Naga Bonar (1987) Movie Script

Get out ... Get out.
It's nice to be Japanese soldiers.
They got food ...
got cigarette ...
- ... but no work to do.
- What do you mean nice?
We are a way better.
Nobody rules us.
If you want to eat
for free, then go to jail.
Bang ... Bang ...
The fortune smiles at you,
but you prefer to go away
This is Bang ...
- Cabe, Sir ...
- Cabe ...
Ichoto ...
- Arigato.
- Arigato.
Bang Naga is here ...
Hey, hei you look poor.
- Heh, Thamrin ... - Hey, Bang.
- Still do your business here?
- o, I closed it already.
- Ah, Naga ...
Do you still study at school?
- I guess so.
- How is it,Bang ?
Everything is fine.
- Where is Bang Pohan ?
- He is inside.
Please come inside.
- Where have you guys been?
- Ah, Bang Pohan ...
Like usual, Bang ...
We have just taken some days to rest.
- People are prepared for war...
- Hah, war ?
The independence of Indonesia
has been announced in Jakarta.
You guys didn't know about that?
What did we know when we were prisoned?
- Please listen.
- Is it ready, Bang ?
Hey, the youth of Indonesia ...
arise all of you. Our country has
claimed its independence.
War is about to start.
Listen to the call of our mother nature.
If Netherland comes again,
we shall fight them.
Have your drink, Naga. Come on...
Today is free.
This is my share ...
Please buy some cigarette, Bang.
I haven't smoked at all for two weeks.
Yes, Bang ...
- Murat.
- What ?
how much would you pay for this watch?
Whose watch is it that
you snatched this time?
Our people is already poor,
yet you still steal from them.
That belongs to a Japanese soldier.
Hah ? A Japanese's?
- That's great. - Whos says I am not
a great person? Huh?
- I told you ...
- What did you tell me?
You have to undergo some treatment.
- Where do you live?
- In Medan.
I know you live in Medan.
I often saw you in Kesawan.
Do you work there?
If you don't have a home,
you can stay here for a while.
It's not necessary.
Kirana ...
Yes, Dad ?
Ask the maid to prepare a room.
For what, Dad?
We have a patient here.
Okay, Pa.
Wait a moment.
- My daughter will prepare everything
for you. - Zulmi ...
How much does his treatment cost?
Don't worry about that.
Who is the politiheider, Pohan ?
Why do you still ask?
This is the national radio of
the repuclic of Indonesia.
The first English troops
have arrived at Tanjung Priuk Harbor.
The Dutch then followed them....
This have been predicted before.
The Government of Indonesia
will soon protest against it.
The Dutch follow the allied troops everywhere, ...
... then they spread some provocation.
Indonesian people will fight against it.
Whoever granted with health
and possesses any kind of weapon...
... is expected to fight in the front lines
for the sake of the independence of Indonesia.
Meanwhile at the backlines there is
demolished to ...
... spies and traitors.
Dr. Zulmi, a famous doctor,
is considered a traitor.
An army led by Mariam has surrounded
his house, ...
... but he had already fleed before.
Well. Look ...
Look. This is cheese....
Cheese ...
This is a proof that Zulmi is
indeed a spy for Dutch.
- See ... - Right, Bang.
- Bang Mariam ...
- This is his picture.
- Where is his daughter? - She's not here.
- Where is his horse?
- It's also not here, Bang.
troop led by Naga Bonar
has defeated the enemy...
...and now they are taking
the amunition warehouse apart.
Hey, Tie them up.
Take over!
- Take over and unload the warehouse.
- Let's go... unload ...
The troop of Tank, move!
Tank Division ...
- Tank Division.
- Ready.
Stop ... stop ...
Ihlender ...
Ho ....
Naga Bonar.
Mortini, On the position.
It's the Naga Bonar needs.
Bang ... Bang Naga, where are you?
I am here.
- Where does his voice come from, Bujang?
- That is not his voice.
- It's a genie's.
- Of course it's not.
Damn you, Bujang.
Damn all of you.
Hey, the youth of Indonesia ...
Arise all of you ...
Our country has claimed its independence.
Hey, Lukman ...
- Lukman.
- Yes, Bang ...
What's the next line? I forgot it.
- What line?
- Pohan's poetry that I read just now.
They are firing mortar at us
- ... yet you still have a chance to ask me.
- Ask them to stop firing at us then.
They are Dutch.
Of course they don't want to.
Just ask them to stop it.
Murat, tell them
to stop firing at us.
Stop. Damn you.
Ah, What did I say.
Eh, You said, first.
- War is about to start.
- Stop. I know the next line.
Listen to the call of our mother
Shoot them up!
Why are they quiet?
There is courier from H.Q.
- What's up?
- There is someone sent by the post.
The gunfight has to end.
We will negotiate with the Dutch.
Negotiate, my ass. NICA troops
has already arrived here.
You are to report to the post
and are ordered to retreat.
Come here.
Where do we want to retreat?
To the sea?
If I go to the sea,
then I will be eaten by fish.
Have you ever been eaten by fish?
Not yet. But you still have to retreat.
No way. Move forward.
