Nagavalli (2010) Movie Script

Please stop the cart.
- Yes sir.
What a great painting!
Why is it on road like waste paper?
How did it come here?
Who could've thrown it here?
May be thrown it without
knowing its value.
lt's just a girl's painting,
why are you praising it so much?
Only a painter like me can understand
the greatness of such a painting.
What? ls it such
a valuable painting?
Yes, may be it was painted
over 100 years ago.
lt must be having a history.
lt could fetch crores abroad.
Our country doesn't value art,
so it may be worth 20 or 30 lakhs.
You say it's more than 100 years old,
don't know who painted it
and no signature on it too,
put your sign and exhibit in the
Sankranthi painting contest,
if we get that much money,
let's take it as a boon from God
to get rid of our poverty.
You're wrong.
lt's sin to claim as ours
what is not ours.
My biggest sin is to marry you.
The lifeless paintings you paint wears
expensive dresses and jewels too,
but as your wife, l'm not fortunate
to buy even a small nose pin.
Stealing another painter's hard work
is equal to committing suicide.
lf you consider it's an insult to
sell this painting to make money,
it's better you commit suicide.
lf you consider it's an insult to
sell this painting to make money,
it's better you commit suicide.
For a harsh word,
will you take your life?
Gift that to someone
who deserves to keep it.
Dramatization is the
divine monosyllable Veda...
That which has rhythm,
beat and harmony...
To the rhythmic beats,
my legs are making matching moves...
Heart on jig, that's my song...
To the lilting music...
union of soul and body...
ln this dance contest Gayathri and
Nivas who are adjudged as the best,
are being presented with this
rare over 100 year old painting.
Take Rs.800.
Sign the voucher.
it'll become Rs.8000.
You play.
Take Rs.500, priest.
Please sign the voucher.
That's it, Rs.500.
Add a zero to make it Rs.5000.
Hubby, they are here.
- Greetings.
They say zero has no value,
but only l know it's true value.
Father, Rs.40000 in the bureau...
Just tell me where you've kept it,
don't shout,
if your uncle hears it.
ls it you?
You're his brother-in-law, so he let you,
me and our family have free run here,
why are you so avaricious?
Silly woman! l'm taking the cuts
for our daughters' marriages.
lf they elope with someone,
we may end up in humiliation and death..
My father wants me to
marry one with cars,
if he comes to know
you're a car mechanic,
he'll break you down
into spare parts.
Shall we elope then?'s tell about our love
to father after Gowri's marriage.
Let's elope if he says no,
for now, l'll take leave.
God! Ensure her sister
is married soon.
Where is your sister?
Groom's people are here.
How long will she take?
Her college friends are her,
they're getting her ready.
That's why it's taking time.
lf groom sees you now, he may insist
on honeymoon first and then marriage.
Look, your sister's friends
are from city, right?
Make sure nobody enters out house.
You all are ready,
l'll change and come.
Where's the groom anyway?
May be taking a tour of home to assess
the value of father-in-law's property.
Keep quiet!
Auspicious time, bring Gowri.
l don't want this marriage.
l don't want this bride.
Let's go away.
Stop son!
lt's not fair to leave abruptly
without any reason.
Father, get into the car first.
l'll tell you the reason
after reaching home.
What happened upstairs?
Why did the groom refuse the
proposal and walked out in huff?
Did the groom walked out?
l don't know why did he leave?
But Gowri's friend is
unconscious upstairs.
What happened dear? Did you faint?
- What? Snake?
Very big snake! About 30 feet long!
lt raised the hood
and hissed at me.
What's this hubby? She says she
has seen such a large snake.
Do you remember l told you about seeing
Nobody believed me then.
From what the girl says, l'm sure
the snake is somewhere here only.
ls it him? He looks more like
a squirrel catcher than a snake charmer.
Where is it? Where's the snake?
Where's my Nagalakshmi?
You can't even move an inch
the snake here with this stick.= Why?
Do you know its length?
Do you know what snake l've caught?
l'll kick you to stop saying that.
Ask about Anaconda Abbulu in Hollywood,
entire America shivers!
First go up and see, let's see
who will shiver you or the snake.
Do you know what had happened
while making the film Anaconda?
Stop your banter!
First catch the snake,
we'll know your expertise then.
l think these people are
more poisonous than the snake.
One thing!
- What now?
l'll go up alone,
nobody should follow me.
Why? Want to slip out from there?
Watch yourself if l slip away
or come out carrying the snake.
Rajyam! Where you my dear?
God! Make sure he catches the snake.
lt seems the snake charmer
didn't die from a snake bite.
According to post mortem report,
there's no poison in his body.
An innocent snake charmer
got killed in our home...
Sir...sir...we searched everywhere
but didn't find any snake.
Okay, you go.
Doctors in hospital say no poison,
people say there's no snake here,
what's this strange?
Elder daughter is like that.
Gita has vowed never to marry.
Gowri's engagement got
cancelled twice.
A snake charmer got
killed in our home.
May be it's a serpent's curse,
let's meet an astrologer.
Do you think this astrologer
will solve our daughter's problem?
Our family astrologer said the problem
is in our home not in her horoscope.
Not only he said he's the
right man to solve the problem.
He's not only an expert in Vastu,
but scholar in geo, water and air.
What's his name?
Somebody is here, bring them in.
Please come in.
He's there!
You've come with a problem,
from a place of problem,
l'll come to your home,
As your astrologer said,
not only your daughters but
horoscopes of others are also fine.
What about my horoscope then?
May be there's some bad omen
in this home, let me see it.
Open the doors of this room.
lt's me Chandramukhi!
l saw this painting in
Ganga's house 5 years ago,
how did it reach this place?
Who is she?
My second daughter Gita.
What are you doing in this
room with the painting?
She's a painter, her life ambition
is to paint a replica of it.!
Put an end to your ambition right now.
Close the door permanently.
lt's my life ambition to paint it.
Even if you close the door,
l'll open the door to
finish the painting.
lf you try to open the door
to finish the painting,
l'll tie your hands
with my divine power.
How did this painting
reach your home?
My elder daughter Gayathri and her
husband won it in a dance contest.- When?
l thought the problem got solved
in that home 5 years ago,
this painting reached this home
and the problems resurfaced again.
Where is your daughter and son-in-law?
The day this painting came
into their possession...
