Napola (2004) Movie Script

It's 9 o'clock.
What time did you get in last night?
Who said I got in?
It's been like that all morning.
Luisa rang.
You didn't fix
the washing machine properly.
Juan rang too.
He asked you
to paint the kitchen white
and that isn't white.
How isn't it?
White is white.
That's what he says.
White is white. not ivory.
It's hot!
Don't you sleep?
Where'd you go last night?
I came home.
We gave Rubio's guys a real beating.
Paco was going wham, wham!
Like a fucking windmill.
What's that?
Gas for the generator.
Fuck. you think there's room?
What's on for today?
Give me that.
I have to check the TV in the bar.
It's not working
and there's a game tomorrow.
I'll drop you at the launderette.
The pipe is blocked.
You want Rubio's guys to see me?
His cousins run the launderette.
You want them to kick my head in?
You should stay out of trouble.
I'll pick you up at 2:00.
I wonder where Loren got to?
He gets that kid pregnant,
then dumps her and clears off.
Loren's smart.
She deserved it, the slut.
-I thought you liked her.
Iike hell I did.
Why bring the ladder?
You never use it.
Where's Marcial?
He's busy.
If I'd known you were coming,
I'd have brought down the TV.
It isn't the tube.
The valve is fine.
Did you move the aerial?
...the latest information
Three years ago...
It must have been the aerial.
...and we were informed
of the possibility
that it would collide
with our planet.
A few month ago we learned
that the Scott's trajectory
had been altered
as a result of a solar storm.
The latest calculations show
that this alteration
means that the Earth is now
directly in its path.
A few minutes ago it was confirmed
that the meteorite
is heading for the Earth.
The governments of the US,
were working together in an effort
to destroy it
or at least modify its trajectory.
Today it is my duty to inform you
that all these efforts
have failed.
The Newton I and II space missions
were also unsuccessful.
human lives have been lost.
This morning,
the Sky XI communications satellite
crashed to Earth
because meteorite particles
have already penetrated
our atmosphere.
And this is just a sample
of what awaits us
in the next days.
At present, the meteorite is
heading towards us at a speed
of 55,000 miles per hour.
It is a gigantic rock
30 miles in diameter.
That is, five times the size
of the meteorite
that extinguished the dinosaurs.
We had intentionally decided
not to make any announcement
so as to avoid panic
among the population.
However, bearing in mind
the present circumstances
we have reconsidered
that position.
In the next hours
we expect an initial shower
of relatively small fragments
of the meteorite.
The final impact will occur
within 72 hours
and the consequences
will be fatal.
There is no hope of life
after the impact.
...waiting for a statement
from Air France.
As has happened in the last few
hours with three other planes,
its flight 862 crashed
near the Bay of Panama at noon.
Again, the cause seems to have been
problems in the flight system
as a result of alterations
in the Earth 's magnetic field.
There have been over 2, 600 victims
in various accidents
in Beijing.
...images of the impact
at 13:00 today.
It is the third fragment, after
those in the Baltic and in Havana,
in the two hours
since the announcement
by the President
of the Committee of Nations.
...riots in at least 26 prisons
in the country.
After the announcement,
most of the officers
abandoned their posts
and prisoners took control
of the buildings.
There are over 300 victims
among the inmates...
The prisoners...
They're escaping!
...the security forces... what was
already a dramatic situation...
-Where are you going?
-To Toms' house.
He was to come back next weekend.
He left the kids with Lara.
How'll you get there?
Someone will take me.
Yeah. people have got
nothing better to do...
Take your pills with you!
...and dozens injured
after incidents early this morning
in jails in the north west.
Police volunteers have lost
all control...
...and an improvised caravan
of stolen cars
are fleeing desperately...
-Where's everyone going?
-We're heading up the mountain.
We'll try to shelter in the tunnel.
I don't know!
Come on!
Where are we going?
To Toms' house, right?
Go on, go on.
It'll fall on you
no matter where you go.
Grandma's here!
-Grandma's here!
Grandma. why are you crying?
Because I love you very much.