Move forward...
This order comes from Major Pohan.
- Retreat.
- Retreat ...
Shall we move forward or retreat?
- I heard "Move forward".
- I heard "retreat".
- Move forward.
- Retreat.
Why didn't you say it's
Major Pohan's order?
If he asks me to retreat,
then I will do it.
Barjo ...
Retreat ... Retreat ...
Retreat ...
Retreat ...
Mak (Mom) ... come on Mak ...
We have to go away from here.
What? The police have been
after you again, huh?
Shame on you
Whom did you snatch the hat...
- ... with a feather from?
- This is a commander's hat, Mak.
Now you've become
the pickpockets' commander.
Go away....
Go away, you.
Mak ...
Please talk to my mother.
I can't talk to her into it.
- That's the price I have to pay for
my tainted reputation. - What should I say to her?
Whatever you want to say.
as long as she agrees to move with us.
- Wish me luck, Bang.
- Let's go, quick. already heard,
the sound in the sky ...
Independent or dead ...
Oh, mariam tomong dainang ... sinapang masin ...
oh, mariam tomong dainang ... sinapang masin ...
Go away. You are the one who taught
Naga how to be a pickpocket, right?
Go away.
I failed, Bang.
The troop is ready to go.
- Have you prepared the inn
and the post? - Yes, Bang ...
Barjo and his troops are already there.
- Put your troops at ease.
- Allright, Bang. - Over there.
Bang Murat, tell your troops to rest
over there.
- Troops move.
- Move.
We are artists like Pohan.
- Like Bang Pohan. - Troops ease.
- At ease for a while.
Alahh... Mak ...
Hey, Jang ...
The longer I see her,
the more beautiful she becomes.
Of course. She is the doctor's daughter.
Go there and tell her...
- Just tell her.
- What should I tell her?
- Of course you know. - I don't know for sure.
What should I tell her?
Just tell her...
Yes, I like her.
I'm not brave enough to do that.
What if she slaps me for telling her so?
You are completely useless.
There is nothing you can do.
Bang ... there is an order for you.
Who dares to give me an order?
- Mak. - Jang ... - Naga, come here.
- Yes, Mak. - Come here, you.
Yes, Mak. Yes ... yes...
What do you want ?
- You, come here.
- Yes, Bang.
- Why don't you want to come
along with us, Mak? - I don't want to be ...
... carried by him.
He smells like a buffalo.
Get your troops ready.
Right Face.
Right Face, move!
Let Bujang carry you, okay? ...
He smells the same.
- Move forward.
- Move forward!
- You too.
- Okay.
- Take my horse.
- Alright.
- I'll ride the horse. - No way.
Bang Naga told me to ride his horse.
Ah, you.
Let's go, Mak.
- When will you get married?
- I don't have time for that now.
You always have reason.
When are you coming to your senses?
- Tell that to Naga.
- Yes, Ma'am.
Let's go, quickly ...
- Bang, your mother ran out of betel leaves.
- Ask someone to get it for her.
Otherwise she'll tell me to get it.
- I already have.
- Good.
- Jang ...
- Yes, Bang.
My mother asked me to get married.
- I already made a promise that
you are going to get married. - Promise?
- Why did you dare to make a promise?
- Keep your voice down. Or else everyone will hear us.
It's all about me but you were the one
who promised my mother.
Yes, better than told your mother teaching
you being pickpocket.
I made a promise that
you are getting married.
You know it yourself
how outspoken she is.
Once she comments on us, it feels that
our bodies have been totally chewed out.
I am dissapointed.
After all this time we always
share lives together.
In jail. In the street.
But now you only think about yourself.
It is only about getting married.
It takes only a minute.
- But what will people say...
- They'll hear us, Bang ...
But what will the world say.
If Naga Bonar gets married in the middle of war.
You've got a point.
I haven't even thought about this world.
That's the thing.
Jang ...
Yes, Bang ?
- What if I ask for Kirana's hand in marriage?
- His father is a member of NICA ...
We'll make him join us again.
I'll ask Lukman to debate him.
If Lukman already speaks about the world ...
He won't stand ...
He'll surely raise our national
flag again.
It's good, then. But please take a bath
before you propose to her.
Why don't you buy fragrant soap
"Cap Burung Merak".
That's difficult.
If I take a bath,
I will suffer from Malaria again.
- Hold it a little while then.
- Bang ...
Bang Naga ...
Naga, there is someone sent
by the Governor.
We are ordered to negotiate
with the Dutch, Bang.
About the demarcase line.
Read it, Bang ...
Negotiate? No way.
NICA has aIready arrived here anyway.
- Call Lukman and Murat.
- Okay, Bang.
- What will they do with us, Sis ?
- I don't know, Bidah.
I don't even know where my father is.
Yet I'm stranded here.
It is said that the hostages
end up murdered.
But it seems to me that
the pickpocket is not so cruel.
How do you know?
He struggled to hard
to carry his mother on his back.
That tells us that he is actually
a nice person.
If we are nice to him ...
- ...maybe he will let us go.
- That's your opinion.
I'm so disgusted if I am near him.
But if it's not because of him ...
