Nagaram (2017) Movie Script

Smoking causes cancer. Smoking kills.
Smoking causes cancer. Smoking kills.
Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health.
Liquor drinking is injurious to health.
Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health.
'Okay. Once you get selected..'
' will have to work in flexible timings.'
'Okay.' - 'Mostly at nights.'
'Sure.' - 'So, that's it. We've come to an end.'
'Final questions. Why a BPO?'
'Is this really your ambition or did you choose this..'
'..because you didn't find a job elsewhere?'
Do you want me to increase the temperature?
No, that's fine.
Okay. Continue.
To be honest, I don't want to move to the city.
It is true that we get paid less in our village..
..but our life is much more peaceful there.
Life here is so very different.
Everyone here is in a hurry to get somewhere.
I had a hard time finding this office.
It took me so long.
Sorry, that was an important message.
It's okay. Go on.
But no one in my village..
But no one in my village will notice me if I work there.
This is Chennai. I will work in air-conditioned office.
And I will get 25 thousand rupees salary.
This job will make people notice me.
I came to this city for work..
..because it will make them happy.
How can we trust you with this job..
..if you give such answers in the final round?
Twenty-six thousand?
It will still remain twenty-six thousand.. matter how many times you look at it.
It won't change.
Are you jealous or what?
Dude, will we be in the same team?
Or will I be in a different team?
It doesn't matter.
Both of you are going to be their slaves.
Then why did you come to the interview with us?
Classic case of fox and the sour grapes.
He is already upset that he didn't get the job.
Why are you rubbing salt on his wounds?
What is your order, sir?
Can you please clean our table first?
We need some booze..
..that won't give us away when police catch us.
Do you have any?
Yes. It will cost you four thousand rupees.
Shall I get it?
Four thousand rupees?
No, thanks.
We might end up paying three thousand rupees fine if they arrest us.
Okay. Get us a full bottle..
..of the stuff that costs 150 rupees a quarter.
Oh, no. I don't mind paying my share right now.
But, please don't force me to drink.
Dude, what's the matter? Don't you drink?
I am drinking because I didn't get a job.
There is nothing wrong in having a bit fun.
Are you not happy that you got a job?
Don't get me wrong.
But, I have no idea where to go now.
This is the first time I am coming to Chennai.
I came here hoping that my friend would help me out.
His name is Ramki. He too is working here.
He said he would pick me up after my interview.
But, now, he is not taking my calls.
What is the due date to submit our original documents?
Come on, dude.
Don't act as if you are the only one who got a job.
Keep those things inside.
I am trying hard to conceive him..
..since he is refusing to drink.
Convince, not conceive.
They asked us to submit original documents by tomorrow.
I have everything ready.
You can call me when you are going there tomorrow. - Okay.
We can go there together and submit them.
Dude, try to call your friend once again.
Or else you can stay with us in our room tonight.
No, I don't want to trouble you.
My friend will come. - Sir!
Sir, I lost my wallet. I need to get back to my village.
Can you please give me twenty rupees?
This is becoming a big nuisance these days.
Sir, please.. - Don't give him anything.
Get lost from here or you will regret it. Go away!
Look at him! He is as drunk as he can get.
Do you know what he does?
He goes around begging money from others..
..only to buy and drink more.
How can you give away money like that?
Here are your potato chips and the liquor you requested.
I felt pity for him.
I can show you a hundred people like him.
He is yet to learn a lot about our city.
No wonder he was giving away money to such ones.
You have much to learn, bro.
Dude, you called us here saying that you are in a problem.
You might end up puking if you drink like that.
Shut up, dude.
He is trying to show off.
He's been following her for so many years. What's the use?
Just shut up!
Do you think you can live without a job and money.. they show in the movies?
Will I fall in love if you follow me around?
We are not college students to fall in love..
Just think about your college friends..
..and what they are doing now.
Maybe that will put some sense into you.
Look! I refused even when you proposed to me in college.
How long will you keep troubling me like this?
How dare you come to my office?
I told you. I will get into trouble for bringing you here.
Go away right now.
Just a minute.
So, what's your point?
You want me to compare myself to my friends..
..and live my life like them, right?
Can we just focus on me here?
Don't think you can criticize me just because I am interested in you.
Pooja, I don't have time for all this.
I will complain if I ever see him again here.
I am not done. I am asking you for the last time.
Is my unemployment the only you have?
I can find a job tomorrow.
Look there.
Just do it. I will tell you why.
There is a big difference between..
..people who work hard for a job..
..and a guy who is faking it.
Why don't get a job here if it is that easy?
I told you that this is a waste of time.
Women get on your nerves about education and job.
We could have got you married by now..
..if she cooperates a little.
We mean that in a good way.
You just turn a deaf ear to all our advice.
You both studied in the same college.
She is working as a Human Resources head.
Can she not get a job for him easily if she wants to?
Dude, what do you say? - Yes, she sure can.
That would be good. I can look at her all day.
But, she won't do it. She doesn't care.
I told you already. Job is not a big deal.
You can get a job just by blackmailing someone.
But, I am very afraid when it comes to her.
Ask Pooja to be more alert.
What are you afraid of? What does she do?
Ask him.
What are you afraid of?
Pooja called me half an hour after she scolded me.
She asked me to come to her office canteen.
She is very hot, isn't she?
We have been noticing you from a few days.
We came here to find out what's going on.
You look handsome. Anyone will fall for you.
What about me?
You can come here and look all you want.
You can even get a job in this office.
We have no issues with that..
..until she falls in love with you.
Look at this one. I love her but she loved someone else.
That's it. We poured acid on her face and ruined her life.
He poured the acid.
If I could go to that extend for my friend..
..just imagine what I can do for the one I love.
I watch her daily while we travel in bus.
I will burn her if she falls in love with you.
Do you think you can protect her 24 hours?
I just need two minutes.
Do you want to see what I can do?
Drink all you want and puke around.
But, why get into it when you know it is trouble?
Sorry, sir. - Sorry, sir.
Hey, why did you burn my hand? - Why? Did it pain?
You are reacting so much just for this.
They poured acid on a woman's face.
You have to call right now.
He might get alert if he sees us here.
Is that the bar? - Yes, I am noting it down.
The name is the same.
His name is Chandra Mohan.
His son is in fifth standard.
Are you here?
Yes, I am right outside the bar. Come out.
Why don't you take a few boys from your area and thrash those goons?
Shut up! Don't provoke him.
They can do nothing once she falls in love with you.
I know how to handle those guys. - Okay.
Just find a way to pass that interview tomorrow.
Why don't you go and hit him if you are so upset?
You have acid too, don't you?
Yes, I do. I can act all brave in front of women.
He is a man.
We need to plan an attack.
Maybe you should call her if you want to feel good.
Hey! Hey! - Give him a tight slap!
Why don't we practice an interview session..
..while we have our drinks?
What do you say? - Okay.
Waiter! One quarter bottle for this table.
I am not a waiter. I am customer here just as you.
Sorry, sir. I thought you were the waiter.
Sorry, sir. - Sorry, sir.
That's okay. Carry on.
Hey! Are you blind? Can't you see?
I was looking for you over there. - Did you? - Didn't know you were here.
So, are you here for good?
No, just for two or three years.
We are here for our son's medical treatment.
I will work as a driver here till that is done.
Will the vehicle be ready?
Sure. We even signed the contract in the morning.
By the way, don't tell anyone that you are new here.
I told them that you know all the routes here.
By the way, what is your son's problem?
Actually, he has wheezing. He finds it hard to breathe.
Asthma. - Oh.
Why? Is that a problem?
No, not a problem as such.
I called you here to tell you about the ones..
..who have hired you as driver.
Tell me.
Driving here is not like what we do in our village.
These people are not nice.
Have you heard about PKP?
He is very influential. But, he is very dangerous.
He can stoop to any level to get his work done.
Everyone from counsellor to commissioner fears him.
Anyone who refuses to work with him is dead.
He kidnaps their family members.
He gets his work done no matter what it takes.
In a nutshell, he will do anything for money.
You are going to work for them from now on. Be careful.
Remember the guy who opened the gate for you in the morning?
Everyone you met including him..
..must have committed at least four murders each.
You must have noticed only one guy..
..who was standing silently in that house.
If you don't pay the due, or if you damage the vehicle..
..that guy will be the first you will meet.
He doesn't talk, he acts.
Come on. You are just trying to scare me.
Everything seems scary if you are a coward.
I am just buying a car from them on loan.
If at all I don't earn enough, I will take a loan..
..and make sure that I pay their due.
That's it. - I was just trying to..
Suppose the car gets scratched or something..
..I will tell them only after I get it repaired.
So, what is there to.. - That is not my point. - Then what?
I helped you to get this car.
They will kill me first if anything goes wrong.
Don't you worry. Nothing will go wrong.
I told you what I had to. It is up to you now.
Why are you getting up?
I thought you finished.
I need another drink.
One more? - Yes.
Okay then.
Waiter! One more please.
Dude, I am done. Please pay the bill. - Pay the bill.
They are asking for the bill.
They are coming out now.
His friends will go home on bike.
He stays nearby. He will walk past your vehicle.
Don't miss!
I want him on bed for at least a week.
He might suspect if she sees me here.
Call me when the job is done. Bye.
Hey! How do I recognize him?
He is wearing a red shirt. Checkered shirt.
You can go.
Is he the one?
That is saffron color, not red.
Saffron, beetroot and rose are all the same.
He said red, that's all I know.
I am sure he's not the one. Let him go.
Bro, remember I told you about..
I don't know how to ask you.
There is one very good candidate.
He wants to work under us.
Shall I ask him to come for an interview tomorrow?
Are we running a software company to take interviews?
Ask him to come tomorrow.
Let's give him a job and see how he does it.
Okay. - Boss, red color shirt.
He's the one. It is a checkered shirt.
'Try to understand. My shift isn't over it.'
'I am staying in north of Chennai.'
He is coming this way.
I think I can see an autorickshaw. - 'Stop it.'
