Napoleon (2023) Movie Script

Get back, you lot!
Get to the guillotine!
The scourge of France!
Terror is nothing more than justice.
Prompt, severe, inflexible.
It is therefore an emanation of virtue.
Now, she was guilty
of three charges against you.
Depletion of the national treasury...
conspiracy against the internal
and external security of State...
and high treason for acting
in the interests of the enemy.
Mercy for the villains?
Mercy for the innocent.
Mercy for the unfortunate.
Mercy for humanity.
An inescapable outcome
of democracy's connection
in relation to the nation's
immediate demands at this moment...
The British navy have taken
the port of Toulon.
Half the French fleet is trapped there.
If we lose those ships,
the Republic will fall.
Lucky for us, there are only
2000 English troops in Toulon.
But we are short of artillery and led by
a general who was a court painter.
It is not necessary
to recapture Toulon itself.
The town is not a town.
The town is a port.
If the harbor's untenable
to the English fleet,
the town must surrender.
My brother, Captain Bonaparte,
as artillery officer,
has organized heated shots
against English ships.
He has proven
his commitment to the Republic.
And how do you propose to take the harbor?
Capture the fort that dominates the harbor
and you have the city.
We must make an example,
or other cities will fall.
And I, for one,
will never let the royalists
or the English take my region.
Morning, sir.
General Carteaux?
He's over there.
Lucien, my dear brother,
I am in Toulon already.
The troops are in a poor state,
and your conscripts untrained
and undisciplined.
Without equipment and resources,
I see only failure.
We are collecting scrap iron to recast
small mortars more suitable for my plan.
If we do not succeed,
those in power will only see us
as Corsican ruffians
unfit for higher office,
and our mother's ambitions
will be quashed.
That's it, madame. Fine eye you have.
-There you go.
-Reckon I'll still be here next week.
The British control the big guns
that point out at their fleet offshore.
Take those guns, and we can fire
onto them and end this blockade.
Surprise is my advantage,
but I will win by fire.
I cannot wait for your arrival.
Your brother, Napoleon.
Oi, shit rag! Yes, you!
Move along now. Go on. Move!
Move them fucking goats!
Last chance! Fucking move them goats!
Fucking move them now!
He sat himself down by the fire, my boys
To join in our jovial crew
-Get in position.
By the chimney corner was his own place
Where he could sit and dye his old face
When Jones's ale was new, my boys
Quick, quick!
When Jones's ale was new
Pints of beer and bottles of sherry
To help them over the hill so merry
When Jones's ale was new
We're under attack!
Grab your weapons!
Get those ladders up quick, men!
Fire! Hit your target!
Get the mortars up there!
Ready, boy. Ready, boy. Ready, boy.
Oh, God!
-You all right?
-I'm fine.
Set the mortars!
Protect the cannons!
Into position!
-Vive la France!
-Vive la France!
Ready the cannons!
Sir! Yes, sir.
Elevation 1-6-0.
Junot, heated shots!
Junot, fire!
Shoulder arms!
Captain Napoleon Bonaparte,
I award you the rank of brigadier general.
Long live the Republic!
Long live the Republic!
Long live the Republic!
Long live the Republic!
I promised you brilliant successes,
and I've kept my word.
Order arms!
For Mother.
The current leadership of France
has passed from enthusiasm
to reckless ambition.
And the public perception
of the guillotine is lawless passion,
led by Robespierre.
He is unfit to rule.
It has become increasingly clear,
Citizen Robespierre,
that your motivations are to use
this blade to your ultimate power!
Let me speak!
There is no man in this room
who has objected to my methods.
If you say I am guilty,
you are all guilty!
You are not a defender of freedom.
You have deemed yourself judge,
jury and executioner, have you not?
You're worse than Caesar!
Worse than Caesar!
You are, all of you, the traitors!
Arrest him!
Arrest him!
-Get him!
-Get back.
No, no, no.
You missed.
The guillotine, my friend.
A seven, madame.
Deal again.
Deal again.
Your bets.
Seven again.
No. No win.
I'll be out first. That's mine.
Why are you staring at me?
Am I?
-No, I was not.
Oh, you weren't?
I was.
I was staring at your face.
What is this costume you have on?
This is my uniform.
I led the French victory at Toulon.
Do not tell me your name.
There is a very young man
who wishes to see you.
His name is Eugne Beauharnais.
General Bonaparte.
My name is Eugne Beauharnais,
son of Josphine Beauharnais.
What do you want?
My father's saber.
It was taken from him
before he was arrested and executed.
It would mean a great deal to me
and to my mother
if it were returned to us.
It's all we have of him.
The sword is a weapon.
I cannot allow citizens
to have weapons in their possession.
The sword is a keepsake for me
to remember my dear late father.