...maybe we would have been killed
by Mariam's troops.
Each of us has to have a rank
before negotiating with The Dutch...
- that they'll look up to us.
- That's true.
We mustn't look ackward
when it comes to ranks.
- But what are their ranks?
- I don't know.
But I guess we better grant
the highest rank to Bang Naga.
What is it?
Marshall Medan.
Is there such a rank?
Of course. That is the rank of all the highest
commanders in World War II.
Marshall Rommell,
Marshall Montgomery. What do you think?
Your rank is Marshall Medan, then.
That doesn't sound good
enough to me, Lukman.
- Can't you add it a little more?
- What do you mean?
- How about Marshall Medan-Lubukpakam?
- There's no such rank.
There is autobus company
Medan Lubukpakam, though.
- I don't want it if my rank is only a
Marshall Medan. - I already told you ...
... that theres no suck rank exists.
- Then why don't you make one?
- Should I make one?
- What will the world say then?
- That's the thing.
I also think about the world you
just mentioned.
Do you know Naga Bonar,
the tobacco trader?...
All he does is cheating on people.
He has one catty of tobacco,
but he said he has two catties of tobbacco.
He comes from Medan.
If my rank is only Marshall Medan,
I'm afraid people will mistake me as him.
Then what will the world say?
Okay. It's all up to you.
Count me out.
- Make your own ranks then.
- Don't whine.
Sit down.
Aren't there other ranks?
Yes, only the lower ones.
- General.
- That's it.
General Naga Bonar.
Eh, you're great.
- You're definitely worth being
the post's spokeperson. - Agree? - Agree.
Murat will be a Colonel.
- Agree. - Agree.
- Barjo will be a Colonel Leutenant.
- Agree. - Agree.
- As for me, being a Major is good
enough for me. - Agree. - Agree.
- But let me be the one who
takes care of the rice. - Agree. - Agree.
- Our rank problem is now solved.
- Not yet.
How about Bujang?
It's a it difficult when
it comes about Bujang.
Because all this time
he only helped personal matters.
For example carrying chairs
and drawing swords.
- Okay then. We'll make him a Corporal.
- Agree. - Agree.
Our badges have been prepared.
We will meet again to prepare ...
... before the negotiation.
Case closed.
- Great. You solved it quickly.
- Of course, Bang. We are in ...
... a quick war now.
- I am dissapointed, Bang.
- What the hell did I do wrong?
He made me a corporal yet
you kept quiet.
Yes ...
What can I do to debate him anyway?
He graduated from HBS. I didn't even
finish studying under the bamboo tree.
- You must try debating him.
- I already did once.
He lowered my rank,
from a Marshall to a General.
If I try once again ...
I don't know what will happen to me.
Maybe I'm not even worth
being a Corporal.
Then I'm really dissapointed.
- So what do you want?
- Think carefully.
Murat was a coffee trader.
His coffee was not even of the best quality.
Murat ranks a colonel. Barjo was
a teacher who was fired ...
... due to his absence yet still
received his salary.
Yet Barjo ranks Colonel Leutenant.
Lukman who drags his feet if he hears ...
... a mortar explosion ranks a Mayor.
Well, me Bang ... who moves
forward courageously ...
... to set your seat
only rank a corporal.
I came all the way here only to rank a Corporal.
So what rank suits you the best?
Well, at least make me a Vice General.
our meeting is about to start.
I'd love to spit on Lukman's face.
So ...
- ... you want me to debate Lukman?
- Of course. Tell him ...
"Hey,Lukman...if it was not because of me and Bujang,
you wouldn't have been able to smoke cigarettes"
But if he then lowers my rank to
corporal level ...
- ... Please stand by me, Jang. - I'll stand by you
until my very last breath.
- This rank problem is not considered
solved to me.. - My God. What else now?
It's about Bujang ...
We haven't been fair to him.
Please rank him Vice General.
Bang ...
There has not been such a rank
even since Adam was born.
But since you are a general,
you can make him your vice.
- Count me out, then.
- Don't be like that.
What you say does matter.
- What if me make him a sergeant?
- There has never happened ...
... in any history of the world that someone
got promotion once every five minutes.
Then please tell him ...
... that he ranks a corporal.
That's good enough for him.
- I debated Lukman already.
- So?
I lost. I have told you...
- It is impossible for me to...
- Drop it. Thank you.
I came all the way here only to rank
a Corporal.
I can't stand it.
So this is the end of our friendship.
I want to go away.
You want to leave me, Jang ?
I have no other choice, Bang.
If you insist to go ...
For what?
Shoot me first before you go.
Sis, look ...
Naga, where are you going?
- I got something to do, Mak.
- Don't forget to buy me some betel leaves.
- The ones brought by Bujang
have already rotten - Okay, Mak.
I mean to flatter Kirana, but Bidah
was the one who flattered back at me.
She thought she has the same
level as me.
She didn't catch your drift.
An errand runner like her ...
... surely isn't worth a general.
But this is the first time I saw a general
ordered to buy some betel leaves.
Shut up.
Didn't you see Kirana grinned at me?
- Just tell me if you want her to be
arrested. - I'll tear ...
