Napoleon and Samantha (1972) Movie Script

- Ouch!
- Shh.
I bumped my knee.
Who cares about your dumb old knee?
Now be quiet and stay down. OK?
What are you doing that for?
- 'Cause thas what they always do.
- Who?
The Indians.
Now you stay here.
I'll tell you when to come, OK?
- [Dog barks]
- Ah, Boots.
Stay down, OK?
Quiet, Boots.
No. Shh.
[Gutteridge] Boots, hush up out there.
[Continues barking]
Oh, Boots!
- [Gutteridge] You hear me, Boots?
- Get away.
[Gutteridge] Hush up out there.
Here. This oughta shut you up.
Oh, for Pete's sake.
How did he do that?
Quick, take these. Hurry.
Well, if it isn't
Big Chief Red Top himself.
Don't see you since your ma's
bargain hunting at the supermarket.
Yes, sir.
I mean, no, sir.
Everybody's squeezing out
the small businessman,
and those empties don't help.
It does seem to me I get more
of these things back than I sell.
How's that grandpa of yours doing?
I haven't been to see him for awhile.
He's OK.
Well, thas six bottles. Be 12 cents.
- You want the usual?
- Yes, sir.
You should ask the lady
what she wants.
She wants the same as me.
Thas right.
I want the same as him.
OK. Two suckers on the house,
and the bottles and jelly beans.
But you better watch out, Napoleon.
When a woman agrees
with everything you say,
she's really got her eye out for you.
I don't think is right.
Is not stealing.
We gave him his bottles back.
But they were his bottles.
I don't eat the jelly beans myself.
They're for Charley.
Who's Charley?
Who's Charley?
Want to meet him?
OK. I'll take you.
But you gotta promise to help me
on exams tomorrow.
I'm not supposed to.
Well, OK.
Good. Come on.
Here, Charley!
Over here, Charley.
Come on.
Over here, Charley.
Come on.
- Charley's a horse.
- Yeah.
- [Napoleon] Here, Charley.
- [Sam] He knows you.
Of course he does.
Here, Charley.
- What are you trying to do?
- I'm gonna get on him.
He's teaching me to ride so I can be
a cowboy like my grandpa was.
Your grandpa was a cowboy?
Yep, and he's part Indian too.
I don't believe you.
You can't be an Indian and a cowboy.
My grandpa can.
Here, Charley. Come on.
[Napoleon] Here's your candy, Charley.
Come on.
He can carry the two of us.
- I can't ride.
- Just hold on, OK?
Come on.
Quick, before he finishes the candy.
Hurry. He's almost finished.
- Hold on tight. He's gonna go now.
- Where to?
Across the field to the water.
The candies make him thirsty.
Come on.
[Napoleon] Giddyup. Come on.
Giddyup, Charley.
Giddyup. Come on.
- [Napoleon] See, isn't it fun?
- [Sam] Yeah.
Aren't you supposed to have
a saddle and a bridle?
No. Thas only for people
who don't know how to ride.
- Giddyup.
- Come on, Charley!
[Napoleon] Thas it!
- He likes it.
- Yeah.
Come on.
- Thanks for the ride.
- Thanks a lot, Charley.
- You're the best horse.
- Goodbye.
- [Sam] Can you see her?
- There's nobody there.
- Good. She's probably still out.
- She ever hit you for being late?
No. I don't think
housekeepers are allowed to.
She justjabbers at me a lot.
I better make a run for it, Napo...
Oh, hi, Gertrude.
So, you finally decided to come home.
Do you know what time it is?
- No, ma'am.
- [Gertrude] Is six o'clock.
I don't know what you've been
doing, but les get one thing straight.
While your mother and father are away,
and I'm responsible for you,
I expect to see you home by five.
Now, is that understood?
Go to your room and get changed.
You look like something
the cat dragged in.
See you, Napoleon.
[Gertrude] What have you got
all over your dress?
- [Sam] Is horse hair.
- [Gertrude] Horse hair!
Grandpa, I'm home!
I'm home, Grandpa!
- Hi, Grandpa.
- Ahoy, there, mate.
Hey, you're late.
You been behaving yourself?
I'm glad to hear that.
We've got to keep things
ship-shape around here.
- Permission to speak, sir.
- [Seth] Permission granted.
All the other kids are going
to the movies. Can we go?
Well, now, that depends.
Depends on what?
On whether or not you're going to give
your grandpa's aching back a rub.
- Go on now, get the liniment.
- OK.
[Seth chuckles]
Did Captain Morgan really die
in a Spanish prison?
Not on your life. There wasn't
a prison in the world could hold him.
There's nothing as tough
as an old sea dog.
You think I could ever do
all the things you did, Grandpa?
