Naples in Veils (2017) Movie Script

This is an ancient story,
eternal, in fact.
Since the world was born,
things have always gone this way.
And yet, I have never found
a philosopher or a scientist
who could explain this mystery.
What is at bottom of this mystery?
A male and a female,
a man and a woman.
They look at each other,
they study each other,
they scrutinize each other,
their eyes meet again
and they have understood it all.
And then...
then the first night arrives,
the most beautiful, the one
they will remember all their lives.
Jesus, Joseph, St. Anne and Mary,
save my soul.
Jesus, Joseph, St. Anne and Mary,
save my soul...
People can't take too much truth.
- Look, it's coming out!
- You can see the head.
It's not true.
How lucky, he's all his mother.
He's exactly the same as his father.
Kiss him.
This is your fortune,
from tomorrow your life will change
from this to this.
These guys with beards
and moustaches are so cute.
Well, you're wrong,
this hipster fashion is a mask.
Without the beards you'd realize
how many trolls you slept with.
- Would you like some white wine?
- Yes, please.
- Pasquale?
- No thanks, sweetie.
You're so right.
Are you doing anything tomorrow?
No, it's Sunday.
I've got an appointment at 10:00.
That means I won't sleep at all.
Because you and I
are going to spend the night together.
Would you like a drink?
I have some excellent wine.
I hope you don't think
I bring everyone home the first night.
Actually, I was thinking something else.
Want to know what I'm thinking?
We're thinking the same thing.
I want to watch you.
Turn around.
Good morning.
Now that I've seen you smile I can go.
You wake up
and just leave your lover like this?
Are you my lover?
What am I?
I don't know, you decide.
You can be whatever you want.
My lover, my companion, my fiance,
my friend...
The more things you are,
the better it is.
That way, when one ends
another begins.
What are you doing today?
Nothing much, going to see my aunt,
to help her recover from last night.
- Then?
- I don't know.
Now you're offending me.
What are you doing
at 6:00pm local time?
With you?
Where, here?
At your place?
More important.
More important.
Archaeological museum...
and to be precise, in the secret room.
"Kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss me!"
So, girl...
do you play with Salvatore, too?
No, he sings.
- I sing in a gay choir.
- What?
In a gay choir.
Right! A gay choir, gay salami,
gay car, gay washing machine,
even mineral water's gay
because it's got bubbles.
- What's wrong?
- It was the mozzarella, that's gay too.
Good morning, everyone.
Good morning.
Little one, you know
you made me lose 50 euros?
I bet that you would escape
last night.
Well, Adriana?
What happened, want to tell us?
What did you do?
What you've always done, too.
Sure! Back in the day
of the Babylonians!
When I was young I was so handsome
that even the clocks turned to look.
Listen, Adriana...
So, is it really true
that this Triton swims so well?
Is he good?
- He told you his name, at least?
- Andrea, his name's Andrea.
He's a prodigy,
he dives in apnea without tanks
for I don't know how many meters.
- And how do you know?
- How do I know?
I have to know everything
about the people my little girl sees.
They might see each other again, right?
Yes, we have a date in a little while.
At six.
Good morning.
No, I wasn't sleeping.
But I'm on shift tomorrow.
Is he sick?
All right, the time to get ready.
Good morning.
Adriana, good morning.
Wasn't it Episcopo's shift?
Yeah, but he's got a fever.
I went by the Prosecutor's office, here.
Like a coffee?
- You want to poison me this early?
- I made it.
Then, yes, thanks.
Not much sugar, just how you like it.
- How was your weekend?
- Good, I got some rest and you?
More or less.
- Who's the autopsy tech?
- Tommaso.
Good morning.
Good morning, Doctor.
Did you have fun at Donna Adele's party?
- Why, were you there too?
- I wish.
A friend of mine told me all about it,
and she also said
that you looked beautiful.
Your friend is too kind.
Naples, June 262017, time...
Cadaver of male individual,
apparent age, between 30 and 35,
regular skeletal constitution,
in good general condition,
well nourished.
- Length, approximately...
- 182, 183?
185 centimeters.
The deceased is wearing
the following garments:
a blue shirt...
with six discontinuations in the fabric
at the height of the left pectoral area,
blue jeans, he is not wearing
shoes and socks.
