choebanjang we really did not see the
Riga stabs wish never saw? "
That was the shit out of the car trembled human
Is not calm. He must be a wrong judgment
Survivors is not the word Is.
You glad this? Huh?
Having a good time?
Me Hear, hear, and...
TV When you come to me point janke Get your head in the game, huh?
Stop Look a little sighing
All of a sudden properties of the head and ink?
Her current enlarger.
We dispose of a car wash and coffee shop or play a
Do not write when you do not sound or look a little paste. In here
Kid these days, just the wives
Coffee Shop in turn give one
So much that drivers
Have received severance pay, huh?
Turn placed one coffee shop
Wives and children live ohsondoson obtain some well? Huh?
Her delicious coffee one I remind other know what? Huh?
Huh Mom
Wives Taste The Mom rides these days do not drink coffee.
Young Bari...
That kids
That specializes in out-of-state
American Express'll drink this
Don't know anything about peasant
And why this
In addition, the shell paste It's going
Gee ought to know say
He's gotta say this to?
Ouch Ok ok
I never heard comes home a few days so I know
L'm the nature of the head and eoyigo really
was kidnapped, yiduseok Mr.
Now gravitate to the families of the suspect, rather
Strange phenomenon occurs..
I went ahead and met acquainted seeing whether
That looks bowed elaborately prepared not seem to.
How did?
Want to have in the case.
Those taken when writing special shooting bums out.
Here Kim. Onggu? Gimyonggu. Materials
Not gimyonggu that exceed rental sitting I bought it at all.
Going And bring a little smell.
Recognize immediately contact
Aye-aye, sir.
Oh Kim gyejangnim me I came to borrow the matter matter.
No, but
This is where we want one?
I tell you it should be reported to a break, okay?
Not be reported to me?
Ugh Strewth real
You war I?
Hold boiling eat, I'm going to be leaving I saw the escort to use it anyway. Why not?
What This fucker?
Give me your car keys
This B.S. Vonage Chief, Mr...
He's an asshole, do not see the
Yiduseok that son of a bitch
I try to bring him back.
Dives gimyonggu the personnel taste.
Sponsor Chung, Tae - Sub
Is whether the son of
Of whether we Corp. Chairman?
Hey son, Chung, Tae - Sub Director Phone number is illustrated
Can do a trace on the third floor location and contact
Location tracking.
Own heavyweights was becoming
Tested and approved Nagi wait to take some time to think.
Hey, you fuckin 'asshole do not have time right now
What to do wait dude By the
detective, I'm available right now.
H. Wait a minute. What?
It's my main sport affair.
Crisis, identify fast and accurate
John went inside motel if you want to
Being inserted, 1 minute and 1 seconds
Captures precisely the moment we not?
This watch cheaper packed completely omitted, and chasing to get
Hello Is proud fucker.
Night H. Again allows.
Okay Then do it
Night's, how should this
I got
Now your mac position was captured.
Where are you?
Four in Suwon, Osan, I'm going towards.
Stay away from me and how?
Example, 7km
Osan IC to fall now. Yes yes
Osan IC for gsr.
Route? 23.
Me and distance? 3km
Now? Very little he asked.
I got
Jiyo attach support right there.
Is not just the
atmosphere and Example?
Until I get back to you.
Do not contact me any'm waiting
Not what how to get
How do I make it
Uh... Wakes up. Wakes up.
Hey fucker.
Wake up occurs. Occurs.
Come on, you little bitch.?
Wake up wake up you little bitch.
Is my daughter, you know?
What would you have done?
Yeah jeongsuhyeon!
@ Ah
Is my daughter, what did you do?
What would you have done?
Hey? What is
What happened to What the fuck?
A power outage? Cellphone
's People with mobile phones?
Oh Cellphone
Child fuck what happened to this
Oh fuck surprise.
This old man fuck real
Should be dominated're from Do not Look Check it out, let me go
Take away the
I think what's gone
Coming through. What?
Uh... Million!
Oh dohyeok okay? What the fuck
Doing, bitch?
Sidetrack I Put a knife to
the neck of the cubs, a
This nonsense when you're dead. Kills. This motherfucker
Keep your voice down. What,
what's wrong. What have you got?