And you kids?
Won't you say hello to uncle Ale?
I know two new songs!
Hello, uncle Ale!
What do you want?
To give you a kiss.
Where's Lara?
She went shopping
and didn't come back.
And your parents?
They're coming on Monday.
on the 18:00 train.
-And how are you?
-We're really bored.
Go into town
and see the fun they're having.
Hello, grandma.
My kitten.
Have you fixed the TV?
What do you think?
I only get static.
We've seen nothing for two days.
Don't you know?
-Know what?
-"What?" That...
That this'll be
the hottest summer in years.
The swimming pools will be full.
Some news.
What's wrong with the phone?
I couldn't get a Iine all day.
It's not a good day for calling.
it's very expensive today.
The TV said so.
Then why are all the lines busy?
people like wasting money.
We can listen to this.
Thank you, Clarita.
Now. excuse me.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Heavens, love,
your grandma is a disaster.
I dropped the radio in the bathtub.
-ls there much food?
-There's no milk.
Lara was going to get rolls.
Uncle Ale and I will get them.
Right, Ale?
Bye, kids.
Uncle Ale and l
will be right back.
Don't Iet anyone
come near the house.
You hear?
Who'd come. grandma?
-All right.
Why did you tell them
that pack of lies?
It wasn't the time.
It wasn't the time?
When will it be?
When they're dead?
Just drive on.
I have to get to town.
Soro captured in cement factory
Laguna youth helps capture him
He won't come back.
He was in the Martena prison.
He'll have got a car.
If I'd been in prison for 20 years
and got out for three days,
I'd go whoring.
Soro is an animal.
He swore he'd get back
at your brother, and he will.
You don't remember.
You were a child.
Yeah, but because of that bastard.
you fucked up my life.
Only Mr. Perfect got anything
from it, playing the hero.
Your brother saved Iots of lives.
The whole town was grateful.
Well, he ruined my life.
The fucking hero of Laguna.
You forgot about me.
Yeah, because who would listen
to that idiot Ale?
-He never did anything worthwhile.
-That's not true.
You liked music and your father...
Don't even mention him!
Martena is far away.
It'll take him a day to get here.
Won't you do anything?
Sergeant Atienza!
Soro's coming back.
I need help.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art though among women
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Don Miguel.
I need help.
-Soro is coming back.
Ale is a man now.
It's not for Ale.
It's for my son Toms.
Soro will go after his family.
I think we've got a much bigger
problem now, don't you?
You should stay here
and pray with us.
I can't Just wait here!
I have to do something.
Don't you understand?
No one will stop him!
You. Anselmo,
you saw him.
When he was cornered
in the cement factory,
he was like a demon.
You saw him!
And you...
You, Adela.
You told me you never felt so afraid
as when Soro looked at you.
Do you think your family
is the only one suffering?
All right.
Don't do it for me.
Do it for my son Toms.
You owe it to him!
I'II go with you. Rosa.
No, father.
They need you more here.
What the fuck...!
What are you doing?
You have to help me.
Rubio's guys are looking for me.
They're going to kill me.
Go home.
I knifed one of their cousins.
If you don't get me out of here,
I'm dead!
You're dead already.
-We all are.
What are you doing?
What do you think?
Don't mix them up,
unless you want to kill Soro
with salt cartridges.
Where are you going?
Are you getting in?
The lack of fuel has made
road transport impossible.
Dozens of abandoned vehicles
Iine the roadsides.
The civilian population has ignored
warnings not to travel.
In an attempt to find shelter...
They've drained it.
I don't care what the TV says.
It's all lies so they can steal.
If you want anything. pay for it.
...a statement from
the Chilean government,
at least six fragments
have crashed in the last 10 hours
but to date the number of dead
is unknown.
Sicily and Palermo,
as on other islands
in southern Europe...
You've improved a lot.
-Where are you going?
-To kick the ball.
You're not to go far.
Help uncle Ale with the bags.
We'll stay until your parents come.
See if the TV is working.
Emilio! Come down!
-But. Grandma...
