Nailbiter (2012) Movie Script

The warning of the danger of tornadoes remains
into force in northeast Johnson County,
central Kansas, southwest district
Jackson and center in Missouri
until tonight at 21:45 pm.
The National Weather Service
Time said the system is...
His mother is at home?
- It is not.
It is the day that it makes a treatment
weekly "hair. "
You wanna play?
Really think we will agree
once? - Patience is a virtue.
Do you have one.
Want to do something until she come home?
- No, I want to smoke my cigarette.
Remind me again,
why go out with you?
So what you want
is to sleep with me.
Ah, yes.
Thanks for helping me
today at school.
Anyway, I wanted to do the same.
will you be a porn star.
What we will do the geometry, then?
And your father will come home soon?
Yes Maybe I'll buy a car,
just like you bought yours.
Hey, how many yards would impresionada
I had to clean up this car to buy.
The backyard of my father. Often.
Right. See you on Saturday.
It's a date?
- Bye, Sean.
Jesus Saves
Tomorrow will be six months
I'm sober.
My wife came back.
Again, I can see the children.
All thanks to you.
Thank you.
Right. I'll be next. My name is Janet,
alcoholic and I was sober 4 months ago.
Hi, Janet.
I should be happy because
my husband comes home tonight.
He was a soldier. For
one and a half fought abroad.
But to be honest,
I'm not happy.
I feel very afraid.
I was thinking about what is there
through the video he had passed.
Saying he was returning home by...
I thought that getting sober
would improve things.
I thought it would be sufficient
stop drinking
so that everything would be better,
but not the case.
In fact, I feel this at home
worse every day.
I was really suffering.
I think that's why I'm here.
I want to try more.
I'd like...
I want to do better.
How will our meteorology
submit new information
so we'll publish them.
Stay with us.
The red color on the screen shows
The storm is so strong.
All the rolls
eastern Kansas.
So far we have reports
strong wind and the city
but as the National Service issued
warning of the danger of tornadoes
there is a possibility that they will
end of the day and get a gust.
All this is facing east.
Girls, are you ready?
Girls, hurry up.
You do not quit smoking?
Look at your face.
"Get out"
The situation now is somewhat
most dangerous...
Ready? - No. I'll run away from home.
So I packed a suitcase.
Why are we going tonight
to Kansas City?
Meteorologists predict a storm.
His father's plane is delayed,
and he will have to stay in a hotel.
- Why do not we go tomorrow?
Because I want to be the
first to see his father...
instead of a receptionist in the hotel.
The district reported that Lin
situation deteriorated.
Just now we have a
very strong storm.
The reports alert the District Lin
indicates to...
try to find shelter behind
many walls and pillars.
Please do. I do not live in Kansas and
My whole life was a whirlwind.
You knew that you were born
made for a?
Yes, I have not heard this yet.
I can not say that
I remember everything.
- Hey, Mom?
Can I change my name?
- Why did you do that?
Sally is also generally a name?
What do you mean?
- Can be Sarah?
But you can not call Sarah,
Her name is Sally.
Your father gave you that name. - Yes It
the name of the sister of Charlie Brown.
Stop it Jennifer.
Hey Alice, is advanced in the book?
I'm fine.
What works?
- A lot of things.
Like what?
A lot of sweet story.
- But good?
Did not you read?
I did.
But I want to know what you think.
Are good.
The National Weather Forecast issued a
warning about the danger of tornadoes
for the Northeast District Lin
Blue Mountain environment in Kansas.
Mama, I have to pee.
tend to go for rooms that are
located at the lowest level of the house.
Let as many walls and pillars...
"Clinton Warehouses"
Sally, I told him to do at home
and do not run. - I have to pee.
- It's okay.
Are you okay, ma'am?
- Yes We travel to Kansas City.
I do not think is a good idea.
A tornado will devastate Blue Mountain.
Is facing us.
- Really?
My husband will have to wait
for several hours.
He is a soldier. Is returning
home from abroad.
He better hope
few hours to more
by his wife and daughters
who suffer an accident.
Where can I stay?
You should not ask me, I'm here
only since last week.
I bet you'll find one of these
farmers who receive them in his basement.
These people seem worried
seriously with the storm.
It is best to seek shelter immediately.
- Thank you.
You need help, Mrs. Shurman?
- No, thank you, Barney.
Carr, talk to these people fall
out of here.
Be very cautious.
Thank you.
I can not believe that there
someone with the name of Barney.
