Nanna Prakara (2019) Movie Script

Welcome to Crime dairy, The show which showcases
the exact information about crime world
I am Navitha Jain!
Crimes do happen every day in our society
It is not easy to root out these blood suckers
Who are involved in these crimes
Common people cannot control and
Cremate these criminals
Only they can do it!
They are called as Police!
Police are the ones who do not care
about their life to finish the criminals
Are you thinking we are talking about
Police officers in todays episode?
I will explain how a sincere police officer
solved the mysterious case using his master mind!
Which is that case?
I just miss my queen
My striker knows only how to kiss the queen
Doesnt know how to pull down
Let go about your queen story
First let me know why you called me here?
There is a matter
Whats the matter?
Need to kill one person
Go and check who that is?
Am asking you
Hey get up! what happen?
Who attacked you?
Where are those four people?
Who Sir?
Do not kill me Sir
I will tell the truth
Do not kill me sir
Smile of a flower
Has witnessed me
I am bonded
Are you aware?
Like everyday
Let be this feeling
Like everyday
Let be this feeling
Without a reason
You kidnap me
Whisper a word
In me slowly
The reason to be within
The offer to be applied
The signature that you
Have applied on the cheeks
This is the wish of the follower
For you my dear
Enough of the naughtiness through your eyes
Of the evening colors
The star in you is mesmerizing
You are the moon and
I liked to be filmed in your shoulders
On the streets of the market
On the wave of your curly hair
I wonder to be occupied on your lap
Please come as glittering star
On the beach of my heart
Your beauty is the glory
Even in the peaceful place like heart
Where are you going to?
To the Singapore office
I wanted to inform you
I will be back on sixth
As soon as I come back,
We need to go to a marriage
Please do not say no Ashok!
It is fulfilled
Smile of a flower
Has witnessed me
Like everyday
Let be this feeling
You irritate me
You irritate me
How come the door is open?
I had locked it while going
Sir there is been an car accident on forest road
And a girl is been dead on spot
im coming
Kumar you are back to duty
Within a weeks time after marriage
What to do when there
is someone dying every day Sir?
What is the case?
It looks to be attempt to robbery case
They have thrown eggs on the
car glasses seeing the girl all alone
She did not stop the car
And has barged along
There was a curve up forward
She could not see due to rain
Due to that she has met with an accident
Before the car falling down has dashed to the rock
And thus the fuel tank has opened up
Due to that the car was lit on fire
Regular beat police has identified the vehicle
Unfortunately she was dead before our team had arrived
Give me the torch light
Could you identify the victim?
No Sir, we could not identify the face
Give me the glouse!
Ask the forensic team to come!
Did you get the car details Kumar?
As the number plate was fiber
it was completely burnt Sir
Even the chassis number was dented
Have sent the numbers to RTO
Need to trace out vehicles
based on that series
Come here
Take it
Check if you can get any information
by using that burnt visiting card
Find out who threw the eggs on the car?
Ok sir
Good morning sir
Good morning sir
Have received the forensic and post mortem report
Of the girl who died in the accident
Ok will look into it
Yes Sir
Get me the power bank
Getting it Sir
Take it Sir
What is that case?
Missing case sir
Is it girl or boy?
Girl Sir!
Her name Vismaya sir;
From how many days she is missing?
From yesterday sir
Who has given complaint?
Her friends sir
What is her name again?
Vismaya sir
The name of the victim of yesterdays
accident is also Vismaya?
I do not know sir
I was not present at night duty yesterday Sir
Still I did not check register
Are the complainants still there?
Yes sir
Ok call them
I will call them sir
Sir has asked you to come in
Come soon
Come please,
Come in
They are the one who have given complaint Sir
Please take your seat
I will make a move sir
What is your name?
Am Sam and she is Mary sir
Missing girl name?
Vismaya sir
Whats her age?
She is Twenty two years
How is she related to you?
She is our friend
we used to live in the same flat
Was she married?
No Sir, she was not married
Since when is she missing?
Since yesterday
Did she have any enmity or love affair with anyone?
Nothing as such Sir
When was the last time you had seen her?
Till yesterday afternoon we were all together
From coffee day she left to flat
We had work, so we reached the flat late night
But she was not there
We thought she will come
We waited until morning but she did not come back
So we came here to give missing compliant
Does this car belong to your friend?