They both died in an accident.
They died immediately after the
painting reached their hands,
the reason is she!
lt's Chandramukhi!
We are unable to understand
what you're saying, astrologer?
By the way, who is Chandramukhi?
Why are we facing problems
because of her?
Whichever home this painting reaches,
a girl in the family will face problems.
Till Chandramukhi takes her revenge,
she'll not spare that girl.
Why should we lock this door then?
Why not just throw away the painting?
lf you throw away the painting,
only the painting goes,
the problem will not.
By now Chandramukhi would've
possessed any one of your daughters.
How to find it who has been possessed?
There are just two people
in lndia to find that.
They've solved many such problems
and got acclaimed world wide.
One is Bradley's assistant Eashwar,
another is Eashwar's assistant Vijay.
Who among the two will come here?
Without fans,
there'll be no heroes...
Without followers,
there'll be no leaders...
Without workers,
there'll be no owners...
Without devotees,
there'll be no Gods...
You're the hero, leader,
owner and God...
Never follow anyone,
march ahead...
Your power is the weapon...
your love is the temple...
Trust it, my brother...
Your sweat is the fuel...
today is your wealth...
Get up! You're a creator...
This is what the heart wishes...
this is what treats the man...
Allopathy, telepathy and homeopathy,
every science says the same...
Quit fear and shiver and march ahead...
Feeling content and stopping the
endeavour is wrong and it's a disease...
Drawing boundary and shutting out
dreams is disaster, open your eyes...
Quit that habit and
lit the fire of ambition...
You're the're the life...
You're the pride of the country...
Show swiftness and march ahead...
Greetings doctor.
l'm Ramachandra Siddhanti here.
Ramachandra Siddhanti?
My Guru's friend.
How are you doing sir?
l feel you're not fine.
Only you both have the capacity to find
what's in heart by hearing the voice.
Chandramukhi's painting in Ganga's house,
it's now in a man's house
in Tirupathi.
Just now my guru called me
from America about this.
But l've a small doubt, can l ask?
- Go ahead.
You and my guru solved this problem
long back in Ganga's house, right?
How did it resurface again?
Painting thrown away from Ganga's house
reached Shankar's home in Tirupathi.
So what if it's there?
How is the painting
connected with the problem?
So many problems have cropped after
the painting reached Shankar's home.
Two people are dead.
When l see this l feel Chandramukhi's
problem is still alive.
You're giving me the case which
Eashwar would be handling,
l can understand the
confidence he has in me,
l'll take it as a challenge
and solve the case.
Happy to hear it.
Eashwar told me l've a surprize
in it for me,
that's why he's sending me
instead of him.
l don't know what's that.
lf he says so, l'm sure there will be.
l've to attend a seminar
with my Guru in America,
do you know that topic?
But l'm going to handle case directly.
l'm coming there!
l'll keep up your name.
Till now you were in America,
now you're going to
Tirupathi for a case.
Take dad's blessings
before leaving, son.
lt's a bad omen
if a photo falls down, son.
The photo has been hanging
for 15 years now,
the nail got rusted and
gave in unable to hold the weight.
Don't you accept it as blessing
if a flower falls from God's photo?
lsn't it better if the
photo itself falls down, mom?
What are you saying son?
Mother, don't take
anything negatively.
Take everything positively.
l'll come back successfully, okay?
Whatever be it, please sit back for
a minute, have water and then leave.
What can l say sir?
lt's a tradition.
lf anything crosses our path
while going out, we must have water.
What if a cat crosses the path?
Should we feed milk to it and then go?
May be our ancestors would've
said it for fun.
lf they say it, will you also
tell the same thing?
Don't you've sense?
Don't you've brain?
Don't you've knowledge?
What's this hammering in
the first scene, sir?
Get into the car.
- Me? With you?
Mistook for carrying this bag?
My mother has selected a bride,
l'm going to home town.
l got it sir. You want to know
why l'm marrying at this age.
You may get 100 brides in every
street for your personality.
For my personality, l may not
get even one in 100 streets.
lnfact we are going now
to meet a girl.
ls he a doctor or broker?
l'm a doctor not a broker.
How could you read my mind?
Doctor, please teach me
that technique.
Get into the car, pick up the bag.
- Okay.- Come.
Would she approve me?
l'm sure she'll approve you,
will you approve her?
Would she be that horrible?
World beauty! Epitome of beauty!
What's the problem then?
- Little older than you.
How old she'll be?
- About 125 years old.
How come this song is playing
in your car, doctor?
Just for fun, playing a CD.
There's no CD player in car, right?
Kept it under.- Under whom?
- Under you.
Thanks for making it.
You said Chandramukhi's painting
is in this house.
l came rewinding the history
listening to that song.
Are there four girls in this house?
You've your guru's
mischievousness too.
People around me must be happy.
That's my guru's principle
and mine too.
Why are you surprized?
This time you must pass intermediate.
Surprized, how did l know it?
You'd failed twice already.
How did you know my sister
failed in intermediate?
Hema, l know you to had failed
twice in eight class.
How could you say correctly
about girls in my house, doctor?
l'm coming to you now.
How people above 90 years
are so healthy?
What do they eat?
What do they drink?
You want to do research and
write a doctoral thesis on it.
You count the age
and l figure out with mind.
l've never seen anyone
like you till now, doctor.
Can you tell anything about me?
Designing is your hobby.
Painting is your life.
lf you get any painting,
you don't rest till you paint it.
How are able to tell correctly
about people in my house?
Just for fun.
But a character is missing
from this house.
Do you think he knows about
our eldest daughter?
Don't talk loud and
announce it to him.
l'm in this house
for two days now,
l don't even know their names,
but you know everything...
Some come and get to know about people,
some come after knowing everything.
l'm second type.
Robbers do come prepared,
he's not a thief, is he?
Stealing brother-in-law's
money by adding zeroes.
Shall l tell you the balance?
- Oh no, he's extremely dangerous.
l must send him out from here.
- lt's impossible for you.
He's reading the mind.
- That's me!
Where's the thing we should meet?
l mean Chandramukhi.
Please come.
Where's everyone? l'm alone here.
l'm coming for you...
Why are you standing here
for a family photo?
What happened?
Why did you lock this room?
l told them to lock it.
- Why?
To know which girl in this family
is affected by Chandramukhi.