Rigor mortis is present...
generalized and active.
Eyeballs absent.
With hemorrhagic infiltrations.
- Poor guy.
- Yep.
He was still alive
when they took them out.
Adriana, what's wrong?
Are you okay?
I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop
because I am certain
I know the deceased.
- Call the Deputy Public Prosecutor.
- Of course.
Adriana, the inspector's here for you.
Good morning, inspector.
I don't have the results yet.
I had to stop because I knew the victim.
Yes, I know, it's Andrea Galderisi.
That's why I'm here.
Come with me.
Galderisi took them the other night
while you were sleeping.
How did Galderisi seem to you
the other night? Strange?
Did you think
he might have been on something?
That must be it.
That's the rock
he did his first dives from.
And what else did he tell you?
Yeah, that...
that he'd been adopted,
but I don't think that's very important.
Yeah, we already knew that.
Did you notice anything strange
or unusual in his apartment now?
No, because we weren't here,
we were at my place, it was closer.
Did he stay the night?
Yes, he left early in the morning.
And you arranged to meet
at the museum on Sunday afternoon.
But he never showed up.
Yes, he did.
We found his body in a dumpster
behind the museum.
Andrea was a great friend,
generous and loyal.
During his dives
he never left a companion behind
and he was the bravest among us.
His work was the result of a great love,
not just for the sea,
but for life itself.
Andrea transformed this love into a
contagious passion for all of us...
He was the kind of guy who would
just take what he wanted in life, right?
He taught us awareness through
breathing and relaxation techniques.
For him, diving was
a continuous challenge,
increasing his limits,
meter after meter.
He was happy under water,
it was like he was at home.
"You've got gills,"
they used to tell him.
Now we're bringing you back
to your true home.
Come see us at our studio
one of these days.
I'll set it up with Adele.
We'll talk about Andrea together,
it will do us good.
We'll look forward to seeing you.
I didn't know him that well.
And why were you
so upset at the funeral?
that's what you do at funerals, Adriana.
Why didn't you say anything?
Have you come to grill me?
Didn't we choose this
for the American orders?
- I don't know.
- No one ever knows anything.
- Where's Filippo?
- At buttonholes.
Listen, I didn't say anything
because you would have fled,
like you did with the lawyer,
He liked you, you liked him,
when I told you I'd tapped that,
I don't date my girlfriends' exes.
Why are you pulling that face?
Because you don't date anyone.
Anyway, you should have told me.
I saw how he looked at you at the party.
I thought that you'd give him
the cold shoulder.
Me, the cold shoulder?
- He wasn't right for you.
- Why?
He was younger
and you already had an excuse ready.
He was a lot younger.
Do you still care if someone you like
is young, old, male or female?
Just thank heaven
for sending him to you!
Do you remember this?
Why was this still on the shelf?
When I talk is it just noise?
This business of me saying one thing
and you doing another has got to stop!
How is it going, dolls?
All good.
Good, let's go get a coffee.
- Did you find the place easily?
- Yes.
Adriana, how are you?
Valeria! Better, thank you.
- Can I offer you some wine?
- Yes, thanks.
- Ludovica, will you take care of it?
- Sure.
- How come you're so late?
- You know.
My compliments,
you have beautiful things here.
See what a fabulous place?
We devote ourselves to this:
unearthing hidden wonders.
Andrea was special at this,
he had a special talent for beauty.
Did he ever talk to you about his work?
No, we didn't talk much.
I mean, about things
without importance...
- Here.
- Thank you.
It's a mystery,
this whole business is a mystery.
For everyone.
I hope that the police have stopped
tormenting you,
with us they were very invasive.
I can't imagine
what they wanted from you.
The usual things.
Surely Andrea saw something
he shouldn't have seen,
otherwise they wouldn't
have found him like that.
There's something going on.
But what could be going on?
Andrea made a mess
only in matters of women.
He had a predilection for lost causes.
He liked wives, women
who were happily married.
Or the untouchables.
I don't think it's such a special case,
it must have been a betrayed husband
or a very jealous ex.
Nothing else.
Excuse me.
Sorry, excuse me.
Who is it?
Who is it?
