Naked Singularity (2021) Movie Script

I am a public defender.
And there are only 15,000 of me
for the 10.5 million people
who were arrested last year in America.
I work for a machine,
that is the U.S. criminal justice system.
Once you fall in,
it's almost impossible to get out.
For most of the prosecutors,
the defenders,
and everyone else caught up in the system,
that's just the harsh
reality of the machine.
I'm good.
All right, what do we have here?
But what if reality isn't fixed?
What if you can shape it?
What if, hear me out, with a little help,
you can beat the system at its own game?
Okay, Mr.
Ah-chot, ah-chat.
Yes, me, ah-chut.
Were you selling batteries
without a license on
the downtown six train?
Batteries, license, you sell?
Can we get a translator?
No problem, what do you need?
Chinese, cantonese.
Dreams are nice. I had them once.
Oh damn, what am I
supposed to do with this?
No home, here, just overnight, sorry.
One chance, you say nothing.
The judge ask you anything. You nod, okay?
As in now, nod if you understand, sir.
Judge ask, nod, okay?
Right okay, that's it, all right.
People versus ah-chut, let's go.
People are fine with a charge of
240 and 20 and community service.
That's our offer.
Your honor, my client
has been in the system 29 hours.
The fine for discount alone,
would ensure he's right back
out there selling energizers.
I believe it was duracell.
Whatever, let's just do an acd.
Send this gentleman back home
and we could all go to bed
with a clean conscience.
From the looks of you,
bed isn't somewhere
you land often, counselor?
Sleep is for lawyers
who lose, your honor.
Cute, but not really.
Mr. ah-chut, do you understand
what your lawyer just said?
Approach please. No, no, no, no.
He just nodded, your honor. It was subtle.
He's a got a weak neck,
so let me just-
please, approach.
Trying to slip your client by?
- No, I'm not.
- Do not interrupt me.
Like I would just rubber stamp his plea.
My client doesn't speak
a romance language,
which leaves him stuck
in here another 12 hours.
Then we'll just have to see him tomorrow,
and the constitution survives another day.
I like them nails, like
Mona Lisa with bite.
What's this?
My buddy's car got jacked.
I'm not sure whatever it take to get it
out, but, and that's the plate number.
Do you have the
notarized letter from the owner
authorizing you to pick it up?
See, that's the thing that
dude's not exactly available.
He's in rikers.
Yeah, I can't help you.
Will you at least let me know it's there?
No paperwork, no call.
I thought we were hitting it off here.
I didn't know we were on a date.
Maybe we should be.
Casi, my man, 50 grand.
Why so nonplussed, baby?
Jimmy, what are you?
You look... good?
Good, yeah.
It's all you, baby.
The doctor you sent me to,
put me on your cocktail.
Got me those transfusions,
to beat back the hep c.
I played two sets at small's last night,
didn't have anything stronger than the sprite.
Mr. clean.
Jimmy, I got him to delay your sentencing
based on you being sick.
You got me well, baby.
If the judge sees you this way-
- the t-count up to 800, check it.
Liver's looking good.
Christ, you're healthier than I am.
That possession thing is ancient, right?
Ain't no way they're
gonna push for real time,
now that they see I'm on the narrow.
They might, Jimmy.
Let me figure this out.
Wait here, okay?
From the previous judge's files,
I'm shocked to see Mr. coates
so hale and hearty,
or breathing. - Thank you.
Mr. coates looks fine to me.
You have a recent medical report?
It's right there, your honor.
It's from 90 days ago.
When was the last time you had a checkup?
10-minute break, counselor, in chambers.
- Casi, what's happening?
- I'll take care of it.
She's saying that I
should've stayed sick,
otherwise I go to jail?
What's her plan?
I hear Cuba's good this time of year.
I'll be right back, I got this.
We're good, okay?
It's a death sentence sending him straight
to a mandatory one and a half to three.
Do you get that this isn't a contest?
Your honor.
Showing up here
without dated medical records,
and the belief woefully misplaced,
that if you just talk fast enough
and flash those shiny veneers-
- now, they're real, I wore braces-
- hey, hey, hey,
I've cited better pds than you
for a whole lot less.
Can I speak frankly?
Can we agree that treatment
is a better option than jail time?
And why would we do that, start agreeing?
Sending a man to jail
because he isn't dying
fast enough seems petulant.
Even for you, your honor.
Oh, I see that we're
still speaking frankly.
Okay, I get what this is.
You don't like me, that's awesome.
I probably agree with you mostly,
but Mr. coates, shouldn't be a casualty.
There are treatment
options inside the penal-
- he's working his treatment
on the outside and well,
very well, sending him back to a box.
Treatment is not punishment.
Yeah, unless you're white, ex-urban,
and the gateway drug
was introduced by a big pharma.
It's so funny how that works out.
Get out.
Okay, your honor, I just-
- unless you'd like an officer to help.
No, no, no.
Sure Mr. coates will be right back?
Oh, I have no doubt.
That's the beauty of bench warrants.
J body move j
j once through, once through I'm told &
j whoa, hold on, hold on j
j hold on, hold on j
j whoa j
j hold on, hold on j
And now,
it's that mysterious blackout
that is leaving thousands of new yorkers-
- lock anyone away tonight, chief?
I work with the bad guys.