How can you know if the door is locked?
You'll get the clue to the case
only when the door is open, right?
Unnecessarily, astrologer
locked up this room.
l can understand your anxiety.
Your ambition is to paint Chandramukhi.
Astrologer is stopping you.
Nobody will stop you from painting it.
Paint happily.
l sincerely wish that
your ambition be fulfilled.
Down is lose and top is frozen?
Shock in the top and
down is very weak.
Face is perfect but
legs are shivering.
Pant isn't wet, right?
- But face is wet.
You like her?
- She must like me, right?
Why wouldn't she?
You're the lone bachelor here.
She ghosts love bachelors
like country chicken curry.
Do you've to tell that so loudly?
- Just for fun.
Think these are not hands but legs.
lf hands become legs,
what would legs become then?
What will nose become? How about ear?
Why are you talking strangely?
- l said because people talk like that.
lf people say like that,
you too would talk like that?
Don't you've sense?
Don't you've brain?
Don't you've knowledge?
- Sir, please l do have.
l beg you sir,
these are your legs only.
l say holding your legs sir.
- What are you saying?
What am l saying?
What was l saying?
Why am l behaving like this?
l've wet the bed here and you're
sleeping soundly under the sheets.
Why are you waking a sleeping man
and asking are you sleeping?
lt's my fault.
Doctor, it's ringing twelve.
lt'll ring twelve times at midnight,
not 13 times, you idiot.
Go to sleep.
- But l've a small doubt.
Clear it and l'll go to sleep.
- Cry it out.
Will l marry in this life?
- l do believe you will.
Would l've children?
l believe your wife
must have that faith in you.
What should l name the
children if l do have?
What? Chandramukhi?
Where's the doctor?
Who was l talking to till now?
With Chandramukhi!
What's it man?
- Why did you scare me like this?
ls it justified?
- Just for fun!
This is part of treatment,
how will you get courage then?
That's right sir, how can a donkey
know the fragrance of sandalwood?
l blabbered something in fear,
please forgive me sir.
Shall l tell you something?
Other we both, everyone else
in this house is a ghost.
Already l'm scared and
you're scaring me more.
How can l sleep now?
l'll give you a tablet to sleep.
- Give me.
l don't mind the high dose also.
- Get me some water.- Water?
Give me.
- No, l'll give directly.
This is what you call blind faith.
May l sing a song in
Pure Dhanyasi raga?
You too join the dance with me.
What's this Gunasekhar?
Why are you silent?
Don't worry,
nobody can disturb us here.
What are you at this late hour?
This is my house, l'll do
anything at anytime in any place.
Anyway what are you doing
at this late hour?
Girl elopes with lover and
lodges complaint on parents...
l've two daughters.
Why is she coming form upstairs?
Why are you coming down the steps
instead of coming from our room?
Doctor wants bed coffee so...
Did you go to his room
to serve him coffee?
Did you ever serve me bed coffee
in our 25 years of marriage?
lt's been years since you've
forgotten about the bed,
why you need a bed coffee?
- Okay, you go now.
Forgot bed, you know that well.
Where are you going dear?
- l'm taking doctor's coffee.
Why are you shaking
so much for that?
Try to pass the exam
atleast by copying, go.
lt's my responsibility to save
married and unmarried women from doctor.
My house in on fire,
no use in being complacent.
She's going to take bath,
l'll stay here till she comes out.
lf not she may also
go after the doctor.
l'm here!
- l've put the ladder.
Then l'm coming.
As guru said Chandramukhi's anklet
sounds at midnight in Ganga's home,
and here getting out
from bathroom roof,
romancing in day time!
Something is happening here.
Tiles are removed,
the door is locked from inside.
But nobody is inside.
Nobody is here!
Come out...come out l say... the door!
- Father is calling me, bye.
Family members! Come here!
l'm ruined.
- What happened, Appa Rao?
Tell me without crying.
Hema is taking bath inside.
- Why are you crying for that?
ls she using more water or
worried about soap wearing thin?
Calm down foolish lady!
Why would l worry if she
takes bath alone?- Then?
Doctor too is inside.
Call him out and bash him up.
Throw him out from the house.
Open the door, my daughter.
Open the door.
What's it father?
Have you come out alone?
Where's the doctor?
Where are you hiding, doctor?
Where's the doctor?
- He was inside little while ago...
What's the confusion there?
Doctor is there and you claim
he's inside the bathroom.
l thought you know to read minds only,
do you know to fly in air also?
Doctor is no ordinary man!
Nurse took a day off and he turned me
into a woman for two days.
l'll push you from the roof.
Anyone would push if l scold,
why are you pushing for praise?
For me praise is also
like scolding, come.
father, you've gone crazy
ever since he's here.
First you get treated by him.
Where are you going?
- To take bath.
As father l've a word for you.
- Tell me dad.
No women in the house must take bath
till doctor is in this place.
What makes you believe that the problem
faced in Ganga's house 5 years ago,
has cropped up again in this house?
When Eashwar treated psychologically
affected Ganga,
Chandramukhi's room door
was wide open,
l saw with my divine vision Chandramukhi
leaving the room in the form a snake.
lf you use the same power to find
the snake now and tell me,
let's catch the snake and
problem will be solved.
Psychologists like you would
make fun of astrologers like us.
Remember one thing, Ganga went in
search of Chandramukhi in that house,
but here Chandramukhi has come
in search of someone.
Why should she come here?
Why not go after my guru Eashwar?
Why not come after me?
Doctor don't brush it
aside as silly,
find out first who in this house
is possessed by Chandramukhi.
After that l'll decide
what should be done.
Doctor, l'm unable to get sleep
even after doing yoga.
l'm afraid l'll die here.
lf l tell you what astrologer
told me, you'll be shocked.
What's it?
Chandramukhi is in the form
of a 30 feet long snake here.
Till yesterday you said she was ghost
and now you say she's a snake,
if its ghost we can live
thinking it's not there,
but snake will be here definitely,
and we may die if it bites.
lf you know such things, keep it in
your heart don't scare me telling that.
Would anyone keep snake inside?
We must let it go out.
Why do you tell me when there
so many others here?
What if you see the snake
and die in shock?
- lt's not a snake but belt.
l kept it there.
He talks about ghosts,
snakes and belts.
lf you stay here, you're sure
to die in installments.
Run away before dawn.
