Naissance Des Pieuvres (Water Lilies) (2007) Movie Script

This was the pupils'team.
This ballet was presented by the juniorteam,
with Hlne,
and their captain...
I was nervous because of my parents.
Are you ok?
I'm waiting until my swimsuit is dry.
I forgot my briefs.
You sure took your time.
-I had to wait for the hair dryer.
I am a bit scared.
What level?
I don't know. Low.
You can enroll in september.
-Hi, Floriane.
I can't join now?
Bring those in a month with a medical attest and a cheque.
One is heavier.
- My mum did the laundry.
There's a party tonight.
At one of the girls'.
Everyone is going.
The waterpolo guys...
The synchronized girls.
-Shut up, that's good right.
It's nothing.
Want my 11 inches?
I don't know why I'm bothered,
I'm not normal.
Of course you are.
One arm is longer.
Were you invited?
For the swimmers' party.
I know where it is.
I'm not wearing too much lipstick.
Otherwise he'll be covered with it.
I don't wanna have sex straight away, but I'm way behind on kissing
I think the countries where they marry off
Everything would be totally different then.
I want to kiss him.
I saw your performance yesterday.
It was beautiful.
I'd like to see you train.
You got gum?
I need someone to let me in.
Come here.
Does my breath stink?
You ok?
What do you want?
-To go inside.
Why would you want that?
-I want to watch.
If you'll let me in,
I'll do something for you.
Do what?
I don't need anything.
Did you bring your swimsuit?
After that we'll do the barracuda.
Or will we do that one last?
That one we will do later.
Shall we start again?
Come in. You'll see it better then.
How do you do it?
I always make a mess.
That's stupid.
Oh, no. Boys always look
when a girl is eating a banana.
Everyone knows that.
It doesn't bother you.
You're on the other side.
On the side of banana eating girls?
That's what they say...
That you've done it,
with a lot of guys.
-Yeah, that's true.
And I love it.
I know what you can do for me...
Come to my house this evening.
I don't know where you live.
It's Marie, from swimming.
What are we going to do?
-We walk.
Where are we going?
-Not far.
You did it.
Wait here for me.
Bring me home and we're even.
You were gone a long time.
You can come tomorrow.
At the pool, 7 o'clock.
Come on, get in. We're leaving.
Can I sit here?
Have you got the money?
Is it ok?
Don't worry.
He can't deny me anything.
I told him you are my cousin.
-What did he say?
That we look alike.
Would you like a massage, Floriane?
Come on, It will help you relax.
There's no time.
-Yes there is.
You'd better go.
Your friend is being a slut again.
She's not my friend.
Good for you.
Come on. Get yourself ready.
Let's go.
Inspection, girls.
Untidy job, Natacha.
I didn't have enough time.
Are you going to tell your husband that?
'I didn't have the time'
In five minutes in the water.
Hurry up.
You can sit over there.
Waterballet number vijf.
This ballet was presented
by the Stade Franais swimmers.
No, the spiral formation
was terrific.
And the spin went well together.
Hey, Girls. 3, 4...
You coming again tomorrow evening?
Same way as before.
I'm mad at you.
I searched for you everywhere.
Where have you been?
Don't tell me you're not coming in.
I was at my cousin's.
So now you suddenly love your family?
I had to.
Are you alone?
-Mum works in the evening.
Come in, bitch.
You're slobbering.
-You too.
Take some more.
Hi, ma'am.
-How are you?
I'm fine. Is Max in?
I'll bring him back.
I am letting out my dog.
I'll be back in an hour.
I won't be here.
Where will you be?
Somewhere else.
I won't be fetching you again.
Take care of your own fuckevents.
I didn't sleep with him.
-I don't care.
Or with anyone else for that matter.
That's not what they say.
I swear it, Marie.
That swimming instructor
who gave me a massage...
He never leaves me
and he chases me in the dressingroom.
He tells me he loves me.
What a laugher.
Seeing me half naked drives him crazy.
We kissed once,
which didn't help at all.
I only did it to bait
those stupid bitches.
So they're all bitches?
They don't like me,
so I don't like them.
Girls don't like me.
