Nagesh Thiraiyarangam (2018) Movie Script

'1 Year Earlier'
'Nagesh Theater'
Are all girls like this?
Will you eat breakfast
without brushing your teeth?
'He is our film's hero'
'His name is Naga'
'His job is what a jobless chap
with great difficulty gets his hands into'
'I mean, broker'
'His friends ridicule him to such an extent
for not clinching a single deal'
'...because integrity is his motto'
You owe me 500 bucks
- So far you've lost 10 times
- Why did she lose to you?
She said I would take
a commission some day
As usual she lost the bet
Hey! Lakshmi
Finish your breakfast
I am totally broke
Will you give your bro 500 bucks?
What an easy way out!
Bless you, bro
Has he taken a vow
not to earn at all?
Ma, jobless officer is here
'I will keep in mind
your mind voice'
Drink your coffee
One who lacks intelligence is a fool
You know how intelligent you are
But though he is intelligent
he doesn't know to earn
He is a real foolish fool!
Why are you raising your voice now?
Your younger brother owns a car
You ride a bike
That too, the bike he bought for you
He paid only the initial payment
I'm paying the EMIs
Those who dotted the i's
never prospered!
The silent ones achieved their goals
I'll give you an idea
to come up in life
Will you listen to me?
Ma, is this your brilliant idea?
You'll know tomorrow
Ma, many didn't progress in life
because they got married
Only if you get a wife
you'll lead a good life
- Whose pearl of wisdom is this?
- Astrologer!
I'll get married only after I find
a groom for my younger sister
If she pins her hopes on you
...she will end up
only as 'Avvaiyar'!
I know how to find
a suitable boy for Lakshmi
Zip your lips!
I won't look at any girl
I'll just say I don't like her and leave
- You'll be dead meat then
- What is our groom saying?
You're busy with your 'mixture'
If you call the bride
we can meet her
I get this rare chance to eat
only on such occasions
Let me call her
Aramana Gayathri Suba Sree Himaja
She has a long name
You can shorten it
'This is our heroine'
'Not just her name
Her wish list also rolls to a mile!'
'Recently a few girls insisted on
the groom landing in a helicopter'
'And give the bride
500 sovereigns as dowry!'
'She belongs to that list'
'She wants to marry
a software engineer'
'And not just USA, she wants
to settle down in Jupiter!'
Take a look
Hey! Look at her
'Another slave for life bites the dust'
'My daughter seems to
sail in the same slave boat!'
'He refused to look
and now he's all eyes!'
'Don't embarrass me, sit down'
Do you work in Infosys or TCS?
I'm Nagesh
My friends call me Naga
Aren't you a software engineer?
Sir, is it 2 BHK or 3 BHK?
I have a soooper party, sir
We can close the deal tomorrow
Please remove
the 'To Let' board, sir
'What 'To Let' board'?
My mother said my life
will change if you're my wife
She was 100% right
The moment I saw you
I concluded a deal
Where do you work?
Where is 8th street
in Lakshmi nagar?
Give him directions to Lakshmi nagar
I don't know
She doesn't know it seems
You're this area's broker's daughter?
And you don't know?
Give him directions
Broker's daughter!
How long?
I'm starving
Just 5 more minutes
and I'll be done
Why did you marry him
knowing he's a real estate agent?
His parents lied to me
saying he is a bank employee
'As if she is a collector!'
My blessed fate
I'm living with him
You put up with him
If I had been in your shoes
I would have strangled him
I'm being teased wherever I go
as 'broker's daughter'
I feel so humiliated
Let this torture end with me
I've found the perfect boy for you
He is too good to be true
I was told you are
a software engineer
That's why I agreed to meet you
You don't like me
or my job now?
I don't like your job
So I don't like you either
Then girls prefer the profession
to the actual person!
Not knowing whether
it is day or night...
...working like a madcap
in cool comfort and ruining their health
To set that right they will spend
beyond their means, borrowing money
- You want only them?
- Yes
Earning 50,000 per month and
paying EMI to the tune of 55000 a software engineer's job
A broker lies through his teeth
and exaggerates to the core
Sells his soul for a commission
Isn't that your job?
Hey! Even if God orders me...
...this gentleman broker Nagesh
won't sell his integrity
Then you wouldn't have
clinched even 1 deal?
'Even she knows, huh?'
Not just a house broker
You aren't fit to be even a hustler!
I don't like you
Good bye, miss Aruvamanai
Gayathri Suba Sree Himaja
Aruvamanai means 'chopper'
They grabbed the fritter
from your hands, huh?
Listen to me, all ears
Nowadays girls are very shrewd
They show their smart-ass side
even to the smartest groom ever
Sir being jobless-
Ouch! It hurts
Wait, dear
If I take a dig at him...
...don't know from where
your anger erupts, clear off now
You can have your 'anna'
all to yourself, see you
Will I get the perfect match?
In your dreams!
They hang up on me
as soon as I mention your job
Don't know where I'll find
the perfect match for him!
Only if the eldest son
is settled well in life...
...the whole family will prosper
Please listen to me
Take up some other job
Okay, right?
In my times though you won't find
too many literates around...
...they were all intelligent
Now the literate and the illiterate
are a bunch of nincompoops!
If you must work here... need an intellect
beyond normal intelligence
A grandma in Coimbatore
and one in Ooty steam 'idli' the same vessel
at the same time
Which 'idli' will first get cooked?
I've asked this to 2883 people
Not one answered it right
- Ooty, sir
- How?
More than Coimbatore
Ooty is 7300ft above sea level
Atmospheric pressure there is low
Moisture in the air evaporates faster
Then won't the 'idli'
in Ooty cook earlier?
This was a question
in the 1979 IAS exam
The way you answered
the most complicated question
...I know what a genius you must be
and how much you would've studied
If I scrutinize your certificates
even after this
Tell me, dear
I got a super job
just as you wished
I am so happy for you
- Tell me
- I studied MBA, correspondence
You can ask me
any question you like, sir
Why waste time asking questions?
Being a girl is your most
favourable qualification!
But you're so unlucky
I selected a boy
for this post just now
Sir, did you select him of all people?
Can I meet this genius just once?
This is very important
You'll find me a bride
fairer and taller than her
I'll marry her
If the groom has a cushy job
sky is the limit to find the right bride
I'll call you later, ma
Just like He heaped beauty on girls...