Where ever you my go,
the snake will not leave you.
He'll understand if l speak
in mother tongue Telugu,
l'll speak in a language
he'll not understand.
How can it come?
l'll run away stealthily.
l'll chase you and won't leave you.
Not only mother tongue,
you'll understand in any
language l may speak.
Give me the tablet which
you gave me last night.
l'll give it not throw
into mouth, catch it.
Pure hallucination!, douse it.
Open the the door.
Doctor, come...come...
Doctor, come...put off the fire.
Astrologer's house is on fire,
put it off.
Put off the fire!
Did you see this?
You didn't believe when l
said Chandramukhi is here.
Do you believe now that
she did this to kill me?
She's scared of losing her
evil power to my divine power.
Don't get angry, you've divine power
so she used fire against you,
but who are the people
who attacked me?
lt could be anyone who
had attacked you,
but it's her who had attacked me!
l'll go out from here in fear.
Nobody can dare touch me till
l've this divine power with me.
Where are you coming from
at this late power?
That is...
There's current in the house, right?
Why are you carrying a lantern?
That is...that is...
l didn't give this to Eashwar
in Ganga's house.
But l feel you need this here.
Though you don't believe it.
You must wear it around neck
for my sake.
You trust in God and
do everything,
but l see God in everything l do.
l believe God but not superstitions.
l trust only the science
l've learnt.
This house is more interesting
than Ganga's house.
Hubby, l went up to call
doctor for breakfast,
but he's not in his room.
Good riddance!
Last night he was attacked,
who doesn't want to live?
He may have run away.
You mean doctor?
He's playing outside with women.
With my daughters?
Not just daughters but
with your wife too. a game of Kabaddi...
Pick up a volley ball and
kick a goal with football...
Stick and stone, slide, Gilly,
play every sport with spirit...
Play marbles and enter
Guinness book of records...
Play housie in Olympics...
Play monkey jump on tree
in Commonwealth games...
Win the world cup in
stone throwing game...
Win the French title in
snake and ladder game...
Shine in lPL playing card game...
Start match fixing...
Goal...goal...kick a goal...
lf women play hopping game,
it will shape up your bodies...
lf you join together and play
gymnastics, your beauty will glow...
Robber and police game will
spice up your life...
Game on the river sand will
excite your life...
Make us play mom and dad game...
Come to me...
l'll not spare you today.
lf dance program is going on here,
it's happening here not in the
room with Chandramukhi's painting.
Come...l'll come for you...
l'm yours and l'm here for you...
Who is it?
Who shouted now?
Ask them.
Our eldest daughter Gayathri.
You said she's dead.
Lied to you.
A dance contest was conducted
in Hyderabad,
in an accident that happened while
coming back with Chandramukhi's painting,
my son-in-law died,
my daughter lost her mind seeing her
husband die in a bloody accident.
l said about a missing person
on the day l came here,
it was about Gayathri.
l'm here for you welfare
and why did you lie to me?
Second daughter's marriage got
cancelled because of Gayathri,
and has vowed never
to marry in life,
to save my third daughter
from such a plight,
we lied about eldest's death.
Would any mother lie about
daughter's death when she's alive?
l committed that sin.
That's why l'm getting punished.
Who is dancing and
singing song at midnight?
Though she's mad, she hasn't
forgotten the dance she learnt.
With such a big dot,
laughing and crying,
dancing and singing,
infact l went there at night
to feed Gayathri.
What's your opinion about
Gayathri as a doctor?
l feel she's mad.
Any doctor can cure her madness.
Gayathri is not mad,
Chandramukhi has possessed her
immediately after she got the painting,
and killed her husband Nivas,
because Chandramukhi will not accept
anyone other than Gunasekhar as husband,
your guru Eashwar would've told you.
l'll prove that you're wrong.
lf you bring Gayathri to
the temple tomorrow morning,
l'll prove she's possessed
by Chandramukhi.
Did you see doctor?
Gayathri feared to enter temple
because she's possessed by Chandramukhi.
Cattle, sheep and birds ran in
fear because of Chandramukhi.
lt's the evidence that animals
scent the evil first.
l too know birds and animals know
the upcoming earth quakes or Tsunamis.
May be animals and birds reacted to
some earth quake when she stepped in here.
Whatever we may tell the scientists,
one question will always remain.
Science is part of knowledge
and not the other way round.
lf l don't make Gayathri sit,
and make her say she's Chandramukhi,
my name henceforth shall not
be Ramachandra Siddhanti.
Bless women of this house, Goddess.
What's that?
Leave me!
Who are you talking to?
With Chandramukhi.
Where is she?
- Under the basket.
Who Chandramukhi is?
A 30 feet long snake.
Can it be under this basket?
lt's not under it, watch out.
You made fun of me just now
as if you're a brave man.
Why are you afraid now?
l like MGR, l like Sivaji,
l like Rajini, l like Kamal,
l love Tamil!
Please leave me.
l kept it under the basket.
What just happened, that's what
was happening here earlier.
That's why l did this.
What's this doctor?
- What?
l almost died in fear.
Thank God!
- lt means!
Oh my gosh means?
- Oh my gosh!
This is not proverb, people generally
use it, l too used it.
lf they use will you also?
Don't you've sense?
Don't you've brain?
l just said that to relax,
why are you hammering me?
Just for fun.
Thank God!
Thank God?
lf he says it's not wrong,
if l say he'll hammer me.
Sailing with the wind...
l said that to myself.
Siddhanti! Jump into the water!
Will you accept now that Gayathri
is possessed by Chandramukhi?
lt wanted to kill me because
l'll drive it out of her today.
Gayathri has been locked in
the room, how can she come out?
Chandramukhi may come any form,
when she'll enter Gayathri's body,
and when she leaves it
the form of snake,
nobody can tell.
First diverted our attention
towards Gita and the painting.
Now that we know she's in
the body of the mad girl,
she's trying to kill me now.
Though there are many
who say God is there,
there are few who say there's no god,
when God men produce
Shiva linga from mouth,
even rationalists are doing it,
l'm asking you a question
on behalf of all of them,
do you really believe there
are ghosts and devils?
ln this world if you've light,
there's darkness too,
if there's truth,
there's false too,
if there's fire,
there's water too,
likewise if there's God,
then there will be evil power.
