Nandhi Varman (2023) Movie Script

'Donate mother's milk
Save future generation'
'Nandhi Varman movie story picturised
as happening in Senji'
'The story of Pallava King Nandhi Varman
in this film is fictitious, but not real'
'Nandhi Varman'
- Hello?
- Hey!
Did you see the time?
Are you coming or shall I leave?
Wait for 2 minutes, just 2 minutes,
I'll come.
'Why have you come to
college on a Sunday?'
'What is it that you do?'
Archeology brother!
They dig the earth and,
study what they find.
- Why should you study for that?
- A JCB will do that?
Brother, can I ask you a question?
This building you are painting,
how long will it last?
Approximately, 6 to 7 years!
The paintings in the 1000-year-old
Tanjore temple are still the same.
- Why?
- Why?
Ancient man roamed around
without clothes,
but now with civilization,
we are wearing clothes, why?
Now moving on...
When you see the palaces and forts
where kings and queens lived,
What do you think?
I will admire the kind
of life they have lived.
Those who lived before us,
have left us with temples and forts,
for our knowledge.
But we, are destroying everything
for the sake of science.
Where is this going to end?
Do you know anything about it?
I will know if you ask me,
how many litres to paint this building.
Only if you educated people like you
tell us we will know of such things.
Now do you realise,
why we are studying this?
- Hi, Subi
- Hi
- Hello
- Hi
Let's go to the conference hall,
it's already too late.
Yes it's late.
Ha...good morning ladies and gentlemen
I would like to say 1 Thirukkural
before I start this session
'This work, by this, this man can do
Like this entrust the duty due.'
Today is a great day
to all of us.
The reason for that is...
Professor Bose!
Thank you, sir
The 'Kural' that I just
mentioned, will fit him perfectly.
Professor Bose & team
Very soon, they are set to start
their project in Hanumanthapuram.
Last month,
out of the five statues that were
brought in for Antique Clearance test,
four statues, belong to the sixth century.
To the smuggler who is not aware
of this country's history,
it is just a stone.
But not for us.
Professor Bose's research,
holds a very important place
in Indian Archeology research.
His next project, is not just
about temple statues.
He has the responsibility to reveal,
the life and history of a Pallava King.
Just as Mr. Chakravarthy said,
today is an important day for me.
Hanumanthapuram is my dream project.
To know about this project,
is like going back a 1000 years
in a time machine.
It's very risk
Let's see
'In our vast country,'
'while there were battles to
capture land and people,'
'together with the people,'
'the land was being put to use,
to build huge temples,'
'by the Pallava Dynasty.'
'During those days, the people'
'had access to nature's bounty,
and wealth and riches'
'lived wealthy and content lives.'
'To target and plunder the most
wealthy places of South India,'
'there were many dacoits.'
'However, these plundering bandits,'
'did not intend to raid the wealthy
and prosperous village of,'
'Hanumanthapuram, in Senji,
a part of the Pallava Dynasty,'
'even in their dreams.'
'That's because,'
'the Pallava King,'
'Nandhi Varman, ruled over,
'Nandi Varman's sword, was made of,
an invisible metal.'
'This rare kind of sword,'
'at the instant it touches
the enemy's blood,'
'emanates a red light,
and it's shape is visible.'
'Nandi Varman, was devoted to
Tamil and a highly spiritual man.'
'Present in Hanumanthapuram,'
'the temple of
'was given a lot of importance,
and the deity was worshipped,'
'and a lot of prayers and
sacrifices were offered.'
'For the wealth of his country,
and the strength of his army'
'the blessings of
'were the only reason,
believed Nandi Varman.'
'The structure of the temple
of Hanumantheeshwarar,'
'was embedded with priceless,
gems and jewels.'
'The existence of this treasure,
that is Hanumantheeshwarar temple,'
'located in the village of
Hanumanthapuram, reaches the ears'
'of the monstrous
bandit gang, 'Alari'.'
'They were the first of the
gang of marauding monsters.'
'They were known for their cruelty.'
'They tortured and killed people,
wherever they went,'
'and plundered the wealth,
for entertainment.'
'The head of such a monstrous gang,'
'is the one-eyed, Gora!'
'Once he makes up his mind
to loot a town,'
'the method he will use to torture
and kill the people of that town,'
'will be painted on the walls
and on the rocks of the mountain,'
'to scare and intimidate the people,
he will use his identity,'
'that is his one-eye stamp.'
'One day, on his way back
from looting a town,'
'Gora spotted, Hanumanthapuram.'
'Nandi Varman's martial prowess,'
'and his undefeated feat in battle,
was well-known by Gora.'
'Realizing that it was impossible to
win, facing Nandi Varman in battle,'
'was waiting patiently
for the opportune moment.'
'The day that Gora was waiting
for finally arrived.'
'Occurring after 1000 years,'
'was a special Full Moon day.'
'On that special day,'
'Nandi Varman, will sit in front of
the deity of Hanumantheeshwarar,'
'will offer prayers with his sword,'
'then, to find out answers to,
the questions that arise within,'
'he will go into a deep
meditative state.'
'Gora, along with his troops,
marches towards Hanumanthapuram,'
'tortured and killed all the people.'
'The remaining people ran
to the temple to take refuge,'
'the loud wails from the people,
disturbed Nandi Varman'
'Nandi Varman, told his people,
not to get disheartened and,'
'that facing monsters and bandits
was not new to them,'
'saying so he comforted his people.'
'The temple which was
impenetrable by even monsters,'
'Gora easily entered it.'
'Inside the temple, as Nandi Varman
and Gora's men were engaged in battle,'
'having witnessed Nandi Varman's
prowess in person, Gora,'
'unable to face him,'
'to bring down Nandi Varman,
he stabbed him on his back.'
'Seeing Nandi Varman now battle
for his own life, the people,'
'knelt down in front
of Gora's troops.'
'Gora, walked up
to the Hanumantheeshwarar deity,'
'to get his hands
on the priceless diamond.'
'Nandi Varman who had collapsed,'
'got up and sliced the head of
Gora using his sword.'
'As soon as he killed Gora,'
'Nandi Varman also died immediately.'
'With heavy rains and a deluge,'
'the temple and its surrounding areas.
were buried.'
To dig Hanumanthapuram, to bring
out the history of Nandi Varman,
and the secrets of
Hanumantheeshwarar temple,
as part of this mission,
those who will be my team-mates,
working with me are,
Madhu, Subi,
and Santhosh.