...God must have blessed
men with intelligence
Didn't I mention the genius
I appointed? That's him
Hello, Mr Broker Nagesh
How are you?
- 'Broker?'
- How could you appoint him?
Did you read his rsum thoroughly?
- No, I didn't
- 5 attempts to pass his 10th grade
Passed his 12th grade after failing thrice
He took twice the normal time to secure
a degree, that too scored around 40%
'She blew the whistle on me!'
He passed every time we held an election
So you want him?
Or a gold medallist like me?
I am Aramana Gayathri Suba Sree Himaja
Good lord!
You aced it
God seems to have blessed you
with both beauty and brains
You'll be a real asset
to this company, my dear
'You are the right choice'
You can keep this, my dear lad
If you don't get me wron-
Sir, the lamb always trusts
the one who slaughters him
'Go ahead and employ
this English madam'
I'll take leave, sir
'One day I'll get even with you!'
Not just 'that' job
You aren't fit for any job!
Only the jobless will come to a park
What's so special about
parking ourselves in this park?
I don't know
We'll know soon
But whatever you say
...I won't spare that gold medallist
who snatched that job from you
Thanks, friend
We'll get even with her
Sir, take a look at this book
It has all the details about this world
Please buy at least 1 book, madam
Is this some prize job?
And she snatched it from you, eh?
Do I look like I read books?
Useful book, sir
Use or news
Clear out!
How will I make out with my wife!
Did you get hurt
in a delicate spot?
- Will you buy this book, bro?
- No need, clear out!
- Yes, Himaja
- I couldn't sell a single book
I don't want this job
If we provide 3 square meals a day
and proper accommodation...
...500000 unemployed graduates
are waiting in a queue
Try to adjust
It's okay
I'll manage
So many unemployed graduates, huh?
Buy just 1 book, sir
- I'm not interested
- 'Blockhead!'
Don't disturb me
Go away!
Don't be a pain
Clear out!
Will you buy a book, sir?
Got a book on the popular
sex education show on TV?
Will you bring an aphrodisiac next time?
- '7 hours'
- No, sir
'And what do you mean
you haven't sold a single book?'
'If you don't sell those 100 books
by this evening...'
'...don't step into our office'
'Popsicle is melting at
'kulfi' ice cream's dilemma!
'Disconnect now'
That's my father-in-law's cash
Give me 5 books
I need coaching for IAS exam
I'm considered a lucky mascot
All your books will sell like hot cakes!
Himaja, where are your books?
I sold the entire lot
- Sold out?
- Yes
Who bought them?
Look at this, we are
stuck with the whole lot
'Wonder who was today's 1st buyer
He is our lucky mascot!'
'I am considered a lucky mascot
The books will sell like hot cakes'
I'll be back
'One book for all exams'
Book priced Rs 5000
at a discount of Rs 3000
Govt exams, 1 book for all
'He holds a PhD
in tricks of the trade'
Sweeping discount, sir
You won't get it for less
anywhere else, sir
If you sell a book
worth Rs 300 for Rs 3000
...knowing passers-by will make
a beeline to her, your plan is too good
You are a genius, I swear!
Upright IAS officer
Sagayam read this book
The book in Dr Abdul Kalam's library
Even if it's the last pie you must
buy it from the Govt outlet, sir
Give me one of your books
Read this, you'll secure a Govt job
- 'Govt job at this age!'
- How much is it?
Special rate by our firm, Rs 3000
Don't buy
A girl in there is selling
the same book for Rs 300
They bought it from her
and making a killing
- 'He hit the bull's eye!'
- Go in and buy
Look how they con innocent people
If you had enhanced your job like this,
you would be a bigshot by now
Your brain works extra bright
only to hook the girl you flip for
Go light on this this book, sir
Enough of studying for IAS exam!
Your cash...hold
'My father-in-law's cash
is safe, thank God!'
"When our eyes meet secretly"
"My thoughts flee from me"
"Just looking at you will do"
"This thought besieges me somehow"
"Fresh time drizzle
showers to dazzle"
"Will it drench the shoots
right up to the roots?"
"2 hearts that unite as 1 soulfully"
"Reach a love-silence ever so lovely"
"When did you climb into my heart nimbly?"
"Even before I could see
you became 'me' easily"
"This is a mere dream of delight"
"In a reverie, I yearn for it outright"
"I fall asleep only when I know
it is not a dream but all so true"
"What will I do
without you, my love?"
"If you merge with me
I'll live on earth blissfully"
"Shall I wilt thinking of that day?"
"Or look for a place in your lap to stay?"
"When our eyes meet irresistibly"
"My senses get the better of me"
"Just looking at you is all I want to do"
"This need nourishes my mind anew"
Yov! Go and dry
the rinsed clothes
- Don't be so rude to dad, ma
- Why are you on his side?
Refer to him as 'mediator' decently
He has become as thin as a rake
serving the whole town
You go dry the clothes
- Is there some hidden agenda in this?
- Not at all
"The enticing evening glow"
"Involuntarily wanes its halo"
"My eyes search only for you
voluntarily though"
"For the first time to a random stranger"
"I ask to share with fervor
his name and address forever"
"To light the lamps auspicious"
"I will share your home as your princess"
"Tell me now
Shall I, my love?"
Don't cry, you'll also find
a dumbass husband who can cook
Add onion, onion 'dosa'
Mix egg, it's egg 'dosa'
Roast it with ghee, ghee 'dosa'
- Don't add anything it's pan 'dosa'
- Very confusing
From your 1st cup of coffee
to massaging your feet at night
I'll take care
"Why does the path I take daily"
"Turn into a new route today differently?"
"Looking for you whole way through"
"My eyes are disappointed by the view"
"The moment I saw your smiling face
I changed my wayward ways"
"I yearned to find a place
on your loving lap always"
"As the gap widened, in pain I pined"
"Renouncing life a better option I opined"
"O' beautiful girl, my forever-find"
"This cloud caresses me gently"
"I didn't want to see
this cloud right next to me"
"Monsoon showers only within me silently"
"Drenching me pitter-patter
my fever shot up faster"
"When our eyes meet secretly"
"I somehow lose my sanity"
"Just looking at you is all I want to do"
"This urge ushered in my heart anew"
She loves you, right?
Tell him
- Why has she brought him here?
- No clue
Doesn't look too good
What is love, sir?
Love is a physical outlet
Whole world knows that
- What, sir?