-Come down right now!
Leave me alone.
Don't look at me.
I'm not going up there.
I'll count to three.
All right.
There's a picture!
did you take my brush?
Who are you meeting?
A friend, he's picking me up
to go into town.
-Do I know him?
-He's called Josema.
I don't know him.
Yes. you do, his dad is Urbano,
from the drugstore.
I'll wait on the porch.
All right.
It's a patrol car!
Don't stop.
They must have broken down.
Drive on!
Drive on!
Have you finished?
Have you finished?
Can we get up?
Wait till we all finish.
You can take the plate.
By the way,
I saw ice cream in the fridge.
It's for my birthday.
When's that?
It's in...
eight days.
Well, go and get it, love.
It's a shame to waste it.
Come on.
we left you some supper.
He'll be sorry.
We'll roast.
No, it cools down at night.
Grandma, will you play at riddles?
It's very late.
Come on, just one.
What's brown and has four legs?
A table.
That's not fair!
Where do I sleep?
In Emilio's room.
Good night, grandma.
Forget it.
I'll find something.
You can come to my room.
It was dad's.
Grandma says you play the guitar.
Not anymore.
Because I don't play.
Because I hate music.
Look at the drawing Emilio did.
It's a very nice castle.
It's not a castle,
it's a tower.
Emilio says you're afraid
to go up high.
you're afraid you'll fall.
I'm taking the lamp, OK?
What are you reading?
You're reading.
"How Mr. Bear found his cake".
-Read it to me, please, please...
-lf I do, will you go to sleep?
Once there was a bear
who loved eating cake...
You're making it up.
Will you be much longer?
Will you be much longer?
No. I'm finishing now.
What's up?
Grandma isn't here.
Where's grandma?
She's gone.
-Where to?
-To Heaven.
Why did she have the shotgun?
Maybe she saw something.
Or someone.
Maybe she saw a wolf
and went to kill it.
Shut up!
I can't speak to anyone.
We have to go to town.
We're not going anywhere.
Is the wheelbarrow
still in the shed?
You can't put her in that.
Not her.
She's not "her".
She's your grandmother,
and my mother.
What're we doing here?
Your grandma wanted
to be buried here.
In the middle of a field,
like a dog?
Didn't you want
to be an architect?
Well, dig.
Raquel and I made this cross.
No crosses.
I picked this for grandma.
We could say a prayer.
No prayers, OK?
Go back home.
Uncle Ale.
why is there smoke in town?
Nico, go home.
What's he making?
Goal posts.
See them?
See the stakes?
No one is to go over the line.
But, why?
How can I ride my bike?
Do something else.
If you go over the line
you'll stay in your room all summer.
You hear?
...of luminescent trails
repeated in the last hours
in the sky over various parts
of Europe and Asia.
Their color and intensity is
similar to the aurora borealis,
an atmospheric phenomenon
common at the poles.
Its unusual origin
is due to the alteration
in the Earth 's magnetic fields
and is the direct result
of the solar storm that...
Are you going to change rooms?
I already have, Nico.
Won't you read me any more stories?
-Aren't you too old for stories?
-No, I'm only five.
Three, I've won.
Hello. uncle, this is Lucio.
He's a friend of dad's.
Who says so?
We haven't seen each other in years.
Since the fiestas in Laguna.
Get out of there. all of you.
-My brother didn't go to fiestas.
-He did with me.
When is he back?
What happened your forehead?
I'd an accident.
The car seems OK.
It wasn't with the car.
Lucio. right?
Got any lD?
Do you want to see
his birth certificate?
Shut up, Emilio.
I haven't got a wallet.
You have to leave.
Toms isn't here.
I'll wait for him.
I've got nothing better to do
this weekend.
Well, weekend.
month's end, year's end...
I told you to leave.
-He's done nothing.
I've got no gas.
I wouldn't reach the main road.
I'll wait here for the blackout.
What does he mean?
Don't they know?
Go inside.
I said, go inside!
I've got no more chairs.
I'm thirsty.
What are you doing
in the kitchen?