Those who ask God for
a good house,
don't think about the state of
the temples those Gods reside in.
Did you see that tower?
It is covered in creepers and bushes,
but no one is bothered about it.
This was built in the 16th century.
Do you see the state it is in now?
Ilakiya, look here.
Do you know why all
the figures in this pillar are broken?
Those days when the Mughals arrived,
they have disfigured all this.
If they wanted the country, they,
should have just captured the land.
Why should they destroy
Pallava's statues?
To destroy someone's history,
his identity should be
destroyed first.
Exactly, that's right.
Look there.
Many pillars like these,
are located in Pondicherry beach.
They are just on the platform with
no one to care for.
No one knows
how it got there.
This is how,
our Tamil culture is
slowly vanishing.
- Hello sir!
- Manikandan!
- Did you inquire who died?
- It seems he is an outsider.
No one around here,
could identify him.
- Have you informed the forensics?
- Yes, sir.
Sir, I doubt that
it could be a suicide.
How long are you working
in this department?
This is a murder!
How could you say for sure, that
it's a murder by seeing the body?
Just by observing.
Until one day back,
there was enough water in the lake
to submerge a whole body.
But when we got the information,
the water had receded, right?
Yes sir!
If it was a suicide, his hands
and legs would be swollen,
there would be water inside his body
and his body would have bulged.
When observing face,
his chin was swollen.
Only a fracture would
result in that.
Someone has been smart,
and murdered this man and disposed
the body when there was water.
Thank you, sir
'No one should let go, got it?'
'Banumathi hold properly.'
'Vennila, enough of playing, come.'
This year the temple festival
should be a grand one.
Hello to everyone.
I had gone to the Padaleeswarar
temple in Senji
it was unavoidable,
and I couldn't come on time.
It got delayed so please
excuse me.
Why do you have to be
so formal?
Only after you came to this town,
it turned wealthy, and even
the deity has become beautiful.
There is nothing wrong
in waiting for you.
What nothing wrong?
What did he do for us?
Keep quiet, they are discussing.
The whole village has gathered
to celebrate the Chithirai festival.
Those who should come
have arrived.
Let us finish the talks.
You talk, until the festival,
it is your word that stands.
As always,
the decoration of the deity,
will be my expense.
Fireworks and loud speakers
will be my expense.
I will take care of the folk dance
and all the entertainment.
I will take care of all the money,
so all of you give me your money.
Shut your mouth, man!
'- I'm the VAO speaking!'
- Tell me sir!
'I got a call from
the collector's office.'
'People from the archeology department,
are coming to your village tomorrow.'
Let them come,
we will take care sir.
It was the VAO on the phone now.
Along our village mountain,
people from Chennai are
coming again to do research.
Let them come and dig.
Only then everyone will know
the actual problem.
Why are you always arguing?
What am I arguing?
As soon as it gets dark,
we all go into our houses,
even if we fall sick we go to
the hospital only in the morning.
It has been generations
since we even saw the moon.
Saroja, what is your son saying?
Does he want to change what
we've been practicing?
Periyasamy's son went
to the mountains, right?
We all know what happened to him.
Inba, don't talk when the elders
are talking, let's go home.
Mom, why do you always
shut me up?
Periyasamy! Your house is on fire!
Come quickly!
House is burning, come quickly.
Oh no!
The God has cursed us!
Throw the water and douse the fire
Oh my! I've lost everything!
What will I do now?
My son died and now his photo has
also burned down in this fire.
Don't worry, be glad that
it was an empty house.
What, Priest? When we were talking about
festival, here a house was burnt!
Did the fire happen because we
spoke about the festival?
It started burning when he said,
those Chennai people are coming to dig.
If they come and start digging,
the whole town will be burned down!
What do we do now?
Move aside, let's see
if it is them or us today.
What do you want?
What is with this staring competition?
All of you turn back and go.
Be quiet all of you.
Listen to me, I will speak.
After you guys came here last time,
one of our guys died.
Why are you coming again?
You better go back.
That is the safest thing for you
as well as for everyone.
Our research will be outside
the village only.
It will not cause you any trouble.
If you don't want the government to
do good here, what do we do?
What else to do?
There are only a couple of buses
plying to our town now.
We also have water and electricity
issues to be sorted.
If you stop all this now, then
all that will face a problem.
What can we do against
a government?
What government?
Where is the government
without our votes?
That a valid question.
You are the President here,
how can you talk like this?
How else should we speak?
We have filed multiple petitions
to address our water problem.
All those times the government
didn't do anything.
Now why have you come here
to dig in our village?
No one should come here.
If we discover historical artefacts,
it will make your village proud.
We are struggling here to
just live our lives.
You want to dig something that was
buried ages ago and call it pride?
No need.
Please wait.
What you say is right.
But to even see the water, bus
and electricity that you talk of,
we should be alive, right?
Only we know our problems here.
You all will come and go.
Only the ones who lost a child
will know the real pain.
You are all talking
only about dying.
I'm trying to do some good for
the village and its people.
Why don't you understand?
How many times do I tell you?
Do you know how far we have come
in science and technology?
Listen to me carefully.
We finally have electricity now, and,
my son has just started studying,
they want to spoil that too!
What will we do if we
don't have a ration card?
They are giving Rs.1000,
to the homemaker as well.
Women don't need a ticket
to travel by bus.
With all this, will we even get
our pension this month?
Okay, sir
Alright, let them do their work.
But there are rules to be followed.
No one who is part of the research
team should enter the village.
No one should work after
5 in the evening.
Are you ok now?
I am ok with this.
I don't have any work after 5 pm.
All of you disperse.
Clear this.
All of you also leave.
Why do we have to come
to a place with so many problems?
We could have just dug in
some place near Chennai.
If we dug near Chennai,
we won't get temples, just trash.
Even after so many years,
these people haven't changed.
What to do sir,
they aren't educated.
They still believe in
ghosts and demons.
They don't do any work,
and don't let us do any work.
Then, if you need anything,
you can contact me directly.
You don't have to deal
anything by yourself.
Thank you, sir
We have come all this way,
can we go and check out
the research place?
- Okay
- Okay, sir!
For this story to begin,
one more character has to join.
'Truth will triumph'
Hello sir.
Everyone calls me
Senji Mahendra Varman.
I'm aware, sit down.
Why have you thrashed
my boys like this, sir?
They didn't open their
mouths for any question.
Didn't you tell him?
I will bring them out.
Here look at that.
That is for you.
Have a safe journey.
- See this!
- Transfer order?
Then, am I going to get a promotion?
