NAGA (2023) Movie Script

[bright instrumental music playing]
[music fades]
[haunting choir music playing]
[feedback resonates]
[music fades]
- [foreboding music playing]
- [determined footsteps]
- [door opens]
- [staircase creaking]
[wings flutter in distance]
[slamming of door echoes]
[distant, steady footsteps]
[man seething]
[nurse gasps]
[incensed breathing continues]
[metal scraping]
[menacing instrumental music building]
[footsteps echoing]
[music swells, stops suddenly]
[newborn crying]
[doctor] Don't worry, madam.
This was an emergency.
He was the one who brought you
to a hospital full of male doctors.
I think, uh it it will be all fine.
Especially after he sees
his healthy newborn. Don't worry.
[sinister string music resumes]
[rifle cocks]
[group screaming]
[terrified screams continue]
- [rifle cocks]
- [gasps]
[inhales sharply]
- [rifle fires]
- [sounds distort]
[darkly haunting choir music rises]
[music fades out]
THE PRESEN[camel groaning]
[groaning intensifies]
[calf plops]
[tense music playing]
[clock ticking]
[wings flapping in distance]
[gentle breeze blowing]
[curtains fluttering in breeze]
[door unlocks, opens]
Is that you?
[mother] Your dad says to get ready.
He went to the grocer's,
and he'll be back very soon.
[woman] Been ready for half an hour.
[mother, wryly] Sorry for being late.
We were in the ER. [sighs]
Oof! What was it?
[mother] We kept calling you,
but you were asleep.
- [door opens]
- What happened?
- [nasal spray bottle squirts]
- [mother inhales]
[birds singing outside]
[whimsical theremin music playing]
- [exclaims]
- [thwack]
[inhales sharply]
[mother] Take this
since you're going to the market.
What's this?
Let's get him a cake. He hurt himself.
- Mom, I don't have time for this.
- You have time.
And I'll send you a nice picture
of your brother to use, okay?
They don't do that anymore.
Don't you remember Um Mishary's huge cake?
- It had a big photo of him on the cake.
- [woman] Please, Mom. Let's drop it.
- [door opens]
- [mother] Shh!
[cheerfully] Hello, my handsome son.
Hello, darling.
[door closes]
I had an operation.
[chewing loudly]
[flatly] Congrats.
Gum, please.
[woman sighs]
[woman sighs]
- [woman] Damn you!
- [door opens]
- [frantic string music playing]
- [clock strikes 12]
- [woman panting, gasps]
- [objects clatter]
Whoa! What's going on in this house?
- [woman] I swear, I'll pop his other eye.
- [mother] Pop whose eye? Sarah!
[breeze blowing]
[leaves rustle]
[sneakers squeaking]
[agitated string music playing]
[music ends abruptly]
[vehicle approaching]
[man 1 on radio] Your bones, so delicate
- Don't dare to defy
- [man 2] Defy
[man 1] The challenge you seek
- You will surely sigh
- [man 2] Sigh
[man 1] A mere touch from me
- You'll feel the pain
- [man 2] Pain
[man 1] Persist, and your effort
- Will be in vain
- [man 2] Vain
[man 1] We once gave you gifts
A child enchanted
- Today, you flaunt strength
- [phone rings]
- So undaunted
- [call disconnects]
[man 1] Tread carefully
For the wolf draws near
He will shatter your hopes
- Make peril clear
- [man 2] Wow, very good!
[father] A real poet.
He speaks from the heart.
[man 2] It's the match tonight.
It's very important.
I'm sure you've prepared
the poem for the national team.
[Sarah] Dad, can you pick me up
at 11 instead of nine?
[man 1] I do have one.
But I'd rather present it after they win.
- [father clicks tongue]
- [man 2] Shall I consider this a promise?
If the national team wins,
I'll call you myself from the studio.
[man 1] Yes, call me and be optimistic.
[man 2] Good. Abu Fahad is optimistic.
We'll look forward to hearing your poem.
[Sarah] What about ten?
[father, gruffly] Uh
[indistinct, distant chatter]
[Sarah] Here. That's her, Dad.
1:00 P.M.
[clock chimes]
[father] 9:59 exactly.
Be ready. Not a minute later,
not a minute earlier.
[Sarah, flatly] God willing.
[somber string music playing]
- Sorry. We had coffee without you.
- [Sarah] It's fine.
Mom is annoying me.
She's more worried about my wedding
than I am. As if it was hers.
[motor reverberating in distance]
[friend] I don't blame her.
We have a lot to do for the wedding.
We still need perfumes.
And we need the rest of the cloth.
[muffled] Wow. Look. It's really pretty.
- [music cuts out]
- Careful.
[Sarah] Sorry.
- Look, I can use this for pillowcases.
- [Sarah] Yeah.
Did you even see it?
Touch it. [clicks tongue]
- [Sarah] It's nice but rough.
- [friend] Because it's grand.
- Excuse me.
- [seller] Hello.
- [friend] How much is it per meter?
- [seller] 360.
[friend] Why is it so expensive?
[seller] It's silk. Italian silk.
- No, thanks.
- [seller] Ask other vendors.
- What's that?
- [Sarah] Could you bring a cake for Fahad?
He hurt his eye,
and Mom wants to cheer him up.
I see. You're going through with it?
[Sarah] Yes. Didn't we agree?
That you go and leave me,
not treat me as a servant.
Oof. I'm fed up.
[Sarah] Don't make me beg
when I've carried your bags
for the last two weeks
without complaining.
- So you don't want to help me? Fine.
- [Sarah] What do you mean?
You left me behind
in sophomore year to rot in the sun.
Your mom yelled at me.
Sophomore year? You never forget.
You are so spiteful and mean.
[Sarah] How many times
have I told you not to call me that?
[friend] I'm sorry, but it's true.
If someone once wrongs you,
you hold a grudge forever.
[tense string music playing]
[friend, dryly] Goodbye. Enjoy.
[indistinct chatter in distance]
[bills rustle]
[street vendor 1] Ten for ten!
Ten for ten!
[street vendors announcing wares]
- [vendor 2] Come and see what we have!
- [man] What?
[vendor 3] Come check it out! Ten only!
Come check it out! Only ten!
[mechanical toys whirring]
[balls jingle]
[Sarah] Sorry.
I didn't see you. I'm sorry.
[vendor 4] Come and see what we have!
[man 1] This one is yours.
- Shut up.
- [man 2] Calm down, man.
Abu Mishary, forgive him.
- Listen. Don't talk.
- For my sake.
- Please. Let's stop fighting.
- That man got me.
- [grunts]
- Pay it no heed.
[Abu Mishary] Look what you've done!
My blood pressure!
- You're a headache!
- [man 2] Seriously!
[man 1] Every day, you say,
"The electrician will come tomorrow."
We're suffocating.
We've been breathing
this gas for a week! Enough!
[Abu Mishary] What do you want me to do?
I told you the shop is closed.
The guy got busy.
You want me to kill him, or what?
- [man 1] Sort it out.