Perhaps, but it is a weapon nevertheless.
Young man, why are you here?
My mother said that you were the only man
of authority to retrieve the sword.
All of these are from officers
who were sentenced to die.
Did no one think
to attach names to any of them?
No, there are no names.
General Bonaparte?
Thank you.
Is there reason to introduce myself?
No, general.
My compliments
to the chef of this fine family.
Would you like to sit closer?
Do I look like I'm in love?
Do you find him without appeal?
Then perhaps that is enough.
Do not underestimate your grace.
When you look at me,
do you see an aristocrat?
My husband had more than one lover.
And when his head was cut off,
all his mistresses watched.
When I was in prison,
I was told the only way
to survive was to get pregnant.
So, general...
do I need warn you of my indiscretions?
No, madame.
Does where I have been concern you?
No, madame.
If you look down, you'll see a surprise.
And once you see it,
you will always want it.
People of France, don't be fooled.
There are more of us!
We can occupy this Convention!
Long live the king!
Long live the king!
Long live the king!
Long live the king!
Long live the king!
Long live the king!
Long live the king!
No doubt you've seen
the chaos in the streets.
There is a belief amongst the Committee
that there is an attack
on the Council coming by this mob.
I have less than 4000 troops
and very little in the way of weapons.
There are 40 cannons in Sablons.
I could have them here in three hours.
This mob is 20,000 strong.
As my second-in-command...
what would you intend to do
if this assignment of defense
was transferred to you?
I accept, on the condition
that I command this as I see fit.
Without interruption.
I will not lead as second-in-command.
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
According to the law
of 20th September, 1792,
Marie-Josphe-Rose Tascher,
born 23rd June, 1767, in Martinique,
accepts as her husband Napoleon Bonaparte,
born February, 1768, in Ajaccio, Corsica.
Do you consent?
-I do.
Do you consent?
Yes. I do.
I declare you united in marriage.
To the savior of the Republic!
And to Madame Bonaparte.
To Madame Bonaparte.
This guy right next to me?
He wrenched my saber...
Let that good work make us a son.
Dear Josphine,
I follow in the footsteps
of Alexander the Great and Caesar,
as I have been sent to liberate Egypt.
I have 40,000 men,
and the sights are wondrous,
and the weather is stifling hot.
I have already conquered Italy,
who surrendered without conflict.
The Directory has approved
my plan for attacking England
through their eastern empire.
But my achievements seem slight,
as they keep us apart.
Dear wife.
This love I have for you
is a kind of death.
There is no survival for me except in you.
Hello again.
What are you doing?
No letters from you.
Good morning, Lucille.
If you loved me,
you'd write me twice a day.
Tell me there are no snakes in your bed,
in your legs, inside what is mine.
You must write me and tell me
that you realize that I love you
beyond the limits of imagination,
that only you can please me.
Are there limits to what I can tell you?
There shouldn't be.
Should I tell you something
at the risk of giving you personal pain?
Your wife has taken a lover
named Hippolyte Charles.
-You expect me to believe this?
That my wife would do this to me?
No dessert for you. You may leave.
I would never lie to you.
How do you know this?
Lucille is my lover.
She writes to me.
Josphine's lady-in-waiting is your lover?
Prepare two frigates
and two smaller vessels,
in the greatest secrecy.
I'm returning home.
this will be seen as desertion.
General Klber will be informed
of his succession to command
after I've left.
Napoleon the victorious!
Where's my wife?
She has left to greet you in Lyon.
Do not lie to me. Where is my wife?
She left earlier today, general.
-Yes, sir.
The entire world knows of my arrival
but not my wife?
What kind of creature are you?
How could you care so little
for me and my feelings?
-You are a selfish, little pig.
You think so lowly of me?
No. I don't.
Then why?
Because you're what?
Say it.
I'm sorry.
That's not enough.
What do you want me to say?
I want you to say that I am
the most important thing in the world!
-You are.
-Say it!
You're the most important thing
in my life, in the world.
-And without me, you are nothing.
-I'm nothing.
-And you will do anything!
I'll do anything.
I'm not built like other men.
And I'm not subject to petty insecurity.
You're a beast.
I feel sorry for you.
You want to be great?
You are nothing without me.
Say it.
Say it.
You are just a brute
that is nothing without me.
I am just a brute
that is nothing without you.
You are nothing...
without me or your mother.
My mother...
Did you have affairs?
Of course I did.
And did you love them?
No. No, I did not.
Were they pretty?
Yes, some of them.
They served their purpose.
More than I do?
They cried less.
That made them more attractive.
Don't leave me. Please don't leave me.
Just don't leave me.
You don't have to forgive me.
Just promise me you won't leave again.
What is it that made you desert
your troops in Egypt?
what country are we in?