People who had the experience
will believe it,
those who didn't would
wait for the experience.
Nobody can dare touch me till
this divine power is with me.
l want to unravel certain
things on my own,
till then please don't
offer prayers for Gayathri.
l came to this library has book on
Venkatapuram king who ruled 100 years ago.
Can you please check
if it's still available?
l'll check, wait a minute please.
lt's there.
Check in the biography section.
Life history of Venkatapuram King.
Authored by Surasena.
ls he King Venkatapathy Rajasekhar?
ln the desire to become the king
got killed by his own brother,
HH Venkatapathy Rajasekhar.
My guru said Venkatapathy Rajasekhar
ruled the kingdom.
But the book says another man
killed him and ruled the kingdom.
lf it is so, who could he be?
His Highness Nagabhairava Rajasekhar!
Guru you said l'm in for
a surprize here.
ls it this?
lt means you've read this book already.
Was Nagabhairava who lived
Was Nagabhairava who lived
His Royal Highness Nagabhairava
Rajasekhar is arriving! Be alert!
Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu)
Venkatapuram king Nagabhairava
has entered our fort, lord!
Great! Wow!
Lord, priceless diamonds,
pearls, topaz, crystals are here!
Fill our treasury with it.
A rare priceless diamond
is there in it.
Valuable than these?
What's that, lord?
May be this is what you call
killing with eyes, Commander.
Who is this beauty?
You saw, my lord, a court dancer.
Her name is Chandramukhi.
ls this the moon that makes real moon
to diminish and vanish in jealous?
lt's a boon to enjoy your beauty.
lf one doesn't get that,
it's a curse.
Lord, you've won over this kingdom,
even if l say no,
you'll not spare my daughter.
all l wish she must be
alive somewhere,
be happy anywhere she may be.
l'll not come with you.
Even if you forcibly take me,
l'll not come with you,
only my body will come.
lf l ever live,
it'll be with my Gunasekhar.
Lord, Nagavalli loves Gunasekhar
who dances with her.
- That's the name we gave her.
After she got fame as a great dancer,
people called her as Chandramukhi.
lt that's your wish, then let's
take Gunasekhar also with us.
Find and bring him with us.
- So be it, lord.
l like you and you like Gunasekhar,
then both of together
dance in my court.
Where's Gunasekhar?
l'll never break my promise.
Look there!
You're pulling him like beast,
what's this horrible?
You love him more than your life.
Shouldn't l know if he
too loves you as much?
What do you mean?
lf he survives till
we reach my kingdom,
it means he truly loves you,
Lord, he's dead.
Cut the rope.
His love is false,
that's why he died.
Safeguard it in our treasury.
Look after my Chandramukhi
like a queen in my palace.
As you say lord!
You're very lucky.
lf you do as he says,
Lord will give his life to you.
His Royal Highness Nagabhairava
Rajasekhar is arriving! Be alert!
valorous King,
with great history...
Powerful like sun,
people hail your victory...
This world is rotating
looking at you, maiden...
Powerful than thousand lightning...
Real beauty...
The sensuous beauty is
moving like chariot...
My heart, body and soul
is following you...
Sharp sword like eyes...
life like beauty...
Your body is lightning that
can split the sky...
When your tender feet dances...
earth will shake where ever it may be...
Silent devastation...
There's no one like you...
Your youth...
lt's spreading like new light
hot and swift towards sun...
Smile is butter..
Waist is hot savoury...
We've been destined long back
to become a couple...
First time...
et me come to you...
Let this great warrior
fight and lose to you...
l'm seeking refuge in you...
come to me...become mine...
Charge me up...have a blast...
Treasure of pleasure...
My present to your
great dance and beauty.
ls it painting?
lt's oozing life!
l'm grateful, lord.
l'm pleased with your talent.
Accept my gift.
How could you paint so wonderfully!
l enjoyed her beauty in
my heart and painted it, my lord.
Gift for painting her.
For enjoying her beauty.
Other than me no man should
enjoy her beauty even in his dream.
Lord who loves you so much,
why did you dance with
vengeance before him?
l didn't come here to love him.
To kill him.
l must kill him myself to avenge
the killing of my Gunasekhar.
lf l don't burn him alive and
reduce him to ashes as revenge,
my name henceforth shall
not be Chandramukhi.
Can fill a heart
and kill a man too.
What a great beauty is yours!
Aren't you...
- No yet dead.
l just acted as dead.
How could you come here?
Nobody has seen you, right?- No.
lf anyone sees you here,
you'll be dead.
They mustn't know you're alive.
Hereafter we must meet secretly.
Sell this and arrange to
stay somewhere near by.
He's coming,
go away from here quickly. Go!
When you are here,
l didn't want to waste time
watching your painting,
so here l'm,
don't get afraid,
l'll not take you by force,
l may be like Lord Krishna
in romance,
but l'm cousin of Ravana when
it comes to following tradition.
l'll never touch any woman
without her consent.
The fear that was on your face
when you came here is no more,
l see the happiness of getting
what you're not supposed to get,
indeed you women play
with lives of men.
Lord has ordered to keep this
painting in your quarters.
l'm going out on
a hunting mission,
will be back after two days only.
You march ahead!
Nagabhairava will not come back
for next two days.
Let's unite before he comes back.
He'll desire me till l'm a virgin.
lf we make love once,
he'll no more desire me.
l'm coming for you...
l'm here...
Celebrating the memories...
l'm spreading out for you...
l'm stretching hand for you...
My heart is dancing...
What relationship is this...
ls it a continuation
from earlier birth...
ls it a flower or
honey filled flower?
ls it a flower holding
the honey of my love?
Come, l must embrace my love...
l must take you into my arms...
To celebrate our union of love...
Let the union of love continue...
Let the hurdles vanish...
Let everything fall into place
to celebrate love, come...
Who is it?
- lt's me!
Please don't harm him.
Don't harm him.
Arrest him!
Leave me.
Don't kill me.
Leave me....don't kill me.
l found fro the happiness
in your eyes last night,
that you've seen him and
he has come back alive,
how dare you bring him here
to my palace,
and make him sleep on my bed.
Douse her with oil!
Get me a torch!
Burn me...burn me...
For killing me and my Gunasekhar,
if l don't kill you on the festive
day of Durgashtami,
my name henceforth shall
not be Chandramukhi.
l'll not spare you!
l'll not spare you alive.