- [Abu Mishary] How?
- [man 1] I'm losing customers.
- [Abu Mishary] The handyman doesn't show!
Take it easy, Abu Samy.
It could be a blessing in disguise.
- You never brought me anything good.
- It is a blessing.
- Believe me.
- [Sarah] Is the shop closed?
[calmly] Sure. Sorry. I'll open later.
- [Sarah] Ugh. When will you close?
- [Abu Samy] 9:30 p.m. God willing.
- [Sarah] I'll come at nine.
- [Abu Samy] God willing.
I'm just saying. All right. All right.
- [clocks ticking]
- [whimsical music playing]
[line ringing on cell phone]
[music grows tense]
[man] Psst, psst, psst.
[clicking tongue, making kissing sounds]
[wind gusts]
[loud chewing]
[line continues ringing]
[older man continues chewing and spitting]
- [line continues ringing]
- [tense music building]
- [door handle rattling]
- [music cuts out]
- [straining] Get in. Get in. Get in. Come.
- [seat squeaks]
[off-key] Come drink some tea
She said, tea for my dear
[vocalizing playfully]
- Whoa!
- [Sarah makes kissing noises]
- [clicks tongue] Am I a donkey?
- [boyfriend] Of course not, my love.
The henna on your hand is pretty.
It reminds me of my grandma.
May she rest in peace. [exhales]
Did you bring it?
- [boyfriend inhales]
- What's that?
- Trust me.
- [Sarah] What do you mean?
Abu Kholoud mixed it with the tea.
[Sarah] Why?
What do you mean? It's the good stuff.
- Is he still with that crazy woman?
- [boyfriend] Yes, he is.
They might go with us to the camp.
- [Sarah] What?
- We're going to a camp.
A camp? A camp in the desert?
No. A camp in the road.
It's far. No.
- No, no, no.
- [mockingly] No, no, no.
Just listen.
It's not just the camp.
I swear, I've never seen anything
like this in my life.
- Yeah. Whatever.
- [boyfriend] I'm serious.
You want me to get slaughtered
by my dad for a camp?
[boyfriend] We won't be late.
Trust me. That place is super cool.
Abu Nayef only invites me once a year.
[Sara clicks tongue]
[boyfriend clicks tongue]
- [horn beeps]
- [boyfriend] Piss off.
- [energetic music playing]
- What a mess.
- We're going in this junk?
- What do you know about classic cars?
Three people stopped me on my way here
to ask me to buy it, and I refused.
Swear we'll be back before nine.
[boyfriend] We won't be late.
I swear. We'll be back before nine.
Say, "I hope my mom dies if we're late."
[defiantly] I hope my mom dies
if we're late.
[energetic, rhythmic music continues]
- [music fades]
- [clock chimes]
2:00 P.M.
- [line ringing]
- [compact clicks]
[boyfriend clicks tongue]
[line continues ringing]
What's wrong?
Nothing. Don't worry.
[line continues ringing]
[chewing loudly]
- [boyfriend sighs]
- What's wrong with you?
Who's that?
Abu Nayef, from the camp.
He said he would send me the location,
and he still hasn't.
I'm not sure
if he fell asleep or something.
[Sarah] That's fine.
I don't want you
to waste your time for nothing.
[Sarah] That's fine.
I'm here for you,
not Abu Nayef or Abu shit.
Are you shy?
[horn blaring]
- [Sarah] What's with him?
- [tires screeching]
[truck engine revving]
- What a jerk.
- [horn beeping]
[aggressive honking continues]
What the hell?
- Go ahead!
- Hey, stop it.
Go, go. Overtake. Is he ill?
- [Sarah] Saad, let it go.
- Overtake!
- All right.
- Saad!
What a douchebag.
[ominous music playing]
[tires squeal]
[pickup truck brakes squeak]
- [brakes screech]
- [sedan rattles]
[Sarah breathing shakily]
[music grows to a terrifying crescendo]
- [music ends suddenly]
- [engine revs]
[spits] On you and your kind!
[engine idling]
- I'll tell you what.
- Huh?
Let's head back.
Head back? Are you serious?
You want to cancel the whole day
because of this douche?
It's still early.
Are you scared?
- [inhales sharply]
- Damn!
[wind whistling]
[Sarah slurps]
[exhales sharply]
[hazy, mellow organ music playing]
[ethereal theremin resonates]
[Saad] It's okay.
- What's okay?
- We can head back if you want. Really.
It's okay if you've changed your mind.
- No. It's okay.
- I mean it.
Me too.
- All right.
- Will I faint?
It never made me pass out.
Can you drive safely?
Yes, yes. Don't worry.
How long?
Three hours. Four hours, tops.
[softly] Okay.
[ethereal theremin rises]
[takes a deep breath]
[chuckles softly]
[smacks lips]
[wind gusting]
Do you feel anything?
4:00 P.M.
- [clock chimes]
- [Sarah exhales deeply]
My stomach is starting to hurt.
I saw the balila seller picking his nose.
[Sarah sighs]
Hey! [echoing]
[Sarah shouts, voice echoes]
[man below] Hey! [echoes]
Hello, hello!
- [man] What are you doing?
- [Saad] What does he mean?
[Sarah] None of your business!
Hey! You'll get us in trouble.
[Sarah's voice continues echoing]
[alarmed] Hey. Hey.
Don't touch me! Get back! Get back!
[voice echoing]
- What's wrong with you?
- [shrieks] Get back!
- Stay away!
- Don't scream. Be quiet.
- [shouts]
- Shh!
- [shouts]
- Shh! Shush!
- Shush!
- [shrieks]
Hush! God damn you! [echoing]
[inhales sharply, squeals]
[laughing hysterically]
[continues laughing]
[exhales, giggles]
[catching breath]
[wind whistling]
[exhales slowly]
[pickup truck zooms by]
[gasps softly]
[cell phone rings]
[call disconnects]
- [Sarah] Who's that you're ignoring?
- Mind your business.
- Are you upset?
- Yes, I am.
I was just kidding. Don't stress.
[sweetly] Sorry, honey. Sorry, baby.
Sorry, love.
No, really. I'm sorry.
- [shrieking] Stay away!
- Screw you.
[Sarah's scream echoes]
[soothing instrumental music playing]
[mellow theremin melody plays]
[camels grunting]
[young herder, echoing] Ho, ho.
Ho, ho.
Say, "Ho."
- Ho. Ho.
- [Sarah] Ho.
- Ho.
- [camel 1 exhales]
- Ho. Ho.
- [camel 2 grunts]
[camel 1 munching]
[Sarah exhales]
[Sarah exhales slowly]
[desert breeze blows gently]
[fly buzzing]
[Sarah] Yuck.
Chill. Perhaps it's a sign to stop eating
so your stomach won't burst.
After all the balila.
A blessing in disguise.
That's the second time
I've heard that today.
"A blessing in disguise"?
- Yeah.
- [music fades]
Wow! Praised be Allah.
Just say you don't want to buy me another.