Because she doesn't resemble
the France that I left.
Who should be responsible
for her governance while I'm away?
Because it is not you, Citizen Gohier.
And it is not you.
It certainly is not you.
Although you're very good at scowling.
It's not you, Barras.
Or you, Talleyrand.
Or you, Sieys.
So who?
Who should be responsible?
Fouch, do you have any ideas?
I have returned to France
to find her bankrupt.
Printing money
that is spent within hours...
the Austro-Russian overrun of Italy...
the Anglo-Russian occupation of Holland,
and what appears to be
the imminent invasion of France herself.
And yet, you accuse me of desertion.
Added to which the discovery
that my wife is a slut.
The only thing that every French citizen
can agree on is that you are our Caesar.
What do you want?
the people will accept my rule
if I have your support.
Like you, though,
I believe that the Directory is corrupt.
But together, we can save this country
from a restoration of the monarchy...
and we can preserve
the ideals of the Revolution.
And I think
that a seizure of power is possible...
with your help, at the right time.
And I think this is the right time.
So you expect me to be your sword?
I expect that a coup d'tat...
well-timed, well-executed...
could transfer power
into the hands of three consuls.
Myself, Ducos...
and you.
I'm inviting you to the winning side.
It's a simple letter of resignation
we would like you to--
I am not signing anything.
You can piss before I sign anything away!
Who's doing this?
Good morning, Paul.
I'm going to make this
very simple for you.
I have documents announcing
your resignation from the Council.
You must retire
before you have your breakfast, please.
Tell them I return with joy
to the ranks of simple citizen.
I shall.
There are some gentlemen here to see you.
Citizen Moulin.
We have a letter
of resignation for you to sign.
-No, no, no. I am eating my breakfast.
I am enjoying a succulent breakfast.
This is outrageous!
I shall finish my breakfast
before you touch me!
Enjoy your breakfast.
I believe the time has come
to demand an explanation.
Hear, hear!
This emergency session is to draw
a list of nominations
for a new Directory
to deal with the threat--
The threat of the royalists.
We are being asked to pass a resolution
forming a provisional government
to three consuls:
General Bonaparte
and Citizens Sieys and Roger Ducos.
Where are the five members
of the Directory?
Have they magically disappeared?
And we are here, surrounded by troops,
isolated far from Paris.
Order. Order!
This is becoming increasingly clear:
That your brother, Napoleon Bonaparte,
with his show of military might,
is acting as an outlaw.
-A vote will solve this matter.
-And that this is a ridiculous
and poorly executed takeover.
A power-hungry upstart.
Enough! Enough!
If there is any question
of what has happened here, I will answer!
How dare you?
This is...
You have violated the constitution!
-You have--
-Hold him!
-Hold him!
-Get him!
Arrest him!
Stop him!
Oh, fuck!
-Get him!
-Grab him!
Kill him!
Let me through!
We are being terrorized
by deputies armed with daggers.
And these madmen have outlawed themselves
by their attempt
on the liberty of this country!
-They're trying to kill me!
-They're trying to kill him.
Open these doors!
Let us out of here!
I will kill my brother if he betrays
the freedom of the French people.
Get in there now!
Move. Move. Get back. Back.
Move it! Move it!
-Back. Back. Move back.
-Move back. Out of the way.
Move now!
Good luck, brother.
Stand aside.
Shall we vote?
Where are we going?
All our harsh words are behind us.
I need you to be my most tender friend.
Over this door is our destiny.
Present arms!
First Consul.
-Citizen Bonaparte.
-Citizen Bonaparte.
-First Consul.
-Citizen Bonaparte.
First Consul.
Come, little one.
You get into the bed of your master's.
Hello, madame!
Hello, good evening.
Mother, the Duke of Avignon.
It's good to meet you.
Could this be Josphine?
-Mother, Josphine. Josphine, Mother.
-Good to see you.
It's Charles. This way.
"Your Majesty, England and France
are wasting their prosperity."
Let me try again.
Your Royal Majesty, England and France
are wasting their prosperity...
-Your Majesty.
-What did I say?
"Your Royal Majesty."
Your Royal Ma--
"Your Majesty, England and France
are wasting their prosperity.
I am not ashamed to take the initiative.
I have, I think,
sufficiently proven to the whole world
that I do not fear the chances of war.
But peace is my heartfelt wish
for England and France."
Read it back to me.
I have notified all foreign powers
of your accession to the Consul,
I have addressed letters
to all diplomatic agents abroad,
and you have made friendly overtures
of peace to England.
What I need from you
is a better understanding
of the Russian Tsar Alexander.
Would you consider the tsar
an ally to England or France?
Well, I would think that his trade
with England is more beneficial to him
than his trade with France.
And do you have a sense of...
British influence in the Russian courts?