- ... your mouth apart then. - I'll be
dead then. What can I do?
You are a general yet
I am only a corporal.
Yes, yes ...
- Made in Switzerland.
- Right, General.
- ... you turn out to be a watch expert.
- Yes, yes ...
- Shall we begin now?
- Okay, Major. Please sit down, General.
Please, Major.
To determine the demarcation line,
please show us the location of ...
... your troops.
Yes, yes ...
There are so many birds in the sky ?
- General, you moved your hand very
quickly. - Sure. I am an artist.
What did he say?
He is an artist.
You are a poet?
- Oh I see. You are a dancer.
- Yes. Yes.
Yes, yes ... Major ...
Oh, dancer ?
Oh my God...
- So the major is having a headache?
- Yes, he is having a litle headache.
Please show us once again the location of ...
... your troops.
- Here.
- There? - Yes ...
- Parit Buntar? Impossible.
- Yes, yes.
Alright, Major.
No way, General.
There is where the kingdom troops are.
- And besides, there is a kitchen.
- Yes, many kitchen.
Yes, there is a kitchen of
the kingdom troops.
- Cook, cook ... - Yes, yes ...
Eat, eat ...
- No, no ... cook, cook ...
- Yes, eat.
maybe you pointed at the wrong place.
Please show us one more time.
- Now ...
- It's Parit Buntar, Major.
- Sorry, General. We have to wait for
further instruction. - Yes.
Yes, yes ...
Now, General good day.
Yes. It's made in Switzerland.
The watch is really fine.
It has not even been sold here yet.
Keep the watch carefully.
That watch belonged to Major Slot.
- You mean the one you just talked to?
- Yes.
So you got a Major's watch, even though
you are only a corporal... - Major, Bang ?
Uncle Daud is harvesting rice ...
Amboi ... While picking up pandanus flowers ...
Amboi ... Seri Langkat.
Amboi ... Seri Langkat.
Mister willing to go through the fire.
Amboi ...
Mister willing to go through the fire.
Amboi ...
- I don't care even if I have to get burnt out.
- I don't care even if I have to get burnt out.
Amboi ... Seri Langkat ...
Amboi ... Seri Langkat ...
Please be quiet.
Please be quiet.
This is important.
- We have to call a meeting again.
This is important. - There is nothing important.
Did you realize what you have done earlier?
We may be accused of fooling them during negotiation.
What will the world say?
- Fine.
- You have made the Major suffer from headache.
So what? Then why do you look so busy?
- It is a negotiation, Bang. Don't play with them.
- I'm not playing with them, Lukman.
The Ducth think they are smart
and we are stupid.
But Naga Bonar isn't stupid.
If I let them know where our troops are ...
... they are going to ask
where we put our mortar and 12.7.
They asked us so that they can determine
the demarcation line.
How stupid you are. If they know it ...
... just wait until they showered us with bombs
falling on our heads.
- And then all of us will die. You want that?
- It's okay if you don't want to inform them.
But why did you point at Parit Buntar,
while we all know that they have ...
- ... conquered that place?
- Why did they conquered that place?
That's Murat's grandmother's hometown.
Isn't that right, Murat?
- Right, Naga.
- It is not their hometown.
Why don't you tell Major...
Who is he ?
The watch.
Tell Major Watch ...
... that they mustn't live
in Murat's grandmother's hometown.
- Tell them to go home.
- That is right Bang ...
But at least you can point at villages
around us so that they can believe in us.
You can point at Tanjung Beringin,
for exampIe.
- Why did you point Parit Buntar ?
- The hell I know that, Lukman.
I never learnt to read maps anyway.
There is a little part of the map flaking off ...
... so I pointed at that part.
It turned out that I pointed at
their kitchen area.
It made him so confused.
Come on ...
I don't believe in the Dutch.
They keep asking us to negotiate,
but their NICA troops arrived here anyway.
- Barjo ...
- Yes, General ...
Put 12.7 at Simpang Empat Intersection.
Tell Lubis to set mortar
at Bukit Sagala...
...and assign Timang
with the gun troops at Dusun Padang.
When the Dutch troops come in,
Tell Lubis to hit the cliffs with mortar then
wait with the gun troops...
...then hit their asses from aside
with the machine guns.
Yes, General.
Hey, Bujang ...
smell me ...
- The fragrant soap "cap Burung Merak", Bang ?
- Of course ...
You toIl me to.
I've used it three times.
Now you do smell good like a general.
The scent spreads out until Medan.
The major looks as if he wanted
to eat the general's menu.
He really goes beyond the line.
Well, what can I say.
What can I say ...
I didn't even finish studying
under the bamboo tree.
He graduated from HBS.
(Hoobere Burger School)
Make him just a soldier.
Day by day I become a bit disgusted
at Lukman.
I told you.
You didn't tell me anything.
I wonder...
All he does is thinking ...
I was wondering what he was thinking about.
He became mad at me.
He said that the Dutch is already
in front of us and we have to think about that.
Think ... I assume he still even thinks
while sleeping.
But what I see is the Dutch still
stay in Parit Buntar.
Maybe Lukman is already
gone insane., Bang.
