Nails (2017) Movie Script

- Oh, don't wake up.
I'm running 20 k.
I'll be back to take
Gemma to school.
- It'll take a while
for her to come out
of the induced coma.
She has been in it
for almost two weeks.
As for the head injury
and brain swelling...
She may have memory loss.
- I'm hoping to wean her
off the ventilator soon.
The danger is,
if she stays on too long,
her lungs will forget
how to breathe.
Has she had any other
major health issues?
- I've been through
all this already.
She had meningitis
when she was four or five.
Other than that, nothing.
She's the healthiest
person I know.
- Thank god.
Probably saved her life.
I think she's waking up.
- Dana?
Dana, can you hear me?
It's me, honey.
- Attention, please.
Visiting hours are over
in fifteen minutes.
- G.
G. G.
- Just try it again.
You don't have to
type out full words.
The program's
designed to predict
what you're trying to say.
- G.
E. Gemma.
- Gemma's good.
You know she's been
in here every day.
Reading to you.
Singing to you.
We wanna get you back home soon.
- Hello?
Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
- Visitors are reminded
to please use the hand sanitizer
when entering
or leaving the building.
Thank you.
- My tweets stay Intel...
- My eighteenth day in hell.
I feel trapped inside myself.
My own body is a prison.
I have to pee in a bag.
Eat through a tube.
Take me home.
I want to go home.
Trevor, you can come in.
- Hey, hey, hey.
You're getting pretty good on
your little speak 'n spell.
You'll be doing
all that scratching
and electro DJ stuff next.
- Someone...
Someone was...
- Someone in my room
last night watching me.
- Last night?
- I hear a strange noise
in my sleep.
- Well there's no-one
here now.
D'you want me to check?
Nothing down here.
Just piss and poo.
What, you think there's
someone hiding in there?
Anybody home?
No. Just supplies.
Look, I know this place
can give you the willies.
I mean, I've heard things,
especially at night
when someone kacks.
- Kacks?
- You know, expires.
Stops respirating.
Time for Mr. Bodywash.
- I don't need...
- Hey.
How you doing?
- I'll be fine.
- What does that mean,
"I'll be fine"?
- I'll be fine.
- You're gonna have to put
a brave face on for mom now.
Okay, here we are.
Look, I know it looks
a little rundown
from the outside, but...
The staff are really incredible.
- Please note that the loading
and unloading areas are
for emergency vehicles only.
Illegally parked vehicles
will be towed.
- Hey, do we need to sign in?
- That's okay, Mr. Milgrom.
- Thanks.
You're so talkative.
I can never shut you up.
- You're such a weirdo.
- So...
You're an athletics coach?
I always admired people
who can stay in shape.
I'm just lazy.
I sit and watch monster trucks
and rallying.
Don't suppose you'd be into that
what with you
being hit by a car.
Oh, I was, er,
just finishing up her bath.
- So, how's she doing today?
- We may need to adjust
her medication.
The painkillers are causing
some hallucinations.
She thought there was somebody
in her room last night.
- Maybe somebody walked in.
- None of the patients
on this wing
are walking around
at night, trust me.
I'll talk to
miss Leaming about it.
In the meantime, you might
wanna get the psychiatrist
to talk to her.
It's probably just
an anxiety attack.
It happens.
- Hey, Gemma, can I speak
to your mom for a second?
- I love you.
- Love you too.
- Hey, honey.
So, what's this about
someone in your room?
- Someone was
watching me last night.
- Are you sure?
Did they say anything?
- No.
Couldn't turn my head
to see them.
Just heard them.
- Well, the ventilator's
on all night.
It sounds like
someone breathing.
- I don't like this place.
- Look, we never thought
anything like this
could ever happen.
This is all the
insurance will cover.
For now.
- Can't you stay here with me?
- What about Gemma?
- I'm not a child.
I don't need anybody
watching me.
You can stay here with mom.
I hope I didn't frighten you.
I didn't know there
was anyone in here.
- Sorry, I...
Guess I shouldn't
be wandering around.
- I'm Elizabeth Leaming,
the director here.
You're Dana Milgrom's
daughter, isn't that right?
- Yes.
I'm Gemma.
- Yes, I've seen you
before visiting her.
She's very lucky to have
your love and support.
- I don't think she feels
very lucky right now.
- Maybe not right now.
But things will improve.
You'll see.
- Can you feel this one?
- Mmm.
- That's your ring finger.
- Sorry I'm so much trouble.
Maybe you should have
stuck with Hannah.
What, after sixteen years
and one child,
you're apologizing for
stealing me from my first wife?
It's a bit late for that,
don't you think?