I do not,
but I imagine it is quite robust.
What kind of man is he? Describe him.
Well, he's young.
He's vain.
He's popular, and he wishes to remain so.
He's popular?
His greatest fear is to be killed
in his bed, like his father.
This makes him dangerously fickle
to whoever last has his attention.
So he needs an ally
that he can also call a friend.
No more bets.
What a surprise.
How nice to see you out.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Good evening.
I'm just trying to lose some money.
After this hand,
why don't you come and join me?
I'm at my usual table.
That's a lovely idea.
Good evening.
Did you hear?
Your Majesty received a letter of peace
from the First Consul today.
Monsieur Talleyrand, if I may be honest?
-Of course.
-Austria's coalition with England
is in such a strong position
against France,
that these peace overtures
are clearly only for your handling
of French public opinion.
Oh, my friend.
You know me so well.
Yes, it is true,
it is public opinion Napoleon is after,
but my warning to you
is that he's as hungry for it
as any man in the history of the world.
So my suggestion, with respect,
would be to take
this little offering of peace from him.
Or suffer the consequences
from a man bent on peace at any cost.
The English ambassador, Lord Whitworth,
has arrived, Consul.
Do not look at me as if you don't know
what I'm about to say.
Are you aware of my letter of peace
to your king?
I am not.
Shall I repeat it?
No, you may not.
Take this as a warning to your king.
I will keep you guessing and scared.
You will watch your borders and your back,
and your manners are bound,
sooner or later, to be French.
I will offer no more letters of peace,
and I will take the lack of a swift reply
as an act of disrespect!
You think you're so great
because you have boats!
'Tis a shame such a great man
should have no manners.
Are you pleased?
Are you about to tell me something
that will make me angry?
Let's hope not.
The European families think
nothing more of you than a Corsican thug.
I'm going to suggest something
that's been a long time arriving.
I suggest that you abandon your role
as First Consul of France...
in exchange
for the title "Victorious Consul."
By another name, "king."
Yes. King.
My hair has been set.
The way you like it.
Oh, you filthy man.
My hair has been set now.
I have the most beautiful wife.
I-- All right, come on, then.
Hat off.
Give me your hand. Give me your hand.
-You feel that?
Can you feel that? That's yours.
That's yours. It's yours.
Thank you.
Why aren't you pregnant?
Is that a question,
or is that an accusation?
It was a question.
Now it's an accusation.
Well, I've seen Dr. Corvisart
and he has no answer.
Only that I do
what Madame de Rmusat has done.
Which is?
Which is...
along with hopeful thinking
and a bit of red wine,
he suggested
I take the waters at Aix-la-Chapelle.
And why haven't you?
As wife of the First Consul,
I haven't found the time.
I spend many hours cleaning up after you.
Find the time.
I don't need to explain to you
the importance of this, do I?
What, you want an heir?
I want one now.
Oh, my God.
May God affirm you on His throne...
and Christ give you to rule with Him
in His eternal kingdom.
I found the crown of France in the gutter.
I picked it up with the tip of my sword
and cleaned it...
and place it atop my own head.
The most glorious,
the most august Napoleon,
emperor of the French,
is crowned and enthroned!
Long live the emperor!
Long live the emperor!
Long live the emperor!
I do not support this idea.
You suggest divorce after years of debate.
You can see that it has me divided.
I am not ambitious.
I've never declared war with anyone.
You are the greatest leader
in the history of the world
and the world's only chance at peace.
The security of the empire
and peace in the world
depends upon an heir.
It was an option.
And I said it at the time.
Are you enjoying yourself?
I'm going to war to defend our people,
and my wife cannot provide me an heir.
If you do not bear me a child tonight...
there will be a divorce.
Hasn't been enough lovemaking
in this home to bear a child.
Yes, there has.
There have been years of it. Years.
And with more than just me.
And still...
you are empty.
And you're fat.
I enjoy my meals. I do.
Destiny has brought me here.
Destiny has brought me this lamb chop.
Come, then.
I love your talents and your taste.
And while I'm away,
I will miss your grace.
And your dignity.
And I will come back to you.
To today's victory.
Look, I'm always here for you, Francis.
But I must admit, I'm overwhelmed
with the excitement of the battlefield.
I should not deceive you, Alexander.
This battle against him
will be brutal and terrifying.
Come on!
Get in defensive position!
My good wife, Josphine,
my God, it's cold here.
I miss your warmth.
On this day, we celebrate
the first anniversary of our coronation.
My previous ally has now joined
with my enemy.
The Russian Tsar Alexander joined forces
with the prince of Austria.
I have heard
that he's been studying the art of war
and trying to emulate my battle tactics.
More fires.
He tries to copy me,
but he is a little boy
who will make a terrible mistake.