All right, I'm leaving.
Wait up! What are you doing?
Ten minutes and we'll go.
An hour ago you said the same thing
and here we are.
This is another of your great ideas.
Trust me, she's good. A good friend
of mine came to see her from London.
- You're crazy.
- Why am I crazy?
You could have asked
for a private appointment.
She doesn't give them.
She's a saint. Are you ashamed?
These are intimate things.
Pasquale, not even your underpants
are intimate anymore.
Take those drops,
so we can put an end
to all this buffoonery.
Take them and you won't see
the ghost anymore.
Don't listen to her about the
drops. What do they do anyway?
- Sixteen!
- Our turn.
How exciting.
You're in luck,
because she kicked them out.
- Really?
- Really.
Show me.
Good, come in.
How ridiculous.
I don't like these things in the least.
And what the fuck do we care?
Holy Mother, it's freezing.
What the fuck... where is it?
Donna Assunta, it slipped down.
My love, Catena, you're here!
And when will you give me a kiss?
Come close to me.
It's been so long.
We're still sluts, you and me.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
I came for this friend of mine
who's haunted by ghosts.
You've already been
through such heartache,
you're still not free of it,
you poor thing.
It's not for me, it's for my niece.
Yes, Donna Assunta,
it's for this friend of mine,
who's being tormented by a spirit.
No less!
- She even saw him in the garden.
- Why didn't he enter the house?
Maybe he didn't have the keys.
Yes, to come in, a ghost needs keys...
Ghosts walk through walls.
Think about it!
That one walks through the walls,
think about it.
She saw him on the subway, too.
And did he buy a ticket?
Will you cut out the bullshit?
Don't talk bullshit.
- We get it.
- Yes, right...
Donna Assunta, sorry to bother you,
we're leaving now.
You're surrounded
by a crowd of shadows, my child.
- Are you surrounded by dead people?
- Every day.
Come here,
come closer to me.
Sit here.
Don't be afraid.
Holy Mother, it's me,
the door to the beyond.
Be quiet.
Let me work.
My darling...
My beloved daughter...
Your mamma was not crazy.
Her craziness...
...was me.
Your aunt has nothing to do with it.
Trust her.
Your aunt doesn't come into it.
There will be love.
You have two chances.
If you choose the right one,
it can't go wrong.
Catena, you were the one
who took us to the Sybil's cave.
So, what of it'?
But she shouldn't have done that,
when she said:
"Your mother wasn't crazy."
Of course she wasn't crazy,
she was a good actress.
People liked her,
at least that's what I heard.
Adriana, I get the impression
you're thinking too much about that guy.
- It's not good for you.
- It was amazing with him.
I've never been like that with anyone.
You meet someone you like,
you spend the night together,
a wonderful night,
and you think he's the man of your life.
Then you see him a second time
and you don't like him anymore.
Little one, unfortunately,
you didn't get a second time.
It can't be.
It's Adriana, don't you recognize me?
I'm not Andrea.
Are you teasing me?
What game are you playing?
It's not a game,
I'm not Andrea, I'm sorry.
I said it's not me.
Let go of me.
Keep still.
Andrea has a tattoo on his hip.
I'm not Andrea, I'm his brother.
My name is Luca, we're twins.
I know who you are, it's absurd for me
too, Andrea and I never met
and until last year
I didn't even know he existed.
How did you find out?
My adoptive parents told me,
then I did some research.
Are you in Naples for him?
We were supposed to meet
for the first time,
but I arrived late.
- You don't believe me?
- It's not easy.
Don't tell anyone that you saw me.
Andrea and I barely knew each other.
- Yes, so he said.
- Did he talk to you about me?
I don't know, he was upset, frightened,
he told me not to trust anyone.
Then maybe you're in danger too.
You have to hide.
Did Galderisi leave anything
here in the house the other night?
Maybe even a note?
I don't know.
- Did he make any calls from here?
- Not that I know of.
Excuse me.
Olga, wait a moment.
Did you find anything down there?
No, nothing.
Are there other photos of me like this?
Yes, there are a few.
Worse than the ones I saw?
This is information I can't give you.
Maybe we should have told them about me.
No, maybe it's better to wait
to find out more.