Auto! Stop!
Stop! Will you go to north..
Make it look like a robbery. - Okay.
No one is stopping. - Just manage to get here somehow.
How do I come there?
'Just find another autorickshaw.'
I don't see anyone.
I think I see a vehicle there.
Stay on line. I need you to tell them the address.
'Okay.' - Stay on line.
I feel so sick. - Hey! Crap!
Maybe this will clean my stomach. - Disgusting!
Let's go!
They are beating up someone.
I am sure they are drunk.
Hey! Hey! You have enough problems already.
But, why are you.. - We should go. Come on.
Hey! Bring our car.
Please. Please don't take this bag.
Coward! Where is all your bravery now?
"It is dark. Badness prowls and strikes you in the night."
"Life is hard, it is so full of spite."
"Time can hiss at you and in the end bite."
"It is a game. You have to put up a fight."
"Death has stood up. He is your worst enemy."
"This is the city. It is a very big city."
"You will be shown no pity."
"All you will see is betrayal and strife."
"Money makes people cheat and kill for rife."
"It is dark. Badness prowls and strikes you in the night."
"Life is hard, it is so full of spite."
"Time can hiss at you and in the end bite."
"It is a game. You have to put up a fight."
"Day one might seem all frolic and fun."
"It might seem all starry and worth a ton."
"Next night burns you down like fire."
"It pulls you down into a mire."
"Is this a city or a hell?"
"One day is fun, the next day is you fall in its spell."
"How will you get out of this hell?"
"Life and death are not in your hand."
"Life keeps sinking in the sand."
"This is city. It has no heart. It does not feel pity."
"It is dark. Badness prowls and strikes you in the night."
"Life is hard, it is so full of spite."
"Time can hiss at you and in the end bite."
"It is a game. You have to put up a fight."
'Hello. This is Babji here.'
'You must be very busy.'
'Is Babji somewhat like Ram Gopal Varma?'
'Forget it. Don't you have any other things to talk about?'
'Why? Don't you like him?'
'No. I can assure you that we are perfectly amicable.'
'His every word and every action are sensational.'
'We talk about them because we find them sensational.'
'But, suppose we make a wrong statement..'
'..he might get upset with us for doing so.'
'Then we will have to give explanation to pacify him.'
'But our explanations will only make matters worse.'
'In the end, he will get more publicity..'
'..and we will have to pay for our mistakes.'
'So, why take the chances?'
'They say that he started a new Telugu film industry.'
'Great!' - 'He wants to auction his new movie.'
'We couldn't do anything even when he sang in his movie.'
'Let's sit this out too.'
'His new movie is titled 'Every moment' it seems.'
'Maybe it is a sequel to 'Every minute.''
'I heard that he is making 'Ice-cream' part two.'
'All that a producer needs is money.'
'Season has nothing to do what movies he makes.'
'He can make as many ice-creams as he wants.'
Tea or coffee?
Sir, can you lend me one rupee?
"Welcome to our beautiful city Chennai."
"No city can be compared to our dear city."
Son, I got a call from our grocery store.
They said that they have packed everything for us.
Also, please get what I have written on this list.
Son! You can keep the remaining amount.
Why are you wearing this shirt?
Change it and wear a t-shirt. It suits you better.
Mom! Stop irritating me. I am going for an interview.
You can go wherever you want to.
But, first get me all the items on this list.
Then you are free to go.
Don't irritate me, mom.
Your husband is free. Ask him to go and get those.
What is the problem, son?
Who will allow him to attend an interview with that beard?
He is lying. Ask him to go and get the groceries.
What? Why don't you ask him to shave and come with me?
Maybe he will get a job.
Ask him to mind his own business, mom.
He is barking up the wrong tree.
Son! Why are you leaving when I am talking to you?
Who will get the groceries if you both just keep pushing it on each other?
You will have to obviously come home for lunch no matter where you go.
Holy offering.
Sir asked me to come here to take the car.
Go there.
Is this for a tourist taxi or cab for IT company?
It's for an IT company, sir. InfoTech.
Okay. Write it there.
"Praise the Lord Govinda."
Will you..
Boss, he is the one I told you about.
Did you tell him what the job involves?
Yes, he did.
I will do a smashing job.
I want Wiling's name to become famous..
..from Andhra Pradesh to Andaman Islands.
That is my goal.
Are we good?
Snake. Clam. Slate pencil.
This is note. This is book.
Remember very clearly.
If the police catch you, your name is Govinda.
If our enemy is chasing you, our name is Venkanna.
Understood? - Let me get this right.
If the police catch me, our name is Govinda.
If our enemy is chasing me, our name is Venkanna.
That's it, right? But, why would..
Never mind.
Boss, do you think he is right for the job?
They say that a barking dog never bites.
You are right.
We don't have anyone from the military over here.
It is a bit confusing.
They will kill him if they catch him.
What if our enemies catch us?
'Hi! Radio star Kajal here.'
'The moment I upload a song on YouTube..'
'..many people have liked it and watched it.'
'Thank you.'
'Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.'
'Actually, in my last video I had promised to..'
' play guitar in my next video.'
Are these snacks fresh? I am taking one.
Give me my tea quickly.
'I know I promised, but I am trying hard..'
What is the matter, dude?
Why did they beat you black and blue?
You should just attend the interview and come back home.
I told you where I was last night.
I did not come home the whole night.
Did you not even think of looking for me?
I know of 25 bars in the area you told me.
I will find 4 or 5 drunkards fainted in front of every bar.
Did you expect me to go and wake up each one to find out if it is you?
You know how my job is.
Still, I went around looking for you the whole night.
I can see.
You look quite fresh after taking bath and applying talcum powder.
You must have looked for me the whole night.
Forget that.
What do you want to do with this?
Both are calling me continuously.
Did you talk to them or what?
No, I did not take their calls.
Good. Don't ever take their calls.
I was asked to submit all my certificates.. our office by 11am today.
All my originals certificates were in my bag.
Shall we go and file a complaint in the police station?
That is simply a waste of time.
Go to your office directly and tell them the truth.
Let's see what they say.
We can go to police station after that. Okay?
I need to complete a questionnaire.. the first one hour fifteen minutes.
Dude, did you get it?
Only ask questions from the ones I sent you. Got it?
Aptitude test will be for 50 marks.
Choose option A for all questions. I did the same.
Bro! I am here to give you advice..
..instead of going to my office.
Carry on, dude. I am taking it all in.
Hey! Why should I be the one to give all the advice.
Keep that phone away and give him some tips.
Are you not going to work today?
I downloaded a new video of Sunny Leone.
It is super sexy. Do you want to watch it?
He wants to show you something. Watch it.
Tell me only if you have something that is going to benefit me.
Forget it.
What is the guarantee that they will select him even if he gets through these tests?
Oh! I mean you might get selected after all.
You might even make that company go bankrupt.
Your bus is here.
Go on. - Get in.
It is not even crowded. It goes right till your office.
No. I will take the next bus.
You didn't want to take your bike.
I said I will drop you but you refused and said that you will take a bus.
Now you are letting all buses just go by.
What is problem exactly?
I have a friend who is going for the same interview.
I am waiting to go with him in the same bus.
I didn't know you had a friend who is attending an interview.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Is she coming in bus today? What is there to hide in that?
Shut up!
Fine, let me see who that friend is.
Fine. You can see.
Car is awesome, dad.
The air conditioner is making it so chill.
Is this our car now, dad? - Yes.
We can go to the hospital quickly in this car if I get sick again.
I told you not to say such things.
You won't be getting sick again.
Dear, the car looks very good.
Dear! - Yes.
Why didn't you put our son's name on the glass behind?
Because I hired this car.
Now, please get down from the car..
..or I might lose my job.
I wonder whose bag this is.
Dear! Did any of your customers forget this bag?
See what this is.
I have no idea what this is.
But, I just took this car.
Wait, do you even know what stains those are?
Why are you wiping those with your hands?
Throw it out. - Dad, this looks like the certificate..
..that they give in my school after exams.
These certificates belong to some man. - Oh.
Okay. - What do we do with these?
Both of you get ready and come out.
Let's go to the temple first. - Okay. Come, son.
I have been begging you to take bath since morning.
Tell me. What is the matter?
Did you find any money in there?
I told you everything about them last night.
You will get into trouble yourself..
..if you go to help someone else.
You didn't come to this city to help someone else.
Throw away that bag and mind your own business.
We can go now, sir. My client is here. I will call you later.
Boss, I gave him all the instructions.
But, I cannot remember the father's name.
I do. How many times do I have to tell you?
The boy's name is Karthik.
His father's name is Chandra Mohan.
What other details does he need?
Ask him to go there right now.
The boy's father's name is Chandra Mohan.
Here. The boy's details are in here.
Do you remember everything I told you?
Yes. Yes, I do.
Don't you have a photo?
We don't have any photo of the boy.
We just have these details.
It is okay if you don't have an individual photo.
Even a group photo will do.
"1, 2, 3, 4."
He seems sharp in one way.
Give me ten one-rupee chocolates.
He will do it. You will see, boss. He can do it.
Seven, eight, nine, ten.
How much do I have to pay?
"1, 2, 3, 4."
Good morning, sir. - Good morning.
Good morning, watchman.
Get down. Get down quickly.
Get in.
Give way. Get inside.
Hey! Go to the front.
Tickets! Tickets!
I don't think he is going to the interview.
For sure.
Cut the call.
Give me the phone.
Hello, sir. My friend is here, sir. No, sir. I..
My manager wants me there right now.
Get up.
Tickets! Tickets!
Students, today we are going to..
Teacher! Karthik's father is not feeling well.
He asked me to get Karthik home immediately.
And you are.. - I am his driver.
'I thought there would be only one. Why are four kids standing up?'
I have dengue and he has malaria.
And he has a disease that is in last stage.
You will get it if I remove my hand.
Is that okay?
I have an extra mask.
I told you to go to the front. Don't you get it?
Give way. I need to go there.