No sir,
What happened to her sir?
Your friend was attacked by
a gang while driving car yesterday
They threw eggs on the car
She was scared and did not know what to do
Your friend have driven faster
Due to the egg smashed on the glass
She did not see the road an lost control on car
Due to damage to the petrol tank
There was leakage and lit fire
Your friend was dead on spot for the force of the fall
For the safer side you verify once
Kumar take them to mortuary
And show them dead body to identify
Complete the formalities soon and let them go
Ok Sir
This is Vishwanath from forensic
Yes tell me Vishwanath
You had sent me sample of Vismaya accident yesterday
While packing it to send it back
Inside the tin which was burnt
I found a blood stained cloth piece
Vismaya blood sample and the blood
On the cloth bold are not matching
Judging the weaving pattern
On cloth it seems to be a gents cloth
Whats interesting is
Have found drug on the cloth
And its called Scopolamine
Its very rare drug right?
Yes its very rarely used in India
Because it has very high toxic level
And it is expensive to
So you are saying that there was someone else
In the car along with Vismaya and that would be men
He may be a very rich guy or drug dealer
Vishwanth will call back if
I need any information
Ok Ashok!
Sir RTO reports
The car which involved in accident
was registered in the name Vishal Sir
We tried to reach him but
his number was switched off Sir
While we enquired about him
We come to know he was drug dealer
When we traced the address we got to know that he is staying
In an apartment near Kanakapura road
He must be a very rich guy or a drug dealer
Lets move
Yes sir
He is alive Sir
He took over dosage of drugs and drinks as well sir
He is asleep like a dead body
Hey idiot wake up
Wake up
Hey lift him up
Ok Sir
Hey wake up,
Make him sit
Make him sit there
Ok Sir
Hey open your eyes
Open your eyes
He looks to be like a rapist
Hey sit properly
Give me that photo Bharath
Do you know Vismaya?
Look properly you idiot
Vismaya..! Vismaya..!
Speak up man
Kumar take him to the station
We will wait until he comes out of hangover
Send drug sample to lab and collect the details
Then we will look into it!
I did not do anything
Lift him up
Hey get up
Come, will inject you in the station
The accused Vishals and napkin
blood samples are matching
Moreover Vishal had called to the victim
Girl five times repeatedly on third of September
All details are in this file Sir
He is sleeping like Kumbakarna (demon)
Hey wake up you idiot
Sleep for twenty four hours,
Will get up bro
What you called me bro?
Tell me!
Whats the relationship between you and Vismaya?
I do not anyone in that name
Leave me
Do not play games
Wait bro am telling
You are playing games after all the crime done?
Is these necessary Sir?
Please sir
How did she come in your car?
I do not know anyone,
Leave me sir, I have to go!
Where do you want to go?
Thrash him Sir, as he acts well
Sir its hurting please do not beat me
Tell the truth
I should not beat you right?
Speak up
I will tell Sir
How much did you pay to kill her?
How much was the deal for?
Deal..!! Are you kidding me?
Kidding is it..!
Are you joking Sir?
You are talking in English?
English? Sir..!
Sorry I will speak in Kannada sir
Speak up
Are you kidding me
Are you serious?
Truly I do not know Sir
I never thought of killing her
She slapped me first
After that I raised my hand
Something happened
Now everything is on me and
I am accused now
That is all I know Sir
Let me go Sir!
Will let u go
Tell me the complete story!
I met Vismaya first at the Pub Sir
Hey whats up bro?
Who are you man?
How are you bro?
Who are you man?
Hey what's up?
Do you know him?
I do not know
Last time you had came with
your girlfriend? You forgot?
Arjun do you know him?
Who is she?
Is she your sister or what?
Sorry I was just kidding
Hey who are you man?
You are asking me who am I?
Do not lie
Its good to see you
Oh shit
Oh my god!
Shall I talk with you until your brother come back?
Oh my god who are you?
Whats wrong with you?
They say beautiful girls do have beautiful heart
So only I came here to talk to you
You do not know who I am and even who he is?
Intentionally you poured wine on him right?