I got a little worried when they went
to check in the garden.
What kind of trouble
have I got myself into...?
Why are you smiling?
If you hadn't been with Andrea
we would never have met.
I have to go to work tomorrow.
If you want some water for the night,
there are bottles in the kitchen.
There's a lot of light in the morning.
It's all right, I'm used to it.
Thank you.
Good night, then.
Good night.
Good night.
You're acting weird.
You're not speaking to me anymore,
what's wrong?
What's wrong...
After everything that's happened...
are you surprised?
It's not that.
That's an excuse,
an excuse to close all the doors again.
Don't be like me, Adriana.
Why, what did you do?
I closed myself up
in that mausoleum of a house,
I turned it into a monument to memory.
Now I wouldn't make that mistake again,
at least I wouldn't be alone.
You like it like this, or else you would
have found someone.
Ah, really? And who, an old man?
I don't like old men,
I've never liked them.
And with the young ones
I'd feel ridiculous.
You have to hurry up, Adriana,
you've got to find a man,
a guy who's with you every day,
to have kids with.
Then you can cheat on him,
but eternal love, passion...
Forget about it, Adriana,
think about living.
Look how beautiful they are.
Yeah, beautiful...
You're almost exactly the same as
Why almost?
He was more...
more confident, at least so it seemed.
But after all, I barely knew him.
We're even, you and me.
We don't know anything about Andrea,
and yet we won't be able to forget him.
Why did you give me all these clothes?
- Don't you like them?
- They're beautiful.
But you shouldn't have.
How do you prefer me?
Are you flirting with me?
Do you mind?
I don't know,
I'm very tired.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Don't get up.
- Please, have a seat.
- Thank you.
Forgive me if I brought you here, but it
wasn't appropriate in the office.
It's not a problem.
On my day off I take him to the beach.
- Which one is he?
- Giovanni, that's him.
my boss doesn't know anything about it.
This is a courtesy I'm extending to you.
Thank you.
The photos are yours.
Anyway, the people who entered
your house were not thieves,
they were looking for something.
Maybe something that Galderisi left.
If there was anything at home
I would have noticed.
The house hides things well.
To do things by the book
I should ask for a warrant.
No, please, if that could be avoided
you'd be doing me a favor.
Dad, is there an apple left?
Here it is.
Aren't you going to introduce yourself?
Doctor Cozzolino, this is Giovanni.
Hi, Adriana.
She's a real doctor, you know?
- Is Daddy ill?
- No, I'm just a friend.
Then come for a meal with us sometime.
All right, thank you, you're very kind.
Will you peel the apple for me, please?
The knife.
Here it is.
Did Andrea take them?
Don't touch them.
- Why did you take them?
- I didn't know about them.
The police officer showed them to me.
Did he give them to you?
So, did he see you like this?
Did he see you like this?
- Wait.
- No, I'm embarrassed.
You're so beautiful.
Let me look at you.
Do you like looking at me'?
Does it turn you on?
What did you do that night?
I'm not telling you.
See the little angels,
they lift the veil.
The veil that reveals the arcane
of alchemy and magic
that will give way to medical science.
Now we're entering this large hall,
that is the finest example
of Neapolitan baroque rococo.
The number and the position of the vases
reveals the tree of life.
After the Masonic labyrinth,
the mysterical journey
ended exactly here,
in front of the great uterus,
the veiled uterus.
To prevent the miracle of birth,
the demon placed his talon...
Adriana, can I tell you something?
You mustn't get mad though.
It's just like a soap opera.
C'mon, twins, the orphanage,
you keeping this guy in the house
like Jane Eyre...
- Thank you, goodbye.
- Goodbye.
I thought he was in danger.
What danger? Adriana, he is the danger.
Little one, look me in the eye.
Did you fuck him too?
A classic!
Two brothers, twins no less,
the competition...
Maybe you're even falling in love.
Pasquale, do you think
I should kick him out?
Little one, only you can know that.
Does your cop friend know anything?
How do you know about Antonio?
I'm only seeing him
for the investigation.
I found a clue: Andrea left numbers
written on the mirror.
Show me these numbers.
Something that smells
not quite like a rose.
None of us have got it,
but we've never missed it!
Six, the one that chases the mice.