- He'll explain
Love isn't like a link
between landlord and tenant
More like the ties between
tenant and landlord
Inseparable bond
What do we call people
who don't accept love?
There isn't any special term for them
Brother, don't join him
and bore us to death
Come to the point
He is in love with a girl
But her family hasn't accepted
She is refusing to opt
for a registered marriage
It would be great
if you can convince her
Now she is turning you
into a different kind of broker!
Serving love is
as good as serving God
Who is that crackpot who refused
to support this 'Arvind Swamy'?
Her family is very strict
That isn't a big deal
Give me the details
She has 2 brothers
She's very scared
Identify them to me
We can kidnap them
Sing my praises to her, dude
He was the one
who got me married
But I'm still celibate!
That's off topic
Point the girl out to me
We'll kidnap her tomorrow
and get you married at once
You praised him sky high
saying he's like 'Arvind Swamy'
He nailed your coffin tight!
Our story takes a terrific twist, eh?
What happened?
I swear I had no idea
she is your sister
But we love each other truly
I swear on God
even I didn't know
My sister is very gullible
He must have sweet talked
and brainwashed her
Sit down
You said serving love is
equal to serving God?!
Does it pain to help unite
your sister and her lover?
It hurts, dude
Only a brother will know the pain
of his sister falling in love
You're a single child
You're clueless
If only he had fallen in love
I would have broken his teeth
But your sister has reciprocated
You know my sister can't speak
If she gets married to him
all his relatives will deride her
My mother won't be
able to bear that disgrace
If he truly loves her...
...ask him to come home with his parents
and ask for her hand formally
Or else ask him to forget my sister
Come along
My sister is a beauty!
Naga, if Lakshmi is ready
ask her to meet our guests
Come soon
Why are you standing aloof?
Erase all superstitions about widows
not participating in an auspicious event
He's right
Come, ma
It isn't enough if parents
save money for their children
They should support
in the choice of spouse too
My son hit the nail on the head
and convinced me
I endorse this alliance completely
We haven't come to sell
our son to your family
I won't demand any dowry from you
We have too many friends
and extended family
You won't be able to handle it
So we'll handle the entire
wedding expenses
We've been living as
a joint family for generations
Your daughter should live
under the same roof with us
And I don't to say this?
Words spilled from your mouth till now
like a water fall, say it in the same flow
Both my daughters-in-law walked in
with 150 sovereigns of gold
If your daughter can also fall in line-
'Keep quiet!'
If the 3rd daughter-in-law also
falls in line with the other 2
...they won't have any conflict
The families won't split either
True, my son means the world to me
But family is important
much more than that
If you are willing to give jewelry
worth 150 sovereigns...
...we can conclude
this alliance as final formally
It is every parent's duty to ensure
a good life for his or her children
If 150 sovereigns of gold will fetch
my daughter a happy life...
...I am most happy to do so
Hey Shakthi!
- How can we, ma?
- I'll manage
How could you even accept?
Whom were you depending on?
You thought he'll pitch in?
He is a worthless additional baggage
I'm running this household singlehandedly
150 sovereigns of gold
is about 4 to 5 million
If I take a loan...
...I'll die paying up
the EMIs for a lifetime
I can't afford to do this
Find her some other groom
We can't do that
Why not, ma?
Lakshmi and that groom
love each other
They fell in love, eh?
You're trying to pass it off
as if you arranged it traditionally
You acted so innocent and
had the gall to fall-
Hands off
Shut up!
How dare you hit our sister!
You are the main culprit
I knew when you brought him home
there must be some obstacle like this
Whether you get her married to
the groom of her choice or not...
...because I'm duty bound as her brother
I'll contribute 30-40 sovereigns only
I can't spend a naya paisa more than this
Then it's your goddamn wish!
'Your father suddenly suffered
a heart attack when you were a kid'
Why are you being so morbid?
You'll be fine, dear
Only I know about
my health condition, dear
Still...this house is all we possess
How can our daughter inherit it?
Our daughter is special
She has a speech disability
You'll find it very difficult
when you have to get her married
That's why I've willed it in her name
What about our sons?
If they expect to live
on their father's assets...
...they are not fit to be men
But they shouldn't suffer
because of our daughter
Till Lakshmi gets married
keep this as a secret
'Will you have a baby with Ashok or not?'
'No, akka'
'But 2 years ago
you were dating him'
'I should make out a new episode
in between her favorite episodes'
1 track mind 24x7
I'll slice you into 2
Not letting me watch a serial in peace
One day I'll show you
how virile I can be!
'Looks like only you'll be
with me my whole life through'
'Same feeling'
Hey, Sumathi
When we were dating
you didn't let me touch you
18 months since we got married
and not even once have we made out
Even I'm feeling sorry for myself
Aren't you feeling sorry for me?
1st get up
'Even if he falls at your feet...'
'...make him sleep only in the hall'
Don't fall all over me
1 minute, I'll be back
'Who is it?'
This useless fellow, huh?
She left me high and dry
kneading my hands
Go away
- Why...?
- Your loser friend is here!
- What does he want?
- His sister's wedding, right?
He must have come
to ask you for a favor, go
Talk to him and send him off
Wait, dude
I'll be right back
Be patient
Only your friend's sister
is getting married
Not your sister's wedding
If you ask me to bring coffee and snacks
I'll rip your intestines out
- Go
- I won't ask
- Then we can continue where we left
- Get lost!
Kaala, my dear friend-
You come out first
You are too young to understand
even if I explain
Tell me why you're here
My sister's problem got solved
I'm so glad to hear it
Why didn't you just call me?
We must go to my hometown
I came to fetch you
- Come
- Why suddenly?
You could've told me earlier
If I call, you'll tag along
like the Vodafone pup
No dog will come out
at night in January
I'll come in the morning, go now
- Better get ready
- I have odd jobs to do
You don't have to do any job
odd or otherwise, come along
I'm not coming
How often you've said
I don't know how to survive
Now you don't become like me!
Total value of this property is 10 million
Your commission alone is 0.2 million
In just 10 days!
2 lakhs in 10 days!
Are you coming or not?
Think about it
Even if you give me 2 million,
I can't leave my wife
Drink coffee, bro
Why are you standing outside and chatting?
Please come inside, bro
It's okay
I've fixed my sister's wedding
I came to take him along
Sure, please take him along
Why are you staring?