[Saad clicks tongue]
- [engines rev]
- [punks shouting]
[music blaring on radio]
[punk 1] Faster! Race you!
[punk 2] Whoo-hoo! Let's go!
[indistinct shouting continues]
[punk 1] You're too slow.
If I'd ordered mufattah, it would be done.
- [seller] One minute.
- [punk 1] Quick!
[seller] Be patient, please.
- [lighter clicks]
- [seller] What's that?
- It's fire, man. [laughs]
- Fire! Hey!
- Hey! Out! Stay out!
- [punk 2] What do you think?
- Huh?
- Stay outside. No, no, no, no, no.
- What's this? It's fire!
- Out! Out! No!
Out! Out!
- I said open up.
- [window opens]
- [seller] It's dangerous! Don't do that!
- He's Muslim, man. What's wrong with you?
- [seller] Out!
- Open up, man!
- He's a customer. What's the problem?
- I said, "Out." No fire!
- No fire!
- [punk 3] He's a customer.
What do you mean, "no"?
We're only having some fun.
- I want ice cream. Now.
- [seller] What is that?
- [punk 3] He's not listening to me.
- [punk 1] Come inside.
We can't? What do you mean, "We can't"?
[punk 1] Oh wow! Come in, man! Come in!
Wow! Come on!
- Too much ice cream, man!
- [seller] Leave the machine, guys!
[punk 1] Listen to me.
You can't do anything.
- [seller] Enough! Enough, guys!
- Eat some, man!
That's nice ice cream, isn't it?
[indistinct shouting continues]
[punk 2] We want ice cream. [laughs]
[chanting] We want ice cream.
- We want ice cream.
- Have you seen a wild camel?
- Huh?
- Hellooo?
Do you have a light?
[indistinct shouting continues in truck]
[punk 2] Set them on fire!
Set them on fire!
[punk 1] Do you have vanilla ice cream?
I don't like chocolate ice cream!
Do you have vanilla?
[shouting continues]
[punk 2] Come on.
Let's go. May Allah forgive him.
- [quad engines start]
- [man] May God protect you.
[radio blasting]
[punk 1] Whoo-hoo-hoo!
[punk 2] Whoo-hoo!
[punk 1] Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!
You are the wild camel on the run.
[clicks tongue] I need to ask,
why are camels called spiteful?
Um because if you hit them,
they remember.
I thought it was more of a metaphor.
How would I know?
- [cell phone vibrates]
- [Saad gasps]
- Yes! Got the location.
- Huh?
Abu Nayef sent me
the location of the camp.
Are you serious?
It's too late. We can't go now.
No, it's very close.
- Ten minutes away, maximum.
- Even if it's two minutes, no.
Don't be such a boring toad.
- Boring toad?
- Yeah.
I mean, we already came such a long way.
The least we can do
is go and see the damn place.
[engine puttering]
6:00 P.M.
[clock chimes]
[Sarah] Don't say we're lost.
Saad, let it go and let's head back.
I wanna go back.
What's wrong? Don't worry. We're not lost.
But Google Maps is never accurate.
It's the fences.
I'm sure we're near the camp.
Put some music on and chill.
- [Sarah] Watch out! [screams]
- [camel groans]
[brakes screech]
[Sarah breathing shakily]
[herder] God damn you!
What kind of idiot are you?
Can't you see?!
- Open the window! Wind it down!
- [Saad gasps]
Open the damn window!
Open it, or I'll break it!
- [window squeaks open]
- [tense music playing]
- [Saad] I'm sorry.
- What do I do with your "sorry," then?
What will your "sorry" do
if you hit my herd, asshole?
Answer me!
- [Saad] Okay. Calm down.
- Don't you dare tell me to calm down!
- Calm down.
- [herder] Don't tell me to calm down!
Why are you here? What are you doing here?
- [Saad] We got lost.
- What the hell are you looking for?!
- [Saad] We got lost looking for a camp.
- Camp? What do you mean, camp?
Why are you here now?
[Saad] Abu Fahad's camp.
[tense music fades]
[calmly] Abu Fahad's camp?
These are all his.
- Blessings upon both of you.
- [Saad] Yeah.
My apologies, brother.
May Allah be with you. [sighs]
Do you know where the camp is or not?
[calf groaning weakly]
[pained grunting continues]
- [distant, ferocious bellowing]
- [chains rattling]
- The mother. She's crazy.
- [mother continues groaning]
Don't worry.
She's tied up.
[mother grunts]
[anguished howl]
[herder] It's God's will.
He takes away, and he gives back.
She's actually pregnant.
[calf moans]
[herder] Help me.
Help me. Help me, brother.
[calf groaning]
[herder] Cover it up so that the mother
won't see her child. Cover it.
Cover it.
[calf grunts]
- [mother whining]
- [chains rattle]
[tense music playing]
[calf crying out]
- Bismillah.
- [blade slices]
[blood continues spraying]
[spraying dies down]
6:15 P.M.
- [clock chimes]
- [engine starts]
[herder] Go straight till you see
a small mosque with a green minaret.
- Turn left. Go till you see a sign
- [phone ringing]
- Where is my phone?
- In front, there's a crossroads.
- And that's the first.
- [herder] Then turn right.
The second.
- [camel bellowing]
- The third.
- [call connects]
- Abu Nayef, you screwed us up!
[Abu Nayef on speaker] Man,
if you saw how hectic things are here.
Everyone is bringing their friends.
Okay, I'm here.
Yes, yes. I see you.
- You're in your old man's car?
- [Saad] Yeah.
- He doesn't know I took it.
- Your dad is wilder than you.
Park, park.
- [ethereal music playing]
- [car alarm chirps]
Do you know him?
[Abu Nayef] You got here
at the right time.
There'll be a lot of fun.
There'll be dancing and music,
and we have a singer.
- Who?
- The one and only Shabah Bisha.
You haven't!
[quietly] Yes. I kept it low-key
so we don't get a crowd here.
You have a plus-one?
- [clears throat] Welcome. Welcome.
- [Saad] Thank you.
- [Sarah] Plus-one?
- [exhales]
- [Sarah] Clearly, I'm not welcome.
- [Saad] What? Don't be paranoid.
[wind whistling]
[chimes jingling in breeze]
[eerie instrumental music rising]
[jingling grows louder]
[Sarah gasps]
[Saad, echoing] What's wrong?
[Sarah gasps]
[wind picks up]
[distorted] Don't worry. We'll take a look
at the place for a bit and then leave.
[Sarah breathing shakily]
[heavy distortion building]
- [silence falls]
- [Sarah panting]
[man 1] You! Get out. Get out!
- Get out! Open! Come on.
- [man 2] You perverts were running away.
- [grunting]
- [clattering]
[man 1] Blasphemy and profanity.
[man 2] Where's the girl who was with you?
- [Saad] No one was with me. I don't know.
- [bang]
- [Sarah panting]
- [tires squeal]
[engine revs]
[Sarah breathing shakily]
[wind gusting]
[distorted cacophony reverberates]
[sinister chords resonate]
[trunk slams closed]
[wind howling]
[grim orchestral music rising]
[heartbeat pulsing]
8:00 P.M.