You'll die in my hands only.
King, Chandramukhi has died mortally,
but her soul is still alive.
She died on Durgashtami day,
next year same day, offer a
sacrifice and locking eight sides,
we must impound her soul in it.
That's the only solution to it.
As you say.
nobody should open this door.
By mistake if it's opened,
Chandramukhi problem will resurface.
So Ganga opened the door
after 100 years.
Tell me my lord!
Though l've burnt Chandramukhi
and reduced her to ashes,
l'm unable to forget her.
l'm seeing Chandramukhi
in any unmarried girl.
So, order every virgin in this
kingdom to leave immediately.
lf not l'll kill them.
Who is Nagabhairava asking
to leave this kingdom?
Our elder sisters and younger sisters,
and your daughters,
before he sends away our girls,
let's unite and kill him.
Nagabhairava who managed
to escape that day,
few think he had committed
suicide later,
and few others think he was murdered,
and few others believed
he was still alive,
nobody till now knows
which is true and which is false.
So, this book was
read earlier by her!
l know to speak in Telugu.
lt would be over 100 years since
Chandramukhi's family perished away.
But you're the second man to
inquire about them in last 3 or 4 years.
Who came before me?
- A girl.
- Yes.
She was fine before
asking the details,
before coming out of
Chandramukhi's house,
holding the painting of Chandramukhi,
she ran away like a mad woman!
One more thing people here say
anklet sounds were heard from her home.
But after the girl went away,
the anklet sounds has stopped.
That's Chandramukhi's house!
l saw in my divine vision Chandramukhi
leaving the place as serpent.
So, the painting seen in the
out house was taken from here.
A dancer named Nivas died
in a road accident,
but the lorry which hit him had run
over two shops before with brake failure,
the case was closed two years ago,
why are you inquiring now?
The snake charmer had heart problem,
so l had warned him not
to play the hautboy,
but he played it for money,
he died vomiting blood.
So Chandramukhi isn't behind
the deaths of these 2 people.
This man's horoscope is great!
One in a crore has such
a great horoscope.
His life span is at peak!
But govt. records say nobody
has lived more than 116 years.
lf you go and see in the
caves of Himalayas,
there are people who are
living for more than 200 years,
even a snap of finger
can break their skull,
so they live in isolation
and absolute silence.
Living on just air and
they don't excrete out anything,
if such people ever die,
it happens by nature only.
You've cleared my doubt.
Do you know whose horoscope was that?
- Whose?
Nagabhairava Rajasekhar!
He's somewhere here only!
He's still alive!
l can feel his movements.
You must find him.
Only then this family will
be out of difficulties.
l'll make a sincere try.
You find the King, and l'll chase out
Chandramukhi from Gayathri's body.
Before doctor catches Chandramukhi,
it's better l catch one of
these girls for myself.
lf l get her,
it's like getting an apple.
What's it uncle?
- Uncle?
Take off your hands,
mind your work. Clean it.
She's a book worm,
very easy to trap her.
How do l look like in this dress?
You look like my younger paternal uncle.
lf you lose the hair in the front,
you'll be like my elder uncle.
Why don't you wear such
dress every day?
Why? ls it so good?
ln this dress you look like...
- Really like?
My late grandfather!
You study, let him die.
Am l like your late grandpa?
She's like Chandramukhi's property,
better to stay away from her.
What to do? She's the right
choice for my standard.
Got any details about my inquiry?
We heard about a 120 year old man
living on the hills of Ratnagiri.
lf you go there, l'm sure
you'll get the details.
Sir, he lives in the
dilapidated fort on the hill top.
Nobody in this village
has ever seen him.
At times we hear loud cries.
Didn't anyone try to see him?
to the fort and never returned.
Who will dare after that?
- l'll try to go there.
Will you? Go ahead and try.
Who are you? Go...go away!
Don't come...go away...go...
Don't die in my hands.
Go...go away!
Make her to sit there.
Don't come near me...don't come...
Who are you?
Who are you?
Tell me!
Tell me...what's your name?
Tell me!
Tell me...tell me l say
Tell me!
Will you tell me or not?
Tell me what's your name?
- Chandramukhi Gayathri!
l didn't give this to Eashwar
in Ganga's home.
But l feel you need this here.
ls it divine or coincidence?
Take her to the room
and lock the door.
Mother, doctor is here.
You always take me
where ever you go,
why did you leave me alone
in this palatial house?
My mother says my sister isn't mad
but is possessed by Chandramukhi.
He didn't sprinkle sacred ash
but caned her to get the answer.
Yes doctor,
when astrologer asked her,
she said her name is
Chandramukhi Gayathri.
She said she's Chandramukhi Gayathri
inside the holy mark.
By the way,
what about your inquiry?
Did you meet the king?
ls he still alive?
He's still alive but Gayathri isn't
possessed by Chandramukhi.
Don't you trust me?
l do.
But please give me an
opportunity to clear my doubt.
Get my kit.
Till now l was never happy,
don't know if l'll be happy in future.
Remember one thing,
the girl inside is not
Gayathri but Chandramukhi.
l beg you sir, you can cure
humans but not ghosts.
Let's leave her to the long hair man.
ls it necessary to dance
with ghosts now?
lf you can't avoid, you go inside,
if anything happens to you,
l must be outside to inform others.
l'm innocent!
l'm not a doctor but a nurse.
male nurse, sister.
lf you want to possess anyone,
go for the doctor.
Leave me sister...
please leave me sister, l beg you.
Sister has understood me.
Good that l used to
watch Tamil films often.
Hold hand.
- Okay.
Not mine but Gayathri's.
l'll not hold hands of other women.
Then l may have to give you
a shot of injection.
That's much better.
l'm taking you back 10 years.
You joined Shobha Natya Mandali.
You got acquainted with a man there.
lt blossomed into love.
lsn't it?
Later on you married him.
Tell me what's his name?
You were presented with Chandramukhi's
painting in a dance contest.
Do you remember it?
l do!
What happened after that?
We won a big contest but were
presented with an ordinary painting.
Couldn't they've given
a gold medal or a title?
You don't know about
this painting,
the lady in the painting
is Chandramukhi,
a great dancer who created
a style of her own,
this painting is more valuable
than the medal or title you want.
Anyways l'll present you
a title as your guru.