I am certain I will bring
the laurels of another glorious victory
to my army today.
Yours, Napoleon.
Hey, tie it from the back.
Peg that corner to the ground.
That's it.
Your Majesty.
We are discovered.
Tell the men to rest.
Infantry sighted.
Stand to!
-Stand to!
-Stand to!
-Stand to!
-Stand to.
-Wake up, men. Get ready!
-Stand to!
Come on, get up!
Wait, wait.
Wait! Let them think
they have the higher ground.
Fire away!
Fire at will!
Send in the infantry.
Take their position on the higher ground.
At the double.
Take the ground!
Cavalry from the west.
Pierce their flanks.
Retreat! Withdraw!
It's a trap!
-Uncover the cannons.
Keep to the one side.
Off the ice!
Renounce, sir. We're pinned in.
Off the ice! Withdraw!
Cut off their retreat.
Francis. So nice to finally meet you.
Please come in where it's warm.
-Thank you.
-You must forgive me.
This has been my only palace
for the last two months.
Seems very agreeable.
You make excellent use of it.
Well, we do what we can
on the battlefield.
Yes, we do, don't we?
It's nice to finally meet another emperor.
Where, may I ask, is Alexander?
Are we waiting for his arrival
before we get started?
I do not believe he will be joining us.
He's beside himself with rage.
I realize I must compliment you
for making me commit an enormous error.
-An error?
What error have you made?
To be speaking with you here
and accepting this invitation for peace,
I have not followed up my victory.
I could have taken the whole Russian
and Austrian army prisoners.
But after all, there will be less tears.
And I know you will remember
this gesture of kindness. Yes?
Thank you.
To friendship, a glorious peace...
and the best interests of Europe.
Hold on. Hey, whoa!
Whoa, we don't say woof. Okay.
That's my boy. Attaboy.
Come here, come here. Sit.
It is time
to put this mystery to rest, emperor.
I want to know if it's you or Josphine.
And to that end, we will conduct
a very practical experiment.
At the end of the hallway-- Take this.
Waiting for you, undressed,
ready to receive,
is 18-year-old
Elonore Denuelle de La Plaigne.
She's brunette with brown eyes.
And the object of this, well,
hardly unpleasant task...
is to see if you can father a child.
And then we will have an answer
to this nagging question
of who is keeping who
from an heir to the throne of France.
-Shall we go?
-May I have another, please?
The girl is pregnant.
You made her pregnant.
I know I didn't hear her.
When are you going to insist we divorce?
Isn't that wonderful?
From the only woman that I've ever loved
and given all that I've conquered.
I'm just too tired...
to wait for you to tell me
what I know is coming.
If you insist.
I'll make it easier for you.
I know you will have a bastard child.
If I succeed in making the birth of a boy
that I shall call my own son,
I want you as a witness
to pretend the confinement of the empress.
Your Highness, you are asking me
to lie about the status
of the mother of your heir.
That is another way of putting it, yes.
it is my honor and my duty, of course,
to do as you require of me.
But if asked, I cannot contain
that which I know to be the truth.
And painful though it is,
the truth is that the empress
is no longer capable
of bearing you a child.
My good Josphine.
You know how I've loved you.
It is you, to you alone...
that I owe the few moments of happiness
I have known in this world.
My destiny is more powerful than my will.
And my affections must yield
to the interests of my people.
The imperial decree
for the dissolution of the marriage...
between the Emperor Napoleon
and the Empress Josphine.
"My people desire that this throne,
where providence has placed me,
would be given to my children.
However, I have lost hope
of having children from my marriage
to my beloved wife, Empress Josphine.
I have then been led to listen
only to the good of the State
and to want the dissolution
of years of my life."
You have embellished my life for 15 years.
The memories of which will remain
forever etched in my heart.
"Our marriage has become an obstacle
for the prosperity of France.
She has been deprived...
of one day being governed
by the descendants
of the man brought to us by providence
to mend the evils of a terrible revolution
and restore faith, the throne,
and the social order."
-Emperor. Wait.
-Go. No, listen. All right?
This is for your country.
That's what this is, all right?
Now say it.
Say it.
"Our marriage has become an obstacle
for the prosperity of France.
Agreeing to the dissolution
of our marriage,
as I must, does not change my feelings.
The emperor will have in me
always his truest friend."
you have just pronounced the word
which separates us forever.
Your mistaken ambition has ever been...
and will continue to be,
the guide of all your actions.
you can never doubt the sincerity
of my wishes for your happiness.
May it at least afford me
some consolation for my sufferings.
Thank you.
-Good morning, madame.
-Thank you. What's your name?
-Fleur. Pleasure.
I miss you.
Marital life is very agreeable now.
You've shown such great courage so far.
You must maintain it.
Do not permit yourself
to fall into melancholy.