- What is it?
- A pussy.
C'mon... Forty-two. Here it is.
In the morning it wakes you,
at night it won't let you sleep.
But it doesn't rouse
that atrophied thing
you have between your legs.
Forty-two, coffee!
He's performed another miracle,
he's melted it this year too.
- San Gennaro!
- Eighteen, blood.
I got a trifecta! 18, 37 and 6.
- What ass!
- I only got a trifecta!
- Ten!
- He's got bigger one than Pel!
The monk, coffee, Punch, Maradona...
What do these numbers mean?
It's Naples.
42, coffee.
18, blood.
The numbers say it, it's Naples.
This city, its secrets...
it doesn't reveal them to anyone.
The break's over.
Let's go.
Are you serious?
Aunty Amnesia's still alive...
Adele, Aunty Amnesia's young,
she's eighty.
Adriana, forget it,
Tecla will take care of it tomorrow.
Don't worry.
Not at all, my pleasure.
What's with her tonight?
She looks like she can't wait to leave.
Adriana still hasn't taken in
what happened to her,
and you should understand her.
She doesn't speak to me anymore.
I wonder where she got that from.
To get a peep out of you...
do you remember?
What do you mean?
What do I mean? Don't pretend
you don't understand.
Truth is the daughter of time.
Talk about Isabella, the things you've
done, about what happened.
Adele... anyway, she knows.
She doesn't know.
In Naples?
In Naples and she doesn't know?
One word more, one word less,
she knows everything!
But it would be good
if she heard it from your mouth.
I better get going, it's late and
tomorrow morning I have to work.
Pasquale, you coming?
What's wrong? Why are you
looking at me like that?
I'm off, speak to you tomorrow.
- Bye, sweetheart.
- Bye, Pasquale.
When we were little girls I liked
scaring her, I played tricks on her.
Your mother was always perfect,
the prettiest, the best behaved.
I was the evil sister
and she was the good one.
Do you remember where you hid
when you were little?
I would shut her up in here in the dark.
Then, when we grew up,
she got all the attention,
all eyes were on her
and she wanted everything:
success, love, Domenico.
And if she didn't succeed
it made her ill,
she really suffered.
These are your father's things.
This is beautiful.
I gave him that, you can keep it.
is it true what they said
about my mother?
Your mother made up a lot of things,
but not everything.
What do you mean, not everything?
Your father and I cheated on her,
we did everything to avoid it happening.
No, Aunt, please.
The more she tortured herself,
the more we loved each other.
The more she went crazy,
the closer we became.
I even tried to leave.
I loved him before her,
when she was there...
and always.
I'd known Domenico for a long time,
we worked together at the San Carlo
theater, he was the stage manager.
We were a fine group,
and we often came hereto dance
in the evening.
Nice to meet you... Miriam.
My pleasure, I'm Simone.
You could only hear her voice. ..
You said we'd have fun...
We will... darling.
Isn't that Isabella?
What happened?
Hi, were you
at the theater tonight, too?
You look so elegant...
Chiara, shall we go?
Then one night, she arrived,
Domenico had never seen her before.
She was different,
she was already a woman.
She came over,
looked at him and took him.
Where have you been?
Who are you texting?
Who gave you this?
It was my father's.
What is it?
It's a good-luck eye, you can have it.
You need it more than I do.
I'll keep it for both of us.
You shouldn't leave me
on my own for so long
because I get weird thoughts.
I'm the only one you can control.
Do you know how much I want you?
All the time.
If you leave me I'll do something crazy.
You know that, don't you?
On the neck, a horizontal groove,
equally deep, approximately 2cm, hard.
On the edges
you notice dotted hemorrhages,
edges that are excoriated in tracts.
On the wrists we notice
ribbon-shaped excoriations,
slightly depressed.
She was tied up.
The same thing on the ankles
and there are still grains of sand
on her feet.
Doctor, do I prepare the supports
for the thigh stretchers?
Shall we begin our examination
of the vulvo-perineal area?
Don't cut them too small.
Are they all right like this?
Are you expecting someone?
Can I come up?
Don't let him in, please.
A moment.
Your friend's on her way, I'll leave.
Don't worry.
I only came to tell you
that the numbers you gave me
don't lead anywhere.