Plus, you're much younger,
much hotter.
Which reminds me...
I was speaking to Jim
and he's gonna let me
take over the men's
as well as the women's squad...
Until you're better.
this is the new girl
I was telling you about,
She transferred in
a couple of weeks ago.
You're gonna love her.
She's a total winner.
Never quits.
Never says no.
Are you ready to go?
I think mom's a little tired.
Okay, honey.
See you tomorrow.
- Forgive me.
Let me turn on a light.
How are you today, Dana?
- Scare me.
Didn't know you were there.
I hear you're
having some issues.
Feelings that
you're being watched.
You want to talk about it?
- I can't talk.
I can't talk.
Hole in my throat.
- That's a great sign.
Humor is life affirming.
- Hmm.
Life is life affirming.
Death is nothing.
I know.
Was dead.
- Technically, yes.
You were dead for
two or three minutes
before the paramedics
revived you.
Do you have any memory
of that experience?
- No memory.
Just voices.
All around me.
- Who was it, paramedics?
- No.
Dead people.
Grabbing at me.
I could feel their hands.
I could feel their fingernails
digging into my skin.
Pulling me down.
- Now you say you feel
you're being watched?
- Something not right
about this place.
I can sense it.
Nobody wants to listen.
They treat me like a child.
- Nothing bad is going
to happen to you, Dana.
You're safe here.
We all want to help you.
- I wish Steve was here.
Or Gemma.
I miss watching her sleep.
When she was a baby
I would check on her
all the time,
make sure she was breathing.
Just feel so alone without them.
- Hey.
- Someone...
Someone turned off machine.
- What?
- A man turned off the machine.
I saw him.
- Him who?
- Don't know.
Awful face.
Long hands.
Not just watching me anymore.
- So just use the mouse pad
to click on whichever
camera you want to...
The two in here and the one
in the corridor outside.
Zoom in and out using the stick
and there's limited panning
left to right.
Trust me, no-one's
gonna sneak up on you now.
- Oh my god.
I didn't know
that's what I looked like.
- Hi.
Yeah, I'm with Dana right now.
Listen, I really appreciate
you getting her.
You're a life saver.
I'll see you later
back at the house.
Okay. Bye.
That was Ashley.
Remember, the new girl
on the team?
She agreed to give Gemma
a lift home from school.
- Ah.
- I couldn't think
who else to call
- with all this craziness going on.
- Mmm.
- Excuse me.
- I see they've installed
the cameras, that's good.
That should put
Dana's mind at ease.
I don't think her mind
will be "at ease"
until we find out who
shut off that ventilator.
- You're still insisting
that somebody intentionally
switched off
her breathing machine?
- Which is what she saw.
- Which would be
attempted murder.
The machine failed.
And I'm incredibly
apologetic about that.
We had it inspected.
It was a freak occurrence.
- Just take care of her!
Or so help me god,
I'll sue the arse off you
and this hospital.
- This is absolutely
Thank god it wasn't worse.
It could've been
a total disaster!
- I've been telling you this
for a long time,
we've got electrical issues.
D'you know what's
in these walls?
Cloth wiring.
See what I mean?
There's rats in there the
size of bloody pit bulls.
- That's why I keep this handy.
- Trevor, that is enough!
We are supposed
to have back-up
for our critical
care assistants.
Mrs. Milgrom's ventilator
is never supposed to fail.
- Well, maybes if I wasn't
doing the job of three people,
I'd be able to deal with it.
I'm a fully qualified
nurse's aide.
All this handyman shit isn't
part of my job description.
- We all have our
crosses to bear.
- See, cloth wiring.
- Goodnight.
- See you tomorrow.
- What are you looking at?
You don't talk much.
Do you like it here?
Shake one for yes, two for no.
Me neither.
Glad we agree.
Who is it?
Can you hear me?
Are you patient here?
Like me?
I have a breathing tube.
Hard to talk.
Can you talk?
I saw someone in my room.
I think he tried to kill me.
Have you seen him too?
Are you still there?
Eric Nilsson.
- Paging doctor Stengel.
Please contact the nurse's
station on the second floor.
Doctor Stengel, please,
second floor.
- How's my little
sweetheart doing?
- Can I ask you something?
You tell me honestly?
- Yeah, sure.
What about?
- About Eric Nilsson.
- I've never heard
that name before.
- Nurse who worked here.
He killed himself in 1984.
- It's a bit before
my time that.
I was only born in 1980.
- What do you know
about Eric Nilsson?
- Look, I get paid minimum wage
to clean pans and bed sores.
I don't know anything
about anything.
If you wanna know more,
ask your head shrinker,
doctor Dracula.