- Where to?
- Senji!
Transfer is the prize for honesty,
Don't worry.
Even as you face death,
never side with evil,
and staying virtuous,
is the mark of a Kshatriya.
Definitely, brother!
What is wrong?
My daughter who went
herding the goats is missing!
Tell me what happened.
My daughter went to herd goats
and she is missing now.
- What happened?
- Sir!
- Her daughter is missing sir.
- Missing?
Have you taken a complaint from her?
Yes, sir.
- How old is she?
- She is 13 years old, sir.
Don't cry, we will find
your daughter very soon.
Did she go missing on her way
back from school?
No sir, she went with the other kids
and goats, to the hillock down south.
All the other kids have come home.
My goats have also come home.
Somehow find my daughter, please.
Instead of sending her to school,
you've sent her to herd goats?
- I will even fall at your feet.
- Hey get up, get up.
Stop crying now.
Alright which village?
Hanumanthapuram, sir.
One minute
Yes, I started, but there was
an important case. I'm on my way.
Will be there now
Hello sir!
Sir, if you don't mind,
can I go, sir?
Okay, you can proceed
Okay, sir
- This is a very notorious place, sir.
- Are there many rowdies?
There are no rowdies, sir.
Let's go, sir.
Stupid fellow!
Sir! Let's go.
Sir, without even taking
a couple of days rest,
as soon as you arrived,
you have reported for duty.
'Saptha Kanni Temple
And now you have brought me
to this village as well.
Sir, the hill that over there
is the cause for all problems.
Sir, don't look that side.
Let's move on quickly.
Sir, we should return before dark,
once we reach Hanumanthapuram.
If it gets late, we can't
go to the station.
Why do you say so?
There won't be a single soul
after 6pm here.
What is the problem?
That is a very big story
You will come to know it later.
Vennila, my dear?!
What is your daughter's name?
Vennila, sir.
- Who all went with her?
- All these kids only.
- Where's your husband?
- He's here, sir.
Hey come here!
Why are you crying in front
of the whole village?
Now that she is gone, I was thinking
we don't have further expenses,
and here you have brought
the cops as well?
- Come here.
- What, sir?
How dare you hit her in front of me?
Sit here.
Do you have even a little
bit of concern?
If your daughter goes missing,
won't you go and search for her?
- Where did you leave all the goats?
- We left them right here.
How many goats in all?
Five goats and six kids, sir.
Your daughter is just hiding here.
Call her, she'll come.
Call her name loudly!
Out of eleven goats,
there are only ten.
Your child is hiding scared
of her father. Call her, she'll come.
I was scared and hid myself
because dad will hit me.
Are there horses here?
Horse? There is not even
a single donkey in this town.
What happened, sir?
What happened, sir?
Sir, what happened?
Sir, are you alright?
Mani has arrived,
we can start our work.
Give it to me
If you look at it yourself,
you will know the details.
Ilakiya,the map...
Until a certain depth,
we have to use a digger.
Let's do it.
Sir, the map is missing.
It is missing? Do you have brains?
He says it is missing!
We have planned today's work
based on the map.
How many times did I tell you all?
Only if each of you work carefully,
we can complete this project.
Did you listen to
what I said or not?
Get out! Don't stand in front of me.
Irritating me
on the very first day itself.
All of you forget what
work you did here till now.
The place where Bose and team
are doing their research,
should be given full security,
and that should be your focus too.
Excuse me, sir
If you don't mind...
With so many problems already,
can't this research be
stopped or postponed...
You are not aware of
the value of this project?
Do you know how many MPs have
put pressure for this project?
Now this project is under the direct
supervision of the central government.
It is not just a temple that is buried,
but there is history of an entire clan.
Religion and Tamil were
seen as the two eyes of,
Nandi Varman, whose history
is buried there and,
Bose and his team are
going to bring it out.
Professor Bose is not just any
ordinary archeological professor,
For his research, he has received
recognition, from across Asia.
To provide this project with
the maximum security needed,
the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,
has given me direct order.
Whatever happens there henceforth,
you have to immediately bring it
to my attention, Mr. Palanivel Rayan.
It will be done, sir.
- I have a soft copy of the map, sir.
- Couldn't you have said it before?
Hello, sir!
- What do you want?
- Can we make a deal?
What deal, who are you?
Sir, I am the owner of
this digger, Mani.
All these diggers need to be
in my sight at all times.
The earth has to be dug
the way I tell only.
Sir! Is that all?
I will build a boundary on four sides,
and dig it neatly the way
a road is dug, am I right?
To make sure your name,
lasts forever,
I will dig the best pond
and give you sir.
Sir it is not just money
that matters to this Mani,
my work will also be pristine.
There is a whole temple buried in,
that we have to dig out.
Take the harathi, sir.
All of you go and do the work
that they tell you to do.
"Omnipresence of Shiva"
"Omnipotence of Shiva"
'Everywhere is Shiva's presence'
'The God with five-lettered mantra,
drank poison to save the world;'
'The one who brought
the five elements together, and,'
'The one who conducts this whole
universe is Thiruchitrambalam;'
'This is the place where
the lord resides;'
'If you succumb to greed and dig out
the buried treasure, earth will burn;'
'Ruin will befall the one
who digs this ground;'
'It is the wish of the almighty that,
the buried treasure will stay buried;'
'Only those who respect His wishes,
will be able to live here;'
'Else, Death is imminent!'
'Death is imminent!'
'Trespassing on Shiva's land,
will destroy your entire clan.'
'Watch out for your life!'
Did you all get scared of him?
Let him be, he is a mad guy.
Get back to your work.
Ilakiya, come here.
Just to get a mobile checked out,
we had to come this far.
Then, when are you getting married?
My folks are on the lookout
for a guy,
but I didn't find anyone to
match my frequency yet.
What do you mean?
It means,
before I could finish what I think,
he should finish doing it.
Before you think,
the work has to be done.
Excuse me
One small help
I'll take one beedi
Please, fire it
Sir is calling you. Go.
Where are you from?
Hanumanthapuram, sir!
Sir, he is drunk!
Go and wait in that corner.
Yes, sir
I am going and sleeping
My partners are-
'You are listening to FM radio,
Radio City, 91.1, I am 'Love Guru'!'
'Our topic for today is, journey.'
'Our whole life is a journey, but,'
- Hey listen to it.
- 'we all would have had,'
'an unforgettable journey
in our lives.'
'That journey would have brought
some change in our lives,'
'or that journey, could have become,
a part of our lives.'
