Nae yeojachingureul sogae habnida (Windstruck) (2004) Movie Script

Her name is Kyungjin
Yeo Kyungjin... I feel strange
just saying her name
She has something special
that no one else can touch
It's the dream of any man
to go traveling with a woman he loves
I wished for that too,
and we did go on a trip
However, my fate...
no, first let me tell you how we met
Thief!! Thief!!
Thief!! Snatcher, Stop
My purse! Somebody catch him!
Get him! Please help me!
Excuse me!
Hey, stop!
It's not me, it's him!
Why are you chasing me? It's not me
It's not me. I'm a brave citizen!
He's getting away!
He's getting away! Over there!
That's what they all say
What are you doing?
My eyes! My eyes!
Help me! I'm dying here
I can't open my eyes
My eyes! Get this off of my eyes
Anything you say may be used
against you in a court of law
You have the right to remain silent,
but if you do, you're a dead man
My neck!
"You have the right to consult a lawyer
If you're broke,"
The government will get you one
But I doubt it'll help you any
Sir, a criminal caught red-handed!
Aren't you off duty today?
Sir, a cop's a cop even
if she's off duty
Ma'am! He's the thief, right?
I caught him
Ma'am, you remember me? I'm innocent!
You were robbed at a shoe repair shop,
and I ran after the thief
Hey, shut up
Are you sure this time?
Why don't you trust me, sir?
Gimme your lD
In my back pocket
Give me a break
Occupation? Physics teacher
At Sunik Women's High
I start next Monday
Cut the crap! Or you might
get in real trouble
I can describe the thief
He was wearing a blue shirt
and black pants
He had curly hair,
and an earring on one side
His eyes were narrow, and there were
a few whiskers on his chin
He had a long nose, with white skin...
And his shoes were...
suede with gold decoration
You remember in great detail, huh?
Betray your partner,
then you can go free?
I can draw a picture of him
Shut up! You could be his accomplice
He doesn't seem like an accomplice...
Exactly! It wasn't me
I'm innocent. Really! Truly!
Hey! Come over here
He looks the same!
What? I don't look like him at all
Get your ass over there and shut up!
Don't you smell a criminal, sir?
I don't smell like a criminal!
He's got sharp ears, too
Can you draw a picture of him?
These handcuffs... I'll undo them
I've never lied once in my entire life!
So you can draw, huh?
All done
Me next! No way."
No. It's not what you think
My instincts are always right
You're under arrest
Say cheese! One, two...
You caught him?
Yes, and he works solo
Well then, I'm outta here
You're just going to leave?
Can't you at least say sorry?
"Sorry" is not in my dictionary
If you want to hear it,
change your name to "Sorry."
Then I'll call you "Sorry."
You're so pretty
You're doing volunteer
patrol in red light districts? Yes
You're late
Everyone's gone off in pairs
Then should I go alone? No
Wait. Your partner should arrive soon
Let go of me
Shut up! This isn't legal!
Can a cop treat a citizen like this?
Sure, why not?
Hey, it's you again!
Did you get robbed?
Please believe me! Please!
You bastard, come on here and sit down
Lots of delinquents at your school?
I don't know, I'm still new
Kids who sniff glue?
I don't know yet
Hey, let's eat something
These days kids do Ecstasy
Lots of school violence
and cyber crime, too
But the worst are school gangs
who steal from weaker kids
Need to give those bastards
a taste of real life
There's an old saying...
"Only the wicked see the wicked"
What did you say? Nothing
You pay!
Do you have change for this?
I'll eat more then
A bitch in uniform!
Do they run a beauty pageant
to select cops?
Don't do that, you idiot
She's cute. Yeah, right
Better than your girl
Your standards are too low
You wanna die?
Hey you, get over here!
Oh Come on
She lost her mind
What the...?
Gimme a break
You're in the wrong place today, Sister!
Did you throw that?
You're in high school, right?
Pick it up!
How much is the fine? I'll pay
Have you lost your manners?
Pick it up!
What if I won't? Pick it up
Hey Sister, what's the matter?
Are you having your period?
Leave us alone, huh?
Pick it up
Follow me, you bitch!
Take it easy
Don't get mixed up with these kids
Notify their school,
and they'll take care of it
Come on you...Shit!