No, it was a lie? Stay calm look. Just
yiduseok Why.
Mother, what are you talking about?
Next month to tell us where
Mother Calm down a bit.
Yiduseok Dad's replaced @ @ Dunn.
On the second floor Is my
daughter, to tell us where
I'm Calm down a bit. Mother
Who is this? Mother, what's
wrong with you. Who am?
Who's out there? Icy real
What is
Who goes there? Where, where is
Quietly to you
- Seok Oh yiduseok gone Was gone yiduseok. Yiduseok
Still not the end of yiduseok Look
Motionless horse
Not shut the door to door Dad There
You son of a bitch Augusta, really
Me gasinae crazy.
This motherfucker I told the snuff
Was kidnapped me on my paenbun.
Done with a pure heart, I was
Made a good ending.
Kidnappers respond to any legal will the word?
All the work is what has happened up my
Who's Who Do you want to earn?
So next week
Citizens also attended the discussion hitch??
Of course.
Stations and with the promise of the world
No h
No What is that car.
Oda a shootout, even Your Own?
Rascals insurance process
Child motherfucker
Now came out to put
Malppal you fucking kidding me
Digits to apologize, I think.
Anyway, H.
There really going to go out?
I do not know.
Our bereaved families, but also protect the
Is not we get a little lost earnings?
Do it quietly, you little bitch.
Where you went hyeonggu hyeonggu
'm Choehyeonggu
That What the hell?
That your work is not it?
Please've walked out.
Hey ma cubs brought you daemae
Pick up Going
Delayed walking out What do I do? Geumeun
Ana this motherfucker real
Where are you going?
Oh, poppycock
Go fishing
Not too long gangbaram also
Do not worry about it, first party
Will go over there and sit H. simyeon.
Hey motherfucker? Celebrity?
Ou H.
You're late.
Me because I crushed a few days ago told me that once cool
Anyway, day and night
So grateful.
I fuck
What time remains to go back
Who is the assistant director last ad.
Who is the last ad.
True if the party slumber drinking 100 minutes.
Exceeded 3,000,000 in one month yeoman published
Net income nearly 20 billion estimate
The bestselling author
Serial killer yiduseok
Walking in the footsteps of penitence and good deeds, he
Really wrote this book for what?
Hello viewers?
National debate sonjonghak.
I'm a killer.
Popular, this book is amazing indeed.
Put the factors of its popularity
First, you'd start getting a rush of controversy.
My full professor by
A simple example of the popularity factors.
Because the author of this book killer.
The statute of limitations by exploiting a legal loophole
I wrote an autobiography called itself
Unprecedented worldwide marketing strategy, is not it?
Maybe the author yiduseok
To write this book, over 10 innocent women and
's Who may have brutally murdered.
Distinctly defined professor's imagination Is not It?
Right. My imagination yijiyo.
But two jumps
Shows a definite purpose, one will
In this book, launched
Crimes committed by the author himself.
Thoroughly as a way to make money is that you are using.
No, no, no grounds to say that you're making? Now
Lucrative called Oh me, wait a minute.
And let's not get too excited.
Expected four times since the beginning of the heat was quite hot.
Chapter attorney by a book published before
He said he woke up and contact Mr. yiduseok.
At that time, he yiduseok Mr.
As he'd done such a flagrant crime,
To prevent
While to say that I hope the small foundation
Then think again because
's Frown haeohneun nose.
The story just hasimyeonseo
Will remember to shed tears of penitence.
At all.. Everybody just calm down a moment.
Aw I'm sorry. Four
Here he choeyounggu H.
Our photos of the crew and in an interview
Mr. yiduseok this is not the actual culprit claimed it was his
Do you have concrete evidence?
I'm sorry, but yiduseok will be arrested soon.
With fraud
And at about the same time
He has not found the body yet
Handling the incident as a simple missing one
I also by the same person in that case is a serial killer
That last conviction was a crime of the perpetrator.
The answer is simple.
Because not a crime committed by
Do not sleep on it, but for the last crime I
That's why there was no information
Then the
First and last time I met you and me, and that night
Said to me, remember?
I do not know. So did I say?