You look best when you're happy.
Please take care of your health.
It is precious to me.
Will you write me tomorrow?
And the next day?
And the day after that?
And the day after that?
Once, an English ambassador
challenged my reasons for war.
He said, "You French,
you fight only for money,
while we English, we fight for honor."
I replied,
"Everyone fights for what they lack."
This is not your story.
This never happened to you, did it?
Of course it did.
-Of course it did.
We had the same saying
with my people and the Turks.
Do you?
The English lack honor.
We can agree on that.
Listen, there is...
There's nothing
I think we can agree more with...
than our hatred for Britain.
I just have to say that...
it actually...
It would be my absolute pleasure and honor
if I could call you my brother.
There is a way for you to call me brother.
Last night, at dinner, I was...
charmed by your sister.
Is she spoken for?
Sadly, yes. She's to be married
to the Duke of Oldenburg, I'm afraid.
And what of her younger sister? Anna?
Is there a formal offer for Anna?
Well, you see, Anna, she's 15 years old.
That is a detail.
Our friendship is built
on our mutual distrust of England.
When we hold to the Continental blockade,
we choke them from the trade,
and we fight for our most sacred rights.
That is what is important between us.
I've just had a thought.
-No, say it.
-Should I tell you?
Imagine an army. Fifty thousand men.
Russians, Frenchmen,
perhaps even Austrians,
by way of Constantinople into Asia
would have only to reach the Euphrates
to make England tremble
and bring her down on her knees
before the Continent.
It is incredible.
-To you.
-To us.
His Majesty the Emperor Napoleon
wishes to make a formal offer to Austria
and to His Majesty King Francis...
for the hand
of the Archduchess Marie Louise.
His eldest daughter.
This union would bring together
Austria and France
in an unbreakable matrimonial bond.
Is this a joke?
I may find it humorous...
but His Majesty does not.
Did you have a pleasant journey?
It was wonderful. Thank you.
You're quite petite.
I'm not accustomed to that.
How do I look to you?
Do I resemble my portrait?
Oh, yes.
And even more handsome and strong.
And you are even more handsome.
More beautiful.
I hope you're pleased with your choice.
I hope so too.
Would you like to see the bedroom?
Yes, thank you.
Your Majesty? Your son.
My little king.
Oh, sweet child.
One day...
you will understand
what I have sacrificed for you.
My dear Josphine, I'm sad today.
Tsar Alexander has turned against me
and forced me to invade Russia.
He's decided
to open his ports to England,
while taxing the French.
I must wipe away my melancholy
and begin the march to Moscow.
I've convinced the heads of Europe
of this resolution,
and so I command the combined forces
of France, Austria, Italy,
Germany, and Poland.
I see nothing but success in my future.
Keep your lines. Steady.
To the front.
Keep your step.
-Take cover!
-Get down!
Get down! Get down!
After them! After them!
-Get back! Drop back. Retreat.
-Fall back!
My dear Josphine...
I'm writing to you because I have won
a great battle today.
Tomorrow we will resume our advance.
Moscow is now only 200 miles away.
And I think of you all the while.
All yours.
Nearly there.
Thank you, sir.
-Thank you, emperor.
-You are the brave of Austerlitz.
Where are you?!
Three hundred thousand souls
lived in this city.
And they've all just left?
Little boy.
Where are you?
Don't be frightened.
I'm just gonna give you a little spanking.
It's not very sporting, is it?
For his honor and Russia's, not mine.
There's dignity to be had in defeat.
Who did this?
They did.
No, they did not. Be sensible.
Who set these fires?
Your Majesty...
they did.
He'd rather burn his own city
than negotiate with me.
I didn't think he had the courage.
Well, we'll go to St. Petersburg
and have him burn that too.
We have let too much time slip away.
We would be marching
into the Russian winter...
with horses that are not raised
for this weather.
If we go back to Poland,
we can wait out the winter months.
Napoleon, your letters are
a soothing balm to my heart.
I fear for you.
Remember that I alone
know your health, your fears.
I thank you as tenderly
as I will always love you.
My friend, Josphine.
It is strange to write that word to you.
You have always been so much more.
Despite careful organization,
there have been breakdowns in supply.
We're suffering sickness,
desertion and famine.
We are winning.
-That us or Cossacks?
Fortune has abandoned me.
I know that it is what fate has for me.
Your words rattle in my head.
I am nothing without you.
Of the 600,000 men you sent to Russia,
only 40,000 have returned.
Therefore, you have been exiled...
in no uncertain terms.
The allied coalition of Austria,
Prussia, Russia, and England...
and with the agreement
of the French Council...
grant you sovereignty
of the island of Elba.
A revenue of 2 million francs
from the French funds...
pensions for the Bonaparte family
and the Empress Marie Louise.