From today your name
is Chandramukhi Gayathri.
Chandramukhi Gayathri...
When you and your husband were
walking, a speeding lorry hit him,
seeing your husband die
right before your eyes,
you were shocked,
and fell into a confusion whether
the incident really happened or not,
a man who you loved more than
your life and married him, if he dies,
your husband's soul will be in pain
because you didn't shed a tear for him,
it would be crying to
shed a tear for him,
cry your heart out to
bring out every tear in you,
cry till the pain and sadness
in your heart comes out in tears,
Siddhanti made her cry by beating
and he's also making her cry.
l'm unable to see my daughter
going through this hell.
What happened, doctor?
Why is she crying now?
Let her cry...cry...
ln few minutes she'll
recognize her people.
l came here in fear,
but l'm leaving proudly
from this room.
l'm really proud to
be your assistant.
Why is Gayathri crying now?
Your daughter is not mad anymore.
Really doctor?
Go and see her.
Forgive me sir,
l didn't mean insult you.
Watching her husband die,
her mind got blocked,
she didn't cry or
shed a tear for him,
now she's crying her heart out,
she survived all these days
because of their prayers only.
Thanks...a thousand thanks...
Ajust thanks isn't enough for a
good man who did great service...
Working hard all these days
to bring back smiles in the family...
To a God who brought
light to the home...
The patience was yours...
The help was yours...
The victory is also yours...
The endeavour was yours...
The sacrifice was yours...
l was just with you in it...
The missing rhythm is
the starting of a song...
When you stop dangers on the way,
it's happiness after that...
These are divine ploys of God...
This is the auspicious day
when the bad period got over...
My heart is dancing...
l got the boon after a sacrifice...
l'm now on the move
because of you...
l was born again
after you came...
l'll take another birth
to repay my gratitude...
A thousand births...
You all are celebrating as if
the problems here are solved.
You're mistaken that
Chandramukhi problem is over.
What's this sir?
He's right.
Chandramukhi problem is still there.
l got doubt on each one every day.
lt was very difficult to find
who was possessed by Chandramukhi.
When you taking bath in the well,
somebody tried to kill you,
you weren't wearing the
holy beads at that tme.
l observed this.
One day you told Gita
showing the holy beads,
nobody can dare tuch me till
this divine power is with me.
l remembered this and went
to meet Gita in her room.
Looks like you've brought all
the great men into your room.
Where did you buy it?
l didn't buy them,
l painted it myself.
Stop cracking jokes.
Did you paint? Wonderful!
When you could paint others
so wonderfully,
why are you not able
to paint Chandramukhi?
That's what l'm unable
to understand.
l could paint anyone in a day,
but every time l'm trying
to draw this painting,
l'm missing something,
if l get the eyes perfectly,
l'm missing the nose,
if nose is perfect,
then l'm missing out on lips.
May be you could've seen
these men personally.
Or else may have read about them.
Did you see Chandramukhi
or read about her?
First know about her
and then start painting,
l'm sure you'll achieve your aim.
Don't l know about Chandramukhi?
Do you know her complete story?
Nagabhairava abducted Chandramukhi,
Chandramukhi met her
lover Gunasekhar secretly,
king who came to know this
knocked down his head,
and burnt alive Chandramukhi
and reduced her to ashes.
So you know many things.
Not only that, there's a big book
about the king also.
Guru told there's
a book on Chandramukhi,
is there a book on the king also?
After talking with Gita,
l went to the library,
l learnt everything about the king,
after finishing the book,
when l came to sign the ledger,
l saw the name of the lady
whom l had suspected.
Come, l'll show you.
How many are there in your
research on people over 90 years?
lt seems there are 5 lakh people
living for more than 100 years.
l saw on the internet.
There are many sages in Himalayas
who are living for more than 130 years.
l heard about one or two
people living in our region.
l'll find out who they are
and complete my research.
l saw one of the two people
you mentioned now.
Close to this place.
- Near by?
Till now not a news has
come out about him.
lnfact nobody has
seen him till now.
Nobody has seen him till now?
He went into a fort near
by many years ago,
nobody who went into the fort
has come back alive.
Only l've come back.
What's his age?
More than 130 years.
Did you see him?
Did you really see him?
Not only l saw him,
l know his name too.
What's his name?
Where is he now?
There's a hill Ratnagiri
near to this place,
he lives in a dilapidated fort
on the hill top,
he's still living in the memories
of his dead lover Chandramukhi,
he's still living with a desire
to have her if she's born again,
poor mad king doesn't know
the true character of Chandramukhi.
What do you know about
her character?
Though she openly talks
about Gunasekhar only,
it seems she had many lovers,
it seems she used to take a new
lover every night and satisfy him.
lf king isn't there, lover,
if lover isn't there, then a soldier,
if he's not there,
then a male servant.
Any man she got for the night.
The truth is that Chandramukhi
is a nymphomaniac.
A cheap prostitute!
Hey dog! What do you know about me?
l'll never ever think of anyone
other than my lover Gunasekhar.
lf you say anything bad about me,
l'll burn you alive.
l don't want to burn you alive,
l want to burn alive Nagabhairava.
Don't get sacrificed
before he dies.
Go away from here...go!
Who are you?
Chandramukhi or Gowri? Tell me!
Tell me, Chandramukhi or Gowri?
Tell me!
What did l do now?
l committed a sin.
Committed a sin.
l've committed a sin.
Committed a sin.
Leave me...don't embarrass me.
Please go away.
l don't like this.
No use...
Go away!
Doctor, please kill me.
lf you don't kill me,
l may kill someone.
l don't know how to
praise you, doctor.
How did you find Gowri was
possessed by Chandramukhi?
The day l came here, l went
around this house that night.
l heard a song then,
l ran towards it,
somebody was singing and
dancing in the outhouse,
,but ran away on hearing
my foot steps,
l followed the anklet sounds,
l ran into Gita,
l observed then that Gita
wasn't wearing anklets,
the next day when your room got
burnt and were shouting for help,
all the members of the family
came running, except Gowri,
l observed that too,
that was the first time
l suspected her,
another day l heard song and
someone dancing in the outhouse,
l saw another painting
of Chandramukhi,
the painting in the house was
given as present top Gayathri,
getting doubt where did this
painting come from,
l entered the room,
suddenly someone threw
a flower vase on me,
trying to escape from it
l slipped and fell down,
Gayathri who was sleeping there
got up and shouted loudly,
when Gayathri was right
before me,
l heard another girl
running away wearing anklets,
Gayathri was with me,
then who ran out?
l was trying to find this out,
you asked them to bring
Gayathri to the temple,
family members pulled Gayathri
to the temple with great difficulty,
but while returning back,
Gowri alone managed to
pull her easily,
l observed this
and was surprized,
to confirm my doubt l went to
Gowri's room that night.