I'm coming!
Why can't we go out?
Why can't we go out?
-Does he never put it down?
You can't go past the sticks.
It's the cement factory.
If you keep moving. you don't stop.
If you stop, it traps you.
Come and eat!
Ignore him.
He's always been like that.
Grandma said he nearly killed
himself climbing out a window.
He hates heights.
He's weird.
-He's scared he'll fall.
-How old are you, Raquel?
All grown up.
-Got a boyfriend?
-You don't?
Good evening.
Can you move the car?
It's in the way.
Of course, neighbor.
set the table.
What the fuck...?
Where's Raquel?
Where's Raquel?
I'll be down now.
Hurry up.
Now what's wrong?
You're not to go near Lucio, OK?
You hear?
Sleep with the windows closed
and the bolts across.
We haven't got bolts.
Then put something against the door.
I don't care what.
I don't care.
I don't care.
That man isn't your father's friend.
So who is he?
I don't know.
I don't know.
-Why are you wearing that?
-I wanted you to see it.
Like it?
Go and take it off right now.
I'll get the salad.
Go and change now!
Everyone go to bed.
And our supper?
Fuck your supper!
We're going to tell dad.
Look. your parents aren't
coming back.
What do you know?
What do you know?
Where are you going?
Good evening.
Sorry to bother you.
I've run out of soap.
Go up to your rooms.
Come on. they're Just kids.
Who are you?
Who the fuck are you?
What were you looking for
in the car?
You're the bastard
who killed those children.
You're Soro.
I don't go round killing kids.
I'm not the one who shouts all day.
Get out.
Get out of my house!
Why are you fooling them?
Get out!
Get out of here!
Go away!
Get in the car and go away.
I don't care if you get stuck
on the road.
If I see you near here
I swear i'll kill you.
You don't remember.
You were a child.
Uncle Ale, they say you're mad.
Where's Lucio?
He left.
Who's coming to town?
Don't you like
the slot machines anymore?
If you want to come,
finish your milk.
We're going to the games arcade.
Everyone in the truck, hurry!
-I'm not going.
-Neither am i.
It'll be a relief not to see you.
As you wish.
For the last time,
who's coming?
Why are we stopping?
Remember when you played
with grandma?
We'll play that game.
Are we in town?
There's no noise.
People are bit subdued today.
We'll start, OK?
I can see...
What can you see?
It's got four legs and everyone
wants one when they're tired.
A table.
A bed.
A dog.
A dog?
When have you sat on a dog, Clara?
Can I take this off now?
It's hurting me.
Not yet.
Take it off now.
I'm going to grandma's house.
You've got coins there.
Play all you like. but don't
leave here until I come back.
Carnage in the forest
Mutilated and hanged
Seventh victim
Caught with his last victim
Soro captured in cement factory
Laguna youth helps capture him
Uncle Ale?
-Shut up.
Don't move.
With all that's happening,
you won't care, but...
I want you to know that I always...
Don't move!
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Calm down.
I'll get you out of here.
Don't worry,
don't worry.
It rings every hour.
Don't be scared.
There are no trains today!
-Where's Lucio?
-Behind you!
I should've hanged you
from a higher tree.
What did they tell you?
That you fell from a window?
You were the last.
If it hadn't been
for your brother...
can't he save you today?
I wasn't looking for you.
Raquel! It's salt!
It's salt!
That's all, it's only salt!
It was a salt cartridge.
It's salt.
Listen to me.
Raquel. Iisten to me, please.
You have to go home.
You hear?
If you stop
it traps you.
Emilio, are you there?
Son of a bitch!
I'm going to kill you!
I'm going to kill you, bastard!
Son of a bitch!
I'm going to kill you!
Did you wet yourself?
Son of a bitch.
-Uncle Ale, I'm thirsty.
-We're going home.
Where's Clara?
She's on her way.
Sgt. Atienza is bringing her.
Go into the house.
I'll wait out here for her, OK?
I'm thirsty!
Let's go home. Nico.
-A star fell.
-That wasn't a star, kiddo.