I H. Unlike
Then the meeting did not have a very pleasantly
The original life
Rather than the power of memory
More time to rely on the strength of oblivion law
Does not it?
Say you're very good at this. Impostor, motherfucker!
Scammers cubs, they said.. Oh my God..
I'm wrong about that does not?
Quite hear as a human rights lawyer, turtle.
Word.. Auntie
I asked her Aunt.
Litter.. Choebanjang by
Wait a minute.
I'm sorry.
In the sense just cool Open
Let me show you the viewers opinion.
Hello Where you live Who are you?
I am operating in a bookstore in Busan Nampo
, Please tell me your opinion.
Yes.. Ouch book Mama Do... 'm Selling cats and dogs.
So I truly thank yiduseok I wanted to say that
Two seokah your really handsome.
Updated and a little breather taste.
Yeah, the word offering is
We are choebanjang by my book on iso.
To enable four of the publishing industry
Need a variety of books published
And the point somewhat the same opinion been a fall.
So Let me show you the following comment.
Hello Who Is Where to buy?
This is kind of my own community recognized.
Do you mind if initials.
Article as
Difficult to uncover the identity do not think, gentlemen.
Jiyo comment tell me how it went.
As a fan I yiduseok Mr.
Have a few I'd like to ask you a question.
So choebanjang by
Jump in the 100 meters in a few seconds, you know?
I do not know.
Jeokeneun choebanjang by loss
Up to 100 meters in 12 seconds broke do surprise.
Mr. yiduseok to escape to an alley or
On the roof was used to
Mainly straight, knowing it was "reluctant Did you ever
I guess. Come to think of it now
Oh Me So choebanjang rice wine at home by
There's a write hit to upset
Ever, did not induce the same?
Stroke prompting it only judo overthrown law member.
Large - No, I'm from
Induction'm majoring
No, But it's not my power only ssaen.
I instrument geoljal cover
I cook quite hagoyo.
We're sorry, but do you stop asking questions
Opinion, can you tell us?
Ah yes.. Yiduseok Mr.
By appointment choebanjang can never keep
You Did you know?
Heard you late today.
Watch one would owe four good ones.
My fans I thought it was
're A fan you were choebanjang by
Yiduseok jakganim Yes?
I Why do these questions whether
Really do not know?
I do not know, really.
Until now, the reason I have not caught do
J. What do you mean by it now, OK?
Not show yiduseok Do
So What's That bastard is that
What's aunt that believes You're not?
Choebanjang by My Iranian people.
Mineral water should
Choebanjang by Choebanjang by Proceed.
How did it earlier track outgoing pups?
, Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm doing right now.
Be a little bit fast Call me a little bit
Mother get? Fuck
it sooner, but what if you talk?
You tell rotating
Momentarily go out because I knew it
've Been shoveling too much snake yeoseo yeah.
Gee gandaengyi times came out years
Or yiduseok so bad
MOULINEAUX foot chase vs'm very
People are confused.
Please say a few words.
Mr. Tell us yiduseok.
Are you busy with the reported
one. Is it true to say that?
Please say a few words. Cut me
some slack here. Yiduseok Mr.
Interested interested in receiving prank phone calls
Reporter nimdeul does not mean a great deal of confusion.
But anyone the right to claim a comment
Followed andoejiyo that's not true.
Why is this since this
's Mom?
Lee cub feet Where is H. H.
Uh Where are you son of a bitch?
Two cubs me H.
MOULINEAUX foot Cub me you son of a bitch!
Me and Lee feet fool me, you son of a bitch.
Me two ssae Kiya H. Stop H.
Me H.
Shown MOULINEAUX foot bastard H...
Yihyu Fuck O heck?
Why in the middle of the night kind of came
Sound screaming fuck quack, O Why the fuck
Ma For Sulzer needle
where to eat your shoe?
Are you okay?
Whew Yeah, what're you doing, sleeping in the night?
The boiler is not in my room was broken I told you over
Aarhus and she never shuts Why did
This Ugly
Hold still
When are popping open in the euyigeu Mr. called
Mineral water should Four
With my mom for a minute, and Example?
Where Are H. Type enlarger.
This ssippaeng is
Hey Mr.
's Why icing is this dress?