It also provides for Empress Josphine
to retain all of her properties...
and an allotted annual income
of 1 million francs.
I love France too much.
All I've desired was its glory.
I would never bring her misfortune.
They want me to abdicate.
Fine, I'll abdicate.
Your Highness.
Josphine, Josphine.
I am charmed.
you do not have to lock yourself away
just because he's not here.
I know what it is like
to be underestimated.
But your eyes,
your charm...
and your spirit...
it is in there.
It is yours, and you can use it.
Dear Josphine.
You are mine. You will always be.
I cannot stand it any longer.
It has been 300 days on this rock,
and I'm ready to come home
and reclaim what's mine:
You and France.
I'm taking your ship.
If you do not provoke me,
you do not have to fear me.
I'm a flower that opens its petals
and smiles to the sunshine...
unconscious that the storm is near
which will lay me low
and scatter leaves to the heavens.
Come quickly, my friend.
If you would open your mouth, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, your chest is congested.
Your throat is aflame.
My suggestion is to stay in bed.
But Napoleon is coming.
It would be unwise
to receive any visitors.
But Napoleon is coming.
I understand.
Just keep her comfortable.
Your Majesty.
You may speak.
Bonaparte, Your Majesty. He has returned.
A ship landed on the beach
in Antibes this morning.
They're on the march.
Napoleon Bonaparte
is marching towards Paris.
-Your Majesty.
Afternoon, colonel.
Your Majesty.
General Marchand,
in defense of the royal government
of King Louis XVIII,
requests that you surrender your weapons
and cease your march,
so that you may be arrested
and returned to your island.
Will you please inform the general that
I shall like to come and speak with him?
I have no fight with my own Fifth Army.
He wishes to speak.
Make ready!
Soldiers of the Fifth Regiment,
do you recognize me?
Do you recognize me, soldiers?
Yes, Emperor!
I miss you.
I'm melancholy for my home...
and for our victories together.
I want to come home.
Will you join me?
Long live the emperor!
-Long live the emperor!
-Long live the emperor!
-Long live the emperor!
-Long live the emperor!
Long live the emperor!
Long live the emperor!
Long live the emperor!
Long live the emperor!
On May 26th, Dr. Corvisart was called...
and found her chest congested
and her throat inflamed.
Her illness was diphtheria.
On May 29th...
last sacrament was given and she died.
And no one thought to notify me?
Do you blame--?
Do you blame me?
I don't blame you.
Of course not.
I'm not to bear
the burden of responsibility...
for the misfortunes of your mother.
I want the letters that I wrote to her.
I'm sorry, I don't have them.
They were stolen by her valet.
Where did she keep them?
In the cupboard in her bedroom,
next to her bed.
What did he do with them?
Her valet sold them.
I'm sorry.
I forgive you.
Napoleon Bonaparte has destroyed
the only title upon which
his very existence depended.
This congregation of allies shall form
along the borders of France
and Belgium an army.
Seventy thousand troops from England...
120,000 troops from Prussia.
This vermin has routed
the farmyards of Europe...
while the farmers snored.
We should have struck this blow long ago.
He has held the world hostage
with his egotism,
his insatiable hunger for power,
and his lack of simple good manners.
We will all sleep again without him.
I believe I speak for all of us when I say
that the only regret we all share
is that we allowed this vermin
to live at all.
Two hundred and fifty thousand men
with the traitor.
Twenty-five thousand men,
125,000 men,
and 100,000 men...
against our 125,000 men.
This is a fight on land.
This is what Britain does not know
how to do that I know.
Strike quickly
against Wellington and Blcher.
Defeat them separately.
Disallow them from uniting forces here.
The Prussians are advancing.
We should begin the offensive.
We must wait for the ground to dry.
Blcher will never make it in time.
I'll have Wellington by lunch.
I never get wet if I can help it.
What shall I tell the men?
Tell them to make the rain stop.
-Coming through!
-In formation!
Now's your time, lads. Now's your time.
Listen very carefully.
Patience is the order of the day today.
Patience shall win the day.
We must hold this ground.
Let him come to us!
Go on, boys. Go on.
Good morning, General Blcher.
-Good morning.
-Estimated time of arrival, sir?
-About five hours.
About five hours.
Come on, boys. Come on, boys!
There he is.
He appears to be...
just sleeping.
But the one thing you cannot resist,
my friend, is a frontal attack.
Let's see how this general
can attack our position.
Sir. I have the emperor in my sights.
Do I have permission to fire?
Certainly not.
Generals commanding armies
have better things to do
than to shoot at one another.
Hold your fire, rifleman,
on pain of death.
-Go on, boys. Come, come!
-A runner coming through!
Blcher, 11 to 12 miles, sir.
Attention. Follow me.