He's an expert on Nilsson.
He's been working here
since back then.
- Who's next door?
- Next door?
- Mmm.
- You mean Ellie?
- Yeah, Ellie.
Who is she?
- Older lady.
She had a stroke.
She's been here a while.
I don't think
she's got any family.
No-one comes to visit her.
It's a bit sad really.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
It's just more bed sores.
- Trevor, let me see.
- Calm down.
- Oh my...
- Settle down.
You'll hurt yourself.
- Trevor...
Trevor, stop it!
Trevor, please, don't!
Trevor, no, please...
Please, don't...
- Settle down.
You'll upset yourself.
- Please, I don't
want to go to sleep.
He'll get me while I sleep.
He'll get me while I sleep,
- You know that Eric Nilsson
has been dead...
For nearly thirty years?
- Trevor says you know
all about Nilsson.
You worked here with him.
Is that true?
- I am not sure I like where
that question is leading.
- You don't like the question...
Don't answer.
- Alright.
If I tell you, will you promise
me to take it at face value?
No boogeymen?
No evil spirits?
- Yes.
- The first time
I met Eric Nilsson,
he wasn't working here.
He was brought in
as a patient, in 1972.
I honestly don't know
much about his past.
The records were
sealed in his case.
He'd been in foster care
and had obviously been
the victim of abuse.
The most heartbreaking thing is
many of his injuries
were self-inflicted.
We had to keep his fingernails
clipped short every day.
To stop him from tearing
at his own flesh.
He improved over time.
I continued to work with him,
to help him heal his physical
and emotional scars.
Over the years he came to feel
that Hopewell was his home.
When he became an adult
he even asked for a job here.
It seemed the most
natural thing to everyone.
Eric was part of
the place by then.
- Go on.
- He seemed completely cured
except for one
lingering obsession.
He made a point of grooming
the children's hands.
Clipping their nails.
But instead of
throwing the clippings out,
he used to collect them.
Save them in little envelopes.
We all thought it was
just a harmless echo
of what he'd gone through.
But some of the staff gave him
a nickname because of it.
They used to call him "nails".
- What happened to nails?
- In 1984, shortly after
he started work here,
we had an unusual
number of child deaths.
Five, in fact.
All girls.
The police investigated.
Nothing was ever proved,
but suspicion fell on Eric.
And when they found those little
packets of fingernail clippings
from the dead girls...
Why did he kill the girls?
- I've asked myself that
for the past thirty years.
Eric seemed genuinely
devoted to those girls.
I think in his own twisted mind
he was freeing them.
Saving them from the
abuse that he'd endured.
They'd stay innocent forever.
And then he hanged himself.
- Where did nails kill himself?
- That's not important.
- Was it here at the hospital?
Was it here in my room?
In that cupboard?
- I've already said
more than I should.
Eric Nilsson is dead
and gone, Dana.
His tortured soul is at rest.
He is not coming back.
- Hey, mom.
Hope I'm not calling too late.
Are you okay?
- Yes.
This is my happy face.
Same as my angry face.
- I wanted to come
to the hospital,
but dad said I've missed so
much school with your recovery.
- He's right.
- He feels...
I don't know how to say it.
I think he feels responsible.
Like he's failed you somehow.
- He hasn't.
- It's just so hard.
He's on the phone all day
with these dickhead
insurance people.
Sorry, shouldn't swear.
- It's okay.
You swear all the time.
Don't think I know.
- Here, I brought you
some snacks.
- Thanks.
I'm just talking to mom.
- Oh, hi, Mrs. Milgrom.
I'm Ashley from the track team.
- Yes.
Steve said you were
helping with Gemma.
- Oh, wow, is that...
Does that thing talk for you?
Er, I'm sorry to interrupt
your mother-daughter time.
It's just I've heard so much
about you from Steve.
He says you're
an incredible coach.
I can't wait for you
to coach me.
- Bye, mom.
Love you.
- Bye.
- Ellie?
Ellie, can you hear me?
I want to talk to you.
- It's okay.
It's me.
It's Trevor.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
- Here, let me do it.
- No.
I have to do it myself.
You see him?
You see?
- I'm sorry, honey, but...
what am I supposed to be seeing?
- It's, it's there.
Eric Nilsson.
That horrible thing.
Why can't you see him?
- I wish I could see something.
All I can see is
Trevor running in.
- Listen, it's gonna be okay.
I'll go and talk to Trevor.
Maybe he did see something.
- Trevor is my friend.
He's the only one I can trust.
- I'm glad you feel
you can trust him.
- He saved my life.
- Great.
What a guy.