My friend
how can you defend someone
you know he is guilty?
Hundreds of people
are stuck in elevators,
others stranded on the subway.
My hero.
Make thyself comfortable.
That doesn't sound promising.
Well, I'm worried about you.
This place actually looks clean for once.
- Celebrating, the ripple.
- The what?
Space time.
They finally detected it.
The fabric that binds us all together.
- Your friends at ligo.
- Fucking bastards.
Please say... no, false alarm.
Great, and there I was this close
to the greatest sleep I've never had.
- How do you know?
- Know what?
It's a great sleep.
Let alone the greatest if you're asleep.
I know, my body knows.
Your body is an imperfect
instrument for evaluation.
The fact is, you don't know
what's on the other side of sleep.
Oh work, in four hours.
Hence, my need for those twin set of keys
I entrusted you with.
A show of confidence and that
feels woefully misplaced, my friend.
It's not what they think it is, you know?
Not exactly.
- We still on sleep?
- The ripple.
Black hole. - Right.
We can now see the unseeable
and it's not stable.
These blackouts we've
been experiencing are proof.
What would you say if I told you that
the bindings of our
universe are unraveling,
that worlds we couldn't
previously conceive of
are crashing into our own.
And you'd be wrong.
The shadow cannot, fuck.
By all means, use my personal computer.
Oh Jesus fucking Christ!
What are you doing?
- Me?
- Yeah.
Who said you could get
all up into my shit.
I couldn't sleep.
You didn't strike me
as a fan of the royals.
The opposite, actually.
Check it out.
I don't even know what I'm looking at.
- Look!
- What?
Her eyes, oh my god.
She's got reptoid eyes.
You're not serious.
You know, house of windsor,
isn't the only bloodline bred into power.
But these people, if you can call
them that, they control everything.
And look, it takes time to absorb, I know.
You seem like a nice guy, Craig.
And I'd be happy to help you
get your friends car out, but-
- so you checked?
The uh, the navigator's still there?
Hey, you're lucky the city
hadn't auctioned it off yet.
All right, okay.
Thanks for the fuck.
It's time to bounce.
No, no, we still have
unfinished business between us.
Any business you got left
can be taken care of by your hand.
I'm tired.
Let's start to bounce.
Get the fuck out.
I'm serious.
You know what, so am I.
You catch anything yesterday?
Dead, like two class cs.
Oh, except for this guy.
We had to stand around waiting
for the ems guys to haul him off.
Broken jaw, blood everywhere, crying.
Some old Chinese guy.
What's his name?
I don't know, Charlie chan.
What's his fucking name?
Back off, asshole.
I'm sorry. Look, I think
he's a guy of mine.
He owe you money or something?
His name, please?
Something like that.
Tell me you didn't just
try to beat up two adas.
- No.
- Holy shit. I would kiss you.
I would kiss you-
what do you want?
If 1 didn't have this little sore.
I can't quite ID, what I want?
Well, I need you to do me
a little bit of a favor.
I just caught an arraignment.
Oh, a whole office
of the public defender thing
at the bottom of your paycheck
means something today.
Interesting. - Right.
Well, she's a former client of yours
and she wants you, slugger,
which judging by her ears
is a mission I would dutifully accept.
- Her ears?
- Her ears.
I mean, they were so pretty.
And you could say that they
bordered on sexually attractive,
and it wasn't so much the lobe
that was pretty either, casi.
It was... so why didn't you?
- What?
- You know, accept.
Well, you and I both know
that I'm likely to phone in a defense
if I feel that my client doesn't share a
belief in my unequivocated brilliance.
And Lea deleon, just so
happens to be an unbeliever.
- What, Lea, Lea, Lea?
- Yeah.
- She's back?
- Back.
First name basis.
It was meant to be.
She was arrested last night
of possession of heroin.
She wants to strike a deal with the cops.
Okay, just leave it on my desk.
I'll deal with it later.
Actually, she's already
at the da's office.
Are you fucking serious?
You might actually be a few minutes late.
Fuck you Dane.
This is, really, now?
I couldn't find you.
I've been looking all over.
Like now, like right this second now?
As soon as you can get there.
Thanks, buddy. - You owe me one.
Well, if it isn't my
fresh out of law school sensation.
Three years ago maybe,
but in public defender time
one year is like 75, so.
You don't look a day over 110.
So, what'd you tell the ao?
Nothing the h they found on me didn't.
- Jesus, Lea.
- It was total bullshit
how they picked me up.
So what are you?
You're muling for a
sketchy boyfriend again?
Boyfriend, no.
Sketchy is being generous.
And technically, last time
I only went rented the cars
for the mules, which as you know,
I had no idea about.
But this you did?
Yeah, I can't front on that.
This guy, if he finds out
I've been picked up,
I need to walk out of here.
I wish it was that easy.
- I need to walk. Right now.
- Okay. Lea,
if you violate your promise
after they let you out,
you'll be begging for
the four to nine years,
they're currently offering you.
Four to nine.
I might've plead you down at two if
you kept your mouth shut about cooperating.
Right, let the system do its magic.
You know how hard it is to live
with a rap sheet hanging over you?
How hard I had to hustle
to even get a shit job at the tow pound?
I have to get out, I have to get out.
All right, all right.
So plead not guilty, and drop bail.