We've tried to investigate
in all directions, but nothing doing.
They may have been the catalogue
numbers for a stolen work of art,
but not even that.
I'm not supposed to tell you all this.
Am I still under investigation?
Would you like to taste a meatball?
Yes, thanks.
Two years ago, in Forcella,
a body was found
killed the same way as Galderisi,
without eyes.
But they couldn't figure it out.
Do you have any suspects?
It seems Andrea was involved
in trafficking stolen art,
he'd retrieve it under water.
There, I've messed up.
With you I just can't shut up.
Don't worry,
I didn't hear anything, I swear.
Did you tell anyone
about the photos I gave you?
No, do you want them back?
No, no, thanks...
I'll take a meatball, I'll taste it.
- Here.
- Thanks.
It's good.
Were you here?
He just wouldn't leave.
Didn't he see you?
No way, he's only got eyes for you.
And you're worse than him,
I saw how you were looking at him.
Why did you ask him
if he wanted the photos back?
He's got the photos,
he can look at you whenever he wants.
- He gets excited looking at your pussy.
- Stop it.
First Andrea...
then me, now the cop.
You act all shy,
but you sure like being looked at...
What about you? Does it excite you, too?
Let me feel.
What goes on your head, Adriana?
Me, Andrea, the other one...
who's there?
Who do you think of all day?
Who do you call?
You're mine.
Only mine.
Your lady friend's waiting for you!
You coming down or not?
What are you doing here? Go play soccer.
Doctor, can I make you a coffee?
- I'll wait here, thank you.
- I'll be right there.
You work with dead people, don't you?
Partly, I do, but not only.
Do the dead people wake up sometimes?
No, they can't.
Go play.
- I found a handsome beau.
- Hi, Adriana.
Sorry if I made you wait,
I was talking to the station.
What did you want to tell me?
Antonio, when you came to my place
I didn't tell you the truth,
It's not true
that I was waiting for a girlfriend.
I'm very confused, it's not easy.
Adriana, I understand you,
but you only saw him once, just once.
I lost my wife two years ago.
It happened suddenly, in her sleep.
I'm sorry.
At first it seemed absurd,
I would see her clothes on the chair
in the bedroom,
I would find her beauty creams...
Waking up in the morning,
taking my son to school...
I didn't give a crap about anything,
not even him.
Then at a certain point,
you don't even know why,
life makes its way back in again.
I'm going to the police station,
do you need a ride?
No, thanks.
Luca, it's me.
I've got an appointment with Pasquale,
I'll be late, see you.
- Did you tell anyone you're here?
- No.
- Did anyone see you?
- No, of course not.
Listen, Adriana,
there's lots of things I can't explain,
it's better that
you don't know about them.
I saw Rinuccio at the tower.
What did he tell you?
What are these numbers?
Quiet! These are bad people,
they're dangerous.
Your friend, Andrea,
wasn't exactly a saint.
I feel weird...
ls his brother still at your place?
Are you all right?
Don't worry, little one, it's nothing.
Just a bit dizzy.
What's the matter?
The lemonade was too cold.
Look at me! Look at me!
Pasquale, it's Adriana.
Call an ambulance!
Help me!
Call an ambulance!
Adriana, I'd gladly
get in trouble for you...
- Well?
- A heart attack.
Pasquale wasn't killed,
he suffered from
a congenital heart condition.
I don't believe it.
We also got the results
of the analysis of the glass,
no trace of poison.
Did someone tell you to say that to me?
Read it yourself,
I did the autopsy,
why would I lie to you?
Liliana, I trust you.
Let me go.
Pasquale didn't die
from a heart attack, did he?
That's why you're here, isn't it?
We're not here for Pasquale, Doctor.
Take time to grieve, work through it.
If Pasquale died of heart attack,
how did Andrea die, suicide?
He committed suicide?
Andrea didn't commit suicide, he was
killed because he was a thief,
a dealer in stolen art.
Have you got his file?
Take out the photo, let's show
to the doctor why he was killed.
Where the fuck is it?
See this?
He smuggled it.
He made a fake and sold it and
no one knows where the original is,
someone didn't forgive him
for polluting the art world.