In that case you do not know who I am
But you poured wine on my jacket
No No..! that was an accident
I Promise
Oh its an accident
Ok forget it
While ago you said something
But I could not hear anything because of loud music
What was that?
Nothing I just asked you sorry, thats it!
I thought you said I love you
This is too much
While I am talking to you
Even too much becomes normal!
Ok Cheers!
Hey what are you doing?
Crazy fellow
Can I get to know the name of
the girl who dozes off with a touch?
My name is Vismaya Suresh!
Vismaya..! What a nice name!
You know what?
there a magic in your name
It does not mean magic!
Then its miracle
Miss miracle, what a nice name
So came here to do a miracle?
Too much you are
Whats your name?
My life style is very simple
but my name is Vishal
By the way I did not drop wine intentionally
on you Its just accident
Thats ok, chill!
In fact its good for me that
you poured it on my chest
Else we would have not met
Even you were single and
I was as well
But now we are mingled and having drinks
Stop it, you are too much !
At first meet you tend to do so much!
Its funny, oh really?
Do you think I am a joker?
Joker..! its very small word for you
You are more than that
Any way I will have to go, am getting late!
Hey wait!
If you do not mind I will drop you
You can come in my car
No no..!
See you!
After that, One day while I was driving home
I saw her standing in the bus stop
What are doing here Vismaya?
Oh! This is Vishal
Hey Vishal..!
What are you doing here?
My vehicle is braked down so I have booked a cab
Wit will reach here in no time
Cab at this late? Yea so what?
I will drop you
No need thats alright, you can go!
Come madam
My car wont accept if this
Beautiful girl wont get in to my car
At least for my car sake
Please come!
Really? Yes please come
Funny Guy!
With an excuse to drop her
I got her into my car
She started to talk with comfort
We both got to know each other well
You are a funny guy seriously
We should keep meeting Just do one call I will come,
Thank you
Vishal I forgot to give you my card
I am Just a call away
Hey listen thank you so much
Because of that meeting
we become very close
The time she seated in my car
my track changed completely
Gradually we started meet in pubs
Meeting and having drinks
become routine in our life
Her birthday celebration was held on that day
By the time it got completed
We both become very close
It was common we both had drinks
And used to visit our flats
Vishal..! In everyones house we see photos of god
But here I am finding some others photos why?
Those who could not be seen are your god!
But these are my gods who could be seen
They are my heaven
They are everything to me
You and your god its funny
I am scared of dark
Please get me the candle
Are you so scared of dark?
This is my world, what you see brightness?
It is all hell
But in dark we have only happiness
Our dark has no chance for fear
Here I have only heaven
Do you take me to your heaven life?
If you agree, my life of heaven
is very near to us
Will you come?
Oh sure!
With an excitement to play the match
We both had got down to the pitch
Only after I got out I got know
I forgot to wear a grip to the bat
All my problems was
started from that moment
Vishal am talking to you
Am listening, tell me!
Did you think about what
I said to you?
You took a decision right?
Which matter?
Am talking about our marriage Vishal
Please stop it Vismaya
Do not spoil my mood
by talking about this?
I do not want be in commitment
You did not think about
it when you slept with me?
Please do not use these heavy words
I do not like about this
I hate marriage and commitment,
please leave me!
Then why did you do this to me?
Am five months pregnant Vishal
I have some urgency sir
You could not see?
You need my car to get killed
I have some emergency
If you have urgency will you come like this?
Where you want to go?
Golden Apartments Sir
Golden apartment? Yes Sir!
Avoid him please
Ok get in
Thank you sir
Why did you allow him to be seated?
Vishal please!
Vishal do you hear me?
Please Vishal listen to me
Why you are doing like this Vishal?
Please Vishal !
Vishal !
Please listen to me
Please try to understand
Please stop I need to talk with you
Am telling you, at any cost we should get married
There is no other way, Please!
Are you listening or doing intentionally?
Vishal am five months pregnant
I am begging you please!
How many times I told you to get aborted
How many times I told you
If I get aborted it is dangerous to my life Vishal
You should have taken precautions
Why you are torturing me now? Get lost!
Should I take precautions?
Should I?
Vishal listen to me
Leave about past,
at least now take responsibility!
Why should I take responsibility?
Whats the proof that kid belongs to me?
Am not ready for some ones kid
Get lost from here
What did you just say?