Consider your friend's sister as your own
Go and help my 'brother'
From your wife's mouth to God's ears
Go and get ready
Okay, machan
Give me 5 minu-
Wait outside for 10 minutes
You come inside, let me change
and pack my bag-
Are you seeing a bride or what?
You can go like this
'I am not even wearing my brief'
Okay, we'll take leave
Come on
- Brother...?
- What...?
He isn't too good with money
Please give that 0.2 million
commission money to me, bro
'Blessed wife of mine!'
Is this pay off more important
than your husband?
Thank God!
Hey! The gate is locked
Let's call out to him
I can see the lights are on
but nobody is around!
Call his number
Phone is completely wet
Can't turn it on now
Give, let me try
Forget it, let's go to the theater
and meet him in the morning
Okay, come
1st find a place for us to sleep
So much space here
Let's sleep in this corner
I'll check inside
if there's place to sleep
It has been shut for a long time
Watch out for snakes and lizards
Let us sleep here
to one side
Wait, I'll go check
You're such a stubborn mule!
Listen to me
This theater was closed long ago
There may be some
creepy crawlies, sleep here
Scaredy cat!
I don't get scared that easily
- I'm only scared of you
- Why...?
I know the outcome if a bachelor
sleeps next to a married man!
So you sleep alone there
[excerpts from 'Exorcist']
[indistinct overlap of voices]
Hey, Naga
'I've sent you the location
by WhatsApp, check it'
You dumbass!
Very close to Chennai
Hey! I'm feeling very sleepy
Your eyes are like
Miss World Aishwarya Rai
Deepika Padukone's lips
All this combined
is my precious princess
I know you're lying
...I feel like hearing it
over and over again
Repeat it once more
- Again...?
- He was here just now
Your eyes are like
Miss World Aishwarya Rai
Deepika Padukone's hips
Like Katrina Kaif-
You made me sleep with a ghost
And you're busy flirting
with your girlfriend?
It's very cold
I can't sleep alone
What's going on?
Sorry, Miss World
I'll call you in 5 minutes
I'll just put my arm over you
Otherwise my leg
My family deity Sunny Leone,
only you should save me
If my parents get me married
to some other boy...
...what will you do?
"Wherever you are, I wish you
from the bottom of my heart true"
"Beloved, lead a happy life
without any strife"
I'll sing and bless you
After I'm married...
...if I find out on my wedding night
my husband is a software psycho
If he stubs me with his cigarette
and I have burns and scars all over...
...if I come back to you
At that time if I'm not married...
...I'll consider you
So you have an idea to dump me
and get married to another female
You can ditch me and
marry some other chap
Why can't the same hold good for me?
'I happen to love you'
'Instead of seeing me as your wife...''ll think of some other
female as your wife?
Typical male attitude!
You asked me a question
and you answered it, huh?
I got it, some girl is
your ticket for thoroughfare!
And I'm just a pastime for you!
Hey, you got me wrong
'Listen to me, will you?'
No, dear
Pooja, listen, don't get tense
Are you with some other female now?
Hey, you misunderstood me
I didn't mean it in that sense
Hang up now
Pick up, damn you!
She answered her own question
and then switched off the phone
Sunny Leone won't hit me, only hit on me!
Is it Sunny Leone or Sumathi?
Why would my lips sting
if I was kissing her?
[loud bang on door]
[banging continues]
[loud thumping]
Don't open
Let's escape by the other door
When I first saw the theater,
I was spooked
[banging continues]
Don't, listen to me
Don't open
Move aside
'Why did she come here?'
- Where is she?
- Who...?
You packed her off
before I landed?
What are you blabbering?
One girl to love and
another to gratify your urges!
Oh gawd!
Have you lost your senses?
You just let your imagination run
I've been with him
With him?
Yuck! How disgusting is that!
Hey, I'll slap you
Himu, wait
Nothing happened
the way you imagine
There's no other girl
in my life other than you
I swear on you
- Nothing happened, right?
- No, not at all
Because this loser hasn't
consummated his marriage as yet
...was dreaming of Sunny Leone
and making weird sounds!
How could you
suspect my love for you?
I'm her fan
I misunderstood you
I came here
on a spur of the moment
I'll leave now
How will you go alone at this hour?
Stay here tonight
You can go
tomorrow morning
What do you think?
Let her leave in the morning
You'll have a ball
even within a small phone
In this big theater
I know what you'll be up to!
Move away from her
You must listen to me
Come along
You thought I was asleep?
Even I pretended to
be asleep like you!
You'll tempt him even if he
keeps his hands to himself
I'll kill you if you fool around
Nobody should experience
what I didn't
'Soft cotton over there'
'Ball of fire here'
'Kala, you're nailing me in the coffin
not knowing my adrenalin is rushing!'
Last night I slept like a log
A mosquito bit me
while I was asleep
When I hit it, blood smeared
all over my face
Not on the mosquito
When I sat up and looked around...
...there was a huge spirit
right next to me
I stared daggers and
it ran away terrified
I'm brave even though I'm not
from Madurai, I've visited it
Why this holy crap?
- Leave now
- I kept strict watch last night
As if you can have a ball now
Leave us alone
Even if I trip on my foot
my moustache will be intact!
'Nagesh Theater'
'Naga's girl, my sister'
Please give the phone to him
- Where are you?
- At home
How did you travel alone at night?
Why should I be scared?
Won't you get scared at all?
1 minute
Go fast and give
the phone to him
I'll give it to him
We had a small fight
After that I didn't talk to him
Did you see how possessive my girl is?
No one on the line
Are you day dreaming or what?
Your father was mad about Nagesh
That's why he named you and
his theater after the legendary comedian
Very unfortunate
he died so young
But your mother was so strong
and educated all of you so well
- When did you come?
- Last night
Why didn't you come here?
Where did you stay?
You weren't here,
so we slept in the theater
- What is it, uncle?
- You spent the night in the theater?
- Yes
- Nothing happened?, why do you ask?
The theater is haunted
Everyone here is aware it's haunted
I tried to screen some films
but I failed in my attempt
I knew this news
would scare your mother
This must be a ploy by
someone here to reduce the rate
It isn't what you think, son
Just as it is true you are alive now
...same holds good
for the spirit in there
No one will come forward
to buy a haunted place
Let's go back
Somehow you escaped last night
But you can't always be this lucky
Feel free to stay here
If we fear what doesn't exist...