Look, if you're right about
this questionable stop,
we have a shot at getting
this thing dismissed.
I promise you. - Bail.
Jesus, if I had 50,000, you'd think I'd be
in this mess?
Whoa, whoa, 50,0007?
What judge set that number?
- Some fat guy.
- That narrows it down.
Okay, these baddies you're rolling.
Tell me everything.
No lies, please.
Early bird.
Spread the wealth.
So this guy, Craig,
approached me a few days ago,
asking questions about
a car that was towed.
Before he came in,
he googled everyone at the tow pound,
guess whose mugshot came up?
Knowing I had a record, he offered me
100 grand if I'd help him out.
Help him, how?
By grabbing a sample of the heroin
that was stashed inside that navigator.
I thought it'd be easy money.
Instead I was arrested
coming back from the preview.
Preview for what?
Craig needed the sample
to set up a deal.
He plans to buy the car
at the tow pounds auction,
before anyone else finds out about it.
So who did the drugs belong to?
A Mexican cartel.
Jesus, Lea.
Their mule lost the cargo
while he was visiting
his girlfriend in queens.
And the girlfriend
told Craig about it?
Yeah, she was
hooking up with Craig on the side.
Why? Why risk it?
I was tired of my life.
You're late.
Just getting my game face on.
There are other ways to the game
if you wanna trade that window for a desk.
And I saw an
opportunity to change it.
So, I jumped.
You warned me.
The people I let into my life.
I'm always letting myself be chosen,
I need to choose.
Here come the detectives.
Be careful of what you say, okay?
Okay, your story checks out. Dates.
When is the navigator
set to be auctioned off?
A week from Wednesday.
You sure about that?
Wednesday is the day it all goes down.
Win the car, win the dope.
- What's the play?
- Play?
There's a ton of fucking
dope in that car.
You're selling it to someone, who?
It's a weird name.
I can't tell you if he made it up.
I don't give a fuck if the name is weird,
what's the fucking name?
The golem.
That mean something to you boys?
What do you say?
This is some popeye Doyle level shit.
15 million and a big fish like the golem.
Guess the risk is worth the walk, I think.
Hey baby, where you been?
What happened to radio silence?
The interweb was wonky at my fleabag
motel. So I figured I'd tap yours.
Had a big Skype I couldn't miss.
Wanna know who with? Not really?
- Guess.
- Meryl Streep.
Reptoid, next.
I'm not playing this game, Craig.
The grand resistor.
- I don't know who that is.
- That's the thing.
No one does.
I took a screenshot of our convo.
Check it out.
I can't believe I swiped right.
Anyway, you still haven't told me
where you were last night.
I slept over at a friend's.
- Friends, huh?
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
Who is he?
And who I fuck is my business.
Come on, hop in.
We got somewhere to be.
You think I'm getting in there with that?
You're nuttier than I thought.
Let's go.
I ain't asking.
You let her walk?
I detect a note of skepticism.
I worked in corporate America.
I know a con when I see one.
You're gonna find me
after like three days.
A month, don't knock it.
Now, come on,
how many felonies are you handling?
Right now?
Oh, 80 something.
All right, and how many
actually go to trial?
I don't know, none.
Booya motherfucker!
Exactly, exactly.
50 grand.
Then I'll tap your ass out.
I'll take that back.
No, asshole. That's the bail they set.
Instead of going to trial
and fighting a clean slate,
the Lea's of the world plea, why?
Life's a bitch, and now it's in heat?
Do you believe in anything?
All the sainted ones that
you lose so much sleep over,
like that hottie you just helped out.
The only thing that can save them,
you don't have. Money.
Your client, Mr. coates,
was allowed to remain out
pending intermittent medical updates.
The last of which revealed
him to be stable enough
to appear for sentencing.
During which, he left
at great delay and
aggravation to the court.
Per the statutory sentencing requirements,
the court will recommend
three to six years,
pending the approval
of the department of probation.
Your honor, you have the power
to waive a mandatory minimum
if you could just authorize-
one more word
while I am speaking.
Are you aware of what Mr. coates
told the court before your arrival?
No, your honor.
Mr. coates claimed that you told him
to leave the courtroom on his last visit.
No, I did not.
You suggested he jumped off to Cuba.
That was a joke.
Ah, hence the jocularity
which has ensued.
He'd just been told he's rewarded
for staying clean,
for not dying, was going to jail.
But he inferred that you
meant for him to jump bail.
I'm sorry, is that what
you believe, like personally?
I'm sorry, casi, she was yelling at me.
Got me all jammed up,
and I said, whatever, you mad?
How could I be mad
at someone who plays like you?
Ask me how many days I last used?
How many?
One going in.
Well, now that that's out of the way,
the only thing left to consider
is your conduct, counselor.
Am I being cited?
A contempt proceeding is career-ending
for such a young attorney.
With all due respect,
I've done this-
oh, why start now?
You haven't done yourself
any favors before me.
There are no complaints I'm aware of.
Then I would read
the formal complaint very closely,
when it's submitted to your superiors.
Next docket.
Come on, chop chop.
Not until you tell me what's going on.
The golem got in touch.
I thought we were good to go.
There's been a wrinkle.
He says, I gotta show up with
who was with me at the preview.
Aka you.
Come on. - No.
What is this place?
We have a partner, remember?