Anyway to reduce if you're
Finally, once the human voice Please hear.
Please do not kill.
'll Want to live.
Not sure why the perpetrator when the victim..
Detective, I'm the victim here. I
Hello Mwoyi rascals
Hello Not need to tell you...
Detective, I'm a victim. Hello
I want to live
Example, is a powerful team.
Evil Hello
Oh.. Oh.. Not sure why the perpetrator
to the victim hitting the right.
Detective, I'm the victim here. I
We are going down
It must be to tell you.
Mineral water should Example
Call reporters
Maybe something got?
Crusher one who said it? Example?
What are you going to do?
We will show once
Himself claimed to be so bad
My man named Karl sent our side.
National results of forensic
Bloodstains remain on the knife
My blood is consistent with the
findings came out. Not how they're
So callers
Are the real culprits of the murder yeongok chain means?
Yiduseok Are you saying this is not the killer. Now
It to conclude that it is difficult.
Also studded bullet in the body of the yiduseok
At that time, I've been using the same model and to
The last missing person missing uncertain, but will not part
Unless the perpetrators of direct experience
So hard to describe
It is true that the content that is listed in the book details.
Well, sir, the son whom?
Or more.
Oh, what's
No results either did not know who really would not know?
My guy I call something
When sent KarI choebanjang
Is not the real son of a bitch?
This is not
Did you forget your sseunchaek yiduseok.
Spring, but can not write detailing the know.
Okay Good
Redemption go directly
's Party face-to-face at this time.
Three paste discarded
But yiduseok choebanjang or renovate
There's no way to unseat Jay
To find a way. You two
I'm getting a paycheck.
Night pidinim
Los dog class?
No, I do not know Jay contacts?
Contacts if you do not know
Beat, even rivers and TV
Did not you do not
The boys would know not
Hello Conclusive evidence
of the knife is going on?
Look... Jay
Not tell the reporters do not bar too.
Who are you?
It's me, oh my voice, not smiling.
What @ @? Gee I'm sorry.
You doing, bitch?
Alone car wash today, Mother monsignor would
A little help give
Yai son of a bitch
Altogether H.
're Just chicks were in front of you see it?
A lot of people do.
Neat. This fucker
Sucks they can be triggered. Quite
At the time I would have been kidnapped
You look at the photos taken bodyguard
Safe cash intact.
Kalman disappeared.
Stole my murder tools, knives
Yeongok serial killer called stealing my title to come
Sounds like a plan
Part of who I do not know
Indeed looks like an amateur.
Will tell you more information at a news conference tomorrow.
Yiduseok two
When nalttwi so far it's about to let?
Paste Gun few kids in the car wash to be assured?
So or is gonna fuck went over to his house, and when dipped boost
What are you?
What is your
Asking if you really know?
You think are the real culprits.
So I dont believe it varies proof phone.
'm Well aware of my billboard
That's' cause I saved later
Have you forgotten?
Dude, are you now Are you excited?
Calm, but I knew that son of a bitch
Choebanjang by
Think about why dead?
Are you sure?
Of heart, but only say the word, please.
The hospital side, well for the non-discriminatory low.
No. of people in the room of Mr. yiduseok
You said you've steal knife
Is this true? Four
Part of his
Article copyright targeting crime think
're Barking up the wrong tree in full swing.
Until today, I sseunchaek All proceeds earned
Approximately 21.7 billion
All the families of those who have lived with me in pain due to
I think it wholly to donate.
Ultimate seokssi Are you going to sue?
Dawg sounds're sitting this motherfucker
Why the fuck shut the fuck up throwing milk
for bereaved ladies did me
harm Clean never shuts cubs
Do not want any legal penalties.
We bow
To decide I'm... to me
the wounds inflicted
Me motherfucker Do not you think that real
repentance? He felt the pain should be a little bit
Yes, it does. Just a simple image management,
I do not think so. Back to hoping.
My past stems will be invalid
Book, but anyways I think that the
Cubs do to atone sweetened mind.
Well uh a little while
Restaurant one crushing will be announced. Dining room
Mwolnael Would Brother
Sashimi House?
Aha raw beef house it's perfect, eh?
Do not yiduseok raw beef hot?