You know, I'm not sure
these cameras
were such a good idea.
- What do you mean?
- They're just
reinforcing your fears.
- No, they're my
only protection.
- They're just
making you paranoid.
- No.
No, please.
Please don't take
them away, Steve.
- Maybe you should go and
keep your mother company.
I don't know what to think.
She's absolutely certain
there's something
in the surveillance video.
- You hear the knocking sound?
- A knocking sound?
Yeah, maybe there's
some kind of noise.
- Ellie.
Next door.
She tried to wake me up.
She tried to warn me.
She knows...
All about nails.
You go and ask her.
She'll tell you.
- Okay.
I'll talk to her.
- We have many other
patients at this facility...
And none of them
are reporting people
creeping into their rooms.
Only your wife.
- It's not uncommon for
patients who've suffered
severe brain injury
to have paranoid visions.
- Oh yeah?
Well, it's only after
she came here to recover
that she started seeing things.
- Hello?
My name is Gemma Milgrom.
My mother Dana
is in the room next door.
My mom...
She said you were knocking
on the wall.
Trying to warn her
about something.
She thinks there's
something trying to hurt her.
A nurse who used to work here
named Eric Nilsson.
I'm sorry.
- Dad.
- Gemma, what were
you doing in there?
- That woman.
She had some kind of attack.
- Right.
No-one's getting
in or out of there.
No way, no how.
- It's no good.
Won't help.
- Sure it will.
You'd need a fire axe
to get through there.
- It's not a person.
It's an evil thing.
- Come on now.
- Trevor, you saw it.
I know you saw it.
- I didn't see anything.
- I talked to Stengel.
He told me nails
killed children.
Then nails killed himself.
In this room.
- In here?
I didn't know that.
- Have there been
others who saw nails?
- No and I sure as hell haven't.
- Yes, you have.
- Look, you need to stop
talking about this.
Spending all your time
looking at that computer
and those cameras.
It's putting a hex on your
brain all that radiation.
Didn't your mother
ever tell you not to sit
too close to the television?
- Trevor, you have to
help me get out of here.
I have to go home.
- You will, but not yet.
You're not ready.
- No, please, you have
to help me get out.
- Look, I've got other
patients I've gotta see.
I've gotta go.
- Please.
Nobody believes me.
- Look, I locked the
damn door, didn't I?!
I'm not your husband.
Get him to get you out of here.
- He... he doesn't listen.
- People ask me:
Why can I see ghosts?
The answer is:
I am gifted with a third eye
that allows me to perceive
multi-dimensional beings
on many different plains.
- Do you wanna talk about it:
The second sight, your gift?
- Gift?
Yeah, well, I just wish
I could give this gift to you
for a little while
and you see what it's like.
I started seeing her, the...
Spirit, the...
The vapors,
whatever you wanna call it.
- The gray woman?
- Yeah.
I started seeing her a couple
weeks after my accident.
I work for the power company.
I touched a live cable with...
This hand, the crippled one.
They say I was dead
for two or three minutes.
I think maybe
that's why I see her.
The gray woman.
Cos I was dead, like her.
- Is she...
Here now with us?
The gray woman?
- Ms. Leaming, I need
to talk to you about Dana.
I mean, Mrs. Milgrom.
- What is it now?
- The other night,
when I came into her room,
when she pressed the buzzer...
I thought I saw something.
- Are you telling me
that you saw the same
evil spirit as Mrs. Milgrom?
- Not, not head on.
- More felt it.
It's, it's hard
to put it into words.
- Have you talked to
anybody about this?
- No, just Mrs. Milgrom.
It's not me.
It's that doctor Stengel.
He told her about
the children that died
and about that nurse,
Eric Nilsson.
Did you know about him?
- Eric Nilsson was devoted
to those children.
I don't believe he would ever
consciously harm any of them.
- He stabbed five little girls
with a hypodermic.
That's pretty fucked up,
even for a psychopath.
- It has taken this
institution many years
to put that behind us.
Now I don't want people
dredging up old history.
You have other patients
to look after.
- Look, Ms. Leaming, I really
think Dana is in trouble.
- This conversation is over!
- Now I understand
why I can see it.
Because I was dead myself.
I know there is something here.
I still don't know
why it wants me.
But I know its name is nails.
I can say it without fear.
There is power in that.
I have survived
two attempts to kill me.
Three if I count
the car accident.
I am a survivor.
- Nothing can, nothing...
- You will die,
you will die in here...
You will die in here.
- Nobody here...
will free you.
Rip your skull.
Tear your flesh.
Steve fucking Ashley
in your bed.
- Fuck.
You want...
from me?