Let me go
You're hopeless. Get off of me!
You bitch!
You bitch, you'll regret this
Hurry and pick it up!
Shit! Dad!
A drug dealer. Drug?
If we follow him
The guy on the left must be the dealer
Let's tail him
We might be able to get the whole gang
No way. We should be looking for kids,
not drug dealers
Those drugs will all end up
in kids' hands, get it?
Let's just call the station and go
That's the DEA's job
Then it'll be too late
You go, I'm going home
Let me go! Uncuff me
Come on
Let me go. I'm not a criminal
Let me go please!
The more you wiggle
the tighter it gets
Gimme the key. I don't have it
Of course you have it!
Where are you touching?
Let's go
Get down
What do you think I am?
Get down!
Come on up!
Go over first and get down
What am l? A ladder or something?
Am I stairs?
I'm a teacher! A teacher!
And this isn't even your district
Don't piss on the street
One. Two. Three!
Who called the police? Son of a...
We didn't!
Drop the gun! Drop the gun!
Drop the gun you bastards
Don't point the gun at us!
You're dead!
We need to get the leader!
Let's get out of here
Who the hell are you?
Let me go. I'm an undercover cop
What's an undercover cop?
I don't know. An agent who does
secret investigation
Nice work
Who the hell are you?
You ruined everything!
I could've nailed them all
You ruined it!
Let me go!
You destroyed my masterpiece
Let's go
Do you know how great my plan was?
You threw mud on a Picasso!
Come on up, hurry
Give me the key
It's gone. I must've dropped it
while we were running
Let me see. Don't touch
It hurts
Hold my hand. It won't hurt as much
Everyone had to rush out for backup
We don't have any extras
They took all the handcuffs we had
Oh, and did you...
beat up some kids on the street?
Yeah, why?
His father is a big shot in our district
He's in a rage!
He's coming here. You'd better hide
Why? I didn't do anything wrong
He's the godfather of the nightclubs
He's almost like a gangster
Hurry and go
Nice introduction, Sheriff
So you're the bitch who beat up my son
So what? Wait, sir!
You stay out of this
Sir, let's talk first
Get out! Hey, bitch
How dare you hit my son?
You want to die? Are you staring at me?
I don't care if you're a cop
Go ahead, bitch!
Take it easy, sir
Let's talk it over
Who the hell are you?
Hey bitch. What did my son do?
Cops shouldn't hit people
He was smoking on the street and
acting rude so I taught him a lesson
If his Dad doesn't care,
I don't care if he smokes
who are you to hit him, bitch?
Stop calling me bitch,
you son-of-a-bitch thug!
What? You're asking for death
Calm down, Officer Yeo
I'll take care of this, sir
She needs to be fired
She's a waste of taxpayer money
Hey you, watch out
when you walk home at night
Hey, boys. Remember her
Don't forget her face!
Yes sir!
How about you and
I just step outside
What the hell?
Do you think I have time for this?
You bitch
Why, are you scared?
You ill-mannered bitch!
You asshole!
I can't take this shit anymore!
So you can yell, huh?
Stop staring at me, punk
You son of a bitch
You're a big guy, huh?
That doesn't mean
you can hit a police officer!
Who the hell is this?
Me? You wanna know about me?
Murder, arson, rape... I'm a three-peat
offender! You wanna die too?
What's the difference
between three murders or four?
Do you wanna die? On your knees, now!
On your knees! On your knees!"
What are you doing?
Can you do this in a police station?
You're one to talk
On your knees, bastard!
What are you guys doing?
On your knees!
Rich bastards get away with everything!
I'm sick of this world! On your knees!
Repeat after me. I'm sorry, officers
I'm sorry, officers
Louder, assholes!
I'm sorry, officers
I won't do this again
I won't do this again
And you! Teach your son
some manners, okay?
Teach your son some manners, okay?
Not that, asshole!
Now, beat it while I count to three
Whoever's left is gonna die!
One...Two three! Who's left?
Sorry, sir
I've done a bit of acting
Put this on
Can't you wash your foot
after I wash my face?
Until this process is finished...
Did anyone lose this lunch box?
No one?