The warning of the danger of tornadoes in
the district remains in effect until 17:15 PM
What is this?
- Siren tornado.
- Yes?
Sorry I did not urinate in the house.
- It's okay, honey.
Mother, what happened?
Get out of the car. Immediately.
Do not look. Run. Run.
Come on. Come on.
- Hello
Help. Help.
Come. Come.
I think we're safe now.
Jennifer, you OK?
- I am. And you?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
And you're always right.
Things were tense.
Do not tell my dad that I cried.
Oh, dear. It's okay.
It seems the storm has passed.
I think it's time to go.
A tree blocked the door.
Push. Strength
What we do now?
They really like to drink.
I'm sorry.
To see if anybody's home.
Hey, is anybody up there?
Hey! - Anyone?
- Psssiu. Wait a minute.
You have a cell phone?
You have a sign?
- Yes Three rows.
Now I'm saving, ok? - Yes, I think
the more expensive higher the right call.
- Nothing?
Are you connected?
- I am. I am connected.
I hear only static.
Are you trying to call help?
- 911. - Keep trying.
Lift me, I try to go through the window.
- Honey, are you sure?
First you have to take what
remainder of the glass.
Is there anything, Jen?
- No.
Try sending a message to someone.
- Good idea.
You are typing fast. - Hey man you
can we get in northern Wellsville?
Yellow House.
Is writing to whom?
- His name is Sean. - Who is he?
A guy who would travel by
Storm to hunt a girl.
Jen, please. Girls. - Mom, I think
we have bigger fish to hunt now.
Hell. - What is it?
- I can not send the message.
Maybe when the storm passes.
Send a message to his father.
Right. Are you willing to try?
Let us take the remainder of the glass.
Father, we are trapped in a basement
halfway to Kansas City.
We're late. Soon we arrive.
Alright. The message is waiting.
I hope that will soon be able to receive.
It is "fry", for the record.
Before we said that a bigger fish
to "hunt", but it is said to "fry".
Thank you.
- No problem.
I should talk more.
Because you're smart.
Are you ready?
- I am.
Who is it?
Do you think they heard us?
I do not know why not
could hear.
What the hell?
What are they doing?
I do not know.
What was that? - I'm ready to
try the window. - Good.
Look for something on the shelf to pass
on her arm. Go.
What is this shit?
Mother, a rope.
This is soft.
All right, dear.
Be calm.
All right, dear.
I will not tell your father that
you cried. I promise.
What he bit her?
I do not know.
Do not worry, but Sally is...
We are still in the basement.
Will it be good?
- Yes
We need to take her to hospital.
As soon as possible.
What happened to her?
I do not know.
I think she was bitten by a dog.
did you see his arm?
I know.
- What?
Not like a dog bite.
- What else?
It seems...
It looks very clean...
- Jennifer, please.
We take you immediately
to the hospital.
It's okay. Come on,
keep an eye on little Sally.
More power.
- Push.
The windows.
What the fuck is wrong with these
people? Let us out.
We are alone.
What we have now?
I do not know.
We are trapped. Sally is unconscious.
Someone wants to keep us here.
Please help us.
We are in Wellsville.
Jen, we need to clean the wound Sally.
There is water. - Where?
- On a shelf in the corner.
Alright. Bring us a little.
Another storm.
Yes, the radio said they would
storm all night.
I'm going to get water.
Come on.
Oh my God. - I wish
his father was here.
What's that smell?
- There is water.
Definitely not water.
- What is it? - It is chloroform.
What? Why?
It alcohol.
Let's use to clean the wound.
It will hurt like hell.
Give me that I clean.
Okay, honey. Will start.
Mother, stop it.
Over. Lie down in silence.
Everything will be alright. I promise.
Stay with me.
- I will, Sally.
I will not allow something to happen.
I love you, Jennifer.
I love you, Sally.
Sleep. Get some rest now.
We will find a way to
get her out.
Are you all right?
There must be a way to
out of this cellar.
Perhaps the door leading up.
- We have a kind of battery?
We do not have.
Jen, you have a lighter?
No. He was in the car.
Jennifer, check the pockets
- Do not want you to be angry with Sally.
When we were in the car
she took his lighter.
Really? - Yes She thought you without it
not smoke and would be lighter.
Are you serious?
- Yes Check your pockets.
I can not believe.
- Sally saved the day.
I promise you, Sally.
No more cigarettes, ok.
Hello, Barney.
- Hello, Mrs. Shurman.