Well, if you eat your vittles,
keep your curiosity up
and your wits about you, you will.
[Flute music]
- What is it, Grandpa?
- Well, darned if I know.
[Music continues]
Step right up.
Join the celebration.
Is a real live lion!
What are you celebrating?
We are celebrating an ending,
my dear friends.
An ending? To what?
To a lifelong partnership.
Yes, and two glorious careers.
Oh, permit me.
Dimetri. The clown.
- [Drum roll]
- Da dah!
- I'm Seth Wilson.
- And I'm Napoleon.
And Major, the king of beasts.
[Dimetri] Won't you join us?
Please, I beg of you.
- Are you sure he won't object?
- Oh, no. He won't object.
He's the most kind and gentle
king of beasts.
- Would you do the honors, please?
- The honors? Oh, yes.
[Dimetri] Have you seen such a thing?
[Dimetri laughs loudly]
So, you're retiring?
Dimetri is finally going home.
To Europe.
Is the lion going with you?
Well, that is the predicament.
- That is the sadness.
- [Seth] Why?
[Napoleon] Whas the matter?
Old friends should never be separated.
You can't take him with you?
[Napoleon] What are you
gonna do with him?
I am searching for a happy place.
Where his majesty will be
treated like his majesty.
You tried a zoo?
I have, I have.
They have been very kind
and helpful, but...
they cannot find a place for
an old milk-drinking lion.
An old veteran ofjoy.
Hey, my grandpa used to be
a lion trainer.
That was a long time ago.
Did you work in the circus?
No. He trained lions for
the Emperor of Ethiopia.
That was quite a long time ago,
My dear friends...
My beloved friends.
The Major is yours.
You mean that...
you're giving him to us?
Not I, but fate.
Oh, no. None of that.
We can't have a lion in our home.
[Napoleon] Why not?
Because he's a wild animal.
Thas why not.
He doesn't look very wild to me.
Besides, you said
you were a lion trainer.
We can't have him.
He's too expensive.
We wouldn't be able to feed him.
He must eat like a...
No, no. Not Major.
He just drinks milk.
He has bad teeth.
No. We haven't got any place
to keep a lion.
Yeah, we have. We have a cage.
Gonna take at least
a dozen quarts of milk
to keep this boy going
forjust one day.
Don't worry, Grandpa.
I'm going to save all my pocket money.
Just to buy milk.
Hold on, now. He isn't too
well-acquainted with us yet.
He might be a little feisty
in the mornings.
Oh, Grandpa.
He knows us.
He's part of our family now.
Here you are.
Look at him, Grandpa.
I am looking.
And I see a dozen quarts of milk.
What he's going to need
is a whole cow.
- [Clucking]
- [Seth] Oh. Well.
One thing at least.
He started the hens back to laying.
Uh, uh!
Oh, Grandpa. Golly.
Well, I declare.
- Bye, Grandpa.
- You're off to school?
Don't dawdle on the way.
I don't want that teacher
complaining about you again.
Bye, Major. Have a nice day.
See you when I come home.
- You'll watch him for me?
- Of course I will.
- And you remember what I told you.
- I will.
Don't gossip about him.
The authorities hear about him,
they'll take him away. Darn busybodies.
Bye, Grandpa.
Drop this off in the post
on your way, will you?
- Where's it going?
- New York.
Oh, yeah. Goodbye.
Thas right.
A couple of old timers, you and me.
- Les go see Charley.
- No, I gotta go home.
- Well, why?
- I just gotta. Thas why.
Want to come over to my house
and play?
- No.
- Can I come to yours?
I'm sorry.
- Now, can you keep a secret?
- You know I can.
- Then come on.
- Am I supposed to guess, or what?
You're not supposed to do anything.
You see it when you see it.
Is a real live lion!
His name is Major.
Think I could come in and pet him?
Come on in.
He won't hurt you. Pet him.
See? He's nice.
Sure is a nice lion.
Sure is.
Couldn't be any nicer.
He drinks milk.
Must drink an awful lot.
He does.
See? Look. See what he's doing?
He won't even...
26 quarts in three days?
Sure gonna make a dent
in the pension check.
Oh, yeah. Thas right.
- There you are, Napoleon.
- Thanks, Mr. Gutteridge.
Thank you.
You know, Seth...
You're lookin' a mite peaked lately.
You feeling all right?
Right as rain, Amos.
It stands to reason with
all that milk you've been drinking.
I'm not drinking it.
What are you doing,
bathing in the stuff?
- [Seth] How did you guess?
- What?
Any doctor will tell you. Milk baths.
When a man gets to be my age,
milk supples the flesh.
You ought to try it
on that ornery hide of yours.
Can you help me, Napoleon?
So long, Amos.
So long, Seth.
Goodbye, Mr. Gutteridge.