Which Karthik are you looking for?
I need to conduct this class. You are wasting our time.
I cannot run now. Is it Govinda or Venkanna?
Miss! My father has not been well since morning, Miss.
Who is he?
He is our driver, Miss.
Yes, I am their driver.
Okay, you may go. - Thanks, Miss.
Inform to the principal before you go. - Okay, Miss.
Is your father's name Chandra Mohan?
Yes, it is. Let's go.
Kiddo! Answer my question properly.
You have no idea who I am.
I know. Come on. Let's go. Come on.
Give that.
Get it fast.
Sir, please. He has to go urgently.
Move your bike.
Get down fast, dude. Thanks, sir. Go and get into the bus.
Call me when you get there.
Get moving. Right! Get moving!
Go to the back.
Pass this.
What are you looking at? Pass this to him.
Give me ticket.
How dare you pour acid on a girl who refused you?
Don't you have any respect for women?
You deserve this.
Now you won't even think of hurting any woman.
Driver, they did something to a man in the bus.
They are getting away.
Don't stop the bus anywhere. Take it directly to the police station!
By the way, what is your name, bro? - What is he doing?
Hey, where did you find him?
My name is Willings, not bro.
Okay, bro. Thanks. I know my way from here.
Come to the car first. After that you can go your way.
Or they won't believe me. Come with me.
You fool! Get the kid into the car first.
Darn! He is such a dumb head!
Why did we take him into work?
Why are you getting upset? I know it is late.
But, today everyone in his school..
..was wearing the same clothes.
It was not my fault.
Stop your nonsense and get the kid into the car.
Do you know how difficult it was.. Forget it! Come, son.
Okay, bro. See you.
Will you unhand me or should I call my father?
Put him inside.
Sir, my answer will be the same.. matter how many times you ask me.
One guy who escaped from the bus handed this man a bottle.
And this shameless man handed it to another.
I asked the driver to bring the bus to the police station.. make sure that he doesn't escape.
Sir, he is just making up this story.
I don't even know who those guys were.
Hello! Mind your language.
I am a senior reporter in news channel.
I have power to keep you behind the bars.
What an atrocious act! He has such guts!
Tell him the truth. - Sir, I am innocent.
Where are you from?
Sir, why are you interrogating me?
Answer my questions or I will break your bones.
I am from Nellore, sir. - Why do you people come all the way here..
..only to create more problems for us?
Constable, take him over there and make him sit on that bench.
Sir, I told you already. I don't know anything.
Take him. - Get moving.
Sir, his partners were wearing green color masks.
Sir, I told you already. Don't you get it?
I cannot give medicines without prescription.
Please go and get a prescription.
Hello. - Where are you?
I am in a medical shop.
Hey! What are you doing there?
They will put you behind bars if they catch you.
Don't you have any sense?
I went to some 10 to 15 shops.
No one is giving me any medicine. They are all scolding me.
Forget that. Go home, have a drink and sleep.
It is a risk to roam around in the open at this time.
I will beat you up if I hear that you are out again.
Okay. I will go home now. Bye.
Hey! I think it is about time..
..we called his father and told him about his son.
And then..
Hey! Reduce the volume!
Ask him to settle the full amount and take his son home.
Dude! Give me mobile. - Yes.
What? - The phone we took from the guy who..
..we beat up near the bar last night.
Hello. - Hello.
Is this Chandra Mohan? - Yes.
We kidnapped your son. Settle the amount..
Why did you cut the call? Were you afraid or what?
Cut the call!
I don't think your father is understanding the point.
Tell your dad to pay the money on time from now on.
Hello! Hello! Daddy?
Son, I am not your father.
Give the phone to that nutcase.
Hey! What do you want?
How many times do I have to tell you? Don't you get it?
Don't you want to see your son today?
I am going to torture that kid..
My son is sitting right next to me.
Look for your second son.
I have only one son and one daughter.
Don't ever try to call me again.
I will find you wherever you are and see your end.
Hey! Find out who that boy is and drop him at home.
Can't you see it in his face? He is a smart kid.
3565. 6569. Who is this guy?
3565. 6569. Who is this guy?
Sir, I am a new recruit here.
6789. Night shift.
You have to be here at 9pm if your work starts at 10pm.
Understood? - Yes, sir.
Hey! How will does it take to write a few numbers?
What is it?
Sir, where is the nearest police station?
Hey! Give me your driving license.
Here you are, sir.
Ramki, sir. - What?
I mean Rama Krishna, sir.
Where do you work?
My office is very close to this place, sir.
It is in Velachery. Our company's name is 'Northern.'
We have around 1500 employees in our company.
I have a very important position in my company.
We have around 200 cars in the parking.. - Shut up and go sit with him.
Company my foot!
'Don't act too smart.'
'Will you be happy if you see your daughter's photo..'
' the newspaper saying that..'
'..he joined hands with some notorious criminals?'
'Oh, no! Please don't say such things, sir.'
'My daughter would never do such a thing, sir.'
'Please help me, sir.' - Actually, I was just..
'You and I know that fact.'
'But imagine how her life will be ruined..'
'..when newspapers publish such things.'
'What do I do now, sir?'
406! - Yes, sir.
Take him with you and explain what to do. - Okay, sir.
Come with me, sir. I will explain out there.
'Sir, why is he saying such things?'
Hey! Go inside and meet the inspector. Go!
You are saying that he is innocent.
But he has no driving license, PAN Card..
..or any other certificates.
He says that you are his only acquaintance in this city.
Look at his face. He is all bruised.
I feel that you both look like Naxalites.
No, sir. You are getting it all wrong, sir.
He fell off my bike yesterday, sir.
That is why he has those wounds. He came to Chennai just yesterday.
And I took him to my room only today.
How can we even pull this off, sir?
More importantly, I am an IT professional, sir.
Maybe I should suspect you more then.
Take these two to their offices..
..and find out if they really work in those companies.
Oh, no, sir. Please don't take us to our offices.
I might lose my job, sir.
Please, sir. Don't ask him to take us there, sir. Please, sir.
Shut up!
Why are you afraid when you are innocent?
All you do is roam around the city like useless people.
Sir, please mind your language.
I told you that I did nothing wrong, sir. - Who are you pointing your fingers at?
Put your hand down.
I can break your bones and put you behind bars.
I can prove you what I am only after I find my certificates.
You should conduct a proper inquiry. How can you just blame us like that, sir?
How dare you teach me about my job?
Why don't you open your mouth now?
Constable! Come here!
Throw these two men outside.
Don't you have any sense? Don't you know how to talk to people in authority?
Come on. Get out of here! Come on out!
Come on out!
I don't know what to do. Everything is going wrong.
Get out of here! - I know exactly what to do.
Madam, I need to meet sir.
Writer will be here in some time. Please wait.
You know me. I can do this. Leave this to me.
I will take care of the matters. Don't worry.
I told you that I will take care, didn't I? Bye.
Who do they think I am?
What is this life? Shame on me!
He is cutting the call even before I can take it.
This is serious. Don't ask me to get you food anymore.
I joined here as a gangster.
I ironed my shirt since this was my first job.
How dare they crush my shirt?
They are not even letting me eat in peace.
I asked them sweetly what their problem is.
They said it was big problem.
They didn't even want to tell me their names.
His name was something like VJP..
No, it was PKP. It is PKP.
They said that someone is missing in that stupid's house.
So, what? What do I have to do with that?
They pulled my shirt like this to ask me that.
Do I look like a silly kidnapper?
I mean do they think I am some regular robber or what?
Maybe PKP is famous in this city. But, I am famous in my place.
One thing is for sure.
They will beat the kidnappers black and blue..
..if they ever get hold of them.
They are done for!
By the way, who is that PKP? Who is he?
Why are you guys looking at each other? Tell me.
Kiddo! What is your father's name?
PK Prasad.
Phew! He scared me!
I thought he would say PKP after the way he scared me.
Sir, when will it reach that person?
Do you think this is some courier office?
How can I tell you that?
I didn't mean that. Don't get upset, sir.
Sir, someone had spit tobacco on that. But, I wiped those stains.
These mark sheets show that he is a smart fellow.
He got very good marks.
Sir, these are his school certificates.
If you can arrange to send them to him.
We will take care of that.
You may leave after you sign on this.
Okay, sir.
Thank you, sir. See you, sir.
Drink some tea.
But, you..
He will bring more for me. You drink this.
You look like an educated man.
Why did you argue with Sub-inspector?
You don't know him.
He can ruin both your lives if he wants to.
Are you from this city?
No, sir. But I am living here from five years.
You studied hard to reach this stage and work here.
Why do you get into problems unnecessarily?
He is right. Why did you come to this city?
Don't look at me like that?
I have been living here from five years.
But, not even once did I come to police station.
But, because of you..
You just handed that tea cup to him, didn't you?
How would you feel if someone..
..took you to police station and interrogates you for that?
Sir, I don't even know who those guys were.
He asked me to hand that bottle and I gave it. That's it.
This is what happens when you take things..
..pass things from strangers in this city.
Sir, my license is with the inspector.
Can you help me get that back?
You guys will never learn from your mistakes.
Meet me after a week. I will see what I can do.
Bro, take this cup. - What happened?
Sir, can you please wait here for a minute?
Don't come there till I ask you to.
Where are you going?
I just applied some ointment. It is burning like hell.
I need some booze to calm down.
Give me one cigarette please.
Which one?
I am in terrible pain just because.. - Anyone will do.
..a little spilled on my hand.
Just imagine what his condition might be.
Of course, he will be in excruciating pain.
Forget it.
You met me in the bus today morning. Do you remember?
Which bus? I don't remember seeing you.
Did you not hand me a bottle to pass?
Which bottle and which bus? Are you nuts? Get lost!
My hand! Ah! My hand!
Sir, he is the one! Come and get him, sir! - Take this.
Hey! Leave me!
Hey! Hey!
Leave him! I said leave him. - Sir!
Get out of here! Go and take care of your problem.
Go away! Get out of here quickly.