All this is just nonsense.
'Any special experiences that
they had during their travels,'
'let us see who is going
to share it with us.'
'Our program's first caller,'
- 'Good evening, Love Guru!'
- Hey, tell me!
Can't you pick up, when I call?
Whose money are you roaming with?
When are you going to return it?
You got married and have a kid too.
When will you return my money?
If you don't give my money,
it will be very bad for you.
- When will you give my money?
- Someone should give him a tight slap.
Just sit
Serves him right!
What you thought just happened now!
Maybe your frequency has just
begun now, for you.
'I sung the next line,
and she got shy and chuckled.'
'Then what happened?'
'That girl is now my wife, sitting
beside me and listening to us talk!'
Wow, super!
'My heartiest wishes for your
marital journey!'
'Share this incident with us'
Those who are getting down
at Senji,get down now.
'This is how, some journeys
become a part of our whole life.'
'Similarly, share your beautiful
travel memories with us.'
- Excuse me
- Yes
Thank you
For what?
If you hadn't slapped him,
I wouldn't have been able to
listen to 'Love Guru's program.
Had I known this,
I wouldn't have slapped him.
Did you need this?
Come, let's go.
'Singing an old Tamil song'
Nice singing sir.
Nothing of that sort.
- I have a doubt.
- Tell me, sir.
How can someone fall in love,
when traveling in a bus?
'Singing an old Tamil song'
We ordered for a parotta, and it came.
Similarly that will
also come anytime.
- Looks like you are experienced.
- Nothing of that sort, sir.
"Hey, dear"
"Oh my dear"
'Had I known this,
I wouldn't have slapped him.'
Who gave you permission
to dig here?
Are you planning to build
an underground office building?
Brother, we have nothing to do
with this pit.
The one who dug this is there,
his name is Mani, ask him.
What? You want something to eat?
I don't want anything,
I want you to stop digging.
Hey shut up!
After being idle for long,
I've just got a job now.
I have to pay six months
installments for the vehicle.
Be quiet and don't torture me.
If you draw a plan and sell the land,
where will we do agriculture.
You guys have also started
to talk about agriculture?
As long as there is agriculture,
we will go to court, raise flags,
continue our fight.
We will do everything.
Which real-estate company
are you from?
- Answer me.
- Real-estate broker?
Do I look like a real-estate broker?
Look he is holding a flag.
There are lines drawn here.
Three girls have come for advertising.
The one there wearing a cap,
he's the director, right?
Looks like it's about to rain.
Having no job for six months,
I've finally landed this job.
If you irritate me,
I will squash you under the wheels.
You? Squash me?
I dare you to squash me now.
Why is he scared of that cop?
Why are you getting nervous now?
Who is he?
Police are your friends.
- Welcome, sir.
- Look at him, sir
'Good morning'
Why is he getting scared now?
Has he done something?
See, lathi is coming
What Mr. Tamil Nadu?
Where did you find alcohol
so early in the day?
You are drunk already!
It's all your government only.
The price of liquor is only going up,
but the quality is down.
You tell them to give us
good quality alcohol sir.
Shut up!
Okay, sir
Who is Bose here?
Do you need Bose or a loose?
This one here is loose.
Bose is sitting inside that
green tent over there, come.
You're looking for 'Netaji', right?
Go you also join the search with them.
Guru, Sub Inspector of police
Senji Station
Oh! Thanks for coming
Sir, until your project is complete,
you can come to me with any problem.
Definitely, sir.
Problems can arise at any time.
I'll take care
No worries
Thank you, sir
- This drunk guy roaming around,
- He is not a big problem at all.
Give me that.
This stone is an indication that,
there was a river bed here.
Whatever you find henceforth,
pack it properly.
Keep it as safe as possible.
Yes, sir
Sir is a sub-inspector
from Senji police station.
He has come after we called them.
Ilakiya, you must have heard about,
Tamil inscriptions,
she is adept at reading them.
Oh! Hi
Sir, can I know more
about your project?
Sure, let me explain.
Just a minute
Ilakiya, why don't you explain?
It's an important call,
I'll finish and come.
Please, come.
Just as sir mentioned,
we are all working here now.
I heard it only yesterday.
Love Guru program!
It was very good.
Everyone already knows that.
I came to know only yesterday.
"Oh dear, my dear"
"Oh dear, my dear"
"An angel came in front,
and sat down inside me"
"With her lilting sight,
she carries me with her"
"She handcuffed me
and dragged me along"
'The chain broke in two
stuck in her heart'
"Oh dear, my dear"
"She's ignoring me"
"Oh dear, my dear"
"She's not talking to me"
"It is for real"
"My love is for real"
"With an attitude "
"She is ignoring me"
"Oh dear"
"Oh dear"
"My firm heart now,"
"Is melting to see you"
"I can hear the beat
of the drum inside me"
"Even the hottest sun"
"Feels cold as ice"
"My dreams are now more
colorful than ever!"
"Too many fantasies,
have filled my heart"
"Words fail me, when you are near"
"I tried to steal quick glances"
"But you bettered me at it"
"The further you go,
the more I become weak"
"Oh dear, my dear"
"She's ignoring me"
"Oh dear, my dear"
"She's not talking to me"
"It is for real"
"My love is for real"
"With an attitude"
"She is ignoring me"
"She is ignoring me"
"She's not talking to me"
"She is ignoring me"
"She's not talking to me"
"Oh dear, my dear"
"She is ignoring me"
"Oh dear my dear"
"She's not talking to me"
"It is for real"
"My love is for real"
"With an attitude"
"She is ignoring me"
Sir, Santhosh's father
died of a heart attack.
Oh no!
Ok, ask him to leave immediately.
Too many things seem
to be going wrong here, sir.
I'm scared.
Death is natural.
His death is in no way
related to this, here.
Go and do your work.
- Ask them to close this block.
- But, sir-
Just do what I say.
- Son, move that vehicle to the other side.
- Okay, sir
What Ilakiya, your police guy
hasn't turned up today?
Always teasing me.
'Bose, have you mailed me
last week's work report?'
Today I'll send, sir
'Any new findings
in the research area?'
There is evidence that, this was
a river bed, sir.
They are shutting even projects with
historical evidence, for lack of funds.
I hope you understand, okay?
I'll take care, sir
Send the reports
Don't delay them.
See this
Ilakiya, decipher the inscriptions
and let me know.
These inscriptions are the Grantha
script, belonging to the 7th century.
According to these inscriptions,
this place is not Hanumanthapuram.