- Yeah, have that, fucker!
- I suppose you're gonna tell me
it's her imagination now, huh?
You see her legs.
You see how he tortured her.
- I assure you,
we're doing everything
possible to find out
who did this to your wife.
- I think it's pretty damn
obvious who did it!
It's that tattooed weirdo
you've had in here
pawing her up.
- No, it wasn't Trevor.
It wasn't Trevor.
- I brought her as soon
as I got your call, Steve.
- You called the police, right?
- Well, I wanted
to reach you first.
You don't really think we
need to involve the authorities?
- Christ, is that
all you care about?
You've got a maniac roaming
the halls torturing people!
- Steve, please,
it wasn't Trevor.
He didn't hurt me.
- I'm sorry.
Ms. Leaming found this
downstairs in Trevor's room.
It's your file
from thirty years ago,
under your maiden name Breiman.
You were here as a child
when you had meningitis.
And you were here
when Eric Nilsson
killed those five girls.
- No.
- Trevor is some kind
of deranged copy-cat.
- It's a lie!
- Hello?
- Yes, this is Elizabeth
Leaming at Hopewell hospital.
- Please state the nature
of your emergency.
- One of our female patients
has been attacked.
- No, it was nails.
Nails hurt me!
- Jesus Christ, Dana.
Stop it!
There is no nails!
- You're a fucking idiot.
And I'm sorry I married you.
Nails is gonna kill us all.
- Please state the nature
of your emergency.
- I already told you!
One of our patients has
been attacked in her bed.
- Has she been bad?
- What?
- Is that why he hurt her?
- Who is this?
- Turn around and I'll show you.
- You really do belong in a madhouse.
- Dad!
- Steve, I don't mean to intrude
on a family dispute, but...
Dana is paralyzed and
she's under a lot of stress.
- Shut up, you whore!
I don't need your fucking help!
- Dana!
- It's alright.
I'll go wait in the car, Steve.
- Yeah, yeah, you stay away
from my family, you whore!
- Calm down!
- I know what you did!
I saw you with her!
- What are you talking about?
- I saw you with her
in our bedroom.
It was nails.
He showed me on the computer.
You fucked her.
- I'm not listening
to this shit.
- Yeah, run.
Run away.
You always fucking run.
You left your first wife for me.
And now you leave me for Ashley
because she is much
younger than me.
She is much hotter than me.
- You know what...
I give up.
- You are insane!
- Dad, stop it!
Just stop it!
- Where the fuck
is that woman with police?!
You stay here with her.
Try to calm her down.
I'm gonna try and get help.
- Dad...
- Listen,
do you believe me?
- Yes.
- No.
Do you believe me about nails?
Then you have to go.
I can't run but you can.
- No.
- You have to leave me here.
- I'm not going without you.
We'll both stay here.
- Get me the wheelchair.
- No, don't!
- Gemma, I can breathe.
Get the, the needle.
Gemma, my neck.
- I can't, mom.
I can't do it.
- Gemma, you have to do it!
- Oh my god.
Come on.
Get up.
- I'm too heavy.
I'm too heavy.
Just leave me.
- I'm not leaving you.
Get up.
You are not going to die here.
Now help me.
- Ash?
Ash, where are you?
Jesus Christ,
what a fucking night.
- Mom, I can't see
where we're going.
- Gemma...
- It's okay, mom, I'm okay.
Is anybody there?
- Mom?
- Mom?
- Just do it.
- Mom, I can't hold you.
Mom, can you hear me?
- Help!
Please, somebody help us.
My mom is injured.
- No, please, just leave me,
will you leave me alone.
- Who's there?
I've been buzzing
and no-one's answering.
- I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
- Please, please.
Please don't leave me.
- Mom?
Mom, can you hear me?
- What on earth
is going on here?
My god, Mrs. Milgrom,
what happened to you?
What are you doing out of bed?
- Please, we have to go.
He's coming.
- He who?
You're bleeding.
Your face is cut.
- Please, just take Gemma.
- No, I'm not leaving you.
- I don't know what's going on,
but your mother needs medical
attention immediately.
And you may need a sedative,
young lady.
Jesus Christ!
You're as batshit crazy
as your mother!
What are you doing?!
Open the door!
- I love you.
I will always love you.
You're so beautiful.
And you are so brave.
- And I will never
let anybody hurt you.
- Mom, don't do this.
Open the door.
Stop it.
- Can you hear me?
Can you tell me what happened?
Do you know who did this to you?
- It was nails.
He killed her.
He killed my mom.
- Who is nails?
- I don't feel safe here.
Someone in my room
last night watching me.
Take me home.
I want to go home.