Then it must be the teacher's
Take this
Ladies. I need to say
something as a police officer
I am officer Yeo
Students need to study. Right?
So don't go around
beating up weaker kids,
You with the lunchbox!
drinking booze or smoking...
How dare you eat when I'm talking!
And if you hang around
red light districts,
I'm gonna whip your butt, got it?
As for your teacher Mr. Go
He is a very nice man,
so don't give him trouble
He's my boyfriend, so don't you
dare try making eyes at him
Go now
We slept together too
Go, please!
A relationship like this...
This is great!
Which of you is Chundeuk?
Be honest
You need a servant,
not a boyfriend, right?
A boyfriend should help
his girlfriend, shouldn't he?
Which floor are you on?
The top floor
Put these over there. Okay
You're a twin?
Nah, that's a composite photo
You're a twin, right?
Guess which one's me
On the right
No, the left
You're really a twin
Who's older? On the right
I don't play the black keys
Why not? Just because
What's your sister like?
Is she like you?
Then hook me up with her
Just joking
She's dead
We were so similar,
no one could tell us apart
Mom put us in different schools
so people wouldn't be confused
She was like the black keys,
and I was like the white ones
She was really playful,
and she liked to switch roles with me
Yeo Kyunjin
Yeo Minjin
She got me to take exams for her, and
made me do things she didn't like doing
I used to hate her for that
Six kings have been born in this land,
so the heaven helped...
This sentence indicates
that our country...
And then one day...
It was the date for graduation photos
I had a piano competition,
so I asked her to go take
the picture for me
And while she was going
to school in my place,
she was hit by a car
I should've died instead of her
So neither of us has a graduation photo
She wanted to become a cop
Do you still play the piano?
but I play without the black keys
How about you?
Me? The only memory
I have from high-school
is when I had to go on a trip
with both arms in casts
Here, say cheese! One Two Three!
That's funny. Yeah, it was
Let's start
Myungwoo's a fool!
Am I late? Just an hour
Is it that late?
I bought you a present
Really? Me too
It's a book that your
student Chundeuk wrote
You should use his full name
to show respect. He's over 90
You have a student who's that old?
District 230. This is line 2
We see the suspect...
chasing him now
Run! Quick! Hurry!
Let me go! Let me go!
One kidnapper is caught,
two are heading for
district 103 with the hostage
Block nearby roads
Freeze, or we'll shoot!
Request backup! Be careful
Pick her up
Can we leave him like this?
Just go
Suspect heading for District 1 03
I repeat
Suspect heading for District 103
Yeah. I'm running my ass off,
No I'm not
and you're lying in bed?
Officer Yeo in district 103
Wait, Line 2
Officer Yeo in district 103
Two kidnappers ran behind Taeyang
Requesting backup
I'll call you back later!
Officer Yeo is still chasing alone
Can you run 100 meters in 1 1 seconds?
What? That's how fast this girl is?
I can only do 15 seconds
Stop. Let's stop here
Get her on her knees
On your knees
What do we do with her?
We need to make a decision
Do we kill her or not?
What should we do?
You decide Let's kill her
Kill her?
Yes. The bitch saw my face
But... even if... How could we?
You kill her. You do it
No, I can't!. You do it
It's your specialty!
My specialty is welding
Grab her, Grab her!
Where? Shoulders
One shot in her head and she's gone!
Should I stab her on the left or right?
Did you kill her?
What the hell?
Let's get him first
What are you doing here, Sir?
You can't kill her
Why not, man?
Come closer! Can't reach!
Come a little closer. Come on
Come on! Just a little bit more
Damn, nothing's going right today!
I'll see you in prison, I'll go first
I'll shoot. Freeze!
Quiet! Kyungjin! Kyungjin!!
Got you!
Come on! You!
Hiding in here, huh?
What are you doing here?
Can I help you? Is Mr. Go here?
He left already
You didn't you see him on your way in?
No, I didn't...
Where'd you get this piece of junk?
What do you mean, junk?
She's a beauty!
You bought it? Of course
How much was it?
You don't need to know
I'm going off on a road trip
all over the country!
No pavements!
Yeah? I'll go too
I'll take a vacation
Don't you need to stay here
and catch bad guys?