Sir, I have to ask the inspector as to why he hit me.
Son, don't you get it?
It is better if you don't take it up with him.
Go away. Please go away from here.
Come to the station. - Get on the bike.
I will take care of you over there.
This is not our village, dude.
Why do you even get into such squabbles?
Was he the one who poured acid in the bus today morning?
No. But he is the one who handed me the bottle to pass.
Then who poured the acid?
I have no idea.
"Who is this girl? She makes my heart sing."
"She makes me feel like a king."
"Is this crazy? Is this magic? How would I know what this is?"
"I am crazy about her."
"I cannot see anything beyond her."
"She makes my world spin around.."
"..and makes emotions in me stir."
"My arms long to hold her."
"My heart years to be with her."
"I am floating away on cloud nine."
"My arms long to hold her."
"My heart yearns to be with her."
"Who is this girl? She makes my heart sing."
"She makes me feel like a king."
"Is this crazy? Is this magic? How would I know what this is?"
Isn't she beautiful?
She is amazing.
Really? - Yes.
"I long to hold you. I yearn to make you mine."
"I don't know to understand these feelings of mine."
"I want you. I need you in my life."
"Can't you spare me this pain? Don't make me pine."
"I dream about you. All my thoughts are about you."
"Does that not make you sing in joy?"
"You are mine and I want to stay by your side."
"I want to be your shadow and match your stride."
"Every place I go seems empty without you."
"Morning seems night. Sleep is out of sight."
"Your love makes my life so bright."
"Who is this girl? She makes my heart sing."
"She makes me feel like a king."
"Is this crazy? Is this magic?"
"How would I know what this is?"
"I am crazy about her."
"I cannot see anything beyond her."
"She makes my world spin around.."
"..and makes emotions in me stir."
They asked me to get you plain yogurt rice.
But, look at what I got for you.
Yummy egg Biryani!
Come and eat this. There are two eggs for you. You'll love it.
This is for you. Munch.
I'll leave it here. You can eat it whenever you want.
By the way, what will you tell your parents..
..if they ask you about us?
I love yogurt rice.
Oh! I see.
I brought that too. They add pomegranate and grapes too.
Here. You can eat this.
It is very tasty. You look so cute while eating that.
What will you tell your parents?
I will tell them that four people kidnapped me..
..but only you gave me food.
Will you really tell them that we kidnapped you?
But, you were the one who got me into this.
I asked you in school..
..if your father's name is Chandra Mohan. You said yes.
I said that because I wanted to skip Mathematics test.
Then why didn't you tell us when we came outside?
We could have escaped at least then.
I get it. You father's name is Chandra Mohan, isn't it?
I think you said PKP because you were hungry and afraid.
Am I right?
What is that?
'Why are you afraid when you are innocent?'
'All you do is roam around the city like useless people.'
'Put your hand down.'
'I can break your bones and put you behind bars.'
'Your shift starts at ten in the night.'
Your cab will pick you up..
Excuse me!
Hello! Are you alright?
I don't want this job.
What is going on here?
How can you leave while I was still talking to you?
Nothing, madam.
How can we solve the problem unless you tell us clearly?
Why do I have to tell you?
I don't like the job. That is why I am leaving.
Hello! Wait for a minute.
We have completed all the formalities.
Even your ID card is ready.
How can you so coolly refuse this job now?
What do I tell my boss?
Tell him that I don't like this city or this job.
Then why didn't you say so yesterday?
Just imagine that I said this yesterday. Let me go.
I don't think you realize the value of a job..
..just because you got it so easily.
There are millions out there without jobs.
Why are you doing this after you got a job?
What is your point? What do you want me to do?
Do I sign a contract that I will work here till I die?
Don't I have the rights to refuse a job?
You have all the rights, sir. I am not denying that.
But, you cannot refuse a job without proper explanation.
What will I tell the management?
Bro! What is going on here?
Don't you know how to talk to women?
Why are you yelling at her in front of everyone?
We have a problem and we are talking it out.
Why are you interfering in this?
Why don't you talk to her privately if there is a problem?
Anyway, what is your problem?
Hey! This doesn't concern you.
You are here for the interview. Mind your own business.
I am requesting you one last time.
Attend the first-year training if you want this job.
You will never get such an opportunity again.
Madam, I never singed any agreement..
..stating that I will join work in your company. Leave me alone.
Why are you begging him like that?
There are many out there. Select someone else.
He is right. Hire him in my place.
Hey! Shut your mouth and get lost.
I am being nice only because this is office.
What? Are you using such goons to threaten me?
No. Please wait for two minutes for me.
You! Go away from here. Or I will be in trouble. Please go.
Excuse me! What's going on here? What is this?
Nothing, sir. No problem at all. I can handle this.
You leave this to me, sir.
You! I am already very upset with you.
Don't make you beat you up. Go inside.
Who allowed such goons into our office?
Call the security. Security!
Don't you get it? This is office. Go away.
Look! I was sitting here with these fellows..
..only because you asked me to get a job.
I don't need your stupid job. - What?
Yes, I am a goon. - Hey!
What? What are you going to do now? Tell me.
Who are you? - How dare you?
Do you think you can do anything in buses and offices?
Come on! - What happened, sir?
He is the main culprit in an acid attack case.
You! Get him to the station. - Sir! I..
Hey! How come you are here?
You said you didn't get to see his face in the bus, right?
Look at him now.
Leave my collar.
Hey! - Leave my collar, sir. I told you to..
Hey! Keep walking!
Leave my collar, sir.
You are from T1 station, aren't you?
My uncle is an inspector there. I will come by myself.
Your uncle himself gave us orders to bring you.
Get into the vehicle.
Boss, we had the school, class and name right.
I don't know where we went wrong.
Even I don't understand.
Forgive us just this once. We know how kind you are.
Boss, we have been doing this for so long.
Did we ever mess up a single job?
We will sort out this thing, boss. - Go away! Go away! Get out of here!
I asked him.
He told that his father's name is Chandra Mohan.
It is not PKP. He was just kidding.
I will be back in some time.
Hey! We found out. He is PKP's son.
Where were you going?
I am feeling nauseous. I am going to get some medicine.
No need. Don't go anywhere.
Who will clean if I throw up here?
You. - Me?
Do I have to take permission even to go to the toilet?
Yes. - What?
What you did is no small thing.
You kidnapped the son of a notorious criminal in Chennai.
Get it? - Wait.
Let's talk it out.
He is not being fair. How can I be responsible?
You gave me instructions and I just did my job.
That is why you need to stay right here.
Hey! Were you thinking of escaping from here? - No, I was not.
We got into this problem because of you.
You cannot leave this place until we sort this out. - I won't.
Every minute we keep him here is a big risk.
Let's decide what to do with him. - What do you mean?
Let's take him and drop him at home. - He is right.
Do you think he will let you live if you do that?
That won't do. Let's leave him at the school.
School? His men will be all over that place.
We have to come up with a good plan.
We need to take him home.
We wouldn't be in this soup if we had planned well.
Do you want me to go and drop him at home?
Even if we take his son back home..
..he will find and kill you for keeping his son for a day.
I don't know. Please let me go. I don't know. Let me go.
Let's send the kid and go underground for a month.
That's brilliant. Let's go to Andaman.
I have relatives there.
No. Let us take the kid home.
Let's tell him that it was a mistake..
..and ask him to forgive us.
Maybe he will beat us a little.
I will be dead by then.
What do you say, boss?
We have kidnapped PKP's son.
He will feel that people will stop fearing him..
..if he forgives us and lets us go.
He will kill us!
Give me two minutes time.
What will you do in two minutes?
In two minutes, I can make the kid agree..
..that his father's name is Chandra Mohan.
I will kill you before PKP. Shut your mouth!
Boss, we will get into problem if we take him back home.
Let's put him in a train going to the north.
He will get off in the next station and..
..tell people that he is PKP's son.
Let's cut his tongue. How will he talk then?
What if he recognizes us?
Let's make him blind.
What if he draws our faces? - Don't be silly!
You have to be very talented to draw..
..a person's face exactly as it is.
That boy is in 5th standard.
Boss, why don't we break his hands just to be safe?
Maybe we should kill that boy.
I was just kidding.
Look at the expression in your faces.
You look like you want to kill that boy right now.
You're right. - Right what?
I am going to bury that boy right here. - Hey!
I would have done that long back..
..if it solves our problems. It won't help. Sit down.
PKP will kill us all for sure.
There is only one way we can save our lives.
Boss, call for you.
'What is going on? What is taking you so long?'
We are still looking, sir.
None of our people have done this.
We are bringing four guys to Dhoolpet.
Come there. I will meet you there.
Calm down. Please don't cry.
You? You refused the job and left.
Why are you here again? -I need to talk to you about something.
What is it?
I lost all my certificates in a squabble last night.
I don't have any original certificates with me.
I thought I would just leave instead of telling you the whole story.
Tell me now. Will you hire me in spite of this?
Can you please wait outside for some time?
Did you mention this to anyone outside?
No. Okay. Let me make this thing very clear.
I can keep this job on hold for you without certificates..
..for a single day at the most.
See if you can find your file by then.
Don't waste any more time. Go and fill up the forms. Please go.
Go and do it. Please.
He is the reason we are in this soup.
Why are you still keeping? Send him away.
He is not taking the call.
Keep trying. Call till he picks up.
We need a deer to hunt a lion.
Deer is calling the lion.
Why isn't he taking the call? - Hello.
Is this PKP, sir? I need to tell you just one thing.
Humans don't make mistakes.
Circumstances force them to make mistakes.
That is what I did. I kidnapped your dear son Karthik..
..while trying to kidnap someone.
I will let him go if you pay 10 million as ransom.. tomorrow morning.
I told him. - Tell him the rest.
Why do I have to tell that? Why don't you do it?
Tell him.
I told him half. Ask him to tell the rest.
I know you won't.
Sir, I will tell you again if it is not clear.
We will kill your son if you don't pay the ransom.
Say it again.