- [music cuts out]
- [panting]
[ringtone playing]
[Sarah grunts]
[horn honks]
[call connects]
- Hello.
- [mother on speaker] Hello?
Hello, Soso.
Hey, Mom.
- Sarah? Hello?
- Hello. Yes, Mom?
Why aren't you picking up?
I kept calling you, and you didn't answer.
Sorry, Mom. My phone was on mute tonight.
I didn't notice.
I was worried sick.
[sighs] How are you, my child?
All is good, Mom.
And how's Hadeel? Are you done shopping?
[hesitates] No, we're still shopping.
Uh, Mom, Hadeel is calling me.
Did you get the cake?
- Yes, I'll pick it up at nine.
- Good.
Your dad will pick you up at ten.
- Don't keep him waiting. He's tired.
- [rustling]
[mother] And listen,
if you're close to Al Hamood,
can you get half a kilogram of cashew nuts
and half a kilogram of salted seeds?
God willing.
And say your prayers.
God willing, Mom.
[wind picks up]
[line ringing]
[Sarah breathing shakily]
Pick up, girl!
[phone beeps]
[camel grunts]
[mouthing silently]
[camel grunts]
- [ringtone playing]
- [Sarah gasps]
[low grunting]
[Sarah breathing shakily]
[camel groans]
- [bellows]
- [Sarah screams]
[camel grunts menacingly]
[suspenseful string music rises]
[camel roars]
[footsteps approaching]
[wild grunting draws closer]
[low bellow]
[camel grunts]
[Sarah takes a deep breath]
[camel grunts]
[bellowing menacingly]
[Sarah exhales]
- [camel roars]
- [Sarah shrieks]
[fabric tearing]
[Sarah screaming]
[loud clang]
[Sarah whimpering]
[heavy footsteps approaching]
[camel roars]
[frenzied galloping]
[Sarah screams]
[hoofs stomping]
[camel snarls]
[chain rattles]
[camel growls]
- [Sarah screams]
- [loud thud]
[Sarah inhales sharply]
[sounds distort and fade]
[Sarah exhales shakily]
[low growling of camel continues]
[heavy footsteps]
[Sarah inhales sharply]
[camel huffs]
[Sarah whimpers]
[exhales, gasps]
8:00 P.M.
7:00 P.M.
6:25 P.M.
[clock chimes]
[Saad] Yes! They're just about to start.
Perfect timing.
[nearby excited chatter]
[man 1] I'm good. Everything is good.
What about you, man?
Oh. Okay. I understand.
[band warming up in distance]
- [Saad] Are you excited?
- [man 2] So young. This one is 20.
[man 3] This is so beautiful.
[Abu Nayef] Saad.
Just a second.
[whispering] Do know that girl there?
Yeah. Go there. Yeah? Okay.
[Saad] Come.
Isn't that Abu Kholoud's girlfriend?
That's strange. Where could he be?
[epic hip-hop playing]
[Saad] Recognize him?
Abu Fahad Hamad Al Waswas.
The famous poet.
[flatly] That's him?
I've never seen him before,
but Dad loves him.
- Don't know why.
- [Saad] Please.
He's considered a genius. A professor.
- [Sarah] The nose of a professor.
- [Saad] A history professor.
[music ends]
Why's he here?
Why? The whole event is organized for him.
Yesterday, he won Poet of Najd. Amazing.
Oh. There he is. Finally.
Just a second.
Would you like tea, coffee, or water?
[intriguing music playing]
[man 1] Guys, you need to listen to me.
[indistinct chatter]
[excited chatter]
[man 2] A cup of tea, Mohammed. Hey!
Hello! Where's your car?
I didn't see it outside.
- I came in my cousin's truck.
- [kisses]
- It doesn't even start.
- At least I have a car.
- [tapping on microphone]
- [entrancing string music starts]
[Shabah Bisha singing in Arabic]
[electric lights thrumming]
[audience singing along]
[guy 1] What's wrong?
Want some?
No, thank you.
Don't be shy.
[guy 2] Don't be pushy.
[guy 1] I'm not being pushy, dude.
It's called hospitality.
What's up, uh, sweet smile?
[guy 1 grunts] Shut up.
[guy 2] You know what?
I never saw meat and dancing together.
Meat? Have some respect.
[guy 2] Oops. She's gone.
[performance continues in distance]
[deer grunting]
[cell phone vibrates and chimes]
[Sarah sighs]
[lively, upbeat tune playing]
[line ringing]
[man] Guys, you need to listen to me.
[line continues ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Shabah Bisha continues singing in Arabic]
[Sarah] Have you seen Abu Nayef?
[sounds distort and echo]
- [Sarah] Have you seen Saad?
- Huh? No, I haven't seen him. Call him.
[electric lights buzzing]
[Sarah gasps]
- What's up?
- [Sarah] Did you see the guy I was with?
- What does he look like?
- [drums beating]
[crowd clamoring]
[guy] What's wrong with him?
Get out of here.
This is not a place for you.
[sounds distort and intensify]
- [silence falls]
- [line ringing]
[Sarah panting]
[eerie music playing]
[man] Yeah? What happened next?
[Abu Kholoud's girlfriend] Hey, Soso!
What's wrong with you?
- You see the guy I was with?
- No. He's left you behind.
[phone powers down]
[girlfriend] Girl, what a cool shirt.
[sighs] You have a Samsung charger?
[girlfriend] It's too noisy.
Check here,
but I don't think you'll find one.
[live percussion music continues
in distance]
- [footsteps approach]
- [girlfriend screams]
- What's wrong?
- Put him on the table.
[injured man moaning]
Careful, careful.
Hold his head from the back.
Take care. Slowly.
[man 1] Yes. Lift his arms.
- Slide him.
- Lift him up a bit.
[man 1] Enough.
Uh, what's wrong? What happened to him?
[man 2] I have no idea.
We found him like this.
And half the sheep, the same.
- Adham, say nothing to Abu Fahad.
- [man 1] First aid kit.
- [Adham] We won't tell Abu Fahad?
- The first aid kit.
- [Adham] If he says something?
- [man 1] He won't.
[man 2] We need to cure him.
[herder moans]
- [man 1] Bring it. Quickly.
- [Adham] God!
[man 2] We won't say a thing.
Be patient. Pass the water.
Please. Please.
- [man 1] What should I do?
- [girlfriend] God, I'm gonna throw up.
[herder groans]
- [man 1] Better?
- [herder] Mm, yeah.
- [girlfriend retching]
- [man 2] What's wrong with her?
Please go out and sit with your friend.
[lively music continues]
6:45 P.M.
[clock chimes, echoes]
- [music cuts out]
- [girlfriend screams]
Uh, animal guts don't make me sick.
- [Sarah] Have a Samsung charger?
- What's the problem?
The problem is
that her dad will make trouble.
Do you have a Samsung charger
so she can get home?