Leave the rain, the love of God.
Dry yourself.
You want some coffee? He is still hot.
- That would be great. Thank you.
Did anything? - Biscuits before
out. You want one? - Sure.
The tornado went right through us.
Dropped a lot of trees and poles.
It will be a problem to fix.
- It is not over yet.
Bad weather will last all night.
- I heard. I love this time of year.
I'll never panic.
People around you are crazy.
Yes, I noticed. It surprises me that is not
in the basement waiting out the storm.
Well, I prefer to wait here. - Making
cookies? - It calms the nerves.
Mrs. Shurman, has not said
the reason why I came. - Yes?
Up ahead there's a car.
- Really?
Yes, ma'am. It belongs to the ladies who
traveled to Kansas City. You saw them?
Why did not I?
Well, I certainly do not see them.
Mrs. Shurman, of which the car is
in the ditch beside the road.
I hope you are well.
Are you sure you did not go through here?
It seems to me to come here first.
Maybe they caught a ride.
As you said you were?
Four. The mother and three daughters.
- Those who were
traveling to Kansas City?
- Yes, the woman went to fetch
her husband at the airport.
Hello, Barney. I see the weather improved.
- Hello, Sheriff. Do not know you were here.
Was locking the basement.
- Yes, that's what I wanted to ask.
Well you warned.
- We do not want to flood.
There are many valuable things in
basement of an old lady.
Of course.
Well, better get back on the road.
Nonsense. Stay and drink a coffee.
You know, Albert, I would, but I'm really
worried because of some travelers.
You probably will find
Jacob on the Farm.
- Probably. - Surely you do not
can persuade him to another cup of coffee?
All that remained was this insanity now.
- I'm sure I'll come back quick.
- Yes Thanks for the coffee, Mrs. Shurman,
- ... but I have to check where they are
those ladies. - Be careful, Barney.
- And do not forget to compliment
his beautiful bride. - I will.
See you later.
Who knows how long this will take.
Oh my...
Did you forget your cookie.
- What's his name?
- A small tornado.
Sympathetic. Good night, folks.
If something happens, you will
having to explain to his wife.
It should not have married to begin with.
Especially in a time of storm.
Give me.
- This is for the father?
- Yes
These storms are very
stronger than before.
Calm down.
- There began an attack claustrophobia?
- Just a little uneasy.
I'm surprised you came to help us.
After trying to leave us this time of year.
Storms do not affect the form
how I used to be.
The teeth hurt me.
And that's all.
This is what you inherited from me
and family.
- I wish you and my brother were so.
- If the storm is super close,
- I will not be able to control myself.
- I will tell to Rhodes,
to let the boys tonight
- ... to appreciate the storm.
- Herschel was already out there.
You know how Herschel is.
He always had a free spirit.
Was bitten by one of our
a few days ago.
- And Tommy? - In the basement. I took the
storm before he was shot.
I was hoping it would
help remedy. You know that
these things for the boys never
work properly.
I had to chain him and gave him a bit
more chloroform to calm him.
Probably not by much
time will remain so.
Too bad for the family
down there.
It would be really cool.
Is there anybody out there?
- Hello
Here is Carr, Wellsville police.
Thank God. Please help.
We are trapped.
Wait a minute.
Let's see if I can take it.
- What are you doing down there?
- Get us out of here.
- Are you all right?
- My daughter needs help.
- I'll call the woman who lives here.
- No!
- What?
- Is it that we locked it.
Alright. Let's take them there. Smokey
by hand, I'll pull you up.
Herschel, calm down.
after the storm
Sheriff disappears after terrifying tornado.
The tornado season is not over yet.
More children during the worst
storm of the season.
Resident seriously injured
per animal.
Storm causes power outage.
Triplets are born during
devastating storm.
Tornado rips path through
Annabelle Shurman
In 1865.
Where are you? Sally is very
a police officer tried to help,
something killed him. We are terrified.
Help us!
Edmond Shurman before the accident.
Thursday, April 13, 1865. Edmond
almost died in the storm today.
Monday, April 17, 1865.
Edmond is not the same.
Since the last storm,
his outbursts of anger
have deteriorated.
Wednesday, May 14, 1865.
Struck by lightning?
Thursday, May 15, 1865. Not
feels good. Barely drink tea.
Friday, May 16, 1865.
Quadruplets born.
I found a corridor.
I'll look.
- Alright. I'll go with you.
- No.
I said no.
- So let Alice go with you.