What, sir? Should I say from the start?
No. Repeat your last sentence again.
Last sentence?
We will kill..
We will kill your son if you don't pay the ransom.
Please pay it, sir.
This phone is your feet, sir. I am falling at your feet.
Please, sir.
I don't understand.
They are laughing at me!
Please let me go, sir.
Hey! Is it funny?
Will you still keep laughing if I cut your son into pieces..
.. and send it to you in 10 minutes?
Yes. We kidnapped your son by mistake.
But, just now I decided to make a deal with you.
You are powerful.
You must have looked everywhere..
..when you son didn't reach home.
Don't try to act smart.
Or you will have look for your son till the day you die.
You can decide the value of your son's life.
But, I will kill your son..
..if you pay one rupee less than 10 million.
Oh no! Oh no!
Be ready! I will call you back at 12 o' clock.
Look! You've got the guts to call me.. spite of knowing who I am.
I will give you the money you asked for your guts.
But, you won't be alive by the time I come there..
..and bring back my son alive.
He will do as he said.
But, we are safe till we have the kid with us.
I put sleeping pills into the water he drank.
Oh no! - He won't wake up for 3 hours.
Raju! - Yes, boss.
Wrap him in sheets and put him in the car trunk..
..when I tell you to. - Okay.
We will take the risk to the extent possible.
But, if it comes to our lives.. - Oh no!
..we might have to kill the boy.
Who filed this complaint?
I did, sir. You were away at that time.
Okay. Where is the file?
It is on inspector's table.
Come on. - What happened, sir?
Why would you keep it on sub-inspector's table?
Constable! - Yes, sir.
Did you ask them where they poured the acid?
Where did you pour the acid?
It was at the back, where he would sit, sir.
Why? Did you find no other place?
Sir, this file with certificates..
What is it? Why are you mumbling?
It belongs to that man, sir.
The man who recognized him.
So, what?
This belongs to him, sir.
He might come here and take it if we call him once.
We solve cases here. This is not lost and found department.
Go and keep that inside.
I will let you know when to return that file.
Even worthless people are talking to me bravely..
..because of what you did.
Do you know what would have happened..
..if someone else had to handle this case?
You would have been dead by now behind the bars.
Maybe that will teach you.
To be honest, you should be doing what I did..
..because you are being paid for this.
Don't think you are smart.
Be glad that that fellow in the hospital has not yet..
..filed a complaint against you.
You are going to be in trouble once he comes out.
Take my advice and disappear from this city for a month.
If you want to ignore my advice and stay back.. can fight your own fight.
If I see anyone of you going out with him again..
We won't, sir.
302! Take their signature and send them away.
Hey! You stay back.
How come you are still alive?
My only fault is that I am your uncle.
How long do I have to continue in this job for you?
Do you think I became a policeman for you?
Look! I know why you are doing all this.
I want you to leave this city tonight.
Don't think you can stay back and hide from me.
I will call in the press and media people..
..and defame the person you are doing this for.
Understood? Get lost!
What is your father's name?
Kanakalingam, sir.
Where do you live? - We are locals, sir.
Sign here. - Sorry, man.
He is the one to blame for all this.
Do you remember the guy..
..who passed the bottle to you in bus?
I didn't see him properly in the bus.
But I saw him in the office.
Flat number 7.
We should not let him get away. - Are you working?
No, sir. I am looking for a job.
Don't you think you are too old to be a crybaby?
Don't call me names. That makes me very angry.
I have an idea. Do you want to know?
Not another one.
Have some of this. It will calm you down.
It is very better. I don't want it. Take it back.
Nothing is going to calm me down.
It is time. Come to Elephant gate immediately.
Wait for my call over there. I am warning you again.
You will get your son if you come alone.
You will have to pick up pieces if you bring your men.
Decide whether you want to take your son..
..or pick up pieces of his body.
I will keep calling you from different numbers.
Don't get confused.
Can you make out who it is?
We can find out who it is if we get another call, sir.
Wrap the boy in sheets and put him in the car trunk.
Okay, boss.
How dare he insult me when he is from another city?
I will see how he will live in this city without my help.
Ask him to learn how to interact with policeman.
Go and get me his file.
'I can keep this job on hold for you without certificates..'
'..for a single day at the most.'
'See if you can find your file by then.'
'I want you to leave this city tonight.'
'Go away from here. Or I will be in trouble. Please go.'
'I will call in the press and media people..'
'..and defame the person you are doing this for.'
'Don't tell anyone that you are new here.'
'I told them that you know all the routes here.'
'Even if we take his son back home..'
'..he will find and kill you for keeping his son for a day.'
Oh no! Where is he?
I cannot find that man's file, sir.
'94.3 FM. This is Chennai's number on radio station.'
'This is the hottest station. Today is a great day.'
'We have the great and sensational hero..'
'..Mr. Venkatesh sitting right next to me.'
'Am I right, sir?'
'Very right, Bhargavi. I am right next to you.'
'I am sitting very close to you.'
'I have very simple questions for you.'
'Questions? Are you going to ask me questions, Bhargavi?'
'You are very..'
What is it, mom?
Uncle has asked me to leave the city.
What else do want to say? - 'Listen carefully to what I am saying.'
'Stay there for a month.'
'I am sure everything will settle down here by then.'
Mom! Phone batter is low. I will call you back.
'I need to talk to you.' - I will call you back, mom.
'But at least listen to what I have to say.'
Excuse me.
I had a meeting today. I will call you after I get home.
Do you know your route cab?
No, they asked me to check over here.
Excuse me! - Yes, madam.
He is new here.
Can you please guide him about route cabs?
Okay, madam. - Thank you.
Please wait over there, sir. I will come and tell you.
Over there in the end? - Yes, sir.
Dude, I am calling you from a payphone.
Everyone else has left already.
Okay. - Where are you going? To Salem, is it?
Yes, I am going to Salem. To my sister's house.
I will call you when I get there.
I won't be coming back for a month.
A month is not enough.
Okay. - Don't come back till my uncle tells you.
I told the others too. - Okay, take care. Bye.
Hello. Has she come?
Even I am waiting for her.
But, I am getting a message that her phone is switched off.
Of course. She must have switched it off.
Tell her that I am waiting for her when she gets back.
Do you know what the time is? It is past midnight.
She won't come with me so easily.
I will come upstairs if she doesn't come down.
She won't even look at you if you behave so rude.
It won't change her mind even if you sit there for days.
I told you that I will convince her, didn't I? I must go. Bye.
Sir, you will have to take the next car.
Are you coming?
I need to go to this address.
Okay, sir.
Tell me which route will be closer.
I don't know any routes. I am new to this city.
You too?
What do you mean me too?
Even I am new here.
Never mind. We can ask someone on the way.
No. That won't do. Hello! Sir! - Sir! Don't do that.
If I tell him, he will send a driver who knows routes.
That is why..
Don't do that, sir. This is my first trip. And it is past midnight.
What if he sends some women with me?
I won't know routes and I cannot keep them in my car.
That will be a real problem, sir.
Please let me drop you, sir.
Thanks, sir.
Drop madam first. And then you can drop sir.
You can go now. - Thank you.
Welcome, madam.
Oh! I see that you are in the same cab. Fine.
Neelakantam! Are you in the station?
Yes, sir.
Did you get the information?
PKP's son has been kidnapped.
So, I need you to do exactly as I say immediately. - Yes, sir.
Okay, sir.
But, how can we go when we did not receive..
..any official complaint?
When did they ever file an official complaint?
They are killing all the people they are suspicious about.
Take two men and go to the road that connects..
..PKP's house and the factory. Be alert!
Call me on my personal number.. soon as you get any information about that boy.
Do you understand?
Sure, sir.
Rajendra! - Yes, sir.
Leave that and go get our jeep ready.
Okay, sir.
Would you have sent your daughter like that?
That boy said that the man was his driver.
Or I would have never sent him out.
All this is happening because of you, teacher.
How could you blindly send someone out? Look what has happened now?
Why are you blaming only me, sir?
Peon is here too. Why don't you ask him?
Sir, principal had checked and signed in the register.
What is the point of taking a sign in the register..
..when the bell was about to ring?
Don't you have any sense?
Do you have any sense, sir?
Kanaka teacher, don't cry. Wipe your eyes.
Wipe your eyes.
Did you not go to school?
How can you come to the school at night..
..put on the lights and create nuisance like this?
Let me be clear! I am not like the other teachers.
I am a drill master.
I am sorry. Let me go. Please let me go. I am sorry.
What if the boy manages to go back home?
Won't it mean certain death for us?
Where are you?
I am on the bridge.
Come to the traffic signals after the bridge.
Wait there till I call you back.
The boy has not yet reached home.
I don't think he can talk even if he does.
The sleeping pills won't wear out so quickly.
He wouldn't have crossed the circle yet. Get the vehicle ready.
Okay, boss!
Kanaka teacher!
Boss got the first call from this number. - They thrashed me in the boy's toilet!
It is from Trichy.
Only two calls were made from this number today.
One was made to the boss.
Another call was made to this number.
But, they had called one number 30 times last night.
We found out who it belongs to.
He is working in Velachery.
Where is Willing?
He went to get the mechanic..
..since the auto was giving trouble starting.
What? Why did you send him out?
There was no one to push the autorickshaw.
He said that he will go and find some help.
There he is.
What happened? Is it not starting?
Don't you have my phone number? Why did you send a man to get me?
Hey! Where is that guy?
He left long back. He asked me to give you this.
If you ever do anything without consulting me..
Boss! - Yes.
I looked everywhere. I did not find that boy.
What do I do now?
Call me when you find him. - Okay, boss.
Willing has escaped from here.
Kill him if you find him anywhere.
Sir, there was a cloth in the exhaust pipe.
It is his kerchief.
'I love chilies.'
'You will get one chili for every right answer.'
'Okay. Okay.'
'First question.'
'Tell me.' - 'No lifelines.'
Madam, do I have to take a right from here?
Yes, that right.