Even now you get it aborted,
I will throw how much money you need
You throw money on me?
How dare you have talk like this?
I said be calm
I forgot the key in the car
I did not assume that would spoil my life
I drop her in car boot space
And I went to lock the flat
I forgot car key in boot space
May be she gained conscious then
She drived back the car by using the same key
Thats is all that happened between me and Vismaya
After that I do not know anything
File an attempt to murder case on him
He was showing a movie to us
Call her friends who came to give complaint
We might know about him from them
Flirting idiot
Ashok are you ready?
One minute coming
Normally ladies will take more time to ready
But in our home its reverse
Come soon Ashok
Where is wedding invitation?
I do not know, it should be there
Ashok why is this girls photo here?
She is Vismaya, do you know her?
I know, she was my patient
In fact we are going to her marriage
What? Yea!
We are going for Vismayas marriage
She is no more
When she was coming after fight with her boy friend
Some goons throw eggs to her glass
So she lost control and it fell to depth
Car caught on fire
She passed away
Yesterday we caught hold of her boy friend Vishal
What you called his name?
But her boy friend name is Suman
No chance, I am investigating it.
I am sure her boyfriend name is Suman
Brother please I want to meet doctor
Please leave me inside
Cant you understand what I am telling?
My son will die if you do not let me to go inside
I have to see Doctor today, Madam!
Rajanna leave her inside
Ok madam
Wishes madam
Please you have to save my son
Who are you madam?
I am Shardamma I had come to the hospital
Sumans mother
Tell me madam
My son met with an accident last week
and his head got injured
Since one week he is in coma
Doctor said chances of surviving is less
You should help him survive
He said you went to foreign country
And you will come by sixth
Madam please calm down
Come lets go
Even you come!
Get the vehicle
Show me the MRI report
Hey Dr. Amrutha
what are you doing here?
One of our known person got admitted here
Whats the patients name?
Suman, oh I am treating him
How is his condition?
Madam come to the side
Due to head injury,
Excessive external bleeding has occurred
Is there any need of surgery?
If his condition remains the same, we may need
Just take care of him Doctor
Thank you Doctor!
Madam, not to worry, just checked the reports
Nothing will happen to Suman
I discussed with the doctor,
within two days he will be ok
Thanks for the help
I was scared what would happen to my son
I need to leave, if you need any help let me know
ok madam
What is the accused person saying Ashok?
As per him he met her at party
and they love each other
But finally they quarrelled
due to marriage proposal
What surprises me is, the girl who was
suppose to get married to Suman today
Why was she torturing Vishal to marry her?
Was she blackmailing him for money?
On what basis she was getting married someone
When she was five months pregnant?
What? pregnant?
Its impossible
I just checked her one month back
After kidney transplant
Its danger to be pregnant within a year
Where is the post-mortem report?
Give that file, Thank you!
Ashok check this post-mortem report
It says she is not a pregnant
Hey sit down! Sir!
Do you know Suman?
No sir
Do you know that today
Vismaya and Suman were about to get married?
Do not know sir!
Vismaya is not pregnant
do you know that at least?
Vismaya is not pregnant?
Till now you said story
But you are telling do not know anything idiot
Who is this?
I do not know madam!
Dont you know?
Is this is Vismaya?
No madam she not Vismaya
Sir please give me a minute
Then who is this girl?
Madam she not Vismaya Suresh
If you want check my face book profile
In that you will find her photos
She is the Vismaya sir
Madam I told you right, she is Vismaya Suresh
Hey take him
Vismaya and Vismaya Suresh
both are different!
When he was telling about Vismaya Suresh
I was glancing about Vismaya
Ashok as per Vishal he does not know Vismaya
Then how is it possible for her to drive his car?
By the way Vishals car was in his apartment
How did Vismaya come to his apartment?
Do you know Vismayas address Amrutha?
I can check with the hospital
If Vismaya Suresh drived the car
How did Vismaya replace Vismaya Sureshs place?
Vismaya could have been to that apartment
Their something could have happened
To escape from that she
could have come to basement
As per Vishal he forgot key in car
She saw that key and she drove the car
You could be right
But we found Vismaya body
what about Vismaya Suresh?
Where is the accident car?