Thanks again.
Bye, Napoleon.
You napping, Grandpa?
What, what?
Me? Napping? No, no!
Just squinching my eyes.
Looking for smoke signals.
Smoke signals? Where?
Over yonder hill there.
Wild Indians send out their messages
about this time of day.
Didn't I ever tell you?
No. Golly.
I do believe there is one now.
No, is just a cloud.
No, Grandpa,
I think that is a smoke signal.
Come on, Maj. Giddyup.
Ah, you're slow as molasses.
Now get... come on.
Thas OK. It was a good ride.
Even if you can't gallop.
Come on, Maj.
You get in there.
Now, come on.
Get in there.
Your milk's waiting and everything, Maj.
Maj, get in there!
There. Finally.
I'm gonna go see Grandpa, OK?
Hi, Grandpa.
Mornin', officer.
Me and Major have had our ride already.
You were sleeping so sound
I didn't want to wake you.
You getting up?
I thought maybe
I'd spend a day in bed.
I'm not feeling so well this morning.
Is your tummy bad again?
Something like that.
Hey, want me to fix you
breakfast in bed, Captain?
I'd like that.
OK, I'll fix you something real special.
[Seth coughs]
Well, thank you.
My, my, this looks good.
- Whas this?
- Oh, thas an onion sandwich.
Whas this?
Oh, thas chocolate, strawberry,
and vanilla ice cream. All melted up.
Oh, my, my. That is tasty.
I think I'll just save that.
Set it over there, will you?
I'll just take my coffee.
Oh, thas the instant kind.
Since I don't know how to perc.
But I put in two extra spoons.
Good. Is good.
But I think I'll just save this too.
Set it there.
I better go clean up the kitchen.
- Napoleon.
- Yeah, Grandpa?
Come here a minute, will you?
Sit down. I want to talk to you.
- What are we gonna talk about?
- Us, Napoleon.
We are going to talk about us.
We've been a good crew, haven't we?
The two of us. Shipmates.
We've had some good times together.
We sure have, Captain.
The trouble is,
your grandpa's getting older.
We both are.
I'm going to be 11 in August.
Trouble is, this old body of mine
is just getting older.
Wrinkled old hands,
tired old muscles,
tickerjust keeps missing a tick
now and then.
Then I take a deep breath,
and I just keep coughing all the time.
But everybody coughs, Grandpa.
What are you going to do
with an old machine
thatjust keeps breaking down?
You fix it.
What about when you
can't fix it no more?
Well, you gotta trade it in
for a new one.
Thas just what I'm going to do.
I'm going to trade this
old machine of mine in for a new one.
What do you mean, Grandpa?
Is nothing to be concerned about,
or scared or frightened about.
Is just that my old body's dying.
I'm not surprised.
Is a wonder it didn't do it
years before, the way I treated it.
I never knew anyone who died before.
Nobody ever really dies, Napoleon.
The thing thas real in you
just keeps going on and on forever.
You know, in a way...
we're like the seasons. Life is.
You're born in the spring,
then you grow up
during the hot, warm summer,
then autumn's the time
when you reach maturity.
You hit your peak.
Then... then, there's the winter.
It gives us all a chance
to go quickly back to spring
and start all over again.
But you still have to go away
and leave me, don't you, Grandpa?
No, that doesn't follow at all.
You see, I always wanted to
take my rest up there on the hill
where we used to like to sit
and watch the sunset.
'Course, I've made my peace
with the Almighty.
I know he's not going to be
too concerned
about my not having
an expensive funeral and all that.
Besides, your uncle.
He'll see to all those things.
You never said I had an uncle
or anything like that before.
Well, you have.
He's your last living relative.
He's the one I wrote,
and told him all about you.
Is he gonna come and stay with us?
I haven't heard from him yet,
but he'll be here,
and when I go away, he is the one
thas going to take care of you.
Whas his name?
Charley Hammond.
I know a horse named Charley.
Do you now?
Gee, I hope your grandpa's
feeling better.
I'm going in
and see him right now.
We'll feed Major a little later.
Wait here, will you?
All right.
Grandpa, I'm home!
I'm sorry, Grandpa.
I didn't know you were asleep.
[Seth] Remember, son,
is nothing to be frightened about.
Just means that old grandpa's set free
to get around again.
Whas the matter, Napoleon?
Something wrong?
Did you ever know anyone
that died before?
[Sam] No.
[Napoleon] My grandpa just did.
Oh, Napoleon.
Is nothing to be
scared or worried about.
Just means that...
my grandpa's free
to do what he wants to now.
See, thas just his old body in there.
You know, my grandpa said that...
nobody ever really dies because...
the thing thas real inside of you
goes on and on forever and ever.