...we have to lose
whatever we own, uncle
I don't wish to lose anything
My sister's wedding hinges
on the sale of this theater
Only if I stay there I can
convince people it isn't haunted
I can find a buyer
who will offer a decent price
- Listen
- It's alright, uncle
Don't be scared
I can take care
Let's go
He's right you know
So be it, don't you
want the commission?
Not me, take him!
It's just my phone
I thought it was a banshee!
- Hello, ma
- Where are you staying?
In the theater
- Why?
- Why inconvenience them?
What about the electricity and tax issues?
Soundarapandi uncle has paid
to the last paisa, ma
- Come back soon
- 'Okay, ma'
Who are you?
Don't you recognize me?
No, I don't
Now do you know?
Not one bit
Google Ganga
Ladies' broker, huh?
Hello, I'm a land broker
How will we know
if you're so ambiguous?
We are also brokers
Do we wake up everyone
and tell them?
Customer is waiting
Soundarapandi sir sent them
Come soon
Hurry up
- Can we trust her?
- No harm trying
Hello, sir
Electricity and water tax bills are clear
We have a clear
Encumbrance certificate
Let's inspect the back yard
8 grounds, sir
- Is there water in the well?
- No water problem, natural spring
No damage to the roof
The building is strong
Needs just a coat of whitewash
My sister's wedding
Why will we sell a good theater?
Good but seats need to be changed
Screen is in good condition
Lucky theater, sir
If this deal is clinched
I can get the commission
MGR inaugurated this theater, sir
I am all in favour of
closing this deal tomorrow
So we can sign
the agreement right away?
I have to ask my guru
- Who is your guru?
- Come with me
Don't buy, this place isn't auspicious
Leave this place immediately
without even turning back
Let's go
Sir, if you like we can offer
a goat as redemption
The affluent people depend
solely on a soothsayer or seer
[maniacal laughter]
[indistinct chatter]
My head is splitting
That goddamn God-man
let me down real hard
Give me 2 pots of toddy
Drink this and cool down
This heat won't go
without getting laid
- You won't understand it
- Here you go
Drink our national relief-drink!
You'll cool down head to toe
Go away
I think he's mad
Give me 1 more
What's wrong?
Stop staring at him
Look at me
Hold this
1 minute
Hey! Wait
Who is he?
I've heard of strong tea
These 2 are drinking tea with a straw?
What can I serve you, sir?
What is hot and ready to serve?
- Only tea
- That's all?
- What else do you want?
- Only water
But you're stopping its flow
with your goddamn dam!
Who are they?
Why did we scare them away?
You're staying in Nagesh Theater
That's why they are terrified of you
- What can I get for you, sir?
- 1 glass tea
The men here are so weird
'Who is the murderer?
Youngster found dead in a bathroom'
'Heroine Keerthy Suresh
Wedding bells soon to be heard'
My heart exploded
when Nazriya got married
If Keerthy gets married I wonder
which part of me will burst now?
A law should be passed prohibiting
heroines from getting married
Hey! Stop
He's another pain in the wrong place
Don't run
Wait...don't run
Wait, I say
Who are you?
Intend telling me or not?
Who the hell are you?
Why are you laughing madly at me?
If you don't tell me
I'll strangle you now
Don't interfere, he has been
bugging me from this morning
He must have started this rumor
of our theater being haunted
He is connected to the events here
but he is refusing to open up
He won't respond to blows favorably
Last year our Govt closed 60 shops
on the East Coast Road
All that remained was only this shop
Only spot where
youngsters could booze
Money overflowed in
the cash box in this shop
The owner of this bar planned
to buy the surrounding land
This year only you should buy
all the property around this area, brother
Only you should be
the landlord of this village
It's my wish too, bro
Please take a seat, sir
Sit down
All you have to do is
sign this tomorrow
This place is yours
"Howdy, my dear 'sangi-mangi' lady"
"I copied the white beard of Kabali
Every Tamil film's top cat rowdy"
"Howdy, my lady I fancy
Every man's fantasy"
"I sported the white beard stylishly
Copying the style of big gun Kabali"
"Girls kindle desires in every young male"
"Blessed Anjala, you wicked female!"
"Close your window, belle
Don't lure me as well"
"Even the villagers are under your spell"
"Without our female clan
what can you do, blessed man?"
"You are half-woman"
"In search of liquor you go everywhere
ruining your family's welfare"
"No one is sincere
Up to no good here"
"Cutting, cutting, cutting, da"
"If you guzzle it down raw
you'll have a date with Lord Yama!"
"Howdy, my dear lady
With eyes that lure me"
"Welcome, my floozy
who makes me go crazy"
"I copied the white beard of Kabali
Every Tamil film's top notch rowdy"
"Earth will have no miseries
if there ain't any missies"
"No need of God either
to run to in rough weather"
"To sharpen the horns of men
women are needed, amen"
"She's Goddess on earth, get lost, man!"
"Even if you marry a spirit
you can be happy, dammit"
"A maiden if you marry
rest of your life, youll be a zombie"
"A sacred thread is a noose
around a girls neck hanging loose"
"Fully aware she sticks out her neck
She's a deity indeed, what the heck!"
"Don't take vows for my sake
No offerings to redeem my mistake"
"Just leave me in peace
Walk out of my life please"
"Chinaman, Chinaman dude
May I know, where are you off to?"
"Cul de sac siren, full of grace
I got lured by your serene face"
"I was fooled, I was such an ass
Get lost, you no-good lass"
"You have no spunk, you stinky fellow"
"My life will be zero
if I marry you, just go"
"To the Govt toddy shop exclusive
you're the sales representative"
"Our mistake totally
to have hit on you, girlie"
"You are just a junk piece
fit for the trash can please"
"I am a rare prize pricey
You can't hold a candle to me"
"Let's not go in for a brawl
Nor throw innuendoes at all"
"Let's close the shutter tight
and go away, good night"
"Howdy, my lady I fancy
Every mans fantasy"
"I sported this white beard stylishly
Copying the style of big gun Kabali"
"Women kindle desires in every young male"
"Blessed Anjala, you wicked female!"
"Close your window, belle
Don't bewitch me as well"
"Even the villagers are under your spell"
Without our female clan
what can you do, wretched man?"
"You are half-woman"
In search of liquor you go
digging your family's grave, you hobo"
"No one is sincere
Up to no good here"
"Cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting, da"
"If you guzzle it down raw
you'll have a date with Lord Yama!"