Bad guys are everywhere
Try this. It feels like flying
I must've been the wind
in my previous life
I want to be free as the wind
When I'm not around,
if you feel the wind blowing,
then that will be me
Then is this wind you?
It's my friends
If I die,
I want to become the wind again
Mmm, the fire smells great
Isn't it nice? It is
You know why people join their pinkies
when making a promise?
No, why?
Once upon a time, in a huge,
vast country,
there was a princess who was very,
very beautiful
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who's the prettiest of them all?
Of course that would be you,
my lady
Really? Do you think so? If you're lying,
I'll break you into pieces!
I never lie, my lady
You are the most beautiful
You're so pretty
Because the princess was
so pretty and wise,
princes came from all over
the world to seek her hand
Finally, five princes were
left in the final round
In order to choose the best match
for her, she gave them a test
She hid her right hand
and unfolded one finger
The five princes had
to guess which one it was
So that sign came to
represent a vow of marriage
The prince and princess
couldn't have been happier
But then the Crusades began,
and the prince had to go to war
The prince promised to come back alive,
crossing his pinky with hers
But ten years passed,
and the prince didn't return
She didn't even know
if he was still alive
But since the princess
was still so pretty,
many people came to ask her
to re-marry
She kept saying no,
believing that he'd return,
but she couldn't turn
them down any longer
So she decided to marry a man
who joined pinkies with her
One day,
a filthy beggar came to the palace
Everyone tried to get rid of him,
but the princess called him in,
saying everyone deserves a chance
That beggar was her lost prince
The truth was, the prince
had been killed on his way home
The soul of the dead must
depart after 49 days
That day was the 49th day
In order to keep his promise,
the prince returned as a ghost
Finally the princess found
the body of the prince
Now you know the meaning
of joined pinkies, right?
Yes. Can I ask you a question?
If I die, will you die
for me like the princess?
Are you crazy? Why should l?
Stop putting wood on the fire!
The room is boiling
Are you trying to burn me
to death?
Does it hurt?
What happened to your lips?
Forget about kissing her tonight
Aren't you sorry for this?
Like I told you before,
if you wanna hear me say that,
change your name to "Sorry"
My name is "Sorry." Call me now
Your name is Myungwoo
I changed my name. Say my name.
I can't approve it
Why not? I changed it
Stop fighting and eat!
You're hurting my ears
Myungwoo! Myungwoo!
Myungwoo! Wake up!
Please breathe
Myungwoo... Please... Please breathe!
Please breathe
Please breathe. You fool. Breathe!
Please breathe!!!
Why did you save me?
I don't want to die after you
When a golf ball and table tennis ball
is thrown at same speed!
We went back to our ordinary lives
Me teaching students,
her chasing criminals
Who can report to jurisdiction 230?
Officer Yeo, coming to Nu Karaoke
Jurisdiction 230, this is line 2
Backup requested
The criminal is the notorious
jail-breaker Shin Changsoo
Block the entrance,
and wait until backup arrives
Kyungjin, this is dangerous
Let's not go
It's Shin Changsoo
We can't pass this up
This is our chance to get promoted
Jurisdiction 230.
This is line 2. We're in front
of Nu Karaoke, district 1 13
Backup still hasn't arrived
No, Kyungjin!
He's over there!
Put your hands up!
Weapon on the table, hands in the air!
Drop your weapon or I'll shoot
Officer Jo, are you okay? Yes
This is Line 2!
Nu Karaoke Changsoo Shin on the run
It is the notorious Changsoo Shin
Officer Yeo is chasing by herself
It's me. I discovered something
This is really special
Where are you? I'll help
I'm chasing a criminal now!
No, it's too dangerous
She sounded different that day
I could figure out vaguely
where she was
I know that she's stronger than me
But sometimes she acts without thinking,
so I was worried
Damn that bastard. I'll remember this
Shit! My big shot daddy
will not like this!
Oh, hello Get down
Quit smoking, punk
Got it
When the hell are they going
to use their guns?
Let's go. Where?
It's the jail breaker Changsoo
Shit, we screwed up
Let's get away. Come on
Jurisdiction 230. Line 2, line 2
District 1 17, a citizen down at
the factory behind Evening Star Park
Call 91 1. Call 91 1
Jurisdiction 230, line 2
District 1 17, a man down
Please call 91 1!