- Have you told Kirana I am coming
to her house? - I already have.
Jang ... Jang ... It is coming, Jang.
- Blanket, blanket ... - Yes, Bang ...
- Blanket.
It's all because of Lukman.
He never asks me to take a bath.
- Don't hold the cupboard.
- Okay, okay Bang ...
- I'll die if the house falls upon me.
The train has already passed.
What are we waiting for?
If my scent is fading away,
you'll ask me to take a bath again.
Your shoes.
Where are you going, Bang ?
Please teach him a little lesson.
- Heh, Lukman.
- Yes, Bang.
I order you to stop thinking.
If you keep on thinking, then I will
also think. It puts me in trouble.
So, stop thinking.
Not that one, Bang.
Come on...
The rice is your responsibility.
So, take care of it.
Let me take care of Kirana.
That's a general's responsibility.
Okay, General. Corporal ...
... come with me.
Corporal, come with me! It's an order.
What the hell?
What are you going to do to her?
Kill her?
You are too much. You dare to
shoot an unarmed person.
Why did you enter silently?
What do you want?
I'll go away if you ask me to.
- Do you want me to go away?
- Sit down. I want to talk to you.
- Please go to the kitchen, Bidah. - Alright.
- If it is okay, please give me a cup of hot tea.
If it is okay? Why did you say so?
Why don't you just order us to do so? We are hostages
- No, you are not.
- Why not? Lukman just told me so.
- That's for him to say.
- I am not Dutch.
- I am not a traitor. - Tell that
to Lukman so that he may get confused.
He does think of many things.
As for me ...
I only want to come
and pay you a visit ...
I already took a bath earlier today.
I used the fragrant soap
"Cap Burung Merak" (peacock)
Bujang said the scent spreads
out until Medan.
But after that I got the chill.
My house would have collapsed
if Bujang hadn't held it.
Do you still suffer from Malaria?
I don't know.
But it strikes like Medan-Tebing tinggi
If the train passes, ...
... my house shakes a lot.
- Report ...
- Hey.
People scream a lot today.
What happened?
General Mariam from Panther Division
and his troops ...
- ... are visiting us.
- But why did you scream just now?
So that you can hear it
inside the house, Bang Naga.
- Okay. I'll be right there.
- Yes, Bang,
The pickpocket who was about to kidnap
you a long time ago is here.
Are you going to hand us over to him?
General Mariam and
his troops have arrived.
General Mariam and
his troops have arrived.
What should I do?
Is it okay if I hide
away with Bidah?
Stay here.
- Am I visiting a brother?
- Absolutely.
I know that Kirana is here.
I have ever tried to find her,
but someone had proceeded me.
All I got left was bread and cheese.
- But I never forget the way she
insluted me. - Neither do I.
- So you came here to pick her up? - That is right.
I have had a crush on her for a long time.
So have I.
Then we better fight each other.
Mariam ...
... let's not fight over a lady.
Why don't we play chess?
- If you win, you may take Kirana away.
- That's good.
But you can never win.
- You can not play chess after all.
- We'll see.
You... Put your bet on the table ...
... and bring her here.
Murat ...
- ... ask Kirana to come here.
- Yes, Sir.
Bring the drink here.
Well ...
Please sit down.
This man's name
is Mariam.
In the police station,
he is known as "The Wallet".
- He wants you.
- This game is actually not necessary.
What is it for? She is the daughter
of a traitor anyway.
When his father was still a pickpocket,
your father was already against the Dutch.
Why are you talking about my father?
You are truly a mother's boy.
I know that you don't like him.
Who wants to have a used
a bad wallet anyway?
Mind your language. You are not
the only general here. I am a general too.
My badge told me so.
- We'll play now.
- Okay.
But it is impossible that this
illiterate person can win.
Watch your mouth, Naga.
Watch your mouth.
- Come on. - Come on.
- Okay ...
- Where are you going?
- Where are you going, Stupid?
I'll eat your fortress.
All you can do is eating.
You are so stupid.
There is nothing you can do.
- You better learn from a donkey.
- Hey, Naga ... Watch your mouth.
- I may run out of patience.
- It is okay to me.
I heard that your mother is robbed
by your father, right?
You hear too, Murat ?
Murat, mind your own business.
I'll chew you out.
Don't be afraid, Murat.
This tiger is completely toothless.
I am still lucky, Naga ...
I am still lucky ...
that my father is still alive...
But your father is sandal.
- Japan sandal.
- You have insulted my mother.
On your knee, Barjo...
This is your father's head. His eye,
his eyes, his mouth ...
I spit on.
I told you so, stupid.
Stop. Don't do it, Naga.
Stay out of this, Murat.
This is a general-to-general war.
Naga ...
you are truly a mother's boy.
- Naga ... my foot was hit.
- Is it enough? - Sure.
- How about Kirana?
- Ah, it's okay.
Just die you with her.
- Baron ?
- Yes, Bang ...
Did you get hurt?
Let me take care of your wound.
I was so worried that you would lose
on the chess game.
But you looked so sure to win.
Ah, no way...
It is impossible for me to win.
He is a chess master.
I know him.