The guy from the pool...
One day I was training by myself,
and I held my breath under water,
Then I two hairy legs appeared.
he had his dick out,
and he showed it to me.
As if a stiff one in cold water
is attractive.
That's life.
You must have similar stories.
Come on, tell me.
You're lucky, Marie.
Very lucky.
Ok, bye.
I'm not tired.
Me neither.
Come in.
This is for you.
Try it on.
In here?
-Don't be bashful.
The ceiling is probably
the last thing people see.
At least for 90% of the people who die.
And if you die,
the last thing you see will be printed
in your eye. Like a photograph.
Imagine all those people
with ceiling in their eyes.
Ceilings will never be the same.
I was at Fracois.
It's always the same.
When we get close doing it,
I run away.
The poor boy doesn't understand.
-So tell him.
I can't.
If you don't wanna do it,
then don't.
I have to.
Is written where?
-On my face, apparently. Ok.
I he finds out I'm not a slut,
it's over
Go horseback riding.
That's what you do if you want
a miscarriage.
I'll look for an older guy
who doesn't know me.
Where are you going to find him?
I don't know.
In a club.
That's horrible.
It'll be over in 10 minutes.
You could go with me.
To see you hitting on an old man?
You look good when you wear
your hair like this.
I'm out of here.
My friend's gotta hurry,
her father is waiting.
-Yeah, her dad.
He was afraid that we would be
picked up by dirty old men.
Bye, daddy.
Thank you.
That stupid asshole was a horrible kisser.
I want to ask you something...
It's not a normal question.
-What does that matter.
I want it to be you, Marie.
I'd like you...
to be my first one.
That you will do it for me,
and release me from it.
Then, it will be real.
I can't do that.
Please, Marie.
This one is nice.
And this one?
-Not bad.
Cover me.
-You're by yourself in this one.
Can I help you?
I also have some other models.
It's like in "Peau d'Ane".
It has a horse that shits diamonds.
That nearly went wrong.
I almost swallowed it.
You walk strangely.
It's my new jeans,
they are a bit tight.
I would like a Happy Meal.
How old are you?
You are too old.
-That's stupid. It's what I want.
It's for children.
-Never mind.
But this is ridiculous.
You also need ID now to buy
a cheap hamburger?
Let's go.
-No, I want the little toy.
It's a spyglass.
I can see your pores.
Are you coming to the swimmingpool later on?
You always say that, but you'll still be there.
We don't have to do everything together.
-But neither everything apart.
I've had enough of your childish behaviour.
Says she; the little girl without breasts.
You've had breasts since primary school.
But they're not real.
It's all fat.
You're mean.
I've had enough.
I'm fed up with you.
Ok, guys.
Look what he gave me.
Will you put on?
I don't believe in this stuff anymore.
Do you?
I'm in trouble.
He wants to see me tonight.
My parents are out.
I'll do it.
What you asked me.
I have to go.
Thank you for everything, Marie.
Thanks for the necklace.
-You're welcome.
Are you alone?
Can I come in?
We must not split up, Marie.
I do crazy stuff when I'm alone.
Are you going to the swimparty tonight?
Please come.
Stay with me.
I have to go.
Franois is also going.
Stop daydreaming.
He is with her.
They did it last night.
Did not.
-Yes they did.
Let it sink in.
Forget about those stupid princessdreams.
It is not true.
-Yes, it is.
He told me.
As if he talks to you.
We did it.
He stopped by and we did it.
He did it with me,
she didn't want to.
Maybe he loves me just a little bit.
It doesn't matter.
I have my first kiss.
Me too, you know...
I love someone as well.
Who is it?
Do I know him?
Are you going?
You're ok.
Come. Let's go.
-I can't leave yet.
-I am staying.
All by yourself?
I am not alone.
Someone is waiting for me.
Are you sure she will?
Come home.
Nobody likes her.
What are you doing?
Come with me.
-I like it here.
What's up?
I want to ask you something.
Come here.
Come, Marie.
You see...
That wasn't so hard.
I'm going back.
He isn't half bad, eh?
If he turns out te be an ass,
will you come save me?
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