Sir it is at accident spot
Due to heavy rain and
As it is fallen deep we are not able to lift it up
Did you verify the boot space of the car?
We tried sir but the boot space is jammed
We will have to check after lifting it up
Hey slow
The other side
Take care guys
Bring down
Move the barricade from there
Straighten the vehicle
Move that side carefully
One minute Sir
Pull it up
The other side
Break that, Hit it harder!
Hit there down, Break it
Its stuck sir
Body is decomposed Sir
How to identify Sir?
Hello Amrutha! Dr Sneha here
Suman has gained conscious
Do you want come?
Come here
Go and identify the body!
Yea sure,
Thank you for the information
Not sure how many more girls
You have enjoyed with
Thank you for the information
Look at the face properly
We are coming immidately
Why are you looking at my face?
Yes right
She is Vismaya Suresh Sir
Put this idiot into the cell
Come on
Let us go
Suman has gained conscious
Come soon we will go
Shift all these soon Kumar
Ok Sir
Shift soon guys
Not sure how many more dead bodies are there in this car
As we found Vismaya Suresh body
What Vishal said was true
Why Vismaya drove his car?
How do you know Vismaya and Suman?
Dr. Sathish
How is the patient condition?
We examined sugar level and it is high
And sent blood for investigation
Report will come now
You please examine once madam
Whats the BP reading?
Ok will wait for the blood report
Just stabilise the patient until then
When I checked patient blood report,
I got to know she had type 1 diabetics myelitis
One who has type 1 diabetic
Required amount insulin is not produced
Because of the high level
Blood sugar in body
In this case, because of type 1 diabetic,
She lost both the kidneys
That patient is none other than Vismaya
If she had to survive, she had only one option
She needed live organ donor to donate one kidney
That is when Suman came into her life
As a lamp in darkness
Suman come here
According to HLA report
Its positive in Blood matching,
cross matching and tissue matching
So you can donate kidney
Is there any blood relationship
between you and Vismaya?
No Madam
She is very closely known to me
Because of her my mother is still alive
Vismaya saved your mothers life
So youre giving life to her!
Yes Madam
Today my mother is alive because of Vismaya
If today I give life to Vismaya
Tomorrow so many people will get help from her
You should think about your future
Madam future is not a big deal for me
Compared to who saved my mothers life
You prepare everything for operation madam
Doctor how is he now?
He cannot talk now Amrutha
Due to head injury his nervous system is disturbed
He is able to listen our voice and
He will understand but he cannot talk
Suman I am Dr. Amrutha
Do you remember me?
He cannot talk Amrutha
I know,
but is he able to write?
We could try
Give me pen if you do have
How do know Vismaya?
How did this accident happen?
One day I bought saree for a festival to mom
My mother was not to be seen
While I was searching her
My neighbour informed me about
My mother getting admitted in hospital
Immediately I went to hospital
I felt lost when I saw her sleeping
Like that on the hospital bed
When I went to meet the doctor
To enquire about my mothers health
What happen to her sir?
Whats your relationship with her?
I am her son Suman
She had cardiac arrest
So we operated her immediately
Those who admitted your mom,
They have paid all the bills
Who admitted her sir?
I do not know who that is
But will check from the visiting card they gave
This is the their card
They paid all expenses and helped mom for operation
So went in search of them to meet
Hello Sir!
Is Vismaya madam there?
Oh Vismaya madam is it
Wait here, will call you!
Go inside
Madam is there
Is she Vismaya?
Did she admit mom to hospital?
I have seen her before somewhere
Are you Shardamma son?
When I was coming on my way,
When I happen to see who it was
It was Shardamma
Immediately I admitted her to hospital
But doctors told she needs surgery
So I arranged money from our Ashram
And paid the bills thats it
Thank you very much for your help Madam
If it was not you, I do not know
Whether I would have met her alive
Thank you so much of your help
I will not forget your help madam
Thank you
I have nothing to do Sir
God has helped for your good kind heart
One day you donated your salary to our ashram
Today due to Ashram fund your mother is operated
That is life sir!
If we help anybody when they need
Some body will help us when we need help
Any way take care of your mother
I will take a leave kids are waiting for me
Keep coming
It had been four days of Vismaya madam operation
I was taking care of her
When I left to take medicines
Someone called me from behind
When I checked who it was
It was my mother
What are you doing here?