I think thas very beautiful,
Napoleon, but...
who's going to look after you now?
My uncle.
Where's he?
- In New York.
- When's he coming?
I don't know just yet.
He's supposed to write.
Whas it say?
"Unclaimed mail."
Do you know what that is?
I think it means that
nobody was there to get the letter.
was that your only uncle?
Haven't you got any more relatives?
- No.
- You'll have to live at the orphanage.
Thas where they put people
that don't have any relatives.
- I won't go.
- They'll make you.
No, they won't.
I won't tell anybody my grandpa's dead.
You can't keep that a secret.
Yes, I can. You better not tell anybody.
But they'll see the funeral.
There's not going to be any funeral.
I'm going to bury my grandpa
up there on our hill.
Where we used to sit
and watch the sunset.
Thas what he always wanted.
He told me that.
Well, who's going to do it?
I'll have to do it myself.
He's too big for you to bury.
Then I'll have to hire somebody.
Do you know anybody I can use?
You'll have to go see
the employment office.
You better hurry.
They probably close at five o'clock.
How you doing, general?
I'm a captain.
If you're a captain,
where's your hat?
I haven't got it yet.
I just became a captain.
Next, please.
- Hi.
- Occupation?
I have a degree
in political science, but...
We have this job in a lumber camp.
If you qualify, is steady employment.
I don't want it too steady.
I'm still going to school...
Sorry, thas all we have.
Don't you have just a little odd job?
I have to buy a book.
"Thompson's Theory
of Modern Organization."
We only deal with people who are
interested in regular employment.
Closed for now.
Well, thank you very much, ma'am.
Appreciate it.
- Hello again.
- I was wondering if we could talk.
Sure. What do you want to talk about?
Ecology? The political scene?
The stock market?
Hello, Napoleon.
[Napoleon] Hi, Gertrude.
Napoleon, huh?
Yeah. Whas your name?
Daniel Arlington Williams the Third.
But you just call me Danny, all right?
What are we gonna talk about?
Well, I wondered if you wanted
to work for me.
It depends.
Think you can afford my services?
I don't know.
How much does that
"Thomas' Organization..."
Whatever it is cost?
Is a book. Costs about, oh,
four dollars and fifty cents.
- I have that much.
- Did you come by that honestly?
Yeah, is mine.
Will you work for me?
OK. What do you want me to do?
Is a secret.
You gotta promise not to tell anybody.
I promise.
I cross my heart. I promise.
I want you to help me
bury my grandpa.
Now, I'd like you to tell me again
exactly what your grandfather said
about your uncle, and...
[lion roars]
Whas that?
Oh, thas Major.
My lion.
Is time for his milk.
Your lion.
Then my grandpa said he didn't want
anything like a fancy funeral.
He wanted to be buried up there
on our hill.
Where we used to go
and watch the sunset.
I guess a man can have his own
private burying grounds if he wants to.
Thing is, we can't keep it a secret.
Just until my uncle gets here.
Or else they'll take Major
away from me.
Yeah, I guess they would.
Well, we'll need some wood and tools.
- Danny?
- Yeah?
Be nice if we could be ready by sunset.
For everything there's a season.
And a time for every purpose.
A time to be born and a time to die.
And as the setting sun
comes to rest on this beautiful day,
so rests our friend peacefully
in the arms of Mother Earth.
Now like the sun that has set
so it can rise again,
so rests our friend
that he can rise in a new life.
We shouldn't feel sorrow
for the setting sun.
Nor should we cry for our lost friend.
I think thas all.
Napoleon, you have anything
you want to say?
Thanks, Danny.
I love you.
- You know something?
- Hmm?
I'm having second thoughts this morning
about the whole thing.
Whas the matter?
I can't go.
I mean, I can'tjust take off
and leave you here alone.
I told you, I'll be all right
until my uncle gets here.
Thas another thing.
This whole uncle business sounds iffy.
What happens if he doesn't get here?
You're sure there's no place
you can reach him now?
Uh, uh.
He's on his way here.
Must be Sam for school.
Come on in, Sam.
- Hi, Napoleon. Hi, Danny.
- Hi, Sam.
- How you feeling this morning?
- Fine, thanks.
Good. Why don't you sit down
and join us.
Napoleon, your uncle should be here
by the end of the week, right?
OK, I'll stay here till then.
Oh, but I'll be all right on my own.
Why don't you come
and stay at my house?
Wait a minute.
Can he do that?
Sure. There's just me and Gertrude.
My folks are away.
Thas the answer.
Now I can go back to the cabin
without worrying.
I bet is neat up there
in the mountains.
Do you think Maj and me can
come up and stay with you?
Of course you can. You too, Sammy.
We'll have a picnic. Bring Maj.
I got lots of milk for Maj.
Whas this for?