Looks like you're tensed, doctor.
- What to do?
l told astrologer that Chandramukhi
isn't in Gayathri's body.
But he won't believe me.
lt seems he'll offer prayers
and prove Gayathri is possessed.
What do you think about it, doctor?
About what?
About my sister being
possessed by Chandramukhi...
l saw the shiver and
tension in Gowri's voice.
...about that.
About that?
l can tell firmly that
your sister is insane.
l can say there's no problem
of Chandramukhi in this family.
l saw a type of psychic
vibration on Gowri's face.
As you say there's absolutely
no Chandramukhi problem in my family.
Yes, there's no Chandramukhi
problem in this family.
l saw Gayathri's dance
costume in Gowri's room.
When Gayathri was sleeping
in the outhouse,
Gowri used to turn into Chandramukhi
and dance there every night,
all of you thought it was Gayathri
who was dancing in the outhouse,
but it was Gowri who used
to sing and dance there.
Why was Gowri possessed
by Chandramukhi?
One day l asked Shankar Rao about the
attitudes of girls in the family,
He told me Gowri used to be in
hostel while studying in college,
l suspected some incident would've
happened to affect her there,
l went and met her friends,
Chandrika, a friend of Gowri
loved a boy,
knowing about Chandrika's love,
her maternal uncle,
ran a car over that boy
to kill him,
and tried to marry Chandrika forcibly,
unable to escape from uncle,
she doused herself with
kerosene and immolated self.
The incident of her close friend's
death hurt Gowri very much.
To escape from it,
she started research on people who
lived long without dying young,
she used to visit library to
read about kings and emperors,
she read about the history
on Venkatapathy King,
when she starts reading
the book, she's Gowri,
but she turns into Chandramukhi
while reading it,
since Chandrika too had similar
experience like Chandramukhi,
it made a deep impact on
the psyche of Gowri,
but she signs the logbook as Gowri
in English while taking the book,
but used to sign in Tamil as
Chandramukhi while returning the book.
To know more about her Gowri went
to Chandramukhi's house in Thanjavur.
Earlier Gowri has little
sympathy on Chandramukhi,
but after seeing the painting and
her home, it turned into empathy,
she entered the home as Gowri,
but came out like a mad girl.
What you said is right.
But why did Gowri try
twice to kill me?
Though l knew there's
a problem here,
l told Gowri that there's
no problem here,
that's why she didn't
concentrate on me,
but you strongly argued that
there's Chandramukhi problem here,
that's why she tried twice
to kill you.
Then, who attacked you that night?
They were ordinary men like us,
but were sent by a gentleman,
on the day of engagement,
it was Gowri who made the
groom run away in fear,
she accepted to marry publicly,
but went upstairs alone
to scare him away,
bridegroom himself
told me about this.
Hey dog! Do you want me?
Will you dare marry me?
Do you know who am l?
l'm Chandramukhi!
l saw with my eyes Gowri
turning into another person.
Go away from here!
Gowri who came down sat
innocently as if nothing happened.
Gayathri won the painting
in a contest,
Gita's life ambition is
to paint Chandramukhi,
but Gowri turned herself
into Chandramukhi.
You've cured a mad Gayathri,
how are you going to save Gowri?
Don't worry, he saved Gayathri,
l'll save Gowri.
Will you bring the king here?
l'll conduct the prayers
near that fort not here.
l'll drive out Chandramukhi
from Gowri in that sacrifice.
Are you sleeping Chandramukhi?
Sleep well!
Your game will be over tomorrow.
l'll drive you out
from Gowri's body tomorrow.
He promised to save my daughter
and in trouble now,
who will save my daughter
from Chandramukhi now?
l told you to look after Gowri,
why did you leave her alone?
Gowri is missing, father.
l searched entire home,
don't know where she's gone.
My dance costume is also
missing along with Gowri.
l'm scared.
Where would be Gowri now?
She knows Nagabhairava's place,
l'm sure she would've gone there.
Gowri's life will not be
in danger from the king, right?
Don't worry, it's not Gowri who's
gone in search of Nagabhairava.
lt's Chandramukhi who is
waiting to take revenge on him.
l managed to escape from him once,
if he sees me again,
he'll not spare me alive,
if l try to stop Chandramukhi
who wants to seek revenge,
she'll not hesitate
to kill me also.
l'll save Gowri risking my life.
You keep offering prayers to your
family deity without losing hope.
Hey dog!
l'm here to kill you!
l'll not leave you till l kill you.
Come out man...come out!
l'll transform into air...
l'll take on you...
l'll squeeze out your life...
l'll burn and reduce you to ashes...
Come...l'm hungry...
l'll finish you tonight...come...
l'll not spare you...
l'll kill you...
Take her away!
Take her away quickly!
l'll spare without killing him.
Leave me!
l must kill him!
He killed my Gunasekhar
and burnt me alive,
l must burn alive and
reduce him to ashes.
Chandramukhi, look at the fire
on his body.
ln few minutes he'll
burn down to ashes.
You don't worry.
Come Chandramukhi!
The bride groom whom you scared out
is willing to marry you. Okay?
Not only Gowri, you've made Gita
also to agree to marry.
What happened to your
love with mechanic?
Did you tell your father?
lsn't honourable to earn
honestly than swindling money?
Not only Gowri, you've cured me also.
Hereafter l'll not swindle money.
You fixed marriages of so many here,
what about your marriage?
Oh no!
l've decided.
- What's it sir?
What have you decided?
This is outrageous,
don't spoil my chances.
What did l tell you coming here?
- What did you tell me?
Didn't l promise to fix a girl for you?
She's all yours!
That's why they say marriage
and vomit won't stop once it starts.
Just tongue slip!
Come here!
Come l say!
How am l to repay my gratitude?
- l didn't do anything,
our elders said good things
will happen to good people.
People around us must be happy.
That's my aim.