The reason we know what we know.
The mule's girl?
I know.
It's time you two had a
little face to face.
You, stay put.
Not with him.
Just you and me, that's it.
Shut the fuck up!
Shut up.
The guys behind this shit,
they must have paid her a visit.
She was dead when I found her.
I didn't want the cops asking any questions
that might derail this motherfucker,
so I stashed her here.
You hear me?
They know my name, and you.
I take this away, you won't scream?
Get the fuck off me.
I'm just trying to bring you
into the cone of shit going down here.
So we all know the stakes.
- One million.
- One million what?
- That's my new cut.
- Blow me.
I did, very underwhelming.
You need me at a drop
I wanted nothing to do with.
The crew we're ripping off,
leaving bodies behind,
so I need one fucking million.
That's the cost to get your 14.
Plus a promise I don't
have to see your face again
until the day of the auction.
250, final offer.
It's not gonna cut it, Craig.
- Come on.
- I'm not ending up like her.
One million is a figure it takes
to get me out of this life, on my terms.
All right.
Thanks for meeting me.
I don't usually meet clients
outside the courthouse.
Professional, though
some judges might disagree.
You okay?
The plan.
When I got back, Craig said
something that has me freaked.
I think something happened
to the mule's girlfriend.
Okay, you have to tell Winston.
- Yeah, right.
- I'm being serious.
It's the only way to protect yourself.
Assault, impersonating
a police officer, grand larceny.
Craig bayonne's illustrious
body of work goes on and on.
- No charges of murder?
- Not yet.
Anything else?
In the tow pound,
on the wall in the waiting room,
there's this picture of a mountain,
like Everest or something.
Years ago, it must have
been put up to take the edge off.
Like a plant you didn't have to water.
I asked the lady at window five
who has been there forever
if she knew where it was
or who put it up or why?
Not a clue, not a clue.
She never even thought to ask.
That's why I knew I had
to get the fuck out of there.
And when I did, I'd find that mountain.
You know, most thieves pick a beach,
you know, nice views,
kayaking, all that stuff.
I'm not most thieves.
And I don't wanna live my life
looking at lost opportunities.
I'm with you.
It's crazy to think
someone's gonna see 15 million dollars,
all in one room, all at once.
Think of the lives that could change.
Be right back. - All right.
Need a refill, hun?
Thank you.
- Little more?
- 1 got it.
Should you get back to
grinding the gears of bureaucracy?
All you had to do... I know.
I told you.
Did I not tell you, casi?
You couldn't just shut up
and do your job?
- Selling mattresses is a job.
- Mmm, lord.
My guys, I gotta look out for them.
By making me do this
thing I don't wanna do?
It's not about letting me down.
Your clients, what about them?
This is a bullshit
complaint and you know it.
Then apologize to the judge.
To cymbeline? Fuck that.
I'd rather eat her fucking ankle weights.
Six months suspension.
I don't think they'll disbar, maybe.
What are you gonna do?
I hear Cuba's nice.
And now you're just being an asshole.
What do you want me to say?
This is what I do.
Excuse me, for busting my ass,
trying to level the playing field.
You can't fight everyone,
every step of the way.
We're all on the same side.
Maybe that's the problem.
You were right.
Of course I was.
About what?
The strong will always eat the weak.
No, however could that be?
Tough week for you, champ?
All right, come on,
a night of heroic drinking
and revenge fantasies, on me.
Who wants this job anyway?
Bright side? At least now
you can see if wonder ears
likes you for more than your docket.
Lea deleon used me, she lied.
Stop the presses. Bigfoots a fiction?
Oh no, no, deal's going down all right.
Just not the date she told vice.
This is crazy.
I don't know if you're
serious or just smoking crack.
- I'm 100% both.
- Then obviously, no
don't be fucking so close-minded.
No, no, let me save you time.
I will, under no circumstance,
participate in an attempt
to steal millions of dollars
in drug money Lea deleon
has told the da about, no.
Why not?
Because it's the definition of fantasy.
Hey, even if you acknowledged that we,
properly armed with the pertinent facts,
could devise a plan that would enable us to
steal said monies without detection or harm?
Listen, as long as the golem gets his cut
and the buyers get their product,
the list of who we're
actually stealing from,
is pretty fucking short and sexy.
Oh that we know.
We know literally more
than anyone else involved.
It's the perfect setup
for the perfect crime.
Still needs to be perfectly executed.
You know, excuse me if I don't think
we're the men for that job.
So it's fear of failure?
- Amongst other things.
- Like?
I don't wanna go to jail,
and I don't wanna get shot.
Both distinct probabilities.
What if we're caught? - By who?
I suppose by whose job
it is to catch criminals
who steal money.
Are you fucking kidding me?
We know these people.
They couldn't catch a cold
in a freezer wearing wet sponge pajamas.
Fuck off, buddy.
Get outta here.
Okay, let me post this hypo.
What if I was in a position
to guarantee success?
You have a ring, now get to the part
of becoming invisible,
'cause I love that, love that.
That's the spirit.
What then?
I still wouldn't do it.
- Why not?
- Because it's wrong.
- It's wrong?
- It's wrong.
It's wrong?
You can't ignore this, casi.
Wake up to your disease.
Go home.