Don't die. Don't die
How can you die when
I saved you once already?
Don't die. Don't die
This is a dream. This is a dream
Jurisdiction 230. Line 2, line 2
District 1 17. A man down
Maybe I was destined
to die in that river
Don't do it
Don't do it! Let me die!
Let me die! Lie her down
Why are you doing this?
I killed him. I killed him
Hi, this is Myungwoo
Either my battery's out,
or I'm in a non-serviced area
Leave a message after the beep
and I'll call you back ASAP
Which non-serviced area is that?
Come back
Hurry and come back
No, never mind. I'll come to you
I'll come to your side
Hey lady!
What are you doing there, lady?
Why do you care?
And don't call me lady
I'm not that old
You're trying to commit suicide right,
lady? Jumping off?
She says don't call her lady
Ask her for some money. I'm hungry
Money? We're not beggars
Then what are we?
Hey lady! I mean, Miss
We ran away from home
Please give us some money before
you jump. We won't stop you."
What? Just 50 bucks
Aren't you a little out of line?
Or a credit card would be fine
You won't be liable after death
You guys are really something
Wanna see me get angry?
What's it this time? She seems angry
I'm hungry, dammit
Why can't she give us some money?
Hey, if you got something to say,
speak up. Don't whisper like cowards!
Give us some money before you croak!
Your guts will be sprayed
all over the street anyway
bucks will do. Or let's have sex
Make the most out
of your body before you jump
Let's get it on. You little shit!
You bastard, get over here
This is unbelievable. She's pissed. "
You mongrels! You guys are dead!
Come on let's have a hot night!
Hey! Run!
You guys are dead when I catch you
She's wild
What? You rude idiots
Catch us if you can!
Hey, I can see her panties
Panties! Panties!
They're black! No, she isn't
wearing any! That's why it's black
It's purple, you dirty dogs!
Really, she's not wearing any!
No, how could she be
You're dead!
She's still following us. Take this
Don't give me this. Take this yourself!
Why are you giving me this
It smells, I don't want it
Where did you learn
that kind of crap?
What did you say? "Screw till you die"?
You dirty bastards!
We were just hungry
We haven't eaten for three days
It's true
What do you want?
What should we have?
Pizza! Pizza?
Watch her eat!
I can't believe she was
just trying to kill herself
You said it
I haven't eaten for 3 days either
I need to eat to be a pretty ghost
What's the use of that?
If you jump off a building,
your guts will all burst open,
directions. What did you say?
Cut the crap and bring me more salad
No cucumbers or croutons
You go. No beans
Why do you always order him around?
You go!
Damn. Don't eat everything. Got it
More pizza, please!
This is cab fare to go home
You better go home
I'm going to check! Ok?
Thanks, Miss
We don't need to thank her
We're the ones who saved her life
What? Give me my money back
No. Thank you very much
You have to go home. All right?
You have to live, too
Excuse me!
Is this the way out?
Well then... Take care
If you feel the wind when
I'm not around, that's me
If I die, I want to become the wind
Are you here?
Is this you? Or is it just the wind?
Tell me! Tell me, Myungwoo!
Did you become the wind? Did you really?
I can't believe this
This is the day you leave me forever
The 49th day after your death
But I'll come and find you
before that day. I'll be sure to
Come on! Get in!
This place is 30 years old... come in
Doing all right, guys?
Nice work
Hey, Park. The guy you caught
Get him in!
You can use the desk Min was using
Your locker is over there
Where's Kim?! @! @! @l don't know, sir
Oh come on
What time is it?
Detective Kim!
Yes, sir?
Not you guys
I'm looking for Kim Youngho
There are a lot of Kims here, sir
You're not even a detective
There he is
What time were you going to meet?
I don't know
Hey, Kim! Yes sir
She's your new partner
I'll see you guys later
Hello, sir!
It's nice to meet you
"I'd like to see you play piano
I'd like to see the real you"
Who are you? A cop?
Don't come closer, or I'll shoot!
I'll really shoot! Get out of here!
Detective Yeo!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go away!
Learn to shoot straight
Yes, Ma'am
If he resurfaces, call me back
And don't let anyone else know
I need to get Changsoo myself
Don't worry
Did you say Changsoo?