So I made him go mad and I
snatched his belonging under the table.
Why did you become a pickpocket?
I wanted to be a robber at
the first place.
Really ...
I bought a huge machete, ...
... and came to a farm foreman
on his labour payday.
So I hit the machete on his desk and...
- ... I asked him to raise his hand.
- Raise his hand?
That's what I see in the movies.
But it seemed that my machete
hit the desk too deep.
I couldn't pull it off the desk.
I became more afraid.
So that I didn't look scared,
I then screamed outloud.
"Your belongings or your life.
Or else I'll chop your head off."
I don't know what else.
But he knew it after all.
And then?
He asked me to go home.
He then gave me 5 cents
and I ran away.
I left my machete there. It cost me
a lot of money to buy it, though.
Poor me.
Then I said to myself that
I can never be a robber.
I better be a pickpocket.
Play small business.
After that I became ...
... an artist.
Naga ...
Naga, wait up.
Thank you.
Shrimps are eating their babies,
Don't buy mackarel fish ...
Shrimps are eating their babies,
Don't buy mackarel fish ...
I am truly madly in love.
What is the cure to my heart?
I am truly madly in love.
What is the cure to my heart?
- Where have you been?
- I just arrived home.
Lukman really wants to kill me.
- What did he do to you?
- He asked me to carry rice back ...
... and forth all the way. I'd like to
refuse, but his rank is higher.
I can't stand it anymore
if this thing goes on and on.
As long as he is a major,
I will always be corporal until the end.
What does the rank mean
in a war like this anyway?
Of course it doesn't matter to you.
But what if you become
a rice porter like me?
I guarantee that you'll have
a different thing to say.
Ah, you ...
- The most important is the courage under fire.
That's what your best capability. - Yes ...
That is right. That way people
will see who is the best,
Lukman or me. Let's attack
the Dutch in Parit Buntar.
Don't attack. We have to obey
the ceasefire agreement.
- The hell with it.
- Don't go to war, Bujang.
Well, Bang ...
When the full moon shines at night...
a rhymeless song is created.
Listen, Kirana is singing. Jang.
Bang, Bang ... How is Bang ?
It's up to you.
I'm like a piece of flower
adrift on the water.
A dove is fIying in the blue sky.
I am longing for him in my heart.
I'd like to go to the island,
but I only have the boat but not the rower.
Kirana asked you to come inside
so that the mosquitos won't bite you.
Please come in.
I never thought that you could
play guitar.
Just a little...
- I can also sing a little.
- You can do many things.
What else?
One day, the war will be over
and we will win.
- We? - Yes?
- Who are we? - You, me.
Things will be different than now.
- What is your goal? - Do I have to
think about that now? - Yes.
- What do you want to be?
- That thing ever came across my mind ...
... because my mother is already so
ashamed of me being a pickpocket.
So, I've been thinking ...
in order to make her proud,
I wanted to be a policeman.
But ...
... people might wonder how could ...
... a pickpocket be a policeman.
If they got slip of tongue, ...
... they might even say a
policeman becomes a pickpocket.
If that happens, my mother will be
upset ...
... and so do the police.
Then I will surely go to jail.
Don't be a pickpocket anymore.
I won't.
I promise.
Even if you put things in front of me,
I won't take them.
I like you.
So ...
- ... in fact is there a pickpocket that
becomes a good person? - Yes.
- Is there is a pickpocket that becomes
a husband of a good woman? - Could be.
Let's shake hands.
- Hey, Bengak. - Yes, Bang.
- Call Lukman. - Yes, Bang.
- Mr Lukman ... Mr Lukman called...
- Woi, Mr Lukman ...
Mr Lukman ...
What happened?
- My badge is stolen.
- Ah, badge.
- We can make another one.
- But I need it now.
- Where are you going?
- I want to go to see my mother.
You don't need badge to
see your mother.
Otherwise she won't believe
I am a general now.
My clothes, pants,
gun and everything were stolen.
Who was the damn bad guy anyway?
Naga, Bujang left with 10 troops
When did he leave?
This early morning.
They are going to attack
the Dutch troops in Parit Buntar.
He brought your horse.
Finally he made himself a general.
- Mak ...
- So what should I do?
I have talked to her.
She said she likes me.
- So you think you are good enough
to be her husband? - She said so.
Please ask for her hand in
marriage for me.
Mak ...
Mak ...
Mak ...
- Assalamu'alaikum.
- Wa'alaikumsalam.
Eh, Emak ...
Come in, Mak.
Prepare the drinks.
Please have your drink.
- So Naga has already come here?
- A few times.
And then he tried to flatter you?
He talked like usual. He promised me
not to be a pickpocket anymore.
Don't believe anything he said.
He also ever promised me the same thing.
He said he would go to school,
but then he ran away.
He promised to learn more about religion,
but then he became a pickpocket.
He promised he would change his behaviour.
Don't believe anything he said.
Even his rank was also fake.
Lukman made it so that Naga allowed him ...
... to sell rice.
- But Naga has already fought.
- He is my son. I love him.
But I just don't like it
if he hurts you.
I also like you.
Please prepare the bed
and the matrass for me.