Show us where you live.
I live right...
right there.
Thas 14 miles across the mountains.
Two valleys, three ridges,
the roughest country you ever seen.
Thas definitely not the way.
Bet I could make it.
Forget it.
What you have to do is take
the highway to Pinewood Junction.
A guy named Gypsey's
got a service station there.
He lends me his shack.
I take care of his sheep and goats.
Ask Gypsey and he'll take you
up the back road in his jeep.
- All right?
- OK.
Les not wait for social calls,
know what I mean?
If anything goes wrong, find Gypsey
and he'll get in touch with me.
OK, but nothing's going to go wrong.
Will you be coming back here soon?
I should be back
in a couple of weeks.
When your uncle arrives,
you tell him everything, OK?
All right.
Goodbye, Danny.
- See you soon. Bye.
- See ya.
- Will you, Napoleon?
- Will I what?
Come and stay with us.
No, I gotta stay here
and take care of Maj, like right now.
[Gutteridge] I swear.
That grandfather of yours.
He's coming into his second childhood.
First milk baths,
then stuffing himself with candy.
No wonder he's feeling poorly.
Tell him I'm coming to see him tonight.
You can't do that.
Why can't I do that?
I've been coming to see your grandpa
regular since before you were born.
Because he's going to be out tonight.
Then, I'll see him tomorrow.
Maybe Mr. Gutteridge
won't come tomorrow.
'Course he will.
He and my grandpa were best friends.
What if Danny won't let you
stay with him?
He will...
when I tell him that
I don't have an uncle and all.
I still think you ought to find Gypsey
like Danny said.
Sure, and take Maj on the bus with me?
No, sir.
I'm gonna hike right over
those mountains, just like Danny does.
Sure wish I could go with you.
See if you can do it. I can't.
I'll be right back.
If you're going to take
Doodle-Doo with you,
you can't put him in the knapsack.
'Course not, you nut.
He's for you.
Oh, Napoleon, you shouldn't have.
I love him.
Would you like me to come
and feed your other chickens?
I'm gonna turn them loose.
I better get home.
Goodbye, Napoleon.
I really wouldn't mind going with you,
I mean...
if you're afraid or anything.
Afraid! Why would I be afraid?
I mean, I've got Maj with me, haven't I?
I'm sorry.
Bye, Napoleon.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm coming with you.
- No, you're not. What about Gertrude?
- She'll be all right.
What do you mean
"she'll be all right?"
I left her a note. Said I was gonna
stay with you and your grandpa.
Please, Napoleon.
I want to be with you.
You'll get scared.
No, I won't.
- Not with you and Maj to protect me.
- [Napoleon] Well...
OK. But you gotta promise never to cry.
I promise.
OK. Come on.
[Sam] Napoleon!
- [Sam] Napoleon, help!
- [Napoleon] What? Whas wrong?
Napoleon, look!
[Napoleon] Oh, no.
[Napoleon] Go get him, Maj!
Go get him!
Go get him, Maj!
[Sam] Come on! Get him, Maj!
[Napoleon] Come on, fly Doodle-Doo!
[Sam] Get out of here!
[Napoleon] Get out of here!
Go on! Get!
[Lion roars]
That a boy, Maj. You really showed him.
Here, Doodle. Here, boy. Come on.
Come on, boy.
He's OK. Just a little scared. There.
What are you shaking for?
I thought it was gonna get me,
Napoleon, I...
Don't worry. Nothing's gonna get you
as long as Maj is around.
I'll give him some of my sandwich.
He loves it.
Why won't he come?
'Cause he's a cat.
- Cats don't like water.
- [Lion growls]
- [Sam] Good boy, Major!
- [Napoleon] Oh, Maj.
- Aah!
- [Napoleon] Major.
If he doesn't like water,
what does he do when it rains?
[Napoleon] Gets wet.
I don't like to complain,
but my foot hurts.
- I'm tired.
- I know.
I was gonna stop for the night
as soon as I could find a good place.
Hey, waitjust a second.
You know something?
There's a barn just over the hill.
We can spend the night there.
We gotta be careful nobody sees us.
Come on.
Come on, Major.
There's nobody there.
Come on. Les go.
Is nice. Glad we found it.
Yeah, is OK for tonight.
Here you go, Doodle.
You'll love it here.
Is not here.
Whas not there?
Pinewood Junction.
I'm looking for the back road
that leads from Gypsey's
up to Danny's place.
Is just not here.
Sure you got the right map?
Of course I'm sure.
We can't see anything at night.
I'll look for it in the morning.
'Night. 'Night, Maj.
[Owl hoots]
[Wings flap]
Are you scared?
Don't you ever get scared?
[Napoleon] Whas there
to be scared about?
- Lots of things.