- I want them to Sally.
No. This is stupid. You will not
walking alone in this corridor.
- I'll be with Sally. Not problem.
- I will not leave you alone.
I'll be fine.
Why that sounds
like a terrible idea?
You are right.
Can we stay or do we all.
So let's all.
Mom, this is a tunnel.
Must be 100 meters.
What is this?
I think it's a distillery.
Jen, be careful with his flashlight.
- Why? - If it's a brewery
therefore, a container is propane.
He can explode.
Alice has to be with Sally. We
be close. Shout if you need something.
- Okay?
- Ok
What about when she wakes up?
Tell him that everything will be fine.
Is that true?
Alice, I believe with all my heart
that'll be fine.
- He does not look bad.
- No, just...
Just weird.
You want to go forward
or backward?
You can leave your flashlight?
- Ready? Wait a minute.
- What is it?
- There's more to catch.
- Complicated stuff.
You can?
Go ahead.
- Beware the door.
- How is your hand?
- Right.
- Can I go?
- You're going too fast.
- Sorry.
Wait a minute.
Can you hear anything?
What is this?
I do not know.
Mommy, where's Alice?
- Alice?
- Alice?
Let's go down it.
- Alice?
- Alice?
No... no...
My dear...
We have to leave.
Mom, you can not give up.
We will die here.
We do not.
You have a daughter who needs
you now.
I will not give up.
- What are you doing?
- I do not know.
We will be ready next time.
- Mom?
- Give me a break.
It does not matter.
- Mother, are you okay?
- Oh, Jennifer.
I do not.
Mom, we have to get together.
- Together? Just...
- Mama, I mean now.
And now we have to put in the soprano
front door and blow the hinges.
I need your help.
Have you heard?
Oh God.
Can you stand up?
Have to take Sally and get out of here.
Not going anywhere
without you.
- See how Dad is happy.
- For years not seen so much energy.
- Should I let Roger know?
- Give your dad some time.
Looks like another storm
is coming.
- She will be strong.
- This explains their energy.
Will have a one month to sleep
after this day.
- What happened?
- It's all right, Sally.
- Jennifer, I hurt myself.
- I know, Sally.
- Where's Mom?
- I'm here, baby.
Mommy, what happened to you?
- Sally, mother is injured.
- I'm fine.
- Where is Alice?
- Sally, we have to leave.
- What is happening?
- You have to hear me. Ok?
What do you mean?
Where is Alice?
Alice is dead.
- Is she dead?
- Yes
Sally, we have to leave.
You can walk?
- Mom?
- It's okay, honey.
You need to be strong for me.
We'll leave here. Ok?
And for Dad too. Ok?
I want to stay behind me
and cover your head.
- What will you do?
- Let's explode.
- You need to hide. Ok?
- You can run?
- I can.
- If you need I help?
- Okay
- Okay.
Mother, wake up, please.
Mom, please.
Thanks, Mom.
Are you ready?
Sally, are you okay?
Behind you!
- Why not listen to me at least once?
- Do not blame me, the tree fell.
- Everything will be alright. - Last year
told you to get rid of this tree.
- What struck the quarter?
- She could not hit the room.
Honey, come here.
- It's okay, girls? - It is
very sore. - Let's go inside.
Right. Let me look.
Oh, dear.
We need to take it away.
We need to call the police.
Everything will be alright.
It seems to be infected.
- I do not understand. Those
creatures are... - Calm down.
I ask for help.
Let's put a new bandage.
The bathroom is over there. Come on.
Emergency Alert System
National Weather Service
The question is
severe weather in the region
Here is the nursery.
Here is a disinfectant, bandages,
Get everything you need.
Thank you.
The baby does not like a storm.
I hate when that happens.
Excuse me.
No Signal. Can not
send messages.
- Jennifer, help me.
- Sally, no.
Stay away from me!
Help me. Jennifer, please.
I'm sorry, Sally.
No need to run away, baby.
Let's just talk to you.
You're lucky that the storm
does not affect everyone the same.
Otherwise, as
would be dead.
Here you farewell, my dear.
No dead.
There are still many missing.
Especially young people.
You know what these storms do.
Many do not know how to recover.
We will look at homes during the day.
- No trace of the girl?
- No.
Do you think she is alive?
No. He died in the storm.
Do you think all this destruction will
attract the press here?
Let's see.
I am sorry for his mother.
The coming storm
a few hours,
May be worse than that of
last night.
Four new posts.