"Howdy, my dear 'sangi-mangi' lady"
I copied the white beard of Kabali
Every Tamil film's top cat rowdy"
'When he sent his goons to the theater
to take over, you know what transpired?'
This is really superb
I didn't know this is
such a big theater, bro?
No owner for this property
You gave that Govt officer just Rs 300000
and procured even a fake document
And usurped this place
You beat a fox hollow!
We can screen 'those' films
in our theater tomorrow
And our cash box will overflow
Such films are easily available
online and in smart phones
Who will bother nowadays
to come all the way here?
Poor Govind, the bar owner
He got a fake document
The ghost sealed his fate
Don't go anywhere near the theater
It is haunted
I might fall for this ghost story
But my friend here, no way
To prove there are no ghosts... you know how many haunted
houses he has stayed in, right?
You must work hard
for 3 square meals
To lead a cushy life...
...only stealing another's assets
will reap rich rewards
Are you asleep?
You think I'll let you sleep, huh?
Hey! Get up
'I won't come, dear'
Get up, dude
How did we land here?
Hey! Don't ditch me
Jogging, huh?
I got a soooper buyer for you
If he likes this place
next moment you'll be loaded
Shall we show him the place?
Fine, let's do it in high spirits!
Only you and I know
about the ghost inside
It isn't a crime
if we zip our lips
Not just between us
This whole town knows
That's why no one here will buy it
Good idea to dump it
on some chap from abroad
You want Lakshmi
to get married or not?
And my commission
Please call him here
Please come
Yes, sir
He looks like a foreign blockhead
Good idea to dump it on his head
Go inside, sir
Go in, I'll just make a call and join you
Good morning
I've come to India
to buy a property
I'll talk to you later
How many grounds is this?
Around 8, sir
How many owners?
Only us
Single ownership?
It's quite a big screen
Yes, sir
70 MM
Movies can be screened?
We have a run-down projector
Reels are torn
Can't screen a film, sir
You're mistaken, sir
You can screen a film
Don't we know our own theater?
You are wrong, sir
Want to watch?
'You'll run for your life
once you buy this place'
'We'll watch that if you like'
'Thinks he's Will Smith!'
'Look at his stride'
Is he really loaded?
Or is he taking us for a ride?
Don't leave me and scoot
What's up with them?
Google, run
I'll call you back
Where are you, sir?
Vanished into thin air?
Sir, can you hear me?
What do you mean?
People you dream of end up dying?
Let's leave this place
Staying alive is more important
than anything else
Let's go
My mother
Wedding date has been fixed
3rd week of May
Invitations are getting printed
When will you conclude the deal?
'Can you hear me?'
Any problem, son?
Nothing of that sort
Will be through in 2-3 days
Okay, dear
'Hey! 1 minute'
'Tell me, ma'
Your sister has wagered a bet with
your brother saying you'll clinch this deal
This is a question of her life she says
'Without messing at least this'
I am hoping you'll see the deal through
Don't worry, ma
I'll finalize it
There's a place called
Kalitheerthan Kulam
[humming a song from 'En Annan']
How do we go to
Samiyaar madam?
What is the issue?
A spirit has to be exorcised, sir
Which ghost is this?
The one in Nagesh theater
The ghost in Nagesh theater!
- What's the matter?
- I want to live!
Tell us and then run
- Isn't someone calling us?
- I heard him too
Come here
We came all the way only to see-
I am aware of everything
Keep this near your pillow at bedtime
Everything will fall in place
'Where are you, man?'
I've just finished my duty and
come to my friend's guest house
'I guessed right'
'Whom are you having a ball with?'
I just completed my rounds and
came here to meet my friend, dear
'Oh yes! You always speak the truth!'
'Send me a selfie as proof'
What's the use of being a policeman
and ending up so henpecked?!
She'll ask snaps
in all the angles possible!
'Police officer murdered mysteriously
Widespread panic'
Who is the murderer?
All our men are dying one by one
Even I am baffled, bro
The entire police department is perturbed
All the murders have been horrific
And no trace of the slightest evidence
I feel this isn't the work
of any human being
There's something else to it
Let's meet a Malayali seer
I know the reason
you met me did not fructify
The same problem
has cropped up again
Swami, this is the lemon you gave us
Place it on the sacred plaque
You met me last night
You took this lemon
None of those happened!
You met an evil spirit
that came in my form
Swamiji went to the temple in Kasi
and returned only this morning
This is the sacred ash
given by the Aghoris in Kasi
...after praying to Lord Shiva
At bedtime, sprinkle this
in a circle around you
No evil spirit can evade this power
and come anywhere near you
Alright, swami
Take it from him
You still don't trust me
If I was indeed the bad spirit
...this powerful deity Kali
would have scorched me to cinders
Here he is
1 minute
What a surprise!
- Come along
- What's up?
Birthday today
Give this as if it's your gift
Today is your birthday
He doesn't even remember that
Bad enough you waited for so long
and made me also wait!
'You screwed up'
Let's go
I don't know how I forgot your birthday
It wasn't intentional
Hear me out
'This is what will happen
if girls run behind guys'
I was too tense
It skipped my min-
'Listen to me, Himaja'
'Must have skipped
his mind, forgive him'
She walked off in a huff
and you're cool as a cat
If she is mad at me
being the possessive kind... last time she'll come back
in the middle of the night
And knock on this door
One more night with my sweetheart
If you disturb me this time, I'll kill you
Like that night?
That wasn't your possessive girlfriend
It was a spirit that came to possess you!
If I hadn't barged in, you would
have made out with a spirit
She would have crucified you
Why didn't you tell me right then?
Were you in a mood to listen?
At least now listen to me
The spirit kills whomever I dream of
If we figure out the link
between the 3 murders...
...we can find this ghost's motive
In broad daylight the murder of a girl
in Nungambakkam railway station is unsolved
You think you're the hero of
'Ramana' investigating a crime
They will nab you and imprison you
Even give you shock treatment
You should go about your job,
find a buyer, get your sister married
Pay me the commission
1 track mind about the brokerage
Friendship is more important than money
'Praise be to Lord Shiva'
Whatever fix you may be in
you won't stop flirting!
What now?
It's alright
What's your problem?
'Why were you kind of weird?'
Won't you tell me?
Forget all that
You aren't mad at me, I hope?
I misunderstood you
Slept, dumbass!
'Ghost it seems!'