You will reach a crossroads after you take right.
I think you know after that.
Yes. We will reach the crossroads if we take right.
I know the route after that, madam.
'Love. Love.'
So, how was your first-day training?
I don't know if it is the first day or the last day.
What are you planning to do?
Nothing much. I will look for another two days.
And then maybe I will go back to my village.
'Come let us marry.'
Can you give me the trip sheet please? - What?
Sir! You will find the trip sheet over there.
'Wedding. It is wedding time. Come. Come.'
'My God! You are very good. One more chili to you.'
'Thank you.'
Fine, you can leave. Will that solve your problem?
Won't you need a job in your place?
Then why don't you stay here?
Going back may or may not solve my problems.
I just want to leave this city first.
What will you tell her after going back?
Will you tell her that you left because.. couldn't manage?
I will tell her whatever..
'Not bad.' - 'Fantastic.'
Why are you looking at me? Yes, I am talking about Divya.
Do you remember what you told her..
..before you came here?
Don't forget that someone is waiting for you back home.
Hey! Why are you crying?
I know that you are leaving for me.
You are the one who made me apply for this job.
What is the point of crying now?
Do you think I like to leave you?
Don't try to pacify me.
Who is honestly working these days?
No one respects you when you work in your own village.
You can do the same job in the city..
..and earn three times more money.
I thought that is what your dad wanted me to do.
I know. You are doing this just because of what my dad said.
No, dear. I think your dad had a point too.
Who would want to marry his daughter.. a guy who earns just eight thousand rupees?
Look at me. Divya, look at me.
I am not going to the city because of you.
I might have gone there someday myself.
I am going there for us.
Wipe your tears. Won't you do it for me?
It's not that I will find the same job there.
But, I will find some decent job for sure.
Do you understand?
I understood that you are not happy about being here..
..when I spoke to you yesterday during the interview.
I didn't say anything because I didn't want to upset her.
I hope you didn't tell her either.
I thought of you telling you about me right when we met.
She asked me not to tell you anything..
..because she didn't want you to feel that.. were selected because I am her friend.
But, honestly, the only help I did was to..
..give you the job without your certificates.
Okay then. I need to go.
Keep telling her whatever you are going through.
I am sure everything will fall into place.
Okay? - Sure. Thanks.
One minute. - Yes.
About the man who was arrested today morning..
I am sorry. I was responsible for his arrest.
I guess he.. I mean I saw you crying.
No, that's okay. See you tomorrow.
Shall we go, sir? - Okay.
Yes, tell me.
How is he feeling now?
I guess he is okay.
I just found out a little while ago.
I got some information from the police station.
His uncle has asked all four of them to leave the city.
That means, today is our only chance to do something.
We have to do it tonight. Or we might never get them again.
Okay. I will take care of that.
Pull it to the right. A little more.
That is fine.
Did you send everyone on rounds?
Yes, sir.
You and Aravind take care of this area.
Okay, sir. - Clear?
Yes, sir.
He is here to apologize.
He is always getting into some mess.
Why are you acting as his mediator? Ask him to leave.
Don't judge him before finding out what actually happened.
It seems that a guy was following you..
..and he threatened to pour acid on you..
..if you ever refused his love.
What else do you expect him to do? Kiss him?
To be honest, you are the reason this happened.
He didn't tell anything to anyone..
..only because he didn't want you to be dragged into it.
One thing is true for sure.
No one shows so much patience for one woman.
Try to understand that.
Hey, why don't you take calls on time?
'I was doing something. What is it?'
I am at her hostel. - 'What?'
Come with the bike immediately.
'What? Why are you still in the city?'
'How can you be so foolish even after what I told you?'
Man, don't try my patience. Come soon.
'Okay. I am coming.'
Will you not meet him even after what I told you?
Fine. He is leaving the city in a little while.
Then you can sit and cry.
What is it?
My phone.
Take it.
I don't know where we are, sir.
They say that you can find your way in the phone.
Do you have that facility in your phone, sir?
Okay, sir.
It is me. I was going to our room.
I am in office. - I don't know the way to our room.
I will call you back. - But..
I said I will call you back.
Actually, this photo was taken in 2007.
Don't I look cute in this?
No? This was in 2008.
Why don't you stop the car somewhere?
We will ask someone for directions.
We don't even know where we are right now. - Okay, sir.
'We have our hero Mr. Venkatesh sitting right next to me.'
Hello. - Where are you now?
I am at the crossroads in Moolakadai.
Moolakadai? No, let's not meet there.
There will lot of people over there.
Come to Kondithope signal right away.
What do you think of yourself?
Don't act smart. I will break your bones.
How do we get to the highway?
Go straight.
You will find a left turn. Take a sharp left.
'That is a straight road. You don't have to ask anyone.'
'Take a right from there and go straight.'
'You will come to a junction.'
'Take the third left from the junction.'
'Go straight and you will come to the address you asked.'
'If you don't like that route, take a right from there.'
'You will reach a dead end and get confused after that.'
'You won't know whether to go left, right or straight.'
'So, take a U-turn and come back this way.'
Tell me exactly where you want to go.
"Where do I go? Which road do I take?"
"What is my fate? Which is real and which is fake?"
"What is past and what is the future?"
"What is the price? What is at stake?"
"Life is a journey. Where is your journey's end?"
"No one is with you. Who is your friend?"
Hello! May I know who is this.
Hello! Hello.. - You!
Hey! Stop here for a minute.
Don't stop the engine.
Hey! There is no place for you here. Go away!
Why did you pull the sheet of a sleeping child? Shameless fellow!
I don't understand what you are talking about.
What are you doing? What is going on here?
Ah! Please! Please don't do this.
He is my friend. I don't know where he is now.
Please. I don't even know what he did.
Please! Please!
He lost his mobile.
He should be here in one hour.
He has another number. I will call him now.
I will call him right now. Please let me go.
I will call him.
Ringing, sir.
Where does he work? - What?
Where does he work? - InfoTech. InfoTech.
"The lady is beautiful. She makes me go crazy."
What? I am going to tell him not to come here again.
I didn't ask you anything.
"At times your heart doesn't agree with your mind."
"At times your mind agrees with your heart."
"Is this crazy love? Or is love crazy?"
"So near yet so far. So far yet so near."
"How do I reach you? How do I make you mine?"
She is coming. Don't go crazy with her words.
Is she coming? Okay, thanks. - Don't waste this opportunity.
Okay. Okay. Bye.
Hey! Who are you?
I want to go to my home.
Please call my dad.
Okay. Tell me your dad's number.
"O my love, O my love, your cheeks are.."
Please switch off that radio.
Sorry, sir.
I am so sorry to waste your time like this.
It's okay.
You are not to blame. That drunkard misguided us.
Forget it. Everyone in this city is just the same.
Even I am new to this city, sir.
Maybe you shouldn't judge this city..
..on the basis of what some people did.
Sir, I am saying this because most of the people..
..have come here only to earn a livelihood like us.
So, how can we blame the whole city in general, sir?
And, the people who have made a lot of money here..
..also blame this city for every wrong thing..
..but never think of leaving this city.
That is true, sir. Not even one will leave the city.
Do you know why? Because this city is that fortunate.
Fortunate? - Yes, sir.
Not even one comes to find out what is going on..
..when someone is getting beaten up on the road.
10 million people live here for no reason.
I don't understand how you can support them.
Did we ever take interest in someone, sir?
People will ask us if we take interest in asking them.
Don't you think so?
Fine. I agree with what you say.
But, answer one single question for me.
Don't get me wrong. What does a bastard mean?
Sir! What do you mean?
It's okay. Just tell me what it means.
I know it is a derogatory term.
You use it demean or scold someone, right?
Yes, sir.
Even educated people use this word here..
..just the same as illiterate people.
My friend in the village gets angry over..
..someone who used the word stupid.
One fellow today was swearing at my friend.. the traffic signals.
My friend didn't even bother about it.
How can we say that we should get used to it?
How can using derogatory terms be okay?
Sir! Sir! Sir! I didn't mean that.
Don't get me wrong just because I am supporting..
..the people in this city.
They say that you should not speak ill..
..of those who are working hard to eke out a living. That is why..
Never mind. You are free to have your opinions.
But, someday you will realize yourself.
There is no need to apologize.
I know that you are feeling sorry for what you did.
Hello! Sorry for what? Don't get so cheeky.
I came here to request you to drop this boy at his home.
I don't know how you were expecting me to say sorry.
I see! So, you don't regret what you did, do you?
Then why did you cry when the police arrested me today morning?
That.. I don't need to give you any explanations.
Were you not leaving this city?
How do all those things matter anyway? Get going.
Sure. What am I going to do here..
..when people who like me keep me at a distance?
I am going.
You don't give jobs to people who come there asking for it.
You run after people who refuse the jobs..
..and beg them to stay.
I don't do that with everyone.
He is my friend's boyfriend. This job can change their lives.
Sadly, that man lost all his original certificates.
I don't know what he is going to do.
All his certificates are in T1 police station.
Tell him to go and collect them.
My friends asked me to steal his certificates..
..because he got us into this mess.
I refused saying that we shouldn't..
..ruin someone's life for such reasons.
Even now, I came here all the way only to apologize to you..
..for what happened in the office today morning.
I don't think this is going to work.
I have a bus to catch. I should get going.
So, what do you have to say to that?
Should I say or should I go?
First go and drop this boy at home. We will talk after that.
I found the boy.
You can now give the right directions to his father.
There is no change in our plans.
Go to the subway. I will come there with the boy.
Hey! Go to the subway.
You tell me to go about my business. What do you call this?
Did you bunk school today or what?
I asked him all that. He is not able to answer anything.
Go and drop him at home, please.
Come, son.
I guess I should be happy that she smiled at me.
Karthik! What are you doing here?
I've been looking for you all over.
They are waiting for you at home. Let's go.
You came at the right time. Take him. Go, son.
No, we will take him home.
Hey! Don't be absurd!
He has come to take the child. Let him take that boy.