- [Napoleon] Like what?
The dark.
The dark never hurt anybody.
Things in the dark.
Things like what?
Things thatjump out and scare you.
Thas all in your imagination.
Still scares me.
Thas kind of dumb. I mean...
my grandpa said that people just
make up things in their mind
to be scared about.
Now go to sleep.
- How do you make it work?
- Easy. You just have to squeeze it.
Don't squeeze too hard,
or she'll kick.
[Napoleon] Hey, it works!
I'm glad we decided to leave him there.
He seems happier.
Yeah, Doodle always liked
to be with hens.
Come on.
[Sam] Is getting awful steep,
[Napoleon] I told you.
Just don't look down and hang on.
- Napoleon, look at him.
- Aw, Maj.
Thas no place to lie down.
Now get up.
I feel like I'm going to slip.
What am I going to do?
Can't you kind of inch around him?
[Sam] I can't.
Climb right over top of him.
And put your foot right there.
He's just a little scared,
but don't worry.
Give me your hand. Come on.
Now jump.
OK, there's a level spot.
Now stay there. Is safe.
What are we going to do with him,
We're gonna have to
get him going again.
Oh, Major.
Major, go, Major.
Major! Go on, Major.
[Sam] Napoleon!
I'm OK.
I'm OK.
Don't get scared.
Just let me think.
I know.
Throw Major's rope down to me.
Maybe ill reach.
OK. Pull me up, Maj!
Pull me up!
Here, Major. Come on, Major.
[Sam] Good boy. Pull.
Thas it! Pull!
- [Sam] Come on, Major.
- Pull! Pull me up!
OK. Made it.
Thanks, Major.
Thanks a lot.
I didn't think anything
would happen to her.
I thought she was with a boy
and his grandfather.
Thas what she wrote in the note.
You read it.
Yes, ma'am.
Did she spend most of her time here?
With Napoleon, yes.
The last time you saw the boy
he was walking down the street
with a strange man. A "hippy type."
Thas right.
He's the one you should be
checking on right now.
Excuse me, Chief.
Is a pity you don't like water.
Makes your feet feel real nice.
Sam! A bear!
Sam! Sam!
Get out of here!
Sam! Sam!
Is a bear, Maj!
Come on, Major! Is a bear!
Come on.
- [Sam] He won't budge!
- [Napoleon] Sam!
Get out!
Come on.
Major, get up. Is a bear!
Don'tjust stand there
drinking your milk. Get up!
Move! Is a bear!
Go get him. Good.
Good, go get him!
Come on.
- Get him, Major!
- Go away, bear!
Major, go get him!
- Sock it to him!
- Come on!
Good boy.
Good boy, Major.
Major, you saved us!
He sure beat up that old bear.
He's so strong.
Thas why they call him
"king of beasts."
Napoleon, wait.
Just try to imagine something nice
in your mind.
Ill stop you thinking
about being tired.
All I can think about is sitting down.
I bet we'll be able to see Danny's cabin
from the top of this hill.
Chocolate cake with...
strawberry ice cream...
and marshmallows,
and whipped cream, and cherries...
Cake. Apple pie.
Chocolate syrup.
There's nothin'.
- You promised you wouldn't do that.
- I know, but...
My feet hurt, and...
I wish my mom and dad were here.
Do you think we're gonna die?
Die? Of course not.
I know exactly where we are.
See those mountains over there?
Those are these here.
We ought to be right about here.
they have a lake right here.
I don't see a lake around here.
Do you?
Napoleon, we're lost.
What are we gonna do?
Maybe we are a little lost right now.
But you know...
we could stay here for weeks and weeks
and live off the land.
- Just like the Indians.
- Could we do that?
You're so good at everything.
I really admire you.
I'm sorry I was crying.
Thas OK.
Girls can't help it all the time.
You just stay here and rest.
I'm gonna go on a hunting trip.
Hey, you can't leave me here alone.
Major's with you.
- You'll be right back, won't you?
- Sure.
I'll bring back some food too.
Got him!
Just me.
Did you get anything?
- Yeah.
- Whad you get?
- What is it?
- Snails.
I found them under a rock
next to the river.
- You eat 'em?
- Sure. People eat them all the time.
They're really special.
They look horrible.
- Let me see you eat one.
- No, I've already had mine.
I'm not hungry anymore.
I woulve rather have had fish.
Well, I caught one.
But I decided to let it go.
But these are better for you anyway.
No, thas OK. I...
I guess I'm not
very hungry anymore, either.
- Did you see anything?
- No.
I'm gonna go on
a scouting trip right now.
- I'm gonna find out where we are.
- Napoleon...
Don't worry. Major's here with you.
I'm just going to the next ridge.
I bet thas where Danny is.
- OK?
- OK.