[dogs barking]
'Youngster's head exploded to bits
Mid night horrific tragedy'
'I feel this isn't the work
of any human being'
'There's something else to it'
You said no evil spirit can
get into the sacred ash circle
But 1 more victim-
Despite the sacred ash
1 more victim, right?
What happened is different
God won't quietly watch all the sinners
in this world without taking action
You came to prevent this
But no one can prevent
what will now ensue
People will continue to be killed
What is the motive?
Who is the culprit?
Why should I dream all this?
Before the wee hours of dawn
you will know all the answers
Don't come in search of me hereafter
You can't find a buyer
till the spirit is driven out
I called you over to convey this
I will find a way
to drive away the spirit
Don't stay in the theater
You can sleep here
Uncle, I don't mind-
Listen to me
You're wrong in taking it lightly
I'll handle this
- Did you give them food?
- Yes
Go to bed
Treat this as your home
Good night
'I am worried for these 2 lads, dear'
'Mysterious death of bachelor
in a guest house'
'People will continue
to be killed'
'Before the wee hours of dawn
you will know all the answers'
If I sleep, I dream
If I dream
someone is killed
- If I don't sleep?
- Super, dude
We'll see how anyone
gets killed if you're awake?
We shouldn't fall asleep
We shouldn't sleep
Don't sleep
We slept so restlessly
in the theater
That's why I felt drowsy
Only you shouldn't sleep
I can doze off
Let me catch up on some sleep
You don't sleep, machan
Naga, where are you?
In my father's friend's house
You said you wanted to share
something important with me
'You asked me to come to the theater
and why did you go there?'
I am in front of your theater
'When did I ask you to come there?'
Who would have asked her
to go to the theater?
Where is she?
Naga, wait
What are you doing?
When did you come?
Why are you here?
Last night when we were on the phone slept
I dreamt all this
- You did?
- Yes
I saw this in real life
in front of me
In reality-
- How did you see my dream?
- I don't know
I recorded our call
Then am I the one who killed everyone?
What happened?
Tell me
Tell me
Tell me now
Tell me
Why aren't you letting me out, huh?
Only if I'm alive
you'll kill everyone?
What will you do if I'm not alive?
'A place inhabited by orphans
is said to be a temple'
'Even this house is a temple'
'None of us had parents'
'Dr Sakunthala 'amma'
raised and educated us'
Come and eat
- Grandma!
- Come, my dear
You should study well
and do well in life, okay?
'She will always be checking
Tamilselvi's page in Facebook'
'And follow it to a T'
Before 1950 there were
no major diseases in our country
We used organic fertilizers
for our agriculture
We ate healthy food
We were hale and hearty
Only then foreigners decided
to use us as a tool to mint money
He tempted us and threatened us
to use chemical fertilizer
Our produce turned toxic
Consuming all that poison
we lead a disease-filled life
And now
We buy medicines from him
to cure ourselves!
He is minting money
in millions using us
Hereafter we should
eat only organic food
And lead a healthy life
Who said this?
- Tamilselvi
- Who is she?
She is a famous writer
She exposes all the injustice happening
in our country by posting the news online
Wait, I'm coming
Let me get hold of
this naughty imp of a female!
[song from 'Vedalam']
Watch this!
[song from 'Chennai Express']
"To the night club if I arrive"
"Who will stop me and why?"
"I'll dance if I'm in the mood to do so"
"I won't be scared though
of anyone's dad you know"
Who are you?
You look decent
But barging in
without any etiquette
Who lacks manners?
I was ringing the bell
for 1/2 an hour
You know how tough it is to find
a rural type of house in the city?
I found it for you
hunting high and low
I helped you settle in
I came to collect
the brokerage of 50%
Grandmother and granddaugher
are taking me for a ride
How much is your commission?
Way too much
A patient is here to see you, madam
Wait, I'll be back
What about my commission?
It's only a small tumor
You'll be fine after a surgery
- I don't want an operation
- Why?
I went to another hospital
The doctor said it will cost 150000
I can't afford to pay so much
That is why I came to you
for a 2nd opinion
Don't cry
I have to fend for my daughter
I won't charge you for the surgery
But you must pay me
only my fees as the doctor
'Too good to be true!'
- How much, doctor?
- Rs 10
You mean Rs 10,000?
No, just Rs 10
That's all?
Here, doctor
You drop it in my donation box
Bless you, doctor
- Akka, I'm Raveena speaking
- Yes, dear?
They have brought a whole lot of us
from the orphanage to a bungalow in ECR
I'm terrified, akka
'Somehow come and take us back, akka'
- Do you know the address?
- I know, sis
Don't be scared
I'll be there soon
Take your commission
Hereafter if you barge in unannounced
I'll be really mad at you
Let this be my humble contribution
to the surgery you'll be performing
What do you mean?
Nowadays you can't even
buy a tablet for 10 bucks
But you are willing to do
a surgery for 10 rupees
You are like God, ma
- Accept it
- No, it's okay
- Don't refuse
- No need
Please accept it
I'll take leave
'Why is this 'iPhone' calling me, huh?'
- Tell me
- Are you coming?
I'll pay you 2,000
- Only for an hour
- This chic chick wants to pay me!
Tell me, yes or no?
Why did you select me?
If I see certain faces
I can find out at once
Start your bike
Just because I immediately responded...
...don't mistake me
Worse than a snail!
This is...
...first time for me
When there are so many waiting...
...why selecting me?
Hello, stop your bike
- Get down
- What's wrong?
I will clear your doubt right away
- Sit behind me
- You know to ride a bike?
You crawled at snail's pace
Watch me now
Girls these days are
in a tearing hurry!
Hold on to me
Get down
How can we?
Right here, huh?
Yes, now get down
In case there's a police raid or-
Keep quiet
Naga, oblivious to the fact
girls nowadays have forged ahead...'ve been
such a greenhorn!
Come here
Didn't you hear me?
Stand still
Hold on to this
She is a fast one
Beats me hollow!
What are you waiting for, dude?
I'll prove I'm a bull
who cannot be tamed that easily!
Sit down
Oh! 1st should I sit, huh?
- I asked you to sit, right?
- I am ready
Move your hands
What do you intend doing up there?
Please wait here
I'll be back
This is a love issue, right?
No, serious matter
Why did you drag me
to solve your problem?
Please don't talk
Give me my bag
You will coolly go inside
What will I do standing here?
- Listen to me, give it
- Get lost!
In our lingo this is called
'holding the light for the act'
Go and do your job!