Maybe. There might be one around here.
[girlfriend] She's scared.
Her dad is ruthless.
[scoffs] Your dad really is scary.
If I were you, I'd be terrified.
But on a serious note,
is that thing behind your dad's ear
because of the incident?
[Sarah sighs]
[nurse] No, Doctor.
Her husband's angry
because he only wanted a female doctor.
[doctor] This was an emergency.
He was the one who brought you
to a hospital full of male doctors.
[shooter] I didn't want him
delivering my baby!
- [gunfire]
- [victims screaming]
- [rifle blasts]
- [high-pitched ringing]
- [ringing fades]
- [Sarah sighs]
- You're talking nonsense, huh?
- Huh?
[mocking] "Huh?"
[girlfriend] What do you mean exactly?
Are you kidding?
Everyone was talking about it back then.
It's not my fault.
And we were just kids.
We talked about everyone then.
[hocks, spits]
Right back at you! What?
- Just piss off.
- You piss off! You're spiteful.
What a drama queen!
- [waiter] What a load of nonsense.
- Uh, excuse me.
- A Samsung charger?
- Huh?
- Samsung charger.
- Check over there.
- [girlfriend] My heart is beating fast.
- [music continues]
[Sarah sighs]
[hushed voices, panting]
- [Sarah gasps]
- [Saad] Hey, hey! Sarah!
[Sarah panting]
- [sounds distort and echo]
- [wind picks up]
- [man 1] She's not okay.
- [woman 1] What?
- [man 1] We have to do something.
- [woman 1] Take her!
- [clamoring]
- [woman 1] Is she gonna be okay?
- [woman 2] Reem?
- [clamoring continues]
- [woman 2] Reem?
- [woman 1] An hour to get some water?
- [woman 2] Oh my God.
- [man 1] Tissues, please.
- [waiter] I don't know. She went that way.
- [man 1] Can't you find tissues?
- [clamoring]
- [man 2] You need to help me.
- [man 3] Take care.
- [woman 2] Reem! Reem! Reem!
That's the girl who was with her.
- Are you sure?
- [waiter] I swear.
Guys, water, quickly!
- [Sarah] What's wrong with her?
- What's wrong?!
She's asking, "What's wrong?"
- It's serious.
- Should we send 50 people for it?
- Two guys went to fetch some.
- You're lying, or she's lying.
I swear, it's her.
- [woman 2] Reem! Reem! Reem!
- [man 2] Reem!
Are you lying to me? Is she conscious?
- Guys, calm down.
- I'm not talking to you.
[woman 4] I'm really so worried.
Don't shine the light in my eyes.
Point it here.
- You left her like that?
- Don't come near me.
Enough with the light!
- [woman 5] Think that's okay?
- Keep away!
- Put the flashlight away. It's in my eyes!
- They're getting it.
Shine the light on her,
or don't help at all, man.
- Calm down, guys.
- Shine it on her. Not on my face.
- Guys, guys!
- [gasps]
[man 1] Are you crazy?
- [woman 5] What?
- [Sarah] Get off me!
- [woman 5] Where are you going?
- [Sarah] Hey!
- I won't get back, and you will answer.
- [Sarah] Get off!
[Sarah panting]
[man] No. Calm down. Enough, please!
- [Saad] Sarah!
- [man] Leave her. Let her go.
- [Saad] Let me talk to you. Wait.
- [Sarah] Eat shit.
[Saad] I know I'm trash,
but let me take you home.
[Sarah sighs]
Who's gonna take you home?
- You won't find anyone in the desert.
- [shrieks] Get back!
All right. Okay.
When you calm down, let me know.
[Sarah sighs]
Don't tell me to calm down!
Look at my face!
Can't you kick her out?
I can't kick anyone out.
Why are you whispering?
I am ordering you to kick her out.
Or I swear,
you'll live to regret it! [huffs]
Damn it.
[tense music playing]
[man] You really messed that up.
What should I do?
You know who her father is?
Start the car.
[alarm deactivates]
I'll show you, you pricks.
- [line ringing]
- [sighs]
[glass chandelier tinkling]
- [cell phone chimes]
- [exhales]
[door opens]
You're taking your time with this poem.
We just want a few compliments
for the national team. That's all.
There's no need for a lot of fuss.
No, Abu Fahad. Bless you.
I am writing an excellent poem.
- With a lot of effort and pride.
- Fine.
Read it to me.
"Our team's a dream with art supreme"
- [Abu Fahad] Espresso?
- [assistant] Huh?
- [Abu Fahad] Coffee. Do you want coffee?
- Espresso? Yes, please.
Come. One espresso.
"Our teams a dream"
- "With art"
- [Abu Fahad] "With art supreme"
[both] "On the pitch"
"And on the pitch
Like the top, the cream"
"Our Hawks, the Saudis, always win"
"Our Hawks, the Saudis"
- And then?
- "Always"
[Abu Fahad] "Always win"
- "And on the pitch"
- "Never"
- "Never"
- "Once"
- "Once in a championship did they seem"
- [rustling]
"They seize titles"
"That radiant did gleam"
- "On the fields, they are a winning team"
- [tense music playing]
Anyway, leave the notebook with me.
I'll revise it.
Indeed. I'll just leave it here.
Do you know of any chalet for sale?
[Abu Fahad] Huh?
[assistant] Abu Fahad?
I want
[tense music building]
[cups clatter]
Out of there, you ass!
[rustling hiss]
- [slams]
- Show yourself!
Who are you?
[Sarah] Who are you?
[Abu Fahad] You're the intruder!
- [Sarah] I was charging my phone!
- [Abu Fahad] My God!
And you had to charge it here?
Is that how people charge their phones?
Huh? I don't believe you!
[Sarah] You're scared
because you're a fraud.
[Abu Fahad] What?
[Sarah] Chill out.
I'll charge my phone somewhere else.
She said what, Abdullah?
- No idea, Abu Fahad.
- What?
[Sarah] All right!
I'll charge it somewhere else!
Chill out, man!
You. You there. Go, bring the telephone.
Fast! Fast!
Hurry up!
[shoes squeaking]
[Abu Fahad sighs]
[Sarah, firmly] No. No!
- [waiter] Phone, please.
- [Sarah] No!
[waiter] Sir, she not
She not give me phone.
[Abu Fahad] Take it! Take it from her!
- [Sarah] No!
- What?
- [Sarah] No!
- What?
- [Sarah] No!
- [Abu Fahad] It's not up to you!
[leather upholstery squeaks]
You're not leaving until I see your phone.
[Sarah] I told you, it's dead.
[Abu Fahad] Then charge it.
[Sarah] I'm in a hurry.
[Abu Fahad] Then charge it quickly.
- [crickets chirping]
- [tense music pulsing]
What did she say?
- "I'll show you."
- [Abu Nayef] Show us what?
Let's not.
Don't worry about it.
- Yeah, no worries.
- It will be fine.
We didn't do anything wrong.
It is unbelievable
how she yelled at us for nothing.
The world doesn't work like that.