Bed? In the middle of war?
In any kind of circumstances.
I want to get married.
- Married.
- Okay, Bang.
Mak ...
Mak ...
- Did you tell her?
- Yes, I did.
What did she say then?
Did she say yes?
No. She was quiet.
- What did you say?
- I told her not to believe you.
You lie.
- Maybe later you'll hurt her.
- Is that what you told her? - Yes.
- So I am doomed.
- Bang ...
Bang ... Bang ... How much would
it cost for the bed you want to buy?
Don't ever talk to me about bed again.
Or else I'll lower your rank.
How can I ever get married
if Mak does that to me?
Bujang and his troops have arrived.
Report... Bujang has already returned.
- Ask him to come here. - No, can do.
- Why not? If he refuses ...
... lower his rank.
He is already dead.
Prepare the funeral ceremony.
The funeral cemerony will start
in a few minutes.
The farewell speech for Corporal Bujang ...
... will be delivered
by Your Honor General Naga Bonar.
The farewell speech for Corporal Bujang ...
... will be delivered
by Your Honor General Naga Bonar.
Pick him up.
At ease.
- I'll pick him up.
- Okay.
Announcement ...
- ... The farewell speech for Corporal Bujang...
- Major Sergeant.
For Major Sergeant Bujang
who has just been promoted ...
... will now be delivered
by Your Honor General Naga Bonar.
Bujang ...
I already forbade you to go to war.
But you said you could fight in a war.
I told you not to go to war,
but you still insisted to go there anyway.
That's why.
Now you're dead.
Burry him now.
The funeral will be held now.
I'll see after him first.
Bujang ...
Bujang ...
Bang ...
Don't cry like that.
You are a general. We could be ashamed.
So a general is not allowed to cry?
Why don't you
yourself be a general.
It is not that you're not allowed to cry.
Just don't cry outloud.
If our troops hear you,
they could be discouraged.
- So how ?
- Just a little.
It is okay to shed tears, though.
How can I only shed tears if my heart
can't hardly bear this sorrow anymore?
If I hold it inside ...
- ... I can be torn apart.
- It's up to you how to handle this.
But don't cry outloud like this.
This will taint our fight.
Oh, Bujang ...
... why did you go away, Bujang ...
How could you do this to me, Bujang ...
Put it on A minor again... Bujang ...
How could you do this to me, Bujang ...
Now put in on E.
Bujang ...
How could you do this to me...
I forbade him to go to war,
but he still went there anyway.
Bujang ... ya, Bujang ...
You mustn't be too sad, Naga.
Everybody dies,
- ... let alone in war.
- That is right...
Not only Corporal,
even general will also die.
But my grief is not about
the death of a corporal ....
The fake rank was made by Lukman.
But becaused of Bujang ...
I forbade him to go to war,
but he still went there anyway.
That's why.
- Now his body is being eaten by worms.
- That is his fate.
- What can we do about it?
- That is also right.
He was the most faithful
bestfriend I ever had.
When I went to jail a long time ago,
he came into the prison with me, ...
... even though he was not arrested.
He said that he could get
free meal in jail.
Now I am all alone.
I am done ...
You are not alone.
- I am still here.
- I do hope so.
- But My Mom already talked to you. She told ...
- I don't care about what she said.
Yes, I don't care about what she said.
I will stand by your side
till the end.
We are independent!
Watch out....
Watch out. ...
Watch out....
Watch out....
Watch out... hey ...
Watch out... hey ...
- Where is Naga Bonar?
- General Naga Bonar is in grief.
Please leave him alone.
General Naga Bonar?
Since when he became a General?
General Naga Bonar is in grief.
Please leave him alone.
- Eh, Sir ... Sir ...
- Bang Pohan ...
Ah, come up Bang ... Come up ...
How are you Bang Pohan ?
Come up Bang ... Come up ...
Eh, Naga ... Is it true that now
you are a General?
- No. Who told you?
- Your man told me so.
What does he know anyway?
Let's go Bang ... come up ...
Go away.
You put me in trouble.
It is intollerable if everybody
makes their own ranks.
- Like Mariam did.
- Who is Mariam?
The one whose ancestors
were pickpockets.
- He also now calls himself a General.
- Mariam ?
He is not even worth
being a soldier.
But this will soon be stopped.
Everything will be soon held
in accordance to law.
Everything will be soldiers
Discipline will be put into
action firmly.
And ...
Ranks ...
will be observed and everybody
will be classified according to their skills.
A soldier will rank as a soldier, ...
... even though now he is already
a captain or a sergeant.
By doing so ...
... nothing like what your troops have
done will happen again.
What was it?
Your troops has attacked
the Ducth troops in Parit Buntar.
Bujang did it.
Yes ...
... but it mustn't happen again.
That means we have violated
the ceasefire agreement ...
... that we have signed.
I forbade him.
I said ...
"Bujang ... don't go to war."
But he still went there anyway.
He must be punished.
He had,
he had.
- He is already dead.
- I'm glad you could act firmly.
That kind of rule breaking
mustn't happen again.
Oh, no ...
I guarantee.
But if I may speak ...