You said you are going for marriage
I went to marriage
While coming back my friend met with an accident
Hence we came here
How is he now?
Nothing to worry
He suffered with small injures
What you are doing here mother?
I told you I was working in someones house
She has undergone kidney operation
So I came here to see her
Any how you have come till here
She asked me many times to get you home
Any how you are here
Come we will meet her once
Not required mother,
What is the need of me, You please go
You have come till the hospital,
Come and meet here
Ok you go, I will come back giving this bag
As you say Son
Madam! How are you madam?
I am fine mother
You have good heart and soul,
Hence god will keep you happy
You have recovered
Thats enough for me
Mom have a seat!
You sleep, I will sit
Who is that person who saved you?
Mother even I do not know who is that guy
I have asked for the number with doctor
Madam Dr. Amrutha gave this number
I do not have phone with me
I have madam, use it
Give mother
Dial on this
It shows Suman here and in phone it is saved as Suman
I am coming mother,
I am outside the ward
How come my mother phone is with her?
She came to know that I had helped her
I am attracted towards him
I am hypnotised by him
You have infected me by your magic
I have lost to you without any words
Why we need any topic to meet you
I need of Hundreds of eyes to see your beauty
Am very comfortable with you
I dont find this to be good
Vismaya madam says I should stop selling tea
And should join coffee day as employee
I cannot do all that mother
Oh god
As she said anything wrong?
She has feeling towards you
Did she expect her husband to be an officer?
She asked to sell coffee in coffee day
That is all right?
I should speak English in that coffee day mother
I am not comfortable with English speaking
I will not go mother
When I have an own business
Why should I work under someone mother?
You should speak in English is it?
Oh my king
Look phone is ringing
Is it not good to communicate in English?
For how many days more you keep selling tea?
Go to coffee day and learn English
Everyone will feel happy right
You cannot? Oh god
Just a week left for your marriage
How is it if you
fight for such small things?
Love is like a rope that pulls the chariot of life
Both of you should pull the rope equally
Even if one of you do not balance it
The chariot will fall down
Then the life will be destroyed
Look at me soon
Even she will have hundreds of expectations
My husband should be so and do so
It is she
What it is she?
Will tell you one thing mother
A person who had a tea stall once upon a time
Is he not ruling the country now?
Did I say no?
Even my king could be a Prime Minister one day
Who knows whose fate is what?
Even I have desire that my son should speak in English
Should communicate well in English
Listen to that girls advice
I have said what I wanted to
Shall I pour curry? A bit
It is your wish after this
Enough mother
Drink this water
It will happen as it is written on your fate
I said to mom what Vismaya had said
Even mom felt it was true
If mother would be happy
I thought it would be correct to join for work in coffee day
Suman come to the apartment soon! Suman please!
Come soon Suman
Vismaya? Suman soon please
I have some urgency sir
You could not see?
You need my car to get killed
I have some emergency
If you have urgency will you come like this?
Where you want to go?
Golden Apartments Sir
Golden apartment? Yes Sir!
Avoid him please
Ok get in
Thank you sir
Can you give me your phone?
What is it Sir?
Did you see Vismaya?
No Sir
Security! Security!
Vismaya madam!
Vismaya madam!
What happened after that?
Why did Vismaya madam shout?
Where did she go?
I did not get to know till now
Vishal park's car here
Sit down
This is basement camera and this is
Apartment main gate camera Sir
When did you last see
Vismaya on 3rd of September?
At evening seven thirty on the same day
She had come to give invitation card
near the apartment gate
Had anyone else visit Vismaya flat on the same day?
A courier boy had come and went upstairs to the flat
Asking the address
He handover parcel to the security
Saying there is no one in the flat
Play that footage
Ok forward,
sit down
Display in full screen
Pause, play..
Rewind and zoom in
He is the guy who had to marry Vismaya madam
But his fate was not good
When he reached near gate he met with an accident
We all joined him in hospital
Do you inform to Vismaya about accident?
I went to inform Vismaya madam
but no one is there at flat
Paly the video of when
Vismaya giving wedding card
Zoom in
Rewind and now lay and again zoom in
Stop now
Zoom in for the girl was in near to security guard
Play frame by frame
Same place Zoom in
Make it into full screen
She is the one who came to give missing complaint?