These inscriptions detail the donation
that Nandhi Varman gave to the temple.
50 acres land.
108, golden rudraksh garlands,
the sanctum sanctorum built
using Chandrakanta stone,
a Lingam made of emerald stone,
a Natrajar statue,
a tunnel leading to the treasure,
an Ardhamandapa constructed
using diamonds,
are all inside this temple.
To get to the treasure tunnel,
through the temple,
there are four secret ways.
Only one way with a Yazhi pillar
will lead to the treasure.
The other three ways are traps.
Thanks, Ilakiya
All of you listen.
For our hard work all these days,
we are reaping benefits.
The Hanumantheeswarar temple built by
Singapuri king Nandhi Varman, is here.
All of you continue your work,
with full enthusiasm.
Sir, what is the status
of your research?
Did you find any evidence
of a temple buried here?
It seems there is some
complication here.
There are no complications here.
We are on the right track.
We have found a lot of
inscriptions about Nandhi Varman.
Very soon, we will dig out
the entire temple from here.
Right now, I can reveal this much.
Any further explanations about this,
will be given by Ilakiya.
We are extremely happy
This proves that we have started
our research at the right place.
This is a testimony to that.
All this copper belongs to,
the Pallava period.
We've have discovered them in
the first phase of our research.
All this happened only because
of our project head, Mr. Bose.
Thank you
Why are all of you silent?
Hey Inba, it seems they have found
some inscriptions in the research.
Prashanth mentioned this
that day itself.
All of us should have gone.
None of us went.
Had we listened to you and
come with you that day,
all five of us would've been
dead by now.
Why are you thinking of
what Prashanth said now?
It looks like you are
planning to leave now.
Prashanth, we've been told
not to go near the mountain.
What you are doing is unnecessary.
This is not just a problem
for you alone.
What is a problem?
Am I the problem?
Just like Mamallapuram,
Senji is also an important
place in the Pallava kingdom.
People keep scaring us away,
in the name of ghosts and demons
This place has a history and
a reason for its name.
What do you know?
First come out of this place.
Only then you will know what is
real and what is not.
You might not understand
what I'm saying now.
But one day, the truth will come out.
You will all know that day.
Oh no!
My dear son!
Oh no!
You are my life, Inba.
I want my son back.
You told me
you will take care of me.
Now I'm looking at you
in this state.
How will I ever see you again?
What are you looking at?
When they decided to dig,
first there was fire.
Now we've lost a life.
If we let them dig further,
we will all have to be buried.
There is nothing more to talk.
We shouldn't leave those who have
turned this place into a morgue.
Their vehicle is coming.
Let's go get them.
Don't let them enter.
Go quickly.
Come on
Hurry up!
Hey, stop the vehicle
Get out from here
I tell you
Better leave from here
Just get lost
Don't let them go alive
Go back. I said go back.
Step back!
We've lost a person, sir
What are you all thinking?
Why are we cops here?
What did you get by getting angry?
Sir, Inba died because of them.
They are the reason for his death.
We told you not to allow them to enter.
Did you listen?
We told them to stop digging.
Did you listen?
That is why the demon killed him.
Why are you doing this, sir?
Shut up! Talking about ghosts
and demons in this age.
Did any of you see a ghost
killing him?
All of you leave!
I said leave now.
Come, we'll see what happens next
My dear son, Inba!
Look at what he has done, sir.
I warned so many times.
He didn't listen to me.
And now this...
Don't cry.
The thing is, I'm not aware of
what happened here before.
I will definitely find out
the reason for your son's death.
When did you see Inba last?
Even last evening, the four of us
were sitting and talking here.
We were talking about
our friend Prashanth.
Who is Prashanth?
Prashanth was our friend
He was also studying archeology.
Sir, an archeological team came
last year for their research here.
Prashanth was also part of that team.
But Prashanth was constantly
searching for something.
We aren't sure what it was.
'Didn't he tell you what it was?'
'No sir, he never discussed
it with us.'
Just as how Inba was killed
by the ghost, same way...
You don't tell that.
We are there to investigate that.
After your son died,
why didn't you file a complaint?
Whom should we file
a complaint against?
Sir, my son is dead.
Just let it go.
We can't let it go just like that.
What happened was a murder.
It has to be investigated.
What is going to happen
with your investigation?
The mistake was giving
him an education.
He was always researching something,
never listened to us
and finally he died, sir.
He was killed by a ghost only.
Before this, in this town,
just like Prashanth and Inba,
has anyone else died mysteriously?
there was a big drought
during my father's period.
The whole town gathered and
decided to dig a lake near the hill.
After they dug it on a full-moon day,
came home late,
three of them were killed
in the most gruesome manner.
Only then we were told that someone
from North will come to save the town.
Very soon Dharmaraja's grandfather,
came and settled with his family.
Very noble people.
This temple was also
built by them.
Until last year everything
went smooth.
After what Periyasamy's son did,
the past year has been quite
troubling, for everyone.
Did you know about Prashanth?
Sir, you don't know anything
about this town.
Prashanth, listen
the number of antiques
that are selling in the black market.
Only the both of us
are worried about it.
Your town has a rich history.
Your town's name...
has a reason behind it.
If you want your town's
history to be known
it is in your hands only.
Think about it.
Now we are here
only because of Prashanth.
He will keep sending us reports
on his findings about this place.
Based on that we came here
with a research team.
I was told he died in an accident.
But according to this town,
it was Gora's ghost that killed him.
If you don't mind, can I look at
the report Prashanth sent you.
Thank you
All of you have mistaken me.
There is a lot of speculation
surrounding this town.
We are struggling to try
to find the reason.
One more thing,
Inba was killed
not by Gora's ghost.
If not a ghost, who else can
do such a gruesome murder?
Like you said, who is responsible
for my son's death?
Who killed him?
Tell me that, sir.
All your questions are valid.
But to know that this project
has to be completed fully.
This is what I expected.
You are a government guy, so you will
obviously support that project.
It's only after their arrival that
all these mishaps have happened?
Look son, ask them to
first stop digging.
If they continue to dig,
our whole will become a morgue.
Ask them to stop their work, son.
Priest, let us consider there are,
demons and ghosts around.
Who should the ghost kill first?
Those people digging there
should be killed first, right?
Nothing has happened to them.
How is it possible?
Tell me!
Look son, these two families have
lost their sons and are broken now.
We are telling so that it doesn't
happen to other's families as well.
How many more lives should we lose
for you to prove something?
Can I say something?