If we are continuously
stagnant like this...
stagnant ...
I can't stand it anymore.
Naga ...
Our government has
its own consideration ...
... and all of us must obey it.
We are independent.
Naga ...
Now what, Mr. Djamal?
- How many of your chickens are missing now?
- This time it's not my chicken, Naga.
- but my daughter is missing now.
- She is missing? Who kidnapped her anyway?
She was not kidnapped.
She was raped.
And then?
- Her pregnancy is almost due now.
- She is almost due?
Do you know who raped her?
Major Lukman.
Alright. Calm down. It's a long way
to go until the war is over.
I'll ask Lukman to marry your daughter.
- What is her name?
- Jamilah.
Thank you, Naga.
- Who are you? - Yes, Bang.
- Call Major Lukman. - Yes, Bang.
I got Lukman this time.
- Hurry up, Bang. - What happened ?
- Maybe it's going to war. - Oh my God ...
- Is it true that the Ducth attacked us
again Bang ? - Major ...
Jamilah's father came to me
and told me what had happened.
His daughter's pregnancy is almost due.
I order you ...
... to marry her today.
That is not true, Bang.
Jamilah is not going to give birth.
- She is pregnant.
- Did she say so?
- She said you raped her.
- She said that?
Do you admit it ?
I admitted it, Bang.
- I did make her pregnant, but not until she
almost delivers a baby. - Alright then.
She'll deliver her baby later,
but now she is pregnant.
Shame on you.
You must be punished.
- Hey, Bengak.
- What is it, Bang ?
- Call Murat.
- Alright.
Troops ...
Ready ...
An homage to
General Naga Bonar.
At ease.
Major Lukman,
I already forbade you to steal.
Whoever steals ...
... chicken or goat or anything ...
... will be punished.
You have stolen something that belongs
to Jamilah, Mr. Djamal's daughter.
Then you must
be punished.
Now you are not
a major anymore.
From Major ...
You are now
a Major Sergeant.
Lift him ... Wake up Bang ...
Let's go ...
- I am so ashamed.
- You must be punished, Lukman.
If you are not punished,
what will people say about this?
I could accept that.
My rank shall be lowered, ...
... but from Major to Captain.
Not to a Major Sergeant.
- How could you do this to me?
- I already thought about this.
I still wanted you to be a Major,
but I can't make you a Major Captain.
You'll say that
there's no such rank exists.
I'll be ashamed.
So I'll make you a Major Sergeant.
You are still a Major even though your rank
is now lowered.
- Right ? - Yes, Bang. Once a Major,
I will always be a Major.
That's it.
Naga ...
Naga ...
Kirana said she also wanted
to go to war.
Did she think that we were
just playing around?
Watch your mouth, Lukman.
You'll get Malaria again
if I ask you to take a bath.
What did she say?
She wanted to stand by your side
in any circumstances.
Oh that's so sweet.
Tell her that ...
- ... her request is granted.
- Yes, Sir.
- Prepare her uniform and gun. Lukman.
- Alright.
All things exist.
Her shoes, and her hat are there.
- But no money.
- Your rice business is doing good.
- It's enough. I'll prepare it.
- Now we are talking.
One more thing.
What rank does Kirana get?
She can't be a Vice General.
There's no such rank exists.
Her rank ...
Kirana will be a queen.
Now you are making your own rank.
What will the world say ?
Your reputation has gone bad,
yet you still try to give suggestion to me.
- It's up to you then.
- Are you whining?
It's useless.
It's useless.
Once a queen,
she will always be a queen.
Squad Ready,
get the troops ready.
Alright, General.
Homage to
the General.
At ease.
All soldiers and friends who fight ...
... in war ...
... or who takes care of rice.
The Dutch have conquered Beringin 3.
Tanjung Padang ...
Muara Pait ...
That means they have
violated their own agreement.
We will pay them back.
- Long live Naga Bonar.
- Long live Naga Bonar.
Long live Naga Bonar ....
Long live Naga Bonar ...
That's it ...
We will pay them back.
- We shall not keep our promise too.
- Long live Naga Bonar.
Long live Naga Bonar ...
Long live Naga Bonar ...
We will go to war ...
Fight till the end.
- We are independent.
- We are independent.
We are independent.
We are independent.
Homage to the
General Naga Bonar.
Yes, Major ?
- Corporal Pieters ....
- Yes, Capitant.
Corporal Pieters, you said
Naga Bonar has died?
He has Major.
Right Major.
I shot him once.
Once then dead.
- Dead ?
- Yes, Major.
Dead, huh ?
Go see by yourself.
Hah ? There are
two Naga Bonars?
- Capitant ?
- Yes, Major ?
Smoke division, ready.
- Murat.
- Yes, General.
Everybody, get ready.
Get ready ...
Look at Naga Bonar ...
Ververider ...
Barjo ...
Move forward.
- Hey, the youth of Indonesia ...
- Arise all of you.
Our country has claimed it's independence.
War is about to start.
Listen to the call of our mother nature.
Hey, the youth of Indonesia ...
Arise all of you.
Our country has claimed it's independence.
War is about to start.
Listen to the call of our mother nature.