You're diseased as am I,
as are the majority of the schmucks
who come herding through that meat grinder
of so-called justice.
What disease is that?
Poverty is the medical term,
also known as slavery.
Oh, slavery now?
Yes, because in this world,
you have money or money has you?
And we both know what
category you fall into.
You're dying. - I'm 26, bitch.
It should serve as not
the slightest consolation
that your disease
is in a temporary remission, okay?
It's drug money, Dane.
Blood money. - So what?
Nobody cares where the money comes from,
just what it can do.
Think about it casi,
I'm offering you a cure here.
- What, to my disease?
- Yes.
Look, I'm dying too, all right.
And the worst part
is not knowing what you have.
I don't know if it's brain cancer,
a gunshot or a fucking
acme safe to the head.
All I know for sure is it's coming, okay?
It's fucking coming.
Then go climb Kilimanjaro or something.
Go find yourself-
- do I look like
a fucking dilettante to you?
- No.
- This is it, man.
This is our chance.
Our chance to carve our names
across the back ass of the universe.
Legacy time.
Now, are we reaching in to this wormhole
that the universe has opened up for us
and pulling out 15 million
tax-free dollars or what, huh?
- Oh, you been busy lately.
- Jesus.
And I see some red lights blinking.
What the fuck are you talking about?
- Your friend.
- I have lots of them.
Well, this one's a public defender,
and your defender.
- He was worried about me.
- What do you mean?
After you dragged me
with the sample to the golem,
I got tossed by NYPD on my way home.
The fuck?
With my priors,
I had no choice but to cooperate.
Look, I told them everything.
The fuck!
- But the dates.
- You fucked me.
Are you listening to me?
- I'm gonna do you
- I lied to them.
Like the other girl.
They think it's next week.
I don't wanna do.
What did you just say?
What did you say?
Hey, what did you,
what did you say?
That you gave them a head fake?
You killed her?
Jesus, I knew it,
I knew you were a psycho.
Well, I handled my side of things,
and you handled yours.
You should see the other guy.
- Dale.
- Something like that.
What's up?
I'm liminal down there on a new proof.
See if you can help a guy out.
Batteries, candles, canned gazpacho.
This is quite an apocalypse-y
list you have here.
Does it have something
to do with that ripple of yours?
Let's just say that I hope
you know how to use that thing.
I took fencing junior year.
It was pass, fail.
I passed.
- Just get this stuff.
- I will.
Golden boy, bad time?
How'd you get my number?
'Cause I'm a fucking detective.
Heard you spoke to my informant.
Anything I should know?
Beyond the continued existence
of client attorney privilege?
You are no longer her lawyer.
First of all, I'm sorry, what a shock!
Neither of those things are true.
Second, remember you vouched for her.
Any part of that story
turns out to be bullshit.
Or that little lady of yours
does something stupid,
and that dope ends up
on the street, it is on you.
You'll be responsible for
any of the damage that she does.
You got it? Now, get the fuck off my phone.
36th street.
36th street. Step aside and let 'em off.
Attention, passengers.
This line is no longer in service.
Due to a city-wide power outage,
this line is no longer in service.
Please move safely
and swiftly to the nearest exit.
- This your stop?
- No.
Safely and swiftly,
ladies and gentlemen.
It's a power outage.
Line's out of service.
No one likes to admit it, but people
love the danger of nights like this.
People or you?
Five bucks?
All right, look.
All we need is a baseball bat
and a grocery cart,
and we can go shopping right now.
This is me.
- Can I ask you something?
- Yeah, shoot.
What do you get out of it?
Defending people like me.
Ah, I mean there's so much.
The shit pay. The professional disrespect.
In all honesty, I have
a masochistic side that believes
everyone deserves
a second chance, even you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Well, thank you.
What, you're not coming?
There's some candles
in the kitchen, under the sink.
How'd you get that?
Looks like a burn.
Pot of water on the oven.
I used to get nosebleeds.
It's embarrassing.
Like a humidifier.
Foster family I lived with used to do that.
Must've hurt.
Not as much as seeing
my mother get dragged away
and sent back to Columbia
for putting it there.
I'm sorry.
That mountain, at the tow pound,
it's not real, is it?
I know you lied to them, the cops.
I know the auction's on Saturday.
It's not Wednesday like you testified.
Lea, look, what I don't understand is
how you can think you can play all sides
without getting hurt.
I don't care how smart you are.
Since when do lawyers
stalk their clients?
You're way in over your head.
Go back to Winston,
and just say the dates changed.
You're a part of this, aren't you?
The exchange.
You told me to protect myself.
I'm doing the best I can.
But you know what will happen
the second Craig gets his cash, right?
You know.
Come clean on this.
And then what?
Go back to a dead end job
and blow my boss for a pension
that'll never pay off?
Maybe I just quit.
Let a whole new crop of people sit in
judgment of my criminal record and reject me.
Fuck that.
If I am what everyone
already thinks I am, then
then excuse me if I'm just thinking the only
future I have is one I take for myself.
I'll tell Winston if you won't.
I don't think you will.
How do you know?
Because you don't think
I deserve any of this.
And you wouldn't be here
if you didn't care.
Just help me, casi.
Hey, that's my wallet.
That's how it is.
Hey, casi, huh?
Hey, you know who I am, Mr.
Public defender?