Don't you worry, madam. Sir is right.
Let me take the boy and you can continue talking.
Call an autorickshaw. Let us go and drop the child.
Madam, just let me take the child.
Why are you not calling an autorickshaw?
Shut up! Just send that boy to me. Don't be a nagging old hag.
Mind your language.
You are in the bus stop so late at night..
.. trying to hook up with this guy.
You don't deserve any respect. Send him!
Why are you looking at me?
You won't like it if I confront him.
You will again pester me about my behavior.
I really am not up for it. Deal with this yourself.
Don't come out the hostel till I call you. Go!
Come here. Come here, son.
Where are you?
At Kondithope signal.
Take a right from the signal and drive for 5 kilometers.
I will give you further directions after that.
Hello. - Hello. Hello. Is this Mr. Prasad?
Your son is with me. Where are you now?
Please tell me your address. I will come and drop him at home.
I haven't crossed Kondithope signal yet.
That is not far. Okay, great. Take a left from there and come straight.
I have never been this patient in all my life.
Don't make me go around all the city.. giving me wrong directions.
You will die a violent death in my hands.
Son, does your father drink at this time?
Sir, I think you have mistaken me for someone else.
Your son is with me. He was alone on the road..
My phone is dead.
'The number you have called is either switched off..'
'..or not reachable at the moment.'
'Please try later.'
Here. Use my phone.
Sir, are you there yet?
They are making me drive all around the city.
I don't think this is just about money.
They are trying to do to me..
..what I have been doing to others all this time.
I will see their end.
I was never about money for me.
I wanted to create terror in people's hearts.
'We got another guy, not the one who called you.'
Kill that guy and the guy who called me.
No one involved in this should be alive by tomorrow.
Line is engaged.
Forget it. Come and sit. Let's go and drop him at home.
Let's go.
Kill anyone who has my son. Don't even stop to think.
Sir, don't get me wrong for asking you this.
What is it?
Did you get into any fight? Why do you have all those bruises on your face?
No big deal. Last night two or three men..
Sorry, sir.
No issues. You can take the call.
Hello! - 'Hello.' - Yes, tell me.
'Where are you? I am so worried.'
Stop crying and tell me what happened.
'Our son is sick again. He is in terrible pain.'
Can you ask our neighbor lady to take you to the hospital?
I will drop sir and come soon.
'Please come immediately no matter where you are.'
Any problem?
My son is not well.
He is finding it hard to breathe.
My wife is worried.
I will manage. You should go home.
Sir, dropping you is my responsibility.
You won't know the way. I will drop you.
My going home is not important.
Find out which hospital they are going to.
Let's go there.
I will ask my friend to pick me up from there.
Are you sure it's not a trouble?
I am pretty sure. Let's go.
Thank you very much, sir.
Police. Turn the bike. Turn the bike, man.
We are so close. How can I turn it now?
I told you to turn when were there.
Sorry, I did not think.
Stop the bike.
Sir! - Oh no! - We're dead!
Uncle, I was going to the bus station.
How come you are still in the city..
..even after I warned you in the police station?
Looks like you care for no one.
Who is this kid? - I don't know, uncle.
I saw him on the road walking alone.
He said that his father's name is Prasad..
..when I asked him about his family.
We were going to drop him at home.
I was about to tell you the whole matter when..
Is your father's name Prasad?
Just a minute, uncle. This is his ID.
Constable! Get him into the jeep.
Okay, sir.
Maybe I should drop him home myself.
What do you think we are doing here?
Good we saw you with that kid.
Do you what would have happened..
..if someone had seen you with that boy?
Do you even know who that kid is?
Get going.
One minute. Go to the bus station directly..
..put him into a bus and report back in the police station.
Or I will send police to your office tomorrow..
..and make your life miserable. Move it.
Get on the bike. - Come on, move.
Sir, one route was allotted to him in the trip sheet.
But, he is taking a different route.
Who all are there in the car?
A new driver had picked up that man.
I also sent another lady who works with him.
I don't think there is anyone else in the car.
6799. This car belongs to us, boss.
Looks like he is escaping from this city.
Sir, this driver joined our company just today.
Shut up! Tell me his number.
Stay here and tell me where the car is going.
You will find a board of metro rail over there.
Come and wait there.
Who has my son?
What? Are you having second thoughts?
Why don't you go home?
I will send your son's body in a parcel.
Hey! - Yes, boss.
Boy's father is getting anxious.
Call up Raju and ask him to get here soon.
Call is not going through, boss.
Why did you get me arrested..
..even after I gave you egg biryani?
Did you not get me arrested?
I feel like strangling you. Get lost!
You should have interrogated him and sent him away.
Why are you making him wait in the jeep?
He wanted to know where he will find a bus to Andaman, sir.
He was acting very foolish.
That is why I got him into the jeep.. that we can interrogate him in the station.
You've been in police department for so many years.
Can't you make out from his face? He looks like a fool.
There is no need to detain him.
He is talking about me. - Go. Go and release him right away.
Oh no! Oh no!
Oh, my God! Oh no!
You! Come on out.
I won't come out of the jeep at any cost, sir. - What?
Come out and run.
Will it be an encounter?
I know you will shoot me when I try to run.
I won't go. I will stay right here. I am not going, sir.
Hey! Don't try my patience. Come on out.
No. I will not come out no matter what you do.
Will you come out or should I shoot you?
No! No! Please!
It is true that I kidnapped that boy.
Stand up.
The minute I came to know that his is a big don..
..I resigned from that group and ran away from there.
Stand up, man.
I just want to go back to Andaman, sir. - Sir, please come and tell me what to do.
Please save me, protector of my life.
Bus will leave in half an hour. It is standing over there.
Never mind that.
She said she wanted to talk for the first time.
She might be waiting for me.
Hey! Don't get distracted with unnecessary things.
Take this ticket.
Stop fretting about her.
Meet and talk to her after a month. I am sure everything will fall into place.
Send me your address when you get there.
I will send your bag.
Understood? It is time for you to go.
Got it. Get me one water bottle please.
I am getting hiccups. I said please.
He said that his gang is somewhere nearby.
We might get them if we just try a little hard.
Why is he calling us at this time?
Take this. You will find a case record in my desk.
Take it to the commissioner's office.
Okay, sir.
Kid seems to be hungry.
You will find a Moinuddin's snack shop in Guindy.
They will be making hot snacks at this time.
I want you to..
..go and get some for ten rupees.
Sir! - What?
Why are you still standing here?
Did you not understand what I told you?
Okay, sir.
Man, give me my phone.
How long is this going to take? I need to go. Give it back.
I have reached the spot already.
What the hell are you doing there?
His father might reach there any moment. - Kid has escaped.
Raju, don't tell me..
Some guy beat me up and took the kid.
Raju! You know me well.
If you are here in ten minutes with the kid.. - Boss! He is here.
What do we do now, boss?
Give me kerchief.
How do we manage without the kid?
Today we will either live or die. Give me kerchief.
Go and get the rod.
Hey! - Yes, sir.
Come here. - Are you calling me?
Come here. - I am coming.
I told him the truth, he will release me.
Take your phone.
Thanks, sir.
Check if you got all your things.
Okay, sir.
Call his father and ask him to get the money here.
Not again! This is not funny, sir.
Don't ask me to call him, sir. This won't work.
Please let me go, sir. I want to go home.
Hey! Just call him.
No, sir. Just thinking about him makes my knees wobble, sir.
Why did he stop the car there?
We are just two, let's use this to our advantage.
Stop the engine and throw the keys.
Keep the door open. Your son will come and sit inside.
PKP sir! How are you?
Are you still looking for your son?
If you bring the money to the place I tell you.. can take your son home.
I am right where you asked me to come.
What? Which place are you talking about?
I don't see you.
Sir, I think you mistook me for them.
I am not with them anymore. I have resigned.
We spoke before if you remember.
What do I tell you to help you remember?
I cried when I called you. And all of you laughed.
You asked me to repeat the last line. Do you remember?
Sir! - You!
Do you remember?
I am going to kill you myself.
You are going to die the most painful death ever.
Your end is very near.
Do all that you want to do before I get you.
Hello, daddy.
That's it. It is over.
Sir, I am very afraid.
Sir, why do you have to take out your pistol every time?
I don't want it, sir. I might fire it by mistake.
It doesn't have bullets. Just keep it for your safety.
Take it.
Can't you hear what we are saying?
Throw the bag outside if you want your son back.
We are coming to the hospital.
It's just that I don't know the routes.
Don't cry. I will ask someone for directions and get there.
You think you are some big and scary don, don't you?
I made you come here. You were laughing proudly in the morning.
Why don't you laugh now?
This is my last warning.
I am going to count till five.
I will kill your son if you don't do as I tell you.
Who is he talking to? - I don't know.
1.. - Sing says 'Metro rail.'
3.. - Maybe they are workers.
Maybe we should ask them for directions.
Sir! Sir!
Why are you getting off? I'll ask them from here.
One of us is going to die today.
Give me the rod! - Hello! - 'What have you done, man?'
Give me that!
'You are in a big mess.'
'And you got me also into this mess.'
Sir! Does this road go any further?
We need to go to Moolakadai.
Take a reverse. Let's ask someone else.
It is not him, boss.
They look dangerous. Back the car. Let's go.
Okay, sir.
Hey! Why did you do that?
Sir! His car is here.
Sir! Car is here. He is switching light on and off.
Maybe it is a signal, sir.
Okay. Wait. Let him come out.
And then tell him exactly what I tell you.
Okay, sir. I will. Tell me, sir. - Okay. Say this.
Hey! Stop there!
'Ask him to step away from the car.'
Step away from the car. Move away.
I told him, sir.
'Ask him to throw the bag down.'
Throw that bag down. Throw it!
Why are you looking around? No one is here.
Sir, he is not throwing the bag.
Aim the pistol at the kid.
Aim the pistol at the kid. - Okay, sir.
Hey! There are five bullets in the pistol.
Don't make me shoot him.