I need that bag
Give it to me
- Wait, I'll be back
- Will I at least get that 2000?
Yes, I will
Assistant commissioner sir
I clinched the foreign deal
I have a treat for you
Wait upstairs, I'll join you
It's a superb project, sir
You got your way 100%
- What, uncle?
- Come
Let go of my hand
Is she okay?
Sir, will this girl suit your needs?
Take her to the room
Let go of me
Grandma, I'll join
that big orphanage
I'll study well and
become a doctor like you
I want to be known as
'Rs 10 doctor'
But akka and you should visit me
every week without fail
Definitely, dear
We'll take care of them even better
than the love you showered here
Okay, take good care of her
Godspeed, sweetheart
See you, grandma
See you, akka
I think that girl is about to die
Extract all the blood
from her body before she dies
Who is she?
Get hold of her
Start your bike
- Why are you flustered?
- Hurry up
'Our country which has 25 million families'
'...has 25 million orphans too'
'Even if 10 families adopt 1 child,
it's good enough'
'Our country can boast of zero orphans'
'But we don't reach out'
'That's why orphanages have
mushroomed in our country'
'Some good samaritans run these
orphanages with humanitarian concern'
'But many use this as a tool to
earn money the short-cut inhuman way'
'Like how soil and cattle have been
misused and pockets lined...'
' corporates are minting money
using orphans as baits'
'They remove the plasma in the blood
from children above 10 years'
'Blood contains red blood cells,
white blood cells, platelets and...'
'It is a fluid containing nutrients
essential for the body'
'It is used to make anti-D injection'
When the mother's blood group is RH+
and the baby has RH- blood group
'Anti-D is injected in the 28th
and 34th week of pregnancy'
Otherwise the mother's blood
will kill the embryo
'If this injection is administered...'
...the baby will be hale and healthy
It is made from plasma content
obtained from the human body
'This plasma which is
used to save lives...'
' used by many affluent people'
'...for cosmetic surgery to
beautify themselves and look younger'
'Not only that'
'Plasma is also used in
their facial creams and beauty masks'
'Plasma is in great demand'
'That's why it is very expensive'
'To remove this plasma...'
'...many Govt rules and regulations
have to be followed'
'But many ruthless people
with adequate power and authority'
'...have brought our orphanages
under their control'
'They extract blood once a week
from the children here'
'They remove the plasma
and re-inject the blood into them'
'Without even their knowledge
they are being used as a plasma donor'
'Plasma obtained in this manner
is powdered and exported illegally'
'This illegal act is worse than
smuggling cocaine, marijuana and heroin'
'The blood from these orphans
with wrinkles on their stomachs...'
' to remove the wrinkles
on faces of many rich people'
'This is a curse for humanity'
'The most staggering fact is...'
'...Chennai holds the first place
in this business'
'I have brought to your notice
one such gang's illegal activities'
'I have uploaded the videos
of all those involved in this racket'
Wait near the front gate
- Hurry up
- Okay
The girl who knows all our secrets... none other than
'Posting controversial
truths on Facebook...'
' who is very popular among people'
'It is her account, sir!'
She's very dangerous
She shouldn't be alive
'As usual let's finish her off
by using catfish'
Does she hold any evidence against us?
'No, sir, I've destroyed everything'
'Can we kill her now?'
I should do the honors
- Don't be in a rush
- Okay, sir
I'll come with catfish
Where is she?
Is this how you guard her?
Go and look for her
Tell me, sir
The girl who barged
into our bungalow today-
Let it be Tamilselvi or any celebrity
No need to worry at all
That theatre is under my jurisdiction
I'll ensure the police department
doesn't bother you
'But make certain
no one gets the dead body'
What happened, bro?
Please forgive me
"I bow and seek refuge
in the Lord of the Universe"
"Praise be to Bairava
Fearful form of Lord Shiva!"
"Oh Lord, salutations to you
Lord of the 3 worlds"
"Shiva, 3-eyed Lord
Greatest of all Gods"
"He who gives enlightenment beyond
Astral, Physical and Spiritual worlds"
"Epitome of fury with a vast body
like the blue sky and sea"
"Lord of all beings, consciousness
which is untouched by the universe"
"Peace for all"
"Peace for the living and non-living"
"I trust in the divine essence and nature
to form the immortal, eternal Lord"
"Lord Parvati and Uma
Lord of wild animals"
"I submit myself to you"
"Lord of knowledge
Lord of all that exists"
"Lord of Brahman
of supreme knowledge"
"The universal Spirit,
I am Shiva, I am the eternal Shiva"
For that spirit transmigrate to another place needs a body with breath intact
Only with the aid of his body... has killed each and everyone
"I continuously bow
to that Linga of Shiva"
"Honored by Brahma, Krishna and Indra
Adorned and resplendent by clear light"
"Which destroys the grief
born out of birth"
Her blood... mixed with his blood
Only if he is killed...
...and his body is cremated
...that spirit possessing him
can be destroyed
...that spirit will kill all of us!
Finish him off
It's fine even if we murder
Using orphans who have
no family to question us...
...we can achieve our target
- Who is that girl?
- Which girl?
The girl on your bike
you were going around with
Doctor's granddaughter, Shalu!
Wanted me to find
a house for rent
'Why are you hesitating?
Finish him off'
Don't hit him
'You made a mistake'
"Peace for everything
in this cosmic manifestation"
[Holy chant continues]
"Praise be to the Remover of Obstacles"
"I worship Thee
Greatest of Gods full of mercy"
"Lord Shiva as Rudra present
Drive out the evil predominant"
"I am consciousness and bliss
I am Shiva, I am Shiva"
Kill him!
"To be blessed with prosperity
let me meditate on Goddess Lakshmi"
"O' wife of Lord Vishnu,
give me higher intellect"
"And let Goddess Lakshmi
illuminate my mind"
"We bow to the highest principle, Hanuman"
"Manifestation of
the reliever of suffering"
[Holy chant continues]
"Lord Vishnu who is also Shiva and Brahma
the authority of every knowledge"
"May He help us at all times"
Get that blood without
smearing it on your hands
"God, give me higher intellect and
let God Rudra illumine my mind"
Let go
"I seek refuge with God full of grace
who is Brahman, who has six faces"
"Hail Muruga with peacock as vehicle
son of Lord Shiva who performs miracles"
"Protector of our universe
Lord of the eternal heavens"