I know you,
you better not be trying
to get in the middle of something
that has nothing to do with you.
For her sake.
- No.
- No?
You realize
it's not a fencing sword, right?
Yeah, client gift.
My first trial victory.
The samurai used it to
protect the innocent.
Now, I use it as a wall decoration.
What am I doing?
It's six am, you tell me.
The time and temperature sign
on the building outside
the courthouse this week.
You know what the temperature was?
- Hot.
- 150 degrees.
And how am I the only person
who noticed this is broken?
Maybe it's not the clock that's broken.
You're familiar, I'm sure,
with singularities.
And not the man merges
with computer singularity
as rehearsed by kurzweil
and other futurists, but,
But singularity involving
the laws of physics.
Yes, somehow my law school missed that.
Picture a star turning into a black hole
which happens from time to time.
It starts to shrink,
the pull of gravity
accelerating until nothing,
not even light can escape.
And what is at the center of that
black hole into which we can't see?
A singularity.
Give that man a steak.
The universe is collapsing.
Suddenly, and all around
us, too much matter.
And you're seeing signs of it.
That isn't the first spliff
you've had tonight, is it?
I'm telling you, things
that used to have no mass,
now, suddenly do.
Like punishments that don't fit the crime.
Laws, casi.
People like to think they're fixed,
be it in physics or that
courthouse of yours.
It comforts them to know
what props up their world.
Especially, when they see it
falling apart, all around them.
Like you, my friend.
And whatever it is,
that's scaring you, don't let it.
One can break the law, my friend,
and still believe in justice.
Okay, I'm in.
In what?
You know, that brainstorm of yours.
I'm a man of many storms of the brain.
It's like fucking Jupiter in here.
Which one again?
You're fucking with me, right?
You know what, forget it.
This was a mistake. You're an asshole.
All right, all right.
All right, all right.
I'm an asshole.
So what's the plan, huh?
We sneak into the tow pound,
replace the NYPD trackers with our own.
And follow Lea to the golem.
She doesn't know yet,
but she'll get her cut.
And we'll make sure those drugs
never end up on the street.
Eagle two taking flight.
Eagle one landed yet?
Eagle two getting worried.
Eagle's in his nest.
Shut the fuck up, Dane.
Okay, first vehicle
on the block is a 2006 Honda civic.
Fair condition, but bidder beware,
the bloodstains might not
be able to come out, okay?
We'll start at 15.
Hey, you're the guys from narcotics?
She's been missing since last Friday.
- Boyfriend?
- Big time weirdo, small time dealer.
Thought you guys might
know him, Craig bayonne.
You still thinking about my offer?
Every night.
Do I hear 2,750 anyone?
2750, all right, I see someone in the back.
Can we go higher?
What about three?
Three, anyone three, huh?
No, all right.
Going once, going twice, 2,750 sold to my
man over there with the hat, all right.
Excuse me.
Help, my car was towed.
It's on the wall there, in
96 different languages.
It's kind of pointless if you guys
don't speak every one of the 96.
License and registration.
It's a rental, the contract's in the car.
Not an easy task for you
in this little glass box of yours.
Must feel like a prison in there.
Not that you've ever been to prison.
- Do I know you?
- No, I doubt it.
I have that kind of face.
Resting asshole face.
Bring that around the corner,
and bring the paperwork back to me
and we'll get you processed.
Ooh, I love getting processed.
I don't know.
Sure as shit something though.
- Tow pound?
- Yup.
Next, we have a 2015 Lincoln navigator.
Black, excellent condition.
We're gonna start the bidding at 15.
Can I get 157?
Right up front for my decisive gentleman,
15 right off the bat.
All right.
Here she is.
Oooh, yo.
Can I get 16?
16 from the gents in the back.
Do I hear... 17 grand.
Sir, you need to hold your paddle up.
Your paddle up, sir.
18 from the back. Can we get 197
19 from my friend upfront.
- 25.
- 25,000, all right.
Can we go higher?
Can we get 267
26, anybody?
40 fucking grand.
Sir, you understand-
- come on, just say it, all right?
Going once, going twice, sold.
Okay, $40,000, going once, going twice.
Ah, thoroughly processed.
Let me guess, sagittarius.
What, you don't believe
in the great astrological arts?
Only what they tell
me about guys like you.
Oh yeah, what's that?
If we're gonna do this,
let me just warn you,
I will dedicate myself almost exclusively to
achieve the removal of one of your eyeballs.
Now, this will be done without consideration
of my own safety or the result of this combat.
Are you willing to live with that, sir?
Hey, what are you doing in here?
I thought we were keeping a low profile.
- I know they're here.
- Who?
The guys whose stuff
we're trying to Shanghai.
Right fucking outside now.
Please, don't tell me they outbid you.
Who knew I needed to
roll with 60 fuckin' gs?
Give me your driver's license.
You heard me,
give me your driver's license.
Take this, and wait
in the room around the corner.
What are you gonna do?
Earn my million.
Thank you.
Anyone else here from the auction?
Can I have your license please, mr-
- ballena.
- Sorry, it doesn't look like-
- It's here.
Don't worry, I'm sure.
This happens all the time.
Let me just check with my guys in the lot.
Eagle one, what the fuck happened to you?
Remember when I said
the strong eats the weak?
I just ran into the thing
that eats everything.