-Blcher at 11 to 12 miles, sir.
-Jesus Christ.
-I want a report every hour.
-Yes, sir.
Runner coming through! Make way!
Prussians on the roadside, 12 miles.
Prussian troops have been sighted
on the road, sire. Twelve miles.
Ready the cannons.
Ready the cannons!
Go on! Move!
Ready! Cannons are ready!
Cannons are ready!
The rain has stopped, sir.
Prepare to fire!
Take cover!
Straight into position. Steady.
Prepare for the advance! Get ready!
Prepare for the advance.
Readjust to 1-9-5!
Adjust 1-9-5!
Elevation 1-9-5.
Prepare to fire! Fire!
Keep your heads down. Take cover!
-Out the way!
-Hold fast, men!
Infantry, advance!
Left company!
And march!
Get in formation. Now!
Keep the line!
-Second wave, advance!
-Over the top, men!
Form line!
Make ready!
Hold fast!
You there, get on that cannon.
Fill the gap!
Keep the line!
Skirmishers, keep advancing!
Get in formation.
Fire at will!
Keep them back, men. Fire!
Go on, go on. Don't let them rally!
Get that gun back in strike position!
Get up, boys! Go on. Go on, boys!
Prussians, roadside, five miles.
Five miles, maybe less.
We have to act before Blcher arrives.
Prepare to receive cavalry.
Prepare to receive cavalry!
We must hold our ground.
Stand fast to the last man.
We must not be beat!
Or what will they say in England?
-Hold the line!
-Keep tight!
-Steady, men!
-Stay in formation.
Long live the emperor!
Company, halt!
Form square! Form square!
Long live the emperor!
One section, fire. Two section, fire.
Hold that line! Fire!
What do we do, sir?
We can't break through.
-Keep them running.
-Get them back in the square!
Show them your British steel.
Present arms!
Shoulder arms!
They're here, the Prussians.
First over the rise, emperor.
We need to find a way through!
-Break the square.
-Break the square!
Charge bayonets.
Charge bayonets!
Your emperor is with you!
You are the brave of Austerlitz!
Never surrender!
For homeland and glory!
Shoulder to shoulder! Form lines!
Shoulder to shoulder.
Infantry, advance.
Battalion and infantry!
Keep the line!
First rank, fire!
Second rank, fire!
Prepare to charge!
Go on! Batter them!
Advance! Advance!
Cavalry advance, sir?
Cavalry advance.
Full support!
No. He can't help himself.
Sir, Blcher.
Thank God.
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
Come see how a Marshal of France dies!
The battle is mine.
There will be an end to the war.
Senior officer, on deck!
Good day. Good day. Good day.
I am the first to admit
when I make a mistake.
But I never do.
Because it is geometry.
I simply know precisely
where to place a cannon.
But, tragically, I cannot transfer
this knowledge to my marshals.
That might be
what is most difficult in life.
Accepting the failures of others.
You must not do that.
Encourage greatness.
Mind your head, sir.
Mind your head, sir.
-What are they doing there?
-Sir, it's the midshipmen. They adore him.
Get them out.
Clear the room. Quickly.
-Your Grace--
-Good morning, general.
These boys are delightful.
-May I sit down?
And this breakfast.
Now I know why you have
such a successful navy.
Thank you.
I've never visited
the English countryside.
I imagine I'll love the Cotswolds.
Soft rolling hills, gentle light.
My dear sir,
it is only by a narrow margin of opinion
that you have been spared
the fate of being shot.
Politically, I'm afraid it's impossible
for the British government
to allow you to stay in England.
You are permitted three officers
and 12 servants
to accompany you into exile.
Exile will be contained
to the island of Saint Helena,
under the watchful eye
of Governor Hudson Lowe and his family.
It's a small island.
More of a rock, really.
A thousand miles
from the mainland of Africa.
I'm told it's very pretty, tranquil.
You'll have time to reflect.
Your correspondence will be monitored,
your presence verified twice daily
by the orderly officer.
-Fix that rigging line.
-Draw in the sails!
Go below deck!
What will you do now?
I hate to see you alone.
Will you come to me?
Will I forgive you?
My sweet, stubborn emperor.
I let you loose and let you come to ruin.
Next time, I will be emperor
and you will do as I say.
Well, you were right.
Every night I beg to see you in my dreams.
And when I do, you turn me away.
Girls, what's the capital of France?
And Russia?
Petersburg. And Moscow before.
And who burnt Moscow to the ground?
I don't know, sir.
I did.
I believe, sir, the Russians burnt it
to get rid of the French.
Who told you that?
It's common knowledge, sir.
Go. Go play.
Can I tell you
what I have waiting for you?
It is a secret.
And I will show you when you arrive.
Come to me, Napoleon.
And let's try this again.