Sir, he threw the bag.
'Go and take the bag.'
Okay, sir.
What? Did he ask you to come and take a look?
What? Take a look at whom? Who do you want?
How many of you are here?
What? You are not making any sense.
Wait, sir. Let me talk.
Sir, we have no idea what you are talking about.
Looks like you are drunk.
We need to go somewhere urgently.
Please give us our keys.
Then why did you come in PKP's car?
Sir! PKP is..
Why are you even talking to them?
Give the keys.
Hey! Stop! Why are you hitting him?
You damaged my car. I should hit you.
Why did you hit him unnecessarily?
Who is he?
What is this, sir? You said only two of us are involved in this.
Why is he here? Do we have to make a third share?
Don't worry. We can manage him very easily. Don't get afraid.
Okay, sir.
Hey! Get lost from here.
Or I will kill and shoot this boy.
Oh, sorry. I will shoot and kill the boy.
Who is he? Is he one of your men?
Ask him to leave if you want your son to live. Or..
Sir! Just listen to what I have to say.
I left your son with the police.
I don't know how he ended up with this guy.
Sir! What do I say?
Your son's name is Karthik, right?
I was the one who called you first.
Fire a shot on the ground. - What?
He wasn't tied up when I saw him last.
How can I fire when there are no bullets?
Just do as I say, you fool!
I was the one who called you when you were at the signals.
Then you..
Sir! You said that there were no bullets in this.
How come I was able to fire it?
Oh no! He too has a revolver, sir.
Just hear me out, sir.
I don't know what you are saying.
All I can see is that he is aiming the pistol at my son.
So, shut your mouth and go away from here.
Or I will kill you.
Sir! Sir! He is leaving. Third man is leaving.
He has to. Go and take the bag after he leaves.
Take the bag and ask him to throw that pistol.
Check the money and then send his son to him.
This is so scary, sir. I am afraid that he will kill me.
Everything will be alright after he gets his son.
Go and take the money.
No one except you and me know about this.
Don't be silly, sir. How is that possible?
This boy has been listening to our conversation all this while.
Will he not tell his dad the moment he is free?
I did this only because you told me to.
Do you understand what I am saying?
I will take my share and go to Andamans.
He won't be able to find me that easily.
What will you do, sir?
Sir! Sir! Are you there?
Sir! - Do you want to live?
Yes. - Then do just as I tell you.
Okay, sir.
Shoot his father.
Hello? - Hello, sir.
Maybe there is network problem. Come out and talk, sir.
Sir, did you switch off your phone out of fear?
Sir! Our call got disconnected, sir.
Call me quickly, sir. I don't have balance in my phone.
Don't you get it? We lost our way and ended up here.
I don't know any PKP.
You are mistaking us for someone else. Please let us go.
No! No! No! Please! We don't know anything. Let us go.
He is innocent. He doesn't know anything.
Then tell us how many more did he send to find us.
He is bleeding.
Answer me!
Hey! How would I know how many he sent?
Why don't you call that guy and ask yourself?
I don't even know his name.
Oh no! Look at him. - Hey! Call him!
He will die if you hit him again.
Let him die!
No! Please.
He is not taking my call.
He was talking to me all this while.
Why did he stop taking my calls suddenly?
Why don't you understand? He doesn't know anything?
Let him go.
You came here to take a look, right?
No. - Tell your boss that I am right here.
Tell him that I will kill this fellow and his son..
..if he doesn't get the money. Go! Go from here!
I will beat him more every moment you delay.
You and your phone.
'Did we ever take interest in someone, sir?'
'People will take interest in us if we take interest in them.'
'Don't you think so?'
Sir, I am at the spot. Situation is under control, sir.
No, sir. There is no problem.
Hey! What are you doing here? Leave!
Why are you aiming at a policeman?
Drop your gun.
Finally. Come, sir.
Give me the gun. - Gun? For what? I won't give you, sir.
Just hand me the gun.
Don't threaten me, sir. I won't give you.
Uncle, that kid was not tied up when I left him with you.
Ungrateful dog! How dare you speak against me?
Why don't you remove the cloth from his mouth?
I am sure he can tell us the truth.
I want my son in my car in the next two minutes.
Or I will kill you no matter who you are.
Give me the gun. - No, I will not.
I will put in jail on attempt to murder case..
..and break all your bones. - Will you beat me up?
Why are you behaving so strange, sir?
This was not part of our deal.
You will do something if I give you the gun. I won't give you.
Hand me the gun. - No, I won't.
Sir! Don't hurt me, sir. Please, sir.
Sir! Why are you hitting me?
Give me the gun. - I won't.
Give it! - No, I won't. Sir!
Hey! Give that! - No, sir! Don't! Leave me, sir!
Leave my hand, sir! Don't!
You will be dead with two more blows.
Tell me the truth!
No! - Do you want to see what I can do?
Yes, I came here to see who you were.
But, he was not aware of that. He is just a driver.
I will stay with you till you get your money.
Let him go.
You! How dare you?
How dare you?
Where is my bag?
Where is my bag?
Hit him!
Stop right there!
I will not even consider the fact that you are my nephew..
..and kill you if you take another step.
Leave from here right now!
Sir! I don't even want a share, sir.
Please let me go. I will go back home.
Did you really think you would get a share?
But, you told me to do that.
You kidnapped that boy, asked his father for a ransom..
..and then shot him too.
Shot him? When did I shoot at him, sir?
Then who did? Was it me?
Yes, you fired at him.
Sir! I swear on God! Sir! Please let me go.
Don't do that, sir!
Throw that gun and go away from here, uncle.
Don't force me to shoot you.
Will you shoot at me just because you have a pistol?
Don't do that, uncle.
Where did you keep all the stuff you stole from me?
I don't have anything.
Your mobile is in the autorickshaw.
No! I didn't do anything. You can ask that boy.
Can you drive?
Yes, sir.
Constable! Come soon.
Ask the assistant commissioner to come here.
Do it fast!
Sir, are you on line?
'Yes, special officer receiving. Tell me.'
Sir, this is head constable reporting from..
..the Pattaravakam second junction.
Someone has shot duty officer Neelakantam..
..while he was on rounds.
No one was here when I reached the spot, sir.
He is bleeding a lot, sir.
Please send an ambulance quickly, sir.
What is wrong with you? The accused is getting away.
Oh no! Go and stop him.
You may leave. I will take care of the rest.
I respected you more than my father..
..only because you were a policeman.
'Will you stop at nothing to get money?'
'Why should I leave my city..'
'..while people like you are still here?'
'This is my city.'
'This is my city. I will live here and die here.'
'This is my city. My identity.'
Sir! Sir! Sir! Please stop the car, sir.
My friend met with an accident, sir.
Please drop us at the nearest hospital, sir.
Please, sir. Sir! Hey!
Sir! Please bear up!
Sir! Sir! Sir! Please stop, sir. He met with an accident, sir.
I need to take him to the hospital, sir.
Good lord!
Son, we have come to the hospital.
Take your dad inside. Okay?
Bye. Take care.
Never will I become a gangster again.
Who is he, sir? Do you know him?
You fought hard for his life. I was just curious.
I don't even know his name.
'Son, where are you? What happened to you?'
That is a long story, dad. I will tell you later.
I cannot tell you on phone. Bye. - 'Hold on for a minute.'
'Don't cut the call.'
There is no one out there.
Maybe he left.
Did you at least ask his name?
No, I don't know his name.
'He found all your certificates.'
'He said that he posted them to your address.'
Who is he dad? Did you ask his name?
'I asked. But he cut the call without telling me.'
Okay. Send me his number.
He shot you at a very close range. How come you didn't see his face?
I don't know who shot me, sir.
No, I don't know who he is.
But, he saved me and my son.
Bring all those guys from the subway to our garage.
Okay, boss. We are on our way.
'Just listen to me. Please.'
Bro! Can I use your phone for a minute if you don't mind?
Stay on line. - Thanks, bro!
What happened to the boy? Did you drop him at home?
Yes, I did. You wanted to talk to me, right? Tell me.
'Don't stay there anymore. Come back.'
'I will convince my dad.'
You don't have to.
This is where I am going to earn 25 thousand rupees.. that we both can live together.
We shouldn't let actions of some people to cloud our judgment.
You remember the guy I fought with in the morning?
This is his phone. - 'Really? What is his name?
His name?
'When will you come to this field?'
'When I stop getting offers in film industry.'
'Forget it. That is not going to happen.'
'Then tell me the actual reason.'
If you have any problem..
Bro. - Just give me a minute. I will call you back.
Thanks for the lift, man.
Which one of them?
That one. The one with the green shirt.
What is his name?
We don't know his name. All we have is his photo.
Never mind. What is your name?
Finally, someone asked me. It is..
Hey! What is your name?
I heard that you are very brave in buses.
Why don't you show us now? Let's see who wins.
"It's a story on the urban ground."
"It's darkness, lights underground."
"Play no rules on the downtown."
"This metro's going to knock you down."
"Sleepless nights will break you down."
"The drowning streets will make you frown."
"This metro, will never let you go."
"You never, never try to run away."
"It's gonna, gonna be judgment day."
"Better better take a cover deeper down."
"Cause I'm gonna rip it down and play the ground."
"Down-down, turn around."
"Down-down, turn around."
"It's a story on the urban ground."
"It's darkness, lights underground."
"Play no rules on the downtown."
"This metro's going to knock you down."
"It's a mystery there that you can't understand."
"Come on, baby it's a curse that will never leave you."
"History says that you won't last long."
"Come on, come on, baby, it's meant to break it through."
"Mystery and History."
"Do you think that you can rule?"
"Do you think you'll change the rule?"
"History, it's a mystery."
"Skies are black, it's a game of woes."
"Just know the one who rules."
"Hell breaks loose, it's a day of rules."
"These rules are not gonna stop you."
"The nights are getting darker now."
"We gotta tell you; Let's take it down."
"Lights out; clear all the crowding street."
"You better hustle to break the beat."