I have no idea what that means.
All right, it doesn't matter.
It's over, they know.
The Mexican cartel?
Fucking Lea and bayonne.
And that big whale, he has...
Dane, what Mexican cartel?
The dudes who lost the heroin.
And they won the auction, I think.
- Goddamn.
- Guess they weren't
as in the dark as we thought.
Are you fucking kidding?
I'm done, I'm done.
Take a deep breath.
Casi, casi, hey, hey, hey
we can still salvage this.
This we're not prepared for.
The last time I fucking bled like this,
I had a paper cut.
And you gutted it out.
- Fuck you, Dane. Fuck you.
- Okay, just breathe.
Take a deep breath.
Maybe not through your nose.
Take a breath, okay?
Okay, looks good.
Can I help you?
J stay fresh all day &
j ridin' those sneakers j
j they best walkin' j
oh fuck, here he comes.
J gonna test out things j
j and the next one win j&
j may the best man win j
j till the dawn j&
j yeah j
no no no no.
Start the car, start the car.
Start the car!
Goddammit, I lost my car!
J down reload &
You, that navigator better
still fucking be here.
They're close.
Shit, I think they pulled over.
I thought you said no one carries.
Yeah, guns.
This here is 10,000 volts
of grade a certified reptoid repellent.
Don't fuck this up for me, Craig.
You realize we can call
this thing off, right?
That's still an option.
An option?
What are you, David Lewis?
Professor, formerly of Princeton,
and recently admitted into
the great nothing, philosophy,
know him?
David Lewis, okay, sure.
Didn't think so.
But surely, you know leibniz, right?
And his concept of many possible worlds
as alluded to in Voltaire's "candide."
And Dane, I know Lewis too.
What's your point?
My point is,
if we accept his form
of modal realism as true,
and we agree that we could
just walk away from our plan,
then we must acknowledge that there is
a world out there
where you and I do pussy out
and go home. But that means-
- there's world where we don't.
Oh shit.
All right.
Are we doing this or what?
I mean, it's kind of annoying
to think there's someone
out there that looks like me
who goes around calling himself
casi, who comes this close
to achieving the perfect heist, then bails.
All right, fuck that guy.
I mean, even if there's
only one of all possible worlds
in which we succeed,
shouldn't that we be us?
Leave the key and the opener in the car.
All right.
What is that?
What is what?
That. I thought we said no guns.
This, it's not a gun.
Oh, it looks like a fuck ton of gun.
You told me to get tear gas.
Yeah, like canisters, so we can roll.
We're taking out literally
one guy, not falluja.
It's exactly the same effect,
plus it looks badass as shit.
Dane... appearances matter.
- We are not using this.
- We are.
We are.
Look in my eyes.
Look in my plastic eyes.
Colin fucking Powell.
Colin Powell what?
Clear objective,
overwhelming force, exit strategy.
You brought two of the three,
I completed the Trinity.
Now, if you have another way
to neutralize our wildcard
lizard worshiper, I am all ears.
Okay, we're good then.
Wait here.
We're all good to go.
Okay, this should
lead them right to it.
- Someone spot it?
- Even better
it looks like Lea deleon
had a change of heart.
Craig, I'm pretty sure they counted it.
Like I trust the guy dressed like a
vampire on the hottest day of the year.
No offense.
When we leave, you can go.
Give me the keys. - I can drive.
The fuck you will.
See what the fuck is going on.
Keys. - Craig.
- Now!
- Craig.
Come on.
Fuck it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?
We're going in.
Wait a minute.
Two minutes ago, and you wanted
to abandon ship, remember?
Just because it's taking
a little longer than expected,
now you wanna fucking storm the beaches.
You said it yourself.
Colin fucking Powell.
Fuck yeah.
Fuck you, bitch.
Where do you think you're going, huh?
- Now, freeze motherfuckers!
- Yes!
No, don't puke.
DNA, DNA is the evidence.
Is he dead? - He's dead.
You boys have no reason to hold me.
Well, we are, until you tell us
why you bought that navigator for $60,000.
Sight unseen.
We're almost to it.
Get off of her right now.
Damn if you don't bring the idea
of public defender to all new level.
I would do what he says.
I said, get up!
I swear to god.
Now, get the fuck up.
Help her.
- Okay, I got you.
- Thanks.
You know how I knew
we were being overrun?
Lady justice,
it's like a ct scan of everything
that's wrong with America.
One set of laws for the slaves,
one for the slavers.
You've seen it,
haven't you?
J I testify j
j testify &
j I ain't got no problem j
j that's for real &
j I ain't got no drama j
j cause she know the deal &
j making that money j
there it is.
J for the fancy clothes j
j but she got her own j
j you know the drill &
j I testify j
j babies been good to me j
j testify &
j so good she knock me off my feet j
j testify &
j let me testify j
j 'cause my baby's got a lot j
j let me testify j
j nananad
j I ain't got no stress j
j feelin' fancy free j
j don't know she the best j
j best for me j&
j I testify j
j babies been good to me j
j testify &
j so baby knock me off my feet j
j so good she knock me off my feet j
j let me testify j
j let me testify j
you know, I kinda feel sorry
for the other casi and Dane
who didn't make it.
Fuck 'em.
Fuck 'em.
You're welcome.
I guess I chose well.