Don't worry about it.
Keep calm.
[unsettling music playing]
[music fades]
Your generation is a joke.
That's the truth. Just trash.
What do you know about poetry, huh?
Your generation
can't string a sentence together.
Seriously, seriously,
you're nothing but a failure.
- Am I right, Abdullah?
- Absolutely, Abu Fahad.
Those those swords inspire me.
I wish to kiss the swords
Their blades are shining
Abu Fahad. A word, please.
Wait. Close the door and sit down.
I'm off, Abu Fahad.
[Abu Fahad] Ah, yes. Goodbye.
Speaking of swords
If an enemy attacks you like this,
how do you defend yourself?
First, you hit him
with the hilt like this. Ha!
Then, you pull the sword
and throw the sheath. Like that.
Then you grasp it
and strike right there. Pah!
If you want to chop off his head,
then you hold it like this, you see.
And you direct the strike
towards the neck. Ha!
Stand still.
But if the enemy is lying on the ground
like this, then it's the sting of death.
The sting of death goes like...
[upbeat ringtone playing]
The radio.
Yes, sir. How can I help?
Of course. Yes.
They want to record the poem.
[Abu Fahad sighs]
Abu Nayef, my notebook.
[clock chimes]
7:45 P.M.
[Sarah] Give me back my phone.
She ripped the poem.
May Allah rip you both.
[Abu Nayef whispering]
[tense music playing]
[Abu Fahad sighs]
- [phone clatters]
- [whimsical music playing]
[ringtone playing on Sarah's phone]
[whimsical music continues]
[line ringing]
[electricity crackling]
[glass chandeliers tinkling]
[Sarah grunts]
- [bottle shatters]
- [rustling]
[men panting]
[bottles clinking]
[man 1] Go, go, go, go!
[man 2] Is something wrong
with the electricity?
[man 1] It's a signal, idiot.
It means, "Party's over."
- Get rid of all the drinks.
- [man 2] Oh, why?
[man 1] Someone alerted the police.
- And the camp is full of drugs.
- [man 2] Oh no.
- Even the imported drinks?
- [man 1] Are you even serious?
Chuck it all away, and let's go.
[man 2] Okay. Fine.
[alert chimes]
[man 1] They're here! They're here!
[screaming outside]
[terrifying orchestral music playing]
- [Sarah gasps]
- [door rattling]
[breathing shakily]
[shrieks] Hey! Open the door!
[screams] Help me!
[music dies down]
[crowd clamoring]
[indistinct shouting]
[terrifying orchestral music swells]
[electricity crackling]
[camel galloping]
[woman's voice, distorted] Let's go!
Faster! Faster!
- Here!
- [chimes jingling]
[Sarah panting]
[jarring tones resonating]
[brakes screech]
- [horn blares]
- [Sarah gasps]
- [horn honks]
- [Sarah whimpers]
[tires squeal]
[continues panting]
[glass smashes]
[music grows to a disorienting crescendo]
[guy] Hey, you! Get in!
[sirens approaching]
[guy] Come on! Quickly!
- [sedan brakes squeal]
- [Saad] Sarah!
- [Sarah] Go! Ignore him! Go!
- [Saad] Stop!
- [Saad] Get out!
- [Sarah] Don't pay attention!
- Go!
- [Saad] Get out!
- Get out!
- [guy] What's wrong?
- Go away!
- Don't say a word!
- [guy] Get out of here!
- Shut up!
- Damn you!
- [shouts]
- Get out of the car, now!
- [guy] Get out, now!
- Get out!
- I won't get out!
- Screw you two!
- God damn you!
- Shut up!
- [guy] Piss off!
- [Sarah grunts]
- God damn you, asshole!
[horns honking]
- [music stops]
- [engine revving]
[engine stops]
[Saad exhales]
[exhales deeply]
[Sarah breathing shakily]
- Are you okay?
- Leave me alone.
- Who was the guy?
- Leave me alone.
You're stupid to get
in a car with a total stranger.
I was stupid to go
to the desert with a total prick!
[exhales sharply]
I'll drop you off, and we're done.
- We're done! Seriously!
- Shh!
Ah, shit.
[engine starts]
- [engine revs]
- [Sarah gasps]
- [siren wails]
- [Sarah shrieks]
[funky, energetic music playing]
[tires squeal]
[Sarah screams]
- [loud bang]
- [glass shatters]
[tires squeal]
[engines revving]
[Sarah screams]
Let me out!
I have drugs.
- [loud bang]
- [Sarah yells]
[tires squeal]
[sirens echoing]
[Sarah yelps]
[sounds distort]
[sedan rattling]
[brakes screeching]
[music fades slowly]
[engine puttering]
[Saad] No, no!
[engine sputters]
[Saad] No gas.
Come on, Sarah. Move.
Move! Go!
[sirens wailing in distance]
[sirens fading]
[tense music playing]
[Saad sighs]
[siren chirps]
[car doors close]
- [cop 1] Get out. Open! Get out.
- [cop 2] You perverts were running away?
[cop 1] Blasphemy and profanity.
Where's the girl who was with you?
- [Saad] No one was with me. I don't know
- [cop 1] Be honest and truthful.
Don't mess with us!
- Who do you think we are?
- [Saad] I'm not messing with you.
[cop 1] Listen, girl.
We will catch you one way or another,
sooner or later.
This guy you trusted will not protect you.
Praise be to Allah.
- Praise be to Allah.
- [groans]
- [cop 1] Move, move!
- [Saad] Calm down, for Allah's sake.
- [cop 1] Be quiet!
- [Saad] I told you.
- All right, sir. I heard you. I swear.
- [cop 1] Shut up!
[officer on radio] To the camp.
Scanning in progress.
- [trunk slams]
- [Sarah panting]
8:15 P.M.
[clock chimes]
[camel groans]
[grunting intensifies]
[heavy footsteps approaching]
[moans, coughing weakly]
[hoof stomps]
[camel bellows]
[Sarah breathing shakily]
[wind whistling]
[Sarah moans]
[groans, straining]
[camel grunts]
[camel snorts]
[Sarah moans]
[camel grunts menacingly]
[tense, energetic music pulsating]
[Sarah gasps]
[camel roars]
[gasps, groans]
[camel bellows nearby]
[Sarah clicks tongue]
- [jaws snap]
- Dammit!
- [camel bellows]
- [panting]
[ringtone playing]
[hoofs stomping]
[phone stops ringing]
[tense, rhythmic string music playing]
[camel grunting wildly]
[gasps, grunts in frustration]
[yelps, shouts]
[camel striking car]
[camel groans]
[Sarah strains]
[camel munching]
[whimsical music playing]
[camel galloping]
[Sarah panting]
[camel galloping]
[camel bellows]
[Sarah panting]
[galloping continues]
[wild groaning intensifies]
[line ringing]
[camel grunting angrily]
[Sarah] Hadeel?
- [Hadeel] Hey, where are you?
- Hello, hello! Hadeel?
Hadeel! Help me!