Huh? Or not?
What did you say? About
what? Is that true?
What Tivo do. Now?
Next plan is entering politics.
Making money while my achievements
're A lot of campaigning floating.
One suggestion I will
Stupid to the police.
Actor, the actor one person or
For this party face-to-face.
National debate on the
Yiduseok Mr.
His real culprit is surely solidify
A good opportunity to do
You would just come out?
Yiduseok party face-to-face, Mr.
Yeah, are you going to do?
J. two minutes
's A funny man.
Then once attached pocket
Oh.. Oh me JC
Jiyo give GP contacts. Example?
Hey true..
Under the trees
I find the real killer to prove that
Need will be
The exact location
Asked will be notified by
Hey Mister, what we're now..?
Uh what.. No trees graffiti're doing? Example?
Dude... A bastard.
What is it dawg Appreciate graffiti on a tree
Dadeuleo Give me that he needs
Broadcast on the day of bodyguards, 10 people attach
What pisses chase when
Stomach hyeokssi step into the scene on the day will be
Tao forklift articles
Stations to gather with me that day, a crowd Jersey
Banker to be committed to the installation structures.
Ah well another aunt
. Attend as an observer, I
Sit there
'd Applaud hits
Granted you
That moment, the son overshadowed
My hand I'd like to kill.
Oh Really?
Not then
The daughter's body
How he did not find it?
My daughter
In my heart
Let me ask you.
This is what glucomannooligosaccharides?
Today Korean ideology unprecedented debate
Is scheduled to take place in the national debate.
As many of you know
The statute of limitations has already been obliterated
Discussion covers the real culprits of the murder yeongok chain indeyo.
At that time, the investigation took more choehyeonggu lieutenant
Appeared to confirm the middle
Yeongok serial killer's autobiography
I am the killer of the author and Mr. yiduseok
Send the knife used in the crime,
Newly own somebody who is claimed
JC scheduled appearances
It is noted that the real culprits overshadowed what'll Abduction situation.
Hey choebanjang
Necessarily Shadys rinikka hansae tight and get him either huh?
Tivo and fuck and I'm sure 100% responsible'll
Yiduseok killer. Killer. Killer.
Cheater Jay Kowtow Kowtow Kowtow
What happened to slap her Aunt's.
You still have the party standby.
I'm Jay arrived yet
Somebody enters the remarks starting
Hello viewers?
National discussion of sonjonghak.
Serial murders of events yeongok today Who are the real culprits of the subjects placed
Yiduseok Mr. H. and choehyeonggu
And their real culprits claimed to be renewed and
JC homage to the
End, we will proceed to discuss.
JC is now almost arrived to the station, I got a call.
Did not attend
To obtain a broad understanding and viewers.
Then bereaved family representatives
From Word's battery pack design, we will start to hear the discussion.
What am standing? Where
are you confused.
No microphone is passed
I'm still dead
When my daughter
Away from my heart could not be sent.
Our stories by bereaved yiyamalro was a nightmare.
He says that coming into the back door pidinim J.
Then quickly send you toward the rear entrance Login
, The son who
It only even Wait a minute.
Viewers now JC has arrived.
Meet Please go through the screen.
Four JC is approaching towards the studio.
Should be turned off Off, off,
Impressive still wearing a mask to be.
Okay, here
'm Jay Must be
JC Lee and Soon we will emerge.
Side. Will go over there and sit down simyeon.
Example, please be quiet moment.
As the spot came out to prove the existence of their own.
Do not go off for viewers willing to give?
JC's face finally would put the face-to-face.
First H. How's it going?
Jeongsuhyeon two
Alive? "
After a while
The fact that I killed 10 people.
Jeongsuhyeon Mr.
JC That could have killed him.
The truth will be revealed.
Now I think sending signals pidinim J
OB van from now cement that connection me, please.
JC's request in advance by
Our OB van on the outside I'd say.
Let's connect you get out in the field in
the OB van. OB van afloat screen connection
Yes, we now listed in the hills near Ansan am.
The yeongok chain murders of the 11th here in the victim,
The amount of body jeongsuhyeon buried that the tip came in
Body a daunting task.