Just not me.
Thanks for second chance.
Hey, make it count.
You too.
I'd say I'm surprised to see you back here, but
it's too late in the day for me to fake it.
Go ahead. Tell me your tale of woe.
My client pleads not guilty, your honor.
Mr. gartrell is an honor
student at Bronx science,
a good kid, and sitting on
his stoop before sundown
is not a good enough reason
for an arresting officer
to fracture his orbital socket.
The defendant resisted
arrest, your honor-
- it's not illegal to ask a police officer
why he's demanding your ID.
I left the copy of my
fourth amendment home,
but you should take my word for it.
There's the 220 marijuana possession.
A civil violation that
deserves a fine, rightly so,
but it was also discovered
after he was beaten.
My office will be filing
a wrongful imprisonment suit
against the city at the very least.
Are the other attorneys
in your little firm like you?
It's just me at the
moment, but I'm hiring.
If you know anyone.
Mr. gartrell, I'm gonna
ask you this one more time.
Your lawyer, recently reinstated,
perhaps suffering some
residual enmity at this bench
for his much deserved and long vacation.
And yet, still shouting into the wind,
is taking your case to trial.
If that doesn't fill you
with complete confidence,
now is your chance
to speak on your behalf.
Like he said, not guilty.
- People.
- People request $25,000 bail
and electronic monitoring.
I can't, how am I gonna pay that bail?
What'd I tell you?
That legal fund you were talking about?
Bail's fine, your honor.
I got you.
Court sets the bail at 25,000,
plus electronic monitoring
and house arrest.
Couldn't be this easy.
It must be a dream, counselor.
Just the best
of all possible worlds, your honor.
Next docket
343, people versus
Antonio guiterriez.
What happens now?
We go to trial and we win.
J two little bad boys sitting on a wall &
j looking over the big bad city j
j exchanging ideas
about making some dough j
j any way they can and quickly j
j and one he ain't
too fussed about the crust j
j just a groat of cake'd do him fine j
j blessed with an inkling &
j but the other's into sprinkling &
j and claims anything that shines j
j now here's an idea j
j just hear me out
before you shoot it down j
j says the hyper of the two j
j reels off a plan to beat
the scam of all scams j
j involving a truckload of booze j
j now you know that girl
with peroxide curls j
j you know the one who does
the checks who's pretty j
j we'll bring her in
and we'll be living like kings j
j we don't need no gun with them titties j
j now hold up, slow down,
wait a minute, let me finish j
j boy you must be mad j
j I'd rather be free and poor
than behind a steel door &
j man, think of that j
j now you know those moments j
j when the devil comes along j
j and sits right on your shoulder j
j contemplation station
got you standing at the crossroads j
j trying to win you over j
J it's the way of the maker, human nature j
j ldle time, don't let
the devil persuade ya j
j stand your ground j
j take a look around j
j don't see no bad man wearing the crown j
j head up, don't look down j
j don't turn crook now j
j just keep your head to the skies j
j and if you can't do the time j
j then don't do the crime j
j lldle time, the devil's playground j
j two little bad boys
staking out the liquor truck j
j the decoy arrived on time j
j fishnets, tight vest,
boots to the thighs j
j yes, she stepped to the
driver with the line j
j can you help me mister j
j said the young sister j
j there's something wrong with my ride j
j why yes, with a flash
he leapt from the dash j
j with his eyes all big and wide j
j now the two boys crept
into the cab of the truck &
j while she kept his gaze on her thighs j
j one put his foot to the floor,
the other opened the door j
j put out his hand
and got the girl in the ride j
j tires all screeching,
bouncing off the seat j
j saying shut up, stop your screaming j
j this ain't no time for preaching j
j hold tight, red light,
buckle up, nearly there j
j next thing you know
flashing blue in the mirror j
j now you know those moments j
j when the devil comes along j
j and sits right on your shoulder j
j contemplation station
got you standing at the crossroads j
j trying to win you over j
j and the grass looks greener,
the meat looks leaner j
j tired of tasting the same,
you want something sweeter j
j and you know better,
but it won't let ya j
j it's knocking at the door,
like a rent collector &
J two little bad boys and their decoy j
j abandon the truck and run j&
j go take off them boots
come on up on the roof j
j hurry now or our days are done j
j next thing you know
like rabbits in a headlamp j
j a beam of light came from the sky j
j circling around, come on,
keep your heads down j
j damn, who said pigs can't fly j
j now the chopper picked them
up on the heat-seeking cam j
j man, damn you and your stupid scams j
j was it the devil on your shoulder j
j the one like I told ya j
j should of walked and
been the better man j
j now they're all under lock and key j
j you don't see them on
that wall no more j&
j the grass is overgrown,
man they should be at home j
j instead of behind a
million-thick brick wall j&
j dear little bad boy j
j well, few has changed
and here in the big bad city j
j yeah I'm still rocking mics
and spreading your advice j
j but you know sometimes it's a pity j
J idle time, idle time j
j lldle time, the devil's playground j
j idle time, idle time j
j lldle time, the devil's playground j
j idle time, idle time j
j lldle time, the devil's playground j
j idle time, idle time j
j lldle time, the devil's playground j
j idle time, idle time j
j lldle time, the devil's playground j
j idle time, idle time j
j lldle time, the devil's playground j