- I hear you now. Why are you screaming?
- Hadeel, please come get me now, now.
- How can I pick you up? I'm at home.
- I'll tell you later! No time!
What? I can't hear you.
And where's your annoying little brother?
Okay, I got it. Send me your location,
and let me come over to you.
Okay. I'll send you where I am.
[camel continues stomping]
Good Lord! Let me see where the driver is.
- What a mess
- [phone powers down]
[plastic bag crinkles]
[determined music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
[munching eagerly]
[camel groaning]
[groaning intensifies]
[water splashes]
[camel grunting]
[eerie organ music playing]
[calf plops]
[camel groans, thuds]
[Sarah panting]
[wind whipping]
9:00 P.M.
[clock chimes]
[eerie vocalizations rise]
"Who whispers into the hearts of humankind
from among jinn and humankind."
[music fades]
"And from the evil of the night
and from the evils of the witches."
[wind whistling]
[Sarah breathing shakily]
Do you have a Samsung charger?
- My phone is Samsung.
- Really?
[owner] You can have a wash over there.
- Come and sit here. Sit here. Sit.
- [soccer commentator on TV]
[owner] You lost your family?
[water running]
[commentator in Arabic]
I'll praise them deservedly.
Tonight, I'm not hiding my bias
[in English] Excuse me.
It's not a Samsung charger.
Yes, it is. Samsung.
My phone is also Samsung.
My phone is Samsung. Hmm?
The Samsung charger fits, see?
Um, doesn't it fit your phone?
I've got an idea.
Why don't you use my phone?
- I don't know their numbers.
- Then call the house.
- All out.
- Ah. That's a problem. [sighs]
That's a real problem.
[commentator in Arabic]
the ball is passed to the right.
[in English] A big problem.
[commentator in Arabic]
It reaches Otayf. The third goal!
[exclaims, grunts]
[in English] They did it!
They did it! [laughs]
[commentator in Arabic]
one day we'll recover.
No matter how long we falter
[in English] Sorry, but you'll have
to deal with a lot of traffic tonight.
It will be busy.
If they win.
[commentator in Arabic]
The third goal for our national team.
[in English] How much
do you rent the quad for?
[owner] The store
is supposed to be closed,
but a group who rented some quads
haven't come back yet.
I called them earlier and shouted at them.
If you wait, they'll be here soon.
I can drop you at the main road.
[punk 1 echoing] Whoo-hoo-hoo!
- [punks] Whoo-hoo!
- [tense music rises]
- [punk 1] Hey, boy!
- [punk 3] Huh?
[punk 1] I told you we'd miss the game!
[punk 2] Now we're missing it!
[punk 1] Oh boy!
[punk 2] Oh! That's too bad!
We'll miss the game!
[punk 3] What can I do?
You're the one who's getting stuck
in the sand every two minutes!
[punks whooping]
[punk 1] Come on! Come on! Come on!
We'll miss the game!
Come on!
[punk 2] Whoo-hoo!
[punk 3] Whoa, look! It's our friend!
[punk 1] Oh, it's her!
Where's your lover?
- Where's bighead, huh?
- [punks laughing]
Answer. What's wrong?
- Want to come with us?
- [punks laughing]
Speak, girl. Speak. What's wrong?
It's okay. Speak.
- We're all friendly. Except him. He bites.
- Shut up!
[punks laughing wildly]
Hey, boy! Turn off these quads
and park them. Move it!
- Chill out, man. No need to shout.
- I told you to move it!
[tense music ends]
[punk 3 making kissing sounds]
[punk 2] What? What do you mean,
an extra 300?
[owner] You were one hour late.
I called you and warned you
if you were late even a minute,
I'd make you pay extra.
And you agreed and went like this. "Tsk."
Ah, "tssk" means no.
Uh-huh. He just agreed with you.
- Said, "Tsk."
- No, I went, "Tssk."
And that means, "Tssk. We're not paying."
- Oh, really?
- Tsk.
Listen, man. "Tsk" means yes.
"Tssk" means no.
[owner] You're just keep changing
your expression.
Listen carefully. "Tsk" means no.
You get it?
Come on, man. We told you "tsk" means no.
- Tssk.
- Do you have a cigarette?
- Tssk.
- Tssk.
"Tsk" and "tssk" and "tsssk."
Many different meanings!
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Listen up.
Stop playing games.
- [tense music rises]
- And pay the extra money.
And if you don't pay,
you won't get back your IDs.
[punk 2] I'll show you.
- [sprays]
- [splashes]
[punk 2 screams]
[owner] Oh no! Oh no!
Get the water!
- [punk 3] His hand's covered in fuel.
- [punk 2] Oh God.
- Oh my God.
- It's burning!
- [punk 2] No! No!
- [owner] Someone, grab water!
[punk 1] We have to do something!
[punk 2] Hey! Hey!
No! Oh my God!
- [punk 3] Do something!
- [owner] What is that?
[group screaming]
[metal squeaks]
- [quad motor revving]
- [epic orchestral music playing]
[brakes squeak]
- Do you know where the camp is?
- [Saad] No. We don't.
[herder] Go straight
till you see a small mosque
with a green minaret.
Then turn left.
[epic orchestral music fades]
[energetic electronic music pulsing]
[herder] And go straight till you see
a sign on the right.
- There's a crossroads.
- [Saad] Okay.
Then you turn right.
You skip the first turn,
the second, the third.
- And at the fourth turning
- [Saad] Fourth turning?
[herder] Yes, at the fourth turning,
turn right.
After 200 meters, you'll see a sheepfold
on the right. Go past that.
[sheep bleat]
And about 700 meters after that,
you'll see Abu Fahad's camp on the right.
[engine sputters]
[Sarah] No! No! No! No!
Please, work!
[engine dies]
[rapid footsteps]
[truck rattling by]
[footsteps echoing]
[man 1] The man is inside.
- [man 2] Yes, yes! Hurry!
- [man 1] May Allah help him.
- Carry him!
- [man 2] Here, here. Don't pull him.
- Quickly!
- [man 1] Don't worry!
- [man 2] Quicker!
- [man 1] Faster, faster!
- [man 2] Yes.
- [man 1] We need to do something.
- [man 2] Take care.
- [car doors close]
[tires squeal]
[Sarah] Hey! Hey!
[engine revving]
[steam hissing]
[camel groans]
[commentator in Arabic] Feras AlBrikan
Feras. And the ball goes out of bounds,
and it's a throw-in.
[commentator] The throw-in will be played.
[Sarah coughs, spits]
[commentator] play has stopped
at the moment,
after Hassan Altambakti's injury.
Feras AlBrikan attempts
[commentator] Too much stoppage time,
[commentator] The ball's still in play.
And the whistle is heard.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a green night in Marsool Park.
Three goals have sealed it.
What a wonderful and confident victory!
What a performance from Salman AlFaraj
and Ali AlHassan and the rest of the team!
Bravo to each and every player,
and to everyone who gave us
this amazing team.
This joyous team
that reminds us of our old glory.