All of you are still stuck
twenty five years back.
The world is changing and science
has developed so much.
To solve the murders, investigation
is taking place day and night.
Another important matter!
If any of you disturb those people,
severe action will be taken.
Whoever it is!
Is this the one?
I've come all the way to see you.
What are you thinking?
- Nothing
- Hello?
What is the problem? The research
has begun, then why are you dull?
Looking at everything that is
happening here, it is scary.
You are going to marry a policeman,
how can you be scared?
By the way, when did you
fall in love with me?
Good that you asked.
But do you need the answer now?
You do love me, right?
So tell me
Wind up everything.
What a timing to
ask that question!
He is also calling you!
Ok, wait for a minute.
Where are you going?
I'll go get the detector.
I'll get it
You go on up.
Take this and go.
'Go and get the rope'
"Our trustworthy God"
"Most revered God beloved"
"Our trustworthy God
Most revered God beloved"
"O destroyer of perils
Your aura gives us thrills"
"Even when you were unseen
Even though frozen"
"You are dissolved in our thoughts
You brimmed in our pots"
"Praise be to Lord Shiva"
"Glory to Lord Shiva"
"Praise be to Lord Shiva"
"Glory to Lord Shiva"
"Praise to Lord Shiva"
Oh no! Please come here!
Oh, no!
Just sometime back
you took the cow and tied.
What if something had
happened to you?
Oh, no!
All your good deeds
have only saved sir from this mishap.
The lightning escaped your house,
and fell on the cow shed.
Sir, it is a bad omen if lightning,
falls in a house.
You should rectify it soon.
That is only best for everyone.
Look at it, it was like my child.
Why should it happen to us?
'Oh, no!'
What makes you say that this
place is a 1000 year old place?
A Natrajar statue that we found.
The inscription written using
Grantha script.
Based on all this, we deduced that
it belongs to the 7th century.
What other metals did you
find in this research?
Gold, diamond and cat's-eye stones.
Whatever metal we use now,
was used by the Pallavas.
Sir, did you get any evidence to
indicate Nandhi Varman lived here?
Every piece of evidence here shows
that Nandhi Varman lived here.
Can we know about the next
phase of this excavation?
Based on Hanumanthapuram's
inscriptions, we started this project.
So the next phase will be about
Nandhi Varman's rule and journey.
That will be our next phase
in the excavation.
Is it possible to know Pallava's
language and culture through this?
Definitely possible.
Your hair in a mess!
Mom, did you know something?
When I went to the mountains with
the goats, I saw a huge statue.
Only if we go there, will we know
which god's statue it is.
We should not have allowed them to
come to our town.
Ever since they came, something
or the other keeps happening.
- Hello?
- Yes, sir?
I'm SI Guru from Senji
police station, speaking.
'Tell me, sir.'
Can you give me details about
Inba's death?
That murder was caused by some
kind of weapon.
The kind of weapon is not known.
It doesn't seem like human force.
Both body and hand have been
cut in a micro-second.
It doesn't seem like a weapon
that is usually used.
Even the metal is unknown.
There are no fingerprints on the body.
- This is something different
- Okay
Thank you
Yes, sir
- Tell me, sir.
- Where is Inba's case file?
That case is closed sir.
Closed? Why?
I'm not aware about the case, sir.
Only the inspector knows.
We've received Inba's forensic report.
They say this murder is mysterious.
Guru Varman, I was thinking
of talking to you about this case.
Close Inba's case as an accident.
Our writer will follow up
with the other details.
Sir, how? It is obvious that
it is a murder.
If we don't find out the motive,
there are likely to be more murders.
I'm under pressure from
my senior officials.
Our job is to only provide
them with security.
The people of the town are saying
he was killed by a ghost.
Why should we take the headache?
Just let it go.
Sir no, we should...
Guru Varman?
Sit down
I don't need you teaching
me anything. Sit down.
'Sir, that murder was caused by some
kind of weapon.'
'It doesn't seem like human force.'
'Both body and hand have been
cut in a micro-second.'
'There are no fingerprints
on the body.'
This is something different
- Hi
- Hi...!
What is this?
A reference for our research.
Can I see?
You said it is a temple?
Here there are drawings of
a murder weapon.
I will explain.
The history of this temple is,
a 1000 years ago, a king called
Nandhi Varman,
ruled over Senji which was
a part of the Pallava Kingdom.
This is that unique sword.
That means?
From whatever we have researched,
that unique sword,
was invisible to the plain eye,
like a shadow,
was a sword that
had the sharpest tip.
It was only the sword's handle
that was visible to the naked eye.
The inscriptions on these
stones say,
in the 7th century,
a great man,
gave this sword as a gift
to Nandhi Varman.
This sword, could even easily
slice a huge rock.
Alright, is it possible for this sword,
that existed 1000 years ago,
to be there now?
It could be.
We have found few knives now.
But none of them were used
by Nandhi Varman.
'No one will pass by this way after 6 p.m.'
'What is the problem?'
'It is a big story, sir
You will come to know of it later.'
'He is the beginning
He is the end!'
'He is the middle, and
He is the answer to everything.'
'Run and search!'
'The answer to your question
is right here.'
'How many more lives are we going
to lose to prove your bravery?'
Hey come here!
- Where are you going?
- I'm going home.
- So this Dharmaraj in your town,
- Yes, sir!
How is he?
He's a very kind person.
He only knows, his house,
and temple.
Next sir, not just in this town
whichever town he goes to,
if he finds any dilapidated temple,
he takes it upon himself,
restore the temple.
Ok, go.
I shall take leave, sir
Is Dharmaraj around?
He has gone to Dindivanam.
- Can you get some water please?
- Yes, sir.
These are the details of the sculptures
that you saw at Dharmaraj's house.
For just Rs. 5000, there are guys who,
can get a Rs. 5 crore worth statue.
No one here, has any knowledge
of these sculptures, Guru.
I have a doubt.
We have so many details
and database,
Using this, why can't we trace
those sculptures that are missing.
A sculpture that was here
last week,
can be see seen
in the American Museum next week.
Even if we have enough evidence,
we are not able to retrieve them.
If these sculptures are from our list,
there are many more not in the list.
We don't know the state of
those statues yet, Guru.
To rebuild our town's temple,
this is what we could offer.
Sir, this is an ancient temple.
I should be the blessed to
be given this opportunity.
I don't need all this.
Ok sir.
I shall take leave
Is the Chengalpattu temple
sculpture ready?
It will be ready in two days.
Get it ready quickly.