No, nothing
I have some other errands to run
I'll see you back at the station
I won't speed
I'll let you. Follow that car
Shoot him!
Call the ambulance!
How can you die after
I saved you once already?
I must've been the wind in my
previous life
Please don't die
Be honest. You need a servant,
not a boyfriend, right?
A boyfriend should help his girlfriend,
shouldn't he?
Aren't you sorry for this?
If you want to hear me say 'sorry'
you'd better change your name to Sorry
Breathe, you fool!
Where are you? I'll help
He's my boyfriend, so don't you
dare try making eyes at him
I'm a three-peat offender
Murder, arson, rape...
Try this. It feels like I'm flying
There's a saying...
"Only the wicked see the wicked"
Am I late?
My name is 'sorry'. Call me now
Are you here?
Is this you? Or is it the wind?
Tell me. Tell me. Myungwoo
Tell me. Tell me. Myungwoo
Did you become the wind?
Did you really become the wind?
Don't die, Myungwoo!
I can't believe this
I must have been the wind
in my previous life
Line 2 Line 2
Call the ambulance! Hurry up!
This is the day you leave me forever
The 49th day after your death
If you feel the wind
when I'm not around, that's me
But I'll go meet you before
that day. I'll be sure to
Call the ambulance!
Myungwoo... Myungwoo...
Is that you?
Detective Yeo, wake up!
Concentrate on anything
Just try to live
Keep talking to her
I can't, tears keep coming out
Do you remember that time?
You were like Robocop
Robocop can't die from one gun shot
I have a confession to make
Detective Yeo, try to live!
I have to tell you something
I need to confess something
Be quiet, please!
They told me to keep talking
Check her vital signs. BP 60
Her pulse is weak. Connect the
monitor and call cardiovascular
Call cardiovascular
She stopped breathing
Get the D.C. ready! Intubation!
Check the EKG. No change. "
Officer Yeo! Your night shift is over
Go home, okay?! @! @! @Yes, sir
It's you, isn't it?
You were alive
Why did you run away?
You know you can't run fast
I could've run well
But I only have one lung now
How could you pretend
that you're dead?
Didn't you think about
how much it'd hurt me?
I didn't want you to see me this way
Who cares? I love you no matter what
I'm not Myungwoo any longer
And you're not Kyungjin
Myungwoo. Myungwoo's dead
Admit it, will you?
Don't pretend I'm alive
But you're alive.
Myungwoo's dead!
The EKG's back
She's trying to live. What?
She's trying to live. Connect all
the lines. Check her vitals again
Get the chest tubes ready
Prepare some blood
Hey, Kim. I can see that
you have the hots for Kyungjin
But you're a married man
No love confessions, OK?
You're awake
The operation was successful,
Get some more sleep
What's the date today?
Today? The last day of October
Somebody must've heard my prayer
I can see you
I need to go
I'm glad that I saw you before I left
No! Myungwoo
Myungwoo. Don't go
I'll follow you, if you go
No. It's not your time yet
You have many days ahead of you
No. No
Don't be so sad because of me
We'll meet again. Can't you feel it?
When we meet again,
tell me all the happiest memories
you experienced from this life
And when you hear me
whisper in the wind,
you'll meet someone
who has a soul like mine
Now, let me leave with
your love in my heart
You don't have to call me that
My name is Myungwoo
I won't be so sad anymore
I'll believe that
you're always with me
If you miss me,
come back anytime
Even as the wind
Come back as the wind
Were you looking for me?
Oh, this
This just came in at the lost
and found. It's got your name on it
"To my savior Kyungjin, I'm yours"
Kyungjin, how are you these days?
I hope you're not hurting anymore
I'm always beside you
Remember I told you once
that when you hear me
whisper in the wind
you will meet someone with
a soul like mine?
Can you feel it? I am near you
You will meet him today
Do you know who brought this in?
Please stand back from the train
Please mind the gap between
the train and the platform...
I could hear his whisper
in the wind. I could feel it
It was him. Standing beside me
Let me introduce my girlfriend. She is...
someone who shed many tears over me
Her name is Kyungjin. Kyungjin Yeo
I feel strange just saying her name,
She has something special
that no one else can touch