She is the one who came to give missing complaint?
That she told Vismaya is my friend today
she was behaving like unknown person
Who is she?
Mary madam
Is Vismaya and and Mary are in same flat?
No sir
Vismaya madam is in 10th floor and
Mary madam on 12th floor
Vismaya madam is leaving alone
but Mary with four friends
Hey call Kumar and I asked him to
enquire about Vismaya friends
No sir
Vismaya madam was alone
She is our friend;
we used to live in the same flat
What mary asked to you?
She enquired about missed cal number
I asked her to wait One guy went dinner
after some time I will tell
I called Kumar sir after they give complaint
their mobiles switched of sir
Whats the flat number of that girl?
Come and show the flat
They are her friends, right?
They are Mary madam,
friends all are in same flat
I send one photo immediately trace them
Ok sir!
That Sujay friends called you to ask
flat number which was that?
Show me that flat
Ok sir
Hi madam am Inspector Ashok
there is small enquiry
do you call to flat no 1145 on September 3rd night?
No, Flat no 1145?
Actually I called to your SI to give complaint
That flat guys are played very loud music
they are disturbing everyone sir
So only I give police complaint
I will show them hell
Hello is it police station?
Yes tell
Sir am calling you from golden apartment
In flat no 1145 some peoples creating some nonsense
Request them know
Sir already requested them but no use sir
You will please take action sir
Send me the address and phone no
Am so fed up with all of this
At least you take action sir
am extremely sorry madam
I will take action
Well thanks everyone speaks like this
but no one will take action
Keep eye on which was right or wrong?
Stand in past and watch
what was their in future
Do calculation to find Truth
Find the evidence and fill the blanks
where the mystery happens?
Keep search on every angle
and think as your own way
In my way life is like a war
Its from my way
Its from my way
Its from my way
In my mind am thinking
how to move coins like chess
We have war sequence in front
of us Keep fighting everyday
Who has a stolen in this present group
Who has fallen for their own mistake
Who has won the time
Who has rewrite the past
Dumb play starts
Picture an
This crime is like that if we turn pages
we are getting interesting matters
Those interesting matters come like question?
Its not tough to identify the truth
Why inspector Ashok took
10 days to solve this mystery
Whats the truth revel in those 10 days?
By the way whats the interesting thing happen in
Golden Apartment?
For those all question,
here we have answer
So as per this Mary friends doest have
any connection with Vismaya
Then why Mary and her friends
came here to give compliant?
Then why they took Vismaya dead body?
So is there is any evidence in Vismaya body?
Suppose if is there in evidence
at least doctor should know?
So who is doctor who done the post morton?
Am inspector Ashok need to talk regarding
Vismaya accident case
This is not right time to talk inspector
Come by tomorrow morning
to hospital lets talk about this
Those four mobiles are switched off
we cant get information about them
Did you check call details?
One rowdy vicky called to Suji for five times
Where he will be available
He will be at MS nagar
Grand check who is that?
Where is those four fellows
Who are those sir?
Sir please do not kill me
i will tell the truth sir
Give me your gun! Sir
Give me
Why did you shoot him?
Am tried to called you from
two hours but your no not reachable
Inspector reached my home regarding Vismaya case
But i didnt tell anything
For safer side you also take care
Kumar are there? speak up
Yes while you watching this story
surely you will get some question
While Suji playing carem board with Vicky
who called Vicky?
Then who shoot Sujay?
What was the relation between Kumar and Vikki?
Why Dr. Aravinds call made impact on SI Kumar life
Ashok Find some foot prints
whos behind this foot prints?
Those are belongs to SI Kumar or any one else?
Why police arrest SI Kumar?
Then What SI Kumar told about this?
Here it is take look
As per my knowledge Only the name Vismaya
leads two girls deaths
While mary and his friends are enjoying in party
It will disturb to her neighbor then she will call to SI
Kumar to take action against them
SI Kumar warned them for disturbing neighbor
So Sujay asked sorry to SI Kumar and also,
he took neighbor number to tell sorry
After he know the number he wants to check flat no
he send mary to check flat no
She asked that no with security guard but
he said after wards he will give
She will move from their
While Sujay fighting with her
they got call from security guard
While security informing flat no
Same time courier boy asking flat address and no
While Security guard explining number to the
courier boy but neha wrote that no by mistake
She told that flat number to Sujay
Vismaya saw her flat door opens
without her presence
Door opened now actually i closed the door
while am going how it is possible?