Don't delay.
I will. I shall inform you,
as soon as it is ready.
- Hello?
- Hello, sir
Tell me
I've mailed you the export import
details of Dharmaraj factory.
Alright, this history that
you speak of,
who all know about it?
Everyone in our department knows it.
Does anyone in this
town know about it?
Those who have been living here
for many generations would know.
Who is there?
Did you get any clue?
The weapons used seem similar to,
the one used in the previous murder.
I can tell clearly only after
the autopsy report.
- Inform me.
- Sure, sir
God, the whole town is scared.
We are not sure of the problem,
you should only give us a solution.
A mistake has happened.
There have been three deaths
around town.
If this should not happen anymore...
Draw a yellow line around town,
using turmeric powder.
Goddess will save you.
What you asked for will be granted,
save the people of this town.
Ilakiya, relax
Nothing is going to be changed
by you all sitting and crying.
I'm here to investigate it.
I need all your cooperation
So, please
Hello! I am Chakravarthy
HOD of archaeological department
Tamil Nadu University
Hi, sir
I am Guru Varman
Sub Inspector of police
Senji Station
Sir, if you don't mind...
- Can I talk to them?
- Definitely.
You are the only person who knows
about the value of this project
We have lost one of our men.
Professor Bose is also missing.
I got the news only after 8 hours
since the incident occurred.
Is this why you are being
the reporting authority?
Sorry, sir
How did all this happen?
Did you find out the whereabouts
of Professor Bose?
We are searching professor Bose through
his mobile network and google location
But only after investigating, we'll
know why Kamal was killed.
- I want to ask them few questions
- Sure, sir
From the time you began this project,
who all have been involved?
I need to know every detail.
We got permission for this project
only last month.
Seven of us were selected.
Including Professor Bose,
we were eight of us.
Since the work started,
all of us have been together,
all the time.
Eight of you?
Santhosh and Rakesh,
these two students left,
half-way through the project.
Since Santhosh's father died,
he left the project.
Since Rakesh's activities
were questionable,
Bose sir terminated him.
Ok, did Kamal tell anyone,
why he went there last night?
Did any of you notice
any changes in his behaviour?
After work, the four of us,
came to the room together.
Bose sir and Kamal only
came in together.
Did he tell you all what happened
after he came back?
Yes, sir
He told us in the room,
that he had found a new route.
The mud caved in and a new path
has just emerged there.
'To reach the treasure tunnel,
inside the temple,'
'there are four secret paths.'
'The path with the 'Yazhi' Pillar,
will only lead to the treasure room.'
Don't tell anyone, understood?
Okay, sir
Sir, he didn't sleep last night.
When he slept, when he woke up,
I don't know anything.
- Call the security.
- Yes, sir
What time did Kamal leave last night?
Did you see him?
He left around 11:30 pm.
The professor only left first.
This boy ran behind him
He asked for my scooter.
I asked him where he was going.
He left saying he will tell me
when he comes back.
What is this new path?
Bose sir had told us not to
tell anyone about it...
Sir, if you don't mind...
Professor Bose is a strict person.
But you suspecting him
doesn't feel right to me.
Sir, what is the use in
suspecting him?
He's doing some suspicious activities
I'm not saying Kamal died,
because he followed him.
But his absence is making us
suspect him now.
Hope you understand
Both of you shouldn't
touch anything.
What is this?
The exact location that Kamal
said he saw,
has been marked by sir.
I told you not to touch anything.
Sir, the place that Bose has marked
in the map is there.
- There?
- Yes, sir.
If what Kamal saw is true,
everything seems to be
the same here.
Then why did he come here?
Sir, Professor Bose's number,
got disconnected at 1am,
at Hanumanthapuram VO's office.
Mr. Guru Varma!
Kamal's parents have come.
Sir, after the formalities done,
the body will be handed over to them.
Fine sir, can I leave then?
You alone can leave.
Other than you, those who are
working on-field in this project,
cannot leave before
the investigation is complete.
When will it get over?
What can we tell the parents?
I can understand.
We will inform to their parents
At the same time, we need you
to cooperate for the investigation.
- You can leave now
- Thank you
In these photos, look at Inba
and Kamal's eyes closely.
What is there?
Body language is very
important psychologically.
In body language, eye-contact
is very important.
Both of them have seen someone
before they died.
They have reacted upon
seeing that figure.
What have they reacted?
Both of them have
the same reaction - betrayal.
Sir, this temple is called,
Dalavanur Malleshwaram temple.
There are inscriptions that say it was
built by Mahendravarma Pallavan.
The first Mahendra Varma!
That is why he was called as
Chithrakara Puli or Shatrumallan.
I thought the Mandagapattu temple
built in the 6th century is the oldest.
This seems to be older than that.
Have you talked to anyone else
about this temple?
No, sir
Dinesh, did you go to Vandavasi?
Yes sir, the old dilapidated Shiva
temple there was renovated,
by Dharmaraj just four months back.
There is a sculpture similar
to the picture you sent me, sir.
This is a photocopy of that sculpture.
Sir, there could be similar looking
sculptures in a lot of places, right?
This type of sculpture is there in
India, in only two places.
One in Tamil Nadu,
the other in Andhra.
Rajkumar, has Kamal's
autopsy report come?
Yes, sir, it has.
What is the time of death?
Midnight 1am
This is the same time, that Prof. Bose's
mobile network got cut at the VAO office.
For Professor Bose's last three projects,
I was the one who did the field studies.
With regards to Hanumanthapuram
project, he didn't trust anyone.
He also told me not to discuss
this project with anyone.
Like a horse with blinders, there was
pressure to listen to him at all times.
That caused a lot of arguments
between us.
So, I left from this project
Okay, Rakesh
Thank you
You can leave now
Did Dharmaraj renew this
temple for you?
Yes, sir
After Dharmaraj, did someone else,
come and inquire about this temple?
Before Dharmaraj, someone came to
research about the stone inscriptions.
Is that this person?
Come quickly.
- Open it.
- Come in, sir.
Come in, sir.
Is it the same sculpture that
was excavated from the site?
Yes, it is the same sculpture.
- Are you sure?
- Yes
To identify and ascertain
the sculpture,
did it have any identification marks,
did you notice anything?
The sculpture had Grantha letters.
Can you check now?
This sculpture does not have any
Grantha letters on it.
This sculpture has been replaced.
- Is it?
- Yes, sir
Sir, who had the keys
to this office?
It was under our control only.
Mr. Bose from the Archaeology
department also has a key.