Major! Now you sit down!
Do you hear me?
Where are you going?
Come back here.
Whas gotten into you anyway?
You want to get us more lost?
- [Napoleon] Danny!
- [Sam] Danny!
Danny! Is me, Napoleon!
Hey! Hey, Napoleon! Hey!
[Napoleon] We're coming to visit you.
[Sam] Danny, we found you!
Danny, I'm so glad we found you.
You crazy kids.
How'd you get here?
Over the mountains.
Over the mount?
Do you know how lucky you are?
I could have been 100 miles from here.
We were attacked by a bear,
and a mountain lion, we got lost...
Wait a minute. What happened?
What about your uncle?
And your parents?
could we have something to eat?
And some milk for Maj?
Sure. OK. But I want to hear
the whole story, all right?
You should have told me the truth
about your uncle.
You mean you have no idea
where he is now?
- Why can't I come up and live with you?
- Because is not that simple.
For one thing, Samantha's here.
Gertrude's probably got in touch
with your family by now.
I only wanted to help Napoleon.
I was gonna go home after that.
But in the meantime,
they're worried sick.
Is all right to do your own thing,
but when somebody gets hurt,
thas something else.
Well, I'm not gonna live
in town anymore.
If you don't want me,
me and Major will go live up
with the Indians like my grandpa did.
Napoleon, is not a game.
I like you here.
Is just not possible.
But I don't want to go back to
any dumb old orphanage.
Yeah. He's scared of orphanages.
"Orphanage" is like, a dirty word
you read in story books.
They're not like that.
Look, there's a lot of kids like you,
right, and thas too bad,
but there's also good, kind people
who gather you together
and make a family
in a nice home.
A place where everybody has friends,
and you play games,
and you get an education.
Don't knock it.
With no education you're nothin'.
You get an education,
you can do anything you want.
The thing you should want to do most now
is be useful.
You know what I mean by being useful?
I think so.
Danny, are you useful?
Well, um...
No, I wouldn't say I'm useful.
Not right now, but, um...
I do other things around here
besides tend goats.
I think, and...
study, and...
I'll get my master's degree soon.
- Whas that?
- Never mind.
The point is, if I can still
go to school so can Napoleon.
Later on you can be with the Indians,
sea captain, cowboy, anything you want.
But what about Maj?
Major can stay with me,
and you can visit him when you want.
All right?
Well, I don't know, Danny.
Can I think about it?
Yeah, sure.
You think about it.
Danny, what about me?
Right after supper I'll head into town
and catch a nap on the way.
In the morning, I'll talk to Gertrude,
and we'll get the whole thing
straightened out.
Are we going with you?
[Danny] No, sir.
No way. I think once
across the mountains is enough.
- I got a babysitter for you.
- [Napoleon and Sam] A babysitter?
[Danny] Yeah. His name's Mark.
Came out of nowhere.
Just like you.
[Napoleon] Where is he?
[Danny] I don't know. In the woods.
He spends a lot of time there.
- I think you'll like him.
- [Roars]
[Danny] He's kind of quiet.
Mark, you look like you just saw a lion.
Don't worry. He's tame as a pussycat.
Belongs to the kids.
He's really tame.
His name's Major.
Come here, Major!
I'll introduce you to him.
Here, Major!
Hi, Mark.
[Lion roars]
- Yes. What...
- Good morning. My name is Danny...
[Danny] Hey!
Lady, if you're Gertrude,
I have to talk to you.
Just a minute.
I'm alone in the house.
I have to put on a robe.
- You stay right there.
- OK.
Hello, police?
Lady? Is important.
Is about Samantha.
Gertrude, she's all right.
Can you hear me?
She's OK. I came by to tell you that.
All right, mister. Take it easy.
- Whas going on?
- Against the door.
- What?
- You're under arrest.
Whad I do?
You have a right to remain silent.
If you give up this right, anything you
say can and will be used against you.
You got the wrong guy.
You have a right to speak to
an attorney during questioning.
- Now, wait a minute.
- Les go.
Thas him. He's the one, all right.
What did you do with them?
Where are those poor children?
I've been trying to tell you they're OK.
They're up in my cabin.
If you let me explain and listen to me.
The chief will do the listening
and talking. Don't cause any trouble.
[Lva] Gertrude!
Is he the one?
He certainly is.
If he's harmed one hair
on her head, I'll...
- Iva, will you drive me to the station?
- Indeed I will. Let me get the car.
Give me five minutes.
- That all you got?
- Thas all.
The chief will be here in a few minutes.
- Right. Pete, get him printed.
- Come on, this way.
See if there's a make on him.
Right hand first.
Are the kids all right?
Where'd they catch him?
[Lva] Come on, Gertrude, you step
right up and tell them about it.