Who is that?
Who are you?
Who are you?
I know that you only give complaint against us
My guess was right
Please slow down the volume
My sleep gets disturbed
How dare you to give complaint against us?
I didnt rise any complaint
You given police complaint?
Now you do what ever
We want to do something to her
She will think about this in her whole life
Now you give
Now you give
Where is your phone?
Here is your phone
Call the police right now
Common call the police
call the police
Pick my call Suman
Call the police
Call the police
Call the police
Call the police
Suman busy at the works
so he didnt pick the Vismaya call
Why what happen police didnt pick the call
It didnt get connect?
So sad
After some time Suman call back to Vismaya
and heard the vismayas screaming on call
In hurry he went from there
Hey stop
Here Sujay friends starts torturing Vismaya
Leave me
Leave me
Leave me
Same time courier boy knock the door bell
But due to no response from inside he return back
Hey i will kill you
i wont leave you
I will kill you all i wont leave anybody
I will give police complaint
Kill her
start scream
No one help you
you cant escape from us
Shut up!
Leave me!!
How dare you to give complaint?
Call the police
Call the police
Give me the complaint
When his vehicle break down
Suman stops the speedy Vishal car
Even Vishal wants to go golden apartment
so he accept to give lift
When Suman in Vishal car his mobile
got switched off so he tried calling from Vishal car
But call didnt get connect
The main reason for misleading this case is Vismaya
got call from Vishal number
Vishal napkin and we found napkin in tin are same
Sujay thought Vismaya given compliant but another
lady has given due to this mislead
In angry moment they killed Vismaya
While in tension he made a master
plan to overcome from this murder
When car reached apartment with in no time
Suman run towards Vismaya flat
In the other side Vismaya Suresh and Vishal
start fight regarding pregnancy issue
As per his master plan Sujay has come to
cut power connection of flat
While suman was in lift
another side Vishal and Vismaya fight has gone to peak level
In the other side Sujay friends spoil the evidence of
muder and they are waiting for sujay signal
Here Vishal slap to Vismaya Suresh
Same time Sujay has cute power connection to flat
Suman has stuck in lift due power failure
Here Angry Vishal slaps Vismaya Suresh
due to this her breath stops
That time Sujay friends carry
Vismaya body to ground floor
And Vishal also carry the vismaya body and
he drop that in car boot space
And he forgot to lock his flat
door so went to lock the door
same time Sujay found Vishal car key
He thought if he carry body in his car
it will helps to trace him easily
When Vishal coming back he saw his
car passed infront of him
So he thought Vismaya Suresh has took his car
But Sujay his friends drives Vishal car
Security switch on the
power when he finds the issue
In the other side Sujay and team stops
the car in the middle road
They make to sit Vismaya on driving seat
They made it like accident
In the other side Suman stuck in the
lift finally he came out and ran to vismaya house
But he didnt find Vismaya while he returning
he caught with accident
Sujay takes Vicky help to close this case
And Vicky and SI Kumar joins together
Vicky and SI Kumar make
deal about twenty five lakhs
So SI Kumar make fake post morton report with
Dr. Aravind just for money
He lodged missing case complaint from Sujay friends
And they identify the dead body to close the case
While Sujay enjoying with friends SI Kumar
called to him he told about the reopen the case
Told him to kill his friends because if anybody
knows everyone will caught to police
After this Sujay get those friends to celebrate Neha
birthday but he kills those three
When i send those four persons photo to Kumar
he thought to kill Sujay with the help of Vicky
Need to kill one
Whenever Vikky has talk about surrender Kumar
decide to kill just for his safety
But he doesnt know his foot steps
only main evidence for him
Here in this episode we are telling about fate
Who has done good things he will get happiness
Who has done wrong things he will get punishment
Who has done such a crime
things they will surely get caught
Theses what todays episode
Keep watching NEWS 18 Kannada
Singal is ours
Strength is yours