I suspect someone, sir.
If you can issue a search warrant,
it will be helpful to investigate.
I'll do it immediately.
Send me the details soon.
Yes, sir
Where is your husband?
He has gone out of station
on a business.
When will he be back?
In two or three days.
Ask him to come and see me
once he is back. Understood?
Confiscate all sculptures.
Sir, why are you taking all
the sculptures?
Ask your husband to come and see
me in the station and I will tell him.
Take everything.
Let's be quick.
I trusted that he was a genuine guy
and worked for him, but...
Constable, don't leave even a single
sculpture behind.
Take it.
Both of you recheck everything.
Good morning, sir
Good morning all
All the sculptures that were
taken from Dharmaraj's house,
belong to the 7th century.
Based on an analysis test,
it is evident that,
they belong to the Pallava period.
Dharmaraj, portrayed himself
as a social worker,
searched for old and dilapidated
temples and took control of them,
and on the pretext of renovating them,
he takes the old sculptures and,
he replaces them with a newly
made similar looking sculpture.
All the stolen sculptures are being
exported to foreign countries.
The details of the same are here.
Guru, it is not an easy job to
export old sculptures.
With an Antique Clearance certificate,
exporting them is easy, right?
Check if it is him?
No, it's not him.
Right, do you remember his name?
His name...
Professor Chakravarthy!
HOD of archaeological department
And also signing authority of
Antique clearance certificate
For all the sculptures that were
smuggled by Dharmaraj,
Professor Chakravarthy was
the one who issued the clearance certificate.
Wherever there are old and
damaged temples,
all the relevant details,
Chakravarthy passed on to Dharmaraj.
Dharmaraj executed the plan.
Are you saying there is a connection
between them and the lost statue?
Not only that,
I have a suspicion that these two men
are the reason for those murders.
One more thing,
About the Hanumantheeshwarar temple
in Hanumanthapuram,
and about the treasure in the temple,
after Professor Bose,
both Chakravarthy and Dharmaraj,
know very well.
Prashanth, Inba, Kamal.
These three men have been
killed by Nandhi Varman's
1000 year old unique sword.
Then, is there any connection
between Professor Bose and...
I understand, sir. I did not initially
suspect Professor Bose.
But his sudden absence made me
suspect him and I investigated further.
On the night he disappeared,
in his laptop in his room,
he had visited
a black market site.
That site is used to sell
antiques illegally.
The Natraja sculpture he discovered
in Hanumanthapuram,
was on the sale list
in the website.
That night he went to the VO office
to check if it is the same statue.
He has also been missing since then.
So my conclusion is,
If we take Professor Chakravarthy
and Dharmaraj into our custody,
we will be able to find out
the whereabouts of Professor Bose.
Not just that,
it would also put an end to
the mystery surrounding Hanumanthapuram.
Palanivel Rayan?
Since this is a case about
ancient sculptures,
I will pass this information to
the IDOL wing.
Okay, sir
You follow,Dharmaraj.
- Well done, Guru
- Yes, sir
Don't know where did she go?
My dear, Vennila?
Where could she have gone?
Her father is also missing.
This is the map that
Prashanth discovered.
This is Professor Boses's map.
Both these maps have
the same location marked in them.
But there was no
opening in that place.
Something is hidden
Welcome, Mr Bose!
All the sculptures that
you unearthed, are right now,
in the sea getting exported.
I told him long back to
take up this project.
If he had taken it,
all these people didn't have to die.
Mr. Bose, we are the final act
of this story.
You are very brilliant.
I have no second opinion on that.
What Dharmaraj,
am I right?
That's right, sir.
I was getting everyone to believe
that, there were ghosts and demons.
He came to town
and broke all those beliefs.
We should never leave him alive.
He has to be killed.
Sir, sir!
My girl is missing
Please find her.
Sir, Kenamuthu has come saying
his daughter is missing.
- Since when?
- She's missing since afternoon.
Is it so?
When you are so scared,
why did you come here?
- I just brought my goat.
- You shouldn't come here.
Go home.
I'll come.
We cannot kill you the way
we killed the others.
Your death,
should be unique.
Finish all the work quickly.
- Is everything ready?
- Yes, sir.
That side.
Her goat is here
So she should
also be around here.
Dear God, why do you punish me?
What wrong did I do?
I can't find her anywhere.
What happened, Ilakiya?
Exactly 1000 years back,
on the same full-moon day,
to dig out the treasure,
Gora sacrificed a child.
- Sir, please leave me.
- Go don't shout.
Sir, please, let me go
'Sir, I've to go home.'
Let me go.
Sir, she's a small girl
Let her go, please!
You are making more mistakes
Let her go, she's a child.
If you are for real,
please save my child, dear deity.
Dear deity!
Somehow bring her back to me.
Sir, no, let her go
This is a sin
Let her go.
She's a kid, such a small child
Let her go.
Do whatever you want to me,
Let her go.
"Praise be to Lord Siva"
What is that noise?
- Don't know, sir.
- Go and find out.
Hey, bash him well.
- Sir?!
- Ilakiya?
Sir, come let's go.
Careful, let's go.
No, sir
Leave him.
Sir, please don't hit him.
Just die, man.
Sir no, don't hit him.
Sir, I said leave him
Come, let's go.
You carry on
as per our plan...
But, on the next full-moon day,
we are taking the treasure for sure.
Ok sir, let's do it.
Who are you?
It is not just yesterday, that I
yearned for this treasure.
I've been waiting for it
for a 1000 years.
A 1000 years!
No one who has dared to enter
this place has gone back alive.
Come on!
"Our trustworthy God
Most revered God beloved"
"O destroyer of perils
Your aura gives us thrills"
"Even when you were unseen
Even though frozen"
"You are dissolved in our thoughts
You brimmed in our pots"
Mom, didn't I tell you that day,
that I saw a huge deity statue,
on the mountain.
Not just statues,
under the ground,
there is a big temple buried.
I saw lots of deity statues.
None of you believed me
Yes Vennila, now pray.
'Right from primitive age,
man's character'
'has been passed down generations.'
'Unlike the good, it is the bad
that is more pronounced.'
'Our attempt here is not just,'
'to dig out the buried temple
of Hanumantheeshwarar'
'or to retrieve Nandhi Varman's
history alone.'
'It is a starting point to dig out
Tamilian's history and culture'
'from all over the world.'
Mom, from now, we can go
to the mountains after 6 pm, right?
Go wherever you want,
just don't get lost.
We can't find you.