That's why they killed him,
is that enough for you?
For us, sincerely, it is. Now if you'll
excuse us we have things to do.
Are you investigating his brother, too?
What brother?
He arrived in Naples
right after his death, he's his twin.
They'd never met, they were adopted
out right after they were born.
Yes, Galderisi was adopted,
but when he was eight.
And he didn't have any brother,
we've investigated his whole family.
- What's his brother's name?
- Luca.
I don't know the surname,
nor where he comes from.
- So, you don't know how to contact him'?
- No, I only saw him once.
Sorry, I really have to go.
You coming?
My condolences, my dear.
All these sorrows in such a short time.
Poor Pasquale...
Who would have imagined?
I can't bear to think about it.
He died in your arms, better this way.
He wasn't alone.
It happened so suddenly.
Adriana even thought someone
might have poisoned him.
And why?
- Who would have wanted to hurt him'?
- No one.
You'll get over it,
time heals all wounds.
Be strong.
Adele, how awful.
I'm sorry, dear Adele.
Poor Pasquale, like that, so suddenly.
Pasquale was right.
It's a miracle you're still on your feet.
You're a liar,
you're bad.
You're a bitch.
You only want to kill, kill, kill...
You don't love your kids.
She's not a shadow, admit it! Admit it!
Have the guts to say it!
Yes, I love her, all right?
I've always loved her, you know why?
She notices that I exist,
she knows how to listen.
Since when have you had anything to say?
If I haven't got anything to say,
then we should break up.
Just try it and I'll do something crazy.
Domenico, I'll do something crazy.
darling, don't stay here.
Go to your room.
Go to your room!
- Domenico!
- Go!
Domenico, don't leave me!
I'm capable of doing anything.
- Stop it!
- She'll leave you, she'll lie to you.
- You're insane!
- I'll never leave you.
You need me, I'll stay with you forever.
I told you!
It was the faucet in the bathroom.
- Would you make me a coffee?
- Sure.
Adriana, tell him to go.
Adriana, tell him to go, please.
There's milk in the fridge,
could you get it, please?
Adriana, tell him to go.
Please, stay with me.
I love you more than anything.
Please, look at me.
Have you got any trash bags?
The big ones.
Yes, they're there.
Please, stay with me.
Adriana, look at me.
Don't get up.
Adriana, don't get up, don't go to him.
Don't go to him.
Adriana, I love you.
He'll cheat on you,
I'll never leave you.
Please... Adriana, please.
I'll call you later.
Giovanni, why are you shouting?
I'm here, I can hear you.
Are you ready yet?
I'm not coming with you.
I'll take him to the pool,
I'll call you when I'm done.
See you later.
Bye, Giovanni.
This is what art represents above all.
Art is also the veil of Christ.
At last!
They've already paid homage to Pasquale.
In the middle of a move
it's already a miracle.
Anyway, I'll stay ten minutes
and then I'll leave.
Art is an abuse of truth
and we are its accomplices.
And this is why when you acknowledge
us with such an honor,
you make us very happy
and you give us great pleasure.
Thank you.
Have you ever gone down there?
Look who's here.
- Such a pleasure. How are you?
- I'm very well.
I'd like you to meet my Aunt Adele.
Liliana is the doctor who worked with me,
and Catena, a friend of mine.
It's been ages! You look well.
Yes, I am well.
Have you heard the news?
I've been promoted.
You've no idea how much we miss you.
I didn't know you knew
the award winners.
Yes, of course, but we didn't
know each other very well.
It was a pleasure
to listen to them today, wasn't it?
How are you?
It's been so long
since we've seen each other.
Anyway, thank you so much
for all the kind things
you said about Pasquale.
Of course.
Is it true the prince had the sculptor
blinded so he couldn't make copies?
Always with this nonsense, Catena!
Legend, it's never been proved.
When it's said but there's no proof,
it remains a legend.
Good night.
Pardon me.
I have something to give you,
that young man dropped it.
What young man?
The one who came in with you.
With me?
Yes, that young man
with a backpack on his shoulder.
But I came in by myself.
It fell out of his pocket,
a few minutes ago, when he left.
I didn't make it in time to stop him.
Lucky it didn't break,
it's very beautiful.
Thank you.