The nostalgia.
We do not rest on our laurels.
We're coming back.
I'm sure about that.
It's a matter of time.
Congratulations, everybody
[commentator continues indistinctly]
[calf hisses]
[cell phone powers on]
[line ringing]
[Hadeel] Where are you?
I've been trying to call you.
And you didn't send the location.
My phone battery was dead.
I'm sending you my location. Hurry.
If I leave now, It will take me forever.
The streets are jammed.
- Take an Uber.
- There's no Uber here, stupid!
- Are you dense?
- Listen.
Yelling and screaming won't help you.
I'm just giving you advice.
It's your call.
And honestly, we're grown-ups. It's okay.
My dad once caught me going out with guys.
- He yelled at me, and it passed.
- [ice-cream truck jingle plays]
He grounded me for a month,
but in the end, he appreciated my honesty.
- You bugger off.
- After all...
[ice-cream truck jingle continues]
[man clicking tongue]
[Sarah panting]
[exhales weakly]
- [jingle fades]
- [ethereal theremin music playing]
[seller] May Allah come to our aid.
- Take me to Riyadh.
- No, there is a hospital near here.
- I want to go to Riyadh.
- The problem is it's an emergency, so...
[Sarah] Take me!
Okay, okay, to Riyadh.
May Allah forgive me.
[cell phone vibrates]
[fireworks pop]
11:15 P.M.
[clock chimes]
- [brakes screech]
- [ice-cream truck jingle playing]
[man speaking indistinctly on PA]
[energetic music playing]
[fireworks popping in distance]
[Sarah panting]
[line ringing]
[tense string music playing]
[glass chandeliers tinkling]
[sounds distort]
[footfalls echoing]
- [sirens wailing]
- [crowd clamoring]
[Abu Samy] We've been breathing
this gas for a week! Enough!
[metal creaking]
[flames roaring]
[ringtone playing]
[ethereal theremin playing]
[line ringing]
- [music fades]
- [ringtone continues playing]
[heroic theremin music playing]
[distorted clamoring]
[father] Sarah!
[distorted shouting]
[clamoring echoes]
[indistinct chatter dies down]
[music fading slowly]
[shower running]
[doorbell rings]
The cash?
[mother] This is for Sarah
and Fahad being safe and sound.
- [brother] The national team!
- [mother] The team.
[father] Sarah deserves
a sacrifice in thanks.
[mother] May Allah watch over them.
Someone's evil eye is cursing them.
Sarah, dear, this cake is for you.
From the best bakery in Riyadh.
Please eat. This is grace from Allah.
- May Allah watch over you, my love.
- [father] The girl is still in shock.
[mother] I know. I taught her never
to leave the house without reciting
- [father] Thanks be to Allah.
- [mother] Always.
- [father] That's undeniable.
- [mother] God willing, she'll be fine.
[father] God willing, she'll be fine.
But the shock takes its toll.
[mother] Say she'll be fine.
Don't say those other things.
[father] She'll be fine.
I'm not saying otherwise.
[host on TV] With us now
the elegant poet Hamad Al Waswas,
the winner of Poet of Najd Award.
Greetings, Abu Fahad.
[Abu Fahad] Greetings. And thanks to you.
Abu Fahad, you promised us a poem
if the national team won, and they did.
I hope the poem is ready because we'd love
to hear it, as promised.
[Abu Fahad] Of course. It's ready.
Please. Go ahead, Abu Fahad.
- Our teams a dream, with art supreme
- Supreme
- And on the pitch like the top, the cream
- Cream
[Abu Fahad] Our Hawks
The Saudis always win
Never once in a championship did they seem
[Abu Fahad] They seized titles
That radiant did gleam
[Abu Fahad] On the fields
They are a winning team
[host] Very well read, Abu Fahad.
- God bless you. A poem worthy of respect.
- [Abu Fahad] Thank you. God bless you.
[father] If I put my mind to it,
I could be a poet like him.
Or even a better one.
Sleep, and take your painkillers.
[father's footsteps fading]
[lights click off]
[tense music playing]
[Abu Fahad on phone] Our Hawks
The Saudis, always, always win
Never once in a championship did they seem
They seize titles
That radiant did gleam
Always win
[Abu Fahad] And on the pitch, never...
[on recording] Out of there, you ass!
- Show yourself!
- [Fahad slams table]
[tense music building]
[music grows to a terrifying crescendo]
- [silence falls]
- [cell phone locks]
[chewing loudly]
[wrapper rustles]
[clicks tongue]
[hazy, mellow organ music playing]
- [women chatting]
- [teacups clattering]
[woman 1] Hi there. How are you?
- [woman 2] Thank you so much, dear.
- [woman 3] Very pretty.
[woman 4] I love this dress on you.
[woman 5] I love these colors.
Are these the lilac?
[empty chatter persists]
[conversations fade into background]
[ethereal theremin resonates]
[hazy, mellow organ music fades]
- [woman 6] Yes.
- [woman 7] How are you, Sarah? Soso?
- [mother taps] Answer your aunt.
- [aunt] You are miles away.
- [door opens]
- [woman 8] Come on, girls.
Let's eat.
[excited chatter continues]
[foil crinkling]
[woman 9] Oh, that's wonderful.
[woman 10] I can't wait to taste it.
- It looks so good!
- [ominous music rises]
[crinkling fades]
[woman 10] Come on.
Quickly. Let's go to eat.
[woman 11] That looks really delicious.
[woman 12] Oh. It looks delicious.
- [voices fade]
- [ominous music swells]
[camera shutter clicks, echoes]
[chatter resumes]
[woman 8] Let's eat, ladies. Come on.
I'm really very hungry.
Thank you so much, dear.
[woman 2] I love the food.
- [woman 8] Looks amazing.
- [woman 10] Delicious.
[mother] They don't eat meat.
[woman 8] Oh, hi. How are you?
[woman 13] Come on, ladies. Let's eat.
- [woman 2] I'm so tired.
- [woman 8] Come on, girls. Let's eat.
Let's start. Are you hungry?
[mother] Oh God.
- [woman 8] How is everything?
- Oh!
- [woman 10] Thank you, dear. So much.
- [woman 8] Thank you so much.
[woman 3] Oh, that's wonderful!
- [woman 1] And many more!
- [woman 2] Thank you.
[mother] For your aunt.
My gift tomorrow
[woman 8] It's been so long.
- [woman 10] No way!
- [woman 4] I'll come sit beside you.
[mother] That's the new generation.
[woman 8] I have to tell you the story.
I don't know what happened.
[tense music playing]
- [woman 4] May Allah bless you all.
- [mother] These are traditions!
- [aunt] Yes!
- [woman 3] How are you?
[woman 5] Yes, yes! In fact, they like it!
[voices fading]
[tense music rising]
[agitated strings playing]
[chewing loudly]
TWEE[tense music subsides]
[triumphant theremin music playing]
[hazy, mellow music playing]
[ethereal theremin playing]
Subtitle translation by: Ibraheem Mohammed
[music fades out]