Maybe that now seems
Yes, speaking as soon as you touch seems to be what was found.
Four now finally remains is unfolding.
Now you can see him like that
Is called the moment of 17 years wanted.
You look jeongsuhyeon the amount of on-site viewing.
Jeongsuhyeon the
Missing at the time, was wearing a white coat.
Bastard Motherfucker
That bastard Must be the real culprit
No, do not give up yet, guys.
What's Ah...
Of tsetse Come out?
Now kids
Brother believed
What are you afraid of?
Her back her kill
Rest is obvious not sure who killed my brother
Calm down.
Emotional, we do not have to do so?
Rationally, I suppose.
You do this.
Handpicked same real culprits.
- Gentlemen, you still have to
'm Going into a re-shoot after 4 minutes
Go down Example?
Go down @ @ @ @
What are you doing now?
Who stab you to insert your
own ad did you do that? No...
Fatale no idea of ssangyok.
Broadcast'm thinking about it.
Even beyond the season was over?
You Do you know how much a broadcast?
No Director
This keeps the program due to disciplinary reasons taken away, she might go.
Broadcast if you go, I'm my own, do not you think? Stands chasing
Ugh, I do not know.
Man, you do not know, who know?
Not report the commissioner to take care of everything I'm telling you.
Director of that son of a bitch
Commissioner me, dude
You write a resignation preparation or
This motherfucker I'm done. You gotta stop this
Representatives by the matter
with you? Oh Put MOULINEAUX
Broadcast power.
Eight good life
I Dude
Choebanjang by
Jeongsuhyeon would be alive believed
Is not it?
Well son of a bitch.
Me and Lee foot fucker.
Get out. Me me
You son of a bitch.
Dohyeok Oh
I locate the cubs
I'll kill him!
I can not catch its cub because
Victims growing me think
Brother, let's take a look at my face for a few minutes
Have a look at my face do
I frankly
I grudgingly
Or you or no...
This allows the choehyeonggu
Can not live on the estate?
You and
I want to live
I'm When did this happen?
One anttokgat
When I did not find any identical
Do not be too hard to
Mom to come when I think
What time is it now?
Bapan Junee died four
Brother buys watches I do
No food will go well if something
Like me
Then I'll have my brother Bob.
Now, do not you?
Have been telling me.
Go fast
Or enter
You said my words, do not you?
Road at night, so
And think it would be dangerous alone sends
More dangerous
Why do not you come Is going
Dear viewers, TV stand to see
I think you'd have received a considerable shock.
Yet, in order to uncover the remains of jeongsuhyeon
DNA tests still am.
It's a joke,
This embroidered table. Folks
Floating feed him peevish no
Choebanjang by
Be revealed a few days, if I
Cool today, just take your admit.
Choebanjang by
So yiduseok Mr.
So for the rest of the murder
Do you still insist that their crime.?
I Yes, go ahead.
Yeongok the perpetrators of the murder chain
Pan.. Let not him?
Oh, wait a minute.
Moment you shut up please.
Haha Crikey..
'm Very confused and embarrassed.
Not So
How such detail that you can only know the culprit
Book to put in what was a questionable indeyo.
Wrote the book
I do not
Not So
Who wrote the book mean?
I've written the book.
What does that mean?
's Real name jeonghyeonsik yiduseok.
First victim
My mother was
Oh, wait a minute.
Jeonghyeonsik material.
Four us in advance to the bereaved family liaison
I looked into the material.
The first victims, bereaved families jeonghyeonsik Mr.
Before the statute of limitations ends, I'm not supposed to have died from a traffic accident.
Died that day jeonghyeonsik
Yiduseok newly born.
As you can see,
Look like soon face is almost enough to not be able to find other
Me and I'll tell you.
The winter of 2005, was
At the time
Disconnected goes untapped
Placed, but barely paste
Enough plastic surgery can not be avoided
Was wearing a face injury.
Forming surgery yiduseok seeds made?
Choebanjang's proposal was
Did Hepatic expression himself and won.
The real culprits to attract choebanjang by
're Way behind.
As I killer is until the book written
You always wants to be exposed in the media
Megalomaniac was
So he's choosing to murder
I have a tool to promote the achievements of those Dawg
Through the book, someone famous jindamyeon
A bitch hungry
Really Thankfully
Bait deogunyo deopseok water.