Where are they?
[Policeman] Quiet down, everybody.
I want to know where Samantha is!
Lady. Gertrude...
I keep telling everybody
but no one's listening.
The kids are at my cabin.
They're fine.
- I don't know what this is all about.
- Two kids have disappeared,
an old man lies buried in his backyard,
and you were there.
- Right.
- You got a lot of questions to answer.
Come on, people.
Let the chief handle it.
Les move it.
Look, I'm not going anywhere
until I know Samantha's safe!
All right, you.
Sit down over here.
You guys are really beautiful.
All you have to do is send somebody
to the cabin. This would all be over.
If is cool, there's no hurry.
- Les wait till the chief gets here.
- We'll do everything by the book.
[Danny] Wait a minute.
- Hey, fella.
- Look at this.
Sit down.
This psycho is with the kids.
He's dangerous. Says it right here.
I'm telling the truth.
We gotta get up there.
Let go of me and listen!
Take it easy!
Wait till the chief gets back.
Ill be all right.
- Out of the way!
- Watch it!
There he goes.
Go back inside.
Take your car and cover the other side.
Hey, buddy.
[Woman screams]
[Man] Look out!
[Woman] Get out!
[Horn beeps]
Car two, repeat. I don't read you.
[Car 2] He's on a cycle.
Headed north on 27.
Should we set up a roadblock? Over.
Check and advise.
See what you can find out about him.
Is that Pete?
Whatever you do,
don't take your eyes off him.
We'll set up a roadblock
at Dawson's Ridge.
Put Adams and Suskind on it too.
This could turn out to be a big deal.
If we lose him,
he could take off in the brush.
- You want me to call the state patrol?
- Yeah.
And, uh, Chief Thomas at Carsonville.
Les get everybody on it.
Notify the airport.
Get a copter ready for me in 10 minutes.
H-C-G, 4-4-0. This is 22.
Request copter. Stand by.
Slow down!
[Worker] Hey!
[Worker] Hey, fella!
What do you think this is?
A racetrack?
[Policeman] Get that dozer
out of the way.
Whas going on?
There he goes.
Look out.
[Policeman] Are you OK?
[Man] I don't know. Why don't you guys
learn how to drive that thing?
Ajeep. Les take it.
[Man] Where are you going
with my jeep?
Don't worry about it.
[Logger] Easy. Take it away.
Hey, you!
Come back here!
Go ahead.
Look out.
[Horn blasts]
Up there.
OK. We've gotcha. Go ahead.
- Chief, Mike.
- Yeah.
About the escaped psycho,
he's a lulu.
- Just give it to me straight.
- Yes, sir.
He escaped ten days ago.
He used to live in Carsonville,
so he could be in our area.
- Over and out.
- How do you like that?
- The guy was telling the truth.
- He sure was.
Hey, look!
He didn't want us to nail him
till he got us up here.
Take her down quick.
Close to the cabin.
[Policeman] Take it easy.
[Sam] Hi, Danny.
Hi. Whas all the noise about?
Sounds like helicopters or something.
[Napoleon] Where did Mark go?
- You kids all right?
- [Napoleon] Sure.
- Hey, it was a helicopter, wasn't it?
- Yeah.
- Whas been going on here?
- Just a game.
Then all the noise and Mark ran out
like he was scared or something.
We were his prisoners
and he was the wicked giant.
Wait a minute. Hold on.
- Nothing's wrong, is it?
- Everything will be all right.
Sam, look, is the police.
What are they doing with Mark?
Are they taking him to jail?
No, just to a hospital.
- A hospital?
- [Danny] Yes.
Mark's been sick.
The hospital thinks is better
if he came back with them.
He sure didn't look sick to me.
You know, he was the best giant
I ever played with.
Goodbye, Mark.
You mean, we get to
ride back in a helicopter?
Thas what I said. But the lion
will have to stay here with you.
For this trip, anyway.
No more, thank you.
We got through to Samantha's parents.
They'll be at the airport.
They're home! Napoleon!
Next time you're in town, stop by
my office. I'll serve the coffee.
- Danny, Napoleon's run away again!
- What?
See? There he goes.
[Danny] Let me see.
Maybe I can handle it.
Where you going?
I thought we had a deal.
No. I just said
I'd think it over, Danny.
I decided...
I better go live with the Indians.
On account of Maj and all.
There aren't any Indians around here.
- Not anymore.
- Yes, there are. I'll show you.
Just over this mountain.
[Danny] Boy, is a big world, isn't it?
Nobody can make it alone.
We all need people to help us.
Mark needs people to help him,
and they will.
You'll need people to help you.
Trust them, Napoleon.
Trust me.
about the Indians...
I meant over the next mountain.
Come on.
Hurry up, Maj.