We h
Fool I've been
Is the recipe than I thought.
But the statute of limitations until the last forehead per
Why did this make was that I do not know
Chung, Soo Youn
She Was it?
You catch
Jamila lived or how he died.
Or is buried where
That's all we wanted to know.
Then I had you tried to kill
We Jamila it seems unwanted
I hesitate.
What do you mean by that?
Have and
That's what you have left so loud Cena?
Quickly once or let
Moxibustion incurring the end
The human voice
Please hear one last.
Choebanjang by No games, what I know.
Send this, but my opinion Mall even get
Jeongsuhyeon the
Like a demon killed is cruel bred dog called?
Enter the voice I h
More sad.
You really Scared
Straight the fuck shut up and listen.
Not had heard of the recorded sound 14
presidential election, General counting results
Kim Young Sam, the Liberty Party candidate
Election is promising.
After a while @ @ broadcasting leads
Midnight on MBC News will
Informing sound) (midnight visual
Did you hear that?
Chapter 14 presidential ballot counting broadcast
Then midnight December 19, 1992
Vision December 18, 2007
Still 14 minutes remaining, the statute of limitations
What the fuck jjotgat rascals Type
Lived in the same house two years
Much much heard
Jamila is true surprise.
Choebanjang by
Guilt have not got a hope he lives
Buried in the moment
Looking you think.
Was wrong.
Please forgive me.
Please do not kill me.
Me want to live.
I want to live
There is a reason why.
You do not have to kill me.
In my stomach
There's a kid you
Shut up, two cubs
Child fuck you're hurting.
Icy bloody
That was calculated by the menstrual cycle
Jamila, was holding a
So I think that the self can not kill lying
I kid you do not like how
Earn revenge would even consider doing this was that, huh
When I gave you my time could have picked
Broadcast far out
Each other nasty
What's going on
Put the gun down.
Everything is okay now.
You got that right.
I was wrong.
Nasty should not do this, I
Then Jamila you're sorry too
I was wrong.
You and me
Done here yijon It's a little piece of
H. No
Jamila this motherfucker
Die because you're
The opposite side to
the opposite side Jump
As you gaze you mom fucked up.
Magnetic dies, leaving son alone
Well for yourself grown up
Shut your mouth you son of a bitch!
Shit motherfucker
Come here, you son of a bitch!
This motherfucker
This fucker
You son of a bitch
Still, and Friggin 'son
of a bitch motherfucker
Icy either
Hey Mr.
Son of a bitch this also @ @ is it?
Just quickly siteo whole
Drive carefully rascals
Hey Lee Give the key as soon as
Mister Mister That @'ll
Fuck @ @
Standing fuck chasing That's Mr...
Decent chaff?
Is that okay?
Ever television
Choebanjang Where are you from?
Are you okay? Jakganim?
Mother, are you okay?
Suspect JC motorcycles seized
Ilsan escaped in the direction of the current being.
Motherfucker Where'd you go?
Lee balnom
This guy just fuck
Rear end.
Two rascals
Jjokka MOULINEAUX foot bastard
Son of a bitch
And.. Supervisor Are
you okay I want to kill
Calm down. True!
Catch him
Or what
Yaya makeo
What the fuck?
Night Dip Dip Dip
@ @ Ah prevent
Let me go
Like cubs die.
Let me go
Much you expect?
Why are you so late?
Because of that incident, mental beats
Eat really fast and now have to shift haejueoya
What do you eat?
So five
Make Stop police scene.
Hard lover and eating rice meal is Christmas Eve.
Yeah, I know.
Stories have police eat him if they will get married?
Your momma say goes. Understand
Understand when mom feels
Breaking up with me you gonna get?
My mom what's bothering you?
What's going on?
I.. Ha..
Like a brother and
I want to live
Go Well
Do not have the time to take you home?
Yeah, a little vain mom meet at our house. Neonae
My brother Doug
yeongok serial killer who murdered choehyeonggu Mr.
Today finished a jail term of five years
Released from prison.
This case, the statute of limitations for murder charges in the
Much been falling?
Would not, removing the?